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TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers base public blockchain support of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem.

2017.01.28 03:07 zapatodefuego Buy, sell, or trade chef knives

A marketplace for chef knives and whetstones

2023.06.05 05:26 Scwigles [H] Lot of Space Marines NIB [W] PayPall / $ [Loc] South Dakota, USA

Focusing on just a few armies, selling off my space marines I havent gotten to yet.
Seeling $250 for lot. Will pay for shipping in USA.
Link to proof:
(1) Phobo Strike Team
(1) Primaris Intercessors
(1) Ironclad Dreadnought
(1) Venerable Dreadnought
(1) Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought
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2023.06.05 05:26 MarioPeachForever Sana hindi maumpog yung jowa ko

I have a boyfriend and LDR kami pero sobrang naaappreciate ko how he respects me and my capabilities as a woman. Simula nung need nya magibang bansa, walang palya everyday na mag gugood morning siya and spend his first hour of the day talking to me. Ganun din pag break time nya or bago mag sleep time ko.
Pag may nakukwento ako sa kanyang material things na gusto ko mabili, he would ask me if I want it earn it myself or if I want it as a gift or If I want to get it now and pay after. Recently we are talking about marriage and he reminded me na he is always ready and just waiting for me to tell him na I am ready din kasi I have a blooming career and ayaw daw nya magkaroon ako ng burden to choose between my career or him kasi sometimes marriage can really slow you down. Tinanong ko siya how he will feel if ayaw ko maganak. He said na he is fine with it din kasi ako naman daw manganganak and he respects my decision about my body. Most of all, tinotolerate nya yung fascination ko sa mga bagay na I wanted as kid pero di ko nakuha. The adult and kid in me is very fulfilled.
This relationship makes me realized how important compatibility and communication is kahit di kayo face to face. Pag gusto ka talaga ng tao, hahanap at hahanap sya ng way to make you happy, no? Sana di mauntog si jowa. Sampung helmet na bibilhin ko para sure
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2023.06.05 05:25 BenoitGilligan Some Ideas to Help Improve the Rental Market

