Dog boarding scarborough maine

Just a little rant

2023.05.29 23:21 Und3r00ss Just a little rant

Just a little rant
I have a husky of my own so I always give people the benefit of the doubt when I get a boarding request for husky but almost very time I’ve had such a bad experience 💀 this time definitely made me contemplate to ever care for a husky again lol, dog was truly something of nightmares. He would pee and poop everywhere, peed on my brand new couch multiple times and when I would tell him no he would growl and snapped multiple times. And at night he busted out of my crate and broke it 😩
Funny thing the owner mentioned something only right when they dropped him off that he’s not “aggressive” and only snapped once at them and that another sitter pulled him too hard by his collar and injured his throat. The dog was one of the most aggressive dogs I’ve ever had!
I’m just grateful for my husky and how he makes me want to give other huskies a chance but no lol just no.
Do any of you have breeds you wouldn’t take?
Added a photo of my pup expressing my feelings towards this boarder lol
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2023.05.29 23:19 Adrian-266 M26 Hiya, Lets keep each other company 😊 [Chat][Relationship][Friendship]

Hi, I am Adrian, 26 and from the UK. pics on profile. Been having a rough few days, especially recently and have the week off work and nothing planned. So thought to meet new people and chat. Learn about someone and keep each other company. Looking for some relaxed and chill chats, long or short term. Mainly looking for girls. Can be from anywhere, come and introduce yourself. Creeps and weirdos will be blocked
To start us off, message with your name, age and where you are from.
Pros - cons of me:
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2023.05.29 23:16 Bittersweet_7 UOttawa Healthsci vs. UofT life science vs. Western MedSci

Currently on the waitlist for Queens healthsci, as this doesn't guarantee a spot, I have to accept one of my other offers (UOttawa health science, UofT life science (at either Scarborough or Mississauga), Western Medical Science). My end goal is to get into medical school through one of these programs, but I'm having a hard time deciding which one would be best.
Main things to consider:
  1. Focused environment (atmosphere of the school - preferably not a party school or the opposite extreme)
  2. Ease of getting into medical school (difficulty of maitaining a high GPA, extracurriculars/research opportunities available, courses in the program - would it require using elective space for med. pre-reqs)
  3. Size of the program (how difficult/easy is it to communicate/reach out to professors and TAs + making friends with people in the program, how competitive are those around you in terms of getting into medical school)
Also if you're currently attending any of these programs with a similar goal, I would appreciate if you could talk about your experience :)
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2023.05.29 23:15 Bigdaddyslimboy My current setup. Can’t recommend ground control enough. The noodles is my staple!

My current setup. Can’t recommend ground control enough. The noodles is my staple!
I keep my power supply above the board to make sure I don’t overcrowd the rig. I’m protecting myself against GAS.
Chain is q-tron-> meris enzo -> Cali 76 -> tsukuyomi mid boost -> noodles -> fat bee -> mako d1 (dual setting with modded slap back to get a very subtle widening effect -> vongon ultra-sheer -> matchless lightning 20 based custom amp (main out)/fender blues jr (stereo support)
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2023.05.29 23:15 _Flight_of_icarus_ B650E vs X670E motherboards

Hey all,
So I recently built a secondary (and simple) AM5-based PC for gaming on my TV in my living room. I have a primary PC used for all-purposes (gaming, general office tasks, some workstation use for audio stuff) that I was planning on doing a rebuild of next year, but it's become quite clear to me that the performance I'm getting from the old rig just isn't going to cut it that much longer for me (it's still on an i7 7700k and B250). I've already replaced half of the stuff in it from repairs/upgrades this year, so it's basically a MOBO, CPU and RAM away from being a brand new PC anyways - thinking of selling the rest of my old parts and putting the proceeds towards upgrading the rest of the main PC later this year instead.
With that said, I'm likely to stick w/the AM5 platform as I'm planning for long term use and want to be able to upgrade the CPU down the road without having to buy a new board. I'm also thinking of stepping it up to a B650E or X670E based board. It's my understanding that both types support overclocking, have more USB ports and offer PCIE-5 slots, but that the X670E is typically thought of as the superior option.
I'm not planning on doing any aggressive OCing, but I've also noticed there is some price overlap between some boards in these two chipsets at the more affordable end. I guess I'm just curious if there is any reason to choose a B650E board over an X670-E board if two options are at/around the same price?
Would definitely appreciate some clarification. Thanks much!
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2023.05.29 23:14 goodeejin An 105 applicant with low secondary school marks, what can I do to make them better?

I graduated from high school just last June, and because I didn’t have the PR nor the money to pay international students' tuition, I gave up going to post-secondary and took one year off. But now that I have my PR and pretty much can handle any uni tuition fees with OSAP, I am thinking about studying at a university next year.
Last year, when I applied for Humanities at UofT, the average of my prerequisite course and other 5 U/M course marks, was 87(it might go lower if I include my other Gr 11&12 courses) and I was rejected and was offered to Humanities at UofT Scarborough instead. I assume it will be even hard to get accepted to UofT SC because of the average inflation and other… But my major goal firsthand is going to St. Georges campus so in that sense, I must increase my high-school marks. And just to securely have an offer of admission from them, I’m wanting to reach a low 90’s average or more.
I’ve done some internet research and I see a lot of online high schools where I can gain credits and “upgrade my high school marks for post-secondary institutions”-but I doubt that they are actually helpful. When I was discussing with my guidance councillor back in Gr. 12, she told me some competitive programs manually decrease online course marks when they calculate the average marks of the applicant(seemingly they do it because online courses are easy to get higher marks).
So my main question is; is raising up my average to over 90’s by taking online courses be really helpful? If not, what can I do? Returning to high school day classes? Doing part-time classes?
I will welcome any other advice or even questions about my concerns. Thanks:))
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2023.05.29 23:12 wonowoo 2nd Build in Ncase M1 v4

Background: So I'm not new to building sff computers but the last time I did was in 2015 with my ncase m1, i7-6700k, asus z170i, reference gtx970, corsair 32gb ddr4-2666, samsung 850 evo. Prior to that was in 2011 with a sg-07, i5-2500, zotac H67, gigabyte hd6870, g.skill 8gb ddr3-1333, corsair force 3. As these builds show, the 2015 was relatively high end at the time but not the highest, and the 2011 build was rather budget conscious. Realistically, the 2015 build was overkill, I never ended up OC at all and I personally rarely play any intense games (at most some league from time to time).
So with that out of the way, the build I am aiming for in 2023 is something more budget minded with the purpose of doing sim racing and maybe some VR games. I don't have either of these systems yet but I already have a 3090 and I want to reuse the m1.
The Build:
For the 3090 I'm planning to deshroud, repad, and devolt, and use fans on the cooler as exhaust. I will add 2 fans on the side panel as intake to blow cool air on to the motherboard and into the case with a cpu cooler with fans facing the rear as an exhaust. I don't plan to watercool (even though I bought the frozenq reservoir when I got the m1, again buying things I don't use/need). Most of the parts selection is chosen because it is on the compatibility list for that board on asus website.
Main Questions:
  1. Any reason I should choose an AMD system instead? Something like the 7600x? Or should I pay a bit extra for 13600KF, although I won't OC? Or 12th gen?
  2. Stock cpu cooler good enough? Any other cooling solutions I need to consider for the case?
  3. DDR4 vs DDR5? Is the corsair set a good one?
  4. SF600 enough? According to pcpartpicker it should be.
  5. Any bettemore value motherboard to consider?
  6. I'm not in a rush to build, should I wait for 14th gen?
Hopefully once this build is all said and done I can run some benchmarks for the community, I love SFF and all the information I have gathered from this sub and other sites in the last week to put this build together. TIA
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2023.05.29 23:12 MissDiem They did NOT stick the landing

