Extra extra large dog crate

blurry pictures of dogs

2015.06.29 12:28 HarryJamesDotUk blurry pictures of dogs

blurry pictures of dogs

2013.01.15 18:50 keylimesoda Cardiomyopathy

For Redditors with extra large hearts!

2020.10.01 16:24 PSEmon lookwhatifoundin

A sub devoted to every weird, misshapen, extra large or extra tiny thing you found in something you bought. A huge potatoe chip, two twizzlers molten together or any other unusual form of food or things missproduced and not sorted out in the fabrication process.

2023.05.29 04:50 justoinstinct4 [REQ] ($250) (#Miami, FL, USA) (repay $350 on Friday 6/9) (Cashapp, PayPal)

A regular borrower, just looking for some extra help, can provide anything. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 04:50 a_____p 1 month in

1 month in
What should my next steps be in order to get past mythril? I lack the intuition to figure out my priorities and am struggling to make meaningful progress
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2023.05.29 04:49 mellscheesecake time and a half

do we get paid time and a half or anything extra for working memorial day?
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2023.05.29 04:49 JustARandomDudd Am I playing the game wrong?

I unlocked all the towers, then I went to Vah Ruta and defeated it, and now I'm with Rudania.
I've been struggling A LOT with combat, I have 4 hearts, no upgrades, the only extra one I have was the one from Ruta. The combat is brutal, I get oneshot by everything, and I already have the champion armor.
I'm not a fan of open world games so I'm not exploring every single thing I see, I just want to play the story, and sure I do some shrines that I find here and there, I already have 4 stamina upgrades from the shrines, but the combat is just so... unforgiving. Sure you can parry and evade but the windup the enemies have is minimal, my shields break a lot so I end up without one, what am I doing wrong?
Do I HAVE to grind shrines for more hearts? It's weird man, the puzzles are fine, the game is fine, but the combat has been stressful, and this is coming from a guy that has beat the 3 Dark Souls, Bloodborne and like 4 Monster Hunter games...
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2023.05.29 04:48 TecmoSuperBowl1 [US-IL][H]Steam Deck 1TB SSD bundle [W]Paypal

Mint condition 1TB SSD Steam Deck with 512 GB Micro SD card. Screen protector is already on and comes with an extra protector. I have the original 64GB SSD that came with it. Original box and charging cable. This also comes with a TV dock. I purchased this in March.
Asking $625 F&F shipped. $645 G&S
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2023.05.29 04:48 jessks AITAH? - tipping

I DoorDash daily. I tip via the app, but usually the recommended minimum. The I text the dasher and let them know please take the extra cash tip on the porch. It’s usually $10+. And it’s obviously not sitting there for funsies. The last 3 dashers have delivered and left it. Am I going about this the wrong way? How can I tip in manner that more advantageous to the dasher?
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2023.05.29 04:47 CoatExciting1616 In need of Grad Tickets

Hello, my family is coming from Asia to attend my graduation and I wondered if anyone has extra for Sunday at 2pm. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 04:47 CytheofPhoenix Thats called support

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2023.05.29 04:47 BanzoClaymore Stores with used shotgun barrels? Within an hour or so from Everett?

Specifically looking for an 870 barrel… just looking for a cheaper used one. Are there any stores, gunsmiths, or pawn shops that might have an extra barrel laying around? I know djs loan and sport might… anywhere else?
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2023.05.29 04:46 notabowlofoatmeal Headed to London, please track!!

Doing well so far but would appreciate some extra eyes watching. Im flight AA78 out of DFW - LHR
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2023.05.29 04:46 bignum Car Seat Crash Tests: CR vs Baby Gear Lab

