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2023.06.05 08:30 Few_Pomegranate_6148 Stay-Puft OG 24% (daughter of Marshmallow OG) compounded.

Stay-Puft OG 24% (daughter of Marshmallow OG) compounded.
A strong scent of skunky earthy tone with Chem gas and pungent sweet spicy undertones .very delicious smell that permeates . A tad dry but not as bad as many still retaining nice fresh turpines and gently treated .medium size buds a few smallies but overall nice mature nugs 15g for 165. BCP . Postoffice guy had a little chuckle as he handed my box over 😁 scented. Pleasing coverage of mature trichomes throughout . Have to rate as a 9 because price quality and effects for a indica Dom hybrid is awesome. it retains heavy body effects and cerebral uplift of its sativa past , knocking off kinds gelato x ak47 for impact and scoring evens with the highest body effect indicas like Jade and sativite/cultiva top ender's is pretty impressive feat. . Whilst not as resiny fresh as select top enders it's not anywhere near as dry and cooked as lgp , kind medical or indimed. Genetics are hybrid indica dominant daughter from Marshmallow OG cross Grape Ape alledgedly. Marshmallow OG bieng Chemdawg X Gelato X Triangle Kush . The omcimene and linalool, pinene or limonene are noticeable along with myrcene and carophylene dominant turps I think very relaxing and pain relieving but also fairly hard hitting munting and vigorously mood improving . Tending to couch battles despite having glorious plans 😂. I like it for pain relief and instant hitting effects that have very long legs belying her hybrid nature . and is a very wholesome satisfying enjoyable feeling of mind and body more so for me . Vapes and combusts with nice smooth flavour and a chesty thc sting . Put it perhaps just under topaz/eucla/kanbi/jade territory but well above other general offerings. Price is a winner and haven't found anything better in the 10 +- per gram bracket to date. Delicious , stanky and damn satisfying. Photo is minus two medium nugs I could not wait .😁
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2023.06.05 08:29 Used_Efficiency6636 Get Professional Samsung Screen Repair Services Near You with Butler

Samsung screen repair near me butler is available if your phone's screen develops any of these problems. Butler is the greatest cell phone repair facility. Frequent screen wavering or blinking can be brought on by software bugs, incompatible programmes or hardware problems.
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The touch screen Not Working
The touch screen's touch capabilities might malfunction, making it challenging to navigate or use the phone. It could be brought on by faults with the screen's physical integrity, software bugs, or hardware issues.
Dead pixels
When one or more of the screen's pixels are permanently switched off, it results in tiny coloured or black dots. Dead pixels are frequently the result of manufacturing errors. When static pictures or symbols are shown on screens for prolonged periods of time, a condition known as "screen burn-in" results, which causes persistent discolourations or ghostly pictures. With AMOLED screens, it occurs more frequently.
Display Distortion
The screen might display anomalies such as colour banding, lines, or warped pictures. This can be caused by a defective display panel or screen damage.
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The screen may become inoperable or lose touch sensitivity if it has physical damage, such as fractures or shattered glass. Do you experience any issues with your touch screen? Or perhaps it's broken? A mobile device like a smartphone or tablet might experience a variety of problems. Children may hasten wear and tear, life's bumps and bruises can do harm, and accidents can happen.
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Samsung screen repair factory
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2023.06.05 08:29 Individual-Fan5663 Accountability and healing from emotional neglect

One thing that I’ve been learning on my journey in dealing with emotional neglect has been accountability. Accountability is the most important skill for being healthy as an adult. If you can’t take ownership for your actions and how they affect yourself and others you will never grow as a person.,
I have been looking at what is my part in repairing the relationship between my mother and myself. I never got the chance to understand my mothers personality. She is an introvert and her love language is acts of service. If I want her to listen to me and give words of affirmation I can’t be selfish and buried in my own self. I have to give love to receive love.
I also stopped drinking and smoking. And have an adhering to the psychiatrist prescribed medication regimen. I am being honest for the first time and understanding my chemical imbalance isn’t my fault but it is my responsibility to take care of. It’s not my mothers or the worlds job to regulate me. I need to regulate myself.
I have stopped trauma dumping on others and got a journal to write my thoughts in and I have been much happier and healthier in cleaning and getting out of my depression.
I forgave my mother and am now working on forgiving myself for abusing and neglecting myself for years. People are human. No one is perfect. If I sit here and hold resentment against my parents for being human than I’m acting like I’m so much better. I’m not. People Fuck up and make mistakes. Even people we love. We just have to do better for ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are.
Sending love to all of you. Healing is possible. It’s hard but it’s your job to take care of you, even if you weren’t taught the skills doesn’t mean as an adult you can’t learn. We aren’t kids anymore and we have the internet.
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2023.06.05 08:29 No_Listen7182 AITA for advising that we rehome our birds?

