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2023.04.01 22:14 Brandonhansen18 Honest Question: What is LIV Golf doing?

I got into watching golf on TV last year after my family moved to a golf course so I got more interested in the game.
This year golf on TV has been a godsend for me because usually I get bored after the NFL ends for the spring and summer. The four-round format has me checking in somewhat on Thursday, Friday to see the course and who made the cut. Saturday and Sunday I watch more intently but its still kind of like baseball in that its good background noise until the real tense moments in the final round when I zero in to watch.
To me its fun as a casual-ish golf fan the PGA plays every week at a unique golf course with quirks and feature holes. I get why people hate how the PGA does tv rights but I have been able to watch everything with ESPN plus and YouTubeTV which I pay too much for.
LIV was on YouTube last year and I watched it because it was an app I had and I wanted to see what this league was about. It was definitely different but I didnt recoil in horror and grasp my 7-iron in disgust.
This year? I dont get it. I have done some sports marketing and management training professionally and it doesnt feel like LIV is making decisions based in those schools of thought.
They poached some top players but these players got big on the PGA Tour. A golfer’s average lifespan of being a top player is what, 5-7 years with some exceptions like Tiger, Phil, Jack ect. Does LIV plan on poaching top talent again once their stable of top golfers get forgotten or trail off (which they already have)
The CW TV deal seems worse than just having it on YouTube. Golf isnt a major TV sport so you already dont have a gigantic audience to pull from. Now youre asking them to watch something on a third tier cable channel with Dawson’s Creek being the lead in. I am not downloading a special app either. Seems like too many hoops to jump through to watch it while the PGA pops up on every streaming machine I have. At this point, LIV needs more exposure than just the idea of being on TV.
I also kind of realized I watch the PGA more for the courses, the way tension builds up going down the final stretch (Scottie watching golfers put the ball in the water on the 17th ahead of him was golf) and the simple fact its kind of habit for me now.
The players arent what draw me (save for a few) to the PGA, the shotgun start ruins that tension for the “lead group” in LIV and now I have to slog through finding the CW and making sense of courses I have never heard of with a shot every second coverage from LIV. Forget it, not watching.
Honest question could someone explain in a simply business and sports marketing sense what LIV is doing? Is there some sense I am missing here, I dont really have an axe to grind against the league but I am kind of shocked there isnt a natural hook for me as a casual fan.
PS. Dont blame the players, I would do just about everything for that money, agree the PGA has issues. I am more just asking if the “product” of LIV is geared in a specific way for a reason because I think its difficult for a casual fan to get into.
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2023.03.31 18:47 Jango_Fetts_Head_ What’s your thoughts on the golfers who play music on the course?

I’m just curious what the community thinks about golfers who play music on the course, because I’m pretty neutral about this. I know there’s plenty of golfers out there who absolutely hate the fact people play music on the course, even if the volume is at an appropriate level.
I personally don’t play music when I’m golfing, I like taking in the sounds of the birds chirping, and the sounds of lawnmowers off in the distance, while sipping a beer and shanking my second shot into the trees. That being said, I don’t mind being in a group that has music playing, it’s just not my first go to lol
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2023.03.30 19:50 TacosNachos007 Unusual encounter with a greens keeper

So I’ve been playing a little over 2 years and have never experienced anything like this.
I’m playing yesterday by myself, and I’m on a par 5 hole. I’m getting ready to hit my approach shot and see a guy in a green side bunker spraying something. No big deal, I shout heads up because he hadn’t looked my way yet. He pays attention, and I hit my shot. Soon after he left for the next hole.
So I’m on the next tee box, and see him spraying something in a fairway bunker. He sees me on the box, gets in his cart and goes on his way. This is a short par 4. I hit a good tee shot, and quickly get to my ball. As I’m getting out of the cart, this guy is walking on the green with the tools needed to change the pin location. I thought about just giving him another heads up and take the approach shot, but decided to just wait. It’s slightly annoying, but it’s a beautiful day and I’m on the golf course so no big deal. It took him about 3-5 minutes to change the pin, and then I took my shot and finished the hole.
Now onto the next one. It’s a par 3 over the water. There was another solo golfer just in front of me who was walking off the green as I was approaching the tee box. The greens keeper seemed to be anxiously waiting for this guy to leave so he could jump on the green and change the pin again. I should have included these details earlier, but it’s 11am on a Wednesday, and there’s no groups directly behind me. I didn’t feel like waiting another 3-5 minutes to take my tee shot so I hustled up and hit a shot as quick as I could before he made it onto the green. Thankfully, my shot landed right in the center of the green. He noticed my ball, turned around, got in his cart and headed back up my way. He pulled off to the side of the cart path, and as I was driving down, I tried to make eye contact and give him a friendly wave but he didn’t even look my way as I was passing directly beside him. I thought that was weird. I finished out the hole quickly so he could get to changing the pin location.
I just want to hear y’alls opinion. AITA for taking a quick shot, or should he have let me play through before changing the pin since I was a single and no one was playing behind me?
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2023.03.30 17:54 We_The_North2019 Looking for a golf partner

I'm looking for a partner(s) to play golf with this summer (and hopefully upcoming summers as well). I only know 2 other friends who play and they're not down to play as often as I'd like.
I'm 32M, usually shoot 95-105. I'd be open to play with any level of golfer. I live in Brampton, but willing to drive anywhere within a 30 minute or so radius.
Looking to play once or twice a week. If there's enough interest, we can create a WhatsApp or Meetup group to coordinate. Let me know if anyone's interested!
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