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2014.03.23 04:18 Never Say Die Records

Official subreddit for bass-music record label Never Say Die Records.

2014.02.28 22:28 Canada Vote

Vote on anything that's relevant to Canadian politics. Comments are disallowed because this is just for saying whether you support an idea or not. I'm pretty tolerant so you can pretty much post any idea that's relevant to Canadian politics just don't do anything stupid like post ''Politician x should die'' or I'll ban you. If you want to debate the ideas, go to Canada Politics or create your subreddit because I don't have the time moderate stuff like that. Enjoy!!!

2018.08.10 12:11 don't replace life (natalism), put that effort into improving the infinite life that is already here

Ex-natalism means moving beyond natalism as a means to immortality and a better world. Natalism is the belief that human life is always ending and therefore must be replaced (with new babies). This is madness! Life is everywhere, and favouring one form (e.g. humans) means destroying other forms. Exnatalism means moving beyond this narrow, destructive view. Recognise that life is everywhere, and we can live on through it, strengthening existing life, not replacing it.

2023.06.08 20:15 Retropiaf I regret buying indoor plants

I always considered myself terrible at taking care of plants, but Iove of they look inside the house. I love nature and animals, but I'm very uncomfortable with some type of insects and things like rot and mold. This makes me sad because this often gets in the way of me being able to enjoy myself in some outdoor setting. Like, we have a nice and private outdoor space that I was SO excited for but almost never use because I feel uncomfortable seating on our outdoor furniture. I bought a very simple reclining chair because I thought I'd feel more comfortable with its simple design: just a metal frame and a see-through mesh, so no cushions or thick wood frame with cracks and nooks for crawlers to hide in. But the second time I went to use it, I saw a small spider crawling on the back, and now I haven't gone back out there and it's been weeks. It's not that I'm terrified, but I just... don't feel like dealing with it?
Anyway, few months ago, I got very excited at the idea of adding green plants to my house and I bought * hundreds * of dollars of indoor plants. And of course, I went against my better judgement and choose plants based on how they looked instead of how easy or hard they are to care for. I'm not super consistent with watering, but I downloaded a few apps to help me stay on top of it, and I've done much better than expected.
Except, that it's not good enough. I have overwater some plants and basically killed some others by placing them in spots that were too dark. I should have trusted my apps about insufficient light, but for some reason I couldn't believe that my new place still doesn't have amazing perfect light for plants because I went from a dark appartement to what * I * feel is a light-filled house with huge windows. The plants disagree.
The very first plant I ordered was pretty much dead on arrival. Either due to transportation conditions or due to spending an unknown number of hours right outside of my front door because I missed the delivery notification. I got store credit for the damaged plant and used it to order another plant (which was probably the beginning of the end). But I didn't feel right throwing away the almost-dead plant, so I stubbornly tried to save it. It is still alive, surprisingly, but it developed a gnat infestation that spread to the other plants in the house.
Then, a couple of days ago, just as I thought I had finally squashed the gnat infestation after MONTHS of efforts, I discovered that at least some of my plants are now infested with tiny red ants. Fine. I ordered new products to take care of that amd didn't let myself get too discouraged. Until today.
I have been using a tool to measure th amount of light in different spots in my house, and finally accepted that the window I was using for some of my plans did not have the appropriate light exposure for them. So I moved them to a different window next to what I thought what a plant that had been doing pretty well the whole time. Still, that plant had some yellow leaves that I decided to clean-up. I went to work at it, and by the time I just had a few dead leaves left to cut at the top of the plant, I was feeling pretty accomplished and proud of myself. That's when I discovered the thin webs. And the tiny mites crawling all over.
I just can't take it. That's my limit. I scrubbed my arms with soap like a crazy person, but I still feel like I have tiny mites crawling all over me. This is hitting at my contamination phobia (probably not a medical level phobia), and I know I cannot do what needs to be done to save the plant(s). I need to carry them outside and spay them with water, possibly repot them. I'm already low-key afraid of soil, but I just can't take the idea of hundreds of tiny little insects coming out of everywhere.
My husband asked if he should take over the plant care, but I don't even know anymore.
Sorry, this is so long 😔
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2023.06.08 20:14 coinloan URGENT INFORMATION

Dear CoinLoaners,
That’s urgent information we want to bring to your attention.
Today, on July 8, 2023, at 15:14, Tallinn, following the official request of the Interim Trustee, Mr. Martin Pärn, we have provided the list of CoinLoan creditors’ names and their emails in CSV format.
It came to our attention that many of you are currently receiving or have already received unauthorized emails from Mr. Mischaël Modrikamen ([email protected]) containing unsolicited and aggressively marketed offers to use his legal services. At the same time, he is not an attorney in Estonia (he is an attorney in Belgium). We do not restrict you in any case from using his service if you deem that reasonable, necessary, and beneficial for you; we just want you to make an educated decision that may significantly impact your situation. Based on our subjective and evaluatory opinion, Mr. Modrikamen is biased and only seeks pecuniary benefits and political points for himself as well as tries to leverage his personal interests first – we think this cannot be a good quality for a lawyer and will take all possible legal action to prevent any potential misuse of trust of our clients by any person.
At this moment, we cannot prove, but – as per our general and subjective opinion – it is highly likely that Mr. Pärn is the source of personal data leak. Consequently, please consider carefully what information, documents, and other data you share with Mr. Pärn. We immediately asked Mr. Pärn to comment on this and confirm or deny our suspicion, but to this moment, we have not received anything from Mr. Pärn. We will keep you posted on the further development of this data breach situation.
We are not in a position to provide any legal advice. Therefore, please seek qualified and relevant legal assistance if and as you deem necessary. However, please make sure to request how your personal data was obtained and why it is being used without your consent. Make sure to execute any other rights granted to you by the GDPR and local data protection laws.
Meanwhile, our legal team is working on an official rapport to report the disclosure of confidential information and illegal personal data processing. We will take all legal measures to protect you and your personal and confidential data in due course.
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 20:14 cbowns Ideas on relocating the house’s Cat5 drops to a better room: turn Hot Closet into Cool(er) Garage Rack

