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2023.06.08 17:17 vernalangia Stream Link ?

Any stream link Or website that’s got the movie ?? No theatres showed it and I’ve been looking constantly everyday… the crappy CAM version that’s been circulating is still the only option that I’ve found.
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2023.06.08 17:17 Sapphire_Praline_33 Thoughts on the 2 Series Gran Coupe, 4 years later?

Thoughts on the 2 Series Gran Coupe, 4 years later?
Is it still the ugliest BMW by a mile?
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2023.06.08 17:17 lobsteroffroad Upgrading steering and need negative offset rims for clearance. KMC vs Black Rhino. Any thoughts?

I’m looking at upgrading my Tie rod and drag link however I’ve been advised that my 5.2” backspace AEV rims will be in the way and I either need spacers or 4.5” backspace rims for $1200 or get the 2.5 ton kit for $1000 more.
I’m stuck between the latter two options.
I run 295/70r17 Kumho MT71s on the AEV 17x8 rims and could get
i’m not sure what to do. I like the look of the BRAs but the rim width has me worried if my tyres will work fine or not. Maybe the KMCs are the safer option.
Or I go bigger steering which is good, sure. But I’ll still have to adjust the steering stops and I can’t offset that cost by selling my current rims.
What would you do?
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2023.06.08 17:16 Kame-kun 10. Edition Fortifications

Hi, did you gather any info on fortifications in 10. ED? I love aegis defence lines and bunkers. Are there still rules/points?
I guess the defence line could become kind of usable since ap is dropping a bit.
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2023.06.08 17:16 lobsteroffroad Upgrading steering and need negative offset rims for clearance. KMC vs Black Rhino. Any thoughts?

I’m looking at upgrading my Tie rod and drag link however I’ve been advised that my 5.2” backspace AEV rims will be in the way and I either need spacers or 4.5” backspace rims for $1200 or get the 2.5 ton kit for $1000 more.
I’m stuck between the latter two options.
I run 295/70r17 Kumho MT71s on the AEV 17x8 rims and could get
i’m not sure what to do. I like the look of the BRAs but the rim width has me worried if my tyres will work fine or not. Maybe the KMCs are the safer option.
Or I go bigger steering which is good, sure. But I’ll still have to adjust the steering stops and I can’t offset that cost by selling my current rims.
What would you do?
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2023.06.08 17:16 Lonto1001 What a wildly acepted food combination that is still very weird to you?

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2023.06.08 17:16 Leather_Possession11 Why are people claiming they will boycott over FEMC?

I'm not understanding the obsession with a character who has no dialogue the entire game. I find it hard to believe that someone who posts on the persona subreddit won't buy a remake of arguably the best Persona game (adjusting for the fact it came out 15+ years ago) simply because it doesn't have the FEMC route which literally changes nothing besides the OST and the social links.
Obviously the social links will be overhauled if the remake is real, so you will get to have social links with the male party members. I am not expecting male romance options, but are people seriously going to boycott the game over that? I get the game has players who identify as LGBTQ+ and who may want to play as an MC who is gay too, but multiple games, including choose your adventure style games, don't let you do this, so why should Persona absolutely have to do this? And before you claim I am a bigot, I am bisexual so romancing both gender characters would be something I'd welcome, but would also have zero bearing on my thoughts and perception of the game...
The OST is most likely going to be overhauled partially (or in full), and could even include some pieces from FEMC soundtrack...
So rather than focusing on the fact that it won't have FEMC, why don't we focus on the fact that they will likely be overhauling tartarus, updating the gameplay significantly, and who knows what other changes? This was a revolutionary game back in 2006, and if it literally is just Persona 5 with Persona 3 characters and environments, it will still be an incredibly fun and enjoyable game to play.
The Answer not being included would definitely be unfortunate but knowing them, it will come out in a Persona 3 Reload: Sapphire Edition release a year later lol.
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2023.06.08 17:16 lobsteroffroad Upgrading steering and need negative offset rims for clearance. KMC vs Black Rhino. Any thoughts?

