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The subreddit for underrated bath and body works products that the people have to know about!

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For anyone who is interested in not buying products from Bath and Body Works for any reason.

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a place for lovers of skincare and makeup to share their daily scent choices!✨ categories: body lotion/cream, shower gel/body wash, hand soap, perfume/mist, lipbalm/gloss, hand sanitizer ________________________________________ Please share the scent name, product type, and company name (example: Bath & Body Works Hello Beautiful Fine Fragrance Mist). If your fellow Redditors are interested in trying the product(s), this will make it easy for them!

2023.06.08 11:12 roboticquinoa Are you obsessed?

A lot of questions and insecurities raised in this subreddit seem like normal concerns for males encountering communal showers for the first time in their lives:
Being quite new to communal showers, myself, I'm still working through some of these issues too. This can be normal.
However, if you find you're having persistent distress related to these topics, and it's causing disruption in your life, you might benefit from exploring whether you could have some form of anxiety disorder or even an eating disorder.
Some disorders that could be relevant include:
Personally, I have PTSD and wish I had known and understood that years ago. So I wanted to say that if communal showers bring overwhelming anxiety to the forefront for you, maybe that's your body's or your mind's way of pushing you to get help. You are worth it.
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2023.06.08 11:12 PocketFMofficial He refused to marry her, but 5 yrs later he was shocked when she returned as the richest woman in the country.

