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2016.05.25 13:42 CosmicKeys Animated hmmm

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2020.11.17 04:14 you741 yancyb2w2

This is a fan club for those who like Yancy from Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. I just find her very aesthetic and cute. I want this subreddit to be dedicated to finding information and compiling all mentions of her in the games/other Pokemon media like the mangas.

2020.04.13 10:57 EmbarasedMillionaire "spooky", not "creepy"

a home for posts that celebrate the "comfy halloween" aesthetic

2023.06.08 14:10 Disastrous-Lab-9474 What is my essence/essences? I thought it was ingenue, and it's probably in there, but a few things are hinting to ethereal?

What is my essence/essences? I thought it was ingenue, and it's probably in there, but a few things are hinting to ethereal?
I thought I was ingenue because I have always been told I look far younger than my age (it's not as bad now, I'm 21), innocent, and "cute". I know I have soft features too. But I believe Jules who I keep being told I look like, seems to be ethereal? And as well as this I keep getting interesting compliments lately that I look like an elf or faerie, which really makes my day honestly.
I imagine I'm some mix of ethereal and ingenue, what do you think my essences are?
Not compliment fishing btw! I just wanna know bc I'm not a fan of ingenue aesthetics, so if I'm something else it would be very helpful and relieving to know.
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2023.06.08 09:58 femininebeing 23 [T4M] [F4M] trans for pan and straight guys

Looking for hot / cute guys i can pleasure myself and make out with
About me: * Feminine (even sa voice, tunog estrogen haha) but non-op/not on hormones yet so still have non-feminine features * Brazilian waxed * 5’3”, petite and fit. skinny bitch aesthetic but thicc in the right places since i work it out * malambing and sweet
About you: * taller than me * daks (hopefully) * looks put together
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2023.06.08 08:27 Physical_Skill4137 Losing weight is so hard and annoying and I just want to be SKINNY and still eat everything

TW ED. Also disclaimer I don't eat 1200 cal a day, this sub is just one of the few dieting subs where I feel comfortable venting my dieting grievances.
I'm a 5'7" 20 y/o gal and during my first year of college I gained like, 20 lbs, landing me at around 150 lbs. I freaked out, developed a purging disorder and lost the weight, ending up at 135 lbs. Then i recovered and got back up to 155 lbs. Now I still feel pretty stable in terms of mental health but I really am unhappy with my weight. It's not all consuming the way it once was but goddammit, I wanna be happy with my body. I've got lots of high quality Japanese dresses too that I'm worried will stop fitting me soon. They matter so much to me and I want to keep wearing them!
I've been counting calories, which I kinda hate. It's always been my go-to whenever I have to lose weight (since 8th grade). But I just HATE how it makes me have to think about food so much. Even if thinking about food doesn't cause me to completely spiral/relapse, it still makes me a little depressed. Plus I rarely, RARELY stay in my calorie limit. I don't think I binge eat, but I'm just a hungry lady.
I know it's kinda bad but I was hoping starting on vyvanse would help me lose weight by getting rid of cravings but I've just plateaued. The vyvanse has still been great for my anxiety and adhd so that ultimately makes it a very positive force in my life, but it's still a bummer. A lot of the time I lose my appetite during the day, usually skip lunch and then at night my appetite for the whole day comes back. My other big problems is SWEETS. To make things worse, I work at a bakery. Calories aside I feel shitty for eating so much sugar. I want to be healthier, but honestly food is hella expensive and being in a two person household the veggies I buy often go bad before I can use them all.
Ugh, I just really really want to lose weight and feel like a dainty little princess again but it feels hopeless because I think I will just gain the weight back in the end (not like fat people can't be princesses, being thinner just makes me feel like i fit my ~aesthetic~ better).
Okay, anyway sorry for the rambling. So yeah. Any advice for someone like me? Or just someone who relates? FYI I'm not trying to be pro-ED here, EDs fucking suck, but I absolutely don't want to discuss losing post recovery weight in an actual ED/recovery space because that can be MASSIVELY triggering and keep people from recovering. It's really hard to find weight loss advice that works for people with a history of EDs. Honestly it sometimes feels like weight loss just isn't allowed for people like us, like we are supposed to gain however much weight and be fine with it. But for whatever reason it's fine for folks who've never been diagnosed with EDs to lose weight as they please, even if they DO display blatant disordered tendencies. It's all so hard to explain. I want to lose weight and be in a body I like more than this one, but I don't want to have to lose the weight then gain it back every few months. And I know it's silly but it's just so so important to me that I can wear the clothes I like and feel good in them. I have my bf take pics of my outfit coords but i cringe looking at them, especially because my hips are so wide and my thighs are so thick. My clothes are made for skinny shorts girls and I'm just...not that. They make my flaws stand out. But God damn they're SO CUTE!!
BAH, I RAMBLED AGAIN. My bad yall. Thank you if you read all this.
Edit: also I hope this didn't come across as insensitive to anyone who is much bigger than me and losing weight for serious health and life saving reasons! I know I'm still within the confines of acceptably thin and don't experience extreme fatphobia but I still don't like my size.
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2023.06.08 06:49 Spirited-Jeweler4174 I miss s1

I’m rewatching and although I’m at s3 and entertained😭 I just miss the realness of s1 where we saw more fun content and the girls like Kenzie and Vivi being unfiltered, the toddlers and tiaras parody like aesthetic with the confessionals and the quality , paige being bubbly, seeing the girls’ sibling’s sometimes it was so cute and it seemed like a reality tv parody and felt more real😭
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2023.06.08 05:05 tea-likethedrink Help!!!!!

