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2023.05.29 05:25 Available-Box8416 I love skyrim, downloaded oblivion tonight.

  1. Hate the guy in the cell
  2. game mechanics funky
  3. i love it
  4. there is SO MUCH more to this than there are character perks in skyrim.
  5. this doesn’t involve you, prisoner ☠️
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2023.05.29 05:25 Piasek24 26 M4F #Austin in town for a couple weeks looking for some risky play

Hi all, a bit about me. I’m 6’3, white, athletic build, currently living in WA/CO but here in Austin for a couple weeks. I have been lurking in this sub for awhile, and wanted to throw some feelers.
I’m typically laughing and joking around, I don’t necessarily see this as transactional unless that’s what is wanted. However, when things get heavy and intense, I definitely can’t resist a little (or lot of) risk, and diving full into the moment and that instinct.
Leaving this pretty brief but happy to chat in pms :)
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2023.05.29 05:25 trynagetrich [TotK] Potential Paradox? Maybe I missed something? (Major Story Spoilers)

Alright, Hylians. Maybe I missed something, maybe I’m thinking too hard about this, but I can’t find my answer so here goes nothing.
If Zelda turns herself into a dragon and nurses the Master Sword back to life for thousands of years, then who is the Zelda we start the game with?
Quick recap: Link and Zelda unearth Ganondorf under Hyrule Castle. Rauru’s secret stone falls off of his hand, Zelda picks it up and it turns gold (same colopower as Sonia’s). Ganondorf wakes up, throws Zelda into a chasm and her new secret stone thrusts her back in time. Glossing over otherwise important topics, she receives a broken Master Sword, eats her secret stone, and becomes Zeldragon. From here it would seem that she spends presumably thousands of years cruising the skies nursing the MS back to life, until link comes along to pick up her tears and ultimately receive the MS from Zeldragon.
So if Zelda is in dragon form with the MS in the skies, is the Zelda we start the game with an extra? The MS Link is using should also be a dupe by this logic too.
The only way I can make it work out is that when she got thrust back in time, it basically forced a bunch of events to happen that otherwise wouldn’t have and instantly turned her into the dragon somewhere else in Hyrule, probably the depths.
I know things get really weird when you mess with time so it’s easy to brush it off, but I couldn’t help but think about this as I was finishing up the story. Anyways, let me know if you have an explanation or also noticed this paradox.
PS: Also noticed that if Rauru’s secret stone turns into Zelda’s when she grabs it, then when she goes back in time and meets Rauru then they technically have two of the same secret stones right next to each other... Pretty sure I’m just thinking too hard about this.
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2023.05.29 05:25 4thehomies Best approach to replace this spigot.

Best approach to replace this spigot.
Looking to replace outside spigot with the nice weather. Turned it on today and there is a hole in the pipe leading into the spigot.
I would like to know what is the best way to approach this as I don’t know what I’m doing. Am I over thinking the problem and Is as simple as buy a new spigot and install it into the existing thread or much deeper than that?
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2023.05.29 05:25 KTM_350 EVO or Race Tech for KYB

I had always thought that tuning suspension was all about changing the valve stack and shims to fit your riding style, and the shop that it didn’t matter which shop did it…basically in my example EVO or Race Tech could give me exactly what I want and one won’t be better than the other. Maybe it is like this or maybe it’s not and I’ve had wrong assumptions all along. Someone recently asked me which shop I’m taking mine to and said they heard that some shops/brands are better suited for hard enduro/single track. Anyways, I live in Idaho and most of my riding is pretty gnarly single track. There is local EVO shop (this guy rides the gnarliest shit) and a local race tech shop who I’ve used before and had great results. EVO is several hundred cheaper also. So, does it actually matter who I take it to? I’m not going to gold valve my KYB since they essentially work exactly the same way.
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2023.05.29 05:25 Last_Psychology_8250 I’m still angry with myself because of my ex

