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2023.04.02 07:26 chronic-venting Trauma symptoms caused by childhood abuse

Early symptoms (childhood and teenage years):
Later symptoms, can develop anytime after puberty, can be in 20s or 30s or even 50s:
If you struggle(d) with 5 or more of the early ones, or 5 or more of the later ones, you've been dealing with trauma.
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2023.04.02 07:23 stare_at_the_sun How to it to tell my (30F) roommate to mind her business (50F)? Am I being petty?

I have lived with her for a handful of months. Things got off to a good start, but tonight my laundry list of red flags was brought up when I was in the bath.
I’m relaxing and suddenly she is at the closed door asking why I’m taking one if I’d already showered? I told her that’s a weird question. She asks how it is and says she heard I already showered. I like to do that before bathing. She says I never take baths (she does daily). I stopped replying because I didn’t know what to say…. I was just trying to relax.
She goes on to ask if I’m staying the night and I said I’m not sure. I’d just gotten home. Usually we let each other know when we come and go, for privacy’s sake of having boyfriends over and stuff.
I was already having somewhat petty thoughts prior to this. She’d said she would give me a letter of recommendation for something important and just never got around to it. It’s an easy task in my eyes and she never felt like it when Id bring it up. I know that’s my problem but she knows my situation and while she doesn’t owe me anything, I’ve gone out of my way for her on other occasions.
Again, I know I am being immature. The reason it bothers me is because then she writes me a text about the soap I use that was paragraphs long and probably would have taken as long as writing the letter that would have got me the job I need (you need a handful of letters to get it and I don’t know many people to ask - plus she offered).
Well, after that happened I realized she must think very little of me. She knows i have been low and to interrupt me in a moment of trying to get peace is like the straw that broke the camel's back.
There have been few red flags with her, but i usually only look at my own and others tend to use that to their advantage. She has had questionable behaviors. One being having me put my deposit down after showing me the washer and implying it was for both of us to use (said she’d show me how to use it when viewing the place). Once I moved in she said I couldn’t.
Still, I’ve been letting her use my vacuum that costs as much. My pettiness has wanted me to revoke that privilege. I’m not really sure what a rational person would do, but I want to tell her to mind her business and also take away anything communal I’ve offered. My rent covers cleaning supplies, but I doubt she’d take those away in return since I’m the only one who uses them.
I know the logical thing would be getting out asap, but I’ve stayed this long since it’s month to month until I have paystubs and find the perfect place.
Part of me wants to keep the peace, the other half wants to express my true emotions. I don’t know if I’m being dramatic, but I do know I’ve had the warning signals go off in my brain before about others with similar behaviors. I have my own set of red flags and she’s been tolerant, but that’s more to do with depression and less to do with being nosey.
Sorry for the rant. I took an edible.
TLDR: roommate drama
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2023.04.02 07:21 Loose_Performance_23 I (25M) have possible separation anxiety from GF (20F).

So we are both in the military, and have been dating for about a month. We met in tech school (job training) and spent every single day together. We’ve grown very close and I’d go as far as to say we are falling in love really quick. She graduated and went to her base in Alaska. I’m still stuck here in the lower 48 states for another month, and after this I’ll be going to Virginia. We both will be at our duty stations for about 3 years. We have the same job so there’s a possibility of us seeing each other for work, but the odds are slim.
Since she’s left, I have had what I believe is separation anxiety. When I’m in class and she’s at work, I’m constantly thinking about her and wishing I was talking to her. Whenever she goes out, I basically sit in my room alone waiting for her to get back so I can FaceTime her. I don’t really care to go out on my free time. She’s offered to stay home and talk to me instead of going out with friends but I don’t think it’s fair that her social life has to come to a halt because of me.
How do you suggest I deal with this in a health way? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.04.02 07:20 JB8501 Why am I so lonely? Why can't I have any luck with women?

I am a man, and I've been single for nearly my whole life now. Back in high school nearly everyone had boyfriends or girlfriends but I didn't. I was shy and afraid of being rejected. A few years ago I decided that I should go out more often and hopefully meet a woman. You know the one you want to connect to, and to fall in love with, get married and have a family with. But nothing happened. On one Valentine's Day weekend I went to a restaurant where they were hosting a Valentine's Singles Night. But when I got there, their were still people there with last minute Dinner reservations. So I waited at the bar, had a few beers, and water (still driving). I see some people enter with a DJ booth (for the event), some women where there too, and some couples leaving after dinner. As the DJ was already set up and playing music, there were Still some couples eating their dinner and some where not leaving, and the host of the event can't proceed until they all leave. I'm just at the bar watching and waiting, not enough people showed up and not enough of the dinner couples leaving. So I decided to just leave. Very disappointing that was. I've tried online dating but some websites and apps weren't cheap. You have to pay "This Much" in order to see or view your matches. That sucks, especially when a had a crappy job. After a few years later I got a better job. More money, new benefits, and I bought a house, perfect right? I can also try out those dating sites and afford paying the memberships right. Anyway I've been having urges, and needed some (SEX). So I tried something different. I found this site called "Searching For Singles", and I decided to try it out. After joining in I have been getting so many messages from so many women, and Oh My God were they desperate! So I started chatting with some of them, and trying to get to know them. One of them wanted to meet for hot night. And I'm like Hell Yeah! We planned to meet a hotel so I booked it ahead of time because I didn't want to lose any room that day. It was Friday and I got out of work early, did some chores around my home, showered, shaved, brushed my teeth. Then I chatted with her and reminded here about the time to meet and I asked if she needed the address to the hotel, but no response. I needed to check in the hotel at a certain time or else I don't get a refund. So I first drove to the store, bought some drinks and got to the hotel and checked in. I went into the room, started to prepare myself and tried to give myself some confidence. It was time but she never responded to my messages. I left a few messages and I was getting impatient. Finally after hours of silence she responded and was confused and this is what she said, "Why did you go there without waiting my Reply?" And I responded to that with, "That was hours ago!" Then she said, "But why did you go without confirming with me first?" Then I replied with, "We agreed to meet there at that time. I had to Check in or else I lose the room. And you took forever to answer back!" She said that her dog was sick and it was an emergency. And I was so mad that she didn't warned me sooner about her emergency, and confused like, How could this happen? What are the odds of it happening now? I was very upset. I told her to take the dog to the vet, but never talk to me. Anger, Frustration, and Regret was all I could feel. So I stayed in the hotel started drinking some beers and whiskey I brought earlier for our so called, "HOT NIGHT". Next morning I checked out, got breakfast and returned home. Then I went back to the date site and met a Hot lady and she was interested in me. We talked for a while, we were getting along well too. I told her that I would love to meet her but I had to do some housework. While we were talking I've been working around my house and she's been giving me the best compliments about me. And I gave her great compliments too. I was finishing up my housework and started talking to her again, and I told her she was beautiful and honest. She responded with a little flirt, so I flirted back. Then I realized the the sun was still up and I told her I was finished from working on my house and wanted to meet me if she wanted. She called me the Man she always wanted. I was happy to hear that. And I told her, "Would you like to meet me then? After I take a shower of course." Then suddenly she gave me a Very, Very, Very sexy seductive response, And I was like, "I can leave Right Now and meet you. Just tell me were?" She stated teasing me and seducing me, making me go wild. I responded with some sexy seductions as well. I asked her if she was serious about meeting me. Then all of a sudden, she told me she was still working. So I asked her when is is days off. She said that she doesn't have days off. and she's a VA on her spare time. And honestly that was the biggest disappointment ever. All that tease was for nothing. After a few hours I tried to message her, and she responded. I told her that I'm all alone. She says we will always be together. I wanted to know when is the right time to see her? But she never answered back. Next girl, a little younger but very pretty. We talked for days. Things are getting very good. Then one night I was bored and Alone. And I didn't want that feeling anymore. So I tried messaging her I'm alone now and I wanted to meet her. No response. I saw her profile she was still online. I messaged her my feelings of my loneliness and I needed to see here. No response. Then on a bold move I messaged her, "Are even there? Or even Care?" Hour later She logged off. No response. Why dose this keep happening to me!? Why can't I find jus One good woman to love, to hold, and to be with? Why!?
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2023.04.02 07:18 AmbitiousTypes Drake’s home studio can be rented for $250,000 per session

