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Pink Floyd

2008.05.03 16:21 Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are an English rock band that achieved international success with their progressive and psychedelic music marked by the use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows. One of the most commercially successful and influential rock groups in the history of popular music, they have sold over 250 million records worldwide, including 74.5 million certified units in the United States. In 1996 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2008.11.01 00:45 Arkansas: News for and from Arkansas residents

This subreddit is intended to serve as a centralized communications hub for the state of Arkansas to include Arkansas news, events, random discussion, Arkansas sports, or anything as long as it's about Arkansas.

2012.12.24 02:19 dagremlin The Maxx

i'm surprised to see that there wasn't a sub-Reddit for Sam Keith's The Maxx.

2023.06.08 21:19 Ok-Media-1075 Does this mean my Old Iron fake id was confirmed?

Does this mean my Old Iron fake id was confirmed?
Buying in bitcoin is confusing can someone see if this is right?
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2023.06.08 21:10 BCdotWHAT First report from the Celebration (tons of new songs)

My group saw footage and it was Yokohama 1986 pro shot.
After 45 minutes of that concert we lined up to go into studio C for the listening shesh. Walking in we heard P humming over playing piano...kind of working out a tune.
(Song P was playing...no lyrics just music was called "The Rain in You" and it was an 18 minute instrumental.
Next song was a version of 7 in E flat. It resembles 2 Whom it May Concern. Very funky! People were on their feet dancing! It was recorded August 8, 1992.
Next was "Everything Could Be So Fine" recorded July 7, 1987. Intended for Graffiti Bridge, it was an uptempo song and had Cat and Sheila singing background. It also named checked Melody Cool.
Next "The Rock that Keeps Rolling". This moderate tempo take was recorded 8/7/92 but originated during the Lovesexy era.
Next MY BOYFRIEND ERA RECORDED IN 2002! A beautiful ballad entitled "All the Kings Men" as per the label on the box. Smooth R&B track about getting back together with a lover. "All the kings horses and all the kings men, they can put us back together again"....
Next "I Believe I Love You" tracked 7/27/87 "British feel" as per Charles Spicer and inspired by Ana Fantastic as per Casey Rain. Short little bop also intended for Graffiti Bridge.
Don't Play With Love" tracked 6/28/85. It was found in a box labeled "Prince and Dad" and featured John L Nelson on keys with P singing falsetto with a drum loop.
Next WHEW, tracked 4/4/2006 probably with Bland, Sonny T, and P an instrumental to fit on Lotusflow3r. "Della Black Heart". Rocky. Bland went CRAZY on the drums. Prince went CRAZY on guitar solos. Imagine it as the sibling of "I Am" from Deliverance, but with more solos.
Next "You're Such a Tease" also tracked 2006. R&B jazzy feel. "Let me see your fingernails looks like u want to scratch me and leave a mark. I like it"
Next the full version of the song from the celebration promo. It's called "All Are Shared Together Now" tracked September 2006.
Final song was an acoustic version of Soft and Wet (demo from back in the day)
source https://twitter.com/darlingnisi/status/1666862230388736009 and beyond
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2023.06.08 21:08 ArtisticOperation586 Nfather’s response to one question I texted him earlier abt a front door cam not working. What even is this madness?

Me: What’s going on with the cameras? Can’t check the history bc it’s set on the year “1969” & can’t be changed. Did you set it so that other users can’t check the history? Strange but not surprising lol.
Nfather: “The core idea of Landmark is that we are trapped within and held back by the stories that we tell ourselves. For the most part, we aren't even aware that we are operating from within these narratives, but they serve as excuses and determine many of our choices.” Once you learn to let this go, you’re gonna change your whole life. “The story” slows you down and hold you back in so many ways. It’s hard to explain them in just a few paragraphs. So what you typed me is an example of a “story” something that’s just happening in your head that’s not reality.
(Nfather keeps going): The reality is we added two more HD cameras to the mix without upgrading the storage in our NVR (network video recorder)
It comes with only 128GB and when we had two HD cameras, and no 4K cameras, it was fine. Now we’ve added all those cameras. That little drive can’t keep up. We need to add an 8 TB drive or more for all of our cameras, so we can see a proper history.
(And going): Now that you know the truth, it probably makes a lot more sense than what you were thinking. And no, I didn’t say this to put you down or hurt you. I’m only telling you because I know many people that have those beliefs and are caught “ inside their head” it really impacts their life negatively. Letting that go and analyzing only the facts is really liberating and freeing, at least it was for me.
Here’s a real world example. Until C started selling a few immediate rush fees like I have been doing, J believed no one would ever pay $350 extra to “ clear the bench” and work on only their stuff immediately.
So she sold two or three of these fees now J has done just as many himself , all while making him a lot more commission, super pleasing the client because they needed stuff now (and charge a lot more per hour than we do!) and of course, helping themselves and (business) at the same time. It’s really a win-win to let the story go.
(Still going): Another good example of a story. Sorry to keep using J, but I hear it almost every day with him, and he doesn’t know any better as he hasn’t had the Landmark training I’ve had. We had a water main break on (blank) Street and it’s been flooding S’s basement and the tattoo shops basement. The city has been back 3 times to fix the same thing. I told S it was irresponsible of him to leave his business and lock up the door since the city can’t come down and see if there’s1) actually fixed the problem. S told me flat out “you’re wrong” (OK how do you fix a water leak without actually checking where the leak is coming from which was the other side of the concrete wall! 2) J firmly believes S is doing it on purpose because he’s tired of running the business and just wants out. Alrighty, then, does that sound like the truth to you?! J might be right, but the reality might be S just doesn’t want to stick around well. The city works all night on his water leak. My personal “story” is S wants to go home to drink. The only facts I have are S just didn’t stick around so the city can inspect. That’s all I know and that’s what I’m sticking with. Coming up with crazy and elaborate stories in schemes in your (my) head etc really don’t serve any purpose.
We have 1 4K at door, + an hd on each side of the house in the .. and now in the .. room (my expensive drill, went missing) so I’m putting a little camera in to keep an eye on stuff. We only have a 128gb drive, so, we don’t have a lot of storage! 😂
. . So in short… we need a bigger drive. Why do they do this?
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2023.06.08 21:06 ProposalEcstatic3944 Buckatunna Mississippi Rescue Needs Donations

Buckatunna Mississippi Rescue Needs Donations
Original post
Y’all ….. it is so hot out that door! Trying to feed and water all these fur kids. By 10:30 I’ve already had to put the water hose over my head and take 2 breaks to cool down and rehydrate. I keep telling everyone, I’ve got to have the funds to hire someone to handle this daily kennel work. I so appreciate those who have stepped up by setting up the monthly donations of $10 . Once we reach our goal of 200 people ,maybe a little less, I can hire the help. I just don’t know how much longer I can keep it up though while I wait . Is there someone out there willing to make this a fundraising drive and beat the bushes to help get word out . I think this is the only reason we haven’t got the number of people we need yet. Facebook alone isn’t reaching everyone. Please y’all , I need help . There is no one to take over if I fall out in this heat. It’s just got to be done. It’s not even my health issues. At 65 you just can’t take the heat and hard work that a younger person can.
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2023.06.08 20:55 IxPickle **Your not so average geopolitical Minecraft server. (Work In Progress)** `Have you ever wanted to build your caveman hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations? Now you can do all of these things on our Pangaea rendition of our own planet Earth! This map uses r

**Your not so average geopolitical Minecraft server. (Work In Progress)**
`Have you ever wanted to build your caveman hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations? Now you can do all of these things on our Pangaea rendition of our own planet Earth! This map uses real geographical data (images on google), to bring the most playable Pangaea map yet to Minecraft.
Will you claw your way to the top to become a global power? Will you spare mercy for your rivals? Or leave nothing but scorched earth? Or lay back and build your own little paradise? On PangaeaEarth, you have the opportunity to do either, we welcome and encourage all playstyles. You will also find building alliances with other towns will help you along the way.
Use our gold economy plugin to make some bank with /sell. You can further grow your economic success by creating ChestShops and selling your goods to others.
Brew your own alcohol with our Brewery plugin. You can also sit down anywhere you want with GSit (/sit). Tired of waiting for war to start? Now you don’t have to with our koth system. Join today and become the PangaeaEarth season 1.2..
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cjas35nPrJ
**SERVER JUST RELEASED, IP: PangaeaEarth.com
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2023.06.08 20:54 IxPickle PangaeaEarth [Semi-vanilla] [PVP] {Towny} {SMP} {World Border} {1.19.4} {Discord}

**Your not so average geopolitical Minecraft server. (Work In Progress)**
`Have you ever wanted to build your caveman hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations? Now you can do all of these things on our Pangaea rendition of our own planet Earth! This map uses real geographical data (images on google), to bring the most playable Pangaea map yet to Minecraft.
Will you claw your way to the top to become a global power? Will you spare mercy for your rivals? Or leave nothing but scorched earth? Or lay back and build your own little paradise? On PangaeaEarth, you have the opportunity to do either, we welcome and encourage all playstyles. You will also find building alliances with other towns will help you along the way.
Use our gold economy plugin to make some bank with /sell. You can further grow your economic success by creating ChestShops and selling your goods to others.
Brew your own alcohol with our Brewery plugin. You can also sit down anywhere you want with GSit (/sit). Tired of waiting for war to start? Now you don’t have to with our koth system. Join today and become the PangaeaEarth season 1.2..
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cjas35nPrJ
**SERVER JUST RELEASED, IP: PangaeaEarth.com
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2023.06.08 20:54 Mamaofoneson 16months old needing all the support to go to sleep

