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2023.06.05 09:27 mpopbelpop Types of cars to book for road trip (LA - SF)?

hi all! My partner and I will be heading to US in Dec, and looking forward to a road trip from LA to SF!
Sorry this is a long one. Here’s some background:
Here’s our itinerary for reference:
Day 1 to 5: pick up car in Los Angeles Airport (Avis) upon arrival. Explore LA.
Day 5 to 9: Explore Joseph tree > Grand Canyon.
Day 9: Drive to Las Vegas (rest stop). Return rental car at Las Vegas
Day 10: Fly from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara airport. Pick up the rental car near Santa Barbara airport (Avis)
Day 11 - 13: Drive up to Big Sur (if roads are open) and Monterey.
Day 13: Drive to Yosemite
Day 16: Drive to San Francisco. Return rental car near hotel. Note: this is to save the valet parking fees which is $70/night, and we think we might not need the car the following day
Day 17: explore SF by public transport, ferry, foot. Half day at the Alcatraz.
<3rd part of trip>
Day 18: pick up rental car. Flexible plans (Muir Woods, Golden Bridge and/or Napa).
Note: we can’t return the car on Day 19 as it’s a major public holiday and most rental shops in the city are closed
Day 20: return rental car at San Fran airport
Our questions:
  1. Do you think that Avis would be the best option? We’ve taken into account its wide network and our membership.
  2. Considering the costs and weather constraints, what cars should we book for each part of the trip?
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 09:02 DankRedPandoo Smart voucher for spouse

So I got shipped to Korea from AIT and wasn't able to get CSP so I applied in Korea for it long story short it took almost a year for approval. Wife finally arrived in April. I've been trying to fill out a smart voucher for her since she traveled on my GTC. But every time I try and go to submit its kicked back. I've gone to finance twice about the issue but they throw a "whats a smart voucher" paper at me and tell me to get lost.
I'm not sure how it works since my wife wasn't on my original orders and traveled a year later from home to Korea.
Most recent kick back was for "Incomplete Itinerary" saying it needed to reflect my AIT duty station and end with my location. But she was never at that location and traveled from an airport near her to me. So do I just lie? I feel like lying at this point is easier
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2023.06.05 08:45 Standard-Web1774 33m4r looking for fun and excitment

I live on Fredericksburg near medical center and I work at the airport. I am not the best looking guy by any stretch of the imagination but I don't think I'm the worst looking one either. I'm just looking for someone to have fun with, specifically a cis woman or a trans woman.
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2023.06.05 07:10 nihilistrainbow Food Guilt

So I had fast food for dinner the past two days and I'm struggling with immense guilt. Yesterday I had a spicy chicken sandwhich and large fries from Chick-fil-a. Today I had McDonald's: a 6 piece nugget, McChicken, and large fries. I even had an ice cream sandwhich for dessert.
I've been so good about not tracking calories and I've been trying to eat more but this guilt is just making me want to restrict again. I've been having intense cravings for fast food, but I think I went overboard. I still body check everyday and looking at myself I feel like I gained even though I know that's not possible in just two days. Logically I know it's just mild bloating from eating, but the ED brain does not like being logical. I think a lot of my guilt is because I used to be overweight and at one point medically obese. If you've grown up fat you forever feel like the fat kid, even when you lose weight. So when I'm not eating perfectly healthy it brings me so much shame.
I'm just hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling a lot less guilty.
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2023.06.05 06:18 DudeNeedsToTalkRN What is going on in Senegal in 2023? Explained in details #FreeSenegal

Skip to the Last part for 2023 specifics reading everything would really enlighten you tho.
Location and Alliances
French Control / Neocolonialism
Senegal was a well ruled country despite its politics being mainly ruled by France from the shadow, France hold the reserve of CFA Francs currency and print it for 15 countries. 15 sovereign nations are entirely dependent on France's currency. France also control most of their seaports and has priority in every new market offering with mandatory acceptance for these nations. Despite its many resources Senegal is a very poor country it has gold, zircon, lots of sea territory for fishing, clay and many more industry needed resources and forestry that I can adequately explain. France also has military bases in most of these countries until recently they've been kicked out by Burkina and Mali. Recently lots of Gas and Oil sources have been found in Senegal and that could change the lives of millions of Senegalese citizen (keep that in mind as you read)

Abdoulaye Wade, Macky Sall, Dirty Politics and Spiraling Debt

3rd Mandate, Abdoulaye Wade vs The People (Macky Sall and Youssou Ndour incl.)

Link Archive Protest Youtube:
Link Archive Macky Sall Coallition :

Hopes, Justice, Regrets and Embezzlement of Funds

Dynasty Faye-Sall, War of Gains and Scandalous Deals (Petro Tim Oil & Gas)

Then slowely but crescendo new names started popping in the government, branded as the FAYE-SALL dynasty : Macky Sall, his wife Marieme Faye and the in laws Aliou Sall and Mansour Faye.
See here the BBC documentary that angered the Senegalese citizens:
See video here:
see video here:
The others (Moustapha Niasse, Youssou Ndour, Mame Mbaye Niang...)

