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Pokemon Go IVs - a space to share and get help with determining the individual values of your Pokemon GO team!

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GoIV is an open source application for android that automatically scans and evaluates Pokemon, and shows their hidden individual values.

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RemoteBattlesPokemonGo - 1) The subreddit where you can add friends and coordinate remote raids across the world . Useful for trainers without a raid group , rural trainers , trainers who cannot use 3rd party apps like discord etc., 2) You can challenge fellow trainers for remote PvP battles . We are not affiliated with The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, or Niantic.

2023.06.08 16:41 Commercial-Ad-3084 NO MORE TAGS ON POKÉMON

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2023.06.08 16:39 Athem 1 year has passed. Here are all the QoL changes that we got till now

After listening to the players Blizz finally made these QoL changes for us. It was a long way to go but finally they are here:
Awesome to have these now! The mount changes however a little bit frustrating... who thought that they will use this feature later to make more money. Shocking.
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2023.06.08 16:38 ZippyLaRue $18 [Shiny Shadow Legendary] Guaranteed Shadow Articuno Shiny Catch. (Flat Fee, I Buy the raid passes.)

$18 [Shiny Shadow Legendary] Guaranteed Shadow Articuno Shiny Catch. (Flat Fee, I Buy the raid passes.)
I have a solid reputation, and much like all the accounts I sell, you do not have to fear of any strikes or bans or red warnings, I do not log into your account with any 3rd party Pokemon Go apps.
It will take me 3-5 hours to catch a shiny shadow Articuno, you keep all Pokemon caught in between. IV of the shiny Pokemon will be random.
Paypal, Alipay, WeChat accepted.
Thank you for looking.
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2023.06.08 16:36 JCGalway Field Research Bug

I have been having problems with the fieled research "Catch 25 water Pokemon" that leads to the Sandygast pokemon encounter.
After completing the research, when I go to click on the pokemon encounter reward, the screen turns bright white and the game just freezes. Nothing I have tried has allowed me to get past the bright white blank screen. I've tried deleting the research task, re-finding and compelling it again, but I still run into the same problem.
I contacted Ninatic Support, but they basically said if you were experiencing a problem with the game, it is your own fault. I was wondering if anybody expirenced a similar problem and managed to find a way past the whote screen and actually catch the Sandygast reward.
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2023.06.08 16:27 malidorian Diablo IV Eternal Realm End Game doesn't feel like a job and I love it.

This might change with seasons, but I don't really care if it does so long as the relevant content gets added to the eternal realm. I can not tell you how burned out I am on dailies and weeklies and time gates and check lists and "Do these 16 things before the weeks is over and these 10 things before the day is over or you will fall behind forever." in live service game design. It's fucking exhausting always. I hate the game telling me how I have to play it, I hate games telling me I have to progress this much in this amount of time or I will fall behind, and not be able to do this thing when it releases on this date. I love that Diablo IV currently lets me just hop on and do the content I want to without feeling like I have to go do this specific task.
I know level scaling is a hot topic but seriously it is so much better than the alternative of "Get to X power level in order to do Y content." I like that the game let's me pick which tasks I want to do and all of them are equally rewarding. I like that the things that are on timers happen frequently enough that I don't mind missing whispering bounties since they immediately pop again, I don't mind missing a legion event to run a nightmare dungeon instead because my rewards feel equal. My only current complaint would be hell tide being the only source of tormented souls since it forces me to go do them when I run low on those little suckers and the World Bosses not giving a notification most of the time that they are spawning. Other than that I really adore the end game design of go do what you want and you'll be rewarded.
If you feel pigeon holed into one specific event that isn't hell tide for Forgotten Souls at this point I firmly believe that is of your own making. Endlessly running Demise comes to mind, seriously you don't need to reach 100 and get a maxed out build right away, just go play the game do the content you want the game rewards you well either way. There is no rush and other games have conditioned you to make you feel like there is. When the season comes these Eternal Realm characters aren't going to be needed for that content there is no point to rush to the end, and honestly build experimentation while leveling has been half the fun for me.
TL;DR: Diablo IV encourages you just play the game and get rewards and that is a good thing. It places zero pressure on you to get X task done and doesn't shove a stop watch in your face telling you, you will miss out on these tasks forever if you don't get them done RIGHT. NOW. Seriously who enjoys that kind of stress from a game? I never thought I would see the day Blizzard of all people created a live service experience that doesn't subsist entirely off FOMO mongering.
P.S. I do have one complaint about the game. Did Mephisto himself design your shop and prices? I am under the impression he must have because it feels like you designed these price points with pure hate in your heart. You would sell 10 times the items at 1/3rd these prices. I'm even the occasional dabbler of cosmetic items and you have some good ones there, but I'm not touching this shop with a ten foot pole with these price points.
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2023.06.08 16:24 TastyBananaPeppers An example of someone who doubts the anti-cheat behavior system