A Brief Introduction
Good day everyone, this is going to be a monster of a post so I apologize in advance for the lack of brevity in my arguments. To set the scene properly, I am currently a tenant in my early 20’s. I have been working as an accountant for realtors and landlords for the past year or so which has taught me a lot about this market. It seems that every time I look into the rental market, the environment continues to worsen. Housing availability is constantly on the decline and prices are skyrocketing. Amateur landlords are often unsure or not knowledgeable of their rights and responsibilities and tenants usually pay the price. Then you have certain property management companies who act unprofessionally or cruel towards their tenants. On the other hand, there are many crappy tenants out there whose actions will cost their landlords an unreasonable amount of money.
Obviously things need to change. The question is what and how? The goal should be to allow individual investors to continue to own property while members of younger generations are given more opportunities to get real estate of their own. There should also be a large push to ensure both landlords and tenants are being held to more strict conditions with better access to the LTB for problem solving. I fully believe the following ideas would contribute to a far better real estate market for Canadians. Of course, the goal is not to make these exact changes, but to make changes in the same spirit.
Purchasing Real Estate On a Tier System
I will admit, this first point may be considered the most “unreasonable” but I fully believe in the potential it brings. Currently, houses are bought in bidding wars where everyone eligible can throw their hats in. As a family, buying their first home, there is always a chance that the beautiful starter home they want will get snatched up by some real estate investor, looking to get a quick flip.
This idea frightens me because younger people/families rarely have the financial power or freedom to compete with a full time real estate investor. The easiest solution in my eyes is to introduce a tier system that prioritizes which party has the greatest buying power in these bidding wars. Ideally, the tier should be somewhat like the following (1 being the highest priority and 4 being the lowest):
  1. First time home buyers (no prior PR and no RE investments)
  2. The moving home buyer (is selling their prior PR for a new one)
  3. Individual RE investors (They already have a PR and are looking to rent/flip)
  4. RE Corporations and larger RE investors (Those who already own a great deal of RE investments)
Say, for instance, a home is being sold for $800k. In the first week of the property being listed, two offers are received by prospective buyers. A first home buyer is looking to buy at the asking price while an RE investor, trying to get a quick sale, offers 10k over asking. In this scenario, the first time home buyers’ offer is taken at the highest priority.
Despite the investor’s offer being larger, the property should be offered to the buyer who has a greater need for the listing. Competition will now be between members of individual priority levels. Let's say that after a couple weeks, there are no high priority offers (1 or 2 level priority). Then the RE investors and RE corporations can bid between themselves. This gives far greater opportunities for those looking for a principal residence. While RE investors will have a large backlog of listings which they can compete amongst each other for the best prices. I have not yet given this idea as much thought as the next few ideas so I am always willing to adjust it to potentially make it more reasonable/clear.
Renovating the LTB - Licensing
From what I have seen, the biggest threats facing tenants today are uneducated, amateur landlords and greedy, dishonest property management companies. These next few points are proposed to put more responsibility and accountability for the worst landlords in Canada.
If this idea is implemented, all starter landlords must acquire a license before renting out a property. Furthermore, all existing landlords will be unable to renew their current leases or sign new ones until they also acquire the license. The landlord license will act as a certificate, showing that you actually know the law and understand the severity of acting unlawful towards your tenants.
The license will be acquired through a written exam hosted by the LTB. The exam will consist of a series of identification and application questions regarding the rules and responsibilities for both landlords and tenants. Exam attendees will be given access to a virtual or physical textbook which includes all the information needed to breeze through the exam. The textbook will be available in a variety of languages, allowing both domestic and foreign investors to take the test.
The point of the test is to properly assess how one will react to unique or troublesome activity within their rental properties. It isn’t meant to be a hard test. In fact, ideally, it will be quite simple and quick. Once the test is completed and marked, if the landlord fails, they will be given the opportunity to take it again at a later date. If the landlord passes, they are given their license.
In my ideal world, the license would have to be renewed on an annual basis but the period can increase to be more consistent with other professional licenses. I truly do not think this is reasonable. If you are in a position where you have power over the livelihood of another person, you should have some sort of proof that you are capable of maintaining a reasonable level of quality for them.
Renovating the LTB - Inspections
Upon the acquisition of one’s license, I believe there should then be an inspection of the rental properties. These inspections will be thorough and act as proof that the landlord is ready and capable of maintaining the quality mentioned previously. The inspection will be scheduled soon after passing the licensing exam. Landlords can choose to be present or absent during the inspection, depending on their preference and availability.
The inspector will review each room that the tenants will have access to. They will be looking for items that may be unsafe or in need of repairs/renovations. These items and include and go beyond the following examples:
All violations recorded by the inspector will be photographed and logged in their report. The inspector will then share their findings with the landlords. If any issues were discovered, it is then up to the landlord to ensure the issues are fixed by the time tenants are set to arrive at the property. The importance of the repairs depend on the type of issue discovered. In most cases, there will only be small amounts of maintenance necessary. Landlords will then fix the issues, saving their receipts and taking updated photographs to prove to the LTB that the issues are resolved.
However, if the inspector uncovers issues that threaten the health and safety of future tenants, the process gets more strict. The landlord will be unable to even list the property for rent until the issues are resolved. The landlord is responsible for resolving the issue and contacting the LTB upon completion. When contact has been made, a second inspection will be scheduled. The second inspection may uncover other smaller issues but the main purpose is to confirm the dangerous areas have been fixed. If everything has been fixed, the landlord gets the okay from the LTB and they can finally allow tenants to move in.
If the landlord decides to lease tenants without an inspection or without clearing inspection issues, they will face fines. The fine’s amount will be made in comparison with the severity of the issues presented.
After tenants have moved in. The option to schedule an inspection will remain available. However, additional inspections will have a cost associated. These inspections can be requested if either the landlord or tenant has an issue with the property, tenants, or other such items. Hopefully, the possibility of an additional inspection will ensure that both landlords and tenants are motivated to maintain the property under the requirements set out by the law.
If issues are uncovered on these new inspections, the responsibility will be put on those accountable. If it is proven that tenants are damaging the property, the landlord will have the option be reimbursed for the maintenance costs. Depending on the severity of the issues, the landlord or tenant will also be given the option to pursue the issues in more depth with the LTB (i.e. evictions, fines, hearings, etc.). This system keeps both tenants and landlords accountable for their actions.
Renovating the LTB - Reliability
While all of my previous points will most likely be viewed and argued differently by tenants and landlords, I feel that everyone will agree with the following statement. The LTB is not that reliable. Complaints take months and months to be processed and the procedures may not always be clear. The LTB should be given more resources so they can handle all issues and procedures within a reasonable time frame. There should also be more emphasis put on unlawful or dishonest activity. There should be no scenario where a tenant can go multiple months without paying rent. If this happens, the landlord should have access to lease terminations and disciplinary actions (i.e. removal of tenant from premises). The same goes for landlords. If a tenant is being endlessly harassed by their landlord or threatened. They need quick access to assistance. There are many issues that may not be inspection worthy, but still need recognition (i.e. slander, threats, unnotified entrance of the rental property, illegal surveillance, etc.). Ideally, these items should be handled within a couple weeks of submission. This is an issue more with the current management of the LTB and it might require a full re-evaluation of the LTB’s systems and resources which is definitely beyond my scope here.
In Conclusion
To end off this essay, I want to say that these are all ideas. This is also my first draft. Items you may disagree with are subject to change and other areas will be focused overtime. I don’t believe this will single handedly “fix” the Ontario real estate market, but if more people were to give out their ideas, we can potentially help one another get through this period of inflated prices and high costs of living. I will do my best to remain active with all comments left on this post. Let me know if you hate it, if you liked it, or if you think something needs to be changed. This is simply a post made by a worried citizen, wanting their country to get better. Thanks to everyone who read through the entire post, and I hope you have a nice week!
  1. When purchasing real estate, higher priority should be given to first time home buyers as they are in more desperate need of a home
  2. There should be some form of licensing for landlords to ensure rental properties will be held to proper standards
  3. Inspections should take place before the rental period starts to ensure no repairs or dangerous areas are left untreated
  4. Inspections can be requested after the rental period starts if new issues with the property arise.
  5. The LTB needs a restructuring. Issues for both landlords and tenants need to be addressed quicker and with more importance
  6. These are all opinions being posted to simply start a discussion. These should be taken more as suggestions with room for improvement rather than proposed solutions
submitted by BenoitGilligan to OntarioLandlord [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 05:25 kaitos_bomber Feeling discouraged.

