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2023.05.29 03:44 Infinite-Principle18 Fun Social Night Out

New free, fun poker game in Sunnyvale! Come hang out and meet some new people in a laid back environment. Beginners welcome:) Late entry until 8:00 pm. Food and drinks specials, dedicated servers! Come alone or bring a friend. Check out on Facebook- , Instagram- , MeetUp- and TikTok- Our motto is "Strangers become friends and friends become family one tournament at a time." We are proud to offer a learning league where it's okay to ask questions and make mistakes without fear of judgement. Plus, every week online someone can win a seat and an all-expenses-paid trip to the June tournament in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget as we compete in the Bar Poker Open. Join us Mondays at Off the Rails Brewery in Sunnyvale and Tuesdays at Mission Peak Sportsplex in Fremont. We are also expanding and looking for new players, tournament directors and venues- please share you ideas if interested. Open to all!
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2023.05.29 03:43 Infinite-Principle18 Fun Social Night Out

New free, fun poker game in Sunnyvale! Come hang out and meet some new people in a laid back environment. Beginners welcome:) Late entry until 8:00 pm. Food and drinks specials, dedicated servers! Come alone or bring a friend. Check out on Facebook- , Instagram- , MeetUp- and TikTok- Our motto is "Strangers become friends and friends become family one tournament at a time." We are proud to offer a learning league where it's okay to ask questions and make mistakes without fear of judgement. Plus, every week online someone can win a seat and an all-expenses-paid trip to the June tournament in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget as we compete in the Bar Poker Open. Join us Mondays at Off the Rails Brewery in Sunnyvale and Tuesdays at Mission Peak Sportsplex in Fremont. We are also expanding and looking for new players, tournament directors and venues- please share you ideas if interested. Open to all!
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2023.05.29 03:43 ZealousidealDesk8310 Out of curiosity, does this case have grounds to be an asylum case?

Throwaway account:
I have a friend (19F) who has been in a situation I don't know how to help her in. So, she has been in a relationship with someone in the United States for about a year and a half now. At first, her family was approving of it and thought nothing of it. My friend doesn't have a good relationship with her family, especially her father. A couple months ago, the boyfriend wanted to begin the process to sponsor a fiancee visa for her - that's where everything went south.
They held her passport saying that they don't want her to do a fiancee visa and want him to do a wedding. He opposed the big wedding idea because they both have social anxiety and would rather do something small, so my friend's parents forcefully ended their relationship. Right after the parents forced the ending, they began to pressure her to marry this man twice her age who has a history of being abusive (but the family just keeps it under wraps since he is a successful lawyer). They said they wouldn't give her a passport till she agrees.
The man had began to contact her through socials but she deleted and blocked him instantly. Once the family found out they got mad and really abusive and took her socials for the time being so she ended up using her burner account. After, it rapidly switched from pressuring to basically forcing her to marry him. She managed to reach her boyfriend in secret and tell him what happened. He decided to fly over to try to talk to the parents only for it to go downhill. The father basically physically abused my friend and removed her out the house, with no type of identifications.
They somehow managed to get to her aunts place, where she is staying right now. The aunt though only wants her there for a short amount of time and actually likes the man that the parents want her to marry and has been trying to convince her too. My friend tried to reach out to see if she could get her passport and try to go to Canada since she has a visiting visa there but they said they aren't handing it over until she agrees to marry.
She is currently working on reporting the passport lost/stolen but she knows once she gets this new one her aunt will tell her parents in which they could try to confiscate it too. She is scared to go back because she faced abuse and toxicity in the household growing up but she has no where to go.
So, if she gets a new passport - could she immediately go to Canada with her visiting visa (even if the stamp not in her new passport) or would she have to wait? Does my friend have any grounds to go to the Port of Entry in US to claim Asylum or would it be a waste? She doesn't want to risk flying to the US and claim Asylum only to get turned back because it could lead to worse repercussions. Once she gets the passport she only has one chance to get it right and she doesn't know what to do.

