Savage model 64 20 round magazine

Into the Dojo 22b : M&SU vs Nightmare - Sweet dreams of steam

2023.06.05 08:06 Natural_Regular_9362 Into the Dojo 22b : M&SU vs Nightmare - Sweet dreams of steam

Into the Dojo 22b : M&SU vs Nightmare - Sweet dreams of steam
On a warm summers night…
A ghostly boy and his imaginairy friends had a play party…
But the nasty M&SU would have nothing of it “Be quiet!”, they shouted.
“Boring!” the kid replied, and so the lines were drawn to duke it out over this turf.
Both crews dragged their feet, until Ironsides told the Stitched to bring it to little effect. Meanwhile Langston saw an opening and charged Chompy beating him down to one health.
But the Dreamer was on it, he’d already summoned an Insidious Madness, who now let it’s Disembodied Voices be heard, and Langston found it impossible to concentrate with Distracted +2. Teddy charged Ironsides back, but only managed to scratch, taking an uppercut in return, but Candy came to his rescue and filled him up with goodies to make him Fast for round two.
Nasty bully Howard, picks on poor Chompy, while Teddy defends Candy against Ironsides.
The game is on with a surprising hard-hitting brutality from the steamfitters.
Hit the Dreamer right in the gut. To save Chompy, he’d have to win initiative, and of course the Black Joker spoiled and Ironsides laughed. If only Langston hadn’t had Distracted +2…
So Amina had Langston vent his steam instead, but Serena moved in and started healing Chompy and by the end of the round he was fit for fight. Langston not so much, but he killed a Daydream.
The Dreamer dreamt up yet another Insidious, so now there were two. A gunsmith killed off the Stitched and put some wounds on Teddy, before getting eaten by Mr. Fluffy himself, but Ironsides finished the bear off off with a 7ht. Uppercut.
SCORE : M&SU 2 (Strat + Hidden Martyr) vs Nightmare 1 (Strat)
Nasty man Howard presses on, squashing poor Dreamers’s Daydream. As Ironsides beats up Teddy.
Locked in deadly melee for who’s to own the nights of Malifaux.
Dreamer savagely tore Langstons mind apart. The two Insidious gulped up both the gunsmith and the steamfitter - despite the steamfitter doing his best setting them on fire. While Ironsides managed to land a few good punches on Candy.
SCORE : M&SU 2 vs Nightmare 1
With the bully Howard down, the nightmares descend on Toni.
It’s looking bleak for the M&SU. Three models left vs. seven nightmares and a dash of woe.
Serena flicked a switch and was slingshot up the board for a third. Meanwhile Ironsides refused to give up the center, but the Foreman was close to running out of Breath now.
SCORE : M&SU 2 vs Nightmare 3 (Assassinate + Strat).
“You killed my Teddy, prepare to DIE!” - the kid shouted.
Serena goes for the points, while the rest concentrate on beating up the head anarchist.
The result was pretty much a given. Ironsides would die. Mouse would likely survive his martyrium, and the Nightmares would finally be able to put down a scheme marker to leave their mark in the centre.
FINAL SCORE : M&SU 3 (Hidden Martyr) vs Nightmare 6 (Strat, Asssassinate + Leave Your Mark.
A dirty, messy game. The M&SU forgot their battle plan, and just lunged in head over heels, and the gamble was soooo close to paying off. When Howard heaved Chompy into double hazardous terrain, I thought he was a goner. If only Amina had given him Fast, if only Insidious Madnesses’ Disembodied Voices weren’t so horrible, if, if, if… Lesson learned - control your bloodlust.
MVPs : Toni+Mouse, her ability to shrug off damage, Mouse’s healing +flips. Saved me from my own poor strategy. And punching a Teddy for 7ht is EPIC!
LVP : Going forward, I’ll probably ditch Amina for Fitz or something. She’s nice and gives Howard an edge, but… Once he’s down or just run away from her, she haven’t got much to offer. And Howard’s already got a six stone upgrade in the Steamfitter, so Soulstone Cache and Amina is likely overdoing it, or maybe I’m doing it wrong, and should run her with the gunsmiths, and let Toni and Howard pair up… Comments appreciated.
The Nightmares didn’t fare much better. They were so taken aback that they completely forgot about scoring points. Luckily their attrition game proved better than the M&SU, but luck makes for a poor strategy. I should probably have chosen Coppelius over Serena, I generally like Squidface more, he suits my level of aggression.
MVP : Candy brings sooo much to a nightmare crew. Healing, Fast Teddies, but she’s surpassed by the Insidious Madness that neutered Howard with Distraction.
LVP : Serena was the least impressive, but… she still scored 2 points, simply by being dispensable. So I wouldn’t call her bad. She just didn’t have her moment to shine.
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2023.06.05 08:01 PokemonMastersBot Weekly General Questions Megathread

You can now insert images as comments when you seek for in-game help in Megathreads! Check out this mod post HERE for more information.

Use this Megathread if you have general questions or need advice! e.g. asking for EX / Candy recommendation, gems usage, "Should I pull this banner?", "How do I build a team on this stage?", etc.
If you need team building help specifically for Champion Stadium, you may use the Champion Stadium Megathread to receive a quicker response.

Installing Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters is available worldwide except for Belgium and The Netherlands due to bans on loot boxes.
We will go over the two main platforms on installing the game, IOS and Android.
According to the official site, the game is most compatible in these devices:
iOS: 11 or higher / 64 bit / at least 2 GB of RAM
Android: OS 7.0 or higher / 64 bit / at least 2 GB of RAM
  1. Via Apple Store: HERE
  1. Via Google Play Store: HERE
  2. Others
If the game is unavailable in your country or shows as not available for your device, you can download the APK directly from APKPure or QooApp.
You can also use VPN to download it from the application store, but it requires longer downloading time compared to the above recommended methods.

Reroll Guide

Reroll means that you make a new account and look at what you got from your scout. If you don't like your first few multi-pulls, you delete the account and create a new one again and so on until you are satisfied.

Why reroll?

How to Reroll?
If you're an existing player, delete your local data or cache first. Otherwise, do not link your account to Nintendo. Doing so will bind your Pokémon Masters account to your Nintendo profile permanently and can no longer be removed.
As of now, if you progress up to the point when co-op mode is unlocked, you can get at least 21.000 gems, the equivalent of 7 multis, earning at least 231/400 scout points (33 scout points per multi scout), allowing you to scout at least 77 Sync Pairs. Completing the following checkpoints will let you receive gems as completion rewards:
Gems Notable Rewards Additional Notes*
Starting the game (Part 1) Finish Champion Stadium: Kanto Challenge (Normal)
150 MC & Pikachu, Misty & Starmie, Brock & Onix You can reuse the same Sync Pairs after each round.
Starting the game (Part 2) Special Completion Rewards: Champion Stadium (Normal)
500 Egg (BulbasauCharmandeSquirtle). Clear 5 quests to hatch it.
Blue & Pidgeot Guaranteed Scout Finish Champion Stadium: Victory Road
5000 Blue & Pidgeot, your first 5★ Sync Pair
Choosable 4★ Sync Pair Pick anyone.
Finish Chapter 1 (Normal) 90 Rosa & Serperior
Finish Chapter 2 (Normal) 200 Barry & Empoleon. Professor Oak and Legendary Arena unlocked.
Finish Chapter 3 (Normal) 150
Finish Chapter 4 (Normal) 170 Erika & Vileplume
Finish Chapter 5 (Normal) 160 Skyla & Swanna
Finish Chapter 6 (Normal) 200 Korrina & Lucario
Finish Chapter 7 (Normal) 250 Norman & Slaking
Finish Chapter 8 (Normal) 170 Pryce & Seel
Finish Chapter 9 (Normal) 240 Iris & Haxorus
Finish Chapter 10 (Normal) 250 SS Brock & Tyranitar
Finish Interlude 1 (Normal) 60
Finish Chapter 1 (Hard) 100
Finish Chapter 2 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 3 (Hard) 100
Finish Chapter 4 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 5 (Hard) 100
Finish Chapter 6 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 7 (Hard) 300
Finish Chapter 8 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 9 (Hard) 300
Finish Chapter 10 (Hard) 300
Finish Interlude 1 (Hard) 100
EX Plaza: Special Training: Battle Techniques 60
These missions are completed progressively as you play the game, so they are not listed in numerical order.
These missions can be completed multiple times as the player reaches new checkpoints.
Checkpoint (Missions) Notable Rewards per level
Mission 1: Log in to the game 10 Gems
Mission 21: Raise team strength 10 Gems
Mission 3: Obtain Pearl 10 Gems
Mission 4: Obtain Big Pearl 10 Gems
Mission 5: Obtain 1★ Level-Up Manual 10 Gems
Mission 6: Obtain 2★ Level-Up Manual 10 Gems
Mission 7: Obtain 3★ Level-Up Manual 10 Gems
Mission 62: Evolve a Pokemon 10 Gems
Mission 91: Obtain a Lucky Cookie 10 Gems
Mission 125: Raise your player rank 10 Gems
Mission 262: Have a number of interaction(s) in Trainer Lodge 100 Gems
Mission 263: Reach friendship level 100 with a number of guests 100 Gems
Mission 264: Reach a certain friendship level with any guest 100 Gems
These missions can only be completed once but give a high amount of gems.
Checkpoint (Missions) Notable Rewards per level
Mission 82: Link to your Nintendo account 600 Gems
Mission 89: Participate in the Battle Villa 1000 Gems

If you are not satisfied with your pulls, click on the Poryphone at the right-bottom corner in the Pokémon Center -> Account -> Delete Save Data. Repeat the above steps until you pulled the Sync Pair you want.
Now that you're ready to go on an adventure, link your account through Poryphone Menu by tapping "Account", then "Link a Nintendo Account" to save your progress. After that, try to get any free Sync Pairs as you progress:

EX Gear Type Chart

Note that these co-op stages only drop 2★ Gear as the highest rarity for their corresponding Gear Type. 3★ Gear is restricted to Type Gear Events and Pokémon Masters Day every month, and they can be exchanged in the time-limited event shop and in the General tab for 3★ gear material co-op stage drops.
Stage Gear Type
EX Brock Grass/Steel/Rock
EX Misty Flying/Fairy/Steel
EX Barry Grass/Dragon/Water
EX Flannery Bug/WateGhost
EX Erika Fire/Poison/Ground
EX Skyla Rock/Normal/Flying
EX Korrina Fire/Fighting/Psychic
EX Pryce Electric/Ice/Bug
EX Marshal Psychic/Dark/Ice
EX Hau Ground/Electric/Fairy
EX Clair Dragon/Dark/Fighting
EX Janine Poison/Normal/Ghost

