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2023.06.05 09:41 TheDutchDemon Advice for living and working in Dewey for the summer?

I know I'm probably waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late to consider this, but I thought I'd ask people who know better.
I talked to some bartender friends who will be working there during the summer about how I had an interest in doing the same, to which they mention that the hardest part wasn't getting a job there - it was finding a place to rent.
So basically I'm asking you all how you would do it if you were me.
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2023.06.05 09:41 Early-Tomatillo-4744 Husband won’t hold down a job

My husband can’t hold down a job. Especially, If he can’t decide when the hours and he can’t just drop it and pick it up again.
His current job he feels like it’s too demanding of his time and has stopped showing up. And it makes me a bit sad, because I don’t want to be in the only financial source between us. We don’t have to pay rent at our current place because it’s his family home, but he wants to travel and etc.
In the future we want to move to my home country, America… but it’s getting so expensive there I can’t imagine being the only breadwinner at that point. I talk to him about this worry and he just says you worry about your money and I’ll worry about mine.
What are jobs that are flexible for someone like him? Has anyone dealt with a similar situation?
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2023.06.05 09:41 thenihilistangel i think about it constantly

i don’t view this ideation as depressing anymore. it’s one of the few things in my life that give me peace. i have a job where i feel out of place (everyone is the same race except for me and i’m just now realizing they intentionally make me feel isolated). i’m only 19, but i feel like i’ve lived enough life. i don’t want to work and slave the rest of my life away. i’m tired of fighting- i’m tired in general. I would be missed by my 3 friends, my LD boyfriend and possibly my toxic family members, but they would get over it quickly. I shouldn’t have to live for other people… it sounds selfish saying that, but it shouldn’t. everyday is a constant battle and struggle because of my appearance, my race, my body, my thoughts, my relationships, my future, my finances, my behaviour… it’s all just too much. I’m 19 and somehow more than half of my life has been this like this. i’ve lived a very sad life and it would be cool to end it on the 20th when i turn 20.
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2023.06.05 09:41 Dead_or_Drunk Thinking about unique professions like smuggler, bounty hunter, princess, what other jobs would make for awesome, unique characters?

One of the best things about Star Wars is the professions they pick for the main and secondary characters. Just seeing what a more normal profession would work like in the Star Wars universe (eg: farming) is interesting, but they are also great at picking unique "jobs" that take it to the next level (eg: scavenger, knight, mob boss).
I think an urban SWAT team similar to Dredd in Coruscant would be interesting to focus on!
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2023.06.05 09:41 Mighty_L_LORT Ron DeSantis praised Anthony Fauci for Covid response in spring 2020 for ‘really doing a good job’

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2023.06.05 09:41 IwilldiedailyforGOD Former bootstrapped entrepreneur, now employee, future startup founder. How should I plan my next steps?

22M , previously owned another business the furniture world. Things went great, till they didn’t (business partner and mine own values started to shift).
Well, I’m back to the drawing board. Currently undertook Sales director at a start up that’s about to close on series A, but to be honest they were quite generous. I have the knack of leading the team and organizing talent, BUT I’ve never had any formal training, by anyone really. Sort of just my own knowledge along the way.
I thought I’d come here for some general advice as I really want to set up my future nicely, end goal is a tech startup BUT I have zero tech skills. I will learn the necessary amount of skills needed if I’m going to lead a tech start up, however, I’ll admit I have no idea what type of tech company. It is simply wishful thinking saying this out loud, but I am still learning the vast world of tech so this is just a hazy but persistent desire right now.
Nonetheless, I love business. And I want to accelerate faster past using my own capital and letting VC’s in on the action later down the line, I’ve narrowed it down to 2 possibilities, but I am completely open to other suggestions:
Option A:
I take on normal jobs. Network like crazy, and still learn on the side, but two main goals with this — master sales on an employee level, and master either operations or marketing. The goal is to learn underneath people, maybe for 5-6 years and take those skills to know how to train people in my own start up eventually. The cash from this time id also put into investment properties to fund the start up. I already own some, won’t get into the nitty gritty but numbers work out to about 1 million/yr I could make semi-passively in about 5 years if I’m absolutely determined on this path. Funds the start up and Also helps to cut out equity give away pre-seed round.
Option B: Keep this sales director role, Learn the managerial and C-suite abstract skills to a T, network still, and risk jumping into funding my own start up sooner. I’m already good at naturally gathering and retaining talent, and I wouldn’t have to wait 6 years to do it all, probably a year or 2. But, the trade offs are obvious with option A. This option has higher potential payout but is inherently more risky.
Neither one is necessarily the better option, but for seasoned start-up veterans, the advice I’m looking for is what you’d do if you chose a certain path. Maybe in option A you’d learn something different? Maybe strictly learn software engineering and hire sales later, or maybe entirely different skillset you’d learn for greater odds of success. Maybe you’d take option B but the way you maximize future opportunities is with certain actions right now.
Apologies if this is a vague question, but seeing as I’m relatively young and have no “formal” experience with any of this, I am simply looking for the best guidance. Everyone wants to have that unicorn of a company, I’m just wondering what foundation should I build, expand my current opportunities or build a foundation from the bottom up per se?
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2023.06.05 09:41 tareekpetareek SEBI released a consultation paper that reevaluates how mutual fund charge their fees. Here's a fun read about 2 of the proposed changes

