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Brownsville TEXAS

2010.06.23 22:37 DONPERROMAN Brownsville TEXAS

There is only one true Brownsville. Brownsville, Texas. THIS SUBREDDIT IS UNDERGOING CHANGES! STAY TUNED!

2023.02.11 09:28 Upset_Reflection_699 mcallen craigslist

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2023.02.10 16:59 Available-Switch-248 mcallen texas craigslist

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2022.11.10 02:54 puppysearchbot Texas

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2021.03.17 18:14 YANKEEEZILLA Advice On Purchase

I foud a 1994 Geo Tracker for sale about an hour away from where I live. The craigslist add is down below. What should I look for when I make the trip to look at it? Also, any tips on if thats a fair price or not would be helpful. Appreciate any help I can get
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2020.06.16 01:28 erickmuller_dot_com I'm trying to find a roommate with a budget of 400. Does anybody know someone who's also looking?

I don't have a room, I'm looking for one. Title might have been misleading on second thought. But if someone is also looking for a room, we could team up and find a place together.
Ideally in Mcallen, but I can also do Edinburg, Mission and Pharr. I'm male, 26 and have a stable job. Pretty quiet and chill.
I've tried everywhere, from craigslist, to facebook and and have had no luck. Any ideas?
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2018.10.03 11:10 threegigglers Backpage Mcallen Back page Mcallen

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2017.07.25 22:54 MewMaow Buying first MTB

Looking to get a MTB and from what i've read craigslist is a nice place for a used good bike. I found one bike by Giant and I know they're a reputable brand. Looking to see what y'all think.
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2017.03.09 03:31 BobodyBo Advice on a Craiglist Ad?

Thanks to everyone here who helps out people wanting to join the club!
A Miata popped up on CL and was hoping I could get some advice on it.
'94 Black 123000 Miles $2,800
This one looks amazing. It seems super clean. Only issue mentioned on the ad is an engine noise. If that wasn't an issue I would probably make the trip to see it this weekend. I looked up some common causes of engine noises and some of them seemed pretty harmless and easy to fix. That would be great if it were the case on this one, but I live 5 hours away from the seller, and I'm not sure how bad of an idea it would be to drive it home with an unknown engine noise.
There's also this one that's been up for a while
'90 Custom Paint 55,000 Miles $4,500
Has really low mileage, but I'm a bit afraid to buy one of the early Miatas. I contacted them about it and they said the timing belt has also never been replaced. (said everything was original). So that would be an extra cost added on.
What do you guys think?
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2016.02.20 19:07 bloodjoe Buying a complete on craigslist I know nothing help?

This guy is selling for 60$
Granted it is as good condition as shown in pictures is it a good price?
Like the wheels and trunks and what not are they good? is the price worth it?
Like im i getting a good deal ?
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2015.11.29 02:09 93_till_infinity Is this worth the price?

I'm looking for a gaming PC for Fallout 4 and I found this on craigslist. is it worth the price or am I better off saving up a little more and building my own?
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2015.04.05 12:11 darkbrokenheartz Update on Arcade progress and the Mesquite, Tx Arcade Auction

