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2023.05.30 01:09 galth88 Crack Surfshark Vpn Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 01:08 Ok-Moment3660 Am I (38F) wasting time waiting for him (39M) to work on his issues?

TLDR: Aml (38F) prolonging the inevitable by holding out hope that my person (39M) will do the work needed so we can have the life we talked about having together? ( don't like that synopsis but hopefully you'll read it all for more depth)
I (38F) am really hung up on this dude(39M). We knew each other for years and finally dated. He'd just ended long term toxic relationship and we both knew better than to get involved but we did it anyway. Our connection was/is incredible. We shared values and very specific life goals. He struggled with his mental health throughout our year and a half of dating, and the longer we were together the less he shared with me, until he reached a point where he said he needed to end things. He left the relationship to work on himself. He's doing the work (or is at least in weekly therapy). He's told me not to wait for him. That he doesn't know if or when he'll be able to have the relationship that he wants to have with me. But at the same time he says he loves me and that there isn't anyone else he wants to be with, he just can't be with anyone, including me right now. Anytime I give him the option of not talking to me he says he doesn't want that. An acquaintance told me that it was manipulative of him to say what he said when we broke up, that he needed to figure out how to live for himself, because there were many days where he felt like he was only staying alive for me and my kid. That he did very much want the future we'd imagined together, but that he was scared that we'd start working on it, achieve things, then one day he'd wake up ten years from now and none of it would be enough, he'd take his own life. And he didn't want to do that to us. That he needed to figure out if he was able to get beyond that feeling.... It's been over 6 months and we still talk, things were progressing conversation-wise, but he's retreated again. I'm in therapy too but I'm really struggling to figure out what to do. My therapist met him and agrees with his declaration that he is avoidant. Therapist says that the continued contact could be him avoiding the confrontation of letting me go, or could be a genuine desire to keep me in his life.
Looking back on our relationship, there was a lot of "one day"ing going on... In believing that things would be better one day.... And parts of me still feels that. But when I step back and look at things from an outsiders standpoint, I'd kindly tell a friend in this situation that no amount of hope and love can fix someone else. Even if they want to be fixed.... You can't do it for them. You can't carry a relationship on your own. Parts of me believes that it's possible that he'll figure his shit out and we can have a future together. I wasn't dating when I met him. No one had piqued my interest in the least. I'm okay with being on my own. But I also want him. He's not available to me. My own mind is struggling to decipher if I was just projecting my wishes upon what we had. While the constructs of the relationship was flawed, the feelings were genuine. He loved(loves) me and my kid and my dog in a way that I hadn't felt before. And I love/loved him fiercely. But love isn't enough. I feel like I'm deluding myself into thinking that our feelings for one another make up for all the things that were lacking. My needs were often unmet, and for some reason I seem to be okay with that. Even knowing that I deserve and want more. I don't particularly believe there is one person for each of us, but being with him just felt right. It was quieter with him. All the shitty stuff in the world was a little more tolerable. The noise inside my own head was less so. We could just be together. Even when he was pulling away and I was struggling with that, it was still a struggle I was willing to endure in order to be there for the good at the end of it. I wish he'd sought therapy while we were together and I think that's part of my issue, is that I don't understand why he can't be in a relationship with me and still work on himself. Even if I understand it clinically (he said he had bounced from relationship to relationship for 20+ years and didn't know who he was on his own), my heart doesn't understand why you'd let go of someone who you claim to love in such a way... I've never really been in a relationship that didn't have some sort of turmoil going on. I don't know what I would do with someone who wasn't a mess. Maybe I seek out people who are a wreck so that I won't be the one who is the messy one. I want him to get better and the idea of us having a life together is a happy one. But I don't think he will. I think the possibility of being that happy is too much and too daunting and he's afraid that he won't succeed, so he can't fully try. He'd rather live the dead end life that he's had for 30 years, and drink himself to death, than to put in the work and have a beautiful life full of people who love him. Because it's easier to not try than it is to try and disappoint his loved ones. Maybe? I don't know. I feel shitty for even saying that because I want to believe that it's not true. But he's shut me out and won't tell me what's going on. Yet again, when I ask if he wants me to leave him alone, he doesn't want that. Am I being foolish? Or more foolish than I already think I am? Am I torturing myself or am I being true to my heart by continuing to love this person through this difficult time? Every time I step back and say "that's enough" something happens to make me stay in this, he'll give me just enough to get the hope back again. I don't think he's doing it in a ill intended way, and likely not intentionally. But I just don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.05.30 01:08 butterfliesandbee [21 F4A] come say hi [chat]

hello, hmu with an introduction and let’s see if we click! im a big time stoner, i listen to lots of rap, alternative, and rock. im going through huge changes and i’m really lonely. from the usa i could use a friend to talk to every day. thanks for reading!
what is your current hyper-fixation? song you’ve been listening to on repeat? favorite fast food place and why?
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2023.05.30 01:08 NJPhantom02 Add me

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2023.05.30 01:07 FedgeLouganis I went to a strip club for my friend's birthday, should I tell my girlfriend?

