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2023.06.10 06:36 msvebiotic Sandeep Marwah Inaugurated Exhibition of Paintings by Dipak Ghosh

New Delhi: Renowned artist Dipak Ghosh recently held an exhibition of his latest portrait paintings, which was inaugurated by President of Marwah Studios Sandeep Marwah, a well-known film producer and educationist. The event took place at an Stainless art gallery in New Delhi and was attended by art enthusiasts and collectors from all over the city.

The exhibition featured a collection of exquisite portrait paintings, each one capturing the unique essence and personality of the subject. From famous historical figures to contemporary celebrities, the paintings showcased the artist’s mastery of the art of portraiture.

In his speech at the inauguration, Sandeep Marwah praised the artist’s talent and dedication, saying that his paintings were a testament to the power of art to capture the beauty and complexity of the human spirit.

The exhibition was a great success, with many of the paintings being sold to private collectors and art enthusiasts. It was a testament to the enduring popularity of portrait painting as an art form, and to the talent and skill of Dipak Ghosh as a master of the craft.
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2023.06.10 06:34 XDbored i hate Linux Repos, i hate the lack of backwards compatibility, i think Repo maintainers are a scourge that prop up a destructive system, but windows 10/11 sucks too, but i need a OS, what about NixOS?, does that suck?, or is it worth it?.

My windows Windows 1909 has gone stale again, i used the 1909 edition regedit tweak, but it still got a bunch of none feature updates that ruined it, this time specifically the background windows defender processes are overheating the NVME drive with multiple terabytes of read/writes per day the drives often reach over 100c in HWinfo at otherwise idle operation, the default admin account can't disable them, so i have to boot some other OS to try and fix the problem
Wifi 6/Bluetooth drivers notably lack support for older versions of Windows 10, and that, means the integrated wifi/bluetooth on any Z690 or newer board, which is why i had tried installing a 1909 iso in the first place, when 7 or 8.1 or 1709, wouldn't have this problem, but if i hate Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Pacman is not as awful, but still a nightmare, maybe NixOS is reliable???, looks like the only thing that doesn't suffer from library hell to me.
i really need something that just runs all the drivers i need for the lifespan of the hardware i have without breaking, new Software does not seem capable of this task, also working with a new motherboard would be a great pipe dream, but currently Windows 10 breaks faster then my Hardware.
maybe if i have something reliable as a storage server that never receives any updates for anything at all, and i just burn through disposable OSes for anything that is not storage, that might be better then trying to rely on any modern OS to receive updates, data/software migration is exhausting, but ofc Ext4 makes interoperability difficult in that case.
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2023.06.10 06:34 flippenphil (OFFER) Trauma Center, the little mermaid, super troopers 2, yesterday, marauders, mr. holmes, scary stories, a thousand words, the dark tower, big hero 6, jungle cruise, strange world (REQUEST) Ambulance, the Menu, ISO on bottom / offers

MA = Movies Anywhere
GP = Googleplay
[?] = unknown definition
title = pending trade
If a title is no longer listed = It has been traded
TV Series Marked
Vudu Only
ITUNES Only MOVIES - No Port - Marked
CANADIAN CODES: GOOGLE PLAY / ITUNES MARKED I do not know any of these port
Titles I am looking for
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2023.06.10 06:34 GroundbreakingEar690 [OC][Art] Used AI for a Quick Set of Cards for a Home Brew Campaign


Wanted to provide this set of nine cards I threw together for our DND campaign. My players will be entering a city tomorrow and one of the shops is called: Curio Curiosity Shoppe.
I have the rest of the shops, encounters and everything mapped out. The players are level 1 and it felt like the deck of many things and some of the other decks that have been homebrewed and posted seemed a little too strong for the party this early on. Additionally, a majority of the players are new to DND. I wanted to make a small deck of cards that would allow them to ease into things like the deck of many things with out the overwhelming benefits/withdrawals early on. Feel free to use.