this happened like a year ago but still bugs me. my husband and i had 3 birds when we moved into our apartment 2 years ago. 2 budgies and a conure. things were great
a couple months later, my husband was diagnosed with ADHD and BD and was put on meds. one of the meds made him very tired and like a zombie. a month after his diagnosis, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to her brain. she died 33 days later so i was gone a lot of the time in that month
at the same time, my husband and i had rescued 4 two week old kittens that were abandoned in my moms backyard. i was their caretaker when i could be. i took them with me to my moms and scheduled my hospital visits around their feedings
the birds were being neglected at this point. we couldn’t spend as much time with them and my husband was sleeping in every day so they’d get woken up too late. i would wake them up on time when i was home, but with my mom, kittens, a part time job, and keeping up with college assignments…i was spread very thin. then my mom died and we rehomed 2 kittens (one had died) but kept one. my husband said we could keep him as long as he didn’t pay attention to the birds, and he didn’t when he was young
the cat did nick one of the birds. the bird was fine, but i wanted to stick to our agreement and i felt terrible that a bird got hurt. i was sad but i was ready to write a craigslist ad for the cat. my husband stopped me and said that we’d move the birds so that the cat couldn’t get to them, which we did and kitty didn’t have access to them anymore
what stayed consistent was that my husband wasn’t taking care of the birds properly. the cat was my responsibility and the birds were his. i was still waking them up at the proper time and feeding/watering them. none of which i enjoyed doing because the conure was mean. every time i’d put my hand near him, he’d make a beeline to bite me. he became like that to everyone except my husband
i expressed my concerns about the birds and my husband agreed, but he wanted to try to get better before deciding to rehome them. it didn’t get better. he was sad about rehoming them and was extremely selective in choosing who to give them to. they were given to people we deemed capable and had experience with birds. when we followed up, the birds all looked very happy and well taken care of
we got a second kitten not long after so that the cat could have a companion. and the reason i feel bad about all of this is because my husband has made a few comments in the last year that i had “made” him give away the birds and that he misses having birds. i know that rehoming them was the best option as he wasn’t in the right mental state to care for himself, let alone sensitive, dependent animals. i was spread thin taking care of my own shit, i didn’t have the energy for more responsibility at the time. birds require a lot of care
was i wrong for suggesting to rehome them?
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2023.06.05 08:28 Nata_re AITA for not teling my parents sooner that I want to move?

Hey guys!
So my BF and me (both 25) got together while being in UNI, when I was in 2.grade and him in 3rd. We lived at the same dorm and we were just always together when we had free time. Such nice times. While being in UNI, the virus hit and the Uni switched to on-line studies so we became our long-distance relationship. When the virus was over, I was in UNI the last year (of my graduation) and my BF moved abroad for work. Now he has been back for about 6months but we still live separately with our parents and visit each other on weekends. We both had enough, and were talkng about moving in together for a while. But we wasnt sure where to go, as both me and my BF are really motivated about finding ourselves a job that would suit us and where we would have the chance for career growth. There are just a few job opportunities in our field near us, and they are not payed Well, and have no career growth opportunities. So we were talkng with each other about some jobs, but werent actively looking for one yet. My BF sent an application to a Job, that he was really eager to try, and it happened so, that he got the position. The town is in a different country, about 500km away.
So we decided to go.
The problem started when I wanted to tell my parents. For me, it was important, that both me and my BF would tell them together, as it was a mutual decision of ours. So both of us, my BF and me are quitting our jobs in 3ish weeks, so the next month we could be moving out. Web had a family gathering this weekend and we decided to tell them there. At first, they were quite shocked and did not talk much at all, but overall they seemed fine. I could see that it hurt them, but I was preped that it would not be easy not just for me, but neither for them.
I did not tell them sooner, because I wanted to tell them when me and my BF decide finally. It was just last week. The other reason was that I was not confident sooner was the reaction, as I saw how they handled this kind of situation with my older brother. He and his GF moved just about 60km and there were many fights about it, really much unnecesary drama and even more fights. So I was surprised that they handled it qite fine.
When my BF left, all emotional stuff begin. Now my mom isnt talking to me, or she just tells me how it hurt her that we did it behind her back, why we did not tell her sooner and so on. She took it personally and is turning it that way, as if she is a bad mother and she did not deserve better from me. But my whole life I was just told what is wanted from me, as if my life was already planned by them. That there is a house after my grandma that is waiting for us, that they built a big house for me to live my life in with my future spouse.. But I can not imagine to live that close to them aby longer, it was just mentally so much to handle. The other thing is that if I wanted to tell them by myself, my dad was always a bit drunk and mom was angry at him because of his drinking problem, so there were many fights all the time. But now I feel Bad, bc od their reaction. But I think that the reaction would have been the same even if I told them sooner.
So ... AITA for not telling them sooner?
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2023.06.05 08:27 Frosty-Patience-8912 Friends keep cancelling on meeting up, am I being too sensitive?

