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Some (polemic) opinions

2023.04.02 08:08 Valuable_Analyst_355 Some (polemic) opinions

I'm here for the discourse and polemic, baby!
Not actually. I posted this in the "Unpopular opinions" post of last month and I thought that it may be more "useful" as an independent post because they are not completely unpopular ideas in my belief. These are my own thoughts, without any kind of hate (but a little bit of sass, of course). A genuine sorry for the language, if someone finds it rude.

I would be glad to talk with a cup of tea or fight with swords over any of this points. I'm bored and I really like hearing other people opinions. (Spanish is my mother language, if someone wants a more fluent rant)
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2023.04.02 05:03 Alpinia_KR Kaiserreich Beta 0.24.2

To tide you over until the next major release, and to push forward some new content and fixes we’ve been holding onto for the last month or so, we are happy to present the latest patch for Kaiserreich!
Notable Additions
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
Tweaked Focus Trees
New Events
New Decisions
New Custom Country Paths
Music Mod
Modelling Mod
Other Changes
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: 84F8D8, Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, Carmain, Chazem, Chiang Kai-shrek, Chiron29, Conchobhar, DuoDex, El Daddy, Fedex, Flamefang, Gaboemi, Gideones, Hamfast, hildagrim, Ido, Igor050301, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonny BL, Juliet Wehrwolf, katieluka, Kennedy, kergely, KFateweaver, Klyntar King, Krčo, Luwofe, Matoro, McOmghall, ~mw~ // miwaco, NukeGaming, Owenomaly, PPsyrius, Pelmen, RagnoStrangeros, Rnk, Shiroe, Sonny O’Cad, SuperGreenBeans, suzuha, The Alpha Dog, The Irredentista, The Italian Jojo, Vidyaország, and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
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2023.04.02 03:00 southport65 My Top 5 wing spots in Buffalo

Sup, Buffalo?
You might recall me as that dude from Toronto who a few months back undertook trying some of your most highly regarded wing spots. Well, I've done just that over my last four visits spanning the last 3-4 months.
I don't want this to be a super long post like my first one was, so just want to keep it to my top five.
1) Bar Bill North. I really, really, wanted one of the more vibey OG spots to take first place, but just couldn't deny Bar Bill. Their wings are the best I've ever had anywhere, full stop. Even when I had other wing joints to hit up on the itinerary, I couldn't resist the lure of BB. They are that good. The perfect combination of that deep umami rendered fat crunch, seasoning/flavour, and size. I typically steer away from "novelty flavours", but their cajun honey butter bbq is downright heavenly. Btw, I always order medium at every spot as a sort of "control", and the one at BBN was terrific. I hate how busy this spot gets, but it's honestly worth a wait. As an aside, several people had mentioned their beef on weck was arguably the best around, and while I haven't yet gone as deep with BoW, it was great, but maybe not as good as Kelly's Korner's BoW. Anyways, this is as close to the perfect wing as I can imagine. When I think of wings, which is much too often, this is the one I see/taste in my mind- it is my benchmark wing and in fact king of wings in perpetuity, which will indeed be difficult to dethrone.
2) Kelly's Korner. Honestly, the second place position is a toss-up between Kelly's Korner and Gabriel's Gate, but I'm giving the edge to KK for two reasons: 1) the crisp is unrivalled. Yes, I noted BBN's crisp is great, but it was more a factor in the bigger picture... merely one part in the larger equation... the crisp @ kK's can school all other crisps. Nobodies wings have crisp like Kelly's- I will fight you over it. 2) the service. The two waitresses working, whose names currently escape me (shame on me), were absolute rays of sunshine, and I've seen that alluded to in reviews of the place. They were just so damn kind, hospitable, and attentive. Honestly, the wings were not as deeply-seasoned or flavourful as some of the other spots-- I didn't care for their garlic parm ones at all if I'm honest--, but these are about as old school a wing as you'll find, and I really appreciate them for keeping it classic. Their medium was fantastic. One of the waitresses shared with me what they attribute that deep crisp to, and it makes sense. I won't divulge it here, but if you find yourself there, I'm sure she'll share. As for the vibe... I love it- like a beloved neighbourhood sports bar locked in the 80's. Never change.
3) Gabriel's Gate. Man, the vibe of this place- have they filmed any movies or shows here? Needs to be seen by audiences at large. The wait can be a bitch, and it can feel pretty cramped, but it's worth tolerating, because their wings were probably the most flavourful of the bunch, almost too much so (yes, there's such a thing lol). Please realize that my rankings are an aggregate of various factors, none more/less important than the next- they're all equally important. Size of wing was great (pretty big), their cajun was dope, but hard to beat their medium. I've wanted to go back since my first visit, but just haven't gotten around to it- probably next visit, later this month.
4) This is going to be hugely controversial, I know. Many of you will likely discredit my entire post/opinion on this entry alone. Look, in all of these "favourite wing in Buffalo" posts, all you natives love to shit on it... and I'm sure that's given away who I'm talking about... but I cannot for the life of me understand why you love to hate it- maybe because it's the cool locals thing to do. I'm, of course, talking about Anchor Bar (the original Main St. one). I can appreciate that any restaurant can suffer from inconsistency-- I've seen that cited a lot re: Anchor--, but over the almost two dozens pilgrimages I've made there spanning the past two decades, I've never been wronged. The vibe is cool, if touristy, but the wings don't lie, man. This is the cliche Buffalo wing spot, sure, but the wings are great, in a cliche, classic way, which is not at all a bad thing. These are like the BBN wings except toned down on some fronts, in the sense that they're the full package... crisp, size, flavour... just maybe slightly less of each. A top contender for most well-rounded wing. So stop hating just 'cause it's the cool thing to do, because it's where all the tourists are ushered, and give it another try.
5) Swiston's. If my Anchor Bar entry wasn't already enough of a curve ball, this might well be. Yes, the renowned beef on weck place (whose beef on weck isn't actually that great, imo). The wings, similar to Kelly's Korner, are an old school wing- a glimpse into a bygone era of wing-making; a picture of the archetypal wing of yesteryear. They are un-fussed, unpretentious, honest wings. Good size, great cook & crunch, simply but classic flavours.
So there's my, probably very strange to you, top five, but it's merely just my top five, and all this shit is subjective. I'm just a nobody from Toronto who cheated on his diet one too many times in hopes of finding the best wing.
This isn't quite an honourable mentions section, but I did want to mention some of the other spots I visited...
First up, Wingnutz... everyone working there who I met the day I went was a total gem, to the point they offered to make me a little wing sampler plate with all their wing flavours the next time I come in. The wings are huge, but there was something about the cook/texture I just couldn't get behind- the texture was almost pork rind-like; very inflated if that makes sense? And maybe I'd like it more with a dry seasoning, but with any wet seasoning, I found it just became a bit too mushy for my liking. And as for their flavour, it is perhaps the most unique of all the places I've tried... but that doesn't mean it's to my liking. Their wings run hot, which is fine, but the thing that I couldn't vibe with was the heavy-handed use of clove (which I cannot stand). Actually, I remarked to one of the guys working what a unique taste their sauce had, and immediately asked if it was clove, by which he was shocked, telling me that was indeed it, but that nobody has ever guessed it. I also find they over-sauce the wings, and that they're a bit too vinegar-heavy. But I absolutely respect this spot and will definitely hit it up again on an upcoming visit- this time, I'd see if there's any dry seasonings available (I really think they'd shine with this), and would like to try their other flavours.
Next up, Wiechec's Lounge. This was meant to be something of a "deep cut" wing spot, primarily known for their fish fry (which, sadly I didn't get around to trying, but certainly will in the future). So, I had high hops for this joint, but their wings left something to be desired, being on the smaller side and just not that well cooked or seasoned- maybe it was an off day, it must've been, as they came very highly recommended by a local wing connoisseur. That said, their chicken corn chowder was awesome, as was the old school vibe and our waitress.
Lastly, Elmo's. This was on my most recent trip just last week, and I honestly regret it. I know people like it, but there's much better. The wings took forever, our waitress wasn't very pleasant, the atmosphere (which old school) was kinda' "meh", and the wings were just a bland disappointment, the cajun ones tasting like downright gasoline fumes, lol, and the mediums, while being pretty solid, nothing to write home about. Size was decent, but cook was weird- kind of soggy, no real crisp to talk of.
I know I'm forgetting a few others (frankly not worth mentioning), but this ended up being a lot longer post than I intended, and I'm tired now, lol. I'll be back later this month and intend to hit up 2-3 spots on my three day trip. I know one glaring omission from my list, which I very well might have to adjust after my next trip, is Nine-Eleven Tavern, which I simply haven't made it out to as yet, though I've a feeling it looms over the top three. I've also heard some of those Italian/pizza joints make an excellent wing, so might hit any random one, or La Nova? Heard good things about Imperial. Oh, also Moor Pat, which I was feet away from on one of my trips, but was already stuffed on Bar Bill North, enjoying a scoop from neighbouring Sweet Jenny's (which is an ABSOLUTE MUST if you haven't been).
If there's any spots not cited above you feel are absolute must-try's, please do comment below- I will be certain to pay them a visit, and cannot wait to do so. Will update this post accordingly, or make a new one.
Thanks for reading (if you've made it this far, that is), and thanks for making the best wings anywhere. It still trips me out, how despite living just a couple of hours away in the sprawling metropolis of Toronto, your guys wings are so, so, much better, night-and-day so. For something as damn simple as a wing, consisting of so few ingredients, and of such a simple cook process, you guys really do have it down.
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2023.04.02 00:26 betchaysixtyeight April Magic Valley Real Estate Investors Meeting

The April Magic Valley Real Estate Investors Meeting will be 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM on April 13th at Hong Kong restaurant. Networking begins at 6:00 PM and the presentation begins promptly at 6:30 PM.
Planning & Zoning Director Jonathan Spendlove will be discussing Twin Falls area planning and zoning and future development.
Have you joined our Facebook Group yet? https://www.facebook.com/groups/mvrei
We will be meeting at Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant 163 Cheney Dr W, Twin Falls, ID 83301
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2023.04.02 00:02 usingonlyforchanceme PoliSci Asian w/ literally Perfect Stats gets Mixed Results

Demographics: Asian Male, Small Magnet/Public School (NJ), High Income (400K+), no hooks :(
Intended Major(s): Public Policy + Econ (or polisci/government depending on the school).
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1600 SAT yay
UW/W GPA and Rank: ~98/100 UW, ~103/100 W, ~Top 2.5% rank (3/170) but not reported
AP Chem - 5, APUSH - 5, AP U.S. Gov - 5, AP World History - 5, AP English Lang - 4, AP Seminar - 4, AP Research - 3 (not reported except to Georgetown)
6 more APs in senior year. Basically took hardest possible course load through all 4 years.
Awards (weakest section?):
Associate of the Royal Schools of Music (ARSM) in the UK in Piano with Merit
National Merit Semifinalist
Principal's Nominee to the National Youth Leadership Forum for National Security/Diplomacy
AP Scholar with Distinction
AP Capstone Diploma
Student Council President, other former leadership roles. Leading/representing the school. Conducting community outreach and planning events. Started a Public Initiative Committee to address student issues.
Summer Internship with local councilman. Led in-depth statistical analysis of City Budget. Researched city/state law to craft voting policy. Helped communities resolve constituent concerns.
Campaign Intern in close 2022 congressional race - we won! Called thousands of voters to recruit volunteers and get out the vote. Knocked hundreds of doors to campaign, working directly for field organizers.
Pianist/Piano Soloist, played/performed for 11 years. Doing recitals and played for a local restaurant.
Varsity Tennis Captain and Coach of 4-11yos. Runner-up county champs, 2nd-Team All County.
YouTube Channel Founder & Host. We talk politics through a bipartisan lens. 1 Dem + 1 Republican debate and do electoral analysis. ~40K Total Views as of submission
Research Volunteer. Transcribed & analyzed hundreds of Supreme Court Justice Notes + Caribbean Slave Records as part of an online collaborative research community.
Grouped rest of misc. community service together: Volunteer at local food pantry, National Honor Society, President of SAT Prep Club.
National Chinese Honor Society Secretary. Spread Chinese culture throughout the school, organized events and fundraisers + took notes at meetings.
President of school's Political Action Club.
Personal Statement + Supps: Probably above average? Nothing extremely stellar. Highlighted my motivation to go into politics (the Hong Kong 2019 Protests) and what I've done to reach my goal of going into public service. Discussed my journey getting elected to my city's Board of Education, where I represent ~35,000 students and my plans for the future in this role.
Really tried to craft a narrative here around civic engagement and public service.
Teacher LORs should be 7-9/10. Can't really tell. Got outside recs from my councilman and a mentor that I think really stand out, but I have to be vague about this.
My interviews were above average to excellent. Duke interviewer said I was the best person she interviewed this cycle and would do everything to get me in. Harvard interviewer said I was an excellent choice, etc. etc.
Accepted - Georgetown, UMich, WashU, NYU, Boston University ($25K Merit Scholarship), GWU ($20K Merit scholarship), Rutgers ($15K Merit scholarship), Alabama (NMF Full Ride Package, most likely attending)
Waitlisted - Harvard, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Northeastern, American (Yield Prot?)
Rejected - Princeton, Yale, Duke, Penn, Cornell, Northwestern
I'm incredibly thankful to have gotten into the schools I've gotten into, but with my income, I won't be getting any aid at the school I really want to go to: Georgetown.
Since the end goal is law school, spending 320K on Undergrad and then 300K on Law School would be too unfair to my parents. I'll probably have to end up going to Bama or Rutgers. Halfheartedly, Roll Tide.
There is a part of me that knows I have great opportunities ahead, but at the same time, Ivy Day was the worst, seeing 4 years of work going down the drain. I'll be trying my best to make it into Harvard & Columbia off their waitlists (PLEASE HARVARD), but Bama might still be the right financial choice.
Currently working on a payment plan with my parents on Georgetown, maybe I can make it work there? We'll see.
C'est la vie...
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2023.04.01 23:39 Hit-The-Lights TWST Known Family Members

Contains Book 6 spoilers.