The Shop:

The Deck:

The Cards:

Draw a card and roll 1d4 for effect. Once a card is pulled or flipped the player may not receive that card again.
The Mother You feel a warm embrace:
The Lovers You have formed a life long bond:
The Pride You feel a strong sense of self worth and confidence:
The Fall You have a sinking feeling in your gut:
The Wizard Arcane power envelopes the room:
The Hunter The smell of pine and dirt fills the air. Coyotes howl in the distance while a cold breeze flows through your hair:
The Teacher: The smell of fresh books can be smelt:
The Warrior: A sense of honor and strength washes over you:
The Calamity:
Ţ̴̯̤͖̝̦͙̠͇͓̯̯̹̘͋̐̔͋́̈́̏̍͛̑̚͜ẖ̷̨̨̛̲͓̠̮̞̙͎̬̒͛̍̕ẽ̵̡̛̘͒́ͅs̴̤̮͖̯̱̲̯̥̭̈́͌ë̴̛̠̫͕́̽́́̐̋͊͝͝ ̵̡͔̮̺̭̘͎͙̩̫̖̀͋͂̉̈́̏̿w̷̢̨̹̘̭͎̲͔̘̫̆̀̅̂ǫ̸̲̼͔̭͇̜̞̯̪͚̼͕̣̏͋̾͌̏͗̈́̽͘ͅř̴̡̰̤̗̝̝͚̠̼̩̈̊͊̊̀̈́̈͘̕̚ḑ̶͔̜̯̹̦̹̼͔̼̹̇͑̽̿͗̿͗͛̀̇̍̀̽͜ș̶̨̹̯̰̙̤͙͚̲̟̠͇̱͙̓͑͆͋̏̚͠ ̸̨̘̈́̐̊͌͝ȧ̴͚̣̤̱͚̞̣̞̦̮̘͛̓̅͐̂̃̀́͛̚͝ͅr̴̮͈̭͚̘̠͔͚͈͛͗͆͑̈́̔͗̏͜ͅe̵̖̰̹͐͐̓̏͛̐͗̍̏̊̽͊̍ ̸̡͚̰̳̩̦͖̗̓̌̄̄ụ̸͔̼̭̣͕͙̪͔̽͒̓̄́̏͐̊̀̓͝͠ṉ̸̞̦͑̾̋̅́͊̕͝k̷̫̬̩̯̲̖̏̿͗̍̇nó̷̘̻ẇ̷̡͚̯̭͎̤̙͚̣̽́̿̑̈́̎͗̈́̍͠ͅn̸̡͚̤̭͚̹͎̮͔̱̣̦̼̉̊͌̐̽͋̒͘͘

Image Generation: Stable Diffusion - Prompt: absurdres, best quality, ultra detailed, detailed background,(art nouveau:1.5), (zentangle:1.3),1girl,crimson
Negative prompt: SimpleNegative, (worst quality, low quality:1.4),[:(badhandv4:1.5):0.7] ,(bad-hands-5:1.2)
The image has the cards set on a standard paper size and should be roughly the size of standard playing cards. Hope this is helpful, happy adventures.
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2023.06.10 06:34 AutoModerator [] ✔️Mike Mancini – Ads Agency Unlocked ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 06:34 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Todd Brown – Your Winning Offer ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Todd Brown – Your Winning Offer ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️ Todd Brown – Your Winning Offer ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

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2023.06.10 06:34 Due-Honey4650 I think I need to stop stimulant meds.