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2023.04.02 07:15 wsppan Today In Phishstory - April 2nd

# Today In Phishstory - April 2nd Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Thursday 04/02/1998 (25 years ago) Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1998 Island Tour
Set 1 : Tube , My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own , The Sloth , NICU , Stash 1 > Horn > Waste > Chalk Dust Torture
Set 2 : Punch You in the Eye > Simple > Birds of a Feather 2 , Wolfman's Brother -> Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley 3 -> Frankie Says 2 > Twist > Sleeping Monkey > Rocky Top
Encore : Guyute
1 Unfinished. 2 Debut. 3 No vocal jam.
Jamchart Notes:
Tube - Island Tour opener. Mike's bass lines keep this funky jam fresh, while Page transitions from the clav to the organ and piano. Also includes a guitar breakdown.
Stash - The jam almost immediately breaks into exploratory ground that is unusual for this period. Following an ending section without vocals, the jam at 13:10 breaks into a gorgeous ambient jam (first of '98) with "Frankie Says" quotes.
Chalk Dust Torture - Crazy set-closing version where Trey just keeps the jam going and going, and then he converses a bit with the audience during the conclusion.
Birds of a Feather - Debut has a crescendo-oriented jam that starts off relaxed and picks up punch.
Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley - -> in from "Wolfman's Brother." A heavy funk groove breaks out following the lyrical section with some great Fishman percussion. Great collective playing as the jam progresses and segues -> into "Frankie Says."
Twist - Exceptional, multi-section version. The jam breaks away from "Twist" at 6:30 into a serene and lush ambient soundscape. At 13:10, an effects-laden darkness overtakes and continues until a > to "Sleeping Monkey."
Show Notes:
This show marked the debut of Birds of a Feather and Frankie Says. After NICU, Trey commented on the brief "Island Tour," remarking that the band was getting bored at home and wanted to play some shows. Stash was unfinished and contained Frankie Says quotes at its end. The final chord of Chalk Dust included a "Charge!" tease from Page. Fikus was teased by Fish before Wolfman's. Sneakin' Sally did not contain a vocal jam. Twist included Star Trek theme teases from Mike. This show is available as an archival release on
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 04/02/1993 (30 years ago) Mt. Baker Theatre, Bellingham, WA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1993 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : Buried Alive > Poor Heart , Foam , Bouncing Around the Room , Divided Sky , I Didn't Know 1 , It's Ice > Sparkle > Maze , Golgi Apparatus
Set 2 : Runaway Jim 2 , Sample in a Jar , Uncle Pen , Llama , The Horse 3 > Silent in the Morning , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove 4 , The Lizards , Big Ball Jam , Hold Your Head Up > Bike > Hold Your Head Up , Chalk Dust Torture
Encore : Amazing Grace , Rocky Top
1 Fish on washboard. 2 Simpsons signal. 3 Trey on acoustic guitar. 4 Random Note signal.
Jamchart Notes:
Weekapaug Groove - The breakdown begins with dissonant rocking by Trey and Mike, then leaves "Weekapaug" altogether, journeying through several improvisational soundscapes. Arguably the most out-there, experimental "Weekapaug" ever, with a blazing return home and vocal jam taboot.
Show Notes:
In a nod to the previous show's Neil Young prank, Trey teased Sugar Mountain in Divided Sky. I Didn't Know featured Fish on washboard and The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Runaway Jim contained a Simpsons signal and Weekapaug contained a Random Note signal.
Listen now at!
Phish, Tuesday 04/02/1991 (32 years ago) International Beer Garden, Arcata, CA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1991 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : Runaway Jim , The Landlady , Reba , Llama , Bouncing Around the Room , Foam , You Enjoy Myself , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg , Chalk Dust Torture
Set 2 : Divided Sky , Lawn Boy > Cavern > Fluffhead > Dog Log , Buried Alive > The Squirming Coil > Run Like an Antelope
Encore : Magilla > Possum 1
1 Two Charlie Chan signals and Oom Pa Pa and Random Note signals.
Jamchart Notes:
Possum - Teases and signals in the jam (see Setlist). Definitely an odd, off-kilter sort of jam. (*Recording runs out before ending).
Show Notes:
Divided Sky contained a tease of The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday from Trey. Dog Log was played for the first time since March 9, 1990 (146 shows). Possum contained Rock Lobster, Makisupa Policeman, and Yield Not to Temptation teases, two Charlie Chan signals, and Oom Pa Pa and Random Note signals. Small Fish was the opening act.
Listen now at!
Phish, 1989-04-02 The Nightshift, Naugatuck, CT, USA
Tour: 1989 Tour
Show Notes:
Phish, Saturday 04/02/1988 (35 years ago) Humphries House (The Zoo), Amherst College, Amherst, MA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1988 Tour
Set 1 : Fire , Good Times Bad Times
Show Notes:
This setlist is obviously incomplete. Humphries House had been a Zeta Upsilon ("Zu") frat house and monthly parties used to occur there that were referred to as "Full Moon at the Zoo" parties.
Listen now at!

