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BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to

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LPC is a crypto-currency based on proof-of-stake (POS) and masternode. Our main emphasis is to maintain the conditions that it is more profitable to keep your coin in our wallet then their sales.

2014.01.06 08:19 silverwater Diamond (DMD)

SCARCE. VALUABLE. SECURE. Diamond (DMD) is a non-government contro­lled digital currency that allows people to send money anywh­ere in the world ins­tantly, securely and at near zero cost. Moreover, DMD Diamond aims to empower pe­ople to achieve fina­ncial freedom by mak­ing every DMD Diamond coin an interest bearing asset with hi­gh annual interest rate. This makes an excellent storage of value th­at is supported by the network protocols, infrastructure and services.

2023.06.05 08:02 sysadnoobie Looking for a flat in Sector 15

Hi everyone, I'm shifting to Gurgaon in a month and I'm looking for a 1BHK fully furnished flat near Sector 15 (max within 2kms). Let me know if you have any leads
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.05 08:01 mobint Help me throw a party

Hey guys,
Your boy’s turning 27 this Saturday. I was a loser and ran away alone on a trip last year because i was going through serious mid life crisis. I let down a lot of people.
I want to throw a party this Saturday for my near dears. I have like 15 people on this list and expecting some to bring +1, so let’s say 20.
Budget - 20k
Options 1. Terrace - but i live in a rental and neighbours might have a problem with this, can I get a permission for this? I also need info on anybody who could set up a few lights and decor on the terrace 2. The house itself - main issue, the house will get real dirty. Neighbours might complain too but that’s common with terrace too 3. Get a villa with a pool - tell everyone it’s a byob and have mixers and food arranged. But places are too expensive. 15k is the base. Maybe without pool will also work.
Please help me out with more options or if you can help one of these options get materialised.
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2023.06.05 08:00 scarlett_crypto FUCK YOU LEVI

FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU FOR FUCKING MONTHS AND NEVER GIVING ME A CHANCE WHEN YOU KNEW ALL THAT TIME THAT I WAS IN LOVE WITH YOU. I GAVE EVERYTHING AND ALL OF MY EMOTIONS AND YOU GAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BACK. AND YOU STAYED BECAUSE YOU NEED ME TO GET OVER YOUR EX AND I STAYED BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. nothing you ever did was for me. and i knew it the whole time that you never cared anyway. i just went along with it. always. because i didn’t want to stop being “fake loved.” i just wanted to be near you. and now i’m just trying to do anything to get away from you. how funny.
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2023.06.05 08:00 nerdnomad1_ Priorities change in Friendship too. Please read till end please.

I joined my college last year feb. And the course I joined was the course I hated the most. But as my school friend( class 5 to class 8 then he got transferred but we were in touch till 12th) asked me if I am willing to join that course. I said yes. The reason was that he was my only friend and I didn't have any friend after class 8th. So I thought I'd be happy. He is a kind of extrovert though. He joined a college society. As he was living near delhi so he was travelling daily from home to college. And I was living outside delhi so I was staying in pg. Owner didn't allow any outsider for night stay. But sometime he had performances early in morning so I made him stay at my pg . And somehow my pgmates came to know that and complained to the owner. Itna sunaya na usne ki bs ...In November he told me ki lets take a flat. I agreed. We shifted. I was happy too ki ab toh time dega mujhe .( I was damn homesick). But uske wahi college society ke dost ,unke saath ghoomna. Subah 9 10 nikal jaata tha aur raat ko 9 10 aata hai. And in between this time I live alone. Shaam ko aate hue bhi apne doston ko le aata hai and bas unhi ke saath fir baat wagerah karta hai. No time for me. Aur uska ghar bhi paas hai toh friday saturday sunday ghar chala jaata hai. Tab bhi I am alone . Bhai mushkil hota hai kaatna time akele. I feel like crying par use bol bhi nahi sakta. Use lagega ki jealous hai ya freedom nhi deraha. What to do now. I feel like crying every day. Ab toh uske lie I am nothing now. Use bas ek room mate kj jarurat thi woh mai bangaya. Priorities changes yr. I know bhot lamba hogaya but I felt like sharing it.
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2023.06.05 08:00 jackalopings mid 2010's teen novel, romance

