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2023.06.08 16:32 PervertedFella I’m (48M) sugardating identical twins (24F/24F), AMA

I‘ve been sugar-dating a pair of twin college students for about eight months now. (And yes, their ages add up to mine :) I thought I’d share some notes about the experience. I know these kinds of posts can be divisive, so I’ll say up front: take it or leave it :)
First off: No, it’s not for everyone.. But after sugaring for a decade-plus I was curious enough to try it, when the opportunity came along. (It doesn’t hurt that they are truly beautiful.) Here’s how it’s worked out:
I alternate solo dates with dates with them both. (So, A/AB/B/AB etc.) In many ways it really IS a lot like dating two of the same person (which they will be the first to say). They’re different people of course, but they share a lot of qualities beyond the obvious physical resemblance—they joke about sharing one mind but it’s less of a joke than I originally thought. When both are together, one is generally more dominant socially, but the dynamic is sometimes reversed. They do finish each others sentences a lot, which can be uncanny, and they’re usually in agreement about things but on occasion disagree vigorously.
They definitely share information—I’ll casually mention something to one and the other will bring it up at another time—and I would never, ever tell anything to one of them that I wouldn’t want them both to know.
What is it like sexually? It’s interesting, and maybe not what you’d think! First, I hate to spoil anyone’s porn fantasies, but they aren’t attracted to each other, and they don’t “do” things with each other. (As one of them put it, “kissing her is like kissing my own arm. It doesn’t really feel like anything.”) That said, they’re completely comfortable with each other, have no qualms about physical contact—or any other personal boundaries, really—and they enjoy doing things together with/to me. So yes, we do share a bed (on group date nights) and we do all have fun “together”. But they aren’t having sex with each other. (Although that thing people say about twins seeming psychic? I get it now.)
Do I ever mix them up? In the dark, yes :) They have fun with that. Sometimes when I get up to go to the bathroom they’ll switch places…
In terms of maintaining the relationship, I’m very careful to balance out my attention and gifts between them—I’ll either buy two if something or two “equivalent” gifts. (Clothes are easy, because they can share.) But so far, jealousy hasn’t been an issue at all. Overall, it’s been a lot of fun!
And yes, I’m happy to answer any questions, publicly or privately.
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2023.06.08 16:31 plantasiaa Was this behavior abusive/manipulative?

