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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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All about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. survival-horror computer game series: Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat, community mods for each, and the upcoming official sequel S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl. This is not a subreddit about stalking people nor discussing real-life stalkers!

2023.06.10 18:48 ScarOfVelvet Inveigle

(This story is made up, and is fictional) Hello, I'm Bella. I live in Los Angeles, California. Head start, I always have to drink medicine to control my hallucinations. But, let's go back to what I have to what I have to say. Living in this city was always scary for me. Because I live right next to a famous hotel famous for wrong reasons, the Cecil Hotel. I was always creeped out for obvious reasons, and because I live near Cecil Hotel. I live in a small apartment room, but my bathroom door, somehow always finds a way to get stuck. Or thud randomly, make random noises, things like that. I always ignored it though. But, I was still really scared about it because I already heard rumors that the "Ghost" of Cecil Hotel can affect people who don't book there, Obviously, I took it lightly and didn't think anything about it, But I do keep a pocket knife around me wherever I'm at. But I still didn't think about any of it, Until one night. This story still haunts me to this day. I'm living normally now, but I still can't stop thinking about what happened to me. So, you already know about my bathroom door right? I found a way to keep it to stay in it's place, By folding a paper, and putting it between the door frame, and the door. In order to keep it from making random sounds, or thuds. But one night, when I was sleeping, A random thud came from my bathroom door. I immediately thought this was weird, because I already had a solution that worked before, so why is it thudding now? I tried to ignore it, But it just keeps thudding and thudding, so, I didn't take my medicine to control hallucinations just so i could check what's happening there. So I checked it my bathroom door. And to my horror, I saw two papers between the bathroom door, instead of one. So I immediately removed the two papers, and my bathroom door made a VERY loud thud. It almost woke all my neighbors up, thankfully, it didn't. I opened both the papers up, to find a mouth staring right into me, I was shocked unable to comprehend why the HELL that was in there! I was really scared, so I went straight outside. But, before I could turn the knob on the door leading outside, I was stopped when I heard that mouth inside that paper spoke. I was immediately jolted in fear when it did. It said, "The three people who come inside you room are murderers, looking for someone to take to Cecil Hotel, to slaughter them. They are reckless abominations with no mercy on people, whatever you do, DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU" suddenly, my vision began to blur, when I saw three of the police officers from Cecil Hotel barged inside my room. I immediately reached for my pocket knife, I stabbed all of them, gashing all their throats stabbing all of them, again, and again, and again, and again. I made sure my entire room was covered in blood when I was done. But then, I just realized what I had done, I was so scared and panicked, I started gagging at my victim's blood because I just didn't know what to do, but when I looked back, the other paper with the mouth inside it, was gone. I didn't know why, but it was my thought of getting answers on what I should do, but, one of my neighbors saw my apartment covered in blood, they called the police, and I was arrested. I was let out of prison though. But, till this day. I'm still thinking about what I did.. and.... how it's crazy what hallucinations do to people, huh? -Bella Everglow
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2023.06.10 18:47 moonlit_melody00 26 [F4M] Philippines/Anywhere - I'm so girlfriend shaped if you were at all curious

I'm in my room and Enfantillages pittoresques: II. Berceuse is playing for the fourth time... honestly, I'm not sure where I'm going with this. All I know is that I feel ridiculously lonely — and that loneliness usually brings me back here for the 400th time, hoping to meet someone who might actually mean something to me in the near future. I'd very much like to know what that's like. To have someone you want to protect, and love, and dream about when he's not around. I'm not particularly fond of expressing my vulnerability so out in the open but my heart feels so heavy that I'm anxious to say it out loud.
Please, let it be you. Whoever you are. Please, just show up because I don't think I'm meant to this alone *sobs*.
I'm okay. Might delete the post later when I get back to my senses tomorrow
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2023.06.10 18:46 Equivalent_Sun8776 My boyfriend slapped me

I'm so embarrassed to tell anyone. My boyfriend slapped me for the first time.
We were both drinking and we both got aggressive. He makes stupid remarks that upset me and I defend myself so we start arguing.
He told me to leave his house pushing me and dragging me out and I has was mad and still arguing with him.
I was trying to get away from his grasp and started throwing some empty boxes at him and he then slapped me really hard. I started to cry and had a meltdown in his living room floor.
He then called his mom to come and she tried to calm me down before I left.
It's the next morning and my jaw is hurting. I can open it with some discomfort. I'm not sure if I should go to the hospital and press charges. I'm soo embarrassed. I just don't want anyone to know. I honestly don't know what to do.
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2023.06.10 18:46 Ball_of_mustard Really odd dreams that feel distinctly different

