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ISO Action/Stealth games you can play as a female assassin?

2023.05.29 23:21 LokiLunatic ISO Action/Stealth games you can play as a female assassin?

I'd specifically like to find a 3rd person action/stealth game where It's possible to clear entire levels/areas without being noticed. I've played and am burnt out on: Skyrim , Assassin's Creed, Shadow of Mordor (with female skin), Gotham Knights (kept crashing, go figure), Nioh 2 (a little too hack/slash), Dark Souls (kind of a stretch).
Any other ideas for what else I can play on Steam Deck or Switch?
Thank you much in advance! 💖
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2023.05.29 20:18 AlphaArmadillo (EST) 22 M looking to form close, long-term friendships.

Hello all, I've made a post to see if I can find the right kind of people for me with similar values when it comes to forming a close and supportive friendship. I have often found it draining to have to keep messaging so many people online that I'd like to limit any potential pitfalls as much as possible when it comes to making friends online. From my experience, a lot of friendships don't seem to work out when there is not as much initiation from both sides which is something that I really value. I really appreciate direct and honest communication along with a willingness to work through things. I expect a certain amount of effort when it comes to responses. Although I tend to have higher standards when it comes to friends, I do not want that to deter others from wanting to reach out as I am quite open and understanding. I'm a 22-year-old and in my final year of college. I'm majoring in psychology as I want to be able to become a therapist/counselor and help others out where possible. Once I graduate, I am planning to pursue a master's degree in counseling. I live on the east coast side of the US and my MBTI personality type is INFJ as well. It's usually easier to mention this ahead of time but I have a physical disability that requires me to use a wheelchair.
Some of my interests and activities that I enjoy doing include playing games on pc, ps5, and switch, learning about other people and their experiences, watching videos or shows online, and voice chatting. Basically, anything where we can spend time together online in some way. A few of my favorite games are Final Fantasy 14, Xenoblade Chronicles 1-3, Persona 5, Pokemon, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3. I am also open to talking about and trying out other games. As for shows and watching videos, I do enjoy watching anime from time to time and wouldn't mind watching them with others. Additionally, if you have any suggestions or things you like to watch I would be happy to watch those as well. We could even just watch stuff on youtube which is where I usually go lol.
I'm looking for the kind of one-on-one friendship where we can message/talk about whatever is on our minds throughout the day and be able to share everyday and deeper, more meaningful conversations. I enjoy having conversations on philosophical topics, anything science or education related, asking random questions, and psychology (of course) or mental health in general. It would be great to have long-term friends who prioritize a consistent, genuinely caring friendship and who are willing to put in the same amount of effort. I want to have friendships where we can open up to each other as much as we are comfortable with and be able to check in on each other.
I'm not expecting to become great friends with everyone but I am willing to give others a fair chance. Realistically, I want to invest in just a few quality friendships. Building a good friendship takes time and I only want to have friends who are specifically looking for something long-term. As long as you are willing to show that you value building the kind of friendship that I do, that is what I care about most.
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2023.05.29 18:52 SockDear Which Diety for a Vampire Breton Nightblade?

As title suggests. Finally did the full EnaiRim overhaul, and honestly, am overwhelmed at the choices. I've went for a Breton, who is a descendant of my Champion of Cyrodil (CoC becoming Sheogorath is cannon to me), and has come to Skyrim to further his knowledge of his ancestry. In doing so, (Alternate Start, left for dead) he was kidnapped by Vampires, unbeknownst to him, and was saved by the Dawnguard, cue the quest, and has changed his outlook on Vampires because of Serana and has become one himself. His ultimate goal, is to find out what happened to the CoC, and leave a mark in history just as he has. He wants to not only find out what happened to the CoC, but even, surpass him in terms of power, and bring his family name back to glory, where the CoC had it (insert long character lore post Oblivion crisis for his family, it ain't pretty)

Going for a nightblade build, just pure stealth, shadow spells, and melee stuff. I love dashing around in darkness and catching people out with the magic. Any build tips would be super appreciated for that too. Again. Overwhelmed. I'm super autistic and it's a lot and I'd rather not stare at my screen for 6 hours reading everything.

And in terms of diety, I've looked at all of them, and obviously don't want to go with one of the main 9, as I will be breaking laws. My character is morally gray, whatever gets him closer to his goal. He only cares about the pursuit of his ancestors, his legacy, and soon (thanks to mods) Serana. . Pls help. It'll be appreciated.
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2023.05.29 18:06 mohxbox1 About the world....

