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2023.04.02 08:50 artyombeilis Looking for Beta-Testers for OpenLiveStacker - Android and Linux

I'm getting into EAA, but the big stopper for me is a cumbersome setup and one of big inconveniences is need to bring a laptop to control the camera and do the live stacking. Even more so as Linux user I don't really have viable solution for live stacking even if I bring a laptop.
Since we all have quite powerful computing device smartphone or tablet, if I only could connect an astronomical camera directly to a smartphone or tablet...
So I implemented OpenLiveStacker app and released as open source... (my two hobbies open-source software and astronomy connected)
And I'm looking for beta testers!
Supported cameras:
What it does:
Supported OS:
Some Pictures:
Screenshot (images from SVBony sv105)
My Rig: AZI GTi, sv501p 60/400 scope, ASI ZWO 224MC + Android Tablet
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2023.04.02 08:49 Rusty2114 Enlisting as 15W in Oregon

First ever reddit post so bare with me. Not really a question here but throw in your opinions, experiences, questions, shame etc.
31 year old enlisting in the Army National Guard, do not currently have career I'm keen on keeping. Former college athlete, coached all levels of that sport from youth to college, yada yada and so on, love coaching but it doesnt pay the bills so I do it volunteer and to help. So doing this to challenge myself, learn, take advantage of the student loan repayment and education benefits, serve my state/country, etc.
Want to move into a career field involved with aviation. UAVs is what I've settled on as of now. I have 89 ASVAB, GT 119, all other line scores are all above what's needed for any MOS. Had thought about 15T/U going crew chief route, want to submit a WOFT packet (I know it's a .01% percent chance I'm granted an age waiver) but I'll shoot my shot. 15 series tracks to Warrant Officer which is a goal as well, I do know it'll be tougher with limited slots for each rank in the state. Rambling on now. AGR is definitely a goal as well, I do want full time if I do not move into a solid civilian career involving UAVs. Going active duty is also on the table.
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2023.04.02 08:48 smxsh_bruh (Part 2) Found more of Jay's deleted/removed videos

Posts I made which contained other videos I found can be found here and here
Here are more deleted/removed/privated videos I discovered:
Bully Vids:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Final Episode
Still working on trying to find the other eps
Yandere Simulator:
SENPAI HAS A SMALL D Yandere Simulator [2]
THINGS GET WEIRD AS HELL! Yandere Simulator [3]
OKA CAN SEE GHOSTS?!?! Yandere Simulator Myths
THE POLICE ARE HERE!! Yandere Simulator Myths
HOW TO SUMMON A DEMON! Yandere Simulator Myths
TOP 10 MOST OVER ASKED MYTHS Yandere Simulator Myths
South Park: Stick Of Truth:
Episode 1
Episode 6
60 Seconds:
HunieCam Studio:
Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Still working on trying to find the other eps, although I'm not sure how many there are since I never watched this series (I did find out that episode 2 and part 1 of the "all huniepop girls challenge" were not archived on the wayback machine unfortunately)
Home Sweet Home:
Episode 3
Other random vids I found:
ASKING THE "TOO PERSONAL" QUESTIONS Reddit's 50/50/50 Challenge (With Gloom Games)
MR STEAL YOUR GIRL Very Organized Thief
HOW TO NETFLIX, HOW TO CHILL Netflix & Chill Simulator
For other series with missing videos such as life is strange, heavy rain, and the wolf among us; those videos were sadly not archived on the wayback machine, so they may be gone forever :(
I'm still looking into his other playthroughs though, like catherine, persona 4, resident evil 7, and like I mentioned earlier, bully and huniecam studio.
Like I said in my first two posts, if there are other missing videos from any series of his that I did not mention or just specific videos in general that have been deleted/removed/privated, please let me know and I'll be happy to search for them.
Also this took quite a bit of time so it'll probably take a while before I post another update💀
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2023.04.02 08:46 LanterQ1 Damn it, I wish I had a girlfriend...