Love the show, still do, always will. But the ending was a letdown for this masterpiece.
I've lived in the real world version of Succession, and one of my favorite things is how uncannily accurate the depiction of the business and culture has been. The situations and details, while exaggerated for comedy and drama, are ones that can and do happen.
The ending chapter tosses that away, along with character consistency. Hear me out.
Character-wise, Kendall wouldn't be stammeringly unprepared for his pitch. Shiv has always been composed in the business environment, even under pressure, even when she has no right to be. Last parts of this season, she abruptly becomes a nervous wreck, which isn't even her. Roman has always been an overconfident and ebullient douche, and now suddenly zaps into a fragile introvert?
This ending required the main protagonists to instantly and magically convert into characters they've never been. And that's key. Characters can grow, or can change more quickly from an unexpected event, but you don't make your entire story dependent on all of them undergoing the most improbable and instantaneous re-inventions.
A large merger doesn't really turn based on the name of an inconsequential CEO. And for Gojo, there's zero reasons to select Tom, and a hundred reasons not to. It's a regulatory and legal and governance and optics improbability of huge scale, betraying the usual verisimilitude of the Succession universe. If a puppet is sought, there's a million faceless ones available.
We can see why that was done, to set up one more pair of scenes in which Shiv and Tom can verbally slaughter each other. But it was possible to have that without the nonsensical ending. Mattson could play them each for his sadistic fun, without actually making the impossibly unrealistic Tom choice. Fans get those scenes, but the plot remains solvent.
As an aside, another example of how the finale departed from the overall solidity of this series was how nobody was even that aware or even concerned of what might be happening in the Presidential election. Really? Seriously? Oh, is something happening in Wisconsin that would change the president from one to the other? I hadn't heard...
Shiv's last second board room flip makes zero sense in or out of the Succession world. It rests on her suddenly remembering something she's known for a long time and has long since made her peace with. Hours earlier, the "Drink Fit For A King" more than confirms that. It's even sealed by their shared accord that to execute Mattson requires a killer.
Then the plot next relies on Kendall being replaced by a different character wearing his skin, who suddenly starts lying transparently and gets violent. It's not Kendall. Kendall didn't physically attack and kill a waiter. His weakness and passivity led to that incident. No intent, and no violence, just indifference. It's much different. For those who will say he pushed Rome at the birthday, that meek baby push just cements that physical violence is foreign to Kendall.
And Kendall's way of lying has always been slick and calculating. Always. Suddenly, replacement Kendall is lying like a toddler. True Kendall would have rapidly deduced whatever Shiv wanted to hear, and would have at least tried to lie in ways that would seem to placate her interests. His pitch would never have been one of begging.
So, yeah, to me, this last chapter flopped, relative to the immense strength of the series.
I don't critique unless I know there were better endings possible. I'm sure lots here have ideas on that. Here's just one that I think I would like to have seen instead...
Greg intercepts what he thinks is Mattson's betrayal, tips off Shiv, who flips the merger. We get enjoyable scenes of the Roy siblings completing the foreshadowed "bleed the Swede" mission, including the glee of watching consequences hit the loathsome Mattson. In the show (or perhaps even post-show?) viewers discover that what Greg thinks he discovered is in error. His translation app has botched it and given opposite meaning to the translation. The ending and permanent consequences for everyone have all been driven by Greg's limited competence and self-serving paranoia, and maybe, by the fact that phone apps are often bullshit. That's the kind of ending I would have loved.
Look, there was fun to be had in this finale. Typical Kendall disregarding someone as "new Jess", Caroline being Caroline, Connor being perfectly consistent Connor, emotion in the "found footage" and the Kendall drink coronations. But the unrealistic plot and total character bankruptcies at the last minute did not land.
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2023.05.29 23:02 Icy-Interaction-6559 Great Mouse War - NYC apartment, avoiding traps :(

TL;DR - Several months ago, apartment mice began in my NYC apartment kitchen but were kept under control by excessive cleaning and food removal, with one or two traps set up. 10 days ago, my roommate and our dog left for a few days and I spotted mice in other rooms of the apartment for the first time. Long story short they got BOLD and kept coming near me. Landlord/Super is not in the building half the time and when he finally came to check it out for the third time in 2 months, he gave me more traps and denied that there are any holes in my apartment (due to the fact he caulked up some a few years ago) even though I 100% have mice (it's not rats I got a VERY good up-close look) and virtually every neighbor in my wall line reported them and my landlord admitted there is an infestation in the basement and 1st floor. Also, the mice have avoided every single type of trap set while still eating the bait from spring traps.
THINGS I'VE TRIED: *NOTE* All traps were cleaned first with no harsh chemicals only sweet-smelling dish soap and traps were exclusively handled with gloves.
Baits used- Rotated and/or combined foods for bait; peanut butter; whole wheat bread; white bread; dog food; dog treats; powdered liver dog food topper; bagels; grease from cooked ground beef.
Traps used- Voltage kill-traps; snap traps; simple no-kill bait traps; poison kill-traps; bucket flip-trap for field mice (dog-proof that's why)
Misc. Measures used - physical barriers and reinforced edges with many layers of duct tape to isolate them to the rooms they enter and exit from. Poison pellets behind appliances, or anywhere the dog cannot reach.
Measures that HELPED a tiny bit (not eradicated) - Poison pellets (reports of dead mice in the basement level, didn't really help my apartment though), the physical barriers I sealed up w duct tape, and my dog simply existing in the living room.
Long story version of the above.
So, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC with a roommate and a dog. We've been dealing with a mice infestation in the building for months, with a few sightings in the kitchen and some eaten food. Luckily, until about a week ago, we had zero sightings or signs of mice in any other rooms. When this began about 2 months ago, we alerted our landlord and told him where we thought they were coming from to which he responded "Well I closed that off two years ago so they can't be coming from there," *Fun Fact* They are coming from there. And other places in the apartment too. The method we've used to curb mice for the last few months was obsessively cleaning our kitchen with vinegar and peppermint oil each time we cook and wiping surfaces after EVERY possible food contact. They did not leave but they stayed just in the kitchen and since we cut off access to our food, got more explorative in the kitchen, but less spotting altogether. In retrospect, what kept them isolated to the kitchen after the food removal was the fact that my large dog stays out of there usually.
Fast forward to about 10 days ago, my roommate went out of town, and our dog stayed with their friend after the first day or two. Once I was the only person left in the apartment, the horrors started. I saw my first mouse run from the bathroom to my roommate's bedroom (I sleep in the living room) and I then started hearing mice in the living room (my room), behind a large armoire that acts as a fake fireplace. I immediately cleared out the entryway room to become the only truly mouse-proofed room in the entire apartment, double-bagged all food and put it in there, triple-bagged all dog food + treats, and sealed sealed sealed the room up. Not a single piece of accessible food was left in any part of the apartment. The less accessible the food got, the bolder the mice became. Eventually, after grabbing a single cookie and holding it IN MY HAND, the only food in the house outside the mouse-proof room, within 2 minutes of sitting on the couch a mouse climbs on and comes face-to-face with me. I had been sleeping on the couch at this point due to a mouse having run across my bed a few days prior. After this I deep cleaned virtually every single spot in the living room I could reach using a mixture of vinegar, peppermint oil, and anti-bacterial cleaning spray and sealed up any places I could conceive of even a roach being able to fit through. The kitchen is not possible to seal without the help of my landlord since the oven, sink, and refrigerator are immovable (kitchen walkway is about 2 feet wide at most from edge of counter to opposing wall trapping my appliances to their position).
On the 5th day of leaving message after message to my super (who is only in the building about half the time anyways) he finally came back to check it out, and stated the entire wall line of the building and the whole 1st floor + basement was having mice infestations, and promptly told me the same thing he did last time without pulling out any appliances to check behind them or even bothering to offer any alternative possibilities to where they might be coming from. My interpretation of my Super's stance on the problem is "You have mice. The entire building and especially the lower floors also have mice. I mice-proofed your apartment years ago so I needn't check to make sure it's still sealed. I believe you have no entrances or exits for mice although I won't check. Here are some traps and poison pellets just in case you have mice. But you definitely have mice though." He's visited three times in 2 months for this and says this every single time.
Before the landlord arrived, I had several no-kill mouse traps baited with peanut butter that the mice seemed to avoid like the plague. The landlord simply put up a bunch of snap-traps for mice and I went on Amazon to order a few chemical kill traps and a bucket-trap for field mice (it's dog-proof that's why). My super also sprinkled a bunch of mouse poison anywhere my dog can't get to.
It's been about 4 days since my landlord came and I set up every new trap. I made sure to wear gloves, thoroughly clean each trap, and rubbed a lil bread (that they'd already eaten a portion of previously) on the outside of the trap because why not make it smell nicer and more inviting? My dog is back in the house, my roommate is home, and while mice are now back in just the kitchen mainly (likely because of the dog) they are still super active and avoiding every single trap I've set and managing to eat the bait from every snap-trap without setting it off. They avoid altogether the voltage traps, simple bait traps, chemical traps, and bucket-trap. As bait, I've tried using peanut butter, dog food, dog treats, whole wheat + white bread, and even a bagel. I also did the thing where I tried to make them enter the trap by giving them no other alternative and then they suddenly begin finding new ways to climb walls or find another access point to come in and out of.
I'm so tired, my roommate is even more scared of mice than I am, and the dog is helpful, but won't drive them out completely. My super sucks, wtf do I do now? I don't want to have to report the building as having "Unsanitary conditions: Pests: Mice" to the NYC311 (NYC govt-run non-emergency city services) but after months of this and the last few weeks of intense mice-battling I am really struggling.
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2023.05.29 23:00 Pinkfreud2248 Some thoughts on romanticization of mental health issues

