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2023.06.05 08:25 RUIN_NATION_ Flash Point Should Of Been A Full Season Or Very Least Half A Season

Flash Point was highly disappointed since it was one and done kind of thing for how big flash point is for the flash we should of got a full season with him slowly noticing changes but he wouldnt be losing his powers and memories. I would of loved to seen flash point go like this. Barry Wakes up at star labs same thing as the pilot with lady gaga playing and he wakes up and see's wells walk in not wheel in. He freaks out but it isnt Thawne we see its the og wells. by doing flash point he actually reset the timeline to the way it should of been first go around. with Harrison instead of Thawne We Dont see a few faces eddie cisco joe or iris but we see Hartley and Ronnie Kaitlyn. its now the time he should of been the flash later on in his life. he is all rdy in charge of ccp CSI his parents know about his powers.
This time line tho Oliver is still killing random people on the list never went the straight and narrow path they cross paths during flash point. He ends up having the talk with Oliver about your better then this you dont have to kill. that would be the first few episodes middle of the season would have some baddies we would end up getting in the tv shows timeline but Barry has no memory of these bad guys yet. He wouldnt have Thawne captured downside we wouldnt get whos the Villain now flash from Thawne. Lets say the big bad for this flashpoint would actually be hinted at to have been Savitar but we would only get flashes of him setting him up for the tv show's time line. Since he is the future flash this would make the most sense. Thawne is still wiped out in this version zoom is from another earth and with out vibe being on the team we can travel to those earths yet. Maybe Barry would be with Patty in this version she knows about him the day on the bus/train he asked her to stay?

This is just what I was wishing for back when they did flash point mainly I wanted a full season of it since its such a huge story plot point.
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2023.06.05 08:24 BruteSentiment Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/4/23 - Grant McCray wins a bad offensive day

Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/4/23 - Grant McCray wins a bad offensive day
I won’t lie…today sucked if you liked offense in the Giants farm system, but Grant McCray had a nice day with a triple and a home run. But there are some encouraging pitching performances and one free agent debut to check out, at least. So read? Please?

AAA: Tacoma 4, Sacramento 1

Sacramento Notes:
  • A weak offensive day led to a Sacramento loss. Sacramento and Tacoma traded runs in the first inning, but the River Cats only managed a total of three hits. In the 5th, Tacoma got the big hit: a 3-run home run that broke the tie and gave Tacoma the win.
  • Rehabbing Joey Bart had one of the team’s three hits, playing seven innings behind the plate while going 1-for-3 with two strikeouts. Bart has played three games on this rehab stint, and has gone 2-for-11 (.182) with five strikeouts.
  • Luis Matos was 1-for-4 with a single. With 17 games under his belt at Triple-A, with a batting line of .297/.434/.551 with five doubles, two triples, and one home run. He has six strikeouts to five walks.
  • Starting pitcher Keaton Winn had four strong innings, giving up just one unearned run on two hits and two walks, with six strikeouts, and also committed an error with a bad pickoff throw. Winn shaved his ERA to 4.35, and now has 51 strikeouts to 21 walks in 41.1 innings.
  • Erik Miller faced seven batters, walking two of them and striking out the rest in 1.2 innings. The five strikeouts are a season-high, and he now has 21 strikeouts to 10 walks in 15.2 innings, and his ERA is now 2.30.

AA: Erie 6, Richmond 1

Richmond Notes:
  • In Double-A, it was another weak offensive output. Richmond managed just two hits, although they did manage to get a run, as both hits were doubles and the run scored on a sacrifice fly. Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy had his best start in a while, but ultimate Richmond gave up six runs for a relatively easy win for Erie.
  • Jimmy Glowenke had one of the only hits of the day, going 1-for-3 with his first double at Double-A. In five games with Richmond, Glowenke is now 5-for-18 (.278) with the double as his first extra-base hit of any kind with his new team. He also has a walk and four strikeouts.
  • The other hit was from catcher Andy Thomas, who was 1-for-4 with his sixth double of the season. The turn of the calendar to June has been good for Thomas, who is now 4-for-12 (.333) with a double and a home run, though with no walks and four strikeouts. Overall, he’s batting .215 with six doubles and five home runs.
  • It was a good start for Ryan Murphy, who gave up only one run on four hits and no walks, with three strikeouts. It was a good bounceback for Murphy after he gave up six runs in his last start. It was Murphy’s first appearance of the season without a walk, and in his five May starts, Murphy had walked 14 in 16.0 combined innings.

High-A: Vancouver 7, Eugene 3

Eugene Notes:
  • The Emeralds managed five hits, with Grant McCray providing the power, but that and Eugene’s three runs paled in comparison to Vancouver, scoring seven runs on 13 hits. Vancouver scored four runs in the first inning, highlighted by a triple and a home run, and never looked back.
  • Grant McCray led the team by going 2-for-4 with a triple and a home run. That gives McCray three triples and eight home runs to go with seven doubles in 49 games. McCray has a batting line of .236/.345/.426 with 29 walks to 68 strikeouts.
  • Carter Howell was 2-for-3 with a walk. In a very successful six games after his High-A callup, Howell now has a .458/.500/.583 batting line with a double and triple. That’s after he had a .337/.398/.500 in 39 games at San Jose.
  • The only other hit by Eugene was Aeverson Arteaga, who went 1-for-4 with three strikeouts. In 47 games, Arteaga has 24 walks to 54 strikeouts, with a .209/.307/.390 batting line for Eugene.
  • Starter Matt Mikulski had a really fough game, giving up six runs, four earned, in 3.1 innings on six hits and three walks, while striking out only one. Mikulski’s ERA bumped up to 7.89 on the season with the game. He’s given up 40 hits in 29.2 innings, allowing a .331 batting average. He’s struck out 32 against 22 walks.
  • Reliever Seth Lonsway had a good game, with 2.2 scoreless innings, allowing two hits and two walks while striking out five. But it’s his first game out of 11 on the season in which he did not allow a run. He has a 6.82 ERA with 33 strikeouts to 19 walks in 34.1 innings.