So I've had no luck dating here in North-western Europe (moved here alone for a major), 0 matches on dating apps:
My family and my bros have told me my pictures look good, I even got a professional to take photos of me.
My bio is true and not boring:
📏 1.86m (I added my height because women here in North-western Europe frequently state they want tall men)
Looking for someone to conquer the world together 🏆 and always and is up for the following challenges:
At the gym, regarding music, academics, in the kitchen 🍝🍣 and at the pool table🎱
I'm always up in for a party 🍾
I haven't had any success in real life either.
Hell, I just got rejected by another girl yesterday (she gave me her Instagram a few days ago)....
She finally replied to me and said she sadly can't shoot some pool with me and tonight.
This time I made mistake and texted her the following:
No problem, I'm going to hit the pool bar again next week friday with a few friends after the gym.
You should join us next week at 8pm, you do know how to play pool, right? 🎱
God, why did I have to text her this?
Why am I so fucking stupid, that text makes me look desperate.
Obviously, if she liked me she would've joined me tonight for pool.
This clearly isn't the first girl who's rejected me, though I fucking give up....
This shit is so fucking tiring and frustrating, Sweet Jesus Christ...
I hate to sound defeatist, though I don't think I should bother trying to get to know and date anyone anymore.
I guess I'm ugly or I'm not 'their cup of tea'.
I think my teeth are screwing me over, they're white, though they're a bit far apart from each other, I have to wait a few more weeks for my next dentist's appointment....
Yet, I met a man almost a year ago when I was still back home working a hotel job (he wasn't rich and his teeth are arguably similar to mine) though he was very chill/down to earth and married to a pretty kind and beautiful woman and they have 4 kids!
Though the man I mentioned does have a career and earns a good amount of money, while I'm a college student who only has a part-time job and loves to hit the gym and play guitar
Maybe this (and my teeth might still be worse than his) are the reasons why I can't get any girl to like me, though as mentioned earlier: I need to wait months for my next appointment with my denstist
I make a concious effort to not have any photos with my teeth on my dating app profiles, though it doesn't matter because I don't get any likes or matches anyway....
I tried to get a pet to help combat the loneliness, though I'm not allowed to thanks to my dorm's stupid fucking rules!
For some reason a few dudes at my gym gave me compliments about my muscles:
Who gives a fuck!
I literally can't get a woman to like me regardless of being myself, what I do, what I say and how I say it, how I smell, etc.
All my loved ones (my family and bros) are back home, because I moved abroad for college to earn a Bachelor's degree for a medical field related major.
If I'm meant to be alone and devote my time and energy to score better academically, get my Bachelor's degree here in this cold, grey North-western European society (The Netherlands) for 4 years and keep hitting the gym for the rest of my life:
Then so fucking be it.
I guess you guys are just better at talking to girls than me, got genetics on your side, etc, whatever it may be.
I guess I'm just ugly, what else could it be?
I can speak their language/Dutch, so this isn't the problem.
In all honesty, judging by what I see almost every single day is that women here in The Netherlands don't really go for guys like me.
Women here tend to go for white or light brownish men, who have a relatively nice car, motorcycle/scooter:
They clearly aren't foreign and black college students who work part-time like me.
Damn, it would be so fun to go bowling with a girl 🎳.
Hitting the gym with her and helping her would be fun too 🏋🏿‍♂️
Cooking together 🍛🍝, hitting the beach during an Island vacation 🏖 and swim together and/or massaging her with sun-tan lotion sounds great.
Holding hands while walking together sounds fun too, playing guitar🎸for her also sounds exciting.
Kissing and caressing her, making love to her sounds fantastic.
Even arguing every now then about 'whatever' is still better than me being a solo act every day, day in and day out.
I've tried joining music clubs and dance clubs, though I've been told that I'm a bit too old to join...
I wish there were better ways on how to deal with this loneliness, the problem is I really want a girlfriend.
I've tried meditating, though it only helps temporarily.
Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.
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2023.04.02 08:45 Indiangernalist Valuation Techniques for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in M&A

Valuation Techniques for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in M&A
valuation for mergers and acquisitions
Valuation is an essential step in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may find it challenging to determine their worth due to limited financial data and resources. In this article, we will discuss the best valuation techniques for SMBs in M&A and how they can use them to achieve a successful deal.
  1. Asset-Based Approach
The asset-based approach is one of the simplest methods of valuation for mergers and acquisitions. It involves determining the value of a company's assets, including inventory, equipment, and real estate, and subtracting any liabilities. This approach is best suited for companies that have significant tangible assets.
  1. Market Approach
The market approach involves comparing the target company's financial data with that of other similar companies in the industry. This approach is suitable for SMBs that operate in industries with many comparable businesses. The data used in this approach can include revenue, earnings, and other financial metrics.
  1. Income Approach
The income approach is the most complex but also the most widely used valuation technique in M&A. It involves estimating the present value of future cash flows generated by the target company. SMBs can use this approach by forecasting their future cash flows and discounting them back to the present value using an appropriate discount rate.
  1. Earnings Multiple Approach
The earnings multiple approach is a variation of the income approach that involves using a multiple of earnings as a proxy for the value of the target company. SMBs can use this approach by determining their earnings and finding similar companies with a similar earnings multiple in the industry.
  1. Rule of Thumb Approach
The rule of thumb approach is a quick and straightforward method that involves using industry-specific multiples to estimate the value of a company. This approach is useful for SMBs that lack detailed financial data or are in industries with few comparable companies.
In conclusion, SMBs in M&A need to select the most appropriate valuation technique based on their industry, financial data, and resources. An accurate valuation is essential for the success of the deal and ensures that both parties involved get a fair deal. SMBs can consult with financial advisors or valuation experts to help them select the best valuation technique and achieve a successful M&A deal.
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2023.04.02 08:45 AutoModerator [Get] Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System