In-Game FAQ

1. When is anniversary coming?

Half-year 28 February 6AM UTC
Full-year 28 August 6AM UTC
2 Why hasn't my Pokemon evolved? It's at Level [X]!
Evolution requires an evolution item available in the Training Area (Evolution Material Area). Upon earning the Evolution Materials, you need to go to the Sync Pair Stories to trigger the Evolution Story.
3. Should I save to do 11 multi-scouts instead of single scouts?
You can now get x11 units instead of 10, so yes, but we strongly recommend you to save gems for Poké Fair or Master Fair banners (which has a higher rate for 5★ characters).
4. How many gems are required to receive a Sync Pair of my choice?
36.600 non-paid gems (or 36.300 gems + 100 paid gems for a daily single pull), which is the equivalent of 400 scout points. Scout points do not carry over between banners.
5. What does [X]/5, [Y]/20, etc mean?
When you obtain a Sync Pair, they're at 1/5 Sync Move level. Rolling a dupe of that Sync Pair, or using a Move Candy will increase it by 1 level. 3/5 is the minimum for most sync pairs to complete their Sync Grid, but some Poké Fairs have grid expansions that require their Sync Move to be completely maxed out at 5/5 for their full Sync Grid.
At the same time, Sync Pairs are at 0/20 Potential when they're just obtained. Giving Sync Pairs Powerups will raise their Potential and stats. When a Sync Pair is given 20 powerups, their star level will be increased. Getting a unit to 5★ 20/20 is mandatory for it to further upgrade to 6★ EX (if it has one).
6. How do I Unlock The Level cap of my units?
Training Area (Cap Unlock Area), (Cap Unlock Area 2), Exchange in the shop, Events.
7. Where do I get the manuals to level up my sync pairs?
Training Area (Level up Area), Exchange in the shop, Events, random drops in Trainer Lodge.
8. How do I get Sync orbs?
Training Area (Sync orb Area), Exchange in the shop, Events, Champion Stadium Master Mode (6K & 7.5K), random drops in Trainer Lodge.
9. What are Theme Skill and how do I get items to power them up?
Theme Skill is a new ability that raises the stats of your Sync Pairs if any of them has a common position, type, region, trainer group, or other features with another pair (or pairs) in the same team. Skill Spheres, which can be obtained in Theme Skill area and Champion Stadium Master Mode, are required to upgrade them.
10. What Lucky Skill should I roll for [X]? How do I get Lucky Cookies and Scrolls to unlock a Sync Pair's Lucky Skill?
Refer to Sync Grid Builds & Lucky Skills (by u/MomoSpark) for more details.
In general, the choices of Lucky Skills follow the roles of Sync Pairs:
There are exceptions to some Sync Pairs. For example,
Lucky Cookies and Lucky Scrolls can all be obtained in Battle Villa (Single Player & Co-op), Blissful Bonanza, and Legendary Gauntlet. Legendary Gauntlet can provide unlimited 3★ Lucky Cookies as well as Deluxe Cookies exclusive to that mode after each successful stage clear, and their drop chance increases with longer win streaks.
11. What are the Sync Move effects of 6★ EX Sync Pairs of different roles? Who should I promote to 6★ EX first?
Each role gives different effects to Sync Moves when upgraded to 6★ EX.
Support is usually prioritized for promotion to 6★ EX because its EX effect effectively doubles the damage of all allied sync pairs after first sync and is more widely applicable across most game modes, and the increased stats from raising the support's Potential greatly enhances its bulk to tank stages.
For Strikers, if their kit has a very high DPS (e.g. SS Red & Charizard, Diantha & Gardevoir, etc.), or includes a powerful Sync multiplier (e.g. Steven & Metagross's Haymaker, Barry & Empoleon's Inertia, etc.), you are highly recommended to upgrade them to 6★ EX to apply the damage to all opponents. This applies to Tech, but only if the unit is a Sync nuker (e.g. Marnie & Morpeko, May & Swampert, etc.).
Promoting Support-type units to 6★ EX is not a must, but it's always an added bonus, especially if their Sync Move can provide any additional effects via passive or grid skills.
Always remember to upgrade Rosa to 6★ EX because the materials are obtainable for free.
12. Which Sync Pair should I use my candy on?
Refer to Which Sync Pair Should You Give Your Candy To? (Infographic) (by u/MuddyDummy) for more details.
Always save your candies unless the Sync Pair is exclusive to Seasonals, Poké Fairs or Master Fairs. Most Sync Pairs are usable at 1/5. You can always "accidentally" pull the unit you've been looking for from the normal pool, but you never know when limited Sync Pairs will rerun again. This may not apply to Sync Pairs that are your favorite.

Common Technical Questions/Errors

Below lists all common technical errors you may encounter during the game, as well as how you can fix it. You are strongly encouraged to contact DeNA with any problems at [[email protected]](/) if any of these advice do not help.
  1. Error 20103 — Please check your connection and try again: Usually caused due to lack of connection or sudden disconnection. Try playing the game in a place with more stable connection.
  2. Error 10102 — An error has occurred. Restarting the game: This error is often triggered because it detects your phone is rooted, or that you are using external applications which allows opening multiple accounts on the same device. For rooted phone users, make sure you hide your rooted status.
  3. Game crashed mid-battle: Restart the app and clear your cache. This option is available in the bottom-left corner of the title screen.
  4. Does Pokémon Masters work on emulators? No. As of now, PM is not compatible with any of the emulators (including Bluestacks, Nox, etc.) However, playing two accounts on the same device is possible on Android by cloning with Island.



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2023.06.05 07:26 Thalesian M1 GPU Performance

I am testing this on an M1 Ultra with 128 GPU of RAM and a 64 core GPU. This is based on the latest build of llama.cpp, which began GPU support for the M1 line today. I'm using the 65B Dettmer Guanco model. Performance is blazing fast, though it is a hurry up and wait pattern. Tokens are generated faster than I can read, but the GPU seems to need to pause every 20 seconds or so for long text generation. Probably need to increase batch sizes and make use of all that RAM.
llama_print_timings: load time = 12309.79 ms
llama_print\timings: sample time = 179.21 ms / 256 runs ( 0.70 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: prompt eval time = 1723.06 ms / 8 tokens ( 215.38 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: eval time = 33199.76 ms / 255 runs ( 130.20 ms per token)
The prompt:
(base) [email protected] llama.cpp % LLAMA_METAL=1 make -j && ./main -m ./models/guanaco-65B.ggmlv3.q4_0.bin -p "The first known dinosaur was" --ignore-eos -n 256 -ngl 1
And the response:
The first known dinosaur was discovered in 1824 and since then, the study of these fascinating creatures has been a source of wonder for many. These prehistoric reptiles came in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny Microraptor (about the size of a sparrow) to the enormous Argentinosaurus that was longer than 3 school buses!
What’s even more fascinating is that these different species were spread out across the globe. Some dinosaurs like the Triceratops and T-Rex roamed North America, while others such as the Muttaburrasaurus and Minmi were found in Australia. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most fascinating species that once roamed our planet.
One of the largest land animals to have ever lived, Argentinosaurus was truly an impressive sight. It weighed around 80 tons and measured up to 130 feet from nose to tail! Despite its massive size, this giant herbivore was probably slow-moving and gentle in nature. The Argentinosaurus belonged to a group of sauropod dinosaurs that included other huge species like the
The accuracy surprises me. I asked it about the evolution of monotremes, and it correctly cited Streptodon galami in the Cretaceous. Though like all LLMs it tends to wander a bit if the response is longer.
submitted by Thalesian to LocalLLaMA [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:23 peterlie111 Display settings always reset when switching between Join Display/External Only/Built-in Only on Ubuntu 23.04

Display settings always reset when switching between Join Display/External Only/Built-in Only on Ubuntu 23.04
My display settings always reset to the initial settings when I switch between Join Display/External Only/Built-in Only.
Even if I select the same option, e.g. from Join Display to Join Display, the display settings may reset to the default settings.
Is there a solution so that I don't have to do this every time I switch the display options?
Here are my device details:
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2023.06.05 06:47 InfernoAA P.U.R.E I Results

P.U.R.E I Results

Petite Jupiter is my best friend. Ethan Fadely is my best friend. Atlas Rogue is my best friend.

Perfect Quarter

Non-Title Champion vs Champion: FBE Television Champion Cactus Mike vs FBE Junior Heavyweight Champion Paddy Murphy
The sky was pink, London was rowdy, and our first match was banging. Two of the most adored current champions in the company butted heads in a dream interdivision exhibition, leaving the fans rather torn on who to cheer for, The Ark’s animals making elephant noises for their Cactus buddy, and the Dojo section doing some awfully racist Japanese impressions. There’s never been a more 50/50 split before, and rightfully so, both men bringing the heat to Twickenham. The New Hardcore Legend lived up to his moniker even without the weaponry, beating the planks out of the World’s Most Wanted as evidence for the four defences already to his name, but as always, when you back Paddy Murphy against the wall, that’s when he shines the brightest, crashing down upon Mike with blinding lights like he’s The Weeknd. With Sensei’s teachings reverberating in his ear, it was a strong start to the night for The Sham-Rock N’ Scot Connection as Murphy’s Law was enacted on the sinking boatsman!
Paddy Murphy def. Cactus Mike (F)

Petite Jupiter Invitational: Arslan Malik vs Ferdinand Maxim vs Guy Fawkes vs Mr. Calcote Miller vs Vix
Five Guys. Did you know that’s a restaurant? They’re not meant to be here in England. If you see one, it’s been illegally imported. That left these people mad. They were hungry. Oskar Leube BBQ hours. Learn how to cook, Corey Youngblood. Who can win a Nando’s gift card??? Like anyone deprived of food, these five tapped into their inner cavemen, banging their chests and ready to tear any available meat off the bone. It was cannibalistic. It was gory. It was beautiful. Vix and Arslan Malik hit the deck first, swashbuckled off into the ocean. Guy Fawkes was next, his surname betraying him, no bonfire for him. Boiling down to the Frenchman and the World-Class Working Class Gentleman, England had its clear favourite, cheering on the Liverpudlian, but this wasn’t the 2019-20 Premier League. Oil money was here to save the day, Le Prince de Paris taking home a massive win back to his hexagonal homeland!
Ferdinand Maxim (6) def. Mr. Calcote Miller (5), Guy Fawkes (3), Vix (2), Arslan Malik (2)