Low-A: Fresno 7, San Jose 2

San Jose Notes:
  • Hey! San Jose had solid offense, scoring two runs on seven hits, but their defense led something to be lacked. Five errors led to four unearned runs for Fresno as the Grizzlies took the finale of the series.
  • Reggie Crawford picked up his first hit of the season (in his second game as a hitter), going 1-for-4 with a double, the only San Jose extra-base hit. He’s now 1-for-7, with his last game as a hitter back on May 24th.
  • Right fielder Turner Hill went 2-for-4 with a walk and a steal. In four games with the Giants since he signed, Hill is 6-for-17 (.353) with a double, and has a walk to two strikeouts, with two steals in as many attempts.
  • Third baseman Andrew Kachel was 1-for-3 with a walk, but also had two errors in the horrible defensive game. Kachel has a .299/.382/.460 with 19 walks to 41 strikeouts, and has 13 doubles to three home runs. Kachel, who has played games across three positions this season, now has three errors in 13 games at first, two errors in five games, and four errors in 13 games at third.
  • Starter Hayden Wynja had a bit of a mixed start, giving up five runs in 4.0 innings, but just one earned run, on three hits and no walks, with three strikeouts. Wynja now has a 4.20 ERA, the lowest it’s been since mid-April. Wynja now has 40 strikeouts to 11 walks in 30.0 innings.
  • Sean Newcomb made his season debut at Low-A, striking out two without allowing any baserunners in a single inning of work. The 29-year old signed as a minor league free agent in the offseason. Newcomb has spent parts of six seasons in the Majors, mostly with Atlanta, but with both the Braves and Cubs in 2022, with a career MLB ERA of 4.52, but a 2022 MLB ERA of 8.78.
One final note…come back for the Daily Minors Quick Notes tomorrow! That’s right, we will have Monday baseball, as the Arizona Complex League and Dominican Summer League begin play. 8 minor league teams! Notes for those teams will be significantly shorter, as there’s less notable prospects at that level, and I won’t do game recap paragraphs unless there’s something really notable. Gotta save time after all!
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2023.06.05 08:24 airbornchaos Unusual mouse and keyboard behavior, started after less than two weeks of inactivity.

Please pardon me if this is a known issue, I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous. System details below.
I left for a camping trip 26 May, and returned late yesterday, 3 June. I left the computer on, and let it "sleep" for that time. Mainly, because my spouse isn't interested in learning how Linux works, and I have an application she may need to use while I'm away. So I left it open so it was easy to access. (She says she never needed to, but it was available. )
Today I notice strange behavior of my mouse and keyboard. In Libreoffice, and Firefox, the CTRL key shrinks the size of the project or page. Just using CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and CTRL+Z shortcuts here, each shrank my window to 40%.
In other pages on Firefox, attempting to use the auto-fill feature for name, address, etc, the selections flash in and out, well before I can make a selection. And when trying to use a media player, such as VLC and Celluloid, if the mouse pointer is in the player window, the file fast-forwards. Simply mousing over the player causes the file to quickly fast forward in 10 second intervals.
I've not seen any of these behaviors before I left. When I returned I did run the update manager, it's most likely one of those updates needs to be rolled back, but I was so tired, I don't think I even looked at what was getting updated. At first I thought it was the driver for my SteelSeries mouse, but the driver-less keyboard is also showing strange behaviors. I'm not really sure where to start troubleshooting. Any suggestions?
System Information:
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2023.06.05 08:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) (

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2023.06.05 08:19 DeepCleanBrillo Season finale and season 4 in general felt like a different show

The whole thing was not great. The finale did not lead up to the hype. Season 1-3 are the greatest pieces of television possibly ever and they absolutely fumbled the bag season 4. There wasn’t a single scene that was corny as a result of improper writing s1-3 but almost every episode of season 4 has painfully cringey writing in the “high pressure” situations. All of season 4 feels like a family guy rewrite parody of the show. I felt this from the 1st episode. Every tom and gregg moment felt forced and cringe. The siblings banter felt like “hey fans we also remember their idiosyncrasies and inside jokes” season 4 felt like a parody of itself.
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2023.06.05 08:19 throwaway559244 Sexually assaulted multiple people as a kid. Feel like my life's fucked up