So in a friend group there are 3 of us and my one friend (K) is notorious for flaking out on plans. She will agree to meet and then later down the line she will 'realise' she has been put on a shift at work, or she will suddenly be too unwell the day of meeting.
It frustrates me because I will plan my whole day/week around meeting her and it throws me off when she suddenly cancels. I understand things come up but she cancels or postpones about 90% of the time. When I was masking autism a lot more I would just forgive her and continue trying to make plans. But in the last few months I informed my friend group that I believe I'm autistic and I'm going to try to be more myself (unmask).
Part of this unmasking is being more direct with people and calling out when others frustrate me (obviously in a way that I'm not upsetting the other person). So a couple months ago I told K how it affects me when she keeps cancelling and that I feel like she doesn't want to see me. She was very reassuring and said she loves me and definitely does want to meet, she just didn't feel like it was that much of a big thing to cancel but she said she would try better for me because she doesn't want to lose me. It was a very productive conversation!
Now, our friend group have not met up in person since July last year and since around November we have been trying to arrange a day to meet up (note we all live a bit far apart now). However, every time a plan is made, someone, usually K cancels on me and our other friend L.
I'm always the one to keep chasing up when people are free and remind K to book the time off work. We had a plan to meet this month but K now realised she has been put on shift but said she will talk to her boss about this.
This was a few days ago and I haven't heard anything since and I just really doubt she is going to ask her boss at all.
I didnt reply to her in the group chat because I was so mad that yet again she seems to be cancelling. I'm refusing to chase up with her about whether she contacted her boss about the shift.
I private messaged L and I explained how I feel like K doesn't want to make the effort to see us and its frustrating me how she keeps cancelling. But L responded back very diplomatically that it's just hard to find a day when we are all free because of our separate lives etc. Basically disagreed with everything I said but in a nice way so now I feel like a dick for being too sensitive.
But the thing is, it's been NEARLY A YEAR since we met so it feels ridiculous that it's taken this long to make any kind of solid plan. I also work flexible hours so I'm pretty much free most days, so it's only the other 2 who need to sort out their work situation. At the moment I'm just feeling done with both of them for the lack of effort in the friendship and disregarding my feelings.
Am I being too sensitive or do I need better friends?
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2023.06.05 08:26 FreedomToSee pain after dilating

For context, while I’m not diagnosed with vaginismus, I’m not able to do piv, and it’s pretty clear to me that i’ll have to use dilators if i ever want to have penetrative sex. Whatever I have I would say it’s mild compared to the more serious cases on here, and I’ve been able to insert the last size after a month. It’s still very painful to do that but it goes away after a few minutes and then I can continue. Since I’ve been using about the last two sizes I’ve been experiencing like itchy pain inside my cooch for like a day or two afterwards?? I don’t think it’s a yeast infection or anything bc it goes away after that (and is only caused by dilating)- so is it possible that using sizes that large is like tearing up smth down there? I also wash out the inside of my vagina with water after dilating bc I’m cautious about messing up my pH or getting an infection- and this past time I noticed the tiniest bit of blood come out (i’m no where near my period). Anyways does anyone know what this is? Is this normal, or do you know how to deal with/stop this? Thanks
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2023.06.05 08:26 TINYDRAG0N2 first year

my account just turned 1 year old (today or yesterday) and im 0.01 KD away from my goal of 2.2 KD. also last week (i think) i achieved 3 million score. now my account is one year old. in the very near future i will reach 3,150,00 score as i am 50k away and very very soon i will likely get 2.2KD. also my channel hopefully will reach 80 subs by next month. wish me luck!!! -tinydragon2
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2023.06.05 08:26 Malkorain I'm drunk & Pissed off [Animal Abuse]

