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Everything relating to Panama City, Florida — for locals and tourists alike. Covering the entire metro area including all of Bay County: Panama City, Panama City Beach, Callaway, Springfield, Cedar Grove, Parker, Lynn Haven, etc.

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Subreddit for Panama City Beach, FL, for locals and tourists alike.

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2023.05.30 00:15 plotholefinder Vegan Soda bread?

Hey all, will be in Ireland and love Irish soda bread, but unfortunately have developed a dairy allergy. Anyone know a spot in Dublin (or Kilkenny, Waterford, Cork, or Tralee, though I'm guessing Dublin likely has the most options) where they make good vegan Soda bread? Down for a bakery or a restaurant, whatever y'all suggest!
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2023.05.30 00:13 WeenJeans Oh Roger.

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2023.05.29 23:56 blahsayyy_ Crush Vent??

hi everyone, im new here and i feel bad for bothering and venting to my friends about this and felt better if i just shared it here :/
me (20F) has finally gotten back into i guess the “dating scene” after a really bad situationship and was recently asked out by this guy who came up to me at work. he was pretty, charming, and very funny and even told me where he worked. after he left my coworkers told me he was flirting with me, and as someone who cant read body language or social cues very well I was super surprised. i ended up finding out he was a lifeguard at our university rec center and I gained the courage to give him my number. he seemed very flustered and happy which, for me felt like an obvious indicator he was into me too. i even had my friends hid behind a corner while i asked to get their their opinions on the interaction too. he ends up texting me the following day and we begin talking, flirty, all of the cringy stuff and he asks me out on mothers day. i had to reject since i was spending time with my mom in a different city and by the time i’d be back he would he with his mom already. he made it seem like he completely understood and we kept talking. i thought things were going really well and was waiting for him to reschedule our date before i went to chicago for a vacation with my friends. he never did reschedule but seemed like he was excited for me to go on my trip. but the day i left he seemed to completely stop talking or take half the day to answer my texts. he would always find an excuse and apologize and i thought nothing of it, until it kept happening again and again. he ended up ghosting me, which didn’t hurt as bad since ive been used to getting rejected or ghosted for most of my life. although i do have to admit it still hurts. i decided to redownload bumble and swipe just for fun, since nothing really comes out of it anyway. i ended up meeting this one guy, D (23M) who looks shockingly a lot like alex and was very sweet. i also noticed from his profile that we also do have a similar taste in music! he asked me out on a date the following weekend to a korean restaurant that recently opened up on the other side of town and even offered to pay for me. this was a little out of my comfort zone considering i havent met anyone in real life off of a dating app. so i suggested to go to our city’s annual festival, since i have never went before. there was going to be a firework show, rides, and food—so i figured, why not? he was sweet enough to buy everything the whole day. i felt like we connected quickly, we had a lot of similar interests and seemed like someone ideal to be with. the day of our day i got ready, i also let him know how nervous ill be since in general im not great with meeting new people. he completely understood and expressed he was nervous too, which made me feel slightly better. on his profile i saw that it says in the “looking for” section he only put “something casual” which did make me nervous that he was going to be too touchy or want to hookup. but on the day of the date he did not seem that way at all. he was kind, respectful, funny, and very laidback. we didnt even hold hands until towards the end of our date. after going on fun rides and getting pizza we headed over the firework show and ate our food while watching it. i thought that he would at least kiss me at that point but i could tell he was also pretty nervous. we talked for about 2 hours after the firework show ended and once it started to get too hold we started heading back to his car. on the way i took him to some of my favorite parts of downtown. which in my opinion were the best places to share a first kiss with no one around, but it didnt happen. i was also okay with the fact it didn’t happen, since i didnt want to pressure him into anything. once we got to the parking garage we hugged goodbye and i walked home. once i got home he texted me saying he was locked out of the parking garage and that he accidentally parked in a university parking garage. i work with id services at my job, so thankfully i knew what to do in the situation to get him help. he expressed a lot of gratitude and we texted until we both fell asleep. the next day he responded to my text i left him before going to sleep and i began to notice he was only texting me every 1-3 hours throughout the day. i began to catastrophize, worrying that i was just going to get ghosted again. but whenever he did text back he seemed really into what we were talking about, so i didnt worry about it too much. the next day (yesterday) it was better, it turned into every hour he was responding, but then suddenly stopped at around 8pm. i tried making myself not worry or spiral as i know he is a human, is busy, and has a life of his own. he sent me a good morning text and answered the text i left him (around 8:30am this morning). after i answered he hasn’t interacted, opened, or talked to me all day. which worries me that i am inevitably am going to get ghosted. earlier today i suggested another date by going to see a movie, still no answer until while writing this post. he told me hes going camping this week and asked if next week will work and finally interacted with the things i sent him. im just worried he might be losing interest or will ghost me. or he could just be busy? im so used to sprouting relationships with all green flags suddenly crashing down by ghosting or being rejected. does anyone know how to cope or can give me any advice? or assurance that they felt similar to the way i am? or am i just acting insane? lol
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2023.05.29 23:54 Formal_Pea9167 I Watch Paige's Week At Home Blog So You Don't Have To, I'm Serious The Vlog Is Like An Hour Long Don't Do This To Yourself