Read this a few years back (but pre-pandemic I think). follows the story of these two teens, one is a Junior in highschool (f) the other a Senior (M). The Boy is adopted, and his parents foster kids pretty frequently, and the current kid they're fostering is super quiet and doesn't talk. The girl has no memorable traits to me. But the two meet and they talk a lot (I think near a church?) but while the girl is talking to the guy shes also talking to this other dude online (I want to say his name is ethan?) and starts to fall for him a bit (but she also likes the senior). Eventually she ends up meeting up irl with the online guy and hes kind of a catfish. Once she gets in his car he starts getting really creepy and when she tries to escape he grabs her wrist really hard and starts threatening and she shares her location with the senior so he can save her. I've been searching everywhere for it but I can't find it.
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2023.06.05 08:00 spencethemench My experience so far

Hi. So I'm Wilbur, the body's host. Im 22 like the body, and a trans masc individual. I have been open with my DID/OSDD related experiences to close friends since around September of last year, though have been questioning events and actions far longer, spanning many years of dissociation and a horrendously shitty memory. I have very little to no communication with my alters (I prefer to call them my headmates) but my partner, also a system often will talk with them and one of them has even adopted my partner (the host of their system) as his son.
I have never quite had the experience of being one place, blanking out and being somewhere else. But whenever someone else fronts I feel like I "go back" and am kind of watching from afar but am not in control. Most of my system is full of fictives. (Which is an immediate faking red flag, I know.) Prior to a switch or someone else being near the front, I will be in a very dissociated state and very out of it. Prior to exploring plurality, I would lose hours, days and weeks of my life due to intense dissociation.
The body was diagnosed with GAD, depression in the teens. Due to our repeated and continued trauma I have not been able to go to therapy or any such things to seek help. I am also disabled and unable to get a "normal" job. My partner has seen me switch and I have little to no memory loss prior to switches, though sometimes the amnesia barrier will be there. All the alters have different names, accents and different wants and likes. It's been very scary and isolating as somedays will be loud and chaotic and then sometimes it'll go a week on of radio silence. Navigating it hasn't been fun and I was hoping to find some people who relate.
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2023.06.05 07:58 cleyooo Chronic Laryngitis Issues

Hi everyone, sorry if this is a super common type of post.
I'm kind of at my wits end. My laryngitis seems to be triggered by over-use of my vocal chords. However, I don't feel I overused them in order to be dealing with this flare-up. I basically added 2 extra hours to my daily work schedule last week, in the mornings, then worked normally at night. I do work that requires me to speak slightly louder than usual, but not much.

I'm aware that it's probably a case of an underlying issue making my larynx more sensitive to over-use, however, it's been months since I have dealt with a flare-up, and I've been carrying on business as usual. My ENT didn't see signs of acid reflux (silent or no). I've been smoking at the end of the day usually, and only one or two sessions.. and less days than usual, actually.. I stay hydrated, avoid caffeine for the most part, etc.. you get the drill.

I've heard the typical advice you'd find from google (and friends and family eurgh lol), as well as from multiple ENTs.
Anyone else dealt with this sort of thing? I want to keep doing the things I want to do - smoke occasionally (not a regular cigarette smoker iykwim), drink maybe once a month, and do my job normally without having to take time off to recover from just 2 extra hours a day -_-

Maybe I need to see an ENT again - it just gets frustrating when you are already doing what they advise and it's still bad. (I know I'm not doing those things now but I've been dealing with this for nearly 2 yrs on and off)

Any new perspectives or advice would be appreciated. All the best
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2023.06.05 07:58 Tappy80 Husband (40s M) finally admits to not loving me (40s F) for literally 5 years and counting…he just never bothered to tell me until tonight

What the actual fuck! We have been married for nearly 20 years. He finally admitted it. We have had lots of issues, and I always ask- why do you do this stuff? Do you still love me? Do you still care about me? The answer is always an emphatic yes from him. It is always- I love you, I care about you…you don’t listen and believe me, blah, blah, blah. I moved from state to state on the promise that he loves me, against my better judgment, bc compromise is required in a marriage and we are a family. Between the constant moves and staying home to care for my young kids, I’ve lost career opportunities, friendships, family relationships. I don’t live close to any family, and I am constantly trying to make new friends. We have moved every few years for the last 20 years. His timeline of when he stopped loving me means he didn’t love me when we conceived our second child. Why would he lie to me for years and allow me to follow him around the country to my own detriment? Was it bc I was useful? Does he even see me as a human being? I am so devastated. He flat out lied to my face for so long. Why would anyone do this to someone else, especially their spouse? I feel numb. I feel like my life is a lie and I have fucked up my life. I feel like my life is over. I don’t understand where to go from here. I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know how to live the rest of my life knowing this happened to me. He will be just fine with his job making almost a million a year (yes, you read that correctly) living where he wants to live and probably meeting someone new immediately. And I am a woman in my 40s with two kids, no job, and starting over. Luckily I have my degrees, but I have to get licensed in this state. It is all just so much.
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2023.06.05 07:57 LessPlum2168 I resent my family