TDLR: My friend comes from an abusive household and is getting forced to marry an abusive man. The family also took her passport so she has no where to go, she is currently trying to get a new one and flee the country. Does she have solid ground to claim asylum in US?
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2023.05.29 03:42 Maycynry Taking it Serious

I had a simple question that I’m sure has been asked but wanted to ask just so I could see a live and current discussion on it. I Have played the game for a while on and off since I think season 11. I originally played literally just for fun no intent to climb no real want to do anything since I was enjoying the game as it was new to me and I didn’t know anything about it. Around season 12 towards the end of it i had learned what all champs do at a basic level and roles and such and decided to actually try to climb. I was in bronze 3 or 4 pretty well engrained like I had to play plenty of matches to get out of it and got out with an 80% WR Solo from that point Playing a mix of Viego Hecarim Rengar in that order of importance. Now once I had finally reached silver I found myself not wanting to grind anymore to try and get to gold. It was mainly because although I had a decent WR and played strong if not OP champs I felt like I was FORCING wins mostly, like games where it was completely up to chance but me being insanely overfed tipped the scales. That sounds obvious right ? The part that I got fatigued over is other than being super fed I can’t really point to why I won and they felt stressful. Like at 8/0 at 15 mins I should pretty much be unable to lose but because of lack of understanding what to do past getting OBJs push lane I felt like it wasn’t secure. Does anyone get what I mean ?
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2023.05.29 03:41 b33tinch33ks New grad nursing

New Grad Nursing
Hey! I’m moving back to Sacramento once I graduate nursing school with my BSN later this year. Ideally trying to have a position secured before I move.
I have begun to look into hospital/med center jobs for new grad nurses and and having some difficulty finding open positions that don’t require 2 years of experience or a nurse residency program.
I am interested in PACU, most any med/surg, psych, ICU. Although I’m not closed off from other recommendations other than maybe neo/long term/geri/bari care/SNFs.
Anyone have any insight or advice? Any hiring events or creative ways to get in front of a nurse manager? Anything at all is appreciated. Thanks all!
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2023.05.29 03:41 offensivegate 29 M Looking for someone to have daily chats with someone, bond and even game together. bonus if you're military or work out.

I'm looking to build a meaningful platonic friendship with someone. I'm particularly interested in bonding with other guys, as I haven't had a close friendship with a male before and I'm eager to change that.
I'm a supportive person who enjoys connecting with others on a daily basis, sharing our daily struggles and uplifting each other. If you're looking for someone to share your progress pics with, count me in!
I have a few interests that I'd love to share with my potential friend, including gaming, socializing, horror movies, Star Wars, and Marvel. I'm a big fan of RPGs, but I'm also open to playing Overwatch 2 or COD MW2 together. If you're up for it, we can also have voice chats over Discord or chat on there too.
I'm looking for someone who's 20 or older, and it would be great if you're in the military or a fitness enthusiast. If you're interested in getting to know me, please tell me a little about yourself when you message me, including your age and interests. And, to avoid getting ignored, please make sure your message has some effort and substance - just saying "hey" won't cut it!
I'm excited to start building a meaningful friendship with someone, so if you're up for it, send me a message and let's get chatting!
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2023.05.29 03:41 Certainicecreamneeds Jutland: British Potential Victory

Admiral Sir John Jellicoe stood atop the bridge of HMS Iron Duke, his gaze fixed on the horizon. The intelligence reports he had received earlier that day were unlike anything he had seen before. The British had managed to penetrate deep into German naval circles, providing him with crucial information about the enemy's fleet movements. It was an opportunity that couldn't be wasted.
As the morning mist began to lift, Jellicoe's plan swiftly took shape. He knew he had to act decisively and seize the moment. The British Grand Fleet set sail, their ships cutting through the waves with purpose and determination.
Meanwhile, aboard the German flagship SMS Derfflinger, Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer contemplated his own strategy. He was aware of the British fleet's movements but believed that his High Seas Fleet could deliver a devastating blow before retreating to safety. He had no idea that the British had gained such detailed intelligence, leaving him at a disadvantage.
As the two fleets converged, Jellicoe's communication network came into its own. Radios crackled with precise instructions, enabling the British ships to maneuver with remarkable coordination. They formed a tight battle line, ready to unleash a torrent of firepower upon the unsuspecting Germans.
The first salvos echoed across the North Sea, marking the beginning of a fierce exchange of fire. The British utilized their advanced range-finding equipment, honed through countless hours of training, to rain accurate shells upon their adversaries. With each broadside, German ships felt the full force of British naval might.
Jellicoe's tactics proved flawless. He directed his fleet to concentrate their fire on the German line's weaker points, isolating individual ships and squadrons. The German fleet, caught off guard by the British precision, struggled to mount an effective defense. Ship after ship found themselves crippled under the relentless British barrage.
But the British were not without their challenges. German torpedoes threatened to tip the scales in their favor. However, Jellicoe had anticipated this and had devised countermeasures. Destroyers darted to and fro, skillfully deploying smoke screens to obscure the British fleet from the enemy's view. They also provided a protective shield, using their speed and agility to intercept incoming torpedoes before they could strike the larger ships.
As the battle raged on, the British maintained their relentless pursuit of the retreating German fleet. No longer content with a mere tactical victory, Jellicoe sought total annihilation. The Germans fought bravely, but they were outmatched. British shells tore through their weakened hulls, sinking ship after ship.
The Battle of Jutland had transformed into a resounding British triumph. By the time the sun began its descent, the High Seas Fleet had been decimated. Scheer, realizing the futility of further resistance, ordered a full retreat. The British fleet, battered but victorious, returned to their home ports as heroes.
News of the total British victory at Jutland spread like wildfire. The nation rejoiced, as did the Allies fighting alongside them. The battle had turned the tide of the war at sea, breaking the myth of German naval invincibility and firmly establishing British supremacy.
Admiral Jellicoe's astute leadership, coupled with superior intelligence, coordination, and technological prowess, had secured an unparalleled triumph. The Battle of Jutland became a defining moment in naval history, forever etching the name of the British Grand Fleet into the annals of greatness.
(Written by ChatGPT)
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2023.05.29 03:41 gr1mren 15f, looking for new friends (:

it’s hard for me to make friends irl because of social anxiety so this is my only chance at making friends. would really appreciate someone who doesn’t mind talking to me everyday since most people seem to keep a convo for hours then randomly disappear. im from the us, i don’t mind speaking to someone from a different state/country. anyway i play electric guitar, edit, paint, gardening and occasionally gaming. i love tattoos and hope to be a tattoo artist if given the chance someday. i also love anything related to music, specially rock/metal. i also have 2 cats and wish to own reptiles in the future.
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2023.05.29 03:41 Competitive_Phone673 Why natural rights fail to justify private property

The French economist Thomas Piketty once wrote:
Every human society must justify its inequalities: unless reasons for them are found, the whole political and social edifice stands in danger of collapse. Every epoch therefore develops a range of contradictory discourses and ideologies for the purpose of legitimizing the inequality that already exists or that people be­lieve should exist. From these discourses emerge certain economic, social, and political rules, which people then use to make sense of the ambient social struc­ture. Out of the clash of contradictory discourses—a clash that is at once eco­nomic, social, and political—comes a dominant narrative or narratives, which bolster the existing inequality regime.
Property is the core justification for the poverty, hierarchy, and inequality inherent to capitalism. Why can't an unhoused person sleep in an empty home? The landlord owns it. Why can't a hungry person take food from a store? The store owns it. The opposition takes a cold-not-cruel stance, with Murray Rothbard declaring that:
if a man aggresses against another's person or property to save his own life, he may or may not be acting morally in so doing. [. . .] Regardless of whether his action is moral or immoral, by any criterion, he is still a criminal aggressor against the property of another, and the victim is within his right to repel that aggression by force, and to prosecute the aggressor afterward for his crime
These responses are based on the presumption that property is derived from a just code of ethics. In this post, I challenge this presumption and critically examine the philosophical foundations of the properietary world we live in. I start by defining the natural rights framework of property, then I explain why admixture doesn't work, then I explain the historical implications of admixture, and finally I explain why an individualist approach to property doesn't make sense.

The Admixture Theory, Explanation With Quotes

Contemporary property is mainly justified using the admixture theory. As the argument goes, individuals own themselves, therefore they own their labor, therefore they own whatever they mix their labor with. On the acquisition of property, John Locke, the father of liberalism, wrote:
The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his. Whatsoever then he removes out of the state that nature hath provided, and left it in, he hath mixed his labour with, and joined to it something that is his own, and thereby makes it his property.
Propertarians (known as "libertarians" in America) make a similar argument, although it supposes the Earth as unowned by default, instead of Locke who supposed the Earth to be the common inheritance of everybody. This nuance is why liberals believe that property should be subject to the well-being of others, and propertarians believe that property should be absolute. In an article describing Rothbard's views, David Gordon wrote:
Once one accepts self-ownership the justification for private property soon follows. Each person owns his own labor. Does he not have a right, then, to what he produces by means of that labor? To deny this is to revert once more to slavery; it is to say that other people have the right to control your labor.
Amixture can therefore be summed up as: "an ethical theory which supposes that labor legitimizes property claims." In particular, I'll be evaluating the argument that (a) individuals have a property right in their own body, (b) therefore individuals have a property right in their own labor, and (c) therefore they have a property right in whatever they mix their labor with.

