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2023.06.08 16:54 IcyRest9212 Question about Capricorns coming back years later…

My first love was a Capricorn. When we broke up, I held on to hope for years. I finally reached out like 3 years later. He was actually drunk when I called and said “I’ve missed you. Move back to city where he lives” After that, he breadcrumbed me. I finally just asked “would you ever get back with me?” He said no and that he was dating someone else. After that, I completely let go of it all.
It’s been like another 3 years since we last talked. Yesterday he randomly found me on Instagram and added me. I’m wondering what this could be. Like is he trying to send a message from doing this? Or am I reading too much into it. I had him blocked on everything for a while and then unblocked him the last time we talked (years ago). But I never followed him and I didn’t even know he new my insta account.
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2023.06.08 16:54 cheecharon17 Can’t even remember his face anymore.

I miss him. I’m still crying with the thought of him dating someone else now.
Whenever I run into him at work, I’m not even sure how to talk to him anymore. It’s like my entire being just freezes around him. And I can’t help but be angry and full of resentment everytime I have to interact with him.
I still can’t help but overthink everything he does. Like why is he hanging around places where he knows I’ll be? And it seems like he’s bringing his new girl on purpose just to make sure I see them together. I fucking hate him for that.
I don’t even know the “him” right now. I think all I miss is my idea of him before. How do I move past the idea of never knowing him again?
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2023.06.08 16:53 SpecialKay1a Struggling atm

TW - eating disorder, marijuana use
Hi everyone! Over the last 2 years I’ve been on a weight loss journey. At my lowest, I lost almost 100lbs, but over the last year I have since gained back about 30lbs. When I lost my weight I became very obsessed with exercise and counting calories to the point that I wasn’t eating and was burning over 2000 calories with exercise alone each day. I put myself in a very unhealthy situation while trying to better my health, and it got to the point where I had help step in to help with my eating disorder. I was prescribed medical marijuana to help with severe anxiety and depression, as well as prompting my body to eat. Now I’ve gotten to the point where I rely on marijuana to eat, and I’m trying to lose weight again before my wedding so I’ve stopped smoking all together. Now I’m getting back to the point of not eating and it’s starting to worry me. I worry about doing fasts because it may also send me back into my eating disorder. But my brain is trying to prompt me back into anorexia, and I’m trying to fight it but it’s very hard to eat or even TOLERATE food when I don’t smoke. I’m struggling really hard mentally right now, and I’m really beating myself up over the added weight back and my eating habits. I feel like I can’t find a happy medium, and when I mention my anorexia concerns to my new doctor, she says my “appetite has improved” because I’m NOT eating, and she wants me to lose more weight. I feel like I’m back to where I was before the weight loss, and I feel as though people still see me as obese and ignore my actual health concerns because I’m fat again. Can anyone please give me healthy coping mechanisms and some advice on how to properly and safely get back to losing the weight without sending me over the edge again? It’s really tearing me down mentally and it’s all I’ve been focusing on for weeks.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 16:53 Pactolus Why was everyone saying ep 6 and 7 were supposed to be "big"? Nothing big happened

Like seriously, come tf on. We are up to episode 7 of the S2 now, and nothing has *really* happened. No progress has been made on the plot. We learned nothing new. We ain't even got a good action sequence yet, SEVEN EPISODES in.
What exactly is their plan with this show? I want answers, or I'm not watching after this season.
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2023.06.08 16:53 Griffeminie 8BitDo Ultimate (2.4g Version) or Gulikit Kingkong 2 pro?

Currently looking for a new controller as my Ds4 has done it's service of 3 years and it's got insane stick drift.
Before anyone asks, I can't get the Bluetooth version of the 8BitDo Ultimate as it's a bit out of my budget with it being 60$ but 2.4g is 40$ which is more on my budget.
So, these are my 2 options, the main thing that got me into the 8BitDo Ultimate is the hall effect but upon further research apparently the 2.4g version doesn't have the hall effect which is what got me into the controller in the first place.
So, I looked for other options and stumbled upon the Gulikit Kingkong 2 pro, it's a bit more in my budget with it being 40$ Aswell. It has the Hall effect on the joysticks which is what I'm looking for. But looking at other people's reviews of this controllers there seems to be problems with the controllers or buttons being mushy or some other build quality problems that I think are pretty minor and I could get by considering its cheap price, there's also the input lag but going wired would probably fix that.
But then there's the 8Bitdo Ultimate Controller, I heard nothing but praise for this controller, Moreso things even saying that it could be better than first party controllers. However, considering my budget, Keep in mind that I'm talking about the 2.4g version and not the Bluetooth version. which doesn't have the hall effect. but aside the joysticks I heard great things about it one thing being the d-pad is really good
So I'm just torn between the two.
Would I rather go for the Gulikit Kingkong 2 Pro that has the hall effect meaning probably no stick drift?
or the 8Bitdo Ultimate that has no Hall effect but is pretty good then the Gulikit on the other aspects of the controller?
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2023.06.08 16:53 Gsniadoski Random reboots