Little context, last night my roommate [27m] N and I had a bunch of friends over to our apartment for a party for his birthday. After many drinks most of our friends headed home, but one, M, stayed behind with my roommate and I. Our friend eventually brought up the idea of taking my roommate to a strip club because he had never been (and neither had I).
We get to the club, full nude, not a seedy place but not super high class either. After sitting at the stage for a bit, we buy the birthday boy a few lap dances, and M and I decided to treat ourselves to a VIP dance (30 minutes) while N was getting his. The dancer I picked out was very nice, blonde, and seemingly one of the more sought after dancers at this place (i could tell because as we walked to the VIP room several guys we passed groaned in disappointment). The small talk between my dancer [19/f] P and I immediately. She was super nice, we talked about where we were from, what we liked to do, what i did for work, etc. I was considerably respectful the whole time, mainly focusing on looking at her face while we were talking despite her dancing on me the whole time. I understand she was working but I much preferred the intimacy of the conversation over the intimacy of her body. At the end of the 30 minutes, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, said it was refreshing for her to spend time with someone so respectful and I offered to buy one more song's dance from her, which she happily accepted. After the song, she gave me a hug, I thanked her and my friends and I left.
Now, my girlfriend and I have talked about going to strip clubs, but it's always been in the context of her and I going together. We've been together for almost 2 and a half years, and we talk about literally everything. Recently I've been doing a lot of self reflection about my porn addiction, my direction in life, depression, anxiety, my dad's cancer diagnosis, etc. and last night has just added more confusion. I'm sure she won't be mad or upset by the fact that I went, and I'm not one to hide anything from her, I'm just not sure what to do next
tl;dr: I went to a strip club for my roommate's birthday, bought a dance for myself, and I'm not sure how/if to tell my girlfriend
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2023.05.30 01:07 Hiinokamii Is someone has advices to improve myself ? I just wanna leave the game really…

