Wells fargo banks in maine


2022.02.01 19:13 Babymaker210 WellsFargoUnited

We are Wells Fargo workers and allies! We are democratizing Wells Fargo and are fighting for better wages and working conditions through concerted actions and collective bargaining. We know a union is the best way to make real change at Wells Fargo. All are welcome. Join in our cause! ******Want to get involved? Contact an organizer - [email protected] or visit our website Betterbanks.org

2021.02.10 17:48 Jesus_Was_A_Fungi MaineRealEsate

Information and experiences from the Real Estate scene in Maine. Banks, mortgage companies, real esate agents(realtors), inspectors, appraisers. Come ask for information or share your experiences.

2008.12.05 06:42 Credit Repair - Improve your credit, your score, and understand how to manage your credit

CRedit's main goal is to improve your credit, keep it healthy, and support you in decisions that you make that may affect your credit livelihood. We are here to support you if you need an advice on closing/opening a credit card, improving your credit scores, removing inaccurate information from your report, qualifying for a new card/mortgage/loan, investigating unknown information on your report and much more.

2023.06.08 20:11 Crafty_Try_423 Choose between staying at a startup and joining a Big 4?

I've been with a seed startup for 2 yrs, and weathered a brutal storm that included half pay, no benefits for 3 months so far. Now we just secured a lead investor for a fundraising round, and their contribution alone gives us 2 yrs of runway at our regular salary (which is 30-40% less than my market rate, no discussion about benefits) starting in 1-2 months. I also anticipate we will easily find other investors - there were many lined up but nobody wanted to be the lead. I am 100% confident our idea is solid, novel, and that it will be the way of the future. The main question in my mind has always been are we too far ahead of our time, or too out-of-place because of the bad economic climate for startups.
That said, I've received a verbal offer to work for one of the Big 4 as something equivalent to "senior consultant." I don't have the written letter, but I expect the pay to be 70% higher and I expect they will offer health insurance and 401(k) benefits. It will be a ton more work, but should also open up many more doors for me. Also, I actually like working and I have been feeling frustrated in my current role because there isn't enough interesting work to keep me growing in my career. In addition, the new job offers a clear path to leadership, which is important to me. In the current job, the CEO has promised me leadership opportunities but he's been fairly deceitful/strung us along quite a lot on a few matters so his word doesn't mean much.
I know, I know...the choice seems easy. But here's the catch. This Big 4 has been silently issuing major layoffs this year...it's all over their subreddit...and along with me they are hiring about 20 more people with my job title over the next several months to a year. I would be working on gov't contracts. I'm really afraid they're over-hiring and I'll get laid off within a year. I know I need to jump in willing to give 300% and compete against all these other people with similar job titles. I think I can do it. But I'm worried that won't be enough.
I'm good at saving money. That said, I did plan to buy a home and I'm a little scared...but I want to move forward with my life. I'm worried I might make the wrong choice by "following the money" and should instead stay with my startup. That said, this team is fairly difficult to work with and it's unclear how long I'll have to wait until I have real leadership opportunities, and also maybe even if I get laid off from the Big 4 company it wouldn't be so hard to find a new role. I'm scared because it took me 8 months and 230 applications to land this one role. It's hard to be on the job market all the time. I'm also worried that I'll be stuck networking within the Big 4 company and the government agency...which won't help me when I do get laid off and need to find other work. But I'm also reluctant to walk out on this company because I know our idea has a ton of market value. It's almost like AirBnb in the sense that it's so obvious but at the same time everyone said nobody would feel safe staying in another person's home. It's that level of obvious...and I also know why no one else has done it.
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2023.06.08 20:11 rainbowplane Safe hikes this month?

Hi /glaciernationalpark,
I'm planning on going up this month with a rental car and was wondering if there were some shortesafe hikes that were well trafficked. I'm used to parks in and around cities and the thought of getting mauled by a bear gives me unease.
I'm also looking at entering from the east side and I have an annual parks pass. To make sure I'm reading this correctly, we don't need reservations to enter from the east, right? Just don't want to get there and find out it's wrong.
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2023.06.08 20:11 ayvarhshere Free Living experiment Meetups - Open and Inclusive Events at Cubbon Park and HSR Layout - June 10 & 11

Free Living experiment Meetups - Open and Inclusive Events at Cubbon Park and HSR Layout - June 10 & 11
Open & Inclusive events by Free Living Experiments on June 10th at #cubbonpark. Find more details & RSVP here : https://meetup.com/free-living-experiments/events/… #Bangaloreevents #Inclusion #opencommunity #networking #belonging #learning #art #games #weekend #Bangalore #bangalorecommunities Ig id: @freelivingexperiments
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2023.06.08 20:10 Masteur The First Seafaring Period of the Yuanqatsan and Rise of Social Division

When studying the history of the Yuanqatsan Culture, scholars note the time period between 500 - 700 AD as one of rapid outward expansion. Novel innovations in shipbuilding are widely understood to be the primary cause of the cultural spread, although societal changes and pressure are believed to have also played a role.
Known today as "The First Seafaring Period", it was during this era that the Yuanqatsan Culture effectively wiped out or absorbed most of the small-scale cultures in their vicinity. The Yuanqatsan way of life became dominant as the region saw a level of intercommunication never before seen.