My absolute favorite color is green (neon, emerald, forest, to give you a clue...NO FUCKING OLIVE!!!)...and I'm not exactly a girly girl...still I see all these awesome gamer girl setups and see my plain, boring, white desk I want to replace, plain desk I want to decorate past the green dragon egg lamp I want to get and the stone-carved animals I plan to get...but I can't find anything least not on any site I know of...I love Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn...sort of grew up with Final Fantasy (7 was the first I played at 14 [born in 88]) Super Mario Galaxy and Mario figurines...stone figurines...I'm not much of a fan of pink or purple or, well, I truly apologize, but the stereotypical girl things. None of us are stereotypical girls...but pink...purple...Sailor Moon...Cat Ears...just...there is nothing wrong with any of that if you are not me...I am not that girl (not bashing if you up to and rock that shit)...I don't know where to even begin looking for anything I would be interested in (Shonen vs shojo, fantasy vs shooter, pve only)...I grew up with DragonBall and Digimon. The first ever game I played was Tetris. The first ever mmo I played was Perfect World International...I seriously envy how you all have setups that just exude everything that you love about gaming while I honestly can't find anything to meet my aesthetic without being a PopIt (which I really don't want to do)...idk...maybe I'm too picky because I am super oriented on color (thank you AuDHD)...maybe I just can't find a site to get what I'm searching for. I don't just really envious of a lot of your setups and how cute they are, but am not the kind of girl who enjoys white and pink and purple...I love black and green...and girly things to an extent...I just want a gaming station as awesome as I see on here...but I also have such a specific aesthetic due to my need for everything to coordinate (preferably to neon or emerald/forest green)...I envy you guys...I don't know how to be a gamer girl because I grew up in a time where everyone just casually glossed over the fact that I was 19 (born 88) and made it to the Stairway to Heaven on either PacMan or Pinball...I was drunk, and if you know, you know....think it might have been Mrs. PacMan...idk...either way...I want green and black decor to make my gaming area mine...a haven of pretty colors that relaxes me while adding to the room in its entirety since my desk is in the living room...this is a tall, confusing order to ask, and I really, truly apologize...
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2023.06.07 22:30 tyrattu If there’s one interior/exterior designer game I should get which one it should be?

I’m a 21 year old, I don’t have my own money and my parents are not rich lol, so that’s why I’m asking this. I’m planning to buy a used Nintendo switch with Animal Crossing New Horizons, but is that really the best designer game? I’m looking for a game with lots of items (of different aesthetics, especially kawaii). Or maybe not a lot, but a lot of cute items 🤔
I have a laptop, PS4, PS3 and maybe will get a Nintendo Switch.
Edit: The more I follow ACNH related content, the more I realize how those players spend enormous amount of time trying to make something. Is it really like that? Should I get that game, if I don’t want to waste my life? It looks like a relaxing game, but it seems the opposite when I read those comments.
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2023.06.07 21:54 Crafty-Dimension-411 Favorite Kagome alt outfits?

Kagome's fashion style is so adorable to me, I love that 90s aesthetic! What were some of your favorite Kagome outfits in the anime or manga? Mine is definitely the sun dress she wore when reuniting with inuyasha, it was so soft and cute !
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2023.06.07 19:47 Fresh_Olive_6812 Candy themed outfits/hairs/accessories? I.e Strawberry Shortcake, Ever After High etc

Hi! I love making sims outfits but I can't find any cc's that have a strong candy themed feel that is cute as well as feminine. When I search for candy themed all I get is the Sims 3 Katy Perry pack. Does anyone know some CC creators that specialise in the Strawberry or Ever After High aesthetic?
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2023.06.07 18:50 ALoveLetterFromMe 🩷 Wanting More Friends to Chat with On LINE 💬 21+ ENGLISH + SFW 📱☺️👍🏻

Hi there, friends. I used to run and own a group chat on LINE called Midnight Café but unfortunately, due to my busy schedule I no longer had the time to dedicate to running the group and have since turned over ownership privileges to someone else, nowadays I am more interested in chatting privately or being a part of other people’s groups! If you have any group codes, leave them below.
About me
• 23 Years Old • Female • North American • English • I am interested in gaming, anime and manga, fine and applied arts, behavioral and mental health science, collecting, as well as fashion and aesthetics • I love LINE for it’s cute stickers and themes • I play multiple LINE games, including LINE Chef, LINE Rangers, and Brown Farm
I’m hoping to chat with someone who is similar in age to me, shares my hobbies and interests, and can have full discussions that are SFW and platonic in nature. If you message me, please introduce yourself and let me know that you added me from Reddit!
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2023.06.07 17:13 HoverMelon2000 What did you guys think of the Life Formula trailer? What were your favorite parts/reveals?

My favorite parts were:
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2023.06.07 15:36 PeachyKeen614 Yesterday’s lil spread 🌸

Yesterday’s lil spread 🌸
Getting more into a cute but simple aesthetic :)
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2023.06.07 12:56 eza2510 Drawings Featuring Cute But Troubled Characters - You Won't Be Able to Leave Them Alone ♡ [2023.06.05]

Drawings Featuring Cute But Troubled Characters - You Won't Be Able to Leave Them Alone ♡ [2023.06.05]

Drawings Featuring Cute But Troubled Characters
病みかわいい (yami kawaii, lit. "sickly cute") is a kind of aesthetic that really challenges the traditional ideas of cute. Who says that those who're cute can't also be navigating complex issues with their mental health?
Consider this topic and aesthetic as you get to know it better by taking a look at the illustrations below!