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this “mental health awareness” thing that is now so prevalent in society… I am very glad to live in a time where we don’t consider mental disorders to just be a “bad attitude”, of a person in need of a lobotomy, or something like it was in the past, but man, we have overcompensated way too much. We are now in a time where blinking and breathing are “signs of mental illness”. Well, okay, not yet but we’re quickly getting there considering every little quirk that people possess that happens to go against the classic stereotype of “normal”, is now hyper-analyzed and thrown under the diagnostic criteria for any disease that someone could possibly reach and connect it to. I can think of a few things that might be why we came to this. Uncertainty is uncomfortable for people, first of all. It feels good to have an explanation for everything so instead of having all of their burning questions unanswered, people start shoving the wrong puzzle piece in with the hope and desperation that they can finally complete the goddamn thing. “I mean, the puzzle piece literally has the same shape as the one I actually need, it looks so right, why can’t I just put it in instead of sorting through everything for the right one?” I feel like it’s that kind of frustration (I think I’m just bitter about my latest puzzle) but there is also now an “appeal” to sickness in the age of social media. Everyone is comparing themselves to others and feeling inadequate, so they want to find something that makes them unique, not only seemingly to others but even to themselves. Yeah, it’s twisted, I know, imagine practically wishing chronic diarrhea, kidney disease, or cancer on yourself for the sake of attention and validation. It sounds harsh and even “out there”, but think about it, why is a physical illness more unappealing than a mental one? Where the lines do get blurry though, is that while physical illnesses are easily distinguishable, mentally ill behavior can so so easily be recognized as personality traits. And this is why personality traits are now being recognized as mentally ill behavior. For a while, it’s been a simple mistake, which it still is, but now is different. We have glamorized these illnesses based on the kind of people we consider to have them. People are craving depression because it makes them think of the broody poet who is a misunderstood, artistic soul. People are craving anxiety because it makes them think of a submissive sweetheart with an adorable sense of innocence that everyone thinks is so cute. People are craving neurological deficiencies because they think of that one girl from the movies who is… “nOt LiKe tHe OtHeR gIrLs” and is actually more of a catch to the protagonist than the pretty blonde ever was because of her qUirKiNeSs. People are craving psychosis because they think of those mysterious folks who, once you crack, can be the most fascinating of people you’ve ever examined. I can go on for miles but I think you get the point… It sounds insensitive but I just think people need more hobbies or something because I can’t help but know that this is nothing but an attempt to stand out from the crowd and feel established without earning it. If you can’t pridefully be the best, at least you have the chance at being the best at having it the worst. Winning the Oppression Olympics is still a win, and no attention is bad attention. This issue is rooted in the desire for sympathy on top of everything else, of course. The more sympathy you have and the more your mistakes are pinned on some uncontrollable, external force, the more that accountability for shitty actions can just be relieved from your shoulders, masking further feelings of shame and inadequacy. People use these disorders as an excuse for things that literally aren’t even connected to it at this rate. “Sorry I wiped my ass with your toothbrush and then beat your dog, I have depression.” And the worst part is, it’s spread all over the internet so that leads to another potential reason for this nonsense, and that being trends along with word of mouth. Well, it’s not the cause of it all starting in the first place, but certainly a reason why this becomes an even bigger, unstoppable mess. This is so relevant now online that misinformation spreads and spreads, leading impressionable children to jump on the bandwagon, posting themselves faking disorders. I pity all of them, some because I believe they are just ignorant but still genuine, and others because they are so unsatisfied in their lives that they resort to the all time low of crying wolf in the most offensive, grimy way by faking these illnesses on purpose. I wish I could say that was an exaggeration, but there have been multiple cases of people being caught in a lie after having pretended to have things like Tourette’s. And me ten, fuck, even five years ago, would never imagine that the biggest crave would be having autism… It’s absolutely ridiculous and it makes my blood fucking boil because at the end of the day, the attempt was to change the way people view and treat mental illness, Oh it did, alright, but just in the complete opposite direction. The loudest ones on this issue are these people (because trust me, actual sufferers don’t think about taking selfies for Instagram in the midst of a breakdown), and they dominate the internet to the point where they are now the face of all things mental health. Any outsider now will not have increased respect, but will react in such disdain and really, laughter, because it all looks like a pathetic joke now and that fucking sucks for the people who are really in need for patience, support, and understanding. My life has been DESTROYED by the hands of mental illness. It sounds eye-roll inducing now, but to ruin every relationship you have, neglect even basic hygiene from fatigue, and feel so devoid of hope that you contemplate suicide everyday, is very painful and these people just kind of spit in your face by completely devaluing everything you’ve fought through. I have a lot of anger and hate in me for this (as you can tell), but like I said before, I mainly just have pity for the nosedive we’ve taken as a whole…
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2023.05.29 22:59 JayJay-nTheBeanStalk My (28F) mother gave me little to no beauty education. Please give me your best tips. TIA

Hi! A few things about me: caucasian, mixed skin (strong tendency towards dryness, with greasy nose/T area). Very dry hair, takes a whole week for some natural grease to gather. A patch of ?dandruff? towards the forehead (will get it checked with a dermatologist). Dunno what the metabolism is called, but I have a terrible tendency of gaining lots of weight/retaining water in my legs while staying weirdly thin on the upper part of my body. I exercise 1-2 times a week, stretch 2-4 times a week and go on 2+ hour walks with my dogs daily. I currently weigh 60 kilos with 1.65 height. My ideal weight would be 52-53kg. Dunno what else to say. These are my main concerns anyway, but I'd appreciate any input really. I'll answer questions. I trust you guys'll be nice. Thanks lots!
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2023.05.29 22:57 throwawaypunkin44 23F- Looking for friends to game with and chat to :)