(tl;dr I want to move Cat5 drops from an interior closet to my garage so I can do a proper rack: what are my options, and what have I not thought of?)
I have ten(-ish) Cat5e drops (circa 2006 install) that terminate in an interior closet in the center of the house; 4-5 are active use for APs (UniFi APs powered by PoE in the room they're located in (not PoE from the closet)). No vents, one pocket door, and it’s off a bedroom: it’s just Not a Great Location. The ISP’s cable internet drop also terminates there (along with unused cable drops for running cable to bedrooms etc.)
I want to move this unholy hot networking cabinet hell into another room, ideally into the garage, where there’s a spot 6 ft away (as the cable runs) for a ~10U wall-mounted rack. Garage Rack would also be able to host e.g. a Plex server or a central PoE switch (since today those would boil alive).
Ways I can think to do this:
Any smarter ideas? Suggestions for the cable modem part? (I’m inclined to leave that in Hot Closet and pull one cable for “this is the WAN” to Garage Rack.)
(A note on temps, and why Garage Rack: I'm in the PNW; the garage runs cool due to some construction tricks and a friendly layout relative to solar insolation; even during some truly blistering heat waves the garage ceiling hasn’t gone above 80F, and I don’t have central AC anyhow. Also, it’s close in terms of wire length. Also also, it’s the least worst location relative to anywhere else I have to work with.)
(But also, happy to be wrong here! tell me what I’m not thinking of.)
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2023.06.08 20:14 northhoustoncouple Lich Gish Help

Planning out my second playthrough, and could use some help from the theorycrafters out there. I am definitely going Lich, and I'm leaning towards a gish build rather than straight caster (My first playthrough was a sorceror blaster, so I'd like to do something different.)
I'll be playing on hard (with respecs allowed) on PC if that matters.
I started with this guide:
I ended up with a lot of questions and concerns after trying to respec my 20th level KC to test it out.
Basic Build Oracle 1/ Sacred Fist 1/ Crossblooded Sor 4/ Dragon Disciple 4/ Eldritch Knight 10
First and foremost: Does Elemental Barrage actually proc on weapon damage (provided it has multiple effects, like a shocking flaming weapon), and if not, at least for stacked Geniekind spells? Can you triple or quadruple stack GK to get it to proc more than once?
Next, I'm concerned about losing four entire caster levels. The guide shows it still allows ninth level spells, but in my test I was limited to eighth level; not sure if I'm missing something (I couldn't add the lich nythic levels since I went Angel), or if the guide is out of date.
The bite attacks are also raising questions: If I take Kitsune or Motherless Tiefling, I already have a bite. Taking Wolf-Scarred Face as an Oracle curse gives me one as well; is this a second bite, does it increase my damage die, or does it just not do anything? Same thing for the third bite offered by Dragon Disciple.
Overall I really like the class concept of charging around the battlefield while doing huge full attacks every charge, but the caster levels are a big concern, and I can't find a definitive answer on if elemental barrage works with weapon damage anymore. Even without EB, I can make it work with all the Dazzling Performance feats, I'll just go with a reach weapon, Lunge, and Everready instead.
I could also use any info on the companions the lich is offered, as that's a bit confusing in the stuff I'm reading. My normal party in cRPG's is Tank/ Melee DPS/ Rng DPS/ Buffbot/ Caste Blaster, not sure the best party composition with the changes the lich brings.
Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated as always!
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2023.06.08 20:14 Unhappy-Common Legal ways to get my neighbours dog to stop barking

It barks for 10 - 20 minutes at a time.
I can't take it anymore.
Is it illegal to spray it with a hosepipe?
I've tried yelling. I've tried a dog whistle.
They just leave the four dogs outside to go mental. I've never seen them wall them or play with them. No toys in the garden. They just shive them outside 5-6 times a day and let them bark non-stop.
I can't take it anymore.
Already had to go to the council when they put a floodlight up into their back garden that lit out house up like a Christmas tree. So talking to them isn't really an option. And the council were not particularly helpful.
I'm disabled and often I'll. So they interrupt my rest and I don't have the energy to diary every single instance that they bark.
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2023.06.08 20:14 Sideaccountypebeat Onlyfans and name change

Hi, I’m in the process of making an onlyfans and I just got a name change not too long ago. My current license still has my old name and I tried verifying my page with it but had no luck. I’m getting my name changed on my license next week and my ssn card is already changed name wise and I’m wondering if that will help the verification process or make it worse. Any idea what I should do? Plz lmk if anyone else has had this experience.
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2023.06.08 20:14 invisiblehailey eating habits

i found a new psychologist and she suspects autism for me (in me? idk english is my secind language)
we have only had 2 sessions but we talked about eating for a second and she said that people with autism often have different eating habits and a different relationship with food in general. as we make our way to my diagnosis, she recommended to pin out some this that are unusual compared to other people around me, including eating habits.
just out of curiosity, i wanted to ask, what are yours? here are some of mine:
thank you for taking your time to read <3
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2023.06.08 20:14 omcstreet Pup chases, barks at other dogs & children