I don’t know from where I want to start.
I was main PLD but it was hard for me to learn the rotation even if I was a good PLD (I mean, I understood the tank rules). The rotation is simple now but it took me so long to learn it. I played tank like many hours and it was the time for me to change for something else.
I changed for WHM, I was scared about healing but one of my friend helped me to learn a bit how to heal and then he took me to Rubicante EX when I wasn’t able to do HL content. But I leave healing cause I considered myself as a bad healer, my DPS was always the same, I applied all the advices that mains WHM gave me. I know DPS isn’t important really but I know how to heal so the last part was to improve my DPS but it was a fail for me. I said before « bad healer » but not in the way of healing but more for DPS.
While ago like weeks, I retake my MCH cause I really love the style and the gameplay of this job. I try to learn the rotation but it’s hard for me cause you have to press so much buttons. So I created my own rotation. The problem is that my DPS was always around 8000 or 9000 DPS. Sometimes close to 10 000 but it was really rare. To try to improve, the same friend who take me to Rubicante EX, asked me to come with him to Golbez EX with his roster. I feel bad about that cause I was going to play with players that cleared savage content before so I was scared to be a problem but it was ok.
My first battle was about 5 in FFlog (I talk about my score). It was ok for me cause it was my first time and I don’t know the most optimal MCH rotation. We cleared it yesterday, three times and I made 4, 1 and : 0 ! (I was between 7500 and 8100 with 633 ilvl stuff)
I feel a bit ashamed. The people of the roster, all of them, have improved their score in FFlog. I know they have more experience than me but when you see purple, blue and you in grey with 0, it looks bad. One of them mocked me about that and I didn’t appreciate.
I tried to learn the MCH rotation from « The Balance » but it’s so hard to memorize all that spells. I tried to do it but each time my DPS was like 10 000 and fall under 9800 or something like that. I don’t how people do to maintain their DPS between 10 000 and 12 000 for some DPS jobs… I’m French so most the guides are in English. I’m not bad in English for reading and listening but MMO terms are sometimes hard to understand and I need to know all the spells in English when I don’t want to switch my game from FR to EN cause I just want to learn story and conversations without searching each times I don’t understand a word.
I know DPS is not really important if I don’t do savage or EX but I want to go to that content, I feel ready but not for the gameplay, so impossible for me to go (except with my friend).
I don’t understand what am I supposed to do after that. Using my 1, 2, 3. Have all my oGCD on CD but when the 2min burst phase come, I have nothing to use except Wildfire and Barrel Stabilizer and Reassemble for using Drill during the burst if I don’t forgot to don’t spend it before. I don’t how am I supposed to use my Queen. I don’t know the order of something the follow to be good for the burst phase… Anyway, I tried to watch video about that, read some guides, ask my friends to learn me but idk why, it doesn’t want to stay in my head. I know some people can learn faster that other but I try so hard to learn a job that crazy.
One of my friend learn SAM in like 2 hours. Yes he’s not a big expert now but melee are a bit hard to play, and he has more experience than me in MMO and the fact to learn rotation but I mean, I almost have 4000 hours of playtime and still don’t have a main that a master.
To be honest, at the beginning I was just here to do the story but I really love this game now. I’m so jealous of people who know how to play correctly, some of them (that I know) are noobs like me so why they know how to improve when I give everything to do the same thing and it doesn’t work.
I feel really bad, that’s not a joke, I really talk seriously that’s so anxious.
That was a pleasure that my friend ask me to join him for Golbez EX (he knows that I have lack of confidence but he wants me to improve myself).
Anyway, I’m just lost. I tried everything, I really want to do HL content but I really don’t know how to improve myself and learn rotation correctly. I tried everything. I don’t have issue to play with keyboard, I set all my HUD to be the most easier for me for the fight and all about that, I tried to learn rotation by heart, tried to training myself on training dolls but nothing work.
So, I try a last time if you know what issues I have or if you have something to tell me for help, it was a pleasure.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.30 01:07 Peaceandlove79 How mariujana healed a man with prostrate cancer

How mariujana healed a man with prostrate cancer By Alessandro Carosi
I was for dinner in this restaurant in Ramintra outskirts of Bangkok, the evening was paid by the political party my friend joined in the last elections and was a chance to meet some interesting people that was interesting for completely other reasons than politics.
We arrived early and not everyone was at the restaurant but slowly one by one everybody arrived and one guy in particular let himself to be noticed in the crowd, he had a backpack full of small bags and started to throw it on the tables to each of us I was wondering what the hell was and I thought about cocaine so I asked my friend and told me to be marijuana …. So now the interesting thing is that is legal in Thailand and in every corner you can find small or big shops selling weed and last week walking around in Kao San Road that is a popular area for tourist and young backpackers turned out to be some sort of Thai version of Amsterdam …… and all I can say is ….. no comment !!!!
Let’s go back to the dinner, the guy that come in masked turned out to be a man, a 65 years old man, he looked out of place in that dinner cause I would have seen him better in a Harley Davidson bikers gathering for the way he dressed and long hairs, he sat next to me and I asked what was all the ganja about and here the story become really fascinating.
Five years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and one year to live and you can imagine the shock and fear, he tells me that spent months crying knowing that he could die in any day but he didn’t want chemotherapy so he begins searching for alternative medications till he find a lot of articles about the healthy benefits of smocking marijuana and having nothing to lose he starts smoking and one year pass by and he still alive, two years, three, four, five and he still alive and is when I met him so curious I ask if he did any check up but that’s even more surprising cause he tells that ……. No, he didn’t and he doesn’t wanna do it, since he started smoking he felt better and better and still feel in great shape mentally and physically so he isn’t interested to go back to the hospital and that’s amazing cause he isn’t the first case that I hear to be healed naturally.
I don’t want to go too deep into the medical aspect of it or the alternative natural solutions but what I’m gonna Touch is what might be the cause of any disease … STRESS!!!
We live in a system that is made to cause stress on a daily basis and people are mentally and physically ill more then ever so something has to change but we can’t expect that from the same people that benefit from us being sick we must start to find a solution internally trying slowly to remove ourselves from this broken system, I’m sure a lot of people was healed by natural medications but I’m sure there are many others that haven’t been so we should focus to the reasons why we get ill in the first place and begin to unlearn what this fucked up society taught us and learn a new way.
I believe that any disease starts from an unbalanced Soul and that’s when our immune system weaken and any mental and physical disease appear, I could see that on myself everytime I was ill and that happened when I had a prolonged state of stress.
Someone sick won’t rebel, someone sick will be in fear, someone sick is an obedient being and all the Covid thing should make you think how easy is to control the population emotions and way to think, there is no gain for people that want to be in power from having a healthy, educated to questioning and fearless population.
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2023.05.30 01:07 galth88 Surfshark Vpn Japan Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 01:07 AccordionPianist Can my mechanic handle this fix, or should I go to the dealer?