Trey Anastasio

Surrender to the Air, 1996-04-02 The Academy, New York, NY, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Surrender to the Air was an effort of Trey Anastasio to bring contemporary musicians together to improvise in the free form style of the jazz musician Sun Ra and the Sun Ra Arkestra. This performance, and the previous night were, in conjunction with the previous month's release of the Surrender to the Air album. The two sets featured entirely improvisational music. In addition to the performers listed, Page sat in keyboards for the second set. This was the final performance at The Academy.

John Fishman

Pork Tornado, 2000-04-02 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA
Tour: Fish - Pork Tornado Spring 2000
Show Notes:
Pork Tornado, 1999-04-02 Pickle Barrel Pub, Killington, VT, USA
Tour: Fish - Pork Tornado Spring 1999
Show Notes: There is no known setlist for this show and recordings do not circulate.


Grippo Funk Band, 2001-04-02 Red Square, Burlington, VT, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Fish sat in during the third set on the songs "You Bet," "Sex Machine," and "Cold Sweat."
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2023.04.02 07:13 Throwaway28485004 How to ask for help

Hey, I’m a first year uni student and I’m not diagnosed for an eating disorder but I think I have one mainly binge eating and it’s slowly getting worse and worse. It started with normal calorie counting because I was overweight, then avoiding certain foods, then exercising in excess, then spit and chew, then binging and now purging + constant body checking and pictures and a whole bunch of small things.
It’s very much exhausting, it’s only gotten bad in the last month causing me to fall behind in uni. I will start studying for 30 minutes then my mind thinks about food and I binge. Then I exercise to get rid of the food. I have binged for the last 14 days and I’m scared of stepping the scale. My stomach has bloated so much.
I’m just scared of reaching out for help because for one I don’t want my parents to find out because they’ll probably berate me or force me to eat more 💀 I really only know the resources at my uni but they’re overwhelmed and underfunded. I’m also scared that they’ll turn me away because I’m not sick enough because I’m technically at a healthy weight but my hair is falling out and my period hasn’t been normal for a year. It only came back during Christmas when I relaxed.
Now I’m worried because summer is coming and more of my body is gonna show. So it’s been a cyclical binge and restrict cycle. I’ve bought so much junk food this past month just to binge, spit and chew or purge it. So far, I’ve just left my credit card and debit card at home and that’s worked so far but eating junk food is still in the back of my mind.
The guilt consumes me and I’m exhausted.
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2023.04.02 07:10 Throwaway28485004 I’m scared to reach out for help but I’m very tired and I don’t have the supports at home for an eating disorder

Hey, I’m a first year uni student and I’m not diagnosed for an eating disorder but I think I have one and it’s slowly getting worse and worse. It started with normal calorie counting because I was overweight, then avoiding certain foods, then exercising in excess, then spit and chew, then binging and now purging + constant body checking and pictures and a whole bunch of small things.
It’s very much exhausting, it’s only gotten bad in the last month causing me to fall behind in uni. I will start studying for 30 minutes then my mind thinks about food and I binge. Then I exercise to get rid of the food. I have binged for the last 14 days and I’m scared of stepping the scale. My stomach has bloated so much.
I’m just scared of reaching out for help because for one I don’t want my parents to find out because they’ll probably berate me or force me to eat more 💀 I really only the resources at my uni but they’re overwhelmed and underfunded. I’m also scared that they’ll turn me away because I’m not sick enough because I’m technically at a healthy weight but my hair is falling out and my period hasn’t been normal for a year. It only came back during Christmas when I relaxed.
Now I’m worried because summer is coming and more of my body is gonna show. So it’s been a cyclical binge and restrict cycle. I’ve bought so much junk food this past month just to binge, spit and chew or purge it. So far, I’ve just left my credit card and debit card at home and that’s worked so far but eating junk food is still in the back of my mind.
The guilt consumes me and I’m exhausted.
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2023.04.02 07:05 awkrawrz forehead shattering migraine

Has anyone else had what I can only describe as a skull shattering migraine after 1 day of ER stims? My specialist has never heard of a reaction like this before and I have everything paused and on hold until I find answers and feel I can safely proceed.
Summary of meds: 300 follistim morning and night Low dose hcg morning Lupron morning
Summary of symptoms: Injected first round of stims in the morning and then my 2nd dose of follistim in the evening
About 1 hour after the 2nd follistim dose, I start getting a headache in my forhead and just tired behind my eyes. I figure I should just go to bed, I'm prolly tired.
Around 5am I wake up with a skull shattering migraine deep behind my forehead. Icing made it worse. Any movement made it worse. I mean, any. Sitting up, rolling over, anything. I felt I couldn't think or see straight. The pain is giving me heart palps. A lil diarrhea followed by throwing up every 10 minutes or so eventually turning g into dry heaving every 30 min. Trying to lay down, breathe and rest in between and drink some ice water which quickly comes back out. My body finally exhausts itself and I fall asleep for an hour. I am in and out of sleep and nausea all day. Stims were immediately stopped. I wake up 6am the next day and migraine transitioned into a more standard version of migraine for me...nausea continues . I wake my husband up to take me to the ER just to make sure my brain hadn't exploded and get hydrated with an IV. Around 10am we get to the ER Catscan clear no aneurysm or anything like and get sent home feeling better having hydrated form an IV and getting a migraine cocktail.
I have ZERO answers as to what caused this. I immediaty stopped stims bc my instinct was it would just get worse or I'd have some kind of aneurysm or some shit. It was terrifying. I've suffered from migraines in the past and these were NOTHING like those.
My only guess is pituitary inflammation/nerve pain in that area. I used to have an adenoma but about 3 years ago I was told it just 'went away'. I have a well treated and well maintained thyroid disorder. I plan to get a brain MRI in another 2 weeks (once I get my period and feel it's safe to do so).
Has anyone has a similar experience or reaction? Did you find out a cause? Were you able to continue EIVF treatments?
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2023.04.02 07:05 retroguy02 Relocating within St Kitts/Thorold (new-ish to the area), places to avoid?

