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Girls race too!! Love this post

2023.02.01 01:53 Moist_Inevitable8066 Girls race too!! Love this post

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2023.01.21 03:54 Artistic-Stranger-31 Girls race too

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2022.12.20 09:39 Lazy-Potential-6355 Buying glasses without insurance?

I recently lost my glasses. I want to get a new pair but no longer have vision insurance. What is the cheapest and best way to get a new pair? I would need a new eye exam. I have astigmatism and will need to get the lenses shaved to be thinner as well as would like to get anti-reflective coating. This will be my first time getting glasses without insurance so I’m not sure what to even expect cost-wise but I am not in a position where I can spend an arm and a leg. I live in a smaller town but do have some local eye care centers, Walmarts, Sams Club and an Eyemart Express. I’m hesitant to order online because of getting the wrong frame for my face/hating them and just wasting my money. TIA.
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2022.12.10 02:38 KillerwhaleTidalWave Talented Eyeglass Tech in Town?

I have a pair of frames I've been using for about the last fifteen years. They're actually probably around 80 years old in total, at this point. They belonged to a now deceased relative, so I'm kind of attached. I think they're made of vinyl.
I took them by Stanton (they suck) and Eyemart Express and both told me that I'd need to buy new frames. They couldn't get the lenses out. Are there any specialty eyeglass shops in town? Some eyeglass savant around that might take a look at these frames? I'd hate to stop using them.
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2022.11.21 19:24 KIitComander We Broke but we Not to broke for a 8% $GME dip. Short trading week y’all. .. Did I call it Friday or what?. 😂.

We Broke but we Not to broke for a 8% $GME dip. Short trading week y’all. .. Did I call it Friday or what?. 😂. submitted by KIitComander to WallStreetbetsELITE [link] [comments]

2022.09.30 05:13 bobbleheadache I noticed there was a negtive veiw count on their social blade yesterday. What's up with that? they delete a video?

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2022.08.29 14:28 JohnSylar456547 fine dinning awaits

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2022.05.18 19:03 ogimbe Cheap and fast glasses that aren't a bait and switch?

I completely destroyed my glasses last night and need to get back in action (including an eye exam.) Are any of these discount places legit? Eyemart Express, Payless Optical, etc.? Can't afford much - bad timing!
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2022.03.06 00:01 pcmtx Getting lenses for vintage frames?

I have some vintage frames for my WWII impression, I thought they seemed sturdy and in good shape. But when I took them to a local Eyemart Express, they refused to put new lenses in them. Has this happened to anyone else before? Is there a chain that will do this, or can I send them in somewhere? Or am I just SOL? I really don't want to start wearing contacts, but this is starting to be a pain in the butt.
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2021.11.08 02:19 DinoJockeyBrando Seeking an appropriate charity: What vision charity will allow me to donate used prescription eyeglasses WITH their original cases?

I hope this is okay to ask here, but please let me know if not.
I have about a dozen pairs of used prescription eyeglasses in good condition, all of which are stored in their original hard cases. I was going to drop them off at an eyeglass donation box in LensCrafters or somewhere similar, but was informed by a colleague that some organizations refuse glasses cases. I couldn’t find much information about this online, though.
So, does anyone know of any eyeglass charities that accept cases alongside glasses? The boxes match and I’d rather them not go to waste if possible. Thanks!
EDIT: Solved! Just in case anyone else out there has the same question, a local Eyemart Express took everything in one go.
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2021.10.26 14:24 KDOG2736184T3782EF Question on repair of scratched lenses

So I bought glasses from lenscrafters last year. They are scratched up pretty bad. I have never gone anywhere else for my glasses, but I moved and now the closest lenscrafters is 2 hours away. Would I be able to go to eyemart express to get my glasses fixed? I ask because idk if they need to know my perscription to fix the glasses.
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2021.08.25 13:15 CallieVollmond Hoya vs generic store, no coatings

I’m curious what difference there is between a brand like Hoya and whatever they give you at Eyemart express. I’ve seen similar posts, but they all referenced the coating. I can’t stand coatings on glasses, unfortunately. Is there any point in choosing Hoya without coatings, for single vision glasses?