Hello there! A small intro about me- I'm a 23 y/o college student studying mammal ecology that's always been a tad shy- but quite talkative once I get to know you! I don't game religiously, but it's one of my favorite passtimes. (I play Genshin and Animal Crossing, mainly!) I also enjoy talking about science and technology, and I'm pretty open to all opinions. Cat mom of 2 🐱🐱 dog mom of one 🐶 Looking to hopefully make some friends from this sub, anyone at all can message :)
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2023.05.29 22:37 Artafiction Almost to top 10 in agency rank

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2023.05.29 22:36 Salvator1453 Six Ghost Ideas

Here are some ghost ideas that I thought of for Phasmophobia!
I will be putting ideas I like more on the top (the top three are the ideas I personally like the most), but I thought all of these would be pretty fun and/or interesting ideas. (the names can change, as I'm not great with names)
Parts that have stars/are italicized are ideas that I don't think are necessary as part of the overall concept for that particular ghost or might be too difficult for the devs to implement, but would still be a cool addition if it could be done.
Stalker -
When taking a photo, if the ghost is anywhere in the frame of the photo, the ghost will appear in the photo (even if it is not actually visible like in a hunt or ghost event). This will count as a ghost photo for the purpose of objectives. Capturing a photo of the stalker like this will consume 7 sanity every time this happens (the ghost will continue to appear in photos even when you already have the ghost photo).
The Stalker will constantly follow the closest player to it around. The Stalker's favorite room is based on player location - it will always be within 10 meters of the player it is following (the stalker can still change favorite rooms even if that setting is turned off, although it will only do it if every player moves too far away from it's favorite room). The Stalker will always start its hunt outside of the vision of the player it is following.
The Stalker, when hunting, will be extremely slow if not being looked at by a player, but will be quieter than a myling, not being able to be heard while hunting unless you are within 5 meters of it. If any player looks at it while in line of sight of the ghost, it will travel at 2.5m/s towards that player, but will be extremely loud, being able to be heard while hunting up to 30 meters away. If multiple players are looking at it, it will travel to the closest one.
Evidence -
Fingerprints, D.O.T.S, Ghost Writing

When the Strigoi kills a player, the hunt is extended much longer than normal, and the Strigoi gains a +0.5m/s speed boost, a +10% hunt threshold, and a 25% increase in activity for the duration of the game. The Strigoi can stack these bonuses if multiple people have died. A player being revived does not remove these bonuses. A strigoi will gain a bonus even if a player is killed via hanged man or the monkey paw.
The Strigoi will become more enraged and bloodthirsty if players keep escaping it during hunts. It will gain a -1 second to smudge blindness, a -10 second to smudge hunt cooldown, and a -2 seconds for general hunt cooldown every time it sees a player during a hunt but that player lives to see the end of the hunt.
The Strigoi are invisible if they don't see a player or aren't chasing a player. They also have a similar chance to an obake to transform into an animal when they are visible.
Ghost Writing, Freezing Temps, Ghost Orbs

The Ayakashi is more powerful in the presence of water.
The Ayakashi is more likely to turn on sinks and showers. If there are no showers or sinks that are on in its ghost room, it will roam to the nearest shower or sink and turn it on.
The more sinks and showers that are on in a 30 meter radius (this should cover the whole house of a small house, but should make it so it's not extremely fast on a map like sunny meadows), the faster and more aggressive the Ayakashi is. Every sink or shower that is on in this radius adds +0.1m/s to the Ayakashi's speed and +4% hunt threshold.
The Ayakashi does not gain LoS speed.
The Ayakashi has a rare ability to create a fake "obstruction". A door that used to be there will disappear, or a hiding spot will seemingly be blocked. But if a player intentionally walks into this fake obstruction, it will disappear and it will be revealed the door or hiding spot was there all along.
Base speed (clear, sunset, windy) 1.0m/s
Foggy/any type of snow - Normal ghost speed
Light rain - 2.0m/s
Heavy rain - 2.5m/s
Ghost Orb, Freezing Temps, D.O.T.S

The Fool
The Fool is my idea for another "tricky" ghost like the mimic, but more focused on evidence.
The Fool's main gimmick is that it can fake evidence, unlike the mimic. The Fool has three "true" pieces of evidence that never change, and one changing piece of evidence. However, due to the Fool just pretending to have that evidence, there is a 25% chance it gives evidence in a messed up form. For example, a fool that is faking fingerprints might give a dog print instead of a human print. Or a handprint with only 4 fingers. More examples of "messed up" evidence: Spirit Box - Chance to speak gibberish or just giggle. D.O.T.S - Chance to appear as the big head ghost model. Ghost Writing - chance to draw a unique drawing, maybe the fool model from the tarot card.
The fool has a higher chance to do that giggle thing ghosts can do.
*The fool's hunt threshold is usually 50%, but if someone draws a fool card from the tarot card deck, that sanity threshold is temporarily raised like a yokai to 80%, and the fool goes straight to where the player drew the fool the next time it hunts. *
*If someone draws a card during a hunt (making it a fool), the ghost will know where the player was at the moment they drew the card. *
The fool does not consume sanity when you joke with it on the oujia board.
Possible idea I had was to make the fool act sort of like a mimic but in excess. So if it pretends to be a mare, for example, every action it does is excessively mare like - it constantly breaks lights, turns off lights, or uses its mare lightswitch ability - it rarely does anything else. Basically, "overdoing" it’s act as another ghost. This idea doesn't fit for all ghost types, makes the fool a bit too much like the mimic, and also makes it too easy to identify, so that's why I'm not putting it in the main idea, though I do think it would be a fun addition.
The fool is more reluctant to give its actual true evidence. It will take longer to get freezing, EMF 5 is more rare, and ghost orbs are harder to find.
True evidence:
Ghost Orb, Freezing Temps, EMF 5

The Spider
The spider is a patient ghost that prefers to ambush players.
The spider will not initiate a hunt unless a player is in it's ghost room.
The spider does not hunt like a normal ghost. It will instead crawl on the roof from room to room. Every time the spider enters a different room during a hunt, it waits 10 seconds to see if a player enters this room or is in this room (most hiding spots will not work on the spider). If a player walks into the room OR is in this room and not in something like a locker, the spider will travel at normal speed towards the player and drop on their head and kill them (unless they are holding a smudge stick).
If there is no consistent roof like on camp woodwind, the spider hunts on the ground instead, but will still always crawl. The spider will still lie in wait to pounce a player if they tries to enter a room, but all hiding spots will still work.
*The spider has a ghost ability it can activate that creates an invisible "web" where ever it walks for a 10 second period (not during a hunt). If a player walks into the web during a hunt, they will be slowed by 50%. The spider will know if someone is caught in their web. *
Freezing Temps, Fingerprints, D.O.T.S