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2023.04.02 08:44 SpecialAdvantage351 Struggles of Asthmatic patients and their respective Doctors(Pulmo?)

I am trying to document the top challenges of Asthmatic and COPD patients and I was wondering how are you dealing with those challenges today? Tackling which of those issues will be provide the maximum benefit to your life?
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2023.04.02 08:43 Thicc_Nachito Having Grace For Others Feels Impossible

I always find myself giving the best of what I got to others, and its like they don't even care.
I am tired of being in this crappy world where everyone just seems for horrible. I choose to love them back and they take even more. I have recently gone on this journey to really love like Jesus. To serve others with excellence as if it was for God himself.
I encouraged my best friend, who was my mentee, to get with this amazing girl. He wouldn't have been with her if it wasn't for me encouraging him. He would call me crying about this girl. I was there to encourage him. Recently, he has become arrogant. He will challenge everything I say without any kind of regard for my feelings. He undermines my opinion Infront of my other mentees, and then he flakes out on me for his girlfriend. I don't mind him getting serious with his girl, or putting her before me. I am just saying I am going through a hard time right now, he knows it. When he calls to flake on me he sounds guilty and that makes me uncomfortable cause I don't want people around me to feel obligated to be with me. Do it cause you want to make me feel loved and how can you not show love for someone who was there for you when you were lost and didn't have anyone?
Secondly, I am on a discord server with other believers. I feel so lost cause I am doing so much for them and they ignore me. but when I express I am feeling tired they say I'm loved but no one shows love. They just say it to make themselves feel better so they don't feel bad about ignoring me all the time. Again, I don't want people to show love cause they have to. I want people to show me love cause they care about me feeling loved.
This girl I have a crush on, I feel the same way. I hit her up, I ask her out, she agrees then flakes on me. When it wasn't even a date. I travel two hours cause she has been feeling lonely and burnt out. She is also a leader in a church. The night before the hangout, she cancels after I already traveled two hours was staying the night to go see her the next day. Then she calls me after to talk as if nothing happened. then makes me feel like she couldn't say no. Like its my fault she agreed.
I am so tired of loving others excellently and not even getting common courtesy. I have had people from the secular world treat me better than these Christians. Honestly, I wish to go to Indonesia and get martyred for my faith out there than continue this life. Honestly, I don't feel loved by God right now. This feels like torture. I just find a place to reciprocate the love I show. I don't expect it back, but its like being used over and over. Giving others water and dying of thirst.
God is gonna have to forgive me for not being able to have grace for others cause I am so tired of it.
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2023.04.02 08:42 skwarlsuit My toughest hat, Among Us

My toughest hat, Among Us
I participated in the St Jude knitting challenge during March, and my goal was to raise money for St Jude and make 31 hats in 31 days for a hospital in the Twin Cities. Here is my final hat of the challenge, as well as the insides!
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2023.04.02 08:41 beginners-blog Earn Extra $2000/mo As An Expert(See How?)

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Key Points:

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Learn more >>

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2023.04.02 08:41 _Yamanaka Making Taiwanese billboards into communique.

Making Taiwanese billboards into communique. submitted by _Yamanaka to FULLPOSADISM [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 08:41 Foreign-Comedian-115 There's a mission in MGSV where you free Andrew Tate

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2023.04.02 08:40 JixieXue Upgrading from my ASUS GC20, Geforce 1070 machine. Am i overpaying?