The Pool Dream • I was walking through an abandoned school (looked like Middle School). There's a buzzing noise that gets louder as I walk around a stagnant and still pool. It's indoors. As I opened the doors to leave I am greeted by an empty field and the feeling of being watched. The buzzing stops. I wake up.
The City Dream • I was with many other people around a place in the empty country side. There were animals, like elephants, that I could speak to. When I asked my dad what the difference between us was, he did not answer. I saw incomprehensible writing in the sky and left for the abandoned city in the distance. I carefully walked down stairs covered in barbed wire. At the bottom, what I thought was a cat turned into a snake. I made my way around it. As I progressed through the city, I realized it seemed like a maze. When I finally found myself in an intact building, I realized the halls were lined with locked doors. Most of them contained burnt corpses, one had a dark silhouette of a women. Another contained a maid, who I recognized. Then, I was grabbed by a stranger who said "you aren't supposed to be here". I was put in a large room at the end of the hall. There was a person with me and a mirror in the room that reflected neither of us. Me and the other person found a door at the end of the room that led to a decrepit suburban neighborhood. When the other person tried to jump across the drainage ditch, they were electrocuted(?). I watched them die and then slowly rise as if going into the clouds. Then, they stopped, fell back to the earth, and everything happened in reverse until they stood next to me. They stared into my eyes and the buzzing started. I wake up.
The Campus Dream • I was at school with this social outcast sort of guy. Some people were making fun of him and when I tried to defend him, I found I could not speak. There was an old, abandoned gymnasium that I would wander through (it was mostly fallen debris). I would make my way over to an old box TV, which was often making that buzzing noise, and when I would touch it, I could speak to this entity. It had no real form or face, it was really this man-shaped black mass. It would ask me things and tell me things. I decided to bring my friend from school over to meet it. The creature did not speak and I don't believe it wanted him there. We decided to leave as we needed to get to class. I lied because I planned on skipping. As we made our way back to our classes, I pulled the fire alarm. I heard the buzzing again. Then I woke up.
These dreams were all about 6 months apart and the common theme is the buzzing and the feeling of being watched. Hella creepy, way more detailed than most other dreams I've ever had. I used to have dreams like this when I was young, but they seem to have started again. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.10 18:45 StoneN0 heres a boring and probably very VERY confusing post about the scavenger hunt giant held!

so it started with giant saying something about a secretshop, since no one could find it: giant gave us the first hint
Hint 1: The sun is showing in a dark place, covered by _ _ _ _ _
it took people about 30 minutes to find it still. under the wither overlord island. (btw the answer to the 5 letter word was "rocks" somehow ;-;) in the secret shop there were 10 trades 1: 32 Wither Roses > Spruce Sapling (named "The last chance") 2-9: 2 frogspawns for another frogspawn all named Essence 10: 64 barriers for a smooth sandstone block
after we got the spruce sapling, we finished the first stage and got the next hint
Hint 2: To complete the next step you'll have to send me a screenshot,
a very specific onethe first thing people with the hint thought of was taking a picture of the 2 spruce trees in the overworld, one at the snow island, one at spawn. when people took a picture of the one at spawn, we were told
"The location is correct, but something is missing."
because of the smooth sandstone, people (or atleast i did) looked near the husk king island but nothing was found due to the fact that literally everything there WASNT SMOOTH SANDSTONE...after about 10-30 minutes of confusion. Giant gave us another mini-hint
"Far off, a new island will be found"
after that, about 5 minutes later someone found a island at the west border near the wither overlord island. the island had a item frame with a paper that said 19... we were then told that there was a 4 digit code that we needed. we had 2, we needed 2 more. using the "Essence" trades from the first villager, we got the last 2 numbers, the full code being: "2419" taking a picture at the spawn spruce tree with the code "2419" completed the second stage...
before we even figured out this code, 3 started popping up alot and kinda became a meme in the scavenger hunt. some of the staff saying "brb for 3 minutes", there being 3 leather pants in the donation chest (although staff had no idea who put them there, it wasnt even intentional lmao) so 90% of the players participating in the scavenger hunt kept trying to add 3 to the code.
there was eventually a cat at spawn named
it was a shop with over 10 trades of 2 green terracotta for 1 terracotta. most of the people gave up on the hunt because they thought they had to wait an hour and 6 minutes... (this was, well... very wrong) after this we got another hint.
Hint 3: Wish we could turn back time
now, in the discord giant had created near the start of this, one of the channel groups was called
which was green terracotta, upon giving him the block, we got another mini-hint:
"Thanks for bringing me my favorite block, make sure to stay healthy and eat a banana"
upon checking the cat again, the second green terracotta block in every trade was changed to
AD: Visit ImDzxk's Plot Eat a banana
eventually this was proven to be outright useless, (apart from the banana part somewhat) the cat at spawn was eventually changed to a bee with the name"devidedby3"upon looking at the old "secret shop location" we found a sign:
at this point we were told of a 8 digit code that would be coordinates and couldnt be negative,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _because the border in the overworld was 500x500 (from x=+-250 to z=+-250) people started flying around looking for an island or barrier block since at this point, this scavenger hunt had been going on for about 2-3 hours and people were tired.
after maybe 30 minutes of people not finding anything close to a code. we were told the first 2 numbers. 66 (which is the number that you get from adding up 1 hour and 6 minutes)at this point, this is where the hunt logic completely fell apart.
most people were trying different names to numbers using the sign at the old shop location, and tried "banana" which was... the right code, 66112121.
people had already answered the code 66112121 and its devided form 22037373 (remember "devidedby3"?) and tried to go to those coordinates but they were always outside the border, so they just threw that answer out the window. eventually LinkanSkinkan found a barrier block. and would have won, if it wasnt for the fact that, the original way you're supposed to solve the 66112121 code. didnt even give the right coords. ;-;
basically the right way to solve 66112121 was to divide the coords individually, "661 12 121" which gives us "220 4 30" and the actual coords wasnt the same. it was off by like 20 blocks (i cant remember the actual coords since my recording software stopped halfway through the damn hunt. and also y=0 teleports you back to spawn so it made it really hard to find the barrier block.)
soooo the entire scavenger hunt was fun but... a pain in the god dam- [REDACTED] -at points. half the players who actually played in the hunt gave up. or just didnt want to do the last stage. so the only people who actually won was, Me (StonePlayz) ImDzxk, and LinkanSkinkan...
anyway how was your week... probably worse after reading this entire post
also heres a TL;DR. giant held a scavenger hunt. stage 1-2 were fine. stage 3 was scuffed where how we ended up finding the location was by just. not doing math, at all. more than half the people in the hunt quit... anyway
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2023.06.10 18:45 464huskies I (26F) want to write a letter to my estranged biological father (50M) but I know I have to mention I've been legally adopted by my stepfather. How do I go about this?