Original Source: (my newsletter Boring Money. Do visit the link to subscribe if you'd like to receive similar posts in your inbox)
Here’s how mutual funds make money:
  1. An investor gives the fund some money to manage
  2. The fund manages it by investing that money in stocks, bonds, etc.
  3. The mutual fund company charges a management fee for this service, which is a fixed percentage of whatever it manages
The incentive here is clear. The fund needs to increase the amount of money that it manages. One way for a fund to do this is by, well, investing well. If a fund’s investment goes up in value, it automatically manages more money. But investing well is hard, slow, and not a lot of fun. The fun way to manage more money is just getting more money from your investors. That way, the fund needn’t worry too much about how the fund performs, the company running the fund makes money either way.
Last month, SEBI released a consultation paper that reevaluates how mutual funds charge for their services. The paper has 15-odd proposals but I’m only writing about the couple interesting ones. Here’s a post from Zerodha that summarises all proposals, if you’d like to see them all on one page.
SEBI doesn’t particularly like that the only way for mutual funds to make money is by accumulating more money from investors. One solution it’s considering is to allow mutual funds to charge not just for money management, but for performance. Sure, let mutual funds take some money for managing these assets, but if the fund performs well, give the fund company a decent chunk of the profits as well. That’s how hedge funds work, and arguably they do have a lot more fun with their investments. [1]
Here are two possible approaches that SEBI is considering. From its consultation paper:
Approach A: During the period in which the investor remains invested, the base expense ratio may be charged to the investor. At the time of redemption, the management fees may be charged if return of more than indicative rate is generated or annualised returns received by the investor is above the hurdle rate. … Approach B: There can be another approach where higher expense limit for performance based TER [percentage fee] may be fixed and TER inclusive of management fees is charged to the investor. The TER charged by the schemes in such cases should be based on the schemes’ performance during the previous year. At the time of redemption by the investor, if AMC fails to generate return above the indicative returns for investor or the annualised returns for the investor is below the hurdle rate fixed in advance, the AMC may retain base TER as may be applicable and return the remaining expenses charged to the investor, along with the redemption amount.
In Approach A, if you invest in a mutual fund, you’re charged the regular management fee right until you withdraw your money. When you do withdraw, the fund deducts a nice chunk from your profits (beyond a certain agreed upon threshold) and returns the rest. In Approach B, the fund just charges you a higher management fee to begin with. When you actually withdraw, it calculates your profit and returns any extra money it might have charged earlier. This is very different from how hedge funds are paid! The general rule with investments is that you’ll have good years and you’ll have bad years. If a hedge fund has a good year, it’s going to charge for performance right away and take away its share of the profit before it gets to a bad year. If a SEBI-regulated mutual fund has a good year, it’s not going to be paid until the investor withdraws! In the management fee model, a mutual fund is incentivised to convince investors to invest as much as possible. In this performance fee model, a mutual fund is incentivised to convince investors to.. withdraw?
I really understand what SEBI is trying to do here. Hedge funds take a lot of risk and often go crazy. If the risk pays off, they’ll earn a lot that year. If the same risk doesn’t pay off the next year, bahh, the investor might lose half their capital but at least the hedge fund got paid the year it did do well. Going by SEBI’s proposal, mutual funds will have to care about their investors’ real returns which will be a mix of both the good and bad years. Sure, it might work. But I wouldn’t be surprised if mutual funds just get their investors to withdraw more often to lock-in their share of the profits.
Grass is greener on the side of the new fund
A well known phenomenon of the Indian investment market is that investors don’t invest by themselves. They need a bit of a push and prod. Even if they want to invest, they need help with how much and where.
Mutual fund companies rely on distributors to sell their funds to end customers. Because, well, most investors don’t ever download an app and start investing. They buy through distributors who they trust! In return, these distributors also get a fixed percentage fee, just like the mutual fund company itself. [2] Since these distributors sit in-between the mutual fund company and the investor, it gives them quite a bit of power.
  1. If a mutual fund company is starting a new fund, it will ask its distributors to convince investors to buy this newShinyFund. This newShinyFund will give distributors a higher-than-usual distribution commission
  2. The distributor now goes to their customers and asks them to invest in this newShinyFund because it’s new and shiny. But the customer won’t just have large chunks of money lying around to invest. So the distributor will say “hey why don’t you just transfer your money from oldBoringFund to newShinyFund—I’ll do it for you”
  3. The customer says “yeah, cool” and they’re now an investor in newShinyFund which pays more to both the distributor as well as the mutual fund company
27% of the money in new mutual fund schemes launched between April 2021 and September 2022 came from old mutual fund schemes. In one case, this figure was over 55%. Over time, newShinyFund would become oldBoringFund, and the mutual fund company could just launch a newNewShinyFund and well, distributors would then sell that and life would go on.
SEBI’s proposal is ending this! If a distributor switches an investor from oldBoringFund to newShinyFund, but oldBoringFund pays less commission than newShinyFund, they still get paid the lower commission even if their customer is now switched into newShinyFund. I’m sure mutual funds and their distributors will find a way around this sooner or later, but for now, the incentive to push new funds is lost. [3]
They see me regulatin’, they hatin’
One way of looking at SEBI is that as a regulator it needs to ensure there’s transparency and let market participants handle the rest. SEBI is, after all, a market regulator, so it would be a bit weird if it didn’t believe in market forces.
Going by this line of thought, SEBI wouldn’t propose barring distributors being paid more to switch their customers into new funds. If a mutual fund company wants investors in its shiny new fund, and it’s willing to pay distributors more to achieve that, why does SEBI see it as a problem? Its job is to ensure that the investor knows what’s happening, but then it’s up to the investor to choose what they want to do.
I can imagine a solution that wouldn’t limit how much commission distributors get, but instead force them to explicitly inform every investor just how much more money they stand to make if the investor buys into the new fund. “Hey there’s this fund that’s great and you should invest in it maybe. It’s new and shiny, can I transfer your money to it, pretty please? If you say yes, I get to take my wife and kids to Europe this year.” I’m sure some investors would say yes, but presumably the majority would not.
Footnotes [1 ] Here’s an Investopedia piece on the “9 Biggest Hedge Fund Failures”. Hedge funds, even those managing billions of dollars, often take on a lot of risk and frequently implode. Mutual funds rarely (never) do.
[2] These days, it makes little sense for anyone to invest via a distributor and lose money in the form of a lifelong commission. There are tens of fintech apps which allow for direct investing, as do almost all mutual fund websites.
[3 ] The SEBI regulation applies when a distributor “switches” their customer’s money from one fund to another. If the same customer first withdraws their money, then re-invests in the new fund recommended by their distributor, the distributor can then get the new, higher commission. Definitely a more annoying and time-consuming process though.

