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2014.01.19 18:49 karmicviolence ShutUpAndTakeMySilver

ShutUpAndTakeMySilver - it's like /ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney for /GameOfThrones

2023.06.08 21:52 for_aly My girlfriend (18F) says that she's doing fine even if I'm (18M) not with her after a big fight

Me and my girlfriend had a big problem and relationship crisis lately. I did something wrong and made some unintentional mistakes that caused her to get hurt. She's been taking some time off lately (I still message her at some points) but she has said out of the blue recently that she's doing fine and things are going normal for her and she doesn't miss me even if she's not with me at the moment and she says that she sees her life going on even without me in her life. Does she mean this or she's just pissed at me? Will she breakup with me? Does anyone have any experience with this that your partner has said something like this after an argument? What did you do to make them long for your relationship and not call off the relationship?
TLDR; Me and my girlfriend had a fight, I hurt her. I'm giving her space and she's taking time off and she said recently that sh doesn't miss me and she sees her life continuing even without me by her side and things are still going well for her. Does anyone have any experience with oartner saying this and making things work again? What to do? Or does she mean this and she wants to breakup soon or she's just pissed and affected and she just needs time?
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2023.06.08 21:52 Dosed123 Did you try finding something you enjoy with them?

This is my question for everyone here who has neurotypical children: did you try to find any activities that you enjoy doing with your kid(s)?
This is my first time on this sub because I do have many moments when life feels exhausting and I miss my pre-kid days, though I really never felt regret and I would never go back because I love my kid to pieces and life is getting better with her as she grows. But I wanted to compare my feelings to those of the people here so I lurked.
Please know that my question comes from a concerned, non-judging place.
What I see almost as a constant in all the posts written by the people who have healthy children is that it seems they don't have their quality time with their kids. As in - it seems like you only try to adapt to your kids' wishes and take for granted that you won't enjoy what they want. But there is another option and that is doing what YOU like and teaching them to like it. Or maybe there is something you both / all might like from the beginning (my child and I draw sometimes for hours).
Can you try finding first ONE activity with them which is bearable? It might become fun. Then the second one. Then maybe even the third one!
They become grateful. When you genuinely spend time with them enjoying it, they KNOW. And then they don't ask for more as much as they do otherwise.
Please don't mind me asking, it's just a non-judgemental observation.
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2023.06.08 21:52 cheesediva666 Last Day Ever Using Door Dash

This might sound silly but it’s my final straw with the fees.
I ordered lunch today for pick up to save on fees and a tip and my total was $7. When I got to the restaurant, the item on their menu was actually $4.30 and with tax would have been under $5. Even when I’m picking up my own order I’m still paying over 20% in fees.
This on top of them not paying their Dashers enough, and taking advantage of inflation and fees in general has me saying enough is enough.
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2023.06.08 21:52 LevySkulk [Discussion] What do you think about direction of Minecraft Development?