Character Known Guardians Known Siblings Known Relatives
Riddle Rosehearts Mother, Father (Medical Mages; implied unhappy marriage). None. None.
Ace Trappola Mother, Father. Older Brother (7 years older, NRC alumni). Grandmother.
Deuce Spade Mother (Father walked out on them). None. Grandmother.
Cater Diamond Father (Banker), Mother. Two Older Sisters (noticeably strained relationship; getting better). None.
Trey Clover Mother, Father (Patisserie Clover Owners). Younger Brother & Sister. None.
Leona Kingscholar Father (currently ill). Older Brother (Falena/Farena; current acting Ruler of Sunset Savannah; noticeably strained relationship). Sister-In-Law (Sunset Savanna's acting Queen), Nephew (Cheka).
Jack Howl Parents (potentially well-off; live(d) in the same neighborhood as Vil) Younger Brother (11), Younger Sister (7). None.
Ruggie Bucchi Grandmother (Mother died shortly after childbirth; Father left for work and never came back). None (may think of fellow slum kids as siblings to a degree) None.
Azul Ashengrotto Mother (Restaurant Owner), Step-Father (Lawyer; met Azul's mother as her divorce lawyer), Father. None. Grandmother.
Jade Leech & Floyd Leech Father, Mother (potentially rich; mentions associates giving gifts to them on birthdays) Each-other. Grandmother.
Kalim Al-Asim Father (Current Head of Asim Family), Mother. 30-40 Younger Siblings. None.
Jamil Viper Father, Mother (Asim Family Servants) Younger Sister (Najma Viper). None.
Vil Schoenheit Father (Actor; stage name "Eric Venue") None. None.
Epel Felmier Mother, Father (Farmers). None. Great-Grandmother, Grandmother (Marja Felmier) & Grandfather, Aunt & Uncle (Uncle is biological), Younger Male Cousin (all live on the Farm).
Rook Hunt Father, Mother (probably rich family; own multiple villas and have warp pads that need special government permission). 2 Older Siblings, 3 Younger Siblings. None.
Idia & Ortho Shroud Father (Current Head of Styx), Mother. Ortho Shroud (was 2 years younger than Idia; died at age 8 from Phantom accident). Grandmother (Aidne Shroud; former Head of Styx).
Malleus Draconia Lilia Vanrouge (Caretaker & Guardian). None. Grandmother (Maleficia; current ruler of Briar Valley).
Silver Potential Biological Parents, Lilia Vanrouge (Adoptive Father). None. None.
Sebek Zigvolt Mother (Fae), Father (Human; Dentist). Older Brother & Sister. Grandfather (Fae).
Lilia Vanrouge Silver (Adopted Son), Malleus (Cared For by Lilia) None. None.

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2023.04.01 23:00 TakeOffYourMask Rice was a major crop in the 1800s in America but outside of a few places like Louisiana I'm not aware of rice being an especially prominent food in America until the rise of Chinese restaurants. What is the real history of rice consumption in America and was there really a regional divide?

I found an article called "Patterns of American Rice Consumption 1955 and 1980" by Shortridge but it's paywalled, and it only goes back to 1955.
I know about things like beans and rice, jambalaya, and other Cajun rice dishes, but not much else as far as American rice-based dishes go. I'd wager most Americans eat rice primarily when eating Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, or Indian dishes (either at a restaurant or at home). Until ten or so years ago, if I wanted to buy a rice cooker I needed to go to an Asian grocery store. Now they're at my local Walmart (and I live in a particularly white area), so rice is definitely becoming "a thing" here whereas when I was little it was.....not.
It's a staple for, what, 2/3 of the planet? Yet it seems to have had little impact on our culinary culture except as an import or in regions like Louisiana like I said, even though we grow loads and loads and loads of the stuff, and have for centuries.
OBVIOUSLY I'm painting with a broad brush, this country is getting more racially diverse all the time, but my question is not about the 21st and late 20th century, it's about the 19th-to-mid-20th century.
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2023.04.01 22:48 otezzz 33 [M4F] [London] local platonic close friend

Hello, I'm looking for a close friend that is based/works in Central London. Ideally to chat regularly over tea catch ups, restaurants, shopping, long walks, exhibitions/galleries, video gaming, binging TV shows, movies at the cinemas etc. You get the jist, like an activity buddy but good friends too.
A little about me, I'm an INFJ and work full time within an STEM career. I'm quite family oriented, respectful, understanding and patient. Can also be very silly and sassy but love to make others laugh/smile.
Massive foodie, love Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian and willing to try different foods. My music taste is mostly in hip hop, rap, grime, r'n'b etc. I do like heavy metal, pop, acoustic, punk rock songs too! Taste in films is very eclectic Comic book based Studio Ghibli, horror, martial arts, action, drama, comedy, crime, thrillers - my most favourite being psychological thrillers (think Oldboy 2003).
If you think we could be friends or you just want to chat about something you read in my post, then please get in touch.
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2023.04.01 21:47 otezzz 33 male for close Platonic friend based in or near London [Friendship][Chat][Activities]

Hello, I'm looking for a close friend that is based/works in Central London. Ideally to chat regularly over tea catch ups, restaurants, shopping, long walks, exhibitions/galleries, video gaming, binging TV shows, movies at the cinemas etc. You get the jist, like an activity buddy but good friends too.
A little about me, I'm an INFJ and work full time within an STEM career. I'm quite family oriented, respectful, understanding and patient. Can also be very silly and sassy but love to make others laugh/smile.
Massive foodie, love Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian and willing to try different foods. My music taste is mostly in hip hop, rap, grime, r'n'b etc. I do like heavy metal, pop, acoustic, punk rock songs too! Taste in films is very eclectic Comic book based Studio Ghibli, horror, martial arts, action, drama, comedy, crime, thrillers - my most favourite being psychological thrillers (think Oldboy 2003).
If you think we could be friends or you just want to chat about something you read in my post, then please get in touch.
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2023.04.01 19:53 AffectionateWait5575 Report on travelling in Japan with Peanut Allergy

Hello, I'm just back from a 10-day trip to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I got a lot of great advice here so I thought I'd share my experience and tips re travelling with a nut allergy.
Situation: My husband is allergic to peanuts only, but avoids all nuts in case they are mixed/contaminated. Before we left he bought a card to print up and self-laminate that stated (in Japanese, obviously) that he was allergic to all nuts. We showed this card in restaurants and to the concierge whenever we made a reservation. He also learned how to say "I am allergic to peanuts" and in Japanese.
General takeaway: If you avoid street food, you can feel quite safe with a peanut allergy in Japan, first of all because peanuts aren't super-standard in the food, but also because the staff in most restaurants are very conscientious and will go right to the chef to find out if the food is safe.
*If he could do it again, he would just print up a peanut allergy card rather than an all nuts card, because the "all nuts" seemed to confuse people and we felt we were turned away from more places than we would have been otherwise. Many people asked us about sesame and/or soya nuts after they read the card. Simpler would be better.
*Ask about your allergy BEFORE you get in line at a restaurant. We found this out the hard way after waiting 90 minutes once and 30 minutes another time before being turned away (slow learners).
*We did a (great!) Ramen tour with Tokyo Ramen Tours; beforehand, we were assured that most ramen is nut-free and they double-checked wherever we went. There's a specific type of ramen that can include peanuts - it's called "tantanmen" (a ramen derived from Chinese dan dan noodles). Avoid this, obviously. None of the many ramen restaurants we visited after that tour had peanuts or turned us away.
*Skip any Conveyer Belt Sushi restaurant or buffet restaurant. We were turned away from a conveyer belt resto on our first day and it makes sense given the range of food passing in front of you. Same issue with buffets. We avoided the (drool-worthy) department store takeaways for the same reason.
*We were also turned away from a famous Udon restaurant (Dontonbori Imai Honten) and a non-descript sushi restaurant in the busy Dontonbori tourist area of Osaka. We ate Udon and sushi elsewhere so it was particular to these restaurants.
*Yakiniku restaurants where you grill your own meat MAY be okay but the one we went to in Ginza said they did have peanuts as garnish and maybe in some sauces. They gave us meat with salt only and no sauce (it was still fantastic), and since you use your own grill we didn't worry about cross-contamination.
*We worried some Tempura might be cooked in peanut oil, but the fancy places use cottonseed oil and the others use vegetable oils like canola. I'd still ask, but we had zero problems.
*My husband avoids sweets, baked goods or ice cream so we had no experience asking about those; obviously if you are travelling with kids you will want to check that out!
*We looked up the ingredients for 551 Horai's famous pork buns, and they did not contain nuts. I ate them and would say they were nut-free, but my husband ended up not trying them.
*Bars (especially those with cover charges) often brought out little bowls of snacks, sometimes including nuts. We just waved them away if they had visible nuts, and if no nuts were apparent, we left it on the table (or I ate it), but he didn't risk it.
*We used Google Translate's photo feature to scan menus and look up ingredients on packaged food. We also used an app (Payke) that lets you scan a barcode and see translated product descriptions.
*No one gave us a hard time or acted like it was a pain to check with the kitchen. Often they would go to great lengths to be sure (sometimes it took a bit of time), which we really appreciated. One place (Katsukura Shinjuku Takashimaya) had a big book of recipes/allergens to refer to, but even then they still asked the kitchen. In the rare cases where they said they couldn't serve us, they were very apologetic and nice.
I hope this is helpful -- my main conclusion is that a peanut allergy shouldn't prevent you from visiting Japan. We ate a TON of food of every popular Japanese style in a wide range of restaurants, and we felt safer than in some U.S. or Canadian cities where cooking with peanuts is way more common. We had a fantastic trip and I hope you do too!
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2023.04.01 18:40 One_Piece_Go_D_Usopp Future arcs that aren't obvious choices (I'm trying to do so with a powerscaling perspective)

Future arcs that aren't obvious choices (I'm trying to do so with a powerscaling perspective)
I'm going to rule out the popular arc first so we can get far into the theories.
Already confirmed arcs: Elbaf, Laugh Tell, New Marineford / Mary Geoise.
Possible: Lodestar, Beehive.
Warning before reading this: I do not believe these arc will happen, I only view them as cool ideas that could happen.

PART I: Hell arc

This one is very interesting based on the possible fights and power-ups we would see there. The boost given to the SHP and the links with hell are very compelling.
Hell (and demons) is an idea that's brought up a few times throughout One Piece, but it's never truly talked about. However, if something like a godly land exists, there's no reason to believe a devil's land is impossible. Literally anything can happen in the Grand line.
Chapter 218: "Anything man can imagine... is a possibility in reality" -- Willy Karen, physicist.

Luffy is the Sun God, obviously he would play a big role in that arc. There is multiple possibilities for Luffy's antagonist in that arc depending on when it happens. It is unlikely to take place after the main story because it would drag the story and making it happen in-between the main arcs of the Final Saga would be very anti-climatic. This leaves 2 moments for it to happen.
Chapter 1044: the Sun God revealed
Firstly against Teach: the dark lord vs the sun god. While it may seem breath-taking, there's nothing else to say about it (that I think of).
Ace vs Teach: \"Darkness\"
Secondly, Luffy could fight Imu. The goddess of the world, an evil being who runs a country of false gods, vs the sun god. Basically, Luffy & co just ended their fights against the Marine HQ, the face of the World Government, and we discover the whole truth about their evil deeds.
Chapter 908: Imu rules over the Highest Authority of the World and will erase some light
Also DFs might truly be demons trapped inside fruits, an hell-related arc would make this more apparent. If the arc is against Teach, the Yami Yami no mi would be related to that and whatever DFs Imu might have would also be related to some hellish powers. I know Vegapunk recently talked about DFs coming from dreams, but, like Haki with will, there's no reason it would manifest on its own based on our knowledge. Even if the Ancient Kingdom made the DFs, they can still trap demons in chosen fruits. We have yet to knwo how Vegapunk made his artificial fruits.
I'm not cutting the panel; I know Blueno said the theory had been debunked, but the theory doesn't come from nothing

Zoro has a lot of relation to demons. He had a demon aura since the very beginning and it kept getting stronger.
Chapter 2: \"Demonic beast\"
He can even make his demonic aura appear through Ashura.
Zoro vs Kaku: \"Demon spirit\" / \"demon god\"
Also we know swords have some kind of will, especially Enma: literally the king of hell, which Zoro said he'd be.
Chapter 1036
What's worse (or better)? He seemed to have met death multiple times.
Nothing happened there, you can go to the next page
Zoro meets the Grim Reaper
This might be the time when Zoro finally turns his blades black, with some demonic truth behind it.
Road to Laugh Tale
Also Mihawk himself is linked to Count Dracula, which gives the arc more relevancy with Zoro vs Mihawk.

Sanji has some links to demons as well. Diable? Ifrit? Next time Sanji has a huge leg power-up, it is undoubtly to be the true Black Leg, which he can achieve in hell. I made some research, but I couldn't find any convincing name Oda would give to Sanji's last Jambe. His fire will be feared by everybody.
Sanji vs Jabura: \"its destructive force is demonic.\"
Chapter 1034: Ifrit is on another level, like a black fire will be compared to this blue fire

Brook is probably the fourth most fascinating main character for that arc. He is literally called Gashadokuro / 餓者髑髏 / Starving skeleton. Here is a short explaination of that demon / yokai from https://teamjapanese.com/demon-in-japanese/:
Gashadokuro are huge skeleton spirits 15 times the size of the average human being. They are said to arise from the remains of people who died in battle or famine, seeking their victims by roaming in the countryside. If they catch you they will crush you into pieces with their hand or bite your head off. You can hear a ringing in your ears when they’re close by.
Chapter 933: During Orochi's castle infiltration
Brook literally died and went to 'hell' then came back. That alone makes him important, but Brook goes further and actually uses hell's coldness. He is a skeleton combined with a ghost, the definition of someone who comes from hell.
Chapter 643: \"chill of the underworld\"
Last, but not least, I belive Brook will manage to use hell's fire as well. It would be more powerful than simply coldness and considering his music is already fire it only makes sense he uses fire abilities.

Usopp is also a very interesting guy here since he looks like tengu / 天狗. Quoted from: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/59737/10-horrifying-demons-and-spirits-japanese-folklore.
In Japanese folklore, the tengu (which translates to “heavenly dogs”) are essentially impish mountain goblins that play tricks on people. Featured in countless folktales, they were considered purely evil until about the 14th century. They were originally depicted as birdlike, with wings and beaks, though now the beak is often replaced with a comically large nose. They are known to lead people away from Buddhism, tie priests to tall trees and towers, start fires in temples, and kidnap children. Many legends say the tengu were hypocritical priests who must now live the rest of their lives as mountain goblins as punishment. Locals made offerings to the tengu to avoid their mischief, and there are still festivals in Japan dedicated to them today.
Usopp? Mischief? Long nose? (Usopp's power-up will be his demonic nose.)
Usopp will likely find things like he did in Skypiea with dials or during the timeskip with his pop greens and add it to his arsenal.

Robin has some demonic features, 2 actually. Her killing ability she acquired through her childhood.
Chapter 218: Robin officially joins as an assassin
Chapter 1021: Robin turns into a demon and kills Black Maria
We will get to know more about it as she masters that form.

Nami, Chopper, Franky, Jinbei would be less important here in my opinion.

PART II: Space arc / Moon arc

This is again a very compelling story. Specifically for me since I'm an aerospace engineering student. I'd really want to read that arc.
The validity of that arc is actually high considering that, unlike hell, space and especially the (a) moon exists and is inhabited. Things like sky and underwater beings exist. Likewise, space beings are real.

That arc would without a doubt include the best team of scientists ever. MADS? A joke compared to them.
The scientists:
  • Caesar
  • Chopper
  • Franky
  • Judge
  • Luffy
  • Nami
  • Queen
  • Usopp
  • Vegapunk

Firstly, former MADS.
Vegapunk himself is the smartest man in the world, he's obiously on the trip.
Caesar and Judge are alive and well, and they're making Neo Mads.
Chapter 1078: NEO MADS
It only leaves Queen, but there's good chances that he comes back with the others for this kind of moment.

