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2023.06.08 10:29 Calgrin 27M looking for friends and chats!

Hi there, I’m from England and I’m looking for friends! I have trouble making friends irl because I’m so shy and introverted so I figured I’d post here. I’m into football, gaming (I’m really into the souls games) going for walks and just being outside in general, it helps with feeling trapped in my room where I tend to get quite sad and overthink, I used to draw stuff, I like watching films (just recently watched the POTC films with my gf), love cooking/baking, listening to music (I’m a metal head but I’ll listen to anything), I like plants too although I’m still very new to them, my gf has ma g and loves them and got me into liking them! There’s probably more I can’t think of but feel free to ask questions! If any of this sounds good to you then feel free to throw me a message! Preferably be in the UK just because it’s easier to connect because of time difference etc. but message me and let’s see where things go! No nsfw and please be 18+ cheers! Take care!
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2023.06.08 10:29 cluicheadairlacrosse 4:30 am letter to Reaper

Hey Reaper, I’m up and you might or might not be up too. I hope you’re doing great and they suck if you’re not. Hope it gets better. I spent about 2 hours writing this.
I really love you a lot, and you are my best friend. Right now, my goal is just to be there for you in solidarity. You spent most of the past year sharing stuff about how you were awake all night, sleepless, suffering, in pain, and all kinds of stuff like that. That pain likely continues and you may even be up right now, 3:30 am your time, although you may be asleep and getting ready for your usual Thursday ritual. So if you’re up right now, I hope you’re having as gentle of a night as possible.
The most important thing to me is to show up right now and show solidarity with you. I pray for you a lot, I think about you a lot, right now I’m wearing an Erin Go Bragh shirt lol. I can’t change the past, and it doesn’t seem interpersonally effective right now for me to launch into detailed explanations about why I responded the way I did when I learned more about C or about your expectations for me. You’re a smart guy. You know Kristine Haglund’s name now and you can read about her online if you want, or you can draw inferences from the article I posted or other comments I’ve made during our broeyship so far. She’s Morm Mom, although I have many Morm mothers and that’s how polygamy works right? She’s the person who introduced me to Morm Dad back in 2010, although she wasn’t expecting me to stay in Utah as long as I did—by the end I became the finance director of the entire Utah Republican Party.
She doesn’t like men who hold your values, but she would like you because I like you. And I do want to emphasize that very deeply and make that very clear. I like you and love you a lot. So that means Kristine Haglund likes you and loves you a lot, too, or Kristine Haglund isn’t my mom anymore. But she is. And she likes you and loves you a lot. (Kristine is a public figure with a Wikipedia page and it’s not really doxxing her to say that. I am basically a public figure too. Public figures come in Reddit and do AMAs so that’s there.)
I’m interested in trying to salvage the friendship, although it’s very ballsy of me to say that. I’m sure it makes the gossipers upset. It probably wasn’t easy for you to tell me the full story about C, and given how I responded, maybe your suspicions were justified because there really was a Kristine Haglund there influencing me with her views on the world and I had no idea how complicated the situation was. Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me.
I care about you a bunch. I think you’re a great father. I better go back to bed. Love you platonically. Have a great Thursday. Hugs. 🫂
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2023.06.08 10:29 MihouSenpai My GirlFriend and I just broke up