Some days I just get randomly really angry about this so I thought I’d share:
When I was in high school, my boyfriend played on the basketball team. At one particular game, the players were given little bags of candy to throw into the crowd. Some of the guys would just run up to their girlfriends and hand it to them, or to their mom or some thing. Well, my boyfriend ran up to a cheerleader and handed it to her. I am assuming that all of our friends saw. After the game, his aunt asked me “who is that cheerleader that [boyfriend] is always talking to?”
I don’t remember the rest of the night exactly, but I think I played it off like it was nothing. I am certain I never brought it up to him.
I have no feelings for this guy anymore. It was at least six years ago, but it makes me furious to think about. I cannot stand that I would let some thing like that slide. It’s not like it was evil, but I felt so embarrassed by it. For me, the worst thing you can do to me is embarrass me. I’d literally rather you cheat on me and no one but me find out than you flirt with someone else in front of others that I know. I hate the fact that I let it slide and that I would let myself be treated like that. I must have had very little respect for myself.
I am so angry with myself for not standing up for myself that night and for not breaking up with him. He flirted with girls all the time, but I guess I just wanted to be loved and in a relationship.
If there is one thing that I am thankful for, it’s that I would never let myself be treated like that again.
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2023.05.29 05:24 Kindly_Sentence_9743 Anxiety-random vent

Im hoping that whatever audience this meets remains impossibly small, and at the same time I want to connect with at least one person who gets it. I’m hoping that a random stranger saying it will be okay will satisfy my need for reassurance. I am so exhausted from worrying about this.
I just got my permanent residency, and I’m really excited because this alone means that the whole world has literally opened up to me. I can travel for the first time in 20 years, and visit back home in Colombia. My mom was deported in 2019 and it feels like shit to say this, but I fear I won’t get to see her before she dies, and that’s just straight up intrusive thoughts I deal with all the time-she does have health issues, but there’s no empirical evidence that she’s unwell or anything…just life happens you know? One day you’re here, the next you’re not.
Simultaneously I am absolutely freaking out, because just thinking of what it will be like to see my family back home is literally like imagining meeting total strangers for the first time—I’m a lesbian, and I have a female partner. Even after receiving verbal reassurance from my mom and uncle, and my dad, it’s still very difficult to come out in the open to these people that I have absolutely everything and nothing in common with. In my mind they’ve been trapped, ageless and merely concepts of people, for the last twenty years I’ve been in America. I am drowning in the wanting to see them and re-meet them, and also terrified of their rejection at once.
And fucking money just sucks BALLS dude. I literally have nothing stopping me but the costs of getting my passport and the plane tickets—and the fact I have no PTO. I hate capitalism. I’m saving up and patiently waiting, but sometimes I get pent up. Typically I have outlets like dancing and💪🏽 lifting weights, but I’m recovering from my tonsillectomy right now, so I’m not able to move my body. I’m losing myself in art instead, to keep distracted.
I do have a therapy appointment made for next week so I’m gonna be okay and am not in crisis. I just needed to blow some steam. Thanks for sharing this experience with me 🙏
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2023.05.29 05:24 melouis 5/31 Service Industry Workers Outing - Cold Spring Hike

For those who are working this Memorial Day weekend, like I am cas I work in the service industry, I’m planning an outing on Wednesday (I will sleep Tuesday after having worked straight from Thursday-Monday).
I love nature and enjoy the outdoors. I’m thinking of doing a popular fun hike (it won’t be crowded on a Wed tho!) in Cold Spring.
It’s easily accessible via Metro North from Grand Central and the trail ends with an old ruins site.
Details on The Bull Hill Full Loop hike: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/new-york/bull-hill-full-loop--2
This hike will be a nice cardio and leg workout for the initial 1/3 portion but is a pleasant going downhill after.
The terrain is not technical and does not require hiking boots. Good sneakers can be used on this hike.
Train: Hudson Line, Poughkeepsie, 9:43 am departure from Grand Central, arriving at Cold Spring at 11:04 am.
Weather forecast so far is Sunny and high of 80.
2 1L bottles minimum.
Have light snacks for trail.
Have breakfast (tho not a big heavy meal) before hiking. You’ll burn calories.
Post hike hunger game … plan is grabbing food in the town of Cold Spring.
About me: I work in tourism/hospitality and I can’t wait to catch a breather, fresh air and greenery!
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2023.05.29 05:24 -_Jessie- Is it normal parents to expect children to move out the second they graduate highschool in non-united states cultures?