Have a 9 month old chihuaha/rat terrier mix that i got from a shelter few months back. At home he is very sweet, super attached to me and listens to most things as much a sheltie pup can. Already have an older dog which he gets along pretty well. However from the time i got him, he is super jittery + scared of everything. His first instinct if he thinks he did anything wrong is to go hider under sofa or crate (say he pees inside and if i say out a word in frustration or if he barks & ask him to stop). This has been getting better, more confidence now.
Could manage all of this, but past 4 days on a walk whenever he sees another dog he finds a way to slip out of the harness and chase after that dog & bark. He doesnt hurt or bite, just bark and i have to find a way to calm/leash him back again. Today he did the same, and started chasing barking at kids whoever were out. Fortunately i'm in this community for long, most know my dogs - so calmed people around & after a long scary 10 minutes of him running around doing shit got him to come to me.
Seriously thinking of returning him, running after kids is where i draw a line. I have exposed him to children since he was small, he gets along okay but for some reason he doesn't like boys and coincidentally he found 2 small boys today to chase after his escape. Anyone experience this or have suggestion ?
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2023.06.08 20:13 Shaikidow Am I blocking my own prayers?

Hello everyone,
It's hard for me to decide where I should start my story, so I'm just going to dive in: I've been feeling very down about my life recently. I'm unemployed and partnerless, and outside of some very brief experiences in both of those regards between 4 and 6 years ago (right after I'd gotten my MA degree), I have been this way all my life.
I'm almost 30 years old now, and I want my life to change, but I don't want to change my life, if you know what I mean. It's not like getting a job and a life partner (i. e. future spouse) is completely under my control and up to me and no one else, but the past few months have been very discouraging in both respects. I'm applying for jobs, but my efforts don't seem to be paying off. I'm not trying to date, because I don't have enough courage to allow myself to get hurt by rejection (and this is, again, something I've been a coward about pretty much my whole life), and I feel that I'm still stuck having any feelings at all towards a person who rejected me 11 years ago, with the fact that we've become friends afterwards not really helping me not have any leftover feelings for her when I'm at my lowest (and no, nothing else is happening, she's getting happily married this month anyhow).
My relationship with God has been pretty scarce during the past decade or so, but if the hardships I'm enduring are a lesson about prayer being all I have in the end, then I'm willing to learn. However, what I want to pray for the most is also what terrifies me the most: "I want to start over." I feel like I've spent too many years being cowardly and spiteful to be able to achieve some kind of a twisted 100% completion in the game of life, so I want to press F2 and try again... but whenever I even think of wishing for that in any way, I get scared that, if God gives me what I ask for, a) I'll die, or b) people close and dear to me are going to die, because if I'm not willing to do anything in order to change, then something is going to have to change me violently.
It's like, in a sense, I have this limiting belief that God can and/or will only fulfill my wish through natural means, i. e. through using His will to influence the world in a way that doesn't break the laws of physics and only works with what it's given... and what I'm giving is: "Please, God, change me because I dare not change myself", but then I have to add "unless that would mean losing those I love".
I feel like I'm conditioning my prayer in a way that only allows it to work if I'm ready to experience more heartbreak and let go of what I love, and I'm struggling to imagine that God even could just go puff! and let me wake up tomorrow with a mind immune to negative obsessions and a heart immune to fear.
I humbly request your advice regarding how I should pray to "start over" so that my past transgressions stop weighing me down and my present is fundamentally fearless. I can't say I truly believe in an afterlife, but I believe that God can change me while I'm still alive. Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.08 20:13 thecandicorn My brother is facing eviction after watching my kitten in his petfree apartment - need help figuring out our options and rights

Last week I rescued a tiny kitten I found in the street, and intended to care for her and adopt her. However, my Grandmother who lives out of town passed away Friday, and I needed to travel to help clean up her house and make arrangements. My brother decided to keep the kitten for 2 days while I was gone, even though pets are not allowed in his apartment.
The landlord dropped by yesterday to make a few repairs, without any notice. My brother's girlfriend was the only one there at the time, and she told him it was not a good time and he would need to come back another time. He accused of her of hiding something and insisted on coming inside. When he saw the litterbox, he told her he would evict them and stormed off.
I feel responsible for this situation since it is my kitten, so I am trying to understand their rights so I can help them. In the lease it says that violation of the lease is grounds for immediate eviction and that the lessee will be liable for all rent payments due under the original lease agreement. The landlord said they will be responsible for paying rent until the unit is rented out, and he is fining them an additional $1250.
Is there nothing we can do since they did violate the pet terms in the lease? What are their rights in the eviction process? The landlord said he will give them until June 29, but that seems like very short notice to be out of the apartment to me. From my understanding it's also a violation of a tenant's rights for a landlord to come over with no notice - is there anything we can do about that? We are located in Indiana.
This is a particularly stressful time already since my Grandma just passed away, so I really appreciate any advice or resources!
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2023.06.08 20:13 Kahzgul [Near As I Can Tell...] Priorities, People! (A Youngling's Illustrated Primer)

