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A subreddit about Keto friendly drinks

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2023.06.05 08:58 ThrowRA67879865 I(36M) not sure if my friend (31F) wants more than friendship

TL;DR I really cannot tell if my friend is interested in me or if I am misinterpreting her signals.
We basically met at work and we both developed a friendship from the start, we had banter, we could speak for hours after work. Often we would wait for each other to walk back together. We went out for a couple drinks and I started to fall for her. The sad thing was that when I opened up about my feelings to her was on the day she decided to move to another city to be closer to her ill father. She did not outright reject me but said lets see what happens, but that she dislikes LD relations. Since then we still kept in touch and I felt like I was getting flirting hints from her, complimenting me, my looks whenever she could, then she invited me to come see her ideas on what a ''date'' is. I went over for a long weekend and it was brilliant we spent 2 days together but I didn't make any moves or nothing on her, it was 2 days of conversations, movies, drinks. On the last night I was coming back she seemed distant, I said see you soon and her reply was ''let's leave it at that, see you soon''. Did I miss any of her signals?
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2023.06.05 08:58 ManicMelancho1ic Meal Prep

What do you eat on the plane while you’re in the air? I’m 63 days into FA-ing (yes I know I’m such a junior haha), and I still haven’t yet perfected the art of meal prepping for flights and pairings and hotel stays.
The other Crews that I’ve been flying with all pack the same things that I do. Ramen, oatmeal, some sweet snacks, granola bars, or they just buy food at the airport and eat it on the plane.
Thankfully, all our flights are short-ish and last 45 mins to five hrs, but sometimes we can fly up to five times in a day depending on what route were being asked to do - which means it’s a long wait before getting into a hotel room.
My airline is one of Canada’s budget airlines, and we serve nothing other than water and cookies. Us Crew are allowed to drink the H2O, but the cookies are reserved for the pax during delays.
Oatmeal and ramen is kind of getting old, and I’m trying to be more budget friendly. So, what are some things that you pack in your lunch kit for trips?
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2023.06.05 08:56 Visible_Antelope_241 I am.

I don't go out much, don't have any friends. But when people would ask me why I drink I would say "I was an alcoholic" and move on. But recently something in my brain like 'clicked' I wasn't an alcoholic, I AM an alcoholic. It made me feel a type of way, I didn't feel sad, or ashamed, but kind of like huhhh, that's right isn't it. I don't typically get cravings, it happens in a blue moon but it disappears just as quickly but I think I'll be checking out a meeting today (Monday) see how it goes, how it feels. I dunno, maybe I'm just feeling like it would be nice to know others that might relate.
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2023.06.05 08:55 LiraAfton2 Some other ocs

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2023.06.05 08:55 NEETspeaks Deconstructed Keto friendly hot dog

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2023.06.05 08:51 Soul_Repair Her side is ganging up on me

Hello, everyone.
My wife is an alcoholic and she kicked me out of apartment, so I am sticking with her decision and making it my own as I moved my stuff.
My wife begged me to return saying that it's hard for her, now she understood everything and won't hurt me again. She said that it's also kinda a dick move to leave her when she started to work on her behavior and such.
It all fell on deaf ears though because if I've got a dime every time she understood everything I'd surpass the wealthiest people in the world.
Well, now she used heavy artillery this weekend as she was asking her mom to talk me into returning. So her mom texted me that she wonders what happened to a guy I was before, where is that love that I talked about? I explained that her daughter sucked it out of me (and not in a pleasant way), I want to hurt myself physically from time to time and if I return that I might do much more damage than being split at least for some time.
Well, she erupted saying I lost my nobleness and that I don't need to hold her daughter down in that case.
If she said that month ago I would reacted differently. I know that she cares about her daughter and she wants what's good for her. So instead of arguing I just said that I am sorry (even though I didn't need to) and just stopped all this. Yesterday her mom changed her mind and stated that she understands what I feel and how I am powerless over this situation.
But my wife's friends told me that I am piece of youknowwhat because I LEFT my wife when she needed me. I laughed at this statement and didn't reply to this, even though I am sure there would be some hilarious dialogues in here.
I didn't leave her. She threw me out. And even if I did leave her because she threw things at me, chocked me, berated me and nearly went on cheating, isn't that enough? Well, apparently I should love her no matter what. It's like an indulgence for behaving the way she wants and I am to blame if I breathe the wrong way.
And it's not like her friends are drunks who support her by throwing parties, no. They all have families, they all have kids. But I have no idea why they inject themselves into our relationship with my wife in the first place, but most of all why do they side with her there.
Even her sponsor said that it's "strange that he left when you are starting to recover". I can only think that she told her sponsor only her side of the story and that's why I got this quote.
I find it difficult to have this kind of pressure on me to return because I see that for 4 days now my wife is still drinking and things don't change. I can't return and show how noble I am by sacrificing myself to nothing, as she would drink with or without me.
So in that state of mind I am stressed, but not defeated as I have my personal space and personal time. It's a shame that she was throwing up all night today and her mom was there to support, but there's not much I could do: call ER, hold her hair...
So yeah, your Q's people will turn on you, don't give in to their perspective if they won't care for you. Have your own head and use it to stay alive (even not so noble as they expect) and healthy yourself.
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2023.06.05 08:47 laosehene 28 [F4M]#SF - Looking for penetrative kinky fun

