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2023.05.11 08:38 Beerclawsky11 Welcome to the HODLHub on BeanEco Smartchain(BESC)

Welcome to the HODLHub on BeanEco Smartchain(BESC)
Our mission is to revolutionize the crypto and digital space with our innovative Hedge Fund-style approach to asset acquisition and community engagement. We understand that holding NFT,s and other digital assets is simply not enough in todays market - you need assets with inherent value and embedded utility. HODLHub is focused on obtaining unique assets that appreciate and provide VIP access to exclusive revenue-generating opportunities for our Community. But we're not just focused on profits - the HODLHub is dedicated to building a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. We believe in the power of community and are committed to creating an environment where our members can thrive alongside us.
With our migration to BESC and our revamped Branding and Cutting-Edge approach, The HODLHub is ready to take the crypto space to new heights. We're the go to platform for unique and valuable NFT and digital assets, and we're here to establish ourselves as the preeminent asset acquisition specialists in the space.
BeanEco Smartchain(BESC) is a blockchain designed for novices and experts alike. It offers an expanding range of features and tools for projects, from crowdfunding to decentralized marketplaces. It's proof-of-stake consensus algorithm ensures energy efficiency and low hardware requirements.
BESC Website:
HODLHub Website:
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2023.04.26 17:30 piconese Why does this have to happen? 🤦‍♂️

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2023.04.22 05:54 Solidarity58372 Media Coverage of the PSAC Strike-April 20, 2023

International/National Coverage
Federal public-service strike lands in middle of political battle for working class
How working from home gave Canadians a big pay raise - and why nobody wants to give it up
Will the PSAC strike kick-start a recession? Experts fear damage a long walkout would inflict on economy
Taxpayers with complex issues face biggest headaches during CRA strike
Letters, April 21: Public sector workers deserve fair wage
Editorial: Public servants can't ignore the public
Union leader accuses government of trying to undermine strike action
Contract talks to continue over the weekend between PSAC and federal government
Here’s How The Federal Workers' Strike Will Affect Your Taxes This Year
No weekend pickets planned if PSAC strike stretches past Friday
The federal public servants’ strike is backing Ottawa into a corner
Labour board flags 'irregularities,' low turnout in public service strike vote
‘A lot of anxiety’: Federal worker strike could derail travel plans for international students, families
One-third of PSAC members participated in strike vote, documents show
Absolute Disgrace: 700 Canadian Military Members Don’t Have Heat & Hot Water Amid The PSAC Strike
Federal labour board raises concerns about 'major irregularities' in PSAC strike vote
PSAC calls one of Canada’s largest strikes ever
Strike by over 100,000 Canadian federal government workers continues for third day
Martin: Unfortunately, you can't win with this strike, PSAC
Barely one-third of striking PSAC members cast ballot in vote with 'major irregularities': ruling
The Hub Roundtable: Public servants strike and Volkswagen hits the jackpot
'We're fed up': Union leader says talks with CRA now on pause
Union, fed sign deal to staff military heating plants after shutdowns during strike
TERRAZZANO: Privileged federal bureaucrats don't deserve a penny more
New ruling reveals only a third of 120,000 striking PSAC members voted for the work stoppage
Union, fed sign deal to staff military heating plants after shutdowns during strike
Only 35% of PSAC members cast a ballot in strike vote, labour board says
How does remote work fit into the PSAC strike? Here’s what experts are watching
How do strikes work in Canada? An intro to unions and labour laws
Remote work at centre of labour dispute between federal government and employees
Evening Update: One-third of PSAC members participated in strike vote, documents show
New ruling reveals only a third of 120,000 striking PSAC members voted for the work stoppage
Could federal public service strike have been avoided?
Canada: PSAC’s 155,000 federal workers preparing for picket lines – strike to win!
Canada: Angry voices from the PSAC pickets – ‘We can put the powers that be in place’
Deal or No Deal? Most Canadians support union demands for wage premiums, but more divided over higher pay
PSAC strike vote was flawed and hurt turnout, worker says. Complaint dismissed but ‘irregularities’ found
From taxes to passports, how the PSAC strike will affect daily life in Sask.
Brookman: Striking PSAC workers will find little sympathy among Canadians
Editorial: Public servants can't ignore the public
Taxpayers with complex issues face biggest headaches during CRA strike