I was typing up a comment on a different thread and realized it would make a much better post about the general direction of Minecraft development, with the release of 1.20 I've been surprised to see some strong opinions about it, I thought it would be interesting to share my own opinions and see what other's think as well.
TL;DR: Minecraft updates have been good (especially caves and cliffs), but I feel like Mojang has started viewing older mechanics as sacred, and are scared to update or modify older mechanics with newer features. I also think there has been an occasional carelessness when it comes to adding features and never expanding them or making them consistent with other mechanics. (copper, glow squid, deepslate, ect). Overall, I'm happy with the general direction but would like to see more care put into not developing new features as "islands" AKA, eg sniffer can find plants for new potions, or archaeology leads to artifacts to influence enchanting or something.
The Long Version:
I've played MC since at least 2011, back then the game was changing frequently and there was plenty of discourse surrounding every new feature. However, the tone behind today's criticism seems to be a lot different than it was back then. In the early days, players would take to the forums complaining that some new feature was going to "ruin the game" or "make it not feel right", but these days most structured criticism seems to center more around a general disinterest in the types of changes made, and a criticism of the design decisions surrounding new features.
Personally, I disagree with a lot of the heavy criticism. For example, I feel like the Caves and Cliffs update was fantastic, it dramatically improved the look and feel of the game in my opinion, and the sheer expansiveness and diversity of world/cave gen gives me that feeling of wonder and excitement I had when I first played the game, I even like the Skulk for that reason.
Encountering the skulk remains some of the scariest and most engaging experiences I've had in gaming. The environment, music, and enemies perfectly capture the design goal: A place you're not supposed to be. As inconvenient as it is sometimes, I think it was an necessary edition to the expansion of the underground.
However, while I don't think anything has been added to the game that's outright negative to the overall experience (other than phantoms), I do find myself rather dissatisfied with the way new features are often implemented, or the types of new features chosen in general.
If I had to levy one criticism against the game, it's that many of the game's mechanics lack cohesion with each other. Features seem to be added all at once, then rarely adjusted to interact with others. And I think that's somewhat of a growing issue. I also think there is an air of sacredness around things that are already added to the game, and changes are rarely made to existing mechanics.
An older example is potions, potions where added to the game nearly a decade ago, yet have remained largely the same ever sense. Not only is the method for producing potions largely uninteresting, they're bizarrely isolated from the rest of the game in their utility. In a normal playthrough, I only really use night vision and fire resistance, every other potion is nearly useless, or only serves it's purpose in combat or niche circumstances. Potions like jump boost and slowfall being the worst offenders, as jump boost at best lets you jump up one extra block, and slowfall is made obsolete by the much easier to obtain and infinitely reusable feather falling enchantment.
All potions exclusively modify the entities movement or stats, which I think is a bit of an odd limitation. Why can potions not interact with the rest of the world? Why can we not make splash potions to grow crops? or make animals breed sooner, or grow up faster, or a charm potion to make villagers have better trades? ect. The specific effects aren't really important, just that potions seem to lack creativity in their uses.
Even if you don't like these suggestions exactly, there are existing potion effects that are not used in brewing but could be. A potion of haste would be essential in any playthrough, and luck potions have been in the game forever with no formal recipe. An easy pool for inspiration is RPGs, just look at the potions in Skyrim for example. Any of those potions could be added with appropriate balance.
Some more recent examples of this general lack of cohesion or direction when adding features would be practically any mob vote mob. Most notably the Glow Squid. I'm one of the people who voted for the glow squid, not because the mob itself was overly interesting, but because of the potential glow ink was promising. New blocks, emissive textures, maybe even some types of emissive lights? But instead it's only used for signs and item frames, and the mob itself is largely a copy-paste of the regular squid. It's barely more than world-dressing.
Compare that to the sniffer, which is obtained in a unique way, received an entirely unique model with animations, new mechanics, and several unique items associated with it. It's a bit strange that this mob-vote resulted in such a large edition but the previous did not, almost as if the features themselves where decided somewhat arbitrarily. Or the developers where just more engaged with one vs the other.
Finally, I think the largest example of this trend is the addition of Archeology. An entirely new mechanic complete with new generated structures... that interfaces with exactly 0 existing mechanics. Things you find during archeology are completely standalone or arbitrary. The closest example of a cross feature is the armor trim, but even that is entirely decorative. I personally think designing additions like this is a poor design choice for a sandbox game.
Archeology could yield resources to enhance enchantments, sniffers could find extinct plants to unlock new potions or food types, and copper could be used for new Redstone mechanics or tools, it goes on. There's endless possibilities for how these new additions to the game could bring new life to existing systems, yet that aspect is rarely realized.
If a new item is given some sort of crossover use, it's almost always with another new item. Such as amethyst and skulk sensors. It like Mojang is scared of touching something once it's been added to the game. The older the feature, the more sacred. But I don't think it's sustainable to keep adding large features in "islands" like this. If too many features of the game have largely no interaction with each other, it will start to impact the sandbox aspect of the game, and in some way I believe it already has.
Aside from this critique, I also want to bring up that there are generally a lot of inconsistencies and missing features in the game, as well as existing mechanics that could easily be expanded on to improve the game (in my opinion):
I could keep going but I'm going to stop because I feel like I'm running the risk of this seeming like a flame post. It's quite the opposite actually. I'm genuinely really impressed with the quality of updates Mojang puts out. But I'm concerned that there has been a large focus on "marketable" features. And I would really appreciate a major update that went through the game and filled in the gaps, or an update that focused on bringing new life to an old mechanic (like potions). I know it's not as marketable as a new mob or biome. But I think some thought when it comes to meshing new features with old is important.
What do you think? Am I'm screaming at the wind here?
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2023.06.08 21:52 Wanderingbutfound Help with symptoms

Hello all! I have been having a plethora of health issues that have been going on for 10+ years - I have never got any sort of answers until I just recently got a new dr.
She ran some tests and my results came back as low iron , and then 154 rheumatoid factor (normal range is under 14) however my CRP; highl sensitivity test came back as 0.91 (within normal range)
Is it possible to still have an auto immune condition with a low CRP?
I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in just over a month just want to see other peoples experience with similar results or symptoms.
My symptoms are as follows;
I am trying to get to the bottom of my symptoms and it has been a battle. Just want to see others experience and maybe some success stories.
With the high rheumatoid factor I am spiralling and thinking the worst
Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!
I should include I am a 32 female and I just had a baby almost a year ago. I am also a healthy weight and try to workout and be active as much as possible. I also eat a diet of mainly whole foods and try to limit problemat
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2023.06.08 21:51 Rich-Average-1583 I'm (29F) annoyed my bf's (44M) instagram explore page is full of thirst traps