Estimated Yuanqatsan Cultural Spread Between 500-700 AD

This map offers a rough outline of the spread of the Yuanqatsan Culture during The First Seafaring Period. The circled area denotes the Yuanqatsan Heartland where the largest concentration of settlement existed during this era.
Yuanqatsan settlements have traditionally been located on the coast or along the region's main waterway, known as All-Mother's River, and its tributaries. This trend continued into The First Seafaring Period as the largest and most prosperous villages of the time were routinely found along the coast.
Evidence does show primitive societies predating the Yuanqatsan in these lands. Although similar to the Yuanqatsan in many ways, they were unique enough for modern-day scholars to consider them distinct cultures. Regardless, these proto-cultures were quickly absorbed into the more technologically advanced Yuanqatsan coastal hegemony.

New Land Brings Opportunity, Wealth

Although the proto-cultures surrounding the Yuanqatsan People were essentially consumed, that doesn't mean none of their cultural identity survived.
Maple tapping was relatively uncommon throughout most Yuanqatsan communities prior to The First Seafaring Period. Granted, most communities were located near the coastal salt marshes where Maple trees weren't as likely to grow. Further north, where the coasts weren't as saturated, the trees were more plentiful.
It's believed the early proto-cultures here routinely tapped Maple trees and the Yuanqatsan likely followed similar methods. Maple, especially over nuts, became a popular delicacy throughout communities as a trade good.
Now when it comes to trade, one cannot skip the topic when having a conversation of The First Seafaring Period. With larger, more studier ships, trade exploded during this period.
Trade between communities was one of the biggest driving forces of the Yuanqatsan Cultural Expansion during this time. In prior generations, maritime travel was primarily just for fishing. As improvements to shipbuilding made it easier to reach and settle these new lands, there was a substantial increase in trade among all Yuanqatsan settlements.
Whereas in prior generations intercommunication between villages was minimal, The First Seafaring Period saw an exponential increase in cooperation. Previously, the average Yuanqatsan village may have traded with their neighbors only a handful of times per year. These trading forrays were usually always done at the direction of the powerful Crones and included a community's most-influential families trading smoked fish, pelts, and small crafts with one another.
During The First Seafaring Period, trade between villages increased from 3-4 annual trips to at least 4-5 times per month, depending on location. As seen countless times in history, this increase in trade also saw a mass transfusion of technology, beliefs, and ideas.
Many goods once considered rare or straight up unbeknownst to many became more common fixtures in communities. Foodstuffs were of course the most bartered item. Coastal communities in what we'd consider the Yuanqatsan Heartland primarily exported smoked fish, eel, crustacea, waterfowl, and crafts.
In northern communities, exports included more foraged crops, including cranberries, zizania, and alliums.