Mark Steel vs Michael Menzies II
Mark Steel. Famed telephone pole hater. Liam O’Connor’s best friend (fake Irishmen!!!). He was finally back in action after fending off the Taliban to take on a mortal enemy from the same pond, Scottish Hero Michael Menzies. The last time he fought the Junior, he put a feller called Kalamity in his place, showing him how Death to Juniors cruelly rules his painfully insignificant existence. But then Michael discovered the meaning of true friendship. Steel was screwed (pun). Watching his friend beat the odds in the opener was all the motivation the Future-Proof needed to kick DTJ’s door off its hinges and beat Mark over the foot with a bedpan in the ER, hatred being translated into excruciating levels of agony both ways. When they found themselves on their last legs, the hometown UK laddie knocked the breaks off Peak Performance, Menzies avenging his cold Spring by injecting further warmth into his Summer!
Michael Menzies (15) def. Mark Steel (7)

Simon Brown vs Kentaro Sakamoto vs Travis Broski
Three cool dudes with attitudes. This is not a restaurant. But this is a banger all the same, no mash needed. All getting their big breaks through tournaments, they found themselves in a league of their own here to crown which of them holds the most potential to rule the Blitz lands one day, smashing each other’s heads into canvases and destroying buttons on their controllers to make their efforts known. Obligatory Fire Pro Wrestling World reference. This match was not for the faint of heart (PC gamers) as real men did real men things like they’re William Regal. Simon Brown made it all look too easy the buttery-smooth competitor he is, but butter can both be sliced through, or for those Republicans with guns, shot through. Guess what Kentaro Sakamoto did? Boom. No more gun control in England. It’s Anarchy in the UK. It’s Sex Pistols. WAITWAITWAITWAITNONONONONO. Famed Undercity Underdog has done it again. He’s snuck in from the back of the race when everyone thought he’d be the next victim of a licence to kill, deporting the competition to win! Brock Lesnar was here.
Travis Broski (11) def. Kentaro Sakamoto (7), Simon Brown (4)

Unadulterated Quarter

James Scott vs Jason Beggs
He went from undesirable to ir-goddamn-resistible. He is Jason Beggs and he wants to fight (Fit Finlay gimmick infringement). He’s not settling for the little koi in the ponds though. He went fishing for the big one. He reeled in an entire James Scott. And thus, the fate of humanity hung in the balance. Did Jason bait him in successfully? Did James’s 1000 word-long title do the trick? Can Beggs pronounce salmon? Will Ospreay can’t. Can Scott pronounce salmon?????? This was the end of what we used to know, a once young phoenixed Beggs on the cusp of greatness by spreading his wings over the accomplished inaugural Lifeline Classic winner, wanting another feather in his cap. The Purest Protagonist wasn’t about to let the story not be about him though, trying to give Jason brain damage if it meant remaining relevant, though even with his brains turned to mush, his spirit wasn’t, Beggs bursting through Scott to infinity and beyond! That’s what’s up.
Jason Beggs (13) def. James Scott (6)

Battle of the Best II: DTJ (Misery, Hunter Maguire, Joshua Epps) vs PROVINCE (Sebastian King, Erick Koeman, Karma) vs The RISE (Ripley, John LaGuardia, Victor Williams)
This is the greatest match of all-time. Firestorm 81 can go die. These 9 men did it infinitely better. DTJ. PROVINCE. The RISE. The goddamn future of our industry. 3 of these even have the chance to main event BTE this year. One of these was in the Shining Light League Finals. Another was in the Punish & Crush II Finals. One dominated the Junior Division for record-breaking lengths after winning the Gedo Classic III, two won the Television Championship and another one may do so soon. This was drama at its finest. An utterly insane sprint Dragongate-style with enough hot tags to cook an entire steak. These 9 made me love wrestling again. Competition remaining tight as ever until the final whistle was blown, no one left here a loser, but DTJ sure cemented themselves as trophy-worthy, taking home the second Battle of the Best in Misery’s home country!
DTJ (Misery, Hunter Maguire, Joshua Epps) (9) def. PROVINCE (Sebastian King, Erick Koeman, Karma) (7) and The RISE (Ripley, John LaGuardia, Victor Williams) (4)

These are two freaks of nature. They don’t make professional wrestlers like these anymore. A skull-screwing, bone-breaking history-maker who competed in the first FBE match ever of both a Firestorm and PPV capacity against a lady-fainting, no-nonsense hunk of a brute who’s been leading his own rise through the pages of encyclopaedias, turning everyone into his playthings. This was big. This was meaty. And they damn sure slapped each other to oblivion and back. JOHN, looking to take the ALL CAPS throne for himself, took the fight to his predecessor, yelling that the future is now, old man. The Notorious wasn’t walking off into the night that easy though. He knows of the Long Knives. All risks will be taken to avoid a repeat. Pummelling each other with such intensity to make even Stan Hansen take a few paces, these two physical specimens wore each other down to fine granules of sand, with the Misfit stomping the OG back to the past!
JOHN (16) def. EED (6)

Regal Quarter

Nate Matthews vs T.M Imran
It’s T.M Imran time, baby. PRIMETIME forever. Capital STEEZ loves him. Ethan Fadely loves him. Conor Cassidy loves him. But Nate Matthews had no love for the Pakistani. He didn’t want no Biryani nor Nihari. He wanted to stomp out the fire of the Fifth Asian Tiger. Pouncing on one another like wild animals in the savannas, there was no love lost between these two, bloodlust fuelling their insatiable desires to pack pack kill kill. Imran’s path to immortality required butchering the God Butcher and he was all for it, the fury of Gods in him like Shazam bringing out the best in him, though Nate was never as much as two steps behind even this deep into his veteran years. Giving him the Living Legend treatment, he put T.M through the toughest test of his life, but Imran walked out of it an even better competitor, finally taking down the man who refused to show him respect the easy way!
T.M Imran (12) def. Nate Matthews (8)

Bong vs Bengt Holm
I want you to stop and really think for a second. Can your life get better? Can it get worse? How do we get through each day, closer to the Earth by every second, knowing there very well could be more to life, and yet we painstakingly ignore it?
Wake up.
It's time to fucking sort yourself out. You take the kids to school yet? Did you even make them breakfast? Do you ever? Did they learn to tie their shoes by themselves or did you show them?
Society is crumbling and all we do is type and wank and touch ourselves. Touch something. Something different, something new. Touch grass, feel ass.
And that is why I'm officially declaring my support for ma.çé & mån.sôör's 2024 Presidential Campaign. We have to strive to be better, and these two right here are the ones to do it.
My god the sex appeal is just off the charts, the fashion? Don't even get me started. They put the rizz in charizzma. It's an out-of-body experience just to absorb a second of the same air that they consume.
They say cleanliness is second to holiness, I think they're wrong. I think it's second to the Maximum Male Models. It's time to push them.
Bong out.
Bengt Holm (16) def. Bong (6)

Atlas Rogue vs Ethan Fadely VII
This was it. The final frontier in a legendary rivalry between two of the finest wrestlers FBE has ever seen in its 1000+ days. The Godfather of Pure Rules, King Blitz, Atlas Rogue. The Son of the Roses, The Aether Ace, Ethan Fadely. One of the greatest of this match type against 2022’s Wrestler of the Year. Sol Ace was at his deadliest yet here after damn near having his career ripped from him at the hands of Fadely, only the work of the finest surgeon able to patch him back together for this bout to be sanctioned.
Ethan, meanwhile, was no less as savage as had been seen in each previous war against one of his most despised people on the planet, emulating his cold-blooded performances at each past New Beginning to put the fear of God into any sensible individual. But for Atlas, sense had left the window eons ago. This man took what was most precious to him and pissed on it. He laughed and mocked and beat King Blitz at his own game. Revenge was not only desirable but necessary. As the cowboys drew their pistols one last time, it was Ethan’s rose-coloured insides spilled on the canvas, Atlas walking off into the Sun, 4-3 in his favour!
Atlas Rogue (13) def. Ethan Fadely (10)

Excellence Quarter

British Rounds: Desmond Caid vs Capital STEEZ VIII
Still going, baby.
Team Jimmy? Team Steve?

Non-Title: FBE World Heavyweight Champion Inferno vs Petite Jupiter III
Bloodshed between enemies is undoubtedly hellish, but bloodshed between brothers is the most viscous kind that could ever be found, and the blood which remained between Inferno and Petite Jupiter was the thickest of all. Once holding the FBE World Tag Team Championship together to now treating one another like strangers in the night, an underlying bitterness wafted about the London air, the Aether Ace needing to beat one of two men he’s never been able to, and the Shining Light adamant to bring his brother back from the depths of darkness whilst getting a lick on his championship that’s long eluded him.
Even after a year and a half away, PJ turned the clocks back effortlessly against the FBE World Heavyweight Champion, reminding his hometown why he was in the match to crown its first titleholder all those years ago, and especially giving the Brummie Bastard painful flashbacks to each time he failed to block out the light. And yet, even with Jupiter’s seamlessness, something had changed, though not within him. It was Inferno, continuing to perform unlike he has in the many preceding years. Having evolved into his final form – a simply cruel force of nature, tearing through forests of wisdom and saplings of potential – there was no stopping Papa PPV’s wrath, recreating the scenes of the first Carnage Tour as he left his brother for dead!
Inferno (16) def. Petite Jupiter (3)

