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Spose: Using Proper English in Rap Songs Since 2002

2012.04.22 18:56 UpfrontGrunt Spose: Using Proper English in Rap Songs Since 2002


2014.03.30 15:00 ComeOnFeelTheNoize Bull Moose: An awesome store for awesome people

They sell new and pre-owned music, movies, video games and books in Maine, New Hampshire, and online. It's their mission to rock Brunswick, Windham, Portland, South Portland, Lewiston, Portsmouth, Sanford, Waterville, Bangor, Salem and Scarborough.

2018.03.05 01:08 KaKawBitches The Ends Justify The Memes

Politics right memes humor anon Q discussion GOP republican conservative 2ndAmendment Constitution Congress Internet Bill Of Rights Great Awakening MAGA Covfefe Trump Plane Train Independent CBTS WWG1WGA WalkAway 2A

2023.06.05 07:46 FrustratedInFaith Discussion on my Specific Current Relationship

Here’s the problem: I’m in a relationship with an unbeliever (just like every other unequaled relationship, it just kinda happened) and I’ve never been happier in my life. Never. He’s amazing. But everything feels wildly out of control even though on paper everything seems to be going well :( I want to be happy, but I don’t understand what’s going on.
I’d rather discuss this one on one with someone if anyone is open to a DM, you can feel free to shoot me one. I’d like to be honest with someone about everything so I can figure out a path to take.
Also, I already know that I shouldn’t be in a relationship with a non-believer. You don’t need to tell me, I’ve seen the scripture.
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2023.06.05 07:46 Cultural_Clue_7 Butcher spawn question

Ive done like 20-40 dungeons and have not found him yet. Ive looked at some Butcher posts as well and although it IS very likely not this but does he only spawn in hardcore or am I extremely unlucky?
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2023.06.05 07:45 3puttpar_ Raise your hand if you wanna see a once in a lifetime hand.

Raise your hand if you wanna see a once in a lifetime hand.
We were playing 6 handed poker tonight and well the unthinkable happened. Dude with A8 goes all in post flop and gets called on a must play royal flush draw… here’s how it played out🙈
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2023.06.05 07:45 SkyLovesCars What is the best budget CPU and Mobo that will work well with an RTX 3080?

Title says it all
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2023.06.05 07:45 AnxiousSoul990 I finished watching the season and honestly loved the ending but im still confused about WHAT happened to the plane exactly and what the callings were?

This confusion was mainly because of that scene where Michela gives her photo to Zeke in the glow and asks him to "Find her" which he later heard as a calling
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2023.06.05 07:45 Zelfari Is it a bad idea to restart my book?

I started my first draft in December 2020 and abandoned it after a few weeks due to burnout. I picked it up again in March of 2022 and went on a writing spree because of a small competition with my friend. I got about 60k words in a couple of weeks but eventually, my motivation died and the quality of my writing dropped a lot. I had to take a break due to school and grades dropping and I haven't written much for the book since.
School is now over and I have a lot more free time so I want to finish my book. The only issue is, I just can't seem to continue writing with where I left off. I've completely lost my train of thought for where the last scene was going and I realized how the last few chapters didn't make sense. The first few chapters don't make sense and they don't set the story up at all since I wrote them years ago and have majorly changed the plot since then.
I unintentionally ended up writing a prologue for my book in my creative writing class during school. The prologue added more context to the story and set up the main plot. Since it worked out well for the prologue, I decided to rewrite the first chapter as well. But after rewriting the first chapter and adding the prologue, I'm considering just restarting the entire book. During my extended break, I ended up reworking the plot and added more worldbuilding so things would be more planned out. Now the first draft doesn't line up with some of the new stuff. I don't really want the plot to switch randomly 70k words in.
I've seen so many posts saying to just finish the first draft to get it over with and then rework it after, but I have no idea where I was going with the first draft since it's been so long. And now that I fixed the plot to actually make sense, I think it might be a good idea, but I'm hesitant to actually restart due to all the things I've read about finishing the first draft and how important it is.
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2023.06.05 07:45 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone’s 10X Marketing Full Course (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.05 07:45 Kolbybryan12 Do the 3.5 V6 DE varraint motors run hot normally

I recently bought a 2005 nissan 350z with 91k miles after a bit it started to run a bit hot and one day I went to get it inspected the thing overheated to the point where the overfill coolant tank was spilling over steaming cause it was so hot as the temp is all the why to the top while the car was just idling not moving after a short drive after that I had the radiator as well as the fans and thermostat which helped keep it cool I guess but last firday was a little hot around 95 degrees Fahrenheit it almost overheated then in stop in go traffic I 2atch the temp needle go almost all the way to the top until I got on the highway then it went down what I replaced it with is a Mishimoto raditor and fans so I didn't cheap out on replacement parts
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2023.06.05 07:45 experllenial Is it okay to not like my family?