After 7 years of relationship my gf and I broke up. It was the best 7 years of my life because, well, she pretty much saved my life more than once by giving me love, forgiveness, making me love myself and giving me a place I can call home. With her I had time to understand myself better and I came to the conclusion that all my sorrow comes from this body that doesn't belong to me. It wasn’t the first time, back to high school I knew I am trans and sometimes it came to hit me more or less harder. But that time I felt like I had to act and taking this feeling down once and for all. So, Monday evening, before going to sleep, I looked at my girlfriend and told her one more time “I’m trans”. She asks me a lot of questions and I answer all as I can. I was ready to take all the hate and misunderstanding that people usually throw at trans… but it never came. Instead it was a long silence. She finally told me that, if I become a girl she won’t be there, she can’t be there because she’s not attracted to girls. She did understand me because she’s not white, she’s not black, she’s a girl who loves doing man stuff so she never belongs. She had to fight for a place in this world but she got through this on her own because, that’s my girl and that’s what she did : being the strongest, best and prettiest girl of all. And then started hell : she was freezing and repeated “what should we do ?” “I’m turning 30…” “it's been 7 years”. She was really in pain. All that “talking” started at 11h30 pm and ended at 4h am. The next day we were both home. It was silent when we woke up, so I decided to go out for a walk and to cry where no one could see me. But at the moment I went to the door she was there watching me trying to go and crying. I decided to stay home with her. All day she was staring at walls doing nothing but cry, hitting herself. That scares me a lot and I also cry. The next day we had to go back to work. God, I was scared that she did something to her but she was ok. Since then everything’s backs to normal, like nothing happened and like we’re still together except that I can see in her eyes love faded away and sadness living in it. There is nothing I can do to change that because I can’t leave her but I can’t live in that body and we both know it. So all I do is hoping that transitioning worth the price of leaving the love of my life behind. I can’t picture myself alone in our appartment, without her by my side, knowing that we'll be together after work, sharing meal, feeling her presence in the room, the way she come to bother me in a silly way so I pay attention to her, all the nickname I gave her, all the travel we did and wish we do, all our project. In my head is like a non stop retrospective of all our live together with the good and bad moment, even the meanless one came back to mind. More than ever I hate being trans and see all the suffering that I have to deal with, either mine or from people I love
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2023.06.08 10:29 OldeEnglish800xx Dealing with intense existential nihilism, I need advice.

Just need some outside advice. I’m 19 and I’m dealing with substantial depression at the moment and nothing in life seems to have any inherent meaningful longevity to it. I’ve always suffered from these thoughts for most of my life, and due to my phlegmatic nature I tend to keep it dug in my subconscious. Alas, I feel as if I’m starting to really go under as I get older and it’s eating me inside. I can’t share my feelings with my parents or friends because it will only cause more problems in my life, and I can’t give into the allure of substance abuse because I have a history with alcohol and I don’t want to bring that back. I dont want to go to therapy because nobody will ever truly be able to know what I’m dealing with and I’m not fond of speaking in my inner thoughts with strangers in person.
Just need some sort of purpose or someone to help me brainstorm ideas to make me find some meaning to my existence.
Feel free to ask for details if you have questions. Thanks truly.
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2023.06.08 10:29 fontebrowny OZONECHAIN

Ozone’s enterprise-grade solutions provide the highest security for your digital assets like coins, utility tokens, governance tokens and NFTs. Ozone Chain is the world’s first quantum resistant blockchain that has integrated bleeding edge quantum security technologies in its design. We believe in Quantum secured blockchain for solving the real-world concerns faced by Quantum computers and we've developed a secure, scalable and user-friendly apps for mission critical domains.
For more information please visit: https://ozonechain.io/
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2023.06.08 10:29 SoleiNC STAR-K5NL-MSCB for 5,000 UEC [+More, See Post]

Sign up using a referral code and you'll receive an additional 5,000 UEC credits permanently bound to your account to spend on gear and upgrades when you purchase a game package.
Link preloaded with the above code for your convenience: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist?referral=STAR-K5NL-MSCB
Also, feel free to drop a comment below and we'll add each other as friends in game. :) I'm always happy to provide tips, advice, guidance, and even a helping hand if I'm available. (I'm still struggling with long covid, so I don't get to play as often as I'd like, but I'm always happy to help!)
Also, if you decide to upgrade your ship(s) in the future, I can help guide you through the process of CCU chaining to save you a ton of money. Sage wisdom I wish I'd been taught years ago when I first started thinking about upgrading!
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2023.06.08 10:29 PseudonymFanfic [Other] My MC, Beckett. My Adventures in the Devildom.