Local Coverage
Information Morning - Fredericton with Jeanne Armstrong-April 21, 2023: PSAC strike
Small contingent of protesters harasses striking CRA workers
Slow going by CFB Trenton as PSAC strike hits day 3
Federal PSAC public service union workers hit the picket line in Chilliwack
Terrace federal civil servants join nationwide strike
'Workers demand better': Provincial unions march in solidarity with PSAC pickets
11,000 Six Nations students out of school due to federal strike
Federal workers’ strike hold their ground on Day 3
Local job action pauses for the weekend as talks continue
Yukon federal workers strike with nationwide union
PSAC strike could push air passenger complaints processing beyond 18 months
Five schools on Six Nations of Grand River closed due to PSAC strike – CP24
Kahnawake ISC office facing service disruption
Five federally operated schools on Six Nations of Grand River closed due to PSAC strike
Slow going by CFB Trenton as PSAC strike hits day 3
Small contingent of protesters harasses striking CRA workers
From taxes to passports, how the PSAC strike will affect daily life in Sask.
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2023.01.31 17:42 SomeJerkOddball Canada's Lawyers are Starting to Push Back Against Wokeness

I couple of weeks ago, I posted an article from the Dorchester Review here at CanadianConservative and over at WildroseCountry about how the Law Society of Alberta has mandated a very heavy handed indigenous sensitivity training course called the "The Path." It looks like there's been a further development in that story. According to the Edmonton Journal, a petition has been started by Alberta lawyers to scrap it.
It's really heartening to see Canada's legal community start to lead the charge on pushing back on the excesses of "reconciliation" and other such undemocratic wokeness. In addition to this, there was another great article in the Hub about the burgeoning non-partisan conservative movement among Canada's law schools and legal community called the Runnymede Society that's helping to turn the tied against liberalism run amok in our legal system.
I can only hope that we start to see similar responses in our facets of our society. Much of our business community has become captive to this kind of thinking for fear of reputational damage through blackmail tactics by activist groups.
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2022.12.24 18:23 edhayes3 OLED Not working with Serial is Active

OLED Not working with Serial is Active
I made my own version of this project:
The project has two ESP8266s; one that is Wifi gateway to MQTT server, and the other is the ESPNow receiver for sensors. The two communicate over Serial. And there is an I2C OLED display attached to the Gateway ESP8266
When programming, I disconnect the two ESPs from each other using switches. I'm having issues when I switch the two ESP8266s serial together so that they can communicate, my I2C OLED is not working, or shows garbled.
I tried changing serial from a direct connection to 1K or 220 ohm resistors, and that doesn't seem to solve the problem. I do notice that the display will work until the serial communication starts.
I also tried changing the I2C pullup to 4.7 and 2.2K. Seems it kind of helped... but it's hard to tell.
I changed LED resistors to 10K, no help.
Any idea why this is failing?
I've read something about interrupts with serial maybe?
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2022.12.17 00:57 Piggly522 Mopar coupons (OC)

Mopar coupons (OC)
Why do they send you “exclusive” coupons to a specific VIN in the Mopar app for oil changes and then say that it only covers up to 5 quarts when we all know the 392 takes 7?!?!?!
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2022.12.17 00:52 Piggly522 Mopar Coupons

Mopar Coupons
Please please tell me why Mopar would send you coupons in their app to you as a vehicle owner to a specific vin number and say that they are created exclusively for you and then the coupon says that it only covers oil change up to 5 quarts when everybody knows that a 392 takes seven?!?!
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2022.11.16 01:09 Dewdog01 This is the team I have now, what’s everyone’s thoughts on it?

