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My Dad like figure has lost it

2023.06.10 20:38 hikarunagito My Dad like figure has lost it

So Let me catch everyone up to speed

In 2015-6 my dad has started researching Aliens and falling down the David Wilcox, and Corry Good hole which then evolved in to him going full on Q and becoming very violent when you go against his will to the point he nearly cost my job in 2017 that I just started that lead to him being charged with assault after giving me a concussion and leaving me bloody at home

In 2018 his son felt i should of moved in with both of them which lead to me being forced to watch his dad's youtube stream with nothing but conspriacy videos from various youtubers before they were deplatformed and moved to the 3rd party video hosters... that ended peacefully when they decided to move to colorado and I stayed in my home town for my career....

in October 2021 he found his son dead because he died due to covid and his son refused hospital treatment due to him absorbing his dads view points on Covid; his dad being so out of touch convinced him and other people he was following online that the hospitals in colorado springs were getting paid to kill people with covid...

Now after having to take sole custody and him getting the police called on him 4 times due to his actions he is getting angry to the point of screaming at his cats because i personally have my door shut to calm down because im frustrated to the point we have all this food he doesn't eat; organic canned soup, organic ramen, frozen spaghetti; because he claims we don't have enough food and we should drop and spend 200+ on organic food because his sites say the government will shut down (4th + year in him saying this) he also insists on me buying Zims and XRP crypto based on the Gesara and Nesara conspiracy... he has gotten violent against me and both or names are on the lease of the apartment; i know he needs mental help badly but isn't getting treated for it and is only thinking everyone else is at fault because we get upset because literally he could watch 1 video saying for example taylor swift was in gitmo....when she sold out the football arena in town 2 nights in a dad has completely lost it and i can't keep supporting him

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2023.06.10 20:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download
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So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience.
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2023.06.10 20:38 tehohenu Train Station Buddy

Train Station Buddy
I was stuck at a train station in the heat today, hiding on a stairwell keeping out of the heat when I noticed a little someone abseiling off a hand rail. I didn't get a decent picture of that lil guy as they were playing hide and seek with me but I did notice another tiny friend on the wall (pic 6 has my hand to give annidea of how tiny she was). They were pretty much stuck to the spot, anchored by a little bit of web which you can see in the first picture, just taking in the surroundings but when I filmed this little girl* she looked up at me my heart nearly melted. These are the best pics I ever taken of a Jumping Schpooder. I made the part of the video where she looks up at me a gif which you can see in the last image. She was sooooo damn cute 😭 *I'm guessing the sex
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2023.06.10 20:38 bshdhssj [USA-IL][H] Asus Dual RTX 4070 and Ryzen 7 5800X [W] Local Cash

Both work perfectly. I have had both for only a couple of months, purchased from Best Buy. Neither have been overclocked or overheated. Just used for gaming. Can provide any pictures or videos you want. Just message me. No trades. Located near 60585 in Illinois. Would like $700 for both. Thanks
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2023.06.10 20:37 irbytay UNIT - A REIT with Insider buying.

Hello fellow market investors.
Let's start with what UNIT does.
Now some research.
When you think about our country, everything runs on the internet. It's the backbone of the digital world. Cell towers, businesses, and residents all require internet and is still expanding. Cell services are moving into the home internet market. Personally I have an average share price of $3.18 and wouldn't mind another buying opportunity but I don't see any reason for this stock to be any lower.
Let me know your thoughts! -Irbs
Happy investing and remember this is my own research. Take ownership on your own gains and/or losses. It's not my fault!
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2023.06.10 20:37 cassidyjoy19 Anxious Chihuahua Potty Training (help plz)