Secondly, some scientists among SHP.
Chopper is the doctor so he can help in the making of spaceproof suits. He will give some pills made with his medical expertise allowing everybody to 'breathe' in space. Space will also give him the possibility to test some of the future medicines in 0g.
Nami is often refered to as someone who does witchcraft, but she merely uses meteorology. Space will allow her to improve even further her navigating skills as well as her Climat-tact. Her lightning powers may clash with some other user...
Usopp will also be very dependable in this arc since he can make lots of things (I had more ideas around Usopp a few hours ago).

Thirdly, the roles of the other SHP.
Zoro will sleep (I have no idea what he may do).
Sanji will likely have more scientific power-up. Maybe not gene-related this time. He would also talk with his father again.
Robin will do her role as an archeologist, especially around the ancient texts there.
Chapter 470: ancient paintings are found by Ener

Finally, the most important SHP during this cruise.
Franky will turn the Sunny into a spaceship. Franky will need to surpass himself the most here. Since he didn't talk much with Vegapunk about any new power-up in Egghead, a Space arc will finally give him this chance.
It's also interesting to note that the Merry went to the sky where there was sheep-like clouds like the figurehead of the ship. So the Sunny may end up going up to the Sun, at least space seems like a good idea for the greatest ship ever. The Sunny will turn into a rocket with Franky's help.
Luffy is the Sun God. Yes, I'm mentionning the same argument. He will be there for sure.

Other character: obviously, God Eneru. He is already on the (a) moon. He might even participate since his skills as a engineer are real (he could build Ark Maxim).
Chapter 426: Ener arrives on Fairy Vearth

This is the harder part: who can be the antagonist here?
There's space pirates, but they were clearly not convincing.
There Teach and Imu again, both can be the moon to Luffy's sun. However, there's not enough information to really link them like that (if an info exists tell me).
This leaves a very compelling foe: space itself! This will be the hardest trip ever for sure.

It ain't that long. Hell arc and Space arc are real.
submitted by One_Piece_Go_D_Usopp to OnePiecePowerScaling [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:59 Hennessyxy ADOPT ME LEGENDARY PET VALUES ( 4/1/23)

All Values Included: Neon & Mega/Old Exotic Pets/Eggs/Toys/Items

Shadow Dragon: 153.20+ NEON: 405.00 MEGA: 1315.00+
Bat Dragon: 124.50+ NEON: 360.00 MEGA: 1135.00+
Giraffe: 93.00 NEON: 250.35+ MEGA: 715.20
Frost: 61.50+ NEON: 160.00- MEGA: 500.00
Owl: 48.00+ NEON: 121.00+ MEGA: 435.00+
Parrot: 41.00 NEON: 110.00+ MEGA: 325.00
Evil Unicorn: 30.00 NEON: 84.00- MEGA: 275.50+
Crow: 28.50+ NEON: 82.00 MEGA: 250.85+
Arctic Reindeer: 12.00+ NEON: 36.00- MEGA: 113.00
King Monkey: 8.50 NEON: 42.00+ MEGA: 160.05+
Albino Monkey: 8.00+ NEON: 33.25 MEGA: 105.00
Diamond Butterfly: 7.25 NEON: 37.50 MEGA: 190.15+
Black Pheasant: 7.00 NEON: 32.75 MEGA: 145.00
Emperor Gorilla: 6.25 NEON: 28.50 MEGA: 65.00
Turtle: 6.00+ NEON: 20.00 MEGA: 63.00
Frost Unicorn: 5.75 NEON: 29.00+ MEGA: 133.00+
Undead Jousting Horse: 5.50 NEON: 26.25+ MEGA: 126.00+
Diamond Amazon: 5.00 NEON: 25.90 MEGA: 148.00
Kangaroo: 4.50 NEON: 16.50- MEGA: 51.05-
Diamond King Penguin: 3.90 NEON: 23.00+ MEGA: 116.50+
Diamond Albatross: 3.50 NEON: 23.40 MEGA: 101.10+
Gold Scarab: 3.45+ NEON: 17.85 MEGA: 70.50+
Strawberry Bat Dragon: 3.25- NEON: 15.75- MEGA: 60.40-
Lava Dragon: 3.00 NEON: 15.25+ MEGA: 56.50
Capricorn: 2.90 NEON: 16.25 MEGA: 67.00
Winged Tiger: 2.65+ NEON: 14.45+ MEGA: 51.50
Nessie: 2.55+ NEON: 14.40+ MEGA: 60.00+
Golden Chow: 2.45 NEON: 14.00 MEGA: 56.45+
Sugar Glider: 2.40+ NEON: 13.75+ MEGA: 49.25+
Albino Gorilla: 2.40 NEON: 13.50 MEGA: 70.00
Queen Bee: 2.35- NEON: 13.40- MEGA: 47.95+
Ninja Monkey: 2.30+ NEON: 13.25 MEGA: 45.80+
Dancing Dragon: 2.25- NEON: 13.10 MEGA: 42.05
Diamond Lady Bug: 2.20 NEON: 13.10 MEGA: 43.00+
Lavender Dragon: 2.20 NEON: 13.00+ MEGA: 42.00+
Frost Fury: 2.15- NEON: 12.45- MEGA: 38.25-
Gold Penguin: 2.10+ NEON: 11.50 MEGA: 37.65+
Ghost Dragon: 2.05- NEON: 10.50 MEGA: 37.20-
Firefly: 2.00 NEON: 13.20 MEGA: 39.70
Ice Golem: 2.00- NEON: 11.20 MEGA: 35.60
Chameleon: 1.90- NEON: 10.00 MEGA: 34.80
Black Chow: 1.90 NEON: 9.40 MEGA: 36.80+
Gold King Penguin: 1.85 NEON: 9.20 MEGA: 34.00
Squid: 1.75- NEON: 8.05 MEGA: 32.00
Mechapup: 1.75- NEON: 7.90 MEGA: 30.90
Naga Dragon: 1.65 NEON: 8.30+ MEGA: 30.00
Diamond Unicorn: 1.65- NEON: 8.40 MEGA: 29.20+
Tree Kangaroo: 1.60 NEON: 13.10 MEGA: 27.50
Skele Rex: 1.60- NEON: 7.10- MEGA: 27.50-
Phoenix: 1.60 NEON: 7.00+ MEGA: 30.50+
Jousting Horse: 1.55- NEON: 6.90 MEGA: 30.00+
Lava Wolf: 1.50 NEON: 7.30+ MEGA: 28.60+
T-Rex: 1.45 NEON: 6.80 MEGA: 26.40+
Astronaut Gorilla: 1.40 NEON: 6.50 MEGA: 12.00
King Bee: 1.40+ NEON: 6.20 MEGA: 26.80+
Light Pony: 1.40 NEON: 6.10 MEGA: 26.00
Gold Albatross: 1.35 NEON: 6.10 MEGA: 24.90
Golden Rat: 1.35 NEON: 6.10 MEGA: 23.20
Dodo: 1.35 NEON: 6.10 MEGA: 22.80-
Chocolate Chow: 1.35 NEON: 5.95 MEGA: 21.00
Shark: 1.30+ NEON: 5.75 MEGA: 20.10
Snow Owl: 1.30- NEON: 5.25- MEGA: 19.10-
Green Pheasant: 1.20 NEON: 4.30 MEGA: 19.50
Octopus: 1.15 NEON: 4.20 MEGA: 19.10
Unicorn: 1.10+ NEON: 4.00 MEGA: 16.50
Chimera: 1.05- NEON: 4.40-MEGA: 17.40-
Axolotl: 1.00+ NEON: 4.70 MEGA: 23.60
Alicorn: 1.00 NEON: 4.20 MEGA: 16.85
White Amazon: 0.95 NEON: 4.60 MEGA: 24.00
Winged Horse: 0.95 NEON: 4.30 MEGA: 22.60
Green Butterfly: 0.95 NEON: 4.05 MEGA: 21.25
Golden Lady Bug: 0.90 NEON: 3.95 MEGA: 19.60
Cerberus: 0.90 NEON: 3.75 MEGA: 19.55
Lion Guardian: 0.90 NEON: 3.80 MEGA: 19.50+
Ice Moth Dragon: 0.85 NEON: 3.75 MEGA: 18.95
Peacock: 0.85 NEON: 3.25 MEGA: 15.90+
Diamond Dragon: 0.85 NEON: 3.65 MEGA: 14.70
Hawk: 0.80- NEON: 3.55 MEGA: 13.90
Fallow Deer: 0.80- NEON: 3.50 MEGA: 13.70
Robodog: 0.80 NEON: 3.50 MEGA: 13.50
Gold Walrus: 0.80 NEON: 3.20 MEGA: 13.20
Ancient Dragon: 0.75- NEON: 3.15 MEGA: 13.10
Cobra: 0.75 NEON: 3.10 MEGA: 13.05
Baku: 0.75- NEON: 3.05 MEGA: 13.00
Kitsune: 0.75- NEON: 3.00 MEGA: 13.00+
Lunar Moon Bear: 0.70 NEON: 4.50 MEGA: 23.00
Dragonfly: 0.70- NEON: 3.00 MEGA: 12.80
Goldhorn: 0.70- NEON: 2.95- MEGA: 11.80-
Maneki-Neku: 0.70- NEON: 2.90 MEGA: 12.60
Gold Unicorn: 0.65 NEON: 2.60 MEGA: 11.10
Diamond Griffin: 0.65 NEON: 2.40 MEGA: 10.10
Gold Dragon: 0.60- NEON: 2.35 MEGA: 7.30
Dragon: 0.60- NEON: 2.25 MEGA: 8.80-
Griffin: 0.55 NEON: 2.05 MEGA: 8.65
Gold Mummy Cat: 0.40- NEON: 1.75 MEGA: 7.30
Gold Griffin: 0.30- NEON: 1.65 MEGA: 7.05
Gold Tiger: 0.25- NEON: 1.20 MEGA: 4.80
Metal-Ox: 0.15- NEON: 0.90 MEGA: 3.75
Minion: 0.15- NEON: 0.75 MEGA: 3.00

Hedgehog: 14.65+ NEON: 57.10- MEGA: 170.50+
Dalmatian: 9.05+ NEON: 33.20 MEGA: 118.80+
Flamingo: 7.00 NEON: 26.10 MEGA: 104.15+
Lion: 5.50 NEON: 21.25- MEGA: 86.00
Blue Dog: 5.25 NEON: 28.20+ MEGA: 85.80+
Elephant: 4.70 NEON: 22.40- MEGA: 68.60
Cow: 4.45+ NEON: 17.00+ MEGA: 53.90+
Crocodile: 3.95 NEON: 15.50 MEGA: 51.40
Zombie Buffalo: 3.50 NEON: 14.60 MEGA: 49.40+
Hyena: 3.25 NEON: 13.00- MEGA: 48.00
IRISH Spaniel: 3.15 NEON: 14.65+ MEGA: 54.60+
Pink Cat: 3.05 NEON: 13.40- MEGA: 37.60-
Puffin: 3.00 NEON: 13.95 MEGA: 52.50+
Shrew: 2.70 NEON: 12.60 MEGA: 49.40
Turkey: 2.65 NEON: 12.40 MEGA: 42.65
Royal Palace Spaniel: 2.55 NEON: 12.00+ MEGA: 42.00+
Meerkat: 2.45 NEON: 11.75 MEGA: 40.60
Platypus: 2.25 NEON: 11.50 MEGA: 39.00
Wild Boar: 2.15+ NEON: 11.60+ MEGA: 38.40
GOAT: 2.10+ NEON: 11.10 MEGA: 37.10+
Llama: 2.10- NEON: 9.15- MEGA: 36.00-
Brown Bear: 2.10 NEON: 8.20 MEGA: 35.80
Glacier Moth: 2.00 NEON: 11.00 MEGA: 54.00+
Pig : 1.90 NEON: 8.50 MEGA: 30.20
Rhino: 1.80- NEON: 7.00- MEGA: 29.00-
Ice Wolf: 1.80 NEON: 7.40 MEGA: 32.40
Arctic Fox: 1.75 NEON: 6.80- MEGA: 28.20+
Polar Bear: 1.65 NEON: 6.40 MEGA: 27.60+
Yeti: 1.60 NEON: 6.80 MEGA: 29.90+
Goose: 1.55 NEON: 6.70 MEGA: 40.00 TBA
Sheeeep: 1.55 NEON: 6.30 MEGA: 27.90
Swan: 1.55 NEON: 6.20 MEGA: 27.80
Capybara: 1.50 NEON: 6.00 MEGA: 26.00+
Black Panther: 1.40 NEON: 5.60 MEGA: 22.40-
Silly Duck: 1.35 NEON: 5.40+ MEGA: 21.60+
Chicken: 1.30 NEON: 5.20+ MEGA: 21.00
Border Collie: 1.25 NEON: 10.20+ MEGA: 43.00 TBA
Drake: 1.20 NEON: 4.90+ MEGA: 20.50+
Reindeer: 1.05 NEON: 4.75+ MEGA: 14.90-
Chef Gorilla: 1.05 NEON: 4.20 MEGA: 14.50
Snowball: 1.00 NEON: 4.10 MEGA: 21.90+
Karate Gorilla: 1.00 NEON: 4.00 MEGA: 13.00
Albino Bat: 1.00+ NEON: 4.50+ MEGA: 20.50
Purple Butterfly: 1.00+ NEON: 4.45 MEGA: 24.10
Black Springer Spaniel: 0.95+ NEON: 4.45 MEGA: 22.00+
Ghost Bunny: 0.95 NEON: 4.25 MEGA: 15.00-
Brown Springer Spaniel: 0.90 NEON: 4.10 MEGA: 20.00
Lamb: 0.85 NEON: 3.90 MEGA: 19.60
Red Squirrel: 0.85 NEON: 3.50 MEGA: 18.40+
Toy Monkey: 0.80 NEON: 3.50 MEGA: 18.00+
Blue Scarab: 0.80 NEON: 3.45 MEGA: 18.80+
Business Monkey: 0.75 NEON: 3.35 MEGA: 18.50+
Space Whale: 0.75 NEON: 4.25+ MEGA: 17.50
Lynx: 0.70 NEON: 2.95 MEGA: 17.10
Chick: 0.70 NEON: 3.40 MEGA: 13.60-
Koala: 0.70 NEON: 2.80 MEGA: 13.00-
Frog: 0.65 NEON: 2.75 MEGA: 11.95
Wolly Rhino: 0.60 NEON: 2.75 MEGA: 15.20
Ram: 0.60+ NEON: 2.70+ MEGA: 15.10+
Mule: 0.60 NEON: 2.60+ MEGA: 14.00+
Black Scarab: 0.60 NEON: 2.35 MEGA: 13.00
Green Amazon: 0.60 NEON: 3.55 MEGA: 20.95 TBA
Gingerbread Reindeer: 0.50 NEON: 2.50+ MEGA: 10.00
Evil Chick: 0.50 NEON: 2.40+ MEGA: 8.80
Evil Basilisk: 0.45 NEON: 2.35+ MEGA: 8.75
St. Bernard: 0.50 NEON: 2.00 MEGA: 8.00
Evil Dachshund: 0.45 NEON: 1.90 MEGA: 7.50
Wolf: 0.40 NEON: 1.85+ MEGA: 7.50+
Highland Cow: 0.40 NEON: 2.75+ MEGA: 9.00+
Rat: 0.35+ NEON: 1.80 MEGA: 7.45
Australian Kelpie: 0.35 NEON: 1.70 MEGA: 7.25
Emu: 0.30- NEON: 1.50 MEGA: 6.05
Skele-Dog: 0.25 NEON: 1.45+ MEGA: 5.25
Slug: 0.20+ NEON: 1.30 MEGA: 5.10+
Bat: 0.20 NEON: 1.20 MEGA: 4.60
Scorpion: 0.20 NEON: 1.10 MEGA: 4.50
Husky: 0.20 NEON: 1.00 MEGA: 4.45
Snow Leopard: 0.20 NEON: 0.80+ MEGA: 4.30
Monkey: 0.15+ NEON: 0.60 MEGA: 2.50
ROCK: 0.10+ NEON: 0.40 MEGA: 2.10+