Mixing Labor

There are two issues with mixing labor: a) labor can't be owned, and b) labor can't be mixed with the material world.
Lysander Spooner describes property as:
a right of absolute dominion over a commodity, whether the owner wish to retain it in his own actual possession and use, or not.
Whoever has just control over an object is its proprietor, and others must respect the authority of the proprietor and only interact with the object or space on the proprietor's terms. This relationship doesn't make sense when applied to concepts beyond the material world.
Labor is not an object. It is not a space that can be occupied. It is an action. It doesn't make sense for an action to have an owner. A surgeon doesn't own the operations they perform. A baseball player doesn't own the swings they hit. A traveler doesn't own the kilometers they walked.
In order for a thing to be owned, the proprietor must be able to exclude others from it. Others must be able to interact with it. Nobody can interact with an action. They can only interact with the thing that performs the action. Therefore, individuals may own themselves, but the actions they perform cannot be owned.
As a corollary, actions cannot be mixed with the material world. Substances can be mixed. Actions aren't substances. In reality, "mixing labor" is simply a metaphor for "doing work." That is, changing the material world.
Property theorists supposed that, by combining something owned with something unowned, the unowned thing becomes owned. Since labor cannot be owned or mixed with the material world, this justification is no longer valid, since the individual never mixed something that is theirs with an unowned object. Therefore just appropriation according to this framework cannot occur.

The Arbitrary Nature Of Admixture

Property is arbitrary. This is not necessarily something we need (or are able to) correct. However, those who claim to have a universal solution to property need to face this fact.
Consider self-ownership. Living things are not static. We constantly ingest, inhale, exhale, and shed. All atoms that make up a person are bound to change. If these atoms that make up a person were once owned, and the owner hasn't consented to relinquishing ownership, then does a maid aggress against the property of somebody when they vacuum hair off a carpet or dust their skin cells from a counter? You might claim that the owner implicitly relinquished ownership. That's fine, but how does that work? By what rules do owners implicitly relinquish their property?
If a mosquito sucks my blood without consent, then sucks the blood of somebody else and in the process transfers some of my blood to them, do I still own that part of my body? Can I ask that person to return my blood to me? Maybe ownership only counts for atoms that I actively use or possess. In that case, why doesn't property beyond my body work the same way?
If I justly own a bucket of water and its contents evaporate and disperse into the atmosphere, do I own the atmosphere? After all, I mixed something owned (water) with something unowned (the atmosphere). Maybe I didn't mix enough of what I own with the atmosphere. In that case, how much of what I own do I need to mix with something that is unowned for me to appropriate it?
Let's examine land. If I plow a field, how much do I actually own? Do I own the atoms that my plow touches? How far down is the soil mine? Can somebody homestead just a few centimeters away from my farm in an area that I haven't touched?
With some thought, a believer in admixture could answer these questions. But would those answers be objective? If even one question here doesn't have an objective answer, then admixture itself is arbitrary, and that's okay. However, this means that any ethical framework built on admixture can't assert itself as the one truly ethical way to govern society throughout all space and time.

Admixture Is An Appeal To Desert

Admixture is an appeal to desert. It's justified through an emotional appeal that someone deserves their property (which is not necessarily bad, just arbitrary). Usually propertarians take an example that everybody can agree on, like an artist owning a sculpture they create. Murray Rothbard wrote:
put baldly, there are very few who would not concede the monstrous injustice of confiscating the sculptor's property
This very personal version of property that barely effects other people is then used as a foundation to justify other property that have led to conquest, consolidation, and tyranny.
Some anti-propertarians might say that the artist is justified in keeping the sculpture not because they mixed their labor with it, but because they're using it personally and not harming anyone else.