Yuanqatsan Social Hierarchy During The First Seafaring Period

When discussing the explosion of trade during this period in history, it's important to ask who benefitted the most.
The Crones and high-ranking men with honorable titles reaped most of the benefits. Not to say the average Yuanqatsan didn't benefit, but not nearly on the same level. Although Yuanqatsan social hierarchy is a complex topic that could be discussed ad nauseam, it's important to cover a few basics to fully understand how this cultural expansion affected everyday lives.
Crones: At the top of the Yuanqatsan social pyramid are the Crones. A class consisting of all widowed mothers, the Crones wield considerable power in each village. All food fished, gathered, or traded must first be brought to the Crones to be blessed. From there, the Crones dictate who gets what. Generally speaking, men (and their direct families) who contribute the most to society and have the most prestige get the best food and goods received in trades.
Because the Crones, acting on behalf of the deity All-Mother, are the ultimate authority on how food is dispersed, they have a heavy hand in how trade is conducted. Goods that are brought into the community via trade are not exactly dolled out equitably.
High-Ranking Men/Nobles: Outside of the Crones, the average village likely has a dozen or so high-ranking noblemen. These are powerful patriarchs who come from strong lineages and proved themselves valiantly in The Trials as a teenager and are seen as leaders. They have prestigious titles such as The Brave-Hearted, The Valiant Voyager, or The Fearless.
The men in this class make up the bulk of those being sent by the Crones to conduct trade, warfare, hunting, and fishing expeditions. They're seen as contributing the most to society and as faithful servants to All-Mother, and in turn, they get to enjoy most of the luxuries received in trade.
Although everything in a community is technically owned by All-Mother through the Crones, the large seafaring vessels are de facto property of these nobles.
For the purpose of how Crones disperse goods to a community, you can group the wives of these nobles into this category.
The Common Man: The majority of Yuanqatsan society is made up of commoners. They're not held in as high esteem as the noble class or their direct families but are still considered to be in the good graces of the Crones and All-Mother. They have titles like The Crabeater, The Web-Footed, or The Sure-Handed. Although were grouping these commoners all together for simplicity's sake, not everyone in this class is on the same pedestal as one another. Think of Yuanqatsan hierarchy as more of a spectrum versus a pyramid with rigid class lines.
The commoners are the ones doing most of the fishing and gathering. Commoners will often volunteer to accompany the Nobles on seafaring expeditions -- usually as oarsmen -- as a way to gain esteem from The Crones.
It's seen as an honor and privilege for a Commoner to go on these expeditions. Generally speaking, these Commoners will in turn be compensated by The Crones to the tune of more plentiful and diverse food offerings.
Untested Boys & Maidens: Boys whom have yet to enter The Trial and unmarried women are seen as among the purest as they remain the closest to All-Mother until they marry.
It's important to remember that children in Yuanqatsan societies are seen more as a child of the community versus a child of a specific mother or father. Not to say family lineage doesn't play a role in the advantages or privileges of Untested boys and maidens, but even the son of low commoners could reach the noble class by proving their worth and dedication to the Crones. This is most commonly done so through The Trials, although feats of bravery or service can do that as well.
With that being said, children from all walks of life would see the benefits of the increase in trade and expansion of The First Seafaring Period. Since they're seen as remaining close to All-Mother, Crones ensure all children of the community are amply fed -- especially in times of strife.
Nobodies: At the bottom of Yuanqatsan society are the Nobodies. These are men who failed the Trials as a boy or were otherwise ostracized by The Crones. Those who steal or commit blasphemy will also find themselves titled The Nobody.
Even before The First Seafaring Period, Nobodies received the least amount of help and support from The Crones. To little surprise, there was not a lot of benefit to the increase in trade among this class.

These social divisions weren't new to Yuanqatsan society by any stretch, although the increase in trade during this time definitely further entrenched this structure as a defining characteristic of the culture.

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2023.06.08 20:10 AtombyAdam Winter Schnee vs Katalina Aryze (RWBY vs Granblue Fantasy)

Winter Schnee vs Katalina Aryze (RWBY vs Granblue Fantasy)
Just gonna leave it here. Gonna seperate Story driven stuff and arsenal stuff for conections
  • Sword wielders who are high ranking general officers of highly technologically advanced empires (Atlus & the Erste empire respectively) which have suffered a lost due to their most powerful weapons running away (Lyria & Penny) mainly trying to use them for their own selfish deeds due to the power they wield (Penny and her Winter Maiden powers and her overall power and Lyria being able to communicate and summon Primal Beasts).
  • Which in turn was a great loss as the kingdom would go down and they themselves would defect from their empires once they recognized the corrupt side of the empires and the events revolving around their "weapon" (With Winter defected when Ironwood threatens to blow up Mantle if Team RWBY doesn't surrender Penny and joined marrow and Katalina would free Lyria after seeing the empire commit various experiments on her)
  • They also act as the big sisteteam mom and have even helped trained the protagonists to hone their skills (Gra/Djeeta & Weiss respectively)
Arsenal related Connection
  • Both in themselves are able to summon familiars by their sides (Whether it be through Winters semblance & Katalina summoning Ares) that are able to aid them in battle and even wield (mostly) the element of ice.
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2023.06.08 20:10 random_vote 31 [M4F] Europe/Europe - You're out there, I'm out here, let's just finally find each other already!

I've been told to just find something casual, I've been told to just settle for an 'okay' or 'functional relationship' but that's not it. I am looking for a true and real connection. I want to meet a person who makes me want to know all about her. Who's engaging, who cares, who's genuine, makes me laugh and makes me fall in love with her more every day. And I'd like to be that same person for her. I know she's out there; I know you are out there. And so I am here, hoping you're reading this. In a way, I believe in soulmates, and I hope my soulmate is reading this very sentence.
I am a very romantic and affectionate person. I've done a lot of self-improvement in the past, and as such feel very secure in my masculinity while still maintaining the ability to tear up when I see cute animals do cute animal things. If we do work out, expect to be showered with affection, lots of affection! I'm a caring person and I am able to both take charge and lead as well as just go with the flow, depending on what the situation calls for. I'm a relatively quiet, introverted person but I do get talkative when I'm comfortable with someone. I absolutely don't want anything casual.
I am looking for a genuine person. With whom I can sit at the window when it's raining, enjoy watching the rain while we have a conversation about everything and nothing, from the meaning of the universe to why pineapple pizza is good, actually, and not one second feels out of place. Also, please be monogamous, everything else just isn't for me.
For the rest, I am 172cm, blond, blue eyed, rather average. I don't drink or smoke, but I use a vaporiser occasionally.
Hobby-wise, besides the fact that I soak up wiki pages like, well, a wiki page I guess, I enjoy playing the occasional video game, I love learning about cultures, languages, history, geography and all the other stuff around us and I, like most, enjoy TV shows here and there. I don't really watch Anime. I guess what I mean to say is I don't watch anime at all. I've seen maybe two anime things in the past years, one was the cyberpunk show and the other a Ghibli movie. I liked both, but generally find anime to just not be for me.
My humour is simultanously witty, hilarious and dry as well as questionable. I occasionally worldbuild/write for fun.
If you live in Europe and plan to stay in Europe and you'd like us to get to know each other, please feel free to message me!
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2023.06.08 20:10 Mingmingen Tutoring