My 2011 Honda CR-V EX-L engine light is on due to a P0341$11 code (Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1 or Single Sensor) which I read using a simple OBD2 reader.
The car starts and drives, but has poor acceleration and power. Fuel efficiency also terrible (like 16 mpg versus regular 20+). Some say it’s a simple sensor replacement, but more likely it could be: 1. VTC (variable timing control) solenoid bad or VTC dirty/clogged or stuck and not actuating properly, 2. Shifted or stretched timing belt, 3. Damaged camshaft position pulse plate (cmp).
I’ve spoken to the mechanic that my friends and I usually use for simple maintenance (oil change, etc). He has an independent shop but it is far away but lives in our area. So for maintenance he’ll come pick up our car in the morning and bring it back at the end of the day because he commutes to work in it and leaves his car on our driveway. But this fix may be more than a few days so I’d have to drive to his shop.
First I explained the code and what it could mean, which he researched on Google. He said he’ll have to order parts as they are not going to be locally stocked. Is special diagnostic equipment/software needed to properly diagnose and tune the engine? He asked me about my trim which I didn’t remember off-hand but he didn’t want the VIN which I later used to look up that I did have the EX-L. Did different trim levels of CR-V’s use different engines that year?
By coincidence I also received a letter today from Honda regarding rear frame corrosion safety recall so I wonder if it’s better just have the dealer handle it all at the same time when it’s in for that. This car is 12 years old but barely over 50,000 miles (80,000 km) because I used it for mostly city driving. I had some battery issues over this past winter that resulted in trouble cranking the engine in the morning so I don’t know if it was related or not. Since I got a new battery the engine starts no problem.
The engine also burns a bit of oil regularly and I have to top it up once in a while (0W20 synthetic). I wonder if that messed up the VTC as well, maybe dirt got in or it seized up when the oil level dropped. At this point I just don’t know if our mechanic has enough experience or tooling to handle such a Honda engine issue. The main consideration would be cost, as he is likely going to be a lot cheaper than the dealer but if he doesn’t know what he’s doing it will cost me a lot more in the long run. Also because his shop is far away I’m going to be needing some rides to drop off and pick up the car, whereas dealers are in my area close to work and home.
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2023.05.30 01:07 JSeni FT

see post on PokemonGoTrade
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2023.05.30 01:07 Lunarthrope Considering everything that Team RWBY And JNR have accomplished, plus their overall responsibilities since the Fall of Beacon, it feels like the story has kind of forgotten they are still students. The school fell around the Vytal festival event, around summer. These kids are first-years at most.