The Historical Implications Admixture

Frederick Engels wrote:
Every change in the social order, every revolution in property relations, is the necessary consequence of the creation of new forces of production which no longer fit into the old property relations.
Private property has not always existed.
When, towards the end of the Middle Ages, there arose a new mode of production which could not be carried on under the then existing feudal and guild forms of property, this manufacture, which had outgrown the old property relations, created a new property form, private property. And for manufacture and the earliest stage of development of big industry, private property was the only possible property form; the social order based on it was the only possible social order.
The admixture theory fails to understand property within the context of history as a relation that changes with the development of society, instead asserting itself as a universal moral truth to be applied throughout all of time. The admixture theory has not been a universal truth, or a truth at all for that matter, until the rise of liberalism during the enlightenment. Feudal property, the divine right of kings, slavery, and corporate systems of property all existed before (and even coexisted with) liberalism.
Not to mention war, conquest, and in particular, theft of the commons, where farmland was forcefully seized from peasants and placed into the hands of the property owning class where it was subsequently passed on from generation to generation, setting the precedent of concentrated power for centuries to come. This process was called "primitive accumulation," and it's the reason why Karl Marx criticized property as "idyllic" when in the first volume when he wrote:
as soon as the question of property crops up, it becomes a sacred duty to proclaim the intellectual food of the infant as the one thing fit for all ages and for all stages of development. In actual history it is notorious that conquest, enslavement, robbery, murder, briefly force, play the great part. In the tender annals of Political Economy, the idyllic reigns from time immemorial. Right and “labour” were from all time the sole means of enrichment, the present year of course always excepted. As a matter of fact, the methods of primitive accumulation are anything but idyllic.
The amixture theory is literally incapable of processing and correcting theft on such a massive scale that has occurred since time immemorial. How do you correct ancient robbery such as that of the commons? To ignore the claims of ancient people is to ignore the self-ownership of millions, yet there's no clean way to correct the mess of illegitimate property we now find ourselves in. During my research, I did find an answer to this question. Murray Rothbard wrote:
In this case of what we might call "feudalism" or "land monopoly," the feudal or monopolist landlords have no legitimate claim to the property. The current "tenants," or peasants, should be the absolute owners of their property, and, as in the case of slavery, the land titles should be transferred to the peasants, without compensation to the monopoly landlords.
There are two issues with this solution. Firstly, any chance for a legitimate voluntary trade (or any record of such a trade) while the land was illegitimately occupied has been long lost to history. We have no record or way of knowing who the legitimate proprietor of any land is that has been seized in the past during primitive accumulation. Secondly, the theft extends beyond just the land. If wealth was generated based on an illegitimate property claim, it then follows that the wealth is illegitimate too, therefore it must be returned to the people who it was stolen from, who are long dead with countless unknown decedents.
In reality, fixing the mess of illegitimate property we have on our hands will never happen, for both a lack of records and a lack of practicality. The answer to all of this is simple: abandon a conception of property based on divine metaphysical connections to the owner, and instead view property as a relation that changes with the development of society.

The Material World Is Inescapably Collectivist

An individualist approach to property doesn't account for the fact that the universe is used collectively. What one individual does with their property can effect the life and liberty of another. Murray Rothbard tried to address this in the Libertarian Manifesto, but it ended up blowing the whole idea of property out of the water:
in the case of air pollution we are dealing not so much with private property in the air as with protecting private property in one’s lungs, fields, and orchards. The vital fact about air pollution is that the polluter sends unwanted and unbidden pollutants—from smoke to nuclear radiation to sulfur oxides—through the air and into the lungs of innocent victims, as well as onto their material property. All such emanations which injure person or property constitute aggression against the private property of the victims. Air pollution, after all, is just as much aggression as committing arson against another’s property or injuring him physically
Rothbard did not expand on the implications of this afterward, because if he did, the idea of property would unravel. This implies that actions that harm others are illegitimate uses of property. This includes methane from cattle, carbon dioxide from power plants, tire particles from cars, lithium from batteries, over-fishing, over-hunting, excessive noise, and the list goes on. All these have been demonstrated to harm people beyond the property, in some cases even around the globe.
This pales in comparison to the biggest effect of acquiring property; that it takes others' liberty. Before private acquisition, others' were free to walk upon and enjoy the land, after acquisition, they're not. Robert Nozick wrote:
It will be implausible to view improving an object as giving full ownership to it, if the stock of unowned objects that might be improved is limited. For an object’s coming under one person’s ownership changes the situation of all others. Whereas previous they were at liberty (in Hohfeld’s sense) to use the object, they now no longer are.
This doesn't mean that restricting public access is bad in all cases. All this demonstrates the need for a more democratic model of property; because the effects of property are collectivist, whether we like that or not.