I’m just feeling so drained and depleted right now. Nursing to sleep, rocking to sleep, patting his back beside him until he goes to sleep. Last night we went to bed (co-sleeping) and he tossed around, kept sitting up, making noises and it took TWO HOURS for him to fall asleep.
Today he fell asleep in the car on the way home for his first nap, and did not keep sleeping when I carried him out and nursed him laying down on the bed. Like dude, you are tired! Why aren’t you staying sleeping?
I want to have another baby but holy how could I ever when my little guy requires so much attention to go to sleep. I’m getting frustrated and I don’t know what to do. I want him to feel safe and loved. But want him to be able to fall asleep when he’s tired. Why is it so hard.
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2023.06.08 20:54 IxPickle PangaeaEarth [Semi-vanilla] [PVP] {Towny} {SMP} {World Border} {1.19.4} {Discord}

**Your not so average geopolitical Minecraft server. (Work In Progress)**
`Have you ever wanted to build your caveman hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations? Now you can do all of these things on our Pangaea rendition of our own planet Earth! This map uses real geographical data (images on google), to bring the most playable Pangaea map yet to Minecraft.
Will you claw your way to the top to become a global power? Will you spare mercy for your rivals? Or leave nothing but scorched earth? Or lay back and build your own little paradise? On PangaeaEarth, you have the opportunity to do either, we welcome and encourage all playstyles. You will also find building alliances with other towns will help you along the way.
Use our gold economy plugin to make some bank with /sell. You can further grow your economic success by creating ChestShops and selling your goods to others.
Brew your own alcohol with our Brewery plugin. You can also sit down anywhere you want with GSit (/sit). Tired of waiting for war to start? Now you don’t have to with our koth system. Join today and become the PangaeaEarth season 1.2..
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cjas35nPrJ
**SERVER JUST RELEASED, IP: PangaeaEarth.com
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2023.06.08 20:53 IxPickle PangaeaEarth [Semi-vanilla] [PVP] {Towny} {SMP} {World Border} {1.19.4} {Discord}

**Your not so average geopolitical Minecraft server. (Work In Progress)**
`Have you ever wanted to build your caveman hometown in Minecraft? Build an empire? Manage relationships with other nations? Now you can do all of these things on our Pangaea rendition of our own planet Earth! This map uses real geographical data (images on google), to bring the most playable Pangaea map yet to Minecraft.
Will you claw your way to the top to become a global power? Will you spare mercy for your rivals? Or leave nothing but scorched earth? Or lay back and build your own little paradise? On PangaeaEarth, you have the opportunity to do either, we welcome and encourage all playstyles. You will also find building alliances with other towns will help you along the way.
Use our gold economy plugin to make some bank with /sell. You can further grow your economic success by creating ChestShops and selling your goods to others.
Brew your own alcohol with our Brewery plugin. You can also sit down anywhere you want with GSit (/sit). Tired of waiting for war to start? Now you don’t have to with our koth system. Join today and become the PangaeaEarth season 1.2..
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cjas35nPrJ
**SERVER JUST RELEASED, IP: PangaeaEarth.com
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Laura Lux Lauren Jasmine LauraSahar Lauren Burch Lasirena69 Lavaxgrl Layla Brooks Layladeline Leah Larsh Lems7 Lena Kitsune Lena12 Leyna Inu Lilbussygirl Lilmochidoll Lilwaifulia Liya Perez Lily Phillips Lily Shams LillyVig Lina Belfiore Lindsay Capuano Littlespoonz Liya Silver Lolaxmina Loonassoftfeet LoveAngelica Low-keydeadinside Lucy Doll Lucy Mochi Lulu Chu LydiaGh0st Lynarita Lyra Crow Maddy Belle Madiitay Madisonwilde Milakitten Maikonidesvip Margot Robbie Mariaaskyy Maria del Mar Mariam Hadid Marie Temara Marisol Yotta Mary Burke Meggyeggo Mei Kou Mei Minato Meladinha Mellooow Melwood Mercedes Blanche Mia Falls Mia Monroe Michelle Rabbit Mikayla Demaiter Mikki Marie Milababy69 Mila Sobolov Minavenetavip Miss Banana Miss Bunda Miss Dxxx Miss Lexa Misstiff Model_gg Molly X Moody Feet Morgpie Morganlanexo Motzie Mvngokitty Nanda Reyes Nataliexking Natalnya Natasha Noel Naya Dickson Nebraskawut Neiima Nicki Minaj Nicole Dobrikov Nikitaxkim / Nikita Cruze Nina Kayy Nnnnekochan 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2023.06.08 20:42 Bearr0982 Some tips on not flinching when shooting

I’ve just recently gotten into AR’s like 4 months ago, and wanted to know how to control the flinch of shooting the gun while standing up. I don’t really have a problem while shooting in prone position or crouched. It’s just a little bit difficult to stay on target when I’m shooting standing up. I know you guys will say just keep practicing, but I wanted to know if there is any overall improvement for it?
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2023.06.08 20:41 Mista9000 Perfectly Safe Demons -Ch 14- Bruised and cheerful

[Chapter One]

