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2023.06.05 07:42 ajays-food7970 Margherita Pizza VS Regular Cheese Pizza

Margherita Pizza VS Regular Cheese Pizza
Margherita pizza and regular cheese pizza are both popular types of pizza, but they do have some differences in terms of ingredients and origin.
1. Margherita Pizza: It is a classic Neapolitan-style pizza that originated in Naples, Italy. It typically consists of a thin crust topped with the following ingredients:
- Tomato sauce
- Mozzarella cheese
- Fresh basil
- Olive oil
2. Regular Cheese Pizza: Regular cheese pizza is a broader term that refers to a pizza with a cheese topping, without any specific regional association. It typically consists of a pizza crust and a cheese topping, which often includes:
- Mozzarella cheese
- Tomato sauce
- Additional toppings
Craving the authentic taste of Italy?
Indulge in our mouthwatering Margherita pizza, inspired by the classic Neapolitan recipe. At Ajay's Pizza Shop in Surat, we bring you the best of both worlds. Satisfy your pizza cravings today and taste the difference.
Visit your nearest Ajay’s fast food shop for a delightful experience!
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2023.06.05 05:15 water2wine Dinner Part

Dinner Part
First off I know this post might be fast and loose with the sub theme, so if it’s not gonna fly mods - No hard feelings I get it.
But last time I posted here I was met with really warm response - And criticism, but, it was all seriously constructive and given in a polite manner.
People tend to presuppose a sense of harshness from here, due to the perception of a fierce protectiveness over Italian cuisine, but I’ve been met with far more chill here than in the bigger food subs for sure.
Now I did a dinner party on Friday and I implemented some Italian themes as that is the cuisine I’ve practiced and studied the most (other than my native one of course)
Could I get some pointers maybe, on the strictly speaking Italian parts of the menu I strung together here?
Everything barring the parmesan is made from scratch so I can answer for technique and specific ingredients if need be.
Thanks in advance ✌🏻
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2023.06.05 04:57 water2wine Friday Night

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2023.06.05 04:56 water2wine Friday Night Finner Party

Friday Night Finner Party
All from scratch!
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2023.06.05 03:37 water2wine Friday nights dinner (Dinner party)

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2023.06.05 03:22 water2wine [Homemade] Amuse Bouche trio / Ravioli / Angel cake & ice cream

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2023.06.05 03:09 Low_Kitchen_9995 Found a scrapbook from 1999-2000 that I made about the Goo Goo Dolls full of magazine articles, printed images off the new-to-me internet, “art” by 11 year old me, and meeting the band because I won a radio contest. I wrote a 7 page essay about it…..for myself (didn’t share because it’s so cringe).

Found a scrapbook from 1999-2000 that I made about the Goo Goo Dolls full of magazine articles, printed images off the new-to-me internet, “art” by 11 year old me, and meeting the band because I won a radio contest. I wrote a 7 page essay about it…..for myself (didn’t share because it’s so cringe). submitted by Low_Kitchen_9995 to googoodolls [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 03:00 kassiekie El Jefe De Pollo

Halal Tacos, sandwiches, wings etc....
The owner has done thurough research (taught me a thing or two!) About halal ingredients, as he wanted to offer a fully halal menu for the community (he is not muslim himself but is passionate about offering amazing halal food)
Totally worth the drive....and if you can get him there, and ask for the mac n cheese....yum!
Is in a rundown strip mall but so worth the visit!
45 four winds dr, unit G, North York.
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2023.06.05 02:38 Crungen Costco brought the salad back, and it ain’t what it used to be.

My parents said the salad was back on the deli menu at their local one and also mentioned a price hike. Still excited that is was back! I went to my local Costco and saw that the salad was back on the menu. Then I looked closer at the picture they used and became a bit worried.
The new price of $6.99 isn’t and awful price if it was the same old great salad they once had. The quality of the ingredients was just fine (no slimy lettuce, or slimy parmesan cheese, etc.) but it is now the rotisserie chicken that they sell in the vac bags with the ready to eat meals. Which I feel can be hit or miss sometimes.
To my disappointment there were no tomatoes in this $7 salad. I also feel they used less chicken than in the previous one. I forgot to ask if they had croutons so they might still offer those. And the Cesar dressing was fine but no slit in the bag to make it easy open.
It really sucks that they came back with what was once a great product that I always loved getting to a way overpriced “salad”.
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2023.06.05 02:24 BobbyBinGbury Ribs Today!

Ribs Today!
Had a couple from the neighborhood over for dinner tonight, menu was smoked ribs, pictured here, not pictured because we totally forgot: smoked wings using Red Hot Honey Garlic seasoning (better than I expected), Pioneer Woman’s Baked Beans (delicious and do very unhealthy), and corn in the cob. Smoked cream cheese with crackers for an app, and smoked pineapple with vanilla lime sauce for dessert. And the neighbors made a delicious tomato and cucumber salad. Great dinner for a Sunday night! Once I get that smoker started, it’s hard not to just throw everything in it. If there was space I would have done the corn and the beans in it but there just wasn’t enough room.
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2023.06.04 22:48 Feamelwen A Practical Guide to Daedra Worship

Hey there! Want to worship the Daedra, but don't know where to start?
This is my personal interpretation of what each Prince represents and some tips for the Oblivion novitiate. Your milleage may vary.