I have a neighbor that happens to leave his FOUR dogs outside quite literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn't matter if it's 110°F or -43°F, these dogs are outside.
I smoke tobacco, exclusively outside, [second hand smoke, im not punishing anyone else for my habit - be it my cats or house mate] and every once in a while I like to take a smoke and walk my alleyway behind my house.
I will take this walk MAYBE once a month ? This is due to every.single.time. I walk along my path, I'm met with 4 dogs barking incessantly at me. Their owner is an animal himself. Complete disgrace.
++++I would like to add the multitude of times I have heard said owner WAILING [physically beating] on his pets, causing the animals to squeel the worst noises I've heard in my life.++++
If you're harmful, detrimental, hell - even mean to your animals, in my opinion, you are the part of the lowest scum bags on this Earth.
••••••••••••• This person has had the police called on them multiple times in the past for this exact reason.
Im nearly to the point, like tonight, [after hearing these poor dog's harper me while I just try to take a stroll] that I am going to knock on this guy's door and knock his fucking teeth in.
Yes, I'm being dramatic, but it's been years and I am TIRED of it. What in the literal hell am I supposed to do ? Every branch of communication for reporting is left with dead ends.
I am an animal lover and I'm at my wits end with this piece of trash. Police calls do nothing
What do?
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2023.06.05 08:26 Fearadhach [OC] Turning on the Oven (PRVerse 24.6)