[Other] My MC, Beckett. My Adventures in the Devildom.
This is the first time I've made something for my own MC. "Dear Love" refers to my IRL partner, whom I pretend to write to about my adventures in the Devildom.
I play the game as everyone's platonic friend. I am asexual and enjoy Queer Platonic Relationships for myself. I also play matchmaker in my own Devildom universe.
My attributes: average height. Black hair styled with a medium hold matte pomade. Brown eyes. Beauty mark under my nose. Dimple on one side of my face. Clothing: Prefer formal wear over casual. Suspenders over belts. Monochromatic colours or loud ostentacious patterns, no in-between. Comfy dress shoes in black or brown but open to other colours to match outfits; I'm wearing leather monkstrap shoes in the picture. Metal accents like tie clips are crucial. Got laser eye surgery but sometimes wears fake glasses to feel something on my face. Satchel contains good pens, quality paper, and workstation. Fitbit on my wrist to count every step I take to solve the problems of the day. Personality: wry and dry humor. Workaholic. Lifelong learner. The Parent Friend. Always happy to help. Frontline tendencies. Skills: technical writing, sewing and clothing construction, trades and mechanics, hair cutting, musician (piano and guitar), singer and actor (theatre), novelist, artist Likes: obtaining new skills and making new friends. Justice. Equity. Dislikes: misunderstandings, situations that could have been handled effectively but weren't. Unclear communication. Occupation before I got Isekai'd: director of operations Character I relate to the most: Lucifer Character I would date if I was inclined: Diavolo, because he reminds me of my actual partner. The reason I ship a certain ship so hard: I love my partner the most and this is a mirror to that, right down to situations and actual conversations we have had in real life.
My MC and OM Characters in my Devildom:
Lucifer: would smugly tell me that I've used a comma splice and I'd tell him to "shove a semi-colon in it". My bestest friend in the entire Devildom. We go to cafes and bookstores and go shopping for office supplies. I tell him to stop working so hard and he stares at me like "You're the one telling me this? The audacity." I needle him about possible his crush and he tells me to fuck off but his face is red.
Mammon: my other bestie but in a wildly different way. He brings out the shit-disturber in me. We play billiards together and play for treats. I disapprove of his gambling but am all-in on the shopping. He takes me out to all the best food places. "Try this, Beckett, you'll really love it." Meanwhile it's some sort of Devildom Atrocity, but somehow it's still good.
Levi: my nerd friend. I bring him offerings and leave them outside his door. We play games often with Mammon and I kick their butts at fighting games, but get wrecked when I have to make choices. We stay up hellishly late and I wake up with chocolate on my face. "Lets do this again: ive got the hottest new dating sim to try!" We are both groggy and destroyed and i have to go to work, but I agree to come back tonight.
Asmo: my favourite boy toy. He's stylish as hell and knows what looks good on anybody. Hes my personal stylist. I cut his hair in exchange. Just like with Mammon I go shopping with Asmo, except he knows all the good places for clothing and knows where all the thrift stores are. "It doesnt have to be new and expensive to look good honey!" I agree. I cuddle with Asmo the most because he loves touch.
Satan: my boy thirsts for knowledge and I do too. We skill-trade and fan over cats. Unfortunately I'm very allergic, but I appreciate them from afar and draw cats for him to hang in his book-filled room. "Do you want to come to the cat Cafe with me?" Oh Satan. He's his father's son alright, but he's just as much of a shit disturber as Mammon. He teaches me fun curses to use on people but I'm content with just knowing it.
Beel: when I'm tired Beel carries me back home and talks about the science behind calories and energy retention in relation to demonic body types. He enjoys cooking and I love testing recipes on him, but I have to swat him away from eating it before it's done. We do exercises together and buff up together. "I can almost see your six pack, haha".
Belphie: he's my sleepy boy. He can be irrational sometimes but I put a blanket over his head to shake him out of it and he snuggles closer. I play him songs on piano and guitar and sing him to sleep, but then I also end up quite sleepy. He's like a son to me and I lecture him often. I try to keep him and Satan from screwing with Lucifer too much. I'm a double agent in the anti Lucifer league lol
Diavolo: i enjoy it when he regales me with Devildom laws, traditions and customs. He speaks of how the executive branch and legislative branch operates in the context of his kingdom and I suggest to strengthen certain areas of his constitution to bring his vision of equity and interrealm relations to the forefront. I am also a shit disturber and needle him about his possible crush. "You are asking beyond your means, Beckett. Forgive me if I don't answer." Hm... yes, of course. Sorry.
Barbatos: I learn how to be the most efficient I can be from someone who is the most efficient. He is skilled in everything and I must learn from the best. I'm his best student and I'm a teachers pet so i love to hear it. He's been and seen everything and he is an excellent linguist. He is poetry personified in the every day. "Don't let Solomon ruin you too much." I won't!
Solomon: I use my knowledge of mechanics and trades and recontextualise it to be an artificier and create magical items. He is also one to bring out the shit disturber in me and I have almost become Thirteen just from the incidentally nonsense stuff I make. "Oh that's an interesting effect. I wonder what will happen if I give this to Barbatos". Solomon, dude. Do you want to get murdered. Is that what you're into.
Simeon: he is my sweetest and chillest boy. My bestie to talk about justice and relationality with. When I'm insecure and feel like people don't like me as much as they do, he reassures me and tells me stories of his own relationships. "There is nothing wrong with stepping back. Once you've regained your sense of self, you'll be able to pursue the path of friendship again and people will be ready to receive you."
Luke: he is like my son. I make sure he doesn't get nightmares because he seems to have a hard time acclimating to his demonic environment. He teaches me how to bake so that I can make some cakes that look like real inanimate objects and eat them in front of people, to their shock.
Mephisto: I am like Lucifer 2.0. He doesn't really like me but I have no hard feelings toward him.
Thirteen: my Bae. She's a delight but I have to make sure her shenanigans don't cause too much damage in the area or accidentally kill me. I would date her after Diavolo if I was inclined to do that.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my experience and interpretation of the game from my point of view. Everyone's MC journey is very personal to them and I do not believe there is a wrong way to enjoy the game. Thank you for reading. :)
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2023.06.08 10:29 polarbeer1307 Can I still access my local Dropbox folder and files when Dropbox bans my account?