My stepfather came into my life after my biological parents divorced, and I asked him to adopt me a few years ago. He's now legally my father, and raised me from age 7 up until now.
I think visitation with my biological father stopped when I was around 12/13, and I only saw him a few times after that. Over the years, he would sometimes reach out, sometimes not. Most of the time, it was his partner (my stepmother) doing so on his behalf. He probably wanted to, but after becoming an adult myself, I see a lot of similarities between us and assume it's just hard for him to initiate things like that.
I didn't intentionally estrange myself from my bio father, but obviously over the years we became entirely distant, and I went to college. Soon after graduating, I ended up moving somewhere else. When his father passed, he texted me to tell me, but I wasn't formally invited to the services, so I didn't go. I think I really messed up by not going, and I will regret it for the rest of my life. It really eats away at me.
Because of that and because he's no longer legally my father, I have no idea if he would want anything to do with me. I don't have a good gauge on the situation. I wanted to send a letter explaining that my adoption was never meant as formal severance — just a gesture for a man who raised me. I still think of him as a father to me and would not mind reconnecting, but I don't know how he would feel. It wasn't about removing him from my birth certificate, just about recognizing and showing appreciation for someone else's role in my life.
And I want to tell him that I regret not going to my grandfather's services and never meant anything by that either. Every few weeks this guilt just overwhelms me and I can't stop crying about it. I don't harbor ill will towards him, but I feel like it probably comes across that way because of my adoption and complete inaction elsewhere.
He has a 10-year-old and if I send my father mail, I'm not sure if I should try to obfuscate who it's from.
Has anyone else reconnected with estranged family in this way? I don't know if it would be appropriate to send a letter, especially near father's day, that mentions he's not legally my father anymore. It's probably a really tough day for him because he lost his own father. And I'd be mentioning that, too. to apologize for failing to be there. Am I just overthinking completely, or should I just not reach out at all?
TL;DR. Estranged from bio father, and have since been legally adopted by stepdad. Didn't go to bio grandfather's services. I want to reach out and try to reconnect with my bio father, while making it clear I don't have negative feelings about him, but don't know how to do so appropriately.
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2023.06.10 18:44 _Raspootin_ I can't help but to believe in the NPC theory.

I am in online dating and as of right now communicate with about 12 different women on Snapchat.
About once every 2-3 days, something weird occurs.
In the middle of a conversation, upwards of 5-6 people I'm talking to suddenly stop talking, for upwards of an hour.
Maybe they are eating lunch? Nope, most live in different time zones, east and west coast.
Maybe Snapchat is glitching? Nope, because there are sometimes still 1 person talking to me.
Here is proof:
The weirdest thing is, every time this happens, the women never say they have to go do something, they come back to the convo like nothing ever happened.
No "hey sorry lunch was ready", "I have to run to the store, be back in a bit", nothing..

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2023.06.10 18:44 ThrowRA_leancazz My (24M) friend (20F) is coming over at my house again

We've been friends for almost two years now. We were really close at the beginning, but drifted apart as I started college and got into a relationship.
We went out like a month ago, caught up, went for drinks, said how much we missed each other and minutes later, we kissed. I asked if she wanted to come to my house, but she declined, as I had just recently broken up with my ex, and she's still not over some guy that things never went through with.
Couple of weeks ago, it was my birthday. We've decided to hang out at my place. Had a couple of drinks, talked a lot, and we're getting really touchy and cuddly. I confessed that I had feelings for her previously, but I drifted apart because I had a relationship at the time. I almost made a move, but she said it's not fair for us, as we're going through stuff on our own. I agreed.
Later that night, she fell asleep. She slept over, cuddling all night long. At dawn, we both woke, started talking and we're getting close again, but as we're about to kiss, she once again mentioned it's not fair, and that she wants to think of me whenever we do it. She clarified she does not, at the moment, which is fair.
She's coming over again tomorrow, but I have second thoughts, and that maybe I should let it go, as I certainly have feelings and would like to escalate things, while shoe doesn't.
Her knowing what I feel and what I'd like to do, and still open to keep coming at my house, does it mean that there's hope for something happening soon, or should I just let it go and not ruin the friendship?
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2023.06.10 18:44 Greenfireflygirl Please help me understand why my husband likes this massmarket coffee to help me find an alternative now that it's no longer available?