The Claws of France gripping harder

Harder Living Conditions

The Rise of Ousmane Sonko

Macky Sall's 3rd Mandate, Sonko-Adji Sarr, 2021 Protests

Amnesty International Article :

2023 Protests

After sentencing Ousmane Sonko to 2 years of prison, he is at first kidnapped while he travelled back home from Ziguinchor occasionally touring the country ,held at home and the people are out protesting to end this masquerade, for Macky Sall to either leave Sonko alone and finish his 2nd term or to leave the country altogether.
There's already 600 political prisoners before the protest.
The police shot live rounds, beat up and runned over several people.
And a new type of tear cas that can blow your limbs.
The people are fighting for a better future. Macky Sall doesn't care about Senegalese people. Senegalese so desperate for a better future that many died at sea on shipwrecks trying to reach europe on rafts or canoes.
In 2019, 210 senegalese people died in the mediteranée trying to reach europe because there's nothing left of hope of a better future in thish country, in novembre 2020, 414 senegalese people died at sea trying to ge to europe according to IOM
The 2023 protest showed an escalation of violence from the police, the constables and the 'nervis' these paid militias that have gone increasingly violent with machetes and semi automatic rifles and handguns. Fighting along side the police they have killed 28 people officially many were shot.
The Freedom to tour the country that Macky Sall was offered by Abdoulaye Wade is what Macky Sall is denying Ousmane Sonko.
The 3rd mandate that Macky Sall thought for is what he is denying us all.
Abdoulaye Wade never asked for the police to shoot at civilians, under his presidency killing in broad daylight wasn't a thing, he may have been a bad tyrant but Macky Sall infinitely a hating arrogant good for nothing that is acclaimed as Political Genius a lapdog if anything.
A warzone atmosphere against unarmed civilians.
The government issued an order for the internet to be cut off
Everybody is using vpns to keep the outside informed. Today, June 4th the mobile data were cut off only wifi network worked in order to keep protesters at home.
A terrible rumour that spent chills down my spine earlier today a senegalese citizen called on live tv saying he saw DEAD BODIES IN REFRIGERATED TRUCKSS BEING THROWN AT SEA near the Diamalaye Beach. The senegalese citizens are enquiring about it. Some people have confirmed through text but I am yet to believe it until photo or video proof is shown. We are talking about mass execution I will not believe it until I see proof of it.
This a very long and tedious thing to write and I'm doing it because I am afraid the Senegalese people will be cut off from the world and die in the dark.
The sound of an entire nations going silent is something I have witnessed once and I hope I never do.
ECOWAS took a neutral stance may the wrath of God be upon them.
For once in my lifetime I wish for Military Coup if it means the killers will be stopped. Please save the longest lasting WEST African democracy.
Please Spread the word under #FreeSenegal. A senegalese fearing for his freedom.
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2023.06.05 05:25 CornerCornea Magic Traditions. Night Wedding.