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2023.06.05 09:40 Septymusmyth I'm thinking about moving to Germany and getting a job. Which cities do you suggest?

I'm a 30-year-old guy from Croatia, and been thinking about moving to Germany and finding a job.
I have relatives in Stuttgart and the area, and I visited/lived there on two occasions. I was in Stuttgart last year again, and I've been trying to find a suitable job. I even considered taking Ausbildung for a bookseller (Buchhändler) and was invited by a bookstore to do Praktikum but I wasn't accepted in the end mostly because my German is not on such a professional level. However, I have a German B1 certificate, and I speak English very well.
I'm a pharmacy technician, but I've worked in retail in Croatia and I consider myself a person with quite good knowledge, so I could take the other job positions too. Still, I need to figure out what is right for me, and which city would be the best for me. To be honest, I didn't like Stuttgart that much, for some reason, it just didn't suit me. I know some people and friends who are in Berlin, and I've always been thinking about moving there, but I don't know if Berlin is "worth a big shot" if you know what I mean. My friends explained to me the advantages and disadvantages of Berlin, how expensive and even impossible it is to find an apartment in the beginning. Since it's much easier to find an English-speaking job in Berlin, most of them are in the IT industry, which I'm not qualified for.
Also, I think that I should take some time to focus on certain fields of jobs, and continue practicing my German in the future for those.
So I would like to hear your opinion, generally, any advice would be appreciated from my side.
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2023.06.05 09:40 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday
What do you do to get away from it all when you've gambled away all your money, your pec implants are drifting apart, and you've spent time in prison? Why, go on an African Hunting Holiday, of course, for another 'In Vision' commentary recap from 'The Strange and the Dangerous' DVD box-set.

\"RIGHT... thrrough.\"

For this one Louis is joined by Terry Nutkins, a British TV presenter and conservationist, who sadly passed away in 2012. This is my personal favourite commentary, as I grew up watching Terry on 'The Really Wild Show' and just thought it was lovely to see him again.

Cast of characters: Riaan (hunt organiser), Ann-Marie and Paul (American couple), Piet (animal breeder), Lolly (vet running a game farm)