My ex used to seem so temperamental, and when I would express concern at how he handled his anger or how hurtful his tone was, he would often tell me I was exaggerating, that he couldn’t believe I was upset about that, that I wasn’t allowing him to be mad, etc.
He would tell me sometimes that I had ‘ruined the day’ or that HE thought everything was fine and that we were happy, but APPARENTLY I was not. He made a comment once after a discussion that he was GOING to play video games with his friends but that plan got RUINED because of me wanting to talk (the night was still young, and this comment seemed so childish and hurtful to me).
He would tell me it wasn’t a good time to talk about things, that I needed to let more stuff go, or that we didn’t need to talk about every little thing.
But the thing is, I feel like so many of our conflicts were because of his anger management issues and his contemptuous tone with me, and me trying to get him to understand that he seemed so hateful and different when he was irritated.
He once blew up at me for trying to respectfully tell him that something he had said to me the night before hurt my feelings. He several times told me that he couldn’t believe I had ‘waited’ to talk to him about something, that I had had ‘all day’ to say something, and NOW I was bringing it up?
He would seem like another person when mad, and it felt sometimes in those moments like he hated me. I made a comment about a guy’s cool jacket with studs in line at a grocery store, and he just turned and looked at me harshly and said ‘STOP’ in a surprising tone, telling me later that the guy looked sketchy and he didn’t want him to start anything, that I was ‘making fun’ of him and he might hear me (we were not that close to him). He would seem to flip, like a switch, and use tones that really damaged me. And when we discussed things, he would get digs at me like, oh yeah right, don’t tell me I can’t swear when I am mad, don’t give me that-you swear too, you knew what you were doing, how did you think this was gonna go, and throw up his hands, say ‘Jesus Christ’, and ask heated questions like ‘did you possibly think that was going to help?’ Or ‘we have been fighting all week and you thought it was a good idea to make other plans?’ Or ‘you just aren’t going to answer me, don’t you realize how hurtful that is’ if I didn’t answer his texts fast enough during a rough patch.
A few times he genuinely worried me. Once he dropped something on his foot and in retaliation slammed it down so hard that it damaged the trim in a room, and when I sort of ‘shut down’ because this behavior scared me a little, he proceeded to get furious at me for not allowing him to be angry and proceeded to scare me further by slamming doors very loudly.
The first time I was supposed to move in, he was grumpy that morning and when I asked him what was wrong he said very angrily ‘I TOLD you I didn’t want to DO this today’ and made me fee like garbage, like I was being such a burden. I later called my family and cancelled their scheduled help, and then he got upset with me saying ‘i WAS getting ready to come over and help’.
I ended up leaving in secret while he was at work, and the relationship dissolved from there. I felt like I had no choice. It was after a particularly bad ‘fight’ where I was crying and speaking calmly and respectfully, and he was shouting and swearing so loud that I honestly wondered if a neighbor would call the police. He leveled accusations at me during this fight that I didn’t like his family, and that, when I said I felt like he was always mad at me, to ‘stop doing dumb f****** sh**!’.
Is this abusive behavior? Can anyone relate to me experiences? He was often kind and we had many wonderful memories and times together, but they never seemed to offset or minimize his vitriol when he did get angry, and I finally had enough and realized that no one else ever saw this behavior and that no one else in my life had ever spoken to me so disrespectfully or had ever shouted and cussed at me.
Thank you for any insight you can provide me, as I try to recover and make sense of this relationship.
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2023.06.08 16:31 Intrepid_Evidence_59 Down time

I’ve been at my networking job for 6 months and the amount of down time seems a little abnormal. Our systems are pretty stable for the most part and we rarely have any issues. Other than working the occasional weekend for updates or new equipment installs I sit at my desk some days doing nothing but helping the help desk employees. Technically I don’t even have to do that but I choose to because it helps our team and makes my day go by faster. Even with me helping I will sit at my desk daily lately doing nothing for a hour or two at a time (tasks that use to take me a hour to do take me 10 minutes half the time now). We do have a big project coming up but after that I feel like I will be in the same boat. I have the option to work from home coming up next month and think I will take it just because if I’m going to sit around and do nothing I mine as well do it from home. Is this the norm for networking jobs? I am on the lower pay side (50k a year) but am okay with it for now because the company took a huge risk on me and has taught me the majority of what I know. I also have little improvement for growth here and wouldn’t get a solid promotion for at least 5 years. I almost feel like I will want to leave at my two year mark and shoot for a higher pay role doing the same work I do now. I currently am the only networking engineer for the company and my duties include creating/maintaining VM’s, creating AD accounts/emails/phone extensions, setting up/maintaining switches at all 15-20 locations, maintaining our Cisco system, maintaining our fire wall, and so much more. I am not 100% trained on everything but for the most part would say I’ve got 90% of everything down. I’m formal military and learned all my IT stuff from my mos. I guess my question is should I look for another job for better pay at my 2 year mark or should I stay here and have less stress. The most I can make in this position is 62,000. I see job postings all over my area for 80-100k starting and they seem to have less work than what I’m currently doing. I just don’t think I’ve learned my job well enough to even take the risk of applying for them. I also am finishing school starting in the fall and will be getting more certs as well. I’m also learning how to write my own powershell scripts bc I use them daily for our AD/office 365 account creation and more. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.08 16:30 khoafraelich789 Toyota HiAce 2023 review: LWB turbo-diesel

Toyota HiAce 2023 review: LWB turbo-diesel
Toyota doesn't make hasty decisions and with good reason. As one of the world’s largest and longest-running automotive manufacturers (founded 1937), it applies the same rigorous assessment of each new model proposal or running change.