Quick question with lengthy context
Question :How many of the nine worlds do you get to enter in this game including only the dawn of Ragnarok DLC, and do you actually get explore them (open world segments or are they just segways to boss fights etc.?
Also how far do I have to be in the game to play these segments because I heard the game is long.
Recently AC Valhalla went on sale and it made me think about buying it since I had some reservations about whether or not I'd actually enjoy it since I wasn't sure about how the combat felt relative to what was happening on the screen. In addition to that I'd just finished reading Magnus Chase for the second time and finished Vinland saga for the first time I was too much in awe with Nordic mythology. My fifth play though of Skyrim might've helped too. I would've played God of War Ragnarok ,but I don't have a PlayStation.
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2023.05.29 18:04 maethalion [Offline][5e][Flexible][Rockville][Maryland][Biweekly][Saturday] Long-term GM wanting to get back to playing in person.

Hi all, long-time GM here looking to find some IRL peeps to game with.

When, Where:

I'm looking to game locally to Rockville, MD every-other Saturday (starting June 17), probably 4 hours. I can't host, so it'll need to be at a local game store or other place until someone feels comfortable enough to host.

GM Style

My style is based on videogames like Baldur's Gate, Planescape, Neverwinter, The Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout, Darkest Dungeon, Mass Effect, Hades, Wytchwood, Citizen Sleeper, Pillars of Eternity, Kingmaker, Stardew Valley, Cult of the Lamb, Diablo, XCOM, Thea, Defender's Quest, Moonlighter, Far Cry, Shadowrun, Dishonored and other computer RPGs. I tend to set up the world, factions, powers, etc. and let the PCs play in it. I prefer more character-driven stories and adventure, narrative and fiction-focused, rather than strictly RP or Combat. I generally like to get character backstories, grab NPCs to be antagonists, and interweave the PCs backgrounds to make interesting stories and drive motivation.
I'm not a professional voice actor nor am I going to spend hours meticulously planning dungeons. It'll be somewhere in-between. I also try to leave down-time in between sessions, so that PCs can create stories and we can do some role-play in text on discord. (I can do better RP when I have time to think and get in character)

Game Tone

I can do anything from gritty to silly, as long as we're all on the same page. Don't bring a goblin wearing pink slippers to a survival horror game, and don't bring a chaos marine to help a crow find its lost pebble.
My games tend to run PG-13, with a few exceptions for horrogore/violence. I don't tend to run with any other "adult" themes as I'm a crusty 40 yr old guy and it's weird.

Games I'm willing to Run

While I'm most familiar with D&D 5e, I'd love to run literally ANY of the other RPGs I've got:
If we do run 5e, I'll want to house rule it to fit my GM style. It'll be stuff that's in the DMG or well-tested by other groups or youtubes. We'll decide on house rules before we make characters.

Character Backgrounds

I generally prefer everyone to write up new characters during session 0. This is because I prefer to start games with the PCs already friendly, knowing, and working with eachother. It can be hard to shoe-horn the OC you've spent months thinking about into a new game setting with half a dozen other people all with their own OCs.
Similar to Game Tone, I prefer to have all the PCs to have the same motivation, be it Heroic, Reluctant, Mercenary, etc. as this creates better team cohesion. And no lone wolf characters please.

Safety Tools

We absolutely will be using safety tools, especially since it'll be a new group of people. I prefer to collect people's Lines and Veils anonymously prior to session 0, so I'll send out a google form once we have enough people. We can discuss specifically which tools to use once we meet.


Please fill out this Google Form and I will reach out over Discord to establish contact, and update on number of players found. I likely wont meet until we have 3 or 4 players.
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2023.05.29 17:58 TallLab1036 An in depth profile of myself.