NO POT Shadow Dragon: 205.25+
NO POT Bat Dragon: 135.00
NO POT Giraffe: 104.65
NO POT Frost: 78.15
NO POT Owl: 51.25
NO POT Parrot: 42.15
NO POT Evil Unicorn: 33.60
NO POT Crow: 30.20
NO POT Hedgehog: 17.10
NO POT Arctic Reindeer: 13.90

Neon Black Scooter: 180.95-
Candy Cannon: 140.00-
Broomstick: 60.00-
Safari Egg: 53.95
Tombstone: 40.75
EggBurt Stroller: 35.00
Blue Egg: 32.95-
Pink Egg; 26.15-
Headless Pumpkin: 25.75
Rocket Sled: 25.75
Ghost Vehicle: 25.30
Jungle Egg: 24.95
Farm Egg: 18.80+
Cloud Car: 16.15
Gold X-Mas Present: 15.85
Green X-Mas Present: 9.25
Goblet: 8.50
Go-Kart: 7.45
X-Mas Egg: 7.25
Premium Monkey Box: 7.20+
Bunny Carriage: 5.25
Chinese Lantern: 5.15
Bathtub: 5.00
Moped: 3.85
Rat Box: 3.00
Rainbow Maker: 2.85
CHICK EGG 2020: 2.55
Moon Car: 1.75+
Fly Potion: 1.45
Diamond Egg: 1.40
Aussie Egg: 1.40+
Bat Box: 1.30
Ride Potion: 0.95+
Shadow Bike: 0.90
Dragon Train: 0.75
Evil Unicycle: 0.50
Gold Egg: 0.45
Fossil Eggs: 0.30+
Wolf Box: 0.25
Ocean Egg: 0.20
Mythic Egg: 0.15+
Pony Box: 0.15
Woodland Egg: 0.10

\- The Assigned Points Value on each Pet ARE NOT $$$ Value.*

- This List is not an Absolute Value but merely a guideline to evaluate a trade, or an offer or to get general idea on what's considered a fair offer for pets you're looking to trade for.

- Just because the offer is considered fair, doesn't mean that the trader will accept them. Some people have preferences on what pets they want or they do not want.

How To Use The Value List for Trade?
Example 1:
Lets say we want to know what's a Fair Offer for an Evil Uni
According to the List, an Evil Uni has a Value of 30.00
So to Be Fair our Offer should have a Combined Value of around 30.00
An Example can be a Combination of:
-Neon Turtle 20.00
-Neon Dodo 6.10
-Neon Snow Owl 5.50
Total Offer 31.60 ( Slightly OveFair )

Example 2:
Lets say we want to know what's a Fair offer for a Winged Tiger
According to the List, a Winged Tiger has a Value of 3. So ( to be Fair )
Our offer should have a combined Value of around 3.
A Lava Dragon ( Valued at 3 ) OR A Pink Cat ( Valued at 3.05 )
Would be Considered a Fair Offer

- These Values are NOT reflective of Pet $$$ Value
-8 Major Websites use These Values

submitted by Hennessyxy to adoptmeroblox [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:03 thecambridgegeek March 2023's new fiction podcasts

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new fiction podcasts that came out this month, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. Feel free to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it. (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
I've given up trying to include the full list here, as it's increasingly large, and reddit keeps throwing problems. So the full list is here:
Previous months are available here:

And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:

Want a weekly email newsletter of all of these as I find them? Join my patreon to get access to that:
(Please join, it's only £1/month and I currently make a loss with some of the resources I pay for to do this.)

And the full database is searchable here by a number of tags:

Want an RSS feed of new fiction podcast trailers to sample what's out there? Try this:

African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe
Audio Book - Fables and Fairy Tales and Folklore, Storytelling
Step into the wonderful world of African storytelling with Gcina Mhlophe. In African Story Magic, a new East Coast Radio Podcast, Gcina shares many of the tales you grew up with plus new stories – so we can keep the magic of African storytelling alive for new generations. Listen in English or isiZulu and let's keep the magic alive!
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Drama - Adaptation, Science fiction
Adapted stories of Science Fiction from the public domain.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Gaming Theater RPG
Audio RPG - Multigenre, Comedy, Fantasy
Welcome to Gaming Theater RPG, where members of the Gaming Theater crew get together to play a tabletop RPG. Our current setting is the ACPD, where our players try to maintain law and order in the fantasy city of Andrea's Cauldron. They'll have to deal with bar brawling adventurers, underground chimera races, magical murder mysteries, and more! Come watch our heroes triumph over evil… or fail spectacularly! Whichever outcome the dice decide.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Drama - Multigenre
An anthology series about the black and white of life, and all the grey in between.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Hot Dice: Actual Play
Audio RPG - Crime and Mystery
Hot Dice: Actual Play is exactly what it sounds like. We create fun actual play series using different RPG systems. Our first audio campaign, Revelations & Redemption, is an actual play, Monster of the Week podcast, following 5 guests and a stowaway at a lavish dinner party hosted by billionaire, CEO & cocaine addict, Jeffery Hudson. Our guests have ulterior motives tonight, but so, it seems, does someone else.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Minds Never Matter Podcast
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Welcome to the Minds Never Matter Podcast! We are a group of 5 friends who wanted to share the story we create while having fun along the way. I know, I know, everyone is creating TTRPG podcasts these days but we are just here to have a reason to bring us together whether its just a few or if it grows to hundreds of people. The current session we are running takes place in the fantasy world of Divitotum where four aspiring adventures take on their hardest challenge yet.... The Adventuring College of Elona.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Penault Pest & Protection
Audio RPG - Horror
Penault Pest & Protection is a monthly audio drama created through tabletop roleplay based on the 2d6 system Monster of the Week. Follow Tiffany, Aisling, Clara, and Seilbh as they struggle to gain a footing in the world of Taranis.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Book - Horror
Poltergeist is a podcast where we write and read original spooky stories to our audience. Our goal is to provide short story writers a chance to have their work featured on the show, and to give listeners an opportunity to experience new and exciting stories.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Book - Slice of life
EPISÓDIO NOVO TODA QUARTA-FEIRA! Podcast de ficção em formato de cartas. É um dia difícil e Ofélia tem vontade de sumir. Fecha os olhos e tenta imaginar como seria outra vida que não essa. Depois do pequeno devaneio, não dá prosseguimento à rotina como fez outras tantas vezes. Junta toda coragem que possui e vai embora. Ela abandona tudo e todos: troca de trabalho, de cidade, de estilo de vida. Mas, embora esteja decidida a deixar para trás aquela que foi um dia, ainda não é possível. Para seguir, precisa falar. Com vocês, os desabafos de Ofélia. Segue a gente no insta: u/dizerantesdemorrer
First episode: 2023-3-1

Vier Weekenden
Audio Book - Romance
Een podcast over een klootzak met een droom door Dario Goldbach. Het verhaal van een jonge twintiger die verward na een relatie met een psychopaat op zoek gaat naar de perfecte liefde en een uitweg. Een uitweg van zijn kutbaan, zijn uitzichtloze leven, zijn doelloze bestaan. Ervaar vier weekenden in vijftien hoofdstukken.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Los sueños cuentan
Audio Book - Multigenre
Un pódcast de relatos inspirados en el universo de los sueños, se trata de un espacio íntimo y emocional, donde intercambiamos técnicas narrativas y conceptos básicos de escritura creativa. Creado y narrado por Andrea Oryza, producido por La Resortera.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Tales After Dark Erotic Audio Dramas
Audio Drama - Erotica
Sexy, Erotic Tales told through a female gaze. Brought to you by the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network, Tales After Dark is an anthology series. With new episodes dropping weekly, every month we bring you a different story, and some may have subtle connections to other Tales of the Forgotten Shows.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Thirteen: A Fallout Podcast
Audio Drama - Fanfiction, Post-apocalypse
War. War never changes. In 2161, a lone vault dweller sets out into an unforgiving wasteland on a mission to save his Vault. His travels across a broken post-apocalyptic California will shape history itself for years to come. This is the story of Albert Cole, the Vault Dweller from Vault 13. Thirteen is the story of Fallout 1, given new life in the form of an audio drama. Whether you’ve played the game yourself, or are just now consuming the tale for the first time, we invite you to join us on a journey to find the water chip and save the vault.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Tune Tales
Audio Drama - Comedy
Tune Tales with Kit’n’Tenders is musical story-based podcast for kids exploring the world of classic kids songs. Each episode, our heroes, the girlband, Kit’n’Tenders aka Gabby La La and The Ukulady, meet famous characters from the classic kids songs, like, the Muffin Man, Twinkle the Little Star, Miss Mary Mack, etc… all played by real celebrities! Tune Tales is chock-full of songs, jokes, trivia and fun for the whole family!
First episode: 2023-3-2

Turning Tables
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Turning Tables is a weekly actual play D&D podcast with a twist. You can expect each arc to be DM'd by one of 3 DM's, meanwhile, the other 2 play as characters.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Worlds Beyond Number
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Brennan Lee Mulligan, Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, and Lou Wilson hang out together and use games to make up stories. It's pretty good.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Audio RPG - Post-apocalypse
Zom-com är en rollspelspodd med komiker som spelar Skjut dom i huvudet. Och dör man så dör man. Här råder strikt PERMADEATH! När, en spelares karaktär dör så byts spelaren ut.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Black Box - A Science Fiction Horror Podcast
Audio Drama - Science fiction, Horror
The Homing Box of the U.N.S.E.A. exploratory vessel Bly has returned to Earth after twenty-four years of silence. An investigation has been launched into uncovering what happened to the ship and her missing crew.
First episode: 2023-3-3

Koffer 23
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery
De Nationale Postcode Loterij heeft een feest georganiseerd ter ere van een nieuw seizoen Miljoenenjacht. Het decor: een afgelegen, oud kasteel. De gasten zijn medewerkers, relaties en bevriende BN'ers. Linda de Mol houdt een gezellig praatje en speelt ter vermaak één rondje Miljoenenjacht met André van Duin. Maar wat blijkt: koffer 23 is verdwenen, met daarin 10.000 euro. De deuren gaan direct op slot. Niemand mag weg voordat deze zaak is opgelost. Tygo Gernandt wordt als detective aangewezen en heeft vijf verdachten op het oog: Nasrdin Dchar, Tina de Bruin, André van Duin, Edson da Graça en Nicolette van Dam. Detective Gernandt heeft zo zijn eigen manier van verhoren, die jammer genoeg niet leidt tot het vinden van de dader. Hij draagt daarom gefrustreerd en moegestreden het dossier over aan jou, de luisteraar. In dit dossier zitten de verhoren met de vijf verdachten, een reconstructie van de avond en andere zinnige of zinloze observaties. Jij kan op basis hiervan de zaak misschien wél oplossen. Help Tygo, vul jouw antwoorden in op www.koffer23.nl en maak kans op 10.000 euro.
First episode: 2023-3-3

Risky Standard
Audio RPG - Science fiction
Risky Standard is an actual-play podcast featuring a group of rowdy best friends playing a variety of tabletop role-playing games to tell stories set in original worlds. Currently playing Beam Saber (by Austin Ramsay) to follow the adventures of a squad of mech pilots fighting for an anarcho-socialist space federation in a revolutionary war against encroaching empire.
First episode: 2023-3-3

Stories From: The Low Season
Audio Book - Multigenre
Stories From: The Low Season is an anthology fiction podcast inspired by the album The Low Season by POOLSIDE. Each song serves an inspiration for a short fiction piece, and the original song is reworked as a dreamy underscore.
First episode: 2023-3-3

End City - A Cyberpunk Red Mini-Series
Audio RPG - Cyberpunk
Welcome, chooms, to our Cyberpunk Red mini-series 'End City'. Things go awry for a group scraping med supplies from the largest corporation in the city... Join CG (Choom Guide) Justin and some truly wonderful friends as we hit the gritty corporate dystopian streets and try to earn a living under the boot of governing forces.
First episode: 2023-3-4

Stories From The Shore - A Modern D&D 5e Mini-Series
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Things have felt a little different in Null Shore lately... things seem a little darker... you catch movements out of the corner of your eye but never see what caused it... and the people... the people have been going missing a lot more frequently lately. Welcome back to the Shore. Join us as we revisit Null Shore with a brand new cast of delightful characters. This mini-series will feature our amazingly skilled friends from Charisma Saving Show and Gut Punch RP.
First episode: 2023-3-4

The Magpie Catalogue
Audio Drama - Experimental and Surreal
Welcome to the Harper Foundation! The most sophisticated organization for storing and categorizing the paranormal in all of New England! But, do be warned... not everything around here is as it seems... Follow the story of a group of researchers trying to solve the mystery of their Boss Henry's mysterious disappearance, where behind every door is a mystery, adventure, and...Violence!
First episode: 2023-3-4

Void: Coriolis Actual-Play
Audio RPG - Science fiction
Coriolis is a beacon of something fresh for politics, trade, and “quality of life”. Others see it as cultural imperialism. Nonetheless, the Icons stir. They are jealous. The Zenithian’s new way beckons the Darkness Between the Stars. Even ghosts from planet Xene currently observe the Council of Factions. The new governor, Kamal Dargosian, is only a year into office and the people are already secretly questioning their capabilities. But amidst this political battlefield is an even more pressing matter -- there is currently a high-rolling contract issued by the Consortium to hire a Free Trader group willing to investigate the Taoan system. As of 2 weeks ago, all contact was lost.
First episode: 2023-3-4

Escuadrón Ifreann (Audio-Libro)
Audio Book - Occult and Supernatural, Thriller and Psychological
Tras diez años trabajando para la Iglesia Católica como investigador paranormal, Sebastián Ifreann profesor de Historia y experto en Demonología, ha perdido el sentido de la vida y las ganas de seguir, comenzando a cuestionar sus capacidades. A pesar de esto, sigue con la rutina de recibir solicitudes de investigación, junto a su equipo de la Parroquia. Hasta que un día aparece un caso que reactivará al equipo, llevándonos a un viaje por los miedos y pesadillas de Sebastián, que lo harán reencontrarse con su pasado y hallar las piezas del rompecabezas de su vida. Escuadrón Ifreann es un viaje por la mente y las vivencias de un joven que se entregó al servicio de luchar contra el mal. Todo lo que leerán es ficción, pero es mi verdad...
First episode: 2023-3-5