  • The idea behind the episode was to cover another "luxury lifestyle" after they had explored gambling and plastic surgery
  • Terry does eat meat, but feels strongly against the "outright cruel" and "obscene" practice of "trophy hunting" (especially as the "hunting" shown in the episode is merely "shooting")
  • Louis says the "trophy hunting" had been made so easy it was more like "furniture shopping"
  • It was a struggle for Louis and the crew to get permission to film with a hunting agency, because the agencies knew how unpopular they were, and expected any media attention to be negative
  • Louis felt "an obligation to be fair" to Riaan, because he had "gone out on a limb" by agreeing to go on camera
  • Louis on hunting: "Not a good thing, really."
  • Terry has "no respect whatsoever" for the hunters in the episode, and considers it "outrageous" that they encourage their young children to shoot the animals
  • Louis was surprised that, at the time of filming, people were still able to shoot rhinos, but Terry suspects they could "bend the law, somewhat", if rhinos they had bred were being killed on their own, fenced-off land
  • Louis notes that a "300-pound" bloke just sitting on a truck shooting animals would be looked-down upon by the "hunting fraternity"
  • Most of the people who went hunting were American, but there were also Spanish, French, Middle Eastern, and British
  • Louis: "Apparently, the Spanish just, don't really care about trophies, they just want carnage [...] They like to shoot as many animals as possible."
  • Terry on Ann-Marie: "She's... yeah, someone I wouldn't, uh, want to spend much time with, really."
  • Louis brings up how much pressure there was on him to get involved (later saying that it upset him), after mentioning how spending time outdoors with the hunters "softens you up a bit" to joining in
  • Terry doesn't believe he could ever be "softened up", as he could only justify killing an animal for survival, and was appalled by how the other hunters were there for trophies, not "the excitement of the hunt"
  • Piet had previously been interviewed by Roger Cook, after Cook had made a documentary on "Canned Hunting" in South Africa, where he posed as a rich businessman and a lion was drugged to make it easier for him to shoot
  • Louis says the rules for lion-hunting had since been made stricter in South Africa, requiring lions to be allowed to live in a large enclosure for several years before being used for hunting
  • Louis and Terry agree that lions are "ferocious" and "incredibly frightening beasts" that have "no emotions for humans"
  • Louis mentions how, irrespective of the cost, hunters would not typically want to kill lions, and they were considered to be "the most emotive" species
  • On the other hand, hunters could also have little interest in animals that were too easy to kill, with one species of rhino having such poor eyesight that you could just "run up to it and shoot it"
  • Terry says tigers and lions are the most dangerous land animals, with lions being the more dangerous of the two, as at least tigers are solitary animals (a few lionesses would "tear you apart")
  • Terry is very impressed by Louis' South African accent (you can listen to Louis' 'Call of the Weird' audiobook to hear him to do plenty of other accents)
  • Louis estimates that a lion would cost £20,000 to £30,000 to kill, and a rhino would be £25,000 to £35,000, whereas something like a kudu would be only £1,000
  • Terry believes that a vet like Lolly justifies what he does with the near-instant deaths his animals will receive (Terry earlier spoke about how farm animals suffer worse deaths when they are slaughtered)
  • Louis discusses how much more "tame" the animals seemed to be on reserves where only crossbow-hunting was allowed, though Terry takes exception to Louis saying that they were "happy"
  • Terry never uses the word "happy" ("a very human sort of word") with animals and prefers to use "content"
  • Terry: "An animal is content when it has young, and it actually successfully rears its young."
  • Lolly refused to let anyone shoot his giraffes, and Louis visited two other reserves where the giraffes could not be killed (though Louis isn't sure if part of that is because they're "too easy" as targets and the owners knew people wouldn't ask for them anyway)
  • Louis relays how the "professional hunters" said that Lolly was in "the wrong job", because he was too close to his animals and would get angry at any hunters who weren't taking it seriously
  • Terry on a hunter posing with his kill: "Well, if it's so wonderful, why kill it?"
  • The hunters would stay for a week, and got together each night to show off their kills
  • There was a taxidermy workshop attached to the hunting lodge, which is where the heads are being taken during the butchery scene
  • Louis says "in theory" the meat from the killed animals was being "distributed to local villages [...] although, I never actually saw that"
  • Terry does not disagree that the amount of money hunting brings in can make the reserves worthwhile, and mainly has a problem with the attitudes of the hunters
  • When asked what species he wouldn't hunt, one of the hunters told Louis that "he would hunt them all, if he had the money"
  • Terry brings up how Ann-Marie might not want to hurt a zebra, but a zebra would want to hurt her ("a zebra would give you a really nasty bite, and a really nasty kick")
  • Terry warns how it may be that poachers wipe out a species in the wild and they only exist in game farms, but then the poachers will just move on to killing the animals in the farms
  • Terry believes animals "know when they are going to die" and that any preparations for their death will cause them stress
  • Terry states that all the animals he has seen so far appear healthier than they normally do in the wild, and have clearly been looked after
  • There is a discussion of whether our survival instinct means that human beings have an innate desire to hunt animals
  • Personal Note: After Ann-Marie shoots the impala, I always found it extremely creepy how Paul keeps saying "Lots of blood! I saw lots of blood!"
  • Terry goes off on Ann-Marie being "like a child" (and, despite how uncomfortable she seems, Louis mentions that she went on to shoot more animals)
  • There had been a lot of discussion about Louis hunting, and Louis knew that people would expect him to take part in the topic of the documentary
  • Terry had not seen the episode before, and so did not know if Louis shot anything (Louis, obviously, keeps quiet about what happens)
  • The Director and Assistant Producer had gone on "2 or 3 trips" to South Africa before filming began, were confident that they could have shot an animal, and strongly felt that Louis should try it
  • Terry notes how artificial the "hunting" setup for Louis is, with the animals lured to the area with food and water, and how the birds pecking the ground resemble chickens at a farm
  • Louis had "made an agreement with himself" to at least line-up a shot, take the safety off, and put his finger on the trigger
  • Terry acts like a proud father when Louis doesn't shoot anything
  • Louis had mixed emotions after not pulling the trigger, as he felt relieved at having made "the right decision", but guilty about possibly disappointing his audience
  • Terry says he's never killed an animal, then clarifies that he has accidentality killed two deer stags who had jumped in front of his car
  • As soon as they appear on-screen, Terry talks about how dangerous sable antelopes are, and that he knew a worker in a safari park who was horned by one, managed to get to his land-rover to call for help, and then died of blood-loss before anyone arrived
  • When Louis asks Terry if a lion cub could be raised as a completely tame lion, Terry replies with "No, you can't do that. They are always wild animals. Always."
  • Louis on Piet becoming angry: "I thought he was going to whack me."
  • Terry on Piet shoving the camera: "Good telly!"
  • Piet was big into genetics, and tried to breed animals from different locations to bring together their positive traits
  • They both note that Piet "improving the gene pool" to create animals with longer horns just so happened to mean that they would be worth more money to trophy hunters
  • Piet was also into "inline breeding" of his animals, which is just a fancier way of saying "inbreeding" (Terry does not approve)
  • Piet had claimed that sable antelopes were brought back from the brink of extinction by the numbers being bred for hunting, which Terry thinks could be true
  • Louis notes that such an approach would mean that only the "good-looking" animals will be saved
  • Terry talks about how if the hunting acts as culling (i.e., targeting older animals), the meat is used afterwards, and the animals are well cared for without any inbreeding, then it would be acceptable
  • Terry may, or may not, have been a champion jet skier ("Let the rumour carry on!"), but he really is missing parts of two fingers after they were bitten-off by an otter