He refused to marry her, but 5 yrs later he was shocked when she returned as the richest woman in the country.
Episode 1. I Don’t Want You To Be Happy
It was 10 p.m. and the moonlight was dazzling. Room 101, on the top floor of Hotel Waverick Seattle, was pitch black, and there was the faint sound of breathing.
Natalie Davidson opened her eyes, but the world before her was so muddled that she couldn't see clearly. Her body felt strange as if it had caught fire and she was burning alive. Someone seemed to be lying on top of her, pressing down, but no matter how much she struggled to push him away, he remained motionless.
Her mind was a mess and she couldn't think straight. She only vaguely remembered that the previous night she had welcomed her fiancé back from his travels abroad, and then because she was so happy and drunk, she had been brought to her stepsister's room to rest. She hadn’t expected to find this when she woke up.
"Who are yo–" Natalie's voice was cut off by a heavy gasp from the man, and his grip on her body got tighter and tighter. She didn't have the strength to push him away. "Let me go …"
She had never felt like this before. A wave of lust washed over her, and she could not help but respond to him. Her body was exceptionally hot and she frowned. Something wasn't right. The feeling of lust faded and she suddenly felt terrified, but she couldn't stop the man. As he pushed into her, she felt herself losing consciousness until finally she couldn't stay awake any longer and passed out.
Outside, the sky was dark. Around three in the morning, the cell phone on the bedside table vibrated violently. With a frown, the man woke up from his sleep. His gaze slid across the messy bedsheets and then over to Natalie, who was covered only by a thin blanket. His expression immediately darkened. He picked up the phone and slammed it down. The hostility in his eyes was clear. These people had actually dared to drug him. They must have gotten tired of living.
Steadily, he got up, threw back the covers, and went to take a shower in the bathroom. Afterward, without a trace of hesitation, he turned and left the room, as if the person on the bed was just an object he didn't need to pay attention to.
When Natalie woke up, it was morning.
The moment she opened her eyes, she felt pain. She had a splitting headache and her entire body was extremely sore as if it had been beaten. She sat motionless at the head of the bed. The events of the previous night flashed through her mind like a movie, making her tremble with despair. The man who had assaulted her was obviously not her fiancé, Nick. How could she have lost her virginity under such strange circumstances?
What should she do?
What on earth should she do?
She hurriedly picked up her clothes from the floor and put them on. She wanted to go home quickly and wash up; she couldn’t bear to stay in this room even a second longer. But the moment she opened the door, she saw Nick, who was standing outside with a shocked face, alongside her stepsister Sheryl and her father Tom, who both looked furious.
Natalie didn't know how to explain and barely got a grip on her thoughts before she was slapped in the face by her father. The mess in the room had not been cleaned up and the evidence of what had happened there was obvious.
"Look at what you’ve done! You’ve cheated on your fiancé, you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve embarrassed the whole family! How could I have raised a daughter like you?"
Nick gripped Tom’s hand tightly and frowned as he looked at her face. "Natalie, how could you do this?"
"No, no." She shook her head with all her might, trying to clasp his hand, afraid that he would leave. “I was drunk last night. I only came back to the room to rest.” She suddenly looked at Sheryl, who was standing in front of her with wide eyes. “You did this, didn’t you? You were the one who brought me back to the hotel last night, to this room. Why did you do this to me?"
When Sheryl heard this, she looked wrong. "I don't understand what you're saying. I did no such thing."
"You didn't?" Natalie growled as her anger reached its peak. "Then how did I end up in someone else's room? Why would that man–"
"Enough!" Nick interrupted her with a loud shout as if he didn't want to hear any more. "You want to blame someone else for what you've done?" He looked at her coldly. "I only left for six months and you're already this desperate. Did you really have to climb into someone else's bed?!"
Natalie hugged her arm in panic as tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped onto the carpet. She couldn’t believe Nick was saying these things. They had been together for three years and were about to get married.
"Nick," she said in a low voice, practically begging as she looked at the resolute man in front of her. "Please believe me …"
"Don't say any more, just listening to you disgusts me." With a look of pure disdain, he turned around and strode off down the corridor. "The engagement’s off. I don't want to see you again."
His words were like a sharp knife stabbing straight into her heart. Despair slowly spread through her and was on the verge of spilling out. It was so painful that she could no longer breathe.
She staggered after him, but her father grabbed her by the arm and shoved her to the floor.
“Natalie, you’re no longer part of this family. From this day on, you’re not my daughter!”
She was stunned. After they left, her head was in shambles; she didn't even know how she made it home, but by the time she did her belongings were already packed and left by the door. Tom had even booked a plane ticket for her, and he told her to pick up her stuff and leave the country immediately.
"Natalie, are you alright?"
She was in a daze as she lowered her head to pick up her things. Sheryl walked down the steps at a leisurely pace. When Natalie ignored her, she didn't get angry. Instead, she laughed. "Do you really want to know how you ended up in that room? Let me tell you. You were right, I put you there. I did it because I want to marry Nick and I can't stand the thought of you being happy with him."
Episode 2. Exile
Natalie raised her head and bit her lip. She was so angry that she couldn't utter a single word. Her whole body was trembling with fury. She couldn't understand why Sheryl would ruin her life like this.
"Hmm” Sheryl smiled, “So what if you’re angry?" Sheryl played with her curly hair and sneered. "Nick doesn't believe you. Your father doesn't believe you either. You can go abroad and live on your own."
Natalie was furious. "Why are you doing this to me? Why are you running my life? Why"
She rushed forward hysterically and wrapped her hands around Sheryl’s neck, but Sheryl didn't resist. She only blinked pitifully at her. "Sister, don't hurt me … Last night really wasn't my fault … What are you doing?"
Hearing the commotion, Tom rushed out, looking so angry that the veins on his neck stood out. He raised his hand and pushed Natalie to the ground. "Are you crazy? Are you trying to kill your sister?"
Natalie fell to the ice-cold sidewalk, where she remained. Unable to bear the pain any longer, she was on the verge of tears. She thought of her mother and her childhood, but no matter how hard she wished, she could never return to that time.
Rosemary, her stepmother, came up behind her. When she saw the marks on her daughter's neck, she was so angry – just like her husband – that she raised her hand and slapped Natalie.
"You uneducated brat! You're just the same as your mother! You might as well die!"
The more she slapped, the harder each slap became. Tom stood beside her, but he only seemed to be concerned about Sheryl's injuries. As the attack went on, Natalie’s vision grew blurry from the blows, but all she could feel was the coldness in her heart as if all warmth had left it.
At that time, in his office at the Clair Group, Bryce was looking at his assistant with a malicious expression.
"What's going on?" His face was so gloomy that his gaze could bore holes through a person. "How is the investigation going?"
His assistant was sweating under his gaze, but he swallowed and told him the news. "It's Evan Wilson."
Bryce knew of Evan. A while ago, he had worked with the Clair Group on a project and had taken many kickbacks from it. Bryce didn't like his way of handling things, so he had sent his men to destroy the Wilson family. Right now, the Wilsons were on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse.
"Evan bribed the hotel's waiter and drugged you. He probably wanted to use this to …" The assistant's voice trailed off until he was no longer breathing.
The situation was clear now: Evan was behind all of this. Bryce had never thought that something would go wrong and that he would have to completely deviate from his original plan.
"I checked, Evan booked a room in the hotel last night." The assistant looked up at him hesitantly, then looked down again. "But you didn't use it …"
Bryce's expression suddenly changed and he asked in a low voice, "What do you mean?"
The assistant was confused. He could only look at his face and repeat hesitantly, "You didn't use the room yesterday."
If he didn't go into his room, then who was the woman who had been lying on his bed? In his mind, he saw broken images of her flushed cheeks and her body writhing beneath him, but what he remembered clearest were those cries of grief and heart-breaking pain. He suddenly remembered the crimson spots on the sheets that he had noticed before he left — the woman had been a virgin.
Bryce's brows knit together. He told his assistant in a deep voice, "Go check the identity of the woman who was in my room immediately."
He wanted to know where she had come from.
The assistant immediately hurried off to do as he had been told. But no matter how fast he moved, he wouldn’t be able to find any useful information. The hotel’s surveillance tapes had already been wiped by Sheryl. How could she possibly leave behind evidence that would show that she had set Natalie up? Naturally, she had had to cover her tracks. After doing this, she continued to pretend that she was innocent, and gloated as she watched Natalie get kicked out of her house in a sorry state.
Natalie didn't even stay a night before she was packed off and sent out of the country. She lugged her heavy luggage onto the plane. She had been exiled without knowing when she could return.
Episode 3. You’re My Daddy
Five years later, Natalie stood in the first-class lounge at Heathrow Airport, staring at the two tickets in her hands, unable to focus. She had been in England for five years and in all that time she hadn't made even one phone call to her family. Her father treated her like she was dead and as if he couldn't care less about it. If it wasn't for Sheryl and Nick’s engagement, he might not even have remembered she existed.
Her heart had no attachment to the place she had been separated from for years. All her feelings had been erased on the day she was thrown out. She didn't want to go back and see the people who had hurt her, but she couldn't stand listening to her father's threats on the phone. If she did not do what he said, he would not let her grandmother live peacefully, he could even hurt her. Her grandmother was the closest person in the world to her. She had wanted to bring her to England to spend the rest of her life there, but she couldn't sway the old lady from her desire to be in the country where her husband and daughter had lived. Natalie had no choice but to leave her where she was. If it wasn't for her grandmother, she probably wouldn't go back for the rest of her life, but she couldn't afford to lose her to her father’s anger.
"Mommy, Mommy."
Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard a lovely, gentle voice beside her. She looked down and saw a four-year-old boy lightly tugging at the corner of her jumper. He told her in a serious tone, "Stop daydreaming. The plane is about to take off."
Only then did she recover her wits. The anger in her eyes gradually softened as she smiled and picked up the child. "Alright then, let's go to the gate."
At the same time, on the other side of the first-class lounge, a tall man in a suit with two burly bodyguards standing behind him strode towards the gate with a cold expression.
Natalie had bought first-class tickets. In the past few years, she had suffered a lot from feeling rootless in a foreign country, and she had developed many issues. She had bad insomnia and headaches, and she was afraid of loud noises. The moment she got on the plane, she covered her eyes with a blanket to try to fall asleep, but first, she told Liam to be good and not run around.
Liam was her most precious treasure. He was very well behaved. He sat on his seat as he was told and played with the toy she had bought him, occasionally stealing glances at her.
Natalie put her head against the window. He soon noticed that she did not look well.
"Mommy." He leaned across and looked at her. Seeing that she was frowning, he asked worriedly, "Are you not feeling well?"
Natalie coughed twice due to an itch in her throat. With a hint of weakness in her voice, she answered, "I'm fine …" She looked at the child and forced a smile. "I'm just a little thirsty."
Without waiting for her to say anything, Liam jumped out of his seat and hurried off excitedly to get her some water. She didn't know who he took after. He was only four years old, but he was as sensible as a small adult, and he could even take care of her.
Liam came running back with a glass of water. As he reached their seats, he bumped into a man who had just stepped into the plane. The glass in his hand wobbled and the water spilled from it, wetting the man’s shoes and the legs of his pants.
Bryce lowered his head and looked at the water stains on his clothes. He frowned in displeasure. "What are you doing? Don't you know to watch where you're going?"
"I'm sorry." Liam held the cup and apologized repeatedly. But when he raised his head and looked at the man, he was immediately stunned, "I …"
Liam had once finally mustered the courage to ask his mother about his father. Natalie was taken aback and stood speechless for a moment before she randomly showed the young boy a picture of a handsome man and told him that this was him.
Looking at Bryce, Liam instantly somehow recalled the same picture, and realized that the two men resembled each other to almost a fault! Bryce was a well-built man, who possessed a muscular demeanor and suave gait. His pose and grace made the young boy quiver. The more he looked at Bryce, the more he felt that the man in front of him fit his image of his father from the picture. He stood quiet for two seconds, before hurling himself at Bryce’s long leg and then shouted, "Daddy!"
The two bodyguards behind Bryce were completely taken aback by the scene unfolding in front of them. They had been with Bryce for a long time, but this was the first time they’d seen someone act so affectionately with him, let alone someone so young.
Bryce's expression instantly turned ugly. He reached out his hand to push away the little arms that were wrapped around him and said coldly, "Don't randomly call people your father. I'm not your father."
He had known many women who had claimed to be pregnant with his child, but this was the first time he had ever seen such a clever and affectionate 'son'.
Liam stared at his face and answered with certainty, "You are my daddy. Why did you abandon me and Mommy?"
The more he spoke, the more wronged he felt. He pouted his small mouth and put on a pitiful expression. When the passengers beside them heard this, they immediately looked over in curiosity.
Natalie couldn’t sleep through the commotion. She opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the noise, only to find her son standing in the middle of the aisle, holding onto the leg of an unfamiliar man.
"Sorry, sorry." She quickly got up. Embarrassed, she reached out to take the child's hand. "He must have made a mistake. Liam, let go of him."
Her son had always been sensible and listened to her over anyone else, but today she didn't know what was going on. No matter how much she tried to persuade him, Liam continued to hold onto the leg of that strange man's pants. He bit his lips in frustration and refused to let go.
Bryce was a cold person, but when he looked at the child's pitiful expression, he felt a bit moved. He frowned and said to Natalie, "Why did you become a mother? If you couldn’t give him a complete family, it would have been better not to have him at all."
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2023.06.08 11:09 Wedclick WedClick: Crafting Unforgettable Memories of Your Wedding

Your wedding day is an important occasion, a celebration of love, commitment, and the Start of a new chapter in your life. It's a day filled with joy, emotion, and priceless memories you want to cherish forever. At WedClick, we understand the significance of this special day and are dedicated to crafting unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
WedClick is a team of passionate and experienced wedding photographers and videographers dedicated to capturing the essence of your love story. We believe every couple has their own story and we strive to reflect that in our work. Our approach combines photojournalism and artistic creativity. The result is a collection of natural, honest, and timeless images.
From the initial consultation to the final product, our team at WedClick is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and personalized experience. We take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and expectations for your wedding photos and videos. Our goal is to tell your story authentically and to capture the genuine emotions and moments that unfold on your special day.
At WedClick, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence. We use state-of-the-art equipment and stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Our team of photographers and videographers are not only skilled professionals but also passionate storytellers who have a keen eye for capturing the beauty and magic of weddings.
We offer a range of packages tailored to suit your needs, whether you're planning an intimate ceremony or a grand extravaganza. From engagement sessions to full-day coverage, we have options that cater to every couple's desires. We also offer extra additional services such as album design and personalization , ensuring that your cherished memories are beautifully preserved.
Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and choosing the best professionals to capture it is crucial. At WedClick, we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service and creating memories that you will treasure forever. Let us be a part of your special day and allow us to capture the magic, love, and joy of your wedding. Get in touch today to begin your journey with WedClick and start crafting your unforgettable memories.
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2023.06.08 11:08 zyradyl TIFU by trying to do a currency exchange during the rainy season.