I’m looking at upgrading my Tie rod and drag link however I’ve been advised that my 5.2” backspace AEV rims will be in the way and I either need spacers or 4.5” backspace rims for $1200 or get the 2.5 ton kit for $1000 more.
I’m stuck between the latter two options.
I run 295/70r17 Kumho MT71s on the AEV 17x8 rims and could get
i’m not sure what to do. I like the look of the BRAs but the rim width has me worried if my tyres will work fine or not. Maybe the KMCs are the safer option.
Or I go bigger steering which is good, sure. But I’ll still have to adjust the steering stops and I can’t offset that cost by selling my current rims.
What would you do?
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2023.06.08 17:16 New-Cryptographer377 Is Runick Spright a good variant choice of Spright now?

I am thinking about making a Runick Spright deck, because now both shufflers are at 1. This version of Spright is still good or should I just stick with Pure Spright?
(Yes, I have all the Spright cards already, including the new ones released today)
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2023.06.08 17:16 idkhasinidkhrly Programming new bee in crisis

I'm honestly not sure where to start but bottom line is; I'm in a crisis lol
I recently started a job in the IT field, and fair to mention I'm very much a new bee to the whole IT world as i come from a different background but have made the decision to shift careers, but I'm still taking the baby steps
This job is totally different from what i had in mind, it's way too overwhelming and there's stories from past employees for wrongful termination (lucky for me i haven't heard them until after i joined). And just to make matters worse there's a lot to expect out of me, they're asking me to do things only seniors or big teams are capable of doing, and for that reason it's more than likely they would fire me before i finish the first month.
My point from this post is that I'm really in the depth of despair as i have a lot at stake and i can't afford to stay out of a job -or remain in one that is overly toxic- so I could use your help. What should i do?
I started looking for jobs but honestly i would very much rather a comfortable job for now, i have perfect English, good knowledge of IT, and I could see myself doing a little coding as long as it's comfortable or i could teach but I'm so lost.
Help 😣
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2023.06.08 17:15 Basic_Athletic I Tried 10 Different Ways To Seduce My Husband

