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2023.06.08 10:47 Hungry-Pen-11 Shocked by the Overton window of sugar consumption in the US

Shocked by the Overton window of sugar consumption in the US
I recently bought a juicer, so I was looking for a lemonade recipe searching it in English on Google. Most recipes called for 1 entire cup of sugar for every 1 liter of lemonade 🤮. I was like "Oh my God, if lemonade really takes this much sugar then I can't have it! This is basically poison!".
Then I searched in a common continental European language and found that most recipes called for only 2 or 3 spoons of sugar for every liter.
How can you guys even enjoy a drink so sugary? Don't you feel like you're killing yourselves?
From this, I conclude the real reason for the obesity epidemic among Americans is probably their horrible alimentary habits, not the fake food deserts that don't even exist in 3rd world countries and the fake "McDoNaLdS cOsTs lEsS tHaN hEaLtHy FoOd" bullshit (Have you heard of dry grains? Did you know that you can make a healthy dish without including nuts and berries and 10 different types of veggies?).
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2023.06.08 10:47 SecGenSol "Future-Proof Your 5G Network with SecGen: Unmatched Security

As the world embraces the transformative power of 5G technology, safeguarding your network from emerging threats is critical. SecGen offers cutting-edge 5G Security solutions to protect your network infrastructure, data, and user privacy. With SecGen's expertise and advanced technologies, you can confidently deploy and operate your 5G network, knowing that security is our top priority.
Key Features of SecGen's 5G Security Solutions:
  1. End-to-End Security: Our comprehensive approach ensures security across the entire 5G ecosystem, from core network elements to user devices, protecting against unauthorized access and data breaches.
  2. Network Slice Security: Safeguard individual network slices with tailored security measures, ensuring isolation and protection of critical resources within multi-tenant environments.
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2023.06.08 10:47 ScottishDodo You know the drill

Im sure youve heard this request 50 times already but:
survival (maybe open world) similar to terraria, minecraft modded, starbound, factorio, subnautica, valheim, etc.
I feel like ive played all the of the ones that usually get recommended so im wondering if there are any other ones out there
Exploration being a big part, I want to feel like i can just keep exploring more and more and discover more and more. Also multiple branches of progress and horizontal + vertical progression if possible (i.e. different classes or the sort)
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2023.06.08 10:47 notaraan 23 M looking to make genuine connections

Hey there, I know that there are some cool people out there on Reddit, so go ahead and shoot me a dm :D
A few hobbies of mine include photography & music. I’m not really sure how to elaborate further on that; I do enjoy taking pictures of anything I find pretty and well my taste in music spans various different genres, which include: indie, edm, pop, kpop, jrock, random movie soundtracks & classical but I am always looking to expand my tastes and discover new music. I do want to learn to play the piano too someday (hopefully sometime soon). Shoot me a few recommendations, I’d love to check em out! Oh, I also love trying out foods from cultures around the world and learning about said cultures so if you live abroad or if you like learning about other cultures yourself: bonus points. For the record, I myself am from Canada.
Oh, and ideally this would be a long-term sort of thing, I’m open to getting to know someone else entirely and vice versa. That means that I’d love to share not only our accomplishments but also our failures with each other and hopefully we’d feel comfortable enough to help each other through them. But of course, let’s not force anything if we don’t bond. Hope to chat with some of yall :)
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2023.06.08 10:47 kokuluayak It feels like I know what this is but I dont

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2023.06.08 10:46 AnybodyOk9131 How can I move my capital outside of the HRE?

Doing a true one tag one faith run atm, I'm emperor of the HRE and am trying to move my capital to the new world but it won't let me because my capital has to be in the HRE.
How can I move my capital outside of the HRE?
Would passing the last HRE reform and abandon the vassal swarm allow me to move my capital?
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2023.06.08 10:46 AliEvans The world has need of song and sword - Patricia Briggs.

