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Welcome to /pussypassdenied, where women are not allowed to use their gender as a handicap or an excuse to act like assholes. Yay equality!

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2023.06.05 09:36 xziva_141 Sharing my process and stats on how I released my debut album based on all your advice and prior discussion on this sub

This subreddit helped me so much in navigating my debut album release that I wished to share my experience, my approach, and stats as it might help or at least inspire others who are yet to do this.
*Aaaand it is also here to point out mistakes I wouldn’t repeat myself nor would love anyone else to repeat them!
**This is a very long post, sorry!
To give you a little bit of context - I moved to Melbourne from Croatia in mid-2019 and until then I was a front woman in a successful post-punk band.
Arrived to Melbourne without knowing anyone, then the longest lockdown hit and by 2021 I realised I need to pivot and do something solo because there was no way for me to meet people, form a new band and perform live. So I started learning Ableton and now here I am, just released my debut album which is also my debut as a record producer.
The music I do is very niche and specific; most of the songs are bilingual where I combine traditional Croatian/Slavic folk singing into my choruses or intros with experimental dark wave/EBM/even trip-hop elements. I call it Slavic-pop, Slavic-darkwave, a lot of people compares me with IC3PEAK, Sevaliza, FKA Twigs, Slavic Fever Ray/Knife.
This new solo project is called ŽIVA (as in ‘being alive’) and you can find it on all platforms (socials handle is _xziva).
This also means that literally no one knows about me here in Australia except for my 5 friends and my partner, while in the Balkans I do have a decent following and a good media support.
Last thing to take into the account is that like a lot of us here, everything I do is DIY; this is a one-woman show where I do literally everything from song composition, production and live performance, to styling, social media, marketing etc…And since I learn on the go, I’ve made a lot of mistakes that I can now see clearly in hindsight…So keep that in mind as well!
TIMELINE I’ve used for my releases:
April 10th Early access open for single Bad Blood (if you leave your email and follow on Spotify, you get the single video in your inbox 24 hours before everyone else)
April 21st Single out (with video) + album announcement
April 28th Single launch gig (headline) in Melbourne
May 23rd Debut album out
May 25th Album launch gig (headline) in Melbourne

  1. SubmitHub
For me, this was the biggest waste of money and something I will never ever repeat. Luckily I didn’t spend too much money but I should have listened to my gut feeling as well as most of your posts here. While I actually did have some success and got featured in some of the independent media/playlists, it was not worth either the money nor the time. It feels wrong while I do it and although I can partially see the idea behind having a paywall because journalism has been discredited and underpaid for a long time, this is not a way to go.
I also did an experiment and paid an influencer to put one of my songs up in her video + asked her for stats after, but since there is no way of knowing how many people actually came from her profile to mine, I don’t see the value in continuing to invest in this.
📚Conclusion: Works better for generic songs, nothing too experimental, will never do this again, would perhaps re-consider it if I am doing something more mainstream but even then would need more convincing.
cost: $80USD
content: 3 different songs
Success rate: 12%

  1. Facebook & IG ads
This was my first time ever doing these, so a huuuuge learning curve. To teach myself how to do this, I was reading everything on this sub + did a lot of YouTube tutorials such as the one from Andrew Southworth to get ideas.
📚Conclusion: probably your best bet of all ways of
STATS (April 21st - June 3rd)
cost: $1045AUD
campaign objectives: Melbourne gig attendance (awareness + conversion), Spotify streaming, YouTube streams/subscribers
target audience: digital art, electronic music, darkwave/EBM, Blender (my aesthethic is very much combination of traditional look + digital manipulation, 3D rendering, scans)
+12,700 plays
+170 subscribes
+6500 plays
+500 plays
+550 plays

  1. Publicist
I didn’t use a paid PR / publicist this time because I just couldn’t afford it BUT now I am happy that played that way. Reason being - I was quoted $4000AUD for an album campaign and yet I’ve managed to get a positive response from almost all those media outlets myself (to whom they would have reached out). The biggest drawback from not hiring them is the fact that I didn't manage to get 1(!?) TripleJ Unearthed review and Australian media outlet feature. This is probably the hardest thing I ever wanted to break, I literally have 0 responses from any Aussie based outlet. This is also something I want to crack, just not sure where's the catch - is it that the publicists are gatekeepers or its just too competitive and I am unknown....
Important to note is that I did hire them for a single campaign back in 2022 and while it did yield some features and TripleJ reviews...It was too much work for me. I literally had to write texts for different Aussie blogs that have various topics (name your top 5 artists and why etc) ended up being quite a lot of work for me as an artists rather than just chilling while someone else does it. It might be that I have the wrong approach but idk...
Still - I think it is waaaay too expensive and at this stage (until proven otherwise) I will rather grind myself and persevere and send loads of emails than pay this insane amount.
📚Conclusion: Not worth the money, my stand atm is that I will invest in my materials, my music, photos, instagram profile, tiktoks, live performances....and then those outlets will eventually will come to me? 💡 Is is wrong to think this?

  1. Socials
I’ve literally have never been this active on socials as I am since mid March, early April. I figured that this is the way to go and decided to approach it as part of the job and give it structure which always works for me and leaves out any unnecessary dwelling and procrastination.
TikTok - I barely did anything….and this is my biggest problem atm and something I actually plan to tackle now, sort of post-album release, create some videos about the process etc..this is my weak point and everything would probably be even better if I had resolved this and been active.
But regarding Instagram & FB there are two biggest changes in my approach that seem to change my game completely and yield MASSIVE results.
a) I now actually actively engage with my followers, watch their stories, comment, interact….It actually feels good, I do it in a natural way, interact with content I really do resonate with so it’s actually not hard, just needs dedication & time.
b) I decided to just continue being genuine in my posts and if it doesn’t do well (in the numbers game) - who cares, at least it’s really me rather than something I thought will get viral. This really helped alleviate some of the imposter syndrome feelings which are present whenever I post something.
📚Conclusion: These two combined ended up creating an amazing community of almost die hard fans for me, where every single one of them shared the news about my album.
STATS (April 21st - June 3rd)
cost: $0 (a lot of time though - I dedicate min. 30mins every morning just to go through my audience’s stories/posts etc)
Success rate: 100% :) hehe, not sure how to measure this but I am sure that this was one of the main contributors of converting my followers into my passionate music fans.
+ 375 new followers (in this moment I have 2,100 followers)
+average 1,800 reach per post
+average 400 views per story
Facebook (keep in mind that I am not very active on FB, so just trying to keep it alive with occasional posts, 2x per week sharing only relevant stuff)

  1. Spotify Playlisting
USER PLAYLISTS: I took the manual route and this time actually skimmed the entire Spotify to find playlists that could potentially put my song onto their playlist. It took a lot of time but it also yielded incredible results FOR 0 money!
PAID PLAYLISTS: I’ve done just one for the sake of gaining information and doing the math. I paid $15USD to get the following: - placement on two playlists that have 7k listeners combined
- feature/reshare of my single video on an IG profile that has 200k followers
I got around 300 streams from this up until this point (3 weeks).
EDITORIAL PLAYLISTS: No success. I’ve pitched 2 songs (single and then another one I choose from the album) and even included suggestions on what playlists I think I would be a great fit but yeah, zero points here.
📚Conclusion: Knowing your genre is one of the most important thing because it is an information you use to wisely create ads + pitch your music to the right people aka playlisters. I will keep on doing this although its time consuming to go through Spotify and their instagram, but totally worthwhile if you have the right song/genre! Those playlists are your potential fans and they will do it for free!
Thank you for all your help and amazing discussions/advice - it would have been much harder without you! 🖤
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2023.06.05 09:36 downballforever Random thoughts the other day and a few strategies.