I don't have ig or social media. He went to show me a funny short and then I caught an eye full of what his explore page is--nothing but thirst traps and basically naked women in their early 20's, about 10 years younger than me. One was a short of a girl simulating oral sex and moaning. Like it was so ridiculous and over the top. He frantically swipes past them, so he obviously understands how this would make me feel insecure and/or upset me. Immediately after this, he does something I've never seen him do before: he logs out of his ig before setting his phone down to go take a shower. I've never actually gone through his social media or phone but I thought that was strange. Look. I watch porn and it doesn't bother me if he watches porn, but I feel like instagram is completely different because it opens up the door to interact with and message these people. I'm also about to turn 30 and insecure about it so that didn't help with what I was looking at. But now he keeps asking me what's wrong and playing dumb and acting completely oblivious, when I watched him frantically scrolling and trying to cover his ass because he obviously knows how stuff like that would make me feel. Do I even bother having this argument? It doesn't seem worth it, I'm just feeling insecure and need to cool off, but I cannot STAND when someone plays dumb and asks why you're upset when he saw my reaction to what I was viewing and he already KNOWS the reason in the first place.
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2023.06.08 21:51 SnakePhorskin The amount of people here saying this is all for ufo grifting money are idiots

If you figure out the ufo grifting game, yet don't take advantage of our stupid gullible brains for your own monetary gain, then I will take advantage.
If I use that time for a few days, I will use that time to make a new account and claim aliens in my backyard. I won't provide any real proof, justice and a story that confuses everyone.
I don't ever have to work again because the ufo money game is just that good.
We need to do research on the grifters' net worth! I can't wait to be so rich . Ufo money is that good
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2023.06.08 21:51 One_Dollar_Payout Alternative to Reddit for browsing memes, pics and niche communities for a long-time lurker? (doesn't have to be exactly like Reddit)

Hello. I've been using Reddit daily for more than 6 years, mostly for browsing specific pic subreddits (like assholedesign) and subreddits gathering smaller and specific communities (like Emulation or StableDiffusion), and sharing best posts with people I know on other social media. However now that Reddit is going to shit and most, if not all 3rd party apps (which is what I use for browsing Reddit exclusively with old layout on desktop) will probably shut down because of upcoming API changes, I've been considering leaving Reddit completely (like most of us are probably going to do) and changing my habits regarding the content I'm most interested in. As you can see on my profile, for 99,9% of the time I was a lurker, doing much more browsing subreddits than interacting on them. I see most people there are looking for alternatives with look and feel more or less similar to Reddit, but for posting and commenting on the mainstream communities, which is not what I'm looking for (I'm not a very talkative person, and my knowledge of talking in English is somewhat limited compared to my primary language).
I'm now searching for a fairly well-known, moderately active social media sites, where I could continue doing what I did do on Reddit for all those years. It doesn't have to be exactly like Reddit in terms of look and feel, because finding an exact alternative, which is even half as active as Reddit, is for now very hard. What I want from these alternatives though, is better control of what I see on my page - I don't want general news, unfunny videos or content from communities I'm not interested in appearing on my page and filling a decent part of it (however I'm open to content recommendations, if they are actually related to content I browse daily).
I've been trying most well known federated alternatives (Lemmy and Mastodon instances) for some time, but they seem somewhat empty when compared to their counterparts, and the communities I'm most interested in are nearly non-existent. I've also heard that most active Lemmy contributor is a Marxist-Lenninist, which for me raises concerns about Lemmy's community in the future. Nevertheless, that and Kbin look very promising, and I'm looking forward to Fediverse alternatives in the future, but it will take years before smaller communities will get more alive there.
However, my personal gripe with most other social media (that I used) is that actually good and niche content is harder to find in the thick of unfunny, uninteresting and toxic content. Facebook for example has somewhat good number of groups gathering niche communities, but most of the time they are full of normie content, and the best groups are usually private, so I can't see what they are like before I request an invite. Also, its recommendations system is pretty mediocre for finding groups. TikTok is even worse than Facebook in terms of content quality, and it's focusing on videos instead of pics and other content. Twitter was always bad, and with its current state it's worse than it ever was. Discord focuses on communication with other people (which is not what I'm looking for), it's somewhat hard to find servers about specific things not being a well-known game, TV series or app, and they tend to have noticeable numbers of toxic people.
So I'm looking for sites - they can be social media sites, forums, IRC servers, anything - which could fill the gap left by Reddit in my daily internet browsing after API changes will go live, which won't show me too much content I don't want, and where I can at least partially control what I want to see. Replacing Reddit in this role will be hard, but I believe, and I'm absolutely sure that's possible.
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2023.06.08 21:51 Evening_Temporary36 Making my bed changed my life