エラー この少女は存在しません。 by わた めうこ

エラー この少女は存在しません。 by わた めうこ

no title by 白ロック

no title by 白ロック

by ゑいた

羊 by ゑいた

過負荷 by くせっけ

過負荷 by くせっけ

Locker Maiden by まりもる

Locker Maiden by まりもる
Please feel free to check the original article over at pixivision to view the rest of the artworks for this gallery.
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2023.06.07 08:29 yishengsweater juveniles sueter,Lads Capes,fellow Shawls creating

Yisheng Sweater Factory
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2023.06.07 07:13 Game-me-up-Scotty Finished My First Playthrough: Perspective of a Teacher

Hey Everyone, It's been a while haha. I made a post a while back about my initial impressions of the students based upon my experiences as a teacher. Here's a link to that thread if you'd like to read it first: First Impressions
It took me much longer to complete my first playthrough than I anticipated, but I was very thorough in my exploration time and so I attribute it mostly to that and well ... life. I feel like it's harder to speak to the characters as students now but I'll try to revisit some of my earlier thoughts as well as how I view them as a person. (because we all know students aren't people /s)
**Obviously Spoilers Incoming**
I chose the Black Eagles House and went through the Crimson Flower Route:
- I was pretty spot on with Edelgard when I said she would have high expectations. Early on I wondered if I would get annoyed with her tone towards you as a teacher, but I don't think she ever asked too much of me. I enjoyed her vulnerability with our support conversations and also her interactions with other students. She was stern when she needed to be and while she clearly held herself to a certain standard of etiquette she was human with them too. I guess the elephant in the room with Edelgard is do I find her actions justified. I struggled with this a bit initially because I knew the choice that was incoming (couldn't avoid spoilers for myself) but after I played up to the decision to side with her or the church the choice was obvious in my heart. Now some of this can be attributed to the way the writers/voice actors make Rhea creepy and ultimately wrathful (sounding) but I can't imagine not siding with Edelgard. I also largely agree with her ideals and enjoyed that I was a soldier in the end and not a King or Archbishop. Also, the ending scene *beautiful*
- I said Hubert would be arrogant but not too bad. I think arrogant was the wrong read initially. He's really never a student to you and I think this is for the sake of his role in the story but it made it hard to ever really feel like I knew him or "cared" about him. For a long time I made him Edelgard's adjutant because it felt right and that's really what he is, Edelgard's story assistant. I did enjoy the line during instruction "Maybe I was taught well" (or something like that) but really that was the only moment I felt a connection to him. Our final support scene together was sweet and that's when I started letting him battle again haha. I will say Hubert's interactions with other characters were great. I especially enjoyed his support dialogues with Petra and it shows he's not a "bad" guy, he just never really felt like a student.
- Man ... Ferdinand. The tale of two parts. I said arrogant and know it all for him and that's certainly how he is at first. This is how Hubert would have been if he felt like a student. I felt like Ferdinand grew under my instruction. I felt like our interactions were special and substantial. He was so introspective at times that it really made me hold him in high regard as I continued playing. I wanted him to succeed. However, there were some moments that made me annoyed with him. I found his dialogue when offering him a lost item particularly grating. It is something to the effect of "how dare you think this is mine." While this is on par for his early character it is a fault in the system to have it continue after he has made such growth. His support dialogues are somewhat forgetful compared to the everyday interactions we had but there's a good amount of comedic value with Ferdinand (especially his eating with Edelgard dialogue) . And then there is post time skip Ferdinand ... what did they do to my boy. He became what I would've suspected of Sylvain and that's fine, live your life and all that but it seemed like he lost his "heart" the things that made him endearing and special. I could go on but I'll give one example to wrap this up. His support dialogue with Bernedetta early on was so sweet and really painted a misunderstood picture of him ... and then the final support is like "we were almost married. Ok Bye." Sure, I got the comedic value of it all but it just wasn't the same and I missed that student I got to know and care about.
- I had said Caspar would work hard and maybe sometimes try too hard. This is overall pretty accurate and going in I didn't have any expectations on Caspar. Low expectations may have yielded my endearing opinion of him but I also think he wasn't terribly memorable either. As a student he was kind of one note, "I want to be stronger to protect people." The term escapes me, but he is a character like Naruto or Natsu in that he could be an anime main character but minus some of the depth a long running series protagonist may develop. Our support interactions were initially good in that it showed his struggle with being brash and the issues that may cause but then it ended with "I'm just going to be me." The same thing happened with Caspar and Hubert's support dialogues, "think about your actions ... thought about them ... Just be you." As a teacher, I would cheer for Caspar and I liked him. As a viewer I would get tired of him and I ultimately did. That said, I loved his and Bernie's supports and I will always ship them now.
- I said Dorothea would be attentive and a good student but that maybe her casual language with the teacher could be troublesome. I think I was right on all accounts really. If you really like Dorothea maybe skip this one haha. I found Dorothea to be my least favorite character. As far as a teacher-student dynamic goes Dorothea was great. I liked her feedback and generally liked our interactions and her interactions with other characters weren't tiresome or annoying. I think what it came down to is that she just never surprised me. I wasn't a fan of Hubert but man did he surprise me on occasion and then I'm audibly saying "I see you Hubert." I never had those moments with Dorothea, instead I had more than my share of eyerolls. The crowning moment with Dorothea for me was right before the final battle her dialogue input is something like "I hope I find a man after this is all over." Like ... we are about to fight a dragon and that's your contribution. I understand her story, I do, and I sympathize with her. I know that because of her past her arrogance and superiority are defense mechanisms against an elite that shunned her and treated her like trash. I guess I needed that moment of weakness from her and maybe it's there in some support dialogue (the closest I got being her support with Linhardt) but she just never gave me a moment to remember her by and instead became a little annoying.