I'm not here for any advice. I'm only here to vent. I need somewhere to let out my frustrations.
My husband (28 M LL) and I (27 F HL), have been married for 3 years and have been together for a total of 5 years. We have no kids since we both are 100% sure of being child-free.
When we first met, we had instant chemistry. I remember constantly wanting to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend at the time and always having him on my mind when we weren't together. A few months into our relationship, we reached a point where we were both serious enough to start having sex. It was non-stop, passionate, and fulfilling. I couldn't get enough of him. It was quite common for us back then to have sex multiple times in the same day.
The relationship was good. We got married and moved in together. About a year into our marriage, sex slowed down. We went from having sex twice a day when we first met to now twice a month. :-(
I've tried everything. I've attempted therapy, but it was of no help. I managed to convince my husband to see a doctor, who reassured him that his biology is normal. I've had SSSOOOOO MANY polite conversations with him about it. I've asked if he has any sexual fantasies. I even kept an eye out to observe how often he watches porn, although I hardly ever see him doing so. At one point, I completely stopped bringing up the issue, until the deprivation became so overwhelming that my body "forced" me to address it again. My self-esteem plummeted to the point where I developed anorexia for a few months. Although I am naturally thin and health-conscious, I started eating so little that I unnecessarily lost weight, with a significant portion of it being fat-free mass. To my husband's credit, he was incredibly supportive and helped me overcome this issue, in addition to seeking more therapy. This was a year ago, and I have been in a better place since then. However, the lack of sex still persists.
In case anyone is wondering, no, he isn't gay or asexual, and no, he isn't cheating. I'm 100% sure.
I got so tired of receiving no sex from my husband that I thought I would try spicing things up to see if I could get him to respond. I decided to attempt 10 different ways of initiating sex, even though most of them were cliché. This spanned over a period of 2 to 2.5 weeks. Some of these attempts were made on consecutive days, while others were spaced about a day or two apart, depending on the timing.
  1. I spent all day getting a Brazilian wax all over my body, got my hair done, and did my own makeup and nails. I went to two different adult stores trying to find the perfect lingerie based on my husband's taste. I thought I found the perfect one. After buying the lingerie, going home, putting it on, and walking out of our bedroom to surprise him, he just flat out rejected me.
  2. I told him that I was taking a shower and whispered in his ear in a seductive way that I wanted him to join me when he had some free time. I then kissed him on the cheek and headed to the bathroom. However, he never did join me. I kept the shower going for an hour, which is about three times longer than I normally take, just in case my husband was to join me at the last moment.
  3. When he was sitting down on the sofa, I decided to sit on his lap and started kissing him without saying anything, hoping that it would lead to something more. However, he turned his head after 10 seconds. I didn't want the initial rejection to discourage me, so I laughed it off and tried again to continue making out with him two more times, asking for just 5 minutes of his time. However, he told me he was busy. I told him it was no problem and left the living room. About an hour later, despite my self-esteem being low at this time, I tried one more time. He kissed me for about 90 seconds before turning his head away.
  4. We were teasing each other, joking about how I wouldn't let him leave our house (it's an inside joke we often share). He mentioned that he needed to go out and pick up some groceries. Playfully, I blocked him in the hallway while we both laughed. I patiently awaited the perfect moment of distraction to spontaneously pull down his sweatpants and give him a surprise BJ. However, he pushed my head away, hastily pulled up his pants, and apologized, explaining that he wasn't in the mood, despite being fully erect. I didn't tell him this, but this incident left me in tears as he headed to the store.
  5. On the night of when neither of us had to work the next day, I made the decision to start kissing him while he was asleep. He woke up briefly but went back to sleep without even acknowledging me. This is something I had tried on him a few years ago, before we got married. Both times, he responded with so much energy and enthusiasm. I don't know why I thought it would work the same way it did originally when we were at the beginning of our relationship. I suppose it's just me trying to stay positive, despite all the failures up to this point.
  6. When we were both home, while he was in the living room and I was in the bedroom, I sent him naked pictures of myself and told him to come to our bedroom when he "wants to have fun." He texted back that those were nice pics and never entered the bedroom.
  7. I left him a note saying that he can do whatever he wants to me today. I included "literally anything. Anything goes." No response outside of thanks for the offer.
  8. I dressed in a midriff top and compression shorts as a "strip tease" for his attention. I tried touching him casually and bending over at times to get him to look at me. He never responded. I hardly wear these clothes anymore because my self-esteem is so low. This lack of attention didn't help. The main plan was that I would give him a full-body, deep tissue massage. After a full hour, I decided to take off my clothes quickly before he could realize it. Another reason why I picked these clothes is because I can take them off really quickly, and I don't need to wear a bra or underwear underneath. I essentially threw myself at him just to get rejected. I guess the massage was so good that it made him that tired...
  9. I cooked his favorite meal and dessert while wearing some lingerie. We both ate it and had a good time talking over dinner. But he said he wanted to watch his show. We watched it together while I'm still in lingerie. He never made a single move on me that night.
  10. My husband needed to pick up our dog from the groomer. I told him that he can relax and that I could do it, but it would cost him a "sex tax." I tried getting extra creative with this one and it came out as cringe. I ended up picking up our dog and got no sex.
I'm astonished that I put in so much effort, trying just as hard as I did during our honeymoon phase, only for it to result in utter failure. Facing constant rejection while striving to complete my bucket list, I persisted with the hope that maybe the next attempt would elicit a positive response, despite feeling undesired and contemplating giving up. It's disheartening that I had zero success.
After all of this, I started crying and begging for him to reciprocate, even if it was just 1%. He hugged me and apologized for making me cry. I accept his apologies, but we still have a dead bedroom.
It's about more than just sex. It's about wanting to be acknowledged by my own husband.
Sometimes, I feel so sexually starved for my husband that I experience a cramping feeling around my pelvis. This typically happens when I'm extremely in the mood and have been going without sexual activity. If any other women have experienced this phenomenon, please let me know. It's something that has recently started happening to me. As mentioned before, I'm not seeking relationship advice, but if any other woman has advice regarding this pain, I'm open to hearing it.
I can't believe that I have fallen so deeply in love and lust so hard for my husband, yet I can't seem to receive any physical affection in return. While other aspects of our relationship are great, our bedroom lacks intimacy. It's as if he wears a sign resembling those found at art museums, saying "look, don't touch." I would love to have my husband **** me every day if he was willing. Ugh... I wish I could permanently shut off my libido.
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2023.06.08 17:15 sassypantssassenach Rescue Buddies on Candy Crush Soda

