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2023.06.05 08:33 Lebelladone Tw: graphic sexual weird details

Ok i need to vent My dad makes me extremely uncomfortable. (English is not my first language I did my best to be understandable)
He always makes sexual jokes around me and my family to the point that it’s now normalize. But i don’t feel good about it.
One of my family's inside jokes is a secret that my father told me that I wasn’t supposed to tell but that I ended up telling my cousins because I thought it was funny at my age, I was about 9 years old or maybe younger. My father told me that one time when he slept with one of his exes he came to put his finger in her ass but there was some poo still on her anus hole. And know it’s a funny joke in my family. But he was a disappointed that I told everyone. (I don’t feel bad)
My dad was very often telling me his sexual intercourse since a very young age (and it was always very gross).Always as a joke tho so I never took it seriously. but as I grew up I became more and more uncomfortable with him, because I was becoming an adult that had a feminine develop body.
Like one time he asked me if my boyfriend was giving me cunnilingus when I was 16 (we never really had the sex talk it was fucking random) and I told him it was none of his business sooooo he told me an anecdote that it was never a problem with his exes even when they had their periods, he went down on them the same and there was this one time that he looked himself in the mirror after giving it and his face was full of menstrual b*lood and he looked like a vampire …and then he laughed about what he just said. I was really uncomfortable especially since this very one-sided discussion was in his car alone with him so I couldn't really leave.
My dad often said random things to me like …He was flirting with a 35 year old girl (when he was 55) and he knew she had daddy issues and he liked it because it was in his favour. Or things like he thought it was normal that Elvis was dating Prescillia when she was 14 and Elvis was 22 because women are more mature than men and at 14 she already had a develop body.
He once told me that he like golden showers and when he had sex with women he was pleasuring them so hard that they would come all over his walls.
When we are hanging together he always looked at women in a weird way he once said : “my eyes are the only part of my body that doesn’t age, my mind is still young” after I reproached him that I was founding it weird that he was looking at a young adult around us. (I was a young teenager around that time)
I often tell him to stop his comments like this but he takes it as a joke. Always.
Fun fact my dad is a prison guard.
When I was a child he used to talk to me so much about pedophiles because he was scared for me so he talked about them constantly. He said it was because of his job because he was seeing them everyday. To the point I was scared of every man. He said he knew how mans were thinking because he was one… so it was only prevention.
When I was a child my father had several girlfriends and told me every relationship details. He was cheating on them and I had to keep the secrets. He would make girlfriends everywhere... ex: we always went to lunch together at the same restaurant…well he ended up going out with the waitress who was serving us. It was like that everywhere. Like my school teachers, my school supervisor, the waitresses at the restaurants we went to & the mothers of my friends. Everywhere was un opportunity.
My father likes women with long curly brown hair, dark eyes and a little curvy, short stature. Which is literally what I look like!!!! (Yes this is traumatizing) (probably why I did cut my hair when I had the right to… I don’t know)
My father often told me that he loved my mother's ass(my parents are separated since my birth) ,and he was telling me in front of her that he was wishing me not to have the same as hers growing up. She was insecure bout it so he would annoy her about it, my mother had big hips for her height but he was always looking at it in front of me (they hated each other… my dad would only respect my mom for her body or what she could give him sexually)
Yeah my dad doesn’t really respect women.
Once I went on Disney trip with my parents ( i was 8) my parents were screaming at each other the whole time. My dad paid us the trip to bring harmony because they didn't get on well and the only thing he knows how to do is pay for things… this trip was a nightmare. The night before our flight i was trying to sleep in my room. Suddenly after hours of hearing them screaming at each other I no longer heard anything... I was afraid. My mother came to see me in my room after to tell me she knew how to calm my father...She just had to show him her butt and he would go silent. (That day I hated him)
today I have a body similar to my mother... ( i hate my body)
But I got to a point where I don't know what to do anymore, every time I see my father I layer my clothes to cover my curves and I don't wear makeup. My father has already commented on my appearance many times. He one time told me that he thought it absurd that I did not shave my legs as a woman and that he could pay for the laser removal and that he understood that I was lazy about it (which I wasn’t). I told him it was my personal choice. And then he asked me if I shaved my pubis and because i probably didn’t satisfied my boyfriend at the time because men don’t like that (i was 16).
When I’ve cut my hair for the first time very short he told me that I was prettier before. (As a kid I was obliged to have long hair because it was the most beautiful thing about me for my parents) When i was young after finishing eating he used told me to go brush my teeth if I wanted a man someday who loves me because men don't like girls who have ugly teeth. (Im a lesbian now lol)
I could go on for hours with all the explicit things that he told me about his sex life.
I on the other hand can’t talk to him about anything remotely sexual like I can’t say the word vagina in a social normal context, because it makes him uncomfortable.
But what breaks me the most emotionally, is that recently he told me that he was giving me less hugs since my breasts had grown because it made him feel uncomfortable.
I haven't spoken to my mother since I was 17 because she abused me psychologically. I moved in with my father at 17 for 1 year only. Afterwards I went to an apartment for school that my father paid me because he preferred that we each had our own space. We always got along well on the surface but let's say that I avoid a lot of things .My father neglected me a lot as a child, but he always supported me monetarily and he still does. I've been seeing a therapist for 2 years that he pays, he on the other hand really doesn't want to consult. I got to a point that I don't know what to do. I love my father very much but I am also afraid of him. I talk about feminist stuff around him but he doesn’t really listen.
Im now 20 years old and he’s my only parent he pays most of my stuff and I love him but im very uncomfortable around him and I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.05 08:32 Iamfancy179 Lumps in neck/head

I (13f) created an account just for this because i am scared. Two years ago i found a small lump in my neck which google diagnosed as simply a swollen lymph node, not a big deal but over the days to weeks it grew and grew and more lymph nodes on all sides of my neck just grew and grew. Now the entire back of my neck is just a solid hard wall and you can tell that it is very swollen. I can feel the lymph nodes on the sides of my neck and they are only about the size of somewhere between a pea and a grape. On the front of my neck there are a lot enlarged lymph nodes, one of which is almost the size of a golf ball. When i swallow it is slightly uncomfortable and positioning my neck in a lot of positions is uncomfortable. I do not know what to do and whether i should worry because i worry that it is cancer. I also think i have some bumps on my head and i get throbbing pressure headaches at the location of one bump sometimes but i dont know if thats related. This is also probably unrelated but i have had some episodes of really fast heart rate for no reason lately, and some chest pain but thats mostly gone. Thanks so much, please answer because i am a bit worried.
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2023.06.05 08:31 Healthy-Swimmer-129 My (f35) friend (f47) told her 8yo that I'm pregnant, after I asked her not to, risking my mother finding out that I told her first and triggering my mom's subsequent, endless guilt-tripping - Do I say anything?