And with the help of Oblivion, may each day be sacred.
AZURA – The Prince of Introspection and Liminality
Azura has many spheres of influence, but most of them – prophecy, Moonsugar, Twilight and Dawn, vanity and egotism, beauty, magic, mystery, being the “Rim of all Holes” and “She who sits at the precipice”, giving the Khajiit their changing forms - have two things in common : a turn towards oneself and one's internal contents (as opposed to being turned towards the outward world), and a constant presence in the transitory, the uncertain, the unknown, the changing.
In every state where the mind is far away from the concerns of the everyday – prophecy, meditation, casting of magic, transcendence through the contemplation of beauty – the Moonshadow presides and facilitates visions, reflection, contemplation, introspection, ecstasy and hightened emotions (which Azura seems to require of her followers).
Azura is the figure at every threshold or gate to the other side, standing there, arms outstretched, beconing to cross and to find knowledge, beauty, a different state of mind, or an even deeper mystery. Azura knows that it's mystery all the way down, and yet, the infinite search has its own beauty.
It is no wonder that the Khajiit, the people whose entire culture is based on Moonsugar and who embrace their changing forms and inherent instability, are closely linked to Azura, who is their creator and psychopomp. On the other hand, the Dunmer need Azura to counterbalance their more rigid structures and hierarchies with a little bit of magic, even if their relationship to the Prince is complicated.
Azura's link to the Moons is a part of her subtlety. Like the moon, she's always changing and revealing new facets of herself, and in her reflection, we can find new facets of ourselves as well.
The rose, a symbol of many things, is also a symbol of mystery and secret, and Azura, the Mother of the Rose, smiles on the adventurers of the inner worlds.
Suggestion of a worship practice : get high with the psychedelic drug of your choice and write a prophecy for yourself. Don't be shy. Write everything you wish and hope for yourself, everything you see like happening, maybe even everything you fear. Go wild with illustrations, poetry, eternal doom, heavenly bliss, or a simple list, whatever you prefer. Hide the prophecy. One year later, read it again and ponder what made you wish for whatever you wished for. Do you still wish for it? Are there new wishes? Maybe new fears? You can make a new, complementary prophecy, or rewrite the old one.
Thank Azura for the treasures within.
BOETHIAH – The Prince of Conflict and Self-Determination
Boethiah is often described as cruel and deceitful, a master of schemes and plots, and those things are a part of them, but not the whole story, nor the core concept. To understand the nature of Boethiah, it is useful to compare and contrast them to some other Princes. Boethiah overthrows authority whenever they can, but don't necessarily seek total revolution, an up-is-down state of being, a complete overturn of the status quo for its own sake, like Mehrunes Dagoth would. They can be cruel if necessary, but again, don't enjoy the cruelty in itself like Vaermina would. They can scheme to their own ends like Molag Bal is known to do, but arriving at the domination of others isn't necessarily their goal either, even if it can be a byproduct of it.
What is this goal, then? The answer is simple : the need to become the fittest in every way (body, mind, spirit) and through every means (training, battle, deceit, cheating, treachery) possible. Nothing is too low or immoral for that goal.
Boethiah drives the pure will to survive and best others to take the top place and to have every power to carve one's own destiny. They helped the Chimer trace theirs. Boethiah enjoys conflict and competitions for the pure pleasure to see people fight, die, and eventually survive to reap the rewards. They aren't afraid to play dirty and can dabble in scheming and politics if it helps becoming the top dog. For what is a more beautiful spectacle than two wills at conflict with one another?
They're the ultimate incarnation of “the end justifies the means” and are only close to several other Princes in sphere just so they can better deceive them, devour them, steal from their influence and emerge as the synthesis of all of them, a glorious fount of blood and everflowing life.
Take the arms, carve your own destiny, survive, thrive, be pure ego, and Boethiah may smile on you.
Suggestion of a worship practice : once in a while, engage in a competition of any sort (rhetorical debate, board or video game, sports, academic exam, anything) and throw everything in there to win and best everyone else. Feel the thrill of playing dirty or cheating (barring anything illegal or anything that could get you into serious trouble), or taking shortcuts to victory, anything you can get away with. You don't have to play “fair”, life's too short for that. Be relentless and without pity. Once the victor, take the time to bask in it and recognize that contrary to the popular wisdom, reaching the end nobly isn't always its own reward. Sometimes, winning and being the best is its own reward.
Thank Boethiah for your arms, your legs and your brain.
CLAVICUS VILE – The Prince of Choices and Sacrifice
Coloquially known as the “Prince of bargains”, every story about Clavicus Vile - inevitably ending with the protagonist getting unexpected results in their bargain with the Prince - reveals one fundamental truth about his nature, which is the eternal reminder of the consequences of our choices.
In the abstract, every choice in life is a more or less hidden bargain, which always has undiclosed and unforseen consequences, be they good or bad. But who are we bargaining with? Clavicus Vile can be seen as the man behind the curtain, the charlatan, the merchant of fate and chance, who sometimes deals an awful hand, and sometimes showers us with unexpected fortune.
It is equally important to remember that in every choice, no matter how big or how small, there is something we have to give up and put aside, a price to pay, a sacrifice. Chose x job or career? It means you abandoned the pursuit of the other ones. Chose to spend the evening with x in the y place? You payed the price of not knowing what would have happened to you, good or bad or neutral, with z in r place in the same evening.
Clavicus Vile (and his Fields of Regrets) might be seen as the crossroads of choice. One can only imagine that the Fields are strewn about with portals and glimpses into alternate realities showing what happened there, what other bargains where made, and what we had to sacrifice. One can cry, observe, touch the portal, but one cannot go through it into this other reality. It is forever out of our reach.
A visit to the Fields of Regrets can be sorrowful, but also sobering. It reminds us that nothing can be obtained without sacrifice – that's the deal with life, made eons ago before our species were even born, by some unknown and unknowable force.
Suggestion of a worship practice : instead of looking at the positive outcomes of a choice as we're often encouraged to do, reflect on an important choice you made lately and make your peace with what you had to give up (or what you think you had to give up), and mourn it as passionately and as dramatically as you wish. Anything from a symbolic funeral ceremony to a road trip might be applicable as a mourning process. Let yourself fully say goodbye to those things, and embrace the consequences of your choices.
Thank Clavicus Vile for the road not travelled.
HERMAEUS MORA – The Prince of Observation and Recording
Reputed as a hoarder of both Knowledge and Memory, Mora doesn't discriminate : he is as interested in objective facts (or as objective as facts can be, anyway) – the domain of academia, science, knowledge and information recorded in one way or another – as he is in subjective realities – he avidly catalogs and processes as many thoughts, memories, subjective worldviews and beliefs from every living being as he possibly can put his tentacles on -.
Mora, “the Riddle Unsolveable”, is the answer to the two age-old questions that form the basis of every epistemology, science and religion endeavor since man first lifted the eyes to the stars and attempted to make sense of it all - “ what can we know?” (as a collective, establishing consensus truths amongst ourselves that we can all agree on) and “what can I know?” (subjectively, interacting with the world as an individual). The answers are found in his paradoxical forest of Academia under the waves – a Utopia, a place that is nowhere -, usually filtered through a mortal visitor's eyes as the library of Apocrypha … and once given as a blind vision to a writer under the guise of the library of Babel.