Hi everyone! In town and looking to Host rm but more fun and kinkiness ~ here are some of my scenarios!
1) breast play, suckling, slapping -anything titty related! We can do this while drinking, watching movies, making out! I can do this for hours lol my nips are soooo sensitive.
2) slapping my ass or face with your dick! Love when guys do this, love the humiliation
3) spanking - put me over your knee or bend me over! I love a little punishment.
5’0, 125. Long hair, petite. Punk n fem. Generally looking for a chill night with drinking and “anything but.” 420 friendly. Professional academic, nerdy, love games! Short, nice tits, and open minded.
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2023.06.05 08:46 Lazy-Ad-9443 Wellbutrin and light alcohol- is it really that bad?

I’m not a big drinker but occasionally there’s a reason to drink or celebrate like a birthday, girls wine tasting day, concert, or just a fun BBQ with friends and at those times I’m a social drinker (which for me is like 2-3, maybe 4 drinks max). It’s been recommended I start Wellbutrin for ADHD and motivation, but I’ve been too scared to start because Im so scared about the seizure risk which I understand is increased with alcohol, yet I don’t want to suddenly avoid drinking altogether which I feel isn’t realistic, but then if I have a drink I don’t want to feel freaked out like I’m going to have a seizure or die any moment! Anyway, I’m just stuck/confused and different doctors have told me different things regarding this concern. Two doctors basically told me “you’re not supposed to drink but tons of people do and they’re fine.” Is that true? I already take 25 mg of Sertraline/Zoloft which made my anxiety go wayyyyyy down but made the ADHD wayyyyy worse.
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2023.06.05 08:37 CateArmy69 Ranting about a one sided breakup

How to get over a one sided break up?
For context, I (29 M) and my ex (27 F) were of different race and religious backgrounds, we are both doctors from an Asian country. My Ex is currently living with her single mother and her sisters in the same city as me. She is also the eldest in the family (this will be important soon), despite that we tried our best to make our relationship work. Everything was smooth sailing until early Jan 2023, when my Ex Mom discovered our relationship when she snooped around my Ex's phone and her eyes went red. She threatened to disown my Ex, kick her out of the house, started smoking heavily and calling my Ex hurtful things.
We pretended to breakup so to satisfy her mother whimsical needs. However, the end goal is always for me to finally meet her mother and discuss regarding my relationship with her and making it official. However, my ex keeps dragging this issue and at one time I grown impatient and requested her to arrange a meeting with her mother because its hard to arrange a date with my ex due to her mother preying eyes + we are on LDR so we dont meet much anyways (i moved 3 hours away for work) + i am a bit jealous because my ex occasionally went out alone with a guy friend for despite me telling her that i am not comfortable with it .
This decision will cost me dearly
Fast forward 2 weeks, in commemoration of our 1st anniversary I brought my ex to a fancy dinner, went to a theme park, had an amazing sex and suddenly, she decided to break up at the end of the day claiming that she would always choose her family first instead of me and she wanted our last day to be the happiest day. I was blindsided and my heart sank, in a fit of rage, i said some hurtful things, accidentally raised my voice (we never fought before this), calling her selfish and unwilling to fight for me despite all i have done for her. Our breakup was messy and the next day we had another meeting and she communicated that her mother had been growing suspicious past few months, drinking heavily, calling her names. This worried her so she decided to breakup officially. I was unaware of this incident and apologize profusely for saying such hurtful things and asking for a chance and time to repair our relationship. I wanted her to move out from her house as i think she is being emotionally blackmailed by her mother, however she denied this wrongdoing but accepted the idea of giving our relationship a chance.
Unfortunately, for the past 2 weeks, i noticed her becoming colder, distant and more irritable than usual. She would cry every time when we're talking about the future of our relationship and had lingering trauma from our previous quarrel. I apologized and started to call her everyday to talk as per usual prior to our fight. Trying to treat her even better than before, sending her meals and buying her a gift to soothe her ailing heart. As fate had it, I received a sudden notice that i would be transferred to even far off city to work.
To reaffirm our relationship status due to the nature of our Long distance relationship. I cooked her a dinner and invited her for a heart to heart talk. Fortunately, this discussion is far more calmer than before. I reasserted that I still love her deeply and wants to change and fix this relationship by talking openly about both our problems and find a solution for that. My Ex acknowledged that maybe breaking up on our anniversary is not the best thing to do at the time. In spite of this, my Ex claimed her fell out of love with me after our big fight and her scar will forever never heal.
I suggested taking a break so that she can heal but she thinks that time would never heal her and she would only be wasting my time. In a way, she is absolute in her resolve and would not change her stance. I pleaded with her to fix the relationship and showed our pictures together to at least rekindle our passion for each other but alas it was to no avail.
In the end, we broke up amicably but I cant help to think it was one sided. She even requested us to continue being friends but it is something I am conflicted with.
Tell me reddit, I know I was also in the wrong, but did we had any chance to rescue the relationship at all?
Sorry for the long rambling
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2023.06.05 08:34 Known_Fortune2839 !!!!!!!!! Need advice