I know that this probably won't have enough info for someone to tell me what exactly is wrong, but I have built a gaming PC a few years ago and have made some upgrades along the way and now I'm having a rebooting issue. When I game its fine, chugs along great, but when doing small tasks like paying bills, working in excel, or even just streaming youtube videos, the pc will just shut down. There never seems to be a pattern to when it happens. Some days I can be on it for hours with no issues, but the next day it could shut off 4 times in like 30 minutes. I am knowledgeable enough about the parts to have built pc's and troubleshoot small issues, but I don't even know where to start.
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2023.06.08 16:53 Civil-Review-5601 Olivia’s Dream Zoo

Olivia’s Dream Zoo
It’s a total of 2,810 points for all the items, and I’ve so far gotten 1,523. I’m more than half way, but boy is it taking a while
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2023.06.08 16:53 Demostene18 Random, mild, sharp chest pain ( 22 yo )

I want to be pretty thorough about this, so I will thank you in advance if you finish reading this:
As the title describes it, I randomly have sharp chest pain, somewhere in the 2-4 intercostal spaces ( i point to it with my fingers, not my palm if that helps you ). The pain is very mild and it is pulsating, although not in sync with my heart rate.
It only occurs at rest and there is seemingly no trigger for it, although it bothers me more at night in the bed ( I don't know if the reason is lying down, my sleep position, the time of day or if i only notice it more when I am staying in bed ). As for its duration, again there is no pattern, it can last for a few seconds or go on intermittently for hours. I've had this problem for a very long time, but I never went to a doctor specifically for it because, frankly, I can ignore it pretty easily and even tho sometimes this problem can bother me for over a month, it can go away for just as much.
Now, some details about me: I am 22, 190cm, 102 kg, I recently had a septoplasty done, during which they did an EKG which didn't show any arrhythmia, but my pulse was 120bpm at the time, because it was right before surgery and I was scared out of my mind, but that's another matter ( also the Sokolov criteria for VHT was close to the limit, and I don't know if that's because my heart was pumping due to emotions, or not ). Also, I've been a "one pack a day" smoker for 7 years ( I quit a month ago when I had surgery, and since I've enjoyed a few cigars and pipes, but no cigarettes), and I have some pretty damming family history with heart disease ( both my father and his father had heart attacks around 50 yo ). Also, my blood work was all fine except for my cholesterol: My LDL was 170 "whatever measurement unit", which is high and can be explained by my smoking, eating habits and sedentary lifestyle ( working on the first 2, med school and exam sessions really makes it hard to find time for exercise though ).
Anyway, seeing the nature of the pain, the EKG, and my age, do you think it is a heart problem or something else?
Thank you all once again, and sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, English's my second language and my keyboard is not set for it.
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2023.06.08 16:52 AeternalisMage Forced into old reddit.

I know this may be controversial for some, but my Reddit is auto defaulting to old.reddit.com. No offense to those who like the old style, I am not a fan. Everything I have tried from using multiple browsers, accounts, PCs, and even networks doesn't change. One account has the "Get New Reddit" button in the top left but when i click it, it goes to old.reddit.com. Am I missing something?
Side note, I do have the opt in to new and beta stuff checked in my prefs
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2023.06.08 16:52 Jefcat San Francisco Opera week Day 3. Verdi Aida (1981)

Cast Aida, Margaret Price. Amneris, Stefania Toczyska. Radames, Luciano Pavarotti. Amonasro, Simon Estes. Ramphis, Kurt Rydl. The King, Kevin Langan. San Francisco Opera Chorus and Orchestra, conducted by Garcia Navarro.
This Aida generated huge business. Even standing room was hard to come by. Pavarotti was making his role debut as Radames. It was a new, big flashy production by Sam Wanamaker, with a good cast. Maragret Price became ill before one of the performances and Kurt Herbert Adler, the company’s general director, was able to persuade Leontyne Price to step in at the last moment. The grateful SF opera staged the production a few years later for Leontyne.
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2023.06.08 16:52 midnightfaye Need help to help one of my mums!