Hello hello. I hope you enjoy this short introduction of myself.
Some have asked why I've come here to seek this, and really, why are any of us here? We're searching for something that we can't find elsewhere so we've decided to give this a shot.
I've tried other sites without luck and dating is difficult in my area. By that I mean everyone is super country, as in enjoying fishing and listening to country music while complaining about liberals. Or, to phrase it another way - guns, God and Trump. That's a hard pass for me, so this seems like the next step.
A couple of things before I start:
Distance isn't an issue for me. I'm hoping to meet someone and chat to see where things lead, if there's a connection of any sort. If there is, we can move from there. Distance is a relatively small issue if you can find someone who is truly perfect for you, after all.
I should also mention that, for the most part, age isn't an issue. To some extent it will be of course, but I don't mind a bit of an age gap in either direction at all. If it's an issue for you, that's understandable; however, if you think it will be for me, well the only way to really find out is to message me, now isn't it?
I'm open to anyone who sees this and is interested (including those of any experience level) as I don't want to limit myself when I could possibly find chemistry with someone.
Also, while I am in general an emotionally intelligent, nurturing and supportive person, I'm also a massive sadist. To be more specific, I enjoy psychological sadism (although physical sadism is definitely fun too) and that is reflected in my kinks and, to some extent, my personality. While I believe boundaries and limits are to be respected at all times, and I don't enjoy anything if my partner doesn't, I absolutely love teasing, tormenting and torturing my partner in both play and everyday life.
Prepare for a mountain of text! It's a bit long, but I assure you it's worth the read. I decided that since I'm putting myself out there with a post, I want to truly and fully put myself out there and represent myself. I'm hoping that those reading this will recognize the effort that was put into this and get a good feel for who I am as a person. If you feel it's too much, save it for later, skim or even just message me if you would rather get to know me more naturally.
My post is cobbled together from thoughts, beliefs and realizations that I have come upon in my years in the lifestyle (which is why you might see slightly different styles of writing in different parts, this post is taken from my kink profiles and are the sum result of over ten years of experience that I find I still add to every now and then. I try to edit and organize it a bit from time to time, but it's difficult due to the fact that there's so much that I wish to include.)
Long story short, I can be a bit...rambly, sometimes. So apologies in advance for that, although I have recently made great strides in editing my post. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.
While it's certainly a lengthy read, it's not nearly as bad as it seems. I recommend reading the whole thing (obviously since I wrote it), especially if you're interested in getting to know a kinky, geeky and empathetic person.
Now that I've covered that, it's time to get to the part you've been waiting for.

About me:

I decided to put this part first because I believe that, above all else, the people involved should connect on a personal level and "click", if you will. This tells about who I am and my hobbies and such. If someone can't accept this part of me, how could we possibly get along?
I'm a lighthearted, playful and fairly laid back, yet somewhat serious minded, person who's rather upbeat and probably too curious for his own good. I'm also kind, caring, friendly, sometimes cynical and often sarcastic (although in a lighthearted manner, and never at the expense of others.) There's nothing I love to do more than laugh; I love most things involving humor, although I do believe there's a very fine line between hilarity and stupidity.
Now, for some little bits of trivia about me:
  • According to the Myers-Briggs system, I'm an INFP. Online tests can give you an idea of where to start, but they're not that reliable and the results can change depending on your mood that day. To truly discover your type requires self-reflection to learn about your cognitive functions, and while doing so I learned a lot about myself. I don't follow it religiously, but I believe there are some elements of truth to it.
  • I'm definitely a Type B Personality.
  • I'm a hopeless romantic, an old soul who's young at heart, a cynical optimist and a realistic dreamer.
  • I'm definitely that type that believes in better safe than sorry, and one of my mottos is "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." I also tend to do copious amounts of research before any big decision.
  • I consider myself to be a very grounded, down to earth and genuine person.
  • I'm extremely friendly and believe in treating others with the same respect that you would like to receive and generally try to do what I feel is "right" by others (more on that in a bit.)
  • I like to believe in the best of human nature, although I seem to be let down a fair bit. Even so, I don't want to let that stop me.
  • I have very strong values and ideals, and an even stronger moral compass.
  • I believe people are free to do and believe what they want, so long as they don't harm themselves, harm, cause trouble for or inconvenience others, or attempt to force those beliefs on others.
  • I believe that a life lived for others is the only life worth living.
  • I believe that there's no point in worrying about things that you can't change. If you let yourself get dragged down by it and obsess over it, you'll find yourself crushed under the weight of all the injustices in the world.
  • I've been told (rather often actually) that I have a very nice voice, frequently being told that I should go into radio or be an announcer of some kind. I'm very expressive and my voice reflects that, having lots of highs and lows. Truthfully, I believe it's one of my better features.
  • I much prefer talking to typing in general, especially when first getting to know someone as you get a much better idea of their personality. Also, I feel like I come across kind of...stiff in my writing style when that's very much not me, so voice allows me to showcase my truest self.
  • I tend to be a confidant of sorts; due to my open and genuine nature and what I've been told is a welcoming...aura, I suppose, people tend to find me easy to talk to and trust, coming to me to confide things and seek out advice. This is something that brings me great happiness and pride as having the trust of others is important to me.
  • Promises are very important to me; once I give my word in regards to something I'll keep it, even if I don't particularly want to. As cheesy as it might sound, to me my word is my bond.
  • Admittedly, subtlety is not one of my strong points. I'm a very open, upfront and honest person. I'm terrible at lying (I hate doing it and I just give away that I am) and can't keep a straight face to save my life. If I were an actor, I would probably be Jimmy Fallon.
  • I welcome people to give me constructive criticism and feedback as I'm constantly looking to improve myself. Yes, that even includes those that message me saying my post is far too long.
  • I can't fake a smile to save my life, it has to be genuine for me. One of the many reasons I hate having photos taken of me.
  • I find intelligence, humor and kindness to be the most desirable traits in a partner (although being easy on the eyes doesn't hurt.)
  • My senses are all very sensitive, and can sometimes overwhelm me when I'm introduced to new stimuli.
  • I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to too. Wait, I'm just kidding, just wanted to throw a little Mitch Hedberg in here. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. While I have no issue with those who drink, I do tend to avoid smokers and hardcore drug users.
  • Despite what the length of my post may say about me, I absolutely hate writing.
  • I enjoy visiting places but hate the actual traveling (which is one of the reasons why if I could have one power it would be teleportation [actually if I could have one power it would be the ability to manipulate space and time, however for simplicity's sake I'm just going to say teleportation for now {not Star Trek teleportation though, fuck that.}])
  • I hate waiting and I hate making others wait.
  • I love the symbolism of trees and what they represent: strength, vitality, protection.
  • If I had to rank the seven deadly sins in the order that I'm guilty of from most to least, it would go: Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Envy, Greed and Wrath.
  • If I were to list the Magic the Gathering colors that I most identify with from most to least, it would go: White, Blue, Green, Red and then Black.
  • Growing up I was all about DBZ, Dinosaurs, Gargoyles, Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Pokémon, Power Rangers, Spider-Man & X-Men.
  • I absolutely love animals and have two cats of my own, Ivy and Jasmine (there are wonderful stories behind both names), that I love to death. I probably talk to them like people a bit too much.
  • I spend far more time living in my head than I should.
  • I firmly believe that breakfast offers the best food. I could eat waffles everyday.
  • I call Gatorade by their flavors as opposed to their colors.
  • I absolutely love when I'm thirsty and soda burns my throat.
  • You won't catch me running unless something is chasing me. Partially because I have asthma, but mostly because running is awful.
Over the past several years I've come to appreciate music a lot more than I used to (before it was simply used as background noise as I can't stand silence) and have discovered that I'm a fan of alt-metal, heavy metal and hard rock more than anything else.
Some bands I enjoy include:
Adelitas Way, Amaranthe, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Evans Blue, Five Finger Death Punch, Gemini Syndrome, Otherwise, Pop Evil, Sevendust, Shinedown, Shaman's Harvest, State of Mine, Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace (before Adam Gontier left)
I enjoy other types of music as well, for example another band I like is Bowling for Soup as I love their sense of humor; it's great to see people not taking music so seriously. I'm also a fan of big band music, which I actually have Fallout 3 to thank for. I enjoy classical musical as well and, despite having no real knowledge of it and most of it sounding the same, I find it incredibly relaxing and peaceful.