That ensures each green light stacks up as a viable business case, from which the company is assured of getting a worthwhile return on its investment.

This pragmatic approach was evident in Toyota’s decision in 2022 to offer a rear barn-door option for its HiAce van. Given this iconic commercial vehicle was launched in 1967, it’s taken 55 years for Toyota to finally offer an alternative to the HiAce's signature swing-up tailgate.

Barn doors are ideal for those needing forklift access to cargo bays, so we assume this decision was prompted not only by competitors offering similar options but also growing demand from Toyota’s all-important fleet buyers. We recently tested one to see if this long-awaited option is on the money.

Price and Features – Does it represent good value for the price? What features does it come with?
Our test vehicle is the LWB (Long Wheel Base) powered exclusively by Toyota’s well proven 2.8 litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel. It’s available with either standard six-speed manual or optional six-speed automatic, like our example.

Painted in standard 'French Vanilla', it has a list price of $46,760, plus on-road costs, but ours is fitted with the new $750 Barn Door option which bumps the list price to $47,510.

It’s available on all LWB and SLWB (Super Long Wheel Base) variants except for the HiAce Crew, HiAce Commuter and LWB manual versions.

Our test vehicle is also the Panel Van variant, which means a buyer can order a full-panel left-hand side sliding door instead of the standard windowed version at no extra cost.

The HiAce comes ready for hard work on sturdy 16-inch steel wheels with replaceable plastic covers and 215/60R16 tyres plus a full-size spare, along with a large centre console offering a variety of storage options.

There are also useful creature comforts in the two-seater cabin like a tilt-and-reach adjustable leather-accented steering wheel, driver’s seat adjustable lumbar support, manual air-con, two 12-volt cabin accessory sockets, folding/heated exterior door mirrors with indicators, and more.

The two-speaker multimedia system has a big 8.0-inch touchscreen plus steering wheel audio controls and 'DAB+2' digital radio.

Multiple connectivity options include Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Siri voice recognition, Bluetooth, sat-nav and 'Toyota Connected Services', which includes an app for mobile phones and safety/security functions like 'Stolen Vehicle Tracking', 'Automatic Collision Notification', 'SOS Emergency Call', and more.

Design – is there anything interesting about its design?
It’s a typically robust design comprising MacPherson strut front suspension, a leaf-spring live rear axle that’s excellent for load-carrying, variable-ratio rack and pinion steering and four-wheel disc brakes on all automatic variants, like ours.

The rear-wheel drive chassis has an inherent traction advantage over front-wheel drive vans, particularly on loose or slippery surfaces and with heavy payloads.

Its 1990mm height allows access to underground and multi-storey car parks and its 3210mm wheelbase boasts an impressively tight 11.0-metre turning circle.

The two-tone dash layout is neat and functional with easy-to-use controls and instrumentation.

There’s still no fold-down inboard armrest for the driver’s seat to enhance comfort on long hauls, but given we had to wait more than half a century for a barn-door option, we know Toyota won’t be rushed on these decisions.

Engine and transmission – What are the key stats for the engine and transmission?
HiAce’s venerable (1GD-FTV) 2.8 litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel produces 130kW at 3400rpm and in auto models like ours a meaty 450Nm of torque between 1600-2400rpm.

Maintenance procedures are simplified by its Euro 5 emissions compliance which doesn’t require AdBlue.

A smooth-shifting Aisin (AC60E) six-speed torque converter automatic optimises fuel economy with full converter lock-up on fourth, fifth and sixth gears, along with overdrive on fifth and sixth for relaxed highway driving. It also offers the choice of sequential manual-shifting if required.

The live rear axle is equipped with an electronically-controlled automatic limited-slip diff, which optimises the inherent traction advantage of rear-wheel drive.

Fuel consumption – How much fuel does it consume?
Toyota claims an official combined cycle average of 8.2L/100km.