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2022.10.15 23:58 Anglospherist Chinese influence in Canzuk

China is a huge country of 1.4 billion people, and will therefore end up with a large diaspora. The best and brightest of China will emigrate to places with better living conditions, and why not to some of the most developed countries on Earth - Australia, New Zealand and Canada. When your country is so huge, 1.4 billion people, even 1% of your people are still 14 million people. Many Chinese have moved into Canada, Aus and NZ. In each country they make up about 5% of the population.
While not a large voting bloc today, they may end up becoming a large voting bloc in the future. If the Chinese diaspora do not integrate and adopt a new identity, and instead identify and remain loyal to China, this will be a problem.
"As China's influence raises, the Chinese government has been trying to control and monitor the ethnic Chinese living and studying in Australia, and to influence Australian politicians via political donors, which causes serious concern to Australia's security agency, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation."
While the Chinese population is not as large in the UK, there are issues with Chinese influence in the UK too.
China is trying to wedge apart the Anglosphere. This needs to be prevented. The US needs to see this and unite its closest allies. As we know, nobody is a closer ally to the US than Canzuk, if the US lost its closest allies, then it would be game-over for not only the US but the entire West.
Currently, multiculturalism is failing as people of a foreign origin are not assimilating and sometimes displaying loyalty to a foreign power, this is extremely dangerous. Forming the Anglosphere would help prevent this as it would provide a wider, civilisational identity for the people of Canada, the US, UK, Aus and NZ identify with.
As part of the Anglosphere, culture needs to be promoted. We need to find what parts of our culture unite us, and stress those, stress cultural integration and reject multi-culturalism. Canzuk is closer culturally than it is to the US, but there are elements they all share:
  1. They ultimately all derive from the United Kingdom.
  2. From this they speak the English language natively.
  3. They are all predominantly Christian countries.
  4. They follow common law.
  5. Their societies tend to emphasise individualism - individual achievements, hard-work, people creating opportunities for themselves, climbing up the social ladder as opposed to more collective societies where people rely on the state and others.
  6. They even share some of the same cuisine - such as fish and chips (more limited in the US though).
  7. They are democracies.
  8. They are built upon fundamental concepts of justice, social responsibility, fairness, equality of opportunity. As opposed to societies built upon nepotism, corruption, tribalism, and pure self-interest.
  9. In the age of the Internet, and owing to us speaking English, our countries are actually converging.
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2022.09.11 08:23 arcangelcrowe Reposted from #masters_of_darkness...

Reposted from #masters_of_darkness...
Reposted from #masters_of_darkness #fingerprintofgod #darkness_fantasy #darkphotography #ominous_perfection #misty #thehub_trees #deepforest #moodylandscape #magicpic #nightphotography #the_gallery_of_magic

nightview #darkinspiration #rawallnature #trees_of_darkness #bnwzone #splendid_trees #_romanticdarkness #astrophotography #the_darkness_in_beauty #folkscenery #renegade_dark #visualart#ig_nature #moon #starrysky #sombrescapes #darkfeathertouch #blackmetal
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2022.06.30 10:11 shygirl20222 UPDATE 6: i feel like iv got the truth, first therapy booked