All these things that our cast of teenage heroes have done or doing feel well above their current abilities and education. Yes, they are prodigies, one of a kind conveniently. I can buy them being on the level of second-year students and perhaps third-year students, but that is pushing it for me. Yet, I can't believe they are able to match graduated huntsmen, let alone experienced ones like the Ace Ops.
What does it say about other huntsmen that aren't our main characters when huntsmen-in-training that haven't even begun their second year of university are the ones entrusted with the fate of the world? Did Ozma's club not have any connections to skilled adult huntsmen that are left out of the loop but kept in touch? Oh, apparently most if not all of Mistral's huntsmen have been killed off by Salem and her crew. Never mind that the said event was vague as hell with the who, what, how, and when. There wasn't anyone in or from Vale and its respective continent to pick up along the way, either? This is a good time as any to gather at least one team together for escorting the students, even if they really shouldn't be so involved yet. What happened to the teams of veteran huntsmen?
Ace Ops are supposed to be some of the best huntsmen Atlas has to offer. Add on top of that the years of experience they have after graduating. They are all solidly in their mid-twenties and thirties, at their prime or near it. Qrow felt he needed another experienced huntsman in the form of-ugh-Tyrian to beat Clover, who is almost certainly younger than him by a chunk. Yet, these students only managed a year of schooling before having their education put on hold indefinitely, but they actually pose such a threat to Ace Ops. Ace Ops lacked teamwork? They are both soldiers and huntsmen, disciplines that both teach that working together are important aspects in so many instances if not all. They worked together forever and experienced things alone and with each other for a long while.
What does this show have against adults, including experienced ones, showing they were around for so long for a reason? What do Ruby Rose and her friends have that Ace Ops and other huntsmen don't? There will be some mediocre or just plain bad huntsmen, but why are these students so special compared to what seems like most huntsmen? Remnant sure is lucky these eight teenagers, plus little Oscar, are around to pick up the slack.
I don't hate the student characters, I am happy if they do awesome stuff. There is just nagging in the back of my end that wants them to at least be older and equivalent to graduated before they do all these crazy things. This story feels like something that would best take place over a decade, maybe longer. So much is done so fast by these guys who are not even in their twenties yet that it seriously devalues the efforts of all those people that fought and died for millennia in Remnant's past. What? Were those huntsmen that came before not motivated enough? Were they just bad no matter how many years they put into honing their skills against Grimm and the scum of their world? Team STRQ's entire purpose is just meaningless in the grand scheme of things? Qrow and Taiyang have depression for nothing. Raven is scum for nothing. Summer died for nothing. Ruby and her friends are just so much better than them and everyone else before.
I don't hate this show, I really don't. However, the message I am getting from this show is rather pessimistic about people who are older than college age. University isn't the apex of a career, just the foundation for it. Skill and talent can only go far without experience to perfect it. My problems with the show can be quite reduced if the characters saving the world were either older or struggled a whole lot more without their mentors and older allies for assistance. Give Qrow and Taiyang more of a presence in the show, especially Taiyang. Qrow feels so unimportant compared to his nieces and apprentices that he is supposed to protect and guide. There is nothing wrong with being guided and protected by your older counterparts until you are nearly as good as they are. I want Taiyang to go ballistic to protect his daughters, same with Qrow.
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2023.05.30 01:07 BigAssSackOfTree Are “Dad/Mom hug” people at pride rallies offensive or cringe to you?

I posted this in lgbt, but I thought it was important to ask here because I want all the input possible.
Are the “Dad/Mom hug” people at pride rallies offensive or cringe to you?
My oldest kid is transgender, and they are planning to go with a bunch of friends to a pride parade for their high school graduation celebration (not specifically to celebrate graduation, just for supporting their community and spending the day with close friends)
They want me to drive them and attend the event with them, and they are begging me to get one of those tshirts offering supportive hugs from a Dad to anyone who needs one. I’m a big dude, 6’5”, 380lbs, long dark hair and a long thick full beard. Most people would not want to meet me in a dark alley, but I’m the cuddliest teddy bastard on the east coast. I’ve been told by everybody that I give the best hugs, lol!
My oldest thinks it would be an awesome gesture for me to offer hugs and loving support to those who might need it, but I don’t want to offend anyone or come across as trying too hard or virtue signaling or whatever. I’m happy to go support them, I love them absolutely unconditionally, and I’ve grown a lot in my understanding and acceptance of different ways of thinking, I wasn’t always such an open minded person.
Should I go only as a support figure for my kid and their friends, or should I embrace the big fluffy dad inside and spread some love to anyone who may be in need?
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2023.05.30 01:07 elssx16 I’m traumatized by my parents

I’m not very good at talking about my past but I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way and time to go no contact with my parents because of everything that has happened during the last 10-15 years. Just so everyone knows I’m almost 20 years old now.
There are a lot of things that I can think of that have really changed me that my parents did to me. A few things I can kind of understand because I was a very secretive kid, and some stuff I genuinely believe could have been handled so much better.
They fought quite a bit from when I was 6-17 because of the way my dad treated my mom, and called her names and insulted her like crazy whenever he could. My mom genuinely referred to me as her marriage counselor sometimes, and they’d fight for months at a time and use me as their “messenger”. They’d always fight right in front of me and sometimes those fights would be physical and verbally abusive. When they’d have those fights they’d always include me in them to make me take sides. I cannot even begin to remember the amount of times that I genuinely cried and begged them to get counseling but they never did it. After every few months, my mom would always “apologize” and they’d act like they were in love or something.
Every time my mom discovered new social media accounts that I had, she’d gasp like she was going to faint and then make me feel super guilty for having “fake accounts”. Nowadays, she guilt trips me every time I show her a Facebook post off my account and she always goes “if only you’d let me have your password…”. During my time in highschool, I’d have to sneak onto social media when I’d ask her to make food bc I was “hungry” and she’d take off her shoes in the hallway and tiptoe to barge into the room and catch me doing something.
I also think a lot about how she showed my dad the video of me having sex off my Snapchat account. She used to read my diary and read all of my texts between me and my friends and boyfriend . She also liked to watch me touch myself through the crack of the door once again by taking off her shoes and sneaking into the house when I thought she wasn’t home. She also slut shamed me quite heavily, wouldn’t let me buy supportive bras, or “exposing clothes”. My dad slut shamed me once he found out I was sexually active.
Now, they use money against me and call me broke constantly. My dad uses the fact that I did not attend college for 2 years , I work at Walmart for minimum wage, and that I’m very far behind from all my classmates from my private school against me constantly.
Sometimes I feel extremely guilty for not feeling much emotion towards them but then I recall everything that has happened. I have been trying to go little to no contact with them for the last 2-3 years but it is very hard when I’m still dependent on them
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2023.05.30 01:06 BlowMyAzz How to find a clan?