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2023.06.08 10:46 nikkomercado An Algorithm that Detects if Player is in a Hurry

I don't think the reason some people hate RDR2's slow looting animations is because it's "realistic." I think the problem has to do with the fact that in real life if you're hurrying, you move faster. In RDR it's the lack of control of the speed you do things. You're in a hurry to get to a place or to escape the cops but Arthur is chill in taking items from dead bodies. That is NOT realistic.
A good idea would be an algorithm that analyzes player's button smash frequency and/or joystick movements where if it detects that player is in a hurry to do something, a faster (rushing) animation plays of looting a body for example or opening a car door. If player is relaxed and is enjoying the little details of the world like how a lot of us play GTA at times where we just wanna take in the world and immerse ourselves in the mundane nature of things, Jason or Lucia can open the door like a normal person. The character's current mood adapts to the player's current mood, preventing annoyance & the feeling of disconnection.
This would easily make the game look more dynamic and "realistic." Truly realistic.
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2023.06.08 10:46 Gunhoo What's happening this weekend in SF:

Hey guys, I have a weekly routine of going through all the events that are happening in the coming weekend - and then sending out the 5 coolest ones to my friends. Thought I could share it here as well.
Get this as a weekly email update:
5 coolest events this weekend:

15th Annual Golden Gate Park Bank

The Friends of the Golden Gate Park Band Festival is an annual two-day festival where live concert bands from all over Northern California come together to celebrate the rich history of the Golden Gate Park Band and promote public interest in San Francisco’s greatest musical treasure.
Come to celebrate the arts, enjoy fantastic music in an extraordinary historic setting in beautiful Golden Gate Park and show your support for community bands making great music that resonates powerfully in its purest form: live and free of electric amplification.
The festival is 100% free to attend.

Comedians with Criminal Records

Crime is no laughing matter in San Francisco… unless it’s Comedians with Criminal Records – a unique showcase of professional comics who’ve had troubles with the law in the past.
In addition to an hilarious comedy set, you’ll also hear the back-story of the comedian and the crime they committed and how stand-up comedy (hopefully) helped get them back on the straight and narrow.
And it all takes place at the historic Mayes Oyster House, one of the most historic bars on Polk Street and the perfect start to an insanely fun night of bar hopping.

Bouquets to Art 2023

Now in its 39th year, Bouquets to Art is an annual floral celebration that lets you engage with the de Young’s expansive collections in new ways.
Over 100 leading floral designers return to the galleries this summer to showcase innovative botanical arrangements inspired by museum masterworks. From striking sculptural creations throughout the galleries to a majestic hanging installation in Wilsey Court, inspiration waits around every corner.
Don’t miss the exciting opening night or luxury raffle. Head home with a fresh arrangement from the flower cart, and take part in engaging lectures with renowned designers and authors happening throughout the week.

DJ Party: Battle of the Decades

Monroe in North Beach hosts “Battle of the Decades” DJ party and happy hour every Friday with a DJ spinning progressive tunes. Every hour is a different decade – with drink prices to match – $1 drinks during ’60s hour, $2 drinks during ’70s hour, and so on.
There’s a live DJ, two rooms and an outdoor patio.

Dance Fridays: Salsa Night

Join Dance Fridays for vibrant salsa and bachata lessons starting 8p every Friday. Enjoy a unique dance venue with massive dance floors, multiple rooms, and live salsa bands monthly.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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2023.06.08 10:46 Sufficient_Leather52 Saint Rampal Ji Quotes

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2023.06.08 10:46 SourcerBot Ukraine dam: Maps and before and after images reveal scale of disaster

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-07 at 17:35, this article is written by the visual journalism & bbc verify teams and published by bbc news. (2 minutes)
Save 2 minutes of reading with this summary:
Satellite images show how much water has already spread downriver from the Kakhovka dam to the city of Kherson about 75km (45 miles) to the west. The dam is next to the city of Nova Kakhovka, in the Kherson region, and holds back a reservoir that is so huge locals call it the Kakhovka Sea - because you cannot see the opposite bank in certain places. The Ukrainian authorities have released a list of settlements they want people to leave and details of some where rescue teams have been working on the west side of the river, while Russian-installed authorities have given details of places they say are flooded on the side of the river they control.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: BBC News (2023-05-21 at 23:10) Ukraine war: Satellite images reveal Russian defences before major assault BBC News (2023-05-21 at 23:10) Ukraine war: Satellite images reveal Russian defences before major assault Financial Times (2023-06-06 at 11:54) Floods hit Ukraine after Kakhovka dam breached
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2023.06.08 10:45 Marv_Dzi new episode THE WORLD OF LEGENDS Alise's Story EN/DE. link in comments

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2023.06.08 10:45 Kavithavinod Ayurvedic Skincare Rituals For Radiant And Glowing Skin

In today's fast-paced world, where stress, pollution, and hectic lifestyles have become the norm, taking care of our skin has become more important than ever. While there are countless skincare products available in the market, many individuals are turning to Ayurvedic skincare rituals to achieve radiant and glowing skin naturally. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic system of medicine, emphasizes the balance between mind, body, and spirit. Incorporating Ayurvedic skincare rituals into your daily routine can help rejuvenate your skin, promote overall well-being, and restore the natural radiance of your complexion.