I (M/26) feel a bit odd typing out that question—it’s as if I’m finally confronting a part of me that I’ve always pushed to the back of my mind for as long as I can remember.
My family consists of my birth parents (late 40’s) and my younger sister (21)
When I say I may not potentially like them, I don’t mean it as in I hate them. I don’t wish any bad upon them, it’s more so I wish I could just go years without seeing them.
My family has their good qualities to them, but I think their negative qualities overshadow those positive traits often.
I grew up in a very angry environment. For the first few years of my life, my father was physically abusive, towards me and my mother. My mother would occasionally strike me but she was more so emotionally abusive than anything else. Even after my father stopped hitting my mother, there was often a lot tension between them—to this day I don’t know why they never got divorced, it should’ve happened as early as when I turned 4
There’s never been a time in my life where either of them have told me they love me or that they’re proud of me.
I’ve never thrown this in their face, but the resentment has always been there. I wish I didn’t dislike them, like I said, they’ve done a few things for me before like helping me pay for school. But, even though I love them, I don’t think they’re good people
My sister, I can accept my dislike towards her a bit more. She takes after my dad—always angry. She’s also an emotional person and quite frankly, entitled as well. If she doesn’t get her way or doesn’t get a favor that she expected to be granted, she flips. More or less she was spoiled by my parents, particularly by my dad.
I think I realized this all today after all 3 of them became irritated with me after I refused to let my sister borrow my car for a week—she didn’t even ask, more so demanded it and I’ve seen the way she drives, I don’t want my car totaled..
Am I wrong for feeling this way? By no means am I saint, I’ve done my fair share of not so nice things in the past towards them, some of those things I’ll never forgive myself for, but I realize now that a lot of my sadness, anger, worries and anxieties are tied to them
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2023.06.05 07:45 GTRacer1972 Can someone give me some good suggestions for current British comedies on tv?

My most favorite would have to be "The IT Crowd", but some of my other favorites are: Ghosts, Scrotal Recall, The Young Offenders, After Life (not really a comedy, but still funny at times), Bad Education, Fresh Meat, Plebs, Extras, Life's Too Short, Sex Education, Skins (also not really a comedy), The Inbetweeners, Tripped, and a few others I'm not sure count like "You're the Worst".
I watch a good deal of British dramas and obviously Sci-Fi like Doctor Who, as well, I just need some new ideas.
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2023.06.05 07:45 flogxyourxmolly [US] [Selling] Manga and Megumin Nenderoid LOWERED PRICES!

Looking to get rid of some of my manga, and also one of my rarer Nenderoids. Non-smoking house, and no yellowing. Most of My Dress Up Darling is actually still sealed. There is also a shelf there that has a bunch of single issues that I am accepting offers for. Most are the first issue of a series. The Megumin Nenderoid is also still sealed and has not been touched. I have a lot of other stuff as well, so this post will probably be either changed or replaced with a post with even more. Add $5 for shipping.
Will also take offers, and will make deals for bundles. Trying to keep sets together to make less trips to post office!
Fist of the North Star 1&2 - $30
Komi Can't Communicate 1-4 - $35
My Dress Up Darling 1-6 - $60
Chainsaw Man Complete 1-11 - $90
Ode to Kirohito - $15
Black Jack 1 and 2 - $40
Dogs 0-6 - $50
Delicious in Dungeon 1-4 - $45
Neon Genesis Omnibus - $25
Prison School 1-9 - $100
Dimension W 1-7 - $45
Dissolving Classroom - $10
Megumin School Uniform Nendoroid - $120
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2023.06.05 07:45 misanthropicman85 How much of you people fanatize and how to make it stop?

Ah for years now i fanatized of having friends, people respecting me, people accepting me sometimes i make up a movie scenario in my head and pretend that im some main character who is a loser but people end up accepting them and i end up becoming seen as a cool person. Sadly i know this won’t ever happen irl. I gotta stop fanatizing about this shit It only brings false hope and expectations and delusions. What’s worst is that in like 2019 i started fanatizing of being in a relationship I fanatize of a girl liking me and flirting with me and asking me out 😭 I always fanatize of things changing and me not being some loser but i know i’ll just end up being the stick up ugly autistic loser forever There’s no point of me dreaming It makes me more depressed Everytime i fanatize, my bullying experiences pop up in ky head and remind me that i been bullied and outcasted so much so there’s no hope for me on getting any friends or a gf. What ab you guys?. I really wanna stop fanatizing
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2023.06.05 07:45 SpenceeCJordan Struggling to get jobs

I’ve started a video production company. I’ve done some Google AdWords PPC, sent lots of cold emails to businesses, agencies, and fellow filmmakers, attended networking events, pitched city government on tourism commercials, cold called, dropped off business cards, done B2B “door to door,” floated my resume and film reel, offered my services to other video production company owners, etc.
The best response I’ve received has been an offer to be an unpaid PA on a weekend project … though I was unavailable to do so.
I’ve done small business, church, and wedding work for 8+ years. (In a different state) … even reached out to previous contacts and clients.
I have great reviews and references, a good resume, and a well complemented film reel. I’m not the best in the industry, but I’m capable … and in terms of equipment, very well equipped.
I’ve been heavily pursuing work for about two months. I’m in a new state.
Any advice? … it seems like everything is froze up right now
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2023.06.05 07:45 dcfan105 What are some clean romances similar to Tara Grayce's "Fierce Heart"?