FBE Pure Championship: Shining Light League Winner FBE World Tag Team Champion Dr. Logan Wright (c) vs Apeirogone 3rd Defence
3 months of a gruelling Shining Light League and possibly 6 more of deliberate brick-placing have led to this moment. 9 months ago, Dr. Logan Wright captured the FBE Pure Championship for the very first time. 9 months ago, Apeirogone waged his first war on The Ark in his first and only Pure Rules match to date. Whilst Cactus Mike was taken down, two stone pillars stopped the Infinity Ace dead in his tracks, Code Blue and Kaze Tanaka seemingly ending his story. That is, until the final member called his name from the mountaintop. The Ark’s 2023 MVP, the Final Boss of Blitz, the now only two-time Pure Champion looking to make his third defence and sixth overall his most iconic yet, he challenged the Final Boss of FB in his career’s most crucial match yet.
And for the first majority of their dream fight, it was shockingly one-sided, the Medicinal Magician enforcing a lockdown on his division, reminding Ape that even for all his incredible accomplishments, this wasn’t his home, nor was it his match to lose. But then, the first glimmer of hope arose. Apeirogone, bounding back like he’s always done, refusing to let an unfamiliar environment get the better of him. But no, he met the Earth again, being forced into the dirt by the unyielding boot of FBE’s Resident Doctor, once more seeming to have him beat. And yet, it still wasn’t over.
Channelling otherworldly levels of motivation, Ape simply refused to go out this way on his second lease on life, reminding Logan what the true makings of a Final Boss are. Even when you knock them down, even when you think you have the advantage for the briefest of moments, they’ll cruelly wrench that away from you in a heartbeat. And that’s exactly what the three-time World Champion did here, teaching Wright he still has some ways to go before he’s the all-encompassing Final Boss he desires to be, the veteran once more being the downfall of the Doctor as Apeirogone became the fifth FBE Pure Champion in history!
Apeirogone (12) def. Dr. Logan Wright (c) (11) to win the FBE Pure Championship

What a goddamn rollercoaster of a show, lads! Incredible work from everyone who participated on one of the biggest Fantasy Booking cards we’ve ever had. With the past, present, and future all gathering to stamp their names into the annals of what will become a grand annual spectacle, you should all be very proud of what you’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish here. We’ll be taking a breather for a couple weeks until after WarZone V with Blitz so rest up, get your energy back, and get ready for another long stretch into our next PPV – August’s Rush Hour!
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2023.06.05 06:18 DudeNeedsToTalkRN What is going on in Senegal in 2023? Explained in details #FreeSenegal

Skip to the Last part for 2023 specifics reading everything would really enlighten you tho.
Location and Alliances
French Control / Neocolonialism
Senegal was a well ruled country despite its politics being mainly ruled by France from the shadow, France hold the reserve of CFA Francs currency and print it for 15 countries. 15 sovereign nations are entirely dependent on France's currency. France also control most of their seaports and has priority in every new market offering with mandatory acceptance for these nations. Despite its many resources Senegal is a very poor country it has gold, zircon, lots of sea territory for fishing, clay and many more industry needed resources and forestry that I can adequately explain. France also has military bases in most of these countries until recently they've been kicked out by Burkina and Mali. Recently lots of Gas and Oil sources have been found in Senegal and that could change the lives of millions of Senegalese citizen (keep that in mind as you read)

Abdoulaye Wade, Macky Sall, Dirty Politics and Spiraling Debt

3rd Mandate, Abdoulaye Wade vs The People (Macky Sall and Youssou Ndour incl.)

Link Archive Protest Youtube:
Link Archive Macky Sall Coallition :

Hopes, Justice, Regrets and Embezzlement of Funds

Dynasty Faye-Sall, War of Gains and Scandalous Deals (Petro Tim Oil & Gas)

Then slowely but crescendo new names started popping in the government, branded as the FAYE-SALL dynasty : Macky Sall, his wife Marieme Faye and the in laws Aliou Sall and Mansour Faye.
See here the BBC documentary that angered the Senegalese citizens:
See video here:
see video here:
The others (Moustapha Niasse, Youssou Ndour, Mame Mbaye Niang...)

The Claws of France gripping harder

Harder Living Conditions

The Rise of Ousmane Sonko

Macky Sall's 3rd Mandate, Sonko-Adji Sarr, 2021 Protests

Amnesty International Article :

2023 Protests

After sentencing Ousmane Sonko to 2 years of prison, he is at first kidnapped while he travelled back home from Ziguinchor occasionally touring the country ,held at home and the people are out protesting to end this masquerade, for Macky Sall to either leave Sonko alone and finish his 2nd term or to leave the country altogether.
There's already 600 political prisoners before the protest.
The police shot live rounds, beat up and runned over several people.
And a new type of tear cas that can blow your limbs.
The people are fighting for a better future. Macky Sall doesn't care about Senegalese people. Senegalese so desperate for a better future that many died at sea on shipwrecks trying to reach europe on rafts or canoes.
In 2019, 210 senegalese people died in the mediteranée trying to reach europe because there's nothing left of hope of a better future in thish country, in novembre 2020, 414 senegalese people died at sea trying to ge to europe according to IOM
The 2023 protest showed an escalation of violence from the police, the constables and the 'nervis' these paid militias that have gone increasingly violent with machetes and semi automatic rifles and handguns. Fighting along side the police they have killed 28 people officially many were shot.
The Freedom to tour the country that Macky Sall was offered by Abdoulaye Wade is what Macky Sall is denying Ousmane Sonko.
The 3rd mandate that Macky Sall thought for is what he is denying us all.
Abdoulaye Wade never asked for the police to shoot at civilians, under his presidency killing in broad daylight wasn't a thing, he may have been a bad tyrant but Macky Sall infinitely a hating arrogant good for nothing that is acclaimed as Political Genius a lapdog if anything.
A warzone atmosphere against unarmed civilians.
The government issued an order for the internet to be cut off
Everybody is using vpns to keep the outside informed. Today, June 4th the mobile data were cut off only wifi network worked in order to keep protesters at home.
A terrible rumour that spent chills down my spine earlier today a senegalese citizen called on live tv saying he saw DEAD BODIES IN REFRIGERATED TRUCKSS BEING THROWN AT SEA near the Diamalaye Beach. The senegalese citizens are enquiring about it. Some people have confirmed through text but I am yet to believe it until photo or video proof is shown. We are talking about mass execution I will not believe it until I see proof of it.
This a very long and tedious thing to write and I'm doing it because I am afraid the Senegalese people will be cut off from the world and die in the dark.
The sound of an entire nations going silent is something I have witnessed once and I hope I never do.
ECOWAS took a neutral stance may the wrath of God be upon them.
For once in my lifetime I wish for Military Coup if it means the killers will be stopped. Please save the longest lasting WEST African democracy.
Please Spread the word under #FreeSenegal. A senegalese fearing for his freedom.
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2023.06.05 05:56 odisn68 Upcoming Epic Collection releases - 6/6 onward

Here's the latest list, including the May - July 2024 announcements, from Phillip Ayers over in the FB group:
Epics This Week:
06 Jun Generation X Epic 3 The Secret of M
Coming Up:
13 Jun X-Force Epic 8 Armageddon Now
20 Jun Wolverine Epic 7 To The Bone
27 Jun New Mutants 3 Asgardian Wars
27 Jun Captain America 5 The Secret Empire
27 Jun REPRINT Amazing Spider-Man 15 Ghosts of the Past
27 Jun REPRINT Punisher 2 Circle of Blood
04 Jul Deadpool 4 Dead Reckoning
11 Jul Star Wars Legends: Tales of the Jedi Epic 3
11 Jul REPRINT Daredevil Epic 13 A Touch of Typhoid
18 Jul Thor 22 Hel on Earth
25 Jul Thunderbolts 1 Justice, Like Lightening
25 Jul Amazing Spider-Man 9 Spider-Man or Spider-Clone?
25 Jul REPRINT X-Men 7: The Fate of the Phoenix
08 Aug 2023 Daredevil Epic 17 Into The Fire
08 Aug 2023 REPRINT Thor Epic 17 In Mortal Flesh
15 Aug 2023 X-Factor Epic 4 The Judgement War
15 Aug 2023 Loki Modern Epic 1 Journey Into Mystery
22 Aug 2023 Avengers Epic 25 The Gathering
22 Aug 2023 REPRINT Avengers Epic 5 This Beachhead Earth
29 Aug 2023 Fantastic Four Epic 9 The Crusader Syndrome
29 Aug 2023 New Avengers Modern Epic 1 Assembled
29 Aug 2023 Venom Modern Epic 4 Agent Venom
05 Sep Loki Modern Epic 2 Everything Burns
13 Sep REPRINT X-Men Epic 6 Proteus
13 Sep Venom Epic 4 The Madness
20 Sep Guardians of the Galaxy Modern Epic 1 Somebody's Got To Do It
20 Sep REPRINT Amazing Spider-Man Epic 22 Round Robin
27 Sep Avengers Epic 10 The Yesterday Quest
03 Oct Ghost Rider Epic 6 Vengeance Reborn
10 Oct REPRINT New Mutants Epic 2 The Demon Bear Saga
10 Oct Hawkeye Epic 2 The Way of the Arrow
(Up to this point has been solicited by Marvel and is on the PRH & Previews Websites)
17 Oct Moon Knight Epic 7 Death Watch
24 Oct REPRINT Daredevil Epic 2 Mike Murdock Must Die!
24 Oct Incredible Hulk Epic 8 The Curing of Dr. Banner
31 Oct Spider-Man/Deadpool Modern Epic 1 Isn't It Bromantic?
07 Nov REPRINT Amazing Spider-Man Epic 2 Great Responsibility
(Up to this point has will be in the September solicitations and has been previewed by Near Mint Condition at )
14 Nov Star Wars Legends: The Empire Epic 8
21 Nov Excalibur Epic 9 You Are Cordially Invited
21 Nov REPRINT West Coast Avengers Epic 2 Lost in Space-Time
28 Nov Iron Man Epic 6 War Of The Super Villains
05 Dec Star Wars Legends: The New Republic Epic 7
12 Dec X-Force Epic 3 Assault on Greymalkin
12 Dec REPRINT Daredevil Epic 15 Last Rites
19 Dec Venom Modern Epic 5 The Savage Six
19 Dec Silver Surfer Epic 14 Sun Rise And Shadow Fall
26 Dec X-Men 9 The Brood Saga
02 Jan Deadpool Epic 3 Drowning Man
09 Jan Doctor Strange Epic 2 I, Dormannu
16 Jan Amazing Spider-Man Epic 27 The Clone Saga
23 Jan Marvel Two-In-One Epic 2 Two Against Hydra
23 Jan Star Wars Legends: The Menace Revealed Epic 4
30 Jan Dark Avengers Modern Epic 1 Osborn's Reign
February 2024
Aliens Epic Collection 2 The Original Years
Daredevil Modern Epic Collection 2 Underboss
Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider Modern Epic Collection 2 Weapon of Choice
Captain America Epic Collection 21 Twilight's Last Gleaming
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection 15 Ground Zero
Luke Cage Epic Collection 2 The Fire This Time
March 2024
Star Wars Legends: The Rebellion Epic Collection 8
Daredevil Modern Epic Collection 3 Out
Carnage Epic Collection 3 The Monster Inside
Fantastic Four Epic Collection 24 Atlantis Rising
Guardians of the Galaxy Epic Collection 2 The Quest For The Shield
April 2024
Captain America Modern Epic Collection 2 The Death Of The Dream
Black Widow Modern Epic Collection 3 Chaos
Avengers West Coast Epic Collection 7 Ultron Unbound
Captain America Epic Collection 6 The Man Who Sold The United States
Thunderbolts Epic Collection 2 Wanted Dead Or Alive
X-Men Epic Collection 23 Fatal Attractions
Daredevil Epic Collection 7 The Concrete Jungle
May 2024
Star Wars Legends: Droids & Ewoks Epic Collection 1
Hulk Modern Epic Collection 1 Who is the Red Hulk?
Avengers Epic Collection 11 The Evil Reborn
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection 10 Big Apple Battleground
June 2024
Iron Man Modern Epic Collection 3 World's Most Wanted
New Avengers Modern Epic Collection 2 Civil War
Generation X Epic Collection 4 Pride & Penance
Thor Epic Collection 24 The Lost Gods
Hawkeye Epic Collection 4 Shafted
New Mutants Epic Collection 4 Fallen Angels
Defenders Epic Collection 2 Enter - The Headmen
July 2024
Star Wars: Modern Era Epic Collection 1
Hawkeye Modern Epic Collection 1 The Reunion
Thor Modern Epic Collection 1 Reborn From Ragnarok
She-Hulk Epic Collection 6 To Die And Live In L.A.
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection 9 Kill Or Be Killed
Blade Epic Collection 2 Nightstalkers
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2023.06.05 04:47 lyridsreign [AETHER][MIDGARDSORMR][FC][LFM] JOIN AZURE INFINITUM! A Growing, Global, Inclusive, Active, Organized, and Friendly Community Awaits You! Welcoming Players Of All Experience, Availability, & Play-Style!