Understand Your Dosha:

According to Ayurveda, everyone has a unique combination of three doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Determining your dominant dosha can help you choose skincare rituals and products that suit your specific needs. Vata skin tends to be dry and prone to wrinkles, Pitta skin is sensitive and prone to redness or inflammation, while Kapha skin tends to be oily and prone to congestion. Understanding your dosha can guide you in selecting the right ingredients and practices for your skincare routine.

Abhyanga - The Art of Self-Massage:

Abhyanga, or self-massage with warm oil, is a key Ayurvedic skincare ritual. Choose a nourishing oil such as sesame, coconut, or almond oil and warm it slightly. Massage your body using long, sweeping strokes before bathing to enhance circulation, remove toxins, and deeply moisturize the skin. This ritual not only nourishes the skin but also calms the mind and promotes relaxation.

Cleansing with Natural Ingredients:

Ayurveda advocates the use of natural ingredients for cleansing the skin. Replace harsh chemical-based cleansers with gentle, herbal alternatives. For Vata skin, opt for moisturizing ingredients like rose, sandalwood, or aloe vera. Pitta skin benefits from cooling ingredients such as cucumber, neem, or mint. Kapha skin benefits from cleansers containing lemon, turmeric, or honey, which help balance oil production. These natural cleansers help remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Exfoliation with Ubtan:

Ubtan, a traditional Ayurvedic herbal paste, is an excellent natural exfoliant. Mix a combination of ingredients like chickpea flour, turmeric, milk, and rosewater to create a paste. Gently massage this paste onto your face and body in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and promote a radiant complexion. Ubtan also improves blood circulation and helps with detoxification.

Ayurvedic Face Masks:

Ayurvedic face masks provide deep nourishment and rejuvenation for the skin. Use ingredients such as turmeric, honey, yogurt, and aloe vera to create masks that suit your skin type. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, honey moisturizes the skin, yogurt exfoliates and brightens, while aloe vera soothes and heals. Apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Regular use of these masks can help improve skin texture and restore its natural glow.

Herbal Teas and Hydration:

Hydration is essential for healthy, glowing skin. Ayurveda recommends sipping herbal teas throughout the day to support digestion, detoxification, and overall skin health. Herbal teas like chamomile, jasmine, or mint can help calm the mind, reduce inflammation, and purify the skin from within.


Ayurvedic skincare rituals offer a holistic approach to achieving radiant and glowing skin. By embracing natural ingredients, self-care practices, and understanding
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2023.06.08 10:45 No_Jellyfish2974 The World of Recruitment is Shifting to Freelance Recruiters

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2023.06.08 10:45 learnowintern Technical Training Programs

Technical training programs are an important part of career development and staying competitive in a changing economy. Professional development courses in technology, computers, and software can give you the tools and knowledge to stay current and stay a step ahead in today's business world. In a rapidly evolving industry, technical training can give you the technical know-how to stay ahead of the game.

From software engineering and cloud computing to network security and AI, technology has a wide range of career options, and the right technical training can help you gain the specific skills and certifications that employers are looking for. Professional development courses can also give you the extra boost you need to stay ahead and reach new career levels.

Training programs are designed to help professionals and organizations stay ahead of the ever-changing industry by staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies. Employers seek professionals with a broad base of knowledge in their respective field and reliable expertise. Technical training can give IT professionals and other industry professionals the leadership, performance, and problem-solving skills necessary to stand out in their future careers.
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2023.06.08 10:45 AZ-Technologie Start earning money Today!

Unearth Hidden Treasures and Make Money Today! 💰🔍 Discover the World of Metal Detecting and Cash In on Your Finds! 💎✨Click Here to Find Out How!
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2023.06.08 10:44 shayney13 Came to Broadway from Down Under! 7 shows in 6 days!

Came to Broadway from Down Under! 7 shows in 6 days!
I was super lucky to be able to visit Broadway for the second time in my life (never thought it would ever be possible!) - I will give a quick rundown of the shows I saw and what I thought!