So basically, it is the second week of the june holidays and the remaining time is extremely precious to me right now. I would like to use of the time productively and revise whatever was went through in semester 1 to aid in the preparation of my EOY around late September. However, I have this friend, who unfortunately did not fair well in Maths and Chemistry, and would like me to tutor them. I would like to help but I have to revise mountains of work. Hence, I don't think I would like to spend my time tutoring them. I understand that they will struggle alone without my help but I have to revise my own stuff first before helping which will take the entire June break to do so. Even after the June holidays are over, I have to keep up with the fast paced lessons which felt like running on a never-ending treadmill and may not have the energy to tutor. What should I do about this situation? I don't want to be branded selfish by them because of my refusal to help.
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2023.06.08 20:10 Great_Pitch1073 Maximize international income

I might have a quite specific situation and hope this fits the channel. My situation: I'm a German citizen currently living, working full-time and paying (income) taxes in Spain. However Spain gives the opportunity for me to chose a special taxation scheme, meaning 24% flat income rate up to €600k annual income AND not having to declare any other international income for the next 5 years. At the same time i do hold an US SSN and have some dividend income with account in the US which I declare yearly there as well. Question: How could i best leverage my income given my described situation? My first thought would be a second job remotely for a US based company and declare on my SNN in the US. This is most time consuming of course. If this is even possible.
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2023.06.08 20:10 Icy-Feature-1383 Vietnam 6 Month Passport

My passport expires June 5th, 2024 - I am traveling to Vietnam November 10th-25th 2023. That leaves me with with 6 month 10 days roughly when I leave the country. Do you think this will be fine? I am worried it is cutting it too close.
I am planning another out of country trip to Mexico in a few months as well and need my passport - in order to renew by mail you must send in your passport and I am worried it won't get back in time for my trip to Mexico. I don't want to send it after MX because there are so many delays with passports right now due to covid. Will it be fine?
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2023.06.08 20:10 Alarmed-Film871 animal adventure park

animal adventure park
animal adventure park
Introduction: Welcome to Animal Adventure Park, a magical sanctuary where you can embark on an incredible journey into the animal kingdom. In this keyword guide, we'll delve into the wonders of Animal Adventure Park, highlighting the keywords that encapsulate its essence and showcasing the key attractions.
Animal Adventure Park: Where Wildlife Thrives: Animal Adventure Park is a haven for wildlife, providing a safe and enriching environment for a diverse range of animal species. This park is dedicated to conservation, education, and the preservation of wildlife, offering visitors a unique opportunity to observe and learn about fascinating creatures from around the world.
Exotic Animals: Unforgettable Encounters: Animal Adventure Park is home to a captivating array of exotic animals. Encounter majestic lions, playful lemurs, graceful giraffes, and curious kangaroos as you explore the park's immersive habitats. Witness their natural behaviors up close and gain a deeper appreciation for the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom.
Interactive Experiences: Get Closer than Ever: Animal Adventure Park goes beyond traditional animal viewing by offering interactive experiences that allow visitors to get up close and personal with the animals. Feed gentle giants at the giraffe encounter, enjoy a close encounter with baby animals at the petting zoo, or embark on a guided safari tour for an immersive adventure.
Educational Programs: Learn and Discover: Animal Adventure Park is committed to fostering education and awareness about wildlife conservation. Engage in informative presentations, guided tours, and interactive programs that provide valuable insights into the lives of animals and the importance of protecting their natural habitats. Learn from knowledgeable experts and take part in conservation initiatives.
Wildlife Conservation: Making a Difference: Animal Adventure Park actively contributes to wildlife conservation efforts around the world. By visiting the park, you support their mission and contribute to important conservation projects. Learn about the park's conservation initiatives and how your visit helps protect endangered species and their ecosystems.
Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Fun for All Ages: Animal Adventure Park is designed to provide fun and educational experiences for the whole family. From animal-themed playgrounds and exciting shows to hands-on activities and educational exhibits, the park ensures that visitors of all ages can enjoy memorable moments and foster a love for animals and nature.
Conclusion: Animal Adventure Park offers a unique opportunity to connect with wildlife and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world. With its focus on conservation, interactive experiences, educational programs, and a family-friendly atmosphere, this park is a haven for animal enthusiasts and nature lovers. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Animal Adventure Park, where you can create unforgettable memories and make a positive impact on the lives of animals. So, come and explore nature's wonderland at Animal Adventure Park—it's an experience you won't want to miss!
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2023.06.08 20:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi Courses (Here)

