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This is a subreddit to discuss all things manhwa, Korean comics.

2023.02.15 11:12 pipeemm rpornhwa


2023.05.25 16:06 Impressive_Advisor96 Okk

manga manhua manhwa pornhua pornhwa pornwa
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2023.05.07 19:13 ChapterOk9354 Sok

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2023.05.06 20:21 GodMudit New changes to the subreddit - a much needed update

Hey there folks! The Moderator team has rolled out multitude of updates to the subreddit. Below is a condensed list of what all were added/ changed.

There are 2 cases.
  1. If the user knows the sauce but doesn't put it in the post title, the post will be filtered out automatically. Only way to get it approved is to type it in the RIGHT FORMAT.
  2. If the user doesn't know the sauce and is seeking for it, they can type [Help] or [Sauce?] or anything in [ brackets] to get it verified by the automod system. The automode response is also updated to inform members what to type in case of unknown sauce.
Added filters to deal with spammers and advertisers.
Updated the security system to detect illegal links.
Updates for the User Experience
Lastly, pornhwa is still banned from this subreddit. :) All pornhwa related posts will have to be posted in pornhwa instead.
That's all for the update. There's no doubt that members new and old will have to get used to the updated rules and post format system here. Don't hesitate to use the report feature if any posts break the guidelines or don't have spoilers properly marked. Cheers!
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2023.04.18 17:40 minor_clearance Should I wear panties for shoping today?🤭 r/rule34 r/hentai r/gonewildaudio r/gonewild r/nsfw411 r/realgirl r/celebnsfw r/nsfw r/slut r/rapefantasies r/onlyifshespackin r/personalfinancecanada r/characterai_nsfw r/pathofexile r/porninfifteenseconds r/genshin_impact_leaks r/adorablenudes r/pornhwa

Should I wear panties for shoping today?🤭 rule34 hentai gonewildaudio gonewild nsfw411 realgirl celebnsfw nsfw slut rapefantasies onlyifshespackin personalfinancecanada characterai_nsfw pathofexile porninfifteenseconds genshin_impact_leaks adorablenudes pornhwa submitted by minor_clearance to u/minor_clearance [link] [comments]

2023.04.07 15:11 minor_clearance What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this photo?😏 r/rule34 r/hentai r/gonewildaudio r/gonewild r/nsfw411 r/realgirl r/celebnsfw r/nsfw r/slut r/rapefantasies r/2000sgirls r/unpopularopinion r/pornhwa r/genshin_impact_leaks r/porninfifteenseconds r/jokes r/pawg r/sissies

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this photo?😏 rule34 hentai gonewildaudio gonewild nsfw411 realgirl celebnsfw nsfw slut rapefantasies 2000sgirls unpopularopinion pornhwa genshin_impact_leaks porninfifteenseconds jokes pawg sissies submitted by minor_clearance to u/minor_clearance [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 14:18 ManiacalRecipe Small enough for you?😘 r/rule34 r/hentai r/gonewildaudio r/gonewild r/nsfw411 r/realgirl r/celebnsfw r/nsfw r/slut r/rapefantasies r/characterai_nsfw r/tittydrop r/pornhwa r/idiotsincars r/joi r/formula1 r/adorablenudes r/skyrimmods r/gonewildtrans r/crazyfuckingvideos r/pawg r/nintendoswitch

Small enough for you?😘 rule34 hentai gonewildaudio gonewild nsfw411 realgirl celebnsfw nsfw slut rapefantasies characterai_nsfw tittydrop pornhwa idiotsincars joi formula1 adorablenudes skyrimmods gonewildtrans crazyfuckingvideos pawg nintendoswitch submitted by ManiacalRecipe to u/ManiacalRecipe [link] [comments]

2023.03.13 22:56 minor_clearance Would you try me?🤭 r/rule34 r/hentai r/gonewildaudio r/gonewild r/nsfw411 r/realgirl r/celebnsfw r/nsfw r/slut r/rapefantasies r/sexypolishyoutuber r/pornhwa r/futanari r/petitegonewild r/repressedgonewild r/cars r/bdsmcommunity r/hmmm r/onlyfanspromotions r/2007scape r/booty r/coolguides

Would you try me?🤭 rule34 hentai gonewildaudio gonewild nsfw411 realgirl celebnsfw nsfw slut rapefantasies sexypolishyoutuber pornhwa futanari petitegonewild repressedgonewild cars bdsmcommunity hmmm onlyfanspromotions 2007scape booty coolguides submitted by minor_clearance to u/minor_clearance [link] [comments]