I'm sober from drugs and alcohol for more than seven years. My whole life has changed. I am also someone who is neurodiverse and I require a number of medications for my stability due to an early childhood TBI.
One of the issues I face is executive dysfunction, treated as ADHD. Stimulant meds.
The meds work wonders for me. But my relationship to them has always been unhealthy. I previously abused Vyvanse and Adderall some years back. I stopped all meds. Two years ago I was prescribed Ritalin. Again, it worked wonders and it was exactly the kind of medicine I needed.
And I wish it could be as simple as that. But it's not simple. I benefit from the med, but I know that my relationship to it is unhealthy. All I have done is obsess over how well it is working / when it is slowing / when is it time for my next dose.
Enough is never enough.
I've started back to my old behavior recently, something that makes me shudder. I'll take just one more. And even though I'm focused and productive, I am at the same time cut off and withdrawn from my loved ones, struggling not to ignore them because I want to go off and pursue creative work. I do not feel like I am in the right place with myself.
I am always full of these frantic thoughts of, "You can't do anything without these meds!" And there's this desperate part of me that's always wanting more and more.
I have an appointment with my psychiatrist next week and I flushed the remainder of my pills because I have managed to build a tolerance and a new type would be required.... a high likelihood of going back on something that was even worse for me.
I am going to ask for a non-stimulant med. I can't live like this. It doesn't matter that it is prescribed...I'm still an addict. And that addictive part of me is activated and comes alive and drives me absolutely obsessively crazy over the meds.
I benefit from stimulant meds as much as the next person with executive dysfunction. But the difference is, most of them could decide to take a weekend off without batting an eye, they aren't obsessed and lost in chasing the next dosage, they aren't trapped by this lie that feels so true that says without meds, you can't handle your own life and you'll never achieve your dreams.
I hate that I am like this. But I am, indeed, like this. So it's time to admit powerlessness and accept what can't be changed and stop trying to do the same thing over expecting different results. I'm either going to stop this now or end up going back down the rabbit hole of legit relapse and possibly lose my sobriety and life again.
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2023.06.10 06:33 No_Association69420 Print failure after shaking resin

Hi everyone,
I am new to resin printing and I made the noob mistake of not shaking my resin before printing. I did a few prints and got ok results. Today, since the resin had been sitting in the vat for a while, decided to empty the vat back into the bottle, give everything a clean and set the printer back up. I leveled and tried to print but I got nothing stuck to the FEP or the build plate. I tested the screen and it is working ok. Could placing the now shaken resin into the printer have caused this failure? Will I have to change my settings to accommodate for the shaken resin? I am using siraya tech blu emerald on a anycubic photon mono 4k.
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2023.06.10 06:32 holocene_12 I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry.

My foster kitten died at the emergency room yesterday. She crashed in a matter of two hours, from ill to critical in a heartbeat. I held her in my lap as I sped to the clinic, barely watching the road to check if she was alive. I knew she was dying. Shortly after we arrived she stopped breathing on her own, she went into cardiac arrest, they did cpr for 10 minutes before I told them they could stop. She tested positive for panleukopenia, something that can be vaccinated against. But, she and her littermates were always too sick to be vaccinated. Her littermates went back to the rescue, because I work in the veterinary field and I can’t risk infecting patients at work. When you came back to me, I could tell how hard the staff had tried to save you, they tried to place catheters in places I had never of. I know they did their best. They brought you back to me in full biohazard garb, wrapped in a dandelion yellow towel. I stoked your fur and held your paws, you had been so patient for your nail trim just days ago. I held you like you loved to be held. I said goodbye, the rescue will lay you to rest. Your sister passed when you were 6 weeks old. I do not believe in an afterlife, but I hope you are together in some way.
I’m sorry my sweet little girl. You were 12 weeks old and only 1.5 pounds. So itty bitty, but you fought so hard. You have brought me immense joy and sorrow. I knew I would never have you forever, but never like this. It was my job to take care of you, to make you big and strong. I dearly miss the way you demanded to be held any time I was in the kitchen. I loved your silent meows before you climbed up my jeans. I learned you loved scrambled eggs and couldn’t stop yourself from running into clear plastic bins. My stupid, sweet, cuddly, curious, gentle, playful little baby. I’m so sorry you suffered, I’m sorry we couldn’t do more.
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2023.06.10 06:32 Ok-Stock3766 Advice and tons of venting