Friend of mine is a PhD student and one backup option for her PhD thesis and data is Dropbox. She also has the Desktop app and the files are also stored locally. Now, she is a bit afraid of the case that all of a sudden Dropbox decides to close/ban her account. Would she still be able to at least access her local files?
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2023.06.08 10:29 shittyminty Bridesmaids situation

I’m really not sure what to do about my bridesmaids. I got engaged in 2019 and asked 6 friends to be my bridesmaids. Since then, 1 completely ghosted me, I have not spoken to her since 2021 even though I’ve messaged her multiple times. I ended up replacing her since she’s no longer in my life at this point.
My cousin might not be able to come to my wedding because she lives in Mexico and getting a visa has been a bitch. The family has low hopes of getting it before October.
The third one has been very annoying, she isn’t responding to any of my texts. I wished her a happy birthday today and nothing. I asked her for her parents address to invite them a month ago, and no response. She RSVP’d yes to the wedding but that’s it.
Now I’m down 2 people essentially, and my husband has a total of 6 people (although one might not be able to make it because he has stage 4 cancer). So I’m not sure what to do. Do I ask people who are not as close to me to step in? Do I just not add any new people? I’m kind of at a loss, and a little heartbroken. All I’m asking from my bridesmaids is to show up to the wedding, and maybe the bachelorette party if they have time. It’s really not much. I don’t even really care what they wear for F’s sake. It’s really putting a damper on that part of my wedding.
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2023.06.08 10:29 Taxable-Tour Octane and pathfinder should be cannon friends ❤️

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2023.06.08 10:29 Rasha_0727 Husband cheated while 4 months pregnant with our 2nd kid

I, 32, was 4months pregnant with our 2nd child when I found out my husband, 28, was cheating on me. I noticed he wouldn't leave his phone even if he's in the shower. I find it odd because the last time he did that was when he cheated when we were still bf/ gf ( its a long story too but we were in a long distance relationship at that time, i forgave him as you can see we are now married). Its suspicious but maybe it was just my hormones messing up my mind and I cant even see his phone unattended so i cant sneak on it. But one time, he forgot and left it in our room because he went to a colleague. I thought that was the right time to sneak up on him. I opened Facebook Messenger, since i know the phone's lock code, but it has too many messages so i went to SMS instead and there i found the girl's name. Its the same girl he cheated with. (another backstory, he knew that girl because she was a prostitute) so this time he communicated with her to avail her services or any of her friends. I was too shocked, i dont know how i feel. And then i heard his footsteps so i just casually grabbed anything so he wouldn't think i touched his phone. He took it and went out again. I was too shocked. I searched the girl on fb and there it was at the reels she went out with her friends that time they texted. I scrolled thru my messages with my husband and there i called him several times and he didnt pick up, he didnt call me back or texted me until it was 5:40AM. ( i had to call him that time coz i am with my 1st born at my mother's house. It was 3 towns away) He didnt text or call me from 7PM to 5:40AM. That's when i felt so devasted but I cant bring myself to be angry because i thought it was my fault for not satisfying his "needs". I had low sex drive due to pregnancy and i thought maybe that was the case. But i still felt miserable. I thought I have to endure this cheating the whole time i was pregnant. It seemed unfair. I dont know what to do. I dont want him to know i was sneaking on his phone too. I really dont know what to do.
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2023.06.08 10:28 UnfairBill7482 My dog asks for rubs but after a minute or two becomes reactive?