2023.03.13 16:54 LonelyJoino A Brief Guide through my World

Currently its main use is the distribution of my AI generated pictures.
Requests are only handled through discord from now on!
To generate those images I am running Stable Diffusion on my own computer. Here is a setup tutorial to run Stable Diffusion on your own computer.
I generally use the ChilloutMix model alongside a couple of LoRas from the same website.
In addition to that I also use ControlNet to help me with my characters poses and overall look (this helps a lot with the AI conversions). The ControlNet models can be downloaded here.
For AI Conversion my workflow could look like this. The video only matters from minute 5:00 onwards. I also touch up and combine images on photoshop after the generation. After having made a good image I also upscale it by 2 using the Stable Diffusion upscaler (here are my settings for the upscaler).
This is the post that inspired me to start making AI conversions.

For more requests, info & further questions please join the discord server: https://discord.gg/tNC6KDTXh9

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2023.03.08 23:48 minor_clearance Say hello to a new friend🌷 r/rule34 r/hentai r/gonewildaudio r/gonewild r/nsfw411 r/realgirl r/celebnsfw r/nsfw r/slut r/rapefantasies r/swingersgw r/combatfootage r/pornhwa r/idiotsincars r/formula1 r/worldnews r/characterai_nsfw r/curvy r/genshin_impact_leaks r/interestingasfuck r/askreddit

Say hello to a new friend🌷 rule34 hentai gonewildaudio gonewild nsfw411 realgirl celebnsfw nsfw slut rapefantasies swingersgw combatfootage pornhwa idiotsincars formula1 worldnews characterai_nsfw curvy genshin_impact_leaks interestingasfuck askreddit submitted by minor_clearance to u/minor_clearance [link] [comments]

2023.02.25 03:18 noplinforelo Least insane main sub user.

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2023.02.23 17:07 average_student_sano r/manhwa posts in a nutshell [The reality of our sub]

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2023.02.21 16:48 Ok_Error_5835 People from r/pornhwa when they figured out that they were about to be banished

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2023.01.11 07:37 yeehawbih we it comrades!! we protected our empire and peace has been restored. now banish these war criminals

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2023.01.10 17:38 alexaclova PSA: Pornhwa is no longer allowed on the subreddit following the results of the recent poll.

Following the recent results of the poll that was conducted, effective immediately: pornhwa is no longer allowed on the subreddit.
Posting any images or links to erotic manhwa will be removed and taken down. Continuous violations will lead to bans from the subreddit.
If you would like to post and share content like this then please visit pornhwa.
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2023.01.08 23:00 certified_loser4 What this sub needs isn't banning pornhwas, it's active moderation

wall of text alert this post became longer than i expected sorry c.c
This is just me responding to the arguments I've seen the most without making 15 different comments feel free to insult me without reading it all
(The best arguments I've seen so far can mostly be summed up by this thread, so I'm drawing heavily from there) 1) pornhwa already exists, so there's no need for them here I don't really see the reasoning behind this; manga exists and allows manhwas as well, but this sub exists nonetheless. I don't think there's anything wrong with some overlap 2) I can't browse reddit at work / on the train because sexual content may pop up even if this is not an NSFW sub I don't think the problem here is allowing NSFW posts. If they're properly tagged, you can just not open them and they are blurred. If you don't have the blur setting on your reddit app that's on you. Blurring NSFW is the default and if you went out of your way to disable that should mean you are not concerned with it popping up unexpected.
3) What about kids This is pretty similar to the above. Why are these kids looking at NSFW posts? This is theitheir parents/guardians responsibility.
4) The poll is getting manipulated by multiple accounts / other means I'm sure there is multiple accounts and whatever, but that's probably not really relevant. There's not really any reason to assume that any of the two sides would be botting/having multiple accounts more than the other so any difference is just statistically irrelevant. IMO the reason why the vote is currently in favor of pornhwas despite the sub being apparently very against them is just that the ones in favor are just much less vocal about it than the ones actually discussing about it as a problem
5) After this poll all the posts are gonna be about pornhwas How, why? Until now the rule has been to allow them, so why would not changing the rule increase the amount of posts about it? 6) Bait/Karma farm posts degrade the sub and there is no real discussion going on To me, this is the most compelling and valid argument. I think this is 100% true and a "serious" (for how serious a discussion about a sub can be) problem. I just disagree in thinking banning pornhwas would solve it. There is plenty of baits and karma farming posts even about not nsfw manhwas. The only solution for this is better moderation. Stop those kind of posts, encourage more active and interesting discussions (like what happens on manga or pornhwa). With all said above, if nsfw posts are sporadic I don't see anything wrong with them being here, as long as it's not an obvious farm/bait or explicit pictures.
Also, don't take this as a personal attack to any of the mods.
Edit: when I talk about allowing nsfw posts I don't mean actual explicit content. I mean posts about pornhwas, tagged as nsfw, with no actual sexual content in the post itself. Mostly discussions. This is how it's supposed to be but the sub isn't moderated so we get untagged posts and sex scenes (haven't personally encountered this but I won't argue against it)
I didn't explain myself decently despite this long-ass post, so I'll try making it clear here: The current state of the sub is not a safe space for who doesn't want explicit content; banning pornhwas in the rules doesn't really affect much because sexual content should already be banned and all the bait and karma farm can and are done mostly with non-pormhwa. Enforcing the rule is a bigger problem than where the exact limit is put. It doesn't matter if we decide to ban sexual content or any content regarding a pornhwa even if the content itself is not sexual in nature. It does matter if the moderator enforce the rules that have been put in place.
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2023.01.08 21:54 Ironfort9 Just me who has noticed a large amount of posts talking about Pornhwa since the vote started