I’m going to keep ages somewhat vague because I’ve seen seeing so many of these posts end up on tiktok, and both of my siblings use the app religiously. I (later teens), have a younger brother and an older sister (she’s in her late twenties I think). I’m sorry if this is kind of a mess, I’m pretty tired.
My family is the definition of dysfunctional. Nobody communicates, nobody helps one another, it’s just everyone on survival mode. And I’m the biggest victim of this. I’ve always been the black sheep of the family; I get picked on and yelled at the most when something mildly inconvenient happens. I cant even begin to recall how many times I’ve had to sit through the same “I do everything around the house” cryfest from my mother when she blows up and screams at anyone who even tries to help. We all just wait for the next tantrum on baited breath, and even then we’re all against one another still. Unravelling every family member’s flaws would take forever, which is why I found a rather comical comparison. Excluding my sister and her family from the picture, my family is like family guy. My father is lazy and doesn’t do anything to contribute. He just complains and complains. My mother is irate and overall a shitty person. My brother is the golden child who gets treated slightly better than me, and I have all my achievements and aspirations spat on and belittled in a “shut up Meg” type of way. I promise you I merely say this to try and cope by joking.
My mother is the most abusive to me. She always has been. She refuses to cut my hair despite how much I beg. My hair is naturally extremely thick, and my entire body aches after trying to wrangle it in showers. There’s been times I’ve nearly blacked out from how much effort I put in trying to keep it semi presentable. When it got really bad she would make an effort to embarrass me and shame me, and would yank on it with the brush. I had to hold back genuine screams of agony. It got to a point where I cried in the shower from the relief I felt when I had it cut. The problem is that it grows back really fast and it’s already getting hard to take care of again.
My brother and father are just useless. They belittle the women in the house and do nothing but eat and play video games all day. No matter how much we beg them to help, they do nothing. My father is an angry and abusive man. He’s not physically abusive, but he’s neglectful and verbally assaults anyone who makes him feel insecure. He’s a pathetic manchild and he’s teaching my brother to be the same way.
My sister has made everything worse. I’m always teetering on hating her guts and loving her. It makes me so angry. She’s had children when she was in a poor financial situation, and it’s come back to bite her on the ass big time. She’s stuck with a boyfriend who is also a manchild raising genuinely psychotic children. She recently moved to my state and stupidly decided to have a third child while already trying to financially recover from moving across the country just to live close to us. Now they’re at rock bottom struggling to find a home and are forced to live with us, making this house chaotic and a nightmare for my easily overstimulated ass. I hate her children, they make huge messes and bring home countless viral infections which have left me bedridden during most of my leisure time, and it’s driving me nuts. And their pets have done nothing but worsen my already bad allergies. Im miserable. My life is hell. I have no possible way of escape and sometimes I just consider running away to make it all end. All of these people are bigots and would disown me and leave me homeless if they learned I was queer, which is a death sentence where I live now. I try so hard to be the level-headed moral compass and the most accepting person, but it’s just so damn tiring. I live in constant paranoia, fear, and misery. I just wish my family was normal. I wish I had a clean home and am accepting family that lets me hang out with my friends. I know I sound selfish but I want to be allowed to play games like my brother too, I want to be able to go to restaurants and have things that actually cater my interests, and not the interests of everyone else around me. I hate spots, I hate guns and America and salt life, and yet it’s all they get me. None of that is nearly as important as the more toxic aspect of my family, but it’s still upsetting. I feel more like an accessory than a living, breathing human being. I just want to get out.
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2023.06.05 07:56 AdCrafty2340 I'm having trouble figuring out Lilith's motivations