So my parents adopted a 5mo chihuahua puppy about a year ago and named him Ewald, but Waldo for short. When they picked him up, he was super calm and cuddly. When they got home, he turned into a little anxiety monster. He’s bonded to my dad and they adore each other.
I have tried potty training him all year, but he doesn’t let me get close to him at all if I’m standing. If I’m sitting on the ground or couch, he’ll let me get a little closer and play, but runs if I reach a hand out too fast or two hands at all. He won’t jump on the couch, but he will get on my dad’s recliner.
We have puppy pads down all the time, but he stands on the edge and pees off the side. Our carpet has to be replaced because he’s absolutely destroyed it. He’ll sometimes go outside with my dad, but my dad has severe chronic pain and some mobility issues that make it hard for him to train Waldo.
Waldo’s a very smart dog, he learned sit and down very fast when I finally got him to be comfortable enough to come near me to get a treat. We have an Adaptil defuser in our main room and he gets a calming treat once a day (Solliquin Calming Behavioral Health Supplement for Dogs) and they’ve made a difference, it’s just not enough.
Our dog groomer is also a trainer, and she’s helping us a bit, but Waldo just won’t go outside to pee. If I can get him to go outside, he just whines until he can go in to see my dad again. When my parents were on vacation, he made some progress, but that almost completely fell apart when they got back. We’ve tried two different puppy potty training aid sprays, but he’s generally uninterested. We’ve also tried a “don’t mark here” spray, but he just rolls in that one (if it’s on the carpet. If I put it outside, he doesn’t care). He also sometime eats his own poop, but I don’t catch him doing that as much anymore.
I do not know what to do. I would try putting a leash on him at all times to get him to go outside, but because he’s so small and fast, he hides in all sorts of places and I’m worried about him getting tangled and hurt. I will take any and all suggestions, I’m desperate
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2023.06.10 20:37 Indigo000011 NAFLD worsening with improved PCOS

I'm wondering if anyone might be able to provide some insight here.
I've been recovering from PCOS since about a year ago. My hormones are almost back to normal levels and I've lost about 25 lbs since last year.
After having a kidney stone about 9 months ago, my urologist has been monitoring my kidneys with ultrasound and my liver, incidentally. The first one they found mild fatty deposits on my liver. I've been exercising much more consistently since then and lost some more weight since the initial ultrasound.
Last week, I had another ultrasound, and my liver has somehow gotten worse and has enough fatty deposits to be considered NAFLD. I eat according to the recommendations from my dietician, and I'm active for about 30 minutes nearly every day. I don't know why this is happening. The idea of adding more restrictions to my already fairly limited diet gives me a ton of anxiety as someone who's recovered from an ED.
Someone suggested NAC, but I'm worried about the possibility of it not working. I'm feeling pretty defeated that my efforts to get healthier don't seem to be paying off.
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2023.06.10 20:37 Anthony_813 How do you counter running and crouching?

I cannot understand the amount of times I have been killed by people running and crouching, it feels like it's literally a MUST in platinum. They start shooting BEFORE even aiming at me (shooting LITERALLY a wall) and flick to my head and get killed because spray is obviously minimised while crouching.
I try my best but they just wide peek run and crouch and their (first 2-5) bullets come with nearly 100% accuracy so I (usually) get killed by a headshot before I can do anything. How do you counter this?
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2023.06.10 20:36 Taktishun Rick the Door Technician

So I’ve learned through this subreddit that Rick the Door Tech is a problem, but only after my play through of the game story was nearly complete. Long after I was confronted by him. I actually thought the game designers made him a “Boss” as a cheeky stab at some humor. I actually laughed after I killed him. I saw the Boss life bar at the top of the screen, the name, and the war cry he came at me with before I struck him down in one parry and strike.
I really must’ve lucked out with this one.
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2023.06.10 20:35 Icy-Canary6422 Deciding on first bike- how important is good repair shop in deciding?

Hoping this is the appropriate forum to ask a couple questions to this very knowledgeable group
I live in Nassau county Long Island
I am in the process of researching so I can buy my first bike. I am considering used Harley Davidson street 500 or 750 or Kawasaki Vulcan 650.
How important should it be in my decision making process to have a good repair shop for either of these brands close by? From what I can see online there aren’t many places to take a Kawasaki in for a repair near me. Does anyone know a place on long island I would be able to go to if I needed a repair to a Kawasaki?
Also for used bikes are there any good extended warranty companies that are readily accepted by repair shops on Long Island?
Thank you for any input.
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2023.06.10 20:34 becauseimtransginger NEED HELP: Ride1Up Back brake servicing

I got my cafe cruiser bike for commuting around my area about 6/7 months ago, but recently I had a nasty crash due to my back brake being essentially shot. It barely stops the back wheel. I went to my manual and did all of the brake adjustment recommendations, watched every video for the cusier and 700 series. Nothing is helping.
I called 4 bike shops near me, and none of them service my bike. Normally i'd replace the brake line like I do on my mountain bikes, but this bike was over 2k with the accessories, and I would much rather not ruin it. Does anyone have any experience or know a way to do this myself/bike shops that will. I'm in the atl area.
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2023.06.10 20:34 shoegazeweedbed With all the stuff going on I'd like to share my dumb little experience (dumb and boring)