Hey everyone, I'm an AP in an Australian High School and have been for 10 years. I was just thinking of a few things over the years that have worked for me and wrote it down over the weekend.. Just a random list and hate to be repetitive but hopefully a few are helpful! Cheers, Tim
  1. Never assume on a Monday that students have been well fed or looked after over the weekend or that they are looking forward to the weekend on a Friday.
  2. Always be the first person in your classroom each morning. Great students positively and respectfully.
  3. Know your kids. Who do they play football for? What team do they follow? What is their favourite video game? Where do they want to go for further education or college? What advantages and disadvantages do they have towards their further education?
  4. Develop consistent classroom routines and be reasonable and non-negotiable on these. Keep these routines the same throughout the school year.
  5. Be prepared to have challenging and pro-active conversations with parents, even if they are difficult. At the end of the day, parents want and need to know how their kids are going at school.
  6. Use brain-breaks for students. During each lesson a walk, stretch, off-topic quiz or just general chat can work wonders.
  7. Get on the best possible terms with the ancillary staff and office staff as much as you can. They are amazing people within any school community and often the people that students are most comfortable talking to and connect with the best.
  8. With minor behavioural issues, the class or homegroup teacher should always be the one that contacts home, not senior staff – otherwise this disempowers and devalues the importance of the homegroup teacher and places an over reliance on senior staff.
  9. In schools where uniform is in place, this should be non-negotiable and the core teacher or grade leader should be responsible for maintaining high standards around this.
  10. Student learning should be differentiated and there should be accountability towards this from all teachers and support staff.
  11. Students should focus on maintaining their lockers or personal space neatly and this should be checked regularly and built into the program of the core teacher or appropriate person.
  12. Each week teachers should make a minimum of two or three positive phone calls or communications home when students have done something positive or well. There is often a feeling of dread when the school number comes up on the phone or SMS and this strategy can alleviate this with parents.
  13. Try and follow social media trends with students. These change regularly and can impact on student involvement and focus in class.
  14. Have extra resources in each classroom – pens, pencils, poster paper etc. Don’t scramble five minutes before class to contact the Art Teacher to organise this.
  15. In formal settings (Assemblies, Parent Information Sessions) establish high levels of formality and personal conduct from all members of the school community. Students thrive on routine.
  16. When organising special events such as those outlined above a set-up crew of students can do jobs quickly and with a minimum of fuss.
  17. Have weekly Grade Assemblies and have these on a Tuesday or Wednesday when students are most focused and regulated.
  18. Try to never let students go hungry. Use breakfast or lunch programs, fruit breaks and other options to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to eat healthily and well.
  19. Celebrate success – if any student makes a representative club, organisation, team, or does something positive, their peers should know about it and it should be recognised at school in whatever way the school sees as appropriate.
  20. Have a social club and have this occur regularly. Staff should be able to socialise and debrief together.
  21. The last day of term should have some sort of celebratory activity of what has been achieved to that point of the year – if it involves staff and students in events such as a sporting activity then that should be celebrated and promoted with the school community.
  22. During changeover of lessons, staff should have shared expectations of what the changeover looks like, swapping of resources and keeping students calm and manageable.
  23. Teachers should monitor that students are hydrated and have access to food. Fruit breaks and access to food is really important.
  24. Too many students ‘fall through the cracks’. Most phone calls to parents are about negative behaviour. Try and have two positive conversations about student behaviour to every three that you have about negative behaviour.
  25. The Leadership Team at the school understand your frustration and what you are dealing with. They are also doing the same and are stressed out too.
  26. If you are a 9/10 teacher get your head around what is happening in 11/12. Likewise if you are 7/8 get your head around 9/10. The curriculum is sequential and builds on prior knowledge and learning.
  27. Some of the most meaningful conversations you will have are with your colleagues in your staffroom and around the water-cooler or in the main administration area. Appreciate these and have senior staff embrace them.
  28. As much as you can as an educator, be healthy.
  29. Get the local scrap metal yard, newsagency, closest farm or community organisation to be a partner of the school in either assisting with Work Placements or other forms of engagement.
  30. On any Staff Development day or Professional Learning session, staff should wear casual clothes and the school should provide lunch and coffee. Goodwill aplenty and creates a better atmosphere.
  31. Give staff once a term (or Semester) surprise early break where they can go home early with limited notice.
  32. Senior staff should always write a Christmas Card and a Birthday card to the people on their team and acknowledge the importance of their role.
  33. Students really need to know things that (in the day to day) aren’t always considered such as fire drills, lockdowns and critical incidents. There should be conversations around expecting the unexpected from time to time.
  34. Teachers should be aware that students on busses to and from school have a much different experience than those that walk to and from school.
  35. Some students are very anxious about their reputation with teachers based on preconceived notions of their siblings or relatives from that particular teacher. Never compare siblings or family members – such as ‘Your sister would have been able to do that’ or ‘How come you’re not like your brother?’ etc.
  36. Decorate your classroom and make it feel welcoming. That’s totally your responsibility and no one else’s. 37.If you’re a beginning teacher- you’re a legend and mad respect! It is more important than ever though in those first few years of teaching to have boundaries about work/life balance and not let everything get to you or to be overwhelmed. Whatever service your employer provides, please use it if you need to. 38.Just be yourself. Kids actually respect their teachers and there is a misconception that they don’t. You’re a lot better role-model that they often get outside of school hours. Embrace that and enjoy that opportunity.
  37. Establish learning goals and success criteria for lessons, but don’t make this the be all for each lesson. The main focus should be on student engagement and an evidence based approach to this.
  38. Have disengaged students help in the canteen, maintenance area or workshop and celebrate their progress via social media or school newsletter.
  39. Work-placements and opportunities are your friend – some students are better at two or three days a week than full time schooling during high school.
  40. Be kind and be present with students and staff. Avoid confrontation where you can and have some mates at school that have your back. 43.Look at ways to incentivise the curriculum for students and grades each term – if students reach a certain target around attendance, engagement or retention, this is something to be celebrated!
  41. Parents are an integral part of the school community and even though it’s High School they know their kids better than we do. Never be afraid to call them and have a tough conversation. It’s better to do that than not at all and it will create a collaborative partnership.
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2023.06.05 09:35 Ciaccarella [My Own Azir Rework]

I'm not a main azir, i'm not a developer or whatsover, just a guy with free time and ideas, and I am in here to share a rework of azir i tought about:
With this rework i'm trying to focus all his kit, around his W and being able to control his sand soldiers.
Passive: Myth of Shurima
-Azir starts with a point on his W level 1.
-Whenever Azir conjures a Sand Soldier, he get 15/20/30/35% atk speed steroid at level 1/6/11/16, Azir can benefict from this feature only twice.

Q - Conquering Sands:
Mana cost: 70/75/80/85/90 CD: 10/9,5/8/7,5/7
Azir's soldiers dash to a target direction, dealing 60 / 90 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+ 85% AP) once.

W: Sand Soldier
Mana cost: 80/90/100/110/120 CD: 12 , can be stack twice (1,5s CD)
Azir conjures a sand soldier that deals 30/50/70/90/110 (30% AP Damage) on enemies, furthermore when an enemy is being attacked by 2 or more soldiers, its movement speed is being reduces by 35%.
E: Shifting Sand
Mana cost: 40 Mana CD: 8
Passive: If 2 Sand Soldiers hit the same enemy champion or epic monster, the effect of Myth of Shurima is twice as effective.
Passive 2: On enemy champion kill or assist within the last 3 seconds, this Ability refund its CD.
Active: Azir gain a shield of 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 (+ 40% AP) and a movement speed buff of 25% that last for 2 seconds.

