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2023.06.05 08:48 Relative_Fail_2192 Wrote this essay for a scholarship about a body builder in 7th grader. I only see mistakes in grammar but otherwise than that what could be improved?

prompt- Write a 500-word essay about someone who has impacted your life.

Most people don't know who Aziz Shavershain is, but of course they wouldn't since he is commonly known as the Legend Of Zyzz, or the greatest Russian Australian bodybuilder who ever lived. You may be asking why a bodybuilder matters so much to such a young girl. The Legend of Zyzz has inspired many people to be successful in life by posting inspirational videos for people who need the motivation to hit the gym or get up and do something proactive. He is not only known for that, he is also known for being a funny bodybuilder and even creating memes! I was sitting on my bed scrolling through YouTube, and suddenly I came across a video titled "The Memorial of Zyzz" Nothing was entertaining and the front cover of the video looked bracing; a guy was flexing his muscles, and the video was 38 seconds long. I clicked on the video just to be welcomed to an opening of an old recording video of Zyzz saying a proverb "Get up and workout. Hit those weights! You shouldn't be worried about what people think about you at the gym. Everyone is working on themselves and trying to become the better version of themselves. Think about it, 7 billion people in the world; there are about 45 people per gym." At this time, I was sluggish, I didn't have the motivation to work out but after watching the video it gave me the motivation to work out and not make excuses. I've always planned to work out but I never stuck to it. I got up from my bed and sprinted to grab my dumbbells and started to work out on my quads and biceps. I also grabbed my journal and even started my own little bulking story called " That one kid bulking up. " I kept watching his videos and his journey of how he went from being a skeleton to a bull. He didn't just inspire me to become a better version of myself. He taught me I HAD NO excuses to work out, no limitations, and that he taught me how to be myself and feel comfortable in my own body at the gym or when I go out. 5Zyzz was diagnosed with a heart condition called "Cardiac arrest" at a very young age. He knew that lifting weights would kill him, but did he stop? No, he did not. He kept going. He had a very good reason to not work out because it would cost him his life, but he still decided to work out and inspire people. I know if I was in his shoes, I would've stopped doing weightlifting knowing it was going to cause death upon me. There was this one sentence that Zyzz said that made me realize something "Why should you care about what other people think about you when you know you working on yourself?" Zyzz was always known as the wise man with motivating words. When Zyzz passed sadly passed away on August 5, 2011, it left the internet in shock. A year after his death, a user of YouTube under the name of Ruskimelb posted an 18:59-minute memorial video named "Zyzz-The Legacy" that blew up on YouTube. Ever since this video was posted, the internet started to bring back the legacy of Zyzz and that led people to edit Zyzz and bring him back alive. Nowadays if you look up Zyzz, you'll be able to see people recreating his aesthetic poses or motivational edits of Zyzz.
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2023.06.05 08:48 Slow-Truck-9496 Best Partnership registration in Hyderabad

Partnership registration in Hyderabad refers to the legal process of officially establishing a partnership as a business entity. A partnership is a type of business organization where two or more individuals or entities come together to carry on a business with a view to making a profit, and share the profits and losses as per the agreed-upon terms.
Partnership registration in Hyderabad typically involves the following steps:
Partnership Deed: A Partnership Deed is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership, including the name of the partnership, the names and addresses of the partners, the capital contribution of each partner, the profit-sharing ratio, and other relevant terms. The Partnership Deed serves as the foundation of the partnership and governs the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the partners.
Filing of Partnership Deed: The Partnership Deed must be executed on a non-judicial stamp paper and signed by all the partners. The Partnership Deed, along with the required documents, must be filed with the relevant authorities or registrar of firms in the respective state where the partnership is to be registered.
Payment of Stamp Duty: Stamp duty is a state-specific fee levied on the Partnership Deed and must be paid as per the rates applicable in the respective state. The stamp duty is generally calculated based on the capital contribution of the partners.
Obtaining Partnership Registration Certificate in Hyderabad: Once the Partnership Deed and other required documents are filed, and the stamp duty is paid, the registrar of firms verifies the documents and issues a Partnership Registration Certificate. This certificate serves as proof of the partnership's existence and its registration with the relevant authorities.
Partnership registration provides legal recognition to the partnership, helps establish the rights and responsibilities of the partners, and provides a framework for the conduct of business. It's important to note that partnership registration requirements and procedures may vary depending on the jurisdiction and local laws, and it's recommended to consult with a professional consultant or a Lawyer for accurate and up-to-date information on partnership registration in your specific area.
Types of Partnership Registration in Hyderabad:
There are two types of partnership registration in Hyderabad,
General Partnership: A general partnership is the simplest form of partnership, where two or more individuals come together to carry out a business activity with a shared objective of profit-making. In a general partnership, all partners have equal rights and responsibilities, and the profits and losses are shared equally among them.
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): An LLP is a partnership in which the liability of each partner is limited to the extent of their investment in the partnership. LLPs offer limited liability protection to its partners, which means that the personal assets of the partners are not at risk in case of any financial or legal liability incurred by the partnership.
Benefits of Partnership Registration in Hyderabad:
Easy to form: A partnership firm is easy to form as it requires no formal registration. However, it is advisable to register the firm to avail of certain benefits and legal protections.
Limited compliance :A partnership firm has limited compliance requirements compared to other forms of business entities like companies.
Tax benefits: A partnership firm is taxed as a separate entity, and its profits are taxed at the individual partner's tax rate. This can result in lower tax liability compared to other forms of business entities.
Flexibility: A partnership firm is flexible in terms of its operations, management, and ownership structure.
Joint and several liability: In a partnership firm, the partners have joint and several liability, which means they are collectively and individually responsible for the firm's debts and obligations.
Lower registration fees: The registration fees for a partnership firm are lower compared to the fees for registering a company.
Process for Partnership registration in Hyderabad:
Choose a Partnership Name: The first step in partnership registration is choosing a name for the partnership. The name should be unique and not be similar to any existing business name.
Draft a Partnership Agreement: The next step is to draft a partnership agreement, which is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership. The agreement should include the names and addresses of all partners, their capital contributions, profit-sharing ratios, and the duration of the partnership.
Obtain a Partnership Deed: A partnership deed is a legal document that contains the terms and conditions of the partnership. The deed should be stamped and registered with the Registrar of Firms in Hyderabad.
Obtain PAN and TAN: After registration, the partnership must obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) from the Income Tax Department.
Register for GST: If the partnership's turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs, it must register for Goods and Services Tax (GST) with the GST department.
Obtain Necessary Licenses and Registrations: Depending on the nature of the business, the partnership may need to obtain licenses and registrations from various government departments, such as the Shops and Establishment Act, Professional Tax, etc.
Documents for Partnership Registrations in Hyderabad
Partnership Deed: A partnership deed is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership, such as the name of the partnership, the objectives of the partnership, the responsibilities of the partners, and the profit-sharing ratio.
PAN Card and Address Proof: Partners are required to provide their PAN (Permanent Account Number) card and address proof such as Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID, or driver's license.
Address Proof of Business: The partnership is required to provide address proof of the registered office or business location, such as electricity bill, rental agreement, or property tax receipt.
Registration Certificate: The partnership will need to obtain a registration certificate from the Registrar of Firms, which is responsible for registering partnerships.
GST Registration: If the partnership is expected to have an annual turnover exceeding a certain threshold, it will be required to register for Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Bank Account Proof: The partnership is required to provide a copy of the bank statement or canceled cheque for the bank account that will be used for business transactions.
Other documents: Depending on the specific requirements of the government and the industry in which the partnership operates, other documents may be required. For example, if the partnership is in the healthcare industry, it may need to obtain specific licenses or certifications.
What is the cost of Partnership Registrations in Hyderabad?
The cost of Partnership Registration cost in Hyderabad typically includes the following components:
Partnership Deed: A Partnership Deed is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership, including the name of the partnership, the names and addresses of the partners, the capital contribution of each partner, the profit-sharing ratio, and other relevant terms. The cost of drafting and registering the Partnership Deed may vary depending on the complexity of the partnership structure and the fees charged by the professional consultants.
Professional Fees: This includes the fees charged by the professional consultants, such as Chartered Accountants or Lawyers, who assist with the partnership registration process. The fees may vary depending on the services provided and the complexity of the partnership structure.
Stamp Duty: Stamp duty is a state-specific fee levied on the Partnership Deed and may vary from state to state. The stamp duty is generally calculated based on the capital contribution of the partners and the rates applicable in Hyderabad.
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2023.06.05 08:47 SnooShortcuts7962 Would anyone be interested in an in person lush education skin care event?