6 days of him sleeping on the sofa and me walking around without a care in the world and he finally cracked
UPDATE: day 5 of ongoing break up, am i getting closer to the truth? : loveafterporn (
is it the truth? I dont know, it FELT honest and he cant hide guilt, i have seen the guilt drop away over the last 2 days
his answers added up to my intuition, his answers also added up with what i have physically seen
he told me a lot about his past, his childhood, and i understand how this happened now
I no longer feel crazy, because i wasnt going crazy, SOMETHING was still going on...
his addiction isnt extreme as he is terrified of women in person so iv never been worried about him cheating, messaging women, cam girls, 97% sure there has been zero activity from him in these areas, he doesnt need women to respond to him, or interact with them, he doesnt even like home made porn or any ammature, he likes his big hollywood studio stuff and sees them as movies, the girls as actresses.
the porn he watches, they all look like me, my build, my frame, hair similar face, he said hes obsessed with sex with me but as soon as hes able to touch me, he just freezes, anxiety kicks in and his libido is gone again
he swears he hasnt PMO since 1st jan but he cant get out of the habit of looking at girls on the street, i see him, he admits it, i see him try not to, sounds insane, but i see him awquardly trying to talk to me and gain eye contact with me if a 'that girl' walk past but even if he looks away, that triggers instant guilt...he wouldnt admit this at the time, he would say 'im not looking at anyone' and then that created guilt for him and anger for me.
he addiction is still driving his behaviour, but it seems to be all phychological
he became addicted from the age of 11
it never advanced to anything other than hours scrolling 'thehub' and 3 quick tugs a day - for 20 odd years straight....
but the porn, the images, the obsession with body parts - stopping watching hasnt taken that away
hes finally spoken to a therapist and told her he has hit a brick wall and cant heal past this point alone
hes struggling with getting his drive back....he says its there one minute than gone... this could be possible as this has happened at times where theres no way he could have used and one minute hes absolutely ravenous, and then it can be gone within minutes....
hhe said he wants me so bad but just feels embarrassed. he looks at me wanting to grab me and throw me down but his body just freezes...
after sex, he feels ashamed, i see this, he goes shy and clearly feels discomfort after any ejaculation
he said he will do anything to prove to me hes clean and been clean for 6 months
he left his phone at home by accident with me for 8 hours straight
i plugged it into the computer and absolutely tore it apart, every app, email, history, settings, downloading cookie files...i didnt find a dickie bird
also, worth noting, I haven't seen any evidence around the house, no shady behaviour, he doesn't take his phone out of the room, if he goes to the toilet, shower he leaves it with me, if he goes to bed early, he leaves his phone with me, we have had these rules for a year now and he hasn't broken any of them, iv not seen or found anything suspicious since last D-day 6 months ago and even that D-day was completely self confessed, i didnt sniff an issue, he just came and told me outright that he had relapsed...
hes moving over to a standard calls and text phone and agreed to surrender all internet and devices access unless under supervision (this was his choice)
hes admitted to using various manipulation tactics, be he swears he has no idea this is what hes doing in the moment, he said hes so scared of loosing me over this, in the moment he will say anything because hes desperate not to loose me
therapist all booked by him and his email he sent her was brutally honest
hes going to attend SAA meetings too
we attempted some intimacy yesterday, i did not want to give myself sexually, we laid fully clothed and made out like teenagers, i felt desired and wanted,
he said opening up to me is helping
iv got a little bit of hope back and the pain is subsiding
hes willing to book a polygraph asap to prove he hasnt acted out since 1st jan
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2022.04.25 15:37 Evorgleb New Coca-Cola Creations collab with Marshmello coming. Possibly "Taste the Track"?

New Coca-Cola Creations collab with Marshmello coming. Possibly

Coca-Cola has revealed that there is a collab with DJ/Recording artist Marshmello. Could this be the rumored "Taste the Track" drink that would see a July 11th drop?

Any collab with Marshmello has to be Marshmallow flavored, right? Right?
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2022.04.04 08:25 axelmukwena Is it possible to find a part-time job in IT as an incoming foreign student?

I'm a Namibian national and have just recently received an offer from the University of Helsinki for a Masters's in Data Science (2 years). Unfortunately, I did not get a scholarship and would be required to finance my studies on my own which will be rather expensive.
An alternative could be finding a part-time job to finance my living expenses and pay back the money I've borrowed (not from the company to offer the job) for the tuition deposit.
My question is, how possible is this? I'm sure once I'm there it's possible but I'd much rather prefer to have some sort of guarantee before I go. Also, I'd love suggestions on where to look for jobs. Thus far, I have applied through LinkedIn jobs and (job-posting platform for startups).
I think this will definitely be a great opportunity. Thanks

In case anyone here is hiring, here is my resume. All opinions and judgements are welcome.
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2022.03.23 11:47 kevinsixtysix One of One

Last week, I emailed Dodge my VIN # and found out that my 2021 Reactor Blue Durango T w/Tow and Go was one of one built in the US with the same options. I suspect ordering a uncommon color during a year production was impacted by chip shortages was a contributing factor. Looks like I ended up with a keeper!
---------- Original Message ----------
From: US Customer Care <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])> To: Date: 03/18/2022 12:38 PM Subject: MC715467 - 2021 DODGE DURANGO T AWD
Welcome to Dodge Customer Care.
\Build (sequence) number is not available nor provided by the factory. **
In the 2021 model year, your 2021 DODGE DURANGO T AWD manufactured in the Reactor Blue Pearl Coat and built with your equipment, options and groups is one of one in the United States.
*ML Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats
-DA Black/Vitra Gray
AAN Tow N Go Package
ADG Technology Group
APAS Monotone Paint
AZF Premium Interior Group
AZ2 Cargo Plus Group DFD 8-Spd Auto 8HP70 Trans GWA Power Sunroof M2S Mopar Dual Stripes-Gunmtl Low Gloss NHK Engine Block Heater PBF Reactor Blue Pearl Coat
RCA19 Harman Kardon Amped Spkrs w/Sub UBNS Uconnect 5 Nav w 10.1" Display (USA)
WHWP 20x10.0 Hyper Black Aluminum Wheels
WLZCAll Aluminum Wheels
W1KP 20x6.5 Aluminum Spare Wheel Thank you for your inquiry,
J. S. Stellantis Mopar Headquarters
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2022.02.28 13:14 paveesusha Touristers - Travel details are displayed on a shared screen as plans come together