So I'm currently attending school in a non-US country, and while you can do wire transfers to the local banks here, the wire transfer fee from my bank is not reimbursed, but the ATM fees are reimbursed, as are the international exchange fees. I checked with both of my banks and they said it was fine to do this, so the only cost for me to pull money out of the ATM and deposit it into my local bank is my time.
This is my first time experiencing a rainy season. I'm originally from Kansas City, so while we have storms and tornado season, the idea of "yeah it's just going to pour rain for the next two weeks" is still really weird to me, and because of that I'm really bad at planning around it. The entire first half of today was dry, but when it started raining I realized I needed to pull money out now or I wouldn't be able to do it for a couple weeks unless I got lucky.
Thankfully, the radar showed light rain for about an hour, so I left my dorm and took my bike. We're not allowed to ride our bikes one handed with an umbrella, so I left that at the dorm too. All I had was my backpack (with all my various books/normal carry stuff) and my bike. No coat, because even though its raining it's still miserably hot and humid.
I'll spare the details of most of my trip, but on the way back I saw a McDonalds and ducked inside to get some food. While eating I started working through some flashcard decks on my phone, and quickly lost track of time. An hour later, when I left, it was REALLY raining. I thought I would be okay to just bike back in the rain, but it is SO MUCH RAIN and I wear glasses, I simply couldn't see.
Out of desperation at a stop light, I pull my sun parasol out of my backpack and decide to use it. It's basically just a thicker, smaller umbrella so it should be fine, right? I then make the decision that I'm going to ride back to my dorm on my bike, one handed, the other holding the parasol. Because, hey, what's the worst that could happen?
This went really well for a while! However, when you're doing something brand new on a bike and you already have balance issues, your body will involuntarily tense when something unexpected happens. Like hitting a bump harder than you planned. This is normally completely fine! Unless your parasol isn't just an auto-opening one, but it auto closes too!
Yes that's right friends, I hit a bump too hard, tensed, shut myself in my parasol, this scared me even more so my other hand gripped the back brake HARD and then I just...loudly squealed to a stop (yay bike disc brakes!) and then just.. tipped over. I understand I could have put my legs out to stop the last part but I'm an idiot and was also just very confused by everything that happened as quickly as it happened.
Thankfully there was a very nice lady across the road who saw this happen, and quickly came over to help me between politely restrained fits of laughter. Once she was sure I was okay, and realized I could speak a reasonable of the local language, she explained that she had done this exact thing once before. She also told me its incredibly funny to watch from outside, but apologized for laughing.
I honestly somewhat wish there was a video, because I'm sure it is very funny to watch it happen.
TL;DR I tried to go out to run errands through the rainy season and shut myself in an umbrella and fell off a bike in front of a complete stranger.
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2023.06.08 11:08 PolyFootFest Welcome home surprise

Welcome home surprise
As she walked through the door after a long and tiring journey home, she felt her shoulders slump in relief. The holiday had been wonderful, but she was glad to be back in her own home. As she kicked off her shoes and stretched her toes, she heard the sound of her husband's footsteps approaching.
"Welcome home, my love," he said, smiling as he took her hand.
She smiled back, feeling her heart swell with affection. It was good to be home, and even better to be greeted by her husband's warm embrace.
"Sit down, and let me take care of you," he said, leading her to the couch.
As she sank into the soft cushions, she felt him kneel down at her feet. She closed her eyes, feeling a wave of relaxation wash over her as he began to massage her feet with skilled hands.
He worked his way up her calves, his fingers tracing the curves of her muscles with gentle pressure. She let out a contented sigh, feeling the tension in her body melt away under his touch.
Little did he know, that she had a surprise for him as well. Soon, the front door swung open and there stood the neighbour in black stilettos with cherry red polish on her toes. "Come sit down Candice" she said, and she strode over to the couch. "Take off her shoes" she commanded her husband, he reached forward with his fingertips. "Not with your hands" she replied. He knew what was required of him, he lent forward until his lips touched the top of her supple feet. She gasped with anticipation, using his teeth he slowly undid the buckle of her stiletto. Using his tongue he slipped the strap off her heel and the shoe fell away revealing her soft bare skin.
"Lick them", his wife commanded. That was all the invitation he needed, he quickly slipped her delicate big toe in his mouth. It tasted like a long day at the office, just how he liked it. He felt his member swell as he took the other toes between his lips.
For the next hour, he lavished attention on both their feet and legs, rubbing away the knots and soreness that had built up during their days.
"Thank you," the wife said, leaning down to kiss him on the forehead.
"Anything for you, my love," he replied, winking, his eyes shining with love and affection.
"Let's move it to the bedroom" their neighbour said softly, standing up, taking both their hands and walking slowly upstairs....

Tell us what you'd like to happen next....
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2023.06.08 11:08 VineViridian I can't go back to my old trauma self protection defenses, but feel hopeless & like I want to die without them.

I just figured out why my mental health has gotten so much worse instead of better.
I've written extensively in reddit trauma subs about having a lifelong freeze/fawn trauma response, utilizing maladaptive daydreaming, being disassociated since childhood, and having disordered eating that I've mostly put into remission.
I even used to think for a time that there was another "entity" following me, as I'd perceive a disassociated part of myself hovering in space or across a room. When I realized that I'd spontaneously disassociate like that whenever I felt anxious, I focused on integrating myself.
That's only an extreme example of disassociation. I legit was in my 40s before I stopped oozing out of my body like that, but the learning disabilities and memory lapses have been life long. I'm only now tackling those in my late 50s!
My brain works better than it ever has, but holy fuck, I'm tired. I've had so much trauma, abandonment, cruelty, failure to launch, etc. built up over a lifetime, I've woke from a waking coma at nearly 60, and have to figure out how to "life" like a functioning adult.
....and I really understand why addicted people do not stop their drug and alcohol use. I work with an addict population, and I don't think its possible to understand why better than I do.
Alcohol killing your liver, but you keep drinking? Yup.
Lost a finger to skin popping, still doing coke and meth? Yup, yup, I fucking get it, damn.
The thing is, I can't go back to my addictions of behavior, other than my final ones that are still in my way: procrastination & executive function challenges. ADHD, or lifelong maladaptive defenses? I don't fucking know.
I do know that I have to change what I do, and how I think of myself.
Get out of low pay manual laboretail: Check.
Get competant & keep learning at current low pay professional position: Done.
Research career move job training for better pay: Procrastinating.
Think of self as competent in learning new skills: Yeah, got that.
Meet new people, don't show trauma history: sigh Learned the hard way, finally.
.....anyway, I am ripped clean of all of my lifetime of defenses. I am alone, I've tried support groups, I don't find them safe or supportive, I don't want to talk about this deeply vulnerable shit in them.
I've been treated pretty horribly by a past therapist, and I've realized that happens with therapists when they become annoyed with our trauma symptoms or lack of obvious improvement.
I feel reasonably safe showing my traumatized self exclusively on select reddit trauma subs.
I've learned the hard way that I can't talk to "friends." It's the fastest way to lose them. I'm not going to fuck up again with new acquaintances.
I'm learning that I don't want to talk about this to therapists. They cannot relate, and become judgmental eventually.
I've used mushrooms for medicine, but have not been able to integrate the experiences.
I'm thinking that if I continue to improve my life externally, while feeling this anguished and barren internally, I'm eventually going to do something epic level self destructive.
I wish I had a safe addiction to find comfort in other than dumping time into reddit. You're my lifeline, guys.
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2023.06.08 11:06 OnforuLED What is A High Quality LED Floodlight?