I absolutely love both main characters and their relationship in that book, which is slowly built on mutual trust, compassion, and self-sacrificial love. I love how genuinely cheerful (i.e. she wasn't forcing herself to try to be cheerful, that was just part of her personality) and optimistic the FL is in the face of great difficulty and sacrifice. I'd prefer something in the fantas genre, but it doesn't have to be -- I mainly want a clean romance about a M/F couple with a similar sort of relationship and personalities to the ML and FL in "Fierce Heart". Bonus points if their families get along well and see each as extended family.
Please nothing with spice (i.e. nothing beyond closed-mouth kissing prior to marriage, and only closed-door sex, making out, etc. within marriage), or a lot of graphic descriptions of violence, body horror, or the like. It's fine if there are battles and injuries or whatever; I just don't want graphic descriptions of it.
I'd also prefer something where the overall theme/tone is hopeful and not overly dark -- I realized Fierce Heart and especially the rest of the series do actually have a significant amount of dark moments, but I feel the overall tone of the story is hopeful and there isn't an excessive amount of time. I also ask for something similar specifically to Fierce Heart, rather than the whole series, since the later books in the series are when the majority of the darker stuff happens.
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2023.06.05 07:45 MattheiusFrink My E-grat setup...

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2023.06.05 07:45 mama_connector Rules

  1. Our main goal is to lift each other up in this challenge yet extremely rewarding calling We call motherhood
  2. This is a place to celebrate each other in motherhood
  3. We share struggles to support each other by offering each other compassion and grace
  4. We are here to listen not judge and only give suggestions
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2023.06.05 07:45 Drenaas Where is Minn Merass'ka, the representative of Thyferra ?

Where is Minn Merass'ka, the representative of Thyferra ?
"Where the hell has he gone?" exclaimed a voice.
At a hurried pace, a man dressed in the regulation uniform of senatorial aides was walking up the main corridor of one of the lower levels of the Galactic Senate.
While nodding to the various officials and other members of staff who crossed his path, the man turned at the end of the aisle and descended a new staircase without slowing down.
"I hope they've got something, the representatives from the Duluur sector are going to lose their patience..." Zyras grumbled to himself as he ran a hand through his hair.
Zyras Thyndor was worried, and despite all his attempts to suppress his emotions, his stern expression and nervous walk betrayed his unease.
This anxiety had become habitual in recent times, as had the sensation of constantly walking on a tightrope.
After a few more corridors, he arrived in one of the building's management centers where other agents were going about their business. He spotted two familiar faces leaning against one of the room's partitions and walked towards them, calling out to them.
"Fynn, Sinan, have you got any news?"
"Oh, hello Mr Thyndor!" replied the first named, crossing his arms with a small smile.
Giving the cheeky man a little pat on the back of the head, the woman with him turned to the new arrival.
"This really isn't the time, Fynn. Hi Zyras, are you all right?"
"I'll be better when I find him, I've got a whole delegation on my hands" he replied with a sigh.
"I understand your concern but you need to stay calm, losing your temper won't help the situation. We have been able to find boarding data that seems to match the information you have given us. On this datapad you will find the shuttle flight log you are looking for." said Sinan, handing a small data tablet to Zyras.
"Thank you Sinan, thank you both, I owe you a big one! I will sort all this out and find you later!" said the auxiliary as he grabbed the tablet with a slight smile of relief.
"But what would you do without us? Go on and don't get into any more trouble than you're already in!" said Fynn, giving his friend a friendly pat on the shoulder.
With a final nod, Zyras left the center and ran towards the nearest lower platform. As he approached one of the transit shuttles dedicated to Senate operations, he looked at the datapad. There he found the information he had been missing for the last few hours: the BR-15 storage building.
"What have I done to deserve this?" mused the young agent as he boarded and transmitted the coordinates to the droid pilot.
As he approached his destination and descended the shuttle, Zyras caught a glimpse of the hustle and bustle typical of goods transit docks, swarming with workers.
Slaloming between handling areas and crates of goods of all kinds, he passed through the hangar doors.
There he was, in the middle of huge racks containing barrels of bacta as far as the eye could see, chatting to one of the site's foremen.
"Representative Merass’ka!" called Zyras as he ran up to the man he had been accompanying and assisting in his duties as official representative for several days now.
The insectoid head of the ambassador of the planet Thyferra turned towards him. He then dismissed his interlocutor and turned to greet the young man.
"Auxiliary Thyndor, I greet you, to what do I owe the honour of your visit?"
"Representative, I've been looking for you since dawn, you need to meet the delegation from the Duluur sector as soon as possible. They are waiting for an answer regarding their request for an additional exceptional delivery of vaporized bacta!" he replied bluntly.
"The Duluur sector, you say? I drew up the agreement this morning and went here to supervise the chartering of the cargo as quickly as possible, they need it badly. Didn't I pass this one on to you?" the vratix was surprised, visibly dismayed to see his assistant shaking his head.
"I'm... I'm sorry if I've caused you any inconvenience through my negligence, please accept my apologies auxiliary. I thank you for having warned me and I will now rectify my error by transmitting my reply in person." he continued, inclining his head towards Zyras.
"A shuttle is ready to take you to the negotiation chamber." replied the young man, as he bowed.
"Good, thank you auxiliary Thyndor. Don't bother accompanying me, you've already done a lot today. Rest now, I'll take care of this business." retorted Minn Merass'ka as he headed for the dock despite his assistant's protests.
"Meet me tomorrow in my office, I met with Senator Beltane after a conference of his Welfare Advisory Office. We have reached an agreement which I must ratify with the Thyferrian Chamber and I will need your help. So I'll see you tomorrow, good evening auxiliary Thyndor." replied the vratix as he saluted his agent before boarding the shuttle.
"The Senator from Balmorra? I understand, you can count on me." replied Zyras as he in turn saluted his superior.
As he watched the shuttle take off and drive away, Thyndor thought back with amusement to what had been a very difficult day.
" Difficult yes, that's the word... I'll see where all this takes us." He said to himself with a smile, shaking his head.
"But... why is the shuttle pulling away?"
Minn Merass'ka the representative of Thyferra
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2023.06.05 07:45 SKetchPoint Stollen items after maintenance