In the border of a divorce or separation, male 30 with 4 kids. For the pass 2 years it's been hell wife which is 24 has been going out party at first I encourage her to go out but now seems like it's out of control. She has cheated on me obviously she has suspended of me cheating but never confirmed but I never have, but in the women eyes man are always guilty. I know there's some hope I work long hours I pack my own lunch come home cook, clean, wash and take care of the kids while she goes out on Thursday-sunday i dony drink i dont smoke i dont have no friends i dont do nothing i stay home and just get sad with my life. I don't know what to do she tells me we will never be together when she's really stress then times she tells me we need time off and space and we will see in the future if we are together no promises but just we will see like always. She tells me she loves me but doesn't love me in a intimate way, the last month she confess to me she was seen this other man because he would give her some help economy estability but she never have money always asking me. It hurts me whats going on but I just think I got to give her space and maybe in some months or a yr we can start again. I also have ran into really bad economy problems lost jobs money not enough, she's really attractive I can see it she's seen by a lot of men. I have also gain weight I have lost hopes and just feel are men really just loved over the conditions we give to women if we can't provide how they want can they really lose interest. I just don't know what I can do ...
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2023.06.05 08:34 LePauline I support you all. You have a friend here.

I don't drink alcohol, never tried it. I'm 20, maybe half a beer, less than that. I get laughed at because I don't even drink energetic drinks, I don't like that much of caffeine. I take medication for mental health that's impossible to mix with any kind of alcohol. I could have a shock or die. Please don't ever mix antidepressants with alcohol, ever.
I cannot understand the sadness that comes from that addiction, but I can't understand less why people my age want to get wasted to act cool. Since they're 11 or 12 they start with hard drinks, and some end in coma. It's so sad to see a life getting wasted away. So young and reckless.
If you're reading this, we are automatically friends. I'll be your non alcohol friend who hates alcohol with all of her soul.
Please you're stronger than your urges and addictions, you're gonna be stronger and stronger when you leave that liquid drug that's consuming you.
If people my age or teenagers want to laugh at me, they can, but I won't care anymore. Have a lovely day.
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2023.06.05 08:31 tmleafie I (23F) am having trouble trying to figure out what to do next with my friend (21M)