Build Help/Ready:

Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
Playing video games. ARPG's like Diablo 4 and Path of Exile, Grand Strategy like Total War: Warhammer 3 and shooters like Battlefield. I work as a data-scientist normally, so some coding and GPU-trained machine learning models will also probably happen.
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings)
I am currently in possession of [this]('') monitor which is a ''34 144hz monitor. I am primarily interested in having games run at highest FPS possible while maintaining some fidelity. But overrall, performance>graphics. I am considering moving to a smaller monitor than the one i currently possess, as i take it the size of my screen and intended resolution for 144hz takes quite the toll on my GPU.
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
2-2.5k $
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
Current selection:
Provide any additional details you wish below.
Current totals for the above build sits at around 2.500$ (converted from my currency), which includes a 3 year warranty for free-repairs by the builder.
Looking for any tips really if i should consider other options here that do not necessarily blow open my wallet. I want a lot of bang for the buck that's going to last me a while - and i know a build like this would for my needs. Question is am i overdoing it? or are the parts here that are worth replacing?
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2023.04.02 08:40 Welperino Is this game fun if you only plan on playing vs CPU?

I haven't ever played a MLB The Show game but have always wanted to. I used to play offline franchise modes in the old Madden and NCAA Football games a long time ago and never really did any online pvp.
Is this game still fun to play if all I'd be doing is an offline franchise mode against the CPU? As in, does the CPU offer a good challenge and does the franchise mode have some variety?
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2023.04.02 08:40 AutoModerator [Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery
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Find the suite of products your customers crave, so you can take sales from day 1
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2023.04.02 08:40 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
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[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.04.02 08:39 boatz4helen Had an exchange with ChatGPT on the viability of bootstrapping a renewable economy

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2023.04.02 08:38 IScreamTruckin Upgraded my semi bike from the 16” Marin Bear Valley to a 21” Bridgestone MB-6.

Upgraded my semi bike from the 16” Marin Bear Valley to a 21” Bridgestone MB-6.
Rides buttery smooth except for the seat, but….how can I possibly say no to Cheetah Print?
Finding a die to extend the 1” fork threads was a challenge. Luckily, the 40yr old LBS still had one kicking around. I remember the days when it was commonplace to do that, and every shop had the die to do it.
Running a 26.0mm seat post, but I’m almost positive the frame uses a 26.2mm.
That’s it. I finally have wheels to explore with again!
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2023.04.02 08:37 MangieAngie1961 u/VLC31 ,we are in another challenge together! Proud of my style, with the ball gowns! I an in the lead and you are in 4th. I think that makes us in the same voting group 4 times inthe last couple of days!

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2023.04.02 08:37 Snigaroo In Defense of Peragus: it's not just well-designed, it's a uniquely good level too

I'm going to take a provably unpopular stance and go into detail explaining why I think Peragus is not just a fun and thoughtful level, but also why I think it was designed and executed well. This is stupidly long, so be prepared.