What is A High Quality LED Floodlight?

LED floodlight as a replacement of electric light source has been recognized by more and more people and has been applied in many fields. For a high quality LED flood light should have the following features.
  • Long Life
Compared with other lamps, high-quality LED floodlight life is 60 times that of incandescent lamps, 12 times that of energy-saving lamps, 12 times that of fluorescent lamps, 20 times that of high-pressure mercury lamps. The long life of flood lights greatly reduces the number of maintenance troubles and replacements, saving material costs and labor costs, and can ensure long-term normal use.
Since the flood light has no electrodes, it relies on the combination of the electromagnetic induction principle and fluorescent discharge principle to emit light, so it does not exist to limit the life of the inevitable components. Service life is only determined by the quality level of electronic components, circuit design and manufacturing process of the bubble body, the general service life of up to 60,000 hours.
  • Energy Saving
Compared with incandescent lamps, high-quality LED floodlight fixtures energy-saving effect of about 75%, 50W flood light luminous flux and 300W incandescent lamp luminous flux is roughly equivalent.
  • Environmental Protection
A best LED flood lights will be from an environmental perspective, many excellent brands use solid mercury agents, even if broken will not cause pollution to the environment, there are more than 99% recyclable rate, which is a true environmentally friendly green light source.
  • No Strobe
High-quality LED floodlights work at a high frequency, so it is considered "no strobe effect at all", and will not cause eye fatigue, to protect eye health. If the LED flood light opens the strobe very quickly, then this is a low-quality flood light.
  • High Color Rendering
The color rendering index must exceed the standard of 80, and the light color is soft, showing the natural color of the object being illuminated.
  • Color Temperature
From 2700K to 6500K a variety of options can be used for many outdoor scenes' decorative lighting.
  • Visible Light
In the light emitted by the reflector, the proportion of visible light up to 80% or more, the most precise beam and the best reflection effect, good visual effect.
  • Switch
Can be started and restarted immediately, with no need to warm up, many times the switch will not have the light recession phenomenon in ordinary discharge lamps with electrodes.
  • Electrical Performance
High-quality LED flood light with high power factor, low current harmonics, and the use of a constant voltage power supply, can output a constant luminous flux.
  • Installation Adaptability
Whether indoors or outdoor scenes, the high-quality LED flood light can be installed in any direction, without restrictions.
To save your time, if you are looking for a high-quality LED flood light, you can browse Onforu's flood light collection, whether it is a portable flood light, or outdoor flood light, indoor led flood light, and different wattage options, such as 50W, 100W, 150W or 200W, you can quickly buy the right LED light for your lighting needs.
More Resources
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2023.06.08 11:03 Parking-Sink5002 Covington (trigger warning: SA)

Hi everyone. I live in Covington and walk to work/take the bus downtown in Cincinnati. I was browsing local news and read that there is a violent man assaulting women around Mainstrasse for the past year. From what I’ve seen there’s a video of a suspect, but the media says they know the car he drives and that he has Ohio plates. Can anyone give me the make/model? I’m always alert but it would be nice to know when to book it if I’m on a block by myself. An attack happened in broad daylight and the attacks have been more frequent.
I don’t want to be a rape/murder victim nor do I want anyone in this community to be. If you don’t have any information but live in my neighborhood, please watch out for others. It’s been women that the suspect has attacked but that doesn’t mean he won’t hurt anyone. All I want to do is live my life without the threat of violence, just like his victims deserve. I hope they find peace, and I hope our community has their backs when and if this creep comes out. Fuck this shit.
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2023.06.08 11:01 jiggly_pof Finally got G3 Twyla

Finally got G3 Twyla
Tbh the photos I've found before I got her did do her justice. She looks even cuter irl. I bought her Cus wanted to make a mini me and her face scuplt and body type looks a lot like mine. It still gonna look like Twyla after repainting just a human version, my hair is the same colors just different shades and split dyed.
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2023.06.08 11:00 Takada-chwanBot Question Thread

This sub is catered to quality, in-depth manga discussion, so please post questions that have simple manga answers here.

Hot Topics:

Where can I read leaks?
Read Rule #3 on the sidebar for where and when to find leaks on Twitter, Discord, and fanscan sites. DON'T post leaks outside of the pre-release megathread when you find them. Don't post them in this thread.
Where can I read the official Fanbook/Databook?
Scans and translations here and searchable text here. Also on the sidebar and sub wiki.
Does Reverse Cursed Technique heal soul damage?
Nope. It can only be healed by Idle Transfiguration. See this thread for complete details.
What is Uraume's gender?
Uraume's gender is currently unconfirmed.
What did Sukuna do to Megumi and why?
From the beginning, Sukuna recognized Megumi's potential as a Vessel who could withstand being possessed by Sukuna, but who would not be able to suppress him like Yuji. Force-feeding him a finger allowed Sukuna to take over Megumi's body when he was in an emotionally vulnerable state. Sukuna-Megumi underwent Uraume's bath ritual to crush Megumi's soul down deep, where it's too difficult for Megumi to restrain his Cursed Energy output or resist again. We still don't know exactly what Sukuna wants Megumi's Cursed Technique for.
Does Yuji have any of Sukuna's fingers left in his system?
No, all of Sukuna's soul transferred to Megumi.
What would happen if Yuji ate another Sukuna finger?
We don't know since the manga hasn't answered that question. Sukuna's fingers are Cursed Objects containing pieces of his soul so make of that what you will.
Is Yuki really dead?
Yes, we don't have a serious reason to believe she survived the Black Hole situation.
Is Yuji still the main character?
We don't have any reason to think he's not. Yuji losing Sukuna doesn't forfeit his MC role.
What is Kenjaku's plan with the Culling Game?
In short, he's using the Culling Games to produce a lot of Cursed Energy within its Barriers, with which he plans to use to evolve the human race. He wants to create a new golden age of Jujutsu. Kenjaku has apparently not revealed all his plans, Yuki cast suspicion on Tengen (the Culling Game plan infodumper) before they fought, and Kenjaku called Tengen his "friend", so it's unclear if Tengen was entirely truthful. We don't yet know how Sukuna fits into this plan, even though he and Kenjaku have been cooperating.
What is Ijichi's Cursed Technique?
How naive of you to ask. He wouldn't cheat by giving it away.
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2023.06.08 10:58 luna_wolf8 PLZ HELP… juvenile leo swollen belly, no stool/urate, not eating, eyes shut. More info below!