We are Azure Infinitum
Visit us at: (
You may have seen us in the Aether data center's party finder during our weekly events, or may have seen our recruitment shouts around the realm in-game in Midgardsormr, but there just isn't enough space in those places to really explain everything wonderful about what our Free Company and community is.
Azure Infinitum is an LGBTQ+ friendly community, and welcomes players of all experience level, play style, and availability. We're a warm home with a balance of online players, weekly optional activities, and flexible ranks from our membership, to our support & leadership categories. We have a 24/7 Support Team, a Councilship that governs each tier, seasonal events of our own, and many resources between the games we support and online services.
Who We Are
We are an established 9-year old community who's home is in Midgardsormr Server of Final Fantasy XIV. We are a structured, well-rounded, welcoming, friendly, and organized community that hosts daily events (check out our calendar: ) that provide opportunity for members to excel. We work to provide an arena and opportunities to establish strong bonds and camaraderie between our members. As a community we are driven, we carry each other forward, and we are proud.
Our Name & Philosophy
Learn more about our global community here: (
Learn more about our FFXIV Free Company here: (
Azure Infinitum means "Azure/Blue Infinity or Infinite Blue/Azure" and there is some mythos behind the name that stems from our guild-wide philosophy of kindness, freedom, vigilance, diversity and activity. We promote positive fellowship among members in an organized guild, with our sights open to our unending endless skies, full of possibility and success together.
Our motto is "As Free As The Azure Sky!" which stuck well when our FC was restructured from an old guild in 2014 as Azure was founded, and it was first shouted as we looked out at a clear blue sky above. has continued to be our electric victory as we continue to snowball in success and activity, our members soaring high through the Azure Sky, flying together!
Click here to learn more about our community ranks: (
Our community has an organized ranking structure beginning with Members who comprise the majority of the roster. Scouts are our support team of Members who've stepped up to more officially support the FC, some work on obtaining a future leadership rank. Lieutenants and Officers comprise the proud Azure Council, a diverse group of players of different specialties and services to the FC, making up lower and higher tier leadership, seeing over the Scouts and the FC weekly events, aside from being admins. The FC Infinitum Master oversees all and leads the Azure Council and the company forward while always keeping the heart and vision of the community alive and in sight. Currently we are re-assessing ranks in the free company, giving more support permissions and duties to our Scouts, while the current council operates as a small team of Lieutenants lead by the FC Master.
Everyone Welcome and Who Fits Best
We have an open door policy. Whether you're casual, a returning player, a veteran, or a newbie, we have a vast array of players in our member roster. Our weekly schedule is organized and provides an array of activity for players of most levels, however we like to ask players who're pretty new or under the level cap, to be extra vocal about their needs while they're still unable to attend some daily events or higher level content that most of our weekly lineup focuses on. We want everyone to have as much fun as possible and have the most success. We find that most players enjoy Azure Infinitum, many have stated that they subscribed to FFXIV much longer than they ever would have imagined after they have been around in our community, as they've gotten involved and experienced all that we offer.
Our FC keeps a daily schedule (see here: of events that are hosted by permitted Scouts and Council ranks, these range from 8-man and 24-man raids and map parties, to WT journal groups and trial clear parties or farms, and more- and attending anything isn't mandatory at all here. We're happy to have you, and its up to our members how much they'd like to get involved. Attendance is optional! There's never any stress to attend FC functions.
Savage Raiding Statement
We find that some hardcore raiders looking for free companies just to join their statics who don't already have one, might not fit well if savage raiding is their only or greatest focus, because traditionally Azure does not have a Savage Static, but focuses more on allowing members to organize their own groups and also provides resources to do so. Despite not supporting an official static for the FC, we hope that hardcore raiders enjoy the wealth of our community's wealth of harmony and overall fun, and that everyone may take initiative to seek out or build a raiding static within our community if they are interested, as opposed to missing out on experiencing Azure. Depending on the content season, we may have an Unofficial static lead by a leader, and routinely offer limited time Savage-learning events that may run for a number of months.
Rules and No Drama Policy
Please take a moment to look over our Rules Page at (, we find that rude individuals and people who create drama are the outsiders here that don't fit well. We know its a big page, so at least visit the General Rules section before joining.
Recruitment Care & Activity
People of Azure Infinitum are often if not always good natured players who found their way to our community looking for a place with structure, friendliness, organization, and great activity, or they've been scouted during recruitment drives and have been well screened. Its a place where one can be social and attend everything, or relax in the background and enjoy the services and facilities of being in an active, organized, and friendly FC. We actively recruit periodically to assist with upkeep of community activity levels, and to meet new comrades. A community that closes recruitment can be doomed to stagnation. Its normal for a community to have an inner core of die hards who log in daily regardless of content releases, and also have an outer core of individuals that range from those with less availability to those who check in during Patches. This is why we take extra care in keeping the fresh blood flowing into Azure, cautious recruitment, and support our active model by always staying welcoming and sometimes running recruitment campaigns and other services. Like this ad!
Handling Online Drama
Because we keep a no-drama policy and have a strong communication network, it is leadership's ultimate priority to handle any issues that may come up as soon as possible, and most people appreciate our problem solving which has inspired many other communities. Between our Support & Leadership ranks, we use a number of report and resource channels to handle situations, and perform problem solving protocols & tactics to fairly address issues as possible. Drama is inevitable at some point for any online community, so its important to have a large and strong list of moderators (currently around 60!) and a council of leaders (15+) to quickly handle any problems. Luckily, we don't have a lot of drama, but we're always very well equipped and very prepared. Our community has been commended by game staff in the past for our methods, and we have worked with the FFXIV Special Task Force to ensure as much safety to our community as achievable. It should be stressed that it is up to our membership to report to GM's in-game, and to Azure Leadership should any issues or concerns come up. Its also highly recommended that our members appropriately document evidence that can be used to help us assess situations and make proper decisions. Documenation such as screenshots of harassment is a great example! Our members online safety is greatly important to us and is a number one concern of our leadership team. Our Rules Page at: ( describes a bit more in Chapter 3, including other entries on avoiding/ignoring trolls, playing while intoxicated, depression, and more.
Our Philosophy
We believe in our community and its people, how far we can go, how much we can do for each other, being an experienced community who's core values are positive fellowship, formation of bonds, and indomitable unity.
Azure Infinitum tightly grasps success and masters a casual and lucrative weekly play schedule while inspiring motivation and providing avenues for further success, friendships, and camaraderie among all who freely fly together among our Azure skies.
Founding on the principles of intricately forging a generally drama-free experience with keen leadership and a zealous and mighty membership, Azure has striven to guide and support many hundreds of players through every era of Final Fantasy XIV.
With an illustrious history, company lore, impressive statistics, and a model that is adaptable and blessed with innovative ability, Azure Infinitum claims a dominant presence of excellence and player growth that is possible in our community and extended services.
Estate Organization
We have the entire set-up at our estate, from gardens for members and Krakka Root production (free for members' chocobos), to our stables, nicely uniform clean lawn with hangout spots that are popular, with crafting stations, all available NPCs for simple mats and repairs, cut-scene viewer, toybox, triple-triad board, a fully operational and geared fleet of airships and subs, and our Azure Infinitum Assembly Chamber on the top floor for our meetings where announcements are made at our Grand Assemblies. Check it out if you like at Mist Ward 7 Plot 1.
We also have an organized form of gathering for weekly events in the yard, places to relax, food that is always available on tables at our Cellar, and hold a lot of special events and social games at our Hall. We're also conveniently located next to a Market Board and a Retainer Bell outside of our estate.
Communication and Extended Azure Services
We have multiple services of which none are mandatory, but we provide being ( where our Forums, Event Calendar, News, Company Meeting Summaries, Seasonal Merch Giveaways, Contests, Rules Page, and more take place and can be found. We also have a popular and active Discord Server.
We also have a Facebook Group, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Steam Group, (Look us up! Or visit: ( and Linkshells like our Infinitum Alliance LS for contact and aid from our allies if needed, our Azure Hunters LS for Hunters, and our Azure Industry LS which connects our members to our inner crafting/gathering community for newbies to pros.
Also worthy of mention is our big Company Meetings in-game, known as Azure Infinitum Grand Assemblies. Even though we have several avenues that keep people connected, our live assemblies gather the FC in unity where announcements are made first, and all proposals, ideas, and more, can be decided together live with the Azure Council present.
This network ensures a lot of information and communication gets around and has been exceedingly useful to us.
More On Events
One part of our reputation that often precedes us is our event crafting and hosting.
First, let me make sure its clear that attendance is never mandatory, but those who can make use, when possible, of what we provide each day, benefit from our events each week.
Since our beginning, traditions like our Thursday Treasure Thursdays events have run each week. Our weekly line-up presently begins on Tuesdays post-weekly reset, and consists of Raid Tuesdays, Wondrous Wednesdays (WT Journal Parties, often doubles as Trial Clears and Pony Drops), Treasure Thursdays (Endwalker's timeworn maps with groups of 8 doing up to 3 rounds of maps allowing for up to 24 maps ran), 24-Man Tuesdays (full pre-formed Azure 24-member alliances are made and raids are cleared, will be returning upon the release of EW's 24-man), Super Azure Slayer Sunday (our weekly meetup to do all sorts of PVP content be it Rival Wings or Frontline), and Monstrous Mondays (helps clear the current and previous patch extreme trials).
Special, Seasonal, and Quarterly Events
More info here: ( the latest event news & more at: (
We also have what we call Special and Quarterly Events. These types of events are Weekend-Long-Events that usually consist of a theme or celebratory social events we craft. During these events we hold big Riddle Races, Costume/Glamour shows and contests, 3-Story Mansion Maze Races, Speedrun Dungeon Races, Hide and Seek games, Custom Quest Events, Discord events like Cards Against Humanity nights, Comedy events, PVP Tournament Circuits, and more.
Our Special and Quarterly events are Azure Day Weekend (Takes place 3 times a year across a weekend, celebrates the FC), Azure Summer Festival (3-days at the end of August in partnership with Child's Play, raises money for children in long-term care, anniversary of historic FC event called the Lunar Rebellion), Anniversary Azure Day (a big weekend event in November that celebrates our Founding), Azure Day Saint's Wake (celebrates Halloween/All Saint's Wake), Azure Starlight Day (celebrating Starlight Day/Christmas/December Holiday Season), Azure Grand Melee and Duel Tournaments (PVP Circuit series crowning our PVP Champions) and more.
Azure Day Weekends
If you've been around our server you may have heard of our Azure Day Weekends. Our Azure Days take place quarterly as mentioned just above, with four evolved editions called Azure Summer Festival, Azure Day Saint's Wake, Azure Starlight Day, and Anniversary Azure Day. With Azure Day Weekends and related events traditionally occuring quarterly our members are always excited to see the next big weekend of crazy and fun social games, and our showering of the free company in gil and prizes galore. We go all out when we celebrate the free company, and Azure Days are another way we find for leadership to give back to the community. 2023 and beyond is now host to additional seasonal Azure Day events!
We're always giving our members a chance to have fun, win big, and make some great memories in the in-game family we've become. Something fun is always on the horizon in Azure.
I almost can't stress enough how friendly our community is. We have a vast variety of members from hardcore gatherers and crafters, social butterflies, chill veterans, experienced raiders, level grinders, support teams, PVP aficionados, mechanic specialists, and mentors. We're also very friendly to all casual players as well and we keep an open door so long as recruits are always aware that we have a no-drama tolerance here.
​Evolution into a Gaming Clan & Network
Plans are in the works and foundations are being laid that is slowly turning our community into a larger gaming network, with our first established Azure Wing with regular occurring activity being founded in Monster Hunter World, this has led to a successful Destiny 2 clan and more. Becoming a member of our Discord and/or Free Company now means access to things like our huge discord, Azure Wing membership in other games, and being able to join in on any of our other activities in the general community. Azure Network as its being called at the moment, is growing with an all-new website and community features for playing together across Final Fantasy XIV and to Azure Skies beyond!
We rank high as one of the top FC's in Worldwide Activity on lodestone, and have for a long time. Most of our players are divided between the US East and West Coasts, members in East and West Canada, and a few outside the US or in EU or Aus zones. Because we do have an activity policy (mentioned below) we keep a standard flow of people, and have crowds in the early morning, late morning, early afternoon, afternoon, evening, and late night crowds.
Elitism isn't our style. Our community boasts a broad range of characters, great personalities, the proud, and also some silly goofs. But elitism isn't welcome, no matter how successful we are or how large we grow. We're always welcoming towards fresh faces interested in joining our guild, and the in-game activity ranges between 30-60+ online at once during prime time hours, sometimes around 70+ on patch days, and usually always with half the roster logging in throughout a 24 hour period, and around 15-30+ during the night.
Activity Policy
We ask that our members do not go missing without logging in for more than 60 days straight. If we hear word from someone or have some kind of decent excuse, we place our members on our On Vacation rank, which lasts presently until 90 days have passed. Exceptions are made for military deployments, hospital stays, financial issues, disability/health related issues, moving, or other reasons that might fall on a case-by-case basis.
All members not heard from in 60 days (roughly 2 months) or currently 90 days (roughly 3 months) are discharged. We allow 3 joins to Azure Infinitum in total, but exceptions can be made due to reasons listed above. If removed for inactivity, or you've left our FC for another reason and haven't already joined 3 times, you're always welcome back, but please remember, we are not a revolving door.
Keeping our roster full of members who have been online and presently play the game actively ensures an active environment for our players who play often. It also keeps our credits and clerical processes balanced across our network, and allows space for new faces to join our big happy in-game family of comrades.
How to Join
Quick Instructions here for joinin us in FFXIV & more: (
If you are interested in joining our Azure Infinitum free company, please register an application at our site and/or FC in-game. You can also seek any of our Scouts, Lieutenants, Officers, or the Master of Azure Infinitum in-game and ask for an invite. You can find their names on the roster page at our website.
If you read everything on this page, you are awesome, and you should let anyone you talk to who recruits you know that you read everything on this page which will greatly expedite your invitation to join.
If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to send a /tell in-game to me or any of our Scouts or Lieutenants listed on our official roster here:
You can also message us at our FB Page:
Discord here:
Main Site:
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2023.06.05 04:28 SrulDog [NM] Jack Wolf Knives Javelina Jack - 95 @$2