Hi all,
We have two little ones, the smallest of which is moving into a convertible car seat after outgrowing her infant seat. I’ve been looking at Baby Gear Lab, as well as Consumer Reports, and there seem to be some conflicting information in terms of crash test performance.
For example, in the BGL testing, the Graco Extend2Fit is the highest rated seat in crash test, while in CR it’s just rated as “Better” Similarly, in CR, the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is rated as “Best” while its results in BGL were average at best.
I understand that these tests mean nothing if the seat isn’t installed properly, but I am very particular about ensuring that I’ve done it properly each time. I also understand that if it’s for sale then is meets federal standards, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting a seat that exceeds the standards.
So, my main question is, who to trust? There are no established authorities on car seat safety comparisons like IIHS for vehicles. I like that BGL posts the HIC and G load scores for their tests, but I’m left with more questions than answers when comparing these seats.
So far everything has been a series of trade offs and trial and error. We bought a Graco Extend2Fit because our oldest is 99.9 percentile for length, so we liked the extra legroom. It fit securely in my wife’s car but I could never get the LATCH or belt tight enough in my car because it doesn’t have a belt lock off or other tension device needed to really push down the bolsters in the bottom of the seat. I plan on keeping it for my wife’s car, but maybe buying another one for my car. The trouble is, I’m not so sure which one to buy anymore.
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2023.05.29 04:46 Tibbittz Blood on the Tracks [My Version] (Album Resequencing w/ Alternate Takes)

Blood on the Tracks [My Version] (Album Resequencing w/ Alternate Takes)
I've had a very hard time getting into Blood on the Tracks as originally released... so (as I often do), I've been tinkering with track sequencing and song sources for over a year, trying to come up with something I personally feel sounds and flows better than the original, and has the best versions I'm aware of for each song.
The album versions of "Tangled" and "Simple Twist" are lovely, but I couldn't get over the rawness and specific lyrics of the Live 1975 versions I've been listening to for 21 years, so I subbed them in, and I enjoyed the feeling a lot more. I also tried to (more or less) sequence the tracks in an order which roughly creates a narrative of a rising, loving, turbulent, and, finally, failing relationship.
I know the album version of "Idiot Wind" is, like, this BIG DEAL classic rock moment... but I find it overly-aggressive. I like the juxtaposition of the gentle performance and venomous lyrics on the More Blood, More Tracks acoustic take.
I've removed "Big Girl" because I don't care for it. I've tried over and over, and it's just not as well-written as the rest of the album. "Up To Me" blows it away, for my taste. I've replaced "Lily, Rosemary..." with the acoustic take because I like the extra lyrics, and I can't stand the incessantly-repetitive bass(?) part in the album version (I do wish there was a take which was somewhere between these two versions).
Please praise me like you should, or eviscerate me like music critics think you should.
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2023.05.29 04:45 kestrel-tree Best mode for adding careers?

I've never installed mods before but only have a couple packs and really want more careers to choose from (I can only have so many astronauts before it gets repetative). Can anyone recommend some simple/foolproof mods for extra careers? Not looking for anything huge because I'm not sure my laptop can take it, just want to add a few more jobs.
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2023.05.29 04:45 DandyFlour Old Bearded Dragon

I have a 12 and a half year old bearded dragon. Overall hes still doing well. But some days more lethargic. And he can't climb up some of these days. Doesn't see the best. But he still eats and drinks on his own. And some days is still pretty active. But I know 12 is pretty old. And I don't really have an estimate about how much longer he'll make it. It hurts to know he maybe doesn't have much longer.
When is it time to let him go? What are some clear signs? And what are some extra add ins that I can give him to make his life easier? I help him up when he wants to he higher up on days he struggles, have easier climbing areas in general. But what more can I do for him?
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2023.05.29 04:45 hawaiianmint REI Tent Sale - Trailmade vs HalfDome SL

Hey hey!
Quick question, I can’t find hardly anything detailing the difference. Gonna buy one during this sale.
The halfdome SL is $100 more, but seems like it has way more inconsistent reviews with quality control.
Is there a reason I shouldn’t choose the Trailmade over the halfdome SL besides the couple of extra ounces?
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2023.05.29 04:45 10l30l03 [US] [SELLING] BLAME! + NOiSE singles, Vagabond Singles, Evangelion singles vol 13 & 14, Evangelion Vizbig 1-4, Trigun Hardcover & Etc

If you think anything is out of your price Range feel free to let me know I am Open to offers and Open to Trades
( I usually Ship on Monday’s as those are the usually the days that I can, so if bought today will be shipped out tomorrow)
(FOR TRADES I’m looking more for OOP manga don’t really care for in print manga unless it’s a set)
(If you’re going to offer any trades please do not offer random Vol 1’s of manga still in print…)
BLAME! + NOiSE - $285
Vagabond Singles - $365
Extra Vagabond Vol 13 - $30
Evangelion VizBig 1-4 - $85
Evangelion singles 13 & 14 - $115 (vol 10 included for free if bought together)
Evangelion vol 10 - $10
Trigun Vol 1 Hardcover - more looking to trade but will consider offers for it
Gyo & Uzumaki 2 & 3 - $20
Monster single vol 1 - $20
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2023.05.29 04:45 Ok-Entertainment-723 Hit me up to get extra flow by watching videos on YouTube, need a code because it's in beta but you can earn anywhere from 30 cents to 2$ per video