I legit just saw a post talking about the end of a pornhwa on this sub with the only thing he did was not mentioning that it was a pornhwa and calling it an "adult Manhwa". What the fuck is this dude vote hasn't even gone though and people are already acting like this is pornhwa2
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2023.01.07 23:04 itisewan The r/pornhwa sub reddit are purposely screwing with the poll acting like its disrespectful to compare it to hentai or normal porn saying it has more story to it, but the story isn't what gets posted about is it. Thoughts?

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2023.01.06 02:05 miru_mmm When the sub that was supposed to talk about it, isn't talking about it.

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2023.01.03 17:20 alexaclova Poll to determine new subreddit rules. Please vote on whether pornhwa posts should be allowed on the subreddit or if they should be banned. Poll will be open for 7 days,

Due to an increase in the complaints against pornhwa posts on here, we will let the community decide whether or not we should allow pornhwa posts to be allowed at all on the subreddit. This poll will last for 7 days.

Just a refresher, pornography is illegal in Korea. Specifically, the production, distribution, and possession of porn.
What has come out as a result of this law is the creation of erotic manhwa in the 2010s with webtoons that aren't porn but still have lots of sex scenes within the story. This is very similar to erotic manga or "ecchi manga" as some people call it. Ecchi manga isn't the same as hentai manga as hentai is straight up porn but still has a lot of erotic scenes and sex throughout the story.
manga allows posts of ecchi manga on their subreddit but not hentai manga which is why we have allowed pornhwa posts for the longest time. But now since the subreddit has grown, we have gotten more and more comments about the number of pornhwa posts increasing and ruining the experience of everyone on here. As a result, we have decided to let the users decide whether we should ban these posts or let them stay. Please make sure to vote.
View Poll
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2022.12.28 20:36 Aoozzz You really want people to stop posting pornhwa? Then stop giving them exactly what they want.

Feels like every day now that someone makes a post complaining about it. I agree, pornhwa doesn't belong here. But in every single post -and I mean, every single one- where someone asks for the source of a panel that it's so obviously porhnwa it's painful, somebody else tells them exactly what it is.
This is like complaining your cat is scratching all your furniture, but you for some reason give him a treat every time you catch him in the act. The cat is obviously going to learn the wrong lesson and keep doing it.
I generally browse the sub by new, and I see that these posts are getting upvoted, commented and answered. Every single one has a comment along the lines of "hey this doesn't belong here, btw it's [insert name]". It's complete nonsense. Stop that, just refer them to porhnwa without saying anything else, and they'll eventually go away.
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2022.12.28 12:10 Wave1y Not always but you get me

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2022.12.28 11:51 LEG_END69 Nahum but fr tho

To those guys asking for phwa sauce do you guys genuinely not know pornhwa exists or do you just not care? I'm genuinely curious why there is an increase in pornhwa sauce posts. Are the sauce gods there that pathetic? 😭
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