An example of someone who doubts the anti-cheat behavior system
From https://www.reddit.com/PoGoAndroidSpoofing/comments/1444579/comment/jndupg3/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3.
"Strikes come in waves. Niantic been doing this since the game came out. When there's a ban wave going on, you'll see numerous reports in this sub which are still available to see if you search for them.
Ignore the mod who claims PGSharp has never had a ban wave. They have a very narrow definition of ban wave to circumvent admitting that PGSharp has ban waves."
#1 - Read https://nianticlabs.com/news/gameplay-policy-enforcement-update?hl=en
We want to start this note by thanking you, our players, for your patience and understanding as we continuously work to facilitate a fun and fair environment for everyone. We’ve heard your feedback and feel your frustration about how cheating behaviors negatively impact your gameplay experience.
It has been a little while since our most recent update from the beginning of 2021 on our efforts to prevent cheating in our games and we wanted to share what we have been working on.
Our last post was focused primarily on sharing a broad overview of the actions we had taken to punish accounts we found to be cheating in multiple Niantic games. Since then, we’ve invested in becoming better at observing cheating behaviors, and can now more reliably pinpoint these activities with higher speed and accuracy, preventing legitimate players from being punished incorrectly.
As a result, we will be ramping up enforcement against these behaviors across our games, and rolling out our improved approach to anti-cheat. We are starting now by taking action against a number of accounts who we found to be in violation of our terms of service or player guidelines during recent in-game events in Pokémon GO.
This is only the first step in implementing our improved cheating behavior detection and enforcement systems. These improvements will be integrated into all Niantic games to detect and punish players on a consistent and ongoing basis, rather than in waves, as we have in the past.
#2 - Just because you got a strike on your alt or main account doesn't mean everyone else will get a strike too. Why is that? It's because of the anti-cheat behavior system.
#3 - I am the only one in the spoofing community who discusses the anti-cheat behavior system in depth while everyone doubts or ignores it.

#4 - I am an active game cheater in AAA games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Battlefield, Counter Strike: GO, and etc. I have paid hacks/aimbot. These games have a finished anti-cheat behavior system unlike the one Niantic is trying to develop for Pokemon Go, a non-FPS (First Person Shooter) game. I have had bans in other games too including VAC bans on my main steam account :)
#5 - Although I use paid hacks/aimbot/cheats, I can still get an punished for cheating. The difference between those AAA games and Pokemon Go is the punishment system. You can get one or all of these:
  • Account ban
  • IP Address ban
  • Hardware/MAC address Ban
  • Shadow ban (they don't ban your account but make all your guns do zero damage or make you play against other caught cheaters only)
  • Financial information ban (you buy the game under the same card information and you get banned
#6 - Since I run a cheating subreddit where I tell you how to cheat a game, I also prepare you for the reality of cheating. I can handle account losses because I am playing for fun. I don't care because a game is $60 to $70. With Pokemon Go, people's accounts are anywhere from $0 to over $50,000. This game is family friendly, so I am being upfront about the risks for all cheats, both No Root and Rooted methods regardless of how other people claim it to be based on their experience. No one here controls the outcome of the anti-cheat behavior system and 3-strikes punishment system except... Niantic (Pokemon Go's game developer).

\"legit\" aimbot settings
#7 - The anti-cheat behavior system can be tricked if you play like a non-cheater with self-control. "Aim snap" is when your crosshairs teleports to the enemy. The legit way is you have to drag the crosshair onto the enemy. This takes time and doesn't move in a straight line. Sometimes you if you are too slow, you die. If you are too fast, you missed and you're dead. If you're on point, you get a kill. If you accidentally aim snap one-time, you could be fucked. If you rely on the aimbot all the time, your player statistics are too suspicious. If you play like a non-cheater, it's hard for them to tell if you're a cheater or not unless someone record a video of your fuck ups and reports you.