I don't watch the sky much. I had a long drive from Oklahoma City to Lawton (Oklahoma - somewhat near Wichita Falls). This was daytime, around 6pm, still full light.
There was a bright, pulsating white light above the interstate. I was trying to figure out if it was a star or not, but also had to watch the road.
For about 45 minutes of my trip I would occasionally look up and this bright thing would be on one side of the road or the other. Just slightly larger and brighter than a star.
Then, as I watched it - and had decided maybe it was a star - it went zip out of my view down in the general direction of Texas.
I would've been convinced it was a drone, civilian craft, or even a bright star. But that thing moved faster than anything I have ever seen. Just thinking about it now gives me goosebumps.
This was ~2-3 years ago
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2023.06.10 20:33 Resident_Principle20 Someone gave me an STD

I've only had two sexual encounters with this person, each time I got an infection (first time yeast infection, second time UTI then shortly after infection cleared I tested positive for HSV2.) I never had any symptoms or issues except for immediately after having sex with this person. I've had to take numerous medications/ proof with doctors visits etc & now I will be on medication and have this disease for the rest of my life- which has affected be traumatically physically/ mentally and has made life nearly unbearable everyday, and will greatly affect my future.
I live in the state of texas, which is where I originally met this person/ started a relationship with them, this person flew me out to Florida where I contracted the disease. There are a lot of other little details of course but the point is I 100% contracted this from this person. Is there ANY sort of legal recourse I can take? I'm having a really hard time finding a lawyer in texas (austin specially) that would be able to take on/ represent me in a case like this.
To make it worse, I know this person is going around spreading this to more people. They should be stopped. Even if I'm not able to sue them monetarily for bodily damages etc they should face criminal charges of some sort. Please help.
Edit: on multiple occasions I asked this person if they had an STD test/ was clean and they said "yes, they get tested all the time for a 75M insurance policy" now that I think about this it totally sounds like a lie. I requested for them to wear a condom and they refused.
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2023.06.10 20:32 DuncanStudios2000 I'm laughing my ass off at this!!

So I had an AI make an informal version of a part of my book were tie group is attacked by Death Eaters (wingless dragons), and honestly this is better than my version!
Well, well, well, what do we have here? A group of heroes getting their butts handed to them by a drake. And let me tell you, it's not a pretty sight. One guard is crawling towards them, screaming for help like a little baby. The commander runs out to save him, but it's too late. The drake has already ripped off his arm and is chowing down on it like it's a Thanksgiving turkey.
Now, I know what you're thinking. "What should I do if I ever encounter a drake?" Well, first of all, don't get near a Death Eater. That's just asking for trouble. But if you do find yourself face to face with one of these beasts, don't panic. Stay calm and still. They can sense fear, you know.
Anyway, back to the action. The drake finishes its meal and saunters off like it's no big deal. Meanwhile, our heroes lay there for a while to make sure no other Death Eaters are lurking around. Smart move, guys.
In conclusion, if you're going to mess with a drake, you better be prepared to lose an arm or two. And if you see a Death Eater, well, you probably deserve it.
Written with ParagraphAI.
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2023.06.10 20:32 noblephantasm27 25 [M4F] before sunrise, ubelt area

Kakagaling lang ng inuman. Magpapa sober up lang ako with friends but I'm not quite ready to go home yet. Can you join me? We can hang out. Eat sa Mcdonalds, get coffee or whatever. If you want I can also come over. Usap tayo, about anything that plagues you, cause I sure as shit have a lot going on in my mind.
About me: - med student, gradwaiting - di creepy - pretty tipsy na tho - masaya kausap
About you: - gising pa - near me (ubelt/sampaloc area)
Hmu agad and lets ezchange pics. See ya around!
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2023.06.10 20:32 OutlandishnessOk3245 Swelling won’t go down after 3-4 weeks.

Hi, I had my 4 wisdom teeth taken out 3-4 weeks ago and had a lot of swelling. After 2 weeks, the right side of my face went down however the left didn’t. I was told everything was okay and that I could go back to college after a check up. However it’s nearly 4 weeks and the left side of my face still has a grape-sized swelling despite the other side being fully healed. I don’t feel any pain, I’m just concerned whether or not it might be an infection of its normal.
Please let me know what I should do or if there’s any way to treat it myself as all the dentistry offices are closed for the weekend.
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2023.06.10 20:30 tinywarmblanket somehow I lost all of my progress?? help please

somehow I lost all of my progress?? help please
I saved the game as usual, closed the app and put my phone in my pocket. After an hour I opened ark again and now I no longer have my tames (they are still in their "cages" tho), my map progress, all my bases are "blocked" (I have no access to fridges, doors, or anything). However my character level is still the same along with my engrams and stats. I'm sure I didn't click "create new character". I had high level argys, spinos, lots of farming hours... nearly 350 days and everything is gone. I'm speechless.
can someone help me please? has this happened to anyone else?
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2023.06.10 20:30 OrneryEffective9951 Help! flying monday and need advice about carrying my gel