I’ll try and make this somewhat short and easy to understand. So I started hanging out with my lovely group of friends about 2 years ago now, I needed a new group of friends. Anyways, I didn’t think much on the 1 boy in our group until it just randomly hit me one day and I was like “him, I want that one”. So I started snap chatting him and we had some good conversations(this was before new years) I asked him if he was going to the New Year’s party our friends were throwing, unfortunately he was visiting family a couple hours away. I said “well I’ll miss you” and he said “at least someone misses me” so then I was like okay I got this I’ll ask for his number. And because he’s a funny guy he was joking around but did take my number and I got a random text about my credit card. I ignored it and a few days go by and I ask him why he hasn’t texted me and he told me that text was from him. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so stupid after that.
As we texted I’d ask him how his day was and he’d always ask me how mine was. It was very nice.
Then January of this year rolls around. He has parties at his house on the weekends. A bunch of my friends have already been to his house and I haven’t so I finally decided to go and have fun. I noticed he didn’t have many things in his house so I took note and bought him a few things. (I was a sucker for him, what can I say) and he gave me a huge hug and said thank you(and he still has these items to this day!) so now I’m like okay this is fine, I’ll ask him to hangout, meanwhile I’m flipping my shit while doing this because it stresses me out doing this kinda stuff. But I asked him and assumed the worst. And BOOM he said yes and I could t believe it once again.
So I went to his house and we hung out for awhile, we watched The Interview but we didn’t get to finish it unfortunately. But we made good conversation the entire time we were together. And then he goes “I’ll have to finish the movie later and pretend you’re next to me” (Mind you text messages have been exchanged throughout, which also lead me to believe this is a good sign)
So after that I think I may have rushed it and asked him if he wanted to go out sometime and he kinda politely said no. I was crushed. It was a bad time for me.
We talked over text and had to see each other in person after that because we’re in the same friend group. I felt a bit awkward and I think he did too, even though he told me nothing would change what we have.
So after hanging out as a group things felt great again. He always smiles at me and we always seem to end up next to each other at the parties. We laugh and joke around. God it’s so good to have that back. But I didn’t get my hopes up because I didn’t want to get hurt again so I was cautious. But if he did something I wouldn’t stop him, I’d do it back.
So then May. We had a party and we were all outside. The weekend was a bit rainy so some of the chairs got wet. He was sitting down in one of them but on his work coat. I was standing next to him and he gets up and goes “you can take my spot” and I said “no it’s okay” and he goes “sit down.” And so I did and he comes back with more of his work clothes and puts them in the chair next to me so he won’t get wet.
Which now brings us to recent events. June. It was one of my best friends birthdays and both him and I were drinking. Not too much but a good amount to make you feel good. We were on his back deck and he grabs both my hands and starts dancing to the music coming from his speaker. I am flabbergasted. And of course I dance with him. Then every so often he’d back up close to the stairs and I’d grab him because I didn’t want him to fall. Then he picked out a really specific slower country song and was singing it to me. And the entire time we’re dancing he was smiling at me. (Also after each song ended he’d hug me tight. Like so thing I couldn’t breathe) I told him how impressed I was with his dance skills. Then he tells me he loves to dance and never has anyone to dance with. So then I said well we’re dance partners for life now.
And then we went out for a walk with couple other friends. Him and I walked together of course. And as we’re walking he links his arm through mine so he can keep me balanced. And we just talked the entire time on the walk.
Lastly. I had to go home after the walk because it looked like the rest of them were getting sleepy. Not even 5 minutes after I get home I get a message from one of my best friends and he goes “he’s sad you left” again FLABBERGASTED. So I told my best friend a lil hint that I really liked him and how I couldn’t believe it.
So IN CONCLUSION. What does this mean and what do I do now?
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2023.06.05 08:23 Anima_of_a_Swordfish How do I go on nights out to meet people when all my friends have kids or don't drink?

I'm (34M) recently single. I'm quite social and confident on a night out. I have refreshed my wardrobe, I'm going to the gym and I'm in somewhat good shape, yet I have no opportunity to put any of it to use. Do I just go out on my own or is that a red flag?
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2023.06.05 08:21 procrastinatador I'm incredibly burnt out and starting to freak out on a study abroad trip but have a while longer to go before I can stop. Can I have some advice please?