R: Emperor of Shurima
Mana Cost: 125 CD 160/140/120
Same as right now but with a nerfed CD and Mana cost since its base abilities SHOULD have more damage and viability.
I'm ready to get offended by you guys <3
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2023.06.05 09:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator (

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2023.06.05 09:35 Offmychest827364 I stalked my ex and threw away a best friendship

Before my story starts, I want to give a trigger warning for suicide and self harm, as well as stalking and harassment. Please don't read any further if these are things which upset you or cause you any discomfort. With that being said, do not EVER, under any circumstances, act the way I do in this story and please get help if you have even the smallest compulsion of obsession. You can recover and get the help you need.
I was in my early 20's, struggling with clinical suicidal depression for over a decade. A friend of mine had been with this girl for about a year, but their relationship was rocky pretty much the whole way through. I was supportive to both of them as a friend during their relationship troubles, but always put my boy first. Always encouraged her to weather the storm. Eventually she did the best thing for herself and ended the relationship. I was supportive of both of them, but pretty much cut off all contact with the girl.
Six months pass, and I randomly get a text from the girl about getting a piercing and sent a picture to show it off. She mentioned that she pretty much sent it to me because she didn't have any friends to talk to about getting the piercing, and figured I'd be cool to talk about it. At the time, a video game had just come out that was super grind-heavy, and told her that she could call if she wanted to chat since I could use the company during the monotony. So she called. We chatted for like five hours, just shooting the shit. Nothing major, just catching up since we hadn't talked in a long time. This evolved into her coming over to my place every day for a week or two in which we would be having dinner, watching movies, having deep and lighthearted conversations before I realized that I'd caught feelings for her.
I was really conflicted. This was my best friend's ex. I had asked him early on about if he was cool with us talking or hanging out despite them not being in a relationship anymore. He was supportive, and was like "You don't gotta worry about that, man. She was your friend when she was my ex. You don't gotta worry about talking to her." But I knew that I wouldn't be able to talk to her about my feelings without telling him first. I called him up and asked him to come over for dinner and drinks.
After we'd finished eating, I pretty much brought him up to speed. He was definitely not comfortable with hearing the news, but he wasn't violent or anything. He pretty much told me that it wasn't up to him and that it was out of his control. I remember him saying "If you two get together, you better last." I tried explaining to him that it wasn't planned, that it just happened organically, but that obviously didn't make him feel any better about it. He said he didn't want to be involved in anything going forward and that whatever happens happens. We ended up going through a pretty bad falling out after he found out about the relationship formed. I've never spoken to him since.
Anyway, the next day, the girl came over to watch a movie like usual. After the movie was over, I told her about my feelings. She wasn't really all that receptive and kind of went silent. We didn't talk all that much before she went home. She told me over text later on in the middle of the night that she felt weird, because she just wanted us to be friends. I felt pretty defeated inside, but understood. I told her that we could keep calling or hanging out and we'd just be buds. Everything went pretty much back to normal after that.
That is, until a couple days later. She had been frantically texting me from the hospital. She was having suicidal thoughts and was afraid of being a harm to herself. She was possibly going to be committed to the psychiatric ward, and when that possibility arose, and she knew she wouldn't be able to talk to me, she went into a panic. I told her that she would be okay, and that I'd be here for her when she got out if that was the case. She then said that they were about to confiscate her phone for a psych screening, and that afterwards they would evaluate whether or not to commit her, but that she had a final message. It went something along the lines of "Hey. Umm. I don't know how to say this. But I love you. But I don't know how I mean it." I said that I loved her too, and to be strong.
In my head, I figured this to be her reciprocating the feelings that I had for her. I was excited but also somewhat uneasy inside because I didn't know for sure. I was super tired at the time, and texted her to call me and wake me up if she wasn't getting committed. After thinking about it a while, I went for a nap. I was woken up by a text saying "Guess who's about to get woke the fuck up, beeitch?" and a phone call.
She had just gotten home. We pretty much went over the events at the hospital, and then I asked about the whole "I love you" thing. She said that she didn't know what it meant but that she felt the need to tell me. I was flirtatiously telling her that if she loves me, to say it over the phone. She was saying that she was too shy. I told her that she said it over text, she can say it out loud too. She eventually said it, and I said that I love her too. She kept saying it. Over and over. We must have said it to each other repeatedly for twenty minutes. The floodgates of emotions were let loose.
I was really happy. After being depressed for so long, I felt such a crazy amount of dopamine that I was ecstatic. She had mentioned so much to me in the following weeks, like how she always had thought of me as being the emotional buffer throughout her relationship with my best friend, and wished that she was in a relationship with me instead. The relationship was fun. We had lots of fun in the moment. This went on for about two months before I noticed a change.
She started being super distant. She wouldn't text me during work. She didn't want to come over for movies or talk on the phone anymore. She spent more and more time on her own. I started becoming an emotional wreck. I was being super clingy. She tried to tell me that she regretted telling me that she loved me, and that she wasn't thinking clearly when it happened. That she felt like I had pressured her into thinking that she meant "I love you" in a romantic way rather than platonic. I responded to it really poorly. I pressured her into continuing the relationship despite her not wanting it. This happened two more times in the coming weeks before we had finally broken up.
I was doing absolutely despicable things. I was stalking every interaction she had on social media (multiple sites). I was sending videos of me taking a ridiculous amount of Xanax. I was sending her pictures of empty prescription bottles. I was telling her that I was going to kill myself. I was trying everything I possibly could think of in my sick, twisted mind to get her to come back. The worst thing I did was send her a video of me taking about 20mg of Xanax with the caption "Dunno if I'll wake up from this lol." She had texted me probably 50 times while I was passed out and she was at class. Most of them were "Please be alive." She even said "I love you" like five times in desperation to get a response. I woke up and told her that I wish she hadn't said that because I knew it wasn't true.
Eventually she told me that she couldn't talk to me anymore and that if I died because of it, that it wasn't her fault. And when she did, I started messaging her on everything I could think of and telling her how much I loved her. How I didn't think anything but her and how perfect she was. How I didn't understand how she lost feelings for me because I did everything right. Begging her for an answer. Refusing every answer she gave me of being the truth.
I was so mentally unwell. I had romanticized both my depression and her inside my head beyond reality. She wasn't a human being. She was an angel that would rescue me from the darkness that I'd been stuck in for so long. After I was blocked from every social media account she had, as well as being unable to text or call her due to her changing her phone number, I was finally forced to face the truth. I was an absolute disaster of a person. I was burning myself with cigarettes, cutting myself with steak knives with the intention of leaving large scars, and hiding it all from everyone I knew. I went to therapy with the delusion of being reassured that I did nothing wrong in this whole situation.
My therapist was a godsend. He taught me about how awful of a person I was being and helped show me how sick I was. It took months of work for me to even realize how disgusting I was. I was completely delusional. I felt so bad. I was still obsessed with stalking her on social media, and I reached out on a burner account to apologize for everything I did. It was such a shitty apology, too.
She was receptive, but in retrospect I'm pretty sure she was only responding to me because she wanted to leave me with the idea that we were cool to avoid me reaching out in hysterics again. I even tried to manipulate myself back into her life by asking for her to introduce me to some new friends she had made that have similar interests to us. She politely declined and said that they'd definitely not like me after she'd confided in them about the trauma I'd caused her. She also told me to please never contact her again. I told her that would definitely be best. So I never did. And I stopped checking her social media.
I rarely think of her anymore, but the thing that I struggle with whenever I do, is that the way I acted and the trauma I caused this human being to be two of the biggest regrets of my life. The fact that I won't ever be able to truly apologize to this person for the rest of my life is incredibly difficult. I can't take any of the things I did back. I can't ever remove that trauma from her life. I've also kept this all a secret from my current girlfriend of six and a half years who I am in a wonderful, loving and mature relationship with. We plan on getting married and having kids within the next year. This secret is something I plan on taking to the grave.
I'm a completely different person than I was at that time in my life. But despite everything, I learned of every single toxic trait I had. And I learned to never, ever repeat any of the things I had done ever again. I learned so much about myself through years of therapy and that I was a powder keg of mental instability. My girlfriend would probably never think in a million years that I would have been capable of doing the things I'm admitting in this post.
I just wish it was possible for me to apologize to her for everything I'd done, and let her know that I wish her nothing but the best. I'd like to know that she's happy. Because she deserves it after everything I put her through. It's selfish, because it would make ME feel better. The best thing for this person is to probably go the rest of her life without ever hearing from me again, anyway. But I really do hope that they're happy out there somewhere.
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2023.06.05 09:35 kaizye My (25m) gf (22F) broke up with me on our anniversary to go and find herself but we still live together...