I sexually assaulted multiple people as a kid I feel i've fucked up my life. Let me start off from my childhood When i was only a few years old maybe 5 or 6 i discovered porn on youtube, i discovered it too early. Consequently I got caught by someone then they told my mom, she got really mad and wanting me to stop watching it,she threatened to bring me to the police station for watching it. So as a kid i got more and more curious of it. I started developing abnormal sexual behaviors at a very young age. One time, I was hanging out with my grandma, now this grandma I still remember when we were young with my cousins until like the age of 7 or something, (I cant remember the age) but she would breast feed us. Now after i discovered porn, I started thinking breast feeding as something sexual. I remember being with my grandma and then suddenly asking her the things I learned from porn. Asking her if she could '' put her mouth on my private'', basically inappropriate questions and this was when i was very young! She became shocked and mad and told my mom about it. Throughout my childhood I would watch' 'kissing prank' 'videos on youtube.I also remembered playing ''Family'' with my cousins and having a crush on my girl cousin and roleplaying husband and wife. I would also sometimes try to look at girls breasts by intentionally standing close to them and trying to get a peak inside their cleavage and see if I can see inside. Another story of a shitty thing I did as a child: I remember once when i was at school, there was a girl and I dropped on the ground, flipped her dress and purposely saw her underwear. I also remember once when I was hanging out with one of my older cousin, I dont remember much when this happened but I think I was very young. Basically, I think we were in a room and he took out his penis and asked me to suck it and he would give me a lollipop. Being a child, I wanted the lollipop but was hesitant. Now, like i said i dont remember much but I think I agreed and I put my mouth on it for like a quick second and quickly went to the toilet to wash my mouth. Im not very sure of much that happened since i was very young but yea. I also remember this cousin, once he masturbated in his room and I was in there and he would show me pictures of naked woman in a biology textbook. Growing up, I did weird stuffs like smelling bras or underwears of my aunts. After discovering porn, after seeing videos of people sucking on boobs, after seeing it as sexualIy. I wanted to try to be breastfed again. This is the part that I regret the most, When i was around 10 or 11 years old, I was at a sleepover at my moms side grandma house (not the grandma I mentioned above) I remember multiple instances of me touching her breasts. The first time, her back was having pain so she told me to apply a heating pad on her back and when i was applying, I dont know why but I grabbed her breasts and sucked on it. She didnt said anything. Then when we went to sleep, I was sleeping next to her, I tried to lie by saying I was '' cold'' to get closer to her. Then i grabbed her breasts, sucked on it and slowly laying on top of her,I tried to take off her pants but luckily did not as she was wearing tight yoga pants . I think if she was not wearing the pants I would have done something I would regret for the rest of my life like raping her. (Im not sure if this counts as attempted rape as Im not sure what I was thinking when I tried to take off her pants) I would grab her breasts multiple time and she told me not to do that as someone would sue me if I did it.A few years after this happened, when I started realising how wrong it was, I tried to apologize to my grandma multiple times but she would always defend me by saying I was just a kid and I was curious but now im questioning myself maybe as I took advantage of situations and maybe I was not curious, I mean I knew what sex was because of porn, Im not sure if I understood consent though I dont really know what I knew back then but I did things without thinking. I Mentioned it to her a few times but she told me that it hurts for her to see me being like this and told me to stop thinking about it and told me to stop mentioning it again and not to tell anyone about it.
The next:I am unsure the age I was when these 3 instance of sexual assaults happen but maybe around the age of 10-12 Second time i commited sexual assault I was at school and I remember being in class and all the students gathered in a crowd. I remember a girl was in front of me and I started secretly thrusting my hip onto her butt. After a few years this happened, I confessed to her and she told me she did not know this happened and was glad I told her.
Third time, It was when me and a younger girl cousin was playing hide and seek and I remember us hiding under the bed. I was behind her and I remember feeling aroused fron it and taking advantage of the situation I told her to squeeze closer in. I dont think I touched her but I cant remember much of what happened.
Fourth time: This was when i was also young Im not sure of the age But basically One of my moms friends were teaching me how to do my homework She was guiding me and sitting beside me helping me hold the pencil. I remember I think she was not wearing a bra and my arms felt her nipples, taking advantage of the situation I kept on '' accidentally'' move my arms, rubbing her nipples.
Even though now I am in a good relationship with my grandma, the girl I assaulted and my cousins. I really feel immense regret for all these things that I did. Not a day goes by that I dont think about it, it really is killing me and I havent told much people about it except for some online friends. I really dont know what to do, I am 15 years old, cant seem to forgive myself. I also dont know if I will have a SO in the future and if they will be willing to accept me for my past. I've done lots of unimaginable shitty things when I was young and the guilt is just overwhelming. I am going overseas to study soon and honestly Im scared. I cant focus on school as Im always in the past. I know what I have told you guys doesnt sound real but all these really happen and I feel like no one understands me, I try to move on and be happy, but I think everyone will be shocked when they know what I've done in the past. And honestly I dont know if I am truly remorseful or maybe I am just selfish and just want to not feel guilty by confessing and looking for sympathy. Is it wrong if I want to feel happy again and get over the past. I really want to change, I wanna be normal again. But I cant, I've done these actions so that means Im gonna have to live with it. I dont know if Im a good person or a bad person. Even though everythings fine now in my life but I just cant seem to get over the past. I've develop OCD and stuff and I fear that I'll go crazy if I keep holding this in. So, this is my confession.
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2023.06.05 08:16 chickentaco34 Looking for advice on whether to adopt this pup or not