Next up will be the final recap, where Louis (in 2009) lets us know that 'The Most Hated Family in America' has gone bankrupt and may never be heard from again.
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2023.06.05 09:40 KKshilling Jobs and Internship list in US for this week

jobs 📷

Alto - Product Analyst (Remote)
Clipboard Health - Strategy & Ops (Remote)
Windfall - Product Ops Analyst (SF)
Forward - Strategy & Analytics (SF)
Goodwater - Director, Seed Investments (Burlingame)
TikTok - Strategy & Analytics Associate, Commerce (San Jose)
CAA - Strategic Development Associate (LA)
Jetty - Data & Analytics Engineer (NYC)
Torch - Business Strategy & Operations (NYC)
Middesk - Software Engineer (NYC)

internships 📷

Haul - MBA Financial Ops Intern (Remote)
Air - MBA GTM Intern (NYC, Remote)
thredUP - Product Engineering Intern (Oakland)
Roo - Roo University Summer Intern (SF)
Snowflake - Fall Demand Gen Intern (San Mateo)
Tesla - Fall Biz Planning / Insights Intern (Dallas)
Compass - Data & Analytics Intern (Utah)
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2023.06.05 09:40 monikachauhanweb Why Udaipur is the perfect backdrop for your destination photoshoot

Udaipur’s unique Hindu and Mughal architecture blend provides a picturesque backdrop for any photoshoot. The city is known for its stunning palaces, ornate gates, and clean white marble walls, making it the perfect setting for elegant yet simple photos. As a destination wedding hotspot, Udaipur offers unparalleled access to the finest wedding photographers in the industry. The best candid wedding photographer in Udaipur can capture the essence and beauty of your love story against the magical backdrop of this magnificent city.
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2023.06.05 09:40 SottLimpa My paid setup tier list

I had chance to test almost every paid setup in the market. At least the most popular ones. Here is my opinions. (patch 1.9)
Coach Dave Academy(CDA4) For my pace they're slow(I'm around 103% of alien hotlaps). However they focus on drivability and most of the time they are more forgiving, more understeery than others but to extract the full potential of the car is hard with these setups. If you're not super competitive get these with subscription model for two or three months and you'll have their full collection. Most of the public lobby(Spa-Monza) fast guys don't like CDA. I think they're a bit better on Barcelona/Suzuka/Silverstone type of tracks.
Jose Lopez This guy sells setups for very long time on Setbase. I didn't try all his setups to be honest but i tried Porsche 992 and Ferrari 296. So far so good. They're easier to drive than GO and HYMO i can tell. If you're looking for a world record laptime on AOR servers they're not fast enough for that. But if you're an elevator driver between top and second split in LFM they're good. He is not using too much neg toe and the car has usually harder suspension than HYMO's settings. An alien could say yeah it's okay not so good 4 tenths slower than best. Since Ferrari 296 is easy car to drive i wouldnt buy Ferrari setups. But Porsche is a gem. It fits me good for many challenging tracks like Barcelona.
Luke Addison I used to love his 1.8 patch Honda. I tried his BMW setups. It's not fast as GO, it's not trash, rather easy to ride. Definitely faster than CDA4 or at least that's what i achieved.
Arthur Kammerer He has only M4 Monza setup which is a beast. I make 1.46.7 with it, my teammate reached 1.45.9. If you're a Monza public lobby obsessed guy then try this.
Boost Setups I just couldn't make good laptimes with. It's definitely faster than CDA4. It's cheaper than GO or HYMO but it's not faster than those. One of my friends who is like LFM split 2-3 level likes their Lambo setup. It feels like free Fri3d0lf setups but a bit more refined in dampers.
Formula Setups I tried their Porsche setup. It is fast, it is super aggressive, so hard to drive and eat the tyres in 4 laps. The car has a lot of mechanical grip but it's very very hard to control. I made a good 1.43.9 in Barcelona but it took 20mins to get a clean flawless validated lap. Jeez. They provide Safe and Race pace setups at least. Good alternative to Hymo and Go.
GO Setups I guess we made Mr. Sherratt rich. Last 1.5 years we kept buying their setups. They're simply best in mid engined cars. I love their Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche setups. I used to love their Honda and 458 in previous patch. Including Jardier and many guys out there use GO setups and tweak here and there. Their BMW is good right now but I always liked HYMO McCormack BMW and Merc setups so worth to wait them too. Also they provide Motec file which is so good for me. HYMO don't provide that unfortunately.
HYMO Crossland-McCormack-Tortellini-Velde are out there for a long time. My favorites are always been Mccormack's front engine cars like Bmw and Merc. I used to like their Mclaren 1.8 as well. Honda was good too but it wasn't as good as GO for example. Now I have all their released 1.9 and so far so good. Porsche setups are made by Malinowski(Tortellini) and it's very aggressive, very high potential but it's quite hard to extract that pace. Tortellini is a freaky alien who drive like art and it's hard to mimmick his moves. Lambo setups gave me a good amount of elo in LFM last two weeks tho. Especially in Suzuka it's so good. Ferrari 296 is very good too but i prefer GO in there. I tried Ferrari a lot in Imola for example, GO felt better. They work with Tracktitan and they don't provide motec files in the bundle. If you have Track Titan it's good but I dont have that.
What i didnt try yet; Nils Naujoks Probably i should have. I have his YT membership instead, a real good coach.
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2023.06.05 09:39 jngsph [IWantOut] 30F Philippines -> Europe/US/UK/AU/Canada