Hey ftm here I'm trying to help out my mums!
Okay mum 1 (they/them) wants to get mum 2 (she/her) something to help with her chest since hers are broken but we have no idea what they are called. I know they help to size up or emphasise breats (?) but I'm very familiar with mtf affirming clothing. We wanted to help her and get some new ones for her especially since she's helped me a lot and even sewn me my own packer so I feel like this is a nice return and also I consider it a need to help dysphoria!
If anyone could help us out I'd really appreciate it and also maybe where to get these things affordably (uk)! (Sorry this is a very badly worded question I know this is the opposite to what I'm used to and I wish I knew what to actually look for)
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2023.06.08 16:52 Solid_Word_757 AITA for cutting my daughter off?

I (42M) have a daughter (19F). Our relationship has always been rocky, frankly because I spoiled her too much. I gave her everything she ever wanted. You want a private tutor? No problem. Want to participate in some extracurriculum activities? Sure, let me write you a check. Want to buy yourself a new dress? Go ahead. She was on every vacation with us, even the ones overseas. Hell, she was only three when she saw the sea. I didn't see it till I was in my twenties.
And the only thing I ever asked of her back was to be thankful and respect me. I am the man of the household, I am the only one who provides and who cares if we have food on our table. She doesn't have to worry about any of it. I truly don't think I ask too much of her. And yet she had to rebel, to question my authority, etc. But you know, she's my first daughter, my blood and flesh, so of course I love her and always forgive her. I always tell her I am open to any discussions. Even though, for instance, it stings when she doesn't call my mother, or chooses to visit her other grandmother instead.
And it's fine, really. But a few weeks ago I found out she had a boyfriend. I know nothing about the guy. Haven't even seen him. And apparently they've been dating for four months now. So I asked her to meet him. She said they aren't close enough for that. I mean, again, they've been dating for four months, so it sounds like a lame excuse. But then she just threw even more excuses, one of which was that she doesn't want him to be afraid of me. I had to take a call, so we ended the conversation there.
Later, I asked my wife if she had any pics of the guy, and she did. And, yeah, he'd be scared of me. I mean, the guy is skinny as a stick, with tattoos and a pierced ear. So the next day I told my daughter I have to know the guy to approve of their relationship. She said she don't need my approval.
I know the anger got the better of me, but she lives in my house, eats my food, and spends my money. So I said if she doesn't need my approval, that means she's all grown up and needs to leave her warm nest. She screamed at me saying it wasn't a problem for her. Mind you, I haven't raised my voice at her during the conversation. So I said if she's leaving this house, she's on her own and to not contact anyone in the family.
She left anyway. She tried coming to my parents' house, but I had already called them, so they told her to find some other place. I thought she would be mad for a few days, and then come home.
Now I think I want too far, since it's been a week, and she hasn't called me yet.
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2023.06.08 16:52 juicewellslut I [38m] am in the process of breaking up with my [20f] gf who lives with me but she still lives with me! Help!

She has lived with me only 4 months but doesnt have much family as she moved here for school. Luckily we broke things off after her semester ended but she's still staying at my house. How do I help her transition out? I dont want to throw her out on her ass but I dont feel the need to get her a new place either. I could help with some cash but I do want her out ASAP and she's seemingly taking her time and not being proactive about leaving while also not being interested in interacting with me at all. Worst of all situations, what should i do to get her to leave?
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2023.06.08 16:52 drflanigan Is there a way to do a universal Choose function that removes options once they have been selected by ANY object?