I recently came across a post about an expat who participated in a night wedding. After reading the accounts I began to do research on my own. Not because I believe in any of that stuff. I'm a magician after all. Illusion is my bread and butter. And I can detect trickery better than most. Which in my line of work has its benefits. But old traditions are the best places to pick up new techniques. Old ways that are new to others that delight and even scare people. Because, if I can make them afraid. Make them look away. For even a second. I can pull off some astounding magic.
My gig at the cruise line was coming to an end as we neared the port of Shanghai. And for my last several shows, where I'd normally start to include my greatest tricks in order to leave a lasting impression. I developed a new act that I called "The Sneaky Bride", it involved a mannequin in a wedding dress, a beautiful train, veil, flowers on the ground - the whole nine yards some would say. The trick was that the bride would sneak bites as my assistants who are dressed as servers pass by with their trays.
I begin the trick by placing a mannequin center stage for all to see so that they know it's a dummy. I show them there are no holes, and the entire thing is solid. Then we dress it up and set the stage for a wedding. And with a bit of lighting, another assistant switches places with the mannequin and is being fed under the veil. We later changed it to more slight of hand techniques as the assistant complained she wasn't able to chew fast enough as the items of course have to get larger and larger for comedic effect as the guests were wowed by the disappearing act as the fake wedding progressed.
At the end we even invited the unmarried men up to the stage and then threw out a fake bouquet, and watched them clamber over each other in good fun to catch it. The act was an instant hit and had the crowd roaring every night. Which was why I decided to take a firsthand look at the original, and see if there were any other staging techniques I could learn from this old tradition.
With some help from Bing and its ChatGPT features I was able to get a relatively good idea of where it was practiced. So I booked the next flight out to begin my quest for a real night wedding.
Upon arrival at my hotel, I asked the concierge for information about the local practice.
"Yes. I know of this one. We practice it often for children who were taken too early."
"But they are all scams?"
The concierge smiled, "In most cases the pouches mean no harm, and they're simply for families who want to provide peace for themselves and to complete a lasting tradition. Sometimes the dowries are quite lucrative as well, and it is the families who are scammed by those who go and collect these ghost wives as concubines. We call it a blue procession for the trail of ghosts the husband leaves behind wherever he goes." He leans in, "But between you and me? They're mostly all scams."
I laughed, and I can't stress this next part enough, tip your concierge! Which I did. "Thank you, and also. Do you know where I could get a good start on finding more information about these ghost dowries? Or even find one of these pouches myself?"
"The temple down this first street to the left, about half a kilometer, would be a good place to start. But finding a pouch is a bit more difficult as they pop up sporadically. However, if traditions are to be believed it is the pouch who chooses the spouse."
I thanked him again and began to make my way through the early morning rush toward the temple. The streets were lined with open markets full of food from local farmers, which were common in the morning in this part of the world. They would disappear before the afternoon and then return again to sell wares at night when it was cooler. It made the city feel as if it were breathing as the locals rose and ebbed outside with day and night.
On my way, I searched the ground and around alleys for loose pouches. But I had no such luck by the time I arrived at the temple. Large red pillars that were thicker than any tree I've personally had the pleasure of meeting held up the high ceiling. Inside, the locals were already starting to disperse as the work hours were amongst us. Which left me nearly alone in this temple at about 8:00 in the morning.
A monk or priest was kneeling on a mat in front of a wooden shrine, throwing pieces of wood in the shape of dumplings on the floor. I waited patiently for him to finish. Taking in the sights and the delicate features of the temple. When he rose I approached him.
"You don't speak English by any chance do you?"
He smiled.
"What about the middle tongue?" I asked in Mandarin.
"Oh," he seemed surprised. "Yes. How may I be of assistance?"
"What were you doing just now?"
He held out his hand and showed me two red wooden pieces that were, with closer inspection, in the shape of moons. "Jiaobei," he told me. "We use these to seek divine guidance."
"How does it work?"
The monk shows me the two sides, one was smooth and flat, the other side rounded. "You ask a question and then throw it on the ground. One block flat and one block round, means yes. Both blocks showing round means no. Or depending on the question. Anger from the Gods. Or crying in sadness as it is commonly known. And finally, both blocks showing flat means laughter. Which could mean a number of things." He hands them to me, "You throw it three times to get a better answer."
"I'm guessing if it's the same all three times, the answer is definitive?"
The monk nodded.
"Will I..."
"Ah ah ah, in silence."
I didn't want my first question to be too convoluted or difficult. So I kept it simple and asked if I was a good magician. Then I threw the Jiaobei on the floor. It clattered and rolled on its rounded back, showing two flat sides.
The monk smiled.
"That usually happens the first time anyone tries Jiaobei. But in my experience, it generally means you asked a pure question."
"What happens if I didn't ask a pure question and it came back as angry?"
"The gods will remember it. They will remember you."
"No bad first impression then huh," I whispered under my breath. "Okay. Do I need to throw it two more times or can I ask a different question?"
"You may ask a different question or throw it twice more."
"What is my name?" I threw it on the floor. And to my surprise, as the ends are pointed and difficult to balance, one of the damn things stood tall and erect.
The monk bowed to the pieces. "Truly you have been picked by the gods to be answered. Lijiao or a standing answer like this is uncommonly rare. The gods generally choose to laugh at a nonsensical question. And often get angry if you throw it two more times. And rarely do they ever answer ones asked aloud."
I bent forward, skeptical, though a temple this was, at how the thing worked. In my head I could only think that the switchboard guy was quick on his feet. But looking around I couldn't find any cameras. Though in this day an age, they're made smaller than a fly. So it was difficult to tell. I picked up the pieces, feeling for any sense of magnetism, but there were none.