Hey, I am mom of 11 yr old, ASD,nonverbal, ADHD son. He is very big and strong and has been experiencing puberty. In the last 4 months he has been in and out of ENT due to ear infections which result in him putting things in ears that have to be extracted under anesthesia. They placed ear tubes 2 times, and they fell out. Finally last time we have more long lasting ones. He was back to normal for a month then did a 180. Started attacking me more and biting again. He refused to go to school and when I got him there one day he wouldn't go in. They saw him attacking me and as we got to car it continued- 2 police officers came plus his classroom aide and helped get him in car and calmer. The next day I got him there he attacked from backseat and I ran off road onto shoulder. So he has been so angry and aggressive to the point where summer ABA is not starting and now we are trying a new therapy. The BCBA has known him for 8 years and she suggested I put him in hospital for medication monitoring for a week. I said but I'm all he has and that makes it feel like I am giving up on him. I have not worked since 5/7/22 because of incident at sitters. I am struggling emotionally and financially. I am in counseling btw. I am also covered in bruises and honestly just meant to ask if anyone has had to put child in for medication monitoring? And if it helped. Thank you
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2023.06.10 06:32 DJ_7D7 Does enabling bb.moveobjects on ruin object interactions with Sims?

New Simmer here and I started off on Sims 4. I got the game for the incredible building capabilities, and looked up a cheat where it disables the object placement rules and I can place objects closer than usual. Will this ruin how the Sims interact with this objects if they are too close to each other?
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2023.06.10 06:31 SummerSweetSummer Aggressive or Playful Jump?

We have a 2 year old lab mix, although he looks like a full lab to me. We've had him for 9 months now. When we adopted him, he was already somewhat trained and well behaved/mannered. Within the last few weeks, he's started to seemingly randomly jump on my husband and me. He often jumps when he is excited but has improved with time. These new jumps are different. These jumps take place when he is outside in a fenced yard. Sometimes my husband or I will be doing work in the yard, often just walking from one part of the yard to another, and he will come barreling toward us and jump on us. This is not out of surprise of seeing us. By this point, we have already greeted him when we came outside or he came outside from inside with us. It's very difficult to tell if he is being playful or aggressive or something else. He's NOT acting overly excited with his butt shaking and tail wagging, but he also isn't growling or baring his teeth. I do tell him to get down or stop, and sometimes I have to raise my voice or push him off to walk away. I know there will be people who tell me to just ignore his behavior and he will stop. However, I cannot take that risk because I am pregnant and he is an 85lb dog. Today he jumped (not necessarily excitedly or aggressively) on my husband after my husband had given him pets and a gentle hug. It was quite sweet, and although I was far from them, I didn't see any signs of stress when my husband hugged him. Our dog didn't turn his head away. As far as I could tell his ears were relaxed, and he wasn't licking his lips. I feel like it is relevant to add that we NEVER play wrestle with him. I am just confused by this behavior. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a subtle sign of aggression? What can we do to improve this behavior?
He was a shelter dog so even though he's been very gentle with our children I'm still nervous because I really have no idea of his history. The shelter didn't know anything. He was brought in as a stray. Part of the reason, this new behavior makes me so nervous as well is because a couple of people who we know have had dogs attack them recently, and they were dogs that they had been around before and had not shown signs of aggression around them (as far as they could tell). Any tips or comments are appreciated, but please be nice about it.
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2023.06.10 06:30 Primid- My cats just won't get along

I got a new cat a few months ago. My old cat will growl, hiss, and scream at her. And sometimes they even fight. (The new cat made the old one bleed once).
The new cat doesn't seem to have a problem with the old cat. My old cat is the one with the problem. I understand that cats are territorial animals, but this has been going on for months, now. And it's been getting worse.
I've tried various strategies such as exchanging each others' scents, and placing their food/litter as far from each other as possible. It doesn't seem to help much.
My old cat just stays downstairs while the new cat stays upstairs with me. And whenever they cross paths, it is not a fun time for anyone.
I've been told to just give up and accept that they won't become friends. But what do yall think?
I don't know much about my old cat's past home (before I got her a few years ago). But from my understanding, she had some pretty bad experiences with other pets. Not just cats, but dogs, too.
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2023.06.10 06:29 gaigeyxox have any of you gotten covid so far?