My mother expects me and my siblings to pay rent unless we either move out or go to college very soon (within a few months) after graduating highschool. My brother pays like $400/month to live in my mom's house while attending community college part time and working part time. He once had to go into savings to pay rent since he didn't make enough that pay period (he makes minimum wage).
She shames/looks down on my sister for choosing to live with my dad. She is pursuing music and does make her own money. She played a lot of gigs pre-COVID and has taught lessons online since the beginning of COVID and has a LOT in savings, enough to fund traveling the world. She's using her time to have experiences before responsibility of being financially independant.
My dad is pretty chill and says we can stay for free as long as we want (my sister is 22 now) but we're getting the feeling that he's getting bored of her being here. I've also talked to my friends and it is very expected that they either move out or go to college soon after graduating highschool.
I live with my dad (parents are divorced) and never plan living with my mom again, so this doesn't really matter for me personally, but I'm curious if this mindset is common in other cultures? It feels really messed up to force your kids to move out asap, especially when you have the ability to continue caring for them, but I'm not sure if this is normal or a United States thing.
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2023.05.29 05:24 Few_Ad2990 Has your store started setting any SAS tables yet?

We just had a floor set early this morning and they put out all the SAS wallflower refills plus the groovy body care collection. My question is for anyone that has put out their SAS WF refills, were you guys having any trouble with them ringing?? A few separate transactions today we had to price override bc they weren’t applying for the 5/$27 and some were even ringing as MOS! I was so confused why they were ringing as MOS since we just received them all in shipment. My store manager told us to just price override to the correct amount.
I had one customer get pissed bc hers rung up as MOS and we had to price override to the correct amount so she kept telling me that that’s wrong to do that by making something the rings for cheaper and making her pay more money for it. In my head I’m like lady…..I’m just doing what I was told🤷🏻‍♀️
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2023.05.29 05:24 bambiwithane How do you be a better emotional support for your friends?

Before anyone asks, yes I still have the mental, emotional, and whatever capacity to support my friends hehe. So don’t worry, I honestly don’t think I’m stretched thin on this.
What I am worried about is that I’m being a broken record na. I honestly don’t know what else to say or how else to comfort my friends. 🥲
What do you say to someone who is going through a breakup? Or experiencing loss over a pet?
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2023.05.29 05:24 AdventurousBench6 Holy shit I miss you

I don't know why, but I expected you to say you weren't going on the trip anymore. It was a trip we were taking for you, but I kind of expected that you would say you weren't going to go. I don't know what I'm going to do that week. I don't know if I'm going to continue taking it off so I can cry, or if I'll go home and be with friends. But I know that I'm going to miss you.
I talked to my therapist today. I told her about the break up and everything I said. She asked if you were going to stop drinking. I told her I didn't know and that it doesn't feel like my place to ask anymore.
I know you loved me. I know that this disease is awful. I've had to be really conscious about not saying that I wish you could have loved me enough to stop. There was never going to be "enough." Maybe this will be the shock you need to quit. Maybe you'll need to lose another girlfriend. Maybe you need to get married and have a kid and that'll be when you realize it. But I enabled you. I thought you could have just one drink and I got upset when you couldn't. It wasn't my fault and it wasn't your fault.
I wish you could have realized it when we were together. I wish that you could have made that change. But at the end of the day it's something that only you could do and it just wasn't the right time. I really hope one day it is. I'm just really sad it wasn't while you were with me.
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2023.05.29 05:24 iSmokeMDMA Something I noticed about Joshua Graham

I love that Joshua essentially becomes an extended-universe prophet. Book 66 - Revelation - was the nuclear war, and Joshua Graham becomes the prophet of the 67th book of the Bible. He even has a similar story to various prophets: Immense suffering, having a divine moment in darkness, and devoting his selfish past to a generous future. Of course his character is loosely based around the story of Moses, but he’s given a more grounded approach.
I don’t know if the writers intended this, but that’s a key idea I got out of Honest Hearts.
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2023.05.29 05:24 messianicscone Question about Essay#1 for Evidence for Barbri.