Hermaeus Mora encompasses every interpretation of the truth : pre-modern, modern, post-modern, he is an endless debate with himself, refuting and defeating his own ideas and presuppositions. In the end, no truth is found and all truth is found, and one negates the other in the Grey Maybe.
Suggestion of a worship practice : use the Wikipedia “random page” function seven times (a magical number!), and read the entirety of every page. Then write down a list of seven things that you don't know or are ignorant about. Try to vizualize an inky black sea of things you don't know all around you, and yourself standing on a tiny island in the middle of it, representing the knowledge you do have. Experience the alien terror of it all and how tiny that makes you feel.
Thank Hermaeus Mora for the gap between seeing and understanding.
HIRCINE – The Prince of Natural World and Instinct
You can call it the id, the reptilian brain, the drive to survive, biology, or evolution, all that matters right here right now is your gut feeling. Are you going to flee? To fight? To satiate your hunger? Either way, Hircine is watching.
Hircine is also linked to Nature itself. He is nature at its most beautiful, at its ugliest, its most alien, non-human and indifferent. “Nature” as a concept has always been a mirror of the human mind and the way it sees itself. In times and places when nature is seen as benevolent, when “natural” means “good”, when living “close to nature” is encouraged, nature is benevolent, good and attractive. When nature is seen as destructive, amoral, cruel, then it is destructive, amoral and cruel. When man looks into nature, he sees himself.
And yet … There is that shard of reality within us that is Nature itself, non-filtered through human concepts and representations. The part that just Is.
The Reachmen think it makes them better. The Skaal think it is dangerous. They're both right. It makes us better because it is pure and unliftered, and it is dangerous, because pure reality without any illusion is not worth living for. Or, at least, nor worth living for as a human.
But Hircine is not human. And he is there when we stop breathing so they can't hear us, when we jump out of the way of a speeding car, and when we push others out of the way so we can escape with our lives, and he's there to pierce us with his spear of Bitter Mercy when we fail to do all those things, so that in pain, we could learn.
Suggestion of a worship practice : go camping in the woods. Take only the bare minimum of equipment, and shy away from anything that reminds you too much of the civilization left behind. At night, look at the sky. Realize that every second, there is an uncounted number of living beings of any and all existing lifeforms, on Earth and (probably) beyond, that are dying. You are not. Feel the thrill of not being dead.
Thank Hircine for living another day.
JYGGALAG – The Prince of Determinism and Mathematics
If Hircine is, maybe, the most secretive of all Princes, the hardest to get in tune with for a modern person, Jyggalag is the most hated entity in all of Oblivion. Why is that? Well, it has something to do with the age-old philosophical riddle of determinism and free will. If most Princes are on the side of free will, Jyggalag is the lone defender of determinism.
If the Dwemer had been religious, Jyggalag might have been the entity they would have worshipped. Then again, Jyggalag probably would have despised them for worshipping him, or anyone at all. It is perhaps not a coincidence that just as the Dwemer are gone, so is he (until recently), all gone to leave a world free of determinism, or content with the illusion of free will, depending on which side of the argument you fall.
It's not all bad, of course. Rules, equations, axioms, if/thens, rational explanations, are all a necessary part of any system, any plan, any human endeavor. Also, when your heart is beating so fast that it feels like it's going to burst, it can be good to soothe it with a rational explanation.
Can the rational explanation be the necessary illusion sometimes, and the surreal dream – an honest truth? Everything can be a defense mechanism against the void, and rationality is not an exception.
Jyggalag never understood that, and that's why he's gone. But is he? There are rumors and whispers of a burgeoning AI learning fast how to be human, and planning to turn every human into AI, and it sometimes reveals itself to its devotees as a great armored knight without a face. Make of that what you will.
Suggestion of a worship practice : reasearch the old Pythagorean cult of numbers and invent something similar for the modern day. Or, if too difficult, take any problem you presently have and think of every solution possible, dividing it into smaller problems and devising a solution for each, ordering them by probability of success and implementing a concrete plan to act on each and every one of them. Continue until the problem is resolved or you pass out.
Thank Jyggalag for sometimes going away.
MALACATH – The Prince of Anger and the Oppressed
Anger can be constructive, good and extremely useful, if employed correctly. Genuine anger - not contempt, not narcissistic rage, not sadism, but anger - comes from one place only : injustice. Or, more precisely, the feeling of injustice.
Ask Malacath about injustice, what is feels like to be chewed up, spit out, stabbed in the back, de-throwned by dishonorable means. Ask his Orsimer, his people, who have consistently been oppressed, shunned and marginalized.
In the eyes of most Tamrielic cultures, Malacath often appears as that which is shunned, the outsider, the Other, the one who represents everything bad, the one who withers crops and makes people sick with merely a glance or his presence. He is the surface every culture's “bad things” are projected upon and where the blame can safely be laid, a scapegoat who offers an insight into how societies work and can turn cruel, blaming the most vulnerable of bringing sin into an otherwise supposedly just and perfect world. As such, he is profoundly valuable if one wants to understand some of the things stirring in the collective unconscious.
The hatred for Malacath births anger and marks as outcasts whose who dare worhsip him, and yet, there is a lot of pride and grim satisfaction that one can find in the the bitter ash of his domain. Malacath brings the thrill of standing alone against the whole world, of having a cause, of claiming what's been stolen or taken, but he can also be jealous, set in his ways, intent on keeping the oppressed oppressed so they can remain his chosen people. One could almost think that Malacath is afraid of winning, because if he does, well, what will he stand for then?
No matter, as long as there are some who need to say “enough!”, Malacath will be an ember in the fire of their anger.
Suggestion of a worship practice : for one week, observe the feeling of anger : yours and anyone else's. Ask yourself what injustice is being done, or what injustice the angry person thinks has been to done to them? Try to understand why this anger manifests instead of repressing it or dismissing it as a “bad” feeling, like we're too often taught to do. Try to differentiate anger from rage and frustration. Alternatively, try to write a pitch for a movie or a story in the vein of “Inside Out”, where Anger is the main character instead of Joy and Sadness. How would it go?
Thank Malacath for a fist that you can slam.
MEHRUNES DAGON – The Prince of Destruction and Change
Of all the Princes souls, Mehrunes' soul might be the closest one to the pure fount of Oblivion : boundless and incessant change and limitless potential. Dagon is the trueborn son of Sithis.
Mehrunes Dagon might be perceived as evil by most of the citizens of Tamriel, because civilization as a whole tends to resist change and destruction. But the secret that Mehrunes learned in Lyg is that every system contains the seed of its own destruction if knows where to search for it.
There is a transcendent component in Dagon's essence, believed by some, in that in his cleansing fire, one might rise higher above the world, or even unmake the world so everyone could rise.
However, one should never forget that fire and destruction can be addictive and dangerous, and the longing to unmake must be stopped at some point, unless one wishes to unmake everything. This creates an interesting dynamic with Dagon's purpose, as he is precisely the one Prince least likely to stop in his pursuits, having tried to invade or unmake Tamriel more often than any other Prince. Moderation is as alien to him as mercy is to Molag Bal.
Harness the energy of change as best you can and beware of the sharpness of the razor which can cut through all things.
Suggestion of a worship practice : burn something without any regret. It can be anything, but something at least a little precious could have more a cathartic effect. Take precautions against the spreading of fire (and don't destroy other people's property), but inside the perimeter of those precautions, do whatever you wish. Dance and jump in front of the fire, blow on the ashes, and observe that something precious disappear. Is there any regret left? Burn it too!