The entire story I felt like as I watched Lilith. I was watching two sides of a coin. I wouldn't quite say bipolar. She is here to save humanity from the prime evils and hell but on the flip side, she was doing terribly evil shit to every town she came across. As best as I could garner, she was trying to reawaken the Nephilim powers in those worthy by basically offering up the whole world as a slaughter. Kinda like fear or will to survive will jump start some latent power that was once lost.
But there was so many other scenes were you could see this deep motherly side. Like genuine sadness, like the scene with Rathma. And when Elias was feeding some random person to those 3 wolves she just stared and the look in her face seemed almost borderline regretful.
Then by the time you get to the end with Mephisto and her trying to consume his being. Was it all for a ulterior motive? But then after killing her it's back to the motherly, I could have offered you more routine.
Am I missing something or is it all just exactly that. Total chaos of the mind. Being the daughter of hatred, and also a mother. Was it that combination that caused her to take such a violent choice in trying to save Sactuary?
And the eyes being different colors makes me think more of the two sided coin issue.
I dunno, please everyone give input. Cause i can't wrap my head around it. One part of me loves her character, the other part doesn't or doesn't understand the other side. And at the same time I feel almost sad for her in a way because. If it was the daughter of hatred (dna) side of it then you could also say, if Inarius left well enough alone and didn't weaken the Nephilim in the first place, this whole thing was kick started by a righteous self centered, fearful and selfish angel.
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2023.06.05 07:56 Ituks Manager disciplined me abs issued an ultimatum as I was getting ready to discuss performance and promotion - what now?

I work in a fairly new industry in my dream job, with a role that is rapidly expanding and has the opportunity for several world firsts. About 3 weeks ago, my manager abruptly called a meeting where he said "we" were nearing the end of our patience over start times. I didn't previously see this as an issue because I'm frequently required to work very long hours due to managing multiple staff with hours ranging from 8am to 7pm. Seeing how serious he was, I immediately agreed to show up and leave at the given times each day. This has reduced my output, but my manager seems to be placated. I am fully aware the company is taking advantage of me, but I feel like I've grown a lot into the role, so I see it as an opportunity. I was actually getting ready to meet with him to pitch my case for promotion when this happened, as my contract did not stipulate managing others. Being chewed out without a single word about my achievements has really put me down, and another coworker confronted me about it today asking if something had happened because I seemed so negative over the past few weeks.
I would normally evaluate other options, but this job means a lot to me and it's the culmination of everything I've been working towards my entire life. I want to sit down with HR and my manager and try to explain myself, but I'm afraid to even talk to my manager after that event. What's the best way to breach the topic of feeling underappreciated and being disciplined at the same time? This is the fastest I've ever gone from loving a job to feeling stressed enough that everyone else is noticing.
Edit: typo in title: 'abs' should be 'and'
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2023.06.05 07:56 throwaway69_420_3 Please, make this declaration with me!

I will not return to porn. God is with me! How can I fail with God by me? It is a disrespect to God to turn to anything but him. I will be brought through my issues by HIS hand. I am changed. I am saved. What could stand against me with God near?
It is not a well worded or special statement, but I believe it is true and correct. Please take this statement with me. If you pray and ask to be saved, you can be saved. Call his name when you have that pull of porn, and he will deliver you, if you trust that he will.
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2023.06.05 07:55 OOVVEERRKKIILLLL Now I hope Firaxis never makes XCOM3

I’ve been wanting to see Firaxis make XCOM3 for years…playing Midnight Suns has changed all of that.
I’m 47hrs into MS and 40 of those hours have been birdwatching, meditating, and listening to characters be more focused on how things injure their fragile feelings than on saving the world.
I honestly did try to like this game; but It seems Firaxis is less interested in delivering a superhero action game and more interested in cleansing me of my toxic masculinity.
We’re at war? Let’s do yoga with Blade.
I don’t know if this is the mindset of millennials or a woke culture at Firaxis thinking this is what millennials want in a game. I do know that they have taken “go woke, go broke” to a whole new level—they broke a superhero action game. Even the honest game trailer pokes fun at this.
All I know is, I don’t want Firaxis anywhere near the XCOM franchise, at this point. They’d probably hire Dylan Mulvaney to voice Central.
I just started my 241st XCOM2 campaign to clear my palette.
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2023.06.05 07:55 Liniera Post-op ileus & dysuria