They also have links you can click for extra points! Easy 15$ a day if not more especially on Sundays
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2023.05.29 04:45 koza_99 Need advice on Handheld

Going on a week long backpacking trip, I’m hoping to bring a handheld with for down times while recovering.
Needs: - long battery life (or removable battery to be able to bring an extra or two) - relatively lightweight (backpack will be heavy, don’t want to bring a switch or steam deck to add extra weight) - price point max ~150 usd
Friend and I were talking about how nice it’d be to play Pokémon fire red or some of those old games again while we’re out there.
My dms are open and I’ll try to add any follow ups!
Have looked at RP3+, RetroMini, & Anbernic but honestly am at a lost and thought I’d ask the pros. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 04:44 maybegoddess Steps/Cardio Videos?

Could anyone find benefit from those 20-30 minute step counting videos?
My job is slow pace, but standing 90% of the time, and I want to add some extra physical activity to my day. My city is unwalkable and I don’t have access to a gym at the moment. Could following along to these videos aid in my weight loss?
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2023.05.29 04:44 Thatssometa420 Fit Check #2 - Elomi Matilda: size 34G, 36F, 36FF

I would love some advice on how to tell which size fits me best, what my breast shape might be, or any recommendations for something that could be better!
Also in the market for a sleeping bra bc I’m a side sleeper and my chest feels like it’s folding in half, think I need something to support and separate
Elomi Matilda 36FF 36FF after wearing for a few hours without much additional adjustment/swoop+scoop Fit: This one is most comfortable Wires: I think they are the perfect width and I don’t really feel any digging in Gore: Not sure if I’m just not used to the gore being properly pressed against my sternum but it did feel a smidge uncomfortable after a few hours, the mark it left is the last pic in the second photoset Cups: They seemed perfect after swoop+scoop and pulling the wires up to sit right at the fold. Maybe just a little wrinkle at the bottom. But after a few hours of wear I checked it again and there was wrinkling and extra space at the top of the cup, no wrinkles on bottom Straps and Band: how do I tell how tight to tighten the straps? I love J hooks bc I dislike the feeling of straps on my shoulders for some reason.
Elomi Matilda 36F Fit: Feels a bit tight in the band. Wires: seems good I think Gore: gore digs in a little more. I don’t think it’s comfortable enough to wear all day Cups: just a tiny hint of quadriboob on the bigger one Straps and Band: digs into my armpits a little more I think. Band feels a lot tighter than 36FF?
Elomi Matilda 34G Fit: Too tight to comfortably wear but the cups seem to fit best out of the 3 Wires: seems great I think Gore: way too tight prob due to the band, but height/width seems good Cups: most smooth of the 3 sizes but I can’t wear it longer to see how it settles over time Straps and Band: just way too tight. Wondering if there is a similar bra with straps slightly farther from armpit
Link to fit check #1
Measurements: Loose underbust: 38" Comfortably snug underbust: 36" Tight underbust: 32" Standing bust: 43" Forward leaning bust: 44.5" Lying down: 44"
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2023.05.29 04:44 idontknowanymore_501 I think I ruined my (27F) relationship with my entire family and ended my seven year relationship with my fiance (27M) all in one day