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Rosifo Girtwoud woke up feeling sore and exhausted. He slept well, but never as long as he’d have liked. He could hear his roommates moving around and getting ready for their days. Sitting up in bed, he stretched and took stock. His new job was physically demanding, but it was the best job he’d ever had. By a lot. He loved having his own room in a nice place, all thanks to his generous new salary! He could even afford to eat as much as he wanted, a luxury he’d not even dreamed was possible. Last night he ate three helpings of honey glazed pork at the pub! Still clumsy from sleep, Ros shrugged on a tunic and clean slacks, pausing for a second to appreciate the lordly quality of the garments. He still couldn’t believe he owned such nice things, and the Chief just gave it to him! Well, everyone got a few, but that didn’t make it any less special. Ros put on his belt as he went downstairs to the kitchen, where a few of his roommates were eating breakfast and the landlady was pulling some fresh buns out of the wood fired oven.
“Hey there’s the champ now!” called out Rikad, his housemate and co-worker.
“Heh, there are some perks to being the lightest guy on the squad!” Ros replied, referring to the agility drill he had won at work yesterday. Three days a week of training was by far the hardest part of the job, being trained by the Chief was like weathering a storm. Terrifying and dangerous, but something you could be proud of surviving. The other three days a week they worked were a holiday in comparison. Sitting on carts and standing by warehouses was easy.
Ros devoured his huge bowl of sweetened oats and then three buttered fresh buns. Pushing back from the long table with a satisfied sigh, he got up to leave for work with Rikad. The spring morning air was brisk, and they made sure to stay out of the way of loaded carts and riders that zipped by on the narrow cobblestone streets.
“What do you reckon the Chief will have us do today?” Rikad asked.
Ros snorted, “Quit embarrassing ourselves and pick up the pace?”
“Hah! That’s hardly a guess! I liked the knife throwing we did a few weeks ago, that was fun. I hope it’s not all runs and drills, I’m still aching from yesterday,” Rikad said.
“Yeah, I like combat drills. Other than when I have to spar with the Chief. He’s like a mountain that’s fast. I think the day I get a point on him, I’ll buy the whole team a beer!” Ros motioned a lunging jab as they walked.
“We’ll be too old to drink by then!” Rikad teased.
They were in for a typical training routine, a morning lecture on tactics and formations, some solo weapon drills, a short run, then a hearty lunch delivered from the nearby deli. Other days they just called a food cart into the yard with them, but Ros liked the deli lunches better. Also the novelty of someone else buying his lunches was thrilling. Ros assumed that this must be how pretty girls felt all the time. Maybe less sore and less yelled at. But maybe not.
The real highlight of the day was Ros got to see the owner of the whole company when he came out to observe their exercises. Ros hadn’t seen a real lord up close before he started at Pandemonium, and he thought it was one of the biggest perks. Mostly he looked like a tired doctor or shopkeeper, but Ros wasn’t disappointed. He had a nobility of his bearing, clarity in his eyes and an aura of authority. Even the Chief changed when he was around him! Seeing the him defer to anyone spoke volumes to their importance. Not only was he the lord of a whole company, he was also a mage! They were super rare even before the Church started purging all those heresies in their College of Magic, but now he wasn’t even sure there were any in the city!
“Agility drills are done! Imma talk to Mage Thippily, so you lot do some king of the hill sparring; Sword ‘n board! Ros and Kedril start!” boomed Chief of Security Stanisk.
Ros staggered exhaustedly to the equipment racks to get an arming jacket, leather helm, training sword and shield.
“Mage Thippliy is watching,” he whispered reverentially to himself as he geared up.
“Mind your tone or he’ll turn you into a turnip!” called Rikad.
Kedril grinned, “Hah, He’ll turn you into a turnip, Rik. He’ll just look at Ros and see his work is already done!”
Ros used to despise Kedril. He embodied everything Ros had yearned to become: handsome, confident, affluent, and sharp-witted. The team's dynamic was confrontational, rife with competition; they raced, fought, and scored against one another all day, three days a week. It had taken Ros a while to grasp that they were, in fact, a team. Kedril, infuriatingly attractive, devoted time to helping Ros in a few drills last week and offered valuable advice. So, albeit begrudgingly, Ros began to admire him. Kedril was older by a few years, substantially larger, and appeared to be one of the few who already had some training in arms. The prospect of sparring with him didn’t excite Ros.
Fresh from drills and immediately thrown into sparring, sweat trickled into Ros's eyes. The sting impaired his vision. He repeated to himself, 'Elbows in, shield up, tip forward, hips back,’ partially to fix his stance, partially to focus. Kedril was typically in better shape than him, but now appeared even more worn out. His guard was lax and messy, creating a gaping opening. Ros seized the opportunity and struck with a swift, precise jab. In the fleeting instant the jab took, Kedril's shield snapped into position, and his tip dealt a solid blow to Ros's ribs just beneath his sword arm. It was a feint - a brilliantly executed display of weakness where he was most prepared, exactly the tactic Stanisk had explained yesterday.
“Mashed Turnip!” Kedril shouted to the cheers of the others.
“Ros! You lost because your stance is awful! Keep lower! Coiled spring, lad!” the Chief shouted from across the yard.
Ros raised his hands over his head to cede the point and sat at the end of the bench. He hated losing, but he had expected to lose. He gratefully grabbed a cup of water and watched Kedril make short work of a few more challengers. It seemed like they were picking on him, but Ros was coming to understand they were also bonding with him, and these might be the closest friends he’d ever had. Not that it was a high bar, and he didn’t like all of them, but they had his back, and that meant a lot. Finally Jourgun, the biggest lad on the team, tore into Kedril with so much energy and fury that no amount of clever tactics could stop him. Even though he knew these were his friends, seeing Kedril getting bashed in the face with a shield was almost as good as seeing a real mage!
One thing Ros appreciated about training days was that they were shorter. After the sparring, Stanisk pulled aside Kedril and Jourgun for additional work, and dismissed the rest of the men. Ros trailed behind some of his newfound friends to a peculiar place where one would sit, fully naked, in a steam-filled room, all for two glucks.
“This is a sex thing, right?” Ros asked Rikad cautiously.
“What?! Light, no! It’s to relax and heal," Rikad explained. "They place herbs on hot rocks, we sit there, sweat, and breathe in the steam. It’s excellent, you’ll love it!”
“Sounds like we’re all naked and sweaty, though?” Ros remained convinced this was some intimate activity he wasn’t fully grasping. Rikad rolled his eyes and even paid Ros’s entry fee.
Inside the dim, tiled room was surprisingly comfortable. The steam smelled slightly of herbs and medicine, and it was so thick he couldn’t even see the far wall. A quick survey of the others revealed they were just as covered in bruises as he was, which gave Ros a fresh sense of camaraderie. They towelled off, dressed, drank some cold water, and left the strange business without any hint of the carnal encounter Ros had suspected. Despite his lingering confusion about the whole place, Ros liked it and wanted to come back. He appreciated his squadmates not making a single steamed turnip joke. He was hoping that didn’t stick as a nickname, he felt it didn’t remotely suit him.
After the steam, their muscles relaxed and the day's tension eased away. Ros and Rikad were starving. It had been hours since lunch, so they headed to a nearby tavern for drinks and dinner. Being able to simply enjoy food and drink without concern for the price was an intoxicatingly fresh experience. In fact, Ros enjoyed this newfound freedom even more than the meal itself.
After a huge dinner and a few beers Ros paused, and opened up a little.
"Did you know this is the pub where I talked the Chief into hiring me?"
"Really? To be honest, I've always wondered about that. No offence, but you're a lot smaller than the rest of us." Rikad pushed away his empty plate, taking a long drink of his beer.
"Yeah, I saw the Chief in here, dressed like a shining champion, buying ladies drinks and rounds for the whole bar. He was so confident and kind and relaxed. But also obviously dangerous. I’d never seen anyone like him!" Ros gestured to the tavern maid for a refill. "I must have been a sight. My clothes were more patch than original cloth, I was so skinny you could've counted my ribs through a sweater. Not that I had sweater money!" Ros reflected on the lean muscle he'd gained in recent months with inward satisfaction.
"Did the Chief take you for a beggar?"
Ros bristled at the suggestion. "Hell no! I've never begged in my life, I've always earned my keep!" his brief flare of indignation faded immediately. "No, he thought I was a refugee, from some starving backwater. Of course, I corrected him—after he bought me dinner!"
"Hah! The proper sequence," Rikad agreed, laughing.
"Anyway, he asked about my plans. I told him I was waiting till I was eighteen to join the army and serve the Emperor."
"You've certainly filled out since I met you, but I'm not sure you'd pass the army physical even now," Rikad cautiously speculated.
"The Chief was blunter about it. 'Yer so scrawny, a necromancer would find ya offputting, the army ain't gonna waste rations on ya.'" Ros imitated Stanisk’s gruff rural northerner accent.
"Hah! That sounds about right. Which makes your wearing company purple less clear than ever!" Rikad replied.
"Well, he asked if I knew my way around the city. I said I've tread every cobblestone here, so he offered me a job running letters and picking up parcels. Better work than sweeping alleys for a half-gluck and stale bread. I figured a fancy man like him would pay alright."
The waitress finally brought the next round, and Ros paused to take a long drink. Setting his mug down, he continued. "I walked into the Chief's office, and there he was behind that tiny desk with his book and quill. He looked like a cave troll trying to be a librarian. But I wasn't gonna laugh—it was still the Chief. He said, 'We don’t got a lot for now but I’ll give you a list in the morning, and see that it gets done.' I said ain’t fancy, I don’t know how to read! He didn't lose his cool. He simply nodded and said, 'Alright, just report to me in the morning, and we’ll get you started.' Oh, and he warned me never to speak to the Mage unless spoken to, which suited me fine."
Ros took another drink of his beer, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and continued. "I was hoping for five gee a day. I’d probably have done it for a lone gluck, to be honest. So imagine my shock when he apologised that he could only offer me twenty glucks a day!"
"Where were you living, that five would've been enough?" Rikad asked, curious.
Ros, slightly flushed from the beer, leaned forward. "Under a bloody hedge!" He burst into laughter at his own expense.
"That's rough man," Rikad commented, shaking his head.
Ros nodded. "It was, but it's behind me now. After a month or so of running errands, the Chief finally let me join the crew he was training. That's how I ended up a part of the elite guard of a learned lord mage."
Rikad, his face ruddy, pointed his finger at Ros’s chest. "It’s your attitude! You always train the hardest. It’s changed the whole team's tone."
Ros nodded again, serious. "I gotta! The fifteen hundred gee I make every month now is probably more than I did in the last decade. Total! I bet we make as much as a knight commander does leading a thousand soldiers!"
Rikad looked at him suspiciously. "Wait, a decade? Aren't you still a teenager?"
Ros shrugged. "It's been a long, hard time. Anyway, I know I promised to go to see that folk band with you tonight, but I'm spent. I think I might call it an early night." He finished the beer in two long gulps and stood up.
"I get it. Besides, tomorrow's Sunday. We can finally sleep in!" Rikad pointed out.
Ros woke to a frantic pounding on his bedroom door. It was still dark out.
“Go away! Keep it down! You’ll wake the whole house!” Ros grumbled, mostly asleep.
“Come on man! Emergency meeting at the training yard. We gotta go now!” Rikad hoarsely whispered.
“Ah, that’s not good!” Ros threw on some clothes and headed out the door with his friend.
“Think it has something to do with what Kedril and Jourgun were doing after work?” Ros asked.
“Maybe? That was hours and hours ago, and those guys are great, and they were with the Chief,” Rikad countered.
They jogged through the mostly empty streets. The moons were behind clouds, and the dew made the cobblestones slick. The faint flickering of their leviathan oil lamp cast strange shadows in the foggy night. The city felt on edge, too many people on the streets in the middle of the night, whispering. A few times Ros thought he heard something about thunder and demons, which did nothing to calm his growing panic.
“What if something happened to Mage Thippily? Are we all unemployed now?” Ros asked, knowing Rikad knew as much as he did.
“What is the business we guard? Something to do with magically formed super secret goods that no one was allowed to talk about. I think? I should have asked,” Rikad lamented.
Finally they made it to the yard, and Kedril was standing at the gate, torch held aloft.
“Good lads! Go into the workshop and take a seat. The Chief has some tea on.” Kedril’s voice was as calm and steady as ever, but his face was pale and drawn, and his eyes never focused on them, just scanned the night intently.
“Inside? Are you sure?” Ros had never gone inside; that was the single biggest rule.
Kedril just nodded. Ros and Rikad looked at each other for courage and moved forward. The big yard door to the workshop opened a crack, and warm light was spilling out. Rikad motioned Ros to go first, and he poked his head in, fully expecting to lose it.
“Oy, is that Ros? Git your scrawny ass in here,” Chief Stanisk rumbled.
The two men felt like flies exploring a web, but inside was surprisingly normal. Five other guards were already there, and the room was a lot like any other workshop. It had planked floors, shelves and tables and one corner was even converted into a kitchen. There were a few simple stools set up, and two incredibly luxurious loungers. Like everyone else, Ros and Rikad took a stool. The Chief gestured to a kettle and mugs for the tea, but no one seemed interested.
“What’s happening, is everyone okay?” Ros finally asked.
“Short answer is yes, for now.” Stanisk said calmly. “We’ll give the other lads a few minutes to get here, then I’ll explain.”
“Holy light, sir! You aren’t wearing your armour!” This unsettled Ros more than anything he’d seen all night, it was like seeing a bear shaved. Chief was just sitting there in trousers and a shirt, sipping tea. He’d never seen the Chief without armour.
“Needs cleaned,” he answered cryptically.
Follow up questions were interrupted by the rest of the men arriving, followed by Kedril and then Jourgun, who must have been watching the far gate.
“Alright, gather round, at ease.” Stanisk started. He looked relaxed which was probably a good sign.
“You lot were hired to protect the interests of our operations. There was an attempt on Mage Thippliy’s life tonight, at his meeting. Security Specialists Kedril and Jourgun did excellent work, and I have full confidence in all of your growing abilities. Our concern is there will be additional attempts."
There was a murmur of apprehension. The mage was the company. Without him there was nothing to guard. No one here wanted to lose their jobs, but they had been suspicious from the start. The pay didn’t match the work.
Stanisk paused as Mage Thipply and the elv, that had only been speculated to exist, came down the ladder from the loft. The mage was dressed like normal, in his brown pants and a white shirt, frameless glasses and a short well maintained beard streaked with grey. The elv was wearing an oversized sweater and long stockings. It had the effect of making her upper body look human, but with the long spindly legs of a shore bird. Her huge nocturnal eyes stared at them all unblinkingly, and her long narrow fingers with too many segments wrapped around a mug of tea. Ros was both intimidated and repulsed. It was like a bird or an insect pretending to be a person, but with eyes that had intelligence and cruelty.
“Ah! Um, thank you all for coming!” The mage was directly addressing them, Ros grinned despite his fears and worries. “There have been events over the last week or so that have culminated tonight, and I no longer think that our operation in Jagged Cove is viable.” The mage saw the reaction of the crowd turn sharply negative. He hastily added, “Of course I’m not closing up shop, we’re just moving to another location. A location outside of the capital region, and I’d like you all to join us.”
Ros sighed and leaned back in relief. This wasn’t bad news at all. He’d gladly move to the bottom of the sea for the Mage. He could feel his pulse returning to normal, as other people started asking questions.
“What? I can’t leave the city, I got a wife and kids!” a guard named Theros said.
“Oh, I just started dating a baker's apprentice, is there an option to stay?” Jourgun asked.
The elv stood up, and addressed the room with an icy indifference. “This is not a negotiation. There is a ship that is leaving in about six hours. If you are on it, you will remain employed. We have also made considerations for your families. They are welcome on the ship, and you can find new homes in the town we relocate to.” She subtly nodded to the Chief before continuing. “Chief Stanisk values your skills so highly that he convinced the board of directors to offer each of you a five year contract. The contract will have some additional employment conditions, but there will be a 5000 glindi signing bonus. Follow Chief Stanisk’s instructions to get on the boat, and we’ll see you there. Or not.”
She returned to the ornate chair, and the room erupted into chaos.
“Holy light! That’s so much!”
“I’d be insane not to sign!”
“Where are we even going?”
Ros grinned from ear to ear, what’s to decide? This was the best possible outcome! Free money to see the world! Packing his bags would take no time, and he could carry everything that mattered in one trip.
Stanisk took command of the room, “You with young ‘uns, we got the company wagons for you waiting, get a move on. I’ll take the mage’s personal wagon and do a loop to Kedril’s, Eowin’s and Klive’s. The rest of you, leg it! Meet back here in three hours and tell anyone what asks, that you took a job out of the city. Be vague! Come on, pick up the pace you helpless kittens!"