After 215km of testing, without a load and with the automatic engine stop-start function switched off, our figure based on trip meter and fuel bowsers readings came in slightly higher at 9.8L/100km.

This single-digit economy was achieved purely in city and suburban driving, which is thrifty for a large commercial vehicle weighing more than two tonnes.

So, based on our figures, you could bank on a ‘real world’ driving range of around 700km from its 70-litre tank.

Practicality – How practical is the space inside?
With its 2225kg kerb weight and 3300kg GVM, the HiAce has a genuine one-tonne-plus payload rating of 1060kg, and up to 120kg of that can be carried on the roof using Toyota’s genuine accessory triple-bar roof rack set.

It also has a braked tow rating of up to 1500kg and with a GCM (how much it can legally carry and tow at the same time) of 4800kg, it can carry its peak 1060kg payload while towing that weight, which is a versatile set of numbers for a working van.

Cargo bay walls and doors are lined to mid-height, the roof is internally lined and there’s ample internal lighting.

It’s accessed from either side through sliding doors with 1010mm-wide openings, or from the rear through the barn-doors which are both equipped with demisters/windscreen wipers and can swing open to 180 degrees.

Each door also has a simple brace which can hold them at 90 degrees opening if required.

The cargo bay offers a sizeable 6.2 cubic metres of load volume, measuring 2530mm long, 1760mm wide and 1340mm high.

With 1268mm between the rear wheel housings and six floor-mounted load anchorage points, it can carry up to two standard 1165mm-square Aussie pallets or up to three 1200 x 800mm/1200 x 1000mm Euro pallets.

Its spacious driver’s cabin has numerous storage offerings including a large-bottle holder and bin in the base of each front door, small-bottle/cupholders in the centre and on either side of the dash, plus a single glove box.

The centre console is well designed, comprising an open storage tray at floor level and a large lidded box between the seats.

This not only has cavernous internal storage but there’s also an external shelf at the front, two large-bottle holders at the rear and another shallow tray set into the lid, which when closed can double as a handy work desk.

What’s it like as a daily driver?
The big front doors swing wide open to provide easy access to the cabin, where it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position given ample seat adjustment that includes lumbar support, plus a height-and-reach-adjustable wheel and big left footrest.

Responsive steering and strong braking, combined with a reasonably supple ride quality when empty or lightly loaded, makes for a comfortable daily work environment.

This is enhanced by commendably low internal noise levels for a van without a bulkhead between the cabin and cargo bay. We suspect the full-length roof lining helps here.

Like all panel vans, the solid-walled cargo bay creates a huge blind-spot over the driver’s left shoulder which can’t be avoided. And the central join of the barn doors obscures vision through the cabin’s rear-view mirror.

However, the portrait-shaped door mirrors are a decent size and combined with a suite of driver aids like blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, rear parking sensors and reversing camera, a competent driver can easily steer clear of trouble.

And it has easy manoeuvrability thanks to the tight 11-metre turning circle and lightness of the variable-ratio steering at parking speeds.

The 2.8-litre turbo-diesel has good flexibility with strong low-rpm response thanks to its ample 450Nm of torque.

The smooth and snappy shift protocols of the six-speed auto optimise engine response, which is most evident in stop-start city and suburban driving.

It also delivers relaxed and economical highway travel, particularly with the cruise control activated, with overdrive requiring less than 2000rpm to maintain 110km/h.

What’s it like for tradie use?
It’s ironic that a forklift should be out of service on the same day we wanted to test improved forklift access! However, that’s what happened when we went to load up the HiAce for our usual GVM test.

Even so, you don’t need to be a forklift aficionado to see that the 180-degree opening will provide clear access to the cargo bay.

We also know from experience that the HiAce is a consummate one-tonner, having previously secured 975kg in the cargo bay which with driver equalled the van’s 1060kg payload limit.

There was ample rear suspension travel remaining thanks to minimal compression of the robust leaf springs.