heya frens. im currently recovering from a covid infection. first time with the plague, i did everything i could to avoid it. i failed i guess and learned the hard way this shit is not just a cold i could feel the organ damage i was getting happen in real time. im concerned that aome chronic or longer term things will persist but its too early to call on that.
i guess i just feel lonely cus of it. lonely and bleak. i was high on life so hard before this happened. i fell in love, found a lot of motivation for my ambitions, i have all these big plans and i have community and im fully accepted as a woman in every community i go in and out of for the most part (on little communes and some other set ups, i travel a lot to new places) ive found my self worth, confidence, self love all this good stuff i was lacking my whole life. i even managed to maintain a hopeful optimistic worldview and framework and am told im a shining light in other people i meets dark bleak worlds. its fufilling
and right now all of that feels so robbed from me. hoping i can get back into the thick of it asap but its hard for me to do much at all, hard for me to socialize, being faced with the underbelly of the pandemic just put me in this depressed dark bleak mad at society headspace(which im always mad at society but in a productive motivating way, this feels defeating). i literally thought i was going to die and so i had to let myself explore that possibility and reflect on my life from that scary dark pov. i feel defeated. and now im just waiting to see the results of this dice roll life forced me to take on the Disability Roulette Table™️
my life was just starting, i dont want it to be over. which im pretty optimistic realistically that ill recover fine enough to not even spend any time thinking about it like this, but theres a chance i wont. and im still so tired and exhausted from it, its only been 11 days since the onset though. too early to tell anything like that.
thanks for responding i love you all keep fighting the good fight <3
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2023.06.10 06:29 haphazardt is this experience even close to normal

Mostly venting- but feedback would help
I’ve experienced GAD for about a decade now. Ive been on Buspar for a number of years, and while it helps with the daily anxiety of being a person, it doesn’t help with things like having to take the subway, or the dentist, so i use Ativan as needed. Due to how stupid our health care system is i had to start with a new office/set of providers. I loved the first doctor i was placed with he had no issue with how i was medicated and no problem filling my scripts. after about 3 visits with him i got a call the he had resigned and i would be placed with a different doctor within the office. Bummer but these things happen. Doctor #2 immediately had issue with my treatment plan and said i should be on an SSRI and no Ativan. I explained that i use it very infrequently, sometimes going months with out needing any, but she was not hearing this and said i should try Prozac. I’ve been very resistant to SSRi’s since an old GP prescribed me Paxil and the first dose sent me to the hospital. I had to convince her to start me on a lower dose the normal, but i was willing to try cause maybe it could make my life better. I took 10 Mg of Prozac for a month and had a horrible tremor, shaky legs, no appetite and feeling like i was communicating badly with everyone around me. The feed back from friends was that “i was upsettingly calm”. At my follow up appointment the doc said this wasn’t good and that i should try something else. She prescribed Pristiq and said to stop Prozac that day and start Pristiq tomorrow. This sounded wild to me considering the side effects i was having. 15 minutes into my 30 minute telemedicine visit she said she needed to cut my appointment short because she had to go to the bathroom. Not that an emergency had come up. Something about the way she was prescribing and cutting my appointment short really rubbed me the wrong way and i asked to see someone else. I was now on to my 3rd doctor at the same place. This new one also did not like my Buspar /Ativan as needed method and we should try some other SSRI’s at low dose. Again, i knew that this kind of thing is trial and error, and maybe it could make my life better so we tried Zoloft. I broke a 25mg tablet in half for a month and i still had a tremor, stomach issues, very jittery, and got lots of feed back that i was kind of being a bitch at work. We moved on to Lexapro-5mg. My coordination s was so off. I would run into things i had just been looking at. I fell down the last few stairs of flight of stairs because i was so dizzy. Abilify 5mg- everything smells rotten and food sucks. Vomiting, restlessness, uncomfortable, could not stay in a chair. I spent a lot of money on things like lotto scratchers. Effexor 37.5 mg- This one was the worst. I would start getting the “rushes” around 4am and would have to get up and do something. So no sleep, increased anxiety, spending hours at the gym and going on long walks to burn off energy. I lasted 8 days on it. The doctor seems to finally be coming around to the fact that i am a very sensitive flower and that these meds don’t really work for me. We are upping the buspar but she it still being very strict about my ativan use (which increased greatly during the abilify/effoxor switch. Im off effexor for 10 days now. Still not sleeping well, but my anxiety does seem to be getting better. I feel like over all shit, but it does seem to be getting better. TL:DR Ive been on 5 different Psych meds in the last 6-7 months, all with horrendous effects Should I see my GP for blood work? I don’t even know what to look for, but maybe something else is up? Is this normal for trying to figure out anxiety? Should I be looking for a new cente doctor?
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2023.06.10 06:29 Helpful_Capital_2562 Six months into living in Baltimore.