Hörspiele sehen – Der Theater ex libris Podcast
Audio Drama - Adaptation
Hörspiele lassen fantastische Welten in unseren Köpfen entstehen: das nebelverhangene London, ein Piratenschiff im Sturm, die Weiten des Weltraums – alles wird vor unserem inneren Auge lebendig und das nur durch die Kraft von Stimmen, Geräuschen und Musik. Beim Theater ex libris kann man Hörspiel sehen - live auf der Bühne. Mit Live-Musik, einer aufwändigen Bildpräsentation und stimmungsvollen Lichteffekten verwandelt das Ensemble Literaturklassiker und eigene Geschichten in spannende Live-Hörspiele. Björn Roguzska (Smackboom) blickt mit Theater ex libris-Gründer Christoph Tiemann hinter die Kulissen der Hörspiel-Shows. Wie spielt man mit fünf Sprecher:innen zwanzig verschiedene Rollen? Wie macht man aus einem fünfhundert-Seiten Roman ein Skript für zwei Stunden Lesezeit? „Hörspiele sehen“ stellt in jeder Folge ein neues Hörspiel aus dem Programm von Theater ex libris vor – und begrüßt als Gast ein spannendes Ensemblemitglied.
First episode: 2023-3-5

Meaningless Problems
Audio Book - Thriller and Psychological, Comedy, Science fiction
An original short story by Doe Wilmann every single week for at least a year. I wanted a platform where I could communicate directly with all the people who like my writing. And yes, I could have invited both of them out for a coffee but they don’t get on. So I’m doing a podcast instead. Will I keep it up? Will anyone listen? Does it matter either way? A mix of styles, genre and quality. Some will be comedies, some will be dramas, some will be sci-fi, and some will be rubbish. Common topics/ themes: The absurd Consciousness Free will Artificial intelligence God The Afterlife Non Duality Eternalism Haircuts Benches Sheds You’ll like this if you like…. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Sum: Tales of the Afterlife by David Eagleman Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads Julian Barnes Kazuo Ishiguro (I realise I’m now just listing writers I like…) Margaret Atwood Oscar Wilde Anton Chekhov George Orwell This is my challenge to write, record and produce a short story every single week for a year. If you’re looking for quality, suspense and intrigue, I’m not making any promises.
First episode: 2023-3-5

Altered State of Affairs
Audio Book - Thriller and Psychological
Altered State of Affairs, the novel, is a tale about an audacious kid from Cleveland Heights who unites in France with a beautiful Mossad agent and an eyeless doll for an adventure of a lifetime. The novel is now a podcast. This is Altered State of Affairs, The Podcast. The show is where the author, Jerald Kasimov, reads from certain chapters of his books and that has conversations about selections and fascinating topics in that specific reading. Here's a summary of the novel: Steven, a freshly-minted Army Ranger and aspiring badass, can’t wait to go after some bad guys—and maybe some bad girls, too. Fortunately, a Soviet master scientist has just defected and is hiding somewhere in the rugged French Pyrenees, and Steven must find him before a sadistic terrorist does. Along the way, he meets a traitor in a field of red poppies, a beautiful Mossad black-ops agent, some delicious cassoulet, and Cindy, the telepathic, eyeless doll. It’s time for Steven, an atypical hero, to man up, but nothing is as it seems—least of all, Steven. The story winds through time from adolescence in 1960s Cleveland Heights to the rigors of present-day Army Ranger training in Fort Benning, non-stop death-defying action, the delights of Israeli cooking, and the tragic yet triumphant history of the Jewish People. Oh, and there’s that beautiful Mossad agent…. But first, Steven has a world to save from a horrific weapon of mass destruction!
First episode: 2023-3-6

Cede Malis
Audio Drama - Horror
Cede Malis is a choose-your-own-adventure surrealist horror podcast in which you have been lured into a house of supernatural horrors by someone who was once your best friend. Now you must make the right choices to survive the eerie night.
First episode: 2023-3-6

Dungeon Calling
Audio RPG - Fantasy
A real-play D&D podcast of high fantasy and low humor. It’s the 1980s, and four almost friends navigate middle school in a small, strange, low-budget town. Can they survive social minefields and the occasional eldritch horror without being expelled, or possibly sued by the Duffer Brothers? Will there be music? Listen to find out.
First episode: 2023-3-6

La Notte più Lunga
Audio RPG - Horror
Un podcast di actual play viking horror ideato da Lotofurente e prodotto da Forgia Storie, direttamente dalle vostre fantasie dell'incubo.
First episode: 2023-3-6

Saga Of The Sages Narrative Podcast
Audio Drama - Fantasy
The Saga Of The Sages Narrative Podcast is a multi-series/multi-season story exploring the histories, lore, and happenings of the ancient civilization known as the Anu. The Anu last reigned 11,600 years ago, before they were wiped off the face of the Earth. Now all we have is the records of their history, and artifacts they have left behind, for the chosen few to discover. Come with us on the journey, that is, the Saga Of The Sages.
First episode: 2023-3-6

The Saga of the Three Bears
Audio Book - Historical
From the idyllic settlement of The Valley, the three children of Chief Ty Williams set out into the wild world with very different hopes, dreams, goals, and plans. Each week, a new chapter of the Saga of the Three Bears is released in audio-book form.
First episode: 2023-3-6

Alpha 8 - The Audio Drama
Audio Drama - Science fiction, Storytelling, Thriller and Psychological
Alpha 8 is a family-friendly sci-fi adventure podcast that explores what happens when a desperate alien from another planet body-swaps with a struggling mom to understand the meaning of family to save her own kind from extinction. We produced the pilot, but need your support to finish the season.
First episode: 2023-3-7

Bird in the Storm Presents
Audio Book - Fantasy
Literary works presented by Bird in the Storm Publishing
First episode: 2023-3-7

Ellen Vahr - Gaven
Audio Book - Historical
«Gaven» er en roman basert på livet til Anne Brannfjell, husmannsdatteren som ble Norges mest kjente kloke kone. Den er en fortelling om frykt og fortielse, men også om kjærligheten og tillitens plass i våre liv, og om mulighetene som åpner seg når vi våger å stå ved oss selv. Siden hun var liten, har husmannsjenta Anne visst at hun er født med en gave, en evne til å se, og et kall til å hjelpe syke og lidende. I stedet for å være stolt over denne gaven, gjemmer hun den bort. Hun vil ikke være annerledes. Vinteren 1841 reiser Anne fra Vardal til Christiania for å tjene hos byens mest berømte gullsmed og hans unge, vakre kone. Hun har valgt den veien hun tror er den rette. Det eneste hun har med seg er noen tørkede planter, en sort bok og en hemmelighet. Livet i Christiania er ikke som hun hadde trodd, og det er først da hun tror at hun har mistet alt, at Anne finner kraften til å stole på hvem hun er. «Gaven» handler om Annes kamp for å finne sin egen vei - og å våge å gå den. Det er en historie om dyp fattigdom, svik og krenkelser, men det er også en kjærlighetshistorie om mot, håp og om å finne veien hjem. Ellen Vahr er Anne Brannfjells tipp-tipp-oldebarn.
First episode: 2023-3-7

L'appel de l'enfance
Audio Drama - Slice of life
Une fiction qui met en scène les tribulations d’un personnage confronté quotidiennement aux dérives de la société actuelle. Avec François SARANO,Céline COUSTEAU, Matthieu RICARD, Miguel BENASAYAG et Katie MAGGS. Trente ans après l’avoir perdue de vue, Jean-Baptiste retrouve par hasard sur le net une amie d’enfance anglaise qui a connu les mêmes souffrances que lui. Sa solution pour recouvrer son équilibre : se baigner chaque matin dans la mer Celtique et rechercher en permanence ses sensations d’enfant. En raison des restrictions sanitaires, Jean-Baptiste doit attendre deux ans avant de pouvoir aller lui rendre visite en Cornouailles. Pendant ces deux années, s’enchaînent pour Jean-Baptiste des rencontres inattendues avec différentes personnalités qui réagissent aux problèmes auxquels il est confronté. Chacune apporte son éclairage sur ces maux sociétaux et avance ses propositions pour sortir de l’impasse. Peu à peu, un changement profond s’opère en Jean-Baptiste, dont l’aboutissement coïncide avec son séjour tant attendu en Cornouailles. Au retour de ce voyage, l’écart entre ce qu’il est devenu et son mode de vie le conduit à un burn out, qui vient confirmer la nécessité de changer de vie. Les souffrances évoquées dans cette série sont soit largement couvertes par les médias (environnement, covid) soit plus insidieuses (la mal-bouffe, le manque d’altruisme, les conséquences de l’utilisation maladive des portables, etc.) Au fil de ses échanges avec les différents intervenants, le personnage fictif opère un changement intérieur complet, amorcé par la première de ces rencontres : celle avec l’océanographe François SARANO, collaborateur du commandant Cousteau, qui lui glisse la phrase suivante : “Pour changer, il faut d’abord se retrouver avec soi-même, se reconnecter avec la nature et, enfin, s’engager.”
First episode: 2023-3-7

Popcorn for Dinner: A Podcast Sitcom
Audio Drama - Comedy
Popcorn For Dinner, narrated by Ciara Bravo, is a first-of-its-kind audio sitcom that follows four friends in their early 20s as they try to make it on their own, despite the fact that none of them know what that looks like...at all. Packed with all the enduring elements that make classic sitcoms identifiable (yes, even the laugh track), the show invites you to laugh at both the gang’s hijinks and the format itself.
First episode: 2023-3-7

Sraxital - The Undying Isles Podcast a TTRPG Live Actual Play
Audio RPG - Fantasy, Adventure, Storytelling
This Live Actual Play Tabletop role playing game (TTRPG) Podcast is set in a home brew water world, with continents and isles spread all across the world. Here we have amazing adventures with a group of gamers who enjoy RP and share a love of the game.
First episode: 2023-3-7

Aslak Nore - En norsk spion
Audio Book - Spy-fi, Thriller and Psychological
Spennende og aktuell innsidefortelling fra norsk etterretningstjeneste! En rå agentfortelling med en fargerik og varm beskrivelse av et krigsherjet Afghanistan. Peter Wessel er norsk etterretningsoperatør som arbeider undercover i verdens farligste område. Wessel kommer over brennbar informasjon - et parti våpen som skal rettes mot norske interesser, er smuglet ut av Dubai og på vei til Afghanistan. Vil han og makkeren finne våpentransporten i tide? Det blir en eksotisk og nervepirrende nedtelling. «En norsk spion» er Aslak Nores første thriller. Her benytter han sin førstehåndskunnskap om soldater i utenlandstjeneste og fredsnasjonen Norge. I forbindelse med research til boken har Nore reist flere ganger til Afghanistan og til Dubai og Irak.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Assetati d'amore
Audio Book - Comedy, Crime and Mystery
Assetati d'amore è il primo volume della trilogia Crimini, amori e commedia, scritta e interpretata da Giorgio Ganzerli. Tre storie semiserie che, usando come pretesto improbabili eventi delittuosi, indagano l'animo umano e i sentimenti. Le musiche originali e il sound design sono a cura di Stefano Cattaneo.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Celebrity Whodunnit
Audio Drama - Comedy, Crime and Mystery
Imagine Clue but with your favorite/least favorite celebrities. Every week, fake Private Investigators, Payton and Ry, take on a new fake mystery involving Hollywood's elite. This radio play styled podcast features entirely fictional whodunnit style stories with the most random groups of celebrities at the most random locations you could imagine.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Dark Lantern
Audio Book - Occult and Supernatural
In the basements of the Buffalo Central Library, a very special collection awaits. The Curator would like to share it with you, if you dare.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Forever Foreign
Audio Drama - Slice of life, Comedy
The Forever Foreign podcast is a fictional story following the audio diary of one English teacher and his friends in Japan. It’s whimsical, sometimes funny, and it’s often based on real experiences from people who’ve lived in the land of the rising sun.
First episode: 2023-3-8

IDM Roleplay
Audio RPG - Horror, Urban fantasy
Welcome to IDM Roleplay! We are a tabletop actual play podcast where we play a number of different games including, but not limited to, Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Masks: A New Generation, and more! Come listen to our zaney crew as we make our way through different campaigns all for your entertainment! Please note this podcast is marked as explicit because some of our shows we deal with adult topics like violence, seduction and fade-to-black type sex, drug use, and in the vampire game, lots of discussion of blood. Nothing is too crazy, but please be aware and if you aren't comfortable with any of that, maybe we aren't the show for you.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Magnus West Media
Audio Drama - Multigenre
Do you like listening to audio dramas? Do you want to listen to some wonderful, home produced radio plays performed by a talented cast of actors? Well look no further! Here at Magnus West Media we have a range of productions; both long and short to interest all sorts of listeners, from an episode of the famous radio broadcast Five Minute Murders to a modern day take of the classic Father Brown story: The Blue Cross.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Audio RPG - Horror
Le monde que nous connaissons est une illusion. Et derrière ce voile se cache quelque chose qui se tient prêt à nous dévorer. Pallium est un podcast suivant plusieurs campagnes de jeu de rôles privilégiant l'immersion, la narration et l'atmosphère. Afin de rendre l'écoute le plus agréable et immersive possible, chaque épisode a été monté pour se rapprocher le plus possible d'une fiction audio, illustrée par la musique de Siarys. Nous utilisons le système et l'univers de Kult : Divinité Perdue, un jeu de rôles horrifique se centrant sur les traumas des personnages et une approche viscérale du surnaturel. MISE EN GARDE: Pallium privilégie une atmosphère sombre et immersive, focalisée sur les traumatismes des personnages, la violence psychologique et physique, et des thèmes adultes.
First episode: 2023-3-8

The Sir Bernard Moore Show
Audio Drama - Comedy
It's 1992. The Doomsday Clock is the furthest it has ever been from midnight. It's the safest, most peaceful and contented time planet Earth has known since the invention of atomic weapons. But not everywhere is as safe as everywhere else in the world . . . Here we are in Hobsick. Population: 2,001. A secluded village located somewhere just south of the north of the midlands. Seven miles to the east, a busy dual carriageway barely acknowledges that Hobsick exists, pointing any potential traffic down a sinister, unnamed B-road. To the west of the village sags the overgrown, potholed remains of twelve miles of another dual carriageway, as good as severed from civilization by a landslide in 1967.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Bee Dubs AI Labs
Audio Drama - Science fiction
User 74680 signed up for a premium membership with Bee Dubs AI Labs gambling artificial intelligence to help him win a few bets. Follow our premium member as his new AI subscription takes over his life and reveals its dystopian plans for humanity.
First episode: 2023-3-9

Audio Drama - Urban fantasy
Et lyddrama for ungdom i tre deler. 15 år gamle Tone oppdager at hun har hypnotiske krefter når hun legger ut ASMR-videoer på YouTube. Med de nyoppdagede evnene sine kan hun få til hva som helst! Men, hypnotiske evner kan gi en farlig makt som ikke nødvendigvis gjør livet lettere. Darlings handler om å ikke passe inn, om å stikke av og om behovet for å ha noen nære som bryr seg. Og hvis ingen bryr seg - hva gjør man da?
First episode: 2023-3-9