#8 - Like Pokemon Go, people report their bans once in awhile. This is a recent ban in May 2023. No one really gives a shit about this person who got caught. The same goes for Pokemon Go. No where on this hack site advertises this cheat is safe and ban proof. I take the same approach regardless of what the rest of the spoofing/botting community thinks about rooted methods being safe, safer, the safest, and/or ban proof. When someone reports a COD:MWI or MWII ban, do we scream "OMG BAN WAVE!!! STOP USING YOUR AIMBOT!!!" No, we don't. It's because of the anti-cheat behavior system. Some people will get caught but not everyone else.
There is no ban wave for Pgsharp. If there was one, Niantic would have already made an official blog post on their website announcing the ban wave. When people report strikes on my subreddit, it's only a handful of people. I need to see thousands of posts about it.
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2023.06.08 16:20 Pyrrolidone Your top5 changes to Diablo 4 to make it (even) better!

After putting a few thousand hours into Diablo 2/3 and quite a few hours into D4 ( played the beta’s a crazy amount and post launch got a 75+ char and another 50+) I feel like this game is amazing but there is some creative discissions they made I don’t really get. I feel like we all have points we would like to see changed.
If you were in charge of the development of D4 and were able to change 5 things to D4. What would they be?
My top 5 would be:
1 - More social aspects. What i loved about d2/3 is playing with other players. You could just drop into a game, press the tp and there you were, playing with other likeminded people. Made some great friends playing d2/3 and man was it a bummer to see just about every social aspect has been removed from this game. They marketed this game as like a halve MMO, but i feel like 99% of the game I’m just alone, slaying demons and i only ever see other people at like (world) events. I would have just preferred the drop in games like Diablo had before. At least you always had a party to play with.
2 - Different Endgame
I don't know why, but the second I finished the campaign, the game felt like it ended for me. With other diablo games it felt like the beginning of the game. Now it was just like.. Hey here’s the same 5 quest you can do over and over again.. Oh and dungeons, that are repetitive and hardly have any mobs in them to keep you skills up. And last but not least, here’s hell tides, an event you can play, but only once every few hours.
I would have preferred to see something we could actually work toward to. Like a few big ass bosses or special dungeons you can only do at higher levels. Special weapons / items at specific levels. Maybe even skills that unlock at higher levels. Now we have the paragon board but its just a big mess in my humble opinion. Its giving you the idea you have a lot of choice but its quite limited when you get into it.
I just would have loved to work towards something. The last challenge you get is around lvl 60 when you clear the dungeon to get into WT4 After that its kinda just… There. (I am aware there should be a lvl 100 event, but going from 50-100 should just be fun instead of a drag).
3 – Mob density
Title says all, bigger density of the mobs. Having to mount the horse, find a grp, kill the grp, having to mount again (if you’re lucky, since most of the time you have to wait for the horse cooldown) and then go to the next small group just isn’t as much fun as it could be.
Give us more mobs to kill!
4 – Gem bag / bigger stash
To be fair, chances are they will add this in the long run, same with a bag for stuff like aspects. They take up too much space, the inventory to too small and gems take 1/3rd of it if you pick them all up.
We don’t have enough space, so lets make custom bags for gems, give more storage / stash space and all that
5 – Pick a side
So one thing I would have LOVED to see in diablo, but the story doesn’t allow, is if we were able to pick a side. Either join Lilith or Inarious. This would have been a great extra for pvp aswell. Imagine having like Good vs evil battles in PVP, or even party’s of 4 vs 4 in battleground style PVP.
I just would have loved to see that.>! Especially after the whole dialogue with lilith at like the end where she is like 'JOIN ME". My heart jumped at that scene thinking we could actually make a choice there so we can join lilith to protect sanctuary instead of having to side with inarious by default.!<

Anyhow, What do you guys think? What would your top 5 be to improve the game? And hey, hell. Maybe the dev team will use some of your suggestions from this thread!
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2023.06.08 16:20 Suliman_IM Iv never gone to KI or plan to, but im going to Elitch Gardens. what are some tips and tricks for going to HersheyPark?

im so funny guys hahahahahahaahahahahahhahhhaha im tired of seeing this kind of posts on my home feed
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2023.06.08 16:20 FineProfessor3364 Leaving a job after 1 year?