ADHD with very severe RSD Suspected ASD Suspected borderline Suspected multiple instances of neurocognitive disorder Anxiety Depression CPTSD
I decided to do a study abroad trip and I'm starting to think it was a big mistake. I am 5 days in in a big city in another country and have over a week left to go before I go home. The journey here was long and overall due to modes of transport I took, I was traveling for about 3 days. It was a lot to handle.
Part of me doesn't even know if it's burnout because it's been getting a lot worse when the schedule changes or I spend money and something gets canceled/can't be done. We have mostly pretty packed days and also have to do some sort of extracurricular every day and then go back to our hotel and write about both of those and post pictures. Sleep. Repeat.
To give you an idea of how burnt out I look, they have to ID you if you look under 25. I'm 23. I tasted some mead at a little business the second day of the trip and got ID'd. Yesterday was day 5 and I did not get ID'd in a big chain store with stricter regulations on IDing people. I bought a whole bottle of wine and drank most of it. It helped while I was drunk but I'm back to where I was before this morning.
It also doesn't help that I can't have my ADHD meds here.
A couple times where it got a lot worse and haven't really subsided were:
-the plane didn't have food for me with my dietary restrictions and the flight attendant was rude about it and told me that "that's what I ordered so that's what I was getting" when I already hadn't had an actual meal in about 2 days, and that was, in fact, not what I ordered. I called twice beforehand to make sure that this didn't happen and was told they would definitely have food for me and accidentally touched barley and ended up minorly glutening myself and getting sick, not to mention I was so upset that I couldn't have a meal the whole time after not eating anything but the occasional nut bar for going on 3 days at this point I spent most of the flight fighting back tears. It was an 8 hour flight. That was dinner. For breakfast, they had me down for a meal that was mostly gluten when everyone else got one that wasn't that I actually could eat most of, but didn't get. I wanted to jump out the fucking plane door at that point but I'm used to feeling like that and knew I wasn't going to do anything, but it was still distressing. I know it's an overreaction but I really do think its just borderline.
-when we took too long on a bus tour where you could just get off whenever you wanted and had a destination with tickets we missed, but the class was saying "oh we can just do that tomorrow because the tickets are good then" but some of us already had plans and had bought tickets for other things that we weren't supposed to go alone to that were expensive and the people I was going with that were scheduled for that time. I wouldn't have been able to go to them if I had gone with most of the class. Apperently, the class just decided that not all of us had to go on this excursion without consulting us (because we all had to go at once to use the tickets).
-I was pressured to buy a ticket to a novelty bar with the class and was too jet lagged to go and knew I wouldn't have a good time, so I just didn't go after buying the ticket.
-when some people I was supposed to go somewhere with didn't tell me they when they were going and I only found out as they were getting there. I got on a train and wasn't too far behind them luckily (they waited up a lot at the attraction and I was able to catch up with them quickly, we've been hanging out a lot and they're awesome to me otherwise. We all have ADHD and the medication we've all been on is illegal here and we haven't been taking it so I really do suspect that this was an accident) these people have been good to me and otherwise a really chill group to hang out with.
-I bought a salad and didn't realize it had pasta in it (I have celiac) and absolutely hate wasting food so I tried to see if my classmates wanted it and nobody did. This literally prompted me to go buy a bottle of wine and drink most of it, although I was definitely getting there already.
A while back (after I signed up for this class though) I was wrongly put on lamictal because a psychaitrist (who was well known for doing this apperently) decided that I probably didn't have ADHD but bipolar disorder, despite me telling him that ADHD medications had worked well for years. If you don't know, this is very bad, and I was a literal dumbass in thinking that the doctor knew best on this one because I was in a course on ADHD where they had just talked about this and how it can mess you up if you have ADHD and not bipolar to be put on a mood stabilizer and literally make you suicidal. Well, it did more than that to me. I was on it for 3 days and everything shifted, but I had been there before, except this was different. I was a lot more overstimulated by everything, communicating was hard, etc.
A few years ago I did a substance and well, I was barely functional the next day, then the next, and so on. It's been 4 years since then. I've healed and learned to cope somewhat, but the only thing I've been able to do is school. It's too much if I try to do anything else, and at the beginning, I was failing half my classes despite being on ADHD meds that were working and trying my hardest because my brain just wasn't working. I took a year off and slowly started to pick up speed and almost managed an A average this past semester. I need to get an A in this class and the rest of my classes.
So I'm not sure if I originally had very prominent autistic traits. The ADHD ones were, but I'm here asking you guys about burnout and overstimulation and the feelings around changing plans now because I'm experiencing them and this sub probably has a lot of experiences with them. What do you guys do? My emotions are all over the place but only in a negative direction. I don't want to be here anymore but won't graduate on time without these credits. How am I supposed to stick out the rest of this trip? It's got a little over a week left, then I have to travel for days and deal with jet lag I'm still not over from getting here and keep waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I'm constantly exhausted. I've already told some friends I'd come stay with them for a few days at the end of the trip.
Please give me some advice so I can just get my credits and get home here? I am not having a good time and just need to get this over with. I've tried listening to music. I might watch some cartoons. I'm too exhausted to do much else.
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2023.06.05 08:21 kazemaru04 I can't get this out of my head...