So my 2 year old golden is a very sweet girl. We had behaviour issues with her in the first 18 months but, as I suspected, she's mostly grown out of them.
But one thing she hasn't grown out of is becoming reactive when people rub her for too long.
For example, yesterday when we were out walking her, I sat on a bench and was rubbing her a little bit and stopped as I know how she is.
A stranger came towards us and she became very excited, jumping on her and presenting her bum for a rub. The lady asked could she rub her and I said yes just don't go near her face as she doesn't like it.
The lady was rubbing her for a couple of minutes, my dog lied down on her side and seemed very relaxed as the lady rubbed her belly, side, bum, everywhere but the head really.
After about 2 minutes of this, my dog showed her teeth, then barked and gave a warning snap at the lady?
Why does she do this? She asks for rubs and is very friendly initially with people and loves strangers, but after a couple of minutes she's like "OK I got my rubs now get away from me before you lose your fingers".
This isn't just strangers, we've learned not to rub her too long at home either for the same reason. We'll give her a few quick strokes and then stop so as to not over stimulate her.
Has anyone else experienced this or have advice?
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2023.06.08 10:28 ShizomaruAsakura I…Don’t Know How to Feel About My Ex Now…

So like; obviously we're not dating, and haven't for years now. We keep in touch here and there and of course, I help them out when I can if they are in trouble. (Because that's just how I am, helping others--And treating others the way I want to be treated.) But--There was a slight catch within it. While we ended things, she also wanted me to talk to her when I could and tell her if I ever dated, had sex, etc. With someone else; just in the off-chance that we ever did go down that road again together. If I ever open that door again; and vice versa. Which I'm kinda....Not really about, but thought it seemed fair considering how she's still in my life...However.... When I saw her again and spoke to her long ago sorta recently(?); she randomly changed up while I was helping her move. And said "...I don't think who I'm fucking, dating, etc. Is honestly any of your business." Despite me just simply talking to her about where we stood mutually, so that there was no confusion. The only reason I mention it, is because around that time--We turned on each other's location if there was ever an emergency. As I did with my little brother and other friends and family who are in my life. Now I don't check in on her like that when it comes to where she is all the time; and do a small "Check-In" Call once every blue moon, but lately...She hasn't picked up, returned and even hung up on some of my calls. Not even some texts. (A little backstory, she moved in with her best friend co-workers recently after fighting looking for an apartment n such; so I always assume she's either partying or just busy slammed with work) And the one time I check-in quickly; I peek at her location after its been a little while. And mid-streaming on Twitch; I see her location isn't at her usual place wit her friends...But at a hotel far north of town. I felt...I don't know. Mad? Conflicted? Sad? My mind only assumes the deed is being done. And I know I shouldn't give a fuck but like--I don't know. I feel so mixed, but I felt my heart drop.
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2023.06.08 10:28 Naive_Pollution9718 Ive never been inside my boyfriend’s house

My boyfriend (m21) and I (f19) have been together for 4 years. Throughout these 4 years I have never stepped foot inside his home. He lives with his 2 brothers & his mom.Im not sure why but even if I do happen to be there I have never went inside. His mom makes sure she comes outside to talk instead of letting me come in. It can be late at night, if i go there, she comes outside. I think its weird. Ive brought it up to him the fact that i’ve never been inside, but he brushes it off and says shes insecure about her home (they live in an older trailer). Im not judgemental at all, so I dont know why she feels i shouldnt be able to come inside?? I know how it feels to not have the best house on the street. When i bring it up to my friends that ive never been inside they cant even believe it considering how long we’ve been together. Isnt this weird??
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2023.06.08 10:28 MillztheWeirdo I have a friend who understands me!!!