First time posting on here so appologies for structuring or lack of context, will do my best to clarify here and if not then in the comments. Strap in as its going to be a long one.
Made an attempt at a TLDR at the bottom.
So yeah this is a hard one to explain because I understand where she's coming from but at the same time feel so hurt that I'm unsure how to properly process this.
Her justification is that she doesn't know who she is or what she wants, she has been doing everything for everyone all her life and doesn't feel like she has ever had a chance to create a sense of self, do things without needing to consider anyone else before her. She did everything for her mum, went into her first relationship, as soon as that ended very badly we met and she jumped straight into our relationship then afterwards our relationship has been mostly about survival and us working out of the financial hole we built together. That's the summary pretty much.
Now for context why what she's saying makes some sense.
We've been together for 3 years, we've lived together for just over 2 of those years (due to her going to university for 1 year). Started off super strong, met on tinder and sparks flew, within first few weeks of dating we made things official and blew up like a firework, honeymoon phase was the most amazing high of my life. Our sex life has always been great.
During first year we had lots of ups and down, specifically during the first half of the year having her ex constantly reaching out to her to make amends (he was emotionally abusive af). We had fights over this as it took allot for her to block him then eventually after he kept using different numbers to contact her I told her to sort it out and she called him and had some closure( from that point onwards their interaction ended).
During the 2nd half of the year she was In university, I would visit her every few weeks and stayed for a while as well but her mental health became really bad and During a Suisquid scare I told her she could move in with me in my apartment i shared with a roomate until she decided what she wanted (she was very emotionally dependant on me for that part of our history), this was during covid lockdown by the way.
This was an informal move as the agency I rented from didn't know about this and this ended up causing her allot of stress as she felt like she didn't belong and her position was at risk. She didn't attend university from that point onwards and wouldn't go back with her mum as it would be too shameful for her so she stayed with me.
Now we lived there for the next few months and in all honesty from my perspective things weren't bad, she didn't work for over 6 months and I made enough to get us by quite well so she could slowly find her way and we had lots of happy memories with a not many fights and if we did fights it was about me gaming too much or being a little lazy after work etc.
This got to a point where she didn't feel safe enough anymore and wanted to move out after the agency found out her staying there. So during the end of the 2nd year I found a studio for us to move into and we moved in, bought some furniture and in all honesty things seemed to start going well.
The studio was allot more expensive (London prices) and I started to struggle to keep us afloat which caused me to go into significant debt.
At the point our fights started to escalate, it would always be about me doing something wrong that slighted her in some way or how she started feeling bad about herself putting us in that position and if I didn't make her feel better in that moment she would run the narrative of me being emotionally neglectful and say it would be better both if us for her to leave.(I always thought this was self destructive af as she would always blame herself for everything during tense situations, shes the type of girl to say sorry non stop when she's self loathing). I dont want to paint her negatively as I was also to blame for these escalations, I grew up with constant struggle in my life so emotionally I am very compact and self sustained, if she told me she was OK I thought she was OK and didn't pursue further. That didn't go to well as she still needed me to make her feel better when she was saying she was OK.
There were many of these fights and it got so bad that she ended up packing a backpack and going out where I had to chase her and convince her to come back for her own safety and that I cared and loved her and that whatever she felt we could work through together (she would go out and just stay out on a bench somewhere on the middle of the night in a not so safe part of london).
Allot of this was around me doing everything for us and her not being able to do or even have the confidence to do anything herself. She still didn't have a job by then and as finances got tighter we couldn't do as much so that made her mental health even worse.(I did my best to tell her that I didn't hold anything against her and that all I wanted her to do was to be comfortable and try to find her path at her own pace. But that didn't stop her from holding it against herself., it got so bad that she told me she didn't have confidence to even go back to work anymore and that maybe she should just go on the universal credit system, she eventually got over that after getting a good opportunity in a local office). As I said before due to trauma and a harsh childhood I made sure to at least have everything sorted, bills paid on time, food on our tables, ease of living, chance to experience good memories for dates even on financial pressure, my goal was to always make the best out of life. If anything she felt like I was bringing everything to the relationship and she wasn't bringing enough so it would eat at her. (She rejected me buying her presents on her birthday or just randomly when I was trying to be romantic which blew up into another argument because she couldn't do anything in "return of equal value" her words)
Now through ups and downs we kept at it although it was quite dysfunctional at times she found an even better paying job and things finally started to seem like they were going to start moving forward, we sat down had a deep talk about furtre plans and started saving to move out of London together.
Due to financial constraints and saving requiring allot for cars, new house, new furniture etc (something she planned) we couldn't go on any dates often (we struggled to save during the cost of living crisis with bills skyrocketing so we weren't able to have much saved, which caused her to fall into a mild depression) and then and all we really did was schedule things around her family and their events (she has a large family and every few weeks there would be a birthday or family celebration where we would go out and spend the weekend leisurely enjoying ourselves)
For context I only have my sibling and mother and don't have any contact with my family abroad. Even then my relationship with my mother is strained at times due to conflict from childhood that spanned into adulthood, I also don't really have friends bar from my gaming friends who I talk to online at times so social life wise I didnt really have one but being introverted I never found that an issue.
Now she likes her family but can't stand her mother at times and that stresses her out really badly as theyre complete opposites when it comes to personality and dealing with things so when she gets heated she doesn't back down until she breaks down or wins the argument. Very stubborn but bar from the extremes I liked that about her.
Now on our 3rd anniversary day, (new job she works from 9am - 6:30pm but tends to stay there until 8 or 9pm due to the nature of emergencies at her workplace.) I planned around it and made a candlelight dinner ready tried to have everything detail ready to make her and our night special. She comes home at midnight after a serious emergency which sucked because these things aren't actually her responsibilities. Then ate a little, didn't even mention our anniversary. I was pretty pissed off but didn't show it. We went to bed then she states depressive that she doesn't know who she is anymore, she wants to find out what she likes and who she is. Wanting to not be someone's something while she explores. States she can't do so whilst in a relationship as she will just be someone's girlfriend and not herself. Tells me we should cancel our future plans and save to move out.
She says she wants me, says that this isn't about sleeping around and that if we were to stay in the relationship while she does this it wouldn't be fair on me as she would feel like she's dragging me around (her words).
She mentioned a few terms so far, "youre my ex now" "think of things kind of like friends with benefits but we don't date any other people".
But when we introduce ourselves to other people we should say were single. As again she can't be someone's girlfriend and find out who she is and what she wants.???
So we don't have enough saved to do anything yet. At least for another month and a half. So we're still staying at the studio together. I've tried to clarify what this means for us with hervbut this is literally what she wants. Says it wasn't intentional to happen on our anniversary.
In all honesty I'm blindsided, extremely fucking heartbroken. We built this relationship around a ride or die value that we shared, I would do anything for this girl and now I'm her ex, she's single but we're still together. It's confusing as fuck.
I honestly don't know how to feel, it's killing me inside, I dont want to hurt her and yet it feels like she's hurting me so fucking much.
She says that "it's not as if everythings ended, this is just a short pause for us". What does this even mean. It doesn't make sense to me. How can she act like everythings ok when were literally and officially no longer in a relationship.
I feel like im starting to ramble, there is so much internal conflict rn that I'm having a hard time keeping things structured.
ive been doing my best all this time to give her the best environment for her to get back on her feet but she says it's better for us to "RESET" as she needs this but doesn't want to hurt anyone, that includes her mother. Like why can't she find herself but stay in this relationship?? Whats stopping her? I get she says that she can't focus on herself if she's in one but why??? When we had similar issues in the past we would both support eachother through it but this time.. this is something she wants to do alone by herself. Idk man. It fucking hurts.
Sorry this is getting a little much for me so I'm gonna end it here but will do my best to clarify if anyone needs more context in the comments.
Thank you.
[TLDR: My gf of 3 years has decided to RESET on her life and drop all her relationships so she can find a sense of self, I dont know how to handle this]
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2023.06.05 09:34 LengthinessTop11037 [PC][before 2015] Farm on the roof of a building pc game