Would anyone be interested in an in person lush education skin care event?
Lush is having an in person event June 11 at the Fairview Mall location in Toronto, Ontario.
The Happy Skin Event is going to be an educational and hands on shopping event experience.
It requires at $25 Rsvp prior to the event and then you will get $25 in credit towards skincare or (other) products in store.
We will be doing an educational piece regarding all aspects of skin care and massage, doing live demos and helping you discover the perfect products for your routine, tailored to you.
Come alone or bring some friends for this Happy Skin Party!
Vegan refreshments will be provided!

toronto #event #rsvp #lush #lushskincare #skincare #vegetarianskincare #veganskincare

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2023.06.05 08:47 bigpapapaycheck Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown
Found some boxes of cards I hadn't seen in almost 2 years.
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2023.06.05 08:46 lolhopen TEAMGROUP or Silicon Power SD Card?

I want to buy a new SD card for 4k recording (~102-105 mbps), which I'll be doing for several next years.
I found these cards in my budget:
All these cards are UHS-3 and Video Class 30, and have good speed according to reviews. The only problem is durability and endurance. Are TEAMGROUP cards good with this, or they die quickly and I should pay more for Silicon Power?
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2023.06.05 08:46 KakaoisforAll Android Developer, first job, built 3 apps to app store, resume feedback would be appreciated. How's it look?

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2023.06.05 08:45 AutoModerator [Download Course] Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce (

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What Success On Amazon Looks Like

“Data is Only Valuable If You Take Action” KPIs: Knowing What to Measure Account Health Audits Quarterly Growth Audits “What Story is the Data Telling Us?”

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2023.06.05 08:45 JSConrad45 I know SF6 just came out but if you like PVP gaming then don't sleep on Friends vs Friends (which also just came out)

Some other folks posted the trailers and launch announcements on here a while back, but in case you missed those, Friends vs Friends is an arena-shooter deckbuilder. I played it quite a bit over the last few days, and it's just damn neat.
The way it works is it's a 1v1 or 2v2 arena shooter (of the fast movement, moderate TTK variety) with 1v1 or 2v2 matches, and then you have a deck of cards that you draw a hand from at the start of match, and you play these cards to tilt the shooting situation into your favor. All the things that would ordinarily be pickups in an arena shooter are cards (various weapons, health kits, grenades), but then it keeps going with stat buffs/debuffs (eg speed up/down, damage up/down), deployables, and such. And other, weirder things.
If I or my teammate got the sniper rifle or revolver, that would be a good time to play the Big Head card to make the opponents' heads bigger for the rest of the round for easier headshots. To which they might respond by playing the Small Head card to counteract, or play the Helmet card to make headshots worse than bodyshots. Or maybe I got a shotgun but I can't get close without getting shot too much, so I play Ninja Log, which will do a substitution-no-jutsu to negate the next hit I take and make me temporarily invisible so I can reposition.
And it gets weirder. One card briefly makes the brain pop out of the top of the opponent's head, and if you can hit the brain then it's an insta-kill even with the basic pistol. The Garbage Day card fills the enemy's hand with garbage cards that don't do anything but make it harder to play the cards they want. Maybe combo that with Barbed Cards, which puts thorns on the opponent's cards so they cost HP to play. The Heartless card removes your own heart so that you become impervious to bullets, but your HP ticks down passively until you die, so it's a gamble on whether or not you can keep on top of the opponent (if you use it at full health, you've got 38 seconds before you die). Maybe the opponent has a strat that's just too strong on this map, so you play the Nuke card to nuke the fucking map. Now it's a different map entirely, a smoldering crater of wreckage.
I recommend it. It's really neat, it's super cheap (especially with the launch sale), and since it's all built around 1v1 and 2v2 there's no trouble with matchmaking. (Smart choice for an indie shooter, I think -- you're not going to have the playerbase for larger matches, so don't build for it)
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2023.06.05 08:45 Maksyme How to Bulk Upload NFTs (June 2023)

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2023.06.05 08:44 DimondNugget The endless basement that goes down forever.