I have been buying myself coffee separate from my husband, who when we married, was using a percolator and would buy cheap grocery store coffee, and run water through used grounds for a second pot stating "it's just as good and I save money that way." Which, while true, I found disturbing.
We were given a keurig, and using it promptly changed his mind and it was a slight upgrade, but when that machine clogged and I found algae/mold growing in it, I purchased our first Aeropress, and went back to better coffee. My husband still wanted to drink some that we could just buy at the store and both enjoy. We spent a lot of money trying different store bought coffees, every time he finished one of them, he'd try a different and ask me if I liked it, and I never did... That is, until we tried World Market Moka Java. For store bought mass market coffee, it is actually good.
We have gone for years now, I buying various different coffees for myself when I want to use my ROK, or just feel like trying a different roast or flavour profile in the Aeropress... but as my husband mostly makes the coffee for me in the mornings, he makes it with the Moka Java and as far as coffee goes, it's not awful, and actually mostly good. It's at the point now, where my husband can't drink other store bought coffees, and when we travel, we bring our Aeropresses (yes we have two now for convenience, and so that one isn't left without if the other travels) and our own coffee, with a hand grinder.
However, I need to find another coffee for him. He really likes the Moka Java, it's a medium-light roast with Ethiopian and Javanese blend.. I'm hoping there are others in this group who are familiar with the coffee and can say, oh, try this...
I will try other Moka Javas if I can find them, though if there is any kind of mass market value coffee that is one you think I should try I would love the suggestions. If you think I just need to move him up to building his palate which now as I'm typing it might be a good idea... know that he eyeballs the coffee and doesn't measure it... so the coffee he makes is never consistently good. I notice, he doesn't, so while I did successfully get him to improve his palate a little, he has zero interest in raising it more, lest he not like any "cheap" coffee at all in the future. I'm not sure that's a terrible thing, because life is too short to not know what good coffee is... but he at the moment, doesn't care, but does not want to go back to terrible coffee, when at least the World Market ones were good.
Ideas, suggestions, criticisms? all welcome.
note: yes, there is definitely a selfish bit here as he makes my coffee every morning, and if we end up with him going back to terrible coffee I'll either have to make my own, or suffer through.
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2023.06.10 18:44 shuaishuai Serious issue after years of shaving down there

Hello lovely people. I’m on here asking for some advice on behalf of my wife, who is at the end of her rope. She is a non-English speaker and has not found any answers on the Chinese language internet, so here I am asking for her.
She has been shaving her pubic hair and labia for years, well before she met me. Very, very cleanly shaven with an electric trimmer. She has often gotten the occasional pimple or ingrown hair down there, but according to her things have gotten much more serious in the last few months.
All of the above is still going on, but she said to me that she has been experiencing very severe labial sensitivity, with her often getting splits that bleed if she doesn’t wipe with a wet wipe. Often she’ll find that these break back open on her when she thinks they have healed. She’s basically gone the last half a year wearing pads as a result.
I’m posting here because I have literally no idea what might be the issue and simply don’t have the words to search on Google. I have encouraged her to go to see a doctor about this, but she’s not sure what kind of specialist to see. A gynecologist? A dermatologist?
Any help is so incredibly appreciated. It took her a humungous amount of courage to talk to me about this. I want to do whatever I can to help her get the help she needs.
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2023.06.10 18:43 MiddleBrilliant4387 Terminated For Attendance with no communication

Got fired earlier this week for being at 5.5 points. Let me provide context as to how my points got that far. I'm a disabled vet that collects a disability check each month from the VA. I said this during orientation to my PL during orientation. The disability is that I have tendinitis in both feet but it is particularly worse in the left foot. I was hired in Feb and was let go earlier this week. I worked for team cap 2 and would volunteer to throw the trucks most days. My tendinitis flare ups are usually manageable however, from when I got hired to now I have gained about 7-8lbs. Now pairing the heavy lifting and constantly being on my feet all day with added weight gain increased the flare ups. My body simply hadn't adjusted to the added pressure yet. It led to me calling v out multiple times, and even texting my team coach about the situation asking to communicate the issue with points. He never replied. This was during the time that my last 2 points were conditional due to me having a claim open with sedgwick. The claim was denied due to me not meeting the required lenght of time with the company. So the legitimacy of my case for a FMLA did not matter because I hadn't been there long enough. I wasn't talked to when I got to 4.5 to try to see what can be done to keep me there or anything. So when the claim got denied and my points counted against me they pulled me in at the end of my shift and fired me. What frustrated me more was that I've known plenty of people there that got their points removed by just simply giving a sob story to a coach or higher. Some of my bow former coworkers I talked to were on my side about it being something they could've worked with me on before trying to fire me. I was told I could either talk to the store lead or go straight to home office about it, but I just feel blindsided. I busted my ass at that place especially during my last day and seemed like none of that even mattered. My coach let me go without a second thought. It's just a really frustrating situation.
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2023.06.10 18:43 earthchildreddit Why tf do people just walk up on us???