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2023.06.08 20:31 snowqueeninTX Go ahead Durty, I'll tell you what the police told me when I asked them about it

Go ahead Durty, I'll tell you what the police told me when I asked them about it
Heeeeey Durty, go ahead and collect all your recordings. I asked the cops about it here in Bandera when I filed my report. Look up the word Hearsay and he said I have a prescription so there's nothing you can fucking dooo...I love when ya'll waste your time on TikTok Trial court on evidence that will get you nowhere while I am busy collecting legit receipts. There's nooooottttthing you can do with any of that. I HAVE A PRESCRIPTION LMFAO. Speaking of prescriptions, I got alotta messages coming across TikTok about your pinpoint pupils and nodding off on live again.
You told me you haven't filled your Xanax since December and they don't cause pinpoint pupils. You hating on me and Jodi as healthcare workers because it's literally our J-O-B to assess people visually by behavior and mannerisms? Looks to me like you are. I have a bunch of addicts trying to dissect a healthcare workers life to try and make them appear unethical. Too bad we keep being ethical and doing the right thing. You don't and that's why you look like a desperate douchcanoe.
I ACT LIKE AN ADHD OCD "freak" as ya'll call me. And you want to take my meds away? That's fucking weird. It's the opposite of what you would do for treatment. Seems to me like it's not enough...that's what real medical people look at. Sure asfffff ain't TikTok. We hear you idiots come into the hospital and say a damn word about the internet and it's instantly thought you are an idiot. So what do we call your kid with a disability? What do we call mine since he has the same disabilities as his mom? Call me some more names Beef Cake. Your receipts are a waste of time and that's why ya'll out here trying to cover your asses. Your use of pills is obvious and I will hunt down the sources. I suggest you and little miss LaLa start coming up with a new scheme. Your setup failed and you about to get found out. Trying to come after MY prescription or MY sons, just makes you look like a meth addict after a fix. You aren't getting my Adderall, my DR or anything. MATTER OF FACT, I tried to offer it to the cops when I dropped off the evidence against Tara. I was told "not necessary" IT IS HEARSAY. Fucking dumbass. Call Bandera county please and offer them your TikTok Educated opinion and I challenge you to do it live and SEE WHAT THEY TELL YOU. Do that for TikTok clout. I dare you. Ya'll go run to her comments and PLEASE ENCOURAGE HER TO DO IT SO WE CAN LAUGH ALONG LIVE🤣🤣🤣🤣 THAT'S A CHALLENGE DURTY AND YOU ARE A PU$$Y IF YOU DON'T.
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2023.06.08 20:27 TheOneAndOnlyLanyard Help - Duck Hip Dislocation

Issue started yesterday Symptoms: limping, not wanting to walk, constantly sitting, giant bump on side Duck is still eating and drinking, but not laying eggs. Age: almost 1 year old, female Living conditions: large outdoor duck run with chickens, goes inside duck hut at night. Lives in a flock of 24 with 3 males. Runs outdoor every day. Free access to multiple swimming pools and food. Food: Purina duck food mixed with chicken laying food + niacin suppliment. Remedies done: I've tried to press it back into place. I do not want to hurt the duck, but she cannot live like this. I live rural lyrics and the 1 local vet is not accepting new patients.
I acknowledge that reddit is not a substitute for veterinary advice.
The school of YouTube doesn't have anything for this that I could find. How can I pop it back into place myself?
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2023.06.08 20:21 jermanentpetlag r/falloutboy's favorite fall out boy songs by letter day 19: songs starting with 'T'

falloutboy's favorite fall out boy songs by letter day 19: songs starting with 'T'
Is this more than you bargained for yet? Sugar, We're Goin Down is our winner for S! A timeless classic. We have some great options again today for T, take a look at the list and pick your favorite! Most upvoted comment wins!
Also, FYI, technically 27 and 20 Dollar Nosebleed could be eligible for today, because the numbers start with the letter T (shoutout u/Sweet-Ad-2477 for this info) however, I've decided that since I want to do an all number songs round at the end that it would be too confusing if they were eligible twice. Hopefully that makes sense lol.
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2023.06.08 20:21 VideoGameChronology Security Breach Is Likely Later Than We Think