A day late but we're here, my little cheeto eaters! Remember as always to grab your bingo cards and let's get our little long weekend slumber party going. This whole fucking thing is FORTY MINUTES LONG, you're all lucky that my sibling who was supposed to spend the day chilling at my place has apparently forgotten that plan.

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2023.05.29 23:52 Zubatosunce First time travelling to Greece

Hi guys, I’m looking for some help/guidance on where to travel on short notice because I’m totally overwhelmed by the choice… My boyfriend and I are looking for a destination that has clean sea, nice beaches and nature, nothing too crazy for partying since we really want to go to relax for a week and just swim and lay in the sun haha. I was looking into Korfu and Rhodes (Korfu especially bc it’s green and closer). But still it’s very overwhelming to decide about where to go on these islands (which city, place etc). Also would be nice to do some sightseeing but nothing that requires a car since we don’t have a license lol…
Any type of advice would be helpful :)) thanks!!
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2023.05.29 23:40 Melissaldork [Sell][From US to US] Full sizes and sample perfumes - Memorial week sale, buy one full size, get one half off

PayPal goods/services. I may be out but I'll respond as soon as I'm able. $4.50 shipping. Scents are kept in a dark closet. I reuse packaging and I ship on the weekends.
Memorial Day sale through 6/2 - buy one full size, get one half off. (Equal or lower price will be the one that is 50% off)
Full sizes
Alkemia - Sandscape 5ml extrait roller Sun warmed beach sand, Atlantic ocean breezes, the saline-aquatic scent of drying sea water on skin, and the faintest hints of tanning oil and seaweed. RIS, tried once, $14
Astrid Merci 23 - 8ml oil Candied fruits and amber. Fill slightly below top of label. $15
Astrid Wicked Good 8ml oil Dulce de leche, apple, brownie, spiced woods, and warm vanilla musk. Not vegan. Tried twice, $18
BPAL Supposed to be a Pretzel 5ml Oil "… but also kinda smells like popcorn?" RIS, tried once, $18
Death and Floral - Vintage Cream Soda 5ml oil roller Classic A&W cream soda. Tried twice, $14.
Death and Floral - Black Forest Honey 5ml oil roller Blackened honey musk, deep and rich with a hint of blackstrap molasse (formulated in a skin-safe honey base). Tried a few times, $13
Haus of Gloi - Salty Sea Mist Covered Hay 5ml oil Hay accord with white musk, white amber, and salty sea air. Tried once, $14
Long Winter Farm - Fig & Forest 10ml oil roller Sweet, fruity fig and fir needle. It smells like both the first flow of sap in the spring and that first night after you put up the Christmas tree in winter. Tried once, $12
Long Winter Farm - Porridge 10 ml oil roller Just as warm and comforting as you want it to be, this one's a blend of oats, cinnamon, honey, dried figs, and sweet cream. Tried twice, $12
Osmofolia - Evening Sun 5ml oil roller Dried yellow corn husks and crisp green corn stalks, stacked hay bales, flaky cinnamon sugar pastries, fresh popcorn, and a field full of Evening Sun sunflowers. Tried twice, $14
Snowy White Owl Perfume - Breakfast in America 10ml oil roller blueberry buttermilk pancakes ladled with cinnamon butter, red maple syrup, bacon, and fresh black coffee. Tried once, $12
Themed/branded sample bags -
Alkemia sample bag - 4 samples direct from house - Lilacs Along the Winding Road, Camilla, Madam X, and Winter Sanctuary. All new, $12
Nui Cobalt sample bag 5 samples direct from house - Humbuggery, Hive Mind, Scallywag, Charlatan and Melophilia. All tested once, $15
Who is that/Where am I sample bag - interesting characters and places. Features brands Osmofolia (2), Morari, Stone and Wit, Poesie, Hex. 6 samples, $8.
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2023.05.29 23:38 Jscott1986 What cities deserve to host a major party convention that have never hosted before? We know 2024 will be Chicago (DNC) and Milwaukee (RNC). What would make sense in 2028? Nashville, Salt Lake City, and Pittsburgh were 2024 RNC contenders. Atlanta, New York City, and Houston were 2024 DNC options.