New Eden - A Cyberpunk Podcast
Audio Drama - Cyberpunk
Plot: The Human Race have taken refuge on the dusty sibling planet of Mars. Such a curious debacle we find ourself in once again. After the warming of The Earth became too much to bare, we looked to Terraforming the Red Eden just a hop, skip and an intra-solar jump away; Such Hubris is laughable in hindsight, but one thing I can assure you is that the Human race will survive even if between the slimmest margins, and curiously enough, that is where we find ourself today. 2078 Earth years is equivalent to 1104 Martian years. Meanwhile, back on earth, a forbidden paradise is being created. The human race has abandoned their home planet, leaving behind a utopia of comfort and abundance. But the inhabitants of this paradise are not the same people who left it; they are refugees from of the Eruptions, the Steam storms, the shifting of the plates, the melting of the poles, and the ensuing Ice Age. The True Earthlings closely guard this paradise, with only the elite of the elite in their respective fields being allowed to return, and offer their skillset to the Greater Good of the Restored Gaia
First episode: 2023-3-9

The Four Boys Club
Audio Book - Multigenre, Slice of life, Storytelling
The Four Boys Club (sometimes not-so-fondly called Quartet of Mayhem) is a podcast of a series of short stories, which covers the worlds of four 15-year-olds: Shanky Vai, Baalan "Bandem" Asra, Ankur "Anpag" Benza, and Mompy Arda. Part coming-of-age and part drama/suspense, it has been inspired by Stephen King's The Body (and its movie adaptation, Stand By Me).
First episode: 2023-3-9

Une vie brisée
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological
Une vie brisée retrace le parcours imaginaire d’un jeune migrant qui, parti du Niger aurait eu la chance d’atteindre sain et sauf les abords de la mer du nord. Inspiré par la lecture de Terminus Shengen, livre du poète - géographe Emmanuel Ruben, ce projet remet l’ humain au centre de cette tragédie, sans esprit polémique ou partisan. Derrière les chiffres de migration, de décès, il y des personnes, des sentiments, des angoisses, des espoirs aussi. Et derrière ces espoirs, il y a tant de vies brisées dans leurs élans, brisées par les pièges tendus sur ces chemins d’exode, chemins de peine, chemins de croix. Aventures imaginaires d’un parcours incertain, Une vie brisée a pour souhait d’aider à la compréhension et à l’acceptation du phénomène des migrations, de la détresse humaine. Tout simplement.
First episode: 2023-3-9

Audio Drama - Slice of life, Comedy
A slice of life, comedy podcast featuring two teenagers that have been fated to live a linked life... Sam, a relatively confident guy studying at the University of York, England finds himself experiencing increasing bouts of Déjà Vu after a fateful night at a chinese restaurant. Sammy, a relatively confident girl studying at York University, Nebraska finds herself experiencing increasing bouts of Déjà Vu after a fateful night at a chinese restaurant.
First episode: 2023-3-10

Else og Liv - Kjærleik i koronaens tid
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological
Koronatiltaka hadde menneskelege kostnader vi aldri fullt ut vil kjenne følgene av. Else og Liv er historia om to menneske som treng kvarandre. Dei har vore tette før, og opprettar no kontakt igjen på grunn av krisa. Samtidig truar den same krisa med å skilje dei, før dei når kvarandre heilt. I ein kjenslemessig berg- og dalbane av ei historie følger vi dei frå dei første forsøka på å nærme seg, til dei blir stilt andsynes kvarandre i val som vil prege resten av liva deira. Skrive og regissert av Aslak Moe Lyddesign: Kato Ådland Dramaturg: Solrun Toft Iversen Musikken er frå Universal Production Music Else : Ragnhild Gudbrandsen Liv: Reidun Melvær Berge Sjukepleiar: Christine Hope Polititenestemann og drosjesjåfør: Sigmund Njøs Hovind Doplangar og sjukehusresepsjonist: Reny Gaassand Folgerø Lyddramaet ligg ute til 12. mars 2024. Produsert av Det Vestnorske Teateret, i 2023
First episode: 2023-3-10

The Fall Of Runeterra a D&D Campaign
Audio RPG - Fantasy
This is a D&D campaign based off using the lore of League Of Legends. It won't be 100% accurate but it will be as close as I can get it.
First episode: 2023-3-11

3 DMs and a Tale
Audio RPG - Fantasy, Multigenre, Adventure
Hello, my name is Aaron. This is my Improv Show called 3 DMs and a Tale. I decided to put 4 Dungeon Masters in one room and make them dance for me. In each episode, a Head DM is selected by a d4. The remaining 3 DMs become players and without any prep, they will all have come up with everything on the spot: the world, their characters, and everything else you can imagine. Come join the fun!
First episode: 2023-3-12

Audio Book - Horror, Occult and Supernatural
Bienvenido a un lugar en donde tus sentidos se activarán a su nivel máximo. Escucha las historias más intrigantes y escalofriantes del mundo de la ficción, el suspenso y el terror. Abriremos una puerta hacia lo paranormal. ¿Estás listo para cruzarla?
First episode: 2023-3-12

British Spy Stories
Audio Book - Spy-fi
Weekly Serialised British Spy Stories
First episode: 2023-3-13

Cuba 58: El último gran premio
Audio Drama - Historical, Thriller and Psychological
1958 en La Habana, Cuba: La ciudad se prepara para recibir el Havana Grand Prix. Sin embargo, un día antes de la esperada carrera, dos jóvenes subversivos secuestran al piloto campeón de la F1, Juan Manuel Fangio. La vida de Fangio se ve envuelta entre las crecientes tensiones políticas entre el gobierno del dictador Fulgencio Batista y el “Movimiento 26 de julio” liderado por Fidel Castro. Cuba 58: El último gran premio es un thriller basado en el día en el que se encontraron la Fórmula 1 y la Revolución Cubana, dejando en las manos de una carrera el futuro de un país entero. Una producción de Sonoro, protagonizada por Manolo Cardona, Maclovia González, Carlos Ballarta y Axel de la Rosa.
First episode: 2023-3-13

Into the Portal
Audio Drama - Science fiction
Into the Portal is a family-focused podcast that tells an exciting adventure. After finding a mysterious bracelet, Dex is transported to a strange world alongside a young girl named River. Together, they must escape danger and solve the mysteries that reveal themselves once they travel Into the Portal. Join Dex and River as they hunt down the Portal Stars and uncover the secrets behind the universe’s biggest mysteries. Into the Portal is the first chapter in the story of the StarKeepers Saga, a sweeping story of intergalactic heroism, bravery, and adventure.
First episode: 2023-3-13

Audio Drama - Science fiction, Comedy
It has been over one thousand days since we have been liberated, ladies and gentlemen from the tyranny of freedom. This is your daily reminder of how good you have had it since the Artilean extraterrestrial invasion and subjugation, which succeeded after a battle with human forces lasting roughly eleven and a half minutes. All Hail Artilea! All Hail the eyes in the sky! Here’s how good you have it today.
First episode: 2023-3-13

おばあちゃんの旅 by AudioMovie®
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery
「進化系ラジオドラマ」AudioMovie®シリーズ。新潮社との共同企画で、作家の松尾由美が書下ろした小説「おばあちゃんの旅」が原作。Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcastなどポッドキャストサービスで無料配信。【2023年3月14日(火)配信開始/毎週火曜日更新予定(全3話)】 亡くなった祖母の遺品整理で見つかった8年前の新聞記事。点と線をつなげるために孫娘がたどる記憶の旅。1千万円の現金。おばあちゃんは特殊詐欺の加害者なのか、被害者なのか8年前にかかって来た電話から物語は動き出す。 主人公のおばあちゃんを演じるのはTBSラジオ『赤江珠緒 たまむすび』の「えなばあちゃん」としておなじみ、俳優の「下川江那」
First episode: 2023-3-13

Basilisk Hill Breakdown
Audio RPG - Fantasy
An Actual Play podcast, using the Old School Essentials Ruleset, of mid-level hexcrawling and sandbox exploration. Episodes drop every two weeks, and recaps of the sessions can be found at https://www.thirdkingdomgames.com/blog/categories/actual-play
First episode: 2023-3-14

DERAILED: a fictional mystery podcast
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery
Just when you think you’ve figured the story out, DERAILED: a fictional murder mystery podcast throws you off track and draws you in even deeper into its twisty turny world.
First episode: 2023-3-14
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2023.04.01 15:23 redpandaflying93 2023 Shincha recs? Yunomi has preorders up and I'm tempted

So I've primarily been drinking Chinese/Taiwanese teas for a long time now, but I'm thinking I'd like to start tapping into the world of Japanese greens a bit... and it's that time of year again when shincha is soon coming available! I've only briefly dabbled in Japanese greens before, and I've found my preference is for the ones with lower to moderate umami taste. I'm thinking of ordering a couple teas from Yunomi, any recommendations from these shincha? I'll probably try some other teas like Japanese blacks as well.
submitted by redpandaflying93 to tea [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 15:16 seeldoger47 [H] $500 Amazon [W] 80% Western Union, 90% PayPal [H] PayPal, Cash App, Crypto, Chime, Apple Pay, or Venmo [W] 80% Western Union Apple, Amazon (CA, Com, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK), B&N, Dunkin, eBay, Grub Hub, Gyft, iTunes, JCPenney, Microsoft, PSN, Steam, Target, Uber, Walmart, Xbox + more

You can download the WesternUnion app and send the payment from your phone.

Desktop Users: Comment on this post and Click here to start a trade App Users, please include the following in your PM (Remember to comment on this post as well):
  • Type of card(s) and amount of each.
  • What payment method you accept.
  • How you acquired the GC and why you're getting rid of it.
BTC, Paypal1, Apple Pay, Chime, Cashapp, Venmo, and Western Union
I only have Steam as a substitute for cash payments in gift card trades.
Want ↓ Cash or a Gift Card ↓ BTC ↓
Apple 60%4 NA
Amazon.ca 50% 50%
Amazon.co.uk 50% 50%
Amazon.com 70% 55%
Amazon.de 50% 50%
Amazon.es 50% 50%
Amazon.fr 50% 50%
Amazon.it 50% 50%
Amazon.jp 30% 30%
Arrow Films 65% 60%
Barnes & Noble 50% 50%
Baskin Robbins 60% 60%
Best Buy 60% 60%
BJ's (not BJ's restaurant)4 60% NA
Bloomingdales 50% 50%
Burger King4 60% NA
Clothing Shops (Small Boutique) contact me contact me
Dell4 60% NA
Delta gift cards4 65% NA
Delta Sky Miles4 PM me NA
Delta Vouchers4 65% NA
Dicks Sporting Goods 4 PM me NA
Disney Plus PM me PM me
DoorDash 70%6 NA
Dunkin Donuts4 60% NA
eBay 70% 70%
Fandango4 10% NA
Five Guys4 60% NA
Gamestop 60% 60%
Gas Station Cards4 PM me NA
Grub Hub 70%6 NA
Gyft 70% 70%
Half Price Books 50% 50%
HBO4 70% NA
iTunes4 60% NA
J crew 40% 40%
JCPenney 25% 25%
Jersey Mike Subs4 60% NA
KFC4 60% NA
Khols 30% 30%
Macys 35% 35%
Magazines.com 40% 40%
McDonald's 4 60% NA
Microsoft6 60% NA
Moe’s Southwestern Grill4 60% NA
Nintendo Eshop6 70% NA
Nordstrom 50% 50%
Panera bread4 60% NA
PSN6 60 NA
PSN Plus 12 month4 NA NA
Saks Fifth Avenue 50% 50%
Sears 50% 50%
Sephora 50% 50%
Speedway4 80% NA
Starbucks 55% 55%
Steam6 60% NA
Subway 4 PM me NA
Taco Bell 60% NA
Target 50% 50%
Uber6 70% NA
Urban Outfitters 50% 50%
Vudu4 50% NA
Walmart 60% 60%
Wendys4 60% NA
Xbox (gift cards)6 60% NA
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (12 month/6 month/3 month/1 month)6 PM me NA
Other Clothing Stores, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Restaurant, & Fast Food gift cards PM me
1 When paying via PayPal, I can only send payments via Goods and Services, thus you will be charged a fee. If you'd rather not face this fee there are plenty of alternatives. 2 Larger denominated gift cards preferred. 3 PayPal is the only payment option. 4 I can't send less than $10 in crypto per Coinbase's rules.

What I don’t buy:

  • Amazon.au
  • Bass Pro Shop
  • buffalo wild wing
  • Canadian tire
  • Cold Stone
  • Dairy Queen
  • Fanatics
  • Google Play
  • Hilton Honors
  • Hot Topic
  • iTunes from anywhere but the US
  • Krispy Kreme
  • old navy/gap/banana republic
  • Patxi's pizza
  • PSN Canada or UK
  • publix
  • Raceway
  • Scheels
  • Shell Gas Stations
  • Spotify
  • Tractor supply
  • Xbox Canada or UK
  • Xbox live gold
Any fees are built into the price.


I have:
$500 in Amazon (can be broken up) and am selling at
  • 80%: WesternUnion
  • 85%: btc
  • 90%: Apple Pay, Chime, or PayPal
Here are my GCX Rep profiles with 932 trades worth more than $60,000:
Important: before you send your codes please make sure your account is secure (if your password is twelve characters or less it's best to assume your account has already been compromised; your password should be eight randomly selected words, see 1 and 2). Scams where compromised accounts are used to leverage reputation to scam an unsuspecting user, used to steal codes during the middle of the trade, and steal unused gift cards the victim was saving for later are increasingly commonplace. If you have any concerns as to your account's security, please reset your password now and force logout of all sessions. Thanks
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2023.04.01 15:16 seeldoger47 [H] $500 Amazon GCs [W] 80% Western Union, 90% PayPal [H] PayPal, Cash App, Crypto, Apple Pay, or Venmo [W] All Your Gift Cards

You can download the WesternUnion app and send the payment from your phone.