My name is Kahzgul. You may know me from my shockingly above average conquest guide, the incredible seething hatred I hold for the Inquisitorus faction, or that one time I opened up photoshop just to shit on CG's art team underpaid and overworked intern.
But I'm not here to talk to you about that today.
No, I'm here to speak to all of the young men, women, and bith of the SWGoH community, and to help you help yourself when it comes to determining what to farm, when to farm it, and whether blue or green milk tastes better (it's green; I'll explain why later).
You see, every day, a little boy or girl posts something that asks the question, "should I farm this (endgame content)?" And I have been moved by their plight. There is no greater good than that of a good soldier following orders, and second to that, love of the empire, but third - a distant third - is raising the younglings to become powerful sand people, in their prime, ready to take on the OH GOD IT'S ANAKIN AND WHAT IS HE DOI---
I'm sorry about that. The previous writer has been sacked. Or, rather, diced into tiny barbecue squares by a bloodthirsty jedi master, who - despite his great acumen - was not granted a seat on the council. Quite unfair. If something like that were to happen to me, well, I'm quite sure I'd team up with the wrinkliest old fart I could find and straight murder everyone in one of those school lightsaberings you read about in the news. Can you believe we're up to nearly 2 lightsaberings per day? It's absurd. This entire republic is rotten to the core and you can just feel the need for a strong leader to step in, impose a military dictatorship, and start blowing up entire planets. Did you know my sister lives on Alderaan? I think that's where we should st---
Sorry about that. That writer has also been sacked. And the person responsible for the first sacking was also sacked. What we were trying to do was to answer the question: Should i farm this very expensive shiny new endgame content with my brand new account that doesn't even have CLS unlocked yet?
The answer to this question is, as you probably expect, a long winded parable about some nonsense or other that has nothing to do with anything and serves no purpose at all excepting to remind you that the author has recently been watching an awful lot of Monty Python and that this is, in fact, and ex-parrot.
Actually, the answer is another question:
Should you, who earns only $36,000 per year, buy your 15 year old with their learner's permit a ferrari as their first car?
Of course you should! N't. You shouldn't.
That joke works better if you say it out loud. Like that joke where the guy goes to the doctor and says he's got a penis stuck in his throat and the doctor says how do you know and the guy says well look and then you rub through adam's apple a bunch and spit on your friend to whom you're telling the joke. Text just doesn't do it justice.
So, and now we've finally arrived at the helpful guide portion of this ramble, how is one to determine for themselves whether or not they should farm something? The self-determination part is really important. I like to live by this age-old adage: If you give a man a fire, he's warm for a night, but if you set him on fire he's warm for the rest of his life.
The answer is that, much like an elderly politician of your choosing's undergarments, it depends.
CG has, over the years, released three type of shiny and new things:
- One is what I'll call the "Jedi Knight Revan" style of new thing. 5 brand new characters come out who are required to get a 6th brand new and powerful character. Darth Revan, Starkiller, Dr. Aphra, and the soon-to-be-arriving Jedi Cal Kestis are all good examples of this sort of release. You can go after these right away if you like. There's no real barrier to entry and you can get something shiny and new out of the investment.
- The second is the "The Solo Movie" style of thing. Sometimes CG just adds some shit and it sucks ass for a really long time. Rogue One (okay now thanks to AdRad but that was several years later), Young Han Solo and friends (nest was cool), the Inks when they first came out and really even still if you're not at the point where you can get GI or Reva... stuff like that.
- And the third is the "Jedi Master Luke" style of thing. MOST of the shiny and new things CG adds build off of other things that were, at one time, shiny and new all on their own. These things are pretty easy for older players to go after because they already have all of the earlier requirements completed, but new players are going to find that earning this sort of thing is nigh impossible. I mean you need JKL which means you need the Wampa... Sometimes the chains of requirements are quite long.
For example, Leviathan needs you to have the Fury-Class Interceptor, which needs Malgus to pilot it, both of which need you to have been near max-crating conquest for a long time, which means you're well over 4M GP and don't need this guide anyway (but if you read this far, please know that I appreciate you more than padme appreciated Keira Knightley).
So what I'm saying is, the journey guide isn't particularly good at telling you whether a farm is reasonable or not. Some farms require r8 and r9 characters, and those are hard to get for people who are in 300M GP guilds, let alone people who aren't sure if a 20M GP guild will take them (sorry, egnards; we're really looking for someone with a 7 star lobot for DS Hoth platoons).
This game is a game about patience, first and foremost. It's also a game about space lasers and butchering amazing music by changing the song every time a button is pressed (which de facto makes it a game about turning off the sound of the game entirely). And it's a game about investment.
Where do you get the best return on investment for your limited resources?
Almost never farm new and shiny things. I don't care how candy-like the red button looks, Ren and Stimpy absolutely will not - oh. He pressed it. Well, if you have the impulse control of an anthropomorphic cartoon cat drawn by an army of lunatics balls deep in LSD, you should call 1-800-GAMBLER and seek help. I've heard 1 in 10 people who calls that number wins a prize! Also I can sing the entire "Log™" song from memory, which probably tells you a lot about the sort of person I am.
Your best return is going to be going for things that were new and shiny about a year ago, and it will remain your best return right up until you start running out of things to farm that fit that description (several years from now). Now, even that description leaves a w i d e array of things you could be going after. So which to choose? Well, with an eye towards the distant future, I recommend going after characters and ships first, and gear second. A roster with every character at 7 stars and G1 is better in my mind than one with five characters at r9 and no one else unlocked (although if you had everyone at G1 and 7 stars you're certainly cheating so... grain of salt). Characters who unlock other characters should be prioritized over ones who just sit there looking stupid (or, in CUP's case, being a badass meme guy).
If you're slightly farther along, I'd say it's time to start thinking about how you catch up to the power curve of the game. Think of the curve as a wave you're trying to surf. You gotta paddle a bit to catch it, but once you do... you're golden. So you have to know where the wave is going to form, right? You can't just start surfing when you're still on the beach. That's lame. So you're going to want to get characters who get you more characters so you can hopefully get even more characters in the future.
There are two places to do that more than any other: Fleet Arena, where you earn daily crystals, which let you do more energy refreshes so you can earn more characters, and Conquest, where you earn new and shiny characters loooong before they're available to people who aren't maxing conquest every time. And the good news is that there's some overlap there - the fleet arena for newer players can be well handled by Executor, which needs Piett to pilot, and Piett is a key part of the Imp Trooper conquest team (Veers / Piett / Starck / Gideon / Range) which is all supports and runs a nasty turn meter train (and also can be used to complete not one but two Assault Battle events that reward relic mats and shards and stuff).
You'll need to buy one set of relic 8 materials with crystals, probably. So save up a few!
If you've got executor, then I recommend going after JML and Wat next. That combo (along with the reqs for JML) enables a LOT of cheese strategies in conquest. All of this will also help your GAC success.
If you've hit these benchmarks, then you've probably done enough that you have a sense of where your roster could benefit more. Remember to keep in mind "how does this help me get more characters" and you'll find you're doing very well.
TL;DR: Plan on being a year or more behind the release schedule of new characters, and you'll be able to stay astride of your fleet shard while climbing GAC ranks and prepping to dominate conquest when you get to 4M GP. Don't buy CG's marketing hype; take a "wait and see" approach to new characters and let the whales figure out who is good and who isn't before you spend time and energy on them.
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2023.06.08 20:13 PLITZSwardrobe Felix Woral-Article

