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2023.06.08 05:02 lilacteardrop General Hospital: Jordan Gets Some

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2023.06.01 05:06 Commercial-Yak2051 Antonio Sabato Jr vintage interview during his soap heyday

I would like to know if anyone could kindly post the video of Antonio Sabato Jr on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1993? It’s not on the Internet and I have been dying to see this!!!!❤️
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2023.05.29 21:51 hlma96 What do you think of this and what would your answer be?

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2023.05.22 03:38 Geekqueen15 This picture is killing me 😂

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2023.04.06 23:44 Amazed_and_Bemused From a 60th to a 50th. Daytime Emmy Awards to air LIVE on CBS this June

The 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air live on Friday, June 16th, from 9pm-11pm on CBS and Paramount+.
Nominations to be announced in the coming weeks.
It has also already been announced that NEXT YEAR'S Awards will also be televised by CBS.
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2023.03.27 21:02 LynnK0919 CBS will air a special primetime program to celebrate The Young and the Restless' 50th anniversary
Reminder: It's tonight!
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2023.01.30 17:29 Mrsmaul2016 Soapcentral

Does anybody else use their message board? It seems whenever there is a thread where Carly is being rightfully dragged, they close the thread or remove it.
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2023.01.18 03:17 LynnK0919 On this day in 1989, Darlene Conley made her debut as Sally Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful.
R.I.P. Darlene Conley and I miss your flamboyant portray of Sally.
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2022.11.03 17:30 MeltStuff ABC Daytime Family Tree - Seeking Help!

Hey fellow GH-ers!
I’ve been steadfastly working on building out the massive family tree that intertwines the ABC Daytime universe. Thanks primarily to Skye, Anna, and Alex; OLTL & AMC universes are very much connected to the GH universe.
My current focus is OLTL and I have the bulk of the core families completed. But, given I was not as avid of a OLTL watcher as I have been with GH, I was hoping to get some help/clarification on a more fringe and classic OLTL family, the Ralstons.
Looking for avid OLTL fans to help me clarify conflicting sources.
According to this OLTL fandom wiki on Delilah Ralston, she has paternal aunts and uncles by the names of Twyla, Lamarr, and Yancey. However, on this Wikipedia page listing, Lamarr is not listed. Furthermore, this soapcentral link lays out the family differently and reads as if they are all Euphemia’s siblings and therefore would be maternal aunts and uncles.
Is there anyone who may be able to help clarify?
I have mod permission to share these ABC Daytime Family trees in here once finished due to the GH connection.
Thank you!
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2022.10.01 05:54 DiscombobulatedJob49 A returning character I'm actually happy about!

Daniel returns! Maybe he'll put Phyllis in check. He never really put up with her BS.
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2022.09.01 17:45 Camp808 fyi: new gh on monday

PROGRAMMING NOTE: @GeneralHospital will be airing a NEW episode on Labor Day (Monday, September 5). It will be the first time since 2002 that #GH did not air a repeat episode on Labor Day.
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2022.08.01 06:15 Cut-Unique I guess Esme will be sticking around for a while longer...

According to SoapCentral, AKP just signed a new, three-year contract. But yet all the recent spoilers hint that she's going to die?
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2022.04.28 09:21 Princess44ever Episode number help!!!!

Please help with episode numbers for the list below thank you

Liam got punched and almost knocked out when he told Ridge he is his son.
- Liam got blown up and almost died in Amber's caravan.
Liam got scared by Quinn in his own house,, fell down his stairs and ended up with clutches.
- Liam hit his head again in the cabin, while "Eve" was buying food, tried to get away from his bed and fained again.
- Liam got blown up again, and almost died in the Spectra buiilding, with Sally.
- Liam stumbled near his house, knocked himself out, lost his memory and blacked out.
- Liam banged his head on a tree branch near his house, had another concussion and thought he shot his dad.
- Liam gets punched and almost knocked out by Thomas, before he could reveal the truth to Hope.
- Liam hits Vinny
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2022.02.02 20:20 Cut-Unique Shouldn't it be, idk, not allowed for insiders to give away potential spoilers?

