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2008.07.19 20:02 Tijuana

Welcome to Tijuana! Sister city to San Diego and over all borderland. This city is not as scary as the media might have you believe. Our community is small but the city is gigantic. There is much more to Tijuana than you can imagine.

2015.05.14 18:05 fatpinkchicken CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is a successful, driven, and possibly crazy young woman who impulsively gives up everything – her partnership at a prestigious law firm and her upscale apartment in Manhattan – in a desperate attempt to find love and happiness in that exotic hotbed of romance and adventure: suburban West Covina, Calif. (it’s only two hours from the beach! Four in traffic).

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A subreddit for anything relevant and newsworthy in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. The South Bay community includes: Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Gardena, Carson, Lawndale, Harbor City, Lomita, and San Pedro.

2023.06.05 09:48 throwmeout_22 Best way to make friends for a 30 year old guy?

My boyfriend has had a difficult past; he has made many mistakes, but has really turned his life around in the last few years, and is a newly returning citizen looking for friends to further positively impact his life.
He has been sober for 5 years, works at a local restaurant in Boulder, speaks at schools and does various other community work, likes art and is really creative, is into sports and likes reading.
Any idea where he can connect with other people of a similar age with similar interests? Thanks.
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2023.06.05 09:47 Dash_ROW Suche Restaurant in Bremen-Nord für Familienbesuch (Vegetarier und Omnis)

Ich (Vegetarier) möchte meine Familie, wohnhaft in Bremen-Nord, zum Essen einladen. Ich selber möchte gute Qualität und ein bisschen mehr Auswahl als nur Salat und Gemüsegratin; meine Eltern (Alles-Esser) sollen aber nicht auf Fleisch verzichten müssen. Kennt jemand eine gute Anlaufstelle?
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2023.06.05 09:47 throwmeout_22 Best way to make friends for a 30 year old guy?

My boyfriend has had a difficult past; he has made many mistakes, but has really turned his life around in the last few years, and is a newly returning citizen looking for friends to further positively impact his life.
He has been sober for 5 years, works at a local restaurant in Boulder, speaks at schools and does various other community work, likes art and is really creative, is into sports and likes reading.
Any idea where he can connect with other people of a similar age with similar interests? Thanks.
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2023.06.05 09:46 1grammarmistake Question about the tweakers you see seemingly everywhere now

I’m not sure if these tweakers you see everywhere now are hopped up on the same stuff as one another - or if they’re a wide variety of stuff they take - but I’m constantly finding myself on edge as I walk along Whyte or around Jasper Ave.
Sunday I was having a nice stroll on Whyte Ave with my wife and noticed we were walking towards a homeless looking guy screaming, punching the air, yanking on random car door handles. Lots of people around. Everyone visibly uncomfortable but not wanting to say anything or do anything. He was actually right beside a restaurant patio where people were eating lunch and I could tell people were debating leaving the patio to go inside. I put my head down as we get closer and closer to this moron, as does my wife. I’m walking by this guy pretty much ready to defend myself. I can feel my body tensing up, hairs on my neck are standing up. I’ve had run ins with these homeless tweakers before and it doesn’t take much to set them off. Even noticeably walking away from them, or avoiding them triggers them and they start posturing toward you. Anyways, no one should have to experience the joys of our city with mentality of “I may have to fight someone today”.
This brings me to my question. Even if I did have to defend myself. Say if he did get violent and I had to subdue him, or take him out - would he even feel pain???? I have no clue about what the “in” street drug these losers are hooked on is. Not sure if they’d even notice you punching them, and they’d just shank you to death in front of When Pigs Fly or something.
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2023.06.05 09:45 ConfusedALot_69 Time family rant (XL)