Prev wiki
Eldia sat in the reporter’s booth of the Council, behind a window, with the journalists from several species. All of them sat and talked, but somewhat pointedly avoided speaking to – or even looking at – her. A few had tried, indelicately, to pump her for information and she’d politely deflected them, but most just resented the fact that they knew she was here because she was the Human Ambassador’s Consort, or Lover, or Fiancée, or…something. To their minds she should have been in the ‘visiting dignitaries’ booth, not taking up one of the most sought-after reporting chairs in the entire bloody League.
She studiously ignored them. The Venter reporters are even more upset about the whole thing than any of you, I promise, but they can at least be civil about it! Besides, for all that any of you know this is just a standard General Session of the Council. Heavens and Hells, they haven’t even closed the window on our observation booth. She had to suppress a small smile. Though some will probably wish they had before the day is done.
She took a moment to count heads inside the Chamber. So few Ambassadors in attendance: Just a few of the Human allies, really, and a few neutral parties. Can’t say I blame the rest of the Ambassadors: with all of the hours they have been cooped up in this Chamber lately having to listen to one another prattle on, it is no wonder they aren’t here when it isn’t strictly required. She shook her head as the Rooksa Ambassador spoke at some length about some tarrif dispute between his government and the Gorfal. Even the Ambassadors who are here can’t be bothered to so much as feign interest. Nearly a third of them are openly asleep, some of them even laying on their floors with a pillow! At least we are almost to the good part.
A snipt of conversation from the other reporters reached her: apparently they were arguing whether they should invite her into whatever card game they were playing secretely on their pads. Those in favor seemed to feel that they should forgive her for taking a reporter spot, since she’d obviously chosen a do-nothing session of the Council to come watch her Lover Boy. Those against her seemed to feel that she wouldn’t be here if something wasn’t going to happen. A quick glance told her that those arguing against her were paying at least some attention to the actual Council meeting.
At last the Rooksa wound his words down, said something about the documents which had been forwarded, and requested that the voting on whatever measure it was he wanted – or didn’t want, she couldn’t tell – could be voted on by members not currently present. No one objected, and the Rooksa returned his podium to its appointed place on the wall.
Then Kazlor, who kept the Venter platform by the Prime Minister’s podium, spoke. “That is the end of the scheduled items for this General Session of the Council. Does anyone have any…
Several of the reporters looked over at her as Henry called for attention. Eldia allowed herself a small smile and sent a message out to the reporters who had been taking her side earlier. The message contained a single word: ‘Showtime.’ With that she looked over at them, gave a sly smile, and winked.
At the same time Kazlor frowned down at Henry and spoke. “Ambassador Archer, do you not feel that you have monopolized enough of this Council’s time the last few months, pushing us into Full Quorum meetings as fast as the computers will allow them?”
Kaz is laying it on thick. She saw Henry speak in answer, then look up at Kazlor with a baleful glare.
Kaz spoke again. “The question was intended to be rehetorical, Ambassador.” Kazlor shook his head and sighed. “However, the rules under which we are operating mean that I must allow you to speak. Please be brief.”
Henry drew himself up to his full height and shot Kaz an indignant look. “Ambassador Feldarin, I have always done my best to be as brief as I can be when speaking. The fact that circumstances, of late, have forced me to bloviate are hardly something for which I should be blamed… I would think that we could reach agreement on that?”
A chuckle went through the chamber, and Kaz made a face like he found the remarks both distasteful and amusing at the same time. The board which counted votes from the Ambassadors lit up with several ‘yay’ votes, followed quickly by three votes against. Eldia expected grumbling at the ‘nay’ votes, but heard rueful chuckles instead.
Henry flashed a large smile at the chamber and pushed buttons to have his image projected on the Chamber’s back wall. “In the interests of brevity, I am going to go ahead and speak from here, and start by thanking most of you for your support.
“Also, Ambassador Feldarin, I thank you for recognizing me and allowing me to speak, and for introducing just thesubject I wish to disucss; these frequent full-quorum meetings we are all being forced to endure because the Pinigra love the past more than the present, and are more afraid of change than they are the ire of this entire Council.
“Please stop trying to interrupt, Ambassador Detara. I am sure that our fair-minded Master of Ceremonies will give the Pinigra Kingdom plenty of chance to speak. Now, as I was saying, I wish to address these meetings we keep having to hold, the rules around them, and the point-of-order tokens which the esteemed Pinigran Ambassador is using to hold this Council hostage.
Kazlor interrupted. “Ambassador Archer, that came very close to an accusation, and I will remind you that the open-floor period at the end of a General Session is not the time to air grievences.”
Henry held up a hand and nodded. If I didn’t know better I’d think that this was all real, or heavily rehearsed. Damn my man is good. She smiled down, even as she dutifully did the job for which she ostensibly sat in her seat.
Henry spoke. “You are correct, of course. My apologies. I am not attempting to air a grievence, though I can understand why my remarks could be seen that way. No, my fellow sapients, I am trying to suggest a way out of the senseless deadlock we are in, or – at the least – a way that we can move forward without having… a single Ambassador force us to all endure these tireless sessions just so that he can shut us down.
“The Confederation’s legal scholars have been studying the particular rules which govern these Point Of Order tokens, and discovered some interesting precedents: It seems that a vote can be held to make a future session immune to the use of those tokens.”
Mutters floated up through the Chamber, and Henry suddenly had the riveted attention of every sapient in the room. Even the ones who had been hard asleep seemed to realized that something had happened and roused themselves to pay attention. The Pinigra was waving his hand through his buttons so hard that Eldia feared the bird might actually take flight, of course, but no one seemed to want to pay him any mind.
Henry continued, a sly half-grin on his face acknowledged the attention. “There are a few rules about this, of course, but among the most interesting are the fact that the session to be made immune must be a special single-purpose session, and that purpose must be stated as part of the vote. The date of the session does not have to be specified, however. In fact, there is nothing which requires the session to take place if the vote to make it immune fails. The vote would not be repeatable in the same session if it does fail, of course, basic Council rules and dictates still apply.”
Henry drew himself up and favored the Council with a broad smile, allowing them to mutter among themselves and digest the news. When did that particular Human get so damned… handsome. I mean, he was always nice to look at, in a strange sort of way, but now… Wait, something is wrong. What is that damned Pinigra doing? He should have interrupted already!
Henry allowed the muttering to continue for longer than he normally would have. He looked the picture of amused stability, and a ready plan, but she could read him better than that, and knew the plan. The Pinigra isn’t taking the bait, and that is bothering him. It took a lot of effort for her to keep her eyes on Henry and not glance up at Kaz or the Pinigra.
Before the silence could begin to look like Henry was waiting for something, he opened his mouth to continue. Then the Pinigra interrupted. The bastard bird is trying to knock Henry off his game. He did succeed a little, I guess, though not for the reason he thinks. She kept her annoyed harrumph entirely to herself.
The Pinigran Ambassador, Detara, spoke in officious tones. “The esteemed Human Ambassador is correct, to a point. Such a vote is allowed, and can take place. However, such a vote also requires a Grand Session of the Council, even if it does not require a super-majority.” The Ambassador looked down at Henry and smirked.
No it doesn’t you over-grown downy pillow, and you know it… and you are going to pay for that.
Henry looked up at the Pinigra and shrugged. “No, it does not Ambassador Detara, and you know it.” Henry held up a hand before the bird could interrupt. “However, I’m not going to argue the point at this time. I have evidence I could present, of course… but then you would stand there and present counter-evidence, and we’d have shouting matches in this chamber for days between us over precedents and examples and counter-examples, not to mention how many others might want to chime in. Then, of course, there would be the need for everyone to go off and carefully study all of the evidence presented and… well… no, I think you all know what this would look like.
“No, I think it will be far simpler to proceede just as you suggest.” Henry hit several buttons and issued an immediate Call To Quroum, using his decleration and the Pinigra’s counter as the video to accompany the call. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Detara!
“The Call To Quorum has been issued, and I believe the Pinigran’s words count as an Honarary third, which means we only need a second for the Call to come to a vote. Do I have a…”
Eldia held her breath as the board lit up with seconds from nearly half of the Ambassadors present. She looked at the lights and saw the Rooksa had, indeed, held his hand. Good, he has been looking far to much like a tacit ally rather than a neutral party. As if the number of his kind who have joined the Confederation to fight the Xaltan isn’t bad enough. At least he has seen sense in this.
The vote to issue the Call carried easily, and runners were sent. Eldia allowed herself to look at the Pinigra – everyone else seemed to be doing so as well – and saw the man sitting, arms folded over crossed legs, giving every appearance of being at ease. She suppressed a chuckle. Oh, you think you know what is coming, and think you will be able to counter it, don’t you? You think yourself so clever, because of how well you play The PastTime back home, huh? Welcome to the new court and the new rules, boy-o. My boyfriend going to have himself some fried bird legs for dinner.
When the Council came back from recesses Eldia couldn’t suppress her smile. I haven’t seen this much life in this Chamber in months. Indeed, the place seemed to have an almost festive air, but also an undercurrent of irritation at being called away from whatever ‘important’ business the various Ambassadors had been engaged in.
Links are minimal, still. Am I the only one having having trouble with the links in markdown mode? Used to be I could copy the 'wiki' and 'patreon' links from another page, and they'd work.... at least the tool doesn't require me to scroll down a half-dozen times past the bottom of the page anymore...
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2023.06.05 08:25 CheesecakeFirm128 Thursday night I recorded our argument