I have 11 years of experience in human resources (generalist). Due to family circumstances, my current job will not be able to sustain a livable condition for a family of 4. I'm now looking for opportunities where I could possibly gain employment that will cover visa sponsorship and has a better salary than here in the PH. Hoping to get leads from various resources like reddit. Thank you! ❤️
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2023.06.05 09:39 AmeGamiArt [For Hire] Character Sketches and Illustrations

[For Hire] Character Sketches and Illustrations
Hello everyone,I'm not super familiar with Reddit, I do hope that the formatting here isn't too terrible ^^;

♥ Clean Character Sketch ♥ $30 (Bust) $45 (Thigh up) $70 (Full Body)
♥ Flat Colored/Minimal shading ♥ $40 (Bust) $60 (Thigh Up) $90 (Full Body)
♥ Full Render ♥ $60 (Bust) $80 (Thigh Up) $120 (Full Body)
♥ Other ♥ $30-50 (Chibi) $10+ (Emotes $10 on base, $25 not on base, each) $150 + (Custom character design, pricing can be discussed above $150, complex designs would be priced higher)

  • The more detailed a character design, the longer estimated time frame, but I will try to complete each piece within a reasonable time frame with communications if there is any reason for delays more than 1-2 days.
  • I am not familiar with furry, bara, gore, mecha, eldery art. However, I am willing to take these on for an extra fee.
  • Commercial prices can be discussed with the required minimum of $100.
  • Links will be listed in the post below for where to find more of my work and contact details!
  • Please note: Chibi style does tend to vary here and there as I try to find what works best for my style!
  • Payment preference is USD via Paypal, but other options can be discussed if needed (Cashapp, venmo, etc)

Thank you very much for reading!
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2023.06.05 09:39 BeBa420 Rational explanations?

Hey all
Just sitting here considering all the stuff we’ve seen. So far the show does a great job of making things ambiguous. Is the wilderness real or did they just create it in their minds as a way of coping
My own personal theory…. Is unimportant. For now let’s ignore outside factors like dark tai and the eyeless man and just focus on what we’ve seen in both timelines
Imho most things can be rationally explained. Like the girls seeing themselves at a Grecian style feast rather than eating their friends corpse, or Ben’s what if visions. Could be the wilderness fucking with them or could be just a very human reaction to the starvation and trauma they’re all going through
There are three things I can think of that cannot be explained rationally:
  1. A wild bear just wondering in, sitting down and letting Lottie stab it. I’ve never seen a bear outside of a zoo (and even then it was of the panda variety) but I doubt that’s their normal behaviour. Coulda been a tame trained bear but even then it seems unlikely
  2. Those birds just falling dead at the same time. I can think of nothing natural that would cause them to just fall out the sky like that. Even if they all got sick at the same time surely whatever killed them wouldn’t affect all of them at the same time
  3. At one point early on they killed a deer or moose, I forgot which tbh. When they cut it open they find it’s full of maggots…. Yuuuuck… but also wtf? I’m no biologist but I don’t think it’s possible for something to be that infested with maggots and still be alive. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here
So what do you all think?
Do you have rational explanations to one of these points? Can you think of another event that you can’t explain without the supernatural? Curious to hear other opinions on these
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2023.06.05 09:39 acandcllc Professional Chimney Cleaning Services for a Safe and Efficient Fireplace