One day I was hiking along a small mile long trail and it was an ordinary weekend and a nice sunny day. I knew the weather was going to be nice today so I decided to go for a hike and I drove to my nearest state park and once I got out of my car I smelled the nice fresh air of the outdoors and then I saw a small one mile trail and decided to go on it I walked a while on the trail and while I was walking on the trail I heard the peaceful sounds of the birds chirping and I saw the beautiful forest and the beauty of mother nature around me as I was walking near the end of the trail and I was greeted by a blocked off gravel path and a sign saying please do not go on this path hikers are not allowed on this path 500 dollar fine if caught walking on it.
I was curious when I saw this and I looked around to see If anyone was around me and I saw that no one was around me and I then jumped the fence that was blocking the gravel path I was finally walking on the forbidden gravel path and I got a rush out of it knowing I was doing something forbidden. On this so called forbidden path I looked around me to see if there was any park rangers I of course did not see any. I then kept walking on the gravel path and I was walking for a while and I kept seeing signs telling me to go back and stop walking on this path of course I ignored the signs and kept walking.
I looked at my clock and saw it was getting late and I was starting to get worried because the park is closing soon and the park rangers usually check the park to see if anyone is still in the park at closing time and If I got caught that means I would get fined 500 dollar so my paranoia made me to look around me to see if there were any park rangers around me there were none around and that gave me sigh of relief. I kept walking and it was really starting to get dark and I heavily searched my bag to see if I had a flash light I found a small dim flash light in my bag but it was bright enough to see around me but as I looked around to see I thought I had saw something in the corner of my eye of course it scared me a bit but I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on me. I then heard the wind howling and I thought I could hear something faint in the wind as I was listening.
I at first thought my mine was playing tricks on me and I kept listening I found out my mind was not playing tricks on me I was hearing voices in the wind and the voices were telling me to go back and to get off the forbidden path. I looked around to see that no one was there,was I hallucinating? I was walking and for a while I did not hear anything but then the wind started to howl again and I heard "please go back it's not safe". I was shaken up by this so I looked around me to see that no one was there I was for sure I heard someone. I then kept seeing stuff in the corner of my eye again and I thought I saw a ghostly figure for a second but every time I looked they were gone. I then once again started to hear the wind howling and I began to hear voices again and I kept hearing "go back go back get off the gravel path". At this point dawn was starting to come and the sky was starting to turn brighter and I saw something in the distance it was some sort of mansion me being the curious and adventurous I was happy to explore what ever this mansion was. I proceed to approach the mansion and as I was walking to it the wind began to howl very violently and the wind gust were very strong and it almost knocked me over my feet.
I began to hear "please go back go back do not go in there". I of course was too curious about the mansion to listen to what the voices were saying. I then opened the front door of the mansion and I walked in and saw that the place was old and was falling apart the wooden boards were rotting away and it smelled like mildew. I knew by the looks of this place it was abandoned and no one lived there. I was curious to explore this place so I walked around and I proceed to walk to the first room and I saw that there was a lot of holes in the wall and it looked torn apart, the bed was broken and the window was broken and I could tell that this place was old and rotting away. I then proceeded to the next room and I saw that there was symbols wrote with dried blood on the wall, this of course scared me bad and I jumped and I saw that there was rotting away skeletons of animals in this room, It looked like as if there was devil worshipers here. I then tried to walk to more rooms in this mansion and I saw more scary stuff. I saw that there was a warning wrote in dried blood on the walls saying whatever you do, do not go in the basement it's dangerous.
I then was curious to go in the basement of the mansion and I was the cat who could have died from their own curiosity. I then saw the door to the basement and I looked at it for a good 20 minutes, and after minutes I finally made up my mind to go open the basement door and go down there. I then proceeded to open the basement door and I then walked down the stairs and as I walked down the stairs the basement door slammed shut and I walked back up and tried to open the basement door I tried to open as hard as I could but it would not budge "shit I'm trapped in this basement and can't get out". I tried again to get the door to open I even tried pounding the door down but it did not work the door was locked shut.
I then gave up on trying to open the basement door and walked back down the stairs and I saw that the basement was huge and the was dried blood all over the walls It was crazy how much dried blood was on the walls and I was very scared I wanted to pound on the basement door again and get out of this place but I knew that would not work. I walked around some more around the basement and saw that there was more stairs it seemed as if the stairs went down to another floor. I proceeded to walk down the stairs and I got to where this floor was and I saw on this floor had a bit more dried blood on the wall then the previous floor I was on. I saw that this floor was bigger than the previous floor I was on and It was a massive room and in the corner of my eye I saw a figure of some sort and when I turned around it was not there I jump but then told myself that my mind was playing tricks on me because this basement was just so creepy.
I again saw that something was in the corner of my eye I looked around me fast and saw that no one was there. I kept walking around this floor and saw that it was full of furniture like very old stuff from what seemed to be from the 70s or 60s and they was a radio of some sort it only had AM on it and no FM. I thought to myself if I could turn on the radio but wondered if it still had worked so I pressed the button and surprised it turned on and starting working. All I heard at first was just static but then I kept listening and I could barely hear anything and I thought I heard something though the static but then I could finally hear something though the static and I hear what sounded like creepy voices in the static. I still could not hear it because there was still a lot of static on the radio and I tried to tune the radio to see if I could hear it more but nothing came out of it and I could still hear a lot of static but then after a few minutes I heard the voices again on the radio and I heard the voices louder this time and I could hear what they where saying and I heard a bone chilling sound coming from the radio a girl screaming "dad please help me I'm being tormented the beast is tormenting me please make it stop"!
My heart nearly stopped due to how scared I was. I saw that there was even more stairs that went down what seem like even another floor a 3rd floor even. I was curious and walked down the stairs and walked into the 3rd floor it even had the number 3 on it. I saw that this floor was not as big as the 2nd floor. I began to see that there was spiders on the wall but there was only of few of them on the walls and saw some more stuff it looked like there was some writing on the wall and it said the further you go down the worse it gets.