So I posted last week that I signed the lease and hell or highwater am moving forward with opening an Arcade in Mcallen, Tx wanted to give an update on what I was up to this weekend. I attended the Mesquite, Tx Arcade auction with a budget of $3000 to see what I could get away with. The auction was about 8 hours north of me and I drove up with a friend, my kiddo, and his best friend. Checked out the arcade early in the am and from the research I had done I was disappointed in the number of cabs and that my bread and butter capcom fighting games there was only one sole marvel super heroes. Probably about 325 arcades in the building what I have seen of auctions on the net is small. Rarest thing in there was probably the Lunar Lander which went for about 700. Though Pacman and galagas being less rare went for more because there in higher demand. Some cabs went for 800 dollars, some sold as little as 10. Since my hope at picking up some beat up capcom or neo-geo cabs to fix up and repair was gone I settled on going for shooters with flat control panels at the right height with good monitors. Unfortunately with such a busy day I did not have time to get individual photos of my haul but I did get some shots, and I will update the album with individual shots of everything I got.,ZJ9Ezzd,JEQWfo8,yZri22A
Now the first thing you'll see is the MVS Neo-Geo thats all beat up but i actually picked that up off craigslist in the area and not the auction for 75. Its a 4 cart with a copy of metal slug 2. I might have to rebuild all the wood though but hey good parts.
I ended up spending about 1297 at the auction. I know there is a few more coming up and I met some local sellers in the area where I will probably blow the rest of my budget. I underestimated the sheer ridiculousness of the cost of transport. Uhaul 270, gas for the uhaul 10 bucks ever hour of driving , 40 buck tip for the loaders who were awesome and got all my big shit on the truck. Food since i brought a helper and my kid and his friends pizza and soda has totaled up a bit :) but we all had a blast. I lost $10 mis judging the amount of stock my 20" Uhaul truck could hold and could not get the change spitter on. I ended up giving it to a guy from pinballz arcade and made a new friend. I didn't need it to use I was just going to use as decoration. That could of been costly if I had bought another 100 dollar cab though.
Break Down of what I got and the prices
San Francisco Rush Alcatraz edition, working $75.00 Simpsons Bowling Monitor working PCB probably needs some adjustments $75.00 House of the Dead 1 (HUGE ASS SHIT) Unknown condition $25.00 Maximum Force Working great condition $100 Area 51 Site 4 working great condition $150 GunBlade Unknown condition $10.00 (Thing is huge and if I don't repair it I am going to make it into a fort for my kid I shit you not.) Simpsons Arcade Cabinet working great condition non original joysticks $525 Maximum force working great condition $75 Changer $10 bucks donated to pinballz arcade ( Measure twice load once joke here) Big Buck hunter No monitor No PCB $40 wood is in good condition Robo Claw old ass claw game with dual joysticks $5 I do not think there are replacement parts for this and It has this awesome plexiglass container. I think I want to turn it into an aquarium.
In bids I spend 1,090 would of spent more but i wasn't going to go above 150 for a cab without a fighter pcb and working monitor in it with the exception of simpsons or turtles. I paid a premium or house fee of 109 this is 10 percent of your purchase which goes to the house. Its 10 percent if you pay cash 13 percent if you pay on your card and this will vary by auction as I understand.
San Francisco Rush Alcatraz edition, working $75.00 Simpsons Bowling Monitor working PCB probably needs some adjustments $75.00 House of the Dead 1 (HUGE ASS SHIT) Unknown condition $25.00 Maximum Force Working great condition $100 Area 51 Site 4 working great condition $150 GunBlade Unknown condition $10.00 (Thing is huge and if I don't repair it I am going to make it into a fort for my kid I shit you not.) Simpsons Arcade Cabinet working great condition non original joysticks $525 Maximum force working great condition $75 Changer $10 bucks donated to pinballz arcade ( Measure twice load once joke here) Big Buck hunter No monitor No PCB $40 wood is in good condition Robo Claw old ass claw game with dual joysticks $5 I do not think there are replacement parts and its like a plexiglass square on a pedestal