Imagine a weapon rack with 10 items in it
I want any character (enemy, player, basically a variety of unique objects) who interacts with this weapon rack to randomly draw a weapon from it
weapondrawn = Choose(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) 
The first thing that interacts with it is an enemy, they have drawn weapon 4
I want the next object that interacts with that weapon rack to be able to Choose again, but NOT draw the 4th weapon since it was already taken
I COULD do a bunch of variations that are just
weapon4drawn = false if weapon4drawn = true {choose again function} 
Which in theory would work, but if I increase the options to 1000, and 999 of them have been drawn, I now have 999 lines of code just to keep track, AND the loop there might continue forever because it just has to keep choosing until it hits the only number left, which is no longer ideal
I basically am looking for a way to have a list of X numbers, and once one is selected, it is removed from the possible options and can never be picked again
As an added question - the reverse would be nice too - if the weapon is put BACK, it can now be selected by another object
Any ideas?
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Like some people have so much audacity, i refuse to believe it.
like i got some calls from a friend , who is very annoying , [i have made a post about me declining his call] and i rejected all of them because HE IS WAY TOO ANNOYING
like it will be nothing important,nothing serious but he will make it a hype so bad as if there are floods incoming. calls on calls , messages on messages and he does that to my best friend as well.
i knew him from like 5-6th class like so i would say i know him well. he is super annoying,super mad and just horroble , yet he is my friend because i have no frens and also because of prudential reasons
but nowadays i am just fed up like he is just way too horrible for me to handle [another samasya for samasya].so now with a bit of confidence, i stopped myself into falling in his trap of annoyance and focus on keeping myself sane from all his bullshit
So after that he messaged me about why did i not pick up his calls. I told him i dont want to . he asked why , i said i had my reasons [did not think it was right for me to say the actual thing cuz he is in my class and my friend group also i dont wanna come off as THAT RUDE ]
then he asked me what i was doing - i jokingly said that making a plan to wipe you off this world and make it look like an accident. he then said yes please do it i will help you like a totally insane person
then i asked if something is important . he after 2 whole minutes replied i am depressed bro .you might be thinking like the guy must be sad right?


he is never sad or anything. after 1 minute of him telling some random non-sad "sad story" and after that he starts a A WHOLE 30 MINUTE DISCUSSION OF ANIME WHICH I DONT EVEN KNOW and understand. like bro idk what are u talking about.
So i said that is not important and said meet you in school to cut the convo . he then after 2 minutes replied bye
And if you might be thinking , what the audacity of this guys is ? well , He is an attention grabber maniac so he doesn't let ANYONE speak like REALLY anyone . like if a teacher is telling him something , he will speak on top of him, if som friend is speaking , same thing . overall talking over everyone . even his grandparents and parents like wtf they let that happen? mine would slap me ASAP
And when I talked about some of my issues, he again did his running over my words thing.so i wasnt keen on actually listening to him cuz when i speak he gets the audacity to run over me
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2023.06.08 16:52 greatgak ‘Next Best Picture’ Emmy winners predictions

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2023.06.08 16:52 timtucker_com Experiences going full-on monster truck on tamer trails?

Currently have a Stache with 29x3.25" tires.
I've liked the feeling trying to come up with the worst lines I can pick on our local XC-oriented trails so I can plow over roots / rocks / etc. like a monster truck.
For a few years now I've been toying with the idea of a 200/200mm full suspension fat bike.
Would it give even more of that feeling and the presumably increased weight would just help me to get in better workouts on the trails I'm already riding?
Or is that just taking things to the point of absurdity and I'd quickly come to regret it?

In advance:
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2023.06.08 16:52 aminiamy Can I skip book 2 and know what's going on if I've seen the Netflix show?

I've read book 1 and now have books 3 and 4 available to me, but not 2. Can I pick up with book 3 and still know what's going on? I've seen all of the Netflix show, and it definitely went past the content of book 1, but did it cover all of book 2?
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2023.06.08 16:51 Samhain3 How Burntrap was Made