Rescue Buddies on Candy Crush Soda
Anyone know how the "play with friends" option works? Bestie and I have been wanting to play together but it always says we are busy. At first we thought it was because we were at different levels in Rescue Buddies so I stopped playing until she caught up. However, it's still saying we are busy. And now it's showing that all my friends are busy even if Rescue Buddies just started. What in the world is going on??
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2023.06.08 17:15 TheGuyWhoLolz Opinions on the Cobra King?

I have just got a 50% off for the Cobra King and wondered if it was worth purchasing at the discounted price.
I have looked at previous posts but these were from 2018ish and were mostly negative. Have opinions changed since then or is it still not worth it?
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2023.06.08 17:15 ThatOtherStriker (LB6 spoilers) We need to talk about thai community's genocidal tendencies and active rejection of any sort of nuance.

(I was originally saving this for when part 2 or 3 dropped but a number of you jumped the gun, so…)
First, I would like to share some wise words regarding this fandom's history of rejecting nuance in favor of extreme kneejerk reaction, courtesy of u/ToutesFictions (and with their permission), who stood by someone in the past who went against the grain-
There is a tendency, especially in FGO, to ignore all nuances and engage in hyperbolic reactions towards enemies or people who "wronged" the players self-insert Guda. I still remember the reactions to the Clock Tower shutting down Chaldea (and there still are) and how Guda should totally stride into the CT with Servants in tow to dunk on the haters and have the mages seethe and rage (such scenarios, fancomics especially, can be embarassing to read). Or the reactions to Goredolf, whose father is famously a boisterous and arrogant character who eventually changed into a decent one caring for homunculi and seeking to raise his son right, who provoked the typical "arrogant magi" reactions despite him stopping Chaldea from being disbanded, but at least now people see how much of a cinnamon roll he is under all is pretense.
And who can forget the reactions to the reveal of the Crypters as antagonists, from the conclusion that they were "jealous" of Guda and frequent fantasies of cucking Anastasia from Kadoc, all the while people forgot that Mash's and Da Vinci's presentation of them in the prologue painted them all (except Beryl) in a good light, so their betrayal should have had a deeper reason to it (and surprise, there was).
So, with all that in mind, I'm completely unsurprised at the reactions to fairies and how many seem allergic to any nuanced take on them that isn't, well, genocide. OP had guts to go against the grain, but it was always going to be hopeless.
It doesn't matter that Percival says it explictly, or that there is the description of what everyone does during the end of their world, or that Merlin outright attributes the failure of forging Excalibur to human flaws, or that Chaldea meets, befriends, and ally with good fairies, the LB can hammer in again and again that despite their nature, fairies are capable of both good and evil same as humans, and thus the death of an entire people is a tragedy and they don't deserve it because of the action of a few or even many. People will say there are exceptions, or that it doesn't count, or that only one thing the text says about fairies is valid and not anything else. They will do anything in their power to not allow a moment of thought or nuance that could abate their hateboners.
It doesn't matter that Morgan's rule led to the death of Mash's goblin friends and Boggart, made tons of people suffer, and that people rightly saw her as a tyrant when Part 1 was out: she and her Fairy Knights got sad backstories and deaths, therefore all fairies, the species they belong to, deserve to die.
I could at least understand if people restricted it to saying they had difficulty mustering pity for fairies, but more often than not it falls into \gleeful* celebration of all this death, and it's just...ghoulish.*
Now for my own take-
Ok so basically,
Imagine if someone walked up to you and told you that all of humanity deserves to die and listing out our history of prejudice war, genocide, hate, and how we try to justify these horrible acts we commit against each other (need I remind you of the backstory of this franchise's version of Angra Mainyu?) On top of that, we never seem to learn anything from history. "Humans are scum who's progress comes at the cost of ravaging the very planet that gave them life and the other races that call it home! (for Nasuverse stories see Notes, where the land of steel is the result of humanity literally killing the planet) You and a select few others are rare exceptions and default for your race it that you should be burning in hell!"
You see how it sounds? You probably wouldn't give a f*** about how they said you're fine. That dude is a hypocrite.
And don't try to claim this is different, see above, the part about trying to justify this crap.
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2023.06.08 17:15 lampxmoth69 i’m done