So, I'm new to the East Coast and Baltimore is where I landed. I've lived on the West Coast, the Rocky Mountain West, the Southwest and the Midwest.
I have never felt more at home and accepted in a new city like I have in Baltimore. I fit in everywhere I go and I adapt to and adopt everywhere I've lived in my 40+ years but Baltimore is entirely different. Baltimore is hands down the most welcoming city I have ever lived in. This is a place where I feel welcomed every day of my life.
The people in Baltimore are the kindest and most enthusiastic folks I've met anywhere in my travels across the US. Baltimore is weird, quirky, gross and beautiful all at once. This city is the personification of myself. I love it!
I've spent four decades trying to find my true home. Baltimore, I think you might be that home.
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2023.06.10 06:28 yeechiaaaa It’s been a week since I’ve gone to In Your Dream Concert and here’s what I’ve got to share.

Just want to document this experience down and also share it here to anyone who’s interested. I was there on Day 3 and I had a blast. (It is going to be long.)
First off, setlist. Most of the songs were kept the same from TDS2 (except a few removals like Boom, Diggity, My Youth, Walk With You, Beatbox, We Go Up was played during pre-encore), but we got Drippin’, Rewind and Graduation. Haechan did mention that they didn’t have much time to prepare for this, yet the boys did great.
Some songs had new arrangements and I personally enjoyed them - they did the Glitch Mode domino choreo version with lots of dancers (so dope), Hot Sauce with Jaem taking the center and leading the intro beats with taps and claps, TTF was a band version with Chenle’s incredible extended adlibs at the end of the song (he said he did it jokingly during rehearsal and everyone ended up liking it so he did it during the concert).
Ending it with the sequence Rewind, Dear DREAM, Graduation was genius, esp for older fans like me who has gone through the part where members had to face the uncertainty of not being a fixed unit, to seeing the achievements these boys have reached today - it was an emotional ride.
Secondly, the members. Mark keeps getting better looking by the day! Even though his condition wasn’t great that night (the members mentioned it during instalive after), you can’t tell at all, he gives his 802% throughout. And you can clearly tell Mark loves and dotes on his dongsaeng members A LOT, just so much love in his ments and just the way he looks and interacts with them. Soo endearing to see.
Renjun remains everyone’s Heather, the chemistry between him and the members during stage interaction were so good I always look forward to them. When he had that solo spotlight during ANL bridge, he sounded sooo heavenly. He was in high-spirits that day, literally rolling on the stage and all that. But I thought it was really nice of him to mention the story about a fan who listened to Hello Future and gained strength for her operation during his ending ment. He got emotional and almost cried aww
Jeno is just electrifying on stage whenever he does the cooler tracks like Stronger, Countdown - his energy is unmatched. Yet on the other spectrum he’s such a softie (and cutie of course) when performing the ballads and more light-hearted tracks. Like TDS2, he said “I love you” to the members again that night during his ending ment that caught everyone’s surprised - such an endearing moment!
Haechan is my bias and he keeps proving why he is. His dance is so captivating everytime, his honey-like voice melts in my ears whenever he sings. He absolutely killed that opening of MFAL acapella version when there was no bgm or back vocals but his voice. He’s also such the moodmaker (which indirectly created the chaos where fans ask the members to reveal their abs), showing the 7Dream friendship rings to fans (he also revealed they did discuss to have a design for fans, hopefully this happens!)
Jaemin is another level - I love his stage quirkiness, I love how he calls us “princesses and princes”, I love how real is he when he mentioned our ‘hardships’ at coming to the concert, I love how he isn’t shy to create these cute lovable interactive moments with the fans. Aside from the abs reveal and how his chest was distracting me the whole time, I love seeing how he’s enjoying himself on stage. He’s such a fun one to watch.
Chenle is the member I was looking forward to the most because he couldn’t make it to my country’s stop during TDS2. He did NOT fall under any expectations at all - his passion was radiating, his adlibs, his vocals, his stage presence, how he also knows how to have fun on stage, these just confirm how essential of a member he is to the team and how his energy just makes the concert experience heaps better. I’m so glad I got to finally see him!
Jisung my baby, the only one who teared up during Graduation. His ments were so sincere my heart went soft, esp when he mentioned that this is not forever and wishes to create happy memories with fans as much as he can + he worked hard hoping to not feel our time is wasted. I just wish I could tell him that he is already doing very well! And hearing him sing live this minute and then rap the other, plus how well he nailed every dance solo during BTG, Glitch Mode, Hot Sauce just shows what a versatile and all-rounded idol he is. SM GIVE HIM A SOLO PRODUCTION ALR.
Lastly, some special mentions. I do think some friendships are worth mentioning here based on the concert. Haechan was looking at Mark during Graduation and this sent feels. We all know the emotional rollercoaster ride with the graduation system back then. Jaem and Jeno are practically the inseparable pair at this point - personally I enjoyed all their interactions on stage and those by them are the best for me. Major ‘best friends I wish I had what they have’ energy and vibes (that day was also their decade anniversary of first meeting each other in SM!) Jisung’s unexpected backhug to Chenle during Candy was also a pleasant surprise. And Ten, Kun, Yangyang, Minho came to the concert!
7Dream, though young, you can tell they are a bunch with experience and it shows. I can see their sincerity in every stage, also love how they are able to add their ideas to the stages making everything better. I can’t wait for their comeback this month already. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT KNOW IT.
That’s all!
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2023.06.10 06:28 sacutsc smell in the bathroom