The engine made light work of hauling this payload, with effortless highway cruising and particularly strong performance in hilly terrain.

It never felt sluggish on climbs and engine-braking was excellent on long, steep descents. As a workhorse, the HiAce is difficult to fault.

Safety – What safety equipment is fitted? What safety rating?
The current HiAce generation came armed with a maximum five-star ANCAP rating when launched in 2019 and still sets a safety benchmark.

There are seven airbags plus a plethora of active features including AEB with day/night pedestrian and day cyclist detection, trailer sway control, hill-start assist, lane departure alert with steering assist, road sign assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, front and rear parking sensors, reversing camera, and more.

Ownership – What does it cost to own? What warranty is offered?
The HiAce is covered by a five-yeaunlimited km warranty.

Scheduled servicing is set at relatively short six month/10,000km intervals, whichever occurs first.

Capped-price of $290 per service covers the first six scheduled services over three years or 60,000km.

Source: carsguide
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2023.06.08 16:29 Jonas52 Is resistance in F03A250V mini glass fuse bad?

I tested the resistance of a F03A250V 5x20mm clear glass fuse (not sand filled - doesn't say if it's High or Low breaking capacity) and with the meter in the 20k ohm range I got about .04-.05. Does this resistance mean that the fuse is not good? I also tested a T6.3AH250V and got zero.
The F03A250V fuse is for a US<->Euro power converter that is supposed to be able convert 220/240V 50/60Hz to 110/120V 60W max (or vice versa via a switch). It's new and when using it for the first time with the switch on 220V input the fuse blew after about 15-20 minutes of use. The .04-.05 resistance that I'm seeing is for the backup fuse that came with it. Not sure if they are some cheapo fuses, or if the resistance is a problem, or if maybe this is not the best fuse to use for this device. I haven't tried to use the converter since the fuse blew.
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2023.06.08 16:28 katiedid0908 2011 Kia Sorento Brake Replacement Woes: Traction Control, Shifting, and Electrical Gremlins

I recently tackled a brake replacement job on my car, and while the front and back brake pads were successfully replaced, I've encountered a series of unexpected issues that have left me scratching my head. I'm hoping some of you might be able to shed some light on what could be going wrong.
After replacing the back brake pads, I noticed that the traction control and downhill assist lights came on, and the car started refusing to shift intermittently. To get around this problem, I've resorted to using the hidden little override button, which is far from ideal. It seems that the brake pad replacement has somehow triggered these issues, and I'm not sure why.
In addition to the traction control and shifting problems, I've also encountered an unrelated issue with my cruise control. It wasn't engaging properly, so I decided to replace the switch on the steering wheel. Replacing the switch seems to have solved the cruise control issue to an extent. During the replacement, I disconnected the positive battery terminal as a precaution. However, this seemingly innocent action led to a cascade of new problems.
Firstly, the check engine light came on, and I noticed that whenever the AC is turned on, the car experiences a rough idle and occasionally dies altogether. I decided to check the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), and it revealed the following issues: MAP sensor, powertrain control module read-only memory error, throttle actuator control system, and brake light switch.
To troubleshoot the situation, I disconnected the battery terminal again, and much to my dismay, all of the aforementioned issues resurfaced once more.
I'm now left puzzled as to how these seemingly unrelated components and systems are interconnected and affected by the brake pad replacement and the simple act of disconnecting the battery terminal. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
If any of you have encountered similar problems or have expertise in this area, I'd be grateful for your input.
Thanks in advance for your help and expertise.
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2023.06.08 16:28 CueDramaticMusic Switching It Up (Buff, Nerfs, and New Tools for Hazards and Switch-Related Moves)

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2023.06.08 16:27 Historical-Artist581 Best way to pay off port out phones now?