Just got my feedback from the grader and I failed the essay. I received no points for analyzing Victor’s statement as dying declaration. I analyzed the hospital record as a business record and in the alternative as a statement pertaining to medical diagnosis. So by process of elimination I analyzed the hearsay within hearsay, Victor’s statement he was stabbed, as a dying declaration. I received no credit for this because apparently I should have analyzed the hospital record as a business record and Victor’s statement as a statement for medical diagnosis. Why isn’t Victor’s statement a dying declaration? He was talking about the cause of death, while under belief of impending death, he is unavailable, and it is a criminal homicide case. What gives? Imo, so long that the elements fit the facts, I should receive credit even if I don’t exactly align with the model answer.
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2023.05.29 05:23 jackf246 Sex Chocolates / Aphrodisiac Chocolate

So recently my gf has been very interested in trying sex/aphrodisiac chocolates. And I myself are also interested in this and it gives me more incentive becuase she wants to have better more kinkier sex while on it. My question is does anyone know the best brand/ any other food that can give the same effects as we both want to try it out. Also i’ve done some light research and some say it works some say it doesn’t we understand that and still want to just test it out because why not so if something has worked for you guys please let me know !
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2023.05.29 05:23 ThePodventurers Album Art Review - Album Six

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2023.05.29 05:23 jdogsickomode plz don’t bedazzle bully me

i have been going back and forth about posting this because i would rather have to choke down an entire “homemaker supper” made by hannah than come across as a han stan but i decided it’s worth trying to communicate correctly and maybe others will understand and be able to better articulate :’) first, hannie regularly brings up how her page is filled with hate… soooo why tf are you posting your child on said page?? second, the fcking bedazzled black hole cosplay of natives peoples was problematic when it was just her and she knew that. WHY bring ur infant in?? i could probably write multiple volumes about how fricked her and donnie are but- my point is, baby needs to be left out of it. everyone here has done a really great job for the part of blurring face/cropping and mods doing great too. i honestly don’t think anyone here would be the people posting the fricked comments but i think it’s worth mentioning. we can agree that h and d are absolutely vile, uneducated, damaging people among many other things, but the baby doesn’t know better or have a choice.
to reiterate- i really don’t think it’s people in this group but if you see it- get it removed! there’s so many comments about the baby on her tiktok and saves and all around fucked activity. while it isn’t our job- i think we should chose to protect the baby as much as we can.
if you see comments directed at baby, shut it down. especially ones about his appearance- were all doing our best when we’re fresh out the womb.
thank you everyone :-)
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2023.05.29 05:23 elGatoDiablo69 PG Astray Red Frame - first build

PG Astray Red Frame - first build
Finally dove into this hobby about a month ago when I got a chance to purchase this kit at what I thought was a good price and now I have 10+ kits backlog :) can’t wait to jazz this build up with water slides, panel lining and some top coat
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2023.05.29 05:23 Wicked_Odie New Member of the Family.

New Member of the Family.
Picked up my T. Stirmi today. Definitely thought it was going to be bigger than it was, but it shouldn't take long to grow into the enclosure. Fingers crossed I don't mess this up. Been a while since I cared for a moisture dependant species.
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2023.05.29 05:23 Embarrassed_Bat_7811 Jewish Confirmation Ceremonies and Karpas

Jewish Confirmation Ceremonies and Karpas
It’s so fun to see religions stealing ideas and traditions from each other. Apparently, reform “confirmations” are now a thing. Confirmations are a Christian and Catholic ritual usually after a baptism that involves the Holy Spirit anointing the person or something, I don’t understand it fully. And now reform gets to adopt a similar party event and take nice pics w talis scarves!! So holy and inspiring. It’s just a reminder to me that the supposed holy rituals and laws either came from another religion or culture, or are about money, control, or random things that were needed in those times.
In the spirit of random laws and stuff becoming Jewish that aren’t actually holy, I’ll share about how Karpas on Passover contributed to my doubts in Judaism as a kid. I learned that different people use different vegetables depending on their minhag (family tradition). But then I learned that the vegetables used had to do with which veggies were available for sale easily in the random (European?) towns of our great great grandparents. Then this becomes the family Halacha ?? That makes no sense. What if I like potato better than leek? Does god really care about this stuff? So weird and obsessive about the most mundane things.
What are some other laws or traditions that aren’t inherently Jewish or were added for a non-holy reason?
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2023.05.29 05:23 BreadKrumble Fractal Ridge + Gigabyte Windforce 4090 Deshroud