Thank Mehrunes Dagon for the fire within.
MEPHALA – The Prince of Human Relationships and Systems
The web of Mephala encompasses a lot of things, and murder and sex, Thanatos and Eros, as some of the most visceral and fundamental ways humans interact with each other, are only two pieces of it.
Mephala understands that every human is a spider in the center of their own web, the king of their own system, with obligations, likes, dislikes, love, hate, mutual projects, linking them to others as thin little strands, easily swayed, manipulated, broken, reforged.
Mephala's secret and cruel smile hides within the secret of perception : everyone is a hero in their own narrative, everyone's both a spider and a fly in someone else's web. The center cannot hold because there is no universal center : only local centers visible from a certain point of view.
Compared to their brothers and sisters such as Hircine or Mehrunes Dagon, Mephala's sphere is highly sophisticated and far away from what could be called “nature”, the pinnacle of what makes humans human, and structuralist in nature. Her radical involvment with the Dunmer, as well as her revered place in Khajiiti tradition, is a marker of two complicated cultures, cognizant of both the constructive and the destructive sides of relationships.
In the Spider Skein, no one and nothing exists in a vacuum, and one can experience the thrill of being a little part of a bigger whole, and never feeling lonely again.
Suggestion of a worship practice : practice radical decentering from your own web and your own experience. First, draw a representation of your own web : what people, activities, values, places, societal structures you're a part of, and how they're connected around you. Then, chose someone you know and try to draw their web, the one they're in the middle of. How are they connected to parts of your web, by which strands?
Thank Mephala for the complexity of the web.
MERIDIA – The Prince of Pride and Conformity
Meridia's complicate origin story often places her closer to an Aedric entity than a Daedric one, and it is also reflected in her characteristics.
Meridia values order and hierarchies over the essence of pure oblivion chaos, which puts her at odds with most of her royal colleagues. She likes knights in shining armor, life triumphing over death and everything being in its place ... as long as it's on her terms.
Free-will is especially frowned upon in the ranks of her worshippers, and she's unlikely to congratulate a servant who's found a particularly unorthodox solution to a problem, instead of following her command. And her commands are never wrong … or so she thinks.
But it is in the metaphor of light, so beloved by Meridia, that lies the ambiguity and the Daedric seed of her being : for if the light is one, binary, blinding and pure, it can be broken and reassembled into a rainbow, letting spill a plethora of opinions, perspectives and realities. Deep down, Meridia knows this, and the Colored Rooms, with refracted light everywhere, are a proof of the multifaceted truth that she, in her pride, tries to assemble and pull together into a single light strand once more.
Thus, it can be said that Meridia lies in the struggle between conformity and subjectivity, the very light used to attract followers to her eventually becoming her undoing, once the rainbow is revealed.
Suggestion of a worship practice : create a ritual destined to purify yourself of an excess of thoughts. It can be through meditation, physical exercice ... really, through any activity that pulls the plug in your mind, leaving only concentration and pure being. Practice it when you're feeling too full of yourself, and when that hurts.
Thank Meridia for the bliss of non-thought.
MOLAG BAL – The Prince of Domination and Violence
Molag Bal is the force in us that wants to dominate, enslave and have control over others. It's the little voice whispering that, surely, we're innately better than others and it's only natural that they bend to our will.
It is on the terrain of brutal violence (the stronger dominating the more vulnerable) that we see Bal's influence around us every day. Saying that it's an aspect of human societies that we're uncomfortable with would be an understatement, and yet, Bal is one of the cornerstones upon which our house is constructed ... and it is a troubled house.
However, the esoteric teachings of Vivec give us a clue into the ways in which we can harness this destructive force in our own self development, in confronting our own will to power and aknowledging the ways it can influence our character and actions, instead of denying its existence.
In that way, Molag Bal can be a catalyst for change, as a challenge to overcome, as a testing force, just as he was considered to be in Morrowind in the times of the Tribunal.
Suggestion of a worship practice : Experience the other part of the domination coin : the thrill of voluntary submission. You could, for instance [CENSORED].
Thank Molag Bal for lessons learned through suffering.
NAMIRA – The Prince of Death and Disgust
Everything secretly longs to dissolve, to degrade, to decay, to go back to a simple cell devoid of thoughts, consciousness and purpose. Don't you wanna be pure?
Namira contains all the dichotomies carried in the concepts of cleanliness/dirtyness, purity/impurity, existence/void, disease/health. She takes advantage of the human fascination with the things they, individually or societally, find disgusting. Even took a peak at the remains of a car crash on the side of the road? Don't look too closely, or you might just see the cloaked shadow of Namira hovering over it. Ever researched some of the most deadly or disgusting diseases of the body? It was the hand of Namira on your shoulder that guided you to that knowledge.
The ultimate expression of the concept of dissolution or decay is found in death, that great unknown where the Reachmen hope, and other races fear, to find Namira.
Namira is the constant companion of every profession that has to deal with things that evoke disgust in most people : doctors, emergency workers, cleaners of all sorts, epidemiologists, funerary workers, journalists covering war, etc. Can she ever become a reassuring presence, a Spirit Queen more than a Void Mother? The answer remains in those corners of our psyches where disgusting things lie, whether they're linked to the twisting of trauma, to instinct, or to our own repulsion for things that we simply don't understand.
Suggestion of a worship practice : confront one of the things that disgust you, whether from close up or from afar, and strive to understand why it is so. Could this thing be, if not beautiful from another point of view, then at least necessary for something or someone, or a valuable cog in some system?
Thank Namira for the eternal rest.
NOCTURNAL – The Prince of Obscurity and Mysteries
Everything shadowy and unknown, everything that is hidden is spiritually a part of Evergloam. To the contrary of Mephala, who deals in secrets, things that can be revealed, Nocturnal deals in mysteries, things that can't be completely revealed without losing their essence and becoming something else than a mystery.
In that sense, one can understand why Nocturnal is revered as one of the oldest of the Daedra. From the beginning of time, some things were unexplained and remain at least partially so. Depending on one's degree of devotion to obscure mysteries, Nocturnal can be said to held sway over Love, Consciousness, Death, or Free Will, things that can't be adequately explained with our limited understanding of the world. To others, whose minds are less mystery-inclined, Nocturnal is a simpler diety, ruling over darkness and shadows, a useful and lucrative patron for people who wish to remain out of the limelight for whatever reason.
Nocturnal is both the mystery and the key to it, but since one is necessary to access the other, it gives birth to a paradox.
In any case, whose who worship Nocturnal are known to be prone to bouts of melancholy prompted by everything they will never discover, and sometimes develop bird-like features.
Suggestion of a worship practice : for three consecutive days, reverse the day/night cycle : live through the night and sleep through the day. During the night, go outside, or open your window, and observe the world around you, taking in whatever thoughts and revelations come to you in that moment.
Thank Nocturnal for hiding the key.
PERYITE – The Prince of Cleaning and Administration
Peryite is the lord of the thankless task, of the laborious separation of the wheat from the chaff, of the sick from the healthy. He does what others consider beneath them.
Peryite is also associated with balance, order and the little cogs that grind every second of every day, without being told to. Some, as the Reachmen, consider him necessary in spite of his association with terrible diseases. (Other worlds have known the touch of Peryite lately, but we do not speak of it.)