The point of this post isn't that property is bad or that all property should belong to a collectivist hivemind. It's that the natural rights approach is just a story that we tell ourselves. When we consider the actual nature of matter history and matter, we realize that mixing labor doesn't actually exist.
Whatever form of property should replace admixture is beyond the scope of this post. But we need to understand that property has always been a relationship that changes with the development of society. Claiming that there's only one true way that property can exist is nonsense.
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2023.05.29 03:40 gr1mren [15/F] looking for friends

it’s hard for me to make friends irl because of social anxiety so this is my only chance at making friends. would really appreciate someone who doesn’t mind talking to me everyday since most people seem to keep a convo for hours then randomly disappear. im from the us, i don’t mind speaking to someone from a different state/country. anyway i play electric guitar, edit, paint, gardening and occasionally gaming. i love tattoos and hope to be a tattoo artist if given the chance someday. i also love anything related to music, specially rock/metal. i also have 2 cats and wish to own reptiles in the future.
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2023.05.29 03:40 Criticsphilosophy Tips for getting an interview with CATSA/Garda for a pre-boarding screener position?

Recently applied to a pre-boarding screener position with Garda (working as CATSA) at a smaller intl airport. I applied in April, but it's almost June and I haven't gotten anything back. I know that if you are rejected before an interview they will email you informing you of the situation. I don't have any security experience, but have public-facing and private customer-facing experience, and experience in a non-official armed forces role. I don't have a security guard license but was informed that I wouldn't need one. Am I at all likely to get an interview with this alone?
Pretty eager and would really like to at least get an interview. Anything that has worked for others or anything that you think might get my foot in the door is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the help.
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2023.05.29 03:40 Draculigula Difficulty storytelling the social aspect of VtM

I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else had this problem and figured out how to overcome it: I like Vampire the Masquerade, but the major problem is that I'm shit at the social intrigue and politicking part of it. Coming up with good social GoT/Borgias style plots, figuring out what and how the characters say something,) and compared to D&D, so much of the game centers around that.
I decided to bite the bullet and started up our first game. I got through Session Zero fine and then ran 3 more sessions. I tried making it compelling using the established lore for the setting. I stumbled over my words a lot or paused to figure out how an NPC would react, and they wouldn't say it, but I could tell that was grating for the players.
Example: The coterie took up a request from one of the party touchstones - to go after a lawyer who is threatening an injunction on the touchstone's bank. This lawyer in question is actually a Lasombra ghoul who attained a senior partner position after killing his wife who was after the position herself. The problem was I never got around to playing it because I don't know how to roleplay or talk as a lawyer - I am not one myself. The point is I'm not too experienced with the lingo to wing it, and I'm kinda crap when it comes to small talk. Thoughts and/or advice?
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2023.05.29 03:40 baldinsomnia Help. I have enough but keep wanting more (friendship)

(Throwaway account) I 19M just started my first year of college/ uni this year. Some background, in my hometown I have many friends and very good super close friends. When I moved to college I tried to meet with many people but it just felt very fake and not real with the people and most times left out because I dont drink or vape ( or atleast I think thats the reason).
But anyway I have made like 3 close friends in uni but all seperate from eachother and have other good friends from my course and hall but as I mentioned before much more from my home town. However as I keep going online I don't know why but I keep wanting more friends? Like I want a group of guys to hang with more and group chats and parties but I just cant seem to click with people and my friends I have met they dont really go out much and I also feel as though I have to keep up a personaly facade.
But I know I have good friends and a good group back home and yet I just want more? Like a boys groupchat or a lot of friends that sort of stuff. ( This might be relevant but after freshers / in general I stopped being the guy who texted first trying to set stuff up and maybe that might be the reason I didnt fit in. I would get their socials but wouldnt message first or I would never swipe up on social media to talk)
Sorry for the rant, I kinda just want some advice or someone to slap some sense into me that I have enough already and dont need more. Thanks.
TLDR - I have close friends back at home town and at college/ uni I have 3 close friends and other good friends but all seperate from eachother. However I still feel very lonely and want more especially like a group and still feel like im putting a facade personality on. I need some advice to tell me im wrong and i have enough
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2023.05.29 03:39 gr1mren 15f looking for friends

it’s hard for me to make friends irl because of social anxiety so this is my only chance at making friends. would really appreciate someone who doesn’t mind talking to me everyday since most people seem to keep a convo for hours then randomly disappear. im from the us, i don’t mind speaking to someone from a different state/country. anyway i play electric guitar, edit, paint, gardening and occasionally gaming. i love tattoos and hope to be a tattoo artist if given the chance someday. i also love anything related to music, specially rock/metal. i also have 2 cats and wish to own reptiles in the future.
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2023.05.29 03:39 Obversa In "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse", Jasper Hale - born Jasper Whitlock in Houston, Texas, in 1844 - is stated to have "joined the Confederate Army before he turned 17", and became "the youngest Confederate major in Texas" by the time he turned 19 in 1863. How historically accurate is this backstory?