I (35F, 155lb, 5'5") am currently dealing with post op ileus and dysuria following a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and I'm just trying to understand why this happened. The surgery went as planned outpatient, but I do vaguely remember waking up in extreme pain and nausea following surgery and was given diuladid and phenergan in addition to hydrocodone and Zofran. I was discharged as planned two hours after surgery. I went home and went straight to bed taking the hydrocodone and Zofran as prescribed throughout the day on schedule. I was able to drink Gatorade and an Ensure, but vomited when I tried to eat some crackers and chicken noodle soup in the evening. I took Zofran and my hydrocodone as prescribed and tried to sleep.
I had to return to the ER 24hrs after my surgery due to severe abdominal pain that was not responding to hydrocodone. I had a CT scan which revealed "Mildly dilated fluid distended loops of small bowel without transition point, which may be due to ileus versus developing bowel obstruction." When I complained of trouble urinating, they did a bladder scan and I was retaining over 450ml. I was admitted overnight and put on clear liquid diet only and given IV fluids, torodol, Tamulosin, and Zofran in addition to Miralax. The Tamulosin has helped the dysuria but I was still retaining 150ml at discharge. No signs of a UTI thankfully. The constipation finally broke this morning and I had severe watery diarrhea for several hours. I was discharged once I was able to eat a turkey sandwich without vomiting with Zofran. I am now home and haven't had a BM since I left hospital. They told me to walk as much as I'm able, so I did that. I've been drinking lots of water and eating frequent small meals despite no appetite. They told me not to take more Miralax at home due to the diarrhea, but I'm worried about the ileus coming back. Can it come back?
Why did this happen? Did I so something wrong? I had laparoscopic appendectomy last year, and didn't experience anywhere near this amount of pain. Since then, however, I have had a flare of ulcerative colitis (currently experiencing a mild flare of proctitis), CDiff, and gastritis. I also had post polypectomy syndrome several years ago after the removal of a couple large sessile serrated adenoma polyps. Is my gut just very sensitive and easily inflammed? Could this have been prevented somehow? Was I high risk for ileus and dysuria and didn't know it?
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2023.06.05 07:55 Minister_Krabs How hard is it to cut Amatsu's tail?

I recently wanted to build a set with the Amatsu legs, and the only material I was missing was one Stormtail. Not a big deal right? I'll just hunt Amatsu with Partbreaker 3 and focus entirely on the tail until it goes off.
Oh how wrong I was.
After 6 solo attempts or so, I was seriously starting to question wether the tail was even cuttable or I had to perform some black magic shit like breaking it with a blunt weapon. I was starting to go insane at this point. I went in with Slicing ammo and Partbreaker 3, then focused on the tail the ENTIRE time and would still end up killing the fucker before the tail came off.
So then I thought "Maybe slicing isn't the right way" and switched to my trusty GS build. But you know what's another downside of only hitting the tail? Timing out two times because the tail is nearly impossible to hit when Amatsu isn't down, and even then he wobbles it around that getting a TCS on it is pretty much impossible.
I thankfully got the tail after a while, but not even I did the tail cut. My fucking cat did it.
Long story short, this was miserable and made me genuinly hate Amatsu. Atleast now I can craft that sweet sweet Tempest Hakama.
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2023.06.05 07:54 timinatorII7 Easy to make friends, difficult to keep them

After a post I made here a week and a half ago, plus some interactions with various individuals on and offline, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am autistic with 80-90% certainty. However, one reason it took me so long to realize this is because my ability to mask is very well developed. Good enough in fact that all growing up and through to today I have never had issues making friends. I was always very sociable, in that I was often well liked and nearly always had a good first impression on people.
Before I go on, let me know that this isn’t a brag, this is just to give context.
Some of the reasons I’m good with people is because I happened to be taught good people skills as a kid, I’m very empathetic, I’m highly interested in learning in general so I also like learning about people (which means I’m a good listener), I’ve picked up good habits from watching Charisma on Command and body language imitation of charismatic individuals from movies and in real life, and I let myself laugh anytime I feel remotely like laughing.
But right now, I have almost no friends that I hang out with consistently. The only time I talk to friends is to organize something or when I have a favoquestion for them. I have significant issues getting back to people when they message me, and I never talk to people “just because.” I’m comfortable with the situation I’m in, where there can be many days at a time where I don’t talk to anyone outside of work (I basically live by myself), but sometimes I wonder if something is wrong about it all. Is this just what happens when you’re a significant introvert, or does this sound more like autistic tendencies?
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2023.06.05 07:53 MyEyesSeePoppies I feel incredibly ashamed to post this, but I'm desperate