I can't tell if I'm overreacting to this all and blowing things out of proportion, but I lost a lot of sleep over this last night.
Background (it's long, sorry) :
I am very, very recently pregnant: 6 weeks today. While my husband and I were trying, it happened almost instantaneously so he and I are still a bit shocked over my being pregnant so quickly. He and I are really happy about it, but cautiously so: I'm older, I have fibroids, and the risk of miscarriage is already about 1 in 5 pregnancies without any other factors. We are not 'scared' of miscarriage as we know it's common and personally see it as a way that biology helps ensure healthy bodies by 'checking' for viability before the full, full swing of development gets going. (I know not everyone feels this way, and it can be incredibly painful - if you've ever had a miscarriage, I send you big hugs and wishes for another, viable pregnancy.) So, while we're excited, I'm not thinking about my pregnancy 'as a baby' just yet, and are instead being excited and happy and curious to see 'if this one sticks around or we try again.' I hope that framing makes sense.
I am close with my mom and with my family, but as with everyone I'm sure, have complicated relationships with my family members. We are also both expats, and I live a 13 hour flight, 8hr timezone difference, away from my family. My mom is a 'mom's' mom, if you get me, and always wanted to be a mom, took to it like water and loves it - in many ways, this was wonderful growing up, and also means she LOVES babies and would be very excited about me being pregnant. With this partly in mind, my husband and I decided to wait to tell our parents. We wanted to get past the initial early higher risk weeks, so that when we told family we could be more straightforwardly excited with them without any of the cautious framings of 'this is a pregnancy, not a baby yet' that in particular, is a nuance I don't think my mom can grasp. Also, a few days after we got the positive test (and normalised to the shock), my little sister announced that she and her partner were going to get court-house married a week later (they are nomads in a sense, and have talked about getting married for a while, but now is a ripe time due to immigration reasons) and the last thing I wanted to do was in any way steal focus from this very exciting news of hers, in which the family attention and spotlight absolutely deserves to be shining on her. My younger brother and I didn't attend, but us siblings had fun convos and chats and picture sharing.
So, on to the actual issue. My good friend, Fiona, who is a family friend (she was our neighbour when I was 13, she was 27, and my mom was in her early 40s), has come to visit me for a week, with her 8 year old son. She lives in a country different from mine and my mom's but my mom is also an expat, and annually goes back to visit her natal home, about 2-3 hrs drive from Fiona's home. She'll sometimes go to see Fiona while she's back visiting. As Fiona is between my mom and I in age we both have close relationships with her, and she's been a bit like an older sister to me over the years.
I debated telling Fiona that I'm pregnant because it's still so early and because I haven't told my mom yet, but decided to because a week seemed like a long time to 'hide' this from a house guest and because I'm close with Fiona, know she would be excited for me, and because I wanted the experience of telling someone like family 'in person' to get that experience of a real hug after the news. I also knew she'd understand the nuance of 'pregnancy' vs 'baby', and thought I knew that she's respect how private and careful I like to be about things.
I told her I was pregnant her first morning, saying 'but it's a secret!' and stopped her before she turned to tell her son (her son doesn't speak English so didn't understand when I told her) by saying 'Don't tell him!' Over the next couple days, we talked about pregnancy etc a lot (she has A LOT to share) and in those conversations I again made it clear that she especially cannot, please, tell my mom that I told her first/ I love my mom dearly and we also have a pattern in which I look after her feelings a lot in our family bc she can her feelings hurt easily if she feels she's excluded from stuff, or 'preferred' over others, and when something goes wrong in the family in this regard, I can often get guilt-tripped about it for a long time. She had a strained relationship with her mom, and in some ways growing up, I mothered her. Is this entirely healthy? No, of course not - I recognise this and work on it in therapy, but it is what it is, and you can't change all your dynamics in life, just manage them as best you can, and one way I was going to that, was manage the flow of information for this situation. I talked about all this, not for the first time, so Fiona knows.
Then yesterday, I was on a hike with my husband, Fiona and her son, and asked my husband to surreptitiously to take a 'pre-bump' photo of me with the beautiful backdrop. Her son then asked, slyly, 'What are you doing?' I immediately answered, in his language, 'Oh I love this view, and I want to get really fit so want a before and after photo', but then Fiona chimes in 'She wants to take pictures so she can see how the baby is growing over time' and then must have seen the shocked look on my face and says to me 'Oh I told him the news this morning.' I then immediately turned to the kid and said 'Ok, now that you know, you have to promise me that you understand that this is a secret, and know one can ever know that you know! Ok?' (probably a dumb thing to tell a kid that you want to keep a secret, but it was a instant reaction to the shock and fear I had). Fiona then goes, 'Don't worry! He won't say anything - and plus your mom won't come to visit me - she hardly ever does even when I ask her to!' (There is a some minor beef there I think that I didn't entirely know about).
I feel really shocked by this, because I thought I was really clear about not telling her son when I first told her. Though I didn't mention this boundary again in direct terms, I expressed my anxiety about my mom finding out she knew first (my mom is coming to visit her natal home again in a few months for a couple months). My worry is that my mom is going to go visit Fiona, or Fiona and her son will go to visit my mom, and they will talk about my pregnancy (at that point the news will be 'out') and then her son with chime in with 'Oh I knew about that, I found out when I was visiting X(me)' - he's really taken with this trip so I think it'll loom large on his memory for a while. Also, this kid, like many 8 year olds, is a total chatterbox and has fun disobeying his mother and other adults. I'm not judging here - I volunteer with kids his age - but he is not reliable to follow directions, imho.
My god, this turned into a long post. But I lost sleep over this last night - both feeling upset and kind of pissed off that she told her son, background worry that my mom will find out and all the crap I'll likely have to deal with afterwards, annoyance at myself for having taken the risk to tell her in the first place (ultimately, it's my fault for creating a situation in which this could happen, as the buck stops with me).
Do I tell my friend that her doing this upset me and has triggered my anxiety? If I do say something, when do I do it? I know she's be so looking forward to this trip for a long time - she's been working so hard on a particular project for a while and has been effectively a single parent for many years bc her husband works for weeks away throughout the year. She's also always been very sweet to me over the years and was genuinely so happy and touched that I told her. I don't want to ruin, or sour, this important trip for her - first time she's travelled in 4 years.
Or do I just let this go, and learn from my mistake? And work on not building up resentment, and managing my anxiety as my mom's trip back home gets nearer?
I'm in two minds because I'm not sure what would usefully come from me saying anything, besides 'getting it off my chest', or asking her to 'not talk about my pregnancy with her husband at home so that the knowledge get's reinforced in her kid's head'. That feels almost controlling though, and maybe I need to learn that I just can't control this news once it's out?
Yikes! Perspective needed, thank you!
TL:DR: I thought I made it clear to my foreign friend to not tell her young son about my very early pregnancy because I have worries my mom will find out that I told her first, if he blabs when she visits their family in a few months. I will then likely have to deal with my mom's hurt feelings and guilt tripping. Do I tell my friend that her doing this upset me and has triggered my anxiety? If I do say something, when do I do it? Or do I just let this go, and learn from my mistake? And work on not building up resentment, and managing my anxiety as my mom's trip back home gets nearer?
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2023.06.05 08:31 Street-Week-9304 Weddings in Goa

A N Y offer best Weddings in goa. A n Y believes in executing and coordinating our events, planned over months of conversations and ideas, come to life as beautiful as anticipated. Ensuring that every detailed requirement, right from your hotel booking to your event coordination, decor, light and sound, artist requirements, travel and transport, necessary licencing, guest services, etc. for your big day are well steered and most importantly making sure everyone has a memorable experience of the Wedding.
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2023.06.05 08:31 Emotional-Banana-101 Day 34!

34 is my favourite number so it’s a good day for me today!
Yesterday I went to a food festival with my husband’s family. I struggled a little with not drinking as I feel a lot less outgoing and sociable, and find socialising sober much more tiring
I took myself off for a couple of walks and spotted a CBD drinks stand. I had a good chat with the owner about alcohol and social anxiety, and tried one of the samples, this time I did feel a little better straight away. I purchased some bits and they really helped me with socialising
I do feel a bit uneasy replacing one substance with another, but if substance b is not causing me any mental harm like substance a does, then I feel like for me it might be a really good tool I can use for big social events
I still wanted to leave the festival at a reasonable time, and didn’t feel like I wanted to drink more and more and party etc. but it just helped me to relax into socialising and made me feel a bit happier to be there
I don’t want to be drinking it every night, or at every social occasion as I don’t want to become dependant on it, but in social situations I feel particularly uncomfortable, and where it’s suitable to do so, I think I will use it. For example I am going to a birthday barbecue with the same group, and more people, on Thursday so am planning to bring some for then
I had a dream though last night that I’d also purchased and drank some sort of spirits and hadn’t realised, and felt really worried and anxious about it, but luckily that wasn’t the case and I have come away from the event feeling good
Have a great day all, IWNDWYT
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2023.06.05 08:31 rued_rum Sometimes it's nice to talk to ghosts.