i have an amazing life, my boyfriend is awesome, my friends are awesome, my family is ok, i have a roof over my head, i’m losing weight, i have a lil kitty cat to look after me… but i do have bipolar 2 & asd….. so ofc my brain is not working properly and is making me wanna die. i feel… i just feel like everyone in my life secretly hates me or one wrong move and uh oh everyone wants me dead. i’ve lost so many friends over the years for various reasons some of which me just being a shit head some we just grew apart, but some really stuck with me.. i lowkey went through one of my really old friends reddits and i just cried remembering all the good memories and then i got to a post from this subreddit actually… i was friends with him for 6 years and not once did i ever see or think he was depressed, i was always the person in the group who is just a mess and everywhere i was addicted to self harm and i feel like i was a bad influence on him, and i know that’s so narcissistic to say but maybe if he hadn’t met me he wouldn’t have been introduced to self harm as bad. maybe if i was there for him we’d still be friends. but on the other side i’m bestfriends with his ex girlfriend and they were in a pretty toxic relationship and id never want to hurt her :( she’s awesome and my bestfriend ever and id never risk ruining that. and ANOTHER thing my parents aren’t letting me go to uni :) or even progress in life or get a job…. i’m 18. i just i really want everything to stop. i wanna finally be free.
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2023.06.08 17:15 gingaflo How to Deal with Bad Texters?

I'm starting to get really riled up about a couple people in my life who are notoriously bad texters. I'll be clear, I don't mind following up with people once in a while just as I appreciate people who follow up with me. Life happens. Also important to note I don't typically talk extensively via text, but rather use it as a method to make plans.
These aforementioned people are endlessly apologetic and encourage me to follow up with them, but I am starting to feel resentful because how is it fair to consistently put more work on me just because I am a better communicator? This happens constantly. Sometimes I do follow up and it still takes days to get a response.
I am debating having conversations with them. My expectations are not too much, in my opinion, I'd just like a response within a day when it is a question that needs answering. I know these people value our friendship, but I feel like the weight of that friendship rests on my shoulders to work so hard to make these plans happen. What is the right way to approach this?
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2023.06.08 17:15 Weird-Muffin-8971 Can i upgrage to premium for the remaining 58 days for £6.06 get the games then change back to essential?

Bacicaly what the title says, could i just upgrade to premium put a bunch of games in my library that are free if you have premium then switch back to essential. Would the game still be download able and playable or will it not work? How hard is it upgrade then downgrade?
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2023.06.08 17:15 DesselFromApatros Wife tested positive for strep with no sore throat. Day 5 of 10 on antibiotics and fevers are still high

Wife (32F) weighs about 125 lbs and is 5'8". Started noticing fevers a couple weeks ago. After a week of this, she went to get testing done to see what was happening. The rapid test came back negative but another test they did came back positive for strep A.
Interestingly, she does not have a sore throat. Her tonsils were taken out when she was a teen so that might be the issue. We're mainly concerned about the fevers. After 5 days being on amoxicillin, she is still experiencing fevers. I've read that symptoms should be going down after 3 days.
Since she got tested a week after getting the fevers, I am wondering if this could be rheumatic fever? Or do we need stronger antibiotics? Or maybe we just need to wait until the 10 days are up.
Thanks for reading and the advice.
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2023.06.08 17:15 phosphene__ Messiah of Nepali Youths - 'Balen'