I'm 21 and 1 thing changed my life this year It wasn't hitting a goal, it wasn't shifting my mindset, it wasn't Chat GPT It was making my bed Sounds stupid, right? But hear me out: Ever since I was young, I never understood the importance of making my bed. I always thought I'm going to get back into it later why do I need to make it now? I had the wrong idea After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear I learned that goals weren't holding me back but my habits were That's when I discovered the hidden power of making my bed 😂 This simple change has helped me balance school, work, friends, and the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey with my AI productivity newsletter. The Edge Since success isn't a one-time thing, why would you set a one-time goal? This approach completely changed my life and how I increased my productivity this year. Changing habits can be a daunting task after all they are habits for a reason So I learned the best method is to start changing with something that you do daily, and everyone wakes up and gets out of bed. This allows you to build a foundation of change This made it easier to stack habits on top of your new habit This simple task has now allowed me to build the confidence I needed to tackle bigger habits or tasks. This simple change has helped me balance school, work, friends, and the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey with my AI productivity newsletter. Change is a process, and in order to reach your goal you must change your habits to create a new system (A new you if you will) Success is a continuous process of improvement. It doesn't have to be making your bed, it can be anything simple that is tied to something you already do. Maybe every morning floss for an extra minute Or after your coffee say a quick prayer for what you are thankful for It is up to you I encourage anyone struggling with reaching goals or taking action to read Atomic Habits by James Clear to change your perspective and become a more productive version of you!
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2023.06.08 21:51 henagar if you buy tins from walmart, open them and make sure all the product is inside before purchasing

bought a celebrations tin from walmart since i never got to open the set. once i got home i realized someone had previously opened the tin and took all the cele packs out :/
now im out my money since walmart refuses to correct the issue. i also turned a $45 evolving skies etb into $5 in cards lol.
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2023.06.08 21:51 Plugsworth Is this illegal or legal

My employer is changing the time stamps on a clock in clock out app called square is it illegal for them to change my hours I worked? They make me close by myself 6 times outta of one day for the days I have worked and they want me to do it in 30 minutes but I work at a restaurant and there’s a lot to do for one person my normal shift is 4:00pm -8:30 the latest 9pm is when they want me to clock out but their making me close by myself and it takes way longer than 30 minutes I usually clock out at 9:30-9:45 pm and that’s because I’m doing the job correct everyone else doesn’t do what they say we need to do for an example cleaning the deck of food I take out everything and clean it my boss specifically told me to do so directly in person and someone would not clean it and just through some covers on it. There’s plenty of examples where I do it correct but it takes longer than someone who doesn’t do it at all. My duties are doing the trash , dishes , counters (including the deck) the drawer , sauces , and floors which (include vacuuming and mopping ) which people don’t vacuum and hardly mop . My employer is clocking me out at a certain time when I’m still working I’m the one who they make close by myself the most for the days that I have worked I have worked 6/1 closing by myself this sounds illegal and I don’t know what to do about it if anyone knows what I should do please recommend a solution?
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2023.06.08 21:50 asomebodyelse Carson Update - Amtrak Improvements; Bipartisan Diagnostic Testing Preparedness Plan Act; Medicaid Changes