I recently moved into a new one room apartment. The building was finished in 2023 and room renovations were finished in march. Literally everything about the place is new and had those stickers that i had to peel off from everything.
I live on the second floor and for a few weeks have started noticing these….peculiar smells that appear in my bathroom. It ranges from rotting food smells, to bathroom ones….. or just straight up the weirdest smell ever.
from what i have read it’s possible that, because i am on the 2nd floor, i am closest to all the sources that could be potentially causing this?
Are there any suggestions on how to keep the smell at bay? It’s starting to get on my nerves, especially since it’s really hot now and the bathroom has a tendency to be slightly warmer than the overall room, meaning the smell is persistent.
Any help is highly appreciated !!
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2023.06.10 06:28 blueberrybutter10 Probable Fraudulent Charges On Debit Card Only Used Once

For background, I use an online bank for standard checking and savings. I have a debit card connected to the checking account, but never use it. I don't keep it in my wallet - I keep it at home in a safe place, mostly in case of emergency. I've never used it for online purchases or at an ATM. The online bank I use lets me "auto-decline" certain purchases made with the debit card, and I've marked almost all transaction types (including online purchases) as "decline." I live alone. I almost always use credit cards for purchases when possible.
I purchased a new (advertised as new, though an older model) iPhone on eBay a couple months ago (the box was not sealed, but I did set it up starting from the Hello screen). Just in case I ever need it in the future, I added $100 to Apple Cash using the debit card, then deleted the debit card from Apple Wallet. This was on April 6.
On June 7, I get a notification that 2 online transactions have been declined from "Amazon Prime" - one for $1.42 and the other for $1.41. These look like some of those small, "test" charges they try before they charge a large fraud purchase. I cancelled my Amazon Prime account several months ago and I've never used the debit card on Amazon (or any other website either).
I have locked my debit card through the bank's website and plan to cancel it and request a new one. I'm so glad I went through the debit card management options on the website so that I don't have to deal with getting a big charge reversed.
Mostly, I'm just at a loss as to how someone could have obtained my debit card info despite my minimal use of it. Has anyone else had this type of thing happen after adding a card to Apple Wallet? That's the only thing I can remember using it for and although my memory is not perfect, it's the only transaction on the list of debit card transactions, other than the Amazon ones. Is there any other way someone could have gotten my info that I'm not thinking of? Should I trash this phone and get a new one? I consider myself somewhat tech savvy and I try to stay aware of different methods of scamming/hacking/stealing, but I'm sure there are many out there that I've not heard of. Or maybe I'm over-thinking this?
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2023.06.10 06:27 SamgoFandango [FC] [CHAOS - PHANTOM] SECTOR SEVEN

