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*Immerse yourself in a unique cinematic experience with this PlayLink exclusive, where every choice you make has a profound effect on your game.* *Erica throws you into a shadowy world of emotional, interactive storytelling, with the flow and production values of a Hollywood movie, all seamlessly unfolding in real time – all while you guide the namesake protagonist on her journey.*

2023.05.29 04:15 starrfighter Qobuz, Xbox, Herky Jerky Apps in 2023

Qobuz sounds the best. Amazing. On my PC. Even on Android. It is the middle of 2023, and when I want to play music in the background on the XBox series X it ALMOST works, but still stops after ever track. It is not hard (hire me if this seems too wild for you, Qobuz), but if you want more subscribers... If you want more ANYTHING, you don't use MQA, the Xbox can handle it without any intermediary, just build an app. If you don't know how hire me or literally anyone that freelances. Next week you will have an app that literally beats EVERY OTHER SERVICE. I have Deezer because it is the only true Hi-fi and it is a scattered, sad mess of a service, but at least the ONE WITH CD QUALITY. And sadly, that isn't good enough because Qobuz sounds amazing, not just on the PC, but even one song at a time in XBOX Seeies X.
Qobuz, You are compatible, and be the first to offer not just Hi-Fi but actual hi-res without caveats in the fine print. All the others.. high quality but. It even hifi. And I tried running it through ever media server and connection possible and the best I can get is one song and then a nightmare to get to the next.
Qobuz, you might not have the biggest market share, but if you want it not in two years or two months, but two weeks, YOU GOT IT. We want it. Don't even have a meeting and delay, just do it already. It is Qobuz's SHOT, no matter the endgame, if you deliver, your goal will. E delivered.
And the fact that the technology for my phone to the Xbox didn't play one song and then maybe another song if I try hard enough at the exact bit rate means that you are perfectly capable of making an app native to Xbox or even webOS (I specifically want your music by my games but literally anything)….. The tech is real available to do it before someone else does because no one likes Deezer. It doesn't sound as good but it's the only actual CD quality available and anyone who's tried your service knows that yours sounds even better at high res.
And it is infuriating to watch a company that actually has all the goods squander it I mean maybe you want to be sold to someone else I don't know but I'll tell you what, you'll be of more value if you actually do what I'm just suggested by multiple X's.
Alternatively if anyone really figured this out please just tell me so I can pay less when Qobuz is forever reason doesn't do a damn thing.
It is 2023 HELLO, no one wants to buy more equipment that half works, regardless of my specific use case. We.habe all had it because all can be don't for all.of us with software. And you would make a lot more money in subscriptions then exclusive deals with a limited number of manufacturers where you don't even know how many people that use those manufacturers is actually going to use your service.
I digress but please contact me or contact you ever you got it'll take a week and it's not just you it's every service and the fact that I have to use dessert to get literally CD quality while I'm playing a game never mind that when I'm at my computer I want the best quality or I can't control anything with Amazon echo or get it in my car like it's 2023 and if I misspoke and I can do one of the things I just said I shouldn't have to do a ton of Google searches find nothing and then buy a piece of equipment or not but have someone walk me through it...
You sound better than all the others and we're talking about Spotify Amazon whatever So act like it. I won't even go into the other issues that pelpel have experienced forever. We still subscribe because the audio quality is astounding. Make the whole experience match what you offer, and watch Qobuz exlpooad...in the right way. :)
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2023.05.29 04:15 Jy218778397 Windfall Life of a Politician S2 Age 53

Windfall Life of a Politician S2 Age 53
The initial support for your campaign was granted by none other than the illustrious Women's Christian Temperance Union, following your eloquently crafted letter highlighting the importance of temperance being left to individual states. Regrettably, the Anti Saloon League has refrained from providing their endorsement, though it must be noted that they have not extended their support to any of the other three contenders either. However, their stance is of little consequence, given the plethora of endorsements garnered from influential Union leaders hailing from diverse regions of the nation. This is, in no small measure, attributed to the Socialist faction of the party, which made concerted efforts to solicit their backing. Among these endorsements, one may cite the names of Peter J. McGuire of the UBC and John McBride of the AFL, to name a few.
To the astonishment of many, the endorsement from an individual outside of Union leadership, emerged as the most striking. The enigmatic and controversial Governor of Illinois, John P. Altgeld, known for his populist ideologies and fervent advocacy for Unions during the labor wars, has remarkably severed ties with his party to endorse you for the presidency. This surprise announcement is particularly noteworthy, as Altgeld is currently running for re-election, thus indicating the gravity of his conviction in endorsing you. This unexpected turn of events not only opens up the state of Illinois for you but also provides an opportunity to compete in the Northern regions, thereby- your thoughts are quickly interrupted by the sudden appearance of your brother Edwin bursting into the room, his panicked expression betraying his concerns. In his hand, he clutches a newspaper with a headline that immediately sends a chill down your spine. The situation has suddenly become a lot more complicated, as the article announces the return of Theodore Roosevelt to the campaign trail, fully recovered from his wounds.
The Palmer House
As you disembarked from the train, the locomotive hissed and huffed, halting at the station with a metallic clang. A sense of nostalgia washed over you as you realized that it had been eons since you had last set foot in this city. And yet, as you gazed around, you couldn't help but notice that the place seemed to be frozen in time, unchanged since your last visit. Chicago, a metropolis teeming with squalor, corruption, and destitution - reminiscent of New Orleans in many ways. You meandered through the streets, your hat pulled low over your forehead, a cloak of anonymity to evade detection.
After a while, you arrived at your destination, the prestigious Palmer House. This exquisite hotel served as the hub of political activity in the city, where councilors, aldermen, journalists, and other influential personalities converged to shape the future of the region. It was here that you were scheduled to rendezvous with the man who held the key to delivering the state into your hands. The illustrious gentleman who has taken it upon himself to further your cause is none other than the venerable Mayor Carter Harrison Jr, scion of the esteemed Carter Harrison Sr. Following the tragic assassination of his father in 1892, Harrison Jr felt compelled to carry forward his father's legacy, especially during the peak of the labor wars, and therefore made the momentous decision to run for mayor in 1893. With a landslide victory, he ascended to the highest office in the city and has since been ardently dedicated his belief that Chicagoans had two major desires, to make money and spend it.
Mayor Carter Harrison Jr is aware of the close bond that you share with the Harrison family, by way of your association with Benjamin Harrison and his son ,your current running mate, Russell Harrison. In fact, it is Russell's persuasive appeal in a letter sent from his duties in Cuba that catalyzed the scheduling of this crucial meeting between yourself and the venerable Mayor. The strong familial ties that bind you have paved the way for an auspicious alliance. He promises that he will do everything in his power to make the city vote for you. He spoke of leveraging his vast network of contacts, leveraging his standing in the community, and marshaling all the resources at his disposal to ensure that your message resonated deeply with the citizenry. The Mayor's pledge to leave no stone unturned in his quest to rally the city behind you is impressive to say the least and you are extremely thankful to him as he could be the key to winning this election.