In need of professional chimney cleaning services? Look no further! Our expert team specializes in providing thorough chimney cleaning to ensure a safe and efficient fireplace in your home. Our advanced equipment and skilled technicians guarantee a clean and well-maintained chimney that keeps your family safe and your fireplace functioning optimally.
Regular chimney cleaning is crucial for the prevention of chimney fires and the removal of dangerous creosote buildup. Our experienced professionals utilize industry-approved techniques to remove soot, debris, and other obstructions, improving the airflow and reducing the risk of chimney-related hazards.
By choosing our chimney cleaning services, you can enjoy several benefits. Our meticulous approach not only enhances your home's safety but also improves your fireplace's efficiency. A clean chimney allows proper ventilation, leading to better combustion and increased energy efficiency.
At AC & C LLC, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional service using safe and effective cleaning methods. A well-maintained chimney gives homeowners peace of mind. We take extra steps to clean to the greatest standards.
Don't compromise on the safety and functionality of your fireplace. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for professional chimney cleaning services. Trust AC & C LLC to provide reliable and efficient chimney cleaning, allowing you to enjoy your fireplace's warmth and ambience confidently.

Address: Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX, USA
Phone Number: (469) 998-9198
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2023.06.05 09:39 Futurefinders Best .NET Training Institute in Mohali

Best .NET Training Institute in Mohali

Best .Net Training in Mohali
If you're passionate about software development and aspiring to become a skilled .NET developer, choosing the best .NET training institute in Mohali is essential. Mohali, along with Chandigarh, is a hub for technology and offers excellent opportunities for .NET professionals. In this blog, we will explore the significance of .NET training, highlight the exceptional offerings of the best .NET training institute in Mohali, and provide insights into the .NET course that can shape your career in this dynamic field.
Why .NET Training Matters
.NET is a powerful framework developed by Microsoft that allows developers to build a wide range of applications, from web and mobile to desktop and cloud-based solutions. By undergoing .NET training, you gain a deep understanding of the framework's architecture, concepts, and best practices. This training equips you with the necessary skills to develop robust and scalable applications using popular .NET languages like C# and VB.NET.
Choosing the Best .NET Training Institute in Mohali
When it comes to .NET training in Mohali, it's crucial to select a reputable institute that offers comprehensive courses and experienced instructors. Look for institutes that have a proven track record of delivering quality training and have a curriculum aligned with industry standards. Consider factors such as faculty expertise, hands-on learning opportunities, placement assistance, and alumni success stories to make an informed decision.
The Best .NET Training in Mohali & Chandigarh
In the bustling cities of Mohali and Chandigarh, several training institutes offer .NET courses. However, finding the best .NET training that meets your specific needs is essential. Look for institutes that provide a comprehensive curriculum covering essential .NET concepts, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects. Additionally, consider the institute's reputation, student reviews, and industry partnerships to ensure you receive the best training experience.
The Core of Success: Dot Net Course
The Dot Net course forms the foundation of your journey to becoming a skilled .NET developer. It covers various aspects of .NET development, including framework fundamentals, object-oriented programming, database integration, web application development, and more. A comprehensive Dot Net course enables you to acquire the skills required to develop scalable, secure, and high-performance applications using the .NET framework.
Become a Competent .NET Developer with the Best .NET Training
To excel in your .NET career, it's crucial to receive the best .NET training. Look for institutes that offer a well-structured curriculum, hands-on projects, and opportunities for practical application of concepts. The best .NET training equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle real-world development challenges and prepares you to meet the demands of the industry.
Unlock Opportunities with the Best DOT NET Course in Mohali
Enrolling in the best DOT NET course in Mohali can be a game-changer for your career. It provides you with a competitive edge in the job market and opens doors to exciting opportunities in software development companies, IT consulting firms, and more. Look for courses that cover advanced topics such as ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, and cloud-based development, as these skills are in high demand.
Choosing the best .NET training institute in Mohali is a crucial step towards becoming a proficient .NET developer. With a comprehensive .NET training program, you'll gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to build innovative applications using the .NET framework. Invest in your future by enrolling in the best .NET training institute that offers industry-re
Also Checkout – Best .NET Training in Mohali
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2023.06.05 09:39 linkerjpatrick In remission but depressed