Since 1900, the DNC has been hosted in: Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York City, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Miami Beach, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, and Milwaukee (repeats excluded)
Since 1900, the RNC has been hosted in: Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, San Francisco, Miami Beach, Detroit, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, San Diego, New York City, Saint Paul, Tampa, and Charlotte (repeats excluded)
IMO, Nashville, Phoenix, and San Antonio would all be good options for both major parties.
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2023.05.29 23:24 Fsuave5 Dashing in Kansas City

I'm thinking about getting started with dashing. I don't drive, I have an electric bike with a 40-some odd mile battery life (that of course pedals too) and since i live downtown i would be only catering to downtown customers ordering from downtown-area restaurants. would anyone who does this in the kansas city area be able to guestimate my chances of success of possibly doing this full time?
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2023.05.29 23:23 Fsuave5 UE in kansas city

I'm thinking about getting started with delivery. I don't drive, I have an electric bike with a 40-some odd mile battery life (that of course pedals too) and since i live downtown i would be only catering to downtown customers ordering from downtown-area restaurants. would anyone who does this in the kansas city area be able to guestimate my chances of success of possibly doing this full time?
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2023.05.29 23:14 kevien12 Alathra: New Frontiers 1.19+ [semi-vanilla] {Worldbuilding} {Geopolitical} {Light Roleplay}

Alathra: New Frontiers
A Worldbuilding, Geopolitical, Light Roleplay Server.
Alathra is one of the top searched and played world building server in the world! Maybe you are looking to join one of the grand towns and nations across Alathra. Maybe you want to start your own in undeveloped land. Perhaps your goal is to master trade and become a wealthy merchant. What about starting your own player-run guild, or starting a new religion? Maybe you just want to be a hermit and live alone on a mountain.
All of this is possible on Alathra because here players tell the story. Alathra is full of characters, nations, cultures, and organizations. Many battles and wars have been fought. There are heroes, there are villains, and plenty that fall somewhere in between. Will you make your mark on the history of Alathra? Start your journey today!
Key Features
Create towns and cities with your friends or join an existing one. With Towny you can claim areas to build safely and store your items. Start a large nation with sprawling cities or create a small farming village. The sky is the limit!
Lore, RP & Worldbuilding
One of the key gameplay aspects of Alathra is its lore, roleplay (RP) and geopolitics. The community is constantly creating captivating lore and RP including player-run organizations, events, and religions, as well as conflicts and wars. In Alathra you can create your own unique story, which is bound to intertwine with the stories of others.
Custom World
The map of Alathra is completely custom, designed from scratch using a combination of tools to encourage exploration trade and geopolitics. The world consists of continents separated by oceans and is divided into four temperature zones. Along with enhancements to vanilla biomes, the map also includes many new biomes such as red sand deserts, tropical beaches, calcite mountains, giant spruce forests, mangrove islands, prairies, steppes and more! There are also landmarks that can be found throughout the map including volcanoes, salt flats and underground rivers.
Custom Plugins
Alathra has its own dedicated team of developers who are consistently develop new plugins and features that give Alathra a unique feel that we guarantee you won't find on other servers. Some examples include lockpicking, a custom war system, character cards, medieval weapons, a fast travel port system, regional resources and so much more!
Movecraft is a plugin that allows you to create moveable ships, from small fishing boats to large Man o' Wars! Fill your ships with chests for trade or line them with cannons for war. The version of Movecraft Alathra uses is also specifically written and configured to allow for naval combat.
The Brewery plugin allows you to create many different interesting brews as well as the many custom brews that have been made by players. Become your town's barkeeper! Experiment to see how many of hundreds of custom brews you can discover.
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2023.05.29 23:03 YippieYiYi BABY'S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE Chapter 1