I've recently purged my book face, from like 1500 meaningless acquaintances to 33. 9 of whom are vet buddies who have died from suicide/accidents.
I've had a hard go these past few weeks. I got drunk and messaged one of my boys, Casey on memorial day. He died on a motorcycle 5 years ago.
I spilled my guts to him. It was a big trauma dump. I cried. A lot. I don't do that, but I've been in therapy for a year now. Score one for Doc.
I reread the messages today. It had a read notification.
My homies wife is still monitoring Casey's bookface but does not respond.
Give it up for the gold star girls and boys.
Love yall.
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2023.06.05 08:27 Frosty-Patience-8912 Friends keep cancelling on meeting up, am I being too sensitive?

So in a friend group there are 3 of us and my one friend (K) is notorious for flaking out on plans. She will agree to meet and then later down the line she will 'realise' she has been put on a shift at work, or she will suddenly be too unwell the day of meeting.
It frustrates me because I will plan my whole day/week around meeting her and it throws me off when she suddenly cancels. I understand things come up but she cancels or postpones about 90% of the time. When I was masking autism a lot more I would just forgive her and continue trying to make plans. But in the last few months I informed my friend group that I believe I'm autistic and I'm going to try to be more myself (unmask).
Part of this unmasking is being more direct with people and calling out when others frustrate me (obviously in a way that I'm not upsetting the other person). So a couple months ago I told K how it affects me when she keeps cancelling and that I feel like she doesn't want to see me. She was very reassuring and said she loves me and definitely does want to meet, she just didn't feel like it was that much of a big thing to cancel but she said she would try better for me because she doesn't want to lose me. It was a very productive conversation!
Now, our friend group have not met up in person since July last year and since around November we have been trying to arrange a day to meet up (note we all live a bit far apart now). However, every time a plan is made, someone, usually K cancels on me and our other friend L.
I'm always the one to keep chasing up when people are free and remind K to book the time off work. We had a plan to meet this month but K now realised she has been put on shift but said she will talk to her boss about this.
This was a few days ago and I haven't heard anything since and I just really doubt she is going to ask her boss at all.
I didnt reply to her in the group chat because I was so mad that yet again she seems to be cancelling. I'm refusing to chase up with her about whether she contacted her boss about the shift.
I private messaged L and I explained how I feel like K doesn't want to make the effort to see us and its frustrating me how she keeps cancelling. But L responded back very diplomatically that it's just hard to find a day when we are all free because of our separate lives etc. Basically disagreed with everything I said but in a nice way so now I feel like a dick for being too sensitive.
But the thing is, it's been NEARLY A YEAR since we met so it feels ridiculous that it's taken this long to make any kind of solid plan. I also work flexible hours so I'm pretty much free most days, so it's only the other 2 who need to sort out their work situation. At the moment I'm just feeling done with both of them for the lack of effort in the friendship and disregarding my feelings.
Am I being too sensitive or do I need better friends?
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2023.06.05 08:21 cooKieSncreaM_T I am proud of you

I am so proud of you making this far with all that was happening in your life. I am so happy that u are still pushing thru and proving yourself. You might doubt urself at times but i believe u and im sure you ll make it. There are a lot of people on here who just need someone to believe in them which will give them enough hope to make it through the day.
You are a good enough person, you are loved and i hope things get better for you.
Big hugs♡
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2023.06.05 08:21 procrastinatador I'm incredibly burnt out and starting to freak out on a study abroad trip but have a while longer to go before I can stop. Can I have some advice please?

ADHD with very severe RSD Suspected ASD Suspected borderline Suspected multiple instances of neurocognitive disorder Anxiety Depression CPTSD
I decided to do a study abroad trip and I'm starting to think it was a big mistake. I am 5 days in in a big city in another country and have over a week left to go before I go home. The journey here was long and overall due to modes of transport I took, I was traveling for about 3 days. It was a lot to handle.
Part of me doesn't even know if it's burnout because it's been getting a lot worse when the schedule changes or I spend money and something gets canceled/can't be done. We have mostly pretty packed days and also have to do some sort of extracurricular every day and then go back to our hotel and write about both of those and post pictures. Sleep. Repeat.
To give you an idea of how burnt out I look, they have to ID you if you look under 25. I'm 23. I tasted some mead at a little business the second day of the trip and got ID'd. Yesterday was day 5 and I did not get ID'd in a big chain store with stricter regulations on IDing people. I bought a whole bottle of wine and drank most of it. It helped while I was drunk but I'm back to where I was before this morning.
It also doesn't help that I can't have my ADHD meds here.
A couple times where it got a lot worse and haven't really subsided were:
-the plane didn't have food for me with my dietary restrictions and the flight attendant was rude about it and told me that "that's what I ordered so that's what I was getting" when I already hadn't had an actual meal in about 2 days, and that was, in fact, not what I ordered. I called twice beforehand to make sure that this didn't happen and was told they would definitely have food for me and accidentally touched barley and ended up minorly glutening myself and getting sick, not to mention I was so upset that I couldn't have a meal the whole time after not eating anything but the occasional nut bar for going on 3 days at this point I spent most of the flight fighting back tears. It was an 8 hour flight. That was dinner. For breakfast, they had me down for a meal that was mostly gluten when everyone else got one that wasn't that I actually could eat most of, but didn't get. I wanted to jump out the fucking plane door at that point but I'm used to feeling like that and knew I wasn't going to do anything, but it was still distressing. I know it's an overreaction but I really do think its just borderline.
-when we took too long on a bus tour where you could just get off whenever you wanted and had a destination with tickets we missed, but the class was saying "oh we can just do that tomorrow because the tickets are good then" but some of us already had plans and had bought tickets for other things that we weren't supposed to go alone to that were expensive and the people I was going with that were scheduled for that time. I wouldn't have been able to go to them if I had gone with most of the class. Apperently, the class just decided that not all of us had to go on this excursion without consulting us (because we all had to go at once to use the tickets).
-I was pressured to buy a ticket to a novelty bar with the class and was too jet lagged to go and knew I wouldn't have a good time, so I just didn't go after buying the ticket.
-when some people I was supposed to go somewhere with didn't tell me they when they were going and I only found out as they were getting there. I got on a train and wasn't too far behind them luckily (they waited up a lot at the attraction and I was able to catch up with them quickly, we've been hanging out a lot and they're awesome to me otherwise. We all have ADHD and the medication we've all been on is illegal here and we haven't been taking it so I really do suspect that this was an accident) these people have been good to me and otherwise a really chill group to hang out with.
-I bought a salad and didn't realize it had pasta in it (I have celiac) and absolutely hate wasting food so I tried to see if my classmates wanted it and nobody did. This literally prompted me to go buy a bottle of wine and drink most of it, although I was definitely getting there already.
A while back (after I signed up for this class though) I was wrongly put on lamictal because a psychaitrist (who was well known for doing this apperently) decided that I probably didn't have ADHD but bipolar disorder, despite me telling him that ADHD medications had worked well for years. If you don't know, this is very bad, and I was a literal dumbass in thinking that the doctor knew best on this one because I was in a course on ADHD where they had just talked about this and how it can mess you up if you have ADHD and not bipolar to be put on a mood stabilizer and literally make you suicidal. Well, it did more than that to me. I was on it for 3 days and everything shifted, but I had been there before, except this was different. I was a lot more overstimulated by everything, communicating was hard, etc.
A few years ago I did a substance and well, I was barely functional the next day, then the next, and so on. It's been 4 years since then. I've healed and learned to cope somewhat, but the only thing I've been able to do is school. It's too much if I try to do anything else, and at the beginning, I was failing half my classes despite being on ADHD meds that were working and trying my hardest because my brain just wasn't working. I took a year off and slowly started to pick up speed and almost managed an A average this past semester. I need to get an A in this class and the rest of my classes.
So I'm not sure if I originally had very prominent autistic traits. The ADHD ones were, but I'm here asking you guys about burnout and overstimulation and the feelings around changing plans now because I'm experiencing them and this sub probably has a lot of experiences with them. What do you guys do? My emotions are all over the place but only in a negative direction. I don't want to be here anymore but won't graduate on time without these credits. How am I supposed to stick out the rest of this trip? It's got a little over a week left, then I have to travel for days and deal with jet lag I'm still not over from getting here and keep waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I'm constantly exhausted. I've already told some friends I'd come stay with them for a few days at the end of the trip.
Please give me some advice so I can just get my credits and get home here? I am not having a good time and just need to get this over with. I've tried listening to music. I might watch some cartoons. I'm too exhausted to do much else.
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2023.06.05 08:20 BroccShavings Should Fire Emblem Be More Open About Growth Rates? A Discussion of Possible Answers and FE's Current Expectations