Felix Woral-Article
Written by: Lizeth Pilamunga Interviewed by: Lizeth Pilamunga
Felix Woral, an outgoing 23- year-old from the United Kingdom is a remarkable individual with a multitude of talents. As a rapper, boxer, and singer. Felix’s passion for self-expression knows no bounds. Additionally, he is a personal trainer and a model, delving into various artistic endeavors. Felix's journey has been a testament to his determination and unwavering commitment to pursuing his dreams. Although he embarked on his modeling career just this year, Felix has already faced and overcome challenges. One particular hurdle occurred when he found himself in a room filled with taller individuals who laughed at his stature. However, Felix's resilience shone through as he emerged as the sole individual chosen for the opportunity. This experience fueled his drive to prove that true talent transcends physical attributes.
When it comes to his preferred style of modeling, Felix is versatile and adaptable. Rather than confining himself to a specific genre, he embraces the opportunity to experiment and showcase different looks. His innate ability to exude confidence and captivate the camera allows him to flourish in any style he embodies. Felix's confidence is derived from his unwavering self-belief and passion for his craft. Whether he is rapping, modeling, or engaging in any of his other artistic pursuits, Felix approaches each endeavor with an unyielding assurance. He thrives on the stage, in front of the camera, and in any setting where he can showcase his talents. Felix's unwavering self-assurance sets him apart and propels him toward greatness.
Looking to the future, Lot aims to garner more experience and become a prominent figure in the modeling industry. His determination to become the biggest model in the world serves as a driving force behind his relentless pursuit of success. In five years' time, Lot envisions himself at the pinnacle of his career, recognized globally for his immense talent and extraordinary achievements.

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2023.06.08 20:13 giggly-gobbler Why they prohibited Miles from saving his own father

1- Miles wasn’t allowed to save the guy in mumbattan because he wasn’t supposed to be there, it isn’t even his universe.
2- but why can’t miles save his OWN father in his OWN universe? The power he has doesn’t belong to him.
3- we already know this, but I’ll say it again. In the spots flashback the spider was about to bite the miles in earth 42, until it got transported to the other universe, where our main character was born. The miles in earth 42 was supposed to be the one to become Spider-Man, but in turn became the prowler, and in turn his father died.
The miles we are following wasn’t supposed to be Spider-Man, Spider-Man was supposed to stay alive.
Miles isn’t allowed to save his dad because the power isn’t his own. I believe this is why saving his dad is an anomaly.
I understand why miles wasn’t allowed to save the guy in mumbattan because he wasn’t supposed to be there, it isn’t his universe.
But I find it silly that he can’t even save his own father in his OWN universe. The idea of “canon events” is a stupid plot line, but I believe it makes it less stupid if we take this information into account
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2023.06.08 20:13 hoboninj AITA for not wanting my husbands stepmother to stay with us after a heart surgery?