- I had said Petra would be a good student who maybe needed some language acquisition help. This is what Petra is as a student and as a character. She is kind of one note but man do I love her. This is mostly an aesthetic choice on my part because everything about Petra's look is wonderful. She stands out but not obnoxiously so, she looks unique and feels like the foreigner she is supposed to be. She has some great instruction dialogue that makes you want to help her learn. Our support dialogues were good but pretty plain, just explaining her reasoning and what not. Where Petra really shined though was in her support dialogue with other characters. The "I don't speak the language" trope would have made her pretty boring if not for her interactions with other characters. I especially liked her conversations with Edelgard, Hubert, and Caspar. She showed so many wonderful qualities like independence, conviction, humor, self awareness ... I could go on. Now all that said She and Dorothea are really the same in being kind of one note overall, but I guess I connected more with Petra and I can't point to any one reason why. I loved them both as students but as characters Petra just spoke to me more.
- I had said she would be fine to teach but shy. The writers obviously painted her this way from the get go and she does follow that trope faithfully. As a student her little moments of success were so nice and I liked her instruction lines. The yelling, which I'm sure is a meme, was fine ... sometimes annoying, sometimes funny. Our interactions were obviously building up to the moment she steps out of her room but I didn't find it as rewarding as maybe it was intended to be. The real shining moments for Bernedetta were in her support dialogue with other characters (is becoming a theme as I type). Now, these supports follow a formula of "sweet moment ... Bernie realizes she's vulnerable ... she screams." sometimes this was cute, sometimes this was an *eye roll* but I mostly liked them. My favorites were her early Ferdinand supports and her Caspar supports. I thought that I wanted Ferdinand and Bernie to be together until I got that final Caspar support. The way she stood up for what she wanted and took on an uncomfortable situation for her own happiness was touching and made me really want to use her again. I think Bernedetta was the one character I went in not liking that much to wanting to always talk to when I see her.
- I said Linhardt sleeping wouldn't bother me and that made him a wash as a student. Obviously this was a little bit of a misdirect to make him seem lazy when he's a bit more complex than that. Linhardt was an interesting student. His whole "I'm awake" and similar lines grew old after a while but his support dialogues with me and other students were interesting and made him more endearing to me. I liked that he's just kind of searching for his purpose. The thing about Linhardt that I enjoyed the most was how wise he is. His interaction with Lysithea was really a nice moment as well as an interesting one in how he went about making her realize things about herself and her situation. However, Linhardt also had some Sheldon Cooper moments (which I'm a Sheldon fan) but they could be a little frustrating sometimes. He also had a Dorothea type line before the final battle about crests and so I was rolling my eyes a bit. Overall he had his moments and I didn't mind the ones that were just meh.
- I recruited Lysithea. I had said maybe sometimes she'd ask questions rudely but would be a good student. I think Lysithea is great, but she can be pretty childish, sometimes comedically so. I understand that she's ~16 while the others are ~18 but they really gave her some overtly childish things to do and say sometimes. As a student she was exactly like I thought she would be so nothing surprising there. As a character I really enjoyed her growth and her story. Our interactions together were cute and she was my Goddess Tower visit during the ball so that was a fun moment as well. I also enjoyed her moments with other characters especially Linhardt. Lysithea was my main target going in with the anticipation of her being one of my favorites. She didn't end up as my favorite but I did enjoy our time together.
- Annette was my other recruit (that I intended to get) and I had said she'd probably want lots of extra credit and constantly ask how she was doing in class. This was a pretty accurate assessment of who Annette is as a student. Our early interactions were cute and endearing as she really wanted to do well. I know several characters do the little excited clenched fist cheer when instructing them but Annette's seemed to fit her the best and seemed cannon for how she would really react. Of all the students I most wanted to give Annette a hug. She seemed like she just needed to know she's of value and I wanted her to know I valued her. Her interactions with the Black Eagles weren't terribly memorable, but I did enjoy her and Linhardt's supports. I look forward to using her on a Blue Lions run.
- I recruited them unintentionally because I interacted with EVERYONE haha. I didn't do much with them so I will use this to speak to recruitment in general. I wish I had gone in with the intent to only recruit 1-2 additional characters. It just becomes a little too overwhelming when you only use 10 in battle most of the time.
- A few people in my last post asked how I felt about the faculty so I'll mention them a bit here. It seems like maybe the writing focused on the students (as I would expect) and let the faculty be very one note so none of them really stand out but I'll list the ones I talked to a lot.
- I liked Alois and our dialogue after Jeralt's death was really touching and I felt like he and I would've hugged and I'd have cried haha. I like that he just wants to be a good person and I want to get my support dialogue further with him next time to see what other interactions we might have.
- Manuela is Blanche Devereaux. If you don't know who that is ... look it up and thank me later for the best TV series of your life. I like her design and she was my wife's favorite character and I took her support to S but our interactions were kind of boring. She is what she is and I don't mind it but I also don't think I'll bother chatting her up in my next run.
- Seteth grew on me. He is meant to come across initially as a no nonsense kind of strict guy and all that but his supports are sweet and his interactions with Flayn were nice and made me like her more than I otherwise would have. I felt bad I couldn't bring him to my side but I wasn't heartbroken about either.
- Man ... Rhea is weird. She's got creepy vibes from the beginning and all the reveals and dialogue only made me like her less. I didn't know anything about her when she and the professor have their moment after he is wounded and like your head is in her lap but that moment didn't strike me as sweet ... it just felt weird. I think it will be hard for me to ever do the church route.
- Flayn is boring haha. I need to do more with her support wise I think but I felt like she was thrust upon me and told to like her but I just didn't.
- Shamir has a cool character design and that's why I gave her a lot of sunflowers but as I built our support I found myself less and less interested in what she had to say.
- Jeritza and I had such a short life together but I think it could've been magical given more time. Something about his line delivery is satisfyingly dead pan and wonderful. He's also so strong by the time you get him that I used him frequently.