Something a lot of people (and even myself at one point) have theorized is that Glamrock Bonnie's endoskeleton was taken to rebuild Springtrap/Scraptrap/Glitchtrap/Skeletor as Burntrap (true name pending). This might not be wrong, but it's also not that simple. I went through comparing images of Burntrap to the Glamrock endos as well as images of Springtrap's endo model from FNAF 3 before William's corpse and suit were added. I noticed some similarities, and some differences.
First, let's start with the obvious: the remains of William's suit is obviously Springtrap, not the Scraptrap suit from Pizzeria Simulator. Comparing those two suits makes it pretty obvious that they are two different suits in-universe instead of just a redesign, but we don't know why (my personal theory is that William eventually managed to get the Springtrap suit off so that he wouldn't be forced to follow Balloon Boy's audio cues anymore, but wore the Scraptrap suit because he has a theme. Maybe that's how he lost his left arm?) and it's unlikely we'll find out anytime soon. However, the AR game has an email mentioning customers sighting a "vintage Bonnie model" that gives off an odor and doesn't appear on the Fazbear Funtime Service's systems. Pretty sure that's just there to justify Springtrap's presence in the game, but it could explain how Vanny could rebuild Burntrap with the original suit.
As for Burntrap's endo, it's a composite. Burntrap's forearms and lower legs (his shins) appear to be from the Glamrock endos. Not his feet, though. I've never seen an endoskeleton in the games with feet like that, but it could be a redesign of Springtrap's exposed feet from FNAF 3. They look similar enough. As for upper legs and upper arms, some of it was obvious and others were subtle, but they both come from the original Spring Bonnie endo. If you compare the arms, they have these cylinders with small bars running parallel to the arm between them around the circumference of the arm. I'm fairly convinced that these are the springlocks, or at least where the locks were installed on the suit. Both of Burntrap's upper arms have these, and they don't appear on the Glamrock endo, but Springtrap does have them.
His upper legs are a bit more complicated. The Springtrap model has large wire structures around that area, presumably to hold the compressed endo somehow. But, carefully looking underneath those structures shows an animatronic leg piece similar in appearance to what Burntrap has, but less damaged. I won't swear that they come from Springtrap, but upper Glamrock legs don't look like that and endo-01 and endo-02 don't look like that either.
It's a little hard to see Burntrap's torso under his suit, but what I could see didn't look nearly as much like a Glamrock endo as the internet says it does. The first hint is his shoulders. They are too narrow for a Glamrock endo, which are wide and bulky, presumably so the Glamrock's shoulder pads can fit. Of course, the female Glamrocks might have a different endo, but we never see it and I think the implication that one-endo-fits-all makes more sense for the cheapskate Fazbear Entertainment. Burntrap's shoulders are connected to a metal bar that seems to run through to the other arm as well, which Springtrap has as well. The other visible part of the torso, from under the torn edge of the suit, does resemble the Glamrock endo at first glance, but on closer inspection, appears different. Remember, we get a decent look at that area of a Glamrock endo every time we crawl in Freddy's stomach hatch. The Glamrock endo has wires hanging down from the chest area, and the endo's spine has metal bars on either side running parallel to the spine. Now look at Burntrap's design: He doesn't have any visible hanging wires or those parallel bars on his spine. Instead, he has what looks like a thicker structure with two bolts coming off of it at an angle. What other endo has that particular design? You guessed it: Springtrap!
That being said, I do believe that Burntrap does have a Glamrock animatronic pelvis, and that area of his endo that's visible from under the Springtrap suit piece does look more like the Glamrock endo than the Springtrap endo. If I could get a better look without the pelvis piece of the suit, I'd be able to tell better.
Last but not least, we have Burntrap's claws. I'm....at a loss on explaining those. As said before, those were attributed to Glamrock Bonnie, but the claws don't match. We've seen Monty's claws and they don't look like Burntrap's. Not only that, but Burntrap has five fingers, while Glamrock endos have four. I doubt that Bonnie would be an exception to that. At first I thought that the extra finger on each hand were more pieces of William's body, like his skull and pieces of his spine in the endo's spine, but that only applied to his right hand (check closely, his right thumb and middle finger aren't clawed) and his left hand is fully animatronic.
I don't know how to explain the claws, not because they have no match, but because they do. The only other animatronic series that has claws that look like that are the Nightmare animatronics, also the only endos other than the Funtimes to have five fingers, and Funtime endo hands don't look like Burntrap's hands. I even compared Molten Freddy's hands and Scrap Baby's left hand to Burntrap's, to see if they were a match. None of them were. That's why this is so irritating. Everything in the FNAF games we know about the Nightmares suggests that they are illusions, not real. Either Michael Afton literally had nightmares or those science-breaking illusion discs from the books and possibly Sister Location were a thing in FNAF 4, I'm not sure. The only thing that I can say for sure is that Burntrap's hands don't look as big as the hands on the Nightmare endo and a bit less cartoonish as well. But something had to be the source of those claws, and the Nightmare animatronics are the only source I could find. Maybe Ruin will clarify this for us.
TL;DR: I explain why the youtube theorists are mostly wrong about Burntrap and what he's really made of.
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2023.06.08 16:51 little-lia-chan_ My manager decided to schedule me beyond the legal maximum hours for minors knowing I had a panic attack from being overstressed