Touristers - Travel details are displayed on a shared screen as plans come together
Touristers - Travel details are displayed on a shared screen as plans come together in real time, empowering travelers to help fill in the gaps in their schedules with their own ideas.
Click the Below link to Download the App now
Follow us Instagram /touristers_global
#travelagency #instatravelling #travelers #instatravel #instavacation #traveler #travelgram #traveller #travelingram #tourist#vivosardegna #vivo_italia #volgosardegna #thehub_sardegna #sardegna_reporter #volgocagliari #thehub_cagliari #loves_sassari #loves_united_italia #sardegnareflex
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2022.02.24 09:21 Significant-Notice- Trudeau has repealed the Emergencies Act

After two days it is no more. I was and remain completely opposed to this invocation of the emergency powers. I think they simply should have arrested the protestors early on, before the whole thing became such a big deal.
Here is a good short essay on the “digital jail” created by having your funds frozen in a nearly cashless society. How is it you are supposed to pay for a lawyer? What about joint bank accounts with other family members? The more you think about this option, the worse it gets.
That all said, I have never been sold on the more dramatic claims of the critics. No, this is not the transition moment for crypto. Canada has not become a fascist state. The government made a mistake, and the mistake has been corrected. They should not have had this power to begin with.
I would stress that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and vigilance was needed to push this one back. But if this was your freakout for the week, most of your attention is directed to the wrong places.
The post Trudeau has repealed the Emergencies Act appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


]( - Canadians believe in Good Governance. This is what that looks A Reader

Related Stories

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2021.12.17 18:21 Significant-Notice- Friday assorted links

  1. Krugman on inflation (NYT).
  2. Adam Gopnik on Get Back (New Yorker).
  3. Where Chile stands (FT).
  4. the median age of Canada’s fifteen largest public companies is 122 years.
  5. Why is cryonics not more popular?
  6. “We theorize that East Asians (e.g., ethnic Chinese)—but not South Asians (e.g., ethnic Indians)—are less likely than other ethnicities to emerge as leaders in multiethnic environments partly because East Asians socialize more with ethnic ingroup members (other East Asians). Analyzing a survey of 54,620 Juris Doctor (JD) students from 124 U.S. law schools, Study 1 revealed that East Asians had the highest ethnic homophily of all ethnicities.” Link here.
The post Friday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


]( - 5. literally just Pascal's Hadur - #6: I will nitpick the language in the abstract. At best, M

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2021.09.02 23:25 King_of_Anything [TECH] Jaktfalk 3 and Gyrfalken




SSC Promises Nordic Manned Space Mission by Mid-2034 Aboard Reusable Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle

OSLO - Hot on the heels of the first commercial launch of the Jaktfalk 2, Swedish Space Corporation CEO Stefan Gardefjord has announced that Norwegian SSC subsidiary Ripple Aerospace has begun design of a heavy-lift vehicle based on the company’s successful reusable launch platform to meet human rating requirements for manned space missions. Designed to carry crewed missions to orbit, the moon, or Mars, the Jaktfalk 3 will consist of a Jaktfalk 2 structurally strengthened with carbon fiber aluminum core composite with two additional liquid-fueled Jaktfalk 2-derived first stages as strap-on boosters. “As the most powerful Nordic rocket ever designed, Jaktfalk 3 will be able to deliver a payload of 63800 kg to LEO, 26700 kg to Geostationary Transfer Orbit, and 16800 kg to trans-Mars injection,” Gardefjord stated during an interview with state broadcaster SVT. “Because the new rocket uses most of the same tooling, material, and manufacturing techniques as the other Jaktfalk models and is fully-reusable, we’re aiming for a $70.18 Million price per launch price tag. This means if an annual rate of four launches can be sustained, $1100 per kilo or less to LEO is very achievable.” The CEO would go on to confirm that missions expected to pass GEO would be more expensive “in the $140 Million range”, on account of needing to expend several of the recoverable stages, and that the manifest for the Jaktfalk 3 has grown to five contracted missions, worth an estimated $500-700 Million, meaning the heavy-lift vehicle has enough contracts to cover the internal cost of its development.
The Jaktfalk 3’s triple cores and twenty-seven rocket engines generate 22.82 MN of total sea-level thrust at liftoff, and its upper stage is powered by a single vacuum vacuum-adapted Nammo has again been commissioned to provide the LOX/RP-1 rocket motor forming 934 kN in thrust with a nominal burn time of 397 seconds. Like the smaller Jaktfalk 2, all stages are fully marinized and are currently undergoing rigorous testing for autonomous self-landing so they can be reused. Each core utilizes small grid fins to control the descent through atmosphere, and deploys four extensible landing legs for landings at Esrange Space Center or on autonomous spaceport drone ships at sea. The upper stage shares the same ultra-light ablative heat shield, steerable ram-air parachute, and additional equipment enabling the recovery of its predecessor’s second stage.
First flight of the Jaktfalk 3 is expected in mid-2033, with larger satellites acting as the rocket’s initial missions payload. Following successful unmanned launch, a crewed launch will occur one year following, with seven Nordic astronauts selected from various Scandinavian ethnicities from across the Three Kingdoms aboard the Gyrfalken. This 7-man partially-reusable spacecraft, with a internal payload capacity of 3,307 kg, contains a three-screen control panel, a toilet, and docking hatch, with the capsule intended for recovery and reuse following an ocean landing via four parachutes, with a PICA heat shield protecting it during re-entry. Onboard propulsion for launch aborts, altitude control, and orbital maneuvers is provided by eight side-mounted Nammo engines clustered into four pods, with each engine forming 71 kN of thrust. The Gyrfalken can be programmed to perform missions entirely-autonomously, or can be manually controlled from its triple panels. In the event of cabin pressurization, the Gyrfalken remains fully operable, and crew members are expected to wear SSC-designed space suits at all times to protect them during emergencies. Onboard power is supplied by solar arrays built into the trunk of the Gyrfalken itself, with a bank Li-Air batteries providing backup power.
The 2034 manned mission undertaken by the Commonwealth of Nordic Kingdoms will be commanded by Captain Cathrine Pedersen of the Royal Commonwealth Air Army. The former Norwegian Air Force pilot has exhaustive experience with multiple RCAA combat platforms, most recently the F-35 Lightning II, and is reportedly already at Esrange Space Center to begin training with SSC. The Corporation has also confirmed it is currently undertaking processing of potential Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, and Greenlandic applicants.
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2021.09.01 14:31 MGambs Pod GO Pedal Edit Mode?

I've had my pod go for just under a year and I'm constantly learning new things about it. I stumbled upon this article with Eric Klein where he says "We wanted to make sure it was our best modeling we had. We wanted to make sure a lot of the thing people loved about Helix, like the Snapshots and Pedal Edit mode, and the color screens and switches and shortcuts were still there."
I looked through the manual and a bunch of videos trying to see if pedal edit mode is actually there. I'm guessing that he misspoke and there is no pedal edit mode or am I just missing something obvious?
Helix Pedal Edit Mode
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2021.08.18 21:59 King_of_Anything [TECH] Jaktfalk 2