By YippieYiYi
The Bird of Paradise had been on the front steps for a year and wasn’t getting enough sun, it hadn’t produced a single flower. I got the two-wheeler, but couldn’t get the pot on by myself. There’s a young guy on the sidewalk walking towards me. He’s got on one of those yellow visibility vests, no shirt underneath, a pair of black nylon basketball shorts and heavy work boots. He’s carrying a backpack over one shoulder. He must work for the city. He’s tall and thin with a wiry body. It’s hard to see his face, he’s got a baseball cap on with a Florida Gator’s logo, and a pair of dark sunglasses.
“Hola yourself, I was born here.”
“Sorry, can you give me a hand moving this plant?”
“Yeah, sure.”
I hold the dolly and he pushes the plant onto it so I can tip it back. I push it to the backyard, he follows and helps get if off.
“Where do you want it?”
“In the corner, it’ll get a lot more sun there.”
He wiggles it into place and says “How’s that?”
“Perfect! Thanks a lot! Can I offer you a beer?”
He follows me into the house and I motion to the couch. The soccer game is still on the TV.
I grab a couple of Dos Equis and sit next to him.
“What’s your name?”
“Hi, Carlos. I’m Rick. Do you work for the city?”
“Yeah, Public Works.”
“Cool. What do you do?”
“Whatever they tell me. Usually just put out traffic cones, stand with a flag to warn people to slow down, sometimes dig ditches.”
“You live in the neighborhood?”
“Yeah, I just moved back with my mom for summer break, she’s on the next block. I don’t have a car so my boss pics me up and drops me off in front of the church.”
“How old are you?”
He takes off his hat and sunglasses and puts them on the coffee table. I can see his face now. Beautiful soft features, a wispy mustache, and long straight hair he had tucked under the hat. His skin is cafe-au-lait, probably tanned darker from being in the sun all day. He’s skinny, but his muscles are defined. I try not to stare, but I can’t help it. There’s a large bulge in the front of his shorts, but I’m pretty sure it’s his cell phone.
“I didn’t mean to insult you assuming you spoke Spanish, but you do look Latino, and a lot of the road crews just speak Spanish”
“Nah, I was just playing with you. Both my parents are from Columbia, but I was born here. I speak enough to get by, but I’d probably be lost if I ever went there. We don’t speak Spanish at home. It just took me by surprise, I go to FSU, everyone there assumes I must speak English.”
He’s lying back on the couch, the vest wide open, his arms crossed behind his head, looking completely relaxed. I see a beautiful happy trail leading down his shorts and tufts of dark hair under his arms, but try to distract myself with the soccer game.
“You want another beer?”
I head to the kitchen, grab the beers and a can of mixed nuts.
I put the nuts on the coffee table and he grabs a handful. I don’t think he’s really watching the soccer game, it’s a re-cap of the 2022 World Cup. I see him looking around the room.
“Where’s the head?”
“That door there”
The bathroom opens right onto the living room, one thing I didn’t like about the house when I was house-hunting, but it was in a great neighborhood close to the beach. I can hear him pissing, a really strong stream like young guys have. He didn’t close the door. I hear a piece of toilet paper torn, he must be wiping the tip of his dick. I like when guys do that, I always do. I’m the type that washes my hands before I piss so I don’t get my dick dirty. He flushes then washes his hands.
“I hope you don’t mind I used your towel in there.”
He settles back on the couch, doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere.
“You wanna smoke a joint?” he asks.
“Sure, I’ve got a little time. I don’t have to be at work for a couple hours.”
“Where do you work?”
“I work a couple nights a week at Massage Envy downtown. I’m a critical care nurse but I needed a break after the pandemic, and I had my massage license anyway. That’s how I put myself through nursing school.”
“How’d you end up in this little town?”
“My father passed recently. I ended up inheriting enough money to move out of the state and buy a house. I had vacationed here and loved it, so I decided to move here. I love being able to walk to the beach and downtown.”
“You own the house?”
“Shit, how old are you?”
“No way! You’re 27, own your own house, and work just a couple nights a week? Must be nice.”