(TBM, dang autocorrect)
I'm on vacation in NYC. I was skeptical of coming, due to unresolved bottled up familial issues (came with brother and mother), and was right to be so. Yes I know, confirmation bias is a thing, but at the beginning I certainly had no bias. I somewhat enjoyed it, talking slightly with my brother and playing games, traveling the city with 100 lbs of luggage, enjoying the sights, but my enjoyment particularly with my family was degragated (for lack of a better word) as of course, I was a third wheel. My mom and brother get along just fine, being very similar in values and personalities, both of em with their own little niches, and I was left behind as they chatted... and chatted... and chatted... with each other. While somewhat annoying if I wanted to do anything or get their attention, I'm used to it so I tried my best to enjoy what I could where I could.
I should probably get more to the point.
My family is quite inconsiderate. Especially of me, because they have whatever their own excuses are inside their heads. I'm sure this is rather bold, religious issues aside, so let me explain.
My family pays little to no regard to strangers. Occasionally, they smile superficially and try to be missionaries... ughck... and say sorry emptily, naturally ofc whenever they make a small mistake, but the other things they do... some I can't really explain very well, so I'll give examples. On a subway, despite some people very close nearby seeming like they reaaally didn't want to be bothered, my family chatted about things that held no importance, even by what I'd assume their standards are. It's small, ik; but it's so constant and happens even when they're aware that I can say it's somewhat evidence that they do not care about the well-being of most people. Despite saying they do..... OK next example. Sitting next to each other in 2 tight knit seats and turning around while wearing backpacks in order to face each other... quickly turning back and forth to smile fakely and utter a quick sorry- showing a lack of awareness for people around them. I know, I know, it's pointless to explain, but I'll get to it. Third example: while a single worker is there, my mom helps my brother dig for a certain shirt, while my brother tries. on. many. shirts, and tosses them around in the shirt pile, disregarding the worker that's trying to fold every single one, let alone other customers.' Oh, all while I get so sick of waiting and trying to tell them to hurry every 10 minutes- I somewhat timed it, that I even help the worker fold the clothes. We were there for an hour and a half. I keep telling them to hurry, as my symptoms are getting worse. Oh, did I not mention? I didn't just get sick of waiting, I got sicker while waiting. 4 hours earlier, I got sick. 4. Hours. That's when I first told them I needed to get home asap.
Which brings me to the morning of the day. I woke up, feeling fine, and while eating breakfast, my brother gets me to talk about something I don't want to, and then says one of the most blood boiling, way out of line things I've ever heard of in my life after he got annoyed at me when I told him "if you don't want me to explain my way, you don't have to listen." (Reminder that HE wanted ME to talk. I didn't care). I calmed myself down and clearly told him that he should never say anything like what he said, to anyone, ever. Of course, my religion-enhanced entitled brother was appalled at such a statement. Or more accurately, did. Not. Care. Because since I'm not part of the church, my words carry no weight, and OF COURSE I'm always wrong. So fast forward a bit; my brother, mom, and I go to the museum of science and natural history. We immediately get split up, which I'm perfectly fine with, since I just wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING with my new phone (Samsung A23 ultra), testing the limits of it's camera. All in all I took around 300 using the multiple options from lighting to megapixels, and let me tell you, the camera is FUCKING AMAZING. Anyways, all the 200mp pictures at higher zooms apparently drain the phone battery pretty quickly as it processes the photos. So my phone starts running low, around 20%. It was about 63% when I first came in around 45 minutes prior. I'm getting very hungry, and combined with breakfast and other misc tiny events, hangry, so I text my family for us to meet up and eat, because I'm famished and really can't wait too much longer. I have to wait what felt like a really long time, 15 minutes, while I kept taking photos, more spread out now, and my phone battery came down to 10. Thank goodness they had some beef jerky they never mentioned about. My mom didn't want any so I had half and gave the rest to my brother. I'm still ravenous, the beef jerky wasn't nearly enough to satiate my hunger. I'm practically desperate for food. I don't want to leave them for food, and I don't want to leave the museum otherwise I couldn't come back in via the rules, and I want to take more pictures. Reaaaly badly. Not just for me, but for my family too. At this point my battery's getting really low, 6%, so I stop taking photos entirely unless there's something REALLY cool. But my hangryness makes it so that I'm skipping a lot of pictures anyways. As I mentioned, I really wanted to take more photos, and this would really be my only opportunity in the museum, so I ask my mom to charge my phone using her iPhone 14, which is at the about the same percent as my brother, around 60%. I only needed a little bit of charge to make sure my phone won't die for the rest of the museum, and for communication. My mom says no, as does my brother, since they don't want to take of their cases. Because of dust- my brother. Because I said so- my mother. I suppose it's understandable, but considering the potential dangers of NY and a great need to be able to communicate when separated, they were kinds benign, ridiculous reasons. That seemed even more so during my hangryness. I didn't want to risk my phone dying while leaving them, so I'm forced to stick with them. And since they aren't willing to get food or go with me to get some, or help me find a charger, or anythkng.... I'm stuck unable to do anything while constantly starving. Which I make sure they really do know. I verbally voice my needs and reasons. Anyways, it's always nonsense and ignorance, so I decide f it and leave them to find a food court. Oh, no point, the museum closes soon. Okay, plan b, charger in the gift shop. No charger. Time for any more pictures? Not really, plus too risky bc of battery. Okay, so I leave. I sit down at the water fountain at the exit, text them, and wakt. For minutes. The museum is already closed and they aren't coming out. They text me and tell me they're waiting for me at an intersection. My phone's at 2%... a potentially dangerous situation. I meet em, voice my concerns, and FINALLY, we get food. Because 'I'm hungry' was what they said, but they also said they're finally hungry too- key word finally. They had no priority to get me food, showing they take priority for their own hunger; it's not like I could risk separating from them now to get food myself when my phone's about dead. I had to be dependent without a real choice; I don't know my way around the city and definitely don't feel like talking to people.
I need food asap. My stomach hurts a lot from hunger, which I verbally tell them (I also start really noticing a growing sore throat that started in the museum, and tell my family I'm starting to get sick- I can feel what's to come), yet rather than letting me use their phone directions or leading me to the nearest food place, my brother takes us past many food places (I'd leave them and go for one, except neither of them would join me, and my phone's practically dead, so we might not be able to find each other if we separate, so I have no choice but to follow them) in order for us to go to a particular food booth. My mom values my brother's wants over my own needs. I know they're particular needs, hence why I was elaborating and saying them aloud. And now they're annoyed at me. They make small comments as I begin eating, such as "You should be happy!" and "we're on vacation!" In sing-song voices. I leave them and move to somewhere to eat alone, telling them not to bother me. Oh, they do, a few comments, because they never stop despite any number of times I tell them, so I just stay quiet and aggressively motion for them to stop. They luckily do and I'm able to eat relatively peacefully, despite my boiling blood and them interrupting me near the end of my meal that they're going. So I have to throw away the rest of my meal since I have to stick with them and they won't wait, and they wouldn't be able to wait without constantly rushing me and making comments, so oc I've gotta go. Luckily, they finally take me somewhere I needed to go... that also happened to be somewhere my brother WANTED to go. An apple store. Thank. Goodness. While there, I try charging my phone on an empty display magnetic charger, looking around to be sure it was okay to do. Charge symbol flashes, so I set it down and test an iPhone 14 while waiting. Hehe my camera better- me while scrolling through preset photos taken by the iPhone. Anyways it turns out that the magnetic charger did nothing, but luckily downstairs, apple