More information: After his 19th birthday in 1863, "Maj. Whitlock" was ambushed, kidnapped, and turned into a vampire by the Mexican vampire Maria, "while on his way back to Galveston after evacuating women and children". It's never clarified by author Stephenie Meyer which Civil War conflicts that Jasper participated in, but below is a quick timeline based on a few minutes of Googling.
I'm assuming here that what author Stephenie Meyer alluded to in the book(s) was that "Maj. Jasper Whitlock" was kidnapped and turned while assisting in the Confederate evacuation of Brownsville, with Meyer stating that "Maj, Whitlock evacuated women and children to Galveston". This would pinpoint to his likely date of "disappearance" being 6 November 1863. The disappearance of "Maj. Whitlock" would thus prompt the promotion of Santos Benavides to the rank of Major in his place (?).
However, there is a major issue with this, and that is that Brownsville is a 6 1/2 hour drive from Galveston (166 hours by foot). It's unclear if evacuation by sea would've been ideal, or what exactly happened with the Confederate evacuation of Brownsville (i.e. where civilians were relocated to).
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2023.05.29 03:39 SnooCookies7234 Did my very first escape room today with my coworkers and had and idea...

*an idea
What a fun and engaging game this was! First time and with my coworkers. I broke so many JW rules with this one. It was so interactive. Had to use our brain, problem and puzzle solving skills.
The website overview of this particular one:
Evil awaits you and your team as you venture into a cabin in the woods. You must reverse The Witch's evil spell and escape before she - and her cursed victims - capture your soul!
I know many JWs would feel this to be so spiritistic. It wasn't the least bit scary.
So after successfully escaping with 3 minutes to spare, I immediately thought how much I wish I had the money to build one of these escape rooms in Warwick,NY. The title would be, yup, you guessed it, "The Cult-Freedom Awaits!" It would have all the JW paraphernalia would be given hidden clues to uncover the orgs secrets and skeletons to escape.
Synopsis: You are a recently awakened PIMO JW trapped in the Borg and must find a way out before you die!
My mind is running wild with this lol.
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2023.05.29 03:39 LoveMangaBuddy Read Loaf App - Chapter 44 - MangaPuma

When country boy Yewang enrolls at the prestigious Yeonghwa Academy to follow his favorite idol Jena Lee, he expects a life of glitz and glamor among Korea’s future elite. But he’s in for a rude awakening when he finds himself at the very bottom of the social ladder upon his arrival and targeted by the school bullies. Not only that, bullying seems to be normalized at Yeonghwa Academy, with victims ... Read Loaf App - Chapter 44 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.29 03:39 matvanity School

I have never been able to say my "Rs" and some other sounds for my whole life which has caused my classmates to make fun of me whenever I talk plus my overall anxious and shy behavior which I suspect to be neurodiversity (so much in one school that I had so much anxiety to go and had two severe panic attacks plus I failed the grade because I didn't go to take the final exams due to said anxiety and attacks)
I have already went to the administrationers but they're useless and have just told me "That's just how kids are" and to "Ignore it", and the teachers don't really care.
Secondly I have went to speech therapy lately which is starting in June.
Lastly, I'm going to therapy since my doctor referred me to it after I took a psychological test and said I was dealing with social anxiety and other mental health stuff I don't really want to say here
Now I have to go to summer school to move me up to my correct grade. So I see this as an opportunity to try to change things about the bullies so how do I do it with my speech impediment?
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2023.05.29 03:39 gr1mren 15f looking for friends [chat]

it’s hard for me to make friends irl because of social anxiety so this is my only chance at making friends. would really appreciate someone who doesn’t mind talking to me everyday since most people seem to keep a convo for hours then randomly disappear. im from the us, i don’t mind speaking to someone from a different state/country. anyway i play electric guitar, edit, paint, gardening and occasionally gaming. i love tattoos and hope to be a tattoo artist if given the chance someday. i also love anything related to music, specially rock/metal. i also have 2 cats and wish to own reptiles in the future.
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2023.05.29 03:39 CTExplorer Keep building! Spotted in northern NY.

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2023.05.29 03:39 Mykhavunish Why are League of Legends Players so mean?

In my general experience as a six months solo queue player, the League of Legends Community is quite rude and mean to anyone who steps out of line with what is defined as "Meta", or to anyone who has any criticism of the game or even the multi-billion dollar company behind it.