So I have a friend who is bi, I’ve known for a while, she’s known that I’m like her ( I used to be bi too) I told her today that I was non-binary, genderfluid, pan and my pronouns were she/him/they/it. She’s very excepting! Also random but a friend used ‘he’ today and the two at the table were shocked when I didn’t care lmao- they even tried to annoy me with it- the powers of having multiple pronouns. Anyways, HAPPY! Feeling more confident now! :) Haven’t told her about aroflux and aceflux but that’s fine lol.
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2023.06.08 10:28 Taxable-Tour Octane and pathfinder should be cannon friends❤️

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2023.06.08 10:28 bthecrazybirdlady 360

I bought tickets for myself (F31) to go to 360 in brisbane. Is anyone going? Does anyone wanna be friends and hang out that night?
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2023.06.08 10:27 hsn_B13 HsnB13

Hello, I hope all the efforts of metatime team and all friends will have good results, God willing
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2023.06.08 10:27 hayerabbaaa My dad is an alcoholic and it has ruined our family

A little background - F21 - I have a lil sis and I'll be moving out in 20 days to pursue my MBA. Just want to rant because I have no clue ab kya karu, kaise kru and how will things work out.
My father is not a bad man. But he's on and off alcohol since I've been a kid. And you have no idea how bad it gets. He takes loans from random shopkeepers, neighbours and even took 200rs once from the watchman. That's how embarrassing this situation is.
He's been in hospital because of this. And threatens to commit suicide if we don't let him go outside to get alcohol.
Like the obvious answer is treatment. But wo bhi karlia. He relapsed once jab wo medicines le rhe the and it landed up in trouble.
Not just this - he threatens to break stuff. He verbally abuses us. And my mum won't divorce him cause we literally have no support. Her brothers and my dad's brother don't live in India. They help out financially when needed. And it's not like we can let him go.
It's like 0 har 2-3 mahine mei for a week or so he'd become this abusive asshole. Abhi tak to thi mai gharpe to have some backing for my mum but now i'll be leaving to kya hoga? I'm genuinely scared. I'm scared for my mum and sis. I'm scared for his help.
He's been in a life threatening accident because he was driving drunk. Toot chuki hu. As much as I'd love to get out of this place - I'm just scared of getting those phone calls while i'm far away in college.
I can't even share ye sab with a friend because its so fucking embarrassing. There's so much trauma. It keeps me up at night.
I've worked my ass off my entire college life. I managed acads, made almost 2.5 lakhs freelancing 3-4 months and I know I have so much potential. But nahi ho paata. I'm so done with everything. I just want a better life for my family and I don't see a way out.
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2023.06.08 10:27 ToeSucker4444 I have no idea how to get friends, any tips?

I'm about to graduate school and i legit have no friends and i have no idea how to get any, can i get any tips?
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2023.06.08 10:27 Nerdygirlsc My brother cheated on his pregnant wife. She found out and he left her.