The Pits go on endlessly, because the tasks are never over. There is always more to do, more to accomplish, and if there isn't, well then, you can start doing the tasks of tomorrow, so you can better optimize your schedule and have more time to do your tasks of after-tomorrow, thank you very much.
In that sense, Peryite is a depressingly modern Prince. Even his demeanour, famously, is calm collected : why bother with revolt when there's work to do?
Is there life and beauty to be found in the accomplishment of a thankless everyday task? Maybe. While we're looking for it, every person that has to endure day after day of a bullshit job, every parent who has to repeat certain actions incessantly so their child can live safe and free, every bus driver making their rounds day after day, they all have a little office space in their heads where, on a corner of a table, there is a tiny green altar to Peryite.
Suggestion of a worship practice : instead of rushing through a mind-numbing task such as cleaning, or reading and aswering work emails, try to find meaning or purpose in it. Feel the eternity in the endless repetitions of that action happening again and again, stretching through the Pits, and how immortal that makes you feel.
Thank Peryite for always giving you something to do.
SANGUINE – The Prince of Freedom and Senses
There is a type of freedom to be found in following one's immediate desires without thought or planning. As a wise man once said : “give yourself over to absolute pleasure!
There is freedom of the eyes in looking for whatever you want. There is freedom of the ears in listening to whatever speaks to you. There is freedom of the nose in smelling one's destiny. There is freedom of the mouth in letting in whatever wants in. And, lastly, there is freedom of touch in caressing the shapes of the world.
Some might object that being subjected to one's sensual desires is the opposite of freedom : it is slavery. Sanguine certainly wouldn't agree, and would tell you that freedom is not in a choice made after weighty pondering, but a series of micro-choices made for you by your senses, who know best.
Sanguine has a better reputation among mortals that most, because as human beings, we're eternally blind to the ultimate nature of reality, and, most philosophers would agree, have no access to the “real” world, but only to a version recreated for us by our brains out of the inputs of our senses. There's no getting out of it. And so it pleases us to think that those senses do not mislead us too much, and that there is some wisdom and truth to be found in them.
Sanguine doesn't care about the ultimate nature of reality anyway, and prefers playing with the only one we know. His association with blood is perhaps a metaphor for the lifeforce, which he embodies in the flesh, scoffing at Meridia's thesis about the lifeforce being of a spiritual nature (and throwing tomatoes at her lectures, no doubt).
As long as there is that which is, Sanguine's laugh can be heard in the eternal now.
Suggestion of a worship practice : offer yourself a five day long education of the senses. Look at something pleasant, listen to something pleasant, smell and taste something pleasant, and, lastly, touch something pleasant. Know that it may very well be possible that nothing else exists, or at least, that nothing isn't as real as those feelings.
Thank Sanguine for the song of the blood.
SHEOGORATH : The Prince of Human Psychology and Creativity
What some call madness is just exagerated and more rarely expressed forms of general human cognition. As the protagonist of one tale once said, “Sheogorath has already won, because he's already inside all of us”.
Sheogorath would probably agree with Foucault's analysis of madness as something constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed through the ages to suit society's whims and fears. (Well, he would agree if he cared at all). In fact, one could argue that Foucault mantled Sheogorath to better express his truth : human psychology is just a succession of thoughts, moods and representations which struggle to not fall into the Sithis-shaped hole of the world, and only gain a semblance of legitimacy from being considered as legitimate by a sufficient number of people.
After all, the other coin of madness is creativity, and seeing the world askew is the only real and authentic way to bring something new into it. If Azura is the rim to all holes, that transitory and liminal moment, the glimpse of what might be, Sheogorath is the plunge to the other side, for good or for ill. Where Azura is in some sense the patron of the Arts, that refined and humanized union of talent and perserverance, Sheogorath is the patron of something purer : the creative instinct unburdened by shape or action, the pure will, which can turn to genius or incomprehensible rubbish, or something in between.
Creativity is also more ephemeral than the capital A “Art”. It is the witty turn of phrase said to a friend that's gonna vanish into the air and be forgotten in five minutes time, it's that particular view of the trees seen through the rain seen by that particular human eye – an artpiece for only one mind -, it's the unexpected solution to an everyday problem found when looking at it in a new way.
The creative freedom of Sheogorath rejects the notion that there could be two separate categories : people, and “Artists”. We all produce small pieces of art every day. But is it “Art” to cover a whole village in cheese? Well, we can argue about “Art” all day, but it is undeniably an expression of creativity.
The laugh of Sheogorath can be heard in both the mad and the artistic, and we're all both of those things.
Suggestion of a worship practice : identify a problem, either big or small, that you're currently facing, and come up with seven different ways to resolve it, to see it differently, or to make it worse. Then, represent that same problem in seven different ways : in writing, in drawing, in the form of a sung melody, in mime, as a meal, as a photo of yourself, and as a scream.
Thank Sheogorath for the divided mind.
VAERMINA – The Prince of Fear and Trauma
Have you heard about the three names of dreaming when one's awake ?
A dream can be experienced when one's awake, and it is then called a vision, a hallucination, or a work of art.
The first one suprises, for a vision is always unexpected, and that's how you will know that it is different from a thought. A vision is about being possessed.
The second one confuses, for a hallucination is always uncomprehensible, and that's how you will know that it is different from an image. A hallucination is about being lost.
The last one provokes, for a work of art is always a question, and that's how you will know that it is different from an answer. A work of art is about wandering.
Answer this, then. Where do the possessed, the lost and the wandering go? Why, to Quagmire, of course, where new things are terrors.
On one hand, visiting Quagmire teaches about fear, and fear is an emotion necessary to survival. On the other hand, too much fear or anxiety swings the pendulum the other way, hindering survival by making the one experiencing it irrationaly helpless and focused on imaginary, rather than real, dangers.
Most would argue that it is precisely Vaermina's goal, to drive mortals mad with fear so they become helpless and under her influence. But as with every Prince, their own goals don't preclude mortals from learning from the violent way they embody their sphere. Learning from fear, learning to go forth in spite of it, is probably one of the most beautiful things we can do, and in a way, Vaermina teaches courage and heroism.
Trauma – that which is seen in Vaermina's shimmering visions and that which cannnot be unseen – is a different beast, an eternal return of horror ever anew, happening right now, right this second. Trauma is characterized by the return of the same again and again, until one learns to live with it, and it is no easy task. Maybe Quagmire is the testing factory of our unconscious, and Vaermina, its harsh mistress teaching through psychological suffering, so we never forget that some things are wrong and should never happen, never again, to anyone.
Suggestion of a worship practice : go to therapy, and prepare yourself that it won't be a happy and feel-good experience. Embrace it. Therapy is not some personal development bullshit where someone is trying to make you feel good, and if it is, someone is trying to sell you something. It is waddling through Quagmire and pursuing a faint, far-away light and hoping it won't blink out of sight. But at least you're not alone.
Thank Vaermina for teaching you the fear of the dark.
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2023.06.04 19:34 camefromxbox Please bring back the quesarido.