I finally left a job iv been severely unhappy with after 1 year. I'm 23 and have been preparing for master's. Plan is to recover, finish off my GRE, get back to healthier habits and upskill. I've also managed to get a LOR from my manager for my master's as well.
Has anyone else done this and not regretted it? I don't regret it but definitely a little nervous about how it looks in general.
I have a job offer in hand but it's in a similiar role and I don't wish to rush into another job right away as my plan is to go for master's in 2024.
Finances are okay and as I live with my parents, I only have to take care of my personal expenses.
Would like to hear thoughts of people who have been a similiar situation.
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2023.06.08 16:20 BryceroniYT Playing Pokémon Scarlet on two Switches and Pokémon HOME

I'm about to be traveling for a few weeks and instead of taking my Switch OLED with me, I'll be going with my Switch lite. I own a digital copy of Pokémon Scarlet that I've played on my OLED and have been trying to figure out the semantics of downloading it on my lite.
On similar posts I see a lot of people just recommending the save transfer tool but I dont think some of them quite answer what I'm looking for.
- If I download Scarlet on my lite without transferring the save, is my assumption correct that I would be starting a new game? (i'm fine with this btw.)
- If I connect to Pokemon HOME, will it somehow impact my main game's file? Or will it just show up as two trainer ID's/saves when I connect?
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2023.06.08 16:19 Kenshin1296 [USA] [H] Consoles (New 3ds XL, 3ds XL, Switch, Vita) TONS of Switch (3d All Stars, Oddysey, MK8, Skyrim, Etc) PaperMario64, SSBM GC, Pkmn (Blue, Black, UM, LGP) Zelda TP HD, Metal Gear Gameboy, FireEmblem Gba, WarioWare, Shining Soul II, Def Jam FFNY, Persona 4 & Dragons Crown Vita, Etc! [W] PP F&F

All items are FIRM in price and include shipping!
Will take $5 off each additional item purchased
Everything is tested and fully working unless stated otherwise!!!
Game Consoles
Wii U
Gameboy/Gameboy Color
Xbox 360
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2023.06.08 16:13 Stella-Moon-58 A lack of friends makes playing the game tricky, as it turns out. (new user seeking friends)

I did get friends for the "Finding Your Voice" task that was annoyingly sitting there with no ideas how to correct it. but I do like the idea of having more friends overall because it would really help me later down the line. I live pretty rurally and not many of my IRL friends play Pokemon Go consistently lol.
My Trainer Code is 4372 2269 6398. I would probably still consider myself a newbie at it but I enjoy it thouroughly!
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2023.06.08 16:02 reddy1689 LF Non pogo Hoopa

LF Non pogo Hoopa
Trading POGO Hoopa for non-POGO Hoopa. Legit only
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2023.06.08 16:00 sakudono [9th] Small Apriball Mon Giveaway (8 Different Combos)

[g] Hello all!! I'm back with a small handful of Apriball Pokemon to give away. My boxes are getting full and would love to get these out before I either mass-release with HOME or donate to WonderTrade.
I will be here for about about 2 hours before closing the giveaway; or close early if I run out (haha; )
10:30AM Update: Giveaway will run until 11:15AM EST; will resume at 1:00PM EST for a little bit.
Giveaway Status: Open


Qty Ball Pokemon Ability
8 of 9 Dream Zorua Illusion
10 of 12 Dream Zorua (Hisuian) Illusion
5 of 9 Dream Charcadet Flame Body
5 of 6 Love Charcadet Flame Body
12 of 12 Heavy Tinkatink Pickpocket
11 of 12 Dream Tinkatink Pickpocket
17 of 18 Moon Glimmet Corrosion
9 of 12 Friend Scorbunny Libero
No reservations. This giveaway is first come, first serve! Once I'm out, I'm out. Leftovers will be WonderTraded after giveaway closes.
✧ You may request 1 of each if you want.
✧ Please post below what your IGN name is, your room code, and your requested list. I'll get with you as soon as possible. My IGN is Saku ~
✧ I am connecting to your code. If I cannot connect to your code after 5 minutes of replying to you, I will move onto the next participant to keep the giveaway going. Given the nature of the list, it is understandable that it'll take some time to process each individual user request.
✧ This is not a HOME Giveaway.
✧ Disclaimer: Nature, EMs, and IVs vary and are not guaranteed. Only thing guaranteed is HA (while supplies last) and the ball.
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2023.06.08 15:59 Wonderful-Pen6623 Legendary Raids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I joined/started playing PokemonGo this year and I know its been around for a while, so for example i wanna get Xerneas and Dialga, which can only be found in raids (legendary) so if those raids already happened that means i will never get them?
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2023.06.08 15:59 Cecnorthern Places to play Pokemon go