My dog has some reactivity issues we’ve been working on and have seen amazing improvement. I’ve gotten to know her triggers and can now comfortably take her to high traffic areas with no issues. I’ve gotten very used to telling people not to pet her and knowing when she needs me to find a quiet space for her to reset.
However, my goal is to have her off-leash trained (when appropriate) and we will be working in fields FAR away from walking paths. You can see us but we are in a corner surrounding by thorns you can’t go through and there is no reason to come near us but people CONSTANTLY bring their dogs over to us. There are many nicer areas near by I avoid because I’m trying to choose the least desirable location for others. Yet people still come within 2ft or less of us, clearly out of their way. I don’t want to be known as the mean owner but maybe I have to??? Yesterday they came behind us as we were playing and said nothing until my dog alerted and I turned. I don’t know what to do in those situations
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2023.06.10 18:40 SeatedWoodpile [New Non-Profit] Mother Armenia is now live!

Hi Armenia!
My name is Hunter; I'm a first-year college student and Armenian descendant living in Glendale, CA. I've been working hard with my close friend, Yervand Matevosian, for the last two months creating a new non-profit for Armenia called Mother Armenia.

What Is Mother Armenia?

In short, Mother Armenia is a new non-profit fund that uses the power of small, monthly donations to fund initiatives and projects to help Armenia.

Why Did We Start Mother Armenia?

Yervand and I started Mother Armenia to solve these two issues for ourselves and the diasporan community:
Nearly every Armenian we interviewed said something along the lines "After 2020, I don't donate because I just don't know where my money is going and who is using/taking it". This was also the same thought process for us, and we saw that we needed to solve this level of distrust in the Diaspora community.
And, the sucky part is, the only Armenians who suffer are the ones who actually need money, like the families and kids in the villages that are so underfunded there's a large population exodus from those regions.
On top of this, Mother Armenia doesn't emphasize large one-off donations, but rather small, recurring donations. We want our donors to be involved with us every month and have the ability to increase, decrease, or cancel their donations at any time. On top of this, recurring donations usually build up over time and can bring a lot more money into underfunded regions of Armenia that one-off donations could simply not do.

How do we actually plan to stay accountable? How do we plan to get every donor's dollar to it's intended destination without being tampered with?

This is actually one of the hardest problems we face, but we're doing multiple things to make sure that every one of our donor's dollars is used in the right way WITHOUT getting into the wrong hands at any stage of the journey:
Thank you all for your time and I hope to connect with you more through Mother Armenia as time progresses! If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or just want to chat, shoot me a PM! Any feedback or help is great.
You can check us out and even donate today here:
- Hunter Pruett
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2023.06.10 18:37 on-yourporch Floridian Atmospheric Perfume Recs?

Long time lurker of this sub, but still relatively new to the perfume world. I'm a big fan of the atmospheric perfumes I've tried and would love to hear any recommendations for anything that captures "Florida"/Southern Coastal vibes to you. Less of the coastal grandma and more of the ozonic lightning, briny aquatic, fresh spring water, green vibes. Something that gives "walking to the grocery store in a 4pm rain shower in the summer". Unisex scents are ideal but I'm open to anything.
I like floral notes when they are in the background (as opposed to being the main focus of a scent), but perfumes tend to go sweet on my skin and overproject vanilla/ambefloral notes. I haven't had much experience with fruity notes yet but I like the idea of a tart cherry/blackberry and citrus in combination with atmospherics.
Any recs?
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2023.06.10 18:37 GENsesh3 W for gamers

Can we just say that Activision openly supporting us is a W? Even if they care about money, even if it's so they can have us buy their pride skins, they're still the largest gaming company, and without a blink of an eye removed a creators skin who openly tweeted his transphobia in response to the attacks on LGBTQ supporters in California at the school board meeting. And openly said we support our LGBTQ employees and people in general, and will not professionally associate with someone who's transphobic. I see that as a massive W and actually makes me want to support them and buy their stupid skins 😂
It does make me incredibly sad, as more and more of the content creators I watch are coming out as transphobic. Whether it's the release of Hogwarts, or this situation with cod and nickmercs, I'm just losing so many of the creators I've watched for yearssssss on end.
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2023.06.10 18:37 n01096923 What do I do (F26) about my emotionally unavailable boyfriend (M33)