Mayor Carter Harrison Jr the key to victory for your campaign
Foreign Policy
It has been a week since Roosevelt has recovered and the man has already embarked on a journey around the country touting his ideas. Not only has his return been an issue but Allison and his goons are draining support away from your campaign particularly in the border states and West where you are most vulnerable. Russell and his populists have also been making moves taking a third of the Unions under his control including the powerful United Mineworkers of America (UMWA). Not only that he was last seen in New York City alongside Joseph G Pulitzer which is a bad sign.
As you recline in your hotel room, weary from a day filled with spirited campaigning in the vibrant city of Chicago, you allow your gaze to wander upon the words of the daily paper that rests in your hands. Amidst the plethora of news, an intriguing article captures your attention, weaving tales of a potential armed uprising in the Philippines against the Japanese Empire. If the rumors hold true, the timing seems ripe for such a rebellion, considering Japan's ongoing conflict with the Russian Empire.
Setting the paper aside, your thoughts wander to the profound transformations that have swept across the world since your formative years. Gone are the days when your concerns revolved solely around the struggles between immigrants and nativists within your own country. The world now stands at the precipice of uncertainty and upheaval, with myriad conflicts and tensions engulfing nations far and wide. It is a disconcerting reality that leaves you contemplating the future and questioning the role your country should play on the world stage.
Reflecting upon these ponderings, the question arises: What should be your general stance on foreign policy?
Interventionism: This is a foreign policy approach that would have the United States actively intervenes in support of democratic values, human rights, and national interests abroad. You would advocate for the proactive use of power to shape international affairs and advance our principles on the global stage. Interventionism aims to actively engage in the world to defend our values and secure our nation's well-being. The current government supports this to a degree as the War In Cuba began over human rights concerns and invocation of the Monroe Doctrine.
Open Trade: This would have you advocate for the reduction of tariffs and barriers to international trade, promoting fair and reciprocal trade agreements to stimulate economic growth. This is an unusual position for a former Republican and would alienate protectionists within your new party.
Strategic Alliances: This would have you support working towards strategic alliances and partnerships with other nations to protect and advance national interests, including territorial integrity, security, and economic prosperity. There would be a emphasis on maintaining a balance of foreign concerns and safeguarding core national interests. At the moment this would be the least popular choice but it could work if only reserved to countries in the Americas.
Neutrality and Non-Entanglement: This would have you maintain a policy of neutrality in conflicts between other nations, focusing on preserving national interests rather than getting entangled in foreign disputes. This is currently the view point shared by many Americans who believe In isolationism. Things have changed ever since the start of the War but many believe this is a special case and not getting involved in world affairs is still the wisest move.
Which foreign policy stance will you you follow?

Current Traits: Bold, Frugal, Compassionate, Traumatized, Vengeful
Relations: Edwin Hays (Brother): 7/10 Isabella Hays (Sister): 6/10 Alexandria Hays (Wife): 9/10 Elijah Hays (Son): 8/10
Current Predictions for the Election of 1896:

View Poll
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2023.05.29 04:15 kramerjam36 I feel deeply lame and pathetic

I feel like I've entirely wasted my life so far and too unmotivated and depressed to try and fix anything about it. I'm 20 male and live with my parents I was taken out of public school at 7th grade and spent my teenage years getting homeschooled with no friends or activities and I feel like it completely stunted me socially. I basically never experienced anything a normal teenager does or the teenage life so to speak. I've never had a job either and I can't drive though I have a permit. Some people might blame my parents for not trying to get me involved in anything but they've always been nice and supportive to me and I've never really felt abused or neglected, I just blame most of this shit on myself and my lack of will to do anything. Anytime I try to improve or get out there my mind just sets me back and I don't end up doing anything not to mention I have severe social anxiety so going out anywhere or the idea of trying to get a job and having to talk to people terrifies me. I just feel so fucking worthless and pathetic and I bring nothing of value to the world.
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2023.05.29 04:14 solarflares123 fragmented disjointed thoughts that I feel I need to actualize