Won't get into too much detail, as this is a rant more than anything. Friend recommended me to this job years ago. It was nightly and the main duty was to make sure everything was ready for the next day. It is in a rough area but whenever crazies managed to come in and give me a hard time, I was free to handle the situation the best I could. I was happy to deal with Karens who got disrespectful and except for a handful none got what they wanted.
It was a desk job and 80% of the time there was nothing to do, and I was given the green light by my boss to pretty much do anything I wanted on the computer as long things got done and wasn't surfing on anything that was obviously harmful. Shop items were half price for employees, there was little if any interaction with people, free food, and every now and then my boss would order shirts for us and made sure we got them. I couldn't have asked for a better place after 10+ years of shitty customer service jobs.
Fast forward to the present, things are entirely different.
Things are now under new management. Due to "inflation", not only did we have to start paying full price for items, but we had to keep every single transaction in writing to keep track of inventory (in my case, I was free to do it by email). I got asked a few times what my size was so they could order new uniforms, but I haven't seen anything yet while everyone else got theirs and at this point I just got tired of reminding them. A lot of things are in need of repairs, making our clients (understandably) upset with me and nothing is being done as far as I know. The shop prices are updated when I least expect them and I never find out until I actually look at the list. Speaking of changes, I'm slowly finding out I'm kept out of the loop on certain things that are changing. Petty enough that it's not worth bringing up, but still kind of annoying.
What really came at me out of left field, at least in my opinion, is the computers. Websites I would frequently visit are blocked. At first I thought "understandable, a lot of companies would institute a no-fun-allowed policy sooner or later," until I realized websites such as YouTube, Reddit, Netflix, Quora, and fucking Cartoon Network aren't blocked at all; nope, just the ones I frequently visited. Now I do fuck all except sit at the desk with nothing to do until it's time to leave.
Oh, one last thing: Instead of firing back at disrespectful people, I'm now expected to grin and bear it which hasn't been easy since it meant I had to unlearn everything I did during the previous administration. I plan to bring up the subject of getting a raise tomorrow, but I doubt that will go well.
Thank you if you read through all this. I didn't really have anywhere to put this and I just wanted to scream into the void.
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2023.06.05 05:25 Courage-Natural I feel bad for new, wholesome, kind players hitting 80 and being kicked from groups for gear. Here’s a quick guide:

Step 1: if you have gold buy crafted gear (the best being dark moon card greatness and the belt/boots for your armor type). Level your professions (google what’s best for your spec)
Step 2: normal high level dungeons to replace your worst gear
Step 3: normal heroics, these may be tough to find so I recommend starting your own group for it (be patient)
At this point your gear score should be around 3.5k+. If your weapon is shit do some battlegrounds and get the deadly weapon from the vendor in the dalaran sewers for honor.
Step 4: Now get into Naxx and soak up all the loot you can. Although it’s crazy easy, make sure you watch guides so your raid doesn’t get upset with you. Eye of eternity and obsidian sanctum are also great options.
Now you should have at least a 4k gs
Step 5: Run heroic+ to replace your worst pieces. Make sure you do the daily everyday for conquest badges.
Once you have 4.5k gs or near look for ulduar normal runs. Again do extensive research on boss fights.
Finally, you can start looking for ulduar hard modes.
I see a lot of players confused on what to do so I wanted to do my best to help. Please feel free to critique my advice or add additional help in the comments.
Thank you, Cooldad/Coolerdad pagle alliance
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2023.06.05 05:24 LilTofupuff Question about a 60 day notice to vacate

My landlord called me on Tuesday May 30th to let me know they were going to do major construction on the property I live on, and they would send me a 60 day notice to vacate. My landlord expressed if I move out sooner even better, but this wasn’t in writing. I just signed my new lease today, and I’m wondering how I proceed, do I send a 30 day notice as usual? I’m in California and I’ve lived at this location for over a year and I’m pretty sure my landlords are suppose to compensate moving costs or waive my last months rent, is this correct? The form they sent me stated I would pay my normal rent for both June and July, which would mean none is waived.
Thanks for reading! Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.05 05:24 bts_obssed_lover TIFU by getting scammed once and then overpaying to get the money back

Yesterday I was mercari, a selling app,looking up electronics. Most of it was phones and to my surprise I saw an iphone 13 for $83. The description said that by simply texting the person happy bday to get it. So I did just that. Now here's where a made the mistake. After doing so,the person told me to send through PayPal and an additional $40 to send it to a different state. The complained about not being available immediately (it needed some time to process) .....I shouldn't have given them the money in the first place. As I realized all of skepticalism AFTER I sent that money. That iphone post was literally their only post and they had no PFP,their account was recently made,they publicly gave a number to text,their names on Paypal and Mercari were different,,and wanted me to pay OUTSIDE the app.. I made a post on scams. After few people saw it before it got taken down for a reason I do not know. A person did dm saying that it was indeed a scam- meaning I had just been scammed out of $128. The directed me to an Instagram user that can help me. Now here is the part I regret the most. I should've just delt the lost but now I have taken more lost. At first,the person asked for $30 and I thought it was a great deal since I would get my money back and end up with a loss of only $30. Then as time goes on,they keep asking me for money to the point where I have given them more money than I even got scammed out of. I lost $128 but they made me pay them like $140 or something. So yeah I lost $268 or about that in two days. It's been hours since the last few messages I sent and no response so I may not even end up getting my previous money back.
TL;DR - I lost around $260 or at minimum that amount by falling for a scam and spending even more money to get the money back and still have not received the initial money back. I also didn't note any of the skepticalism until after I sent the person the money,which deeply regret
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2023.06.05 05:24 luvly-jubbly [OFFER] Gemini for $22.50 - $15 from them + $7.50 from me [WORLDWIDE]