The Memory
The memory is consumed by regrets and visions from its pasts.
I thought it would be cool if the lore questions from the ouija board had some actual use, so the Memory's behavior is affected by its cause of death, reason for being here, and how it's feeling.
A memory that was choked is more likely to interact with fans. If a fan is on in its ghost room, its hunt threshold is decreased to 40%. If there is no fan or if it's off, it will hunt at 60%.
A memory that was drowned is more likely to interact with sinks and showers. If a sink or shower is on in its ghost room (or the sink is full of water) or if it's raining, its hunt threshold is increased to 60%. If there is no sink or shower or if they are turned off and it is not raining, it will hunt at 40%. A drowned ghost is able to drain the sink.
A memory that was shot or murdered will have a base 75% hunt threshold.
A memory that was killed by an accident/slipped/fell will have a 25% hunt threshold.
Ghost speed, interaction rate, preferences, the noises it makes during a hunt, and certain hunt behaviors are affected by its mood. An angry ghost is fast, an empty ghost is inactive, a hurt ghost is slow, etc.
Ghost event rate, hunt threshold, and certain hunt behaviors are affected by what a ghost wants. A ghost that wants revenge has a 5% higher sanity threshold, for example.
A memory will always remember where players last were and will always check.
Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, EMF 5
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2023.05.29 22:34 SnooOwls5677 i need advice about a puppy that i don't own

i'm gonna try to make this as short as possible, but this issue has a lot of layers to it i'll have to skip over. to put it simple, i'm f19, my boyfriend is m18, and his brother is m19. we'll call my boyfriend's brother pete, and pete's girlfriend shelby. pete and my bf still live with their parents, but pete also has an apartment in another city that's closer to shelby, it's about 2 hours away. he was supposed to be moved out for good, but he rarely goes to his apartment. in the fall, he bought a puppy. the very next day he went on a trip for work, leaving his puppy with my boyfriend and i. he was gone for almost 3 months. since coming back, he doesn't care for the puppy at all. he works full time and leaves the puppy with his family any time he goes up to stay in the other city by shelby. he never trained it, my boyfriend and i take it to all vet appointments, and his mom is the one who feeds it and takes it out potty. his mom works from home, but it's a big job and she doesn't have the time at all to be raising a puppy for him so he just runs around the house all day. i dog sit for their family because they travel often, typically just the family dog who is old and sleeps all day. a couple months ago, pete asked me to watch his puppy along with the family dog. i said sure since i had already raised the dog while he had been gone. i noticed some concerning things after they left, not eating all his food, not sleeping, hurting himself to break out of his cage, things he never does when the family is here. i called a family friend who is a therapy dog trainer and has a degree. she said the puppy is showing severe signs of separation anxiety and needs to be boarded with a specialist within the next few months, he has to be helped while he is still a puppy. i am a big animal lover, so i felt terrible knowing i was handling a dog who was absolutely terrified. so when they got back, my boyfriend and i told pete this was serious and i would not watch the puppy again until he got help. i got a recommendation for anxiety medicine and took the puppy to the vet myself, and that was more than enough to help since it is not my puppy. a few weeks later they had another thing to travel to, pete asked if i'd watch the puppy and i said no, obviously. they were just seeing family so pete was able to bring the puppy anyways. but the day they left, pete left the puppy anyways and wouldn't let his family stop him. it was horrible. the puppy was too frightened to even go potty when i took him out, and he'd end up peeing himself when he couldn't hold it any longer. i knew they had vacation coming up, so i told pete the puppy needed to be enrolled to a specialist for the week of the vacation. his parents reminded him to do so over and over again. but of course, he did not. he asked me 2 weeks before the vacation and offered me $500 to do so almost as hush money. i typically do it for free. i am positive that he had been planning on doing that all these months thinking i would cave for money. i said no and everything went chaotic. shelby started blowing up my phone implying that i'm just too lazy to care for a puppy and that she has to stand up for pete and the puppy is hers too. i raised the puppy, she barely ever sees it. pete called my boyfriend to say that i'm being selfish because just becuase i don't want to do it doesn't mean they have the time to find a specialist and whatnot. i could go on for a while about all the things they said, it was hours of them tearing me apart and taking digs at me. but their main excuse was that it was impossible to find somewhere within 2 weeks. so, i found them a 5 star specialist within an hour who would take the puppy for the exact week they would be gone. pete was clearly offended and apparently was being nasty towards his mother when she told him. he of course refused. he said it was a 'money issue'. i think that is a lame excuse because all he pays for is rent, not food or gas or anything else. and he makes 6 figures because his dad gave him a job at his company. i don't even understand because even if i simply did not want to, that's okay. i'm not obligated to do anything, i'm his brothers girlfriend. i also think shelby was way out of line and fueled the fire. a few days passed and i had posted a bible verse on my story, it was nothing crazy that's just something i like to do and my baptism was happening that week. shelby saw it, pete did not. all of a sudden, pete starts going off on my boyfriend about how childish we are to post bible verses to be passive aggressive at them. i had no intention of that and it was not out of character for me. so i removed shelby as a follower, since i was sure that she had screenshot it and told pete to confront us. she noticed within 5 minutes that i removed her, meaning she had been stalking my account looking for things to be angry about, probably since they had no justification to be upset that i was the only one looking out for a neglected puppy. she then sends me paragraphs about how this has gone too far. i basically just told her to leave me alone, i am not comfortable with my account being monitered and i am not okay with criticism in regards to my faith. it's my choice to post what i want, and it is not my fault that she is so immature that she cannot understand that not everyhting is about her. pete is now sending the puppy to a random person from shelby went on about how spending money would be stupid and that the puppy just needs more exercise. they're blatently ignoring its needs. the whole family has moved on and forgiven pete, but i don't know what to do because i don't want to be a bystander to abuse. his mom says we shouldn't do anything because there will also be times when we don't agree with theur parenting style after they have children, but i think parenting style and neglect are different. it emotional abuse at this point. the dog has been on 3 walks in its entire lifetime because pete cares more about going to see shelby and getting drunk that puppy care. what do i do??
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2023.05.29 22:25 No_Grapefruit_burner AITA for not wanting a dog

(TL;DR at end)
I’m divorced with three kids in grades 5-8. I have always been a cat person. My ex is allergic. When we divorced, I got a cat. When my ex bought a house with a fenced in yard, he got a rescue dog. Dog was an older chill boi, and on rare occasions, I would let the dog stay overnight with me (i.e. I’d pick up the dog from the boarding place the day before my kids and ex got back from vacation so they wouldn’t have to wait since the place would be closed). I sometimes ran errands involving their dog. And when the dog had to be put down this spring, I was the only one who said they’d stay with the good doggo while it happened. (Fortunately, this stance persuaded my kids to join me, and finally my ex caved and participated in the sad goodbye.)
Now my kids are going crazy for a new dog. But my ex wants them to take care of it 100% of the time. Since we swap weeks, that means he wants the dog to live with me every other week. I said, if I wanted a dog, I’d get a dog. I do not want a dog. (I live in an apartment.)
(And if you can believe it, this conversation started at the vet’s while poor doggo was dead at our feet. I said STOP!)
Now ex has decided he wants to buy a small breed puppy, for the kids. And since it’s small, it will be perfect for apartment. My ex has yet to pick up the phone to discuss these details with me. He is relying on my kids to share all this info. I keep telling my kids this is a conversation for him and me to have. So now one of my kids just texted me he hates me because I’m the reason they won’t be able to get a dog. Am I the asshole because I don’t want to have their dog in my home every other week?
TL;DR: Ex won’t let kids get a dog unless they take care of it 100% of the time, which means dog moves in with me every other week. I’m the bad guy for not agreeing. AITA?
(New burner account just in case story is recognized by family.)
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2023.05.29 22:01 LewisDKennedy All Time English Football League Table - 2023 Edition