A lot of these thoughts have to do with discovering new sensory experiences with VR, making unrelated concepts into a new sense (like, edges or color for example) I also just have a lot of visual thoughts that intersperse unrelated concepts together and I feel like I must actualize these thoughts somehow, even though they make no sense. My mind desperately wants to actualize them (like create something or do something with them) and sometimes I think I can. But overall they cause confusion and distress because they feel creative and awesome and of utmost importance to actualize, but they’re not coherent and they’re hard for me to even articulate. But what if that is possible somehow?
I have no doubt I have a creative mind but these thoughts feel really important and like following through with them would open up new ways of experiencing things and expand our senses. And maybe they would to a degree but my mind wants to dwell on joining and then doing something about unrelated concepts. So I wonder what am I supposed to do if I can’t even articulate to myself what that is, even though it feels important?
But then I ask myself what if it’s just me subconsciously trying to be unique? I have NPD parents so that wouldn’t be surprising. I’m honestly not sure. These thoughts (and OCD-like obsessions for certainty that follow, then reassuring myself these thoughts aren’t attainable) go down a bit when I’m alone and in a calm mood, so maybe that is partly it, but they still persist. Idk I should just see a professional just wondering if anyone can relate.
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2023.05.29 04:14 Mod-Mod13 NFTb to build their innovative Gaming Center on SKALE

NFTb to build their innovative Gaming Center on SKALE
We are thrilled to announce that NFTb, a pioneer in the world of digital ownership and #Web3 gaming, will be building their innovative Gaming Center on #SKALE.
This marks a significant leap forward for the world of Web3 gaming, unleashing untapped potentials and ushering in a new era of innovation and excitement.
Since its inception in April 2021, NFTb has tirelessly dedicated itself to incubating and growing gaming projects. As a platform supported across chains, NFTb is bringing a community of over 160,000 users to SKALE, along with experience in the development of over 200 games. NFTb’s mission has always been to bridge the gap between games and gamers, with a commitment to onboarding players to Web3 through on-chain and media activities.
So, why SKALE? SKALE has established itself as the only protocol that offers immense value for gamers and game developers alike. SKALE’s focus on providing an invisible #blockchain experience, coupled with being rated the world's fastest blockchain, makes it the perfect destination to be NFTb’s Gaming Center launch partner.
"As NFTb, we have recognized the increasing demand for innovation in the space. With our commitment to driving progress, we have continually strived to meet this need. Following the successful introduction of our INO launchpad model in 2021, we are now taking a significant leap forward with the launch of our exciting new Gaming Center on SKALE. This cutting-edge platform incorporates unique features that greatly enhance support for gaming projects and gamers making it an exceptional addition to the industry, its alignment with SKALE's vision of fostering growth in the Web3 gaming space makes it a perfect fit," Alper Esen, COO, NFTb.
Read the full announcement on the SKALE Blog: https://skale.space/blog/game-on-nftb-to-launch-new-platform-on-the-skale-network
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2023.05.29 04:14 Diskhighmoodmask233 How to get out of black-and-white thinking? How to value my own opinions again?

I'd really appreciate any tips for this. I struggle a lot with black-and-white thinking and think of myself as evil way too easily.
I also have caught myself either erasing or holding back my own opinions all the time because I don't value them as much anymore. I feel as though I don't 'deserve' to have an opinion on a subject because of the things I've done.
It's awful, especially since I used to trust myself so much more in the past, but now it seems I only value strangers' opinions over my own. Why?
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2023.05.29 04:13 ivychen300 Food Centrifuge Market Size, Share, Development by 2023

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Food Centrifuge Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Food Centrifuge sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Food Centrifuge sales for 2023 through 2029. With Food Centrifuge sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Food Centrifuge industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Food Centrifuge landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Food Centrifuge portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Food Centrifuge market.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Food Centrifuge market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
The main participants
FMT - Food Processing Technology
JBT Corporation
Andreas Hettich
Fives Sugar
Ollari Conti International S.r.l.
Orto Alresa
Sormac B.V.
Buckau-Wolf GmbH
Eillert B.V.
Ferraroni AFP S.r.l.
Segmentation by type
Segmentation by application
Food Factory
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Food Centrifuge market?
What factors are driving Food Centrifuge market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Food Centrifuge market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Food Centrifuge break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
Website: https://www.lpinformationdata.com
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2023.05.29 04:13 Willing_Aardvark6544 [WTS] OC LTI Hammerhead * Currently a Polaris

[WTS] OC LTI Hammerhead * Currently a Polaris
WTS Hammerhead OC
Comes with HH Model/Poster in game
Comes with HH serial stamp as well.
Currently CCU to a Polaris. (Melt Value $575, Worth $750)
WTS for $600 which is including paypal fees.
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2023.05.29 04:12 Basilis988 Random group regressions

i have several opinions of individuals regarding different subjects and lots of variables that are characteristics of the subjects . I want take the opinion of 3 random individuals for each subject, take the mean and look how they'd perform in a hypothetical group.
Since there is this randomness involved when choosing the groups, the regression obviously differs every time. So i thought, in my mind, that simulating the regression 10000 times with random groups would be a good idea.
But ideally i want to report the result as one mean regression over all simulated regression which is obviously not that trivial since i'm not only interested in the coefficients but also in the p-values and R2. Does someone have maybe another idea, besides simulating the regressions, or how to bring the 10000 regressions into 1?
If you have literature, examples on how to display the simulated regressions would be great too!
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2023.05.29 04:12 Glittering_Tax_9199 Advice on asking for a pay raise for a recent M.arch grad