I ported to T-Mobile a couple weeks ago. This past weekend I got the Keep and Switch money. Any time I go to try to pay off the devices in MyVerizon, I’m just getting an error message in place of the device payoff page.
When I tried to chat a rep, they linked me the disconnect portal but that didn’t find me - my lines are still technically suspended with dummy IMEI at the moment waiting on billing cycle.
They suggested I try a store. I’d like to get these paid off before the final bill to get a cleaner final bill … is that a pipe dream though?
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2023.06.08 16:27 r3crac YK75 84 Keys Mechanical Keyboard Tri-Mode OUTEMU for 49.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 55.99 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: YK75 84 Keys Mechanical Keyboard Tri-Mode OUTEMU
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Have fun.
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
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2023.06.08 16:27 ash_g23 Hey kaaaanneeee!!

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2023.06.08 16:26 Invite-Original Legion of Super-Heroes fresh reboot

Legion of Super-Heroes fresh reboot
I know there have been like a plenty people who didn't like Brian Michael Bendis' approach of the Legion of Super-Heroes in 2019, not only because of the corny plot, but also because it rebooted once again the Legion and erase the character development that was bestowed upon the characters before Zero Hour and Flashpoint; so I was thinking of a Legion pitch for DC Comics that now that we're seeing more DC characters getting their spotlight switched on in the Dawn of DC line-up, my pitch is that DC Comics should publish a new comic story arc that will bring the original Legion of Super-Heroes back in a similar concept based on the Death of Superman and the Reign of the Supermen story arcs, the comic writer that should be tasked for this should be Jeremy Adams, his writing style proved to be kinda similar like Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns, and his Flash run (with Wally West as the protagonist) was incredible; the Legion reboot story arc would lead for a new Legion of Super-Heroes comic series written by the already mentioned writer, Jeremy Adams. The Legion of Super-Heroes reboot could also bring some characters that were previously introduced in the Post-Zero Hour and Post-Rebirth timeline of the team into the Pre-Zero Hour one like Monster Boy, Laurel Grand, Thunder, Golden Lantern, Doctor Fate, Kid Quantum, Kinetix and Dragonmage; another thing to also take important is making Superman the inspiration of the foundation of the Legion of Super-Heroes as well as the first member of the past to join the team, Kara Zor-El, Conner Kent and Jon Kent would become members of the team after Superman. What do you think guys about my pitch for DC?
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2023.06.08 16:26 Sufficient_Task3303 Does anyone else find themselves mixing up syllables/ mora in words?

I'm at a stage where I'm really trying to improve my speaking ability to make use of the vocabulary and grammar I already know. I've found a good tutor for conversation based lessons and although I get frustrated with myself for being so slow at thinking how to say things I'm generally pleased with how it's going.
The thing is I often find myself mixing up parts of words in a way that I've never done in other foreign languages I've learnt. For example when trying to talk about being invited somewhere I started the word そさ instead of さそ and when trying to say the word for pants I think I had a picture of the kanji in my head with them switched from 下着 to 着下 and was trying to say something based on the switched kanji order which was utter nonsense. It has happened with longer words too where I can remember the three or four kana involved but not their order.
So I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem? Any theories on why it happens in Japanese but not when I've tried to learn French, German, Portuguese or Welsh?
My theory is that the pairing of almost every consonant with a vowel sound just makes it easier to swap the hiragana round and still come up with something that is pronounceable compared to languages written with strings of consonants next to each other.
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2023.06.08 16:25 GypsyTony416ix My driver instructor is stressing me out…

Don’t get me wrong he’s a great teacher, but he could never keep up with our appointments, he’s always a half hour late to pick me up, or he comes up with excuses not to come over.
The first time I did my lesson, he delayed twice on me and was gonna delay again until my mom got mad at him over it.
Then, last week’s lesson he told me he couldn’t come on Tuesday but he could do Thursday which I was ok with, I message him yesterday to see if he’s available for Thursday, he says yes.
then today I message again to ask if he’s still coming to pick me up, he comes out with “I am coming over a flu, I can still make it if you guys want though”, he didn’t think to tell me that earlier?
Me and my family are huge germaphobes and with Covid around a while ago it’s made us even more cautious when we go places, so I delayed until this Tuesday coming up, but I’m afraid he’s gonna delay again.
Should I consider switching instructors??
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2023.06.08 16:25 WilXStunting Ordered the D2!