Growth Rates. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're an integral part to Fire Emblem... most of the time (looking at you, Engage Fixed Mode, ruining my intro). But given their importance, isn't it kinda weird that they're sorta hidden? I mean, they're by no means hard to find, just search up a character and go to their wiki page or boot up Serenes Forest. But to the casual player, these statistics are completely hidden, and they may not even know that level ups are random unless somebody tells them or the game makes a passing mention of how units "grow according to their character and class" or something like that.
And that brings me to the current topic of discussion, should Fire Emblem be more open about growth rates? As in, should players be able to see a character's specific growth rates in-game without having to use the internet? It's an odd question, as I can see the answer going either way.

Argument 1: NO, players SHOULD NOT see growth rates

This is the approach that is currently taken by mainline Fire Emblem entries, and it's a stance built upon precedent and player immersion.
You see, many different RPGs have level-up mechanics, and they each handle them in pretty different ways. Some are completely random (like FE), some are semi-random with corrections and guaranteed stats thrown in (Like FF7, I believe), some are based off of separate internal values (like, as we'll discuss, Pokémon), and some are totally fixed (like... FE). But the main thread between all of these different mechanics is that the player is, as far as I've seen, left almost completely in the dark as to how exactly everything works behind the scenes. Take Pokémon for example. I played these games all through my childhood and not once did I know what an EV, IV, or any other V was. All I knew was that my little monsters got stronger as their levels went up. And that's kinda what game designers want.
A casual player likely doesn't want to get bogged down by knowledge of how exactly a level up system works. From a game design perspective (I assume), all that the player needs to know is that their characters get stronger as the funny little number next to "LEVEL" goes up. The exact math behind it all would just be confusing and would likely end up as extra, unneeded information.
All the extra information could also break player immersion. Video games are meant to be their own contained world, immersing players into the universe the game has created. Throwing a bunch of numbers at them and basically saying "THIS IS A VIDEO GAME!!!!" would kinda break that immersion, wouldn't it? Like if you were watching a TV show and the boom mic dips into screen. Not an exact one-to-one example, but the point remains the same: the viewer is reminded of the artificiality of the media and suspension of disbelief is broken.
So obviously, not showing the player the inner workings of the level up system is a precedent for a reason, as it keeps the player from being bogged down by extra info and helps retain immersion.
Also, as a quick secondary point, it's possible that growth rates are hidden due to business practices similar to why cheat codes exist. To be more specific, it helps sell more guide books. My old FE9 guide book does a very, VERY poor job of it, but I would assume that something like an official guide book would be the place one could find growth rates for each character. This practice of keeping growths hidden to encourage people to buy a guide book could possibly be the reason growth rates are still hidden.

Argument 2: YES, players SHOULD see growth rates

This argument is more based off of Fire Emblem's unique traits among other RPGs.
Units in Fire Emblem, like characters in any RPG, are judged based off of their stats and how those stats grow. However, I personally feel like FE is in a very interesting position to just straight up tell players how level ups work without overloading them with information.
Some other RPGs use a collection of values, equations, or other internal factors to dictate the stats gained on a level up. FE, however, uses a simple percentage value to determine whether a stat is gained or not. In fact, the process is so simple that most modern ROM hacks include a feature that allows a player to see a unit's growths on the stat screen. Beyond percentages, the level up system is also very simple in how it distributes values compared to other RPGs. In FE, rather than gaining a certain number of points in each stat, level ups are more of a black-and-white system: you either gain the stat or you don't. This makes the information much easier to display, as there are no real equations and a player can intuitively learn that something as simple as the number 60 signifies that a unit as a 60% chance to gain 1 point of strength, and a 40% chance to not gain any strength at all. Thus, Fire Emblem doesn't have the same concerns of overloading a player with information by revealing how the level ups work.
Fire Emblem's numbers are also generally more impactful compared to most other RPGs. I remember seeing a discussion in the comment section of a post where one person made a point about how FE's simplicity was one of its biggest strengths. Basically, 1 point of strength = 1 more damage, 1 point of defense = 1 less damage, and so on. The calculations are easy to do and make individual numbers so much more important and, critically, easy to understand (especially compared to other RPGs). This means that in a level up system where a unit can usually only gain one stat at a time, level ups become much more important to the player. Thus, more players appreciate knowing the percentage chance of a stat increasing.
Now, this last one is a personal example, but it's what got me thinking about this idea in the first place, so just bear with me. I was playing a Fire Emblem fangame called FE7x: Immortal Sword, and it has this neat little system where the color of a stat's text tells you whether that stat is above or below average. However, even after a good deal of digging, I couldn't find the specific growth rates for each character. Now, I know they're probably out there somewhere, but the point is I couldn't find them. As odd as it sounds, this kind of hurt my experience with the game.
It was here that I realized that knowing a unit's growth rates had become an integral part of how I play the game, and had become a major source of enjoyment for me. And while I know that I can find growths for every other game, that's only because I know they exist. A casual, first-time player may miss out on growth rates entirely, and I have to ask: are they missing out on a key part of the Fire Emblem experience?
Overall, Fire Emblem is in a neat spot where it could reasonably get away with telling the player how its simple level up mechanics work. And with how integral growth rates have become to Fire Emblem play and discussion, there's a solid reason for this information to become easily available.
I would like to hear your thoughts about this matter of whether or not FE should show growth rates to the player, as I'm genuinely curious what other people think about this issue. That was the original intent of this post, after all.
However, as I thought more on this topic, I came to another interesting question that I think is very pertinent to this discussion. Namely...

SIDE DISCUSSION/BRAIN TEASER: Does Fire Emblem, through its design, EXPECT you to know a character's growth rates?