SSC’s Ripple Aerospace Begins Development of Reusable Launch Vehicles

OSLO - With successful commercialization of the Jaktfalk 1A/1B, Swedish Space Corporation CEO Stefan Gardefjord has announced that Norwegian SSC subsidiary Ripple Aerospace has begun development of a series of reusable rockets as part of the Jaktfalk family. Initially, the company plans to focus on development of the Jaktfalk 2, a medium launch vehicle capable of delivering up to 23,000 kilograms to low-earth orbit and 8,200 kilograms to geosynchronous transfer orbit with a reusable architecture.
Norwegian-Finnish firm Nammo has again been commissioned to provide the LOX/RP-1 rocket motors for each stage of the two-stage Jaktfalk 2. The first stage uses nine 850 kN rocket engines derived from the Jaktfalk 1B’s motors and featuring servo-motor-controlled butterfly valves to provide fine control of the fuel/oxidizer ratio, forming 7.6 MN of combined thrust. The upper stage utilizes a single, vacuum-adapted version of the same engine, forming 934 kN vacuum thrust, which also serves double duty as a landing-engine. Second stage igniter propellant lines are insulated to better support in-space restart following long coast phases for orbital trajectory maneuvers, allowing the upper stage engine to be reignited as many as three or more times.
Both stages of the two-stage Jaktfalk 2 have been designed for full reusability, allowing SSC to recover each stage to be flown again multiple times, with prototypes undergoing rigorous testing for autonomous self-landing of each stage after use. Stages have been marinized with coatings of salt-water corrosion-resistant material to minimize galvanic corrosion. Atmospheric flight controls for the first stage are achieved through a combination of thrust vectoring and grid fins that deploy from the vehicle after separation, with four extensible landing legs around the stage’s base deployed moments before landing either at Esrange Space Center or on an autonomous spaceport drone ship at sea. The upper stage features an ultra-light ablative heat shield for atmospheric re-entry, a steerable ram-air parachute, and other equipment to facilitate recovery following delivery of its payload.
“The Jaktfalk 2 has a price-per-launch of $46 Million, with fixed costs spread across multiple launches. That’s just $2000 per kilo to LEO,” Gardefjord confirmed during the SVT interview. The SSC CEO stated that the company intends the Jaktfalk 2 to compete in the same market as the Falcon 9, Delta IV, and the Atlas V, providing competitive launch rates thanks to the system’s complete reusability. $300 Million in SSC private funding has been allocated towards developing the launch system, with an expected first launch scheduled for April 2031.
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2021.07.28 00:27 King_of_Anything [TECH] Jaktfalk 1




SSC Acquires Ripple Aerospace, Announces Jaktfalk 1 Development

OSLO - Stefan Gardefjord, CEO of the Swedish Space Corporation, confirmed the finalization of SSC’s acquisition of rocket startup Ripple Aerospace during state broadcaster SVT’s Monday noon-hour programming. The purchase of the Norwegian firm and its Sea Serpent launch system has been the Corporation’s most significant development since the expansion of Esrange Space Center into a proper satellite launch facility completed in 2022.
With Ripple Aerospace under new management, the SSC subsidiary’s first major venture will be the development of the Jaktfalk 1, a new land-based LEO launch system developed in tandem with Norwegian-Finnish firm Nammo. The Jaktfalk 1 is intended to serve as the first in a family of SSC launch vehicles, and is a small liquid-fueled rocket capable of placing several hundred kilograms into low earth orbit in support of the company’s SmallSat Express initiative. The fully-expendable launch vehicle is to be developed over the course of four years, using a two-stage-to-orbit design fueled by LOX/RP-1 for both stages. The first stage of the Jaktfalk 1 features a regeneratively cooled combustion chamber and nozzle made of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer composite materials and is powered by an inexpensive Nammo-developed gas-generator power cycle rocket motor forming 350 kN of sea-level thrust. The first stage’s turbopump drive exhaust uses thrust vectoring to provide roll control for the launch vehicle until the point of separation. The upper stage uses a simplified pressure-fed engine with 31 kN vacuum thrust built on the same pintle architecture as the first-stage motor, its nozzle radiatively-cooled and fabricated from a high-performance niobium alloy. Thrust vectoring on the second stage is conducted by a series of electro-mechanical actuators on the engine dome for pitch and yaw, with roll control provided by cold gas thrusters.
“Jaktfalk 1 has been specifically designed to maintain an initial price-per-launch of approximately $7 Million,” Gardefjord confirmed during the SVT interview. “Because we’re aiming at a minimum viable product, we’re hoping to deliver a 470 kg payload to low equatorial earth orbit for as little as $14,000 per kilo.” The SSC CEO confirmed an initial investment of $90 Million, with the launch date of the first-generation Jaktfalk 1 already set for 2028.
SSC and Ripple Aerospace have already begun planning incremental improvements for subsequent Jaktfalk 1 iterations, with the second-generation of the expendable launch vehicle expected to feature a 560 kN first stage rocket motor, capable of deliverng 1,010 kg to LEO for as little as $8400 per kilogram by 2030.
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