There were bricks on the walls of this floor and there was no wallpaper just bricks on the walls and I saw that there was a door to another room of some sort on this floor. I opened the door and saw that it was pitch black in this room and I walked into the room and could not see in the room so I got the flashlight from my bag and turned it on and it still was pitch black it's like this room was sucking any light away so I had to feel around the room but as I got walking around this room and feeling my way around I felt as if someone was behind me and I felt as if I was not alone in this room and the longer I stayed in the room the stronger the feeling got and tried to find my way out of the room because I felt as if someone was behind me and I felt as if someone was gently touching me and It got me scared but I then bolted and tried to find my way out of the room but could not for a few minutes and I then could hear a faint growl in my ear and I was running as fast I could and I finally found my way out of the room I was in. I slammed the door shut to the room I was in and I saw even more stairs that went down to another floor and ran down the stairs.
I was now on the 4th floor and saw that on the 4th floor there was cobwebs on the ceiling of the floor and spiders were more common than on the 3rd floor and there was more dried blood on the wall than the previous floors I was in. There was a lot more stuff on this floor and there was dining tables and chairs on this floor and it looks like as this was a restaurant from the 60s or 70s and I walked around the floor and there was cobwebs on the tables and chairs and spiders were crawling on the table but then I saw that there was a kitchen of some sort and I kept feeling as if something was behind me but the feeling was not that strong and I kept seeing stuff in the corner of my eye but when I turned I saw that nothing was there I realized that in the darker places that where less illuminated the feeling of something being behind me was there .
There were flickering lights in this place that seem as if they were about to die out. I somehow walked into a darker place in the floor and the feeling of something behind me was coming back. I felt as if something was lurking in this place and they lurked in the darker areas with less light. I saw that was of course more stairs that went down into the 5th floor. I was now in the 5th floor and holy crap this place was getting creepy there was a lot more cobwebs on this floor then there was on floor 4 and the spiders where now in big numbers and the spiders looked even bigger than before. This floor was even darker with less light. I saw that there was tables and chairs on the 5th floor just like the last one but they where on the tables but then as I looked away and looked back I saw that the chairs were now on the floor and broken for some reasons and I thought to myself this place has to be haunted. There less light bulbs that were on this floor than on the last floor and it was darker and there was less light.
Like I said in darker areas I felt as if someone was behind me and on this floor the feeling was stronger than on the last floor. I walked around and was in darker areas with less light and the feeling of someone behind me was getting stronger and stronger until I stopped walking and I listened closely and I could faintly hear a voice of some sort and it sounded creepy and I got scared and walked to a lighter area with more light and I saw something in the corner of my vision and then turned around to see a tall skinny shadow figures and it appeared to be afraid of the areas of the place with more light so I kept going around the place and saw more figures and I went into a darker area and something jumped out at me and tried to attack me and I ran to where a light bulb illumined the place and the figures stopped were scared off by the light of the light bulb and stopped attacking me because of the light.
I kept going down more floors and my god it felt like this thing was going down forever I was on the 15th floor when things really started getting bad the cobwebs where getting the point to where they are covering everything and spiders where so big to the point to where they are the size of the palm of my hand. I saw that there was little spiders in such massive numbers that something you could not see what they were because it was covered in so many spiders. On the 15th floor it was so dark that you could barely see in front of you the only reason I could see that there spiders everywhere was because there was only a few light bulbs on the floor that were dimly lit . The Odor on this floor was bad and it smelled like dead rotting corpses and so much dried blood on everything that it covered every square inch on what was on the floor and on the wall on everything and on everywhere.
I was standing under a dimly lit light and around me I would hear voices screaming "help me help I'm being tormented"! I then saw that around be where hundreds of glowing eyes around me but I felt as if I would be safe as long as if there was light around me. I stayed under the light bulb for until the eyes went away but then a few minutes later the light bulb above me went out and when that happened I knew I was in trouble and I bolted and I could not see in the dark so I bumped around everything and tripped and fell and as I fell something grabbed me and I could tell that this thing was big. It was dark and I could not see anything but I was in this what ever this thing was grip and I thrashed and tried to punch this thing but it was not budging I felt as if my life was coming to an end.
A stroke of luck happened and for some god only knows reason I escaped from what ever this thing was grip and ran as fast I could in the dark tripping over objects and then getting back up. I was in the dark and saw a dim light in the distance and I got closer to see it was a dimly lit light bulb I felt safe under this light bulb and the thing did not go near it. I went down more floors and on floor 18 is when some very scary stuff started happening at this point spiders where the size of cats and the cob webs where so thick that it was getting hard to walk through. I was getting attacked by spiders I was fighting them off it was getting to the point where I was getting overwhelmed by them. I found a baseball bat on the floor and used it to beat the spiders and kill them.
I heard screams everywhere and they were ear piercing. All I could hear was "I'm being tormented help"! I then realized that there was water on the floor about an inch of it. I kept walking around and I kept hearing the sloshing of water on the floor as I walked I tried to turn on my flashlight because it was dark but the darkness of the room was so bad that it sucked all the light away from the flash light. I was walking and a very nasty smell hit my nose, it was the smell of rotting corpses but the smell was very strong and I began to throw up and nearly passed out. I felt as this place I was in was filled with corpses and that was confirmed when I saw a very dim light in the distance and when I went to it I was hundreds of rotting corpses and some of them where in the very thick cobwebs hanging with web wrapped around them like mummies.