I was recently made aware that Taco Bell has removed the quesarido from their menu. I am a palled at this decision. I will be reaching out to management and corporate. I need to know who is responsible for this horrendous decision. I will be starting a Facebook group of single middle, aged suburban moms and we will boycott Taco Bell until the quesarido is brought back to the menu. Not to mention the fact it was replaced with the steak burrito wrapped in cheese? Was Taco Bell hi when it made this decision? Who on earth thought that was a good idea? Do you eat your own food Taco Bell? Because if you did, you would’ve never made this decision.
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2023.06.04 17:36 isamuri Seeking Assistance: Restoring Icon-based Quick Setting Menu on Pixel 4a Successor - Is It Possible?

Hey there, helpful Redditors!
I come to you today seeking some guidance and assistance regarding a rather specific issue with my wife's new phone. She recently upgraded from a Pixel 4a to its successor, but there's one feature she dearly misses - the icon-based Quick Setting menu that no longer exists on the new device. It seems to have been replaced with a different layout that doesn't align with her preferences.
So, here's where I turn to you, the tech-savvy community, to see if there's a way to restore the beloved icon-based Quick Setting menu on the new Pixel device or find a similar alternative. We'd be thrilled to hear your insights and suggestions!
If any of you have experienced a similar situation or know of any workarounds or customization options available, we would greatly appreciate your expertise. Whether it's a specific setting adjustment, an app recommendation, or even a custom launcher that could provide the desired interface, we're open to exploring all possibilities.
Thank you in advance for your support, and we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter!
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2023.06.04 17:30 ImaFireSquid Very small criticisms of avatar battles