Here's an update on what's been happening in Congress this week:
I’m proud to serve on the Transportation and Infrastructure Rail Subcommittee as we work to improve rail service in our country.
During this week’s hearing, I asked about improving service on the Cardinal route, which runs between Indianapolis to Chicago. I’m pleased that returning to daily service is now being considered – which means it would be easier than ever to get from Nap Town and Chi Town. This week, we also announced new federal grants that will reduce travel times between Indianapolis and Chicago. I’ve recommended more funds for a stronger rail system each year, and I’ll keep fighting for better communities.
I was encouraged when Amtrak responded to my questions at the hearing with their recognition of the critical work at the Beech Grove rail maintenance facility in the 7th Congressional District. This facility employs Indianapolis residents and does critical safety and repair work to keep our nation running well. Over the years, there have been short-sighted proposals to down-size this facility, so a public commitment from Amtrak to increase support for the personnel and the vital work done here is long overdue.
It was a banner week for improving rail service in the Hoosier state and beyond. Rail is a job creator and bridges opportunity gaps. When we’re better connected, our country succeeds. I’ll keep advocating for improved inter-city passenger rail service for all.
This week, I joined my colleagues Congressman Greg Pence, Congressman Larry Bucshon, and Congresswoman Kim Schrier, to introduce the Bipartisan Diagnostics Testing Preparedness Plan Act.
But what are diagnostics, and what do they mean for public health?
Diagnostics can address a range of health issues, from infectious diseases and diabetes management to cancer and cardiac health. During the pandemic, it became more important than ever to use diagnostics to respond to the COVID-19 emergency as fast and effectively as possible.
But the pandemic also revealed gaps in diagnostics tests available in the US – including supply chain issues and reliance on foreign countries for materials, coordination between government agencies and diagnostics companies, and overall capacity to develop accurate, externally validated tests.
The Bipartisan Diagnostic Testing Preparedness Plan Act will streamline those processes by requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a plan to be used during public health emergencies. Whether it’s a bad flu season or the outbreak of a new infectious disease, my bill will ensure Indianapolis and cities across the country are better coordinated to respond to the world’s most serious health problems.
The Bipartisan Diagnostics Testing Preparedness Plan Act is endorsed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, AdvaMed, and Roche Diagnostics. Roche Diagnostics is headquartered in Indianapolis and leads the industry in developing diagnostic products for cancer, cardiac health, infectious diseases, women’s health, and diabetes management, while also employing over 10,000 employees across the country.
I’m honored to work with Roche Diagnostics as well as my Hoosier colleagues across the aisle on this important bill. I look forward to seeing it signed into law.
There are some changes coming to Medicaid. A recent report from the advocacy group Hoosier Action found that one in three Medicaid recipients was unaware that they even need to go through a redetermination this year in order to keep their coverage.
Are you or someone you know receiving Medicaid benefits? Not sure what these changes mean for you and your coverage? Our office can help. Reply to this message or give us a call at 317-283-6516 if you have any questions.
Success story of the week:
“I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in finding a resolution to our tax issue. We are happy to inform you that we have received the check. We have spent countless hours and money working with multiple tax professionals with no result. Your ability to cut through the red tape in such a relatively short time has been a blessing for us. Thank you so much for your public service.”
– District 7 Constituent
Need assistance navigating a federal agency, accessing benefits, or helping a community member recognize a milestone? We can help! Get in touch with our district office at 317-283-6516.
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2023.06.08 21:50 saucewafflescarbon Antelope Canyon Tours Viator Promo Code

Click the link for Antelope Canyon Tours Viator Promo Code. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.08 21:50 MyuFoxy How to use M/S and MPH to compare high velocity dryers

I couldn't find very much information on this, which is frustrating because the name brand dryers use CFM and the budget models use M/S or MPH. How do they even come up with these numbers? CFM seems the most clear, but the others, not so much. With numbers like 60 M/S and 134 MPH sounds amazing if not terrifying coming out of a 2 inch hose. That's 1030 CFM! Wow! Obviously not what's going on. To figure this out and maybe this will help someone else out, I did some work with an air flow calculator, because who is going to pull out formulas?
First, I established a baseline. The spec from the Flying Pig pro version would work for this. The advertised CFM is 240, the hose is 2 inches in diameter. Plug these into an air flow calculator. The one I used is here. Results are 13.97 M/S and 31.3 MPH. What! that is so much weaker than the budget models, how's is this possible? Hold on we know how much faster the cone nozzle speeds up drying over every other nozzle. The Flying Pig's nozzle reduces the diameter to 5/8 of an inch. What numbers do we get then? 143.06 M/S and 320 MPH Wow! Now it is so much stronger than the budget models, this must be wrong too. Well if we take the budget model and assume it is using the Flying Pig nozzle, what CFM does it have? 100.65 CFM, It's weak, but for a sub 100$ it is believable. Without the nozzle it would be 5.86 M/S out the hose, which is slow enough to be measured by an Anemometer. I have one coming in today because my curiosity is too much and I want to validate if this is right.
Start here if you just want to know how: If the above it right, to get M/S and MPH into CFM roughly. Find the diameter of the cone nozzle small end for the model you are looking at, or just assume 5/8 of an inch or 1.5 CM. Then plug the velocity number you have and the diameter selecting the round shape in this calculator and get some rough numbers to compare with.
For anyone who has used budget models around the 60 M/S 134 MPH power range and the Flying Pig. Does the Flying Pig feel like it has double the power or more? I currently don't have a Flying Pig to see for myself if the feel matches what the numbers say.
Last thought, finding a cone with a smaller opening might increase the performance of a weaker dryer noticeably. Going from a 1.5 cm to 1 cm opening brings the velocity of the budget model numbers above near the Flying Pig's numbers, assuming the fan can handle the static pressure. Something someone could try if they feel their current dryer doesn't have the velocity they need, but can't get a new system right now. Also, might be something to measure when comparing high-end models before investing.
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2023.06.08 21:49 nnickst3r Daughter drew a violent picture in preschool