Hi, first time posting. Sorry in advance for the long post but I need some help. I don’t currently own a dog but am currently in the process of trying to adopt one. I met him for the first time today. Here’s the back story and the reason I’m asking for help:
This dog is a year old and has been at the shelter for the last 5 months. His previous family likely hit him as he is quite jumpy and easily startled by the movement of a hand or even adjusting your seated posture too quickly.
When I met him today, we took it very slow. The woman at the shelter and I sat in an outdoor play area with him. She told me to almost ignore him when we got inside and to let him realize that we are safe and to let him come up to me when he was ready. So that’s what we did. We talked for about ten minutes then eventually he came near me and sniffed from a distance. I hardly looked at him at first so as not to frighten him or feel like a threat. After maybe another ten minutes he took a treat from me and then he was circling back my way to receive a treat then would walk away again still unsure about me. That’s fine - it’s what I expected going in. Eventually after maybe 30 minutes we got to a point where he let me pet his chin. Then another 10 minutes later he let me pet his neck and top of his head. Between those two, there was a point where I reached toward him and he jumped. I must have moved my hand too quickly even though I felt like I was going slow. So I think he’s really been through it which just tears me apart.
Anyway, I went from sitting in a chair to sitting on the ground and still was giving him treats as he made his circles between me, some toys, and the shelter lady, giving some scratches here and there when he allowed. Then the shelter lady asked if I’d like to walk him which of course I wanted to. So she did a lap around the play area with him, then did another lap with me walking next to her. Then she handed me the leash and he and I did 3-4 laps together. He is a confident walker which I was excited about and he didn’t seem bothered that I was holding the leash. When we finished that we sat back down on the ground and it was back to him assessing the situation and doing his loops between us and some toys that were around. We were both encouraging him when he would pick up a toy and bring it near or squeak it and I could tell he liked that.
It was getting to be time for me to go but before I left I had the chance to see him do some zoomies and acting much more playful. It seemed like he had built up the courage to be himself in front of us! I loved seeing that big pit smile on his face! Before leaving I told the shelter people that I wanted to adopt him and she sent the paperwork my way.
A little while after I left the shelter, she messaged me that they pulled his file to read about when he was dropped off at the shelter originally and they found that there was mention of severe separation anxiety. The previous family vaguely mentioned that when left alone he was destructive and didn’t do very well.
I work in an office 3 days a week and work from home the other 2. Other than that I don’t go out much aside from a weekly 2.5 hour rehearsal that I have and the occasional haircut. Work allows a certain period of work from home time so I’d probably take the first 2-3 weeks of having him to just be home and get to bond and learn each others routines. I was planning to enroll him in a doggy day care/training type of thing on the days that I’m in office and then to be with him the other times. I wasn’t too concerned with him being shy and hesitant around people cause I feel confident that I can give him the space, time, and love that he needs to be able to open up and see the kindness in people. What worries me is the separation anxiety. Will I ever be able to leave him alone without worrying that he is breaking things or hurting himself? Can it be trained out of him over time? If he can’t be out free roaming, is it ok to keep him crated during those shorter periods (again 2-3 hours max) while I’m away or would that be even worse for his separation anxiety?
I should also mention that he is GREAT with other dogs. It’s really only people that bother him. There’s a bit of a warming period when he meets someone as described above but he gets along well with dogs. Am I cut out to be his person? Will my work schedule be too hard for him to cope with? I’m still really leaning towards adopting him, but I want to make sure that it is the best thing for him too and not only consider my personal feelings and want of a dog. I got such a good feeling from him when I saw him online and when I met him at the shelter and I just don’t want to let him down or make him think I don’t care for him during those times that I do have to leave or be apart. I’m open to any and all advice and thanks for reading if you made it this far
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2023.06.05 08:16 Snoo-68188 My girlfriend has a past and I don’t know if I can get over it.

I’m 17 M and she is 18 F. She has completely changed and is a perfect girlfriend other than for the fact that she had 3 bodies before me at 18. We click so good and have such good chemistry. We both feel so happy when we’re together. I genuinely enjoy being w her and I find her beautiful and sexy. She is deeply in love with me and texts me everyday and falls asleep on the phone with me every night, but I feel like my pride is stopping me from fully loving her due to her past. I feel bad because she is already claiming me to all her friends and posts me on her social medias and she wants me to do the same. She is very attached to me and when I tried breaking up with her earlier in our relationship I couldn’t go through with it because of how attached she was too me and how horrible I felt because of how much she was crying and begging me to stay. I don’t know what to do because i feel like she is genuinely perfect for me but I just can’t get over her past. Her past includes having sex with my best friend once, having another random body, and having a long term ex bf that she kind of has issues from. This all happened before she met me but I just can’t get over it. She has completely changed and has told me she’s willing to cut off or block anyone I’m not comfortable with her talking too and barely ever goes out anymore, and when she does she’s constantly texting me. I feel like she would genuinely be perfect for me if it wasn’t for her past, especially w/ my best friend. I’ve already met her family and her parents know we are dating. We have been together for around 2 months. Also she is graduating hs while I am going into my senior year. She’s staying at home and going to college local so we could easily continue the relationship. Am I being too sensitive or am I justified in not being able to fully commit to her?
TLDR: My girlfriend has a past that is hard for me to get over, but other than that we are perfect for each other. What should I do?
(If you guys have any more questions abt the situation ask me I think I left some stuff out)
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2023.06.05 08:15 danrisby Just completed our rookie draft

Just wrapped our rookie draft and ended up with the below players:
Pick 1.10 - Jordan Addison
Pick 2.04 - Kendre Miller
Pick 3.04 - Tank Bigsby
What do we think of these guys? My rb depth isn’t great with KWIII, Aaron Jones, Dobbins Herbert, Jamaal Wil. So these guys are ok depth and gives me both runners behind Kamara.
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2023.06.05 08:15 WaroftanksPro Wait... you can be your own accolade??

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2023.06.05 08:11 diito Dual pondless waterfall feature, one side is not getting water?