While I enjoy relaxing and watching television, I have trouble watching hour long shows as I can only focus on it for so long before my attention wavers, around that time I start looking at my phone and just waiting for it to be over. It's also why I don't watch too many movies; I need my entertainment bite sized. I'll watch movies every once in a while, but they generally need to be 100 minutes tops (unless it's something I'm super into.).
I have difficulty getting into things that are realistic; they usually need to be fantastical in nature and capture my imagination. My preferred genres are comedy, horror (mainly supernatural, no slashers) and most things involving special powers or abilities, however I can sometimes get into action or drama as well. I also have a love for the world of animation, possibly because they tend to be more creative and aren't limited by reality; it's part of why I'm so partial to anime.
Some shows that I'm fond of are:
Animation: Adventure Time, American Dad, Archer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bob's Burgers, Bojack Horseman, [China, IL], Disenchantment, Futurama, HarmonQuest, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, King of the Hill, Metalocalypse, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Mr. Pickles, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, South Park, Superjail, Ugly Americans, Venture Bros.
Live-action: Arrested Development, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Carnivàle, Dexter, Eureka, Friends, Game of Thrones, The Good Place, House, The Lost Room, Monk, The Muppets (2015 series), The Office, Parks and Rec, Psych, Stargate, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Warehouse 13, Wilfred
I definitely binge my shows, I like to wait for a season (or preferably an entire series) to be done before I jump into it. I'm also the type that's fine watching something just once. If I ever feel the need to watch it again it will be many, many years later. This extends to games as well, I generally need things with replayability such as MOBA's or Rogue-likes.
Gaming is easily one of my biggest hobbies and has been for many, many years now. I see it as an art form, as a way to tell a story that you can deeply immerse yourself in and get pulled into, something that can captivate you and make you lose all track of time because it's simply so engrossing. It's also a damn good way to have fun and kill time, especially when you're playing with friends. It's a big part of my life and something I have spent quite a bit of time and money on. Some people may be put off by this, but it a part of me that I will not deny or hide; after all, if someone has an issue with that then how compatible could we possibly be?
Some video games that hold a special place in my heart are:
Action/Adventure: Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed, Bastion, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bayonetta, Brütal Legend, Bully, Darksiders, Dark Souls (first one), Deadly Premonition, Dead Space, Devil May Cry (3 & 5), Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Heavy Rain, Hellblade, Infamous, Last of Us, Legend of Zelda (A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker), Luigi's Mansion, Metal Gear Solid (Twin Snakes, 3, 4 & 5), Ninja Gaiden (2004), Overlord, Phantom Crash, Resident Evil 2 remake, Saint's Row 2, The Saboteur, TMNT: Turtles in Time
Fighting: Anarchy Reigns, Blazblue (series), DBZ: Budokai, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Marvel vs Capcom (2 & 3), Mortal Kombat (9 & 11), Soul Calibur 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee
MOBA: Dota 2, Guardians of Middle Earth, Heroes of the Storm
Rogue-like: Binding of Isaac, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells, Don't Starve, FTL, Monster Train, Slay the Spire
RPG: Bravely Default, Dragon Age (Origins and Inquisition), Dragon's Dogma, Elder Scrolls (Oblivion and Skyrim), Fable (1 & 2), Fallout (3 & New Vegas), Final Fantasy (IX, X & Tactics Advance), Grim Dawn, Mass Effect 2, Pillars of Eternity (series), Pokémon (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver & Stadium), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Suikoden 2, Tyranny, The Witcher (2 & 3)
Shooter: Bioshock (series), Battlefield Bad Company (1 & 2), The Darkness, Deep Rock Galactic, Gears of War (1 & 3), Left 4 Dead, Shadowrun (2007 FPS), Team Fortress 2 (when it first came out, it's a little much now), Vanquish
Simulation: Animal Crossing (first one), Doki Doki Literature Club, Harvest Moon, Life is Strange, Pokémon Snap, Tabletop Simulator
Strategy: Civilization (3 & 4), Endless Legend, Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers (2012 & 2013), Portal, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Warcraft 3
Not only that, but I've also gotten into tabletop gaming, including both board and pen and paper games (such as Dungeons and Dragons.) I initially got into the latter as an exercise to strengthen my creative muscles but found it was a fun way to goof off with friends. For the former, it's almost gotten to the point that I enjoy them more than most video games as it provides an experience that you don't get anymore; friends gathered around and competing against one another or cooperating against a common foe, something that's disappeared with the advent of the internet.
Some board games that I love are:
BANG! The Dice Game, Dead of Winter, Dice Throne, Epic Spell Wars, King of New York, Lords of Waterdeep, Munchkin, Pandemic, Red Dragon Inn
I enjoy reading as well, although I find it difficult to find a book that can keep my focus and really draw me in like I crave. I'm constantly on the prowl for new material, and my favorite genres would probably be apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, dystopian, horror and dark fantasy/grimdark, although I'm certainly in the market for something that has a good element of humor to it as well. If you have any recommendations, I'd absolutely love to hear them!
Bring up video/board/tabletop games, super powers, comics, cartoons, anime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy or technology and I'll happily chat your ear off. I'm quite social and love to talk, however I'm also an introvert so there are plenty of times where the pressure of constant social interactions with others gets to me and I need to take some time to myself to mentally recharge.
As I mentioned, I absolutely adore animals. Seriously, if you want to make me hate a bad guy, have him hurt an animal. Ironically, I'm practically a carnivore. I'm convinced that I would starve if I had to hunt for my own food just because I couldn't bring myself to hurt them.
Speaking of food, I'm a bit of a foodie (I dislike that word, but it's accurate.) I'm all about sauces, seasonings and spices, not to mention a love for anything deep fried. I love experiencing different tastes and textures while trying new long as they're not vegetables. No veggies, except corn and potatoes; those two get a pass as they're amazing. I also enjoy onions and peppers in small quantities in dishes.
I've got a nice guy next door look in that I have no tattoos or piercings, have glasses, stay clean shaven and have a bit of a baby face (as in I look rather young, I often get mistaken for being in my mid 20's). I wouldn't say that with my look I would be called handsome, sexy or hot (however I am often called cute (I've also been called handsome a fair amount, it still feels weird though.) I'm also rather pale due to the fact that I stay indoors most of the time (if you can't tell from that, I'm white.) Because of my appearance, and my friendly and laid back nature, people tend to view me as rather innocent. I suppose that isn't entirely incorrect though, I'll admit that I can be a bit naive at times in regards to people and the world.