I need some relationship advice or just advice in general. I’ve (f26) been dating my (m33) boyfriend for a year. I really don’t know what to do. Every decision feels like the wrong one and I’m at an impasse. I love my boyfriend and I want to spend the rest of my life with him but he’s emotionally unavailable. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now. I fell In pretty quickly in the beginning but he warned me that he is emotionally unavailable and he thinks I should run. He has had a lot of trauma especially in the relationship department. He opened up to me about everything and I still decided to stay. To sum it up, he was wrongfully accused of raping his ex girlfriend. They dated for 4 years, ended on good terms and a year after she decides to come out on social media saying that for the past 4 years they never had consensual sex and that he raped her the entire time. Which I’m sorry I always believe the victim but really? I’m not buying it. In the year of our relationship nothing like that has EVER happened. There’s more to her story and to his but I’ll leave it at that.
I’m at an impasse because I feel like his emotional unavailability will not improve. Our relationship has been going on for a year but it really hasn’t progressed. I feel like I’m asking for the bare minimum and still not receiving it. He’s just not emotionally there for me. He doesn’t tell me he loves me, calls me beautiful, makes me his priority etc. (just basic relationship things) I want to add that I know he loves me, I see the way he looks at me, people we know see the way he looks at me and they always say “he’s inlove” We’ve been in this rough patch that seems never ending. I brought up needing more from him in January and we’re now in June. We keep having these talks but nothing seems to improve? We have this talks every month and there has been no change. It sometimes feels like he’s happy being miserable and doesn’t want to change. I don’t come from a place or trauma so for me it’s easy to say go to a therapist but i understand that he needs to get to that point. I have my cousins wedding next week which is out of town and he changed his mind about it. I’ve been pretty salty about it because it was important for me. It was a perfect time to see my family and my friends. He says that if this was the other way around he wouldn’t care but if something is important to you don’t you want your partner to make it important to them as well? Am I crazy or is that right? I just feel like I would do anything for him but when it comes to what’s important to me he doesn’t. He claims that his ex pretty much made it all about her and he had no choice but to do what she wanted. She pretty much didn’t allow him to say no and she took him away from the people he loved. He feels guilty and that he missed so much because she secluded him. The wedding invitation and wanting him to go because it’s important to me obviously caused some trauma flare up for him and he doesn’t want to repeat history which I would never allow. I would never control him or take him away. I encourage healthy relationships with loved ones and to see them all the time because I am family oriented. A relationship is 50/50 and it’s not all about one person.
He’s met my family when they’ve visited and he’s had a great time and my family loved him. So yes we have progressed in a way but just not as much as I would like. I have yet to meet his parents and sister and every time I bring it up he unintentionally makes me feel like I’m asking for so much. He keeps saying it’s going to happen but it never does. I keep encouraging him by saying “hey text your parents let’s have dinner” and he says that I’m telling him what to do and forcing him. It’s been a year now and he has said I love you maybe 4 times? I say it to him and you can see him sink and the anxiety in his eyes. He says he does but it’s hard for him to reciprocate that. And once again I’ll add that I do know he loves me. I just need to hear it and be validated. He just feels like he’s not worthy of being loved and that he doesn’t understand why I want to be with him or love him so much. He says he wants a future with me but it’s hard for him to say. Obviously I need validation and maybe I’m coming from an anxious attachment style. This past month has been the worst yet. Everything sets us off and we keep going in circles about this conversation. we really haven’t seen each other a whole lot and it’s just awkward. He says he doesn’t want to get married but I do. He doesn’t believe in it and doesn’t understand why it’s necessary. I do love him so much so I would sacrifice not getting married just to be with him. But my friend got engaged and I have a pit in my stomach because I do want that and I will never get that as long as I’m with him. We had the kid talk and we’re both unsure. He probably leans towards no where I lean towards yes. Will he ever change his mind? Am I hoping that we’ll eventually get to the point in our relationship where having a baby feels right? Am I delusional thinking he’ll change? Will we date 6 years just for it to be a hard no in the end? I tell myself he doesn’t want these things because of trauma but if he goes to therapy he’ll change his mind but does that make me delusional again?
I don’t know what to do. I love him so much and quite honestly I know he does too regardless of he says it or not. It feels like a one way street because he’s not giving me what I need. He knows how amazing of a person I am. He feels like he’s at an impasse as well because he’s stuck between letting me go because he feels like he may never change or staying with me because he’s in love with me. I feel anxiety thinking about breaking up with him because I don’t want that. I feel anxious about staying with him because I feel like things will never change. What do I do? Every scenario seems wrong. Is there a black and white answer? Do I stay with him and worry about things changing? Do I end things and be heartbroken because I’m missing the love of my life? Do we need some major counselling? Is there a way to make this work? Are we just not the right people for each other? Will things change and it just needs time? What do I do. I do not want to breakup with him what so ever but is that my only option? Please help me.
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2023.06.10 18:37 Junepero 104th hunger games story’s of panem day 3 and 4 victor crowning