On Friday I had come in around 6 from work, and noticed some maintenance that had been scheduled that day was done and a box of stuff had been moved to be against some drawers now empty. I thought it was odd since it was fill of some items for a friend, but figured it was just me being tired and forgot I had moved them. Sunday comes and I’m packing the gift and can’t find these items anywhere. I methodically go thorough my room, still coming up empty. I called my mom to make sure as I go through it again I didn’t miss anything or anywhere it could be. Again, not finding those items. I don’t feel comfortable with maintenance coming back in while I’m not here but scheduled anywhere from 9am-5pm. They’re such odd items as well, a black Ferrari DXC t shirt, and a few Miniverse make it mini food. It’s such stupid stuff that I want to just leave it. But I don’t know with all the crazy recently if there was more and I don’t want anything else taken either in the future. I’m not so much upset about the items as much as you can’t get them in the UK, had my mom bring them over when she had an event. It’s shattered all my trust and I don’t feel comfortable with leaving anything over August here when I visit the states. I feel sick at how someone part of staff or let in by staff has done that. I live alone, in a studio, most people have left and I feel like I don’t have anyone I can trust to ensure nothing else is stolen while I’m at work. I don’t even know what protocol for this kind of stuff is in the UK…. Gonna update after speaking with a person at reception
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2023.06.05 07:45 AutoModerator The System by Todd Valentines (The Program)

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2023.06.05 07:45 Flame080 Wondering if I should bother with Magia Record game

I have been looking around to see what the consensus is about Magia Record, and it seems that the anime is bad while the game's story is supposedly good. I am considering if it would be worth it to read/watch the game's story in a playlist I found, or if it's not worth the hassle. Do you feel that the game's story is good, and do you feel that it coexists well with the original narrative or do you think that it undermines it? I'm not exactly thrilled at the idea of reading a visual novel, but I would be willing to if there's something really good in there.
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2023.06.05 07:45 ksgindia10 top IAS coaching institutes in Delhi

KSG (Khan Study Group) is one of the top IAS coaching institutes in Delhi, known for its comprehensive and effective coaching programs. With a team of experienced faculty and a well-structured curriculum, KSG has consistently produced successful candidates in the Civil Services examination. Students at KSG benefit from personalized guidance, regular mock tests, and interactive study materials, making it a popular choice among IAS aspirants in the city.
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2023.06.05 07:45 Tafdolphin Elevator?

Came back from my first SNM experience today and was utterly blown away. Didn't get any private 1:1's but I did get chosen to dance with one of the witches and to receive a creepy phonecall.
My question is, in most summarise of the experience there's mention of an elevator that starts the show. That simply wasn't present tonight. My card was called, we were put in a little antechamber then we were let through to the main floors.
Is this normal? Was the 'elevator' actually ever real or just theming?
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