 San Francisco Rush Alcatraz Will probably clean up and leave as is. May use it to play with making a dedicated driving multicab. Simpsons Bowling- I will recalibrate the monitor, pull the PCB out and sell it and convert this to a multicab. I will remake the control panel from MDF drill a 6 button astro city layout load it with some sanwa parts and probably throw a 512 elf in there or a raspi2 with emulation station House of the Dead 1 (HUGE ASS SHIT) Unknown condition $25.00 Not sure what I am doing with this beast needs a replacement 1 player gun and a good cleaning and testing. If it works will probably sell to big for my space. Maximum Force Working great condition $100 This is the perfect donor for a mame conversion. I will rip out the guns and PCB sell that. Do some custom artwork, drill out the existing control panel, install sanwa sticks and buttons and throw in an elf or pi2 Area 51 Site 4 working great condition $150 Area 51 the original is one of those games I really logged a lot of time on in the arcade and its popular. I will probably keep this as is, or at most switch it to the original area 51. GunBlade Unknown condition $10.00 (Thing is huge and if I don't repair it I am going to make it into a fort for my kid I shit you not.) Simpsons Arcade Cabinet working great condition non original joysticks $525 Not in perfect condition. Need to get replacement original sticks for this, clean it up, maybe touch up the plexi, and control panel art but nothing to crazy here. This is one of my must have this was in the first arcade I ever went to with my uncle so special piece. Maximum force working great condition $75 Probably the same as the first Max force it is just a great conversion candidate and max force just is not that good. Big Buck hunter No monitor No PCB $40 wood is in good condition great candidate for conversion because it has a mostly unmarred control panel. It has the gun I will sell that or give it to my kid to terrorize people with. Then just switch to a multicade probably go with an LCD monitor. Robo Claw old ass claw game with dual joysticks $5 Swear to god I am going to caulk this bad boy up, put in some UV reactive pebbles on the bottom decorations and shit. Going to remove the claw handle and replace it with a handheld fish net and buy me a motherfucking mantis shrimp and some pretty ass fish NeoGeo MVS. I have not begun to test this 4 cart bad boy but it needs some tlc. I have to check if the wood is salvageable. Maybe short time but I have no faith in it long term, and aesthetics are important. I figure if the wood is shot I can at least make patterns out of what does not fall apart during dissasembly. 
PCB need s cleaned tested and ill find any missing parts. Might build a fresh neo geo clone to put it in might just find another one. Going to check if a max focre or simpsons bowling monitor will work for the mvs. The control panel can be salvaged and I will sand it down refinish it.
Lot of work but considering some easy conversion candidates and good value in the buys I am hopeful that from this lot I will end up with 1X Driver either original or custom 5x Multicades 1x NeoGeo Restored 1x shooter 3 if I am super lucky and gunblade and HOD aren't shot to shit super coolest aquarium ever and a super cool helicopter attack fort Throwing in my existing cabs pretty happy with the space I have and the games I can put on the floor. Some of the resto's like the Neo-Geo will probably take some time but other then artwork and finish I only have 2 control panel's to remake 4 to pattern and drill out and installation and configs for those cabs to be able to roll them onto the floor.
Loading was a breeze if you cant handle it yourself they have equipment there and loaders. They were some of the friendliest people I ever met, and I had bought these two huge ass cabs, House of the Dead and Gunblade and they patiently got them on my truck. Met really cool collectors here found a couple of PCBS I am looking for and will follow up with them. Talked up one guy about cabs in line to pay and offered to help him load 1 small cab of his and he proceeded to turn around and help direct the loading of my entire lot, with brilliant experienced packing technique and gave me a tiedown set because my nube ass did not bring one. Note to those who might head to one, bring a measure tape, extension cord, pads, and tie downs.
So all in all I think the auction was pretty successful. For my purposes getting a shortcut on build time , wood, and labor cost along with grabbing good quality CRT arcade monitors for under 150 is what is going to work for me. Hope this is some helpful background information for those who have been interested or might yet.
If your looking for dates and times of upcoming auctions, is a good resource and I am getting more and more info about online auctions.
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2015.03.20 20:11 Thorforhelvede Ferrari 300GT? (Warning, craigslist ad)
this is the most misleading craigslist ad I have seen in some time.
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2014.10.25 20:30 BigFatMel Someone on my local Craigslist is selling a Dual Model 505-2, should I go for it?