This question gave me more of a headache than I had originally anticipated. The obvious answer is no, right? Fire Emblem hides growth rates from those that don't go out looking for them, so it obviously shouldn't expect you to actually know what a unit's growth rates are, right? Well... this is where things get weird.
You see, in recent years, Fire Emblem has been giving a lot more references to how growth rates function, namely with the early renditions of the Aptitude skill straight up telling the player that the skill increases growth rates by X%. But we'll talk about Aptitude more in-depth later on, BELIEVE ME.
This question gets more confusing as you do case studies on specific units in recent games
CASE STUDY 1: Engage Anna
Let's look at Anna in Engage. Anna, as many of us likely know, is a goofy little unit because of her base class of axe fighter, base strength growth of 15% (third lowest), and base magic growth of 50% (tied for the highest). But for our discussion we must ask: does Engage expect us to know this fact? Are we expected to just use Anna as a warrior and have her shoot radiant bows? Or are we expected to somehow figure out that Anna is much better in a magical class and just reclass her?
If we're expected not to know anything, then that stays in line with how the game is currently designed. However, I feel that there's a distinct possibility that Engage is sorta giving the player a wink and a nod like, "Oh I already know you check growth rates, so you'll know how to use this girl." If that's the case, why aren't we just told growth rates in-game anyways? Tradition?
It's hard to judge how exactly Anna fits into our conclusion of whether or not we're expected to know growth rates, given that we can't know what exactly the devs were thinking when they made the game and that infinite reclassing is a big shift in FE balance that we've only seen in recent years. However, I personally believe that Anna's existence in her current state hints that the player may be expected to know Anna's growth rates and thus how to best utilize her, adding to the confusion as to why growth rates are still hidden.
Okay, this kid's existence is what made me want to add this little side discussion, because the implications of his growth rates are perplexing in terms of my original assumptions about what FE expects you to know. Full disclosure: I went into this of the opinion that modern FE games sorta expect players to know a character's growth rates, and thus keeping growth rates hidden was useless. But Cyril... turns that assumption on its head.
Cyril's personal skill is the aforementioned Aptitude, which increases his growth rates by a whole 20%. A pretty hefty bonus, all things considered. But the issue with Cyril is that his base growth rates without Aptitude are actually pretty bad. From a cursory glance over growths for every character, he has the worst combined offensive AND defensive growth rates, with only his dex and speed being average. Thus, Aptitude takes him from a pretty trashy unit to a unit that's just pretty good. Nothing spectacular, just good.
Now, I could talk a lot about my opinions on how Aptitude is treated as a skill (maybe a post for another day), but for now I want to focus on one aspect of the skill: it's APPEAL.
Like I just mentioned: Aptitude straight up tells the player that it increases the chance of gaining a stat by 20 whole percent. 20 percent! 1 in 5! PLUS what you already have! Just about anybody looking at this skill immediately recognizes its value, especially if they already have some experience with FE and DOUBLE especially if they used Donnel, a unit with an identical skill that has become popular for his meteoric growth on the battlefield.
But see, that's where Cyril gets you. Players (including myself) will immediately assume Cyril is a valuable growth unit and start training him up, unaware that all that Aptitude is really doing is turning a unit with poor growths into a unit with overall average growths that specializes in dex and speed. The reason I bring this all up is because Cyril's value immediately plummets once the player actually looks at his growth rates. So now there is a genuine question raised: did Fire Emblem try to TRICK people? Is Cyril programmed with the intention that players will assume he has higher growths than everyone else, unable to see the actual numbers behind the scenes? If this is the case, then it lends to the conclusion that growth rates are meant to be hidden, and that the player is never actually meant to see growth rates.
Maybe I'm overreacting here. Heck, I likely am. But this idea is just so wild to me!
Well, now that we've reached the very end of the post, thank you if you actually read through all of this! It ended up being a bit lengthy, but hey, I guess I just had a lot to say. Anyways, I really am curious what you all think about this issue. Do you think growth rates should be shown in-game to the player, or not? Do you think Fire Emblem designers kind of expect people to look at growth rates? It's an interesting question that I've been sitting on for a bit, and I want to see what the community thinks.
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2023.06.05 08:19 Slimpebble Dolomites First Time Hiking- 4 day Travel

Hey all!
So my friends and I (total of 5 or 6 of us , depending on work schedules) are planning on taking a trip to the Dolomites and go for a hike there. We’ve looked up a lot of places but overwhelmed with the information on all the hikes.
We will be landing in Milan mid July and plan on hiking in the Dolomites for 4 days. We’re an active bunch(mostly guys but 2 girls) and have all hiked before but not really sure which hikes we can do for the short stay we will be there. Any suggestions on hikes , accommodations , car rentals ? Etc.
we decided to all take this trip for a big celebration for our 30th birthdays and budget shouldn’t be an issue as it feels like a once in a lifetime trip but again overwhelmed as to what to do. Any advice is extremely appreciated! Thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.05 08:17 LordDurand Just found out my ex moved in with the guy she had a huge crush on

I want to close my eyes and, in an instant, be free of all feeling and never have to open them again.
She broke up with me at the beginning of the year. We had a long talk, and we both cried, but in the end she still left. A lot of things were said, and I don't know if she meant for them to be hurtful or not. She said I wasn't enough, that she needed someone who was masculine and dominant. But you knew what I was when you met me, didn't you? I get confused for a girl about 70% of the time, you knew that, right? And I always told you, from the very beginning, that I liked being the little spoon. That I wanted to be soft, to not have to live up to any of society's expectations of men, that I just wanted to feel safe and secure and protected with someone. That I wanted to feel like I, just by myself, with all my imperfections, with all the feminine parts of me that everyone is repulsed by, with everything I've always felt wasn't what a man should look like-- that I was still enough for someone. You knew all that. Why'd you stay for as long as you did if you hated all of it?
When we were dating, she told me she had a big crush on one of her guy-friends. I was always insecure about it because he was a lot more conventionally attractive, always had girls hitting on him, and was always single. But she assured me that she wasn't interested in him anymore. I guess I never could fully believe it.
Today I opened Venmo to transfer some money, and I saw that he'd been paying rent to her landlord, and that he was also sending her money for the wifi bill. I don't know for sure how long they've been living together now, at least a month. It's her life, she can do whatever she wants and be with whoever she wants, and I've tried to come to terms with that. But it just feels so unfair. That she gets to just move on like that and have someone else with her. And I'm still here, on my own, same as I've always been.
I've been trying to work on myself. I started doing Jiu-Jitsu to complement my kickboxing training, I started learning guitar and practicing every day, I picked up reading again, I got my motorcycle license, I got promoted. I feel like in just a few months, I've come so far. But I'm still stuck. Swiping on dating apps, getting maybe one match maybe every few months if I'm lucky, that usually turns up to be nothing. There was one girl I went on a few dates on, but she ghosted me.
And I just don't know what to do. My entire life, I've just wanted someone to feel at home with. Someone I can always go to, someone I can be totally, completely myself with, without having to put on any kind of face, without having to put on any kind of armor to face the harshness of the world. I don't want any of what I've done. I don't want to feel like I have to learn to fight, or to pick up random skills or hobbies, or ride on a dangerous two-wheeled machine, or have the position I do. I just want to be with someone. I want to love and to be loved, and that's it, that's always been it.
It's my birthday today. I'm 24 now. 24 more years than I needed or wanted. I remember all the times I was at a firing range with a gun in my hands, thinking about how in a single flash, I could be done with it all. And I regret that I'm still here. It feels like nothing will ever get better. It's like I'm trapped in an old shack in the midst of a harsh, never-ending blizzard. I can decorate the inside as much as I like, make it all pretty and inviting. But nobody's ever going to show up. In the end, it's still an old shack; the snowstorm outside is one that knows no lifting, and things will always be like this.
I have tried all that I can think of. This broke me completely. I don't know how I can keep going on like this. Every morning, I wake up and have nothing to be excited about. I can't imagine a girl ever being excited about me, wanting to talk to me and get to know me in every way she can.
I'm 24 now, but I still feel like the same stupid kid I was in high school. I still fall asleep in the same empty bed, staring at the same sparse ceiling with the fan I'm afraid to turn on because of how much it shakes and threatens to fall right off. And then all the same insecurities come flooding back, everything I thought I moved past. Where I once thought I'm okay being mistaken as a girl, that it's cool how androgynous I am, I realize how much it sets me back, how hard it is to find someone attracted to me. I come to resent my face, my eyes, my height, my hair, my body, my voice. Everything everyone else can perceive feels like a reason for them to steer clear, or just treat me like a little brother even if I'm years older than them.
When I was in middle school, where there was this clique of the popular boys, the cool jocks or whatever, I always wished I was one of them. Not in the sense of wishing I could be in that crowd, but that I was literally living in the body of one of them. I'd sing stupid mournful songs about it in the shower, I'd think about it as I fell asleep.
And today, it's not that different. Every night I go to bed, wishing I could wake up in a different body. Being rebellious, or an iconoclast, or something contrary to society's standards is a cool thing to talk about. Until it's forced upon you, until you can't match what society wants no matter how hard you try, until you can't fit in and you can't attract people to you.
When I was going to therapy, my therapist said something along the lines of how I'm more interesting than the typical "Abercrombie and Fitch white guy," and it was funny and made me feel a little better at the time. But I think I'd rather just conform. I'd rather just be conventionally attractive and fit right in and have my pick of whoever I wanted than be unique.
What's the point of having a unique life experience if there's no one to share it with?
I feel like I'm at the end of my line.
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2023.06.05 08:14 chickenranch99 Set List Denver, CO 3-June-2023 + some comments