In Game

In the game itself people will always flame at you. Even for the little mistakes, they will be unforgivable. If you as a support end up dying for a "stupid" reason (mistakes happen) your adc will throw the game. if your jungler dies in an invade, he will throw the game. If the toplaner dont receive the gank that he wants, he will also throw the game. People will just grief for the most stupid reasons. And the chat itself is a high level of toxicity (the in game one, the champion select one, and sometimes the post game one too).
Everyone there gets stressed easily, everyone has an overcompetitive mentality. The game revolves around the ranked system, where it is socially "unacceptable" for you to be a "lower elo". But this mentality carries over to unranked, so even in lighter game modes like ARAM or Normals, if you make a little mistake, people will flame at you.

The Off-Meta Problem

The situation gets worse if you try some build or play a champion in a role that he is not used to. Despite the game having 150+ champions, socially you can only choose those that the community finds acceptable. So, if you try to go something like Alistar Top, there will be a great chance that your team will report in champion select and during the game, that one of them will decide to do everything for you to lose. Simply because you took a champion in a non-traditional lane.
The same goes for items, runes and spells. If you don't get a common spell for that champion (get barrier instead of flash, for example) chances are this will happen. Or if you decide to make a non-meta build, or even test a new one, people will flame, will report you, and that maybe enough to they decide to lose the game.
So, although the game is a game, it's made to have fun, and it gives you a lot of freedom, players end up limiting and even spoiling someone's fun, simply because they didn't think it was "meta".
And it all comes down to the game's toxic competitive mindset. Players don't accept that others play for fun, everyone has to be in the same boat: Getting addicted to the ranked system, and if a teammate plays in a way you don't like, you have a pass to humiliate him.

Outside of the game

You might think that people would only keep all this negative when they are playing games. But you are wrong. Even here on Reddit, and many other online forums and discords, that mentality persists. An example of this was a post in one of the League Reddit's by a guy who now had a job and was having trouble making time to play. And he rant about how he wanted the game to have shorter matches. (For about 50% of players, those in "low elo", a match lasts between 30-40 minutes. A long time indeed!)
The comment session was just disgusting. People were saying things like, "If you don't have 40 minutes for a match, then you should not be here!" or "If you complain about 40 minutes, you can't imagine how it used to be with a 1 hour match". People were just being rude and mean for no reason, after all here was a fan of the game with a reasonable desire.
Toxicity remains on the internet, who knew?
I've been trashed a lot online for simply complaining about Riot, the game's company, maintaining various money-grab practices, how game content currently revolves around skins, or even complaining about bugs. One of the support role items, the ward stone, is simply unavailable for purchase, and is an important end-game item, it allows you to store wards you place for vision. But in the last patch it got bugged so they disabled it, and players accepted that.
But it's not surprising. Riot has already removed other game modes (with other maps) and players accepted it. So currently you only have two maps, one for normal/ranked play mode and one for ARAM. Which makes it a little boring sometimes.


If you work or go to college, or both, I don't recommend this game. There are other mobas that are more casual and light, and that are also more fun: Heroes of the Storm and Pokémon Unite. Or just play occasionally and with a group of friends.
At the end of the day the game is not fun. Its addicting. Losing makes you feel like crap and winning is unrewarding. But you keep trying again and again hoping something different will happen. You think it's your mechanics, or your misunderstanding of the "macro". And yes, you can get "good" at the game, but from what I've seen, that's after a year or two of dedicating a lot of time, and time is what ordinary people have the least to spend freely on something like League of Legends.
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2023.05.29 03:38 Living_Deer594 Added Wife on too many of my newly opened cards, if remove her and just leave on the old ones will that help or too late!!

My wife and i were just applying for her green card and needed proof for uscis of documents with both our names on it. As a result i added to every possible credit card i could with out a social and then a couple more once she got her work social.
She has since received her green card!!! I now want to set her up with the best credit possible.
I recently went on kind of a credit card sign up bonus spree and have too many new accounts for a while. But im ok with that. But now when she is apply for them she is getting the same decline reason. I know i can call the reconsideration line and say they are authorized user accounts and maybe get the decision overturned but if I could just remove her from the new cards, would that help. The reconsideration line doesnt work for all cards and i dont want to risk more inquiries or declines.
By removing her it would reduce her overall credit availability significantly but her utilization would be very good as i dont use those cards any more. They also would give her an older average of accounts.
But i dont know if its already too late and that her credit report would still see that these are accounts were opened and on there even if they are removed. I know they wont report any more im just curios if they will still see they were there.
We are trying to get her some cards at chase. Would removing her put her back below 5/24 or would we have to call reconsideration line still. Thanks in advance!!!
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