I know this belongs to a parenting sub or something, but I don’t have the courage to post there as a trans parent.
My 6-year-old daughter’s preschool teacher called me and my ex in for an emergency meeting today. My daughter had drawn two pictures of a bloody hand with a knife through the wrist, and told a summer worker that she wants to stab the staff so they can all do what they want, apparently thinking it was funny.
My daughter is a sweet, happy, gentle, helpful little girl who loves princess stuff and kittens. She does not play violently, she does not watch anything violent or unsuitable for her age, we have never had any violence in the family and she has not been exposed to violence in any other way. She has never had any problems at school before, except for being a picky eater. Her teacher and the other workers were as shocked as we were, because this is just so out of character for her.
We talked to her about it (gently, just asking her why she wanted to draw something like that) and she said that it was because she just wanted to, because it’s fun. We told her that it’s not fun, it’s a scary picture and that it made us worried and she got very upset and cried. She said that two boys told her to draw something like that, then she said that a girl had been drawing something similar, then she said that there’s a story in preschool where someone gets a knife through their hand… I don’t know what to believe, but I just can’t imagine her saying that she wants to stab someone. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I can imagine her drawing the pics, if she saw something like that somewhere, or if she heard about something like that happening, but that definitely didn’t happen at home, so I don’t know.
In the meeting we just decided to talk about it at home and see if anything worrisome happens again, but I can’t help but panic. Is she unhappy? Have I gone somewhere terribly wrong? Am I a bad parent? Is she traumatized because of my transition? It’s a slow process—I go by a new name, she still calls me mama and I’m not on HRT yet. Nothing has really changed in our lives regarding transition except for my name, and she has been taking it all very well. Is the summer worker transphobic and trying to make me look like a bad parent by exaggerating the story? They know about my transition and use my new name at the school, and I couldn’t help but notice the cross necklace she had, and well… You know. I'm Christian too but I know how many of them are. Please say something comforting and get me out of this cycle of worry and self-doubt and overthinking, otherwise I’m not going to get an hour of sleep tonight. My daughter is at my ex’s now (as usual, she spends half of the week with him, we live very close to each other) and I’m a mess. I know deep down that I am a good, loving, stable parent, and that I haven’t done anything wrong, but I just don’t feel like it. My worst fear when starting transition was that I’d lose my daughter because of it, because people would see me as a bad parent.
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2023.06.08 21:49 reindeermuffinbeet Nordstrom Rack The Comfy Coupon Code

Click the link for Nordstrom Rack The Comfy Coupon Code. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.08 21:49 MiliTerry Thanks to all for Pistachio Ice Cream ideas

Thanks to all for Pistachio Ice Cream ideas
Wanted to Say thank you to everybody who gave me ideas as to where I could take my girlfriend for pistachio ice cream. It really made her day!! We went to Pittsford Dairy, I then took her to El pinon in the city for some Puerto Rican food. Now we're at the East view Mall while she shops and I people watch. Thanks to everyone!!
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2023.06.08 21:49 vr-txhch Phone Proximity Issue

Why is it that my Trunk won't open when I have my phone in my pocket and I have to take it out to open the trunk? Typically when it's raining or when I have a bunch of luggage.
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2023.06.08 21:49 Libra_lady_88 Made to feel bad about asking for an autism evaluation