“Like I said, I inherited some money. I still don’t know where it all came from, my parents never had much. My mother passed away a while ago, then after my dad died, I started getting statements from all these investment accounts in his name. It’s enough to take a break, but I’m going to have to get a job eventually, not sure if I’ll go back to nursing, though, I’m thinking maybe something else, just not sure what.”
Carlos lights the joint and passes it to me. I take a hit and get up to get an ashtray. I take a couple more hits and sit down, passing the joint back to him. As I’m walking back to the couch I can’t help but notice how incredibly handsome he is, in that kinda sweet, kinda rough way that always gets me. We finish the joint and make small talk about the World Cup.
“You dropped a couple.”
Without thinking I reach over and brush the peanuts from his crotch. He grabs my hand, pushing it away, and glares at me. I was embarrassed and stunned (and stoned). Slowly the glare turned into a small smile, and he put my hand back.
I was struck dumb, but started feeling his crotch. It wasn’t his cell phone. I was rubbing up and down through the fabric and felt it swell.
“Here, let me make it easier”
Carlos raised his butt and lowered his shorts and boxers to his knees and sat back down. His boxers were black with yellow smiley faces.
“Jeez! That thing’s as big as a baby’s arm holding an apple!”
Carlos burst out laughing. “What did you say?”
“I said your dick’s as big as a baby’s arm holding an apple. You’ve never heard that expression?”
“No, never. I guess us Spanish speakers don’t use it” he kidded.
“Maybe it’s a regional euphemism, it sounds southern though. Not sure where I first heard it.”
I swear, this guy was packing. Not only thick, but long, and the head was massive. I couldn’t stop staring. He was holding it and asked me to jerk him off. I turned towards him and put both my hands on it and started pumping. He grabbed the back of my head and forced it down. I got the head in my mouth but there was no way I was going to take any more. I kept pumping with my hands and he quickly came. I couldn’t swallow fast enough, my mouth filled and his cum spilled out of my lips onto the couch.
“God, I needed that. I don’t usually fool around with guys, but you seem cool.”
He pulled an elastic from his pocket, tied his hair back and told me to stand up. I stood in front of him and he dropped my shorts and started kissing my thighs. He took his time, licking and sucking my balls till he finally started on my dick. There was a thread of pre-cum he pulled off and wiped on his shorts. I’d never been too concerned with my dick size, it seemed pretty good and I’d never had any complaints, but I felt like a little kid compared to his.
“Sorry I’m not as big as you.” I felt stupid as soon as I said it.
“Shut up, it’s a pain. No one can blow me, and my girlfriend only lets me put it halfway in. Worst part is when I take a dump, I’ve got to hold it up so it doesn’t hang in the toilet water. Yours is the perfect size for blowing and fucking, so don’t get all self-conscious on me.”
“You have a girlfriend?”
“Shut up and let me blow you.”
So I did. He licked it clean and pulled up my shorts and started zipping them.
I don’t trust anyone pulling a zipper up anywhere near my dick. I got the foreskin caught in it once when I was a kid and can still feel the pain.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful with this beauty, I’m gonna want to use it again I think.”
“What about this girlfriend?”
“Just a girl I was seeing at school, we went out together a lot, but I think it was more of a FWB deal. She lives in California so I won’t see her till next fall. Why she wanted to go to college in Florida is beyond me.”
“I’ve gotta get ready to go to work, you wanna stop by tomorrow on your way home?”
He smiles. “Sure.”
“So I guess you’ll be massaging a bunch of hot guys tonight, huh?”
“Fat chance. I’ve got three bookings, two women and one man, all over 70. One has sciatica, the other scoliosis, and the guy has weakness in his legs so I stretch and massage them to stimulate the nerves.”
I shower to get the smell of beer and pot off me, and grab a bite to eat before heading over to the massage studio.
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2023.05.29 22:58 potionforharlequin Looking for roommate (Crystal City)