They played nearly 90 minutes. Most shows lately are 14 songs, this was 15.5 (see encore below).
Transmaniacon MC - not my pick for an opening song and the crowd sat for most of it. But, it is the 1st song on their 1st record so it's very appropriate.
Before the Kiss - one of my favorites going back to the St. Cecilia days. always enjoyable to hear it live and sing along with the Buck. my wife thinks i'm nuts for knowing all the words start to end.
Golden Age of Leather - this was absolutely wonderful. what a treat and it sounded great and gave me chills. i've heard this only once before but knew it was coming from previous set lists. there was a very notable lack of tune from Buck and Eric when they sang anything together (not just this song) but when Ritchie and Danny did back up vocals the harmony's for all 4 were perfect. for me it was the first time i could find any flaw with their shows but c'mon man they are 75 / 77 respectively and i'm seriously impressed they can sing (and play) at such a high level. this song rocks and the boys did a great job.
That Was Me - Rightfully so, this features Richie Castellano. I was kind of surprised they did not feature Richie more throughout the night. he is fabulous even if his guitar is ugly.
Burning for You - before this, the crowd was not terribly into the show - i kind of think the opening act was the issue here, see below - until Burning for You. a lot of cell phones lit up and the crowd really was into the show the rest of the way. i'm glad this was a hit for them and they are kind of obligated to play it but i can think of 20 others i would rather hear.
Harvest Moon - Buck is the best. Period. they way he can play creepy / haunting that just fills the theater is unparalleled. not just on this but often throughout the show i was mesmerized. Sure Buck can play fast and he still can (impressive at 75), but this is what separates him from others and makes him the and cream of top and GOAT. this is the stuff that seems to get better with age. wow.
The Vigil - what a great composition and i love how they make it better live.
ETI - good as always and the sound was perfect - a BOC lover's song.
Train True (Lennie's Song): i'm not a big fan of this, it just doesn't seem to fit the band.
Last Days of May: Wow. this was worth the price of admission alone! my jaw dropped listening to Richie's lead - this guy can really play and he always impresses me. not to be outdone, Buck absolutely killed it for his extended solo. Richie can rock the song, Buck can rock your brain. his solo seemed endless and had my complete attention for the duration. Oh dear Lord, i love how he plays.
Godzilla - ok for me. they gotta play it but I sure missed Dominance and Submission and would trade them in this set list. Dominance is one of the top songs on the best record recorded since 1970.
Buck did an intro / solo thingy. i thought they might surprise us with I love the Night as i had seen this played only once before with a Buck intro and this sounded the same but it was really an intro for the Reaper. Buck can fill a stadium with such a big, big sound that haunts and entertains me completely.
Don’t Fear the Reaper - sounded great and i love it live.
Tatoo Vampire: Mr. Bloom stopped less than a minute into this and said he could not hear himself, so they went with Hot Rails, then added Cities on Flame (just guessing this was an in-game decision). This was quite unfortunate as i had not heard Tattoo Vampire before and it sounded fucking GREAT then Eric stopped it. huge bummer. i wish they would have fixed the problem then come back to it but time / contract restraints won't allow it.
Hot Rails to Hell - they rocked the fuck out of this - what a great encore, what a great song. I'm 62 and felt like 16 hearing this. these guys rock.
Cities on Flame - i think this was an in-game addition after Tattoo Vampire didn't work out. Buck put on a clinic here and did his magic one last time for the evening. Completely satisfying to end the show with this.
The late add of the opening act of Max Gomez was a mismatch from the start. he plays acoustic folk. he's good, just not meant for this crowd. he acknowledged it and it helped me to continue listening but it did not get anyone fired up for the Soft White Underbelly / Oaxaca / Stalk Forrest Group / Santos Sisters / Blue Öyster Cult.
These guys have entertained me for 53 years now...and counting. many dinosaur bands are not that great anymore and are just milking their couple of hits. Not true with Blue Öyster Cult. if you possibly can, go see these guys - they are still fabulous!
submitted by chickenranch99 to BlueOysterCult [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:13 rubix44 Lauricidin Monolaurin experience after 2 months

I decided to try these Lauricidin Monolaurin pellets. I had taken monolaurin supplements a few different times in the past with no benefits, but the monolaurin capsules were I think 600mg of monolaurin, while a scoopful of lauricidin pellets are 3000mg of monolaurin, so I thought I'd give it try since it's a much larger dose, feeling as miserable as I have for so long (been over 3 & 1/2 years now since my EBV reactivated).
What does monolaurin do for EBV?
Monolaurin is an extract of Lauric Acid from coconut. It acts against any encapsulated virus, like the flu virus, Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus, and others by dissolving the outer membrane that protects the virus. Without protection, your immune system can easily mount a defense against the virus.
The first week was rough, even starting slowly (half a scoop a day), my fatigue got worse and I felt some achyness muscle soreness not unlike a flu or a fever. I thought this might be a good sign, perhaps indicating viral die-off (herx reaction), so I continued and steadily increased my dosage. I think 2 scoops a day is the highest I ever got. But the big question: did it help?
No, at least not yet (I'm almost out of it, and don't plan to re-order, though). It definitely has some kind of effect on EBV, but I don't think it's necessarily a good effect. The one positive is my spleen has gone down in size. An enlarged spleen is common with an active EBV infection, and mine was uncomfortable, particularly when sleeping, I had to avoid sleeping on my left side at all. But the downside is muscle soreness and body pain has seemingly increased, and I am not getting any restful sleep at all, despite sleeping long hours. What I suspect happened (based on nothing scientific and only my best uneducated guess) is that the Monolaurin can "shake up" or agitate the EBV, but doesn't actually help to reduce viral load or symptoms. The EBV was probably mostly hanging out in my spleen (seems to be the main hub/home for EBV and where it likes to hang out). So the EBV was maybe chased out of my spleen, and started to attack my whole body more (lots of inflammation), and my fatigue/energy level has not improved. Still feeling miserable from EBV.
So for me, I'm just going to add it to the long list of supplements/vitamins that did not help, but maybe for others it could be different, who knows. You can search the amazon reviews for epstein-barr or EBV and see what people say about it, some will say it helped them, others will say no improvement. I suspect the latter is much more likely.
I am going to have my EBV levels checked later this month, but I don't expect any major changes based on how I feel.
submitted by rubix44 to EBV [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:12 rothrowaway09 road trip & clothes shopping rant