Growing up she was emotionally abusive to my husband. She recently guilt tripped me over my grandmother‘s passing and her not getting time to say goodbye to her. We were inconsolable and my grandma died in a painful way, her drunk crying breakdown pissed me off. I have 3 children and 3 dogs who will be with me full-time this summer, which is a lot mentally, especially after dealing with grief and depression. The 10 days they were just here my daughter slept in a couch. She smoked heavily her whole life and still drinks 7-8 beers a day. They live 2 states away but the surgery is in our state. she called my husband and let him know when they are coming. we were told it would be a week stay for the surgery , I don’t feel like that’s realistic and then being able to travel 16 hours home. Their dog broke multiple things of mine the last time it was here. I grew up with an abusive stepmother, and she’s very similar so i feel triggered by her I am an introvert and would be the one taking care of her or entertaining. if I don’t give her my full attention, she pouts and complains. She is only nice to my daughter and treats My boys less than. Her only kid doesn’t speak to her. Her dog bit my nieces finger and instead of having a normal reaction she raised her voice and said my dog did not fucking bite you, and threw a fit all night.my niece‘s finger was bleeding and became infected later on, my husband grew up with them taking everyone in and in his head he feels like we owe it to them and it’s important to show a Christian heart. there’s not really any concern for how it makes me or the kids feel. he can’t handle the guilt it would bring him to say no. He will view me as selfish or less Christian for this decision. I understand he was raised with having people staying at his house full-time, but I was not, and it makes me very uncomfortable, His father has stayed with us for months on end many times however, I just don’t have the mental capacity for it or her right now And I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to figure out her stay after her surgery. I do love his father and mother and if it was for either of them I would. I don’t think she should be allowed to even have the surgery while drinking daily. she’s not doing anything to be healthy. I would like to make it clear that they did not have a good relationship growing up I understand wanting to open the door because it’s his dad’s wife but I don’t feel comfortable with it, I know time goes by quick so I don’t know if I’m being selfish. I did send her a text message saying I would appreciate her calling me to ask these sort of things as it is my home too and I am the one here full time, and that being in the midst of summer with three kids and three dogs, I feel like I will be tapped out, and for the sake of my family and the sake of her healing, she should find a calmer environment.
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2023.06.08 20:13 hnc757 Jaundice or nah?

Jaundice or nah?
Photos take roughly 4hrs apart.
The tip of my index finger is orange. It was not when I woke up but by the time I was working I noticed an orange stain. Assuming it was leftover from dinner last night I tried washing it away and it's just my skin. I definitely am not eating too many veggies guaranteed, It's only my finger my eyes look appointment.
I can't argue jaundice too much,because I have a poor diet, besides its weird for it to happen all of a sudden when my diet hasn't changed. I do have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and raynauds so idk how concerned I should be. I already made a Dr's appointment just very curious as I've never heard of like "localized jaundice". Any thoughts?
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2023.06.08 20:12 DarthCroissant (Indiana Jones) What if the Indiana Jones films take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

In the 4 Indiana Jones films, we see that the main artifact Indy is searching for in each movie has some sort of supernatural significance.
The Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark was a sacred chest containing the presence of God and his angels. Whoever dared look into it would be struck down by the wrath of God.The Sankara Stones in Temple of Doom were sacred stones given to Sankara by the Hindu god Shiva. They brought fertility to the land, but unleashed fiery destruction on those who betrayed Shiva.The Holy Grail in Last Crusade was the cup that caught the blood of Jesus Christ at the crucifixion. Whoever drank from the false Grail would die, while the one true Grail would bring life. While I hate to reference this movie, the crystal skull in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was an artifact with supernatural properties connected to an ancient extraterrestrial civilization.
After watching Thor: Love and Thunder, I realized that the existence of Omnipotence City explains how multiple religions manage to exist in the Indiana Jones universe. The existence of alien life is also clear in the MCU, so I wouldn't be surprised if the aliens from Crystal Skull are just one of the alien species in this Indy/Marvel universe.
Also, after further research, I found a lot more evidence to support this at Jock Lindsay's Hangar Bar, a restaurant at the Disney Springs shopping district at Walt Disney World. Jock Lindsay was the pilot from the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark who helps Indiana Jones escape the Hovitos. The restaurant's backstory (which has never been said to be canon or not canon to the Indiana Jones saga's story) goes as such, according to disney.fandom.com: While helping Indiana Jones on his search for the Fountain of Youth, the two traveled through Florida on their quest, including a stop at Saint Augustine's Fountain of Youth roadside attraction, which Doctor Jones was not too pleased by. During one of these flights, the two flew over the clear waters of Disney Springs, which Jock found so beautiful that he decided to eventually build a home there, later opening his Hangar Bar there in 1955.
The Hangar Bar is important to this overall theory because it contains a couple hard-to-find references to the MCU. In the Lost & Found, you can find a key labeled "Howard S.". Howard Stark would have been alive at this time, and this proves that he actually may have been acquainted to Jock Lindsay and possibly even Dr. Jones. There is also a sign in the bar containing the words "The Iron Fireman", with the word "fire" blotted out. In 2018, to celebrate the debut of Ant Man and The Wasp, the bar began to serve both giant and tiny portions of menu items, supposedly made with Hank Pym's technology that would have existed around the 1960s, about 5 years after the opening of the bar.
I also remember someone else on this subreddit saying that in Captain America: The First Avenger, that Red Skull believed that his harnessing of the tesseract is the key to true power while the Führer digs for trinkets in the desert. This could possibly be alluding to the Nazi operations in the Indiana Jones films to uncover the Ark or the Grail which were shown to be sources of unspeakable power.
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2023.06.08 20:10 Gratua_Kal Help a family get their house back after flood