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2023.06.05 05:24 Matalzombie321 Fresh Mod idea

So I’ve seen so many kaiju mods and big monster and a few mech mods. But let me shoot a new idea. The Megazord mod. Ark already has Its game it taking 3 mechs to form one giant mech for the fight on extinction but why not have 5 Robot dinosaurs with the ability to become the Mighty morphin DinoMegazord. I would pay someone make this. It doesn’t need fancy animations just 5 Dino’s becoming one mech.
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2023.06.05 05:24 silentspyder Hey Fellow Kids. How do you Collab?

Okay. I’m not a kid so I’m a bit confused by “collabs” I assume it’s un unpaid, I do something for you, you do something for me. We both get something out of it. First time I was approached, I heard the guy out but then it just felt the same as me talking with a client about a job, except I wasn’t getting paid, and the only thing I was getting in return was maybe a little exposure. Credit. I bought up pay and he wasn’t willing to do so. Awkward waste of time and I’m very non confrontational, so I hated the whole thing.
Now another kid wants to do one, had a similar meeting, and now I’m in that stage where I’m dreading being up pay but I don’t wanna do free work. So what exactly do “kids” do when they “collab” is pay expected, am I going against the ethos for bringing up pay? Like Donny, I feel out of my element. Maybe pay is expected and collab=hire. I don’t know
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2023.06.05 05:23 Fokouttahere Is it just me, or are young people royally f*cked?

I don't know where else to post this, but this seems like a good place. I just can't get it out of my head how the boomers have completely foked over the younger generations. I mean just look at the salaries that they used to have in the 70's and 80's! An uneducated white male could walk into a factory and walk out with a handshake and a job. He could support his wife and 7 kids on that one salary! I mean they only had one car, that was constantly breaking down. He actually knew how to work on it and could fix anything in his 2 bedroom 1 bath home, because it was either fix it himself or go without since he couldn't actually afford to pay anyone else to do it. But that was because he had to save as much as he could so that he could take the lavish vacation of family camping for a week every summer. But since he didn't have an education, he knew the importance of education and made all his kids get an education. Of coarse most boomers are greedy bastards, so they "couldn't afford" to pay their kids tuitions so there they go again foking over the younger generations. I mean for me I just can't believe how the boomers have foked over my generation. Me, my SO, and my white male boomer dad all have to live together, it's literally the only way I can afford rent in Seattle!! It literally requires 3 peoples income to cover rent here! There's 9 degrees between the 3 of us and that's still the reality of it! Of coarse, they're all degrees in dumbass things from private schools that cost 100k per degree but I was told that didn't matter! I just..... when are those damn boomers going to take responsibility for what they've done?? When are they going to start paying their fair share of taxes?? Do you know that the average ceo makes 400 times the amount of their lowest paid employee? Granted people like Musk make that all in stock options, but when are we going to start taxing their stocks- that can adjust in price at any time? I mean seems fair to me to tax people on unrealized money. These boomers just really foked us over....I just want to use the device that's in my hands 24/7, that grants be infinite knowledge, and could easily answer any question i have or explain anything from my post in a logical way, but these boomers need to understand my outrage at when they were born and what they've done to me personally! I just feel so bad for the generations that came after the boomers......I think I'm going to go pray to Bernie Sanders and AOC and call it a night.
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2023.06.05 05:23 Aveldaheilt [Event Megathread/Guide] Azure Horizon

[Event Megathread/Guide] Azure Horizon
Please feel free to use this thread to ask any questions or share your rolls!
  • This guide is based off the TW version. Note that Global is subject to change.