had the charger I needed, so I spent $40 and started charging while waiting for my family to look around the store. They finish and tell me they're going to a nearby church for a reason I can't remember, and I tell them I'm gonna stay and let my phone charge, not even realizing the church has outlets, not that it matters, now that my needs are met and I got food and charge- all the way to 40% by the time they're ready to leave the church and meet up. I thought we'd be going home. As I exit the Apple Store, done for the day, my muscles, especially near my head tense up painfully and I begin shivering a lot whilst feeling cold and suffering a massive headache. Oh boy, I shouldn't be this sick this fast. I better get home quick. Luckily after a block it stops, and after heading towards the subway I thought could take us home, they tell me they're somewhere completely different. I eventually find them via Google maps and we take the subway to a crowded, lit up section of Manhattan. I'm starting to feel really unwell, so I decide it's best not to separate from my family. I make sure they know I'm serious about going home asap. As we walk to a corner of the block and I'm confused as to why we're not taking the next subway home, which would've been down in the same subway station, my brother apparently realizes he forgot his cheap sunglasses in the apple store, which is almost closed now. I tell him, my mom also telling him, that we should just wait until tomorrow, and I add especially because I'm getting reaaaaally sick and almost can't stop shivering (bonus points to my mom for saying "well, you don't LOOK sick"), have a headache, muscles ache, etc, but nope. Brother wants glasses so entitled bastard gets glasses. I wait while my mom calls the store to make sure apple still had em (Why didn't brother call them himself? He's a big boy). Of course I'm getting really annoyed, anxious, impatient, etc, but ofc them being them, don't realize and do nothing about it, despite me explicitly stating my literal needs. Apparently apple still had em, so mother and I go into nearby shop (really fun stuff, I wish I felt good so I could properly enjoy it) while waiting for bother. For 45 minutes. It feels like hours to me. I keep telling my mom let's just go, I can find our route with Google maps, and big boy bother already knows his way around the city since he served a mission. But nope. Mother insists we wait. So wait we did. I'd go myself, but if I haven't said it enough, I can't leave them. Not just because my muscles are weak and I'm concerned for my own safety, but because despite them leaving me on several occasions, I wouldn't want to leave either of them that way I could make sure they're safe. Anyways my brother gets back finally, and instead of prioritizing my very real and very serious need to get home asap, he decides he wants a shirt that I happened to get. So we go to the shirt booth. And I wait. And wait. And tell my brother to hurry, that I REALLLLLLY got to go, I'm sick and getting physically weaker, shakier, achier by the second, so much so that it's hard to physically conceal and I'm surprised no stranger mentioned anything. And then I wait, and wait, and tell him again, warning him I might say something mean if I have to wait too long, and then I wait, and wait, and warn him a third time that it's his final warning, I really gotta go and I really will say it soon as I get a proper chance. So that waiting was about 30 minutes. I then spend another hour waiting. Felt like so many days. I'm watching around for shirt thieves while bored, looking at phone occasionally, and then decide to help shirt folding guy by observing the way he folds and copying him (he was very good and efficient, I would need many hours of practice to actually get the folding right, that he was doing 99% of the time at a consistent pace). I'm opening my mouth as little as possible, not talking to anyone unless absolutely necessary, and turnikgnaway from everyone, to reduce any chance that others could get sick. Oh, you thought the accumulated 3 hr wait was long? My brother wanted to shop more after finally picking out his shirt. Luckily, my mom actually stepped in for me and helped me finally convince him to let us go. I am pissed at my brother at this point, he made some other comments about me to make me really want to slam his head into the wall. But no, I just resort to slightly 'accidentally' step on the back of his shoes- his not nice shoes- 3 times. Of course he's super pissed and him and my mom make me stop. My mom verbally says to me "don't do anything physical." I would never actually hurt my brother. Or anyone, for that matter, no matter what they do to me. Even in self defense I would consciously do the least damage possible. The fact my mom simply doesn't trust me for something so small and obvious, especially in public where it really is obvious just hurts, in accumulation to everything else. The fact they see little to no wrong in what they do, and shine a beacon on even the smallest things I do astonishes me and hurts. Anyways, we go on the subway, take a long walk to our car, and I have to wait 30 minutes while my brother is on the phone since he's our stick shift nighttime driver; my mom hates driving at night and I don't know stick shift, so I have no choice to wait. Oh, did I mention I started really having to go to the bathroom during the walk? I told them, too. So I realllllllly need to get back home. I'm sick enough and just really got to go now, too. But nope. Bother's forking not-even-girlfriend that he barely knows, that he came on this trip to literally see, comes first, even via phone. I ask him if it was important, he said yes, I asked how important, he said "she was having trouble with a friend," I ask if it was life and death importance, because at the rate my symptoms are at, not to mention my newfound dinnertime hunger and thirst, and my need for a bathroom, there could be a very real chance of death, and it's so much more important. My mom just waits on my brother hand and foot though. Oh, she's similar to my brother and has her own wants too. She was rushing my brother on the phone (with me), not for me, but because target was going to close soon. Fucking target. We can't go in the morning? I'm getting weaker by the second. THEY KNOW BUT THEY DONT CARE. It's so fucking appalling how awful they are. Anyways we eventually get home. And part of the worst part happens. Because of my emotional distress at this point, my symptoms are enhanced to the point I'm to shiverry and spasmy and dizzy and achey and weak to walk, let alone balance. And yet, despite them seeing me, and me telling them I need help, they take no initiative and I'm just so hurt so I tell them to leave me alone and just go. And they do. So I spend 15. Minutes. Trying to walk about 700 feet, leaning against nearby obstacles for when I uncontrollably shake. I have no doubts I look a lot like a drunk. A lady comes up and asks if I need help, but I'm 300 ft or so away and I don't want to get her sick so I say no, I just need to go there, but thank you, and point to my destination. Her security guard drives by (she apparently owns the place), and also asks me if I need help; I'm not really thinking straight and quite dizzy, and every sound and sight is slurred, so I thought I heard him say I can have a ride after I point to my destination, but then I make sure he knows I'm sick, and anyways whatever conversation we had, I end up walking the rest as the guard makes sure I arrive safely. As I near my destination, I see my family just outside the door and I start trembling more, having to brace my knees in the middle of the street every couple steps to keep my balance. They don't help. I'm in tears, because I mean, who wouldn't be at this point? They probably still think I'm faking it all
And they probably still do, days later. My occasional trembling stopped except for once in a while near them, but despite all my tribulations and minimal ability to walk, they don't so much as offer me water. Or bring me some when I ask. Even on my birthday the other day my mom hardly did anything, and my brother did nothing. Theyve made no moves to try and fix things, and have no doubt dismissed the whole situation, expecting forgiveness but never 'repenting,' and put it behind them. Maybe I didn't hear then, but they didn't so much as say sorry. Hell, they barely left me alone when I asked. Especially on my birthday. I wanted to watch the new Spiderman, and would have alone if not for me being sick and needing a ride. I'd wait and watch it a different day even tho it was my birthday, because I wouldn't want to risk getting others sick, but they already bought tickets. So I couldn't say Later. My birthday hardly felt like a day at all. I hate my family.
Sorry for the long comment lol, just had to put my raw, jumbled, nonsensical thoughts somewhere
Additional notes- I have autism, and I'm half deaf in both ears. My family does not care enough to take the time to accommodate or understand my specific needs. This corrupt religion enhances their inconsideration
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2023.06.05 09:44 awfulhousethrowaway NK is a sweetheart at home, but awful everywhere else. NF want me to fix it through summer break. [Long, vent, advice needed.]