As for politics and religion, I tend to try to stay away from both.
While I believe I'm somewhat in the middle for the former, as I have views from both sides, if I had to choose I'd say I definitely lean way more towards the left. I believe in the greater good, the needs of the many over the needs of the few, in advancing science and finding alternative fuels and materials that don't pollute or destroy our environment in the process, in trying to create a brighter future, etc, etc. I'm definitely not on the far left however, and hate social justice and cancel culture. I'm empathetic and all, but people need to stop getting offended by every tiny thIng and creating problems that don't exist. That's definitely not exclusive to the left, the right is very guilty of it as well.
For the latter, I generally just consider myself not religious as I don't think or care about it too much. If I had to classify it though I'd say I'm agnostic. This means that, while I don't believe in any god or gods, I acknowledge that they might exist. While I'm 99.3̅3̅3̅% certain that there is no grand creator or afterlife, there's no real way we can know for certain. We're a very young and ignorant species, there's much about life and the universe that we are unaware of or don't understand yet.
I just try to focus on being a good person and doing right by others, not for some earthly or heavenly reward, or for a smug sense of self satisfaction, but because it's simply what I want to do. It's who I am and what makes me feel good about myself.
I try my best to live by The Golden Rule (also known as treat others you the way you wish to be treated or do unto others as you would have them do unto you), being guided by own moral compass that directs me in how I interact with others. I always do my very best to make others feel wanted, cared for, appreciated and understood, to give them validation; I never want anyone to feel left out or unwanted, for any reason at all. Perhaps it's from my own difficult childhood, since I felt that way when I was young and don't want others to go through the same things that I did. Whatever the reason, whenever I say or do anything I tend to, without even realizing it, think about how it will affect the other person and the different ways that it could be taken. I strive to treat others with the courtesy and respect that I believe that they deserve.
As I mentioned, I have a strong moral compass. The only problem is, this is true North for my compass; I feel that's the correct way to treat and interact with others, and I believe that's what everyone should do. So when other people don't act in the way that I believe they should, even though I know everyone is different and everyone has different thoughts, feelings and experiences that led them to those (we are the product of our environments after all), it can bother me. I've come to realize that this is due to holding myself to extremely high standards, and often holding other people to the same standards to which I hold myself.
Unfortunately, that can lead to conflicts with others, sometimes over things that they might feel to be insignificant. It doesn't happen very often though as I can recognize whether something is actually a big deal or not and put it to the back of my mind; I wouldn't be a very good friend or partner if I nitpicked over every little thing, now would I? Despite being very much driven by my moral compass, I'm also calm, collected, understanding and logical by nature.
I've realized that I used to put a lot of pressure on myself when interacting with others, trying to be funny and entertaining, overall trying to make sure that they were having a good time and enjoying themselves. If, for whatever reason, I felt that they were bored I ended up trying even harder to keep them engaged and joyful. It was somewhat of a bad habit of mine; I suppose I just felt like I had a personal stake in everyone that I interacted with, a responsibility almost, and didn't want to leave them wanting. I still do this to some extent, but not as much as I used to; as I've grown and matured, and my anxiety has lessened, I've learned to pull back a bit and that I don't need to carry everyone's burden on my shoulders. I still wish to keep people engaged and happy, and still take on more responsibility than I probably should, however I imagine that I'll always be that way; it's just in my nature.
I'm an emotionally intelligent and extremely empathetic person who's well aware of his inner workings due to my introspective nature. I'm easily able to see things from multiple perspectives, which I believe is because of how I process empathy. I don't necessarily feel the exact pain of others, but I mirror it; it's second nature for me to put myself in their position which allows me to understand the plethora of ways they can think and feel. This is something that is a core part of who I am and that I take great pride in.
I feel deeply, which can lead to me taking things to heart and sometimes reading too much into things or overanalyzing them. Thankfully, due to my great experience in emotional control and regulation (which I'm about to go into), I'm generally able to take a step back from my emotions and understand the intent and meaning behind words and actions so there's less of a chance of misunderstanding.
Because I feel so deeply, that caused problems for me when I was younger. My emotions were a swirling vortex, out of control and ready to burst out at any second. Puberty certainly didn't make this any easier either.
It's been said that our personal identity is 80% environmental and 20% genetic. While I might be genetically predispositioned to feeling so deeply, a lot of it likely comes from traumas experienced in childhood and my inability to process them properly. They left scars that I'm still dealing with today, and as a result of said scars, growing up I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression and OCD, on top of the ADHD that I already had. However, I'm thankfully in a very good place thanks to a combination of past therapy, current medication and constant reflection.
I've done a lot of work to be able to get a handle on my emotions. Because I got used to having them under such control, I've been told that at times I can come across as kind of indifferent or hard to read. That's one of the reasons that I'm such an upfront, open, honest and expressive person; I want people to be able to understand me and I generally tell exactly what I'm thinking or how something makes me feel so that others can do that.
Honestly, one of my biggest fears is that no one will ever be able to understand me like I understand myself. It's right up there with a fear of the unknown (one is the reasons I don't do deep water, I don't want to fuck with any Cthulhu monsters that are down there) and losing my memories, as in the end we're just a sum of our memories and I don't want to lose who I am.
I never claimed to be perfect; I have my flaws as well, and try to work on them every day to improve myself as a person. Since I've already put so much of myself into my profile, I thought that it was only right to put the negative parts in as well.
While some of these things could certainly be considered negative traits, I believe that they help make me the Dom that I am. Because I AM so compassionate, because I AM so empathetic, because I HAVE been through so much and still keep going, I feel that I can give a sub or a slave what she truly needs to thrive in her environment. Feel free to read more about that below.