I bought a house with a dual waterfall on hill in my backyard 4 years ago. For the first couple of years it worked fine. I pulled the pump in the winter and in removed all the leaves and debris, powerwashed the whole thing, reinstalled the pump and then rinsed/replace water until the whole thing ran clear.
Last year I did that and I discovered the pipe on one side of waterfall was cracked and was leaking water so the whole system didn't work. I had someone out and they replaced a section of pipe so that side didn't leak. I was not home when they came out and did the work. When I turned the system on to test it was immediately apparent that while they did fix the side that they came out to the other side was having an issue now too. The volume of water was much lower and just a trickle. I called the same company to come back and long story short they did and did something but essentially said they didn't build the system and didn't know what was wrong with the other side but that there was probably a rock stuck somewhere (which I don't see how as there is no way one could make it in there, and it would be an additional charge to fix it. I said yes and they clearly didn't want to do the work so never came out again as they said they would. These guys had a ton of 5 star ratings. I didn't find someone else as it was already near the end of the season at that point.
This season I'd like to get it fixed or fix it myself. The working side is higher up the hill and has a ~3" line with a ball valve in the middle that seems to control the flow on that side only, presumably to be able to match the volume to the other side. The non-working side has a ~2" line. Water is VERY slowly filling the spill box and out in a trickle so some water is getting up there. There are no indications of a leak anywhere I can see. Does anyone have an idea what it might be? I will call another pond company but I'm wondering if would be a good idea to call a plumber and have them scope it from the spill box?
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2023.06.05 08:10 pogomaster777 Happy Pride! I just came out to my husband.

I’ve know I’m Bi since I was a teen, but I grew up steeped in purity culture and heteronormativity due to my religious upbringing. I was always a vocal ally of the queer community, but found it easier to push aside my own sexuality since I could just date men publicly, and laugh off my feelings and experiences with women as “just having fun”.
I married an awesome guy in my early 20s, and thought “cool, now I don’t even have to worry about that anymore, it’s irrelevant since I married a man! Won’t come up again.”
Well, as I began to deconstruct my skewed views on faith over the past few years, I realized that even though I am in a very happy, monogamous heterosexual relationship, that doesn’t erase my bisexuality. And that my past experiences & feelings with women were very real, and my attraction to women and non binary people is just as valid as my attraction to men. It is nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and being married doesn’t erase it from who I am. In a sense, that’s when I fully “came out” to myself.
Over the past few years I began to be a bit more open about it with friends and my husband- making jokes, telling casual coming of age stories including past experiences with women, sharing about attraction to female celebrities, etc. I figured everyone kinda got the picture, but again, I didn’t need to say it explicitly.
Well, a few weeks ago when on the topic of my religious deconstruction, it came up in therapy. My therapist asked if my friends and my partner knew. I was like “oh, kinda? I’m sure. I don’t hide it”. She suggested I have a conversation with my partner if I felt comfortable.
So tonight, I did! It started with me telling him about how I was going to watch the Blues Clues Pride episode with our toddler tomorrow, and explain to her what pride is, which he said he thought was great. Then I just dropped a “oh… and I don’t know if I’ve said it explicitly… but you know I’m Bi right?” He laughed and said he didn’t know that. We then had a great conversation about my journey with my sexuality, reflecting on past experiences, my conversation with my therapist, and the spectrum of sexuality in general. When the conversation ended he said he loved me and was glad I shared that with him.
So, I came out to my husband tonight. It feels really good, and makes me feel even more confident and comfortable in my bisexuality knowing that someone else knows too, plainly and clearly. Not sure if or when I’ll fully come out to friends and family, but this is a great first step. Happy pride, my fellow bisexuals. I’d love to hear some of your experiences with this if you came out while in a heterosexual relationship.
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2023.06.05 08:08 benlikesmarvel [TOMT][Book] Please help me find a book about a boy who gets abducted and taken to a school for aliens.

Okay so I my memory is pretty fuzzy about this but I am going to give you guys everything I remember.
I probably read the book somewhere around the year 2013. It was a graphic novel, and the target audience was probably kids ages 5-10. The book was in English and I bought the book at a used book store in Tirana, Albania.
A kid and his dad move to a secluded house in the desert. After living there for a bit he starts noticing a man staring at him through his window. At some point the man abducts the kid and it turns out the man is actually a alien. He lives with the alien man's family for a little bit before he is forced to go to a boarding school for aliens. I do not remember very much about the school part itself but I do remember he had to wear a chip in his ear so he could understand the other alien students. At some point the kid is able to escape the school and get back to earth where there ends up being a final stand off between his dad and the principal of the alien school. His dad ends up winning and is able to make the aliens leave them alone.
I know this is not a lot to go off of but I would appreciate any help I can get.
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2023.06.05 08:08 pharmabrox vendor review u/ResponsibleMaterial4

vendor: u/ResponsibleMaterial4 Quality: 10/10 Packaging: 10/10 Delivery: 10/10 ( arrived in 3 days) cost: 10/10
orderd LC 4 days ago, started shipment next day and arrived pretty fast in 3 days. it was urgent and fast delivery really helped. this is probably my 6 or 7th order from this guy and all the time quality was good and delivery also
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2023.06.05 08:06 KnightofLoyalty Player Knight Funerals