Platform(s): PC
Genre: top down and 3rd person
Estimated year of release: couldn’t be later than 2015 since that’s when I played it.
Graphics/art style: 3d cartoony art style, think Homescapes or lily’s garden
Notable characters: there was a red-haired girl who you played as, and a chef/farmer with black hair (I think he had some facial hair too)
Notable gameplay mechanics: you had to get these blue baskets and fetch different kinds of veggies from the farm. For some reason I remember it being timed at some points.
Other details: the setting of the game was on top of a building (open air and stuff), plus the blues baskets were stacked in one corner of the building itself.
The farmechef would occasionally check in on the player too
Sorry if this isn’t a lot of info btw that’s all I got.
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2023.06.05 09:34 balongbonus13 Don't Miss Out! Engaging AMA Session: Explore the World of Web3 and User Generated Content with our CEO & BSC News!

Don't Miss Out! Engaging AMA Session: Explore the World of Web3 and User Generated Content with our CEO & BSC News!
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Our CEO and the skilled host from BSC News will delve into the captivating subject of how Web3 maximizes the potential of User Generated Content.
I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to gain valuable insights and discover the groundbreaking ways Web3 harnesses user-generated content.
Save the date:
📆 6th June 2023
⏰ 12pm UTC
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For additional participation, you can take part in the tasks here: https://galxe(.)com/ElfinGames/campaign/GCf5eUNrKS
Remove () to access links
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2023.06.05 09:33 PikeB Medic/support roles in a multiplayer game? (Preferably FPS)

There's something very satisfying about supporting the team and winning, because it makes your team feel good and the other team frustrated. For reference I've played:
I've probably played them all but I thought I'd post here just in case someone has a great game that I haven't tried.
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2023.06.05 09:33 AdBroad8498 Best Trademark Registration In Bangalore:

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2023.06.05 09:33 untitled7549 now sing the intro of Wesley's Theory

now sing the intro of Wesley's Theory submitted by untitled7549 to duckworthcirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:33 Southern_Classic6027 Is this a glitch?

I've finally played all the other Oddworld games, so I decided to give Soulstorm another go. I'm at the checkpoint before the giant spikey wheel chases you and Abe keeps going into a roll, which slows me down considerably. I thought maybe if Abe clips a box, this causes it, but sometimes he does it when I haven't clipped a box and sometimes he doesn't do it when I have clipped a box. It's making what feels like it should be a relatively easy part of the game impossible to pass.
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2023.06.05 09:33 TheAviot Why is level 50+ considered endgame already?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m on the standard edition and haven’t had the chance to play the game yet.
In D3, the real game started only after you hit level 70. Is this different in D4?
I see people complaining about the end game at level 60 already, shouldn’t it only start at level 100? Aren’t you constantly outleveling your gear before that point, meaning you can only really start farming for gear after you hit the level cap?
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2023.06.05 09:33 Muaddib6 EUW / EUNE - seasoned ADC main looking for a support! :)

Hey, as the title says: I'm looking for a „morning musume” :blush: (enchanter and mage support: mainly yuumi, lulu, nami, lux, sera) ! :slight_smile::angel: :kiss::blue_heart: :sunrise_over_mountains::cherry_blossom::cloud_rain::leaves::mount_fuji: :watermelon::sunglasses:
I'm a gold peak adc main, and sadly never had a good support in my entire life, although im quite good at the game. (Pictures and video below on my twitch.) I've also made a montage video, in case you still doubt my skills, 30 min enjoyment guaranteed:
Here is my twitch: paul_muaddib6 You can also contact me on facebook: full name: Kalo Botond Or discord: Akasha#5202
God bless! <3
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2023.06.05 09:32 yourtrulydesire69 29 [C4F] South - LF a uni

We're a couple looking for a uni/bifem from south. We can host. Frist time namin and girl lang muna hanap namin. Pass kami sa couple or guy/bull.
About us: - 5'8 and 5'5 - 7-8/10 - slim-lean - clean/hygienic
You: - at least 7/10 - clean/hygienic
Lets exchange decent pic on TeaGee
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2023.06.05 09:32 AutoModerator Here's To Watch The Little Mermaid Live-Action Film Online REDDiT

‘The Little Mermaid’ is finally here. Find out how to watch Disney's latest live-action adaptation animated film The Little Mermaid online for free.

Link 📺📱👉➡ The Little Mermaid **2023**Animated Film Online Free

Animated Film! Here are options for downloading or watching The Little Mermaid streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch Disney's latest live-action adaptation movies at home. Is The Little Mermaid 2023 available to stream? Is watching The Little Mermaid on Peacock, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service.

The new live-action 'The Little Mermaid' movie stars Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy. Make sure to keep on reading to learn where you can watch and stream it.

Folks, it's time to dive under the sea once again. Over the last few years, Disney has recreated their top animated musical films into live-action movies. The Little Mermaid is no different, and viewers can't wait to swim into theaters to catch a glimpse of how the movie will stand up against the original version.

Walt Disney Studios has established a remarkable trend of making live-action remakes of its classic stories. One after the other, all the fairytales of the past era are being brought to life by the studio in an attempt to tell the magical stories in a new light of living characters. With the live-action Peter Pan & Wendy due out in April, Disney will continue their string of live-action remakes a month later with The Little Mermaid.

Get ready to go "under the sea!" The latest of Disney's hugely successful line of live-action remakes, Ariel (Halle Bailey) is set to return to theaters for the first time in almost thirty-five years with The Little Mermaid (2023). The Walt Disney Company once again invites audiences to travel under the sea to see Princess Ariel's story unfold like never before. Featuring direction from veteran musical filmmaker Rob Marshall and other roles inhabited by major Hollywood stars like Melissa McCarthy as Ursula the Sea Witch and Javier Bardem as King Triton, the film is bound to be a bona fide hit at the box office.

Though the upcoming and highly anticipated film will have stiff competition against two stand-up comedians on the weekend it releases, The Little Mermaid is destined to show that life is better down where it's wetter under the sea this Summer movie season. To find showtimes and streaming information on Disney's latest big-budget reimagining of an animated classic, here is where you can watch The Little Mermaid.

Actress Halle Bailey as Ariel, the iconic mermaid princess who longs to be part of the the mysteriously world housed above the ocean floor. When she saves the handsome Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King) from a shipwreck, she makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula (Melissa McCarthy) in order to gain human legs and go on land to impress him. But there's one catch to the transaction: Ariel must trade her voice in order for her to try and see the things she's after. But as fans of the original 1989 film know, this comes with a series of consequences that threaten both her existence and the lives of those she loves.