I asked one last question before I left that day. I asked their gods, would I find the real deal? And I threw it on the ground three times. All three times it came up yes. But for two months I scoured the city, and the country side. And I did chance upon several pouches. Some were obviously scams as I watched each bag carefully before approaching. Especially noticeable are the ones in the city which would be laying on the sidewalk, filled with bills for people passing by. But I observed that if a local went to go pick it up, two or three men from around the corner would come and threaten him to put it back. But if a foreigner picked it up, an old man or woman would come and start calling them son before leading them away.
There were of course others that were genuinely following tradition. I chanced upon several of them and was married several times. But each one was playful almost. And performed by their parents in the day. Leaving me with several small bags of pocket change, a good dinner, as I went on my way.
During one of these fake night weddings I even saw a child playfully munching on a corn cob in the corner under one of the tables as I fed the effigy they constructed of my fake bride. Which was when I think I decided to call it quits. Believing that I'd never find the real deal. Although I did learn a lot as tradition can be translated by me into performance. Which helped me ground 'The Sneaky Bride' act further. All in all, this was time well spent.
My visa was coming to an end and I had mostly been enjoying the sights, the city, and their way of life. When on one the last day, as I was leaving from a faraway eatery that the concierge had recommended, that I saw a red pouch made of silk with a thick yarn around its throat, stuffed full of money. I looked around and didn't see a single person there, nothing except flat farmland and water gullies for miles.
Odd, I thought to myself, as it looked truly abandoned.
For a second I played with the idea of picking it up. Wondering if somehow a relative of the deceased would pop up magically next to me and I could change the world of magic by studying their technique. But I didn't want to spend my few hours chasing ghosts. I wanted to enjoy my time. So I kept walking.
I got back to the city and spent the remainder of my day eating and drinking, meeting new friends at the bar, newfound lads who I invited a hundred times to visit me in Melbourne one day. Who all agreed that if fate ever brought us back together we would drink until the sun rose. So yeah, I was fairly drunk when I got back to my hotel room, and didn't believe what I saw when I opened the door. It was a red pouch sitting on my coffee table.
"Someone's trying to play a trick on me," I mused. "They must have heard me talking at the bar." I circled the table studying the pouch. Any magician worth his smoke, likes a good bag. So there was no doubt to me that this was the same one I saw earlier. Which made me start putting two and two together. "It must be the concierge. He's the one who sent me out that far." I laughed and picked up the bag, even though I knew the rules. I opened it and thumbed through the bills. "It's much more than what I tipped him. Much more." Curious, I wondered what he would have done if I didn't return this to him. It must have been quite a few months worth of wages. I threw the bag up in the air and caught it as if I were juggling before I tossed it on my nightstand. "I'm going to let him sweat for a little bit and pretend I didn't find it tomorrow as I check out," I mused as I went to go take a shower.
I opened the door and felt the words stick to the roof of my mouth as the bag appeared on the counter next to the sink. I shot a glance back to the nightstand and indeed the bag I had just thrown on there was missing.
"This is a good fucking trick. That, or I'm drunker than I thought." I started questioning did I somehow fall asleep beforehand? Or walked into the bathroom and put it there as I mused my little scheme of making the concierge nervous at the lost pouch? Had I somehow in my drunken state done something without realizing it? No. That couldn't be it. I touched my chest to check my heart rate and put my fingers on my face. A bit flushed, but heart rate adequate. I was fine for the most part. Just drunk.
I looked at the pouch on the counter, and peered gingerly into the bathroom as if I've never stepped foot in one, before deciding to grab the bag and close the door. "Okay," I said loudly. "Whoever's doing this. Come on out." Of course no one appeared, not that I expected them to because the credo I lived by is that a good magician never reveals his trick.
"Okay, let's see how good you guys really are," I mused. Going over to my closet and placed the pouch on the shelf. Closing the door. Then I went back to the bathroom and opened the door. It was empty. I checked the nightstand drawer, mpty. I looked all over, and it was still mty. I breathed a sigh and went over to the closet door, "I guess you're just a bag after all." Except when I looked inside. MT. I couldn't find the bag behind any other nook or cranny. I know, I checked them all. And they were all .
I stumbled backwards and looked around, glancing at the ceiling corners in case someone had crawled up there. And even looked under the bed. But there was no one else here. I felt my chest tighten as I tried to make sense of what was happening. "Its got to be the walls I reasoned." And so for the next half hour I scoured the entire room with my hands, pushing, pressing, pulling anywhere and everywhere I could. Using all my years of experience to figure out what was going on. But there was nothing.
I couldn't stay in that room another minute so I rushed outside and nearly stepped on it! The bag! It was right at the foot of my doorstep.
My mind tried to wrap around how that was possible, "It's got to be a dupe. They've got more than one bag. I've been had, that has to be it. And the furniture inside, they have secret compartments. God, they really put a lot of effort into this," I laughed. "I have to know how this trick is done." So I opened the pouch and pulled out the note inside.
The notes generally contained their name, their current would-be age (she was 20 this year, older than most), what time they were born (8:07), a picture if they had one (she did), and how old they when they died (5). If the deceased were a bit older, perhaps a tidbit from their family is included about their personality. But most importantly, it always contained their address.
I looked at my watch, it was late and my flight was in the morning but perhaps I could still make it. So I gathered the rest of my things, my luggage, the mannequin for my act, and other bag of tricks in case I needed to go to the airport right after. "Come on," I yelled out loud to my pranksters. "Let's go see what other tricks you have up your sleeve."
I went down to the lobby and had the front desk call me a cab. I looked around for the concierge but he was nowhere to be found. So I left a note for him. And then left.
The cab drove until the city faded away. We were practically on the other side of the island by the time its tires skipped to a stop. I got out and knocked on the giant half circle doors of the address. I noticed that we were deep in the countryside. There were hardly any lights dotting the night.
I knocked several more times before I heard shuffling behind the door. And then it opened. An old man stood in front of me in his drawers.
"What do you want," he asked angrily. "Do you know what time it is?"
"I'm sorry for disturbing you at such a late hour. But," I pulled out the pouch. And his eyes widened up.