So this is literally my first post on Reddit. I'm always on here reading things in various subs that I'm interested in and recently found this one during my journey. This might be long winded and I apologize ahead of time for that. I'm a 34 year old black mother of 5 kids. My kids are aged 13 years to 2months old. My two oldest children from my first marriage have ADHD and my younger one is currently being evaluated for autism. I have 3 younger kids with my current partner and our oldest is autistic with motor delays. All my kids that have had evaluations thus far are very smart and if my third child didn't have any motor delays his diagnosis might've been delayed like his older brothers. With that background, I have been experiencing a kind of awakening to myself after learning of my 3 year old's diagnosis. See, the questions on the parent forms for his checkups would always ask if I had concerns or things and for me I always thought what my children did or experienced were normal. I don't like certain loud sounds. I don't like a lot of touch. I have only so far actually liked one person's hug and I force myself to hug anyone else. I remind myself that children need hugs so I try to initiate that with my kids but it's not something I naturally do and it takes a lot for my internally to do it. I do love my kids I just have always been sensitive to touch and I recently learned as a kid I didn't like hugs and would often go to my room pretty early in the day. I force myself to maintain eye contact (I've now realized this is a trauma response from the number of times I would get slapped, hit, or yelled at for not being respectful and looking at my parent while they talked to me). I have to keep us on a very strict schedule because I start to feel very tense or anxious when the day runs longer than it should and it changes when my "quiet time" will start. I also have this thing where if I like the texture or feel of a particle clothing item, I will buy multiple of that. I have one brand of socks that I like and I have to wear socks inside. I can't stand feeling a crumb or dog hair on my foot. I went to an indoor water park and every barefoot step I took felt like I would explode from my stomach because I didn't like how the concrete felt on my bare feet. I have a very crazy photographic memory. I would go to class and couldn't learn well when I would realize the teacher would make mistakes or didn't know an answer or was wrong (things I realize now are human but it just would really bug me). I would then read the textbooks and materials myself instead of going to lecture and I graduated nursing school with As and Bs and that was with my 2 kids. In elementary school I was tested for Gifted and Talented and I enjoyed being challenged. When we moved to a different area, I was in honors and AP courses in high school but that area didn't challenge me so I gave minimal effort and focused on band and being involved in activities like cheerleading or tennis. I preferred band over the other activities but I knew it was expected of me to be involved and so I think I tried to do things that ultimately made me uncomfortable. I hated cheer and dance but with such a great photographic memory I pick up routines fairly easy and same for music with band. I can still feel the stomach queasiness I would get any time I had to perform in front of other people but I would push through and go home and retreat immediately to my room. My freshman year in college I was 17 then 18 and it was atrocious. I couldn't cope and would stop going to class halfway through. I was such a people pleaser I would not go to class because I thought if I say no then the one friend I was able to make wouldn't be my friend anymore. After the first semester I actually told my parents that I needed to come home and I wasn't doing alright I needed structure and routine. They made me go back and do the second semester. I did horrible and flunked both semesters. I also have a tendency to practice conversations prior to appointments or visits and I am usually able to stick to most of those talking points unless I'm cut off. If you've read this far, thank you. With all this information, I thought that maybe since the two kids that have and are suspected of being on the spectrum have different dads and I have an uncle with autism that maybe I might have been on the spectrum too and that's why I've always struggled with some things. I took a lot of online assessments and they all were very similar that it was highly likely I could be autistic. I found a place locally that evaluates adults for autism and took the self questionnaires and even asked my parents about my development as a child. Turns out I had delayed speech and walking but when I turned 3 I could finally talk a lot and was an early reader. Fast forward to the appointment and the psychologist was an older white male. The time with him was maybe 25 minutes at most. He asked my demographics and then stopped me at I have 5 kids and I work as a nurse. I said yes I understand that can be a lot for some people and it is a lot but that isn't what has been an issue even before having them. I told him what little bit I could get out before he just focused on the current life stressors and he never asked about my light, sound, and touch sensitivities (which I later kicked myself for not bringing up while I replayed the conversation in my head when I got home). He also made comments that were discouraging about how he worked in California back in the 80s with colleagues and was instrumental in autism diagnoses back then (which is the only reason race was mentioned by me). He also said I'm "competent" and it's very unlikely I am autistic and to "be glad [I] don't have to deal with that diagnosis." Again, I have (sometimes unfortunately) a very vivid photographic memory and things play out as a movie in my head often. We never touched on the repeated random phrases or songs I fit into conversations when I'm not actively masking at work. I didn't even know other people don't do that until my son's doctor mentioned echolalia and I thought "but I do that all the time. How would I have known that wasn't typical." I got my results and he gave a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. He said my SRS scores were very high but it didn't match with my presentation and life history. He also didn't include my results from the photograph testing I did that I struggled with. I researched the test immediately when I left because I struggled so badly and didn't understand what was wanted from me. When presented with the pictures I was supposed to tell a story. I struggled with each photograph trying to understand what a person in a picture could be feeling. How would I know? I'm not there. I don't know their story or what was going on prior. I resorted to "There's a man and a woman and I guess maybe he is trying to leave and so he leaves." Things like that. He didn't include it at all in the report and that was the one I was most curious about. He also told me he wasn't going to put me through an ADOS because again I'm "competent." Never mind the fact that I had a full burnout last year when I had major life changes to my regular schedule and the only other times I have had those have been similar to that. I'm just at a loss. I feel like I should get a second opinion but I'm not sure how to go about vetting an appropriate provider. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.08 21:49 _DisappointingPotato I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this loved in my life