Day 3 Suprisingly most of the tributes awoke rather early as game maker laurier announcement sounded in seconds. He stated that a feast would be held at the cronocupia with a twist that mutts would be chasing them there. Clemot and Midge were near by the cornucopia they took the short walk toward the cornocpuia but as they then held there weapons waiting for the new weapons to arise a loud boom occured. Cllemot swore as he threw him self down as 2 cannons sounded. Midge quickly got up and thew a knife near by Clemot. As the tension in Goldtstein square grew to a quiet holt with people yelling for clemot to dodge. As he did just that Midge got his knife stuck on the cornocpuia wall. Clemot grinned then slit midge’s arm and achiles tendent. He then said in a rather menacing voice “Im very close to victory betrayal doesnt sound good now does it.” Midge sighed as he then lost consciousness his cannon sounded. Clemot then remained near by the cornocpuia watching the feast continue from morning to the afternoon. 3 more tributes had been slain by Coloumbia from 6. As the feast came to an end the cornocupia table slumped back down into the ground. The next 8 hours were rather uneventful besides the tribute count dwindling down to 4. But before Clemot had went to bed a sponsor gift was sent down Clemot then quickly opened it being in much joy seeing a battery explosive and a pocket knife scattered by small bits of food with a note saying. “My Job has been very kind to me latley remember what you came here for mr boom boom “ from L Clemot grinned thanking Linet and the capital as he then set up the near by explosive by a near by castle wall. Then drifting back to sleep as horn of plenty played featuring the fallen tributes. Both from 2 midge 4 both tributes from 7 and Marco from 14. Leaving the last 4 tributes Clemot from 5 Columbia from 6 Juliso from 9 and Olivia from 14. Day 4 Game maker Laurier announced to the tributes that 5 minutes or there trakers would denoate. Clemot was already at the cornocpuia so he had remained hidden. As many owls and eels chassed the tributes up only Olivia from 14 didnt make it back in time having the owls catch with her pecking her until her cannon then sounded. Once all 3 tributes were at the cornocupuia game maker Laurier then announed the wonder plan. He then added many historical mutts from many past games would be used as a temple escape in many later starting in this years games. After his announcement a plethora of animal and air mutts screamed in many tributes panicked. Juliso foot had been infected and mangaed to fell pray to Columbia as she then chased falling the into the first historical mutt the poisonous snakes from Lucy Grays ames victor of the 10 hunger games. But before Columbia could even act Clemot then quickly pressed the button sounding a ginormous boom to occur as Columbia was thrown back as the final cannon sounded. As much of the mutts retreated game maker Whimsiwick announced that Clemot Cornelious of district 5 was crowned the victor of the 104th hunger games. He then curtsed as the hovercraft brought him out of the arena back to the accommodation towers. Aftermath He then was given a heroes hug by his mentor Gravito and lInet even there stylist Ashely King. Ashley was over joyed knowing that her of being head stylist she was the stylist of a victor. After a brief health check by many of the doctors within Goldtein hosptial declared that Clemot was in great health as he then was preped for his victors interview. He then was adorned in a stylist suit with many geyser like patterns and holographic but not harmful bombs. Camelia was adorned in stylish Gray and white dress. After the usual victors questuions she then asked what he would to with his later life. Clemot replied with what ever really made him happy. Camelia smiled and nodded congratulating him again with his victory. Afterword he was dismissed from the stage as Head game makers Laurier and Whimswick were brought to the stage. As they were brought in Camelia imedtialy asked about the “Wonder plan.” Game maker Laurier imedtialy blushed telling her to wait for now. After a short awww from the citizens watching the interview Camelia shrugged then started pressing both boys about the next years games. As usual they had only gave a few hints but not many. At the end of the interview Camelia took both boys hands and bowed doing her usual outro. After clemots victory he returned home to district 5 finishing his studies. After a few years of hard work he graduated then after graduating he then moved to the captial permanently with his boyfriend and sister. He then later married his boyfriend 2 years after moving to the capital adopting two capital newborns naming them Areulio and Scarlet. It is also known that Clemot had studied to becoming a exlpsoive frosencic detective. Solving many murder cases with many famous and cheif peace keepers such as a few of his close captial friend cheif peace keepers Barronta and Balrona. Clemot was known to be a rather tough mentor but he had always hinted that if they lived through the games they would thank him. He mentored the district 5 tributes till he was replaced later within following years. Clemot died at the age of 78 due to a heart attack. Editors note I am very happy to state that this one of my finished tales. I hope you guys enjoyed it a few things i would to say before I go. I am going to rewrite file 103 and file 102 before i reach file 180. But before now I will say that more hunger games content are on there ways, Question of the day which tribute would you save from the hunger games for me it would be Junipero from the 85th games he deserved much better. And now I am on my way to prep for are first quinquenal quell so I will see you all in a few days to a week so I can get the creative juices flowing. Hope you all have a great day and as we always say Panem today Panem tomorrow Panem forever.
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2023.06.10 18:35 SarahTheJuneBug Does anyone ever feel irritated or insulted by Bad Takes on your fic?

I am writing a fic. Some characters in said fic are kind of assholes at some points in the story. This included otherwise "good" people in situations of stress/being well-intentioned but misguided. Main character becomes better at standing up for himself over time. There are also points in which characters react with more guilt than they should or are obviously fucked up in response to traumatic events--which is eventually discussed and everybody comes out a little more mature and confident and they get help. Something something self-forgiveness and standing up for yourself. That old chestnut.
I have had SEVERAL comments from people in the middle of the fic (which has more chapters after the contentious points, yknow, exploring shit going on) asking me why I'm condoning the MC feeling (unnecessarily) guilty or why I'm making other characters be mean/kind of selfish. Some of these comments really rag on me and lowkey accuse me of supporting abusive behavior.
Note the fic has tags acknowledging themes like guilt and, explicitly, gaslighting. And I still get shit. I had one person get on my case until they admitted they missed the tag and said I hit a raw nerve of theirs (and that's my fault...?)
I am admittedly overly sensitive. I know this. But it kind of stings being accused of condoning bad behavior. Can people PLEASE read the tags or, you know, FINISH READING before getting at me?
I guess I just wanted to vent; I'm sorry. Has anyone else dealt with commenters having the wrong takeaway and leaving harsh criticism? Most feedback I get is very positive, the fic itself has nearly 2000 kudos, but you know.
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2023.06.10 18:34 punkrain Advice - Collecting without Gambling