Before we ask if you're interested in seeing this, we know you are. But like us, you're probably wondering how to watch and stream The Little Mermaid online. Luckily, we have some clues and it's likely to land on a major streaming site very soon. So climb aboard, because here's where to watch and stream The Little Mermaid online.

What Is the Release Date for The Little Mermaid?
Ariel's quest to go from a mermaid into a human begins anew when The Little Mermaid premieres this Memorial Day Weekend on Friday, May 26th, 2023. The film will be going up against not one, but two stand-up comedians and their films that weekend, with Sebastian Maniscalco's About My Father and Bert Kreischer's The Machine premiering on the same day. That said, The Little Mermaid will almost certainly be the choice for younger audiences and families.

While some Disney films are heading straight to Disney+, The Little Mermaid will first be shown exclusively in theaters.

Where To Watch The Little Mermaid Online:
As of now, the only way to watch Fast X is to head out to a movie theater when it premieres on May 26, 2023. You can find a local showing on Fandango.

Watch Now: The Little Mermaid (2023) Movie Online Free

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube or Apple, or become available to stream on Disney+.

How to Watch The Little Mermaid
At the moment, you can watch The Little Mermaid at your local theater. But like most movies these days, it should hit a streaming website in the near future.

Like its predecessor, The Little Mermaid is a flick produced by multimedia conglomerate Disney. What's more, the production studio owns a number of other famous franchises, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. Titles made under these umbrellas have both hit Disney+ sometime after arriving at the box office. Fans may also know the original Little Mermaid is currently available to stream on the site as well. So, if the 2023 version follows the same pattern, folks will likely get to see The Little Mermaid on Disney+ later this year too.

As for an exact release date for The Little Mermaid, that's more complicated. Most movies produced by Disney often go to its streamer site within three months after debuting in theaters, like the most recent Marvel film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. If this is the case for The Little Mermaid, it will probably drop in late August 2023 or sometime near Labor Day in early September.

When the time comes for The Little Mermaid to splash onto Disney+ though, make sure you're all prepared to watch it. If you don't have access yet, you can opt into a 30-day free trial before choosing a plan that start at $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. After your account is all set, click on the title page on Disney+'s official website or the Disney+ app.

As you wait for The Little Mermaid to hit the streamer, why don't you watch the animated version and its sequel The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea? Or if you want to immerse yourself in another live-action version, click on the 2019 ABC TV special The Little Mermaid Live!. Enjoy!

Will The Little Mermaid Be in Theaters or on Streaming?
Unlike several of Disney's other live-action remakes such as Pinocchio and Peter Pan & Wendy, The Little Mermaid will be exclusively in movie theaters first with tickets available for pre-sale now.

After The Little Mermaid has completed its exclusive theatrical run, the film will be released on the Disney+ streaming service. Based on Disney's past release models, the film won't be made available to stream before 45 to 90 days after its theatrical release.

When will The Little Mermaid be streaming on Disney+?
The Little Mermaid Disney+ premiere date is tentatively estimated to be August 30, 2023.

While no official Little Mermaid streaming date has been confirmed by Disney, most of its major movie releases drop on Disney+ following a minimum 90-day period, and typically premiere on the platform on Wednesdays, making Wednesday, August 30 the most likely date for Disney’s The Little Mermaid live-action streaming release.

Will The Little Mermaid Be Streaming On Disney+?
The 2023 version of The Little Mermaid will only be in theaters initially. After The Little Mermaid has completed its exclusive theatrical run, it is likely to stream on Disney Plus. You can also watch the animated version of Hans Christian Andersen's 1837 fairy tale of Ariel on Disney Plus now.

While you will only be able to catch the new "The Little Mermaid" in theaters starting next Friday, you can still sign up for Disney+ now to refresh yourself on the characters, song, plot and magical fun from the highly anticipated film. The 1989 version of the movie was a catalyst for Disney's animation renaissance throughout the '90s and it still holds up today.

An ad-supported Disney+ subscription starts at $8 per month, but you can get an ad-free access to the service for $11 monthly or bundle the Disney streaming service with Hulu and ESPN+ starting at $13 per month. Disney+ boasts a huge collection of movies and television series, including Marvel and Star Wars content. If you add in Hulu and ESPN, you have nearly unlimited entertainment at your fingertips.

Is The Little Mermaid streaming on Netflix?
No, The Little Mermaid will not be on Netflix — at least not any time soon. In the meantime, you’ll just have to head out to a movie theater or wait for it to become available to stream on Disney+.

Will The Little Mermaid Be On HBO Max?
No, The Little Mermaid will not be on HBO Max since it’s not a Universal Pictures movie. Last year, the company released its films in theaters and on the streamer on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.

Is The Little Mermaid Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new animation movie The Little Mermaid on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

How to Watch The Little Mermaid Online For Free?'
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There are a few ways to watch The Little Mermaid online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

The Little Mermaid Cast and Characters
The Little Mermaid was written by David Magee and directed by Rob Marshall. It stars the following actors:

Halle Bailey as Ariel

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula

Javier Bardem as King Triton

Noma Dumezweni as Queen Selina

Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric

Daveed Diggs as Sebastian

Awkwafina as Scuttle

Jacob Tremblay as Flounder

Art Malik as Sir Grimsby

What is The Little Mermaid About?
The official synopsis for The Little Mermaid by Walt Disney Studios read:

“The Little Mermaid” is the beloved story of Ariel, a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure. The youngest of King Triton’s daughters and the most defiant, Ariel longs to find out more about the world beyond the sea, and while visiting the surface, falls for the dashing Prince Eric. While mermaids are forbidden to interact with humans, Ariel must follow her heart. She makes a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, which gives her a chance to experience life on land, but ultimately places her life – and her father’s crown – in jeopardy.

There is not much mystery in The Little Mermaid's plot. As seen in Disney's many other live-action remakes, it is anticipated that the film's plot will largely stick to the original. With the well-known song "Part of Your World," in which Ariel sings about her wish to be a part of the world beyond the water, i.e., the human realm, the teaser already alluded to Ariel's fascination with the human world. Fans will get to see Ariel and Prince Eric's romance as they deal with the challenges posed by their differences.
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2023.06.05 09:32 zensec0 Majority of skills are useless in endgame

In the end game it seems like most skills are not viable. This forces players to pick a limited selection of skills to beat end game content.
Can anyone explain whats the point of having a robust skill tree when most of it will be ignored?
For example Rogue is a decent class. You have two choices if you go melee. Flurry or Twisting Blades.
If you pick Flurry and build around it you will reach a wall on end game. You are literally forced to pick Twisting Blades to progress.
Is this a skill issue on my part or a massive flaw in the game design?
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2023.06.05 09:31 embarrassed_error365 I’ve lost faith in free speech