Welcome to the fifth annual all time English Football League table post! Covering all four main divisions, over every single league season from the very first in 1888/89 right up until the present day, this is something I started work on to kill some free time and have kept running each year since. If you want to have a look at the previous four posts on this project you can find them here: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Part One - Points Table
In order to make this work as straightforwardly as possible, I devised a scaling system whereby all points won in League 2 (or old Division Four) remain as they are, any points won in League 1 (old Division Three) are multiplied by 1.3, any points won in the Championship (old Division Two) are multiplied by 1.7, and any points won in the Premier League (old Division One) are multiplied by 2. Any points won in the National League or lower have been ignored. As always the Points Per Season also makes a return, hich I've used to indicate how efficient teams have been at earning their points over their respective histories. The original 2019 post goes into a bit more detail about why I picked this rather imperfect methodology, but I'm satisfied that it does the job.
All league status is correct as to the end of the 2022-23 season (ie, Leeds, Leicester, and Southampton are listed as Championship, Burnley, Sheffield United, and Luton are Premier League etc). Also, wins from seasons in which a win was worth two points have all been given an extra point in order to bring them in line with three points for a win seasons.
Club Current Status Total Seasons PPS Points
1 Liverpool Premier League 119 131.9 15695
2 Manchester United Premier League 120 130.2 15618
3 Arsenal Premier League 119 124.6 14823
4 Manchester City Premier League 120 117.7 14127
5 Everton Premier League 124 113.9 14127
6 Aston Villa Premier League 124 112.0 13888
7 Sunderland Championship 122 108.5 13233
8 Newcastle United Premier League 119 110.2 13113
9 West Bromwich Albion Championship 124 105.0 13017
10 Nottingham Forest Premier League 120 107.7 12924
11 Blackburn Rovers Championship 124 104.0 12902
12 Chelsea Premier League 107 120.2 12866
13 Sheffield United Premier League 120 107.0 12844
14 Derby County League One 124 103.3 12807
15 Sheffield Wednesday Championship 120 104.4 12522
16 Tottenham Hotspur Premier League 112 111.4 12482
17 Bolton Wanderers League One 124 100.0 12403
18 Burnley Premier League 124 99.9 12388
19 Preston North End Championship 124 99.6 12353
20 Birmingham City Championship 120 100.9 12111
21 Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League 124 97.7 12111
22 Leicester City Premier League 118 102.5 12096
23 Middlesbrough Championship 113 104.8 11845
24 Stoke City Championship 114 99.9 11392
25 Leeds United Championship 96 114.7 11013
26 Blackpool League One 115 91.5 10523
27 West Ham United Premier League 97 106.3 10307
28 Bristol City Championship 101 101.9 10293
29 Huddersfield Town Championship 102 100.1 10215
30 Notts County League Two 120 83.6 10027
31 Barnsley League One 114 87.5 9973
32 Fulham Premier League 105 95.0 9970
33 Southampton Championship 96 100.6 9656
34 Bury Defunct 116 82.7 9597
35 Grimsby Town League Two 112 83.8 9388
36 Portsmouth League One 96 96.8 9291
37 Norwich City Championship 97 94.9 9206
38 Queens Park Rangers Championship 96 95.5 9165
39 Charlton Athletic League One 95 95.7 9095
40 Cardiff City Championship 96 93.8 9007
41 Millwall Championship 96 93.5 8974
42 Oldham Athletic National League 104 86.0 8946
43 Hull City Championship 107 83.5 8934
44 Coventry City Championship 97 91.9 8913
45 Bradford City League Two 109 81.0 8830
46 Crystal Palace Premier League 107 80.7 8639
47 Watford Championship 96 89.7 8609
48 Luton Town Premier League 94 91.1 8559
49 Ipswich Town Championship 78 108.4 8459
50 Reading League One 96 87.9 8439
51 Brighton and Hove Albion Premier League 96 87.8 8431
52 Port Vale League One 107 78.1 8362
53 Plymouth Argyle Championship 96 86.9 8344
54 Brentford Premier League 96 86.8 8334
55 Lincoln City League One 110 73.4 8072
56 Leyton Orient League One 105 76.2 8006
57 Swindon Town League Two 96 81.6 7835
58 Chesterfield National League 100 77.4 7739
59 Bristol Rovers League One 95 80.0 7604
60 Walsall League Two 95 79.6 7558
61 Stockport County League Two 100 74.6 7457
62 Rotherham United Championship 91 81.6 7428
63 Swansea City Championship 96 77.3 7424
64 Northampton Town League One 96 74.9 7194
65 AFC Bournemouth Premier League 92 77.1 7094
66 Southend United National League 94 75.1 7062
67 Gillingham League Two 89 75.5 6723
68 Doncaster Rovers League Two 91 72.7 6612
69 Crewe Alexandra League Two 99 66.5 6583
70 Carlisle United League One 87 73.9 6427
71 Rochdale National League 95 64.4 6117
72 Tranmere Rovers League Two 92 66.1 6081
73 Exeter City League One 91 66.0 6009
74 Wrexham League Two 80 74.5 5956
75 Hartlepool United National League 91 63.0 5735
76 Mansfield Town League Two 80 70.6 5647
77 Shrewsbury Town League One 72 74.9 5391
78 Scunthorpe United National League North 72 71.9 5178
79 Darlington National League North 81 63.8 5166
80 Colchester United League Two 71 71.5 5075
81 Torquay United National League South 78 65.1 5074
82 York City National League 72 67.8 4883
83 Peterborough United League One 63 77.3 4870
84 Oxford United League One 57 80.8 4604
85 Halifax Town Defunct 69 63.5 4383
86 Bradford Park Avenue Northern Premier League 51 85.2 4345
87 Newport County League Two 71 54.9 3896
88 Wigan Athletic League One 45 85.6 3853
89 Chester City Defunct 66 54.2 3578
90 Accrington Stanley League Two 50 68.2 3410
91 Aldershot Defunct 52 64.5 3356
92 Southport National League North 50 65.7 3285
93 Cambridge United League One 44 70.8 3114
94 Barrow League Two 45 64.5 2903
95 Wimbledon Defunct 27 97.6 2635
96 Wycombe Wanderers League One 30 73.1 2192
97 Hereford United Defunct 31 59.6 1847
98 Workington Northern Premier League 26 60.7 1577
99 Milton Keynes Dons League Two 19 82.6 1569
100 Cheltenham Town League One 23 62.9 1447
101 New Brighton Defunct 22 61.9 1362
102 Gateshead Defunct 24 56.1 1347
103 Glossop North End North West Counties League Premier Division 17 72.9 1240
104 Barnet National League 21 56.8 1192
105 Yeovil Town National League South 16 67.6 1082
106 Gainsborough Trinity Northern Premier League 16 67.3 1076
107 Burton Albion League One 14 73.9 1034
108 Macclesfield Town Defunct 18 51.2 922
109 Morecambe League Two 16 56.1 897
110 Leeds City Defunct 10 84.4 844
111 Fleetwood Town League One 11 75.1 826
112 Stevenage League One 13 62.6 814
113 Crawley Town League Two 12 62.3 747
114 AFC Wimbledon League Two 12 59.0 708
115 Wigan Borough Defunct 10 68.7 687
116 Scarborough Defunct 12 57.3 687
117 Nelson North West Counties League Division One North 10 68.2 682
118 Merthyr Town Southern League Premier Division South 10 58.6 586
119 Burton Swifts Defunct 9 57.6 518
120 Ashington Northern Premier League 8 64.6 517
121 Dagenham & Redbridge National League 9 56.0 504
122 Rotherham County Defunct 6 77.7 466
123 Durham City Wearside Football League Division Two 7 63.1 442
124 Darwen Defunct 8 51.6 413
125 Burton United Defunct 6 61.2 367
126 Forest Green Rovers League Two 6 60.3 362
127 Rushden & Diamonds Defunct 5 62.2 311
128 Aldershot Town National League 5 60.2 301
129 New Brighton Tower Defunct 3 95.0 285
130 Aberdare Athletic Defunct 6 46.5 279
131 Accrington Defunct 5 55.2 276
132 Kidderminster Harriers National League 5 55.0 275
133 Boston United National League North 5 53.6 268
134 Salford City League Two 4 66.5 266
135 Burton Wanderers Defunct 3 78.7 236
136 Loughborough Defunct 5 41.4 207
137 Maidstone United Defunct 3 55.3 166
138 Harrogate Town League Two 3 54.0 162
139 Stalybridge Celtic Northern Premier League Division One West 2 71.5 143
140 Rotherham Town Defunct 3 45.3 136
141 Sutton United League Two 2 67.0 134
142 Thames Defunct 2 50.0 100
143 Northwich Victoria North West Counties League Premier Division 2 34.5 69
144 Middlesbrough Ironopolis Defunct 1 47.0 47
145 Bootle Defunct 1 45.0 45​
2023 Observations
Part Two - Average Finishing Position of the Current 92
Last year I introduced a secondary ranking method, based on finishing positions rather than points won. Each club is assigned a number from 1 to 92 based on where they finish at the end of the season (1 to 20 for Premier League, 21 to 44 for Championship, etc). This is then done for every season of league football for each club and divided by the number of seasons they've spent in the Football League to give their average finishing position in the pyramid.
Unlike part 1 however, I've only included the current 92 Football League clubs. This is due to clubs such as the original Accrington only playing 5 Football League seasons in the late 1800s when there was only 1 division - meaning their average finishing position was higher than a lot of top tier mainstays.
So, here is the historical average finishing position of the 92 Football League clubs that will partake in the 2023/24 season:
Club Current Status Total Seasons Total Pos Average
1 Liverpool Premier League 119 943 7.9
2 Arsenal Premier League 119 1010 8.5
3 Everton Premier League 124 1218 9.8
4 Manchester United Premier League 120 1195 10.0
5 Tottenham Hotspur Premier League 112 1197 10.7
6 Aston Villa Premier League 124 1464 11.8
7 Chelsea Premier League 107 1381 12.9
8 Manchester City Premier League 120 1595 13.3
9 Newcastle United Premier League 119 1676 14.1
10 Sunderland Championship 122 2064 16.9
11 West Bromwich Albion Championship 124 2239 18.1
12 West Ham United Premier League 97 1790 18.5
13 Leeds United Championship 96 1869 19.5
14 Blackburn Rovers Championship 124 2487 20.1
15 Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League 124 2543 20.5
16 Derby County League One 124 2618 21.1
17 Leicester City Premier League 118 2607 22.1
18 Middlesbrough Championship 113 2393 21.2
19 Sheffield Wednesday Championship 120 2662 22.2
20 Sheffield United Premier League 120 2677 22.3
21 Bolton Wanderers League One 124 2840 22.9
22 Nottingham Forest Premier League 120 2760 23.0
23 Birmingham City Championship 120 2808 23.4
24 Stoke City Championship 114 2686 23.6
25 Southampton Championship 96 2411 25.1
26 Burnley Premier League 124 3257 26.3
27 Ipswich Town Championship 78 2177 27.9
28 Preston North End Championship 124 3733 30.1
31 Fulham Premier League 105 3455 32.9
29 Portsmouth League One 96 3171 33.0
30 Charlton Athletic League One 95 3144 33.1
32 Crystal Palace Premier League 107 3552 33.2
33 Huddersfield Town Championship 102 3400 33.3
34 Norwich City Championship 97 3242 33.4
35 Coventry City Championship 97 3344 34.5
36 Blackpool League One 115 4193 36.5
37 Queens Park Rangers Championship 97 3547 36.6
38 Cardiff City Championship 96 3758 39.1
39 Luton Town Premier League 94 3819 40.6
40 Notts County League Two 120 5023 41.9
41 Hull City Championship 107 4549 42.5
42 Barnsley League One 114 4861 42.6
43 Watford Championship 96 4118 42.9
44 Millwall Championship 96 4222 44.0
45 Bristol City Championship 101 4496 44.5
46 Grimsby Town League Two 112 5065 45.2
47 Brighton and Hove Albion Premier League 96 4465 46.5
48 Swansea City Championship 96 4500 46.9
49 Lincoln City League One 110 5213 47.4
50 Wigan Athletic League One 45 2156 47.9
51 Reading League One 96 4609 48.0
52 Plymouth Argyle Championship 96 4736 49.3
53 Brentford Premier League 96 4872 50.8
54 Bradford City League Two 109 5589 51.3
55 Leyton Orient League One 105 5631 53.6
56 Oxford United League One 57 3053 53.6
57 Swindon Town League Two 96 5194 54.1
58 Port Vale League One 107 5795 54.2
59 Rotherham United Championship 91 4941 54.3
60 AFC Bournemouth Premier League 92 5016 54.5
61 Bristol Rovers League One 95 5287 55.7
62 Milton Keynes Dons League Two 19 1093 57.5
63 Tranmere Rovers League Two 92 5432 59.0
64 Stockport County League Two 100 5964 59.6
65 Fleetwood Town League One 11 661 60.1
66 Walsall League Two 95 5773 60.8
67 Doncaster Rovers League Two 91 5541 60.9
68 Shrewsbury Town League One 72 4382 60.9
69 Carlisle United League One 87 5346 61.4
70 Peterborough United League One 63 3939 62.5
71 Forest Green Rovers League Two 6 377 62.8
72 Gillingham League Two 89 5614 63.1
73 Burton Albion League One 14 885 63.2
74 Accrington Stanley League Two 50 3227 64.5
75 Crewe Alexandra League Two 99 6416 64.8
76 Northampton Town League One 96 6296 65.6
77 Wycombe Wanderers League One 30 1970 65.7
78 Colchester United League Two 71 4713 66.4
79 Cambridge United League One 44 2945 66.9
80 Newport County League Two 71 4803 67.6
81 Mansfield Town League Two 80 5431 67.9
82 Exeter City League One 91 6347 69.7
83 Barrow League Two 45 3160 70.2
84 AFC Wimbledon League Two 12 886 73.8
85 Wrexham League Two 80 5956 74.5
86 Cheltenham Town League One 23 1734 75.4
87 Stevenage League One 13 987 75.9
88 Crawley Town League Two 12 924 77.0
89 Salford City League Two 4 308 77.0
90 Sutton United League Two 2 158 79.0
91 Morecambe League Two 16 1292 80.8
92 Harrogate Town League Two 3 259 86.3​
Given the length of this post I may start have to start seperating these two parts into two posts going forwards - please let me know if you think this might make it easier to digest.
I would like to thank the Football Club History Database once again, as it is what made the original 2019 post possible. Its been extremely helpful for this project, but its also really fun to use to read about obscure defunct clubs from the 1890s.
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2023.05.29 21:59 gremlinmodebussy My monster of a mother