Hi all,
For context I am practicing out of Ontario, Canada. I have just finished my M.arch and will be transitioning into a full time intern architect role at the firm I have been working at for the past 1-1/2 years. I now want to ask for a significant raise in addition to 3 weeks vacation a year and a new computer to work on at the office (I currently work remotely on my own desktop).
I have worked a good amount while finishing my M.arch - even doing some serious hours each week will writing my final year thesis - so I feel that I deserve a good pay jump. Not to mention I have really thorough knowledge in software and construction from working at arch offices all thru undergrad as well as masters (plus I have a decent eye for design and presentation). So all in all I feel like what I’m asking for is fair compensation for my value.
I scheduled a meeting with the partners for next week and will pitch all of this. Looking for advice on how to go about it (what to say, what not to say, tips???)
All input is appreciated thank you all in advance <3
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2023.05.29 04:12 jacobjj111 NEW

Northern England Wrestling
[Upbeat rock music playing]
Host (Nick Khan): "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the most electrifying show in professional wrestling! I'm your host, Nick Khan, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to a brand new era of wrestling entertainment."
[Montage of exciting wrestling moments from previous events]
Host: "For those of you who don't know me, I'm not just your average wrestling fanatic. I've spent years behind the scenes, honing my skills as a creative mastermind and making the most jaw-dropping matches come to life. And now, it's time for me to step out from the shadows and take the center stage."
[Cut to host confidently standing in the middle of a wrestling ring]
Host: "You may remember me from my time with 'Wee,' but I've broken free from their shackles to bring you something entirely new, something revolutionary. Welcome to Northern England Wrestling, where we combine the rich heritage of British wrestling with the cutting-edge excitement of the modern era."
[Show footage of the new wrestling promotion's high-energy matches]
Host: "In this new YouTube series, I'm going to take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as we witness thrilling rivalries, epic showdowns, and jaw-dropping moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat, hungry for more."
[backstage we see Zack sabre jr and will osperary]
Host: "But it's not just about the in-ring action; it's about the stories that unfold before your eyes. I've meticulously crafted each character, each storyline, and each match to create an immersive experience that will capture your imagination and keep you invested from start to finish."
[Show glimpses of fan interactions and comments]
Host: "So get ready, wrestling fans, because Northern England Wrestling is about to take the world by storm. We're breaking boundaries, pushing limits, and redefining what it means to be a wrestling promotion in the 21st century."
[Cut to a montage of upcoming tournament]
Host: "From sold-out arenas to intimate venues, we'll bring you the thrill of the live experience right to your screens. Expect high-flying daredevils, technical masters, and larger-than-life personalities that will capture your hearts."
[Show a highlight reel of the diverse roster of wrestlers]
Host: "Together, we'll create a wrestling revolution, and I invite you to join us on this incredible journey. So, hit that subscribe button, ring the notification bell, and prepare yourself for the electrifying, pulse-pounding action that only Northern England Wrestling can deliver."
[Host raises his hands, igniting fireworks in the background]
Match One
Tyler Bate def Tj Perkins, Minoru Suzuki, and Kenta

Zack Sabre Jr Open Challenge
The arena is buzzing with anticipation as the crowd eagerly awaits the next segment. Suddenly, the lights dim and a spotlight shines on the center of the ring. The music of Zack Sabre Jr. blares through the speakers, and he confidently struts his way to the ring, microphone in hand.]
Zack Sabre Jr: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, tonight, I stand before you as the undeniable master of technical wrestling, the submission magician, the one and only Zack Sabre Jr! Now, I've come here tonight not to brag about my countless victories or my unmatched skill inside this squared circle. No, I'm here for a different reason altogether.
[Zack raises his microphone closer to his mouth, his eyes scanning the arena.]
Zack Sabre Jr: I issue an open challenge! That's right, I'm throwing down the gauntlet to any wrestler in the back who dares to step into this ring with me, who believes they possess the skills, the heart, and the ability to defeat the untouchable Zack Sabre Jr!
[The crowd reacts with a mix of excitement and curiosity, eagerly anticipating who will answer the challenge. The anticipation builds as the arena falls into a brief silence. Suddenly, the speakers erupt with the entrance theme of Chris Sabin, and the crowd erupts into cheers.]
[Zack Sabre Jr.'s expression changes from a confident smirk to a look of surprise as he stares towards the entrance ramp. Chris Sabin emerges, receiving a massive ovation from the crowd. He confidently walks down the ramp, slides under the bottom rope, and stands face-to-face with Zack.]
Chris Sabin: Well, well, well, Zack Sabre Jr., it seems like you've issued an open challenge tonight. And as much as I respect your technical prowess and your reputation in this business, I couldn't resist the opportunity to step into this ring and show you what I'm made of.
[Zack narrows his eyes, studying Chris Sabin intently.]
Zack Sabre Jr: Chris Sabin, huh? You certainly have a storied history, my friend. But let me remind you, in case you've forgotten, I am the master of submissions, the epitome of technical wrestling. You may be good, but I assure you, I am on another level entirely.
Chris Sabin: Oh, I haven't forgotten, Zack. In fact, I thrive on challenges like this. I respect your abilities, but I believe in my own. Tonight, I'm here to prove that I can hang with the very best, that I can surpass even the highest expectations.
[Zack and Chris lock eyes, the tension palpable in the arena.]
Zack Sabre Jr: Very well, Chris Sabin. You want a shot at greatness? You want to test your skills against the best? You've got it! But remember, when you step into this ring with me, there are no guarantees. You may walk in with confidence, but I will break you down, limb by limb, until there's nothing left of your ego!
Chris Sabin: Bring it on, Zack! I'm ready for whatever you have in store. Tonight, I'm not just stepping into the ring with a technical master; I'm stepping into the ring with a man who underestimates the fire within me. Prepare to be surprised, my friend.
[The crowd roars with excitement as Zack Sabre Jr. and Chris Sabin exchange intense stares, setting the stage for an epic clash of styles and skill. The challenge has been accepted, and only time will tell who will emerge victorious.]
[The scene fades as both competitors prepare to leave an indelible mark on professional wrestling history.]
Match 2
Chris Sabin def Zack Sabre Jr
Pac Self Promo