PLZ HELP… juvenile leo swollen belly, no stool/urate, not eating, eyes shut. More info below!
I purchased my (I believe possibly female?) leopard gecko on April 20th (not sure of exact hatch date).
Pic 1-3 taken yesterday Pic 4-6 taken 2 days ago Pic 7-8 taken May 27 Pic 9 taken May 9 Pic 10 taken May 4 Last 4 pics taken April 20
Husbandry: -soil/sand mix until replaced with paper towels yesterday -warm side 85°-90° / cool side 75°-78° -humidity kept around 40% -Arcadia shadeweller T5 uvb -halogen bulb for heat during day, ceramic bulb at night -calcium w/o d3 kept in a small cap in her enclosure
Usual diet before current symptoms: -mostly small dubia roaches, silkworms, black soldier fly larvae, crickets (recently stopped feeding crickets and waiting for order of grasshoppers to arrive) - occasionally hornworms, mealworms and small superworms -once a week I offer 3 wax worms as a treat but she doesn’t particularly enjoy them
Important info: - May 4 pic (pic # 10), I was feeding her when one of the bigger dubia roaches that I feed my adult leos fell into her enclosure along with the small one I intended to drop in there. She snatched the big one up before I could get it back out. She acted like she had a hard time swallowing it - pointing her head up to the ceiling and kept opening her mouth. My husband had duty that evening so I was alone with our 5 kids and no vehicle since he drove it to work. Since I was unable to get her to an emergency vet, I did what I had previously read in one of my leopard gecko care sheets which was slowly give her water with a syringe to help her get the dubia down. She eventually got it down and went back to normal. She never seemed to have any issues again, meaning her stools/urates were totally normal and she continued eating the following day or two.
  • May 27th (pic 7 & 8) somewhere in those few days she ceased eating but was still passing regular stools and urate. She was due for a shed very soon so I figured it was due to that.
  • Between May 27th until Tuesday she had begun to appear bloated/thicker around her mid-section and her eyes were usually closed. Her eyes, I assumed may have possibly been due to substrate or shedding so I changed her back to paper towels (also so I could monitor her stool/urate output better). Her eyes are not cloudy and there is no discharge. As of yesterday, she does not lay down completely. She has her lower body completely on the ground, but her upper body, she used her arms to keep herself upright. I also noticed yesterday, her belly appears to have red areas on it whereas before yesterday it was completely translucent with no red areas and no black spots like you see sometimes with juveniles. Her belly is extremely soft, there are no lumps, just little skin rolls which she has always had.
Care Regime: -warm bath daily/every other day while gently massaging her belly from neck to base of tail -flukers eye drops twice a day -water and clear pedialyte via syringe drops twice a day just in case she isn’t using her water dish -carnivore care mixed with calcium & repashy grub pie once a day via syringe started two days ago -bene bac every other day -dose of Panacur (0.03 ml) 3 days ago
My exotic vet is 2 hours away and yesterday I brought my daughter to her pediatrician appt and was unexpectedly given a referral to see a neurologist today 3 hours the opposite way today and I have appts tomorrow and Friday for my other children since I try to make their appts all in the same week. If I need to take her to the vet, I will try to arrange for my mom to come pick her up and bring her there for me but if there is anything else I can do at home for now?
Additional info- I have 3 other leopard geckos. Everyone has their own front open 50 gallon enclosure with warm, cold, and humid hide, plenty of enrichment, fresh bottled water everyday, and everyone else is healthy and normal
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2023.06.08 10:55 SeanLooknSus Amateur Pricing Help

Hi all! I am an amateur photographer in Dallas, TX. And when I say amateur, I mean hobbyist. I am not state licensed or part of an official body, however I have come to be good with my equipment. I recently agreed to help out the owner of the small restaurant where I work to photograph the full menu. We didnt iron out a price yet, but i have taken photos of every dish which will be used on the business's website and for social media adverts.
I would like some honest feedback on what i should charge for this work. Equipment used was one lighting rig (stand, customizable color bulb, reflective umbrellas), nikon D3000, and of course an assortment of lenses. Photography took place over 2 days during my service shifts, but equipment was brought to the restaurant for over a week. I am also retouching the photos on my own time.
I would also like to say this is a small family restaurant. That coupled with my amateur status says I shouldnt ask for much, but I also need a new car urgently. Can anyone help me?
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2023.06.08 10:55 BG_Office_Furniture The Top 10 Benefits of Modern Office Furniture

Modern office furniture is full of all the amenities that are in demand by almost all employees, from providing a suitable body posture to excellent movement while working, and others they get from it. It includes China Modern Office Desks, tables, drawers, a wardrobe, and many other items. For more information call us @ 008618928562556
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2023.06.08 10:55 GummiesBiopure Biopure Keto Gummies Reviews [Scam Warning 2023] Bio Pure Keto Gummies Shark Tank Is It worth Buying

Biopure Keto Gummies Reviews- An Overview
Biopure Keto Gummies are health supplements in the form of tasty gummies. These supplements have a 100% natural formula that helps to lose weight while also providing other health benefits by improving – blood sugar levels, immunity, heart health, etc.
The Biopure Keto Gummies Reviews are one of the best weight loss supplements for adults. It helps to naturally lose weight with Ketosis while also preventing you from various chronic diseases.
What Is Biopure Keto Gummies?
Biopure Keto Gummies Reviews is an extraordinary fat-burning formula that helps in weight loss. The product is composed of organic and herbal components which can lose weight in a few days. This product is made to reduce fat accumulation within the body. Through the ketosis process, it gets rid of fat cells and increases the level of energy in the body.
If you are just beginning with this product, the results are amazing in just a few days. It aids in losing weight quickly and maintains that you are at the peak level. The supplement also boosts endurance and energy levels and stops fat accumulation inside the body. Through this supplement, you'll have the ability to cut back the cravings for sweets and junk foods. Through Biopure Keto Gummies, you will be able to achieve your ideal weight loss as well as high power that keeps you going throughout the day and it also keeps you healthy and slim.
How do Biopure Keto Gummies work?
Biopure Keto Gummies Reviews is a dietary supplement designed to support a healthy and balanced ketogenic diet regimen. The Bio Pure Keto Gummies Shark Tank, which is a natural and also a healthy source of acetic acid. Acetic acid assists to support the body's all-natural metabolic processes and can help to lower the body's levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides.
Additionally, ACV can help in weight management by helping to decrease cravings as well as food cravings. To use Bio Pure keto Gummies Reviews, merely take two gummies daily with a glass of water. For ideal results, take them with meals and also make certain you remain hydrated throughout the day. The Biopure Keto Gummies are designed to help you preserve a healthy ketogenic diet regimen and also give your body the nutrients it needs to support optimum health and wellness.
Do you have experience with ketosis?
Bio Pure Keto Gummies Shark Tank, ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body generates large quantities of energy by breaking down possibly dangerous adipocytes, persistent calories, and visceral fat cells. This holds for the fat populace.
This treatment will directly improve your body's ability to mobilize fat reserves for usage in mobile power production. This will certainly bring about much less body fat, more mental quality, and increased physical vitality.
Ingredients used in the formulation of Speedy Keto ACV Gummies?
There are several ingredients used in the formulation of the product Biopure Keto Gummies. But the most common ingredient is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is an essential component that can help in the maintenance of energy levels and is low in terms of carbs. In the ketogenic diet when we don’t consume a high amount of carbs for a longer duration of time the body initiates the production of BHB through the liver.
As all ingredients in Biopure Keto Gummies Reviews are herbal, it reduces the risk of side effects. Most chemicals are harmful or habit-forming. With this supplement, you get an herbal mixture of ingredients that are proven to help in weight loss without causing any problems. Just follow the dosage guidelines and try to live a healthy lifestyle and you will be fine.
How long does it take to work?
Biopure Keto Gummies Within two weeks you will get to see the results. No, I don’t mean you will lose weight in two weeks but boosted energy and a feeling of activeness will help you feel good and motivated. You start losing weight in the third and fourth weeks and depending on the total weight you should follow the regime.
Side Effects
No, you will not feel any kind of side effects while using Bio Pure Keto Gummies Shark Tank as S Biopure Keto Gummies Reviews is designed without having any chemicals in it and you will find natural ingredients in it and it is safe until you consume recommended dose of it and you must consult your doctor once before start using these gummies and you must try it without any hesitation.
Benefits of Speedy Keto ACV Gummies
Biopure Keto Gummies are a beneficial product that can burn fat easily. The user and manufacturer of the product have explained many advantages and some of them are mentioned below.
>.Easy transformation and consistent weight loss
>.Higher concentration
>.Reduced itchiness and irritability
>.Improved blood sugar level (maintained)
>.Improved joint health
>.Less stress and increased anxiety levels
Bio Pure Keto Gummies Shark Tank are one of its kind natural gummies products that can help an individual to lose weight without facing problems someone will face in their weight loss management process. It is a simple and effective solution for obesity and overweight. Various powerful ingredients can power the individual in the weight loss process and it can help individual to achieve their weight goals.
The company claims that it is manufactured with high-standard products to ensure high quality. So, if you guys are looking for something to help individuals Bio Pure Keto Gummies effortlessly and safely. You can purchase this product from the official website with a few simple clicks and it will be delivered to your doorstep within the time limit.
Read More and Continue Reading Links: -
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2023.06.08 10:53 dgarima824 The Advantages Of Ayurvedic Medicine: From Ayurveda To YOU