A little over 2 weeks ago I(17f) had final exams at school and I had requested that I have those days off of work so I could avoid being too stressed out.
They still scheduled me on those days which wouldn't have been a big deal but instead of a 4 hour shift like I normally have I was given 2 8 hour shifts on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm only supposed to work 8 hours on weekends not school days especially with it being exam time.
I was very stressed and ended up having a panic attack on that Wednesday and had to leave. I got the other shift shortened to 4 hours. A few days later i checked the new schedule and I wasn't going to get a day off for another 5 days(the last day off was 5 days prior to this) and I told my manager that she couldn't be scheduling me this many days in a row especially considering the amount of stress I was under already caused a major panic attack on the one day and anxiety for the next few.
She reluctantly gave me a few days off but was not happy about it what so ever. I'm finally out of school and will be working a lot more but now I get anxious really badly whenever I think about work. What are some ways I can ease my anxiety?
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2023.06.08 16:51 firelordwasif Dedicated server question

So me and my friend are playing coop online normally at the moment but we want to look into getting a dedicated server running for the game.
The only issue is that we installed a few mods while we were playing mainly just quality of life utility stuff.
I’ve heard you can’t use more on dedicated servers does that mean we would not be able to use our current world save at all even if we stop using mods? Or is there a workaround as neither of us want to start a new world just yet (first playthrough about 20 hours in)
Any help would be appreciated!!
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2023.06.08 16:51 Gogone3 Plight of Oob: War of the Dragon Kingdoms [Bi-Weekly][Fridays][8PM CDT][July][Online][LFM][PAID][100$ deposit][FoundryVTT]