From what I've gleaned, death of a player character in Pendragon's system is a fairly common occurrence. And it should be--one of the draws of the system is taking up the standard of the family as the next of kin, living up to the deeds of their line. It's fantastic, and I look forward to one day asking my players how different their successive knights felt to play.
My knights have yet to experience it (though they've had narrow misses, that's for certain), and as such I want to have something prepared to honor the knight when we inevitably lose our first and have the Player see their knight recognized. What I've got might be a bit long for a session trying to cover a year of in-game time with four players, but our group is running at a very slow pace anyway, and seem content. My checklist includes:
  1. Can the body be returned home? How long might it take, and what condition might the body be in? Are their healers who can embalm the body?
  2. Does the deceased have a written will? (I admit this might just be to motivate those who haven't done so despite prodding) If not, what do the other knights decide to do with the body of their comrade, and how might this affect their family later?
  3. Where is the deceased buried? At home, at the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sarum, or somewhere else of significance? Who makes that decision; the knight's spouse, or does the Earl or Church intercede with the offer of somewhere with Glory?
  4. Service takes place. Does anyone bring or buy gifts for the deceased, either to be buried with them, or to be given to their spouse or heir? (The deceased knight receives 10 Glory/L of gift; might be high, but it's the last Glory they'll receive)
  5. Review the Character's History on their Character Sheet. What was their single biggest instance of Glory? What were some of the party's best remembered moments with the character?
  6. Do any of the other Player Knights have a eulogy to give for their fallen comrade?
Ending on that personal note from the players ought to, I hope, make it a weighty and memorable moment, and set the tone for the knight's heir.
So what might you add or take away from this list? How have you handled it in the past, and might this end up changing the handling going forward? And if you have any sources on Cymric burial practices that might be worth including, by all means share them.
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2023.06.05 08:05 Competitive-Network3 [US][SELLING] SELLING ENTIRE COLLECTION! Part 1

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2023.06.05 08:05 SirSavant_ I recently became PIMO and don’t know what to do next…