i've spent the last two weeks on a long road trip with my friend and her family and it's been hell. they're lovely people but they usually do one meal a day. they eat a lot at that meal but it's been so easy for me to get away with just nibbling at something relatively small. i was never able to fast before but these two weeks have been like a damn omad boot camp.
the funny thing is that i was so scared of gaining weight on this trip since i wouldn't be able to count cals or weigh myself, but judging by how my clothes are fitting, i've lost quite a bit. it's kind of freeing in a sick way knowing that i can keep up my behaviors "intuitively" (lol) without constantly measuring and calculating.
and to make matters worse we went clothes shopping today. i was already feeling bad about bobbing in and out of the fitting rooms for different sizes, making a very public show of my fucked up self-perception. there's no way i wear [size] anymore but it's still what i default to when i pull things off the rack, and i guess i'm scared of trying to put on something that's too small because my brain will only downsize one by one even if i cognitively know that's still too big.
and then as we were leaving my friend suggested we stop by this one more store and to make me feel better she was like "this place has super forgiving sizing :) it's really plus size friendly even if it doesn't seem like it :)" obviously trying to drop a hint without actually calling me fat.
and like, a year ago i would've appreciated that. she clearly still sees me like i was when we met and i was bigger and had a hard time finding clothes in my size and she was trying to help but in my mind it was just confirmation that my body dysmorphia isn't just a me problem. like it doesn't matter how much my body changes because people will still subconsciously remember the way it used to be. i'm trapped.
sorry this is so long. it's been an exhausting couple of weeks and an exhausting relapse and i don't have any friends who i can talk to because if i do they might stop enabling me :) i'm too old for this shit is2g
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On Demand Business Ideas

The majority of the on-demand business models are delivery services, especially food delivery service is the most common thing. Everyone is aware of the food delivery industry, but there are still a lot more industrial sectors that have a huge revenue gain impact in the market space.
The on-demand business ventures have made a revolution, the way most of the business serves its customers. On-demand apps are fulfilling customer’s demands right up from delivering things to their doorsteps and thereby creating a personalized experience to avail their desired services at their ease.
The on-demand service is designed in such a way to reduce the waiting time of the customers and to give them full flexibility in their shopping. This improves the customer’s experience which brought many companies to offer their own delivery service with the help of third-party delivery agents.
Top On-Demand Business Ideas for Startup for the Next Decade
With various technologies coming into play, and the growing customer demands, the journey of entrepreneurs to launch an eCommerce marketplace is getting easier. Adopting an innovative approach and finding a sound business model is enough to lay the foundation of a new business.
If you are one of the business enthusiasts looking forward to starting an eCommerce venture revolving around the on-demand economy, spend more time deducing the optimal business model before executing it.
The following are some of the most lucrative business options inspired by the on-demand economy.
1. Start A Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace
The eCommerce sector has seen tremendous growth in the recent past and the sector is speculated to see a phenomenal rise of 30% in the next few years. This has opened a completely new horizon when it comes to creating multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces.
2. Launch An Online Grocery Store
Grocery shopping is a task which consumers have to undertake every other day. An online grocery store in that situation is a perfect solution. More and more people are now inclined towards buying groceries online. If you are interested in launching a startup catering to a niche market such a marketplace is best suited.
3. Run A Daily Deal Portal
With eCommerce gaining traction, the next big boost has surely come in the daily deals arena. However, there is still a huge void in this sector with ample room for new startups. While consumers get better deals, merchants, on the other hand, get customers in bulk. The platform gets a cut on each successful transaction.
4. Run An Online Custom Clothing Platform
Lifestyle and fashion have always been the biggest drivers of the eCommerce industry. However, new business models like online custom tailoring platforms have emerged in this sector.
Custom clothing websites not only offer bespoke clothing but also a sense of personalization. Such websites help consumers choose fabrics, measurements, style specifications, and get custom-made clothes delivered right to their doorstep.
5. Launch A Marketplace For Freelance Writers
Professional freelance writers have always been in demand and their demand is growing each day with the focus shifting to content marketing. That said, brands face major problems finding writers for essay writing, research paperwork, or any other form of academic content.
6. Create A Marketplace Of Service Professionals
Like above, there is also a huge market for a service professional marketplace where you can easily find professionals like lawyers, doctors, carpenters, or any other type of professional.
7. Build A Platform For Online Food Ordering
Home delivery has been a tried and tested business model used by numerous restaurants. However, this was limited to a few large chains of restaurants. Nowadays online food ordering has become a huge market with portals coming to the center stage. Such websites offer restaurants and online gateway where consumers can place their orders, thereby coming across as the need of the hour and a viable business option.
8. Start An Online Car Marketplace
Buying or selling a car has always been a strenuous task for consumers. However, with the coming of age of eCommerce and online car marketplaces, the whole process has become seamless.
Online car marketplaces have become a huge hit among automobile enthusiasts and car buyers alike. Such marketplaces offer in-depth analysis of automobiles and present a platform to connect sellers and buyers.
How FlightsLogic Thrives the Business ?
FlightsLogic is one of the top delivery business ideas providers in the more flexible market. Also, it adapts to any type of business model according to the clients’ requirements. Therefore, there is no need for any compensation in the business demands. Our client will be getting the exact app solution as they demand.
Since we are in the on-demand delivery business market for a long period, we are well aware of the knock and corner of the app service. This helps us to build an enriched application interface with sparkling metrics. To make the service easier, we have integrated the required features.
FlightsLogic, being a pioneer in the app development company, offers you best-in-class services according to your requirements. With our premium app development solutions, you can climb the ladders of success in no time.
This simplifies the end payers’ workflow with the features corresponding to multiple delivery business models listed above. The notable features are:

  • Multi-product listing and selection options,
  • Real-time Tracking of the delivery,
  • Smart filtering options for the suppliers,
  • Accumulate top-rated players in the market,
  • Smart multiple payment interfaces,
  • Scheduling of products delivered in an advanced manner,
  • Creation of user-accessible on-demand marketplace.
How to transform your on-demand business into a huge success?
A mobile app with user-friendly features
Online presence is essential for a business in this digital world. Therefore, take your traditional business to the next level by launching an on-demand multi-delivery app. Moreover, the features you included in the app play a vital role. For example, adding a feature like a GPS tracking system makes it friendly for the customers. This way, you can manage the business operations efficiently without paperwork.
Competitive pricing
Each customer has different requirements. Therefore, the pricing structure should be based on their requirements. For example, in the case of courier delivery, you can consider the weight and size of the package. Also, it is necessary to consider the delivery speed the customers want to avail.
User engagement
It is an important factor to consider for making your business successful. Transparency in the process is what the customers will expect. Let them know the order status in real-time via in-app notifications. Also, it will be great to inform your customers about the estimated delivery date & time. Besides, update the status via email or SMS. Notably, with the help of live chat, customers can get their queries resolved at any time.
Aesthetic packaging
Good packaging impacts your brand image. You can even make it as a USP or differentiating factor to stand apart from your rivals. So right from the start of packing, still the delivery, ensure that the proper packaging and the packaging box are maintained.
For more details, please visit our website:
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2023.06.05 07:53 Away_Limit_6275 Jae doing a lot of reflection the last days during streams