Ordered the D2!
I made a mistake, and put the w1 channel on top. I asked him to change that, aswell as making it button top compatible. He's a legend.
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2023.06.08 16:24 Soogs Looking for Proxmox VLAN guide

Hi all, I've never managed to get any VM's or CT's working on a VLAN and was looking for a guide to help me through this.
So far anything I've read has not worked and left me more confused than when I started.
I've already got VLANs configured via pfSense/managed switches and want to run a virtual instance of pfSense to play around with some VPN stuff but need it to work on a VLAN.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
(what I'm finding is how to create VLANs in proxmox - not how machines can work/join an existing VLAN)
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2023.06.08 16:23 TyReddit2022 Older (43 & 35) couple seeking younger 25+

Still just testing the waters, but we're considering bringing in a 3rd to be poly. We've never done this before, but we're looking for someone to learn and grow with, together. Someone to be a partner in all this. We're currently in upstate New York, open to anywhere but the northeast US or southern Ontario or Quebec are preferred. But we are considering moving, so anywhere in the US is fine.
About us:
43, white, 6'1", dadbod, gamer, sci-fi nerdy type. I'm a decent cook, love gaming and streaming shows and just relaxing/cuddling. I'm also coming into my dom era and I love it. Vers top, 6.5" cut and thick, 420 friendly and drink a little too (face pics in profile are me)
35, white, slim, 8" uncut, switch (top) usually pretty reserved and relaxed until a few drinks in. Red wine drinker. Loves reality tv and card/table games. (Dick pic in profile)
25+, vers/btm highly preferred, uncut is a plus, slim/twink to fit preferred, relaxed personality, and into similar things
Idk what else to add. Just ask. Please have it send a pic if you DM me.
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2023.06.08 16:23 yourmuscleshop019 Injection procedures

Injection procedures:
Supplies: -alcohol wipes or cotton balls and alcohol -zip lock bags(to store vials) -container to store used needles. (Sharps container)
Quick tip to help reduce P.I.P:
After pulling the desired dose for injection, run Hot water on the syringe with the needle facing upwards. Only allow water to run in the middle of the syringe for about 15-20sec. It will help warm/thin the oil and make it easier to inject.
  1. Attach 18-20g needle tip
  2. Disinfect the top of the vial with alcohol
  3. Insert the needle straight (not angled), hold the vial upside down, and pull the desired amount.
  4. Cap your needle and switch to 23-30g 1/2inch-1inch
  5. Wipe the injection site with alcohol and allow it to dry.
  6. Insert the needle straight, not angled.
  7. Hold the base of a syringe with your index and thumb if you don't have a steady hand. Inject slow and steady.
  8. Cap and discard the syringe and needle.
  9. Hold the injection site with a cotton ball for any bleeding
www dot yourmuscleshop dot to
Contact us though Telegram : t dot me/yourmuscleshopofficial
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2023.06.08 16:22 stupidquestions712 Mattress for orthopaedic issues

I'm thankful to Reddit for having found this subreddit, awesome that this exists. I was hoping to ask some advice. Trying to figure out what features to look for in a mattress has been a bit frustrating thus far, I feel like I have more questions now than when I began researching.
I have mild scoliosis and kyphosis, with C5-C7 slightly bulging and T10 herniated. I experience relatively regular upper back and torso pain and my current mattress can't be helping, it's very old. I've been trying to wade through information on what features would be best for me and I'm honestly getting a bit lost as to exactly what to look for in a mattress.
What kind of firmess should I look at? Is memory foam good or bad in this situation? Whats the difference between memory foam and 'pillow top'? Is a box spring or hybrid a better idea? Latex? Any pillow advice? I have heard movement isolation is a good feature?
One position for too long gets uncomfortable usually, I tend to switch between lying on both sides and my back. I am quite thin and boney, for lack of better terminology. I would be looking for a double mattress as I sleep with my partner. I'm in Europe so might not have access to US etc companies to buy from.
I'm not even sure exactly what I'm asking lol, but any advice on what to look for would be really very much appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.08 16:21 Raquel427 Network switch: High-End Small Business vs. Entry-Level Enterprise gear