1 bedroom available in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment starting 6/15 for $1100 a month plus wifi and utilities (utilities and wifi usually come out to about $150 a month).
My current roommate is moving into her own place so I’m looking for a new roommate to renew my lease with! The apartment is 1000 sq ft and you’d have your own bedroom and bathroom. The lease is for 12 months and I have two cats so you’d have to be pet friendly (they stay primarily in my room).
The apartment has central aiheat and an in unit washer and dryer. The apartment building is a block from the Crystal City metro and has a pool, gym, and parking garage. Grocery stores, restaurants, shops, and the metro are all within walking distance!
A bit about me! Im a 25 year old training analyst primarily working from home. I love music, reading, gaming, traveling, and animals! I graduated from Catholic University in 2020 so I’ve been in the DC area for about 7 years now.
If you have any questions or are interested in the room, feel free to send me a dm!
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2023.05.29 22:54 potionforharlequin Looking for a roommate! (Crystal City area)

1 bedroom available in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment starting 6/15 for $1100 a month plus wifi and utilities (utilities and wifi usually come out to about $150 a month).
My current roommate is moving into her own place so I’m looking for a new roommate to renew my lease with! The apartment is 1000 sq ft and you’d have your own bedroom and bathroom. The lease is for 12 months and I have two cats so you’d have to be pet friendly (they stay primarily in my room).
The apartment has central aiheat and an in unit washer and dryer. The apartment building is a block from the Crystal City metro and has a pool, gym, and parking garage. Grocery stores, restaurants, shops, and the metro are all within walking distance!
A bit about me! Im a 25 year old training analyst primarily working from home. I love music, reading, gaming, traveling, and animals! I graduated from Catholic University in 2020 so I’ve been in the DC area for about 7 years now.
If you have any questions or are interested in the room, feel free to send me a dm!
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2023.05.29 22:53 UnDanteKain I am never visiting Pondicherry again.

I'm from Chennai, and I decided to go with my wife to Pondicherry this weekend. We thought it a safe option, quiet, cozy and relaxing. What followed was one of the worst experiences in my life, and has shaken me badly.
In ONE SINGLE DAY, I have been harrassed by locals over a fender bender, with repeated threats of violence and actual violence on my vehicle. I have been yelled at by auto drivers, who inflicted even more violence to my vehicle simply because I wouldn't give way to them. They seem to have followed my wife and me to the restaurant we went to and let the air out of the tires by removing the pins. We could have been killed, because I lost control of the vehicle in traffic. The road rage is surreal, along with the lack of decorum or precautions for safety.
This experience has left me bitter, ashamed and disgusted with the people in Pondicherry. I am a Tamilian, and I have never felt more hatred to people from my own community. I have never felt more unsafe in India. I will never be visiting this city again.
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2023.05.29 22:51 Fullmoon-nostars I can’t stop resenting my family. Help