[Interviewer]: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with one of the most explosive and dynamic athletes in professional wrestling today, PAC! PAC, you're set to compete in the upcoming tournament. How are you feeling about the opportunity?
[PAC]: Thank you for having me. As for the tournament, I couldn't be more thrilled. This is the type of stage where I thrive. I am always seeking new challenges, and this tournament presents the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my skills and prove why I am one of the best in the world.
[Interviewer]: Many consider you to be one of the most agile and high-flying competitors in the industry. How do you plan on utilizing your unique style to dominate this tournament?
[PAC]: My style is a fusion of speed, athleticism, and precision. I plan on leaving an indelible mark in this tournament by employing a relentless offense, combining my aerial maneuvers with a technical finesse that few can match. The goal is not just to win, but to captivate the audience and create moments that they will remember for a lifetime.
[Interviewer]: The tournament features some of the toughest competitors from around the world. Is there anyone in particular you have your sights set on?
[PAC]: Absolutely. While I respect every competitor in this tournament, there are a few that have caught my attention. Names like John Hennigan, Walter and Adam Cole have proven themselves as formidable opponents, and I relish the opportunity to test my abilities against them. But make no mistake, I don't fear anyone. I welcome the challenge of facing the very best because that's where I thrive the most.
[Interviewer]: With such a stacked tournament, what sets you apart from the rest of the competitors?
[PAC]: What sets me apart is my unwavering determination and unmatched intensity. When I step into that ring, there is no one who possesses the same level of focus and drive as I do. I am a force to be reckoned with, a relentless competitor who will stop at nothing to achieve victory. The combination of my athleticism, speed, and unyielding spirit is what separates me from the pack.
[Interviewer]: Finally, PAC, do you have a message for your opponents in this tournament?
[PAC]: To my opponents, I have one simple message: Prepare yourselves. I am coming for each and every one of you with everything I have. You will witness firsthand the unbridled fury and intensity that I bring to the ring. This tournament is just the beginning of what will be a dominant reign for me. Brace yourselves, because when it's all said and done, there will be no doubt that PAC stands head and shoulders above the competition.
[Interviewer]: Thank you, PAC, and best of luck in the tournament. We can't wait to see what you bring to the table!
[PAC]: Thank you. Get ready for a show unlike anything you've ever seen before. The future belongs to PAC!
Match 3
John Hennigan Defeats Jimmy Jones
Main Event
Adam Cole defeats Walter

as they walk out they are stared at by a masked figure, who is this enigma?

Attendance 156
Show Rating 50

[End with the Northern England Wrestling logo and music fading out]
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2023.05.29 04:11 grimtim100 The HLL Gatekeeping Test

Hello, I am the Gatekeeper.
I see you have an opinion on the game you'd like to share. Before I let you through that gate, you must pass the Gatekeeping Test to determine if you are someone worthy of having an opinion.
You have to at least know how the pieces in chess move, before you can argue why certain chess rules should be changed.
If you cannot answer any of these questions, you may not pass through the gate, and you must go back and play more until you find the answers.
1) what is soft cap and hard cap?
2) where is the soft cap? Bonus point: Does it change between warfare and offensive?
3) how long does it take to capture a base? Is it different between offensive and warfare?
4) True or false: the commander has more capture weight.
5) list every class that can see the commander's recon plane data on the map.
6) explain how a red zone garrison is different to a blue zone garrison.
7) explain how overtime works in this game.
8) what is an offensive mode default garrison? List all of its unique features that make it different to a normal garrison.
9) how far can you be from supply and still use it?
10) what's the key difference between the officer's "request supply" and "call in supply" map markers?
$$$ Optional bonus questions $$$
Get these 3 correct, and I will apologise for making you sit the test.
11) what is the quickest possible time for a warfare win? Assume it takes the winning team 30 seconds to travel from the warmup border to the mid point soft cap.
12) explain where supply trucks cannot deploy their box, and explain how it differs between Warfare and Offensive.
13) a commander wants to spawn a vehicle. He has enough fuel, but the spawn vehicle buttons are all greyed out. Explain why this vehicle cannot be spawned, and what needs to happen before the vehicle can be spawned.
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2023.05.29 04:11 Burnbabyburn95 John Wick 4?