Desktop Users: Comment on this post and Click here to start a trade App Users, please include the following in your PM (Remember to comment on this post as well):
  • Type of card(s) and amount of each.
  • What payment method you accept.
  • How you acquired the GC and why you're getting rid of it.
BTC, Paypal1, Apple Pay, Chime, Cashapp, Venmo, and Western Union
I only have Steam as a substitute for cash payments in gift card trades.
Want ↓ Cash or a Gift Card ↓ BTC ↓
Apple 60%4 NA
Amazon.ca 50% 50%
Amazon.co.uk 50% 50%
Amazon.com 70% 55%
Amazon.de 50% 50%
Amazon.es 50% 50%
Amazon.fr 50% 50%
Amazon.it 50% 50%
Amazon.jp 30% 30%
Arrow Films 65% 60%
Barnes & Noble 50% 50%
Baskin Robbins 60% 60%
Best Buy 60% 60%
BJ's (not BJ's restaurant)4 60% NA
Bloomingdales 50% 50%
Burger King4 60% NA
Clothing Shops (Small Boutique) contact me contact me
Dell4 60% NA
Delta gift cards4 65% NA
Delta Sky Miles4 PM me NA
Delta Vouchers4 65% NA
Dicks Sporting Goods 4 PM me NA
Disney Plus PM me PM me
DoorDash 70%6 NA
Dunkin Donuts4 60% NA
eBay 70% 70%
Fandango4 10% NA
Five Guys4 60% NA
Gamestop 60% 60%
Gas Station Cards4 PM me NA
Grub Hub 70%6 NA
Gyft 70% 70%
Half Price Books 50% 50%
HBO4 70% NA
iTunes4 60% NA
J crew 40% 40%
JCPenney 25% 25%
Jersey Mike Subs4 60% NA
KFC4 60% NA
Khols 30% 30%
Macys 35% 35%
Magazines.com 40% 40%
McDonald's 4 60% NA
Microsoft6 60% NA
Moe’s Southwestern Grill4 60% NA
Nintendo Eshop6 70% NA
Nordstrom 50% 50%
Panera bread4 60% NA
PSN6 60 NA
PSN Plus 12 month4 NA NA
Saks Fifth Avenue 50% 50%
Sears 50% 50%
Sephora 50% 50%
Speedway4 80% NA
Starbucks 55% 55%
Steam6 60% NA
Subway 4 PM me NA
Taco Bell 60% NA
Target 50% 50%
Uber6 70% NA
Urban Outfitters 50% 50%
Vudu4 50% NA
Walmart 60% 60%
Wendys4 60% NA
Xbox (gift cards)6 60% NA
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (12 month/6 month/3 month/1 month)6 PM me NA
Other Clothing Stores, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Restaurant, & Fast Food gift cards PM me
1 When paying via PayPal, I can only send payments via Goods and Services, thus you will be charged a fee. If you'd rather not face this fee there are plenty of alternatives. 2 Larger denominated gift cards preferred. 3 PayPal is the only payment option. 4 I can't send less than $10 in crypto per Coinbase's rules.

What I don’t buy:

  • Amazon.au
  • Bass Pro Shop
  • buffalo wild wing
  • Canadian tire
  • Cold Stone
  • Dairy Queen
  • Fanatics
  • Google Play
  • Hilton Honors
  • Hot Topic
  • iTunes from anywhere but the US
  • Krispy Kreme
  • old navy/gap/banana republic
  • Patxi's pizza
  • PSN Canada or UK
  • publix
  • Raceway
  • Scheels
  • Shell Gas Stations
  • Spotify
  • Tractor supply
  • Xbox Canada or UK
  • Xbox live gold
Any fees are built into the price.


I have:
$500 in Amazon (can be broken up) and am selling at
  • 80%: WesternUnion
  • 85%: btc
  • 90%: Apple Pay, Chime, or PayPal
Here are my GCX Rep profiles with 932 trades worth more than $60,000:
Important: before you send your codes please make sure your account is secure (if your password is twelve characters or less it's best to assume your account has already been compromised; your password should be eight randomly selected words, see 1 and 2). Scams where compromised accounts are used to leverage reputation to scam an unsuspecting user, used to steal codes during the middle of the trade, and steal unused gift cards the victim was saving for later are increasingly commonplace. If you have any concerns as to your account's security, please reset your password now and force logout of all sessions. Thanks
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2023.04.01 12:44 No-Elderberry-7769 [Elemental][Tonberry][Kujata][FC][LFM][C][MC] Islander FC Recruiting!

Hello everyone! Islander is a casual FC in the GMT+8 timezone looking for SG/MY/International players! Players of all skill levels are welcome! We are currently preparing for future raids and are setting up a few static teams, bring your friends along!!!  
We are a small to medium-sized FC on Tonberry, Kujata. Please be patient with us as we continue to grow. We have a CWLS to facilitate in-game chats between members.  
We also are farming mounts or duty roulettes as a team for the members that are willing to build this family with us. If you would like to join a static team or form one of your own, let us know in addition to joining the FC! If you don't want to raid, it's fine with us too! We are on voice chat almost everyday, come and make friends! More information will be available on our Discord server.  
If you have any enquiries, just come onto the Discord and ask any of our FC Leaders/Officers! No strings attached.  
Normally we hang out on discord every night to have fun _^ (A few of us tend to stick around Discord for music and do dailies together )  
In-Game Whisper : Slyph Estra / White Oath / Silver Surfer
Discord : Slyph#3178 / soul#0139 / Silversurfer#5091
Contact Us Feel free to send any of us a /tell if you're interested to join! Or better yet, hop into our Discord server and we'll get you onboard asap. You can also find us at:
[ Tonberry ] - Ward 25, Plot 30, Shirogane
[ Kujata ] - Ward 7, Plot 37, Shirogane
submitted by No-Elderberry-7769 to FFXIVRECRUITMENT [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:39 schoonerlabs Herbs, Herx, Unknowns & Testing

Long story short, after years of chronic symptoms I saw a naturopath last month. She suspected lyme/coinfections based on the discussion and started me on 2 herbal tinctures, and discussed seeing how this goes for a month before going for testing with Armin Labs (since it isn't cheap).
(Systemic Antimicrobial Tincture #1 (Cryptolepis, Alchornea, Sida, Isatis) – 1 tsp three times daily with food in fluid. Start with a 25% dose and increase by 25% every 2 days if tolerated. Systemic Antimicrobial Tincture #2 (Chinese Skullcap, Japanese Knotweed, Houttuynia, Cat’s Claw) – 1 tsp three times daily with food in fluid. Start with a 25% dose and increase by 25% every 2 days if tolerated. )
I've been doing ok on them I think, aside from the horrid taste, but getting symptoms I think are herx especially when I go over 1/2tsp doses. Headache, stiff neck, fatigue, body aches, chills, and nausea primarily. Not the end of the world but not the best feeling, like I'm getting the flu but no fever.
That being said the unknowns of IF I have Lyme or a coinfection now go through my mind wondering if the current symptoms are herx or if the tinctures are just making me feel like crap on their own, and possibly not having Lyme at all.
If I knew the herbals are working then it becomes more horrible vs feeling worse for no gain.
I know testing is not 100% either so not sure what to do as a next best step??
submitted by schoonerlabs to Lyme [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 11:45 Lostlight_awesome_04 IN'S POINT The BEST TRANSFORMERS HOT SPOT IN HONG KONG News

Hey there TF lovers, as someone who grew up in Hong Kong, I have spent much of my teenage years exploring the city for any malls that focus on mainly selling transformers. A few years ago, I came across an interesting shopping mall while searching for any transformers selling shop on google map, since it was very near my tutorial centre, I decided to venture and explore the shopping mall, and man was I in for a surprise.
In's point is a shopping mall located in Yau Mai Dei, Kowloon, it occupies 2 stories of the mall, with the whole third floor being a chinese restaurant. Both floors are mostly occupied by shops mainly selling LEGO, action figures and mech figures, with a relative cheaper price compare to official price set in chained toy shops like Walmart or Target. (Now before I give some example to you folks, as someone who live in HK, I will be using HKD as a unit of measuring the price of the toys you can find there, so you folks better prepare your own exchange rate calculator cause the following price comparison will be using HKD as measurement.)
For example, the lego spiderman bridge set released back in 2015 originally cost $999.9 HKD when it was sold in stores like Toys“R”Us, however if you try to find one in In's point, it is usually cheaper than the official price by2 digits to 3 digits, with the cheapest one I remember being $500 HKD, the same can be said for the Transformers figure, however as the price level began to rise for the past few years, some shops decided to abandon this method and decide to either set the price to match the official price or just HKD$4 TO HKD$20 cheaper than the official price.
However, the main reason why I strongly recommend you to visit the shopping mall when you travel to Hong Kong aside from the cheaper new released transformers figure sold at the mall, it is also because of the large amount of second-handed transformers figure, ranging from newly unboxed legacy figure to as old as unopened armada, generations, timelines figure can all be found at that hall. Heck, I even bought my second handed, unopened movie Inferno figure at the mall at the price of $340 HKD, which is around USD43.31, considering how expensive it is to purchase one from ebay.
Aside from old toylines, if you're lucky enough you may also come across second hand unopened 3rd party figure, such as Mastermind Creation's Rodimus, which surprisingly is quite cheap for a unopened second hand figure, while the toy originally cost USD 99.99(TFSOURCE), this one costs USD44.59.
Now as someone who have been there a lot, there are some shops I highly recommend you folks to go to if you want to buy some transformers toy
  1. Tokyo station - It's a shop split into 2 sections located on the 2/F, with one solely focus on selling Japanese anime figures and another mainly selling Hasbro toys. Originally the shop, usually lower the price of the toys by 2 digits or 3 digits HKD, however in the recent 4 years, that is no longer available unless its some seasonal discount, still I highly recommend you to visit that shop as the shop still has some unsold thrilling 30 toys that can be found in the shop along with ps3 WFC toys and DOTM toys
  2. Unnamed shop 1 - The unnamed shop is literally a shop with no name(unless I didn't see it) located on the 2/F, to get there you have to take the escalator to the 2nd floor, once you arrived at the second floor, turn right and walk straight to the end. The shop mainly sells second hand product ranging from old tokusatsu toys from the 70's to the 00's, it also has a ton of second hand transformers toy ready to be sold. One of the most memorable thing about the shop is that, the owners always put a box of unopened second hand transformers toys from old toylines like Timeslines, Bayverse, WFC, Generations, in a plastic box, and will often persuade you to buy the toys by intentionally further lowering the price by 10 to 40 HKD
  3. Unnamed shop 2 - another unnamed shop, the shop mainly sells first hand or second hand toys in shop. Depending on the period you visit the shop, if you're lucky enough, you may a majority of the shops product being resold Transformers figure ranging from 3rd party to old tf toylines. The shop is located on the 1st floor right in front of the escalator going to the 2/F
  4. Toyer City - highly recommend that place if you're a 3rd party enthusiast, the shop mainly sells 3rd party Transformers figure at a price that is usually cheaper than the price you find at TFSOURCE or Big Bad Toystore. If you are planning to visit HK, and want to pick up some transformers toy, you should definitely pre-order them online before coming to HK, as the shop does not provide any free shipping and delivery service, once you arrived to In's point, all you have to do is show the owner the receipt and you can get your new 3rd party toy. The shop is located on the 2/F, but unlike other shops that opens around 1pm to 3pm, the shop usually opens around 4 or 5:30 pm on weekdays and only opens for 3 hours before closing. During weekend, the shop will be open at around 3:30pm.
Aside from In's point, there is also another shop that mainly sells Transformers called Action Robo, located a block away from In's point, however I don't highly recommend you to purchase there, if you are aiming for unopened toys from previous toylines or 3rd party toys, because they are usually more expensive than the ones sold at Toyer City, but I still recommend you to go there as some toys are being sold at a very low price.
submitted by Lostlight_awesome_04 to transformers [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 06:15 911roofer [Let’s Build]D100 horrible candy pun-monsters