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2021.06.01 15:49 mincky Eyeglasses

Can anyone share their experience with some of the chain store type of eyeglasses stores? Like American's Best, Stanton's, Eyemart Express, even the optical shop in Target. I've bought glasses from both Tunnel Vision and from Paul Endry when he was in the Grove Arcade, but both places were $$$ and I'm hoping to find something closer to $$ or $. I can always shop Zenni on line, but I've done that before and would like to buy in person this time 'round.
Edited to add that my insurance doesn’t cover eyeglasses.
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2021.05.12 02:40 Suitable-Concert Does anyone know if Vision 4 Less/Eyemart Express does contact lens exams?

Title says it all, I need a valid prescription to get more contact lenses and I want to do this as inexpensively as possible. I have Avesis insurance if that matters. I tried checking their website and there's no information about it.
Or, if they don't do a contact-specific exam, if their prescription from a regular eye exam would be valid to buy contacts with.
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2021.03.19 20:42 2Sam22 Eyeglass World, North division

Have bought glasses here in the past. 2 years ago, I had another exam & purchased 2 more pair. I prefer glass lenses over plastic and will pay the extra. They DOUBLED in price over the previous 2 year period even going g down from no line bifocals to single vision, so price was just under $800. Got them back after a month (previously time was 2 weeks). One pair I got for work, larger lens area, obviously glass. Second pair, not for work and 1/3 the size, had doubts. Went back in and asked "are you sure these are glass"? Oh yes they are... Forward to today. Went in. Handed non work glasses to the help. She asked if I was looking for polycarbonate again. I said those are not glass? She said no, tapped the lenses, said polycarbonate has a different sound (MY reason for asking when I bought them! along with the weight...). I took them back and said I changed my mind. I'll not do business with that particular store, maybe the chain OR their sister company, Eyemart Express if this is the way corporate lets things be run. Granted, I could have taken the pair to another dealer to double check but I'd never bought a small lenses set before, so trusted their response. Its been 2 years and I haven't the receipt any longer so the onus is upon me...
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2020.11.15 01:07 doubleplushomophobic Affordable eye exams?

I'm trying to replace my glasses without insurance for the first time, and I'm having a hard time finding anywhere affordable. The only place I've found under $90 is Walmart (who charge $65), but I'd prefer not to support them for ethical reasons if I can.
Eyemart Express does them for $39, but they are booked several months out.
Are there any affordable local optometrists out there? Thanks!
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2020.11.11 18:00 kirbypuckett34 List of businesses requiring masks:

11/17/20 EDIT: The City and the Chamber have worked together to start a list of businesses who take the pledge to "help slow the spread of COVID-19 by following COVID-19 mitigation efforts in organizations and businesses, including wearing facial coverings and other CDC recommended precautions."
I’d like to have a list of businesses requiring and enforcing mask usage. I want to support those businesses that are doing their part to protect their workers and customers. I’ll try to keep this post updated.
  • The Breaks Coffee
  • Fernson’s Downtown
  • Dada Gastropub
  • Crave
  • Queen City Bakery
  • Bread and Circus Sandwiches
  • Remedy Brewing
  • Sunny's Pizzeria
  • Chef Ellen
  • Covert Artisan Ales & Cellars
  • Coffea
  • Sioux Falls Food Co+op
  • Costco
  • Last Stop
  • Menards
  • Zandbroz
  • Game Chest
  • PetSmart
  • Terra Shepard
  • The Home Depot
  • JJ's Wine, Spirits and Cigars
  • Best Buy
  • Joann's
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Marshall's/Home Goods
  • DSW
  • TJ Maxx
  • Torrid
  • Hot Topic
  • Spencer's
  • Victoria's Secret/Pink
  • Sephora
  • American Eagle
  • Justice
  • Bare Minerals
  • Bath and Body Works
  • Aerie
  • White House, Black Market
  • 605 Running Company
  • Lululemon
  • Staples
  • Urban Archaeology
  • Mrs. Murphy’s
  • Young and Richard’s floral
  • Rehfelds Art and Framing
  • The Spice and Tea Exchange
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Zumiez
  • Reach Literacy Bookstore
  • Total Drag
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Chelsea's Boutique
  • Crosstown Records
  • Dakota Potters Supply
  • Black Hills Federal Credit Union
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Siouxland Library
  • Vishnu Bunny Tattoo
  • The Electric Crayon
  • Great Clips
  • Sioux Falls Sunfish (new baseball team)
  • Moon Rae Tattoo
  • The Stockyards Ag Experience
  • MacDoctors
  • Sioux Empire Community Theatre
  • Bishop Dudley House
  • Hair Essence
  • Climberz
  • Sanford Hospital and Clinics
  • Avera
  • LifeScape
  • DakotAbilities
  • Dakota Vision
  • Dakota Dental
  • EyeMart Express
  • South Western Dental
  • Falls Dental
  • Eye-Site and Optics
  • Advanced Dental
  • Family Eye Care Center
  • Shopko Optical
  • Britt Zink Physical Therapy Services
  • Peace Lutheran
  • St Catherine Drexel 7 pm Saturday services
  • Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ
The following places have a mask policy but enforcement has been questionable.
  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Empire Mall (common areas)
  • Target
  • Holiday Gas Stations
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Aldi
  • Harbor Freight
  • Dollar Tree
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2020.11.09 07:45 elizabeth_thai72 Nose pad causing raw spot

TL:DR eyemart express glasses not the best. Title
I have a pair of glasses from eyemart express, (if your considering getting glasses there, reconsider. I’ve had a lens crack internally for the first time ever,from the stream of a warm coffee, and I’ve been where glasses for the last 21 years. As well as what the title says). Anyways, the right pad is starting to irritate my skin from constantly pushing them back up and squeezing the pads closer doesn’t help. Anything I can do? Or should I consider getting a new pair?
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2020.03.26 13:02 annphillips1980 In need of replacement eyeglasses asap. Any ideas?

Anyone know of any place making them? I have my prescription. I live in Harrison county. I got my original pair from Eyemart Express. They're closed, along with every other eyeglass company that I've checked. Places are only open for people to pick up glasses that have already been ordered. I was told these places wouldn't be reopening until April 6ish. I badly need them for constant vision correction. I get horrible headaches without them. I totally get closing all non-essential businesses. But this is a total essential for me and I'm guessing others as well. ANY suggestions would be very appreciated.
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2020.02.05 01:45 Angrynoodle25 don't go to Eyemart express

I sat in their Portland Maine Location for an hour and didn't get seen, no glasses, no nothing. Also drove an hour there and An hour back home afterward.
I will never shop there or at any other location of theirs ever again.
It is not an express store it is a waste of time.
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2019.08.16 14:12 googlynear555 May be a dumb question

At Eyemart Express do I pay for frames and lenses separately or do they sell them in their entirety at the listed price?
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2019.02.28 17:28 didyoutouchmydrums Difference between Groupon voucher and gift card, limit 1 per person?

First time Groupon user and I don’t want to get burned. I just purchased a Groupon for a $100 gift card to Eyemart Express for $52 (including a 20% Groupon promo code). screenshot of order I’ve read the details and fine print, but I’m confused if I can use more than one of these to buy glasses at the store. I called the store and asked if I can stack multiple gift cards for one order, and they said that’s totally fine. However, the fine print says limit one voucher per person.
From your experience, does anyone know if this means I can only buy one voucher from Groupon per person? Or does it mean I can only use one Groupon voucher per in-store purchase? Also, is this a gift card or a voucher, or they synonymous? Any help is appreciated! I just want to know if I can/should buy more of these with different accounts.
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