I looked down and saw that the so called inch of water was not water at all it was an inch of blood filled with maggots and flies swarming them by the thousands. I looked and saw a corpse and I kept staring at it and saw that it had long flowing blond hair and was wearing a pink backpack with yellow stars and had a purple shirt that said lets go tigers and that when it hit me like a truck and tears started flowing down my face this was my daughter she is dead and was smelly rotting corpse that mostly been mummified. My daughter was 16 when she went missing and her school mascot was a tiger and her name was Amy and she had a pink backpack with stars. I miss her so much and if she was alive by now she who have been an adult at the age of 18. I then look to see at her backpack to confirm if it was her and I saw the name Amy written on her backpack I confirmed that this was in fact my daughter. I kept digging in the backpack to see what was in it and found her phone it turned on with 45 percent battery and no password was on it.
I could no longer hold it in anymore and the tears flowing down my face become full blown sobbing. My daughter is just a mummified dead corpse. I took my daughters phone out of her backpack and put it in my pocket and as I was doing that is when I heard it a low pitched growl and a very creepy one and then I froze for a solid minute and then heard a another growl and I tried to be as quiet as I could and heard the sound of water sloshing around but that of course was not water but it was blood sloshing around. I kept hearing the blood sloshing as if something was moving around in it and my heart was pounding very hard and I felt as this was the end of me I then realized I was in this thing's nest and I was going to be the fly in the web.
I heard the sloshing again and it sounded like it was getting closer to me and I felt a warm draft over me and that when I booked it and ran I fast as I could and ran up the stairs that was closest to me. I ran to the other floors I was now at floor 17 and I knew the thing was chasing after me. I was now hyperventilating and heart pounding I could hear roaring at the stair well I knew I had to run up to floor 1 and bust the door down as hard as I could I kept running tripping over everything in the dark and dirty as hell and covered in blood. I then ran up to the stairwell that went to floor 16 and of tripped and fell while on the stairwell to floor 16 and busted my head and blacked out and woke up in a spiderweb. I open my eyes and saw I had passed out and I was back on floor 18.
I knew I was doomed and I would never be found down here I was going to be this thing's meal a few hours had passed I kept struggling and struggling and could not get out of the web. I felt a warm draft on me and I felt as if I was being stabbed this thing was digging into me with it's fangs I felt I was done for. The pain of the thing digging it's fangs in me was unbearable and I was screaming. The thing was sucking my blood until it was dry. I was there in that web for god knows how long it had to be a very long time because I was dehydrated and very hungry. I was very weak and could not move much and could barley move my limbs but for some reason I began to slowly fall out of the web and broke free from the web and I got out of the web. I began to walk slowly to the stairwell that lead to the 17th floor and I climbed up the stairs slowly and when I was up on the 17th floor I walked around the floor for a while and I saw a place I could hide in from the thing there was a door and I open and there was a glowing light in the room I opened and the light was a light blub glowing and turned and lit up the room and I saw that I was in luck because there was 2 bottles of water on the shelfs in the small room I was in and a small bag of trail mix that was month passed its expiration date. I put a chair in front of the door so the thing would not get in.
I happily ate the trail mix and drank the 2 bottles of water and I put my ear on the door to see if I hear anything and when it was ready to go. I did not hear anything when I was putting ear my ear on the door at first but then a few hours had passed, and I heard a sniffing sound a faint growl. I tried to be as quiet as I could and hoped the chair in the door made where the thing could not get in the room with me, and I was no longer weak because I drank the water and ate the trail mix. I heard banging on the door the thing was trying to get in and get me. I had to think fast, and I saw a trap door and I opened and crawled into it as fast as I could. I was inside vents now and crawling and I heard the thing break down the door, but it was too big to get in the vents I was crawling in.
I began to crawl faster and found an exit to the vents, and it was on floor 15. I was now on floor 15 and the vents for some reason just collapsed right as when I crawled out of them, and I could not get back into the vents to get away from the thing. I heard the sound of the thing getting up to the floor I was at, and I booked it as fast as I could and ran up the stairwell to floor 14. I ran up more floors and I'm now on floor 12 and I fell as if this thing is catching up to me and I ran I fast as I could and kept running until I reached floor 11 and at floor 11 I grab a knife on the table and I kept running until I got to floor 10 and then on floor 10 I fell into a huge hole that was on the floor and the wood on the floor was rotting and I fell back into floor 11. I was catch up by the thing and was in its grasp and struggled to get out of it grasp and I then stabbed it in both of its eyes and it let go of me and it was screeching in pain. I ran back into the 10th floor and went around the hole and then went up into the others floor and at floor 7 I could hear it getting closer to me again but kept running as fast as I could and heart pounding.
I few more floors left, and I could pound the door down and get out of the basement. I was running and finally got up to floor 1 and began to violently pound down the door that was the entrance to the basement and I pounded as hard I could and I had super human strength from the adrenalin and I could hear the thing coming up the floors so I did one last super hard pound on the door with all my strength and busted a hole in the door and walked out the door and at last I was no longer in the basement of this damn mansion. I then ran out of the mansion and was finally outside and I kept running on the gravel path as fast as I could and then for a while, I finally found the fenced I had jumped and got over it and was back on the small 1 mile trail and collapsed on the ground where people saw me drenched in blood.
I then woke up in the hospital and the doctor said I was lucky and almost died from severe blood loss and I realized I had my daughter's phone in my pocket and cops were in the hospital room where I was at. I also saw my wife there too and she said where were you I called the cops and your boss said you were not at work, and he then called cops and I went all over the city looking for you and stayed up and it was on the news of you going missing and I'm glad you're okay and you are alive. I told them everything of what happened I told about the thing in the basement of abandon mansion in the woods and I would never go back to that place.
My wife told me her story and she told me that she looked everywhere in town for me and her first thought I was at the bar with my friends but then saw I was not there she said it was getting dark and I had to be home to or she would call the cops and she said I did not answer the phone and she got worried and called the cops. The cops came and began to search for me, and days had passed, and they did not find me so a whole search group came and looked for me and she said she looked around the city and she tried to look for me at the small park near the house and did not find me.
She said a cop was at a state park and saw a passed out person on the ground at a 1 mile trail which was me and the ambulance came and picked me up and got me to the hospital and then a cop was at the hospital and realized it was me as I was waking up.
A few months had passed and I was diagnosed with ptsd and I told my therapist everything.
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2023.06.05 08:44 AutoModerator [REQUEST] Christian The A.i. Guy – Ai Magnate