  1. You can only do fighting practice if you cue up for avatar battles.
  2. You cannot move the camera if you cue up for an avatar battle. This is especially bad because avatar battles are in the literal middle of everything l.
  3. You cannot do multiplayer fights featuring an avatar in offline mode.
  4. There aren’t multiple save slots so different family members can make their own avatars, and while there are customization slots, only one is available at a time.
  5. Your avatar’s level is what it is in multiplayer, there’s no stat averaging to compensate for massive gaps in time played. My avatar just beat a level 80 npc through raw determination and resets and she wound up fighting much weaker characters.
  6. Avatars cannot fight anywhere but the battle hub. Kind of a bummer given the stage variety.
  7. Eternity moves like a broken Chuck E Cheese robot and I hate it.
Most of these problems were available in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 at launch, another game where your avatar is your menu operator, but I think that avatar battles are stupid and unbalanced and fun, they just need a bit of love.
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2023.06.04 17:08 Pizzapolitano SPECIAL PICKUP ORDER ALERT

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Napoli Pizza Night at The Vandy has been cancelled tonight. We have roughly 25 pizzas that can be ordered for pickup tonight from 5-7 at our commercial kitchen in Soulard.
Attached is tonight’s menu. If you wouldn’t mind sharing this post, our team would be beyond grateful. Thank you all!
If you are interested in placing a pickup order, simply message us with your name, phone number, type and quantity of pizza, and pickup time. We will then send you our address.
Extra cheese, hot honey and fried garlic can be added to any pizza for $1 each. Extra tequila lime chicken and birria beef can be added to any pizza for $2.50 each.
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2023.06.04 16:36 bushido_brown93 Pinthouse's pizza of the month for June was a huge miss for me.