Chat us on +44 7593880762 on Telegram/Whatsaap if you are interested in Pejman Ghadimi Courses.
The available Pejman Ghadimi courses include:
- Exotic Car Hacks
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In Exotic Car Hacks by Pejman Ghadimi you will learn how to make the deals you want, understand the financial models dealers will hide from you, and how to drive the car of your dreams for a fraction of the cost.
You will learn how to turn every car you buy from liability into an asset, as well as how to leverage financial tools.
Watch Trading Academy will teach you how to buy, sell, trade and invest in luxury timepieces.
Watch Trading Academy by Pejman Ghadimi will provide the education and expose the loopholes of the watch trading markets while showing you step-by-step how any person with minimal capital and access to a post office and computer can actually take advantage of this opportunity right from their own home.
If you are interested in Pejman Ghadimi Courses contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 44 7593880762 (Telegram: silverlakestoreproducts)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.08 20:10 Smart-Yoghurt-674 AITA for cutting my sister off from my son after she threatened me over $20?

My sister (20F) has a history of mental illness. I've always been supportive and offered help whenever she needed it. She has lived with my husband (22M, let's call him Greg) and me on and off for the past two years. Last October, we agreed that she would pay us $400 a month to contribute to groceries and utilities since we were barely making ends meet. However, she had some car trouble in January and ended up buying a new car, which now costs her $800 a month with insurance. We didn't ask for money for a few months, considering her struggles, and she never offered either.
In March, Greg and I got married and decided to discuss a consistent payment plan and renegotiate the amount she would contribute, given her financial difficulties and the fact that she had quit her job. We had three conversations about this, but each time she got defensive and claimed she didn't know how much to pay. During the third chat, she suddenly started packing her things and two days later, she moved to Florida without informing anyone. I found out through her Snapchat story, and it hurt that she didn't show us any respect after offering her help and being open to negotiation.
When she left, she left behind a 9-cube shelf. I offered her $20 for it three days later, but she ignored my message. Eventually, she tried to sell it for $25, and since I didn't want to argue over $5, I decided not to buy it. About a month and a half later, Greg changed his mind and wanted the shelf. He told me he would handle it if she asked about it.
Last week, she suddenly returned to town for the summer and asked for money again. I regretfully responded snarkily, saying she should pay us back for the months she lived here for free. She immediately became defensive, and I tried to backtrack by telling her to talk to Greg about the shelf. However, she didn't contact Greg and instead started calling me names, threatening to break in and cause damage to our property and myself. As a mother with a nearly 3-year-old child, I take threats seriously, especially from family. In response, I decided to cut off contact until she seeks consistent therapy. I offered to help her with scheduling but made it clear that she couldn't see my son until she has been in therapy for a year. I also expressed my willingness to attend therapy with her. My intention is to protect my family and still support her. However, she responded by calling me toxic and manipulative.
It's important to note that my sister tends to do well for a few months and then spirals out of control. She also has a history of rejecting advice, especially if she feels attacked. So, I always try to approach serious conversations with caution to avoid triggering her. Unfortunately, I let my emotions take over with the snarky comment, and I admit my mistake in that.
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2023.06.08 20:10 caplay A case for going NC: When your compromises aren’t acknowledged