Sometimes it takes a second watch for me to enjoy a film, and I usually do as I start to dive into the intention of the director-and the symbolism of the story-but at face value I am not compelled like I was in the other films. I was really looking forward to the a story that both progressed and stays true to its original spirit-this movie looks like a regression to me-again, face value first watch-but it just added more characters-more friends without exposition becomes a tired trick when you then neglect characters from the past films ….and this didn’t seem like the same JW to me-he didn’t seem angry-he just seemed like a tired Keanu Reeves- still watching-I just feel like Hollywood is sticking more to conveying underlying symbolism for example consequences and friendships-that don’t show the meaning yet show what eventually happens-debt brings more debt-friendships more problems. I am just rambling here and will have to give this a second try
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2023.05.29 04:11 dataentrytard Enter to win a Callaway Paradym Golf Driver. $600 Value. (05/29/2023) {US CA AU KR IN CN JP NZ Latin America and Europe}

Enter to win a Callaway Paradym Golf Driver. $600 Value. (05/29/2023) {US CA AU KR IN CN JP NZ Latin America and Europe} submitted by dataentrytard to giveaways [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 04:10 dataentrytard Enter to win a Callaway Paradym Golf Driver from Links Golf Club. $600 Value. (05/29/2023) 2nd Promotion {US CA AU KR IN CN JP NZ Latin America and Europe}

Enter to win a Callaway Paradym Golf Driver from Links Golf Club. $600 Value. (05/29/2023) 2nd Promotion {US CA AU KR IN CN JP NZ Latin America and Europe} submitted by dataentrytard to giveaways [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 04:10 capitankunuckies Help me out! Im almost there!

Help me out! Im almost there!
🙏Just accept my invitaition, we can both earn up to $50 for free!!! https://temu.com/s/vdG1kxkATaucza
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2023.05.29 04:10 FunEbike Quality First: Exemplary Quality of Electric Assist Bicycles Earns Industry Acclaim

Quality First: Exemplary Quality of Electric Assist Bicycles Earns Industry Acclaim
In today's fiercely competitive electric bike market, quality is the key factor for success. This article will discuss how Funbike through a focus on quality management and exceptional manufacturing processes, has earned industry acclaim and provided unparalleled product experiences for our customers.
The Importance of Quality Management. We consider quality as a core value, meticulously controlling every aspect from product design to every stage of the production process. Through stringent quality management systems and processes, we ensure that each e-bike meets high-quality standards and exceeds customer expectations.
Manufacturing Processes and Material Selection. We employ advanced manufacturing processes and high-quality materials to ensure that every detail meets the highest standards. From precise welding techniques to superior batteries and electric assist systems, our e-bikes are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability.
Quality Control Procedures. We have established rigorous quality control procedures, including raw material inspections, intermediate checks during production, final product testing, and delivery quality control. Only products that pass multiple inspections are allowed to leave the factory, ensuring that each e-bike undergoes rigorous quality validation.
User Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys. We maintain close cooperation with our customers and value their feedback and needs. Through regular satisfaction surveys and collecting user feedback, we continuously improve product quality and user experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Warranty Policy and After-Sales Service. We provide comprehensive warranty policies and high-quality after-sales services, ensuring that customers receive timely support and assistance. Whether it's maintenance, repairs, or parts replacements, we maintain close contact with our customers and provide personalized solutions to meet their needs.
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2023.05.29 04:10 GreasyCrabRangoon [WTT] $50fv quarters, 5oz Ital bar, 3oz Monex set for your 1/2 oz AGE

Hello everyone, really tried to put together a trade offer here that I think really benefits the one to accept. Looking for a 1/2 oz BU AGE…please no scruffy, ex jewelry
$50 fv circulated 90% Washington quarters. Nice quarters all with dates. A lot of nice 64’s, a fair amount of 30’s and 40’s dates too. I’m going to assign a really nice trade value of $20x ($1000)
5oz Italpreziosi bar w/ matching numerical cert …let’s call it $125…
Monex 3oz set. Featuring introductory years of 1oz Maple (1989), 1oz Kookaburra (1990), and ASE (1987) …let’s call it $90…
For a grand total of $1215 at good trade values. The best find bullion prices comp at $1124 from monument metals as of writing this for a 1/2 AGE. I’ll ship in a sfrb. We both pay our own shipping. Very much prefer a high feedback seller w/ sigma on this one.
Trade for the whole package only to user w/ age on hand. Not selling
Thanks. Stack on.
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2023.05.29 04:09 Huge-Cockroach8878 The Secret Ingredient of Old Godmother

You may wonder what makes Old Godmother so delicious and addictive. Well, I have a theory. I think it’s the secret ingredient that they use in their chili sauce. It’s not just any chili, but a special variety that is grown in the mountains of Guizhou province in China. It has a unique aroma and spiciness that is unmatched by any other chili. It also has health benefits, such as improving blood circulation and digestion. That’s why Old Godmother is not only tasty, but also good for you.
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2023.05.29 04:09 Internal_Cost312 I asked ChatGPT to write me a story about two pairs of pants falling in love