Overall Impressions:
- I am going to have a really hard time playing any other route besides Crimson Flower. While not all of the students "spoke" to me I found Edelgard and her goals did speak to me and I loved this particular route.
Character Ranking:
Impacted Me Greatly: Edelgard, Annette
Love Them: Petra, Lysithea, Alois, Linhardt
Really Surprised Me: Bernedetta, Caspar, Seteth, Jeritza
So Much Potential: Hubert, Ferdinand
Avoid Talking To Next Time: Dorothea, Manuela, Rhea, Flayn, Shamir

Be sure to comment your own thoughts and please understand these are just my thoughts, everyone likely had a different experience from my own so don't take it to heart when I say someone is boring haha.
I feel like there's thousands more things I could say. I love this game and have started a Golden Deer run, but I will miss Edelgard and will finish my journey with this game doing one more Crimson Flower playthrough. You never forget your first and it was beautiful.
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2023.06.07 05:46 ME-726 Gay ahh 💀💀

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2023.06.07 04:29 TishhTashh Cute Aesthetic Flower Sticker

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2023.06.07 03:05 Forgetaboutthelonely Dating trans girls is great!

So I made a post in another sub talking about my recent experiences with dating trans women and a user thought my thoughts may be appreciated here.
So I figured I'd post them. I'm an AMAB nonbinary person. But I generally present fairly masculine out of sheer aesthetic convenience.
All my life until recently I've been doing the "Straight cisgender man seeking straight cisgender woman" schtick. But after a pretty amicable breakup with my now ex I decided to open up my online dating apps to everybody.
Since then I've been pretty much exclusively dating trans women. Not out of any specific decision. But I've found out that I absolutely LOVE dating trans women.
I don't know what it is exactly. Probably a number of things. But I've never before felt so wanted.
In the last few months I have had more fun, Felt more wanted, More accepted, more sexually desirable and more..... human?
So so many cisgender women would just ghost me if I wasn't jumping through hoops to "prove myself" to her. I've had more than one cisgender woman bluntly ask for a hookup only to ghost me when I didn't have a truck(not car, Specifically a truck) of my own to drive them around in. So so many times with dating cisgender women I've been treated like I'm some beast of burden. Like It's my duty to provide for them and my reward was them spreading their legs for some dispassionate emotionless missionary.
That's been my experience dating Cisgender women lately.
My experience dating trans women has been everything I've craved.
I've been approached. More than once now I've had absolutely beautiful transgender women send me the first message. And ask about me. What I like and not just what I do for work. How I feel and not just what I've done.
We've gone on simple yet amazingly romantic dates. Bike rides in the park on edibles to just getting fast food delivered and watching youtube videos on our shared interests while cuddling.
And don't get me started on the sex. And it's not just because of the familiarity trans women have with how a dick works. The passion is so real. sex feels like something they want to do. And not just a concession for an expensive date.
And the communication is so forward. I'm so so sick of being with a cisgender woman and having her kind of expect me to just know what she wants me to do or not to do.
Whereas the trans girls I've been with have openly communicated what they liked and disliked. Like I had such a nice moment with a beautiful girl I hooked up with a while back where we were in the heat of the horizontal monster mash and she stated "I don't feel feminine doing this" And we stopped and had a little chat on how we could be more physically affirming to her while being intimate. and we rearranged ourselves and continued to have sweaty passionate sex. I WISH that was the norm for cisgender women. I've felt so gross in the past because I almost felt like I needed to force my sexuality on girls to have it acknowledged.
Whereas now that I've started dating trans girls my sexuality feels recognized. Like I don't feel like I'm being manipulated to do things for sex. It just feels like sex is something we both want to enjoy with one another.
And I just love the way they've all reacted so viscerally to my words and actions.
Like a brush of the fingers along their shoulders or thigh and just whispering something I thought was cute about them and they just melt into my arms like I'm the only thing they want in the universe. God how I've craved that feeling!
And like. I won't lie I love seeing some of the reactions I get just from simple compliments or affirmations. Like I was cuddling with this one girl and watching youtube. And an ad for whatever the newest disney princess junk is for sale came on. So I asked her what princess she wanted to be as a little girl. And I just felt her hand grip my leg. So I just rubbed her head and started suggesting which ones I though she most looked like. She later told me that nobody had ever asked her anything like that. And that it made her feel really amazing. And I didn't even have to try!
It's so fucking great! And don't get me wrong. Dick is great too, But you don't need to enjoy dick to enjoy having sex with somebody who has one.
Some of the best sex I've had recently was non penetrative. We just caressed and got comfortable with one another's bodies until we were both satisfied.
I really hope more people start to see just how great dating trans women is. Cause there's a lot of people that are missing out on the absolutely amazing time I've been having lately.
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2023.06.07 00:48 mrbitbybit [WTS/WTT] Five Folders, One Fixed Blade, Two Pocket Organizers, & Three Hankys