Sorry for bad english, not my first language. This will be a bit more personal but I just have to dump it somewhere.
Me and my gf of 2 1/2 months were meeting up with her guy best friend this saturday. They never had contact prior to wednesday when I secretly made arrangements with her best friend to meet up. On saturday we wanted to drink a little and chill at the beach. Before we did that we collected a few other people and while doing that already drank a bit. I wasn't gonna drive home since we wanted to sleep over at her best friends apartment. We chilled at another friends house for a while and my gf and him wanted to make mirror selfies. So they went into the bathroom, he locked the door and they made some. (The next part is what my gf told me what happened and I believe her to my fullest because this sounds like something she'd do) she then turned around facing him and asked if he wanted to make some more pics or if it's enough. He then just pulled her towards him and kissed her. She stopped it after like 2 seconds and came out of the bathroom. She continued the evening completely normal until the two of us wanted to get some snacks for the beach. Right after we started going to the store I asked her if she also felt that her best friend was being weird. She then unpacked the whole story and the moment she told me he kissed her I just stood there. I couldn't believe my ears. It was like I was struck by lightning and my whole body was just stiff from the shock. I wasn't even mad at her since she did nothing wrong. At first I was really sad and upset but then that turned into anger against her best friend really quick. The whole 40 mins walk to the store and back was so awkward but we told ourselves that it was not her fault since he asked her a day earlier if she wanted to sleep in his bed and if I would sleep on his couch with the other friend we stayed over for a little bit.
We just ended up bringing the snacks to the beach I had a quick conversation with the guy and we immediately left. We went to my car and I called my brother and asked him if him and my dad would come pick us up since I couldn't drive anymore. They did and me and my gf just cuddled and I cried for the rest of the night. I'm a bit better now but I just can't get the scene out of my head how it must've looked when they kissed.
Edit: when I say they had no contact prior to wednesday I meant it as in they never met up
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2023.06.05 08:14 kelsleeze 3.5 weeks out, looking for kind words :(

Hi Everyone! Not really sure how to start this but 3.5 weeks ago I was prescribed cipro for a cartilage piercing infection. I only took 4 pills (500mg?) before I felt radiating pains down my arms and immediately stopped and was switched to doxycycline. The radiating arm pain got a bit worse, but then better thankfully. In the following days I started feeling little sharp pains in my arms and legs, fingers and toes, tried very hard to ignore and continue on with life. That seemed to subside, and takes me up to about a week ago. I had a night out with friends and did a lot of jumping around, drinking, walking, etc. I’m on my feet for a good 8-9 hours a day for my job so I figured at this point I was okay. A day or two following this I started feeling pains in my left Achilles tendon, where it meets the gastroc muscle, those pains turned into what feels like muscle soreness, but still with intermittent pinching pains. I toughed it out for two days while continuing to work, but then decided I should probably just rest it. For the duration of this whole thing my anxiety has very been severe. I have a history of health anxiety specifically so this whole situation has really sent me back down the rabbit hole, especially after reading the things I have. Continuing on, I started to feel similar pinching pains in my forearms and other calf. It feels like they may be getting worse but it’s hard to tell. I’ve contacted my doctors office and am hoping they’ll get back to me for an appointment tomorrow. Needless to say I am a wreck. My anxiety simply can’t handle this situation, I’m afraid to start on my anxiety medication again from fear of it causing some sort of reaction. I could really use some kind words/ words of encouragement right now. The mental toll this has taken on me is far worse, though the pain sucks. I’m deathly worried of things continuing to get worse, and tendon rupture in my calves and forearms. Anything helps. Thank you!
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2023.06.05 08:12 alopiasv_ My boyfriend (20M) makes me (20F) cringe. What should I do about it?