My mom sent an angry email after I declined an invite to my grandparent’s 60th anniversary because I didn’t like how she was leveraging my future in-law to pressure me to come.
I (31F) am getting married in August. My grandparents showed up in April from China for the wedding but then changed their mind are leaving before the wedding. Feeing bad they’re leaving, we’ve arranged to meet with them and my future in-laws last weekend on short notice. We thought they were leaving on June 15, but then they said it’s July 15. I felt lied to. She then put my future in-laws on the spot, inviting them to this made-up anniversary event (since it already happened 2 years ago in China) in July. My fiancé and I later told his parents we didn’t like how we were demanded to go, so they agreed to decline.
My mom then forwarded their email, renaming the subject line to “Refuse.” Followed by this angry message and photo of me and my grandparents from 2018:
“This is 2018 , you was so nice with wai gong and wai pu , why you are suddenly getting angry with wai gong , I don’t understand since you live with [fiancee] , you are coming to keep a distance to your own family, if you think we are low education, you are lower yourself as well, Chinese people talk straight for words Anyway you wan to carry the pass or bad memory through to with you ,this is your problem, some people they have more worth life than you, but they are still kindly with other, for now on I wouldn’t bother you what are you going to do , just wanted you are happy this life, don’t see each other next life .”
For more context: I was miserable in 2018. I was forced to buy a condo after running away from my old one (my dad lived with me but I was afraid to tell him due to his angry violent temper). I told my mom that we did see my grandparents at least twice since arriving in April, and didn’t think we needed to see them again. Plus, they kept changing the date they’re leaving and will miss my wedding. When she mentions “not showing respect,” I pointed it was earned, especially my grandpa who exposed me to his affair when I was 3 and I was sexually harassed by the babysitter he hired.
I’ve tried my best to make compromises over the last years. But they go unnoticed. Any setting boundaries sets her off in a tantrum. I have more reasons to think that even LC is not worth the effort if it causes so much pain. I’d want some relationship with my AM, but not if she continuously treats me this way. It seems like a healthy or civil relationship is not what she wants either because that involves taking accountability for herself and for her bad behaviour.
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2023.06.08 20:09 Civil_Evidence7678 AITA for not skipping my son’s speech therapy appointment for my daughter’s specialist appointment?

My (36M) son (2) was born at 26 weeks and has struggled since. He receives physical, speech and developmental therapy through the state. They come to our home. Given his needs, my wife and I agreed one of us should stay home to care for him. As she has the higher paying career, I was the one who’s home. I take care of everything: schedules, cooking, cleaning, arranging appointments and handling the therapists when they’re in our home. This on top of caring for our older two children.
We’ve struggled with the speech therapist. She’s helped my son a lot, there’s no doubting that. However, she’s often late. She comes once a week, for 90 minutes. I’m always flexible with the time and then plan my day around her. However, she is often late. 10 minutes, no big deal, but she’s been up to an hour late. I get traffic is a thing and emergencies come up, but it happens far too often. I’ve spoken with her and she’s said all that matters is my son getting help. Which is priority, but I can’t wait around for her all day. It’s gotten to the point where I try to make no other plans when she’s coming but that’s not always easy.
One of my daughters has been waiting to get in with a specialist (she also has motor delays). Their waitlist is long. The day it landed on is one my son’s therapist normally comes. However, it was 2 hours after it ended so I figured, no big deal. If we missed this appointment, she’d have to wait another 3 months. I told the therapist to please try to be on time. She said she would.
It’s important to add that my wife couldn’t get time off work. Also, a parent/guardian has to be there while the therapist is. Likewise, a parent needs to be at the doctor appointment. So it’s not as if I could’ve gotten a sitter. I’ve done that before when it comes to other stuff with my daughters and therapy lands on the same day.
Well, yesterday was the day. 15 minutes. Nothing. 30. Nothing. I call, no answer. 45 minutes. Still no response. Daughter’s specialist is a half hour away with no traffic. Plus I had to drop the the other 2 with my parents. I planned to text the therapist to let her know we’d skip this week. Started getting the kids ready to go.
10 minutes later-55 minutes after the scheduled time-she shows up. I tell her I was just to text her. She apologized and said there was an emergency with another kid, then tons of traffic. I said we’d have to skip this week. She argued with me and tried to insist I skip my daughter’s appointment. I refused and said she could go to my parents’ as that’s where my son would be. She said I had to be there. I said there was nothing that could be done.
My wife got pissed and said that we need to maintain a good relationship with the therapist. I pointed out our daughter needed to see her specialist and it’s good we went as it turns out she needs surgery.Technically, it could’ve waited but I’m glad it’s scheduled so she can progress. Skipping one session won’t hurt our son.
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2023.06.08 20:09 No_Object_2353 My outwardly TBM sister, who is actually quite nuanced is getting some therapy. How do I convince her to not do an lds services one?

Basically what the title says.
My sister is very mormon in practice, but in theology and real life is very nuanced in how she thinks about doctrine and how God will figure things out in the next life.
Well she is feeling overwhelmed in life searching out therapy, but is inclined to use lds services.
How can I help her choose a more neutral, maybe actually helpful therapist ?
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2023.06.08 20:09 TooTired4Living AITA?