Hey folks, I'm currently in Glenridge and love the area, but we're looking to move into a bigger place (a townhouse or semi) once our lease ends this summer. The total budget (including utilities) is about $2700 max per month and I've been looking at units in St Kitts, Thorold and Niagara Falls.
I'm still fairly new to St Kitts (been here for about 8 months now) so I just wanted to get an idea of which areas should I avoid and what areas would be the best ones within our budget before I finalize a place. The main things that we're looking for is that the area should not be sketchy (family-friendly vibe), NO RATS (I've heard that's a problem in some neighbourhoods) and decent access to public transit since my wife works in downtown and we only have one car. Would a NF to downtown St Kitts commute be doable via transit?
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2023.04.02 07:04 cojwa Would you support a cap on the amount of Homes one person/corporation can own?

As the Title states would you be in favor of a Bill that would propose a 5 single family or Duplex house maximum for any one person or corporation. The bill would impose a limit on corporations and the rich that want to make renters of 80% of RIers.
This would cool the market significantly in Rhode Island and give FTHB’s and those looking to buy a home for their family a much bigger leg up. This coupled with the new zoning laws being proposed in the House could cause a significant shift in the housing crisis we currently face.
Obviously this bill wouldn’t effect those corporations that run large apartment complexes/the many luxury mill condos we find in our state. This is purely a cap on Single and Double Family homes that corporations are buying up specifically to rent. Instead the very people renting may be able to buy the house themselves.
I’d love to get some feedback on this proposal and if you all see any improvements or pitfalls this could run into. If all goes well I plan on reaching out to a few Reps I know to potentially get a bill proposal written.
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2023.04.02 06:53 parkerravker I’m afraid my sister will never be employed and I don’t know what I’ll do when my parents are no longer around

I (22F) have a high-functioning autistic older sister (25F). My parents are nearing their 60s and my mom is the sole breadwinner at the moment, my dad is unemployed. I’m currently in university and my sister has been employed on and off for the last 4-5 years. Recently, she’s just been unemployed with no employment opportunities arising in the horizon at the moment.
She’s capable of communication but has a tendency to throw explosive tantrums. She is incredibly stubborn and stuck in her ways so a lot of the times when we find her a job, it normally doesn’t last long because of her stubbornness and tantrums. The thing is, she’s good at doing whatever it is that is assigned to her (she works mostly in the F&B industry) but it really is her temper and tantrums that is her downfall. She doesn’t really have friends that she can talk to either and stays cooped up at home just using her phone and wiling her time away. The thing that hurts me the most is that she’s conscious of her temper but seems unable to control it. There are a few times at night I can hear my sister crying when she’s got time to think about her plight. My mom always says things like if she wasn’t autistic, she would have had a good job and future by now and I hate hearing that.
My mom and I are starting to feel really hopeless. I’ve seen my mother get really disheartened whenever yet another job doesn’t last and I feel exactly the same way. My mom is not getting any younger and my dad just doesn’t seem to care and it won’t be long before my parents are unable to take care of her like they’re doing now. That thought scares me because then the responsibility will fall on me and I don’t know what I’ll do. I want my sister to be financially independent and be able to have a future for herself but it just looks very bleak. I don’t want her to rot away at home, doing nothing everyday and the thought of me having to potentially support her and still be taking care of her even when we’re old makes me really tensed and anxious for the future. I want her to be able to have a life of her own but it just seems really improbable right now. Many times, I’ve thought about what would happen if perhaps I just stopped and ended things because then I wouldn’t have the stress of the future bearing upon me but that’s deeply unfair to my parents.
I’ve been helping to take care of her ever since we were kids but I just feel really tired. I can’t take opportunities without feeling guilty that while I’m enjoying things like school trips, my sister isn’t given the same opportunities. I hate that it keeps me up at night sometimes that I feel that I shouldn’t deserve the good things I have when my sister don’t and can’t enjoy them as well. I really really want to help but I don’t know how to and I don’t know if I can mentally take it.
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2023.04.02 06:53 yungcarwashy Inflatable Hot Tub Platform?

Hello all, I understand inflatable hot tubs are not very well respected, however I am renting my home from a family member and it is my only option to get the hot tub fix. I have previously tested out a wooden platform for the tub but over time it got water damage and the wood slowly gave out.
I am wondering if anybody had suggestions on thick surfaces that can insulate and protect the bottom of the tub. I use horse stall mats in my home gym for protecting surfaces and they're very sturdy, but I'm not sure if those insulate very well?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.02 06:47 IndianNerd007 AITA for taking my sister's side and go against my uncle ??