Currently making my FNAF Timeline but I haven't been using a lot of years or times of events mainly because we don't know certain times and also because everything after UCN complicates the timeline, a lot, and a lot of that is because of the FF books. But I think I figured out the earliest possible time everything occurs and the correct order of when everything from UCN onwards happens.
In The Man in Room 1280, we know he wasn't there for longer than 10 years as Heracles Hospital only existed the last 10 years but we know he was there more than 1 year after FFPS. This means TMIR1280 can be anywhere from 2025 to 2033. After this story, the agony of Andrew infects tons of animatronics and toys. This includes Fetch, Ella, Plushtrap Chaser, and Foxy from Steo Closer. This means all 4 of those stories must be AFTER The Man In Room 1280 but when? Also, this story is in Fall.
Well, Fetch is our key here. Greg is 14 in this story and has never heard of Freddy's and he's been in this town since 1st grade with the Freddy's there already closed down. This means, at the very least, the place has been closed for 7 years. This isn't some old pizzeria though, it's one that opened after TMIR1280 as Fetch is there infected by Andrew meaning this story, at earliest, happens in 2032, and that's assuming these Freddy's locations lasted less than a year. The Ultimate Guide claims Fetch has in Freddy's for at least 10 years, so, I'm gonna say Freddy's was opened for 3 years after TMIR1280 and stayed shut the next 7 when Greg arrived. That would place Fetch, at earliest, in 2035 and, at most, in 2043. This story also takes place from November to January.
But it gets funner. In Fetch, we meet Jake McNally who some think is Jake from The Real Jake who becomes apart of the Stitchwraith. If this is true then Jake was 4 in Fetch and he's 9 in The Real Jake meaning 5 years have passed making the story take place in 2040 at the earliest and 2048 at the latest. This story is in Summer
Then there's the epilogues where Larson meets with Margie, the woman looking after Jake. Margie has been here for just over 3 years, in The Real Jake, Margoe was there for 3 years implying that the epilogues seem to take place the same year that The Real Jake ends. Meaning the Stitchwraith Stingers begin in 2040 at the earliest and 2048 at the latest. This means that the majority if the Stitchline must occur over the course of 2025 to 2040 or 2033-2048, meaning 15 years.
The rest of the stories are a little more ambiguous with time. The ball put has 30 years of Eleanor's victims within it and the earliest possible date of the Epilogues in 2040 meaning the earliest year Eleanor started her murders was 2010. The latest is 2048 meaning she would've started her murders in 2018, either way, Eleanor existed prior to FNAF 3 which makes sense as stories as Blackbird is revealed to be connected to Eleanor which is a story where the main characters remember Freddy's existed, not a new version of Freddy's like in Fetch, but the older version, likely 1993. Sam and Nole were kids when they went to Freddy's, now they're in college, so significant time has passed, a 17 year gap isn't impossible, so Bkackbird could be in 2010. Blackbird is also in Spring.
According the Graphic Novel, Into the Pit is in 2020.
To Be Beautiful takes place a week before the events of the first Stitchwarith Stinger, so 2040-2048. This story is also confirmed to happen in Winter.
Count the Ways is likely after the chain closes as Funtime Freddy in that story likely comes from the Circus Baby's in Dance with Me that is likely after Fazbear Entertainment started up meaning anywhere between 2025-2028 at the earliest is when Dance with Me happens, at the latest it's 2033-2036. This story is in Fall. Count the Ways must have Funtime Freddy in the scrapyard for ages, meaning the story probably happens around the time of Fetch where teens would remember Freddy's or Baby's. So, 2035 to 2040 or 2043 to 2048. This story happens in late December.
Stinger #2 seems to happen very soon after Out of Stock as I doubt the Plushtrap Chaser would just be sitting there destroyed for years until the epilogues meaning 2040-2048. The story is stated to be in late October.
1:35 AM has Phineas Taggart looking for Ella's energy telling us he already started his agony experiments and by the time of Stinger #3 he has Ella, so it has to be before that. Story is in Spring.
Step Closer's time period relative to the epilogues is unconfirmed but seeing how Freddy's is open at this time and by Fetch it's closed, it seems to be before Fetch, likely in the same time period as Dance with Me. Happens in August or September because of Homecoming.
Hide-And-Seek is the same as Step Closer, it's unclear the timeline but we know Freddy's is open, so likely in the same time period as Step Closer and Dance with Me. Story in Spring.
So, here's how the Timeline might be assuming the earliest years are correct.
Spring 2010: Blackbird
Summer 2020: Into the Pit
Fall 2025: The Man In Room 1280
August/Septmeber 2026: Step Closer
Fall 2026: Dance with Me
Spring 2027: Hide-and-Seek
November 2035-January 2036: Fetch
December 2036: Count the Ways
Spring 2040: 1:35 AM
Summer 2040: The Real Jake
Stitchwaith Stinger 3 and 4
October 2040: Out of Stock (I'm assuming that the beginning of Stinger 2 is a flashback since of it isn't, that would imply that Larson waited months to talk to Margie after saying he'd take the case)
Winter 2040: To Be Beautiful
2041: The Rest of The Stingers Happen After
So, that's it huh? Most of the stories happen after FFPS and 15 years after TMIR1280 is when stuff from Help Wanted onwards happens. Well, there's still one problem.
Help Wanted heavily implies that this FE's first attempt to rebrand after FFPS, they hire a rogue indie dev to exclusively make games on the events that were "claimed" to happen up to 2023 and those are the only events they're trying to hide. This can't be after the Frights stories as by the end of the story it seems most people have forgotten about the stuff that happened back in the 80s as all that happened over half a century ago.
So, if Help Wanted is what started up the new FE then TMIR1280 must be after that as we see people working in the distribution center meaning it's operational. So, ignoring the Frights, when is the earliest that Help Wanted could happen?
Well, assuming that the company started right after FFPS burned to the ground and assuming Steve releases the FNAF games at the same rate Scott did which is likely as the third game gets finished after Velntine's day just like FNAF 3 in real life, that would mean the 3 indie games are finished by March of 2025, a decade after Scott finished his trilogy. Now, let's say that soon after they have the VR company start production of the game after that and that the game Help Wanted happens when the game released IRL then it would be May of 2026 when that happens. Then, directly after that FE starts back up which is when TMIR1280 takes place, a couple months later in Fall of 2026. This would place the ending of the Stitchline in 2042 at the earliest, essentially moving all the years I said earlier up by one.
Okay, so it's after Help Wanted and 15 years later is when the Stitchline ends and Tales begins, perfect. However, one of Special Delivery's unreleased emails tell us that in AR, Vanessa is 23. You have to at least 18 to be a beta tester, so, at the latest, AR has to be in 2031 which would place it 5 years before Fetch. Now, time does pass between AR and a Security Breach as we know the CDs are at least a year before the game starts as implied by GGY. However, over a decade and a half passing between them (as Security Breach can only happen in 2035, 2046, 2057, etc as shown by the calendars) is nuts, especially as that would make Vanessa 37 which I find unlikely.
This is simply impossible, the other option is that Security Breach happens during Frights which wouldn't make much sense with how few people seem familiar with Freddy's, you'd think someone would mention the Pizzaplex. It's also important to point out that Scott said Frights would fill in the blanks of the past while the games would go to the future. Basically, all the games after UCN need to be AFTER Frights.
This isn't THAT big of a problem considering that some people including Larson remembers Freddy's and the murders, so it's possible that Steve has heard of them as well.
So, going back to the original years I suggested, the minimum years, the Help Wanted story probably happens in 2042-2043 with Help Wanted the game taking place in May of 2044. Assuming Curse of Dreadbear is canon and that the DLC releases the same time both IRL and in continuity like seems to be the case with FNAF 1-3 then that happens in October of 2044. If we're still taking things literally then December of 2044 is when FE starts building the Pizzaplex as seen in the Christmas Update. This means that Security Breach, at the earliest, is in 2052 meaning 2047 is the latest the place opens.
This would mean Submechaphobia, Cleithrophobia, Under Cinstruction, HAPPS, and Pressure likely all happen in 2047. GGY happens less than 4 years into the Pizzaplex's lifespan meaning it takes place in 2050 or 2051 meaning that Vanessa likely didn't get hired as a guard until 2051. Assuming she was only 18 in VR, she would be 23 in 2049 which would be when AR takes place meaning in Security Breach she'd be 26 which is reasonable. AR being in 2049 makes the start of the therapy tapes in 2050 or 2051 and I think a year or 2 is enough time for Vanessa to get closer with Luis and Luis to switch from IT to Marketing Department.
During that from when Vanessa was hired to when Security Breach takes place would likely be when Bobbiedots happens, where the STAFF meeting resulting in the death of employees happens, and the replacement of the employees with STAFF Bots.
So, that's what I think, majority of the Frights take place from 2025 to 2041 with the all three indie games being made by Spring of 2043, Help Wanted happening in Spring of 2044, the Pizzaplex starts construction in December of that year, The Epilogues happen in 2046, The Pizzaplex opens in 2047, Several Talea Stories Happen In 2047, AR happens in 2049, GGY happens in 2050 or 2051, Vanessa becomes Security in 2051, and Security Breach happens in 2052.
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2023.06.08 20:19 Agitated_Instance603 White fuzzy stuff on lid of NEW tank — Help!

White fuzzy stuff on lid of NEW tank — Help!
We got a new fish tank for our son (6), and set up the tank to get it ready for fish. We rinsed the rocks and the artificial plants, have temp set to 78 degrees, lights are off most of the time right now. It’s been a little over a week, we haven’t added any food, but have been letting it cycle and added water conditioner after first fill.
I just went to check on it and add water conditioner again (2nd week) and there was a white fuzzy residue on top of the fish tank lid, where the hoses are going in. When I lifted the lid, there was even more white fuzzy stuff (looks like mold spores) underneath the lid and around the hoses. I was able to wipe it off and get most of it off easily, but definitely want to figure out what is causing it.
Any idea what this is and if we need to treat it and how?!
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2023.06.08 20:14 Street_Tie_3195 Baby brother name!

Due with little boy in October. Big sisters name is Alizé (I did not know about the alcohol when I decided her name lol). Fiancé’s favorite name is Osiris, which I love the nickname Ozzy but it doesn’t feel like the one. No J or C/K names as all of my little cousins (between ages 3 and 21) are all J or C/K names and there’s a LOT of them. I like names that might remind you of a Prince who’s also kinda badass if that makes sense! Thank you! Edit: Baby boy will have 2 middle names, Gilbert Duke and last name is often mispronounced as Trees! Thank u!
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2023.06.08 20:11 nhenke84 [WTS] WE, Kubey, and CJRB!