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Grow Your Ai Tv Channel So Fast It Scares You
WITHOUT starting a business, talking to clients, becoming an appt setter, a sales rep, selling on amazon, writing kindle books, learning tons of tech or waiting a long time to see results
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2023.06.05 08:43 WowSpaceNshit Crouching Phoenix Fai Deck

I think a Fai deck that utilizes both the crouching tiger and phoenix flame mechanics would be cool. what would be some staples for this deck? Also does the phoenix flame in the graveyard at the start count as a card in your deck? Do crouching tigers need to be included in the deck or can the be kept to the side like tokens?
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2023.06.05 08:43 chefnimmo Help! Aeon Trespass Odyssey - Trismegistus All-in Pledge

I like sleeping in my bed but wondering if I'll be kicked onto the couch once my wife finds out I've backed ato all in. I've already hidden the purchase by having it charged to my wifes boyfriends credit card, that should get me back in the main bed, but any tips to hide the delivery when it happens in 5 years time?
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2023.06.05 08:42 sdotjo Legit disturbed and seeking advice

So I’ve been experiencing a lot of synchronicities lately. Every now and then I have a period of a lot of synchronicities happening and it usually feels to me like I’m sort of in sync and things are flowing. It’s been happening so much lately that I started to record them in my notes app.
One of the things I keep seeing is 666. Examples include in someone’s Reddit username, on a Twitter post, etc. I’m not really concerned about that particular number because I don’t really buy into the Christian associations with it. I’m Catholic but believe the world is more benevolent and complex than those characterizations. But then again it’s hard not to feel a little pause at that number.
But a scary thing happened yesterday when I was watching YouTube. On the sidebar of recommended videos I noticed one video had 666k views. It was a video about the Payne Stewart plane crash in 1999 (inverted 666, cool cool) that was caused by the cabin depressurizing and the pilots went unconscious from hypoxia. The plane kept flying on autopilot before crashing. This is obviously extremely rare.
So, that was disturbing enough. But then I see the tragic news of the plane crash that happened today where a plane flew over DC over restricted airspace but the pilot was unresponsive. Fighter jets flew beside it to assess danger and saw the pilot slumped over. It flew on autopilot until it ran out of fuel and crashed. The theory is that this plane cabin depressurized causing the pilot to suffer hypoxia, just like in the Payne Stewart crash. Again, this is exceedingly rare.
Obviously a very odd coincidence. My fear comes up because this is such a bizarre thing to play out in the midst of these recent synchronicities, and that it led me to click a video link yesterday that described a very rare event that also happened today.
As disturbing as that is, I am also experiencing a lot of stress lately that makes it more challenging for me to keep my usually managed generalized anxiety at bay. On top of that I have dealt for many years with a fear of flying. I manage it, and have a lot of methods to help me in that, but this circumstance doesn’t help that one bit. On top of that, I’m flying on Wednesday. I fly maybe 6-8 times a year and summer is when I usually begin to fly more. But obviously the weird and disturbing synchronicity is causing me quite a bit of distress about the prospect of flying.
I’m really looking for some perspective on this. If I dwell on it I can kind of spiral and I’m hoping to hear what others think, or any similar experiences.
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2023.06.05 08:42 nanjero Is there somewhere to bulk buy prime junks for ducats?

In preparation for the tennocon baro. I am looking to slowly bulk buy prime junks for ducats.
Is there a website or discord where people bulk sell prime junks?
Right now im just going through warframe market to look for people selling multiples of prime junk items.
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2023.06.05 08:41 That_Permission5911 YAKUB: The evil scientist who created white people.

What follows here is obviously a myth, but the thing is, this story is not just a meme, but is taken seriously by many, and has a long and very real history.
Time for the story of the evil black scientist that created white people.

The story of Yakub comes from a black supremist / seperatist religious group known as the Nation of Islam (NOI). They have a paramilitary wing known as the Fruit of Islam (FOI).

The NOI was founded in 1930 by a white man, WD Fard. That is not his real name, as he changed his name over and over, hidding behind about 58 different aliases during his life. WD Fard is the first known source of the Yakub story. WD Fard and Elijah Muhammad were likely influenced by the Moorish Science Temple, and were possibly even members. Timothy Drew's Moorish Science Temple said that early pre-Columbian civilizations were founded by a West African Moor "named Yakub who landed on the Yucatan peninsula". WD Fard was rumored to have attempted to take over the Moorish temple, but failed, under the name David Ford-el.

It is thought that Wallace D. Fard was the same man as Wallace Dodd Ford, an inmate in San Quentin Prison. According to San Quentin records, Wallie D. Ford was born in Portland, Oregon, on February 25, 1891, the white son of Zared and Beatrice Ford, who were both born in Hawaii.

On August 15, 1959, the FBI sent a story to the Chicago New Crusader newspaper, stating that Fard was a "Turkish-born Nazi agent who worked for Hitler in World War II". This was refuted by the NOI, which called it propaganda and sued the news outlets that failed to check with them about running the piece.

WD Fard was last heard from in 1934. He was linked to the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World and Japanese agitators such as Satokata Takahashi, and Ashima Takis. This led many NOI members to express pro-Japanese sentiment and refused the draft to fight against the Japanese military, stating that they would not fight people whom they regarded as fellow members of the Original Asiatic Race.

After Fard, the NOI was headed by Elijah Muhammed.

Malcolm X publicly accused Elijah of "having 8 children with six different teenage girls" who "were his private secretaries."

Over a series of national TV interviews between 1964 and 1965, Malcolm X provided testimony of his investigation, corroboration, and confirmation by Elijah Muhammed himself of multiple counts of child rape.

Many people suspected that the Nation of Islam was responsible for the killing of Malcolm X. Five days after Malcolm X was murdered, in a public speech at the Nation of Islam's annual Saviours' Day on February 26, Elijah justified the assassination by quoting that "Malcolm got just what he preached", but at the same time denied any involvement with the murder by asserting in the same speech: "We didn't want to kill Malcolm and didn't try to kill him. We know such ignorant, foolish teaching would bring him to his own end".

Elijah's pro-separation views were compatible with those of some white supremacist organizations in the 1960s. He met with leaders of the Ku Klux Klan in 1961 to work toward the purchase of farmland in the Deep South. For more than ten years Elijah received major financial support from white supremacist Texas oil baron H. L. Hunt due to Elijah's belief in racial separation from whites.

The Nation of Islam's mythology states that Yakub is the biblical Jacob. Malcolm X also states that John of Patmos was also Yakub, and that the Book of Revelation refers to his deeds: "John was Yacub. John was out there getting ready to make a new race, he said, for the word of the Lord".

His wife’s name was Maitseye, which means “Miss Manners.” After being married Yakub and his wife started to recruit followers to take part in a special mission.

Yakub taught and proved that there were certain aspects of our imagination and bodies that were deliberately suppressed by leaders and the 24 elders. He taught that the freedom and peace that they were experiencing was false because they were denied knowledge of aspects of mind and body. Yakub simply knew that “if your peace could be destroyed it was not worth much.” He reasoned that the ancient people experienced peace and freedom simply because they had not experienced evil and ignorance which was suppressed by the Elders.

The name Yakub means “big head scientist”. Yakub would be known by this name until he came into the fullness of the understanding of his mission. He realizes that his mission was that of a creator, God of the non-blacks, and patriarch of the Israelites. After this realization, he would no longer be called Yakub but would be called Yahweh.

Yakub created white people in a eugenics "grafting" experiment, to give the evil locked inside of black people a flesh of its own.

The Whites where uncivilized savages at first. Moses and Jesus where both sent out to help them. Jesus created the religion of Christainity to allow Whites to take over the world. Moses taught them to walk upright, use fire, stop eating babies, etc.

Yahweh / Yakub founded Judaism:

"My children, I Yakub, your creator, greet you here on the Island of Pat-mos in the year of eight thousand five hundred and fifty. First, I shall thank you, my created people, the Albinoid people, for adhering to my rules of planned parenthood and selective breeding to bring you into existence. I am here to pass on to you my final piece of wisdom which will allow you to rule the world for 6000 years. I first envisioned creating you when I was just a boy, after the darker tribes killed my mother and father and mocked and teased me in school. I have developed the best methods for controlling the darker tribes. You, my special people, my chosen people, my precious Albinoids, you will have many empires if my program is implemented."

The NOI says the original blacks where members of the Tribe of Shabazz. It claims that this Tribe inhabited Egypt's Nile Valley as well as the area around Mecca in the Arabian peninsula; Elijah Muhammad claimed that Mecca was the Tribe's original home and "the ONLY HOLY SPOT on our planet".