Not that I’ve gained any faith in censorship.
But goddamn. My faith in free speech was predicated on the assumption that people can be reasoned with.
I think it has to do with social media. But I could be wrong since propaganda has existed for practically all of humanity. I guess social media is merely a new mode of widespread propaganda.
Either way, I’ve come to realize that humans are not entirely rational or reasonable. They are extremely emotional and highly driven by fear (and fear mongering propaganda).
Statistically speaking, we are living in some of the most peaceful times in human history, yet people are still terrified of “the other”.
Not to mention the fact that many people literally argue that anything they disagree with is literal demons. Bro. How tf do you reason with people who think differences of views will literally determine the destiny of their eternal souls? It’s terrifying to them. And I can sympathize with that. But I also understand they can’t rationally reason when they’re so afraid of an eternal afterlife.
So I’ve lost faith in free speech. It’s so easy for people to say their misinformation being fact checked is some grand conspiracy. It’s easy for them to say “Satan” is pulling the strings. It’s so easy for them to say the party they disagree with is maniacally pulling the strings in the background, in spite of the fact that the party they do agree with seem to have little to no trouble taking away rights that they disagree with.
I mean.. these people passed laws to ban books they hated. And then when their own laws backfired on them and got the Bible banned, based on THEIR laws, they still turned around and said it was the work of “spiritual warfare”.. 🤦‍♂️ oh, ffs. I guess Satan was working behind Christians, idk 🤷‍♂️, but it was anti-woke Christian conservatives who made that possible.
And no one was going after the Bible, btw. Christian conservatives were going after what they hated, and they succeeded (because there is no deep state against them). And THEN people retaliated and used their own laws against them to point out the error of their ways.
But I digress.
All this is to say, free speech is ineffective at advancing society when humans are so easily manipulated by fear. People aren’t rational or reasonable. They’re emotional. Bad speech isn’t combated with better speech because better speech is tossed aside as the Devil attacking one’s very soul.
However, all that being said, I’m not in favor of censorship either. Because we can look at what’s going on in China and see that the one who controls the narrative holds all the power. We MUST have the opportunity to oppose the narrative.
So I still believe we need freedom of speech, but I’ve lost faith in it.
Oh, and by the way, I don’t mindlessly believe left wing views either. I know they are full of shit, themselves. For as often as they can fact check misinformation from the right, I’ve read quite a few fact checks that were obviously mental gymnastics too.
Which, really, only further justifies skepticism of their talking points.
And it only shows me that the left and the right, as far as politicians go, including Trump and DeSantis, are all in this together. The media, the government, are all owned by the corporate elite.
They have us fighting over civil liberties to keep us divided so they can conquer us. The right in the fight to take away rights, forcing the left to fight to keep civil rights. The right to “defend” keeping the crumbs they get to have away from the minorities they perceive as the real threat to their crumbs.
It’s bizarre to see conspiracy theorists get so close to understanding that the corporate elite are manipulating us, and then turn around and blame marginalized groups and defend the free reign of corporations to do whatever they will, because they’re our corporate overlords, our practical gods they look to for survival. Freedom for the corporate overlords in the hopes their riches will trickle down. But money doesn’t trickle down, IT FLOATS TO THE TOP. Money goes upward far more than it goes downward.
But I digress again. Free speech isn’t good enough for emotionally driven humans. Censorship is worse, though.
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2023.06.05 09:31 Mediocre-Interview52 The Experiences of my father as an EX Convict