Total Price: $190
Make and Model: Jack Wolf Knives Javelina Jack
Timestamp and Pics:
Price Justification:
Escrow: u/sruldog for u/killacaltron
Description: PLEASE BE THOROUGH. EXPLICITLY STATE ALL ISSUES : 2nd owner, carried some, used some, stropped, factory edge is slightly uneven right at the tip. Some scratches on the bolsters. Mostly centered, Comes with slip, cloth, tube and pog.
International shipping: no
Add a note to make no comments when paying

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]
Cash App Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
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21 Novel_Philosopher_18 PAID
22 Jubbers98 PAID
23 Novel_Philosopher_18 PAID
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30 d9jms PAID
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32 chicken-wings99 PAID
33 chicken-wings99 PAID
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40 Hopeful-Fan6603 PAID
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75 Hopeful-Fan6603 PAID
76 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
78 chicken-wings99 PAID
79 Hopeful-Fan6603 PAID
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82 d9jms PAID
83 Novel_Philosopher_18 PAID
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85 Novel_Philosopher_18 PAID
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87 Novel_Philosopher_18 PAID
88 anonywatch932 PAID
90 Jubbers98 PAID
91 Jubbers98 PAID
93 Novel_Philosopher_18 PAID
94 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
95 Ivankasbuttplug PAID

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2023.06.05 04:25 opsec-919 [WTS] Streamlight TLR1 Geissele SCH Surefire z68 clicky tapcap magpul handguard, tango down AK grip bcm angeled Magpul ACIS

Streamlight TLR1- 300 lumen $85
Geissele SCH black blemula used condition $70
esstac triple m4 magazine pouch mid-length in ranger green $65
Magpul AICS 10 round short action magazine brand new $25
Surefire z68 click tap cap like new $20
Magpul moe handguard mid length spray painted $10
BCM angled vertical grip chopped spray painted m-lok $10
Tango down ak grip spray painted with mounting bolt and shims $10
Prices are shipped with Paypal F&F no notes.
comment and PM
submitted by opsec-919 to GunAccessoriesForSale [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 04:22 MontyCircus Best Video Games of the NES/Master System Era Poll: Final Results & Statistics

Here are the final results of the latest poll after 2 full years of weekly voting, followed by all-time statistics for all 3 years of polls including the Atari Era:

The Best Games of the NES/Master System Era:

  1. Super Mario Bros. 3
  2. Contra
  3. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
  4. Ninja Gaiden
  5. Bubble Bobble
  6. Mega Man 3
  7. Phantasy Star
  8. Final Fantasy
  9. Battletoads
  10. Batman: The Video Game
  11. Blaster Master
  12. Shinobi
  13. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  14. Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation / Dragon Warrior III
  15. Tecmo Super Bowl
  16. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  17. Rygar
  18. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
  19. Dr. Mario
  20. Mother / EarthBound Beginnings
  21. Journey to Silius
  22. Metroid
  23. Super Mario Bros. 2 / Super Mario USA
  24. Space Harrier
  25. The Legend of Zelda
  26. River City Ransom / Street Gangs
  27. Jackal / Top Gunner
  28. Rampage
  29. Super Spike V'Ball / U.S. Championship V'Ball
  30. Little Samson
  31. The Guardian Legend
  32. Gargoyle's Quest II
  33. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  34. Sid Meier's Pirates!
  35. DuckTales
  36. California Games
  37. Alex Kidd in Miracle World
  38. Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
  39. Jaws
  40. Gun-Nac
  41. OutRun
  42. Mega Man 2
  43. Kid Icarus
  44. R.C. Pro-Am
  45. Faxanadu
  46. Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  47. Kirby's Adventure
  48. Snake Rattle 'n' Roll
  49. The Battle of Olympus
  50. R-Type
  51. Maniac Mansion
  52. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja
  53. Golden Axe Warrior
  54. Psycho Fox
  55. Crystalis
  56. Gimmick! / Mr. Gimmick
  57. Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team
  58. Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior
  59. Bionic Commando
  60. Gain Ground
  61. Conquest of the Crystal Palace
  62. Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
  63. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
  64. Excitebike
  65. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
  66. Captain Skyhawk
  67. Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
  68. Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II
  69. Zanac
  70. Black Tiger / Black Dragon
  71. NES Open Tournament Golf
  72. Golvellius: Valley of Doom
  73. Bucky O'Hare (NES)
  74. International Karate + / IK+ / Chop N' Drop
  75. Ghosts 'n Goblins
  76. Rolling Thunder
  77. Renegade / Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun
  78. Rambo: First Blood Part II (SMS) / Secret Command
  79. Baseball Stars
  80. P.O.W.: Prisoners of War
  81. Blades of Steel
  82. Ice Hockey
  83. Fantasy Zone
  84. Micro Machines
  85. Super Mario Bros.
  86. Castlevania
  87. 1943: The Battle of Midway
  88. Vice: Project Doom
  89. The NewZealand Story / Kiwi Kraze
  90. Mega Man 4
  91. StarTropics
  92. Paperboy
  93. Gradius / Nemesis
  94. Formula One: Built to Win
  95. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen / Dragon Warrior IV
  96. Super Sprint
  97. Mega Man
  98. Ys: The Vanished Omens / Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished
  99. Batman: Return of the Joker
  100. Super C / Super Contra
"Super C / Super Contra" won last week's poll with nearly twice as many votes as all 5 other games in the poll combined, and becomes the 64th NES game to join the list! Last round 100 people voted in the poll.