What are good places to play pokemon go? I may go down here on saturday, which is pokemon go's community day. I am not sure if I will do it in the car or out walking, so i would like recommendations for both.
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2023.06.08 15:58 hrwtamewyao Deciding between 3060TI, 4060TI and 4070 builds

Three builds I'm considering (these are pre-built, inclusive of RAM, mobo etc.):
Plan to play Diablo IV, Cyberpunk 2077 at 1080p (or sometimes at 4K on a TV).
Don't have a whole lot of free time to game nowadays so was thinking of going for the lower mid-tier cards (i.e. XX60TI), but not sure a 4060TI and DLSS3 is worth an extra 140 USD.
Going one tier up means the RTX4070 which is a huge jump of 440USD - not sure I want to spend that money if I'm not playing >15 hours a week.
Guess my question is if the 3060TI is a good deal given the price? Or should I just bite the bullet and get the 4070 which will last longer and is a more significant improvement vs the 4060TI?
AMD cards are a lot more expensive in my country, so I haven't considered them.
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2023.06.08 15:57 1ButtonDash My view of endgame from a semi casual player... (short story)

I say semi casual cuz in my opinion I do play a decent amount but no where near what some of these guys atm are doing blasting 24/7 already farming nightmare dungeons and nearly maxed out on gear.
I just beat the campaign yesterday but I took my time and listened to all dialogue, even the optional dialogue. I got side tracked on random quests and didn't B-line the main campaign.
As far as gear goes I was analyzing almost every piece of gear I got and made sure it was the right stats, the right + skills and aspects that synergized with my skills I'm using. Also as far as my build goes, it was 100% my own, didn't look at any top tier builds nor cared. I picked rogue and the main thing I do is imbue my crossbow with shadow I drop poison traps to set up knockdowns (got a legendary power that allows me to drop 4 traps while still in stealth really cool btw) then I break stealth and unload and everything blows up fairly quickly... and yes I played on WT2 from the start. Nothing really gave me that much of a challenge, even bosses dropped at a reasonable pace.
So after beating the campaign and did the tree of whispers quest... I can quickly see it's basically bounties from Diablo 3 but they did it in a very good way that it doesn't feel like a chore. To me it feels right. So I do 2 rotations of tree of whispers then I go try the capstone dungeon. Was not tough at all for me. (Also I constantly drink the consumable elixirs based on what enemy type I'm doing... literally 20% more damage and I think many people are overlooking these or just forget about em).
So I load up WT3 and I see helltides spawn... holy crap these are cool. Especially if they line up to where tree of whisper objectives are. Enemies seem a bit tougher but within reason. Now I am having to watch myself a bit more... however things are still blowing up rather quickly. But I def am gonna hang in WT3 for quite a bit before moving onto WT4.
I even did a little bit of the PvP zone which seemed really fun, reminded me of the division cuz I went to extract some shards and then a team of 4 came and pounded me. I just laughed but thought it was cool and I'll come back to that at some point. (However I am curious how this sorta works... like could a fully top tier geared player just go into WT1 and just destroy people? I can't find any info on this)
I've done one nightmare dungeon so far, it was ok, got to the end of it and I already picked up a few different glyphs so just upgraded the one I was using, glyphs is the only thing I can see people confused on, there seems to be so many and I could easily see the very casual player just inserting whatever into their boards and not caring at all)
I havn't even mentioned world bosses or world legion events. I did one legion even while leveling up cuz I randomly ran into it. Havn't done a world boss yet but might look for one in the next few days. Oh yeah and I still have an insane amount of side quests to do. I actually really enjoy some of those side quests, some of them have some good stories too but I understand many don't care for em and just skip the text but I again someone like me who likes lore listens to them lol
Honestly I have had a great time... that's a semi casual player perspective. The endgame for me and seeing all the activities there are especially for a base game I think is absolutely fantastic. I've seen a few clips of people saying there's nothing to do endgame but grind nightmare dungeons but to the normal player it's not this way at all. There is so much for me to do that I am truly happy with what they created thus far and can't wait for season 1.
For those of you that read my story/opinion on the game thank you.
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2023.06.08 15:56 MsMystique88 Cystoscopy/Lithotripsy/Stent Experience