I've been hunting for a turntable for over a year and in my area, the resources are very low, so I have just been hunting local Craigslist posts. The seller said he has put a new drive and cartridge. I already have a receiver (two actually, a Pioneer SX-580 and a Sx-3500) and Pioneer bookshelf speakers (SP-BS21). So i come to you guys for any advice.
Would this be a good beginner's turntable? Should I pull the trigger, or hold out longer?
Here's the post;
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2014.06.25 23:08 unrealdude03 Triumph Bonneville for sale locally and have a question about it. (details inside)

Their is a guy selling a 2013 Triumph Bonneville for $6,500. The bike has 37 miles on it.
My concern is at the end of last month a local radio station had a Bonneville giveaway. And i'm almost certain this is the one.
This bike is essentially pure profit. How can I maybe work out a price with the guy. (bike has been sitting for close to 20 days without it selling).
I'm honestly skeptical that someone would but a bike drive it up the street and trade it in.
What is you guy's take on this?
link to bike
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2014.03.28 19:44 unrealdude03 Can I have some input on this bike (1978 Honda Hawk)? (Starter bike)

So.... I've had my license for about 9 months now. I haven't been able to find a bike I like / can afford.
But for the past week on my way to work I've been passing this 1978 Honda off the side of the road. I haven't stopped by and asked but decided to look on Craigslist for bikes again (I have up months ago because I couldn't find anything affordable).and when pulling up Craigslist ads their was the bike.
I just want to ride to and from work and school. Not going to be used for distance riding but for work and fun.
What do I need to ask about the bike and what should I look out for when checkingr out it's condition?
Also would this be a suitable bike for traveling roughly 10 miles a day (work) and joy rides around town?
Thanks Riddit.
Edit: local dealer has this up
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2014.02.17 21:00 peterpayne Would I be able to fit cyclo-cross tires on this bike?

I saw this listing, and with my 300lbs I don't think those tires are for me, so maybe cyclo cross tires fit, maybe this is just a bad idea...
Craiglist listing
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2013.12.02 00:58 missingfatty lost fat cat =(

Hi everyone,
I'm desperately searching for my fat black cat named Fatty. He is a domestic short hair but he has medium long hair, super soft, fat, with a puffy fat tail. He outgrew his collar, so he did not have his collar when I lost him. He is a confident, lazy, lap cat. I had him for 4 years and he is my first pet ever. He was lost around nolana/jackson. Please... if anyone has seen him please call or email.
This is the craigslist post... with pictures!
Thank you for your time<3
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2013.10.10 21:01 notabiggenesisfan Can you help me purchase my first used car?

So far I've narrowed it to these. All VINs came out clean. Good looking cars, in good to great condition.
2004 Mazda3 s 2.3L 75k Miles $5000
2006 Mazda3 i 2.0L 155k Miles $4500
2007 Spectra EX 86k Miles $5200
2005 Corolla CE 115k Miles $4350
2003 Accord LX 2.4L I4 113k Miles $4500
2004 Passat GLS 1.8 TURBO 97k Miles
They're all around the same price: $4500-$5200
What would you get?
EDIT:Oh and a guy is offering me a 2004 BMW 325i Rebuilt Title as a trade for my rebuilt 2005 Colorado
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2013.10.02 22:45 notabiggenesisfan Buying ~$5000 used small sedan. Help

This is my area: I could stretch the budget maybe an extra $1000.
I'm looking to get something with good mileage. I'm downsizing from a 05 Colorado.
What strikes you as a good deal?
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2013.08.20 05:16 OnlyHereForBoard This board seems good.

I found this board on Craigslist and was wondering if it was any good. I just got into skateboardig and just want to do it once in a while. I also don't have alot of money. Maybe I should also say that the guy set up the board himself and didn't buy it complete.
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2013.08.16 21:19 Isometimeslift Can you help me determine if these are real?

A guy in my area is selling these for $40 but I was wondering if they're real or knock offs they look cool but I just can't find them online
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2013.05.30 19:51 peterpayne What about slightly bent forks?

There's this gs500 I'm interested in for a first bike, it's cheap, and a little beat up, I don't care much about the scratches or how fugly it looks with the stock headlight that's supposed to fit in the fairings, what I don't know is if it's costly to fix the slightly bent fork, and well, what should I look for knowing before hand the bike has been dropped...
I'm glad I asked, thanks for your help everybody!
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