Summary: I met this girl around the beginning of September and ever since I've just had problems with her, but I can't help but feel like I'm the problem.
It all began when we became friends, we were quite close and had alot of the same interests so it was pretty nice. She then continued to get a toxic boyfriend that i myself had to sort out because he was negatively affecting her. Not long after she began to have problems with bullying and yet again i was the one sorting it out, she then had the great idea of dating that person who was bulling her and then to no surprise i had to sort it out. Then she had the idea of introducing me to some of the girls she knew. Me and then actually got along quite well together and started hanging out with them more. Then she decided that she didn't want to hang around them anymore and I was completely fine with it and I told her that I was going to stick with them as they're pretty nice and then said that she knows where to find me if she feels lonley or just needs to be around someone. Around two or three months later I began to have problems with the group I had been hanging around and decided that I had had enough and found her, she said she was completely fine with me hanging out with her and her friend group and even came up to me offering to hang out. Not even a month later I was being told that she had been talking about me behind my back, but I just ignored it.I was then told by her directly that she had been talking to an older boy and that he regularly got drunk (hes a minor) and that he had sent pictures of yk what to her. I said that she was being gr00m3d and that he was a p3d0f1l3 but she denied and made multiple excuses.Around that time I was due to have a lumber puncture and I was extremely afraid as I'm deadly afraid of needles, she then decided to say that she had it way worse than me and said that she had to get needles in her legs monthly (she has a condition that makes her legs point inwards and ones smaller than the other) and that I was overeating. I then replied with saying that it doesn't matter who has it worse and that we both should be validated. Long story short we began having more and more regular fights. She and her friends began to call me an attention seeker ect. It got to the point where I was crying most of the time. One of her friends confronted me and said that she had many problems with her in the past and that I had done nothing wrong.she began sticking up for me. After we had made up she started to sh and show me constantly asking how to hide it. She then also said she talked to her councilor about me. When I finally had enough I finally told someone about what was happening and I was told that she would get help. Long story short she did not get that help and found out that I told and she made most of my "friends" go against me and excluded me from everything. in the end me and the person who previously confronted me decided to leave the group as it was extremely toxic. When she began losing her friends she came to us and we accepted her. But then we found out she was still talking about me. Skip forward a few weeks she finally leaves us alone and she becomes friends with the popular people. One of the people who was previously in the friends group was getting jumped by them and being threatened. Me and my friend then decided to help her. Then the girl who was getting jumped turned her back on me and told her everything I said, then she confronted me and I just lied and said I said nothing. For the rest of the day I got dirty looks and pointing. I had my counciling the same day and decided to tell my councillor everything. Present time now, she found out I told my councillor and I'm scared to go in tmr. I've already had today off because of this and I've been told to go straight to the office tommorow. But overall i cant help but feel like this is all my fault. There's so much more that has happend and this is already too long to just comment if you would like a part 2!
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2023.06.08 20:09 Aggravating_Ad8181 Are job interviews going back to in-person?

I have recently received two job interviews that said they want to set up an in-person interview for the next round. The thing is, I don't want to go in and do an in-person interview. They are a waste of time, and I feel like Zoom or Team's saves time because I don’t need to travel and can hold an interview in the comfort of my home. I’m not trying to be lazy. I would like to know if that is what I should expect from now on, specifically for finance. I still have been mainly getting Zoom interviews, though.
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2023.06.08 20:09 thescoobymike So the Magisterium thinks that the death of multiple husbands is a clear sign of literary fiction/a fairy tale but wants us to think the Resurrection is 100% objectively historically true and that our eternal fate depends on it? 🤦

So the Magisterium thinks that the death of multiple husbands is a clear sign of literary fiction/a fairy tale but wants us to think the Resurrection is 100% objectively historically true and that our eternal fate depends on it? 🤦 submitted by thescoobymike to excatholic [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:09 helenalucia I hold resentment towards my boyfriend for ruining my graduation and I’m not sure what to do next.