Hey KS!!! 🔪 ❤️
I’m wanting to do some sales today, but I’d consider a trade for a Spyderco Endela in k390.
First YOLO takes it… message or chat me after to set up payment/shipping details.
PayPal Friends and Family (PPFF) preferred - NO NOTES (I can also do Zelle as a second option).
I ship USPS (typically the next day), and provide tracking information.
❌I’ll mark items as GONE if they are no longer available. GONE
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/G6D7MBV

Kubey Hyde x2 SV:90 / TV:115

Both new in box - I own 3, and I was planning to do a blade swap on these 2 - decided to just keep the one and sell these two as a bundle - first owner on both and neither has been cut, carried, disassembled, or sharpened https://imgur.com/a/XRyL1eJ

Cleaver Bundle SV:55 / TV:80

Lightly carried CJRB crag - 2nd owner - opened a handful of boxes - centered - AR-RPM9 / Wellersbustedknuckle pocket cleaver - 2nd owner - unused - forged carbon steel with treated, sealed, and pinned wood handles - comes with nylon sheath - no boxes on either of these https://imgur.com/a/7xtxMzt

WE Kitefin SV: 130 / TV:160

New - unused - titanium framelock with s35vn - not cut, carried, or sharpened - comes with pouch and box - 2nd owner - picked up as part of a trade - beautiful knife, but I can’t keep everything https://imgur.com/a/WHoLNDA
Will consider reasonable offers if you bundle items, especially if added to anything from my post last week that is still available: https://www.reddit.com/Knife_Swap/comments/13xrx2o/wts_price_drops_sog_civivi_boker_cjrb_kubey_kize?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1
Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.08 20:03 Lendios Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive - 180W Power Adapter

Continuing on our series of Framework Laptop 16 deep dives, today we’re sharing more about power. We built a brand new custom high-efficiency 180W USB-C power adapter in partnership with power adapter manufacturer extraordinaire Chicony. This is a jump over the 60W power adapter in the Framework Laptop 13, enabling substantially higher performance. The adapter body is just 116.6 x 58.2 x 27mm, and the enclosure is made of 30% post-consumer-recycled plastic. That’s exactly the thickness and depth and twice the length of our 60W power adapter, while outputting 3x higher wattage. Pretty incredible! Our PFC plus asymmetrical half-bridge flyback architecture uses ON Semi NCP1622 and JoulWatt JW1556 controllers along with latest generation GaN switching parts from both GaN Systems and Navitas, peaking at an amazing 93% efficiency.
We needed to solve for the tricky task of creating an adapter small and portable enough to be a great fit for the Framework Laptop 16 in an integrated graphics configuration while also outputting enough power to handle the Graphics Module with a discrete GPU. 180W covers the majority of use cases while still being extremely compact. If you have a Graphics Module installed, set your OS to maximum performance mode, and run a sustained heavy load, it is possible to draw from the battery while plugged in. If that doesn’t sound like a good tradeoff to you, the Framework Laptop 16 supports 240W USB PD 3.1 power adapters too, so you can configure your DIY Edition without a power adapter and bring your own 240W one instead.
Historically, USB-C power adapters have been limited to 100W. We’ve been able to make a 180W USB-C power adapter by using the new USB PD 3.1 EPR standard through a Weltrend WT6676F controller, enabling up to 36V/5A output. USB-C enables both flexibility and re-use. You can plug the adapter into either side of the Framework Laptop 16, and you can use it to power any other USB-C device you have on hand too.
Beyond reducing environmental impact through efficiency and recycled materials, we’ve enabled longevity by making both the 2m USB-C and 1m AC cables removable, letting you swap a cable if your cat chews through it. Remember to use a USB-C cable that supports EPR voltages, otherwise you’ll be limited to 20V/3A or 20V/5A. EPR cables have an e-marker chip inside that lets the system ensure it can safely handle both the voltage and current requirements. The AC cable uses the same common IEC C5 connector we used on the 60W adapter, and we have Type B (US/CA/TW/JP), Type G (UK/IE), Type F (EU/KR), and Type I (AU/NZ) versions available.
We’re excited to continue powering your right to upgrade, customize, and repair your devices, this time with 180 watts! We have a bunch of additional detail to share about the Framework Laptop 16 on the path to opening pre-orders, so look out for the next post soon.
Join us live on 6/14 as we test the battery life of a Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel Core) vs. Framework Laptop 13 (12th Gen Intel Core). We'll start at 6 AM PDT and stream until the batteries run out. During the stream, we'll be hosting Q&As with our CEO, Linux Lead, and Lead Systems Architect. You can use this form to submit your questions for the Q&A.

More from the Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive blog posts:

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2023.06.08 20:01 Driptacular_2153 The Gamers: NoPness Rising — Ch 6 Oh, my goddess!