Peragus Viewed Through the Lens of Design Intent

Before beginning to talk about why I enjoy Peragus and why I think others often do not, I think it's helpful to establish what Peragus actually attempts to do in order to analyze whether it is successful in its goals, and also why its design intent strongly impacts how people perceive the level as a whole.
Game levels are not always (or even often) just a calculus of "will this be fun?" Often, their design is imbricated with the game's themes, pacing and tone. This can range from the obvious--there is a reason Dead Space takes place on a run-down, damaged vessel with bad lighting, for instance--to the subtextual: is the reason Dragon Age: Origins concludes on the top of Fort Drakon, the very simbol of the King's power in Denerim, meant to represent the player overcoming the forces in Ferelden which stood against them and rising to the heights of power? Or is it meant to be a nod to Alistair, and the future which is intended for him?
However, between the obvious and the subtextual is, I would argue, a third category which often represents major design decisions which nevertheless are not directly tied to core gameplay components (such as movement, combat, or the plot of the game at large) and are focused instead on achieving a specific and narrow design objective, such as the creation of a unique tone or atmosphere. For simplicity's sake, I will refer to this as Structural Design, and this is the level at which I believe Peragus operates.
With this in mind, what is Peragus's design intent, and what is that design intent intended to accomplish? Let us first examine, in broad strokes, what Peragus actually does to the player, and from there we can work to extrapolate the broader intent of Peragus as a level. Peragus:
  1. Unceremoniously dumps the player into an unfamiliar situation with no known allies, where the only two living beings they encounter are of suspect natures and loyalties;
  2. Continually suggests the possibility of further human interaction to the player, only to continue pushing it further and further away, eventually revealing it was never possible at all. This also serves to make Peragus into a 'ghost station', where your only human interaction besides Kreia and Atton are the holo-logs of people you will never meet--because they died before you even awoke--speaking with great anxiety about the terrifying last days of their lives;
  3. Goes to great pains to ensure that every victory is immediately followed by a defeat: you open the holding cells, but the admin terminal is cut off; T3 unlocks the mining tunnels, but is immediately ambushed and eliminated; you get through the mining tunnels, but the airlock is shut against you; you breach the airlock and enter the dormitory level, but the miners are all already dead, and the turbolift is sealed against you; you unlock the turbolift and can use the Harbinger to get to the fuel depot, but now you are on another ghost ship, with Sith present and hunting you; you reach the fuel depot access, but Kreia is badly wounded en route. At no turn do you feel in control of anything, often feeling as if you're just barely staying ahead of disaster;
  4. Systematically removes pillars supporting the player, including the "death" of T3, the revelation that the HK-50 unit which was supposed to be your property was the architect of your capture, and Kreia's departure from the party and wounding by Sion;
  5. Sequentially ambushes the player with unexpected encounters at extremely high threat for their level, eventually moving all the way to stealth ambushes by Sith Assassins.
Now, I strongly suspect that for many people I have just provided a convenient list of the exact reasons why they don't like Peragus. However, I am going to make the controversial argument that Chris Avellone does not simply hate his playerbase and did not design a level solely to make them suffer. To analyze the intent behind these design decisions, let's quickly take a look at the broader themes of KOTOR 2 overall:
  1. Trauma and wartime PTSD, with an emphasis on redemption and/or coming to terms with one's past
  2. Isolation from an in-group (Jedi), society as a whole (you are treated like a Jedi, even though the Jedi refuse to claim you), and the self (the loss of the Force and the Exile's inability to grasp what happened to her)
  3. The failure of authority figures and systems to adapt to change or challenge without repression
  4. Betrayal, both of ideologies and individuals, by superiors and juniors/inferiors, and also the self (Atris is queen here)
  5. Self-Reliance and Actuation
  6. Despair and Hopelessness
  7. Disdain and/or disregard for common people's suffering
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it addresses the core themes of the game, and works well for our purposes. As you'll note, not every single theme is addressed well in Peragus; the Exile's trauma and PTSD, as well as isolation from the Jedi and the Force, are touched on on the edges but largely left as teases for the player, with the promise that they will learn more in the future. Similarly, while the failure of authority is touched on very lightly with the intra-miner conflict over whether to help or sell the Exile, the sub-plot with Coorta is extremely tangential and, unlike in other cases where challenges to authority are presented, we as the players are clearly not meant to sympathize with the challenger (Coorta); I would go so far as to dismiss this plotline as relevant to the correlated theme.
Yet a stunning amount of the remainder matches with shocking--and repeated--closeness to the game's themes:
  1. There is hardly a module in Peragus where we don't see a betrayal. Excluding the ubiquitous presence of mining droids--whom we are constantly reminded betrayed their handlers through the presence of corpses, blaster scarring and holo-logs--there is also HK-50, who betrays the crew of the Harbinger, as well as the station administration and Coorta through his play-acting as the maintenance officer, as well as his "master" the Exile; Coorta, who betrays the station administration and his own boss, Sien, whom he indirectly murders; and Sion, who betrays Kreia once more on the Harbinger (though of course, their exact relationship is not known to the player at the time). Although no direct betrayal occurs through them, Peragus also contributes to an overall atmosphere of uncertainty and mistrust by cultivating a mysterious veil around the pasts of Atton and Kreia, forcing the player to question whether or not their own companions can be trusted.
  2. Virtually the entirety of Peragus is done entirely in single-player, placing the Exile (or T3) alone against the unknown, and often truly dangerous, threats of the station. Even during those sections where you play as another character or gain additional party-members, these companions are lost suddenly twice: once when T3 is ambushed by HK-50, and once when you are ambushed by Sion. It also focuses somewhat on actuation, with the Exile starting to recover her connection to the Force, beginning her journey to come to terms with her past almost from the moment she awakes.
  3. Despair and hopelessness is the big one. Peragus is deliberately devoid of human life, but the station was almost paralyzed by indecision and concern even before the fatal mining accident occurred, with different staff at each others' throats; mounting casualties from sabotage; and even more mundane (yet still consequential) concerns about the fate of the Republic and their fuel shipments to Telos. The hopelessness of the people on the station before they died well-complements the player's own hopelessness, as they are continually thrust into situation after situation where, despite their best efforts, matters always seem to be beyond their control. The almost endless sequence of "just one more try" attempts to resolve your situation hammers that hopelessness home fiercely, to the point that, when you encounter all the miners already dead, you might want to just sit down and give up yourself. It helps (or doesn't, depending upon your view) that Peragus is deliberately designed to encourage the player to think that absolution is just around the corner: everything is brightly-lit, well-maintained and clean, excepting those few areas where droids have damaged equipment. You keep thinking that you will find other people any minute, but they're never there. Instead, you just have an eerie, empty, doomed station filled with enemies and constant, mounting failures to escape it.
  4. While not necessarily obvious, I think disdain for common people is another major theme of Peragus. HK obviously cares nothing for the miners and kills them all to get to you, as does Sion for the Republic soldiers on the Harbinger, but I would argue these are only the most obvious readings of the situation. The sleeper angle here, I think, is the Peragus administration: they don't care about their own mining staff enough to stop drilling, even as they are dying left and right. They constantly try to memory wipe the droids even when it's clear it isn't working, and issues are only mounting. They start to pull double-shifts to keep quotas up as more people die, instead of going into lockdown to try to salvage the situation. It's the first time we don't see clearly "evil" forces casually throw people away, but simply misguided, fatally aloof people. It's an important strike against the black-and-white morality system of the original KOTOR, and it comes nigh-instantaneously.
So, to finally bring this all together, what does all that say? Here is my thesis: Peragus is an intentionally-designed example of structural design intended to encapsulate the core themes of KOTOR 2. The intent behind representing all of these themes so early on, and in an isolated environment, is to present them to the player as a comprehensive introduction to the intended tone of the game and a means of preparation for content they will encounter in the future.