Hello All, I am writing to see if anyone would be willing to help my wife and I repair our house. We had extensive damage in the recent storms in Santa Cruz and have received very little from our insurance and FEMA and SBA have both declined coverage (we do have an appeal in process for FEMA). Our house flooded due to the immense rain we received and we are looking at a large amount of work needing to be done both in and outside the house. I have started some of the work myself and will require professional help to regrade the area next to the house to prevent this issue from happening again. I work full time and my wife was laid off her teaching fob a few months ago, we just don't have the capital stored to get the work done/started and with us being single income I cannot save enough to move forward on what I have already started. Any help is greatly appreciated as we are a young family just starting out and want to try to expand our family, however with this being the situation it is I don't think we will be able to do both. If you would like to reach out for proof please feel free to message me and if you would like to make a small donation anonymously I understand and promise to pay it forward when I can. Thank you guys $mkiba66
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2023.06.08 20:10 Every-Yam9228 Debilitating SI joint dysfunction and no help

I’ve been having SEVERE lower back soreness and pain since 8 weeks pregnant with sharp SI joint pain on the right side. I’m 20 weeks now. My OB brushed it off and told me it wasn’t related to my pregnancy. My PCP told me to get my OB to help me.
I found a PT,chiropractor, and massage therapist on my own who all agree it’s related to my pregnancy. I’ve been doing everything I can and do my PT exercises religiously but nothing helps. I can’t walk, do chores, go grocery shopping, or sit for more than an hour. I’m so depressed and I’m only half way through my pregnancy. I had to go on antidepressants because I’m just so miserable. I’m in pain all the time and I can’t find a doctor that has any solutions other than to “just deal with it”. I’m afraid of giving birth because I can’t imagine what that will do the my pelvis when it feels so fragile already. Does ANYONE have any suggestions??
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2023.06.08 20:10 caplay A case for going NC: When your compromises aren’t acknowledged

My mom sent an angry email after I declined an invite to my grandparent’s 60th anniversary because I didn’t like how she was leveraging my future in-law to pressure me to come.
I (31F) am getting married in August. My grandparents (wai gong and wai po) showed up in April from China for the wedding but then changed their mind are leaving before the wedding. Feeing bad they’re leaving, we’ve arranged to meet with them and my future in-laws last weekend on short notice. We thought they were leaving on June 15, but then they said it’s July 15. I felt lied to. She then put my future in-laws on the spot, inviting them to this made-up anniversary event (since it already happened 2 years ago in China) in July. My fiancé and I later told his parents we didn’t like how we were demanded to go, so they agreed to decline.
My mom then forwarded their email, renaming the subject line to “Refuse.” Followed by this angry message and photo of me and my grandparents from 2018:
“This is 2018 , you was so nice with wai gong and wai pu , why you are suddenly getting angry with wai gong , I don’t understand since you live with [fiancee] , you are coming to keep a distance to your own family, if you think we are low education, you are lower yourself as well, Chinese people talk straight for words Anyway you wan to carry the pass or bad memory through to with you ,this is your problem, some people they have more worth life than you, but they are still kindly with other, for now on I wouldn’t bother you what are you going to do , just wanted you are happy this life, don’t see each other next life .”
For more context: I was miserable in 2018. I was forced to buy a condo after running away from my old one (my dad lived with me but I was afraid to tell him due to his angry violent temper). I told my mom that we did see my grandparents at least twice since arriving in April, and didn’t think we needed to see them again. Plus, they kept changing the date they’re leaving and will miss my wedding. When she mentions “not showing respect,” I pointed it was earned, especially my grandpa who exposed me to his affair when I was 3 and I was sexually harassed by the babysitter he hired.
I’ve tried my best to make compromises over the last years. But they go unnoticed. Any boundaries sets off her tantrum. I have more reasons to think that even LC is not worth the effort if it causes so much pain. I’d want some relationship with my AM, but not if she continuously treats me this way. It seems like a healthy or civil relationship is not what she wants either because that involves taking accountability for herself and for her bad behaviour.
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2023.06.08 20:10 UnLuckvj Deepsight Bug completely ruined Ghost of the Deep Dungeon experience for my cousin so I had decided to Solo Flawless it for my first completion. Here's all 48 things I died to while solo

According to dungeon report I died 192 total times attempting this dungeon. My cousin and I attempted this Dungeon blindly without any knowledge of the encounters. It was really a pain in the ass at first and we both kept dying. We finally made it to the final boss and got his health down to one more damage phase when the Deepsight Bug occurred. My cousin ended up leaving to join back and I ended up dying to the Ritual Backlash bs while he was joining back which forced us to wipe. He no longer wanted to attempt the dungeon and I couldn't blame him.
After thinking on it and smoking a blunt I decided I would go for Solo Flawless as I understood the encounters very well at this point. I died 48 times solo. There were times I wanted to give up but I just jumped back in and eventually I got it. I did no loadout swaps during the encounters. It took me over 2 hours and 9 phases using Arbalest and a Taipan to defeat the boss alone lmfaoo. Obviously I could've optimized my loadout a lot better but this wasn't a race I just wanted to be comfortable.
Only advice I have to anyone who's attempting this, don't ever give up. Take your time and you will succeed.
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2023.06.08 20:09 TooTired4Living AITA?