Preface… oh goodness, you know it is a long post if I have to write “preface” first thing. Thank you so much to everyone who stays and reads!!!I’ve been a TBM guy for nearly my whole life (I left when I was a super depressed teenager 9 years ago, went back 7 years ago). Baptized at 8, priesthood of Aaron at 12. Applied to go on a mission at 18, was “honorably dismissed” from serving due to passed anxiety and depression issues.
Married at 19 (3 months after mission dismissal letter, 6 months of dating before marriage), baby at 20, divorced at 21 (she just wanted a baby but not me. I don’t have to pay alimony, just child support, so hoorah!). To be clear, I don’t regret my beautiful baby girl (I’ll call her “A”), but I do regret that I didn’t wait longer to a - know my ex better before getting married, & b - to know my ex better after getting married to have a baby. But, the past is in the past and I am doing everything I can to be an amazing father to that little girl of mine. Fast forward to today, I am now dating an incredible woman (I’ll call her “V”) and have been for nearly a year. She and I are TBM at this point in the story.
My current beliefs: I believe in Jesus Christ, the Atonement, resurrection, and opportunity for everyone to live in Eternity with their loved ones. I have no idea what Eternity looks like because Jesus hasn’t spoken about it in the bible (at least, not the parts that I’ve read. I’m reading the NKJV for the first time because I never had the chance in the BoM church). I don’t believe there is any one person on Earth who has God’s power and allows us to use it. I don’t believe God will condemn anyone for being part of the “wrong” church. I think the only thing that matters is genuinely trying to be a good person. I have no issue with personal beliefs and practices of other churches, members of this church, agnostics, atheists, LGBT community, etc… I know a lot of people here are atheistic or agnostic. Just like I respect your belief system, please respect mine.
Story time… 2 months ago, I was at an Institute class with V (not my class, just visiting her’s) and A was with us for visitation. A was restless and wanted to run around and play in the church halls like any 2 y/o girl does. So, I took her into the hall and quietly chased her around. This is when I heard one of the teachers pose the question/statement to his students: “isn’t it so sad when people leave the church?”
This question seemed so off to me. First, I feel absolutely no sorrow when people leave the church. They are simply choosing to follow their own belief system and to be their own individual person. Wasn’t Jesus super accepting and loving of everyone? Second, it seemed manipulative to me for a teacher to suggest to these college students, who are just figuring out life, that it is automatically a bad thing when someone leaves the church.
Anyway, being a TBM at the time, I had no idea why someone would want to leave the church. My concerns with that question was the first red flag I actually noticed. So, being an incredibly curious person, I decided to google it. Queue the smug looks of every exmo in this community who know what I found, haha! All of my research came from a place of trying to disprove the exmos and anti-mos wrong, so I focussed on diving deep into any topic that concerned me. Each point of research includes exmo, neutral, modern LDS, and LDS archive sources to ensure I had all of the information. Everything in this post I validated from church posts or archives unless I explicitly state otherwise. The CES letter beautifully summarized (is 130 somethings pages actually a summary though?) everything I was feeling and also addressed something things I don’t actually find concerning about the church.
So, my concerns boil down to the following: *The First Vision accounts of who Joseph allegedly saw. Did he see an angel, just Jesus/God/spirit as one being (God), both Jesus and the Father, or both of them and a host of angels? Why did it take him 20 years to tell anyone about it? Why does the church teach that he immediately told people about it when he didn’t? Why did the church actively tell members that he did NOT see God or Jesus, but an angel, for ~40 years after the vision? Any other details of the first vision itself are of no concern to me as it feels like he was simply discussing different parts of what happened. Yes, I’ve read each account.
*Joseph started off his youth by treasure hunting and defrauding people of their money using his peep/seer stone. Sure, he could have just been a kid who didn’t know what it was he was doing (scams) but also… this goes against what I was taught about him being the most honest person you could meet (the phrase “more honest than honest Abe” comes to mind for some reason).
*He used his peep/seer stone to “translate” a large part of the BoM. Most of his translation efforts didn’t require the BoM to be visible or even be near him. I always imagined he held the Urim and Thumim over the plates to see the characters transcribed, much like live google translate. Additionally, his mother recalled him telling stories about the Lamanites and Nephites before the BoM was a thing (I don’t remember my source on this one or if I validated it with church archives). The BoM has many parallels with another book that it may be heavily based on (I forgot the name). The BoM lifts text straight from the KJV and includes non-JST verses that Joseph later “corrected” for the JST.
*He later “translated” the Book of Abraham from Egyptian Papyri which were just ancient burial records. He later “translated” the Kinderhook plates but they were fakes that some of his “disciples” pranked him with. His ability to translate seems fake at best… and a fake ability is no ability in my book.
*Polygamy and polyandry. Do I even need to list any details here? The fact he started the practices before the “revelation” to do so was received, had to manipulate Emma into “letting him” do it, was caught cheating at least once (Emma documented it), married teens, married already married women, wasn’t sealed to Emma until he was already sealed to 20-something other women, never sealed to his parents or children, etc…
*SEC fines. I thought my tithing money was being used to help the poor and needy. It’s frustrating to know it is actually being used to run a business. Yes, the choices the church made were shady but were also comparable to many other businesses. My biggest problem here is the lack of transparency and that my money wasn’t being used for the Lord’s work. If I want to support a business I’ll invest time or money. I prefer not to be scammed out of it by being told it is being used for service and providing for thosein need.
*BITE model. I won’t even start listing any of the items in the BITE model I have issue with. I think about 90-95% of the BITE model red flags are met by the cult. I mean church.
I spoke briefly with V about this a week or so ago, during a camping trip in which we got to share a tent. She was concerned we were sinning but I expressed to her I wasn’t worried about it. I told her I was struggling with the church’s history and current practices. Jesus didn’t teach not to sleep together, he taught not to cheat. She wasn’t ready to discuss it further so we decided to set it aside and we slept side by side in the tent anyway.
A couple nights later, she was feeling sick and wanted to stay with me. Normally she has slept on my couch but she chose to sleep with me in bed. I took care of her that night and the next day and we haven’t slept together since. We also haven’t had sex or performed any sexual acts together. I have no issue with pre-martially sleeping and/or having sex with her as it is a committed relationship that we both are committed to making last (obviously, this isn’t cheating).
Fast forward to 2-3 nights ago. She wanted to stay over again but was feeling guilty and anxious about it. I expressed to her I don’t want to make her feel guilty of anxious about sleeping with me. I gave her a standing invitation to stay whenever she wants but that I would support her in not sleeping together. Then the topic of my beliefs came up again. I told her slightly more but she wasn’t (and still isn’t) emotionally prepared to hear my concerns with the church. She’s concerned my leaving the church would cause her to lose her connection with Jesus (I told her I want to attend a non-denominational christian church with similar morals and beliefs to ours). She asked that we both speak with our bishops and I agreed.
I expressed my concerns to my bishop and it went slightly better than expected. He shared a story about when he was a missionary. Two months in, he met a super aggressive anti-mormon who attacked their beliefs for 30-minutes straight. They left without saying a word. Bishop says he has many questions still but has chosen to “shelve” them for now. He basically told me two things: 1 - to read a particular talk about dissecting difficult questions with V. 2 - that I would have to grapple with this and come to my own conclusion. He’s just grateful I have a strong belief in Jesus, regardless of if I leave the church or not.
V spoke with her bishop and he is convinced I won’t leave. He doesn’t know me very well. He also doesn’t know I would leave in a heartbeat if V would come with me. I know my TBM family would accept my decision. When I left as a teenager they still loved me. When my brother left they didn’t shun him one bit. I know they would do the same for me. But V… I don’t know.
We both got blessings tonight (I honestly believe anyone living a good life who is trying to follow Jesus can speak in his name) and I felt so much peace as I contemplated the direction I want to take my life in… except for the part of not knowing if V will accept me. The young men who gave the blessing stated that “my father in heaven is proud of me” and I believe that is in regard to my dedication to knowing the truth about Jesus, accepting everyone for who they are (including mormons), and forgiving the church as it is God’s place to judge them and not mine.
I adore V and genuinely want to spend my life and eternity with her. She’s the only reason I’m PIMO and not exmo. She clearly, truly loves me. She and I have dreams of raising a small family together, we often laugh together (even when discussing difficult topics such as these ones), and we are able to communicate very well. But, when I’ve asked if she would stay with me if I left the church she skirts around the question and tells me she is confident I’ll come back before I leave. She’s never been afraid to hear the details of why I am struggling with something, until I brought all of this up to her. I really want to tell her what I am feeling and why. I wonder if she won’t agree and choose to find another church together if only she would take time to understand.
She wants both of us to meet together with her bishop because he has a similar style of communicating as I do. I think she might maybe be willing to hear my side if her bishop is there. I’m not sure he’ll actually give me a chance to say my side though. If he does, I’m not really convinced she won’t be torn apart between me and the church. We have agreed to take this one step at a time and to try to figure it all out piece by piece. We’re still talking wedding plans or even eloping if we both still feeling confident in us (I won’t let any marriage happens if we aren’t able to reconcile these differences).
Anyway, I’m just really not sure what to do next. Help? :’(
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2023.06.05 08:05 Remarkable-Speed277 Having a girlfriend is possible if your below average looking

The only issue is you have to go through thousands of rejections. To meet the one.
I had alot of my pictures rated on photofeeler. And i ranged from as low as a 3.5/10 to a 6/10
It all depends on lighting, angles and if your smiling in your pictures
But anyways yea its possible guys ive dated a few woman in my lifetime that i found to be attractive and i personally think im ugly. It just takes alot of work when your not handsome to date a woman your attracted to.
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2023.06.05 08:04 risynn Thoughts regarding recent discussion around Niles, Kelsey and the revival.