Earliest and Latest NES/Master System Era Games:

6 games were the earliest in the poll from 1985.
3 games were the latest in the poll from 1993.

Platforms of the NES/Master System Era by Number of Games:

64 - NES 23 - Arcade 9 - Master System 4 - Computer
The percentage of arcade games fell from 66% in the Atari Era to 23% in the NES Era.
The percentage of console games rose from 20% in the Atari Era to 73% in the NES Era.

Genres of the NES/Master System Era by Number of Games:

38 - Platformer 13 - Action Adventure 9 - Shooter 8 - Sports 7 - Beat 'em Up 7 - RPG 7 - Run and Gun 6 - Racing 4 - Action 1 - Puzzle 1 - Adventure 1 - Fighter
The percentage of shooter games fell from 40% in the Atari Era to 9% in the NES Era.
The percentage of platformer games rose from 20% in the Atari Era to 38% in the NES Era.
A new genre to the polls, the Action Adventure, was suddenly the 2nd-most popular genre.
3 other new genres also did well: Sports, Beat 'em Up, and Run and Gun games.

Developers of the NES/Master System Era by Number of Games:

13 - Nintendo 11 - Sega 11 - Capcom 10 - Konami 5 - Rare 5 - Sunsoft 4 - Tecmo 4 - Compile 4 - Technos 3 - SNK 3 - Chunsoft 2 - Westone 2 - Irem 2 - Taito 2 - Atari 1 - Square 1 - Ape 1 - Bally Midway 1 - Takeru 1 - MicroProse 1 - Epyx 1 - Hudson Soft 1 - HAL Laboratory 1 - Infinity 1 - Lucasfilm Games 1 - Vic Tokai 1 - Quest 1 - Atlus 1 - System 3 1 - Namco 1 - Codemasters 1 - Aicom 1 - Winkysoft 1 - Nihon Falcom
Atari fell from developing 20% of top games in the Atari Era to only 2% in the NES Era.
Activision similarly fell from 10% of top games in the Atari Era to none in the NES Era.
Namco as well fell from 10% of top games to only 1% in the NES Era.
Capcom, a new developer not in the Atari Era poll, ended up tied for 2nd-most games in the NES Era.
Nintendo and Sega rose to dominate this Era, developing 13% and 11% of games, up from 6% and 2% last era.

Platforms on the All-Time List (Atari & NES Era Combined):

83 - Console 56 - Arcade 11 - Computer

Genres on the All-Time List (Atari & NES Era Combined)

48 - Platformer 29 - Shooter 13 - Action Adventure 11 - Action 9 - RPG 8 - Sports 8 - Racing 7 - Beat 'em Up 7 - Run and Gun 4 - Maze 3 - Adventure 2 - Paddle 1 - Interactive Film 1 - Puzzle 1 - Fighter

Developers on the All-Time List (Atari Era & NES Era Combined):

16 - Nintendo 12 - Atari 12 - Konami 12 - Sega 11 - Capcom 6 - Namco 5 - Activision 5 - Rare 5 - Sunsoft 4 - Bally Midway 4 - Taito 4 - Tecmo 4 - Compile 4 - Technos 3 - SNK 3 - Chunsoft 2 - Williams 2 - Lucasfilm Games 2 - Westone 2 - Irem
(only developers with multiple games listed)

The 50 Best Video Games of the Atari Era

Want to see the best games before this era? Check out this list which was compiled by Reddit users' nominations and votes over an entire year:

What Was Eligible To Be Nominated:


In general, the original year published takes precedence. No games that played betteare more iconic/are more remembered in an earlier or later era.
"Sonic the Hedgehog" was released for Sega Master System, but as a port, it was made for the Sega Genesis, so it is not eligible for this poll.
"Tetris" made its biggest impact with 35 million copies sold for the Game Boy, in the next era, so it is not eligible for this poll.
Arcade ports like the original "Mario Bros.", which hit arcades in 1983 are not eligible for this poll, even though they were ported to home consoles from the next generation.
1984's coin-op “Punch-Out!!”, was more iconic/more remembered as 1987's “Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!” on the NES, which is now eligible for this poll.
Instances like this can be debated. I think it's best to allow all games from a console to be designated to one era, and for games to appear in one era poll only.

The Idea:

Comparing, say, Pong and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, is not useful. It's like arguing which is better: the Ford Model T or the Space Shuttle? But comparing games of their era is interesting and fun! Usually, best game polls are limited to a single system. This poll is unique because it includes all platforms from the era together. How will the best arcade, computer and Master System games compete with the best that Nintendo had to offer? It will be interesting!

Why Only Arcade and Computer Games from 1985-1988?

The 3rd Generation of home consoles launched in the West with the NES in 1985 and changed everything. The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive launched in 1989, began the 4th generation of home consoles which will begin the era for the next series of polls after this concludes.

The Criteria:

I'll leave it up to the individual to decide. Innovation, quality, influence, iconic status, how much fun it was then, how it holds up today, are all valid. Whatever games you love, whatever games you want to see named as the greatest of the era.

What Happens Next:

Next week we will move on from the NES/Master System Era to the SNES/Genesis/TG-16 Era, for a new set of polls.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in the polls and nominate games in the comments section.
This will be a series of polls I hope to hold every week for a long time! Have fun everyone!
submitted by MontyCircus to retrogaming [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 03:02 MatchesMalone_247 [NM] 15V PM2 225 @ $1

Make & Model: 15V PM2
Spots / Price: 225 @ $1
Total Price: $225
Timestamp & Pics: Here
Price Justification: Here
Escrow: u/NoCell13777
Usual rules apply...
Description: PLEASE BE THOROUGH. EXPLICITLY STATE ALL ISSUES : LNIB, no issues, comes with box and docs.
International shipping: No, CONUS Only

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]
Cash App Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 Heavy-Investigator45 PAID
2 s14mcdonald PAID
3 USAconsumerDad PAID
4 s14mcdonald PAID
5 chicken-wings99 PAID
6 Heavy-Investigator45 PAID
7 s14mcdonald PAID
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16 tehbehemoth PAID
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224 s14mcdonald PAID
225 Gboogie3 PAID

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2023.06.05 02:59 gc1008 [WTS] 1911 Mags, preban Mags, CMC trigger, para, sig p228 and S&W oddball mags

For sale today. Feel free to make offers if prices seem off, it's been awhile since I've posted. If The mags are banned in your state don't ask.
1911 Mags
Ar Mags
CMC curved #3.5 trigger. New, never opened $125.00
Shipping is an extra $4.00 up to 3 magazines, $8.00 after that. I take Zelle, Venmo and Paypal FF, PPGS if you add the fee. No notes on payments or I'll refund. Will ship same or next day depending on when purchased
submitted by gc1008 to GunAccessoriesForSale [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 02:31 rotsihylop [WTS] Andromeda to Redeemer upgrade $60, Pack of 5 Constellation Taurus LTI $690, Glaive LTI $370, Endeavor Masterset 2018 LTI $1250 ◄ Many LTI ships and packs Inside ► Aurora LN SQ42+SC Game Package $65, Referral Code STAR-TGVR-RMW9, Subscribers

Standalone Special-Offer Ship
Name Insurance Price (USD) CCU from
5 x Constellation Taurus LTI 690 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
5 x Ares Inferno LTI 1010 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
Glaive LTI 370 Dragonfly LTI
Polaris LTI 750 Dragonfly LTI
Cross-Chassis Upgrades
Base Ship Target Ship Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Andromeda Redeemer 25 60
Original-Concept Combo-Pack Ships/Vehicles
Name Contents Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Caterpillar & Dragonfly Pack Caterpillar, Dragonfly (Black & Yellow) LTI 300 375
Endeavor Masterset 2018 10 Modules (2 Bio Dome) LTI 1000 1250
X1 Three-Pack X1 (Baseline, Velocity, Force) LTI 130 165
Race Team Pack X1, Dragonfly, Nox LTI 115 150
Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow) LTI 65 110
The Tortoise and the Hurricane Hurricane, Terrapin LTI 345 450
600i Series Combo Pack 600i (Touring & Exploration), G12, X1 LTI 835 1000
Air and Space Pack Terrapin, Cyclone-AA LTI 250 290
All-terrain Vehicle Mega Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR), Rover (Ursa, Lynx), Greycat PTV LTI 405 500
Offroad Vehicle Pack Cyclone TR, Ursa Rover, Greycat PTV LTI 110 150
Tumbril Cyclone Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR) LTI 255 320
Starfarer + Nox 2 Pack Starfarer, Nox (Standard, Kue) LTI 365 425
Top Secret Bomber Pack Eclipse, Gladiator, Retaliator Bomber LTI 670 770
Banu Combo Pack Defender, Mechantman LTI 515 615
Ground Vehicle Pack VIP Dragonfly Yellow, Nox, X1, Ursa Rover, Cyclone, Nova Tank LTI 320 420
Deluxe Ground Vehicle Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow), Nox (Black, Kue), X1 (Standard, Velocity, Force), Ursa Rover, Cyclone (Standard, TR, RC, RN, AA), Nova Tank LTI 725 850
Standalone Original-Concept Ships
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Freelancer LTI 110 150
Vulcan LTI 200 240
X1 Velocity Edition LTI 45 70
Hawk LTI 90 115
Hammerhead LTI 650 800
Polaris LTI 750 900
Sabre Comet LTI 185 225
Gladius Valiant LTI 110 140
Hornet Wildfire LTI 175 210
Avenger Titan Renegade LTI 75 100
Origin 85X LTI 50 75
Prowler LTI 425 500
Vanduul Blade LTI 250 315
Prospector LTI 140 185
Buccaneer LTI 110 150
Dragonfly (Black or Yellow) LTI 35 65
Terrapin LTI 195 250
Vanguard Hoplite LTI 225 275
Razor LTI 135 170
Endeavor Base LTI 350 450
Hurricane LTI 175 215
Banu Defender LTI 185 230
Eclipse LTI 275 340
Nox Kue LTI 40 65
600i Luxury LTI 400 475
600i Exploration LTI 435 525
Standalone Original-Concept Vehicles
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Cyclone LTI 50 75
Cyclone-AA LTI 70 95
Cyclone-RN LTI 55 80
Cyclone-RC LTI 55 80
Cyclone-TR LTI 55 80
Nova Tank LTI 105 130
Original-LTI Game Packages
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
UEE Exploration Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 495 700
Exploration Mega Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 895 1100
Game Packages requiring referral code: ►STAR-TGVR-RMW9◄ +5,000 UEC bonus
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Aurora LN 3M SQ42 + SC SelfLand 1,000 UEC 45 65
Hangar Flairs Subscribers Exclusives
Name Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Kastak Arms Custodian SMG Citizen 2947 Edition 5 15
UEE Calendar 5 15
Stellarsonic Jukebox 5 15
Locker from Another Universe 5 15
Mr. Refinement's Cabinet 5 15
Patron of the Arts Award 5 15
Puglisi Collection Planet Artifact 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vanduul Scythe Armor 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vasli Fragment Stone 5 15
Puglisi Collection Kamposi Magnus Skull 5 15
Puglisi Collection AV8 Battle Armor Replica 5 15
Space Flower - Emperor Blossom 5 15
Space Cactus - Kavische 5 15
Space Plant - Ophelia Vine 5 15
Conner's Beard Moss 5 15
Opera Mushroom 5 15
Revenant Tree 5 15
"Tears of Fire" Painting 5 15
Hitbox Magazine 5 15
Icarus One Holographic Model 5 15
Takuetsu RSI Constellation Phoenix 2944 5 15
Takuetsu MISC Freelancer MIS 2944 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Reliant Kore 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Aegis Sabre 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Hornet F7C-R 5 15
Takuetsu Series Mustang Beta 5 15
Takuetsu Series Aurora ES 5 15
Takuetsu 350R Ship Model 5 15
Takuetsu Starfarer Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Avenger Model 5 15
Takuetsu Khartu-Al Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Gladius 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Delta Model 5 15
Takuetsu Origin M50 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Gamma 5 15
Takuetsu Golden Herald 5 15
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2023.06.05 02:26 OilAdministrative954 This is my introduction to the sub❤️