After Malcolm X split from the group, disgusted by the extremism via a change of heart in a visit to Mecca where he saw whites and blacks pray together in the Sunni Muslim religion, he denounced violence and said the revolution could be bloodless, and accept whites as brothers. Malcolm X was murdered. The new head of the group, Louis Farrakhan, hinted strongly that he had something to do with the murder plot.

Qubilah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, was arrested on January 12, 1995 accused of conspiracy to assassinate Farrakhan in retaliation for the murder of her father, for which she believed he was responsible.

Many, including Malcolm X's family, have accused Farrakhan of being involved in the plot to assassinate Malcolm X. For many years, Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X, harbored resentment toward the Nation of Islam—and Farrakhan in particular—for what she felt was their role in the assassination of her husband.

During a 1994 interview, Gabe Pressman asked Shabazz whether Farrakhan "had anything to do" with Malcolm X's death. She replied: "Of course, yes. Nobody kept it a secret. It was a badge of honor. Everybody talked about it, yes".

Farrakhan played a key role in getting two of the country's largest gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, to sign a ceasefire in May 1992.

Farrakhan had also organized the Million Man March through Washington DC in 1995 which united a range of African American groups to counter negative portrayals of black manhood; it was the largest black demonstration in U.S.

In conflict with the white US Government, the NOI made intelligence connections. Gamal Abdel Nasser, Muammar Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein are a few. The LaRouche movement is another.

Kurt Frederick Ludwig was a German spy and the head of the "Joe K" spy ring in the United States in 1940–41. It involved Paul Borchardt, a German archaeologist, who was was fired from his university post and confined in Dachau for being a Jew. He was let out and agreed to travel to the U.S. posing as a refugee and to spy for Germany due to patriotism. He was caught by a janitor informant and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Ludwig himself as sent to Alcatraz, but was released in 1953 and deported shortly afterwards. Borchardt was known for his theory that the mythical city of Atlantis was located in Tunisia.

I believe there is an intersectionality between the Borchardt Atlantis theory and the Yakub myth, but at the moment, cannot put into words exactly what it might be.
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2023.06.05 08:41 Slow-Truck-9496 Best Sole Proprietorship Registration in Hyderabad

Sole proprietorship registration in Hyderabad is one of the simplest forms of business registration. It is a type of business entity where a single individual owns and manages the business. In Hyderabad, registering a sole proprietorship involves several steps and requires compliance with various legal and regulatory requirements. In this article, we will discuss the process of sole proprietorship registration in Hyderabad, the advantages of sole proprietorship, and the legal and regulatory requirements to comply with while registering a sole proprietorship.
Benefits of Sole Proprietorship Registration in Hyderabad
Ease of Set Up: One of the major advantages of a sole proprietorship is its ease of set up. It does not involve any complex legal procedures, and there is no need to register with any government authority. You can start your business simply by obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.
Flexibility: A sole proprietorship service in Hyderabad provides a high level of flexibility to the business owner. As the sole owner of the business, you have complete control over the decision-making process. You can make changes to your business structure, management style, and business model as per your requirements.
Tax Benefits: In a sole proprietorship, the business income is considered as the personal income of the owner. As a result, the owner is liable to pay taxes only on the net income earned by the business. Moreover, the owner can claim deductions for expenses incurred in the course of business operations.
Minimal Compliance Requirements: A sole proprietorship is subject to minimal compliance requirements .Unlike other business entities, it does not require filing annual reports, conducting board meetings, or maintaining detailed records.
Process of Sole Proprietorship Registration in Hyderabad
Choose a Business Name: The first step in registering a sole proprietorship is to choose a unique business name. The name should be catchy, easy to remember, and should reflect the nature of your business. Once you have decided on a name, you can conduct a name search on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website to ensure that the name is not already taken.
Obtain Licenses and Permits: After finalizing the business name, you need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate your business legally. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain a trade license, GST registration, Professional Tax registration, and other licenses and permits from various government authorities.
Open a Bank Account: Once you have obtained the necessary licenses and permits, you need to open a bank account in the name of your business. This will help you keep your personal and business finances separate and will make it easier to manage your finances.
Register for Taxes: As a sole proprietorship, you need to register for taxes, such as Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Professional Tax. You can register for GST through the GST portal, and for Professional Tax through the Karnataka Commercial Taxes Department website.
Register with Shops and Establishment Act: If you plan to operate a shop or commercial establishment, you need to register with the Shops and Establishment Act. This registration is mandatory and needs to be done within 30 days of starting your business.
Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): A digital signature certificate is required for filing various forms and documents online. You can obtain a DSC from any government-approved certifying agency.
Documents Required Sole Proprietorship Registration in Hyderabad
Registering a sole proprietorship in Hyderabad is a straightforward process that requires a few documents. A sole proprietorship is a type of business entity in which an individual is solely responsible for all aspects of the business. The registration of a sole proprietorship in Hyderabad can be done online or through a physical application process.
PAN card: A PAN card is an essential document required for any business registration in India. It is a unique identification number assigned to individuals or entities for tax purposes.
Aadhaar card: The Aadhaar card is a mandatory document required for the registration of a sole proprietorship in Hyderabad. It is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Indian government.
Proof of address: The proof of address can be any document that validates the address of the sole proprietor. It can be a utility bill, bank statement, or a rental agreement.
Bank account details: The bank account details of the sole proprietor are necessary for the registration process. It includes the name of the bank, the account number, and the IFSC code.
Business name and logo: The sole proprietor must decide on a business name and logo before registering the business. The name and logo must be unique and not infringe on any existing trademarks.
Business address proof: The business address proof can be any document that validates the address of the business. It can be a utility bill, rental agreement, or a property tax receipt.
Business registration certificate: The business registration certificate is not mandatory, but it can be useful for opening a bank account or applying for government schemes.
GST registration certificate: The GST registration certificate is mandatory if the annual turnover of the business exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs. It is a unique identification number assigned to businesses for tax purposes.
Professional tax registration certificate: The professional tax registration certificate is mandatory in Hyderabad for businesses with employees. It is a tax levied by the state government on professions, trades, and employment.
Partnership deed: If the sole proprietorship is a partnership firm, a partnership deed must be provided. It outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement.
NOC from the property owner: If the business is operating from a rented property, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property owner must be provided.
Trademark registration certificate: If the business has a registered trademark, the trademark registration certificate must be provided.
How is the cost of Sole Proprietorship Registration in Hyderabad
The cost of Sole Proprietorship registration cost in Hyderabad can vary depending on various factors such as the type of business, the professional fees charged by the consultant or lawyer, the government fees, and any additional expenses such as stamp duty charges.
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2023.06.05 08:41 87b4de70-cd66-4bd8 Apollo Ultra pricing increased 1691.29% in my region, I will miss you Apollo