What's up Knnifeswap Gang!
Got an assortment of blades with some hankys and pocket organizers looking for new homes. Take $5 off any additional purchase! Timestamp
Trade Interest: Spyderco Rhino 🦏
Spyderco - Military - S30V - Factory Second Frankenstein
Cobbled from a factory second S30V blade and Blurple G10 scales. Not sure why the blade was marked a factory second. Some fine scratches on the blade, a roll on the edge, and wear on the G10. Used by previous owner. The rest of the edge is factory sharp. No box. The Military is the best linerlock I’ve handled. It has phenomenal lockup, no play, and a snappy detent. This beast is just a bit big for me. The Military is the knife Spyderco's owner, Sal Glesser, designed after someone asked him, "If your son were going into the military what folding knife would you send him with?". Lightweight for its size (4.3oz) while packing a broad 4” leaf shaped blade. Very balanced and nimble in hand. Would make for an extraordinary user or EDC. SV - $110
Reefknotbags - Large Pocket Organizer
New and unused. Comes with three organizer pockets and a large zippered interior. The center pocket can fit a PM2, Knipex, or Leatherman comfortably. SV -$30
PRHC Productions - Planets/It’s So Fluffy Unicorn Hanky
New and unused. Planets on the front, cute “It’s So Fluffy” Unicorn backing. Great quote from the Minions movie. SV - $15

Thanks for looking everyone! Hit me up if you have questions, offers, or trades.

(Below have SOLD)
Schrade - Sch510 - SureLock - AUS8 SOLD
New but no box. A great budget bruiser style knife. Feels overbuilt. The SureLock is similar to the Steel Will Taso’s Ant Lock, but at a fraction of the cost. SV - FREE w/ any purchase
Reefknotbags - Medium Pocket Organizer SOLD
New and unused. Has six organizer pockets with a zippered interior. This one is great for pens, SAKs, smaller folders, pry bars, thinner flashlights, etc. The maker’s pocket organizers all use a YKK Zipper, KD38 waterproof cotton canvas, and Nylon bonded heavy duty thread. Quality and durable materials. SV - $25
AKC - Smarty - Green/Blackwash SOLD
NIB but has some slight wear on the scales from the factory. This is an excellent addition to any scale opening auto collection. If you’re looking for a Protech Whisker, this is a fine budget alternative. The Smarty has milled aluminum scales, a milled pocket clip, and a blackwashed D2 reverse tanto blade. Built very well with snappy action. SV - $50
Jesse Jarosz - Apple Jack - Slate G10/AEB-L SOLD
Carried a handful of times but never used. In excellent condition with COA. This knife is very snappy so there is some blade rap (center of blade hits back spring when letting it slam shut). So you just have to close it gently. It’ll eventually sharpen out, so this will make a great user. Has a stronger 7.5 pull and snappy walk and talk. Incredibly lightweight at only 1.7oz. Integrated bottle opener in the backspring. I believe this is the only Apple Jack with a Ti milled clip, as it was a custom request. An amazing Jarosz custom for only SV - $140
SixLeaf - SL-19 - Ti/S35VN SOLD
New and unused but has some snail trails from the factory. No box. This is the best valued Ti linerlock in the game right now. It’s excellently built with premium materials and is fidgety with multiple deployment methods. I don’t think there’s any knife even remotely close to this in value. I went back and forth so many times whether or not to sell it, but it doesn’t get any carry time so it needs a new home. SV - $50
Ink and Teeth - Pocket Scalpel - Forged 1095 SOLD
New with sheath. A well forged knife with aesthetically pleasing and effective jimping on the spine. The edge of the blade is a continuous belly that ends at a very pointy tip. Great for slicing or precise cutting. The kevlar cordage used for the handle also provides a comfortable and grippy touch. The kydex sheath is a great fit, no rattle, and pops off with the thumb when needed. An excellent EDC fixed blade. I paid $120, take it for only SV - $70 $50
MCMD Hankery - Viking Village Hanky SOLD
New and unused. Detailed viking village front, with a very soft and supple suede backing. Beautifully stitched. SV - $15
Cranky Hanky - Lucky Shamrock Hanky SOLD
New and unused. Shamrocks on the front with plain backing. Maker rarely does hanks anymore, so these designs are rare. SV - $15
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2023.06.06 23:38 Expert_Individual185 AU Jojos.Artist:Me