This is my introduction to the sub❤️ submitted by OilAdministrative954 to kimber [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 02:11 thaaatguy 2.75” Zirc Spiro Sham on Washies - 190 @ $10

Escrow for u/dietz12
Gareth Bull 2.75” Zirc Spiro Shamwari - 190 @ $10
Spots@$Price:190@ $10
Total Price:$1900
Make and Model:Gareth Bull Shamwari Zirc Spiro 2.75
Price justification:
Description: Lucky enough to win this from the recent bladeshow lottos. Knife is direct from maker, BNIP, never carried or used. Flipped it a few times and stored it. Blade is perfectly centered and lock up is perfect. Action is glassy smooth and closes with light shakes. It runs on washers with a zirc spiro pivot. Has rare Cheka blade shape. Ships express and comes with carbon fiber-zipper case pouch from maker.
International via proxy only.

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 Gboogie3 PAID
2 thaaatguy PAID
5 tehbehemoth PAID
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14 sasebo123 PAID
15 EDCdragonfly PAID
16 threadrev PAID
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19 chtsoi PAID
20 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
21 doggosandguns PAID
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41 GoodPeopleOfAmerica PAID
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46 No_Craft_6594 PAID
47 LemonYoinker PAID
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51 VaderD17 PAID
52 claaark PAID
53 VaderD17 PAID
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56 EDCdragonfly PAID
57 claaark PAID
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89 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
90 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
91 chtsoi PAID
92 chtsoi PAID
93 Jazzlike_Constant PAID
94 sasebo123 PAID
95 thaaatguy PAID
96 thaaatguy PAID
97 thaaatguy PAID
98 deadheadz1 PAID
99 claaark PAID
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102 chicken-wings99 PAID
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105 Gadfly_on_the_Wall PAID
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140 No_Craft_6594 PAID
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155 jay3011 PAID
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158 br3g0 PAID
159 Jazzlike_Constant PAID
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166 chicken-wings99 PAID
167 deadheadz1 PAID
168 threadrev PAID
169 threadrev PAID
170 sasebo123 PAID
171 doggosandguns PAID
172 VTPeWPeW247 PAID
173 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
174 chtsoi PAID
175 tehbehemoth PAID
176 claaark PAID
177 VaderD17 PAID
178 doggosandguns PAID
179 claaark PAID
180 deadheadz1 PAID
181 sasebo123 PAID
182 jay3011 PAID
183 Jimmy_Jig PAID
184 Jazzlike_Constant PAID
185 firebushh PAID
186 jay3011 PAID
187 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
188 Jubakuba PAID
189 thaaatguy PAID
190 Mzt044 PAID

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2023.06.05 02:07 No_Tax1763 Benchmark Ryzen 7 5700X PBO Cinebench R23

Benchmark Ryzen 7 5700X PBO Cinebench R23 submitted by No_Tax1763 to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 02:00 Cr4yol4 Utah Warriors @ Seattle Seawolves Match Thread

Matchup: Utah Warriors (9-4, 43pts, 4th in West) vs Seattle Seawolves (11-2, 54pts, 2nd in West)
Venue: Starfire Stadium, Tukwila, WA Weather: 64 F, 18 C, Clear Sky
Broadcast: The Rugby Network, TRN en Español, KMYU,, KSL Sports, Root Sports
Kickoff: 10:30pm ET, 7:30pm PT
Utah Number Seattle
Olive Kilifi 1 Mzamo Majola
Henry Bell 2 James Malcolm
Paul Mullen 3 Sam Matenga
Jamie Lane 4 Samu Manoa
Saia Uhila 5 Rhyno Herbst
Bailey Wilson (c) 6 Ben Landry (cc)
Onehunga Havili 7 Charles Elton (cc)
Thomas Tu’avao 8 Ronan Foley
Connor McLeod 9 JP Smith
Joel Hodgson 10 Jordan Chait
Joe Mano 11 Martin Iosefo
Calvin Whiting 12 AJ Alatimu
Tyler Fisher 13 Dan Kriel
Mika Kruse 14 Lauina Futi
Caleb Makene 15 Adriaan Carelse
Reserves Reserves
Tuvere Vugakoto 16 Peter Malcolm
Emerson Prior 17 Jake Turnbull
Angus MacLellan 18 Mason Pedersen
Jurie van Vuuren 19 Taylor Krumrei
Lance Williams 20 Andrew Durutalo
Zion Going 21 Nakai Penny
Tomasi Tonga 22 Conner Mooneyham
Paul Lasike 23 Tavite Lopeti
Referee: Scott Green (USA)
Assistants: Brad Schwalger (Canada) & Saro Turner (Canada)
TMO: Derek Summers (USA)
submitted by Cr4yol4 to MLRugby [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:25 SrulDog [NM] Meton Boss 940 Copper Topo Scales - 75@$2

Total Price: $150
Make and Model: Meton Boss scales and clip
Price Justification: Scales retail at 120 new clip retails for 70 new
Escrow: for u/usaconsumerdad
Description: PLEASE BE THOROUGH. EXPLICITLY STATE ALL ISSUES : Meton Boss “Aged Copper” scales with topo engraving for Benchmade 940, matching titanium milled clip included. The scales have been installed (requires two barrel spacers) but never carried. Clip is brand new, never installed.
International shipping: nope
Payment via PPF&F, NO COMMENTS.
Will ship via USPS packaged securely.

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]
Cash App Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 firebushh PAID
2 SkullcrusherFN PAID
3 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
4 Glock45owner PAID
5 gorzaporp PAID
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7 Glock45owner PAID
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9 firebushh PAID
10 gorzaporp PAID
11 firebushh PAID
12 SkullcrusherFN PAID
13 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
14 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
15 cwalkera94 PAID
16 wjinak PAID
17 wjinak PAID
18 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
19 firebushh PAID
20 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
21 firebushh PAID
22 cwalkera94 PAID
23 wjinak PAID
24 anonywatch932 PAID
25 firebushh PAID
26 wjinak PAID
27 cwalkera94 PAID
28 SkullcrusherFN PAID
29 Glock45owner PAID
30 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
31 wjinak PAID
32 gorzaporp PAID
33 cwalkera94 PAID
34 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
35 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
36 SkullcrusherFN PAID
37 gorzaporp PAID
38 cwalkera94 PAID
39 cwalkera94 PAID
40 cwalkera94 PAID
41 cwalkera94 PAID
42 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
43 SkullcrusherFN PAID
44 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
45 cwalkera94 PAID
46 wjinak PAID
47 cwalkera94 PAID
48 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
49 wjinak PAID
50 firebushh PAID
51 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
52 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
53 wjinak PAID
54 chicken-wings99 PAID
55 gorzaporp PAID
56 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
57 firebushh PAID
58 wjinak PAID
59 gorzaporp PAID
60 gorzaporp PAID
61 gorzaporp PAID
62 cwalkera94 PAID
63 cwalkera94 PAID
64 Glock45owner PAID
65 gorzaporp PAID
66 cwalkera94 PAID
67 cwalkera94 PAID
68 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
69 gorzaporp PAID
70 firebushh PAID
71 Ivankasbuttplug PAID
72 wjinak PAID
73 A_TalkingWalnut PAID
74 Glock45owner PAID
75 firebushh PAID

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2023.06.05 00:39 chigoonies My moderoid Cain 2 ( will be at wonderfest usa next weekend)

My moderoid Cain 2 ( will be at wonderfest usa next weekend) submitted by chigoonies to Gunpla [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:37 chigoonies My Cain 2 ( moderoid) , trying to finish in time for wonderfest USA.

My Cain 2 ( moderoid) , trying to finish in time for wonderfest USA. submitted by chigoonies to SciFiModels [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:12 almpgbbr [WTS] [US - AZ]Tokyo Marui Type 89 gbbr

Up for sale is a Tokyo Marui Type 89 gbbr. Never been fielded. Has less than 60 rounds through it. Looking for 750$ shipped
The sale comes with the following: • Type 89 (bipod included but not pictured)
• One 20 round magazine
• Three 30 round Stanag magazines
submitted by almpgbbr to airsoftmarket [link] [comments]