I’m (30f) the oldest of 8 kids. My parents had me when they when they were 14f and 17m. Two years after they had my twin brothers, 5 years later my sister, a year later my brother, when I was 13 my twin sisters. My parents had my final sibling, brother,when I was 22.I’ve always had to watch them constantly. My twin brothers were non verbal and not much help so it was constantly stressful. After I got out of school I had to catch a bus to pick them up and walk them home even though my mother was home and could have done it. Fast forward to the worst month of my life when I was 15 my parents took me to the hospital and dropped me off because I needed to have surgery. I sat in that waiting room for over an hour just to be told that I had to have a parent with me. Then on the way home my boyfriend called me to tell me my house was on fire. My twin brothers died on site, and my brother and sister were taken to the hospital where they later died of smoke inhalation. While me and my entire family were waiting in the hospital, my younger cousins kept asking me how could I leave them alone, why would o go to the store. I corrected them that I was in the hospital but my grandmother and mother shushed me. They were telling people that I was at home with them and I left to get snacks putting the blame on me so I guess they wouldn’t get in trouble for negligence. My twin sisters were with my mother at the time somewhere else during the fire, I’m not sure where. It was very devastating.
This is the bulk of my resentment. There is a lot more but I’ll put the main issues instead of all.
As the oldest I was beat the most for basically acting like a child. I was beat when my twin sisters were born because I came home late after my math teacher locked all of us in her class room for detention because a few of them were talking.
When I was 14 my parents wanted my sibling to go to summer camp but didn’t trust the owner so made me work there for $10 a day (from 8am -3pm) and my mother said it was too much money for me and made me give her my $50 dollars at the end of the week. I then had to ask her for a few dollars of my own money each day when I wanted to go to the store for snacks. She did this again when I was 16-18 when I was babysitting my cousins for money because she didn’t like that I bought a $30 bra.
There are foods I don’t like, like pork chops, and my mother will constantly put in on my plate even thought she’ll ask me what I want and I say everything but pork chops. And she’ll say what? Pork chops are good then get upset when I throw them away. Yet with my siblings she respects there wishes, even going so far as to make them separate meals from the main meals because they don’t like cheese or peppers.
There was an incident where I was 17 and there was pancake mix on the counter and she woke me up from my sleep to ask me why I didn’t clean up after myself. I said it wasn’t me because it wasn’t. And she condescendingly, said, “well, I guess the ghosted I did it then”. I said I don’t even like chocolate chip pancakes and she said I was a liar because I always eat them when she puts them on my plate, but I’ve never gone out my way to make them myself or buy them from any restaurant. I don’t hate them. I just tolerated them. I recently visited home and she put three blueberry pancakes on my plate, I initially thought they were regular, and I ate half of one, and I was disappointed. I stopped eating them and just ate the rest of the food. She looked at my plate and said I don’t know why you’re not eating that like you don’t eat food ( as a dig about my weight gain)
When I was 12 I got very curvy, and she would constantly compare herself to me.”when I was your age I wasn’t as big as you. “ both my parents would tell me I was fat and I believed them. My friend would come over and my mother would say she was so slim and I should be like my friend. So I started making myself throw up like my friend.
In 12th grade, I babysit constantly for application money to colleges. I paid every single one, and I got excepted into so many art schools. I had all my acceptance letters posted on my wall, and my parents came in excited because I got a conditional acceptance letter to a nursing school. ( they opened it) and when I said that I want it to go to one of the art schools that I was accepted into they and my grandmother burst out laughing at me. But fast forward today my mother is helping my sisters pick out the best art school for them.
When I was 26 I started to gain a lot of weight and she told me they were always joking when they called me fat and now I actually am.
When I turned 19 they became more controlling because they didn’t like my boyfriend and I had a curfew for 10:30. Never had a curfew before. My mother would berate me and say he was a bitch and lame, even though she never met him. I found out I was pregnant and I ended up not telling my parent. They told me if I ever got pregnant they baby could stay but I had to leave and at the time I was no longer allowed to go into the fridge. So I got a secret abortion. I really didn’t want to but my mother was right about my boyfriend. They then told me they wanted me to start paying rent with a curfew in place, not being allowed to go into the fridge, having no privacy( they opened my mail and go through my belongings), and still having to pick my sisters up from school ( the entire time my mom did not work so could pick up her own kids), so I decided to just join the marines. I left 6 months laters.
Additionally my parents tried to open a lead case for me behind my back. There was a letter in my name from the city of nerwak. Real official looking, my dad saw me with it and took it from me and told me that anything from the city with my name on it belongs to him. Unfortunately, they had just made the cut off, so nothing could be done.
Now that I’m 30 with ptsd my mother still acts the same way. I come to visit my sisters and brother once of so a year and they beg me to move back. My mom reached out to link her arm with mine and I jerked away from her. She looked hurt and asked why I did that. I didn’t really know at the time but since my last visit, I’ve been thinking about all of this stuff and I hate to live in the past. But it’s hard watching her say one thing to me, but then another to my siblings. I always had to walk to school and my parents told my siblings. They drove all their children to school and when I corrected them, they were genuinely confused. they told my siblings They never beat their kids and I said that y’all beat me and they claim to not remember that. They won’t even let my sister walk to the corner store three blocks away and she’s 17 and yet my middle school is 7 blocks past that store and I walked there everyday.
For a very long time I was convinced they hated me. I don’t know how to move past all this
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2023.05.29 22:49 Shevasson Searching Restaurant for 10 people (40th birthday)

Hello all, I just arrived in Valencia, on Wednesday 9 friends of mine will arrive to celebrate my 40th birthday on Thursday. We are all of a similar age and still like to go out, young at heart. I am looking for a restaurant for Thursday evening where I can go with all 10 people. We all stay in Russafa, but are also open to Cabanyal or Plaza d’Hondures, but also like other parts of the city. Tapas would be nice, perfect would be a restaurant with a backyard where you can sit, eat and drink comfortably. Not a must, as long as there is room for 10 people outside. Does anyone have any tips? Thank you! ❤️
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2023.05.29 22:46 bubbagumpfan6000 Side job/hustle ideas

Hi there! I’ve been working full-time in SF for a few months now but find myself with a lot of free time outside of working hours and would really like to use that time to earn extra income. I’m a female in my early 20s living in a pretty central part of the city with a lot of public transportation (I have a CA license but no car). I completed undergrad in December 2022 (not working in tech space).
Could anyone please share any ideas for side jobs/hustles in the area? My availability is generally after 4:30/5:00pm on M-Th, after 1:30/2:00pm on Fridays, & all day on Saturday/Sunday. I also welcome anyone messaging me directly about a more specific opportunity!
I will also add that I’ve never worked a restaurant/food service/cafe job but would be open to it if the necessary training is provided. Also, I’ve done UberEats delivery on foot, but making money on there can be unreliable. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 22:31 DrowningDuckie123 Best place for solo traveling?