I thought balen would be a good alternative to these corrupt old leaders but I realize that he is far away from being a good democratic leader. He just wants a cheap popularity from these herds and he is very good at PR. He used 'RONB' and still using it for his motives.
Before few months ago, He met an US ambassador who wanted to provide financial assistance to municipality but balen told him that he wants to help and build temples in USA. Today, He put 'Greater Nepal' map in his office which is another joke. Do he even thinks that people of those areas want to join this shithole? We occupied those areas for just few years, that's it.This will affect our diplomatic relations even though he is just a mayor. This guy don't know a shit about diplomacy which is very important for least developed countries like nepal. He should check how much grants and help we get from other countries.
I have no problem with someone being religious but its a problem when they try to impose those values on others. Balen thinks we should teach bhagwad geeta in schools to indoctrinate children and promotes cults like ISKCON. He also believes and promote pesudoscience like ayurveda.
He don't give any interviews and press conference, Nowadays he rarely attend municipal meetings. I don't even want to talk about how he treated those poor street sellers, atleast he should have planned something before taking an action. Many people don't notice this but those poor people used to save money in the cooperatives. Many of them were in the verge of collapse. People also flaunt his academics on social media saying how great engineer he is but he was really weak at studies. He also wanted to spend arabs in rebuilding tukucha which i think is waste of money.
Balen is a populist and wannabe autocratic. He blames others and uses social media to hide his incompetency. His popularity is rising and he is just a mayor. He will get many votes if he opens his own party. There is no difference between old leaders and him. Only difference is he is really good at PR and knows how to manipulate herd nepali youths more than old leaders.
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2023.06.08 17:15 FaintHeartFaerie Most interesting subversion of Princess character arc?

I am writing a dark fairytale fantasy in a world of dreams, illusions, and nightmares. The protagonist is a 12 year old princess who suffers a curse, causing physical impairment and mental anguish. For most of her childhood, she lay bedridden escaping into fables of the guardians who once protected the realms--until their magic faded away. In the absence of the guardians, oppressive royals rule the Kingdom to control wishes and remove dying realms from their domains. And anyone who is cursed with nightmares is an outcast. Thus the Princess wishes to learn the ancient magic to be free of her curse and help her dying realm.
The story outline is finished, but I am considering rewrites to introduce more character drama and royal lineage shenanigans. However, major changes could potentially affect her childhood upbringing, upset the parent-child dynamic of the story, and distract from the overarching themes [compassion, resilience, loyalty, sacrifice, and fear vs faith]. Therefore, I'm hesitant to make changes.
I'd like feedback on which of the following subversions is the most compelling permutation of the story. These alternate versions have existed for years and I ruled them out many times, but if the overwhelming consensus favors an alternate over the original, I will consider changes.
[NOTE: proper terms have been excluded, and everything is subject to change]



The reasons I eliminated all of these alternate ides are:

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2023.06.08 17:15 MNITneedshelp An external site I want the edit page permission not allowed.

Externally shared site with a vendor and do not want them to have edit options on the page. What permission is this? I cannot seem to get it to not allow that but still allow editing of files.
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2023.06.08 17:15 North-Wish-5169 ES6 wants and worries (World Building)

I’ve been thinking about elder scrolls 6 and want for the story over some time recently and I was curious what are some quests and world building aspects that you’re hoping for in the next game. Personally I’m hoping that ES6 takes place at the same time as Skyrim or maybe 5-15 years after. I do believe the game is gonna take place in Hammerfell and maybe High Rock as well but I want to have a game where the Great War 2 or a civil war isn’t overly talked about. Hammerfell gained their independence from the Thalmor so I want to see a game where they don’t have much presence there. I still think it would be cool if there was a quest you could get at an inn where you meet a Thalmor spy that’s been sent to try to get a foothold back in Hammerfell and you can choose to help him or betray him or maybe an assassin guild quest where a prince secretly meets with you to kill some Thalmor spies. I think the Redguards have a ton of history that can be explored and we could get to find out more about the Dwemer as well.
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