*apologies for format, on mobile
Yesterday I (19F) had a bad accident while out hiking. I landed in the ER for ~5 hours where I had to get 14 stitches in one side of my face (with the rest of that half being covered in scratches and bruising). I also totalled one of my knees and can barely move it, though I’m able to walk. I was diagnosed with a concussion, and had to have a CT scan to look for skull fractures which THANKFULLY came back clear
Now for the happy part
My dog (11F pug,shihtzu,beagle mix) has always been really independent. In fact, she acts more like a cat than a dog most of the time. She isn’t cuddly or needy, and honestly, isn’t that big on being pet (unless it’s scratching the base of her tail) but does go through short phases once in a while of being super attached. Her tail always used to be curled, but now that she’s gotten older, it’s usually down
Now, after my injuries, she won’t leave me alone. She won’t take her eyes off me. Every time I look at her she curls her tail and starts wagging it. This is the most agitated I’ve ever seen her, all because she’s constantly trying to find a better position to sit closer to mr without laying on any injuries. Now that I’ve been hurt, she won’t leave my side, and it feels so amazing that she cares this much. Anytime I stop petting her or looking at her she’ll whine quietly and push against me. For her to go from independent and seemingly uncaring, to this needy worried mess completely melts my heart. I love her so much. And it feels so amazing to feel like she loves me
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2023.06.08 21:49 Maximum_Ad_4650 People in my area are complete jerks and it sucks to need help.

Hey, I just needed to vent a little and I feel like people here tend to be pretty decent and supportive so here goes. Apologies for mobile formatting issues as per usual. Sorry it's long.
My brother stopped by my house for dinner and his parked vehicle was completely totaled by a drunk/high driver fleeing from police a few days ago. This is his work vehicle. He is self employed. He also just bought it in January for cash with help from our whole family pooling resources. This wasn't an expensive truck, we literally pooled our resources and came up with several thousand to help him get an old truck so he wouldn't be completely f'ed after his old work truck died.
So that was in January and his truck just got totaled by this jerk on Monday. The insurance company is refusing to even look at my brother's car until they get a police report, and the police are estimating it won't be ready for 5 weeks since there are ongoing investigations regarding this guy and the wreck I guess? He tried to run from the wreck and detectives have been sniffing around so it seems like more than just a traffic accident.
Anyway, the end result is my brother is without a work vehicle and is in the middle of his biggest job of the year that will make or break whether he can pay bills, afford to live, etc. My family is really struggling to make our own bills and we already put what we could towards the now totaled truck in January. He can't wait the 5-8 weeks they're telling him to be able to replace his truck. It would literally cost him his business to do so. So he needs to rent something immediately or buy something fast while this all gets worked out.
After some deliberation and out of desperation he decided to try a Go F*ndMe campaign to help raise some funds to replace his truck ASAP. I posted it on my Nextdoor app since it happened in our yard and wrote out an explanation similar but shorter to what I explained above. I've seen other people ask for help and things and it seems like you get the community rallying to support others often.
Guys. Guys. The comments there are completely awful. It's literally all comments about how so and so got their stuff resolved really quickly and got a check for their car almost immediately. Or comments like "insurance should pay for it". No Sht. Basically all comments are insinuating that I'm lying. It's just so disheartening. I don't like asking for help. I was just trying to support my brother. It sucks knowing everyone around here are basically a bunch of suspicious aholes that can do nothing but respond with condescension. Not even an "omg that is terrible, glad everyone is alive!" Literally just responses calling me a liar in so many words.
I know it was probably dumb to expect anything different. It just really sucks when people are terrible and condescending when you're feeling stressed and desperate. That's all. Thanks for listening.
P.S. I just want to say that I am in no way going to plug the Go F*ndMe. I know we are all in the same boat here in this sub, I just wanted a nicer place to tell the story to someone understanding or at least not as mean about it.
Extra info: Despite the wreck being super awful (other SUV ended up taking out a large tree down the street and was on fire) the guy walked out (well, attempted to evade capture) and no one was seriously hurt.
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2023.06.08 21:48 Ok-Software5471 My parents and sibling are abusing me by saying “you are disabled you should not argue with us on anything and you should take whatever we say you “ they are basically trying to realize me that you are disabled you are going to be dependent on us in future so you should tolerate whatever we say.

I have always done all my works alone even i drive to my school when i was in highschool i also moved to another city alone i settled thr got job and started doing it suddenly i started feeling more pain (although i have scoliosis from the age of 14 now i am 24) from two months i observed that my curve is growing and i got checked up its 46 now doctor said you need to be operated my bones are weak its going to get worse, so i started sharing my problems to my parents from past few months before that i never even said that i feel pain i have problem. They are rich enough to get me operated and as i have just started my job i dont have enough money. My younger brother is also abusive towards me he said that we dont have money for surgery dont bother us. And they are trying to make me feel low as i have scoliosis. What should i do? If i didnt had surgery it will get bad. My family is not supporting me even trying to make me feel low because i am disabled.
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