"Meju-eh. You're back." He looked at me up and down. "What are you supposed to be," he asked but then shook his head. "No, no. Come in. Come in, please."
"I don't have much time," I told him. "I have to leave in the morning."
"Sit, sit." He ushered me to a chair in the courtyard.
I placed the bag on the table next to it, "I have a flight in the morning, so if we're going to do this. We have to do it now."
Instead of fighting me, he nodded, "Yes. I agree. I don't have much time either. And Meju-eh is older than most ghost brides. The bull demon might not let her through his gets if she gets any older. And then she'll be a husbandless spinster for eternity." He ushered around, "We don't have many living relatives either. So it shouldn't be too troublesome to hurry this along." He called into the house and a young woman came out, "This is my granddaughter. Ah-ahn. Meju-eh's older sister. They were close as children."
Ah-ahn was quite beautiful. I almost couldn't take my eyes off of her.
"Go and start preparations and rouse anyone you can get a hold of. We must have the wedding tonight. Even if it isn't grand as I would like."
"Will we make it in time," I asked. "It's a lot of work for one person. Perhaps I could help?"
The old man nodded, "That's a good idea. But forgive me, I must retire for now. Or else have no energy for the wedding." He turned to his granddaughter, "Fetch me when the preparations are ready." As he left us alone in the courtyard.
"What can I do," I asked her.
"We're going to need flowers for decoration."
I pulled a rose out from behind her ear, "I happen to have a case of these on hand at all times." I put the flower in her hair.
She smiled, "Thank you."
"What else?"
"Um, we already have tables for family gatherings. There should be enough food in the freezers that we can just heat up. I need to call my aunt to come help. And wake up some of the kids. Also...we kind of need a statue of some sort, as a stand-in for my sister."
"Statue? I think I have just the thing."
Hours went by and it was the dead of the night, but watching all the people bustling around the courtyard, the kids in excited whispers, you'd never guess that all of us should have been sleeping. Soon the tables were set, the food was hot, even the decorations were strung, and I had procured my mannequin from my luggage and a few of the menfolk were putting it together inside the main living room.
Several times I found myself laughing and having a good time with the others, although chasing that hen made me look quite ridiculous, and several times I bumped into Ah-ahn and we would talk and exchange a few words. In the beginning she talked mostly about her sister. How she was troublesome as a child. Always hiding things. I told her about the pouch appearing and disappearing in my hotel. And we both had a good laugh. Eventually we talked about ourselves. I learned she wanted to get away from here, "To see the world," she told me. The more we talked the closer we got. I could feel it. Soon we were bumping into each other just to feel our bodies touch. But before anything else transpired the wedding preparations were complete.
The old man was retrieved from his bedroom and everyone gathered outside in the courtyard, looking into the main living room. There was a wooden shrine in the back of the room and the mannequin had been traditionally dressed. From an old box the grandfather retrieved several personal items that belonged to Meju. And I was then asked to enter the living room.
The grandfather said a few words, and then gave us his blessing. Ah-ahn handed me a bowl of sticky rice ball soup. I had been through this process before and knew what to do. I ate one of the pink balls and then went to go feed my new bride.
Now I've traveled with this mannequin for some time. Seen it at a dozen of my own shows. Slept with it in the room. Knew that it was in fact a dummy for all intents and purposes. However, as I started moving my spoon toward it. I swear I saw it's chest rise as if it were breathing.
I couldn't tell if it was from the alcohol ebbing away from earlier or a trick of the light. But even its shoulders looked softer than usual. My hand started shaking as it got closer to her mouth. It was like watching an out of body experience as the spoon inched under her veil. And then the CRUNCH. It scared the fucking shit out of me. I looked around hoping to see some kid in the corner playing a dumb joke. But there were none. And I didn't believe what I was seeing even as the veil started moving as her jaws chewed the sticky material back and forth.
"No way," I shook. "There's just no way." My hand was so close to the veil. "Oh God. Please. I have to know how this is done." I ripped off the veil.
Meju looked very much like her picture. But older. And then older. And older. As if her face was starting to rot away as it contorted. People behind me screamed. The lightbulbs we had strung popped. Kids were running around and the grandfather fell to the floor clutching his heart.
I backed away, the spoon clattering to the ground as I watched the mannequin crick and crack as its arms and legs bent in a tangled mess until it was walking on all fours!
The thing grabbed the bent down to the grandfather and started chewing!
I turned around and saw the other guests were piling out of the courtyard. The tables were upturned and only the dim crescent light of the moon bore down on us. Everyone was screaming trying to get out. I ran and bumped into Ah-ahn. She whirled terrified and then realized it was me. She yelled, "You never! Look at the bride before it's time!"
"I'm so sorry! I didn't know. I thought it was a trick!"
She grabbed her face, her nails leaving streaks behind as she clawed at her skin, "Now she's going to kill every living blood relative. And then you." Ah-ahn laughed manically. "She's going to torture you!"
The people kept pushing around us until we got separated. Her final words still ringing in my ears as I took to the dirt road outside and started running. I ran for nearly a mile before I spotted a cab sitting outside of someone's house. I banged on their door and then begged them to take me to the airport. Throwing at them all the money from the dowry.
When I arrived at the airport I hurried through the TSA. Relieved at the lights and normal looking people. I boarded my flight. Tapping my foot nervously the entire time, staring out the small squarish window as we prepared to take off. The sun was starting to rise as the engine roared. I took one last look at the island as we flew away. Still trying to catch my breath at what I had just caused.
My mind was reeling as I heard two knocking noises, they sounded oddly familiar, and for a second I thought that Meju had finished with her family and had somehow come boarded. But then I realized the noise was coming from my carry-on. I reached inside and pulled out two red shaped crescents that the Monk at the temple had given to me. And I realized that if I ever needed any form of divine guidance this was it.
So right there in the tiny aisle. I asked the gods if I had escaped and threw the Jiaobei.
I asked the gods if I would be safe.
I asked them would Meju kill me.
Both flat.
Both flat.
Both flat.
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2023.06.05 05:06 Emagme40989 Chick-Fil-A phone call interview