Hello everyone, a bit of a long story with way too much context to be had, so I thought I'd do me best to cut to the chase. I moved in with a father and his two year old ("Joshua,") who is now four. It was entirely unconventional. I needed somewhere to live and they offered nannying in exchange for rent for awhile, but later on when I had an actual job/interviews, I "couldn't go," because they'd make plans and leave me with Josh. Eventually, this just became "the thing."
The custody arrangement between the parents gave me two evenings off per week up until September, to which it swapped to week to week. In other words, I had Josh for all but eight hours per week for a year and a half, and now I have him full time two-three weeks a month. He's become very close to me, and in a non-egocentric way, only really listens to me as I have been the only real constant in his life.
However, in my time living here, Josh was "expelled," from two daycares for hitting, biting, scratching, etc. We've also gotten countless calls from his current preschool for similar disputes. He's partially special needs, so one of his teachers recommended he be enrolled in a Charter school because he is smart, but he needs an acclimated environment. There aren't many locally, and the parents live three hours apart. We finally found one in the middle of us who are willing to surpass district laws, but now with summer break coming up and his behavioral issues exacerbating, we're worried he's going to be expelled from that school too. They won't be nearly as patient as this preschool has been, should that happen, the father, kiddo and I will have to pack up and move those three hours away because the other charter school is in the mothers hometown.
Almost all of his disciplinary action, his rewards systems, his learning to read, write, and speak has been up to me. The parents give me a lot of "He won't listen when I do it, so you do it," as if I don't endure the same tantrums they do. I just don't think they put in much effort. He's been in both speech and occupational therapy, but the parents consistently drop him off and leave, and I'm unsure if that's normal. I've asked both of them the name of his teachers, all of the therapists names, what they're practicing so we can work on it at home, and neither can answer any of the questions. A year ago, I asked to be put on the teachers/speech therapists text list so I can be up to date on what he's learning, and the answer (I suppose obviously,) was no, since I'm not a legal guardian.
This summer will give me 13hr days, 7 days a week, and that is all the time I'll have to try and "fix," his behavior. I can't control how he's raised in the other parents house the opposing weeks. He'll be in occupational therapy again this summer, but he almost never goes on our weeks (I don't have a car anymore), and again, they never know what he's actually doing there, so outside of the hour per week, he's not getting any practice in. I am unsure of what to do because as of now, he WILL get expelled quickly, we cannot afford to move, and I do not want to go with them - while also not wanting to leave the kid alone. To leave would take me further from "my life," but I literally just negotiated from $0.60 an hour to $2.00, so my options would be to move or not have a roof over my head.
Here's what I've incorporated -
- Limiting and controlling screentime, making sure he doesn't watch anything too wound up. No screens between dinner and bed.
- Reward systems, lots of "yays," "you did it!" "thank you!" and "good jobs!"
- Corner time when it calls for it.
- He's super into routine. I have alarms for all meals, naps, clean up, baths, etc. When there's an alarm or five minute warning, he'll drop everything and do as he needs to with little to no tantrums. Springing it on him will have all hell break loose.
- Creating homework for him when he rarely has it to help him keep up.
I do all of the gentle parenting I see online, and recently, the mother has picked up on it too and quit using spanking. The fathers picked up on it too, but hasn't given up spanking.
I just think a lot of this is over my head, and I can't "cure," his issues. FWIW, I think it's a combo of being a pandemic kid and special needs, he never became accustomed to socializing. His parents say he's "too hyper," to take anywhere, so he's never taught how to behave in restaurants, waiting rooms, stores, etc. The only time he goes out is when the "fun parent," takes him out to highly stimulating places (ie arcade, trampoline park) and I believe that emphasizes his hyperactivity.
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2023.06.05 09:44 TrashGamingXIV Disturbing AI generated image