For some background context, my mother is in her mid 50s with three children, 35M, 19M, and 18F (myself). She had been through several divorces and have always struggled r with maintaining relationships and friendships.
Ever since I could remember, she had been cold and distant towards me. She practically abandoned me for my aunt to take care of, while we lived together she would straight out ignore me but pamper my brother. I used to be able to understand as he was mildly autistic and needed extra attention, but the hypocritical fact was that she was physically abusive towards him, he would be bullied in school and punished for it at home, not just a slap, but full on beating him up. I fell victim to her antics when my aunts not around as well, when I went through puberty, she saw that I was too embarrassed to start wearing a bra and decided to drag me out mid shower, fully naked and beat me up, and throw me into the corridor of our apartment complex. Yet she had a period of self improvement from the age of 10-12 when she learnt to communicate and understand us. She even sent me abroad to a boarding school as I wanted it (to be away from her)
During those years apart she’s grown more sick and twisted once again, she returned to her old ways with my brother and was very aggressive towards him until he fought back, I fought back once as well and threatened to call the police on her. We are both fortunate in that my brother and I were able to both leave the country for a boarding school. She had been radio silent for the past 5 years since she met her new boyfriend, every single time I tried to speak to her she would compare her younger self with me, saying I wasn’t as beautiful as her and I was not good enough. She was also virtually absent during the lock down when I was stranded from home as a 15 yearold. I think the breaking point was my recent interactions with her. During Christmas, my ex and I went home for the holiday where I found out he cheated on me. I tried to return home since I didn’t feel safe in that room with him, her response to the story was to batter me and call me a filthy whore. When my dad came to pick me up she pulled out a knife and tried to stab him. My academic achievements were often overlooked by her, I’ve always achieved all As or most As, and received multiple scholarships for universities, yet she dismissed it and said it was useless as I was a woman and ultimately my brother was the carrier of our surname not me. My brother was bright as mentioned he was mildly autistic, however she spoiled him rotten when not beating him up, she showered him with gifts and it didn’t matter whether he did good in school, and he actually ended up being a bully at the end since he received no consequences. When we’re together she would speak to my brother, she would buy him cigarettes, alcohol and anything he wanted, yet if I was to take a sip from a drink, or have a man look my way, I would get scrutinised for it for the entire night. My brother grew to be subordinate to her in order to not get punished physically or emotionally and would never stand up for us. Yesterday she came to my brothers graduation which I also attended, she was initially friendly and talked about how beautiful I looked in my dress, but as soon as I received validation and compliments from others, she lost her shit on me and told me I was a desperate whore that didn’t deserve kindness, I was no better than a dog and she regrets ever having me. I’ve ignored her since she claims to have heart problems so I couldn’t shout back at her. Today was the breaking point, I was getting ready to go downstairs for a drink in our hotel bar, as I was putting on my shoes she randomly said “you’re the biggest slut I’ve seen.” And I just broke down crying, when asked how so she just said there’s no reason and she simply felt like saying that. I’m sick of being sexualised by my own mother, be it in a sundress, church clothes even school uniform, her gaze is more terrifying than any male gaze I’ve been subject to. Should I cut her off or will I regret it
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2023.05.29 21:51 -ofthesea- Help with anxious dog!