I'm not comfortable sharing much information about myself on this post, but should anyone be able to help me im fine sharing my name and contact number with that person privately.
Im 25f currently living in a hostel in the tuebrook area, specifically near the market/police station.
Im also a type one diabetic meaning I'm insulin dependent. I also have something called a freestyle libre 2, a diabetic piece of equipment that scans my blood sugar levels without having to prick my finger.
My insulin has been more than halved via my Dr these past several weeks due to eating less. I was over 18 stone in November last year so I was certainly morbidly obese and required a higher dose of insulin to manage high sugar . I'm still highly overweight as my last weigh in was 13st 9 in April. But I have lost a lot of weight with no change to my exercise levels.
Weight loss in my case is good obviously, however I'm experiencing hypoglycemia nearly every single day these past couple of months. My Dr prescribes me these 60ml glucose drinks which raise it back up, but hypoglycemia is a very unpleasant and frightening experience and I wish I could more easily prevent it.
I also have autism. Basically a picky eater but it's more severe than that. You know how people suggest that if your child doesn't wanna eat, you should just not give them anything? Yeah that happened to me once and I got to 16 days without food before my mother gave up. It's a food phobia. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes I basically just lived on sugar, hence my weight being so so bad
This is my issue I know. I'm literally living in a hostel I should be grateful to get any food. I wish I was different, but I can't. I went to a food bank and I thanked them, and my hostel for providing me with voucher to go, but I cried myself to sleep because I couldn't eat it. I'm aware my behavior is beyond pathetic. I haven't complained to anyone because I know it's my own fault.
Im used to hunger so until my finances improve I'm aware I'm going to have to deal with not being able to eat every day.
But I am going to end up in hospital again due to how bad the hypos can get. I've just had one of my glucose drinks but I'm sick of treating the symptom.
I asked my mother for £2 and she refused. She abandoned me when I was 15. She found me on the floor unconscious after I visited her at 19 and didn't even call 999. My mother literally doesn't care whether I live or die, and has gone as far as to tell me to end my own life.
If I ask for money I'll just be considered a addict trying to buy drugs.
If anyone could meet me around the tuebrook market or police station area with a loaf of bread and some butter, I would really appreciate it. I love toast and I'm paid Friday so that loaf will definitely get me through till Friday.
Im really sorry to post here
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2023.06.05 07:52 FartHeadMcGee123 Getting my Varicocele Embolization done in about 8 hours. I feel it's causing me to have lower testosterone, so I want to get it fixed. Will post results and update.

Hi everyone,
I'm a 31 year old dude who sometime in 2021 noticed a weird lump on my left testicle while taking a shower. I had no idea how long I had it before I noticed it in the shower. It was super scary at first, so I made an appointment with a 3rd party urologist.
When I spoke to the urologist, he scheduled an ultrasound and concluded I have a size 2 varicocele. He said lots of men have it and it isn't an issue, so go on with your life.
Over the next 2ish years, I noticed I felt a bit "off". My energy has been low, I need lots of sleep, I'm not getting stronger at the gym no matter how hard I work. I just felt stagnant and stuck. I tried to improve my sleep schedule, and my life in general, but I just feel like something was working against me.
I started experiencing some issues staying hard when using a condom, and I never really had that issue before. I honestly could barely have sex with a condom. I know I'm getting older, but it still felt like something was wrong.
I got my testosterone checked at my 2 most recent doctor checkups, and they were somewhere in the 350 to 325 range. Not great. It even went down compared to the first test, even tho I've been making positive improvements to my life.
I started thinking what could be causing low T, and I made a few good changes (fluoride free toothpaste, reverse osmosis water filter), but I knew it had to be something else. Eventually, I did some online research and they said that a varicocele could be the cause of lower testosterone!! Why did the doctor tell me it doesn't have any side effects? It made me so mad.
It's been a long road of seeing a new urologist, going to a radiologist, getting another ultrasound, and meeting with the radiologist one last time, but finally I'm scheduled for the embolization in the morning.
I'm really nervous about the embolization. I know it's minor and safe, but going in through the neck creeps me out. But I reallyyy want this solution fixed. I've seen some success stories on this forum, and I hope my story can be one of those in the near future. I just figured I'd share my story while I go through this, since it seems lots of people in my position have done the same.
Thanks for reading <3
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2023.06.05 07:51 notcoming123 3 months after we ended it.