After being in and out of the ER three times in the last week, getting an ultrasound first and then CT scan at a subsequent visit I was diagnosed with a large 1.4 cm stone and three 6 mm stones in my left kidney. The pain would come and go. My worst pain was about 8/10 from the large stone partially blocking my ureter in my kidney. Then it would shift and I’d be left with a consistent dull ache in my flank for days.
Got referred to a urologist in the hospital from the ER doc and they gave me 3 options. I either leave it alone (not a chance), get put on an emergency OR list to get a lithotripsy done or wait for an outpatient referral to a urologist to get it taken care of in weeks. I chose to treat it quickly so I went with waiting on the emergency list. I only had to wait about 3 days to get called in for the procedure as I was pretty high up on the list.
Yesterday I had my cystoscopy with laser lithotripsy under general anesthesia. She installed a stent that I will get taken out in 7 days. They also put a catheter in me which they took out before I left the hospital. She said it all went smoothly with no complications. I woke up from the general anesthesia with severe nausea and ended up vomiting 5ish times. I was given the max dose of gravol through IV and it only helped a little. My pain from the stent though was 10/10 and probably the worst thing I’ve ever been through because it’s a constant, cramping, spasmy pain from my kidney to my bladder which didn’t let up in any position I tried to get in. I was given hydromorphone in recovery which only helped a little.
My husband picked me up and I was able to get home without puking but I had a bunch of bags on standby. I immediately went to lie down in my bed with a hot water bottle while he went to pick up my anti-inflammatory and hydromorphone prescription. But I was in excruciating pain for 12 hours straight. The hydromorphone eventually did help and it gave me relief for about 2 hours a time. I ended up only taking 2 out of my 5 and fell asleep.
I was able to pee successfully but the burn is so intense it feels like your pissing razor blades. There is still a lot of blood in my urine which should improve over time.
Today I woke up feeling better. I’m still taking my anti-inflammatory every 6 hours but I haven’t needed hydromorphone since I fell asleep last night at midnight (it’s now 10 am).
My hot water bottle was definitely my best friend until my pain meds kicked in and taking gravol consistently at home helped keep the nausea at bay.
I hope this gives people some insight on what they could expect. If you have any questions, please comment below.
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2023.06.08 15:47 CantQuiteThink_ Some new Megas from Insurgence are added to the main games. (my fingers hurt a lot)