I think it misinterpreted what I meant but it’s still wholesome and cute nevertheless. It reads as such:
Once upon a time in a quaint little town, there were two pairs of pants named Penny and Patrick, and Denise and Dexter. Penny was a stylish pair of jeans with a trendy rip at the knee, while Patrick was a dapper pair of khaki trousers, always neatly pressed. Denise, on the other hand, was a vibrant pair of capris, adorned with colorful patterns, and Dexter was a pair of relaxed and comfortable sweatpants.
Penny and Patrick lived in the bustling center of town, where they caught glimpses of each other in passing. Their eyes would meet, and they would exchange a shy smile, unaware that their hearts were secretly longing for one another. Similarly, Denise and Dexter resided on opposite sides of the town, their paths rarely crossing. Little did they know that destiny had a whimsical plan in store for them all.
One sunny morning, as the townsfolk prepared for the annual summer fair, Penny and Patrick found themselves selected to participate in the highly anticipated fashion show. The event aimed to celebrate the uniqueness of each outfit, showcasing the variety of styles in the town. Nervously, Penny and Patrick prepared themselves backstage, unaware of the thrilling surprise awaiting them.
Meanwhile, Denise and Dexter discovered they had both won tickets to the fashion show in a raffle. Excited, they made their way to the event, eager to see the latest trends. As they entered the fairgrounds, their eyes widened with astonishment. There, on the grand stage, they saw Penny and Patrick, the very pants they had admired from afar.
In that moment, something magical happened. Penny and Patrick spotted Denise and Dexter in the audience, their gazes locked in a whirlwind of emotions. The two pairs of pants felt an instant connection, as if the universe had conspired to bring them together. Their hearts fluttered, and they couldn’t ignore the undeniable pull.
Unbeknownst to the crowd, the fashion show transformed into an enchanting dance. Penny and Patrick gracefully swayed across the stage, their movements synchronized as they expressed their love through their rhythmic motions. Simultaneously, Denise and Dexter joined in from the audience, mirroring their steps with joy and exuberance.
As the dance reached its crescendo, Penny and Patrick descended from the stage, leaping into the crowd, their fabric fluttering with excitement. Denise and Dexter eagerly caught them, their touch sending an electric pulse through the air. It was a moment of pure magic—a meeting of souls that transcended mere fabric.
From that day forward, Penny, Patrick, Denise, and Dexter became inseparable. They explored the world together, hand in pocket, embracing the adventures that awaited them. The townsfolk marveled at their bond, witnessing the power of love in the most unexpected places.
And so, the love story of two pairs of pants touched the hearts of many, reminding everyone that love knows no boundaries, not even those made of fabric. Penny and Patrick, Denise and Dexter, continued to dance through life, inspiring others to find love in the most unexpected of places, because in the end, love is the truest fashion statement of all.
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2023.05.29 04:09 funkymonkey7777 Solving Real Time ODE/coupled ODE using Machine Learning

I want to develop a NN (MLP) to solve y'' + y' + 4*y = f(t) given some initial conditions.
Here f(t) is a forcing function and y = y(t).
I want to develop a NN such that it takes in the value of y and y' at time instant say t = i-1 along with the f(t = i) and returns the value of y(i) and y'(i). Here i - the time-step index so t = i is equal to t = i*delta t where delts t is a very small number. Here, time index or variable should not be an input to this function but delta_t may be used as that would be fixed.
This is what I have done so far:
First I solved the ODE using scipy's odeint function and got the value of y(t) and y'(t) at all time time indexes. Here I defined time as t = linspace np.(1,150, int(2e4)).
For some reason I am having issues: the model doesnt converge as well as it should. So i tried to add a Physics-Informed Loss Loss_PINN but that just made the model worse.
Any help would be appreciated and any advice on what method to use and recommendation for reading materials will also be great.
Here's the code:
import numpy as np import scipy as sp from scipy.integrate import odeint, solve_ivp import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import torch import torch.nn as nn import torch.optim as optim
def f_train(t): Y_TRAIN = (2*np.sin(t)*np.exp(-0.1*(t-20))*(t>=20) + 2*np.sin(t)*np.sin(1.5*t)*np.exp(-0.03*(t-85))*(t>=85)) * (t < 110) return Y_TRAIN def dY_dt(t,Y): x,v = Y Y_dot = [v, f_train(t) - v - 4*x] return Y_dot S0 = [0,2] t = np.linspace(0,150,int(2e4)) soln = odeint(dY_dt, y0 = S0, t = t, tfirst = True) # finding y'': d2ydt2 = np.gradient(soln.T[1],t) y_prime = np.gradient(soln.T[1],t) y_prime = [] y_prime.append(soln.T[0][0]) for i in range(1,len(soln.T[0])): y_prime.append(soln.T[0][i] - soln.T[0][i-1]) y_prime = y_prime / (t[2]-t[1])
y_prime2 = [(soln.T[1][1] - soln.T[1][0])]
for i in range(1,len(soln.T[0])): y_prime2.append(soln.T[1][i] - soln.T[1][i-1]) y_prime2 = y_prime2 / (t[2]-t[1]) print((y_prime2-d2ydt2)) # Ground Truth: plt.plot(t,soln.T[0], label = "y") plt.legend() plt.show() plt.plot(t,soln.T[1], label = "dy/dt") plt.plot(t,soln.T[1], label = "y_prime") plt.legend() plt.show() plt.plot(t,d2ydt2, label = "d2y/dt2") plt.plot(t,y_prime2) plt.legend() plt.show() plt.plot((y_prime2-d2ydt2))