Posted on here awhileback consistently about my(22M) 3 yelationship with my heavily depressed partner(22F).
Really bad things were happening to her in her life, and as a result the relationship was tanking. There was absolutely no affection coming from her for months because of how depressed she was, she even forgot Valentines Day until I brought it up the day beforehand. After a bad event caused by me freaking out due to that affection(no argument happened), we sat down and had the talk to end our relationship and just continue as friends. And maybe if things on her end got better, we could get back together down the line.
Honestly, 3 months out, I feel so much better. I can BREATHE LIGHTER. There's still that missing feeling in my heart for her, but genuinely my body just feels so much lighter. There's no more constant worry or dissapointment from a lack of needs or wants. I don't have to make sure she's okay 24/7, and while I care about her, she's not my direct responsibility anymore. My mind can actually relax.
I'm also starting to slowly realize I don't think her love was the best fit for me, and I need someone who can better respond to my energy. After 3 years of handling someone with severe depression, I'm worn out, and I think I'll search for partners who don't suffer from it. I just don't think I can go through such a relationship again...
We're still great friends though, and we talk nearly everyday cause we handled everything responsibly. So I say to those still going through it and are on the fence on ending your own relationship, please just do it. You won't be abandoning them, but putting enough distance between the both of you where you can support comfortably but not be affected by the 24/7 interaction and handling. You'll heal, and it feels good.
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2023.06.05 07:49 StickWithTheOpposite I need to have some fucking discipline

That’s all really. I made it 19 days up until the beginning of last month when I decided to drink on a whim. What a shitty whim.
I’m not at rock bottom per se, but I thoroughly remember how shitty of a habit this is, and yet I can’t stop. I keep going through a handle every weekend and stealing small amounts from the family liquor cabinet just to hold me over till I can make it to the liquor store.
I’m fat. I feel like shit. I don’t feel nearly as clearheaded as I did a month ago, and yet I keep doing this to myself. Sometimes I’m very convinced that this is just practice for when I eventually kill myself because that’s what it really feels like.
I need to stop. I’m sorry for this nonsensical ramble. I’ll probably delete it later. I just had to get it out there.
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2023.06.05 07:48 Stewarticus_14 [WTS] HUGE Collection sale! Older Benchmade, Microtech, Thresher, CRKT, and more!

Pictures Show everything that is included with the knife. Every knife has a video.
Yolo takes priority over anything. I'm willing to listen to offers! I am also looking to sell all my knives, not to trade them. I'm hoping to get these all sold!
I'll have these knives shipped out USPS Priority Mail to where they need to go (USA).
Let me know if you have any questions!
Gavko Thresher
Protech GodFather
Lynch North West Chris Reeve Knives Deep Carry Clip - Model 1
Soque River Knives Lev-R-Lok
CRKT P.E.C.K 10th Anniversary
CRKT Hissatsu Folder
CRKT Iraqi Freedom Desert Cruiser
CRKT Serengeti Hunter
Benchmade Bali-Song AFO
Benchmade Stryker Auto Police Special 141/250
Benchmade 7500S Auto Tanto ½ Serrated
Benchmade Tether Pre-Production 814/1000
Benchmade 9700 Auto - Emerson Design
Microtech Scarab Executive D/E- 09/2012
Microtech QD Scarab S/E - 07/2004
Microtech Dragonfly 11/2002
Microtech Socom Elite Auto Signature Series Bronzed Spear Point - 12/2018
Microtech Socom Alpha Fixed Blade - 12/2016
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2023.06.05 07:48 OpenDegree9038 Buy new or wait?

So I had saved coins for today's Bayern pack only for my main 2 targets - De ligt and Kimmich. Apart from the fact that I like them irl and in game, their contract has also expired so I miss them too. Of course, i didn't get any of them (pulled Sommer, Musiala and Cancelo) What should I do now? Buy their base versions or are there any FT versions that may arrive in the near future ?
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