【 Azure Horizon 】Megathread

Event Duration: June 6th, 2023 — TBA (UTC +8)
Limited Time Summon: SSR Hazel Grouse Soup & SSR Shunde Raw Fish
New Units
  • SSR Hazel Grouse Soup
  • SSR Shunde Raw Fish
  • SR Lotus Seed Rock Candy
  • SR Sweet and Sour Icefish
Neither of the SSR units are meta-breaking or a must-pull, but shine in their respective niche.
Limited Time Furniture
Limited Time Paid Costume: Imperial Court Har-Gow

Event Overview

Faction Menu: Red (Hazel Grouse Soup) vs Blue (Shunde Raw Fish)
So this is a different kind of event where the new two units introduced each have their own faction. You can choose to join either one. Hazel Grouse Soup represents the red side while Shunde Raw Fish represents blue. As you clear stages, you will earn points for your respective faction.
There will be three rounds total, each with four difficulty levels (different depending on faction chosen) to farm Dragon Scales and faction points with. You must score at least 100 points in your faction in order to receive faction victory rewards. This means you will need to spend 1200 stamina every three days as each round is open for that duration. Whichever faction wins at the end will determine the reward that everyone receives. For example, if you chose Shunde Raw Fish and the round ends with Hazel Grouse Soup as the winner, then you will receive the Soul Core rather than the two Seasoning Fragments. In other words, either choose your favourite Food Soul to battle for or go the practical route and choose the reward you like better.
The event currency drop per stage without bonus are (1) Dragon Scale 50, (2) Dragon Scale 55, (3) Dragon Scale 60, and (4) Dragon Scale 65. My recommendation is either to farm the last level for 65 drop per round if you don't have any bonus units. If you're able to get at least 23% bonus (e.g. SR Yangzhou Fried Rice + SSR Hazel or Shunde), then you can farm the second stage for at least 67 drop per round.
Bonus Dragon Scale Drop Food Souls
  • SSR Hazel Grouse Soup (15%)
  • SSR Shunde Raw Fish (15%)
  • SR Sweet Lotus Seed (10%)
  • SR SweetSour Whitebait (10%)
  • SR Yangzhou Fried Rice (8%)
Remember to place bonus units in your team while reading the story for additional Dragon Scales!
Mini Games
Mini-games make yet another return! Relevant to the new event's theme, this will be a fishing-related one. You get three chances a day to earn stamina and event currency. Don't forget to do it!
World Boss
Another world boss makes it return. This time, only bring your highest ST damage dealer once a day for the highest score possible. My recommendations are SSR Hazel Grouse Soup, SSR Lianhua Blood Duck, SR Sweetsour Whitebait, and N Rolling Donkey.
The boss itself will inflict a debuff that cannot be purified and will cause attack damage down across your entire team for four rounds. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you bring Spring Roll in for the ability to grant your team immunity to all debuffs and avoid this attack damage down debuff as it will greatly affect your damage score.

Event Shop
Two screenshots of the event shop's unique items. You know the drill by now—the second half of the shop opens during the latter half of the event. There will be a toggle on the right of the screen to access this other half when it is available.
Recommended Exchange Priority:
  1. Soul Core
  2. Utensil Box (M)
  3. Miracle Stone
  4. Pentachrome Soil (M)
  5. Bunny Bun (M)
  6. Shells
  7. Music Coupons (up to you though as this may be expensive)
The rest is up to you in terms of what you personally value and want from the shop. I would leave ingredients for last as the exchange value for them is roughly the same as farming the stages themselves. If you need SR SweetSour Whitebait as a bonus, feel free to go for him as well, but he isn't necessary if you have a strong team already built up.
Happy farming!
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2023.06.05 05:23 1joli1 How do you think Egghead will change power-scaling for you?

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2023.06.05 05:23 Scared-Coyote4010 got laid off today 🙃

I don’t have a “dream job” but if anything came close to that, it would be the job I have now. I work in education supporting kids in highschool with learning disabilities. It’s an inner city school and the kids are mostly kids in group homes and living in poverty. I can’t imagine myself working anywhere else, until Friday when I got word that the district was cutting funding for the school and therefore we would be losing a staff member with the lowest seniority- me.
I’m devastated, angry, struggling to face the reality. I’ve been guaranteed a full time position elsewhere and I know that I’m luckier than most in that, but my spirit had been beaten down so badly from this that I don’t even know what to do. I’m chained by the fact that I live paycheque to paycheque with nowhere else to work that that will pay me enough. I hate capitalism, I hate school districts, and I wish I could run away and live with my cat in Switzerland but here I am.
Just needed to rant about it since tomorrow I get served my lay off papers and a list of transfers
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2023.06.05 05:23 Sunflower_2222 Neighbor Cat problem