Summary: I met this girl around the beginning of September and ever since I've just had problems with her, but I can't help but feel like I'm the problem.
It all began when we became friends, we were quite close and had alot of the same interests so it was pretty nice. She then continued to get a toxic boyfriend that i myself had to sort out because he was negatively affecting her. Not long after she began to have problems with bullying and yet again i was the one sorting it out, she then had the great idea of dating that person who was bulling her and then to no surprise i had to sort it out. Then she had the idea of introducing me to some of the girls she knew. Me and then actually got along quite well together and started hanging out with them more. Then she decided that she didn't want to hang around them anymore and I was completely fine with it and I told her that I was going to stick with them as they're pretty nice and then said that she knows where to find me if she feels lonley or just needs to be around someone. Around two or three months later I began to have problems with the group I had been hanging around and decided that I had had enough and found her, she said she was completely fine with me hanging out with her and her friend group and even came up to me offering to hang out. Not even a month later I was being told that she had been talking about me behind my back, but I just ignored it.I was then told by her directly that she had been talking to an older boy and that he regularly got drunk (hes a minor) and that he had sent pictures of yk what to her. I said that she was being gr00m3d and that he was a p3d0f1l3 but she denied and made multiple excuses.Around that time I was due to have a lumber puncture and I was extremely afraid as I'm deadly afraid of needles, she then decided to say that she had it way worse than me and said that she had to get needles in her legs monthly (she has a condition that makes her legs point inwards and ones smaller than the other) and that I was overeating. I then replied with saying that it doesn't matter who has it worse and that we both should be validated. Long story short we began having more and more regular fights. She and her friends began to call me an attention seeker ect. It got to the point where I was crying most of the time. One of her friends confronted me and said that she had many problems with her in the past and that I had done nothing wrong.she began sticking up for me. After we had made up she started to sh and show me constantly asking how to hide it. She then also said she talked to her councilor about me. When I finally had enough I finally told someone about what was happening and I was told that she would get help. Long story short she did not get that help and found out that I told and she made most of my "friends" go against me and excluded me from everything. in the end me and the person who previously confronted me decided to leave the group as it was extremely toxic. When she began losing her friends she came to us and we accepted her. But then we found out she was still talking about me. Skip forward a few weeks she finally leaves us alone and she becomes friends with the popular people. One of the people who was previously in the friends group was getting jumped by them and being threatened. Me and my friend then decided to help her. Then the girl who was getting jumped turned her back on me and told her everything I said, then she confronted me and I just lied and said I said nothing. For the rest of the day I got dirty looks and pointing. I had my counciling the same day and decided to tell my councillor everything. Present time now, she found out I told my councillor and I'm scared to go in tmr. I've already had today off because of this and I've been told to go straight to the office tommorow. But overall i cant help but feel like this is all my fault. There's so much more that has happend and this is already too long to just comment if you would like a part 2!
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2023.06.08 20:09 utsutsu-no-yume BT21 Baby X The Creme Shop nail polish review

BT21 Baby X The Creme Shop nail polish review

I got the Universal Love nail polish set of the BT21 Baby X Creme Shop collection and thought an in-depth review might be helpful, since they're still available to buy online.
Firstly, this set has beige/pink/reds only ("classic" colors), while the other set is pastel rainbow colors. I really like all the colors and think they're all pretty neutral/wearable. The one I'm wearing in the picture is Sweet Prince.
For shipping - I ordered on a Wednesday and got the package the next Monday. The box was wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap. The only issue with the packaging was that one of the bottles apparently wasn't closed tightly enough and spilled a bit into screw-top on the handle. That bottle's polish was clearly thicker than the rest from drying out.
The rest of the bottles had a relatively thinner consistency, but they were still a little bit thicker compared to my base coat/top coat (Sally Hansen Double Duty). The scent is just regular nail polish scent. They brush on really smoothly even if you don't use a base coat (my nails themselves are smooth though). The opacity is great too - the darker colors are pretty much opaque with one coat, and the lightest colors (like Glazed Bun, RJ's color) are opaque with two coats. Once dry, even without a top coat, they're quite shiny. Any streaks texture-wise from the brush even themselves out; streaks opacity-wise/color-wise don't even out. Drying time is about the same as most other nail polishes. I let dry about 20 minutes in between coats (aka the length of one anime episode lol) and had no problems.
As for lasting power, I used Sweet Prince with a base coat and a top coat, and it got the first chip over a week after I first painted it. It also survived all day at an anime convention. However, I tried Glazed Bun without a base or top coat, and it now has a small chip after three days. For reference, I'm not careful with my nails and my job requires a lot of typing, and I usually chip nail polish after about two to three days. This particular chip on Glazed Bun was more because I got my finger caught on something.
You can use normal nail polish remover to remove the polish, but it's easier to remove if you hold a cotton round with remover on the nail for a bit so it can soak in (like you would with gel polish, but not as long). I admittedly haven't tried the darker colors without a base coat, so I'm not sure if they would stain your nails after removal.
Lastly, are they worth the price? Personally, as an ARMY and a fan of BT21 as mascots, I think so. It's $25 for the set of 7, and each bottle is 10mL. With how often I paint my nails (a couple of times a month tops), they're not going to run out for a long time. Plus, the bottles themselves are super cute and deserve to be on display. The only caveat is that they're only available online, and The Creme Shop does free US shipping at $50 minimum. I think the BT21 stuff is also excluded from coupons/discounts. I also bought the sheet mask set since I needed sheet masks anyways and The Creme Shop has good ones in general. So, final verdict, if you're already making a makeup/skincare purchase + need/want some cute nail polish + have >$50 to spend, I'd recommend this set.
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