Hey, folks! Chapter 6 is here! Sorry for such a long wait—I decided to go ahead and give myself some extra time to write and edit (and deal with irl shenanigans). This is my longest chapter yet—nearly 4.4k words! o_O
Anyway, thanks to u/CruisingNW for the title, and of course, thank you u/SpacePaladin15 for this wonderful universe! Well, without further adieu, let's get into it!
[First] [Prev] [Next]
Memory Transcription Subject: Meyra Yeirel, Spacecraft Engineer Apprentice
Location: Veyr, Veyrian Homeworld. Outer Orion Spur.
Date: September 11, 2182.
I pushed myself away from the table, staring at the unconscious Veyrian. In my hysteria, I hadn’t been able to process much aside from what she had said. But her golden eyes… there had been something wrong with them, but I hadn’t caught precisely what it was. I glanced around at the trio. I wasn’t an expert at reading predators’ expressions, but they were undeniably shocked. Galya as well. She sat frozen in her seat, her blue eyes staring into space. I couldn’t fathom why they were so shocked. Was it what I had told them? They should’ve known everything already. Did the Veyrian say something particularly important? If so, why was it so important?
The predators snapping into action derailed my train of thought, causing me to flinch. My heart seized up as I saw they were going for the Veyrian.
Oh, Myern, they’ve snapped, haven’t they? I thought frantically as they crouched next to the Veyrian. I closed my eyes and grimaced, preparing to hear the horrid sound of flesh ripping and the pain-filled screams of the Veyrian.
. . .
. . .
I opened my eyes. To my surprise, the predators had flipped over the Veyrian and were apparently checking if she was alive. I put my paw on my chest, trying to calm my breathing. At every turn, these predators subverted my expectations. Not killing me on sight—both last night and today, not killing me in my sleep, preventing the house from burning down, and remaining calm despite me apparently rocking their entire worldview. Next thing I knew the gray would tell me that it was a herbivore.
“Connor,” the gray growled, “help me out here.”
The ape moved to the other side of the Veyrian and helped the gray. They hauled the Veyrian to her feet and dragged her to the couch. I tried to catch a glimpse of her face, but I couldn’t see anything since her head hung low. They laid her on the couch. The gray tucked a pillow under her neck.
“Go get some water,” the gray commanded, swatting the primate’s arm. It obeyed, hurrying away to the kitchen. “Hey, Galya.” It snapped its claws. Galya flinched and looked at the gray. “Get some pillows.”
Galya put a paw to her head. “Y-yeah. Alright, then.” She stood and got the gray the pillows it wanted. She sat down as the gray tucked the pillows underneath the Veyrian’s legs.
“Thanks, by the way,” the gray added, glancing at Galya.
“You’re w-welcome.” The Venlil stared into space, obviously perturbed by something.
I couldn't believe the brainwashing on Venlil Prime was so overbearing that the Venlil were completely unaware of the galaxy around them. Same for the Terrans and the Arxur. I shuddered to imagine what sort of techniques their governments used to subjugate their populace.
The ape returned with a glass of water and handed it to the gray. The gray took it and stared down at the Veyrian, apparently watching for something. From my place at the table, I couldn’t the Veyrian’s face. The gray didn’t seem to be particularly disturbed by anything, so maybe I had just been imagining things. But… my mind still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.
I shook my head and gathered my nerves. “H-how did you learn to do all that?” I shuddered as the gray laid its eyes on me.
“My mom was a nurse,” it growled. “She taught me how to handle this sort of situation. In case of emergencies, you know?”
The ape made a strange, sharp chuffing as if something was caught in its throat. I stared at the ape, trying to guess what that sound meant. It was baring its teeth—was it angry? Did the gray say something wrong?
“Looks like it paid off, eh?” The primate swatted the gray’s shoulder. “You always complained about your mom lecturing you on how to perform CPR or how to do the Heimlich m—”
The Veyrian bolted upright, gasping for air. Everyone in the room flinched in unison. The gray acted immediately and handed the Veyrian the glass of water. She took it and began drinking with reckless abandon, spilling the majority of the water on herself. She breathed deeply and put her arm over her eyes. The ape sped away to the kitchen once more.
The thought of a gray possessing medical knowledge shocked me. They only knew how to maim, maul, and murder. They weeded out the weak, making no allowances for undesirables. No amount of UN and Dominion propaganda could change the fact that the gray were bloodthirsty monsters. And yet… here one was in my home. No one was dead. The walls weren’t painted red and orange with the blood of Veyrian and Venlil alike.
The primate returned once again and sat in front of the Veyrian. It gave the glass to her and leaned forward, steepling its long, gangly fingers in front of its face. It looked like it was struggling for words as the Veyrian drank—much slower this time. As the Veyrian finished, the ape lowered its paws.
“So, uh, how are you doing?”
Despite not understanding primate body language, I could tell it had just died inside.
“I mean uh… damnit.” The ape’s head hung low.
The Veyrian removed her arm from her face. “I have not… have not been d-doing well.” Her voice was raspy as if she hadn’t used it in a very long time.
“You uh, you don’t look the best either,” the ape commented. It gestured toward the Veyrian as a whole.
It was right. The Veyrian’s fur in the morning light looked even worse than it had the night before. The Veyrian coughed and turned her head to look around the room. That’s when I realized. I stared at her head, expecting to see her eye appear on the side of her head, yet it never came.
Not until she had turned to look
I felt a bolt of terror through my chest. I staggered backward, knocking my chair down. A scream built in my throat as I stumbled and fell against the wall. They all stared at me, a mixture of shock and confusion scrawled across their faces.
But they were all a blur. Those two golden eyes stared right into my soul, delving into my psyche and shattering it.
I sunk to the floor, tucking my head between my legs. I hyperventilated, my heart racing. All outside sounds were faint. I barely registered them. Calm down, Meyra, it’s ok. You’re ok. I thought frantically. No, you’re not ok. You have several predators in your home, and she has something extremely wrong with her. They must’ve been torturing her. Changing her DNA. I should’ve snuck out in the middle of the night and run down to the exterminator’s office. Oh, Myern, I’m next aren’t I? I started rocking, unable to control myself. You’re fine, it’s fine, I’m fine. It’s all just a dream. It’s all just a dream. It’s all just a dream it’s all just a dream it’s all just a dreamit’salljustadre—
I flinched as a paw touched my shoulder. I looked up, shaking.
“H-hey, ma’am, are you alright?” Galya asked gently. “What’s wrong?”
I pointed at the twisted Veyrian and curled back into a ball. “Her—her eyes. Wh-what did you d-do to her?”
Galya’s ears drooped in confusion. “Her eyes? What’s wrong with—” she glanced at the Veyrian and back at me. She took a step backward, her eyes widening. “W-wait, what’s wrong with your eyes?”
“Galya, can’t you see that she’s pani—wait, what?” The primate growled inquisitively.
I took a glance around the room. Fear had dawned on their faces. They stood in a semi-circle, stuck in a state of tension. I couldn’t understand why.
But those eyes.
Those two golden eyes.
They stared at me, echoing the horrors of the cruelty of the UN and the Dominion. Myern knows how they had done it. And I was sure I was about to find out. To my horror, she stood slowly, baring her teeth as she went.
Oh, Myern, I thought helplessly. They’ve brainwashed her, too.
“I apologize for thy situation,” she rasped. The trio snapped to look at her, causing me to flinch. “I know… I know this must be quite a shock. To all of thee.”
I breathed shallowly, listening as she spoke. She had a strange accent, alongside her deeper, raspier voice. I had never heard her accent before. Despite my sheer terror, I was intrigued.
“I am Xertalis, goddess of time and space,” she proclaimed. “The former goddess, I should say.” Her head hung low as she stared at the ground.
The trio glanced at each other. The ape closed its eyes and waved its paws around. “Woah, woah woah—hold on. Let’s take this one step at a time. First off, what the ffffffuck? You’re saying all that back in the library really… really happened?”
Xertalis’ silence was enough of an answer for the primate.
“And so… and so all the stuff on TV is real?” It glanced at me. “And that I’m not imagining things?”
“You sure as hell aren’t imagining things,” the gray growled. “I’m seeing this shit.”
Their lack of disturbance surrounding Xertalis and her eye placement was almost more terrifying than the situation I was in. I mustered the courage to speak, despite the voices in my head screaming for me to shut up. “Wh-what the farrik is wrong with you?!” My voice faltered as three pairs of binocular eyes stared at me. “Why are you s-so concerned about my eyes? What about hers?” I waved an indignant paw at Xertalis.
“There’s nothing wrong with her eyes!” The gray roared, causing me to flinch. It put its claws on its head and paced back and forth. “This is fucking insane! What the fuck happened last night? Did our drinks get spiked? No, we didn’t bring drinks. Was it the snacks?” It sat down heavily on the couch, holding its head in its claws. Its knee bounced erratically as it sat.
Nothing the gray had said made sense to me. What drinks? What snacks? Did Galya feed them in the middle of the night?
Galya put her paws in front of her in a placating gesture. “Guys, let’s—let’s just eat some food, and then talk about this. I get that this is pretty insane, b-but yelling isn’t gonna get anything done.” Galya glanced at me. “Besides, I’m sure we’re all starving. Right?”
“Y-yeah,” the ape said. “Let’s do that. Maybe a hot bowl of oimal will help clear our minds.”
Galya put her paw on the gray’s shoulder. It looked up at her, its eyes glossy. “I’m sorry to interrupt you, Kiile. You’re the only one who knows how to cook, and well, you saw how well it went when Connor tried.” She bared her teeth. “How about it?”
The gray took a shuddering breath and bobbed its head. “A-alright. Okay.” It stood and closed its eyes for a moment, breathing deeply. “Let’s g-get this.” And with that, it headed towards the kitchen. As it left, it wiped its eyes.
I stared at Galya, completely floored. A gray. Crying. No, grays can’t cry. They don’t have emotions. They have two modes. Murder, and Stalking. They don’t feel panic or sadness or fear, I thought. But a small, creeping voice asked, Then what was that? I shook my head, trying to shake it off. That was fake. Manufactured. The apes must’ve been teaching the gray how to fake emotions. And yet, the voice persisted.
Galya didn’t notice me staring and instead walked up to Xertalis. Her snout scrunched up as she approached the filthy Veyrian, yet still attempted to speak to her.
“We uh, you should probably get showered,” Galya said. She stood as if she were uncomfortable.
Xertalis didn’t pick up on her discomfort. She flicked her ear inquisitively. “I know not what a… shower is. But I shall dine, for I am quite starved. My long slumber has taken all my energy.” As if to accentuate her plight, Xertalis swayed on her feet.
“Okay, then,” Galya muttered. “Um, well, let’s get you some clothes? Or a blanket at least?”
Xertalis tilted her head at Galya. “What are clothes?” She echoed my thoughts exactly.
“You know what? It’s fine. I’ll just go get a blanket.” Galya grabbed the primate’s paw. “Connor, c’mon.”
Xertalis sat down and watched as the two sped down the hallway. She looked around the room, her ear flicking as she laid her eyes on something new. She seemed particularly interested in the analog clock hanging on the wall. It wasn’t anything special. The numbers and the claws glowed faintly. The [seconds] claw ticked constantly. I swore I could almost hear it over the sound of the gray cooking in the kitchen.
The gray cooking in the kitchen, I thought, amused. I chuckled. The gray cooking in the kitchen. I let out a short laugh. The gray cooking in the kitchen! I started laughing uncontrollably. The absurdity of the whole situation finally got to me. I rocked back and forth, gesturing helplessly with my paws. At some point, my laughter turned to sobs. I put my head in my paws and cried, my tears running down my snout. The gray cooking in the kitchen. Oh, Myern, what am I going to do?
I looked up, and Xertalis was staring at me, perplexed. “What is thy sorrow? Why dost thou act in such a way?”