My sister and I ( 18F , 16M ) lives with my parents in usa . Every month for about a week we go live with my aunt and uncle ( about 90 min drive from home ) to attend practical application classes . The starting few months were normal but problems started occuring after half the semester was done . Uncle started demanding rent about 300$ for a week each . Let me tell you he is a millionare and CEO of a 20m$ company , since we didn't had that much 7ncle imposed some rules and regulation on us like not allowed to go out after 6pm , no video/voice calling with friends if uncle is not around , no phone after 8pm , no 0hone passwords , daily he would check out phones atleast thrice etc ,hope you get he idea .
We were going by it and parents could not say anything as he might kick us out and we would have rent out a room or accomodation every month to stay that could have been quite costly . One day before the end of semester , he told my sister that curfew would now be 4 pm and no more phone use after she return from classes at around 2pm , she revolted and said that he is being a control freak and now we will do whatever we want since we are already giving you rent and you don't have a control over our life .
I was furious , it was 7pm so i broke the rule by using phone and went out and didn't returned until 9:30 pm , he grounded us and locked us in the basement ... Next day we told everyone in our family group ( about 150 members ) how he is treating us and now everyone is with us , and have cut contact with him for a short time [ Funfact : most of our family members are investors in his business of about 38% , and after they heard how is treating us , they sold all their shares and stocks have fallen by a lot ] . Now his son ( 22M , whomlives rentfree in his house ] and all his friends are blowing up our 0hone and social media telling us how big Ah and jerks we are . So are we the AH to stand for our selves
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2023.04.02 06:45 NoiseAroundMe Top 10 Best Budget Robot Vacuum 2023

As technology continues to advance, household appliances have become more intelligent and efficient. One such appliance is the robot vacuum, which has gained popularity over the years for its convenience and effectiveness in cleaning floors.
There are various robot vacuums available in the market, each with its unique features and capabilities. Here, we will explore the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2023, analyzing their performance, features, and price points. Whether you are a busy professional or a homemaker looking to simplify your cleaning routine, this guide will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed purchase decision.
  1. ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 OMNI Robot Vacuum and Mop - This model offers excellent cleaning performance, coupled with advanced features such as simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, object detection, and obstacle avoidance. The T10 OMNI is an ideal option for those looking for a versatile and efficient cleaning solution.
  2. Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum - This model stands out for its AI mapping technology, which enables it to navigate around obstacles, clean carpets and hardwood floors, and avoid falling down stairs. Its HEPA filter ensures that the air is free from allergens and pollutants.
  3. Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner M210-Pro - With a powerful suction motor, this model can clean dirt and dust from hard floors and carpets with ease. Its slim design allows it to clean tight spaces and under furniture, and it comes with a large dustbin that can hold more debris.
  4. eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S - This model is compact, quiet, and efficient, making it an ideal choice for small apartments or homes. With its BoostIQ technology, it automatically increases suction power when needed and comes with anti-scratch tempered glass for added durability.
  5. Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum - This model features a high-precision laser navigation system that creates an accurate map of your home, allowing it to clean efficiently and avoid obstacles. Its large dustbin and long battery life make it ideal for larger homes.
  6. iRobot Roomba 694 - This model is a popular choice among consumers, offering excellent cleaning performance and advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control, and compatibility with smart home devices. Its cleaning system ensures that no debris is left behind.
  7. MAMNV Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo - With its dual-functionality, this model can vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously, saving you time and effort. Its smart navigation system avoids obstacles and can be controlled via a smartphone app or voice assistant.
  8. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum - This model is an affordable option for those looking for a basic robot vacuum. It features a low-profile design that allows it to clean under furniture, and its pet hair technology ensures that it picks up hair and other debris efficiently.
  9. iRobot Roomba j7 (7150) - This model is one of the most advanced robot vacuums available, offering excellent cleaning performance, AI-powered navigation, and customizable cleaning options. Its Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal allows it to empty itself, making it ideal for those with allergies or respiratory issues.
  10. XIEBro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo - This model offers excellent value for money, with its dual-functionality and advanced features such as a large water tank, voice control, and obstacle detection. Its quiet operation and anti-scratch tempered glass make it ideal for any home.
Conclusion - With the wide range of robot vacuums available in the market, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each model has its unique features and capabilities, and the right choice depends on your cleaning needs, budget, and preferences. However, with the models mentioned above, you can be assured of efficient cleaning performance, advanced features, and user-friendly interface.
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2023.04.02 06:35 throwmykidney My roommates are stressing me the f*ck out

I( 23 M) have 4 roommates all males, and 3 of them are in their 30's while one is around my age. We share a flat with a kitchen and 2 toilets, one of which is in my bedroom ( i have an en-suite).
When i spoke with one of them over the phone before renting a room, he didn't mention anything about sharing food or cooking meals for each other. He surprised me about this when i moved in. They essentially do their shopping together (all 4 of them) and split the cost and also take turns cooking meals. Which is fair enough, so i went along with it for a few weeks. But it was really expensive for me to carry on doing this, because i have my own meal plan i like to follow so it was getting expensive for me to essentially do my own shopping and then also the shared shopping.
So i politely told them im going to start doing my own shopping and also not be part of the whole "taking turns cooking" thing. Every month, i only have around 200 dollars left over, after bills, rent, groceries, petrol, etc, which isn't a lot when im trying to save up. So I've been trying to save money wherever i can.
But whenever i did my own shopping and put the stuff in the refrigerator or the freezer, i started to notice that there would be less off it even if i hadn't touched it, which clearly meant they were using my stuff. But i just chalked it up to be due to the fact that they may not have known it was my groceries, so i started to wrap plastic foil around my stuff.
But....they would remove the plastic wrap anyway and start using my things. Where it gets to the point, i have to buy certain groceries 2 or 3 times a week because they use my things.
I would also bring food from home, if i visited my parent's, my mom would make me some food which would last me a month and help me cut monthly costs, but they eat that aswell and almost feel entitled to eating much so that they told me to tell them if im bringing food back so they dont have to cook.
One of them also keeps using my toilet ( we dont have locks on our bedrooms) WHILE IM TRYING TO SLEEP. He will come into my room while im asleep at like 5 am and use the toilet, the loud ass flush wakes me up and im grouchy as hell at work, the next day because i cant go back to sleep.
The second time he did this, i waited for him to get out of the toilet and just followed him out of my room, slamming my door behind him. Then, the next day, i sent a paragraph of me ranting about how they should stop eating my food and coming into my room without knocking( which is another issue), in the flat group chat.
The 2 out of the 3 (the one's in their 30's) all responded with a thumbs up, but the one that keeps using my toilet, started going on about how im not friendly and all i care about is money?
But even after all of this, literally just yesterday, they finished my entire bottle of milk(which had plastic wrap) to make some dumb dessert.
The 3 roommates, which are the main issue, are from India, where i assume it's normal to be doing this with people you live with since they've stated that multiple times before. And anything outside that norm they consider you to be an unfriendly or an unkind person. But im honestly just stuck on as to what i should do. How im supposed to make them understand when I've already tried, because this is having a substantial impact on how much im spending in a month, which im trying to keep as low as possible. Any advice?
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2023.04.02 06:35 KravenMorKox1 Equity