Hi -- to forewarn, this a long story that contains... a LOT. There is also a lot of background. Sorry for that.
To give some background, my (27F) father (65M) is very possibly dying from metastatic lung cancer. We found out less than three weeks ago. It has been very stressful for the family and emotions are not exactly level at the moment. I acknowledge that we are all very stressed. It is probably a large contributor to what went down.
So... Given that this is a three-day weekend and we are trying to do more as a family with whatever time we have left, we planned for a small family gathering. Me, my (ex?) fiance (27M), my dad, my mom (68F), my sister (29F), my cousin (38M), and my 2nd cousin (a minor).
Now, this is very important -- Everyone is the household has a dog. My parents have two dogs, one large (2-ishM) and one small (10-ishM). There is also my dog (7M). All of these dogs have met and get a long great and never had issues.
My cousin's dog (2-ishF) and the other dogs have never met. We planned to introduce them in the front yard of leashes and hope for the best. My sister's dog (2-ishF) cannot be around my parent's small dog because of aggressive issues from sister's dog. My sister's dog has undergone "training" to calm her anxiety and behavioral issues, but it has had minor success. The first introduction between my dog and my sister's dog was botched because of a planning issue caused by all sides. My dog holds grudges, so the next controlled introduction was also a failed attempt, and we have avoided having them near each other ever since.
We introduce the dogs. There's teeth and barking, but eventually everything calms down. Once inside the activity picks up. The little dogs start to retreat. It is extremely over stimulating for everyone. My dog retreats to a corner and settles for barking. There is some baring of teeth and lunging involved, too. After the third time of my dog displaying aggression for the cousin's dog, we removed him from the situation.
Eventually, after everything had quieted down a little bit, the dog bones picked up, the dog food removed, and everyone had gotten most of their ya-ya's out, we introduced my dog back to the situation. It was fine, for the most part. We tried to let them figure out the "pecking order" and sometimes that means things getting a little ugly and toothy, but the scuffles were brief.
Now, it is important to mention that my cousin is not staying in my parent's house. Me and (ex?) are, my 2nd cousin is, but my cousin has a bus he uses as a primary residence (go bus/ van life) and so he is staying in there with his dog.
Me and (ex?) run out to go to the gym, the store, and then my sister asks us to go to her house to help with something, which we do. At the point of us leaving that AM, everyone besides my parents were asleep. We get back about two-hours later. At the point when we return, my cousins are awake, the four dogs are all together, and I ask how everyone is getting along. I'm told everyone is fine with each other and that there have been no altercations. The dogs were even laying together for a moment. Me and (ex?) are told to hurry up and get showered and come back down, because we were late for breakfast, and it was getting cold.
We go, shower, get dressed.
(Ex?) goes down first, and comes back a few minutes later saying our dog is bleeding.
Apparently everyone downstairs is saying he banged his head into a table, and it must have happened from that. (Ex?) brings our dog upstairs, and it is very apparent that the bleeding is NOT from running into a table. There are at least four visible puncture wounds from a dog bite on his face. One gusher above his eye (1/2 inch), two superficial bites next to the big one around his eye, and one next to his mouth. My cousin's dog is bigger than our dog. His dog's mouth could absolutely fit most of my dog's head in it.
It is also relevant that my cousin made numerous comments the previous night about his dog being an alpha. He said that she has been known to, "put other dogs in their place" while at the dog park. He did not say any of these ended badly or bloody.
I will also mention here that I know my dog probably antagonized the situation by being a little shit. I know I should have just trusted my gut and removed him from the situation entirely. These are things I am aware of and things I regret.
At this point, we hear my sister come into the house with her dog, and it is pretty apparent that this arrangement is not going to work.
This only adds stress, but it’s not pressing. What is pressing is the fact that the puncture above my dog's eye is still bleeding, that it is larger than a superficial wound, and that I don't want it getting infected and it is a holiday weekend. I text my boss pictures of the bite and ask her to ask her vet if she would advise an emergency trip to the vet, and her vet responds that the bite would probably form an abscess before the weekend was over. So, that was our answer.
We take our dog to the emergency vet. All in all, it takes nearly seven hours. Our dog ended up having to have a sedative and five sutures over all (including two in his ear, which we hadn't previously noticed). We kept being told by the vet that it shouldn't take more than an hour, so we waited. Traffic in that area is BAD. I mean, it took thirty-minutes to go two miles, so we figure it best to wait for him instead of getting into traffic twice to go to my parents' house (20 mins away) and back. During this time, my sister is calling me asking me to run errands delegated to her, my mom is texting and calling asking for status, me and (ex?) had been holding it together pretty well, for the most part. That is until the wait started to get to us, and the constant pings from our phones, and my anxiety and stress about my dad, and my (ex?)’s anxiety and stress about the dogs (he was saying it was he thought it best to take our dog home, which means he would go home, and I know that would upset my dad, so I tell my mom ahead of time)...