I gestured vaguely at everything in the room. “Wh-what can I say? I… I’m fucked! I have two p-predators—three predators—in m-my home, and I sure as Xyek c-can’t call the exterminators, otherwise I’ll b-be accused of harboring pr-predators!” I splayed my paws in front of me helplessly. “H-how in the ever living fuck did they g-get here?! The closest UN planet is-is-is—” I gesticulated wildly “—I d-don’t even know how far. Did they u-use FTL? But how did they g-get planetside?” I put my paws on my face and screamed. The sound came out muffled.
I looked up at Xertalis. I could barely hold her gaze, yet her eyes held undeniable sorrow and guilt… and an odd hint of fear. “I will explain,” she said quietly. “Everything. Just… wait.”
I put my paws on my chest and breathed deeply. I tried to calm my mind, yet it was near impossible. All these thoughts bouncing around in my brain like stray bullets. The voices telling me to run away screaming, and the voices telling me to stay and learn. Should I stay or should I go? Should I stay or should I go? Back and forth, back and forth! I wish I could make it stop. I wish I could just wake up, and wake up to a nice, hot bowl of oimal. I wish I wasn’t alone. I wish they were still here.
My thoughts were interrupted by Galya and the ape returning. The primate was carrying a blanket—one of the blankets from the guest room. It approached Xertalis and held it out.
“Sorry we took so long,” Galya apologized. “We sorta had to dig around for it, and we didn’t figure she’d like us going into her room.”
I cringed internally as Xertalis took the blanket and wrapped it around herself. That’s not going to wash out very well, is it?
“Thou are fine,” Xertalis said, taking the blanket. “I thank thou, for it is quite cold in here.”
The gray came around the countertop with a steaming pot in its claws. “You guys came back right in time,” it growled. It placed a pad on the table and set the pot on top of it. “I found some [brown sugar], thankfully, so it’s not gonna be too bland.” It hurried into the kitchen and returned with a bowl. “There were also some [apples], but there wasn’t any milk, so we’ll just have to do with water.”
The ape stopped Galya in her tracks. “You go and sit down, alright? I’ll help get the bowls and stuff.”
Galya stared at the primate for a moment. “Are you sure? This whole thing has been pretty stressful for you, I imagine.”
The ape made the same, strange chuffing noise. Except it somehow sounded… sadder? I tilted my head. “I’m fine. Just almost became a human flambe last night. At least the mattress downstairs was comfortable.” The primate glanced at me before moving into the kitchen.
Galya took a seat at the table. Xertalis sat across from her. “So you weren’t uncomfortable?” Galya asked.
I pushed myself up and leaned so I could see into the kitchen.
The primate shrugged and glanced at the gray. “Well, as comfortable as I could be while sharing a mattress with Godzilla over here.”
“Ha!” The gray barked, causing me to flinch. “That’s rich, coming from King Kong, Lord of Mattresses.”
My gaze bounced between the two nervously. Their words didn’t seem friendly. But… their tones. I didn’t know ape or gray social cues, but they almost sounded friendly. Yet another piece of a constantly shifting puzzle. Their moods seemed to have gotten better while I was having my breakdown, which struck me as oddly ironic. Slowly, I moved to the table and took a seat at the far end. The primate and the gray returned with bowls, spoons, and cups full of water, which were being transported on a tray.
I watched in surprise at how deftly the gray moved the cups to the table. I had only ever known gray to be clumsy and brutish. But there was almost an artistry to its movements.
“How did you do that?” I blurted. I cringed as everyone turned to look at me.
“Put the cups on the table?” It shrugged its shoulders. “I don’t know. Practice? I’m a waiter at the Toreros on main street.”
Toreros? That’s not a real restaurant, I thought, perplexed.
I watched as they passed the oimal around themselves. Galya, who was closest, pushed the pot and [apples] toward me. I sniffed it suspiciously. It didn’t smell any different, but I knew some drugs didn’t have a smell. But… I was hungry. Reluctantly, I served myself and pushed the pot away. Everyone began eating—aside from the gray. The fact that an ape was eating oats and fruit surprised me. I almost couldn’t believe it. And yet, there it was, right in front of me.
Xertalis scooped up some oimal daintily and blew steam off it. “I suppose I shall tell thou my story, and explain thy plight.”
The change of mood was palatable. The entire table stared at Xertalis, prepared for what she had to say.
“As I have said, I am Xertalis, the former goddess of time and space.” She raised her paw as the gray opened its mouth. “Many centuries ago, mortals believed in gods. They believed that they could bestow miracles, rend mountains and valleys to pieces, and offer enlightenment. Alas, those beliefs have faltered. That is why I am so weak.”
She took a slow sip of water.
“My powers have waned as mortals’ beliefs have waned.” She held an [apple] slice between her paws and turned it over. “I could not even age this fruit if I desired. If I tried to open a portal to your universe, it would kill me.”
The primate steepled its paws in front of it. “So how did we get here? Why did that book teleport us to… wherever the hell this is?”
Xertalis pondered the [apple] slice for a moment before popping it in her mouth. Once she had chewed, she spoke. “I would not rule out the fact there might be other forces at work. I might have been the goddess of time and space, but I am not the only deity with the ability to twist reality.”
The trio glanced at each other. “That’s not concerning at all,” The ape stated. “So… what do we do?”
“There is not much,” Xertalis said quietly.
“So we’re stuck here?” The primate cried. “Stuck in a universe where humans and gray are being genocided? Where the police shoot at innocent people? Where crazy bastards with flamethrowers run around?!”
“Wait,” Galya butted in, “what if we like, spread word of your existence?”
Xertalis stared at Galya. “And who would believe? Who would believe that a god walks amongst mortals?”
Galya tapped the table with her claw. “Uhhh… shit.”
“Well, there’s gotta be some sort of religious group somewhere, right?” The gray asked. “There’s the Church of Myern just down the street if I remember correctly.”
I flicked my ear affirmatively. “Yes, there’s a church. But… they might not be t-too fond of her eyes.” My voice faltered as they all looked at me. “Her eye placement? It’s abnormal.”
“So you’re telling me that normal Veyrians in this universe look like you?” The gray growled.
The gray rubbed its eyes. “Holy shit.” It held its claws up. “Look at this. I’m shaking.”
As the trio was processing what Xertalis had told them, she ate her oimal. Despite the fact she must’ve been starving, she ate slow and daintily, as if she had practiced eating in such a way for years and years. The fact she was eating calmed my nerves a little. But she’s a goddess—apparently—she might be immune to drugs. Or was she a goddess? Xertalis’ monologue confused me.
Nevertheless, I was hungry, and I didn’t function properly when I was hungry. I lifted a spoonful of oimal and ate it. The flavor caught me off guard. It was sweet and perfectly cooked; masterfully put together. I hadn’t ever expected oimal to taste as good as this. I found myself taking bite after bite.
The table was silent as everyone mulled over the information that Xertalis had disclosed. I glanced around the table. I felt a pang of bittersweet nostalgia as I watched the four of them eat. I physically recoiled in surprise. Galya glanced at me, perplexed, but I ignored her.
I turned over the feeling of nostalgia in my mind. It was strange. I shouldn’t be feeling this way about my literal enemies. And yet…
I looked at the wall opposite me. Among the paintings was a frame. And inside that frame, a family portrait. I stared at it for a long moment, emotions boiling in my chest.
You shouldn’t be feeling like this, Meyra, I thought half-heartedly. These are your enemies. They’d gladly rip you to shreds or stab you in the back if given a chance.
I glanced between the portrait and the small group at my table. It’s been so long… surely I could…? No. I took another bite of oimal, burning my mouth. I sipped my water quickly. No. That would be a death sentence. But the way Galya elbowed the gray and the primate playfully, and how they talked as if they were good friends…
Lost in my train of thought, I hadn’t noticed Xertalis had finished her food until she had stood up. “That was a most delicious meal,” she said. “I thank thee for thy culinary skills.” Xertalis bowed her head to the gray, who bowed its head in return.
“You’re welcome,” it growled. “It’s the least I could do.”
“I must now bathe myself. Where might your bathing room be?”
I pointed down the hallway. “Last door on the right. You can’t miss it.”
“Most appreciated.” And with that, Xertalis left the table.
I noticed the trio watching her as she left. I felt another pang of nostalgia in my chest. I immediately quelled it. Now wasn’t the time to be feeling sentimental.
The primate turned around. “She’s got an interesting way of talking, huh?”
The gray bobbed its head. “Yeah. But she’s a goddess apparently.” I tilted my head as I recognized the sound of skepticism in its grating voice.
Galya furrowed her brow and flicked her tail. Before she had a chance to speak, she was interrupted by Xertalis.
“I require assistance,” she said. “This bathing room lacks water.” She tilted her head slightly. “I know not how to draw it. Perhaps the girl could help me?”
Galya choked as she was taking a sip of water. Water dribbled down her chin. She recovered and turned to Xertalis, her cheeks tinted orange. “Uh—I’m sorry, b-but that’s like, not um… that—I don’t…”
Xertalis looked at the predators. “Perhaps one of the boys, then?”
I gawked as the primate’s face turned a bright shade of red. The gray’s face had grown noticeably darker as well. They glanced at each other and exchanged a silent conversation.
“Um, couldn’t—couldn’t she d-do it instead?” The primate pointed a long, gangly claw at me.
I stiffened. Me? I thought. “I-I can’t,” I blurted. “There’s, uh—I hurt my leg when I fell.”
“Your leg’s fine,” Galya said. She squinted at me. “It’s not really appropriate for kids to help an adult, anyway.”
“She just wants someone to help her figure out how the bath works!” I said indignantly. “That’s hardly inappropriate.”
“You’ll know how your bath works better than we do,” the ape interjected. “Besides, it is a little, uh, odd to make us do it.”
“But—” I began.
“I do not care who assists me,” Xertalis said in a low, steely voice. “Stop thy bickering and make thy choice.”
The trio stared at me. I stared back in disbelief. Did they want my heart to fail? Galya flicked her tail, indicating for me to hurry up. It was obvious that they weren’t going to move.
So it was all up to me.
I took a deep breath and clenched my paws. With great effort, I pushed myself away from the table. I tried to keep my breathing stable as I walked over to Xertalis. I avoided her eyes and motioned down the hallway.
“J-just this way,” I muttered. I glanced at the trio. Galya swished her tail supportively. The primate displayed its thumbs and bared its teeth. The gray whipped its tail across the floor erratically and flashed its razor-sharp fangs.
Suddenly dealing with Xertalis’ eyes didn’t seem like such a bad deal. Without another word, I speed-walked down the hallway.
Meyra, how in Xyek did you get yourself into this situation? I thought helplessly.
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2023.06.08 19:58 Ok_Space_3838 How to deal with American Roaches outside?? Southern AZ

For reference - southern AZ townhouse.
A little over a week ago i was seeing a couple American cockroaches running around in my bathrooms at night (they were nymphs and a couple adults). Got exterminated and just started seeing dead ones in the morning. So I caulked EVERYTHING, especially bathroooms, where they were coming from behind the toilet from the drains. I think this eliminated the problem inside (god bless you, caulk) and we’ve been free of them inside for several days (whoohoo!).
However, we now know they are 100% coming from outside in our enclosed backyard. Our apartments pest control sprayed last week outside, but after realizing they are living in our backyard area, they sprayed again yesterday and especially in the corners where we have exposed pipes and holes (-_-) as well as gaps under our apartment. Woke up to 6 dead this morning outside, a few nymphs and a couple small adults. I also found a MASSIVE dead one in one of the holes where the pipes are. I literally screamed, it was the size of my hand.
I’m just happy they aren’t making their way indoors for now, but what can I do outside? Theres nothing back there but those pipes and holes (and I’m in AZ, so it’s all rocks, no grass.) pest control says nothing can be done but spraying monthly.
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