The Vision: Sector Seven is a young FC with a small but active player base founded by three friends. Our goal is to grow slowly over time, finding quality people and players we can have fun and make connections with, rather than just gathering quantity for the sake of it.
Content: Predominantly raids and trials, but on our down time we are happy to run roulettes, maps, hunts and host social events for people to get together and have some relaxed fun.
Raiding: Our current raid lead team has helped us establish a motley crew of Savage Raiders within the FC, clearing Savages and Extremes as friends, and we are inviting you to become a part of it. Furthermore (although not required) anyone with experience leading raids will be welcome here to complement our existing raid team and accommodate new raiders. We typically raid on a Wednesday and Friday as an FC, but are looking to increase this as membership grows.
Casual vs Hardcore: We have a casual but committed attitude. A causal mindset where we can all chill together and have a laugh, but when it comes to raiding we want to see commitment from our members to learn fights, improve in their jobs/roles and down big bad bosses.
Timezone: A lot of us are UK based, so our primary timezone is UTC, but we also have members from around Europe and slightly further afield. Preferably applicants should be UTC or UTC+1 in order for people to be playing at a similar time. We will accept people from other timezones, but you will have to be understanding of the fact that it could be problematic for you.
Grand Company: Since we’re about community and coin, the FC are allied with the Immortal Flames. You are allowed to be affiliated with whichever GC you like though.
What we’re looking for:
21 years old+.
Fun loving.
Easy going.
Raiders that have had enough of PF hell.
Irreverent sense of humour.
Relative timezone.
So, if you are willing to play, learn, grow and laugh together, then Sector Seven is the place for you. To apply, please do so via our Discord server below:
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2023.06.10 06:27 Longjumping_Tip_1131 Alone on my birthday

I had to move half the way across the world about a year ago - my home country started a war I am completely against, and on top of that I wasn’t safe anymore because of my position on it and because of being part of LGBT. I feel lucky that I was able to get out, but I am not in a good mental space. I miss my family, my friends, my cat - and I don’t even get to talk to them much anymore online because we’re 11 hours apart.
It’s my birthday today, and to be honest I even forgot about it until I got a text from a friend this morning. Only a few of my family members and friends texted or called me, I assume because I’ve been so far so long. And I don’t have friends in my new place yet, so I’m celebrating alone in my favourite restaurant. I thought I would be ok celebrating alone but it hit me like a wall of bricks.
I always tell people that I don’t like celebrating my birthdays, because I feel shy getting so much attention. But today I realised how much I actually need it and miss it.
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2023.06.10 06:26 PhoenixAurum Best Buy and a laptop needing repair

Good Evening,
I bought a Asus ROG Strix laptop from Best Buy (Cambie) in 2021 and up til recently until the keyboard started to go and tonight while cleaning it lost one of the key tops and the - had broken.
The last few laptops I had the GeekSquad rep told me the laptop is unrepairable then tried to up sell me on a new laptop.
This laptop itself is 2000$ and mainly for my job ( I’m learning to render animation ) and can afford to buy a new one, I have insurance that I’ve been paying every month will that help if at all?
I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask im panicking and their store location is closed.
Thank you for your responses.
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