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2023.06.05 09:43 KKshilling In which David Sacks and Balaji raise a false alarm about the jobs numbers

In which David Sacks and Balaji raise a false alarm about the jobs numbers
The government numbers are not fake. They're just noisy.
Today’s fun thing on Twitter was a couple of tech folks, venture capitalist and podcaster David Sacks and my old friend Balaji Srinivasan, claiming that the official jobs numbers are fake. Here is Sacks:
And here is Balaji’’s thread:
Many economists, such as Adam Ozimek and Joey Politano, jumped in to argue with them and defend the government job numbers. The tech folks fired back, and a good time was had by all.
To make a long story short, the economists are right and the tech folks don’t have a good picture of what’s going on here. Sacks is over-extrapolating from his own corner of the economy and misunderstanding what the job numbers say; Balaji is mistaking normal forecast errors and data revisions for bad data, and suspecting fraud where there is almost certainly none. The more mundane, pedestrian truth is that it’s just really hard to get accurate real-time data on something as complex as a country’s job market, which is why we shouldn’t put too much stock in any one month or even one quarter of data.
Anyway, here’s a more detailed explanation of what’s going on.

What the job numbers actually say

If you were the government, and you wanted to know how many people in America had a job, how would you do it? Well, you’d go ask. Specifically, there are two groups of people you could go ask:
  1. You could go ask companies how many people they have on payroll.
  2. You could go ask regular people whether they have a job or not.
In fact, the U.S. government does both of these things. The first is called the “payroll survey” or the “establishment survey”, and the second is called the “household survey”. In May, the payroll survey showed the U.S. economy adding over 300,000 jobs, while the household survey showed an increase in the unemployment rate that corresponds to a loss of about 300,000 jobs. That’s why Sacks thinks the data contradict each other.
But let’s think more carefully about those two ways of measuring jobs. If you think about it, you can immediately see that these two questions — “How many people do you have on payroll?”, and “Do you have a job?” — are measuring fundamentally different things. For example, imagine a self-employed freelance writer. Does she have a job? Yes. Is she on anyone’s payroll? No. So if you call up companies and ask “How many people do you have on payroll?”, that survey will miss all the self-employed people like her. But if you call up households and ask “Do you have a job?”, you’ll catch people like her.
It’s just a different concept of “employment”. Neither one is right or wrong; they just tell you two different things.
This explains the difference that David Sacks talks about. This month’s jobs report found that a bunch of wage and salary workers were added to payrolls in May, but a bunch of other people stopped being self-employed:
In May, companies added wage and salary workers. Unemployment rose because this addition was more than outweighed by a bunch of people saying they were no longer self-employed.
Self-employment is the biggest difference between the two surveys, but there are a few others. And when you adjust the household survey so that the definition of “employment” is the same as the definition in the payroll survey, you get a number that matches the payroll number very closely. Both show a monthly gain of about 300-400k in May.
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2023.06.05 09:42 starsylveon Question about salary