Hi everyone! Got a text from my local cfa saying that they want a phone call interview. Any important questions or anything to know? And, what happens after? Thanks!!
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2023.06.05 05:04 AxlCobainVedder A Chick-Fil-A commercial with two women shopping together (1980)

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2023.06.05 05:04 Wise-Sprinkles-9519 Indiana to California Trip

Hello everyone! I am a 23M and at some point I would like to take a week (maybe longer?) to explore the Donner Party Memorial state parks and places related to the Donner Party. This is going to be my very first solo trip and I have just begun planning. In short I don't entirely know what I'm doing and would like some tips. I think I am most worried about navigating the airports and security. If there are things to do near Trukee Lake/Donner Memorial State Park, I would love some suggestions! I want my trip to be 7 days so I think I would like more to do besides Donner Part-related stuff.
Also if you have tips that would make my trip easier, that would be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.05 05:04 AxlCobainVedder A Chick-Fil-A commercial with two women shopping together (1980)

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2023.06.05 04:42 BlackTemplars Hawaii - two week honeymoon trip review Dec 2022

Have some time to finally write a trip review for Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii for my honeymoon in December 2022 for two weeks. Mid December and left for home on Christmas Day. This was our first time redeeming cc points for anything, so lots of trial and error and lessons learned.
My wife and I had gotten married in October and were actually not planning going on honeymoon until Spring 2023 until we researched further and managed to make December 2022 work in our favor. We started planning and booking reservations TWO months before our trip. We are very fortunate to have done it in that time span and managed to make almost everything work out.
IAD - DTW - SEA - OGG on Delta, First Class One way.
Day 1
Got to Maui late in the night and picked up our rental car, a Chevy Equinox, with Enterprise. Used my Hilton Aspire to get 7x points.
One night at Courtyard Marriott by the airport and paid $500.
It was the best we could do with our timing.
Day 2 - 6
Breakfast and lunch was by the food trucks near Costco. Shopping nearby for supplies for our vacation.
Meals (Costco food trucks):
5 nights at the Grand Wailea - 440,000 HH points
Left to check into our resort the Grand Wailea in Wailea. Both the wife and I are Hilton Diamond members. Mine through the Hilton Aspire and she has status through actual stays. We booked these nights through her account and using all Hilton points. Each reward night was 110,000 points and we got the 5th night free. So 440,000 points total.
This resort was huge and immaculate. Words can describe how nice this place is and the customer service is SUPERB. Literally, the best we have ever experienced. You only have to see and experience it for yourself. My wife and I still talk weekly about the Grand Wailea.
We booked the Terrace View - 1 King Bed as the Standard Night Reward and upon arrival we were upgraded to the Deluxe Ocean View - 1 King Bed in the Molokini wing. Breathtaking views! Avg cash price so this room type is around ~$988 before taxes, fees so it comes to 0.89 CPP (if not including taxes, fees in the total). All meals, incidentals, shopping, and experiences were put onto my Hilton Aspire. Daily food and beverage credit was $25 each for the two of us and used usually at their divine but pricey breakfast buffet. No resort fees charged for booking with points which saved us hundreds of dollars. We immensely enjoyed ourselves at this resort and the lush, manicured surrounding area.
Experiences: renting a cabana at the Grand Wailea pool, spa day at the Four Seasons with outdoor hale beachside, Wailea Beach, hiking Twin Falls, Baby Beach, Haleakala National Park
Day 7 - 8
Two nights at the Hotel Wailea, Relais & Chateaux using Amex FHR.
Paid total ~$3400 for the One bedroom, Luxury Suite, Ocean View. Unfortunately, no upgrade upon checking in. Hotel was sold out. Daily breakfast in the form of $30 credit per person and $100 food/bev credit given through the FHR. This stay triggered the $200 FHR credit for my wife's Amex Plat
Quiet, small resort, adults only. We enjoyed our stay here and loved our room. Bed was harder than what we were use to and it was far from the beach. Otherwise we loved the restaurant and the ability to "get away". One of the top hotels in Maui and all of Hawaii. Price tag to boot.
Experiences: cabana and pool day at Hotel Wailea, spa day at Montage Kapalua Bay. Outdoor hale with hot tub.
Big Island of Hawaii
Day 9 OGG - KOA (Big Island) round trip booked with Hawaiian Airlines. $106 for each of us before baggage fees. Booked direct using wife's Amex Plat.
Arrived to the Big Island and rented a Toyota Prius though Budget. Paid using Hilton Aspire.
Day 9 - 15
We booked the Hilton Waikoloa Village using all Hilton points, 6 nights in total with one night free. 350,000 pts in total used, 70,000 each night. Initially the standard room redemption was for the Palace Tower Resort View - 1 King Bed and was going for ~$540 a night before taxes/fees so CPP was 0.77. We realized even before our trip that the Palace Tower and old, needed a refresh, and was terribly far from the beach and the parking lot. We asked for an upgrade when we checked in and was given the option to move to the Makai Tower - Ocean View 1 King Bed for an additional $75 per night. We promptly took this offer. This room runs ~$694 per night before taxes/fees and if I subtract the $75 per night, I calculate this to be 0.88 CPP. The Makai tower was much better, our room overlooked the ocean and part of the resort. Frankly, Palace looked like dogshit. Daily F&B credit was $18 for each person. Incidentals again went onto my Hilton Aspire.
Towards the end of our stay, we stayed at the DoubleTree Hilo using 50,000 pts. Room rate was $308 before taxes/fess. CPP was 0.61. This was on the other side of the island and very far from Hilton Waikoloa so we decided to stay overnight there after hiking Volcanoes NP instead of driving to the west side in the middle of the night.
Experiences: Kauna'oa Beach, Mauna Kea sunset and stargazing (this is a must!!), Captain Cook monument snorkeling, Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National historical park, Punalu-u Black Sand Beach, Volcanoes National Park, Akaka Falls.
Trip home: OGG - LAX - IAD. United, First Class One way.
Overall, an EXCELLENT trip. We were amazed and thrilled to do so much in two weeks and in such short notice. Again, only two months to plan once our dates were finalized. Between my wife and I, we have the Amex Plat and Gold, Hilton Honors and Aspire, and CFU, CSP. Each card strategically used during our trip. The FHR credit triggered for my wife, and my Aspire triggered the $250 resort credit. If I had to guess, we saved ~$15,000 or more by redeeming CC points. Hope this data point helps some of you trip planning, happy to answer any questions.
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2023.06.05 04:39 Odd_Salary7432 Nobody wants me

How cant shit fucks like fucking adin Ross and Andrew rate fuck heads manage to get fucking girlfriends but losers like me can’t even get a second date. I get fucking ghosted, left on read, hurt buy everyone who I talk to. The only girl I ever loved left me for no reason. I’ve got plenty of friends, guys and girls, I try to be nice and respectful, but I get nothing. I’m just a fucking loser, I must be ugly or something, I feel fucking worthless, Ive watched all of my friends pick up girls and get countless girlfriends over nearly a decade now, but me, I can’t say anything for shit, and the girls I have been with always LEAVE ME, never the other way around. The only girl I dumped was because I found out she was going to dump my sorry ass. I’ve met one chick off a dating app (I’ve used many on and off for years) and we had an amazing first date, only for her to entirely ghost me before the second date. I miss love so much, I’m such a hopeless romantic, and nobody wants me. I can’t stand seeing all my friends with their happy romances and that makes me feel like such a piece of shit, so I do nothing but sit there and tear myself apart inside. People say I’m a good person but I don’t believe it anymore. I want to give up on love entirely, but I’m so sad and alone that I won’t. I’m literally about to text that ex again because I’m so fucking worthless and have no fucking self respect or esteem. This has literally destroyed me. My mental health is already awful due to other bullshit and stress. She was the last time I was truly happy.
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2023.06.05 04:36 Theacreator Incoming Heresy: The elf might actually be redeemed

Kerillian has long been my least favorite set of careers and least favorite character. Cruel and indifferent to the others, dismissive of their deaths, and insulting to their gods, almost entirely unprovoked. It never seemed to be for laughs either, like Saltzpyre’s bigotry, just genuinely mean spirited. After the SotT release she became even worse, and I thought “guys just ditch her after missions, this chick is total poison”.
Within the last year though, it feels like there’s been a slight change. It’s like the End Times are becoming “real” for her and put an end to her snarky teenager phase. An immortal who has to grow after realizing her life does in fact have an end. It’s becoming less of an angsty cynical “nothing matters” attitude and more “I’m about to lose literally everything”.
Her forest and her gods have tricked her, and turned her into a tool. She confesses as much to Bardin of all people. Her lines about human captives have become Much more sympathetic, and not in a backhanded way. Be’lakor revealed her intense guilt over the human deaths brought about by her mistakes. She admires Kruber’s brutish bravery and indifference towards personal sacrifice. Sienna “gets” her. She understands Bardin’s value as a friend who knows what it’s like to be an elder race among humans. She even begrudgingly accepts that Saltzpyre’s god might be valid and his zealotry isn’t misplaced.
The layer of sarcasm and obnoxious personality traits are fading away like old paint. She does her best to keep up appearances, but the warmth has become much more clear. I’m so glad this character has grown so much after nearly a decade, after the end she might actually be missed, and she won’t perish alone and misunderstood.
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2023.06.05 04:31 Just_Cryptographer53 Animal Sounds, Expressions wo Words, Multiple Speakers