I've been a runescape player from back in the early 2000's, I think around 2004'ish. Anyhow, getting more serious into the content now, and really creating objectives and following guides on how to reach my objectives.
It's been a blast till now! Leveling skills I never even touched before, it's amazing.
I've never been in a clan before. I'm not huge on conversing with strangers (unless I'm really in the mood, which doesn't happen too often), so most of the time I just do my thing and stick to my daily objective/plan. Sadly, my 3 regular gaming buddies don't want to play with me. One of them enjoys the content from youtube and watches a lot of osrs youtubers, he just doesn't want to endure that endless grind himself (which I can understand, it's not for everyone). So, I'm left all on my own.
Had some very friendly and amazing interractions lately, and saw some other posts here and there about being in a clan. And tbh, it got me intrigued in joining a clan myself. I was just wondering, how does one go about finding a good clan to join, and how do I know it suits me?
Sorry for the noob question, I'm basically just unlocking age old osrs content as I go that I just never touched as a kid, teen or young adult.
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2023.05.30 01:06 EerieEnchantress 27F [chat] [friendship] - looking to talk to new people!

Hi all! I recently moved across the US and don’t have too many friends and would love to make some! I’m in the East coast if time zone matters! I love everything Halloween and horror related. In my free time I love to reading (currently on my fourth book this week), watch anime, play some games (absolutely love night in the woods and looking forward to their new game!). I also love watching horror movies but my favorite movies will always be the labyrinth and the princess bride. I love going to concerts, pop punk being my favorite genre! Happy to answer any questions as well!
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2023.05.30 01:06 Low_Excitement_2630 Looking at MacBook Air M2 for college

Looking at MacBook Air M2 for college
I am heading to college in the fall and I need to get a laptop. I’m planning on buying a laptop in the next 3 months. I will mostly use it for school work and maybe some content consumption. I have been working on my IPad Pro 12.9 4th gen with the Magic Keyboard for the last 3 years. I’m pretty deep in the Apple ecosystem so the MacBook Air M2 looks very appealing.
Quick information: The laptop has to run MacOS or Windows for simulations at school. I’m going to college for nursing so I wont be running an super high intensity tasks (ie. photoshop or coding). I want to get a laptop that will hopefully last me all four years of college (so preferably new). My family is helping me pay for the laptop so price can be a bit more on the expensive end. I tend to do my gaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming (Used to be Stadia but Google killed that off). The college recommends 16GB of ram and at least 256GB of storage (though 512gb is a bit more realistic i think). Not a big content creator so not gonna be using any photo editing software, although i may do some occasional video editing for a club i am part of.
I’ve been watching a lot of review videos and people are saying good things about the Air M2. The configuration I am leaning towards is the 16GB ram 512gb storage with the 8 core instead of the 10 core (heard it wasn’t worth the extra $100). Have people had good experience with the Air M2? Is there a better configuration I should look at? Is there a different laptop I should be looking for? Any advice would help. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 01:06 james_the_wanderer The Gay Bachelor, His Money, and the Future

Good evening all,
This topic has been bothering me for some time, and I am interested in canvassing your opinions, as you (collectively) span the income range from "NEET" to "gentleman of leisure."