Hey guys! I want to know how much I should pay someone to cook for me three times a day and buy groceries. Just your regular chicken rice veggie meals, no need for work experience. I saw different salaries on Facebook groups, like $150 to $200 for 8-hour shifts in hotels/restaurants so I'm not sure how much to pay here. This would be in Siem Reap. I'm currently spending around $450 a month on ordering food and eating out, and I want to switch to healthy cooking instead. Can anyone share insights on the salary I should offer? Any tips to consider? I don't want to get the cheapest worker or underpay anyone so serious replies only, please.
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2023.06.05 09:39 Hot-Bill-3901 Playing chess on Broadway, NY. This was the scene in August 1986 at the corner of Broadway and West 49th Street in Midtown Manhattan - Photo by Yvon Maurice - [1080x1327]

Playing chess on Broadway, NY. This was the scene in August 1986 at the corner of Broadway and West 49th Street in Midtown Manhattan - Photo by Yvon Maurice - [1080x1327] submitted by Hot-Bill-3901 to u/Hot-Bill-3901 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:38 AdBroad8498 Best Food License Registration in Bangalore:

A food license, also known as a food business license, is a permit issued by a government authority that allows a food-related business to operate legally. The license ensures that the food products being sold or served to consumers are safe and meet certain quality standards. Food licenses are usually required for food-related businesses such as restaurants, cafes, food trucks, catering services, and food processing plants.The specific requirements for obtaining a food license may vary depending on the location and type of business.
The Central License, State License, and Basic Registration licenses are the three types of licenses that the FSSAI of India issues.All food-related enterprises in India, including those engaged in food production, processing, packaging, distribution, and sales, are required to have an FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license. Most food enterprises in the US are required to have a Health Department Permit, which is given out by the regional health department. It guarantees that the food is safe and that it was produced in a hygienic setting.
Services of Food License Registration in Bangalore
There are various types available for Food license services in Bangalore. These service providers can assist with the entire process of obtaining a food license, including:
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Registration and Licensing Assistance: FSSAI registration and licensing are mandatory for all food-related businesses in India. Food license registration service providers offer assistance with the registration and licensing process to ensure that businesses comply with the regulations.
Consultation and Guidance: Food license registration service providers offer consultation and guidance to businesses on the type of food license required for their specific operations. They help businesses determine the appropriate license category based on factors such as business size, scope of operations, and location.
Assistance with Application: Food license registration service providers assist businesses with filling out and submitting the food license application. They ensure that all the required information is included in the application to avoid delays in the approval process.
Document Preparation: Food license registration service providers assist businesses in preparing the necessary documents required for the application process. This includes documents such as business registration, proof of address, and identity proof.
Liaising with Government Agencies: Food license registration service providers liaise with government officials and agencies on behalf of businesses to ensure a smooth and timely approval process. They follow up with the officials to expedite the application process and address any issues that may arise.
License Renewal Assistance: Food license registration service providers offer assistance with the renewal of the food license. They ensure that businesses renew their license in a timely manner to avoid any legal issues.
Compliance and Advisory Services: Food license registration service providers offer compliance and advisory services to ensure that businesses continue to meet the food safety regulations.They provide guidance on maintaining hygiene standards, record-keeping, and other compliance-related issues.
Process of Food License Registration in Bangalore
The process of Food license Consultant Services in Bangalore, India involves several steps. Here's a general overview of the process:
Determine the Type of Food License: The first step in the food license registration process is to determine the type of food license required for your business. The type of license will depend on the size and nature of your business. You can consult with food license registration service providers to determine the appropriate license category.
FSSAI Registration: All food businesses in India must register with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). You can apply for FSSAI registration online by visiting the FSSAI website.
License Application: After FSSAI registration, you can apply for the food license by filling out the license application form. The application form is available on the FSSAI website or can be obtained from food license registration service providers.
Submitting the Application: Once the application form is completed, it must be submitted to the FSSAI Regional Office or through a food license registration service provider. Applications must be submitted with all required paperwork and fees.
Inspection: After receiving the application, the FSSAI inspector will visit your business premises to inspect the facility and verify compliance with the food safety regulations.
Approval: Upon successful inspection, the FSSAI will approve the food license application, and the license will be issued.
Renewal: Food licenses must be renewed periodically. The renewal process involves filling out the renewal application form and paying the necessary fees. Renewal applications can be submitted online or through food license registration service providers.
Benefits of Food License Registration in Bangalore
Obtaining a food license registration in Bangalore,offers several benefits to food-related businesses.Here are some of the key benefits of obtaining a food license registration in Bangalore:
Legal Compliance: Food license registration ensures that businesses comply with the food safety regulations set by the FSSAI. Non-compliance can result in legal penalties and harm the reputation of the business.
Consumer Trust: A food license registration assures consumers that the food being served is safe and meets certain quality standards. This can help build consumer trust and confidence in the business.
Business Expansion: A food license registration is mandatory for businesses looking to expand their operations. A valid food license is required to apply for loans and other financial assistance to expand the business.
Brand Image: A food license registration can help improve the brand image of a business. It demonstrates that the business is committed to food safety and quality and meets the highest industry standards.
Competitive Advantage: A food license registration can give businesses a competitive advantage over others that do not have a license. It can differentiate the business from others in the market and attract more customers.
Access to Government Benefits: A food license registration can provide access to government benefits such as subsidies and financial assistance. The government often provides benefits to registered food businesses to encourage compliance with food safety regulations.
How much does the cost of Food License Registration in Bangalore?
The food license cost in Bangalore, India varies depending on the type of food license, the category of the business, and the duration of the license. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) sets the fee structure for food license registration.
How to get a Food License Registration in Bangalore?
If you are looking to get a Food license in Bangalore then we are here to help you with affordable costing. Please reach out to Bizivalue- we are a top 10 food license registration in Bangalore.Feel free to share your requirements at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or visit and touch with our experts.
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2023.06.05 09:37 Blessings_Found1 Best Area to Stay in as a First-Timer?