AU Jojos.Artist:Me
Ultraverse(First 6)
Jonathan Joestar:Much More Timid Than The Original.Learns To Be Less of A Wimp,And He Ultimately Saves The Day,Giving His Life To Save His Children DIO Isn’t Evil In This Universe,So His Twin Sons Are Named George,And Dio Joestar.If You Would Like To Know More,Follow For New Characters.
Joseph Joestar:Son Of George Joestar II.This Version Of Part 2 Is Set In The Final Stretch Of WW2,With Joseph Fighting For England,Trying To Live Up To His Fathers Legacy,Looking For Answers On His Long Lost Uncle.He Ultimately Prevents The Nazis From Winning WW2,By Destroying Their Ultimate Weapons,Which Are The Pillar Men In This universe.
Jotaro Kujo:Much More Gentle In This Universe.That’s The Only Thing That Changes Other Than His Change In Love Interest
Josumi Higashikata:The Cute Nerdy Girl Aesthetic Is Great.She Acts As a motherly Figure To Hayato,Comforting Him After His Mothers Murder.Keep In Mind That Kira is not the villain here,So Guess Who It Might Be In The Comments.
Jose Giovanna:Less Ruthless Than The Original Giorno.Works As A Cop,Infiltrating a Feared Cult.Very Slick,Smooth Talking,And Charming.
Jorin Cujoh:Rather Than Being In Prison,He Is Hired by Domenico Zeppeli To Help Him Search For Remaining Members Of His Family.Along The Way He Encounters His Estranged Father,An Version Of Emporio,Who is The Same,Because Why Mess With Perfection?He Has Jolynes Overall Personality.
Joshua Joestar:Son Of Irene And Annakiss.Is Johnny,But Is Blind Instead. No Other Major Changes.
Josuk8:Adopted By Josuke,Who Has Changed His Name to Norisuke.No Other Changes.
Jodio:Giornos Neglected Son.Becomes A Delinquent,Like His Father
Let Me Know What You Think in the comments
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2023.06.06 22:19 motherofaxos Happy Birthday Leo 🎉

Happy Birthday Leo 🎉
Our axo turned 1 today so we celebrated with a 40G upgrade! He’s finally exploring after hiding out in his hide for a few days! Anyone have any recommendations on where I can get cute, big, aesthetic looking hides?
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2023.06.06 21:58 ZealousidealCycle301 Ranking every world in Kingdom Hearts 2

I’d like this post to be a general discussion of the worlds in KH2. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my ranking, and feel free to share your own ranking.

15th: Atlantica
Atlantica takes the unfortunate last place on my list, but it's not without its charms. In a surprising move, the developers scrapped the original Atlantica and turned it into a rhythm game. Surprisingly, this change actually makes the world more enjoyable. The rhythm gameplay adds a cute and fun touch to Atlantica's story, making it a pleasant addition to the game. While it may not have the depth or exploration of other worlds, it offers a unique twist and provides a lighthearted break from the main adventure. That being said, Swim and Play has to be the worst song I’ve heard I'm sorry.

14th: Disney Castle
Disney Castle secures the 14th spot on my ranking, offering a short but sweet story arc and a cool design. However, it doesn't go beyond these surface-level elements. The world lacks the depth and substance found in other worlds, serving more as a brief interlude than a fully fleshed-out experience. While it's always nice to explore a familiar location from the Disney universe, Disney Castle falls short when it comes to providing a truly engaging and memorable gameplay experience.

13th: 100 Acre Wood
100 Acre Wood comes in at number 13, and it's a unique world that offers a departure from the typical Kingdom Hearts formula. It improves upon the original 100 Acre Wood by incorporating a cool little side story and enjoyable minigames. However, it feels more like an arcade or collection of minigames rather than a fully realized world. While the minigames are fun diversions, they don't offer the same level of depth and exploration as other worlds in the game. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a lighthearted and whimsical break from the main storyline, 100 Acre Wood provides an entertaining diversion.

12th: Space Paranoids
Space Paranoids secures the 12th spot on I list with its fun gameplay, cool design, and engaging storyline. However, it falls short in terms of character development. The characters in this world come across as rather bland, lacking the depth and complexity found in other worlds. Additionally, the final boss battle in Space Paranoids could benefit from a reduction in health points, as it tends to drag on longer than necessary. Despite these flaws, the world still offers an enjoyable experience overall, blending futuristic aesthetics with engaging gameplay mechanics.

11th: Twilight Town
Twilight Town earns the 11th spot on my ranking, and while some may criticize its slow introduction, I believe it offers a compelling and enjoyable experience. While it may feel a bit slow at times, Twilight Town features a fun storyline and an intriguing setting. The first part may be a bit confusing, but it leads to a brilliant ending that sets the stage for the second part, which is truly remarkable. While it may not have the same grandeur as other worlds, Twilight Town manages to captivate players with its unique atmosphere and engaging narrative.

10th: Port Royal
As a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, Port Royal left me slightly disappointed. While it offers a cool and unique world that stands out from the others, it falls short in terms of story and character development. The characters in Port Royal are nothing like their movie counterparts, which can be a letdown for fans. Nevertheless, the world still captures the essence of a pirate adventure and provides an enjoyable experience. The first part offers a decent adaptation, while the second part can feel a bit tedious. Despite its shortcomings, Port Royal manages to deliver a fun and immersive pirate-themed world that could have benefited from a bit more depth.

9th: Beast's Castle
Beast's Castle takes the 9th spot on my list with its absolutely stunning design and exploration opportunities. The world offers a captivating story and well-developed characters that stay true to the Beauty and the Beast theme. However, it falls short in certain aspects, such as the absence of Gaston and a lot of aspects of its movie, who would have added an extra layer of depth and excitement. Despite this missed opportunity, Beast's Castle remains a visually impressive and engaging world, showcasing the magic and wonder of the Disney universe.

8th: Land of Dragons
The Land of Dragons secures the 8th spot on my ranking, offering a solid world with an enjoyable storyline. While it may not stand out as much as other worlds, it still provides a satisfying experience overall. The world design is well-crafted, immersing players in a vibrant and dynamic environment. However, when compared to the other worlds in the game, it falls slightly short in terms of depth and overall impact. Nevertheless, the Land of Dragons manages to deliver a worthwhile adventure that contributes to the overall Kingdom Hearts II experience.