My wife and I have been married since 2018. We Meet in 2017 and I moved in shortly after. She was having financial problems. She was going to sell her house in lieu of being foreclosed in 2017. I advised her not to sell. Fortunately for us, my parents had a home that we were able to move into for over a year. In the meantime, she was able to rent her home to get her finances right. We did move back to her home in 2018.
Now she wants a divorce. She owns the home. However, the equity in her home has gone up $68,000 in value since we have been married. If not for my parents being generous and as a favor to us. She would have lost her house. While I would not ask for all the home equity. Would I be entitled to half of the equity since the time we were married? The state is VA.
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2023.04.02 06:34 throwaway330332 Waking up EARLY for work [NeedAdvice]

I’ve been working in a healthcare setting for about a month now and I love it, but I have to be up at 3 in the morning for my shift and I’m having trouble adjusting.
I’ve been researching ways to adapt, but nothing has worked so far. I usually can’t fall asleep before some time around midnight, and three or four hours of sleep really isn’t cutting it. I’m completely drained by the time I get home (and sometimes even before) and end up taking long naps. I feel even worse when I wake up from those.
Does anyone have any tips on what/when to eat/sleep? Or just generally ways I can make the day easier? I’ve never had to pay much attention to these things, so I’m pretty lost. Anything would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.04.02 06:26 circesalami Necromancer at Home: A Ranged DK build