It's been a while since I've posted here. A little background is that my go to gambling has been slot machines that popped up like wildfire after my state legalized non-casino slot machines with a liquor license (Illinois). The good news is that I barely get the pull to go directly gamble any more and when I do I can push it aside.
Since then I've been trying to find hobbies that aren't going to take that path. As an aside, I have ADHD that I take a stimulant for, a medical condition that requires a daily steroid in addition to recurrent depression and anxiety.
Anyway. I'm a busy mom and live in a small town with very few things to do that don't involve drinking and gambling. It had been a struggle to stop until I got into Pokemon cards.
I love them, I don't play, but I love the video games and the art and they are great...BUT...
I've realized it's just another form of gambling. What cards will I get? I should by more. Opening boxes in my car so my husband doesn't see. Too much money. Ick.
I've made the decision to sell my collection (I'm going to use the money to treat myself to a trip out of town).
Long story short, does anyone have any tips on collecting things without it escalating? Or is that just always our fate? I loved the community around collecting it helped me to feel less isolated, but it's such a weird profit focused community as well...
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2023.06.10 18:34 Professional-Row7420 im tired lmfao

so everything in my life is going like upside down right now, including family, friends and school. In school, my grades are getting lower and lower for no reason. I study an average of 10 hours per day and I try to do my best. My parents, especially my father, is so gaddamn judging and kept on telling me that I'm trash and shit and like if I don't wnat to live I should go die. He also gives me a test papers 2 grades ahead of me and expects me to do it with the knowledge I have now. Like wtf???? My mental and physcial health have been going down like a landside. I started having like fever every week and I still havnt recovered from a cough I had from last week. Plus, my social anxiety skills with people have gotten worse, because of my father again. He doesn't belive what happened to me and keep bringing up my mistakes I accidnetally made when I was younger. So basically when I was younger, I was molested 2 times, once by my helper and once my a deliquent boy. And he said that I was lying. yeahhh And my emotions are sort of getting weaker by the day, I don't understand what they meant by "sadness" and "anger" aha,it basically feels like I'm a living robot without batteries. And moving on to friends. my closest friend made new friends, and can she not open her eyes? The friends she made where the same friends that stab me in the back and told me secrets and told my crush I liked him. And she starts to follow them everywhere, like wtf. Plus they literally don't study at all. 2 of them will be like oh getting 50/100 is soooooo good. and when they get like 60/100 they be flexing, do they not have some face??? Plus, they are so goddamn immature and making bird and moaning noises in my ear. Last time I was in a fucking group with them and they did fucking nothing. it was all me and my other friend. All they know is how to talk rubbish and trash. I cnat stand them at all. and plus, i got eczema recently which people definetely will judge me for. I don't really trust anyone after all. They all just back stab me. People never see the good, do they, or they only spot our mistakes and hold us on our collar with that? I really want to give up and die, honesly they only thing that is keeping me alive is the confront I get from a game I play. Sorry to make it so long lmfao I just had to yeahhh.
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2023.06.10 18:34 JesC929 My For-You Page Stinks

I have consistently pushed dislike and stop showing me this crap, TT says they will every time I do that, yet every time I open TT it shows me what someone’s red flags are or what they look like in AI.
I don’t care what your red flags are, I don’t care what AI turns your pose into.
I just want to see the posts from the folks I follow 😩.
Might be why so many creators are still complaining about low view counts.
Rant Over 🫣
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2023.06.10 18:33 LegalAd1197 What would you think or do about this?

My work place is not remote, we have to be there everyday even though we could, technically wfh. Under certain circumstances we’re able to work from home on occasion. For example, a few of the other people in my same position have worked from home when they’ve had doctors appts, one routinely has her house cleaned every three weeks, another does so occasionally to help with her ailing father. However, the other position in our department is allowed a hybrid schedule (this is already a source of contention with those of us that are only afforded this luxury under certain circumstances and we’ve been asked to lie about it if anyone in upper management asks). Last Friday I took advantage of this opportunity so I could take my child to the doctor. I’ve only done this a handful of times and received approval from my supervisor the day prior. I took my child to the doctor that morning and continued my work day, skipped my lunch to make up for the time and went about my work day. I only left my computer for bathroom breaks and was immediately available when anyone emailed, chatted or called. I was not just sitting at home, I got several tasks completed. However, near the end of the day I got an email that I am no longer afforded the luxury of working from home. If I have a doctors appt I must come in around it, no explanation as to why.
I return to work after the weekend and find out this only applies to me. Everyone else is allowed to still wfh in this circumstance and in fact, one employee did. I was pretty upset about this, but didn’t end up speaking to anyone about it because I was already upset and afraid that if I had to bring it up I’d get upset and make a hasty decision. I also assumed they would talk to me and explain why I was no longer allowed. The entire week went by without any explanation as to why I was being singled out and in a way reprimanded. If there is a problem, how can I fix it if I don’t know what it is? On top of this a co-worker told me that my supervisor spoke to them and asked if they (my coworker) knew if I was going to quit and that I was no longer allowed to wfh.
Towards the end of the week, most of the employees were treating me differently. I have a feeling I am getting fired. But I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Everything was fine last week, I haven’t changed the way I work, I’m always on top of things and am good at my job. I can’t think of anything that I did to be treated like this. I’ve never been reprimanded for anything up until this. I just had my review a month ago and they said I was doing great. Wth could be going on? And why isn’t anyone talking to me about it if I did do something?
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