I have seen the recent price increase post from other people. But I must say, regions where there were regional pricing rules applied will now find it impossible to pay for Apollo Ultra. I know going from $9.99 to $49.99 might seem like a lot, and it very well may be the case, especially for a social media app, but…
From ₺66.99 yearly to ₺1,199 yearly, there is no way I can afford this. Especially where I live, with this kind of economy. It’s literally 14.10% of monthly minimum wage. I’ve been paying for it for 2 years. But now it’s the end for me. Even the monthly price of ₺119.99 is more expensive than my internet bill.
I guess it’s official. Apollo is dead come July. If by miracle the protests work ok June 12, and Reddit decides to let Apollo and other known apps continue without exorbitant fees, please Christian I’m begging you, bring back regional pricing for us folk who live in places where the economy is going down the drain.
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2023.06.05 08:40 KCmoo512 Christianity and Mental Illness

I grew up in a very Christian and religious household. I was taught that mental illness is not a thing and it is essentially fighting demons and spiritual warfare and can be solved with prayer. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in my teenage years and I have felt conflicted since then. My mom had always believed that I do not have mental issues and that it is me bringing it onto myself. I didn’t know what was true growing up with everyone telling my different things. I have been to Dr.s and been given a diagnosis and I take medication (which does help) but I can’t help believing what my mom says. I’m not sure what’s real and what I made up in my head or inflicted on myself. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this who is an outside source and neutral to the situation so I’m coming here to see what other Christians believe about mental illness and things along those lines.
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2023.06.05 08:39 hyperparrot3366 Mods in Delhi subreddit became angry when I told this to them in comments so it is better suited here.

Mods in Delhi subreddit became angry when I told this to them in comments so it is better suited here. submitted by hyperparrot3366 to IndianDankMemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:38 premiumstyle Brim Financial Referral Code - Get $10 sign up bonus. 19538 - The No-Fee Foreign Exchange Card (Canada)

Sign up with Brim Financial Mastercard and earn unlimited rewards – Get 1% in rewards on every dollar spent. Plus, enjoy 0% foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, no late fees, and complimentary Boingo Wi-Fi. This is the best no fee travel card out there.
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Code does not expire and is unlimited. Enjoy
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2023.06.05 08:37 FrustratedInFaith Truth Time: My relationship isn’t going well.

I’m about two months into dating a non-christian (M19 and F19) and things are completely out of control. I was totally underprepared for how out of control things would get and I think I’m really going to suffer for it. If you’re here to suggest that I break up with him simply because we’re unequally yolked than it isn’t going to work.
Context about my faith:
Grew up in the church my parents are both real and strong christians My oldest siblings both have walked away from the faith I have worked in ministry for 4 summers, this last summer went so horribly, by the time I got to college in the fall I was limping spiritually and I still don’t think I’ve recovered yet
Here is my main problem with God: I have a hard time giving up control because I see God as indifferent to me. Most of the key prayers of my life we’re met with either silence or the exact opposite of what I wanted. Healings weren’t a part of his will, neither was protection, neither was clarity. The people I prayed for died, or I was hurt, or answers that I am desperate for never came. The moments I “needed God the most” he didn’t seem to show up and I don’t/didn’t really have enough faith to do anything besides splinter into a thousand pieces. The cycle then restarts, I realize that atheism and hedonism can’t fill the void and even though God has elected not to fill the void (yet?) making an effort to be obedient and continue my spiritual disciplines is better than nothing. Looking for God and meeting silence is better than living in silence and not looking for God.
I think.
Relationship history: I’ve dated 3 guys
I’ve dated 1 christian guy, he was older than me and it was the worst relationship I’ve ever been in. Because of my poor spiritual condition we were unequally yolked, him being the stronger christian but the weaker overall person. I dated a guy in highschool and not much happened, it just didn’t work out. Nice guy, a year younger than me (F19). No beef, nice guy.
Right off the bat, he treats me incredibly well. Treats me a thousand times better than the Christian guy did and is overall a better match for me based on personality. So no, this isn’t a story about abuse or maltreatment or confusion. That’s not why things feel out of control. Things feel out of control because we both committed to too much too fast and as of yesterday it caught up to us that we have consistently pushed boundaries too far sexually…and it’s my fault. I’ve heard a saying recently that “men set the direction and intention of a relationship, but women set the speed at which you arrive” and it’s been true for us. His intentions are serious, but I just kicked the speed way too fast because of baggage I’ve brought to the relationship: my issues with lust.
I’ve struggled with lust for years and I’ve not been able to fully reign it in. I didn’t expect it to burn him too, but it has. Naturally, we’re incredibly attracted to each other and incredibly sexually compatable. We’re okay at commincation and nobody’s consent has ever been violated. We have never gotten carried away, we’ve always discussed what it is that we’d be willing to do before we do it, but what we agreed to do yesterday has brought a deep feeling of regret to both of us. What’s killing me is that I know what convition from the holy spirit feels like. It’s intense, it plagues you and until you figure out how to reconcil/repent, it doesn’t go away.
He doesn’t know what that conviction feels like. He doesn’t know how to identify it, he doesn’t know what to do with it when he feels it.
I knew what we did was wrong long before we had had the idea to jump into bed together (just because I have nothing left to be proud of, we have done almost everything besides penetrative sex. We haven’t had intercourse (thank God), but we’ve done almost everything else.) - I’m not stupid, I’m just…I don’t know what I think I’m doing. The point is, there was a significant change in him afterwards. Apparently after I had left for the day, he felt as if something heavy was sitting on his chest. He said it didn’t move until after he had admitted to himself that we had gone too far. He seemed deeply troubled and didn’t know how to put the negative feelings away.
I poisoned our well and now I don’t know what to do. I don’t trust God enough to be a good enough example for him, and now I feel like I totally lost everything. What I think would fix him is to pray and ask for forgiveness even just to pray with me. But all I can do is pray for him on my own. I don’t trust God with most of the people I love the most because they usually end up dying or getting worse, but for him I have been consistently praying for the first time in my life. I am so bankrupt and I care about him too much to not make a valiant effort on his behalf.
But I just feel like God will kill him in a car crash before anything sticks.
I don’t know what I need.
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