So i travelled into the UK for the first time last year with nearly a 6 month supply of injectable testosterone and needles, the only stop that i got in regards to this was at the chicago airport where the TSA agent gave it a cursory glance and passed me through. I had a ton of proper documentation and medical records.
I’m heading back to america for a couple of weeks and am now on tostran. I have a nearly empty bottle of that which i am planning on packing into my hand luggage, along with a pump of testogel that i had to get because my tostran is due to run out while i’m there and i was unable to get more due to shortages. I was planning on packing the testogel into my checked baggage.
Both have their original boxes, which have my full name printed on them on a label. the tostran has my gp address and signature, the testogel only has the address of the pharmacy i picked it up at (boots) and the original bag from boots (also labeled with my name)
is this going to be an issue? i don’t have have a doctors note as detailed on the website because i was stupid and didn’t get it before the gp closed for the weekend. will i encounter issues or is the way i plan to pack it going to be ok?
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2023.06.10 20:30 winol5 Am I the only one that likes Oleato?

I was a fan of Starbucks innovation 10 years ago when I was in college and it was my main source of food.
Then, I moved to Seattle and started enjoying smaller coffee shops, and the occasional reserve beverages when I wanted something new.
For me, as a customer, oleato has been the innovation I needed to go back to Starbucks regularly (there are a lot of regular locations near me that offers it).
Funnily enough, I have IBS which means that I have stomach problems very often, and yes, coffee did trigger them for me. However, oleato for whatever reason causes me less, or same trips to the restroom (same for my non-ibs friends)
Do I think it's for everyone? Of course not, nothing is. Do I think baristas should be forced to try it? Of course not, that's a stupid policy. I'll help defend your right to say no.
Do I enjoy all the Oleato beverages? Not really, I don't like the cold ones. But the oat milk latte is by far my favorite drink these days at Starbucks, the texture is great and the olive oil complements the oat flavor.
So.... Am I one of the very few that actually enjoys it?
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2023.06.10 20:30 stevefrench74 What happened to THC Biomed?

I really enjoyed their dragons lettuce about a year ago, but haven't seen anything about them in this sub since then. I found some of their sativa landrace on sale at a dispo near me, will I be buying year old bud if I grab it?
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2023.06.10 20:29 TechnicianLarge8138 in desperate need of assistance regarding my astrospectroscopy essay :')

Hi, i am a chemistry student and I had to write an essay about how to measure a star's/planet's chemical composition. Found that kinda difficult to research tbh but I really tried and found some great books. Fast forward, I got feedback which states that I need to include a discussion about the difficulties with backgrounds, Doppler shift, absorption by e.g. dust clouds, etc.. The thing is, it needs to be a very short essay (1200 words) and I can't find any proper (or "dumbed down") information about it. The professor also told me to include the influence of thermal emission spectrum in the optical range on spectroscopy. I'd really appreciate any pointers in the right direction or sources because I am really at the end of my wits here.
many thanks in advance
a struggling student
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2023.06.10 20:28 Equivalent_Current_3 How to put yourself out there?

In an effort to meet new people and hopefully start dating, I know I need to put myself out there.
I am 25M. I work 8 to 10 hours a day so that only leaves evenings to get out there.
Mon - Bible study
Tues/Thurs - Climb with friends
Wed - Chores
Fri - either dinner with friends at a pub (I dont drink personally) or a walk in a local nature area/park.
Weekends - Im usually doing something. Skiing, climbing, going to the farmers market, I recently joined a volleyball group which I found through friends.
I have also asked friends if they know of anyone but that always turns up dry so I dont ask that often.
So beyond what I do, what do people mean by "put yourself out there"? What else can I do? I am social and friendly whenever I meet people. But no one really seems to notice me, or notice that I am single. Even if I try to flirt and ask girls out. On top of that it seems that no one else is single. Like today I went to the local farmers market and everyone near my age was holding a kid or with their partner.
Please dont mention online dating. I have tried that extensively but never got any matches so I have given that up.
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