After the seven hour wait, we finally get to go back to the house.
Now -- here's the real story now that the brief (HA!!) background has been established.
I call my mom on the way and ask what the current dog situation is, and what the plan is to avoid any more confrontations. Now, me and the (ex?) already discussed that we need to alternate my cousin's dog being in the house and my dog being downstairs. My cousin's dog lives in his bus, so we think that she needs to be in the bus half the day to let our dog be with everyone inside, and then the other half we would put our dog upstairs and let his dog be with everyone. As always, we think my sister's dog just shouldn't be there at all.
My mother pleasantly informs me that "all the big dogs are getting along GREAT!" She says that the plan is to keep all the big dogs outside together, and the little dogs sequestered together inside upstirs. I inform her that it will be raining, and therefore the big dogs cannot stay outside all day, and there is no way that I am OK with my dog being isolated while the other dogs are there barking and playing. She repeats her previous plan, and this is where I kind of lose it, because I'm not here to manage doggy daycare. I'm here for my dying father, and I have seen him for maybe a few hours total and the other time has been spent stressed about dogs.
All the rage and frustration boils to the top, and I go off. I tell my mother that if this was her plan then (ex?) would just take the dog home. She eventually concedes and says that we can do the alternating, but at this point I do NOT trust that this will actually happen. There is a lot of yelling going on, and there is still the variable of my sister's dog (who is still at parents' house). It is too much. I have had enough. I tell my mom that we will just go home if her plan is to keep ALL FIVE dogs on the same property. She explodes on me saying that was my plan from the beginning (mind you, I have been trying for a solid week to help coordinate everyone being there together and brought enough supplies and clothes to last me more than a week. I had planned activities to keep 2nd cousin busy, and there were meals planned as a family -- I, in NO way shape or form, had ANY intentions of dipping on this get together. I am pissed.)
Once I get back to their house, (ex?) stays in the car with our dog, and I run in to get our stuff. I am met with a barrage of blame and accusations as soon as I'm through the door. I am told that this dog bite situation was my fault for leaving my dog downstairs while I took a shower, that my dog was "under-socialized and aggressive." Mind you, my parents both love my dog and frequently have commented on what a good boy he is for the last SEVEN years. Never once mentioning that he was UNDERSOCIALIZED or aggressive. He's a prima donna, sure. He has had moments where he'll lash out when uncomfortable or feeling threatened by another dog, but he has, not ONCE, bitten anything or anyone, or even come close to it. He gets along with my (ex's) families dogs. All of them. And there's a lot.
He has only had two aggressive interactions. With my sister's dog through the fence, which everyone should share blame in, and now my cousin's.
There is a lot thrown around. My sister is smiling and mocking me about wanting everyone together.
My sister fuels the fight, smiling the whole while, and my mother regurgitates sentences that I know aren't coming from her.
It is obvious that there had been discussions that I was not privy too (because I have been stuck in an emergency vet for seven hours), and that everyone (barring the minor cousin and idk about my dad) has come to the conclusion that I am the villain in this scenario and that everything is my fault.
I am in a blind rage at this point. I feel like I am a dog backed into a corner, and everyone is yelling. I am probably yelling the loudest, because I just feel like I have not been heard since getting there. I wanted to keep the dogs separated from the first indication of trouble, and then was told I was overreacting. I specifically said that this would turn very ugly, and was then mocked by my cousin and mom as being overprotective and like a Karen in a dog park, who would jump in between fighting dogs to pull their dog out.
I feel sick at this point. I feel like my back is about to crumble and my head is going to explode. At one point, as I am putting my stuff outside so I can grab my shoes, I come back in to them saying something I can't put together, but I hear my sister say, "Shush! She's coming back" -- and that damn smile is still on her face. I tell my dad I'm sorry, that I would come back to pick him up and bring him to my house, I tell my 2nd cousin the same thing, and then I leave. There is a moment in-between there where I do slam the front door back open, and I admit to putting a hole through the closet door with the doorknob. That's my bad.