The last few days while streaming he mentions some things ,that really shows to me he is thinking a lot. He has talked about how he lost the majority of his engagement the last months, how he needs to let go of the past and mover forward cause even Yorgen mentioned is eating him alive, about start producing his own music cause paying these producers is not affordable anymore( we talked about it here too ) even about his manager that he is a good person but sometimes he forgets about him. In general seems like J start thinking a lot about his current situation but still doesn't know what to do about all the issues. For sure he is not dumb and he sees his numbers better than any of us and for sure he doesn't like it at all , so all this arguement don't talk cause he gonna be sad is really stupid cause he is already kinda sad and discouraged with his current status. Im not saying that J should do whatever fans tell him to do but once again blind worship or following ain't helping either . Personally i think J should have helped himself with an expert to heal before he starts anything regarding his career , If he had taken this route so many things wouldn't have happened in the first place , but even now is not too late! Really us talking about promo or whatever, when he is stuck to believe everything is related to kpop and doesn't want to do this and that , is pointless. He needs to help himself first and then allow to people that want to work with him to help about his career too, i know damn well he had offers last year and if he needs to, then make a step to apporach them and get a deal! Either is 88rising or Transparent arts ( they doing great job with the The Rose they are booked to every damn festival out there) just accept the fact you need help to move forward! waiting for miracles leading nowhere , big US labels won't come and beg you to sign with them or you going viral is unlikely to happen unfortunately. Last year was a transition and he was shocked from whatever happened but this year is fear and stubborness that keeps him away from his goals, he is talented but without balance on his heart and head J will never be happy or able to get over traumatic events and memories. How he gonna play the guitar again? He is a guitarist and a talented one for God sake he deserves to shine on stage playing at least 2-3 songs of his and feeling ok with that like he used to! He deserves to have festivals tours MVs promo interviews photoshoots podcasts! No sitting on his room throwing pity parties for himself. Regardless of our comments about his poor decisions or how he handles fans issues, i just wish him to find help and peace with himself and then he can make the right decisions depending on his dreams and priorities. We all wanted that for him since 2021 when we realised he wasn't ok anymore ,and we are still here wanting to support him but we can't heal him or make him famous is not up to us ,and he needs to accept that , talking to chat ain't the therapy he thinks it is and never will. Really i doubt i will criticize him anymore, not because blind followers say so ,but is just pointless J needs to stand up for himself and change his life , give himself a chance to have a proper career with financial support and get his redemption arc he wants so much ! My Korean friend told me Jay Park had a whole nation cursing him but look at him now, he proved that not only he felt sorry for what happened but also proved himself as businessman and and top musician at k-hiphop scene. He still gets hate on twitter so what? He is a 4 time CEO anonymous people on internet can't change that fact .( i don't like him much as person but i admit he has the balls ! the biggest cb ever in korean entertainment history) Jae didn't even have this scale of hate but on his head is way bigger than actually was and he is afraid to even breathe for that reason, he thinks will step in SK and someone will throw him tomatoes or something. Koreans love success stories if J gets one then everything will be just a bad moment, and i believe he can get that if he finds his way and not what he is doing right now. Really praying to find his way out from all this bubble and succeed ,he is talented man but his biggest enemy right now is himself not trolls or antis.
P.S. It really hit me hard how IMC gets less than 10k streams per day , a song that is so well produced and fans favourite but he did nothing about it ,so another wasted song just like that. Hype and numbers will come back when fans see he is doing the proper step to upgrade his career level and new audience will come too. At this point im praying the courage button to switch on his mind and do whatever he needs to do , he did it once by leaving a toxic environment ,he can do it again deciding to get heal first and then move forward.
P.S2 Please don't try to analyze or diagnose him we are not experts and even if we were , no one has the right to diagnose people online and call them names. Im just talking in general that he needs to get heal how often, with what kind of treatment and with who is not our place to say ,again we are not doctors.
P.S3 The vods are available you can all watch em
submitted by Away_Limit_6275 to eajpark [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:51 Sagefire94 New Player needs help at CB

New Player needs help at CB
I started my account nearly a month ago, actually i‘m getting high khatun tomorrow :)
So I used my 4 Sacred Shards this weekend because I got stuck a bit almost everywhere and i thought i could need some new champs.
I already read a lot in this forum and also at hellhades website, however i‘m still a big noob and could need your guys help to get CB at Nightmare done 😊 least thats my goal for next month. At the moment i can 3key Brutal and use my last key for Hard. I did not touch Nightmare yet because i cant get the ACC requirements done. I need better gear first i guess. However thats just a farming question.
the real question is, which team should I build? and how to build the champs? Do I have to speed tune anything?
My pulls from those shards were: Ghostborn as my „first legendary“ Seeker Skullcrusher Kunoichi
Ghostborn isnt quite that what i need currently right? But Seeker and Crusher are really good for what I’ve read about them. But how to use them? Can I already build an unkillable team with them?
Currently my goal is it to bring crusher, seeker and kunoichi up to 6* but this can take a few days/week 😅
Appreciate your help, Thanks!
submitted by Sagefire94 to RaidShadowLegends [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:49 Vanilla_staircase BSc in Physics and Chemistry in St Josephs University or drop year for IISERs?

Hey everyone,
myquals :70% in 12th PCMB So I'm from Bangalore and completed my puc here. In 12 I decided to join a coaching centre for JEE Mains prep (as 11th was completely online at that time and I thought it would be a waste).So here I was running after buses and autos trying to get to tuition and college on time (transport was an issue), being outside home for almost 10 hours a day ,sleep deprived (coz I stayed up studying) and continuously stressed as my results were really poor. Amidst all this I couldn't focus at all and gradually started hating studying which I've always enjoyed so much .So overall it was one of my worst decision everr and I was completely burnt out.
I was a really hardkworking student and my 10 percentage was 92%(ICSE) , so this really upset me and I didnt really do well in Mains either.Coming back to where I am now I'm ready to leave all of this behind me but take the lessons I've learnt from this. After a lot of crying and berating myself and I finally managed to think up these 3 options, but before that I'd like to say that I'm really drawn to research and I know that its my calling, so although I've written cet I'm not really keen on it. I'd really appreciate it if you could advise me on this and share your own experiences as well.So here are the options (It would be really helpful if you coulld list out the pros and cons of each option)
  1. Choose BSc in phy and chem in St Josephs University and then prepare for GATE JAM and JEST.
2.Choose the same course I've mentioned above but prepare for IAT for next year.
3.Take a drop and attempt IAT ,MAINS and NEET(this is to get into IISC).
Thank You
submitted by Vanilla_staircase to Indian_Academia [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:47 ShesGotaChicken2Ride Neighbors are the bane of my existence

I’ve posted here so many times about my neighbors who are extremely pushy and don’t really pay attention to their child. Quick side note: they have a built-in pool with no fence around it and the wife and two daughters can’t swim. I have been avoiding them because of all of the BS they pull. We went to Super Mario World on Friday so yesterday we were pretty tired. Our kids were playing in our (above ground) pool most of the day. We have another neighbor who has recently been bringing her daughter over to play even though her daughter is only 3 but my kids are (almost) 6 and 7. When the other neighbor saw my kids playing with another kid, I got a text that said: “Hey girl, are the boys able to play. Idk why but P keeps telling me that the boys asked her to go to their pool. She’s running around the house with her swimsuit and floaty. Is this true? I keep asking her who told you and she keeps answering they are waiting for me.”
One problem I have with these people is they let their 4 year old run their household. My kids hadn’t even seen P that day and I know this because we watched our kids play outside like we always do and P never came outside. My response to this message was:
“I have no idea. They been in our pool all day until a few hours ago.” Mind you, they are, at this point, playing outside in the front yard with another child. These people had to have known that because there’s no way they couldn’t see it.
So she replies: “Oh ok. Lol maybe she just heard them.”
I replied with a 🤷🏼‍♀️ emoji.
I feel like she was basically asking if P can come over and swim. That’s a big HELL NO for me. They have a built-in pool; we don’t. P can’t swim; Mom can’t swim; teenaged daughter can’t swim. I don’t want them in my pool! That’s a huge liability. I don’t want my kids swimming at their house because nobody over there can swim except the dad, they don’t have a fence around their pool even though it’s required by law, and they don’t watch their kid let alone mine. I also will not invite their daughter to swim at my house since she can’t swim! I don’t want to babysit her kid in my pool. It’s a lot but they are quite negligent. Everything they do regarding their child really gets in my nerves. Would I be an asshole if I reported them to code enforcement for not having a fence around their pool? It seems like an accident waiting to happen, and they have pulled so much BS. In one hand I want to fuck with them like they fuck with me, but honestly, it scares me. Nobody there knows how to swim except the dad who works all day, and there’s no fence around the pool! It’s insane. And then she wants me to invite her non- swimming child to my house to swim??
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