Does it Work?

Here I want to make the somewhat obvious but nevertheless important point that you can really, really dislike something and that thing can still succeed at what it intended to do--it might not be what you'd like it to have done, might not be done in the way you would've preferred it to be, and might just be downright unpleasant to you, but it can still achieve what it set out to. With that in mind, does Peragus stick the landing?
Operating under the assumption that our thesis is correct, I would issue an emphatic yes. In my most recent playthrough of KOTOR 2 I did not skip any dialogue, even alien VO; fully unlocked all holo-records and terminal entries and read them in their entirety; and defeated every enemy in the area (including every stealth group aboard the Harbinger), as well as doing some crafting. I did all that, and I was still off of Peragus in 3 hours, 30 minutes. The level manages to condense almost every single major theme of the game into a runtime of 210 minutes. And that's an example from me being slow.
People often complain about Peragus being unbearably long, and I understand those complaints, but viewed from this perspective, doesn't it seem incredible Peragus is as short as it is given the sheer thematic density it presents? It does to me; I often wonder if it even could be shorter and still succeed in the all-important attempt to subvert the player by constantly forcing them to fail in their efforts, breaking down their hope into hopelessness. Again: you might not like that, but is it not masterfully accomplished?
To me, Peragus feels like a master-class in design, constructing a compelling, localized narrative which leaves the player thirsting for more information about the uncertain and seemingly dangerous immediate past--both of the Exile and of the galaxy more broadly--while also managing to tie in almost all of the game's critical themes and introduce the player to what they should expect to see going forward. I can't think of a single tutorial level which accomplishes an introduction to the tone and themes of its product better than Peragus does for KOTOR 2. The closest is probably Dark Souls, but I hope it won't be controversial for me to say that it doesn't exactly deal with the same kind of heady themes KOTOR 2 does.
Still, success in objectives, as we've already noted, does not automatically mean a fun design. There are plenty of games that accomplish their goals admirably, but their goals suck, or the moment-to-moment gameplay and plot through which these goals are conveyed is unfun or tedious. Before we get to why I think Peragus is not just a successful but a good level, let me take a moment to acknowledge the criticisms frequently leveled against it.