# Defining Loss cost_function = nn.MSELoss() device = device = torch.device("cuda" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "cpu") # Defining NN neural_solution = nn.Sequential( nn.Linear(3,64), nn.ReLU(), nn.Linear(64,64), nn.ReLU(), nn.Linear(64,64), nn.ReLU(), nn.Linear(64,64), nn.ReLU(), nn.Linear(64,2), ).to(device) # Defining the optimization Algorithm optimizer = optim.Adam(neural_solution.parameters(), lr = 0.004) #optimizer = optim.LBFGS(neural_solution.parameters()) y_train, dydt_train = soln.T d2ydt2_train = torch.tensor(d2ydt2[1:]).to(device) # These are the tensor inputs to the NN: y_train = torch.tensor(y_train).to(device) dydt_train = torch.tensor(dydt_train).to(device) force_train = torch.tensor(f_train(t)).to(device) Loss_array = [] num_epochs = int(5e4) def closure(): optimizer.zero_grad() l = loss() l.backward() return l for epoch in range(num_epochs): input = torch.stack((y_train[:-1], dydt_train[:-1], force_train[1:]), dim=1).float() predictions = neural_solution(input) labels = torch.stack((y_train[1:], dydt_train[1:]), dim = 1).float() optimizer.zero_grad() loss1 = cost_function(predictions, labels).float() loss_pinn = cost_function(d2ydt2_train, force_train[1:] - predictions[:,1] - 4*predictions[:,0]) #if epoch < num_epochs/2.5: loss = loss1 + loss_pinn loss.backward() Loss_array.append(loss.item()) optimizer.step() y_pred = [0] dy_dt_pred = [0.2] for i, time in enumerate(t[1:]): input_test = torch.tensor([[y_pred[i-1], dy_dt_pred[i-1], force_train[i]]]).float().to(device) y_next = neural_solution(input_test) with torch.no_grad(): y_pred.append(y_next[0, 0].item()) dy_dt_pred.append(y_next[0, 1].item())
plt.plot(t,y_pred, label = "Prediction") plt.plot(t,soln.T[0], label = "Ground Truth") plt.title("Training Data Comparision") plt.legend("Train") plt.legend() plt.show() plt.plot(t,soln.T[0], label = "Ground Truth") plt.title("Training Data Comparision") plt.legend("Train") plt.legend() plt.show() plt.plot(t,y_pred, label = "Prediction") plt.title("Training Data Comparision") plt.legend("Train") plt.legend() plt.show()

# Testing the function: # Define the test function def test_function(t): return (4 * np.sin(t**1.1) * np.exp(-0.02 * t) * (t > 35))* (t<75) + (t>100)*np.sin(t)*np.sin(1.2*t) * (t<120) def dY_dt(t,Y): x,v = Y Y_dot = [v, test_function(t) - v - 4*x] return Y_dot S0 = [-0.2,0.7] t = np.linspace(0,150,20000) soln_test = odeint(dY_dt, y0 = S0, t = t, tfirst = True) y_true =soln_test.T[0] force_test = torch.tensor(test_function(t))
y_pred = [-0.2] dy_dt_pred = [0.7] for i, time in enumerate(t[1:]): input_test = torch.tensor([[y_pred[i-1], dy_dt_pred[i-1], force_test[i]]]).float().to(device) y_next = neural_solution(input_test) with torch.no_grad(): y_pred.append(y_next[0, 0].item()) dy_dt_pred.append(y_next[0, 1].item())
plt.plot(t, y_true, label = "Ground Truth") plt.plot(t,y_pred, label = "Predicted") plt.title("Test Function") plt.legend() plt.show() plt.plot(t,y_pred, label = "Predicted") plt.title("Test Function") plt.legend() plt.show() plt.plot(t, y_true, label = "Ground Truth") plt.title("Test Function") plt.legend() plt.show()
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2023.05.29 04:08 02ranger Modifying sshto (dialog) with host flags?

Hi. I've been using the sshto script/dialog for some time now and really enjoy using it.

I also use Kitty browser, and tend to use a "kitten" when ssh'ing to production machines so that my terminal's color scheme changes. This way I can quickly differentiate between production/mission-critical machines and ones that aren't so I'm less likely to make a stupid mistake on a production host.

I have been able to do this so far by putting all these hosts under a single group and then I modified sshto's go_to_target function to launch a kitten when the target is a member of that group. It only works if I have the view filtered by that group, though, and it also prevents me from categorizing hosts like I'd like.

I had the idea to add a tag to these devices in the ssh conf files, probably something like PROD# after the host description (ex. Host prod-serv1 #Primary Server#PROD#). But, picky jerk that I am, I don't want to see this tag in the dialog list. Or if I have to see the tag I'd like to move it to it's own column. IDK how to do this.

I've tried adding the tag and then stripping it out of the displayed description by way of regex, but it seems that the go_to_target function is actually using strictly what's visible in the dialog, so if it's not visible I can't use it to choose behavior. So then I though about adding a third column, something like a one-character flag (ex. Host prod-serv1 #Primary Server#P#), but I can't figure out how to modify the dialog to add this extra column. Every way I've tried either makes no difference or shows the additional data but still only displays two columns so all the data gets out of line. Can anybody provide any suggestions on how I could achieve either of these goals?

I posted in the sshto github as well, but in my tinkering and research I've seen several discussions around sshto and thought somebody may have some ideas here and I wouldn't have to bug the developer with a feature that I'm possibly the only person interested in. (Github post)
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