Animal Sounds, Expressions wo Words, Multiple Speakers
Working w/ my teenagers on project for school. I've seen examples of these but no documentation on how. Anyone have insights on how to do this? Examples:
  1. Cute animal w/ headshot that has face that D-ID can recognize. Make it talk kinda works but to have it growl, bark, cluck... ? Eg. Chick-fil-A cow moo during a conversation.
  2. How are people getting expressions w/o talking? Is there a code in the script? is it just an empty script w/ periods and commas? Recently saw sticking tongue out. How does that work?
  3. Say you have 2-3 heads in a shot. How do you make each speak and point the script to person 1, 2, 3 for dialogue? Is that just broken up and doesn't come out w/o heavy edits in an editor of some sort?
Thanks mucho!
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2023.06.05 04:29 timreg7 Moped rental

We are arriving in Denpasar and will travel around the island for 10 days. I'd like to rent a scooter from a place near the airport so we can get on our way. Do I need to reserve a scooter online ahead of time? Are there rental shops you recommend? Other tips?
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2023.06.05 04:22 ComfortAnxious2355 i can’t keep a steady job and it’s worrying me (f17)

hi so i’ve had like 3 jobs within this year so far but things keep on happening where i can’t keep them, i lost my job at panera because i had to call off and i didn’t give enough time (i know this is mostly my fault), i quit at mcdonald’s because a 30 yr old man said he’d get me a job at panda which pays more if i gave him my number so i did then he told me he has a crush on me and i’m so beautiful and when i said i’m 16 he said he’ll wait for me to be legal but he likes me a lot and this was after a girl in my town got killed by a coworker she rejected so i got scared and left, then at chick-fil-a they said i wasn’t happy enough or fast enough to be there and they gave me two weeks to improve but i got hit w anxiety and i quit before they could fire me then i got a job at dunkin and it was finally going well until i asked to transfer to a store closer to mine and suddenly my managers got mad and said they won’t transfer me because they don’t give me hours because i roll my eyes at them and i don’t have a sense of urgency then i was like ok should i quit and one said no and the other said if that’s what i want, i told my mom and she said i need to stick it through because i always run from my problems so i stuffed my ego and stayed (i tried telling them i don’t roll my eyes and i get everybting im suppose to do in my role but they kept on saying they see a problem so it’s a problem) i decide to stick through and everybting got better i later asked my manager if i still need to improve anyhting and she said nope i’ve fixed everything and she’ll give me all the hours i want (the other manager coming at me with her that time was later fired for having someone behind the counter) and everyhting was jolly before she started hiring a ton of new employees and so she over scheduled this sunday so i told her i could take off if she needed me to and she said no she doesn’t need me to then the next morning she texts me i don’t need to come in and to enjoy my day off and i asked her if it was due to high labor or something else and she said it was due to high labor and i thanked her and that was that then the next weeks schedule came out and i saw i’m only scheduled 5 hrs (i’m suppose to have 15) and all the new employees have way more hrs then me and i have the lowest hrs significantly in the whole employee list i asked her why i only have 5 hrs and she never answered me, i’m thinking is there something so wrong with me no one wants me and i’ve tried everything to fix myself to be liked by people and companies but i’m always in this situation and it’s scaring me bc it’s showing me i’m not capable or something but i need money to get through college now (i bought my first car with all the money i have made previously) advice would be GREATLY appreciated and my parents don’t help they just say i don’t know to anything regarding any advice i need in life and dismiss me and talk about their life together excluding me. Thank you for listening to me. Please help. -i have illness anxiety -i have anxiety -i’m adopted -i have hidden childhood trauma -i don’t do drugs or alcohol -i’m mostly an A’s or B’s student -i hope this information might help a little
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2023.06.05 04:03 needroommate67 Looking for a roommate!

Hello! My friends and I are looking for a 5th roommate in a 5 bed, 2 bath apartment near Chick-fil-a. The lease is from September 1st to August 31st. Rent would be $790 per person plus utilities. We are looking for someone who likes to keep things clean, has no pets, is open to communication, and is organized. Please DM me if interested! We are all girls, so we are looking for a 5th girl as well.
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2023.06.05 03:56 Caramel_Long Job

Wait does chick fil a hire at 15 in NY? I just got rejected at an NJ chick fil a bc i was 15, but I can't find any proper stuff saying if i can or cant
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2023.06.05 03:51 k4kirin New grad moving into the area, have some questions about certain areas.

Hi! I'm a new college graduate moving in from the east coast for my first job here. Me and my dad just landed and for the past few days we have been driving around touring a few apartments in the area and narrowed it down to 3 areas we liked, but I thought it'd be best to ask some locals about the areas.
I read tons of posts of this nature from the past year or so and gathered a lot of info, so I'd like to ask some questions I couldn't find online. Apologies if I do not know the names of places.
First of all, my office is near the airport, with a hybrid work policy for now, but I may have to return to the office daily in the future. I am looking to live alone in a 1B1B and not studio, since I need a working area, and want to try living alone. My budget is max $2600 but prefer to stay lower.
  1. I am interested in an apartment on Boynton Avenue in the Northlake area. I could not find ANY comments about this area other than this one comment from 6 months ago citing "very skeevy neighbors". I liked the apartment very much, while old it looked very nice and peaceful. I was wondering if anyone else has comments about this area?
  2. Japantown is also great. I would love to be able to walk to things to do. The apartment complexes are a little out of my budget, but I am scheduling to visit some listings off of craigslist. I know noise is an issue and potentially safety, but I wanted to ask for specifics. As I am working from home some days, is living anywhere in that area an issue with the train noises? How far would you say the "noise radius" goes? Side note, I also lived in an apartment next to train tracks right before moving here, but since it only ran rarely during the day I didn't mind that much... Also, some of the complexes had a lot of bad reviews about car theft, while most people talking about it in this sub says the area is relatively safe; I am purchasing a new vehicle and I was wondering if this is a significant worry if I decide to live in an apartment without gated parking/garage.
  3. Finally, I considered living in Santa Clara since it is still not far from my office. Pros being more safety and better utilities and cons being price and apparently not much to do? I only toured one apartment in the area being Bella Vista apartments, and the ones available were reaching my budget limit. I guess I don't really have a question for this area, but I wanted to make this post first to gather opinions on the first two areas. If those don't seem like a good fit for me I will expand my search in this area.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and respond to this long post. Hope you have a great day :)
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2023.06.05 03:51 ivebeenbetter2 Any local donut shops near Lahania?