One of the oldest medicinal systems still in use is ayurvedic medicine. It is more than 3,000 years old and has Indian roots. Its foundation is the belief that balance between the mind, body, and spirit is crucial for good health and wellness.
A few of the illnesses that are regularly treated with ayurvedic medicine include allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, depression, diabetes, digestive problems, headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure, immunological problems, insomnia, skin disorders, and stress.
Ayurvedic medicine has a variety of possible advantages of ayurvedic medicine, including the following:
A competent practitioner should be consulted if you're thinking about considering Ayurvedic medicine to make sure the course of action is appropriate for you.

Ayurveda To You

India has used ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. In recent years, as more people in the West have turned to alternatives to conventional care, it has gained popularity.
The foundation of Ayurveda is the belief that achieving balance in one's mind, body, and spirit is the path to optimum health. Its primary goals are the promotion of health and the avoidance of illness.
The benefits of using Ayurvedic medicine are numerous. In a holistic approach to health, the entire individual is treated rather than just the symptoms of the condition. Ayurveda is also a particularly individualized kind of treatment because everyone's constitutions differ.
Ayurvedic medicine may be used to successfully treat a wide range of chronic conditions, including migraines, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be used to prevent sickness by maintaining the body's homeostasis.
If you're interested in finding out more about the benefits of Ayurvedic treatment, there are several websites accessible. You might look for resources online or find a local Ayurvedic physician.

In what ways might ayurveda help YOU?

When it comes to your health, it's essential to take a comprehensive approach. Ayurvedic medicine can aid in the situation. India is the birthplace of the comprehensive medicinal method known as Ayurveda. It is based on the belief that finding balance between one's bodily, mental, and spiritual selves is essential for good health. Ayurvedic medicine uses a variety of techniques to promote optimal health, including herbs, massages, and certain diets.
The benefits of using Ayurvedic medicine are numerous. One of its most important benefits is that it can be used to treat a variety of diseases. Ayurvedic medicine may be used to treat conditions ranging from the ordinary cold and flu to degenerative illnesses like diabetes and arthritis. It has also proven effective in treating mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety.
Another benefit of using Ayurvedic medicine is its gentleness and safety. The use of organic ingredients makes ayurvedic medication unlikely to have any unfavorable side effects. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to conventional medicine.
If you want to take a comprehensive approach to your health, you should without a doubt consider Ayurvedic treatment. Due to its various benefits, it is an excellent choice for people of all ages and health levels.

Advantages of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional medical system with roots in the Indian subcontinent. As clinical trials and other scientific research begin to look at the potential health benefits of Ayurvedic medicine, it has recently attracted increased attention.
Numerous benefits of ayurvedic medicine include improved digestion, less stress, and improved cognitive function. Ayurveda is thought to be able to treat a number of additional ailments, including chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.
The concept of balance serves as the cornerstone of ayurvedic medicine. Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that balance between the mind, body, and spirit is the key to achieving health. Ayurveda addresses the whole person rather than just the symptoms of an illness since it is a holistic approach to healing.
One of the main benefits of using Ayurvedic medicine is better digestion. A strong digestive system is the cornerstone of good health, according to Ayurvedic practitioners. They thus focus on gastrointestinal health-improving practices, including massage, herbal remedies, and certain diets.
According to legend, ayurveda may help you manage your stress. Because they take a holistic approach, practitioners of ayurveda believe that stress is both a physical and a mental ailment. As a result, they put a lot of emphasis on stress-reduction techniques like massage, yoga, and meditation.
The possibility of better cognitive function after using Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic techniques like yoga and meditation have been shown in studies to improve memory and concentration.
Ayurvedic medicine is said to be effective in treating chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Studies show that ayurvedic treatments can help decrease the symptoms of several ailments.
In conclusion, ayurvedic medicine presents a variety of potential benefits. In this holistic approach to treatment, the whole person is taken into account, not just the symptoms of the condition. Ayurveda is said to be effective for treating conditions including anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, in addition to promoting mental clarity, decreasing stress levels, and improving digestion.

How does Ayurveda work for YOU?

Ayurveda is a comprehensive medicinal system that has origins in India that go back more than 3,000 years. The name "ayurveda" is derived from the Sanskrit words "ayus" and "veda," which mean "life" and "knowledge," respectively.
Every person has a unique constitution, or prakriti, made up of a mixture of the five elements: ether, earth, water, fire, and fire. This theory forms the basis of Ayurvedic treatment. This constitution is predetermined at birth and remains constant throughout life.
Ayurveda holds that illness only arises when the prakriti is in balance, and that only then is good health achievable. Ayurvedic practitioners use a variety of techniques to restore balance, including dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and herbal medications.
There are several benefits to practicing Ayurvedic treatment. Here are a few illustrations:
According to Ayurveda, each person has a distinct constitution and hence needs a distinct diet. You may find out which foods are ideal for your constitution and how to cook them to maximize their nutritional content with the aid of an Ayurvedic practitioner.
Ayurveda provides a number of stress-reduction methods, including yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy. Stress is a significant risk factor for illness. Ayurvedic practitioners can also assist you in identifying and avoiding environmental stresses.
Chronic diseases, including diabetes, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis, may all be treated holistically with ayurveda. Ayurvedic practitioners employ a range of methods to assist patients in managing their diseases and enhancing their general health, including nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and herbal medicines.
Ayurveda can be a useful tool for avoiding disease since it places a strong emphasis on balance and prevention.


The ayurvedic medicinal system, which dates back thousands of years, originated on the Indian subcontinent. Many of the claims made by the Ayurvedic medical system, which have been well-documented for thousands of years, have been supported by recent scientific investigations.
The concept of balance serves as the cornerstone of ayurvedic medicine. The key to good health, according to Ayurveda, is maintaining balance in the mind, body, and spirit. This balance is influenced by a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the use of herbal remedies.
Ayurvedic treatment has several benefits, including better digestion, more vitality, better circulation, and bodily cleaning. Other advantages of Ayurveda include stress reduction and mental clarity.
If you're interested in learning more about Ayurvedic medicine, it's essential to consult with a qualified practitioner. Make sure that ayurvedic medication is suited for you before starting any therapy, as it is not recommended for everyone.
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2023.06.08 10:52 No-Oven4862 I’ve (29f) come off the pill and am suddenly unsatisfied with my sex life with my bf (36m) of 6 years

I came off the pill a few month ago after almost a decade on it which spanned my entire 6 year relationship. Besides overall being much happier, my perspective on sex and attraction has changed completely. Not only am I ridiculously horny all the time, sometimes I can’t think about anything else, but I’m all of a sudden so aware of sex, of attraction and of other guys. I love my partner but I’m craving that fire, the passion, the lust. We used to sleep together maybe once a week, now I want it every day and he doesn’t get it. He brushes off my advances all the time and my hints to want to try new things are laughed at. I’ve found my mind wandering - guys at work, past flames… I just want to feel wanted, dominated, to feel someone crave me in the way that I’m craving them.
I work hard for my body and feel like I won’t be this desirable forever. I wish now that I’d had some more time to fool around in my youth. To enjoy the games and the flings and the adventures. I want to be with my partner forever but right now I just want to feel sexy, feel beautiful, feel alive.
I’ve tried to sometimes bring it up with him and it’s always met with defensiveness. He isn’t feeling well, not right now, stressed about work. My partner doesn’t care much about his appearance and when I say things like “your arms look big and hot right now” he’s say “oh now you want me to have big arms do you?” I find myself wishing he would notice my appearance more, say he finds me hot or sexy and also take pride in his own. I wish we could get dressed up and go out together feeling sexy.
I don’t know how to bring this up with him and I feel it’s making us grow apart. I know I’m the one that’s changed so I can’t expect him to change to accomodate me but it’s hard. It’s eating at my self esteem (not to mention the sexual frustration!). Should I bring it up? What do I say? Or do I suffer in silence hoping that things calm down for me?
TLDR - I’m super horny off the pill and my boyfriend isn’t matching my new sex drive. I feel like it’s pushing us apart and I don’t know how to bring it up.
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2023.06.08 10:51 lattieprincessa Does retinol body cream help with KP?