There's a lot to this so let me try to cliff note:
My siblings and I were raised in a high control Christian religion. You couldn't have friends or marry someone outside of the faith. I left when I turned 18, but my family was still very active.
My brother really wanted a wife at a young age. You couldn't even kiss until you were married so I'm sure him wanting a wifey was really just him wanting to get physical with someone.
He dated someone seriously, she found out he looked at porn, told on him to the congregation leaders, and dumped him.
He didn't handle it well, went on Instagram and started following other young women of the same religion actively trying to find a new gf
He met his now wife on Instagram. She was new to the religion, and they made her dump her high school boyfriend to join and she couldn't be close to her non religion friends. Weirdly enough we grew up with her grandma in our congregation. So they had that connection and started dating. Both she and my brother were lonely and found each other when they were really needing companionship.
Well I think they fooled around because they ended up doing a really quick courthouse wedding and she had my niece within the first year of marriage.
My SIL is really hard to like. I tried really hard to make her feel like a part of the family, but pretty early on she set the precedent of being super entitled and only interested in what I could give/do for her.
They've been together for 5 years, and she just gave birth to my second niece. I've tried really hard to be a nice supportive family member. Over the years I hated the way she treated my brother. She was condescending and rude, but he always seemed oblivious to it. I thought maybe he was just so happy to be a dad or something. But I honestly don't think she loves him, she just loves what she can take from him if that makes sense.
She's very flaky and never follows through with anything she says, and as I mentioned, very entitled. A good example of the level of entitlement is that when my mom died, she went over to my parents house without telling anyone and just took whatever she wanted. I didn't know until I was at my brother's house one day and recognized something that was mine. She took a lot of family heirlooms or things I had as a kid that I was planning on passing down to my kids, and she gave them to my niece.
She is flaky to the point of having a new dog every 3 months. She finds one on craigslist, keeps it for a few months, decides there's something wrong with it's personality, then turns around and sells it. It breaks my heart every time and I've talked to my brother about how dogs shouldn't be treated that way. He says he knows and tells her not to do it, but then he comes home and there's another pet.
She hasn't worked their entire marriage. She'll get a job at Starbucks, work for a week, then find some reason to quit.
She has literally financially bankrupted my brother. She steals his credit cards. One time he hid them and she sought them out and had spent 8k in 3 days before he noticed. Before he was married he owned a home and was very financially responsible.
They ended up getting a home on a more expensive side of town, and he ended up with 2 mortgages on that house and over 200k in debt. The 200k does not include the mortgages or student loans. He's a software engineer and ended up picking up a 2nd job as a forklift driver to try to get ahead. I've seen text messages she's sent to a mutual friend saying that she likes having him gone all of the time.
So fast forward to recent events. I get a call out of nowhere with her crying hysterically saying my brother has cheated on her for the past 4 years and gave her an std when she was pregnant.
This was a shock cuz 1. How we were raised 2. He always seemed like perfect dad/husband who did everything in his power to take care of his family.
She literally called everyone she knew and told them this while my brother was at work. So when he comes home and finds out, it just kinda sealed everything for him. He left and moved into my childhood home. He's filing for bankruptcy, and apparently has a girlfriend. He's just done and wants nothing to do with her.
This really threw me. Honestly I think his actions are horrific no matter how justified. I was 8 months pregnant and if something like that happened to me, I don't think I could get through it. I think if he was unhappy, he should have talked to her. The way everything went down is just cruel and I'm struggling with my relationship with him.
Well my SIL doesn't have very many friends from the way she treats people. She does have a very supportive family and I hope they are there for her to help her through this. My brother took care of them in addition to her. He let her mom and brother live with them rent free, always paid for them when they went out anywhere, and even took them on a cross country family vacation. Everyone is pretty devasted.
I can't shake the feeling though they they are just mourning the lifestyle with him and not necessarily him.
Anyways, she doesn't have many friends and called/ texted me a lot after out of desperation trying to make sense of it all. I tried to be supportive and understanding and spent a few weeks helping. I never trashed my brother, I just let her know that I understand how hard everything is to go through and encouraged her to take care of herself and to guide through the grief process with therapy.
I had my baby and we kinda stopped talking. I just didn't have the energy anymore and she was starting to really talk trash about my family be every time we talked and it was just too much.
Well it's been 6 weeks since I gave birth and my siblings and I went to the zoo together with the baby. I was really excited to get out of the house and it was the first time my brother was getting to meet my baby due to my nieces constantly being sick. Well SIL found out and I guess it triggered her that I was hanging out with my brother and she's been sending really long messages about how messed up it is that we haven't reached out to her and see how she's doing and that we're just acting like what my brother did was ok and that there's no consequences for his actions.
I'm just at a loss on how to proceed. Honestly the texts made me angry because I WAS there when it first went down and did try to help. I really just don't want to try to continue a relationship, but a part of me still feels awful at what she's going through. If it happened to me, I would really want people to be there for me ya know? I'm also worried that she'll use the nieces as a bargaining chip and hold the relationship with them hostage. I also kinda wanted the door open to potentially get my stuff back now that I have a baby.
What are your thoughts? How would you proceed?
Her current arrangement with my brother is that she keeps the house and he pays the mortgage, he gets the girls on weekends, and he gives her 46k allowance a year so she doesn't have to work while she's taking care of the baby.
At this point all she needs to do is take care of her emotional wellbeing, but that's obviously been a struggle.
I haven't responded to her texts because I'm debating whether to just walk away or try to salvage some sort of relationship.
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2023.06.08 10:27 goldshades Shot on iPhone with no budget, my friends and I created a short film in Paris about a homesick paperweight. Check out Little Tower, Big Wonder!

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