me (20F) and him (20M) have been together for about 11 months now and these days i can't help but feel so exhausted around him. im starting to realise that maybe im tired of constantly "parenting" him. because he is a CHILD. he doesn't have appropriate social cues (he's completely healthy mentally btw) and does things despite me telling him not to. and it's driving me nuts.
yesterday, we and some of our mutual female friends were sitting in the library and talking, well he was doing the talking, about how him and 3 of his friends rode on one bike once and how he had to sit on the petrol tank and how his privates hurt a lot because of the bad roads. and i just... felt so embarrassed because none of us were really willing to hear about his privates in such great detail. after this he went and described how his friend hurt his privates sitting on the bike.
idk i might just be a stuck up person but i just think there has to be a certain level of decency and respect between friends/batchmates. boundaries yk. but he's so,,, bad when it comes to stuff like this.
a mutual friend and him have this thing going on where they tease/bully each other a lot and he sometimes says such vile things to her, even i start feeling embarrassed. the other day he kept calling her a janitor and asking her to clean the floors of our uni and shit like that. tbh it's alright to say stuff like that once in a while but the whole day??? i personally wouldn't like it. when i confronted to him about it he just went ehh if she had any problem her boyfriend would let me know (her boyfriend is his best friend)
small things like these just really tick me off. i cannot see myself being associated with him. i do love him but when he doesn't things like these i almost feel like i was better single.
by small things i mean stuff like, drinking water from my wide mouthed water bottle with covering it's whole mouth, despite me telling him i don't like that and it's unhygienic for me. or when he talks about our fights infront of people in a way that almost seems mocking to me, even though I've told him countless times i would prefer if our relationship details stayed private. he just doesn't care to change. idk what to do. would breaking up over such trivial things makes sense or am i just being a bit too stuck up?
tldr: my boyfriend makes me feel embarrassed in public and doesn't care to change. what should i do?
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2023.06.05 08:09 Polymath_V I had a nightmare about LSD that viciously reminded me why you should never trip near ledges or cliffs.

In my dream I met up with two childhood friends I haven't seen in years; Carlos and Shakare. We are all equally friends (one of those really fun trios) and I told them that we should all trip together. Carlos has anxiety in real life that is so bad he can't even handle THC and for some reason that is beyond me I persuaded him to try LSD in the dream. Note that in real life I am aware that LSD and psychedelics in general are not for everyone, and I would never push LSD upon someone, ESPECIALLY not someone who has any underlying psychological issues. But this was a nightmare so I guess my brain needed to thrown in some nightmare fuel.
Carlos eventually decided to try it with Shakare and I, so we made our way up the steps of an abandoned parking garage, and by the time we made it to the tenth level the acid was kicking in HARD. I have no idea how I can have dreams of tripping on acid that feel like the actual thing, but my brain does an amazing job at simulating both good and bad trips, even though I have never had a bad trip in real life.
Shakare was having the time of his life, riding the wave of the beginning of the trip and watching the sunset. Carlos was beginning to feel anxious, and so was I. Not only because Carlos was most likely going to have a bad trip, but because Shakare was sitting on the very edge of the concrete platform we were standing on. His feet were just freely dangling over this edge. There were zero fucking guard rails. He sat there for a while, smiling, moving his hands as a hippie would, just feeling the euphoria of oneness with the universe, and for a moment my fear subsided at the sight of him. It was heartwarming to watch, and then he leaned forward a little too much, and lost balance, and before he realized he had leaned past the point of being able to save himself, it was too late. My heart dropped right before he fell, and I knew without a doubt he was dead. Carlos witnessed it too, and I immediately started sobbing uncontrollably, wondering why the fuck I had the brilliant idea of bringing up LSD to begin with, and being responsible for not only the death of a close friend, but the shared trauma between Carlos and I. The dream was extremely vivid but the pain and horror of losing a friend so suddenly after what felt like such a heartwarming and somewhat peaceful moment was so jarring I woke up gasping for air. I was so happy it was just a dream, and it took me a few seconds to calm myself down. It was like that feeling you get when you almost get into a high speed car crash but dip out of the way at the last second.
Moral of the story: Don't trip on top of high places. Even if you are comfortable with the location, accidents happen, and psychedelics have an extremely fun way of being unpredictable even for veterans like myself.
My golden rules for tripping have always been:
  1. Never trip with someone you wouldn't take a bullet for.
  2. Never trip in public unless you are within walking distance of your home or a safe place.
  3. Never mix too many drugs together.
  4. Never peer pressure someone into doing psychedelics. Let only curious people try them.
  5. Never introduce someone to LSD on a large dosage. That is like chugging an entire bottle of whiskey as your first time drinking alcohol. Start with introducing them to microdosing in a SAFE place or a place that they are extremely familiar with.
Break any of those rules and you could face a lovely panic attack, jail time, psychotic episodes, trauma, and/or broken friendships.
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2023.06.05 08:09 HumbleBrother2285 Why does alcohol make everyone else so happy but makes me so sad and tired?