My Beliefs:

If I had to break down why this all appeals to me to one reason, to put it simply, I'd have to say that I'm the kind of person who wants to be needed. I find that, overall, I feel more driven and fulfilled if I know that I have someone that depends on me. If I have someone whose best interests I must keep in mind, who I need to protect and care for, I feel a greater sense of purpose than the humdrum rumblings of everyday life.
When you combine that with my nurturing and empathetic nature this type of relationship is the natural choice for me (more on that next). I believe that's also why I find myself naturally drawn to the weak, the helpless and the damaged. I have an overwhelming desire to heal them, to help and protect them while nurturing them and watching them grow into who I know they can be, which goes with what I was saying before.
A sub knows that her Dom loves her unconditionally and only wants what is best for her. While I do certainly enjoy doing this, I primarily do this to help my sub above all else. I'm a nurturing soul who wishes nothing more than to protect his partner. To take care of her and help her when she needs it. To be her support and her life line. To give her the guidance, structure and discipline she needs to feel fulfilled in life. To set rules and guidelines so that she can move freely within those set limits and be happy. To help her decide what is best for her when she herself doesn't know. To provide the security and comfort of knowing that she is being taken care of and that she has someone she can talk to about anything without any sort of judgment or prejudice. I want her to thrive and become the person that she was always meant to be. I enjoy pushing my sub to explore her boundaries and limits, within reason of course. I simply wish to see her flourish and blossom, to help her become what I know she can be and reach higher plateaus.
I realize the previous paragraphs could sound condescending in some ways, however that couldn't be further from the truth. I see my partner as an equal, someone who simply has different needs that I can fulfill so that they can live a fulfilling life themselves, and in turn by fulfilling those needs of theirs, I feel fulfilled as well. We ultimately form a symbiotic relationship of sorts.
Make no mistake, I have no desire to micromanage every tiny detail of my sub's life, nor form a codependent relationship where she's entirely reliant upon me for her mental and emotional needs. The level and extent of the D/s relationship is decided after long discussion and input from both parties.
Some believe that being a Dom is just telling people what to do and getting what you want while getting off, but it's so much more than that. It's not as easy or simple as it appears, you must always keep what is best for your sub in mind, even if it conflicts with your own immediate or future interests. You must constantly be aware of her needs and desires while providing checks and balances to help her live a life worth living. Anyone can simply give a sub what she wants, it takes a true Dom to say no because you feel that is what is best for her.
At least that's how it should be. There are so many "Doms" out there that don't care about their subs at all, only themselves. They don't care if they're suffering physically or emotionally, they simply use them as toys they can play with and then toss aside when they're bored; they abuse them and hurt them simply because they get a kick out of it. A real Dom/sub relationship is a very special and strong bond, much more so than a vanilla relationship in my opinion. So many people seem to have issues understanding that unfortunately, there's a certain stigma associated with this and preconceptions are formed before they even learn anything about it.
Truthfully, I believe the sub holds the power in the relationship in many ways. She is the one that is choosing to submit after all, to give up her power and control to the Dom. Despite that, she is the one that has control over the power of safe words, that can stop an activity with a single utterance. Her subservience is completely voluntary, something that many people don't seem to think about. It's not simply about someone bossing someone around because they can, it's about someone choosing a partner that they feel is worthy to give their all to.