Hi everyone!
I am planning to go to Greece the last 2 weeks of June for about 10 days.
Doing some research about the different islands I am really not sure which one to go to.
The things I would like to do: hiking I love to walk around in the mountains/nature, relax a bit on the beach, running (morning runs), experience the Greek culture and maybe some night activities but I am not really a party guy. I do love great restaurants with unique kitchens!
Preferably a MMA or muay thai gym as I love to visit different gyms to join a workout with the locals!
I am 21 years old, would like to meet some locals or other travelers!
Mykonos seemed a bit to much party focused and Santorini seemed like a place primarily for couples😅
Thanks in advance for your time!!!
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2023.05.29 22:28 Ottawaguitar Restaurant ratings inflation?

Lately, I have been going to restaurants around the city that are supposed to be good. You know, Google reviews above four stars. However, most of the time, the experience wasn't that great. The food seems prefabricated, the decor nothing special, attention is polite but not personable. Same thing with some recommended ice cream shops. There is one that has 4.7 star reviews, yet in international standards, it's more or less a 3.3.
If you go to Europe or South America and check out restaurants with stars above 4, it usually means that they are truly great. Not just what you are eating, but it is an experience in itself with unique plates, decor, cups, attention, etc...But the quality in Ottawa just isn't up to international standards.
I hope I'm not the only one that notices this.
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2023.05.29 22:26 fkangarang Recs for big group with young kids

Hi folks! First time posting in this sub. We have a big multi-family gathering booked for July 4 in Arroyo Grande. I would love any recs on things to do or places to eat / order from that can accommodate our big group.
We will have 20 people with 8 kids between 1 and 6 years old. We booked a multi-unit property about 10 minutes from downtown Arroyo Grande and 15 minutes from Pismo Beach.
Given our group size I think we will spend most of our time at the house. I figure we will also go to the beach once or twice (probably Pismo?) and we are looking for 1 or 2 more activities. Do y’all have any recommendations on places to visit or restaurants that we should go to given our large group with kids?
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 22:21 mberg121 Thoughts on this itinerary?

Hi all- been interested in visiting for quite a while, and finally making the trip with my girlfriend in late August!
We’ll be renting a car, and have a full week to enjoy the islands.
Would really value any thoughts or feedback from folks that are more familiar with the area on the rough plan below. Funny fact about this: this plan was actually built by ChatGPT.
Anything we are missing that’s a “must do?” Is Mykines still worth visiting despite the lighthouse trail closure?
Any suggestions for restaurants/dining experiences?
Day 1: Tórshavn
Arrive around mid day - explore the city.
Overnight stay in Tórshavn.
Day 2: Mykines Island
Via round trip Ferry.
Overnight stay in Tórshavn.
Day 3: Hiking in Streymoy
hike to Sørvágsvatn (Leitisvatn) on Vágar. "hanging lake" illusion. Afterward, take a short ferry ride to Streymoy and hike to the village of Saksun. Overnight stay in Tórshavn.
Day 4: Hiking and Coastal Views
drive to Eiði on Eysturoy Island. Hike to the sea stacks of Risin og Kellingin Visit Gjógv Overnight stay in Tórshavn.
Day 4: Northern Islands
Drive to islands of Vidoy and Viðareiði. Hike to Mount Villingadalsfjall Visit the village of Viðareiði Overnight stay in Klaksvík.
Day 5: Kalsoy and Klaksvík
Take a ferry to Kalsoy and hike to Kallur Lighthouse Explore the village of Mikladalur Overnight stay in Tórshavn.
Day 6: open day - any suggestions?
Day 7: early flight to next stop- Iceland.
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2023.05.29 22:13 com2kid What are your favorite underrated neighborhood restaurants that should be super popular?

Enough hate for the Seattle food scene, let's instead talk about the best underrated places to eat in Seattle!
My top pick is Zouve in Ravenna, it is the best real Italian food in the city by far. If you are looking for cheese smothered pasta go somewhere else, but if you want some amazing food from the Andes, in an intimate setting where you can watch your food being cooked a few feet away, go to Zouve.
A bit north of the city there is Hadiani, an incredible West African restaurant. They make, IMHO as a lifelong Seattleite, the best cooked fish in the area.
Those are my top 2 recommendations, although I have plenty more to suggest whenever someone asks me where to grab some food!
What are your top underrated gems?
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