So as the title says I recorded the argument my husband and I had Thursday night. I've mentioned this in some previous posts and comments on other posts but he drinks on weekends. This weekend was no different. Thursday morning I woke up for a 5.5 hr shift at my job at 5 in the morning. He gets home at 7 pm and I go get us dinner. He starts drinking (he drinks whenever his favorite streamer streams). I had one or two drinks. We enjoy ourselves and before I know it it's 12 and I start nodding off. He suggests I go to the room since I'm falling asleep. I don't think anything of it so I do as I feel tired so I go to the room to fall asleep. Unfortunately like everytime I decide to go to sleep he decides he's going to be upset about it. So he yells "can't you stay up with me for 10 more minutes". I refuse as I've been there before and I know its never just 10 minutes. He gets more hostile and then screams something at me. So I decide you know what you wanna do this fine. So I grab my phone and turn on the camera to record what he's saying. I've done it before during conversations but typically I'd get too nervous to continue the recording for fear he'd know. But this time I just let it run and record. The following morning when he went to work I listened to the video. It was 30 minutes of our nearly 1 hour conversation and when I listened I felt so angry. It started off with him saying he doesn't give a shit about the time I had to wake up. Then he switches the subject by saying he just wants me in there with him when he feels spontaneously sad. That he wants to listen to a song but feels weird that I'm there. (He literally switched his subject from i want you here to I dont want you here. So f'in confusing)When I tell him I wasn't even in the room when he was listening to it and thus he shouldn't be feeling weird because I wasn't even in the same room as him he moves onto a different subject. He says "I don't think you understand how delicate our situation is." I ask how delicate is our situation. He responds "very delicate, very delicate. You havent realized that yet. After all these years man. Still haven't fu*kin realized, like reality." He then proceeds to tell me I'm acting like a drama queen and then mocks me. The conversation is so long that my phone overheated so it didn't record the whole thing. I keep telling myself that it's real that I'm not imagining it and yet I still feel maybe I'm somehow to blame. (Also there's so much more in this conversation but I didn't want to put everything here as it'd be a whole darn essay.)
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2023.06.05 08:24 bhj887 Why so much evidence for a "learning universe"? Why so much focus on suffering, love and compassion?

I have recently been researching dozens, probably hundreds of near death interviews and studies.
There is a strong correlation between them regarding people talking about "infinite love", "compassion", "tasks they have not yet fullfilled", "aspects of life they have not yet understood" and so on...
Those people are usually in a state of deep awe and love for others. They also usually don't require any more proofs for what they experienced because it was "much more real than reality".
I believe /r nonduality isn't too fond of such concepts and would take a more "neutral" stance like "it's nothing important in particular" or "it's everything all at once" or "there is nothing to be gained nor lost" etc...
Could you give me some input on this please?
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2023.06.05 08:24 Zestyclose_Read_360 Colombia citizen traveling without a Colombian passport