Note: this isn't a "woe unto my singleness" post. While companionship and sex are nice, this is largely a "material consequences" post dealing with a very foreseeable reality that I/we will spend much or all of our lives single.
I've been struck over the years by how upper middle class and heteronormative most advice on long-term planning is. Double incomes, stable-ish relationships, significant education, homeownership in the burbs, and a "normal" life (kids, careers, retirement) are assumed.
I am equally struck at how the 'grand calculus' therein doesn't factor in gay men. While I don't have data, I'd think that our non-marriage relationships aren't as stable (trauma, rejection, take your pick). I'd guess that we rent longer. The 'single tax' is omnipresent from groceries to rent to bills. I'd wager that our striving to live in gay-friendly areas imposes additional costs, as urban costs-of-living have always galloped well ahead of borderline-BS inflation stats. Healthcare, for us Americans, remains byzantine in its bureaucratic labyrinths and the perpetual boutique curation involved with finding gay-aware and gay-affirming healthcare. PreP is or should be de rigeur for non-monogamous, sexually active men and may carry collateral consequences (I have heard of collateral issues with private insurance for guys with PrEP & its consequential coding involved in obtaining the script).
The asset/equity building of home ownership seems ever more elusive, given (gestures to everything in housing costs).
The sense of precarity is overwhelming. What if one is out of work for a long time? What about long-term disability due to cancer, etc?
Looking forward to retirement and advanced old age (esp. 75+), the scene portends difficulty and grimness. Last year, my grandmother passed at 90 from a brain bleed (a mercy versus hanging on for years in her degrading physical and cognitive condition). Our relationship was strained, at best, post-coming out. My grandfather and extended family rallied for her at the end. My grandfather, himself 90 now, handled *all* tube feedings, medical scheduling, toileting, showering, and laundry in addition to managing a substantial and complex financial portfolio including millions in investments and two homes in FL and NY. My aunt, uncle, cousin, and sister flew in and out from NY and FL to provide material, pastoral, and respite care.
I foresee none of that. My family ties are estranged, and my non-desire/inability to be a father (and if fate provided, grandfather) obviates a gaggle of descendants for a last long hurrah. While one can say, "Buy LTC insurance," no one who's been a caretaker will say that that covers everything. What about shortish term but acute conditions where you need a ride or someone to fetch groceries? Substituting uber or postmates, etc strains the pocketbook. As a victim/survivor of 2008 and its impact, even a comfortable white collar life today is no guarantee of what tomorrow holds.
My great-grandmother could park money in CDs (term deposits for my non-US Anglo bros) at 14% p.a. Now, prevailing financial advice suggests varying levels of active investment to maximize gains and provide an income stream. Sadly, I am at a point in life where "money in" is generally spoken for for everything from upcoming bar prep expenses next year, to tires by the end of the summer, to rent this month, to a replacement laptop by Christmas, to a new suit or two next summer, etc etc.
Career-wise, I have been drawn into "decent" but non phenomenal pay as a lawyer in "public interest" (do-gooder stuff like legal aid and public defense). I almost relish testing future dates with "Wyd?" "Lawyer" and then "What kind?" "Public defender" as a test to see how/if their face drops when "Easy street, trophy/sugar bottom" fantasies fade faster than a dream in the light of another new dawn.
So, I am curious to see what the pulse is. There's a surprising lack of talk discussing the financial/pastoral aspects of singledom, especially in retirement - doubly so for the *very* elderly years in which decline/dependence are virtually expected. While most kick the can by saying "don't worry as a 30- or 40-something (I am 33) most prudent people in my life began laying foundations in their 20s, and the most farsighted will have taken LTC policies out in their 30s. My 20s were, from a 401k/etc perspective, completely lost. My 30s will be spent largely in debt management (yay law school). While I hate to say it, my observations of people starting 40+ haven't predisposed me to peaceful nights of sleep.
Basically, my inescapable conclusion is to have a Smaug-like hoard for future contingencies, but the quotidian costs of life perpetually hector me with the "needs" of today (and fear of consequences if they're too long delayed e.g. saving $200 on a filling is a $2000 root canal later etc).
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2023.05.30 01:06 Cold_Ad_6766 People who have had challenging dogs and survived - tell me your stories.