Looking to replace a Netgear GS748Tv4H1 switch that's been in production since 2012. It has worked well (with the exception of a fan replacement a few years ago) but I recently deployed a new batch of workstations that have Intel i225/226 ethernet ports. For some unexplained reason, these computers will show "Network disconnected" unless I manually set the link speed to 10Mb. My troubleshooting process has narrowed it down to some issue with the Netgear switch. Anyway, management has approved a replacement switch, and I was rather hoping to find something that has at least some 2.5Gb ports as the PC's with the i225/226 ports all support that speed. Most of the cables have already been replaced with CAT6 already.
No fancy networking scenarios here, just a single location of 40 or so mixed devices and the only requirement is LACP for the link aggregates on two Windows servers and a NAS. I will have to replace the WiFi setup as well so the 2.5Gb ports will come in handy for that and POE would be a plus but not a requirement. Having researched for the past few days I've come up with these:
Juniper EX2300-48MP (16 x 2.5 GbE ports)
EnGenius ECS2552FP (16 x 2.5 GbE port)
FS S5800-48MBQ (48 x 2.5 GbE ports)
People seem to have fairly positive things to say about the Juniper and I'm leaning that way (if I can find it in stock anywhere in Canada). However, I'm just wondering if I'm getting myself into a much more complicated situation that requires support contracts and subscriptions to cloud things and other enterprise-y stuff that I don't need. I abandoned Cisco years ago because the beancounters didn't want to pay for the yearly support contract and I couldn't get any firmware updates after that. I did have an account rep at CDW that I would go to for info but seems they're ghosting me. Am I fine just purchasing the hardware or should I really try to find a different VAR to make sure I'm getting everything I need?
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2023.06.08 16:21 Kiwi-cloud Games similar to Dreamlight Valley?

With the new update revealing where the game is going in terms of “micro”transactions, my initial intense passion for the game has died. Does anyone have any suggestions of similar cozy but quest driven games that they enjoy —without the raging microtransactions?
I play on steam deck mainly but also use switch and ps5.
Thank you!
Edit: other games I’ve enjoyed have been mainly stardew, cozy grove, and animal crossing among some others. But I love the quest driven nature and combat free aspects of DLV so much… feeling heartbroken -sigh.
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2023.06.08 16:20 Doorknobsdontexist Hey have a super slow day at work and would love to meet new people.

Hey I’m Sabrina working as a veterinarian and going to school for ecology to switch it up the line of work a bit. I’m from the US (Ohio). I’m totally up to talk with anyone about whatever so don’t be shy. I love a ton like animals, movies, games, anime, reading, hiking, travel, and so on. Huge fan of more kinda creepy/weird/macabre things as well ranging from movies, to true crime, whatever else gets my interest. again feel free to message!
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2023.06.08 16:20 BryceroniYT Playing Pokémon Scarlet on two Switches and Pokémon HOME

I'm about to be traveling for a few weeks and instead of taking my Switch OLED with me, I'll be going with my Switch lite. I own a digital copy of Pokémon Scarlet that I've played on my OLED and have been trying to figure out the semantics of downloading it on my lite.
On similar posts I see a lot of people just recommending the save transfer tool but I dont think some of them quite answer what I'm looking for.
- If I download Scarlet on my lite without transferring the save, is my assumption correct that I would be starting a new game? (i'm fine with this btw.)
- If I connect to Pokemon HOME, will it somehow impact my main game's file? Or will it just show up as two trainer ID's/saves when I connect?
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