I had a stem call transplant almost a year ago. I’m currently on maintenance with bi weekly velcade shots and take 10mg of revlimed on 21 and off 7. On the surface I am doing absolutely great. I love my job plus it has great benefits and I’ve started a fitness program under supervision however home life sucks on two fronts.
Last year before my stem cell transplant my dad passed away. I live next door to my elderly mother and am sort of a caregiver. A lot of times she complains I never do anything for her but sadly as far as family goes I do about 90 percent of stuff for her.
I’m 5’8” and currently 245. I eat healthy and exercise but I’m sure the meds have contributed to the weight gain. I was around 190 before the transplant and she won’t shut up about how fat I am and says now I will die from a heart attack before cancer or I will “explode”. At least once a week I get into bad fights with her. In meanness I have told her I guess I am worthless and I hope the cancer will come back so I don’t have to put up with her. I know she is in pain from health issues and depressed since dad passed away and she uses his absence to speak on his behalf and say how he would be disappointed in me as well. Im either in tears or i yell and tell her how awful she is. For some reason she is primarily that way on the weekend.
Now for my wife. If I wasn’t for my wife I wouldn’t be here. She made me go to the doctor. She cooks very healthy meals and does a lot however I am starting to have the same fights with her. If I forget one thing or if I get to tired I get told how stupid and lazy I am. I often laugh and am silly and I feel that kinda humor helps me but my wife is not amused. I feel alone. We also have not been intimate since 2021 and even a kiss is a little peck on the cheek and it seems she struggles with that closeness as well. For the most part I am not looking to we wild (but I definitely have the desire) I would be happy to just hold close. If I place my hand on her 9 times out of 10 I get slapped. She doesn’t call me fat and huge but she constantly says I swollen I look (I don’t think I look bad at all). I’ve gone to counseling but me being counseled does change how others make me feel lonely.
Do the meds make me look fat and swell me? I’m tempted to flush them and stop going and getting the shots. Part of me doesn’t care if I get sick again. Either that or I face temptations to cope in other areas. I’ve been a non drinker my whole life but I’m tempted. This sounds crazy but I am way happier at work. I feel wanted, less stress , received more encouraging words (the last job was almost like the current home situation and dealt with an abusive gaslighting boss) anyone else in similar situations. I’m in my mid 50’s. My grandfather died from MM in 72 at the same age I am now.
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2023.06.05 09:38 toastlickerr My Mom Finally Gave Me the A-Ok To Choose My Own Career Path.

so for a little context, I am a girl and in the 10th grade (sophomore in highschool) and my mom has always been very persistent on me having a good future, like all mothers are. but she wanted me to have a job that would be very high paying and apparently the only thing that came to her mind was any sort of doctor, specifically an optometrist. we’re south asian so i assume most kids of my ethnicity and others in general go through the same thing. today is my turn to go through it.
the fact mom chose optometry and science, it did help me at the time for choosing some of my classes and staying on task to actually do my work. but nowadays, it’s been more stressful because I have to pick the rest of my courses and what universities to apply to based on my career, and i dont think i want to be a doctor anymore. i’ve never actually thought about what I wanted to be for the past couple of years because I always thought i would end up being a doctor. also, mainly because my mom wanted me to be one and i just had to get her approval on my choice of career.
but recently, she told me that there are so many more options nowadays compared to when she was my age and I don’t actually have to be a doctor as long as I have a good paying job. i’m obviously very glad that I don’t have to be something that I don’t want to but I only have two years of high school left before I pick universities to attend and I really don’t wanna graduate without knowing what I want to do.
my mind goes blank when I try to envision myself in the future. I guess what I’m saying is do I need to know what I want to be right now? Is it too late? Should I just be a doctor? I mostly just need some advice from anyone who’s been in a similar situation to mine. thank you.
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2023.06.05 09:38 mr_whatever24 Working at Apple

I’m just curious, but is it possible that an iOS programmer can lead to a job at Apple? Or maybe even Google or Twitter or even Meta (formerly know as Facebook). And a college degree in CP is obviously a requirement right? And what are the requirements for different roles at Apple like head of design or something?
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2023.06.05 09:38 Feeling-Stuff-2108 PC partner

20M, 200 hrs in game I have an online job and would like to have a few stardew friends to play and chill with.
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2023.06.05 09:38 daisysml Need job advice, many opportunities to consider

I need some advice or anything about what to do as a technician regarding job opportunities.
Some context: I've been at this job (retail pharmacy) for almost a year. Made $12.75/hr to start. I was happy to start this job because 1) I didn't have a job for months and 2) I wanted to get some experience in a pharmacy since I am a pre-pharmacy student.
After some research, I realized the hourly rate was on the lower end. I make $13.25/hr now after completing the company's certification. I am getting another raise soon since I just passed the PTCE exam (unknown amount). My annual raise will only be $0.27. I don't expect to go over $14.00-$14.10/hr after everything.
Here are my opportunities:
1) The retail competition starts its uncertified technicians at $16/hr, so with my PTCB certification, I may make a little more. Pros: Better pay. Close friend works there. Associated with my university. Heard training is better. Workflow seems more efficient. Cons: 30-minute drive. It is a busier location (however, more help is available).
2) Another retail pharmacy, specifically one inside of a membership warehouse club. Estimated pay to be anywhere from $17-24/hr. Pros: Better pay. 14-minute drive. Gas station is right in the parking lot. Cons: Don't know too much about it.
3) Hospital pharmacy. Estimated pay to be around $17-20/hr. This would be good since I wish to experience different pharmacy fields before I start pharmacy school next year. Don't know too much about it.
4) Stay at my current job. Pros: 6-minute drive. Sometimes (at night) there is nothing to do. Boss doesn't enforce dress code. I am valuable here, as my boss told me he'd cry if I quit. Cons: Unsafe (kidnapping in parking lot, harassed multiple times, etc). Short-staffed. Gossipy co-workers, including boss. Calling off is looked down upon greatly, and I always fear doing it. The store/pharmacy hasn't been remodeled in 30 years, and the influx of prescriptions is outgrowing the size of the pharmacy, causing stress and such.
Factors to consider:
Please share your thoughts if you have time! I'll answer any additional questions if that would help. I don't know what to do at the moment.
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