Necromancer at Home: A Ranged DK build
This is not a serious build. This is an experimental meme build/playstyle based on a mental "what-if". This is most likely not viable in a competitive format with the current state of Unholy DK’s talents in mind. Sorry for the stream of consciousness of this essay.
A lot of the discussion I see about a prospective Necromancer class is that it's redundant amongst the current roster of classes. Death Knights raise and control the dead, and Warlocks are (essentially) dark magicians that also summon evil creatures. While there's clearly a gap between these two, there's also arguably not enough of a gap to justify the creation of unique assets, playstyle, separate armor sets, etc. like there was for previous added classes. The fact that necromancers within the game itself are often given DK/Lock abilities further drives this home.
Which brings me to this: what's the closest we can get to closing that gap, while still being able to maintain a coherent rotation (read: not literally spamming a single button)? There’s been memey discussion about this in the DK discord for months already, so now it's down to execution.
Thus, the Ranged Death Knight build.
This is an Unholy build that attempts to follow these rules:
  1. Use only abilities that can be used at ranged distance, or that have no required ranged.
  2. Minimize passive buffs given to melee only abilities - enemies will enter melee range with or without your help, especially enemies that charge. However, while capitalizing on a charging mob or uncontrolled aggro can be helpful, you have to draw a line.
  3. Try to keep your overall melee auto-attack damage to a minimum - or basically, stay at range.
Notable abilities banned here are Festering Strike, Apocalypse, Unholy Assault, Soul Reaper. Three of these are talents further down on the tree, but Festering Strike will be particularly concerning with anyone who plays Unholy DK.
For those unfamiliar with how Unholy DK operates, spreading Festering Wound (a dot that will explode when the enemy dies or upon slapped w/ Scourge Strike, typically applied via Festering Strike but can be applied in other manners), exploding stacks of wounds with Scourge Strike, then throwing some disease/zombie action in there, is basically the normal playstyle. You spend runes to build runic power, and spend runic power for big damage. Festering Wounds is such a major part of the toolset that it's at the tippy top of the talent tree. Since your main way of applying wounds is through a passive on your main ghoul, that part of the playstyle is significantly de-emphasized.
This build primarily focuses on the use of Clawing Shadows, a passive talent that turns the half-physical half-shadow melee Scourge Strike to a pure shadow 30-yd ranged ability. Without this talent, this build would not physically work. You NEED to have Clawing Shadows for this build.
Death Strike should technically be on this list, but I think since it's a self-heal that you're forced to take, you could excuse the use of it when something is meleeing you. I almost never use it myself for this playstyle's not a ranged ability. This is why I take the usually skipped Death Pact - it's a self heal that doesn’t require melee range.
Let's now break down this rotation for standard play:
  • Outbreak (applies disease dots)
  • Place Death and Decay/Defile (big red circle) DIRECTLY UNDER YOU
  • Clawing Shadows to build Runic Power
  • Death Coil or Epidemic to spend Runic Power.
  • Use offensive buffs on CD
  • Use defensive buffs as needed. Anti-Magic Shield is particularly valuable as you gain runic power when damage is taken with it up.
As you see, while it's a short and fairly boring rotation, it (in my mind) is enough of a rotation to qualify as one. The result is a highly mobile ranged dps that does best in large packs, and this probably best suited in dungeons rather than raids. This build obviously doesn't operate cleanly in solo play, but you could spec into slows to compensate if desperate enough to try this in solo content. From this point on, this post might not make sense for those who aren't familiar with DK, so skip to after the picture if desired.
Before I continue, I'm going to point out something to those confused by my suggestion to place Death and Decay under the player instead of the mobs. Death and Decay, when the DK stands within it, will allow the player to turn their typically single target Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows into a cleave hitting seven more targets. It might be easy to fall under the misconception that mobs will not be cleaved unless they are also standing in the Death and Decay, but this is not true. The only qualification for activating the cleave is that YOU are standing within the boundaries of the circle. You can stand as far away as physically possible, and the only thing that would prevent you from cleaving is the range of your Scourge Strike or Clawing Shadows. You will obviously lose out on Death and Decay's DOT damage, but you'll find out that the majority of your damage with this build is Clawing Strikes anyway. That said, if you are fighting a pure single target enemy or boss, you should put the Death and Decay under the enemy instead of under your feet. A macro helps a lot with this, especially one with a modifier.
We do want to take Improved Death Coil and Coil of Devastation, along with All Will Serve, Unholy Pact, and Reaping. Many of these talents I just suggested are usually preferred in raid builds instead of generic dungeon ones, and All Will Serve is not really a recommended talent. However, since we can’t rely on Festering Strike to do damage (and in turn, Festering Wounds), buffing Death Coil is the option we want to go down. All Will Serve is mostly a pathway that avoids Sudden Doom, but frankly, I think it’d be weird if a ranged DK didn’t have a bone archer skulking behind.
Rule 2 exists to justify the use of talents like Abomination Limb. As mentioned, this build is comparatively runic power starved due to the minimal use of sores. Abomination Limb does pull mobs into melee range, but we want to primarily use it as a way to build runic power quickly due to its secondary effect of applying Runic Corruption every six seconds. If you wanted to cheat a little, you could pop it for cases where you have to stack on bosses/enemies for whatever reason.
Near the bottom of the tree, we will take Gargoyle, Superstrain, Army of the Dead, and Commander of the Dead (and the talents needed to reach these). Unholy Aura is only helpful if you have a very loose definition of out-of-melee (melee range is 5-6yd, Aura is 8yd) but we’re not taking it for the helpfulness, it’s just in the way of Commander. Gargoyle is a major CD for this build, so Commander helps with that. Superstrain is a nice source of runic power and health. It’s no Death Strike, but it’s passive healing. Army of the Dead is an obvious choice since its extra damage we need.
Now, for talents that are possibly useful, but not enough to outright suggest for this stupid build.
If one decides to take Defile, you would take this talent solely for a chance at a stacking mastery buff with charging enemies or Abomination Limb pulling mobs in (which, hopefully, run back to your tank afterwards). The growth might help for staying in the Defile, but there are better options for a ranged build.
The logic of possibly choosing Sudden Doom or Rotten Touch is that since Clawing Shadows is pure shadow, the buff could be more valuable in combination with Death Rot. However, since auto-attack damage is connected to melee damage, the proc chance is even lower. You could choose to try and buff Clawing Shadows further by choosing the talents under Sudden Doom to compensate, but trying to buff a proc that triggers through auto-attacking seems futile for a ranged build (and seeing as intended playstyle builds opt not to take it at all and Blizz desperately tried to buff this line of talents in 10.0.7…).
I’ve decided against the usually-good Unholy Blight due to it being an aura (read: only useful when something is in melee range) that lasts for six seconds. The pathway it provides isn't useful either. If you wanted to take the aforementioned Defile, you would be better off going through Replenishing Wounds instead. You will already be going through the Replenishing Wounds pathway to avoid taking Improved Festering Strike, Feasting Strikes or Apocalypse to reach the two Dark buffs it connects to, but the extra runic power from the occasional wound pop is nice.
There might be better choices, but I haven't tested it out - trying to sim a build that revolves around doing the opposite of what your class is intended to do is nigh impossible.
The Boy Himself
Let's expand on our test subject: a level 70 Nightborne Death Knight named Eiswein. My lore for him is that he was originally a mage, then died in the Fourth war, then was resurrected as a Death Knight. He never really adapted to standing in melee range like he should, or the concept of stabbing people with swords, so he now refuses to stoop himself to that level. He is currently seeking out the secrets of the blue dragons and the arcane with the hope of restoring his magical abilities fully. He's incredibly pompous and snobby, and refers to his main minions as Timotheus and Albon.
His race choice wasn't a relevant pick for this test, I just didn't want to test out the build on my established main DK, and my other DKs were not good for me for whatever reason (one isn't on my home server, other is specless). I suppose if you were trying to minmax, Nightborne's bonus to magic damage is helpful, but you'd be better off choosing a troll for mini lust or void elf for their racial procs.
I try not to put him in high level content as I don't want to be yelled at by strangers for not playing the class properly in content they actually want to do well in. However, I've run m0s and a single m2 with him, and LFR. I mostly screw around in Timewalking with him, however, since the scaling makes for an okay equalizer. His ilvl is only around 385, so a setting where everyone has the same ilvl makes it easier to gauge whether my tweaks to his talent tree are an improvement or a waste. I could also punch dummies, but….eh.
From what I've noticed so far, people in pugs for lower-difficulty content aren't usually upset (or vocally so) at my playstyle for Eiswein. At the time of writing this, I've had two people ask me what the hell I was doing, and one person use /laugh at me (which could be a dig at my wonderful transmog, but I digress) during the Love is in the Air scenario. Both the people who have asked me dropped the subject quickly after I simply called it a meme build. As I said, if I were trying this build in a m20 or even an m15, people would be upset with me unless we went in all knowing that Eiswein was going to spin around like a ballerina the entire time.
As for damage output, I'm not going to lie - it's typically pretty low, though in large packs where I smash all of my cooldowns at once I can get to at least top of the details chart. Even in builds that don't revolve around wounds, they still serve as a way to spread Virulent Plague and thus need to be applied regularly someway. However, a better player than me could probably figure out how to make this build passable.
Basically, this build suffers in many areas, but messing with it did help me learn more about DK as a class and Unholy as a spec. I think we could have Unholy DK Ranged Build as a legitimate build if specific changes are implemented. Not major changes either.
Ways that Blizz could make Ranged UHDK viable:
  1. Implement a ranged version of Festering Strike as a talent, probably as a choice node.
  2. Extend the range of Soul Reaper OR Unholy Assault. Apocalypse could be an option too but I think these two would serve better as Apocalypse. I think Unholy Assault would be more fitting, but Soul Reaper would be nice to have at a 30yd range.
  3. Make Brain Freeze (our interrupt) a longer range in line with Clawing Shadows. Brain Freeze is 15yds, so interrupting requires weaving in and out that makes it annoying. Even 20yds would be nice, since Asphyxiate (a stun talent) is 20yds.
  4. Make Magus/Ruptured talent node not under Apocalypse. This gripe is not a major one since normal DKs aren’t affected by this, but me not picking Apoc means no frosty mage boi, and that’s a tragedy.
What are your thoughts on this build? What did I get wrong? How can one improve it (within the constraints listed)? Let me know.
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2023.04.02 06:23 refriedjinx Student visa from Penang