Hello, I have a dog that was re homed to me 4 years ago, we think she’s 8 years old. Chihuahua X Dachshund. 8lbs. Not entirely sure about her background when it comes to how she was treated in her previous home but we do know it wasn’t great, definitely not the type to train their dogs more so scare them into doing what they want. So that being said I started doing training with her from the beginning, the basics sitting,staying,down etc. and she took all that well, we then started adding thing like spin, paw, standing, and “sitting pretty” again she did great picking all that up and she honestly didn’t need training when it came to walking, she doesn’t pull more so the opposite where she walks behind us. So that leads me to the main thing she is so anxious, I take her to parks to do training on a long line and she will be doing good until she hears someone speaking loudly or a bike going by and everything goes out the window, she completely shuts down, doesn’t listen and runs to me, and that’s it training session is over, she just will not do anything else. I don’t blame her for it, and I never get her “trouble” for it, I reward her with treats and pets for good behaviour but in the situation when she’s scared I feel stuck because I don’t want to over comfort her which in my mind I take as rewarding the scared behaviour but I also don’t want to just ignore it. I also don’t shelter her even though she’s scared she still goes out, we take her into busier areas because I figured she needs socializing. So tagging being said it’s been over four years and she’s still scared, and I’m not sure what to do. Can she be trained out of her anxious/scared behaviour? Is it too late? Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance to those who took the time to read it! I have a few other questions regarding her training but I think the anxiety/fear is the first thing to over come!
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2023.05.29 21:49 ul49 Please help me with this foster situation

My partner and I are fostering a 2 year old blue heeler / rat terrier mix, just got him two days ago. The hope is to adopt him, but he has some pretty significant issues. We are definitely willing to making the investment in long term professional training, but also want to be sure he's not the wrong dog for us before making that commitment. He is mainly good around the house. He is pretty calm, friendly, good with us and other people. He has some boundary issues, like jumping and getting on furniture, being too eager and possessive with toys and food. All things to be expected with a rescue. He has a tendency to nip at people if they touch his back or legs, or surprise him, which is a major concern for us as we would like to have him around small children. Outside, he is extremely leash reactive. Pulling, barking and growling at dogs and people, unresponsive to commands, trying to chase squirrels, you name it. We had a play date with him and another dog off leash in a fenced yard and he did fine, though was clearly a bit fearful.
Our goal is to have him be a go-everywhere dog - crowded places, hikes, patios, running, hopefully dog parks. We also would like to be able to have him off-leash but he is extremely prey driven. We also want him to be more respectful and responsive to commands, and to limit his biting. It's pretty clear that he has almost no training up to this point, but he is super cute and we are hoping to find a dog to adopt. Where it gets difficult is my partner is pretty much out at this point. We spoke to a professional trainer who basically told us we could pay for all the professional training in the world and work with him constantly and he may never stop biting at people who surprise him, and that a lot of our issues may be just breed inherent. We really don't want to have to worry about that, and since we aren't professional or even very experienced trainers ourselves, and don't have a ton of time on our hands to work with him every day he may just not be right for us. I'm super torn because I already love him and really want to make him into a success story, but also don't want to end up with a problem child. I know there's no guarantees one way or the other with how he might turn out with the right training, but would love some advice from the experienced people here.
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2023.05.29 21:47 ul49 Please help me with this foster situation

My partner and I are fostering a 2 year old blue heeler / rat terrier mix, just got him two days ago. The hope is to adopt him, but he has some pretty significant issues. We are definitely willing to making the investment in long term professional training, but also want to be sure he's not the wrong dog for us before making that commitment. He is mainly good around the house. He is pretty calm, friendly, good with us and other people. He has some boundary issues, like jumping and getting on furniture, being too eager and possessive with toys and food. All things to be expected with a rescue. He has a tendency to nip at people if they touch his back or legs, or surprise him, which is a major concern for us as we would like to have him around small children. Outside, he is extremely leash reactive. Pulling, barking and growling at dogs and people, unresponsive to commands, trying to chase squirrels, you name it. We had a play date with him and another dog off leash in a fenced yard and he did fine, though was clearly a bit fearful.
Our goal is to have him be a go-everywhere dog - crowded places, hikes, patios, running, hopefully dog parks. We also would like to be able to have him off-leash but he is extremely prey driven. We also want him to be more respectful and responsive to commands, and to limit his biting. It's pretty clear that he has almost no training up to this point, but he is super cute and we are hoping to find a dog to adopt. Where it gets difficult is my partner is pretty much out at this point. We spoke to a professional trainer who basically told us we could pay for all the professional training in the world and work with him constantly and he may never stop biting at people who surprise him, and that a lot of our issues may be just breed inherent. We really don't want to have to worry about that, and since we aren't professional or even very experienced trainers ourselves, and don't have a ton of time on our hands to work with him every day he may just not be right for us. I'm super torn because I already love him and really want to make him into a success story, but also don't want to end up with a problem child. I know there's no guarantees one way or the other with how he might turn out with the right training, but would love some advice from the experienced people here.
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2023.05.29 21:45 Veselyci Strong developments in Argentina for the copper mining industry! Bullish for $LBC.V as they follow-up their 232m from surface hit of 0.74% Cu and 0.34 g/t; mineralization open at depth.

New ‘Copper Board’ aims to boost Argentina’s copper projects
I’m long $LBC.V Libero Copper mainly for the Colombian ‘Mocoa Project’ (which is the largest copper deposit in the country, and one of the largest undeveloped Molybdenum projects in the world), but there is incredible potential at their Esperanza project in Argentina which needs serious highlighting! LBC is waiting for an updated drill permit to follow up on their last campaign where they hit an incredible intercept of 232 metres of 0.74% Cu and 0.34 g/t Au FROM SURFACE. The hole also ended in mineralization, so it is still open at depth! Overview of this project:
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