I have moderate Kp, and have tried loads of different creams such as cerave sa, ameliorate and a few others. Nothing has worked. I was wondering if using a retinol body lotion would help. It says it’s good for aging skin but how about kp?
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2023.06.08 10:50 Collins_Writes [For Hire] Established SEO Content Writer & Copywriter / SEO Specialist

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2023.06.08 10:49 ClinicaVelarde Best Gym membership Tomball

Best Gym membership Tomball
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2023.06.08 10:49 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 091: Serpent Time

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The first serpentine dragon form he was going to work on was a variant of river drake. Preferring as always to grow and change existent creatures rather than make new ones from raw mana, Mordecai sent his mind searching among the small creatures that had become part of their ecology. Snakes were obvious choices, as well as most lizards, but less reptilian creatures could work as well.
True Dragons were not mammals, birds, reptiles, or any other common animal type. Yet all of those and more were capable of becoming draconoids, and the draconoid races often had some potential to evolve into True Dragons. So what made the difference? How did things that were not related species become related species like that?
As far as Mordecai could tell, it was a case of a faith-like interaction with a concept that every sentient race held. It reinforced itself as well, for True Dragons certainly would always claim that they could recognize another True Dragon compared to a mere draconoid, and for something like this they counted as being on the ‘mortal’ side of the equation. It probably didn’t hurt that the primary creator deity of this reality was a dragon, creating a very strong focal point of the concept of dragon.
It didn’t take him long to find a selection of animals that resonated positively with the concept he had in his mind, and he drew those creatures to the fifth floor. It didn’t matter that they were not all the same species, the transformations would fix that. Changing a creature was magnitudes easier than creating one, and reforging them into being the exact same species was only a little harder than starting with the same base.
The biggest issue with starting from scratch was not the physical structure, that was only a little bit harder than creating some of the items available as treasures. No, it was holding everything together at the same moment and filling it with synchronized animus and spirit while kick-starting every single chemical process at once in proper harmony. He had vague memories of having tried this before, just enough to have been left as a warning of ‘don’t do this’ by his more complete self.
Oh, if he wanted constructs or something relatively simple, creatures that had animus but not true life and spirit, those weren’t too hard. The bookwyrms and biting words were examples of that. Though creating constructs might become harder soon if his suspicions were right. Well, he’d have to wait and see on that.
These thoughts only took a portion of his concentration as he reworked his volunteers to match his vision. For these river drakes he used a classic sea serpent/leviathan model, a long sinuous body with various frilly fins running along its length, a narrow head and snout with sharp teeth at one end and a flat tail for speed and maneuverability at the other. But that wasn’t enough to make them a real threat to travelers, even if they were three feet long.
The first customization he made was some minor chameleon abilities. Nothing magical in this case, just the same ability to subtly shift the structure of their scales to reflect different colors of light that many normal creatures had, if slightly more efficiently designed. The effects were enhanced by the fact that the waterways were going to be filled with floating motes of light, making it hard to accurately measure depth and distance by vision alone.
And of course, any quality drake needed an important draconic feature, a Breath Weapon. In this case, he gave them a powerful, narrow jet of water that could pierce many materials as well as potentially knock foes back.
Now for mobility. They were already great swimmers of course, but he wanted more than that. He’d already made sure their scales and skin wouldn’t dry out easily, now he gave them a minor flight ability. It was closer to being a magically enhanced jump with a little bit of levitation for extra distance and a soft landing, and just a tiny bit of mid-air guidance. They could do this from water or land, and they had the sharp teeth and powerful snake-like musculature to act as constrictors, though they were too small to do so to a typical humanoid. Their land speed was pretty comparable to most snakes as well, though their side fins interfered somewhat.
There was a final important touch that wouldn’t affect anything in the immediate future but would come into play when they had more levels. These two to three-foot-long drakes were juveniles for the species he had designed, and he would be creating habitats for their later life stages as the dungeon gained more levels, and eventually some spawning grounds back in the hidden pools along with a way for them to get there in their adult forms.
Mordecai now turned his attention to the second serpentine form he wanted for this floor. Winged Serpents. Oh, not actual Couatl, these were not divine creatures after all, but he modeled them on the famous celestial serpents, giving their snake-like bodies both rainbow-colored feathers and scales as well as growing a pair of powerful, wide wings. They wouldn’t be able to soar the skies elegantly, but what they needed was maneuverability and the ability to leap upward in a quick burst.
Instead of free-roaming creatures like the river drakes, he made these pack hunters, and created a special mushroom for their nests: These were low, squat structures that grew from the ceiling, with a structure that was soft enough for tunnels to be chewed into it, but with enough tensile strength to continue to cling to the ceiling so long as the tunnels were not excessive.
From either these nests or from the tops of the mushroom trees they could keep watch for potential prey, and called out to each other with ultrasonic cries to communicate, the tones too high for most creatures to hear. They also used a separate set of clicks in that range for echolocation, allowing them to ‘see’ no matter how dark their environment was.
In order to capitalize on this, he gave them a pair of abilities. The first was a simple globe of darkness spell, about 40 feet in diameter that they could cast on an area about once an hour. This was readily countered with any sufficiently strong light-themed spell, but it could still cause problems for unprepared groups.
The second ability was related, but not so easily countered. Once a day, they could release a billowing cloud of dark ‘smoke’ from underneath their scales. This was a chemical reaction instead of a spell, and was a strong irritant to most species, creating effects not unlike that of pepper oil. The combination made it hard to see them and was extremely distracting, but also shorter-lived than the darkness spell. This was generally going to be used to enable the winged serpent to escape when injured.
Their primary combat ability was a poisoned bite. These were ambush predators, and typically would dive in on prey and deliver several bites before retreating, and would repeat the tactic as needed. And for a final touch, he gave them a razor-sharp tail tip, more than capable of flaying flesh and enabling them to eat prey in pieces, unlike a snake.
Now, he knew what he wanted to do for the two ‘warring’ factions already, but the ‘wildlife’ didn’t feel quite fleshed out yet, and he wanted to nail that down first. Well, he had water and air covered, and the warring factions would cover the surface of the land well enough, so why not something from underground?
While snakes could fulfill this role too, Mordecai felt that it would be overdoing it at this point. And definitely nothing plant-like, he’d done enough with the mushroom already. So a burrowing animal of some sort. Hmm. Let's see what his options were.
Well, no burrowing birds, he already had a flying challenge in a dense forest, he didn’t need more. Rabbits and polecats have been used in other levels already before even considering what his warring factions were going to be like. In the end he had two choices he liked, and decided that the mammal would probably work better with the warring factions, so he developed the other into a proper predator instead.
Not that it wasn’t already, but it was a little small for humans, and he could make some other improvements as well. Mordecai began channeling magic into a selection of trap door spiders to enlarge them to about the size of a horse and set to work ‘improving’ them. The first step was to make their poison more potent, namely into a mix of paralytic agents and digestive enzymes. Then he enhanced their silk weaving abilities, giving them different web types by adding ‘normal’ webs, thrown net-webs, and the ability to lay out sensory threads on the ground in addition to using webbing to reinforce their layers and create the trapdoors.
Of course, having them only use ground lairs would be boring. So Mordecai made sure they could dig into some of the larger mushroom trees to create lairs there too. Getting through this floor was going to require some proper paranoia. Now, while both the river drakes and the feathered serpents were going to be able to come in great numbers, the giant spiders were tougher foes, so he was going to limit them to hunting in pairs. This still wasn’t normal spider behavior, but that would help make things creepier and keep people on their toes.
He had a nice selection of fungal hazards and dangerous creatures, so now it was time to start working on the two war camps and their denizens.
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2023.06.08 10:49 purplebacon93 Long term floxxie NAD+ flare. Recent concern of MS, any help appreciated