Pokemon Insurgence is a wildly unbalanced yet still very fun game, even ignoring the overly edgy plot, so I thought it would be fun to add some of the new Mega Evolutions from that game.
Mega Poliwrath WateFighting Ability: No Guard HP: 90 Atk: 155 Def: 120 Sp.Atk: 70 Sp.Def: 105 Speed: 70
Mega Marowak Ground/Ghost Ability: Parental Bond HP: 60 Atk: 135 Def: 120 Sp.Atk: 50 Sp.Def: 100 Speed: 60
Mega Eevee Normal Ability: Protean Maxima (whenever Eevee uses a move that matches the type of an Eeveelution, it temporarily transforms into that Eeveelution, gaining their stats and Ability. It transforms back into Mega Eevee if it uses a Normal move.) HP: 83 Atk: 83 Def: 83 Sp.Atk: 83 Sp.Def: 83 Speed: 83
Mega Meganium Grass/Fairy Ability: Magic Bounce HP: 80 Atk: 82 Def: 140 Sp.Atk: 83 Sp.Def: 140 Speed: 100
Mega Typhlosion Fire Ability: Hubris (Special Moxie) HP: 78 Atk: 89 Def: 88 Sp.Atk: 159 Sp.Def: 110 Speed: 110
Mega Feraligatr Water Ability: Tough Claws HP: 85 Atk: 140 Def: 110 Sp.Atk: 89 Sp.Def: 103 Speed: 103
Mega Sudowoodo Rock/Grass Ability: Analytic HP: 70 Atk: 140 Def: 145 Sp.Atk: 40 Sp.Def: 95 Speed: 20
Mega Politoed Water Ability: Drizzle HP: 90 Atk: 75 Def: 95 Sp.Atk: 120 Sp.Def: 140 Speed: 80
Mega Sunflora Grass/Fire (if male) or Grass (if female) Ability: Unleafed (Sunflora gets an omniboost that lasts X+1 turns, where X is the number of fainted allies it has. After X+1 turns, the omniboost is removed.) HP: 75 Atk: 85 Def: 80 Sp.Atk: 135 Sp.Def: 105 Speed: 45
Mega Girafarig Normal/Psychic Ability: Spectral Jaws (all biting moves are reclassified as special moves and relieved a 30% power boost) HP: 70 Atk: 80 Def: 95 Sp.Atk: 130 Sp.Def: 95 Speed: 85
Mega Steelix X (the old Mega Steelix is now called Mega Steelix Y) Steel/Fire Ability: Foundry (all Rock-type moves melt, becoming Fire-type and receiving a 30% power boost. The sneaky pebbles also become Fire-type, but they don't get the power boost, thank Arceus. I hope this one line doesn't get the whole post removed.) HP: 75 Atk: 135 Def: 225 Sp.Atk: 65 Sp.Def: 55 Speed: 55
Mega Magcargo Fire Ability: Vaporisation (all Water-type moves fail when used and all Water-type Pokemon take 1/8 damage at the end of every turn when Magcargo is on the field) HP: 50 Atk: 70 Def: 100 Sp.Atk: 150 Sp.Def: 100 Speed: 40
Mega Donphan Ground Ability: Irrelevant (please laugh; Donphan's attacks ignore type-based immunities. F'rinstance, it can EQ a Corviknight.) HP: 90 Atk: 150 Def: 150 Sp.Atk: 60 Sp.Def: 100 Speed: 50
Mega Miltank Normal Ability: Pendulum (acts as if Miltank is permanently holding the Metronome item) HP: 95 Atk: 125 Def: 145 Sp.Atk: 40 Sp.Def: 115 Speed: 70
Mega Shiftry Grass/Dark Ability: Shadow Dance (doubles Shiftry's Speed under the Darkness weather. Darkness increases the power of Ghost- and Dark-type moves by 30%, decreases the power of Fairy-type moves by 25%, allows Phantom Force and Shadow Force to charge instantly, changes Castform into a Dark-type, changes Weather Ball into a Dark-type move, doubles the effects of the moves Nightmare, Hone Claws and Flash and the Ability Bad Dreams, breaks the Fairy Aura Ability, lowers the effects of Geomancy, Light Screen, Reflect, Aurora Veil, Solar Beam, Synthesis and Morning Sun, increases the effects of Moonlight and the Ability Pressure by 50%, and for some reason also doubles the power of Surf. Dear Arceus, that was a lot.) HP: 90 Atk: 130 Def: 70 Sp.Atk: 125 Sp.Def: 60 Speed: 100
My hands are actually starting to hurt at this point from typing too much. I hope this is appreciated.
Mega Flygon (we was robbed) Bug/Dragon Ability: Amplifier (functionally identical to Punk Rock) HP: 80 Atk: 110 Def: 90 Sp.Atk: 140 Sp.Def: 80 Speed: 120
Mega Cacturne Grass/Dark Ability: Sand Rush HP: 70 Atk: 145 Def: 70 Sp.Atk: 145 Sp.Def: 70 Speed: 75
Mega Crawdaunt WateDark Ability: Adaptability HP: 63 Atk: 145 Def: 95 Sp.Atk: 100 Sp.Def: 85 Speed: 80
Mega Milotic WateFairy Ability: Prism Guard (non-contact Iron Barbs) HP: 95 Atk: 70 Def: 109 Sp.Atk: 130 Sp.Def: 155 Speed: 81
It isn't a new Mega, but we have two new Castforms - a Dark-type Cloudy form and a Rock-type Sandy form.
Mega Jirachi Steel/Psychic Ability: Periodic Orbit (delayed-action moves activate twice. Future Sight and Doom Desire activate two and five turns after use, and Wish activates one and three turns after use.) HP: 100 Atk: 100 Def: 140 Sp.Atk: 130 Sp.Def: 115 Speed: 115
Mega Chatot Normal/Flying Ability: Amplifier (see Mega Flygon) HP: 76 Atk: 65 Def: 55 Sp.Atk: 147 Sp.Def: 52 Speed: 116
Mega Spiritomb Ghost/Dark Ability: Tough Claws (note that non-Mega Spiritomb now has Noctem as a Hidden Ability, which sets Darkness when it enters the field) HP: 50 Atk: 142 Def: 128 Sp.Atk: 128 Sp.Def: 133 Speed: 20