Ever since I started college, a good fraction of the social events that my friends have hosted have included alcohol. The majority of my friend group loves to get drunk every now and then and they say it feels great. I always see them having a blast and being goofy when drunk.
For me alcohol does the complete opposite and i don't know why. The taste is a problem in and of itself, but even when I do manage to force a drink down my throat, I just begin feeling sleepy, tired, and my body feels heavy and I start getting cold and goosebumps. It's not a good feeling by any means and just makes me want to pass out rather than party and have fun.
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2023.06.05 08:08 aintartgreat she's dead, but I'm still mad

My mother in law is dead now, as of a few months ago. But im still mad at her. Before my boyfriend and I were dating, we were best friends. Literally JUST friends, not FWB. At that time my MIL and I got along. It was like that for about 2 years of what we now include in our "relationship ". Well anyway, things were fine then, she was a little annoying, with always complaining about her ongoing health issues. I get it, but if you are always negative thinking, you will only ever be miserable, but I tried to be nice. But once we started actually dating, things were... different. I felt less like she liked me, more like she was forcing it. I'd see texts from her saying things like, "are you sure she's who you want to be with". Now I also, don't know what all he had told her, we were struggling with his addiction issues a few times, and he definitely could have painted me in a bad light, to take away from his problems. But regardless of that, she should know that I wasn't a bad person, in fact it's very obvious that, while there has been slip ups, ever since meeting me, he's been moving in the right direction. But, she would always say little things, like she didn't want him with me. We found out we were having a baby, this would be her first and only grandchild, other than, kind of, my son from a previous relationship 10 years prior. She didn't even seem excited when he told her. She never told me congratulations, barely even acknowledged it, until it was my 3rd trimester. She didn't even come to my baby shower, blaming it on her health issue, but like c'mon make some effort, they only lived 20-30 min away at the time. So fast forward to more recently, our daughter about 18 months at this time, he (my fiance) had a really bad day of drinking, he was clearly VERY trashed, I went to cry in the shower, and he came in screaming at me, telling me to get out of his house, that I was saying things I didn't say. I said I just wanted to cry alone, I just needed to be sad, that the person I loved, is always going to be an addict, and until he's ready to work on that, or im ready to leave, this is how it is. But he wanted me gone. Obviously as any mother would do, I was going to leave with our daughter. However, he didn't want that, he wanted me to leave her with him, trashed. I wasn't having it, more happened, I ended up calling the cops so I could just leave. But they ended up arresting him for how aggressive he was when I was crying in the bathroom, not physically, but they said it didn't matter, I BEGGED them to let him stay home, and just make sure I could leave with our daughter, but that wasn't what happened. So anyway after he got out of jail, the binge continued, he ended up getting arrested again. I texted his mom to let her know, what all went down, and she BLAMED ME. She said if I hadn't wanted to take our daughter away he wouldn't have done what he did to get arrested both times. She actually thought leaving our 18 mo with her drunk son, would have been a better choice. I told her to get fucked, that i have done nothing but love her son, and that I would have been a bad mom to let her stay with her dad with as drunk as he was. I told her I was only trying to keep her informed, but that she had officially burned this bridge. So a few months later, he we went to visit them,(his parents) they had moved states away at this point, due to her health, and the harsh weather where we live. He wanted to bring our daughter, being that it would probably be the last time he got to see her,(his mother) with her declining health. I said absolutely not. He could either go alone, or bring us all, get an Airbnb, I'd stay there, and our daughter could go visit and come back to me. OR she could give me the apology I deserve, and we could all stay with them. But she wouldn't apologize, and he wasn't going to bring me and get an Airbnb. So alone he went. I still felt like I was owed an apology, I did nothing. Her son is an addict, who makes his own choices, he alone was responsible for what he did. I DESERVED an apology! It never happened. So she's dead now, her urn sits on our windowsill (I actually told him he should take her out of the box ) and sometimes I yell at it, "I still deserve that apology"
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2023.06.05 08:08 Weak-Repeat-878 feeling insecure today

feeling insecure today
i just can’t seem to find acceptance, seeing how big my nose is next to my friend (left) just makes my confidence drop. my bf also said last night he wouldn’t mind me with a nose job while we were drinking. that made me want to die a little inside.
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2023.06.05 08:07 Mindless_World8678 Taking pregnancy tests multiple times a day because her boobs hurt, but hey... at least she is keeping her alcoholic intake at a minimum just in case. Why does this irk me so much? If there is a chance she might be preggo, why freaking drink? She is so vile 😡.

Taking pregnancy tests multiple times a day because her boobs hurt, but hey... at least she is keeping her alcoholic intake at a minimum just in case. Why does this irk me so much? If there is a chance she might be preggo, why freaking drink? She is so vile 😡. submitted by Mindless_World8678 to Jamienotis [link] [comments]