7th: Olympus Coliseum
Olympus Coliseum makes an impressive upgrade from its predecessor, offering a great open world and an engaging story. It serves as a decent sequel to the original Hercules world and features the introduction of Auron, one of the coolest Final Fantasy inclusions in the series. The world provides a satisfying blend of intense combat and thrilling challenges. While it may not reach the top tier of my ranking, Olympus Coliseum still stands as a solid world that fans of the series will enjoy.
6th: Pride Land
The Pride Land secures the 6th spot on my list with its great storytelling and near-perfect world design. The world effectively develops the characters from the movie, immersing players in an engaging narrative. The boss battles and overall world design contribute to a memorable and immersive experience. However, the unique gameplay mechanics, while ambitious and fitting for the world, don't resonate with everyone, leading me to prefer other worlds slightly more. Nevertheless, the Pride Land delivers a compelling and well-crafted adventure that fans of the Lion King and Kingdom Hearts alike will appreciate.

5th: Agrabah
Agrabah lands in the 5th position on my ranking, and once again, it proves to be a beloved world. Essentially a refined version of Agrabah from Kingdom Hearts I, this world introduces a fun magic carpet mechanic and improves the boss battles. It successfully captures the essence of the Aladdin story while adding its own twists and turns. Overall, Agrabah offers a great blend of exploration, storytelling, and satisfying gameplay, making it a standout world in Kingdom Hearts II.

4th: Halloween Town
Halloween Town secures the 4th spot on my list, delivering another brilliant upgrade from its original iteration. While the story may not reach the same heights, the world design is undeniably fun and engaging. From the festive atmosphere to the well-crafted boss battles, Halloween Town offers a captivating experience. It showcases the creativity and imagination of the Kingdom Hearts series, providing players with an amazing world that should not be overlooked. I’ll even go in record and say that the present Minigame is actually kind of fun.

3rd: Timeless River
Timeless River captures the 3rd spot on my ranking as one of the most unique and enjoyable gaming experiences in Kingdom Hearts II. With its nostalgic black-and-white design, the world stands out from the rest, creating a distinctive and visually stunning atmosphere. The combat mechanics are excellent, and the small but fun story adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Timeless River successfully achieves what 100 Acre Wood attempted to do, but with even greater success. It offers a refreshing break from the main storyline, providing players with a truly memorable and delightful world.
2nd: Radiant Garden
Radiant Garden secures the 2nd position on my list, standing as a remarkable upgrade from Hollow Bastion. This world has it all - from the breathtaking Cavern to the epic 1000 Heartless Battle. The inclusion of Final Fantasy characters and the intricate story arcs elevate Radiant Garden to the peak of Kingdom Hearts II. Every aspect of this world is noteworthy, showcasing the developers' attention to detail and dedication to creating an immersive and compelling experience. Radiant Garden truly shines as a must-play world for fans of the series.

1st: The World That Never Was
Taking the crown as the top world in Kingdom Hearts II, The World That Never Was delivers an outstanding finale to the game. The world's design is simply breathtaking, capturing a sense of awe and mystery. The flawless boss battles, emotional storytelling, and great ending make it a standout world that brings everything together with precision and elegance. The World That Never Was serves as a testament to the beauty and complexity of Kingdom Hearts II, leaving players with a truly memorable and impactful conclusion to the game.
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2023.06.06 09:10 Expert_Individual185 AU Jojos.Artist:Me

AU Jojos.Artist:Me
Ultraverse(First 6)
Jonathan Joestar:Much More Timid Than The Original.Learns To Be Less of A Wimp,And He Ultimately Saves The Day,Giving His Life To Save His Children DIO Isn’t Evil In This Universe,So His Twin Sons Are Named George,And Dio Joestar.If You Would Like To Know More,Follow For New Characters.
Joseph Joestar:Son Of George Joestar II.This Version Of Part 2 Is Set In The Final Stretch Of WW2,With Joseph Fighting For England,Trying To Live Up To His Fathers Legacy,Looking For Answers On His Long Lost Uncle.He Ultimately Prevents The Nazis From Winning WW2,By Destroying Their Ultimate Weapons,Which Are The Pillar Men In This universe.
Jotaro Kujo:Much More Gentle In This Universe.That’s The Only Thing That Changes Other Than His Change In Love Interest
Josumi Higashikata:The Cute Nerdy Girl Aesthetic Is Great.She Acts As a motherly Figure To Hayato,Comforting Him After His Mothers Murder.Keep In Mind That Kira is not the villain here,So Guess Who It Might Be In The Comments.
Jose Giovanna:Less Ruthless Than The Original Giorno.Works As A Cop,Infiltrating a Feared Cult.Very Slick,Smooth Talking,And Charming.
Jorin Cujoh:Rather Than Being In Prison,He Is Hired by Domenico Zeppeli To Help Him Search For Remaining Members Of His Family.Along The Way He Encounters His Estranged Father,An Version Of Emporio,Who is The Same,Because Why Mess With Perfection?He Has Jolynes Overall Personality.
Joshua Joestar:Son Of Irene And Annakiss.Is Johnny,But Is Blind Instead. No Other Major Changes.
Josuk8:Adopted By Josuke,Who Has Changed His Name to Norisuke.No Other Changes.
Jodio:Giornos Neglected Son.Becomes A Delinquent,Like His Father
Let Me Know What You Think in the comments
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