I’m sure this topic has been discussed here several times in the past but I haven’t read anything recent. I am a Colombian citizen who was adopted and raised in the USA. I have been back to Colombia nearly 5 times without a Colombian passport and they always let me in and out. I did get pulled aside last time the problem is I don’t really remember what they said. I know they looked me up in their system and couldn’t find me (because I have changed my name but they don’t know that). Well for my cousins graduation gift we have a trip to colombia planned next week and I have been consistently unable to renounce my citizenship and can no longer obtain a Colombian passport due to my job not allowing me to hold dual nationality (even though I technically do, not sure how I got away with this). They are asking for some apostille which I have no idea what this is. My cousin is also a Colombian citizen who is adopted and also doesn’t hold a Colombian passport but has never reentered the country since leave so I doubt she will have any issues (especially because she speaks no Spanish, I find the less you know the easier on you they are… or maybe it’s just because one cannot understand). Basically I’m running into a ton of issues. I leave for Colombia in a few days and I’m worried I will get stuck there or worse not allowed to enter. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!! Need to figure out what to do, where to go or what to say and fast.
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2023.06.05 08:23 melodictritones matewan, wv. landed near me and crawled onto my finger when given the chance. an absolute beauty!

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2023.06.05 08:23 Accomplished-Owl1532 NBA 2K23 not launching on steam/pc

I reinstalled the game. After the installation I pressed "play" then everything seems fine until the game just wouldn't launch, it even says "synchronizing steam cloud" and "running" then the game would just be back to "play". Kinda like pressing the stop button while playing the game except I was not pressing anything. I looked up the system requirements and it fits my pc. Please help me.
So far I've tried, - Reinstalling the game and graphics drivers (multiple times) - Repairing game files (multiples times) - Repair Visual C++ redistributable - Run as admin and disable full screen optimization - Updating windows
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2023.06.05 08:22 danceswithturtles286 Never ending peeling around mouth/chin

I’ve been on Retin-A for over three years now; started using at at the first sign of lines at 37. The fine lines improved and my skin hasn’t aged since I started using it and people generally think I’m a lot younger, so I’m calling it a win, but, my upper lip and chin area won’t stop peeling. I tend to get breakouts in that area and Retin-A helps so much with that, but the dryness and peeling is driving me crazy. I was using .1% for about a year but my entire face wouldn’t stop peeling so I recently went back to .05% and while the rest of my face is fine, my upper lip and chin just keep peeling. The area isn’t red or irritated, just peeling
My routine:
AM: -cleanse with Cerave cream cleanser -Maelove The Glow Maker Vitamin C serum -Moisturize with Cerave AM with SPF 30
PM: -cleanse with Cerave gentle cleanser & eye cream -Retin-A .05 after skin dries, wait 15 minutes & then apply Aquatop skin barrier repairer (a South American brand. Amazing stuff) Neck/décolleté firming cream
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2023.06.05 08:21 Keyboard-muse How to deal with her depression

Hi, my upwbpd has again an episode of interchanging being angry and being sad. Yesterday in the evening she walked through the house crying somewhat. I tried to speak to her, but she left the room. In bed she let me listen to a song on her phone, where it was about a girl who felt she was pressured to be perfect but she feels almost broken doing never good enough.
I asked her if this kind of songs help her to feel better. "Even now you blame my choices", she said. "Even the music I listen is not good enough". I told her I did'nt blame her choice of music, I only asked if this kind of music helps her to come out her sad mood, or that it confirms her bad feelings and keeps her there. And I told her there is for me no need for her to be perfect. She may be herself. I touched her for some moments and went to sleep. I do not want to give up my sleep anymore because of her moods.
Sometimes it is easier to ignore the angry side of her than the sad one. I cannot bring myself anymore to be honest empathic and try to sooth her sadness. I am more observing and analysing her behavior and then touch her to let her feel I am near. But her sadness does not trigger feelings of pity for her in myself. I am more confused and shy and afraid to say things making her feel even worse instead of better.
We have had these weeks or even month of silent treat very often (last year more than 10 times, almost every month). Sometimes a number of days more normal, but then a new trigger and she get upset or very sad. But from the outside it looks te same to me: she does not say goodbye when leaving for work, of going to sleep. If I ask questions I get very short or no answers, or she speaks so soft I have to ask: "what did you say?". She ignores me, but expects at the same time that I am there to comfort her when she is feeling bad. She does not always explicitly say that I am the cause of her feelings, but in the way she communicates, it is clear that it all happens to her and is caused outside of her. She is not asking for help or to hold her in my arms. She is not telling about her feelings, if I ask, then often it is: "you know what I am thinking".
It is hard to be with her and stay sane. I feel a lot of stress building inside me, some hyperventilation, painful back and neck muscles, etc. I can still handle it mentally and be there for the kids, but I feel also always very unsure when she is around.
I wanted to share my thoughts, of course supportive comments are welcome.
Perhaps someone has the golden tip how to tell her she is doing damage to me and the kids with this behaviour. I blame myself for trying to ignore her most of the time and not finding words to address to her how she damages us. It is hard to correct someone who is feeling sad.
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2023.06.05 08:21 VexingRaven Fighters suiciding into hostile stations even when set on intercept? Help?