Criticisms of Peragus and their Validity

I already touched above on the idea of length as a problem, and why I believe it is virtually impossible for Peragus to achieve its goals while being any shorter. This is not to entirely dismiss length as an issue; between Peragus and Telos, for those who aren't fond of the tone, structure or story of Peragus the intro to KOTOR 2 must feel like pulling teeth, even as compared to the terribly long Taris and much more bite-sized Dantooine, K1's cognates. Yet I do think that, with the objectives of Peragus in mind, the rationale behind the length is understandable. Peragus is not just long for the fun of it; its length gives it the ability to dangle sequential objectives in front of the player only to wrest their victory away each time, a critical component of its design intent.
Confusing design is a common complaint here on the sub, in that you frequently switch areas and characters, running in circles and often with only half-answers about what's happening. This issue is, I feel, more an artifact of initial impressions than a real point of failing for Peragus. A lot of people here now played this game as children. Jumping between the Exile and T3 then back without seeing T3 again for hours could easily be disorienting to a 12-year-old thrown into an unknown setting, but less so to an adult. Peragus does have you going in circles at times, especially when you later retrace T3's exact steps down the fuel depot, but I would not say that it is at any point structurally confusing.
The absence of many RPG elements is also noted. Despite playing a roleplaying game, Peragus is not just a zone where the player has barely anyone to interact with, it is also an extremely linear experience with barely any alternate means of achieving objectives (most of what little exists in that vein is token--bashing terminals to open doors instead of using conventional unlocks, for instance). The latter issue I fully agree with and believe is one of the few major failings of Peragus, though I would suggest that it's possible that alternate options were cut to avoid additional confusion for new players by overloading them with alternate routes, or bloating an already-long tutorial level. The former issue, however, we can see is a core component of Peragus's design, not just to establish the isolating and disconcerting atmosphere of the station, but also to introduce that the player will frequently need to operate alone throughout the course of the game. Thus once again, while this criticism is valid, so too is Peragus's rationale for its design choice.
Bad combat design is also often discussed, however this is very subjective and perhaps even outside of the scope of this analysis. I think that the mix of droids and assassins is interesting enough and the stealth teams add tension and threat as a welcome break in the monotony of droid combat at the 2/3 point of the level, but I understand many might not agree. That said, bad fights can contribute to disliking a level without contributing to a failure of its design intent, so even in the event that players don't like the combat, there's still the possibility to appreciate what Peragus sets out to achieve.
Among the most frequently-mentioned criticisms of the zone is a lack of replayability. This is understandable: Peragus is, at its heart, a massive murder-mystery, and when you already know the answer much of the tension that drives the level is no longer present. I fully acknowledge this as another problem with the level, though I do also want to note the same problems exist for virtually every other game which is designed around a mystery.
There is also a final--and, in my opinion, critical--complaint one often hears, but because of how important it is to my conclusions, I will save mentioning it for last. First, I want to explain why, despite its problems, I think Peragus is not just a triumph of design, but also simply a fun level.


Fun is a buzzword subjective, so I can't just say "Peragus is fun, fuck you haters" and leave it at that. At this point I'm 18,000 characters and 8 hours in to this post and regretting my life choices, though, and holy fuck I really wish I could.
Ignoring my poor decision-making, we have touched on whether Peragus succeeds in its intent already, but not how it succeeds in its intent. When you wrap all of the themes contained within up in a Peragus-shaped box, what do you get?
The absence of NPCs or companions, while perhaps unconventional from the perspective of an RPG, leaves the player free to experience the mystery of the station without the risk of growing distracted or having their expectations muddled by other characters' perspectives. However, the main thing that the absence of NPCs achieves, and the reason I love Peragus even after 30+ playthroughs, is the punishing isolation which the player is made to feel virtually from the first moment. It is this isolation which leaves me coming back for more, and which more than lets me ignore the fact that I know where every enemy spawn is, know the mystery of the station, know just what every log says. I respect Peragus's design. I devour Peragus's atmosphere.
This atmosphere is, I think, actually part two of three in the Unholy Trinity of why people dislike the level. Aspect #1 is its length, but the atmosphere is, I think, an oft-overlooked bit of first impression that leaves a consistently sour taste in players' mouths. Because I would go so far as to say the atmosphere of Peragus is almost crafted too well.
Peragus is not a conventionally enjoyable level to play. You are alone. There are no people around you, but by all appearances there should be. Your "friends" are suspect, there are threats around every turn, and your attempts to escape are constantly, meticulously thwarted. And throughout all this, you are alone. We have spoken of all of this before in the context of design intent, but not in terms of the effect that actually has on gameplay.
I previously saw a user call Peragus a survival-horror experience, and another user said they were out of their mind. I don't think they were--I think that's exactly what Peragus is. Peragus is a horror game, complete with its own lumbering monstrocities hounding your every step in the shapes of HK-50 and Sion, and like all horror games, it is patently uncomfortable to experience. You are constantly looking over your shoulder (metaphorically and, perhaps, actually as well), constantly on alert for an ambush, constantly, desperately hoping that the next door you open will finally have someone behind it. But you are ALWAYS alone. Your attempts to escape are ALWAYS thwarted. The monsters are ALWAYS one step in front of you. You literally do not feel safe and confident that you've escaped until you finally see that hyperspace window open in front of you.
That is a triumph of design. And that is also, I am confident, the root of why so many people dislike Peragus. It isn't just the individual elements like the length, the constant defeats, or the ambush teams that make people hate Peragus. On their own, those are annoying but not damning, and even in aggregate without a total failure of all other aspects of design they could not, in my opinion, explain the hate which Peragus consistently earns. I am not dismissing the criticisms which I addressed above, nor their place as a component of the dislike for Peragus. For some people, I'm sure that really is all there is to it, and the atmosphere of the zone has minimal effect, if any whatsoever. But for more, I'm sure that it's left some deep-seated scars.
I say this because I was among that number. When I was younger, I hated Peragus. Even before TSLRCM I loved KOTOR 2 more than the original, but I always tried to speed through Peragus. I didn't like it. I couldn't talk to anyone, and it wasn't fun. I just wanted to rush through it to get to Telos, because there were people there, and that's where the story really began.
All that's true, of course. But though I didn't have the vocabulary for it at the time, the main reason was because I felt uncomfortable playing Peragus, even after I learned what the mystery was. I always felt like a rat in a cage made just for me, alone and hunted, even when I knew what to expect. Maybe for other users, once they finally suss out the story of the station that sensation goes away. It's certainly diminished for me by now. But it's still powerful, and the recognizance of just how masterfully the level had to be designed to construct that intentional feeling of helplessness consistently impresses me and leaves me wanting to experience it again. But for many of those who were kids when they first played KOTOR 2, I'm sure that just like me, a terribly unexpected impression was left, the remnants of which might manifest themselves still today in a deep-seated dislike for the level.
And that finally begins to touch on the final reason which I think helps explain why Peragus is hated.