Hey everyone. I’m looking to book a trip to Barbados for this weekend and am trying to sort out where to stay. I’ve read online that near Bridgetown where the Radisson and Hilton hotels are is the best area for first-timers as it’s close to everything, but then I saw near Oistin Bay would be better suited. I was looking at the Bougainvillea and it seems like a nice hotel. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? We want beach adventures, cultural excursions, and of course to take in y’alls night life. Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated! Thank you.
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2023.06.05 09:33 Picklethe Is he a teenager now?

My mini dachshund is now 5 1/2 months, he's been learning so well but he's started regressing in a couple of ways. Peeing - he will stop short of where he should pee. He sniffs around as usual but stops short sometimes. Crying - he's gone back to crying and fussing when he's gotta nap in his crate. He doesn't need anything, he's peed, pooped, fed, watered. Just now he fell asleep for 5 minutes but I got up and it's back to whining. Biting at pant legs - he wants to play and his favourite games is running about chasing us, we chase him. All good unless it's not actually play time but every time is play time right? Barking at people/dogs - he picks random people/dogs to have a go at. I can't figure why he decides these are the ones that need to be told. We've found it happens mostly when we're sat down for a while. We had a small picnic with a friend that came to stay and anyone that walked past he went off. Wasn't a pleasant time for us we had to be on the whole time. The night before we were at a restaurant and he had no issue at all with anyone coming/going.
Are the hormones just kicking in perhaps? It could be about that time.
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2023.06.05 09:33 Exploitation5 In your opinion, what are the 3 most upscale restaurants in WS?

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2023.06.05 09:32 class-e-human I asked ChatGPT to generate a copypasta to hype me up for a job interview on Wednesday.

It all began with a burning passion within me—a desire to conquer the art of udon preparation like no one ever had before. The mere thought of those silky noodles swimming in a flavorful broth ignited a fire within my soul. I was determined to surpass all expectations and become one with the very essence of udon. I delved into the world of udon with unmatched fervor. Every waking moment was dedicated to studying its history, exploring its flavors, and mastering the techniques required to achieve udon perfection. But my ambition knew no bounds. I yearned to go beyond just mastering the recipe—I wanted to become udon itself, from the bowl to the soup and even the noodles that graced it. And so, my grand transformation began. I found myself sculpting a vessel, a udon bowl, from a humble lump of clay. With my hands trembling in anticipation, I carefully shaped it, pouring my heart and soul into every curve and contour. As the bowl took form, it became an extension of my being, a vessel that held not only udon but also my unwavering determination. With the bowl complete, I turned my attention to the soul of udon—the soup. Hours upon hours were spent simmering broth, balancing flavors, and infusing it with my boundless passion. Every ingredient I added carried a piece of my essence, a taste of my relentless pursuit of success. And when that broth cascaded into the clay bowl, a symphony of flavors unfolded, a blend that mingled my very spirit with the essence of udon. Yet, my transformation had only just begun. I embarked on the most audacious part of my journey—I would become the noodles themselves. Kneading and rolling the dough with unwavering focus, I marveled at the transformation taking place. As the dough embraced me, I could feel my very being intertwining with the strands of udon. With every delicate cut and slice, I became one with the long, luscious noodles that would carry my essence to the very depths of udon lovers' palates. But my transformation wasn't complete until I had experienced udon from the kitchen to the customer's mouth. I built a bustling udon restaurant from the ground up, meticulously crafting an environment that mirrored my dedication and authenticity. As patrons entered, they were greeted by the warmth of my smile, unaware of the fantastical journey they were about to embark upon. And so, I stood before a customer, a true embodiment of udon. With a heart pounding in my chest, I took a leap of faith. As they savored each mouthful, little did they know that they were ingesting not only the physical udon but a part of my soul. The flavors danced on their taste buds, and I reveled in the knowledge that I had achieved the impossible—I had become udon itself. Dear readers, this is my story—the tale of the Class E Human. Let it serve as a reminder that with unyielding determination and a touch of culinary magic, we can surpass the ordinary and achieve greatness in the most extraordinary ways. May my journey inspire you to immerse yourselves fully in your passions, to embrace the fantastical, and to transform the world around you with the sheer force of your unwavering dedication.
tl;dr: Becoming an employee isn't enough, I must become the udon itself.
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2023.06.05 09:32 Green_Accountant6530 How to Remove Tan From Skin With Easy Home Remedies?