I am still fuming while in the car. I tell my (ex?) that when he went back inside to retrieve something he should have defended me, at least a little. Said that the fight was unnecessary on both sides. Something. Especially since I had spent the majority of the afternoon trying to calm him down (he doesn't rage like I do, his is quieter and filled with more anxiety that clouds his ability to think). I called my mom on his urging to begin with. I was just going to go inside and put the other dogs away, smuggle our dog inside and upstairs, and deal with the planning part afterwards. But (ex?) has diagnosed OCD, so sometimes going with the flow is the best option. So I did. I tried, at least.
During the ride back, my (ex?) boyfriend decides out of the blue and without saying anything to me to call my mom, tell her that he doesn't want to associate with them anymore, and that he doesn't plan to see them every again. Yes. We can all agree how childish that is. He would agree too. My terminally ill father is yelling and cussing him out in the background, and my (ex?) clarifies that he would have liked to see my father, but if he doesn't want to see him that that's what it is. My family is complicated. There is a lot of past trauma to unpack, but to put it simply my dad is the most unreasonable person sometimes, but also the one that I get along with the best. My (ex?) also agrees with that.
The call ends. I comment (because I just can't help myself) and tell him how stupid that was. I am in that rage-mode where everything I say is super calm and super condescending. (Ex?) says that I wanted him to defend me, so that's what he was doing.
My (ex?) then decides to take this as a very opportune moment to tell me that he had spent the previous week contemplating breaking up with me. Mind you, that Friday, the Friday that we went to my parents' house, was our eight year-anniversary.
I am mind-boggled.
I continue to drive and the hate in me grows a little more with every mile we go.
Eventually, I hear my (ex?) talking, but I know it's not meant for me. He has called my mom to apologize for everything, for the things that he said. He is the one crying now. Balling. He is so emotional with the things he's saying that I am forced to pull off the highway and into a gas station because the tone makes me uncomfortable to be in a moving vehicle. That was me projecting, but still...
He continues the conversation, continues the apologies, and then says, "I was in a no-win position and being told I didn't defend her (me) and so I called and made the worst mistake of my life."
Naturally, I am beside myself. I feel betrayed. I feel crazy. I feel so outside my body.
To be clear, I never once told him to call her. I just wanted him to defend me, because we both were in agreement about the situation and that their plan on how to handle to dogs was wrong. He was the one pushing the idea that my family was in the wrong.
There is a lot said afterwards. Nothing matters, at this point. He ends up calling my mom again (this time on my urging) to say he was apologizing for what he said on the phone, not the situation as a whole. He says he wasn't taking sides. He stops his conversation more times than I can count to ask me if that was what he was supposed to say. I am livid. I feel disgusting. I tell him repeatedly that I am NOT putting words into his mouth and that he is an adult and can speak for himself. He then proceeds to basically have a conversation with my mother in which he outlines the reasons why me and him may not be together anymore, and how we want to different things, etc...
I'm disassociating out of my body while going 70mph down the interstate in the rain, forced to listen to this conversation coming from the back.
We argue. I drive. He asks me to make permeant decisions about us and that he's going to quit his job and go back home to live with his parents if we aren't together. I tell him I am not continuing this discussion while under duress. He continues to ask. I continue to drive. I scream. It gets quiet.
We don't talk the rest of the drive. We only talk about the dog while we get him situated at the house. My (ex?) starts crying. I don't have the energy to cry..
We have spent the day isolated and away from each other. I have not spoke with my family. I don't know if I will ever again. My sister sent me a text of the door with the hole and a smiley face.
I feel like my entire world just crumbled at once.
I don't know where or who to turn to in this scenario. I feel the lowest and loneliest I have ever felt in my life.
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2023.05.29 04:44 Red_Sumo Better Minecraft [Fabric] 1.19.2 - New Community - 5/28/2023

Hey there! My name is Sumo, and I'd like to invite you to join me in making a new community for gamers wanting to enjoy some Minecraft without feeling the pressure of racing others, or needing to complete crazy tasks to feel like part of the gang.
Join me if you are the type of player who:
None-the-less. Whether you fit into any of those roles or not, we are all here to enjoy playing a game.
Let's enjoy it together!
Extra Notes: This server was JUST started, and is on the lower side for storage. After I see the interest, I will move forward with more space.
Join the discord here. There are no crazy rules or banned items. As long as you aren't ruining fun for other players, play however YOU want to play the game. :)
DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/g6BmjSuQ
Just hop in the voice chat with me and introduce yourself. That's all you gotta do to join.
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