Hi, long term lurkecommenter, first time posting… lots of words to get out, from my current state… from things I’ve dealt with for 5 years (only the pain), something’s I’ve dealt with stomach related for maybe 2 years (mostly better, just lingering constipation), and a couple things about a year (new sluggishness from running, lightheaded from glute workouts/feeling sick to my stomach, intensely dizzy from same workout but also standing up too fast from hamstring ups ), and finally last two weeks of a feeling like I can’t exert my bowel movement or I’ll like get dizzy or something , which I recently was sick with chest congestion and got massively dizzy blowing my nose too hard, could be minor anxiety from that. Tonight I feel leg weakness, tremors, nausea, lack of oxygen or something, weak, a bit lightheaded. Nad, caffeine too late, smoke everywhere from Canada, maybe too much at once but I mostly blame nad, but the somewhat new symptoms relating to a few forms of physical exertion REALLY concern me cause heck I played soccer a year in withiut issue I’ve always just had that chronic pelvic and hip pain since day 7 of that cipro course.
29M, decently fit and a bit below average weight. I am a long haul floxxie of 5 years (1.5 years of proper supplementing though cause I was misled by every doctor I saw). I just took NAD+ for the first time thinking I hadn’t tried it. I am getting a ton of symptoms I didn’t even have peak flox. I am getting leg weakness, intense internal tremors, I feel a bit lightheaded, nausea. Is any of this normal or a sign of what’s wrong with me since I believe floxxing invoked something latent or lingering anxiety/cpps. Or maybe even early signs of MS because of the current leg weakness and a year of high weight squats causing nausea and some running causing sluggishness. My hopes of this post is to 1. Clear my MS concern or validate it, that or the blood flow to my muscles. And 2. To understand why NAD just hit me like a train, and does that mean something about my mitochondria being messed up this whole time? I can’t say I’ve done a ton of mito phagy, and my upper glute seems to never get stronger. I did about 2 years straight of hip, glute, hamstring, soaz, hip flexor physical therapy exercise and massage.
My usual symptoms are mostly related to my pelvic region and usually just lower back, si joint, hip (laying down), sometimes constipation, and a fullness feeling in my pelvis. All of which my current suspicion is that my peak floxxing induced glute weakness and in turn, pelvic floor dysfunction/cpps where I also had sexual dysfunction when active. I’ve never had general leg weakness before but did have had intense lightheaded ness after doing glute related leg workouts. That type of lightheaded ness and sick to my stomach feeling is also something I did not feel a year in. The pain is the only common symptom of 5 years.
In all honesty another concern is I’ve felt generally like I’ve degraded in some way physically (lack of exercise maybe but I want to consider something worse out of concern), where I definitely don’t feel like I can even jog without getting a bit sluggish feeling like not out of breath but just like my body can’t keep up where even a year in I think I could jog more or less, even run. I played soccer a year in actually. Maybe I’m just out of shape from only walking and sometimes weights but nothing strenuous
This body weakness, my recent nausea from leg workouts, a little bit of a concern with one eyes vision feeling a tiny bit blurry, and the feeling I can’t exert my bowel muscles has me even considering MS. Even my constipation feels worse despite fiber and a half decent diet.
Tonight feels like a train wreck despite the MS concern feeling very real. I had too much coffee late, I was exposed maybe a bit too much to the smoke coming down from Canada (I’m in PA). I feel out of breath, weak, trembling as I type. Nad is 100% causing the intensity, but I really want to consider those recent year and two weeks of new symptoms that seem almost outside the floxxing. Though bear in mind, my mental energy is amazing I feeel like I can stay up very late every night, it’s simply the physical exertion that feels so off and it’s specifically some sort of brain to muscle connection failing because as mentioned I don’t feel out of breath yet it feels like my body can’t keep up like it’s worried about exertion (upper glute has been the one very weak area for 5 years now though).
Horrible day, it’s 4:18am and sleep feels impossible with how much my body is trembling/uneasy, any insight into my seemingly progressive symptoms of some sort (constipation, sluggish after running, nausea and light headed, off balance from glute and squats, very recent one eye blurryness), and my not completely ignoring my full 5 year long term symptoms of pelvic pressure, lower back and hip pain, urinary frequency, sometimes stomach pain/nausea and sexual dysfunction pointing to cpps. Appreciate anyone who read this far holy crap for once I feel like one of the people with crazy reactions. It’s so bad right now my body is freaking out and I know for sure it’s the NAD mostly, maybe the smoke is causing less oxygen too, too much caffeine I was mostly fine till about 4 hours after the nad. Though very very recently like last week I have felt like I can’t force myself to poop, like it almost feels like the exertion would make me out of breath or dizzy. This aspect almost scares me the most because that’s a new thing and points to some sort of progressive weakening that NAD just blew the cover off of.
Typing through the anxiety but it’s not getting much better, part of me worries I’m getting some bowel incontinence even. Hate to repeat myself but that feeling I can’t exert myself when pooping has been scaring me the last week. MS symptoms kind of only matched up with the pelvic stuff plus maybe the getting up causing dizziness but that’s only when I worked out my hammies or glutes, or sluggishness from running (walking I’m pretty much totally fine). Also the two weeks of my right eye feeling off. Only thing consistent there is everything has always been right sided so say my neck was off , it’s not completely unusual for my eye to maybe be a bit out of wack. It got seemingly better so my primary concern is that body sluggishness like my body is very hesitant to exert itself (even pooping ffs). I feel like an oncoming lightheaded dizzinesss if I go further.
My blood pressure was 100/70 when usually I’m 114-70, so maybe I’m just not getting sufficient blood flow. I just want to know what’s to be concerned about. I probably should see my doctor but you guys are more caring…. Much love to anyone reading this. I wish you a good day
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2023.06.08 10:47 uchiynz Having a hard time orgasming, advice pls

Hey guys, I [22F] ve been with my boyfriend [22M] for a year and half and since the beginning of the year I've been having a hard time having an orgasm and also having a high libido back. This did arrange a little with time (after exams results, etc) but I don't feel like I'm in my normal state? I do anxiety and also relationship-related anxiety (working on it with therapist tho!) and things are better for me but I still can't find myself aroused like I used to be, even when I'm by myself (that is why I'm not sure the issue comes from my relationship). I don't really get it because apart from my anxiety (even tho it takes a great amount of place I guess) I love my boyfriend very much, and I think he's very hot. I am not very confident in my body and have quite the eczema so maybe that would be related?.... I also thought that maybe I'm pressuring myself to have an orgasm since I can't seem to naturally have one, but reflecting on myself doesn't help. If anyone has any advice to find my libido back and feel free again, it would be much appreciated! thanks :)
PS: I know making love isn't only about orgasm but rather to share an intimate moment with your partner!
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