The Poison Pill: The Divide Between Expectations and Intent

The final piece of the Unholy Trilogy standing against Peragus is none other than KOTOR itself. That final complaint you hear so often (so often that it almost boggles my mind) is that Peragus feels nothing like KOTOR. In some ways that's true, certainly--what other KOTOR level is a horror experience? But users who make this complaint take it beyond that, often suggesting that Peragus is almost the root of all evil, because it's the "start" of KOTOR 2 becoming a radically different game than the one they wanted it to be.
KOTOR 2, in many ways, both benefits and suffers from being a sequel: while it gains an established universe, history, set of characters and guidelines for its plot, it also inherits expectations about its structure, themes and tone from its predecessor. People went in to KOTOR 2 expecting a continuation of KOTOR, and instead they got a horror level that makes them feel extremely uncomfortable while it systematically subverts every major theme of the original game. And then it kicks the tone of KOTOR in the 'nads for good measure.
In other words, people had expectations, expectations which were inherently impossible to meet within the confines of the themes of KOTOR 2 as a whole and the design intent of Peragus specifically as a level. I do not say this to put the blame on those who went in with those expectations; after all, a sequel is meant to share much of the DNA of its antecedent even when it innovates, and especially for those of us who first played as children there was no reason why anyone should have believed differently. Rather, this is merely to acknowledge the implicitly obvious fact that people almost always play KOTOR first, and that leads them to anticipate something wildly different than what they receive when they start KOTOR 2. And, when what they receive is not merely different but disconcerting, it is--I would argue--natural to react viscerally. The whiplash is normal, if not necessarily by design.
But here I will ask my final question: is it be by design?
I would argue that yes, it is. KOTOR 2 is a game which is so wildly different from the original in structure, themes, tone and even relevant historical events that an introduction to prepare players for that difference is not only beneficial, but nigh-mandatory. Peragus is the amalgamation of all of the common themes of KOTOR 2 not just as a matter of coincidence, but, I would argue, a very conscious acknowledgement that the game needed an introduction which would make it abundantly clear to players that the experience they were in for was not like the one that they should be expecting. Peragus is, for lack of a more elegant way to put it, your alarm in the morning. You might well hate the little son of a bitch, but it serves a critical purpose. Once it goes off, you know what to expect.
Put another way, Peragus walks so the rest of KOTOR 2 can run. With all of the shock and frustration at dashed expectations and unexpected design decisions out of the way within the player's first hours, by the time they are on the Ebon Hawk and speeding to Telos, they have been reshaped into a blank(er) slate that is primed to accept the much different story of KOTOR 2 without as visceral a negative reaction.


Peragus is a level which is intentionally designed to present the player with the core themes of KOTOR 2, and often multiple examples thereof. Parts of the level suffer as a result of these design decisions, but most of the problems users take issue with can be traced back in some capacity either to bad memories of the level or design compromises that were made intentionally as a result of the level's intent as an introduction to the themes and tone of KOTOR 2. This decision was made, I argue, due to how different KOTOR 2 is from the original game, as a conscious effort by Obsidian to ensure that the player was prepared from the beginning to experience a radically different game than the original title and to ensure that subsequent levels would not suffer from consistently missed expectations from users continuing to assume the game would eventually become similar to the original title once again. In the process of achieving this goal, Peragus also achieves a unique atmosphere which I argue is akin to a horror game, which sets it apart from any comparable level in either game, and indeed in Star Wars more typically.
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