Thursday 25th May - &Juliet - 9/10
I got Rush tickets for &Juliet which were front row and honestly not too bad! I almost didn’t see this however had watched a slime tutorial back from when it was on the west end and had loved it and even though I have just moved to Aus from NZ and will hopefully be able to see it here I wanted to go into the tony’s seeing most of the nominated shows. The cast were excellent - especially betsy Wolfe and Melanie La Barrie and it’s just such a fun show! I’m not usually a huge fan of Jukebox musicals but I love the book of &Juliet and think it’s just very clever. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but also doesn’t feel like the songs are just chucked in there. I got to stage door and met most of the cast too who were all lovely!

Friday 26th May - Funny Girl - 8/10
Was great to see Lea Michele on broadway and she was absolutely phenomenal! I really enjoyed the show, thought the cast was great, I quite liked the story and the music as well so overall really enjoyed it. I got to meet Lea at stage door and she signed my playbill :)

Saturday 27th May - Kimberly Akimbo - 10/10
I was absolutely blown away by this show. It was hilarious and heartbreaking and the show that has stuck with me the most from this trip. The character depth, the themes, and the plot were all fantastic. I loved the score and the cast so much too. I had to stage door after my final Saturday show because I didn’t have time after my three show day but I got to meet Victoria, Bonnie, Justin, and Steve who were all lovely. I really hope this show sweeps the Tony’s because it’s phenomenal.

Saturday 27th May - Titanique - 8.5/10
This show was hilarious. I laughed so so so much. It was a great story, and a great time at the theatre. I don’t feel the score added much but maybe because I didn’t know all of the Celine Dion songs some things may have gone over my head. Overall an absolute blast!!

Saturday 27th May - Some Like it Hot - 8/10
I really enjoyed this show, despite not having super high expectations. This felt like a Broadway show, the dancing, the sets, everything about it was super well done. The cast were great and I enjoyed the story and found myself laughing a fair bit. I’m a big fan of SMASH so felt a little let down by the score - some of the songs felt like SMASH rejects or just blended in with each other but there were definitely some standouts. Overall a very very fun show! After rushing to the booth theatre to stage door there, I was able to come back and met Adrianna Hicks who was so lovely and J Harrison Ghee who looked like they would rather be anywhere else than there lol.

Side note: Three show day was hectic but doable! Even though KA started a little late I was still able to make it to Titanique, pee, and have plenty of time before it started (especially because it also started late) and then make it back for SLIH.

Sunday 28th May - Shucked - 8.5/10
I think I had my hopes a little too high for this show and ended up getting let down a little. On paper this show is right up my alley because I love the songwriters and country music (especially Kacey Musgrave’s, Maren Morris etc). Overall I enjoyed the story of this show, but I think the absolute high point is the score which I don’t hear many people talking about. I definitely may be biased because I love the songwriters but I adored the score it is absolutely beautiful. Alex Newell was phenomenal as well! I think the rest of the cast were also fantastic!
I think it was funny but no where near way funnier than most of what else I’d seen on Broadway and the other shows didn’t have to rely on one liners to do it. When Shucked was funny, it was funny, but when it fell flat you could tell. I don’t think this is inherently an issue but when it’s marketed as being the funniest show on Broadway, I was expecting it to be funnier than Kimberly Akimbo and SLIH which it was slightly, but not enough.
I don’t think this is an issue with the show, as much as my expectations and overall I had a blast and have Walls, woman of the world, friends, and independently owned on REPEAT. I was also very tired as had had a busy morning and was also stressed about getting to Taylor Swift after the show so that may have added to me not being in the best headspace for the show!
I stage doored and got to meet Kevin Cahoon who was lovely, Grey Hanson, also lovely and Traci Elaine Lee who played Maizy and was FANTASTIC!

Monday 29th May - Got to see 54 sings Kelly Clarkson which was iconic. My two loves, theatre and Kelly Clarkson coming together was amazing. And bucket list moment to go to 54 below!

Wednesday 31st May - Parade 8.5/10
Not sure why I picked the saddest show to end my trip, but I really enjoyed Parade. Michaela and Ben were phenomenal, as were the rest of the cast and the show was heartbreaking but wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Surprised this was the show that had the worst audience behaviour, people on phones, as soon as the show ended two 60ish year olds were prepping to get in a fight, all very distracting :(.