So I just did my first station attack, on a lone Kha'ak Installation. I had 2 destroyers, an M, and 6 or 7 fighters. The fighters were commanded by the M which was commanded by my destroyer. First, I tried setting the M to "intercept for commander" and the fighters to "attack for commander", which usually would make the fighters attack whatever the M goes to attack. However, in this case once the Kha'ak fighters were dead, all my fighters decided to go attack the station, even thought they should've just been ignoring it. This wasn't a case of them just flying near it careless, they had an actual attack order for it. I didn't understand why, but figured maybe the "attack for commander" had somehow passed down the attack command from the parent Destroyer.
I tried again, this time with all the fighters set to intercept rather than attack. The exact same thing happened: They stayed in formation with me until the first defenders appeared, killed them, and then got an attack order to attack the station. It's my understanding that intercept should only attack S/M ships and nothing else. I ended up just having to order them to go fly away and stay there, but it would be really nice to be able to have fighter escorts just automatically attack incoming fighters and stay in format otherwise. What am I doing wrong?
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2023.06.05 08:21 Thydumbsir My old fwb txted me saying that they're glad I'm happy for finding love and idk if I'm overthinking it or not

For context me and my gf started dating near the end of January but before her I had 2 fwb because I was a idiot and figured I could do this to get over the single and depression part of a break up. I put up a post of me and my current girlfriend and my old fwb txt me the exact same night I put that post up and I haven't looked at it at all cause then she'll know that I saw it and my gf hates the fwb I had due to me being too nice to just block and mute them and still want to have a back too regular friendship. It's just idk if I should just say thanks or tell her about it or delete our conversation, but I think that'll get my girlfriend going wtf..
Update: I decided to just say "thanks" and screenshot the msg and talk to my gf in the morning about it since she's sleeping right now.
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2023.06.05 08:20 urmyjhope Missing Blanket in Columbia Neighborhood

Missing Blanket in Columbia Neighborhood
Hello There!
There's $50 for whoever finds this blanket and returns it to me!
My family has been missing a blanket since yesterday and I'm now really concerned that it fell out of the car as we left the neighborhood, or that it accidentally ended up on the car hood. It's an older Saranoni swaddle blanket with light orange/coral roses (maybe peonies?) that I believe is bamboo. The tag on the blanket will likely no longer say Saranoni, as it is faded. Enclosed are two photos of the blanket; one zoomed in with natural lighting, the other zoomed out to show more of the blanket (sorry for the subpar photos, I cropped family out).
I usually wouldn't post asking, but it is a very near and dear item to my family and particularly to one of my (currently very distraught) children. Hopefully it just randomly turns up in a super unexpected spot.
If it was truly lost on our way out of the neighborhood, it was likely somewhere near the roundabout on West Street and the Plant Exchange/Donation stand on W North Street.
Thank you all so much.
Close up picture of blanket in natural lighting
Photo of larger area of the blanket (sorry, not the best lighting).
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2023.06.05 08:20 Willing_Tangelo868 Smartphones Repair Near Me

Smartphones Repair Near Me
For reliable and convenient smartphone repair services near you, trust Repair My Phone Today. Our skilled technicians offer efficient repairs to get your smartphone back to optimal functionality.
Email : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone : 01865655261
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2023.06.05 08:19 peachytrashh Just lost my cat

My cat, Midnight was put down two hours ago, he got into an accident and his spine was messed up. They couldn’t do much. He was in so much pain, couldn’t move his hind legs. I saw him before and he just looked like my baby. Meowing at me and I just wanted to take him home, that this didn’t happen today.
I don’t know what to do, he’s been in my life nearly a decade(7 years to be exact) i raised him and he’s raised me. He watched me graduate, fall in love, get heartbroken. I can’t imagine laying in my bed and he doesn’t lay on my legs. How do i cope with all of this? How do I possibly fall asleep knowing he won’t just push my door open and jump into my arms?
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