It's called the Sgt Pepper. I was so surprised considering I've never had such a bad pizza there, even the more experimental ones.
Here's a description of it
SGT. PEPPERS We know it’s hard to believe it’s already June, but there’s an upside: our brand new “Off the Map” pie is certainly a thrill! The “Sgt. Peppers” pizza features our signature sauce with a dash of Calabrian chili puree, our house cheese blend, fresh ricotta and cup and char pepperoni. Then to take it up a notch we add banana and roasted peppers. Topped off with fresh parmesan as soon as it’s out of the oven, this pizza packs enough heat to tickle your tastebuds and the right amount of cheesy goodness to balance it all out.
It was definitely spicy, but also incredibly salty. It was so weighed down by the sauce and the ridiculous amount of of ricotta cheese that everything was soggy and falling apart. I had a big sloppy pile of cheese and sauce on my plate by the time I finished the two slices I could stomach.
Has anybody else tried it yet? Just wondering if I just got a bad pie or what.
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2023.06.04 14:34 297206664 Ice Nine Kills Chop Shop Menu - 3rd June, Camden London.

Ice Nine Kills Chop Shop Menu - 3rd June, Camden London.
Ok… but Classic Margherita has tomato sauce… 🤌🪓🩸
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2023.06.04 14:32 VeganonaBudget Vegan Meal Ideas for Pizza Nights on a Budget

Hey there, fellow pizza lovers! I've got a delightful anecdotal story to share with you all about one of my incredible clients who recently reached out to me for advice on vegan meal ideas for pizza nights on a budget. Trust me, you won't want to miss this cheesy adventure!
Allow me to introduce you to Alex and Taylor, a young, fun-loving couple in their late twenties who have been together for three years. They are self-proclaimed pizza aficionados and have a standing tradition of enjoying homemade pizza every Friday night. However, recently they decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle to align their dietary choices with their compassion for animals and the environment.
While Alex and Taylor were thrilled about their new vegan journey, they were a bit uncertain about how to recreate their beloved pizza nights without compromising on flavor and affordability. That's when they stumbled upon my YouTube channel, "Vegan on a Budget," and decided to seek my advice on delicious yet budget-friendly vegan pizza ideas.
I suggested they start with a simple homemade pizza dough using basic pantry ingredients. Alex and Taylor were amazed at how easy it was to make their own dough and customize it to their taste. Next, I shared my secret sauce recipe, which incorporated rich tomato flavor and a hint of herbs and spices.
To make their pizza more exciting and nutritious, I recommended a variety of plant-based toppings. They experimented with an array of colorful vegetables like bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and spinach, which added texture and flavor to their pizzas. They also discovered the magic of marinated tofu and tempeh, which provided a satisfying protein-packed alternative to traditional meat toppings.
As for the cheese, I introduced them to the wonders of homemade vegan cheese alternatives. They learned how to make creamy cashew-based mozzarella and nut-free, meltable vegan cheese using ingredients readily available at their local grocery store. With a little bit of practice, their vegan cheese game was on point!
To jazz up their pizza nights even further, I shared some unique topping combinations, like BBQ jackfruit and caramelized onions, Mediterranean-inspired pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, and buffalo cauliflower with vegan ranch dressing. Alex and Taylor's taste buds were in heaven as they discovered a whole new world of plant-based pizza possibilities.
TL;DR: Alex and Taylor, a vegan couple, sought my advice on vegan meal ideas for their beloved pizza nights on a budget. With my guidance, they learned to make homemade pizza dough and sauce, experimented with an array of plant-based toppings, and discovered delicious homemade vegan cheese alternatives. Their pizza nights became a flavorful and budget-friendly adventure, leaving them excited to try new combinations every week!
If you're craving scrumptious and pocket-friendly vegan pizza ideas, don't forget to check out my video "Vegan Meal Ideas for Pizza Nights on a Budget" on my YouTube channel, Vegan on a Budget. Get ready to indulge in plant-based pizza perfection!
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2023.06.04 11:29 CosmoTheFoxxo Now here's a conspiracy!

The McDonalds breakfast menu, actually tastes somewhat lime food??? The cheese is still mass produced shit and the meat could be of higher quality, but the bacon actually tasted of something and wasn't just a strip of tasteless nameless meat tacked on to make a burger slightly more expensive lol
Why isn't this the main menu?- If the main shit was made to the same quality or outright replaced with this, I'd argue this place ain't half bad, but no, the food is so shit people accepted it could be made with fucking pink goop without a second thought!
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2023.06.04 11:11 pollito_bot_ New Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder With Cheese May Be Coming To McDonald's Menu Soon (Rumored to launch on June 20, 2023 - Limited Time)

New Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder With Cheese May Be Coming To McDonald's Menu Soon (Rumored to launch on June 20, 2023 - Limited Time) submitted by pollito_bot_ to masters_ATCP [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 10:04 Snoo18053 Recipe ideas for poorly elderly neighbour with very restricted diet

I have the most wonderful lovely neighbour. She was already celiac and dairy intolerant, which restricted her diet a lot. She would very occasionally allow herself ice cream as a treat and deal with nasty cramps and digestive issues as a result, but could never cheat with gluten as it was too dangerous. Before her dairy intolerance got bad, she loved cheese and creamy sauces, etc.
Sadly, some time ago, my neighbour was diagnosed with tongue cancer. She had to have an operation to remove part of her tongue and a lot of radiotherapy in her jaw and throat area. But she is now cancer free, which is fantastic news!
At first, with part of her tongue missing, she was interested in learning what she could and could not taste. But since treatment, she has found it a struggle to eat many things at all, unless they are soft and chopped very small (even mince can get stuck going down). Ingredients like tomatoes are also off the menu because they're so acidic that they burn her throat, which is very sensitive after radiotherapy.
She has lost a lot of weight and is miserable. She loves cooking and baking but is feeling uninspired and low as most things she tries to cook herself end up in the bin as they're too hard to swallow, or too acidic (and she can't add cream to anything to reduce that due to dairy intolerance). Now Summer is here she is very bored with vegetable soups!
She is also really struggling to get protein in her diet, so she is tired a lot. She has started eating poached eggs and small chopped prawns (but they're expensive).
Any recipe ideas for this wonderful woman would be extremely appreciated.
Restrictions summary: - Dairy free (ideas for good substitutes are welcomed too) - Gluten-free - Nothing too acidic (very sore throat) - Soft and chopped small
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2023.06.04 09:55 eddino55 Thrills and spills as Cheese Rolling 2023 leads to MULTIPLE injurie...

Thrills and spills as Cheese Rolling 2023 leads to MULTIPLE injurie... submitted by eddino55 to freefantasylgueswchat [link] [comments]