I (f18) hold resentment for my (18m) boyfriend. I just graduated high school two days ago, and I feel as if he ruined it. (Backstory) for those who don’t know, you must have an invitation ticket to attend the ceremony, and my high school gave out 10 tickets per graduate since our graduating class was really small. We received our tickets two days prior graduation so we had time to give them out to the people we planned on inviting. Since my family is relatively small and my dad was the only family member that was able to come, I had 9 tickets left. I planned on inviting my boyfriend and his cousin that I’m close with, as well as his mom. Everyone said they were able to attend. I gave him an extra ticket because I wanted his niece to attend, and as far as I was aware of, she was able to come.
I explicitly told my boyfriend that I did not want his sister (niece’s mom) or her boyfriend (niece’s dad) coming, because they’re known to cause issues and their relationship is toxic (that’s a whole other story) and I didn’t want any issues to arise on my big day. He completely understood and seemed to respect my wishes. Okay no issue, right? On the day of graduation, the doors opened 45 minutes prior to the ceremony starting. I told everyone to come as soon as they can because seats were going to fill up fast. They all got there early and were sitting in the front row, and I noticed his mom and niece weren’t there, but his sister and her boyfriend were.
I texted my boyfriend asking why they were there despite me telling him numerous times in person and over text I did not want them coming, and he responded with “Niece and mom couldn’t make it so I gave them the tickets” “it’s not a big deal”. I was visibly very upset, but I couldn’t say anything because the ceremony was about to start. My dad was on the far left, my boyfriend was next to him on the right, his sister and her boyfriend were next to him, and his cousins were in the far right side. (Please keep in mind that his mother and his niece did not make it and that no one told me anything until the ceremony started) His sister and her boyfriend rudely got up and left in the middle of the ceremony and never came back.
After the ceremony was over, I asked my boyfriend where they went. He said they claimed they had to “go to the bathroom” and never came back. At this point I was enraged, however I still had to bite my tongue because my dad wanted to take pictures. Fast forward an hour, I still haven’t received any texts from his mother on why she couldn’t make it, and I never received any text from his sister on why they left early (despite them not being invited in the first place, not to mention they didn’t say “happy graduation” to me or anything) everyone left, but I invited my boyfriend to come along to get a celebratory dinner with my dad and I.
After we dropped him off at his house, my dad told me that his sister and her boyfriend did not say one word to him, or even look at him. (Keep in mind they were only one seat away from my dad.) I was very shocked and hurt, because not only was I disrespected but my dad was too. I confronted my boyfriend with a very long and thorough text explaining that he had absolutely zero right handing out those tickets especially to people I explicitly said I don’t want coming, and that their actions were an insult to injury. He agreed and said what they did was wrong and apologized on their behalf, but he kept dodging his accountability. I called him out on it and he did end up apologizing for what he did, but he did it in a tone that made it not seem as big of a deal as it was, and ended the apology with “it won’t happen again”.
I feel incredibly fucked over and disrespected. It is two days post-graduation and I still have yet to receive a text from my boyfriend’s sister or anything, and I haven’t texted my boyfriend since yesterday morning. This isn’t the first time he’s pulled something like this, on my 18th birthday I cried for two days straight because of him and couldn’t bare to leave the house (another story for another time)
I know the obvious answer it to break up with him, but it’s not that easy because I don’t want my graduation day to be a tainted memory with a breakup. Am I overreacting? Please help.
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2023.06.08 20:09 Significant-Ad-4184 Permit issues postpone Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome at Fargo Brewing

Basicallt during covid they extended outdoor show permitd to 5 every 30 days and since it expired, it went back to 1 every 30
The city commission punted and now they had to cancel some shows. I hope they go back to 5 because without them, we wouldnt have had Steve Aoki, Corey Taylor, 7 Dust, Prof, 311, Atmosphere, Avatar, Cheap Trick, Hanson last year
I say move them across the river to Bluestem ot The Lights in West Fargo. Summer is short and these concerts are needed, and bring thousands of visitors
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2023.06.08 20:09 Dr03 New FF Player Enters The Game: Iris Li with Shenzen Fly International Logistics Co., Ltd.

New FF Player Enters The Game: Iris Li with Shenzen Fly International Logistics Co., Ltd.
I contacted Iris after seeing her on an Alibaba Live video chatting with customers about her company's freight forwarding service (that's her in the red square there).
Iris Li
Air-DDP to USA: $7.00/kg from their warehouse to your doorstep and this qualifies, currently, as the cheapest FF that I have come across since March of this year.
I previously got a $7.05/kg rate from Nancy Fu with SSPT for 26kg, but that was earlier in March and her current rates (as well as Sophie's) have stuck around $8.00/kg for 21kg+
Her company DOES have Sea Shipping price but I did not get that rate from her because they start at 100kg and most people shipping reps don't ship that large of a haul.

Iris Li Contact Card

WeChat ID
If you happen to use Iris, please make sure to leave a complete review!
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2023.06.08 20:09 trapbunnybb ConGRADulations if you graduated or are graduating this June! :))

You’re one degree hotter 🎓🔥
I graduated undergrad last year (ooof i feel old haha) but i remember how excited I was! If you got into med right after undergrad and are starting in September good luck to you and take the summer to relax!! :)) If you didn’t, you still have so much to be proud of, and plenty of people don’t get in right away. You deserve a great summer as well and don’t stress too much, you will reach your goal when the time is right as it’s not a race. I literally cried the night before my graduation feeling like i hadn’t accomplished anything LOL. I felt so uncertain and afraid of the future as I was starting a new post-grad program that I was not sure I would like and I was writing the MCAT for the first time that summer. But on the day of grad I was super happy and it made me realize how fast time had gone by, how hard I had worked and I reflected on friendships I made (and ended, but it was for the best lol long story there). Even though many of you worry that you’re not good enough (it breaks my heart bc you are), you guys have a lot to be proud of as you worked so hard, and you should definitely celebrate my lil future docs. Dress fancy, go out to dinner, take pics, or do whatever but just know you should be very happy💕🌸
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