Like the title says, I'm looking for success stories.
I have a 1-year-old mutt (husky and foxhound, primarily; just turned 1 on May 12!) who I absolutely adore. She's sweet, social, smart as anything, she has all the makings of a great dog - all the trainers she's worked with agree. One called her "eager to please," another said she's going to grow up to be an amazing dog. She's responding well to training, too! I keep track of her behaviours, and a lot of the worst ones (like peeing in the house) are totally eliminated, while others (jumping on strangers) is down dramatically, from about 6-10 per walk to 1 or 2 a day. Considering I moved her cross-country a few months ago into a one-bedroom apartment, she's doing amazingly, and she has a ton of doggie and human friends. She is responding to training, and she's doing better day by day.
She's just...exceptionally challenging, in a way my other dogs haven't been. A lot of the time, I'm up and down literally every minute, pulling her away from the curtains or from chewing up the couch or my shoes or the rug. I feel like I'm on my last nerve with her much more often than I want to be, even when I know and can see that she's doing better every day.
So can I get some success stories? Dogs you've had that are challenging, but that settled down with training and age? It feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm hoping y'all can spare some light for me.
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2023.05.30 01:05 Fit-Opinion7992 MLP Debunk

  1. If we consider Princess Luna being Multiversal+ (Only in Equestria), it's only when she enters dreams, and not in reality (which unironically works the same way with Freddy Krueger in Power Scaling), supported by the fact that Luna is far stronger and skilled than Celestia when it comes handling them (Shown in the episode: "The Royal Problem"), where they switched their cutie marks for twenty-four hours (This also causes an exchange of magic auras and magical abilities, with Celestia gaining Luna's ability to visit the dream realm.) because it relates to the personality, proclivity, or talent of their owners. Another example of this is in "Magical Mystery Cure" when Twilight and her friends got theirs as well, and none of them were skilled in their chosen areas of expertise. Which is why Luna didn't try to escape the nightmare that she was having, because she couldn't but with only Celestia at the time. It isn't shown to us that Celestia can even enter dreams like Luna, the only time she ever did that was when she got rid of the effects everypony's twisted perception by Nightmare Moon while they were completely awake. Which isn't related to the Infinite Hallway at all, only their current dreams. Otherwise they have mentioned it.. And the feat itself isn't done why Nightmare Moon, it was by Doran who used a few potions to change them. Here's the basic summary of the comic: "Following her banishment to the moon by Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon comes upon the castle home of the Nyx—moon creatures that have the ability to shape ponies' dreams and dispel their nightmares." Even if we consider the fact that Princess Luna was able to contain so many dreams (universes) at once, it still left her powerless and unable to deal with the threat herself at the same time. And each individual nightmare isn't Multi+ because it's only going after the ponies current dreams and never affecting the "Infinite Hallway" which isn't connected (even it is within the same mindscape, it is never confirmed that they affect them as well). And never stated that she has the same power of controlling dreams, in reality. Only in dreams. And it isn't confirmed that Princess Luna can go into different universes like "Equastria Girls", just because she doesn't show up doesn't mean she can actually do it.
  2. The Pony of Shadows isn't Multiversal+, because why does he even need Celestia and Luna if he was at level of power even before then? And brings a lot of more questions than answers when you realize that it wasn't clear that they do it all at once or individually in each universe, and never shown that level of power on his own before. Not even in the comics. He literally said to himself "I shall command the most destructive forces in history", he was going to use them as pawns for his destruction. And after he failed to keep Celestia and Luna, why would he wait to think of another plan? Heck even Starswirl stated that he "you may defeat me" when clashing, telling us that he was way stronger and quite literally obliterated his version of Starswirl. Needed the element of harmony (with with some assistance) to defeat their own version of Pony of Shadows to get rid of him. So it's just an assumption. So it isn't valid.
  3. Discord's Speed Feat is something I can believe, but from what I know, there were several times where Discord let himself be turned to stone due to own ignorance twice, caught off guard twice (where one is just bad writing), and I haven't seen any of the Mane 5 and villains having the same speed as him on screen/comic page together without holding back.
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2023.05.30 01:05 Different_Falcon8596 TLC getting lazy with their storylines....

Running the same one at the same time but different franchises.
Daniele and Yohan from 90 Days TOW.
Carlos and Valentine from Love in Paradise.
Exactly the same shit is going on right now.
Breakups over EX's who are just friends now is the theme.
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2023.05.30 01:05 StrongDay7307 27 [F4M] #Ohio #Online - Looking for friend/chatmate

Hello everyone! I'm a 27 year-old girl, newly moved to this area. I'm witty, easy going, and currently studying ESL. I'm an avid movie watcher and enjoy spending my free time with friends. I'm looking to meet someone between the ages of 25-30 who is kind, cool, and fun to talk to, outgoing and enjoys trying new things.
If you're looking for someone to chat with, feel free to reach out. I'm excited to meet new people and see where our conversations take us!
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2023.05.30 01:05 galth88 Surfshark Wireguard Mac Coupon Code

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