Overall I had an absolutely amazing trip and felt so privileged to get to see all these shows!! (Also got to see Ham4Ham with SLIH, Shucked, and Parade!!!


Bonus: My shows from my last US trip

Dear Evan Hansen 10/10 - Saw this two weeks before it closed - had been wanting to watch it for forever and I absolutely loved it and wasn’t let down. I know the show has it’s critics but honestly I love it.

Hadestown 10/10 - Loved this show so so so much don’t know what else to say

The devil wears Prada (in Chicago) - 5/10 - Honestly don’t remember much, the music wasn’t very memorable and the show was ‘fine’ I guess. Hopefully they’ve managed to make some changes!

Mean Girls tour in Houston - 6.5/10 I enjoyed the show when I wasn’t incredibly anxious I was getting permanent hearing damage from how loud the sound was. Nothing crazy to write home about but I enjoyed it!

The Prom on tour in LA (twice) 9/10 - I love this show so much - it was beautiful, hilarious, so much fun. You could tell the budget for the tour wasn’t too high because the sets were pretty lacklustre but I loved this wee show and the cast were amazing.
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2023.06.08 10:44 DouglasAWinthrop If an Investigation is unsolved, and the entire world is chasing the clues, with experts and amateurs alike, what could possibly be the problem? Was it the perfect crime or the oddest circumstances? How about the oddest circumstances resulting in chasing the wrong face! Zodiac Person of Interest.

If an Investigation is unsolved, and the entire world is chasing the clues, with experts and amateurs alike, what could possibly be the problem? Was it the perfect crime or the oddest circumstances? How about the oddest circumstances resulting in chasing the wrong face! Zodiac Person of Interest. submitted by DouglasAWinthrop to StoneCaay [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:44 rettoJR1 Problem with a flatmate (randoms)

A pretext
Said Tennant (J) was playing loud music past midnight, I video recorded them doing (within my rights) they're mad
The have as of 30 minutes ago vaguely threatened and attempted intimidation me with phrases such as:
Btw I have all this on voice recording
the last guy tried something like that and now his gone
The last real estate agent didn't like me now she's gone
Do you also record children? ( big one as we live within 300m of 2 schools and 3 daycares
I'm going to report this to the realestate agent. I don't think I need to or can call the police but should I? And should I send the recording to the agent?
One final thing a month ago he eas off his head singing on the road on the chair and the police pulled up and didn't detain him and talked to him
The tennat J themselves has admitted to this on recording and that its not the only time, dunno what I do with that information, they seem mentally unstable
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2023.06.08 10:44 AutoNewsAdmin [Health] - World’s most endangered porpoise hangs on, avoiding extinction in Mexico’s Gulf of California

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2023.06.08 10:44 WesternSol I gotta talk about space dandy season 1