I'll be attending a language program at an university in China in the fall. I'll get my jw202 and acceptance letter sometime in July.
My home country is the US, but I was hoping to be in Penang Malaysia this summer and go directly to China.
The last time I was in Penang, I learned there is a Chinese embassay in Georgetown.
If the school sends me the jw202 to Penang, can i apply for the student visa from that embassy?
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2023.04.02 06:20 PatientWorry State of Housing Market

I’m starting to become very discouraged about my generation (millennial) and Gen Z’s ability to FIRE given the housing market.
I am in my early 30s and do not own, but have a very good salary. I will never inherit property.
I’m now looking to purchase a home in the next year. Renting is a huge drag for obvious reasons, housing supply is terrible, and interest rates are insane. Currently, I’m paying ~3k a month for a home that is incredibly energy inefficient, has bad landlords, not updated, etc. I’d have to buy under 400k to get a similar payment, of which around 1000/mo would be interest. There’s almost no homes under 450k where I live, and the few that are are total shitholes. Even 700-800k homes usually need modernization.
I see people on here with $1200 mortgages and wonder if people who aren’t locked in at 2.5% interest rates / don’t already own a home realistically have a shot at a significantly early retirement, like older generations did, without moving to rural middle America. The effect of blackrock and others are making rental seem like the long term option for most of everyone going forward who doesn’t already own property.
Signed, A very tired millennial who did “all the right things”
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2023.04.02 06:17 kev595 Roadtrip from hell with Rivian R1T

Long time looker and first time posting.
I’ve been following this sub and Rivian R1T for a while, had my deposit in Nov 2021 and received the truck in Dec 2022. Since then, it’s mainly been my daily drive, replaced 2010 Odyssey. It drives night and day compared to the minivan. In meanwhile, made one trip from Westchester, NY to South Jersey, had to make one stop at an EVgo on the way back and it worked fine.
Fast forward to this week, kids are off from school next week and decided to go to Orlando and would be fun roadtrip. Since new to EV, decided to test out few more different DC Fast charging, both EA, EVgo and ChargePoint. EA and ChargePoint worked fine but EVgo was hit or missed. With some confidence, left the house on early Thursday and was planning to spend the night in NC, with little kids, it’s almost impossible to made it down in a day. Plus our check in to the resort was Friday.
The first day, things went great. We stopped at 2 EA stations, both at Walmart and it started to charge right away. Pull in to a station, open the charge port, plug-in and follow the instructions on the screen or start from the app then plug in. Also, driving was with Driver+, felt more relax and less tired. We arrived at the overnight hotel on time, the hotel had slow L2 charger - 6kw but it was going to be 100% by the the time we are leaving the next day.
On Second day, even with the slower charger, the truck was 100% ready to go. We grabbed some breakfast and hit the road. We made our way to our first stop at another EV station and things went smoothly, like the day before and hit the road again. Now it was around lunch time and time for another charge. I dropped off the wife and kids at the mall and headed crossed the street to another EV station at Walmart. Pull in and plug in, used the RFID reader to get it going and nothing. The station is stuck on initialing charging and the truck is saying starting charging but nothing happened. So I moved to another station and same. I called the EA service center and was on the phone with them for 30 mins, in meanwhile, wife is keep calling to see when I’m coming over. Even after the reset of the station, nothing worked. Other EVs comes and goes and no problem, even at the station that I was not able to charge. I began to google anything I can find on this issue and hard reset or letting the truck go to sleep for 30 mins may fix the issue. And tried both, nothing. This is definitely the issue with the truck, not the charging station. Now, I’m going crazy, worries started to set in. We are no where close to Orlando, probably another 4.5hrs driving to go and the truck is down to 20% or so. I now go back to pick up the family at mall and saw a L2 charger and plugged it in and it began to charge but at 9kw/hr. We decided to hang around a little longer here add while we look for options. We searched PlugShares and found another DC Fast Charge, about 30 miles away, ChargePoint 125kw stations. We made our way there and nothing, same as EA. Now, we are calling the Rivian Service for an assistance. The service rep I spoke with was very nice and suggested we find a hotel nearby with EV to stay overnight. He was going to set up an appointment with the Orlando Service Center and arrange a rental for us while we stayed there. We didn’t know how these 2 star hotels are so much more expensive when booking on the day of you are staying. Now, we are losing a day at the resort we were planning to stay at and needed to stay in GA. We were all so stressed and exhausted by now and accepted the fact that we have another tough day ahead of us. Luckily was able to find a hotel with L2 charger and book a room. Checked in for the night and plugged in the truck for the night. I don’t even know if Rivian will pick up the tab on this.
Day 3, 3am, I can’t even sleep and now thinking how I’m going to even go back home even if it’s fixed. By 9am, the truck is 97% and hit the road to Jacksonville FL. Overnight, Rivian sent location of L2 charging locations and a rental reservation information. We make our way to Jacksonville and stopped to have lunch, add a little so that we can made it over to Orlando. But now we can’t make it on time to pickup the rental, all Enterprise closes at 2pm on Saturday, except the airport. In meantime, we spoke with few different Rivian Service reps and they were all nice but no one is telling me definite details or going out of the way to help. Now, we are all so tired and stressed, this is not something we wanted to go through during our vacation. We talked to Rivian again, changed the rental car reservation to airport pick up, pick up rental and finally able to dropped off the truck at the service center with 8% to go. Of course the service center is closed and all of their L2 charger are being used so I just parked the truck, leave the key in the drop box and finally checked into the resort.
Now what? The truck will probably die, I would be very surprise if it still has some power left on Monday morning when the service center opens. And will it be fix on time for us to drive it back? It’s an understatement to just say my wife is mad. My wife is insisting that we don’t drive the truck back and I don’t blame her, I feel the same way. We are leaving early Friday to go back to and we all need to be back at work, school next week. All the service reps that we spoke with are nice and like I said no one is going out of the way to take care of the issue. Having a loner at the service center would have been definitely nice, instead of making another stop at the airport. This is the last thing I want to deal with during the vacation. It will be definitely a vacation to remember years from now and laugh about it but for now I’m extremely disappointed and upset. I still have another reservation on R1S for wife but will probably cancel it when it’s called up. I realize now have $85k vehicle that is “home range” only, reliable on home charge but cannot rely on DC Fast charge because it will either be the truck or the charging station with issues. Seriously doubting about keeping the truck.
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