I always try and get local donuts whenever I visit a place. But don't see any places but near the airport.
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2023.06.05 03:31 weaverinva 10 day Ireland itinerary for adventure vacation....comments pls

Hello all. Any comments on this busy itinerary appreciated.
Active family of 5 ages 17 to 55 with our own rental vehicle. We like to hike and be active. We will likely not get back to Ireland again. I realize this is a busy schedule with several packed days. Any comments appreciated. We usually like a day or two at the end so we don't get home exhausted.
July 15 arrive Dublin from US at 10:30am Drive to Killarney.....May stop at Waterford Crystal and Blarney Castle. Yes we will be tired. 3 nights in Killarney lodging
July 16 and 17 Killarney area July 16 Killarney National Park, Possible trip to Dingle, catch up on sleep July 17 Ring of Kerry and skellig ring
July 18 Leave early towards the Cliffs of Moher 2 hours at Cliffs of Moher Drive to Galway and stay near there for the night
July 19 Ferry from Rosaveel to Inishmore Aran Island Spent 3-5 hours on the island; rent bikes Drive to somewhere near Clifden for the night
July 20 Enjoy Connemara area; possibly 4 hour hike Drive to Westport and lodge for the night
July 21 Enjoy Achill Island for first 2/3 of the day Drive 4 hours to Derry for nights lodging
July 22 Big day but think can do it Start at 7:30 am with drive to Giants Causeway 1.5 hours at Causeway Drive 1.5 hours to Belfast 1.5 hours at Titanic Museum Drive 2.25 hours to Dublin Lodging 3 nights in Dublin
July 23 and 24 in Dublin near downtown Take in sights, possible day trip to Kilkenny or Wicklow moutains The Book of Kells, Trinity College, EPIC museum, St Stephen's Green Relax for a moment or two
July 25 Leave Dublin airport

What would you add or subtract or make sure you see in some of the locations above?
If u/scorchio77 has any comments too. I would welcome them.
Thank you kindly in advance!!
Have a great day!
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2023.06.05 03:27 breadtaking 15 day itinerary for mid-october // feedback welcome :)

hey everyone! i’m currently planning a trip for my partner and me between mid-end october this year. we'll be flying into Rome and out of Florence. would appreciate some feedback/ideas on our itinerary.
we love history, nature, good food (doesn't have to be fancy - more hearty/homely). we do like wine, but not incredibly well-versed or picky. hit us up too if you have some recommendations for amazing bookstores or libraries in the places we're headed to - Rome, CT, Florence, Tuscany (Val D'Orcia). itinerary below, with some open-ended stuff in italics. thanks so much!
Rome [staying near Vatican museums]
day 1: arrive in Rome @ 0830, leave bags at AirBnB near the Vatican museums. free day to explore (maybe visit the Appian way? or anywhere that we could walk/cycle around to take in the city; some greenery would be nice!)
day 2: early access tour at Vatican with breakfast, explore St Peter’s Square/Basilica in the afternoon/evening
day 3: find an English mass/LTM, visit the Colosseum/Roman Forum
Cinque Terre [staying in Vernazza]
day 4: early train to La Spezia/CT, check in at AirBnB at Vernazza, explore the town for the rest of the day
day 5: early Monterosso<>Vernazza hike, wine tasting/vineyard tour in the afternoon evening (recommendations welcome!)
day 6: pesto making at Nessun Dorma, explore the other towns/more hiking for the rest of the day
Florence [staying near Arcetri]
day 7: train to Florence; explore the rest of the afternoon/evening and catch the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo
day 8: Duomo in the morning, Uffizi in the afternoon; dinner @ La Giostra (booked, but open to other recommendations too!)
day 9: free morning (maybe visit the Central Market, Galileo Museum?); pasta making class in the afternoon/evening
day 10: find an English mass (Santi Apostoli?), visit Gallerie dell'Accademia?
Tuscany [staying in Val D'orcia]
day 11: pick up car from Florence airport, drive either to Chianti, Sam Gim or Siena for a short visit before driving down to farmhouse near Pienza to check in
day 12-14: driving around Val D'orcia, we plan to visit Montepulciano, Montalcino, Pienza for visiting cellars, hiking/cycling around, just enjoying the countryside and nature
day 15: drive to Arezzo/Cortona on the way back to Florence; drop off car at Florence airport at 4.30pm (flight's at 6.50pm)
some questions/recommendations needed:
- is the Colosseum worth the trouble of getting a ticket, or would it suffice to appreciate it from the outside?
- understand that mid-Oct might not be great for swimming in CT - however would it be suitable weather to grab a mat and sit by the water for a picnic and reading?
- we're not huge art nerds but can appreciate the historical context - would you recommend to visit both the Uffizi and Gallerie dell'Accademia in Florence, or other museums like the Galileo Museum for a different experience?
- which routes are best to drive from Florence to Val D'orcia? we're not fussy about which towns to stop over both from/to the Florence airport - just that we only have one driver and would like to minimise too many detours! (we also don't feel the need to visit all the towns in Tuscany)
- any good hiking/cycling recommendations in Val D'orcia?
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