6 Seats open of 8
"Whoa 100$? That's insane!?" This is not your typical paid per session campaign, instead we are offering a full level 3-20 experience for an upfront deposit, that may be returned under the right circumstances. "What do you mean by "deposit"?: 100$ is a lot of money to invest into a game up front, we understand this. We are not out to make a profit on this game, the deposit will be returned on the conclusion of the campaign. There will also be other circumstances where the money may be returned. Had a major life change and just can't make time anymore, such as a baby, divorce or big move? No problem, let's talk about that. Started strong but you just aren't clicking with the party? Okay, let's talk about that, maybe put it to a vote in the party. We don't want anyone to feel trapped in a game they aren't enjoying, but we only want to attract the players who will be fully committed to play the game all the way through, be prepared every session, and are just generally a good person to play with. If you are being a jerk and get kicked, deposit forfeited. If you are missing session, constantly distracted, or frequently coming unprepared, you're getting kicked and forfeit your deposit. We don't want to kick players, and will try to fix a problem or come to a solution first, we will listen to our players' concerns as well. Any forfeited money will be used towards the campaign. "Okay that's fair, and I'm eager to play! When do you want my money?" Your money isn't held hostage, it's a sign of commitment. We won't expect a payment until after session 0, This will give everyone a fair chance to see what they're getting into, meet the people they'll be playing with, and decide this isn't for them. We will also be much more lenient to return money in the first month after seeing how the people you're playing with act. Disclaimer: If you are racist, bigoted, or just generally a jerk, this isn't the game for you. We didn't make this to fulfill your sick fantasies, and if you're making our players uncomfortable it will be fixed immediately, or you will be kicked. Do not make us pause our game in the middle of the session to correct your behavior. If you made it to here tell us you're a major dice goblin in the other section of the google form. That being said, we are all adults and expect everyone to act like it. There will be cussing, adult content (drinking, smoking, violence), NSFW scenes will be fade to black though, we don't want to RP sexual acts with y'all, keep that in mind for flirting as well, to a lesser extent. Alright, with that out of the way, lets dive in!
Logistics- Games are every other week, Beginning in July You do not need a ready-made character before Session 0, just a concept! We will stream on twitch. Your backstory can be whatever you want with a couple of stipulations. You are an "other-worlder", you came to this planet through a portal for whatever reason you can come up with, maybe you're on the run, maybe you were sent here as a scout, maybe you were just curious, but your backstory should always end with you entering the portal from your home planet to be transported to Oob. Keep in mind, whatever you left in your old world, can also find its way to Oob... Your ideals should also be that of which you want to go on an adventure, and preferably line up chaotically for the Chromatic kingdom, or lawful for the Metallic kingdom. The game will be ran with 2 Dungeon masters. That is to say, 2 separate campaigns in the same world run at the same time. We are looking for 8 players, 2 groups of 4. There will be sessions that involve all of us together, but most of the time it will be the typical makeup of 4 players and your DM. You will choose whether to play through either the Metallic campaign or the Chromatic campaign. Choices you make matter! Not only could they change your campaign, they can change the other players campaign, and the world. There can and will be consequences and rewards, we are aiming for a living world that evolves all the time. If you made it here, Tell us you're not only a major dice goblin, but a major dice goblin who bakes brownies too. About us: u/gogone3 : Hi! I have 8 years of experience with DnD, I've been DMing for 6, and I love the game. I'm 28 years old and am in the military. I've never had the pleasure of playing a full campaign all the way through and that's my goal here. I'm pretty laid back and lenient, my players come first, whatever you want to try, whatever homebrew you have, let me know so I can help you do that thing! I will be running the Chromatic campaign. u/AirForce_Demon_420 : With about 2 years of experience DM-ing and 3 years total Dnd experience, I offer a serious game and am open to all types of ideas that make sense within the world. I will not tolerate arguing after I have decided on a ruling, and things may change after the "heat of the moment" ruling. I also will treat everyone as an adult and don’t sugar coat things. All that being said, the games I run have been received very well, I offer voices, streaming, custom homebrew, and a strong balance between roleplay, exploration, and combat. I to tend a little more towards RP though. I am open to ideas that you may have and will do my best to reach a balance everyone can enjoy. I hope to see you at the table!
We offer a serious game for anyone interested, players will have access to all the DnDbeyond content. We ask you base your toon concept off of official books, and no UA doesn't count. We will be playing on foundry VTT and using discord for voice, If you want to use a camera even better but not a requirement. Please keep in mind this material may be streamed so have an Avatar portrait available and understand that your voice will show up on any of the streams.
About the Setting - The planet of Oob, a world ruled by the 3 kingdoms of dragons, Metallic, Chromatic, and Gems. The 3 kingdoms are at constant strife with each other, each believing their way of living is right. The Metallics believe that the world should be united under them, their citizens pledging allegiance to the great Bahamut. The Chromatics on the other hand believe that everyone should live freely, pledging fealty to the dragons and offering tribute to live in their land. The Gems believe everyone should live freely, but they take a more neutral approach. They focus more on bringing peace to the 3 kingdoms and allow their citizens to live in their territories unhindered by the dragons. This has led to the land outside of the Gem cities to be very dangerous as the other-worlders live without oversight. The dragons differencing beliefs have led the world to be at a constant war. To make matters more tense, the world is scattered with portals acting as doors from other worlds, a much larger portal in the center of the world is said to connect all the worlds. Through these portals, otherworldly denizens constantly stream through, making up the population of the planet, you are one of these individuals. Whatever your reason for coming to Oob, you quickly find that there's no turning back, the portal you came through is only 1 way. You start to panic, realizing your trapped here. Soon after, a friendly crystalline humanoid approaches you. The person calms you down and takes you to a hidden abode, where a magic circle on the ground whisks you away to a beautiful city made of various gemstones. Buildings, structures, monuments, and even the roads are made of gemstones of all kinds including; Amethyst, sapphire, emerald, topaz, and crystal. You marvel at the architecture for only few moments before another humanoid, this one's skin seems to be a shade of shiny blue, comes to you and leads you to a barracks-like encampment where you are allowed to be at ease, your role in this world has not yet been decided. Tomorrow you will meet with a dragon to find out where you belong.
If you've made it this far, leave a comment or send us a message, we will then send you an application link with google forms. We are very excited in the world we've built and can't wait to play with you!
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