If you are a beach person and enjoy the sun then you must be well aware of tan and its effect. You spend a good long day at the beach but when you come back home and see yourself in the mirror you are shocked to see so much tanning on your body. However, tans generally fade away by themselves within a few days. But, if you do not want to wait for those few days and rather want to get rid of the tans quickly then you will need to know about how to remove tan.
Read more :
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2023.06.05 09:29 armadainfotech Restaurant pos/pos system uae/pos solutions/restaurant pos software dubai/pos system dubai/hotel restaurant pos systems/restaurant pos dubai/restaurant pos software in dubai/pos system in dubai/pos software for restaurant/pos system in uae/pos companies in dubai/pos software dubai/pos software/resta

Restaurant pos/pos system uae/pos solutions/restaurant pos software dubai/pos system dubai/hotel restaurant pos systems/restaurant pos dubai/restaurant pos software in dubai/pos system in dubai/pos software for restaurant/pos system in uae/pos companies in dubai/pos software dubai/pos software/resta submitted by armadainfotech to u/armadainfotech [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:29 manofmanytastes 17 Cool Restaurants in Sydney for a Fun Night Out

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2023.06.05 09:27 RevolutionaryAnt5913 Local restaurant wrongly accused of obnoxious sign

Food Times, a Chinese takeout restaurant in Bellevue was wrong accused of having an obnoxious sign demanding 25-40% tips. The Reddit Army began to leave numerous 1-star reviews in an attempt to destroy this small business. At first it seemed simply unfortunate, but folks were angry and wanted to see them burn. However, it turns out it's not even the restaurant's sign!
The sign belongs to nearby massage parlor. It's super common for restaurants, especially within an ethnic community to drop off their menus at nearby businesses like hotels, shops, nail salons, massage parlors, etc. to advertise to the patrons of the other businesses. Their menu was visible in the photo and that's what lead people to believe that it was their sign. It all makes sense now since you would expect to tip a fair amount for a massage whereas you wouldn't expect to tip much for takeout food.
This small business needs our support. Last night they were down to a 1.3 star average Google rating, but they've slowly been climbing back up. Leaving a good review or placing an order would surely help them recover from this. Here is a link to their Google listing.
I am in no way associated with this business, I have just seen this drama unfold over the past day.
edited to add the name of the business
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2023.06.05 09:27 arzsapkota No tip expirement failed with order never getting delivered

Me and my friends planned to order some cans of soda with a pre tip of $0. I am a delivery driver myself and wanted to see how the driver would react and if s/he would steal it at given circumstances. I asked the driver to drop the food below the buzzer. I also had the delivery set to meet at door. We had 2 camera at the top the entire time monitoring if anyone gets in or out of the apartment while I was downstairs doing laundry. Sadly the order never arrived. As soon as the driver left i went to check for the order and called the driver to hear what he would say. He insited on it being delivered. I have video proof of this all. I have just done a similar order from different restaurant to see what the next driver does. If the driver drops the food off we planned to drop $50 tip for 2miles and couple of cans. The next driver is on his way now. But I am so pissed at the way the driver earlier spoke to me. I have video proof of this all. I know how mad we get when we get no tip orders and all so i wanted to give something back to someone who would for some reasons pick the order up. It was just a loss of $19 so i dont want to provide the video proof or dislike or do anything to the driver. But I am honestly disappointed considering what happened today. The concierge is a friend of mine and ill get the video proof of the intercom area just to be sure. I dont plan on reporting him with video proof but the way he talked to me on call honestly pissed me off. What do i do now. Experiment failed so bad lol
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2023.06.05 09:27 Direct-Delay693 Depressing. Apparently a lot of restaurants in Manitoba still haven’t gotten the memo that poutines require curds in order to be a poutine! Cost: $16.50

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2023.06.05 09:27 Significant-Rate-525 Prague trip

Hello guys!
Organising a trip to Prague soon, 2 full days, in a weekend.
Any recommendations of what could be seen, done, any restaurants recommendations?
Thank you
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