Fractal Ridge + Gigabyte Windforce 4090 Deshroud
I planned this build very meticulously in the early months of this year and have been enjoying it for the past couple months. Decided to finally share pics and info to hopefully help anyone else out looking at the Ridge and/or the Gigabyte Windforce 4090 GPU as a deshroud candidate!
The build is as follows:
Gigabyte Windforce RTX 4090
Ryzen 5700g
Noctua L12S (exhaust)
AsRock B550m
2x 8GB 3200MHz Corsair LPX CL16
2x Noctua NF-A14 (intake)
2x Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX (intake)
My initial idea was to use this PC with my TV so I had it set to an inverted horizontal setup (motherboard facing up) which didn’t end up working well for my setup as my soundbar sits on top my TV console which left no room for my PC. The temps and noise levels in the inverted horizontal configuration were actually quite amazing despite what I’ve heard from many people. I now have it in vertical orientation as that just works better with my TV setup, but point being that this specific setup works great if you want to put your Ridge in horizontal orientation!
General Build Pics
L12S power connector workaround!
As you can see from the second pic, I completely removed the internal power connecter. I instead ordered a 6ft cable and just ran it through the build. Been working great for me so far. You can order a left or right angled cord depending on your PSU needs and they also come in various lengths!
GPU info:
The idea behind this horizontal inverted setup was that the GPU intakes air from the bottom and exhausts it through the flow through section and out the top and side. The Windforce 4090 actually fits fine with the stock shroud too! The only minor issues are that one of the plastic pieces the side panels snap into is a little shifted since the PCB pushes against it slightly, and one of the front panel pegs needs to be filed down about 2mm! (super easy - took me 20 seconds) You can see the GPU shroud blocking the hole which I have circled in the first photo below. The second is a photo of the peg I filed down.
File Mod Pics
Deshrouded the GPU has NO TABS and is completely FLAT. It is about 50-51mm thick which leaves about 31mm left for intake fans in the Ridge. I had found some 30mm thick 140mm fans on Amazon (Antec Storm is the particular model) which fit perfectly! HOWEVER, after testing I found the turbulence with these to be awful as they sit right against the side panel. I swapped them for some NF-A14s with some makeshift foam Ducts for each of them. Could be way cleaner if I had a 3D printer but oh well because they completely solved the turbulence issue with noise levels being immensely better. In fact with my GPU undervolted it is dead silent under load. NICE!
GPU Pics w/ Noctuas + Ducts
I also tried adding an 80x10mm fan above the GPU to exhaust some hot air but it wouldn’t fit - the GPUs PCB stuck up too heigh. 10mm was a perfect fit above the heatsink though so I may add a 70x10mm at some point!
10x80mm Fan Trouble
CPU info:
The CPU intakes air from the two 60mm Noctua fans on the side of the case and the 120x15mm Noctua on the L12S sucks in that fresh air and exhausts it through the heatsink and out of the case. The 60mm fans were a tight fit but work great. I went with the FLX and not the PWM on accident and they turned out great - I can’t hear them at all even without using the low noise adapters!
Noctua L12S + 2x 60mm Noctua FLX
If you wanted, you could use the L12S as intake and the two 60mm as exhaust. (Literally the reverse of what I have mine set to) I haven’t tried it as I had set the GPU and CPU exhaust to blow upwards in the horizontal inverted orientation and haven’t taken the time to swap it all as temps and noise are great already.
TEMPS while gaming
I only use this setup for entertainment and gaming so no crazy stress tests have been done. I will say that while playing AC Valhalla at 4K Ultra 120Hz I haven’t seen above 56° on the GPU and 58° on the CPU.
I haven’t undervolted or done any tweaking on the CPU.
GPU is undervolted as I want absolute silence from this rig as we don’t wear headphones while gaming on it. GPU is at 900Mv clocked at just over 2,500MHz and 1,000 MHz boost on the memory. Very extreme UV I realize which loses performance. I will continue to tweak this until I max my GPU temps at 65° while also silent and retaining most of its performance.
If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them!
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2023.05.29 05:23 dreaminglyy After days of working on this, I am finally finished my Second Brain Notion dashboard, based off the PARA method from Building a Second Brain, now to use it and do any tweaking along the way... but very pleased with how it turned out!

After days of working on this, I am finally finished my Second Brain Notion dashboard, based off the PARA method from Building a Second Brain, now to use it and do any tweaking along the way... but very pleased with how it turned out! submitted by dreaminglyy to Notion [link] [comments]