I’ve got my players attacking a cursed candy factory and need some terrible candy monster puns. Silly but horrifying is the theme. There should be a macabre twist to an otherwise goofy monster. These things may be silly, but they are a serious threat. Also puns in foreign languages or referencing obscure candy brands are encouraged. If you can come up with a workable Wasabi Kit Cat more power to you
  1. Black pudding- it’s literally a black pudding made out of black pudding. It lacks the acid attack but is now tougher thanks to thicker skin, since blood is thicker than water.
  2. Gummi owlbear- an owlbear made of sugary gelatin. It kills by smothering because its claws and beak no longer can hurt people.
  3. Gingerdead men- zombies made out of gingerbread. Easy to kill but they just keep pouring out of the oven and are still painfully warm. A reference to a terrible Gary Busey film.
  4. Jawbreaker trolls Trolls made out of jawbreaker. Not as tough as regular trolls but can still pack a wallop, and yes a punch from them will break your jaw.
  5. Bearded Dragon A large Chinese dragon with a magnificent beard, scales made of marzipan and mint, peen tong claws, and boiling orange jelly as a breath attack. The claws can shatter, infect wounds, and kill you if you’ve got a severe nut allergy or severe untreated diabetes. Otherwise it will just increase your blood sugar significantly. This exists because there’s a traditional chinese form of cotton candy called Dragon’s beard.
  6. Giant candy lobster. A giant carnivorous lobster made out of candy. A hard outer shell conceals a nut-butter filling. A lame pun on a Russian candy brand.
  7. Jungle Howler – Licorice monkey that moves and attacks in packs, and pose a double danger because of their high pitched, loud screams and second because they are really salty. They can speak but all they say is vicious mockery, requiring a wisdom save. Named for a popular Swedish candy. (u/myeviltwin47)
  8. Chocolich - Personal favourite pun of mine and one I've used for Valentine's Day several times. A lich that's hell-bent on raising the dead as chocolate minions. (u/Aquille5310)
  9. Gelatin cube- a gelatinous cube made out of gelatin instead. It lacks the dissolving attack but instead smothers it’s victims to death. ( Aquille5310)
  10. Rock Candy Elemental- an earth elemental made out of rack candy instead of dirt and rocks. (u/Aquille5310)
  11. Ghoulis - ghouls made of fruit flesh with coulis as blood. Easy to kill but eating them, or getting any of their blood, flesh, or easily m-shattered fruit stone teeth in an open wound, gives you Coulis cough, which causes thirst, hunger, blurred vision, and coughing up a sweet-smelling mucus. (u/Drankthegenderfluid)
  12. Candy cornea- a giant floating eyeball made out of candy and dripping confectioner’s glaze. Once per round it can paralyze one target . It has no other attack apart from being able to float high enough to avoid swords, axes, and pitchforks (u/Emotional_Guillotine)
  13. Jelly-mentals- weird-coloured slower water elements with psionic attacks. They taste delicious once killed.(u/drankthegenderfluid)
  14. Sponge drakes- drakes made out of cake. It’s toffee claws and fangs easily shatter and it’s flesh is soft and easy to pierce, but it’s got a nasty surprise. They carry brittle-throat disease and can spread it as a breath attack. After a few moments its victims throat constricts with nut brittle and it becomes impossible to speak. Any attempt to speak inflicts one point of damage and a risk of spreading the disease. The cure is to drink a warm liquid, like hot cocoa, a cup of tea, or a mulled wine, or a glass of milk, which completely cures the disease. (u/drankthegenderfluid)
  15. Liccor-Itch Matron - It has a grasping tongue made of liccorice, and rears it's juvenile spawn on it's back and inside its mouth. It resembles a giant gummy toad when fully grown. It is a prolific breeder. Use the Cave Fisher from Volo's Guide.(u/Maxsizels)
  16. Liccor-Itch Spawn - The spawn of the Liccor-itch form a swarm that defend the Matron, thier home. They fly. Use 1d4 stirges, but treat them, collectively as a large-sized swarm that blocks line of sight and only take half damage from non-area attacks.(u/Maxsizels)
  17. Mmmhhmm! - "Pronounced like someone struggling to say something with thier mouth glued shut", these small sized colorful creatures have a smooth hard shell that can protect them from damage, but also can instinctively cast Silence up to 1d3 times per day. Otherwise thier behavior resembles that of common kobold hunting parties with +2d3 AC. They are brave in groups larger than 1d3. (u/Maxsizels)
  18. Peppermint Bark - They are Large sized Winter Wolves made of white chocolate and bits of peppermint swirl candy. (u/Maxsizels)
  19. BuletteFingers- peanut butter&chocolate landsharks that dive in and out of the ground like little torpedos. (u/johnkellydraws)
  20. Flumph- no need to change the name, but it’s made of marshmallows and has a +5 to strength checks when attempting to grapple/stick to creatures silly enough to come within melee range (u/JohnKellyDraws)
  21. King-Size Chocolate Frog- same stat block as a giant frog but, you know, chocolatey and delicious(u/JohnKellyDraws)
  22. Grix- there’s two of them, they’re made of cookie, caramel, and chocolate, and they wanna bite ya(u/JohnKellyDraws)
  23. Froot by the Foot - A Behir, Blueberry and Rasberry Flavored Jellied Fruit Roll-ups.(u/maxsizels)
  24. Baby Rudes - Giant Chocolate Ettins with Peanut and Caramel Clubs, oh... and a penchant for swearing and shouting rude things. (u/maxsizels)
  25. Life-savor - These vampiric eels have distinctive candy ring markings around thier eyes. Their sickly-sweet blood, after they've sucked life from a person, can be used as a health potion to restore their victims. (u/maxsizels)
  26. Horehound- same stat as blink dogs but they’re made of mint candy and neutral evil. (u/maxsizels)
  27. Mousketeers- chocolate mice with strawberry and vanilla hard candy swords and a mousse filling. They attack in trios. (u/World_of_ideas)
  28. Fruit Gusher - Water elementals made of fruit juice. Likes to lay beneath floors and attack from beneath unexpected. (u/world_of_ideas)
  29. Mamba - A highly venomous snake made of fruit chews. It’s venom causes the symptoms of diabetic shock (U/world_of_ideas)
  30. Pez-t - Hard candy bugs or rats. They take over corpses and launch themselves from the victim’s neck (u/world_of_ideas)
  31. Pop Rocks - Rock candy earth elementals that explode on contact with water. (u/world_of_ideas)
  32. Red Hots - Sugar elementals that are near the melting temperature of sugar. They cause burn damage on touch. (U/world_of_ideas)
  33. Riesen - Skeletons or zombies made of dark chocolate.(u/world_of_ideas)
  34. Rolo - A giant animated wheel of chocolate that attempts to crush its opponents by rolling over them. If wounded it begins leaking sticky caramel in its path that can trap opponents (counts as web spell in a 5ft wide path).(u/world_of_ideas)
  35. Snickering Hyenas - Hyenas made of chocolate. These guys are nuts. Their laughing is more scornful than most hyenas. Can speak but are completely nuts. (U/world_of_ideas)
  36. The Whatchamacallit - An eldritch horror made of chocolate. To call it by its real name is to give it power and draw its attention. Its mere presence causes psychic damage and memory loss. (u/world_of_ideas)
  37. Whoppers - Ogres made of malted milk chocolate. They really pack a punch.(u/world_of_ideas)
  38. Milk buds- friendly white chocolate skeletons(u/jazadia)
  39. Lycanrish- licorice candy that bites back at night.(u/metal_teacher)
  40. Hershey Bear- chocolate bears with a breath ice attack.
  41. Brain licker- hard-candy sugar skeletons determined to crack your skull open and lick your brain.
  42. Sugar skulls- flying highly-decorated skulls that mock the players as they pass
  43. Musk stick men- pleasant-smelling soft candy men with guns that shoot parts of themselves . They regenerate by consuming sugar.
  44. Chocolate fish- giant chocolate carnivorous fish with marshmallow teeth. Easy to kill, but if you eat one you develop an uncontrollable craving for chocolate, and most of the chocolate near you is alive and trying to eat you.
  45. Jungle stickies- taffy monkeys with a web attack.
  46. Alligarato- chocolate alligators whose preferred method of attack is to pull you into the chocolate river and drown you.
  47. supercoco- coconut candy cuckoos who hit far harder than they have any right to.
  48. Big hunk- an ogre made out of nougat, honey, and peanuts.
  49. Good & Deadly - tiny colorful flying insects made out of sugar. Attacks in swarm
  50. Psek zmen- pikemen made of chocolate wielding wafer weapons. Easy to kill, but the thick chocolate and hazelnut blood causes their killer’s eyes to swell up and water, giving a -1 on spot checks.
  51. Peeps- giant predatory marshmallow birdlike Ambush Opportunists made of some unholy delicious fluff. Vision obscuring conditions like blindess, darkness, fog, or lesser invisibility (but greater invisibility does work!) do not affect them. (u/Maxsizels)
  52. Pie-ads- dryads of the great pie trees that have sprung up along the cursed river. Usually friendly unless you try to chop down their tree. Unfortunately, some of them, like Apple Pie with Benzene and extra-strength rhubarb, are quite toxic and the pie-ads react poorly to any attempt to prevent consumption of their pie. This is only their own trees, however. Like bitter housewives they will gleefully screw each other over. (u/drankthegenderfluid)
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2023.04.01 05:51 mcjosk Third time bingo-ing, first time posting a year in review!

Third time bingo-ing, first time posting a year in review!
This is my third year completing bingo, but my first time ever posting about the books that I read. I made it my 2023 new year’s resolution to write a mini review of each book, so obviously I’m posting this at 11:59pm on Friday, March 31 because I’m a procrastinator, even though I finished bingo like 2 months ago!!!!! Do I remember every book that I read this year for bingo? Honestly, no! Do my star rankings actually mean anything? Probably not! Am I speed writing these reviews because I can't wait to start getting excited for next year’s card? 100% yes! Without further ado, please enjoy:
2022 Fantasy Bingo Card

A Book from Fantasy's Top LGBTQIA List
Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett (HM)
4/5 stars
This is definitely one of those books where the magic system is thought through to its most logical conclusion, to sometimes very funny results. The book’s structure uses one of my favorite tropes: get a gang of misfits together to pull off a series of increasingly high stakes heists. And I liked the sub-plot romance, although it’s definitely explored more in book two. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite as compelled by the second book and found it a bit confusing, so I’m not sure whether or not I’m going to finish the series. If anybody’s finished, let me know if book three is worth it or not!
Weird Ecology
To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers (HM)
4/5 stars
I feel like Becky Chambers is known for writing deep, complex, and relatable non-human characters, but this novella that’s focused solely on human explorers might be my favorite of hers that I’ve read. Some of the scenes of the flora and fauna of the planets were written so vividly that I can call them to mind even as I’ve forgotten central plot points of other books I read this past year. The novella ends on a bit of a question/cliffhanger, but I think it works because I still think about the characters’ ultimate decision at the end of the novella quite often, even if I’m not sure I 100% agree with what they decided to do. Ultimately, a novella that left me with more questions than answers, which I think is a good thing.
Two or More Authors
To Weave a Web of Magic by Claire Delacroix, Lynn Kurland, Patricia A. McKillip, Sharon Shinn (HM)
4/5 stars
I’m not usually a short story person, and I randomly picked up this anthology at a used book store, so I didn’t have super high expectations going into the book. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how invested I became in each story, and how each felt like a complete tale where I was satisfied with the ending. My favorite was "The Tale of the Two Swords" by Lynn Kurland, but all four stories are worth checking out.
Historical SFF
Siren Queen by Nghi Vo (HM)
3 / 5 stars
I love love love Nghi Vo’s novellas, so I was really excited when her second novel came out this year. I even specifically waited to read this until I was in LA this summer for ultimate old Hollywood vibes. Ultimately though, this didn’t totally work for me, and I’m not 100% sure why. I think maybe there was something a little unspecific about the characters and the world and the connections to Hollywood history? Definitely some beautiful prose though, and I’m still thinking about some of the scenes even without loving the full project.
Set in Space
The Warrior's Apprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold (HM)
5/5 stars
While I love Bujold, I actually hadn’t read any Vorkosigan novels before this year. So I figured this square would be a good excuse to dive in. I initially read Shards of Honor for this square, immediately binged like half of the series in two months, and ultimately decided to use Warrior’s Apprentice because I think more of the book is set in space and Shards of Honor to me felt more like a setup for Barrayar (which might be my favorite book I read all year). If you haven’t dived into the world of Miles Vorkosigan, run, don’t walk. Miles is such a fun and smart-alecky character and the world of Vorkosigan saga is so rich I feel like I could explore it forever. Also, some of the worst book covers I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Love every second of it.
Crosstalk by Connie Willis
4/5 stars
Cute mind-reading romance. It’s kind of long but I mostly listened to it on audiobook so it went by fast enough. Not as good as To Say Nothing of the Dog or Doomsday Book, but still has the kind of dry humor that you get in To Say Nothing of the Dog, and I was invested in the romance.
Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots
2/5 stars
This did NOT work for me, and the more I think about it the more I dislike it. Starts off promising enough but then it gets really dark (at least for my taste) and I didn’t think the ending was satisfying (and it was kind of gross). I know this book has fans so if you’re interested in reading it maybe check out a more positive review on Goodreads or Storygraph, sorry!
Book Club OR Readalong Book
The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd
3/5 stars
This was kind of meh. I love old maps and archives and portal fantasy so the premise really intrigued me. But I had a hard time getting invested in the characters and was annoyed that the BIG NEW PROJECT that TORE THIS FRIEND GROUP APART was just…making a book of fantasy maps? Like…okay? You and every store on Etsy? Also I couldn't get over the fact that the plot hinged on the main character being able to access NYPL intranet archives on a decommissioned work laptop that hadn’t been used in years. Am I crazy for thinking that’s a bit far-fetched? In a world where you can literally access ghost towns via maps but….I have my priorities clearly!
Cool Weapon
All of Us Villains by Amanda Foody
4/5 stars
This was a bit of a last-minute panic bingo switch as I realized that the “cool weapon” in the book I initially had for this square wasn’t magic and therefore didn’t count. Oh well. I did like the first book of this duology, but then I never finished the second book in the series ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is basically the hunger games but for magic so…I’ll take five please thank you very much! The magic system is very cool and gothic, the kids act punk but are all big softies on the inside, and the magic weapons are very central to unraveling the curse of this town.
Revolutions and Rebellions
The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart (HM)
3/5 stars
Another book that I was initially really hyped for, generally enjoyed the first in the series, and then kind of didn’t like the second book. Another very goth magic system. Another book with lots of broken teens who act more confident than they are.
Name in the Title
Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
5/5 stars
I read this book in between acts at a Florence and the Machine Concert, surrounded by people dressed as vampires and ghosts so….the vibes were GOOD. This is your sign—read the 19th century lesbian vampire story.
Author Uses Initials
Nettle and Bone by T. Kingfisher (HM)
4/5 stars
Not my absolute favorite Kingfisher, but I did love the Goblin Market scene, the cast of characters, and the crafting-based magic system. I wasn’t as invested in the romance although that was a nice touch. It maybe could have been longer? I almost needed a bit more plot and struggle from the characters to match the vastness of the story and the world, but was almost satisfied even with the bit I was given.
Published in 2022
The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novak
5/5 stars
The rare series ending where I loved every page just as much as I loved the first book! If you’re a fan, this is going to work for you. If you’re not, nothing’s changed from the last two books so probably not worth trying. This was a yes for me though.
Urban Fantasy
Light From Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki (HM)
4/5 stars
I read this entire book thinking that Starrgate Donuts was a fictional made-up place….which I still think it is? But turns out LA does have a donut shop shaped like a donut (of course) which was a wonderful surprise to discover after finishing the book. This book was so imaginative and genre spanning. There were maybe one or two subplots I didn’t think we needed but I was very invested in the central relationship between the main teen violinist and her mentor. There was also a lot about this book that just felt like a big hug.
Set in Africa
Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor (HM)
4/5 stars
When I was reading this, I remember thinking “Wow, I love when a novella feels like it tells a story that a lesser author would have taken 1,000 pages to write, but this author only needed 100-something pages to perfect.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember much else about the reading experience, but clearly past me wanted to recommend this so….here you go!
Non-Human Protagonist
Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton (HM)
3/5 stars
This started off strong for me but lost me somewhere in the middle. I love the conceit of a post-apocalyptic world without humans, with a snarky crow being the main character, but after a while the snark kind of got old and I didn’t really care enough about the other animals. Someone let me know if the second book is worth reading though!
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Fairy Tale by Stephen King (HM)
4/5 stars
I felt like I never knew where this book was going to go next, and I was just along for the ride. I actually really loved the beginning of the book where we’re in not NOT Maine (I think somewhere in Illinois technically?) and the book is more focused on the relationships between the characters (including a very good dog). The second two-thirds of the book are more fantasy focused, and the world was very imaginative, but I could have spent even more time in the beginning just living with those characters.
Five SFF Short Stories
Spirits Abroad by Zen Cho (HM)
4/5 stars
I love Zen Cho’s Sorcerer Royal series, so I was really excited to learn that the book of short stories she had published was being reissued in the U.S. I’m not a huge short story person because I always feel like I want more in the end from the stories, but I loved the different ideas explored in this collection. My favorite story was “The House of Aunts.”
Features Mental Health
Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky (HM)
5/5 stars
If I love a novella where the story feels vast in scope, I also love a novella that uses the form to interrogate a single idea. The story is clearly an investigation of the Arthur C. Clarke quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and I ATE THAT UP. That’s sci-fi to me!!
Self-Published OR Indie Publisher
Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree
5/5 stars
Like everybody else on this subreddit, I decided to check this book out this year (before it was picked up by Tor I swear). Yes, it’s a hug in book form. Yes, I did consider quitting my job, moving to a small town, and starting a coffee shop. Yes, I would like 10,000 sequels thank you!!!!!
Substituting Award Nominee for Gothic Fantasy (2021)
The Changeling by Victor LaValle
4/5 stars
What can I say, every year there’s a square I just can’t seem to fill. Other stuff on my board could have fit here, it’s just the way the cookie crumbled. This was a great NYC-based gothic fantasy though.
BIPOC Author
The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline (HM)
4/5 stars
I heard Cherie Dimaline speak on a panel last year, which got me interested in checking out one of her books. What struck me about this book was the way that Dimaline was able to tease out threads of hope and romance and found family even within the post-dreaming dystopia she’s created. I also thought the nested oral history/storytelling structure that the story is told in worked really well.
Dragon's Bait by Vivian Vande Velde (HM)
4/5 stars
I don’t know how I never read this book in my “I want a boyfriend who also turns into a dragon sometimes” phase when I was 15… My only gripe is that it’s a bit short. Sequel?
No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke
4/5 stars
This is such a random choice for this square but it was honestly a bit difficult to fill after the old bingo shuffle. I’m not mad though, this book blew my mind and I’m not sure I totally understood it but wow am I still thinking about it. Is the birth of humanity into a new plane of enlightenment aspirational, or in achieving that enlightenment, does humanity lose what makes it unique?
Family Matters
Lifelode by Jo Walton (HM)
4/5 stars
Last on the list is the first book I read for bingo! I initially read this for wibbly wobbly timey wimey, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use a book for this square where the entire plot revolves around complicated family structures and the beauty, love, and chaos that can result from them. Not my favorite of the books I’ve read by Walton, but there’s so much that felt fresh in this novel that I’ve bumped it up a star just for sheer imagination.
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2023.04.01 04:48 RokulusM I haven't seen a downtown Toronto parking lot map on here yet. So here's one.

I haven't seen a downtown Toronto parking lot map on here yet. So here's one. submitted by RokulusM to notjustbikes [link] [comments]