Part 1
My father spent 14 years locked behind the thick steel doors of the Barry Telford State Penitentiary located right outside Texarkana, Texas. Recently I took an interest in the darker events that have happened to various family members and sat down to ask him if he had any chilling stories or experiences he could share about his time he spent incarcerated, anything that he hadn’t shared with me before.
I was both pleased and horrified as for the next two hours he divulged some truly chilling and grotesque tales. I will just let you know now that some of these stories are graphic and if you have a weak stomach I’d advise you not to read further. For the rest of you, I won’t sparse details and I’ll lay them out exactly as he laid them out to me.
My dad was sent to the Telford unit a few months after his 21st birthday, sentenced to 20 years for armed robbery. It is a maximum security prison designed to mostly hold suspected gang members and violent criminals.
“The first day is a total shock to your system. You are stripped and cavity searched coming in and out of every room, you have a bed time, you are timed at meals, and thrown into a cell with 3 other inmates telling you the house rules and which bunk is yours. Then laying in bed that first night… that’s when it hits you that this is home, that this is your life now. Out of anything I can recall, that feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, that loss of freedom, that’s the scariest part of prison.”
He told me that as the months pass you get used to your routine, you start to need the structure, even crave it. He said he decided to make the best of it, learn as many skills as he could, and stay as busy as possible. One of his vocational skills he picked up was plumbing, and soon became the in house plumber for ‘A’ building.
Now the way the prison is set up is that there is an A-Building and a B-Building. Inside each building there are 10 cell houses, each cell house contains 12 cells that can hold anywhere from 1 to 4 inmates each. In the middle of each cell house is the Rec Room where the cells all open up to and this is where the inmates spend most of their free time.
In addition to the cell houses each building also contains several solitary wings, labeled from ‘A-Seg’ to ‘Z-Seg’.
“When I first got there, everyone kept joking that if I stepped out of line the guards would send me to ‘M-Seg.’ One day I asked a buddy, who had been locked up for 15 years already when I got there, why people kept talking about ‘M-Seg’ and not any of the other seg wings.”
“Look,” his buddy told him, “people who have extended stays in M just don’t come back the same, some don’t come back at all. The guards know it, that’s why they always fill M last, or put new guys there who they think might be troublemakers. A night in M and you’ll straighten your act up real quick. I’ve never been there myself, but I talked to a couple inmates who have and they both told me the same thing, something evil lives in that place.” So like I said, my dad had become the on call plumber for A-Building. He said it was about 6 months into the job when he had his first encounter with M-Seg.
“Whenever a toilet was stopped up or something was leaking the guards would just knock on my door and lead me to the problem. It was an around the clock type of thing, I didn’t mind though, any excuse to get out of the cell was fine by me. Plus you get your own cell since you’d be coming in and out at all hours of the night and day so that was a nice perk as well. Anyway, one night there is a knock on my door and the guard tell me to, ‘get dressed Rashell, we need you in seg.’ I get up, the guard opens my door and we start heading down to seg.”
“It’s a real mess down there, I’ve seen a lot of shit in my day but this is crazy…” the guard told my dad as he led him down the connecting corridors, “just make sure you wear your gloves and booties, Rashell.”
My dad was curious and asked the guard what had happened.
“Looney-toon on suicide watch, I guess somehow must’ve snuck in a piece of metal. Look, I shouldn’t tell you this but I don’t want you to be surprised when you get in there. ‘Crazy’ cut off his own genitals. He threw his testicles out on the run, but we can’t find his penis, and that’s where you come in.”
When they reached their destination there was another guard standing outside with an inmate holding a mop waiting to clean up after my dad was finished. My dad said when they opened the door to M-Seg it was almost hauntingly dark, four or five dim overhead lights ran down the hallway but seemed to act more like spotlights and gave off practically no ambient light. He said there was a trail of blood leading towards the back of the corridor. Each seg block had 14 cells with solid steel doors. Each door had a small window that could be opened and closed from the outside and a tray slit which the guy must’ve used to toss his testicles out. As he got closer he could see that blood was running out from a cell towards the end of the block through a small gap under the door.
“Open 13,” the guard yelled to another guard behind a glass window controlling the electronic locks.
“When I went in to that cell I couldn’t believe how much blood there was. It was on the walls and the ceiling, the entire mattress pad was doused in it… The toilet was flooded up to the brim and it looked like it was filled with blood. I used a cup to transfer the bloody water into buckets until I could start to see the silhouette of something under the water. I could see a big wad of toilet paper so I pulled it out and sat it on the floor. I could tell something was inside it. As I started to slowly unravel the wad, all of a sudden I started hearing this noise coming from the air vents, ‘tunk tunk tunk,’ it sounded like someone crawling or trying to sneak through them almost, I didn’t think much of it at the time but I’ll get back to that later. Anyway, I unroll the paper and sure enough the guy’s pecker was right there.”
The guard took it and dropped it in a bag of ice and after making sure the toilet flushed he started leading my dad back to the entrance of M Seg.
“When we got down the hall waiting for the exit door to open all the lights went out.”
“Shit,” muttered the guard, “against the wall inmate.”
“I stood back against the wall,” my dad continued, “and as the guards tried to figure out what was going on I heard that noise in the vents again. It was coming from the cell I had just come out of,
“‘tunk tunk tunk…’
“I didn’t know what it was but it gave me this awful feeling, and as I was standing there I realized it was getting louder and faster and closer to me.
“‘tunk… tunk…. tunk, tunk, TUNK, TUNK, TUNK.’
“It sounded like whatever was in that vent was now in a dead sprint right at us, the guard was trying to ignore it but I could tell he heard it too because he kept looking back over his shoulder and started yelling at the guard behind the glass.
“‘Hey! Hey!’ -TUNK, TUNK, TUNK- ‘Hurry up and get this fucking door open!’ -TUNK, TUNK, TUNK-
“Just as the noise in the vent got up to us, the lights came back on and it went silent. The door opened up and the guard got us out of there as fast as he could. A few days later I saw the inmate who was waiting on janitor duty that night and asked him if he had seen anything. He told me he saw them wheel a guy covered in blood out on a stretcher and that he was screaming about a ‘man in the vents’ and that the man had told him to do it.”
My dad also asked him if he had heard anything in the vents while he was mopping up, but he told my dad he didn’t hear anything, but that he found the metal the man from 13 had used to cut himself.
“It was buried in a pool of blood,” the guy said, “damnedest thing too, looked like a piece of shrapnel cut out from air duct metal.”
The next story my dad shared with me is more graphic and scary in the sense of what human beings are capable of.
“We get new guys that think they are going to be bad asses all the time. Sometimes it works out for them and other times it doesn’t. There were lots of serious gangs in BTU, and sometimes you get a guy who comes in from a local street gang that doesn’t really comprehend how violent some of these big gangs are. It’s like they are ‘playing’ gang to look cool, like kids play cops and robbers, the problem is that they think other people are just ‘playing’ gang too or something.
“Anyway we had this one guy, Ricky, come in and everyone but him knew it was going to end badly for him. He was this young Hispanic guy, and he thought his small town gang was a direct rival to another Hispanic gang, MS-13. He would curse out and disrespect them in front of everyone at chow time and in the halls, and scream at their members who’d pass his cell.
“He’d only been there a week, some of the elders tried telling him he needed to calm down before he got hurt but Ricky was hard headed and just wouldn’t hear it.
“Well one day during dinner the chow hall was quiet and Ricky was nowhere to be seen. My table was dismissed first and as we made our way back to our cell house we turned the corner to see Ricky covered in blood stumbling towards us, arms wrapped around his stomach.
“He was completely naked, big patches of his skin cut from his body where his tattoos had been. Both of his eyes were popped out from their sockets and were just dangling towards the ground. The side of his head was caved in where they had stomped his skull until his eyes came out. As he came closer I could see he was holding his intestines in his hands.
“The worst part to me is that he hadn’t died during it, that he was conscious for every blow and every cut… He just hobbled up the hall in our directions crying and asking,
“‘Why can’t I look up? Why can’t I look up?’
“He collapsed and passed out a few seconds later, and died right there at our feet. They never found out who did it…”
Alright I’ll share one more story my dad shared with me I found kind of creepy, as this is getting pretty long.
About seven years into his stint in prison my dad said through a series of circumstances he ended up having to stay the night in M-Seg. The A-Building was being renovated and repaired and as a result they were sending the inmates to stay in seg in waves.
Well it had been years since my dad had been to the rarely used M-seg and he had convinced himself that he was just hearing things that night. They were leading prisoners out one cell at a time and transferring them to the various seg blocks. My dad’s cell was on the end and he had his cell to himself so when they transferred him he wasn’t accompanied by any other inmates. To his dismay all the seg blocks had been filled, except for M, that is.
They led him down to the end of M and opened the door to 14, which was right next to the cell the man had cut himself in all those years ago.
“Everything was fine until lights out. It was really dark in there, each cell has a little night light thing above the toilet but it’s not enough to see anything or read or write. Anyway it was so dark I figured the only thing I could do was go to sleep. But all night I kept hearing the guy in the cell next to me talking to himself. The way the cells are set up the vents carry any little noise to the adjoining cells. The vent themselves are located right at the foot of the little cots in each cell. People would sit next to them to communicate and pass time during stints in solitary but this guy wasn’t talking to me he was like he was talking to himself and it was starting to really wear on my nerves. I banged on the vent and told him to keep it down but he just kept talking in this whispery voice, and it sounded like he was chanting the same thing over and over but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I put my ear up to the vent to try and see what he was saying and my hairs stood up on the back of my head when I swear god I felt his breath in my ear as clear as day I heard him whispering,
“‘I remember you, I remember you, I remember you.’ in this frantic melodic tune.
“‘Well you won’t remember anything when I bash your head in if you don’t keep it down in there,’ I told him.
“All of a sudden his voice got a little louder and angrier in tone,
“‘I’ll slit your throat, I’ll slit your throat, I’ll slit your throat.’
“I was a little unnerved but I’ve heard a lot worse after so many years in prison so I just told him to fuck off and decided I’d let the guards deal with it in the morning. Well morning came and when the guard brought me my breakfast I told him if he didn’t do something about the guy keeping me up all night in 13 that I would.
“‘What are you talking about Rashell? You are the only person in M seg,’ the guard told me as chills ran down my spine.
“That night as soon as the light went out the whispers started again, and this time I was petrified.
“‘I’ll slit your throat. I’ll slit your throat. I’ll slit your throat…’
“The whispers were more aggressive this time, clearer too. Then all of a sudden they went from whispers to deep guttural screams,
It scared me so bad I fell out of my cot and scooted on the floor until I felt my back hit the wall opposing the air vent. As my eyes came into focus in absolute horror I saw the silhouette of a head directly inside the vent. I couldn’t make out it’s features but I see it’s eyes. They were full of hatred and rage and they were locked right into me. Fast and louder he just continued screaming that he’d slit my throat, as the vent casing started to shake. Now the vents go straight up in a duct to a main duct then back down to the next cell through another duct, so you can’t see into your neighbor’s cell from your cell. That meant whatever this… thing… was, it was right inside my vent… I jumped up and banged on the steel door as hard as I could telling for a guard.
“‘Help! Help! Somebody!’
“A guard came running down the hall and as soon as he slid the door window open the vent went silent.
“‘You gotta get me out of here, something is in the vents,’ I pleaded.
“To my surprise the guard didn’t protest my request. Instead he just told me to hang tight for a second and then clicked his radio and said,
“‘Need an open cell for a transfer from M seg,’ he paused for a second then leaned back into his radio and simply said, ‘he’s back.’
“He opened the door and led me down the corridor and as they did the whole time we were followed by that familiar sound in the vents,
“‘Tunk… tunk… tunk…’
“I’ve seen and heard a lot in my years, not a lot gets under my skin, but I was shaking like a leaf the whole way out of M-seg… I don’t think I took a breath until I walked out the block doors and heard them shut behind me. I finally worked up the nerve to ask that guard what the hell was in those vents.
“‘I don’t know, Rashell. Warden’ll tell you there’s nothing in those vents. All I can tell you is that whatever it is, it’s evil.’”
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2023.06.05 09:31 ezonbobberus How to Choose the Right Fishing Bobber for Your Needs?

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2023.06.05 09:31 Navy_Dragon_ C language small code doubt

int main()
char grade;
printf("Enter your grade: ");
scanf(" %c", grade);
case 'A' :
printf("You did great!");
case 'B' :
printf("You did well!");
case 'C' :
printf("You did alright");
case 'D' :
printf("You barely passed");
case 'F' :
printf("You failed");
default :
printf("Invalid grade");
return 0;
Can anyone help out and tell me why me taking the grade as an input doesn't work? It works fine when i define the grade like
char grade = 'A';
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