NB: I posted this as a comment on an earlier post about why Niles wouldn't be in the revival as there was some interesting discussion, but I was also fairly late to the post. I also thought this might be good as its own post. There is a TL;DR at the end if you don't want to read through my wafflings.
I think a lot of the discussions about casting re DHP and the original cast were when the revival was still in its infancy.
The original concept of the show was to have the original cast reprise their roles, and most likely would have been set in Seattle again.
DHP did not want to reprise his role as Niles full time. He had moved on from that part of his life, and his career was in a different place.
Jane did not want to reprise her role full time as she was a series regular on The Resident at the time. She was adamant she would not leave that role for a Frasier revival.
At that point, the direction of the series was reimagined, to what we currently have. With this, we have a new cast, and Frasier in a different city.
With this in mind, there is potential for cameos in the future from DHP and Jane. A lot of the discussion about them not wanting to do the revival was around them not wanting to reprise their roles full time.
At this stage, based on what I've seen so far, I'm pretty confident that the series will get a second season. Beyond that, who knows.
In regards to things about the cast's relationships with each other, I don't think there is any indication that there is any bad blood between them and Kelsey. Recent reunion interviews have also not indicated that they've got anything but a good relationship with each other.
It has been pointed out that Kelsey is a conservative/Republican and act like this is new information. However, Kelsey seems to have always been a conservative/Republican - his views are most likely not new to the cast, and have not seemed to have influenced the series at all in the past, and now.
Despite the general views of people with a religious/conservative mindset, Kelsey appears to be, and always has been a supporter of the LGBT+ community. During his run on Frasier he worked with multiple LGBT+ cast, crew and writers. There is genuine affection shown in how he talks about the people he works with. And, from personally seeing him address the audience a month ago at a live taping, he seems to have a genuine love and respect for the people he is working with currently, and appears grateful for the opportunity to continue the series. His interactions with Peri during the episode 10 filming also seemed to be genuine from both sides, and they had a great rapport from what I saw.
I think Kelsey's most problematic view is his pro-life stance. While I am pro-choice, I think given his somewhat religious leanings, and the amount of loss he has experienced within his life, his stance should not be surprising.
TL;DR here is that a lot of the speculation is just speculation. Kelsey has some problematic views, but I don't think they're anything new to the people who know him, nor do I think they've impacted his relationships past or current. He seems to support the LGBT+ community despite his conservative leanings. The information about the cast not wanting to do the revival I think is mostly from when the plan was to use the original cast, and does not rule out cameos in the future.
And some bonus minor spoilers for the revival regarding locations and characters: David is indeed a student at Harvard, which is why he's in Boston. His home was not shown in the pilot or episode 10, but he doesn't live with Frasier or Freddie. I assume he lives on campus. I believe Niles and Daphne are still living in Seattle based on the information in both episode 10 and the pilot.
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2023.06.05 08:03 abrookee chance me poor white girl in stem

demographics: low income, white (technically half white and half asian but i’m going to claim white), divorced parents, from California
hooks: went to a performing arts high school, low income, legacy student, women in stem
intended major: comp sci or engineering (biochemical or biomedical)
stats: UW gpa 3.8 Weighted 4.8 (for ucs they only look at this gpa or a recalculated version of it) SAT: 660 ebrw 790 math took it once without studying gonna retake in august hopefully for a 1500+ possibly 1530+ superscored
coursework: took 12/15 aps offered 5 honors 12 aps (all 5s and 4s so far) 8 community college classes
rank: my school doesn’t rank but I know i’m in the top 9%
awards: -CM classical music awards and honors to the highest state and national levels (similar to abrsm if you know what that is) -music teachers association of california senior award -awarded money from boeing for making a rocket out of a soda bottle -national and state competitive dance titles
extracurriculars: -worked 2 part time jobs to support my family and younger siblings 1 was a manager position at subway 1 is a lifeguard at a local water park -attended an arts school where i went to school for like 10-15 hours a day. performed in over 60 shows in my highschool career (not including freshman year because covid) -performed 15 shows at the major theatre in my city lead and supporting roles -competitive dancer performed in 4 shows a year and 8 competitions -TAed for calculus and tutored students in math -worked as a student music teacher -graduating with a biliteracy seal in mandarin and iworked as a translator for foreign students at a summer school near me -helped start a science nhs chapter at my school (kinda a weak ec) i raised the money to pay for the club lol -generic nhs and csf + some random service hours
essays: i think my essays are strong esp my common app. it’s about why i love taking out the trash LOR: honestly probably mid
schools: mit, harvard, yale, stanford (legacy), usc (legacy), udub, ucberk, uci, ucsd, ucsb, ucsc, cal poly slo
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2023.06.05 08:02 AutoModerator y'all guys soo I might add season 3 know as season seas because we might cuz were not getting visits soo we will kk

note: not today only torromow cuz I might not get 50 visits
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