I just finished it, and was absolutely blown away. This is one of the few 10/10 shows I've ever seen. There is no overarching plot, but the setting is consistent each episode. Each vignette was unique, wholesome, thought-provoking, and either funny or sad as all hell. I'd definitely suggest a watch, and if you don't want to be spoiled I'd stop now. I'm going to focus on my 2 favorite episodes, which just so happen to be the really sad emotional ones (go figure).
But before that, I want to talk about the setting and tone. Its located in the future in space, where aliens and FTL/warp are common sites. The setting is deceptively light, with an optimistic retro throwback japanese hooligan style papering over a world with some rather dark facets. Even though there's a diverse range of aliens, not all of them are friendly (and the government is not friendly to all of them), and sometimes it can be difficult to tell who. There is rampant use of AI which is shown later to be essentially robo-slavery. And there is an intergalactic war occurring in the background.
With this in mind, lets start with episode 5. What makes this episode so powerful is the soundtrack. Let me explain: Dandy is essentially a space bounty hunter. He looks for new and/or dangerous species and (in the case of the former) abducts them to be recorded or (in the case of the latter) detained by the government (they never discuss what happens after that). To be honest, the system is never explained that well, for example there are lots of places where they "know" there are undiscovered species, which doesn't really make any sense considering said species are undiscovered. But anyway, this episode, Dandy hunts an alien from the dangerous list that can put peoples consciousnesses in other peoples bodies. The catch is this one is a little girl who has lost her only parent to a disease. This species is famously insular because the government and people who want to use them hunt them down, so this little girl has literally no one to turn to. She doesn't exactly come quietly, but she doesn't resist too much, and offers to allow Dandy to arrest her if he'll take her to her grandpa's old place before taking her to jail.
Its your typical lone wolf and cub story, where they start to care about each other because of their close proximity while traveling. He takes her to restaurants, the carnival, the movies, etc. The scenes themselves all seem to be rather happy, but the music is not. The lyrics that play over the montage ask "Is this a sad thing? Is this a delightful thing? I'll go check it out and then I want to show you, so please wait for me." Because this represents the girls inner monologue. She never got the chance to do anything fun with her mother, so she doesn't know whether to be sad that she's gone or happy to have these experiences. It also displays her hookup on the mother "leaving her behind". The thing that it reminded me of immediately was JJK when Sukuna tells the Lava dude that "he doesn't know what emotions/tears are either", but this is so much more effective because of the contradiction between the music and the scene and its sincerity instead of making the character say something cool and edgy. It ends happily eventually but I don't want to spoil anymore.
Lastly, lets talk about episode 12. This episode revolves around Dandy's AI vacuum QT falling in love with a coffee making robot at a coffee shop. The episode starts with the Narrator telling us that for robots, keeping memory usage low is important. Immediately followed by QT saying "The universe is full of waste. Particularly wasteful are the emotions felt by living beings, such as 'love' and 'affection'" When the trio goes to get coffee, QT becomes infatuated with the coffee maker after hearing her laugh. He keeps coming in, buying things, and making himself useful to go see her even though no one on the crew drinks coffee, least of all him. As a robot, if his circuits get wet, its over. Eventually his room on the ship is full of coffee stuff.
She tells him that she's jealous that he can move around. As a coffee maker she's static and can't explore anywhere. Later that night, he steals her and takes her around the town exploring as a "date". Around this time she begins to malfunction, and is thrown away to a floating trash heap with all the other broken (read, emotional) AI appliances. QT learns about this and goes to save her, where he learns that she loved the cash register the whole time, and that most of the robots left in the trash heap, not her but including the register, plan to combine into a death robot and destroy the city . She asks QT to stop the register from joining the death robot so he'll be safe, and QT fights the giant robot and stops it from destroying the city, but takes major damage in the process. The episode ends with a busted up QT sitting in his now remarkably coffee-free room. Aside from a single cup. He recites the mantra from the last paragraph and downs the cup, killing himself.
I love this episode because it touches on the AI ethics, which always touches on the "What defines the human experience" question. Its clear that the AI are almost (if not just) as sentient as humans are. And that despite that they are treated as tools or slaves rather than people. Dandy is incapable of cleaning up after himself or refueling his own ship without QT. I mean just the concept of being literally chained to your job and unable to physically move from your employment location is thought provoking. The episode also touches on difficulties dating and finding love. But what really got me was that mantra and the ending. The repeated mantra is meant to be ironic after a fashion, after all, it was QTs "love and affection" for the coffee maker that compelled him to save the city. But it also reaffirms that his beliefs have not changed due to his experience, and that, having felt and been let down by these feelings, he doesn't want to live anymore. It reminds me of Fraudrin in the Seven Deadly Sins saying "I don't want to understand". The "I'm too stuck to change and I just want it to be over already".
All in all, either of these episodes could've been well respected OVA's in their own right, and I highly recommend that people check out Space Dandy. They wont regret it.
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2023.06.08 10:44 AidVnDoesReddit Is “Notion Mastery - Notion Training Course By Marie Poulin” beneficial for beginners?

Discover the transformative power of Notion, the all-in-one productivity tool, with Notion Mastery - Notion Training Course By Marie Poulin. In this comprehensive course, Marie Poulin, a renowned expert in productivity and Notion, guides you through mastering Notion's capabilities to optimize your personal and professional life.
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Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, or professional, Notion Mastery equips you with the tools to effectively manage tasks, projects, and information, all within a single intuitive platform. From organizing your personal life to optimizing team workflows, Notion becomes your productivity sanctuary.
With Notion Mastery, you'll learn how to create dynamic databases, implement advanced features, and design visually appealing dashboards. Marie Poulin's expertise and engaging teaching style ensure you grasp the concepts effortlessly and apply them in real-world scenarios.
Notion Mastery empowers you to:
  1. Create custom templates and databases to suit your unique needs.
  2. Automate repetitive tasks and enhance your efficiency.
  3. Collaborate seamlessly with teams and streamline communication.
  4. Build a centralized knowledge hub for storing and accessing information.
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