It's one thing for sites like SoapCentral to throw out little teasers each week, but it's another thing if folks like Alan Sarapa or SourceRyan (or whatever tf his name is) to post things like "TWINS" or say that an actor is leaving the show before it's officially announced?
In fact, why is it often reported that an actor is leaving the show (whether it's from the actor themselves or an insider)? That kinda ruins the suspense of the show, as well as pisses off the fans if a favorite characteactor is leaving. I think they should wait until the actor has made their final appearance on air before it's announced that they've left the show.
Same thing when favorite characters/actors return to the show. I think it would be better if, say, there's a knock at the door, Carly answers, and "OMG JASON, YOU'RE ALIVE!!! 😭❤😭❤😭", as opposed to "Steve Burton is returning to GH, and his first air date will be mm/dd." That way it would give the fans of the characteactor a pleasant surprise.
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2022.01.14 21:17 Cut-Unique Not directly GH related, though it concerns a former GH actor; Richard Burgi (ex-Paul Hornsby)

Anybody hear how he was let go from his role on Y&R due to inadvertently violating the show's COVID protocol? Link to article.
Since Y&R doesn't have a vaccine mandate, I think this was a really dick (no pun intended) move on Y&R's part. They shouldn't have fired him.
(Note that I don't watch Y&R, but I still think this is unfair.)
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2021.12.23 21:43 LynnK0919 Helpful Taylor?

Since the return of Taylor, everyone seemed to praise Taylor for going overseas and helping people. I get it but it's getting tiresome. When Brooke became the latest to praise Saint Taylor, I'm reminded of the time she helped her mentor Dr. James Warwick. Thank you Soap Central.
...James was hopeful about starting a relationship with Taylor but began to date Brooke. While at the Forresters' cabin in Big Bear, James consoled Taylor, who was upset that Ridge had gone on an international business trip with Brooke; suddenly there was a devastating earthquake that destroyed the cabin and left James and Taylor defenseless against the cold. Fearing they were about to freeze to death, James admitted he didn't want to die a virgin, and he and Taylor made love, keeping quiet about it after they were rescued.
BTW, Taylor must've been a gentle lover because James was in pain from a broken leg, IIRC.
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2021.11.13 00:13 SugarIll2253 Mind mappings storyline comes full circle

This is a wild speculation but here me out. What if Peter tries to put Jason Current Memory in Drew in a attempt to make the perfect killer to control? But something happen where some of Jason memory is implanted not all (The ones with Carly and Sonny) This way if Steve Burton is leaving, his memory can be inside Drew which can explain the down the road spoilers that drew will find love. ( ) This way Britt can take him back and not feel awkward.
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2021.11.11 03:24 Draydaze67 Jerry Douglas, The Young and the Restless' John Abbott for more than 30 years, has died

So very sad to hear and condolences to his family
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2021.10.08 04:43 LynnK0919 SPOILERS from Cait Fairbanks

Trouble ahead for Teriah, warns The Young and the Restless' Cait Fairbanks Y&R on Soap Central
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2021.03.02 00:31 ButterfliesAreCute I really like Holly Sutton; she's my favorite character.

The title of this thread says it all. Emma Samms looks great in her 2013 & 2015 appearances, especially with that bun at the crown of Emma's head. I remember I had loads of fun watching Holly and Luke travel to Corinth, PA in 2013 (they were on the hunt for Jerry Jacks for the Polonium Poisoning cure). Holly's August 2013 appearance also saw the last ever appearance of Sean Donely (r.i.p John Reilly) but that's another thread for another time.
I also happen to find out that Emma Samms is a Virgo just like me! She's an August Virgo. I'm a September Virgo lol. But then again I've only been watching GH since 2012. Her 2013 appearance was my introduction to the character. LOL I had no clue who that lady was who Luke kept nicknaming "English" lol. Come to find out she was an ex-spy, Robin's step mom, Robert's ex wife, Luke's ex, Ethan's mom (missing any titles?).
I'm also really like that since the character's existence in 1982, Holly Sutton has only been portrayed by ONE ACTRESS, Emma Samms, NO RECAST! Emma is Holly! That character is unrecastable! I understand that Emma Samms is unfortunately sick with Coronavirus. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
Aside from that, my dream storyline involves Robert and Holly reuniting in an exciting way, and Holly being on for like 6-9 episodes or so. I'd also love to see Emma Samms and Kimberly McCullough do scenes together. At the time of writing this, I rewatched the 6/30/2015 episode just to see the scenes with Holly Sutton.
Over the weekend though, I also watched clips on YouTube of some old episodes from 1992 when Robert briefly saw Holly at an NYC hotel. She was putting on her makeup but when she and Robert saw each other, she escaped when a crowd of people brushed past her. Robert looked all over the hotel looking for her but unfortunately came up empty because Holly successfully evaded him all over the hotel. I ended up feeling bad for him because he could never find her.
What about you? How do you feeling about Holly on GH? Like her? Hate her?
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2020.07.04 03:54 LynnK0919 Daytime Emmys 2020: See All the Winners

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2020.07.04 03:49 LynnK0919 Ratings Report for the Week June 22-26, 2020

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