I would appreciate any help with my neighbors horrible cats that keep ruining my garden and potted plants 🪴 I’ve worked so hard and they even broke this expensive solar lantern I just bought and I notified the neighbors about it and their response was “ we will do what we can to keep them away “ not even offer to pay for the lantern ! our ring goes off constantly throughout the night when they are let out and I try to avoid the neighbors at all cost . Any advice to keep cats out of my garden would be greatly appreciated and my husband is highly allergic to cats as well so the hair they leave makes him sick .
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2023.06.05 05:23 PositiveResident6883 Hey daddy

Hey daddy
Need help paying for college 🤓 Cashapp: $br00kiii
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2023.06.05 05:22 FalconOk5006 Any free platform to learn Excel VBA, Tableau, and Power BI? Please help me. I need to study and get a job as soon as possible.

I was working at one of the top IT firms in India. I had to leave the job because they were paying too less, forcing me to come to work without any hike (what's the point of going to office if entire salary will be spent on transportation and rent), and I also had to prepare for exam. Anyway, they had assigned me a project on "PeopleSoft". I did basic setup tasks and security roles. That's maybe just level 2 or 3 out of 10(what others were doing in project). I was a fresher. Now, after working for 2 yrs, I had to leave job. As I am preparing for the exam, I also am looking for jobs. But there aren't any jobs related to PeopleSoft. I have thought of changing my technology entirely. I am thinking of searching for data science/ analysis jobs. Currently I am studying Microsoft excel, VBA, SQL, Power BI, and tableau using the video lessons. But I have no softwares to practice all of this.(they all are too expensive)
I just wanted to ask if what I am doing seems right to you? Could you please advice how to handle the situation? Also, please let me know of free platforms where I can practice these skills. Please help me
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2023.06.05 05:22 Raptor00017 Gameday experience in Munich

So Id like to share my personal experience at the first ever Munich Ravens game. The good and the bad points.
✅ So when getting there I was surprised that parking was for free. ✅ The food trucks and pre game area in front of the stadium was nice although a bit small. ❌ But they underestimated the attendance and you had to wait in line for 30-60 min to either get a burger or buy merchandise. Also you had to wait at another food truck for drinks since they didn’t sell them at the burger truck. So if you wanted burger you had to wait twice in line. ❌ Also the more people arrived at the stadium the cellular network was clearly overwhelmed which lead to problems when paying by card and also scanning tickets at the gate. We waited like 45min at the gate. Where there at 12pm when the gates opened at at 12:45pm they finally gave up and let everyone in, without scanning the tickets. So at least they learned. ✅ The stadium it self and the view was pretty nice, although when sitting at higher rows on the east side a huge light pole blocks the sight at the only scoreboard. I never saw which minute we’re in, only the seconds. But thats not the Ravens fault. ✅ Also great was the attendance of more than 6k people although… ❌ the crowd seemed very inexperienced. They didn’t know when to make noise or not. Even the stadium announcer told them to be loud while offense, defense and special teams are on the field at the beginning. So they were making noise when their offense was at work and always late when their defense was. Late in the 3rd qtr the announcer said that they had to be quiet while the offense is playing. But they still were only making noise after the Raiders already lined up on offense. So a little to late, should be loud at all times during the opponets drive. ✅ whenever there was something good happening for the Ravens you could absolutely feel the energy and what potential the crowd has. ❌ sound quality wasnt that good. Enough for music, okay for the announcer but bad when doing interviews. ✅ good thing the announcer told the people during the 4th quater that they saw the waiting lines everywhere and promised they would be better prepared next time. ✅ crowd stayed till the end although it was obvious they wouldnt win this game
Overall I would give a solid 6/10 and when they adress the issues there will be many great football partys in Munich.
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