Mega Froslass Ice/Ghost Ability: Fur Coat HP: 70 Atk: 80 Def: 85 Sp.Atk: 120 Sp.Def: 105 Speed: 120
Primal Regigigas Normal/Ground Ability: Unaware (luckily, Slow Start doesn't get completely removed until the timer runs down at least once. Switching will pause the timer. The balance is saved, for now.) HP: 110 Atk: 195 Def: 140 Sp.Atk: 95 Sp.Def: 130 Speed: 100
Primal Giratina Ghost/Dragon Ability: Omnitype (defensively, Giratina is every type at once. This means it takes normal damage from Flying, Fire, Water, Ice and Fairy, takes double damage from Rock, takes half damage from Steel and Dark, takes 1/16th damage from Grass and Bug, and is immune to everything else. Ouch.) HP: 150 Attack: 135 Def: 135 Sp.Atk: 135 Sp.Def: 135 Speed: 130
Primal Arceus Normal/Dragon Ability: Ancient Prescence (all of Arceus' moves do neutral damage and gain STAB. This means it cannot damage Shedinja at all, which I find to be really funny.) HP: 120 Atk: 150 Def: 130 Sp.Atk: 150 Sp.Def: 130 Speed: 140
If those last three aren't AG, I don't know what is.
Mega Zebstrika (finally, something that doesn't cause the game to self-destruct) Electric/Fairy Ability: Competitive HP: 75 Atk: 100 Def: 63 Sp.Atk: 135 Sp.Def: 83 Speed: 141
Mega Zoroark Dark Ability: Trace (if Zoroark is disguised as a Pokemon that can Mega Evolve when it does, the text and animation appropriate for that Pokemon plays. If not, the animation does not play and the illusion is maintained.) HP: 60 Atk: 130 Def: 60 Sp.Atk: 145 Sp.Def: 90 Speed: 125
Mega Gothitelle Psychic/Dark Ability: Ethereal Shroud (gives Gothitelle Ghost-type immunities and resistances, making it weak to Bug and Fairy, immune to Normal, Fighting and Psychic, and resistant to Poison.) HP: 70 Atk: 55 Def: 125 Sp.Atk: 120 Sp.Def: 150 Speed: 65
Mega Reuniclus doesn't exist. If you want to know why, pop onto the Insurgence Wiki and look at its Ability.
Mega Haxorus Dragon/Steel Ability: Weak Armor HP: 76 Atk: 182 Def: 130 Sp.Atk: 80 Sp.Def: 90 Speed: 82
Mega Cryogonal Ice Ability: Sleet (summons hail when Cryogonal enters the field. While Cryogonal is on the field, Hail's damage is increased to 1/5th instead of 1/8th.) HP: 70 Atk: 50 Def: 65 Sp.Atk: 115 Sp.Def: 150 Speed: 135
Mega Stunfisk (yippee!) Ground/Electric Ability: Athenian (Special Huge Power) HP: 109 Atk: 76 Def: 104 Sp.Atk: 91 Speed: 56
Mega Bisharp Dark/Steel Ability: Moxie HP: 65 Atk: 145 Def: 130 Sp.Atk: 60 Sp.Def: 85 Speed: 105
Mega Hydreigon Dark/Dragon Ability: Lernean (I can't even begin to describe what this Ability does. Please check the Insurgence Wiki, it will save me a lot of time.) HP: 92 Atk: 130 Def: 105 Sp.Atk: 170 Sp.Def: 105 Speed: 98
And that's it. I'm going to go put my fingers in the freezer now, because that hurt a lot. I did not use Copy + Paste a single time during that. Let me know how many of these absolute busted powerhouses would be banned to AG.
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2023.06.08 15:47 Mental_Hope_2680 Is it worth trying again?

Quick overview: I suffer from TRD and have for many years. I’ve tried lots of meds, therapy, etc. I’ve already done a round of iv ketamine, 12 infusions to be exact. I unfortunately didn’t see the results I was hoping for. I had a very short period where I felt improvement after infusion 5 (interestingly this was when I felt the most dissociative effects of any infusion) but my 6th infusion was very underwhelming and I seemed to lose my progress after that. I had my dose raised a good number of times as my tolerance seemed to go up fairly quickly. I think I felt somewhat better while having the infusions done, but not significantly.
It’s been 3 months since my last infusion and I’ve been thinking of getting another to see if it could help me at all. I’m on different medication this time around and I’m also doing TMS, so I was thinking those factors might come together to make it more beneficial. I’m not expecting many people to be in a similar situation, but I am wondering if anyone has seen benefits from infusions that late on? I know 12 is a lot and if I was going to see improvements that I probably should’ve by now, but you never know I suppose. The psychiatrist of the practice thought it was a good idea and said he would up my dose from last time, so maybe that would help? If anyone has similar experiences or advice, anything is appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 15:36 trans_midget May someone add me on my pokemon go user? Thank you in advance

Code is 7607 4560 6221
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