What I'm looking for:

I'm not here looking for a booty call or one night stand, but to find a potential partner in crime, possibly for life if a connection is made. More than anything, I simply wish to find someone who looks at me the way this girl looks at her prom date.
While the following is my ideal, as I said at the beginning, I'm open to talking to anyone that reads this. However, I'm not particularly interested in "littles" or "brats".
Ideally my partner would be what is typically called an adult babygirl, and I'd like to elaborate on that term since some might not be familiar with it. Essentially it's someone who enjoys the nurturing, loving and structured aspect of a Daddy Dom or DD/lg relationship but isn't a little themselves; meaning that they don't have a mental age that they regress to, among other things. (I don't identify as a Daddy myself, however due to my protective and supportive/nurturing nature you could say I'm Daddy leaning.)
Some people have their entire lives revolve around the lifestyle, going to munches, conventions, parties and attempting to reach out to their community and find a place to belong. That might work for them, but it's of no interest to me. While I'm certainly not opposed to chatting and making friends and connections, I have no desire to be a part of a community. I'm simply seeking one whose ideas and beliefs line up with my own for a symbiotic relationship as I mentioned before
If I had to describe such a relationship, it would definitely be on the lighter side of the spectrum in regards to what daily life would be like. I'm seeking a 24/7 TPE, however I also enjoy being casual with my sub. Perhaps in some ways it's more similar to a vanilla relationship with strong Dom/sub undertones than a typical BDSM relationship.
In my perfect situation, we would still be able to joke around, have fun and be very close and romantic; however there is also the constant understanding that I am in charge, and what I say goes. No matter how much fun we may be having or what we might be doing, she should always know her place, even if it's only in the back of her mind. There are rules in place for her benefit, and if she breaks those rules she will be punished.
By what I say goes, I mean I have the final say in subjects because, as a submissive, she has given the reins of power over to me. She trusts me to make her decisions for her and to do what is best for her, to take care of and protect her. I'm never the type to say "this is how it's going to be, I don't care what you want, end of discussion" as discourse is the only way two people can truly understand one another. I always value my submissive's input and always want her to give her opinion and speak her mind if something is bothering her.
My ideal sub would be one that is loyal and devoted above all else, but also one who is looking for a Dom she can actually have a connection with. One that, not necessarily needs, but craves guidance, support, structure and discipline in their life; whose life does not feel complete without this, like there is a void deep inside her that cannot be filled unless she has a Dom to guide and take care of her, that she can in turn make happy and serve to the best of her ability.
Beyond anything else though, I want to like them as a person before I love them as a sub. My perfect partner would be someone who is intelligent, kind-hearted, earnest, funny and a has a fair touch of dorkiness in her. I want her to be someone that actually has personality, that I can laugh with and talk to for hours upon hours on end and still hate the thought of leaving. Someone that will either indulge my love of games and geekery or join me because she's just as much of a fan of those things as I am. Someone who loves how I tease and torment her, keeping her on the edge and revelling in the pleasure I get from watching her squirm.
One thing to note is that just because I am very friendly (sometimes people are surprised when I begin acting more Dominant, others aren't as they say they can "sense it in the way I present myself", even while being friendly and joking around) doesn't mean that I'm not strict when I have to be. I have no problem at all with enforcing rules and giving out punishments, although it's certainly not my favorite aspect of the relationship. I would prefer to reward, encourage and nurture my sub, however there are times when discipline is necessary; if one feels the need to act up, one must be ready accept the consequences after all.
If I had to describe my style of dominance, or what makes me dominant, I suppose that would be a little tricky. I don't feel the need to control everything, nor do I attempt to, and I have no problem with kicking back and letting others take the reigns in everyday situations if I feel they're more qualified or I just plain don't feel like it. Nor am I the type that "oozes" dominance, I don't care for confrontation and am a very easy going, go with the flow person. What I believe it boils down to is I simply feel comfortable with power and, quite frankly, enjoy it. I bear the burden of leadership well, it comes naturally to me and I thrive when I have the weight of another's life on my shoulders; I have little trouble making hard decisions when I need to. It also helps that my sexual inclinations line up with this nicely. If it doesn't last quite some time and doesn't end with both parties panting and soaked in sweat, I'm not particularly interested in it.
On that note, I have quite the kinky side despite my friendly and charming exterior. I suppose I should list it here because, while certainly not the primary focus of my interest in this, sexual compatibility does factor in to some extent.
My kinks are:
Anal, begging, biting, blowjobs, body worship, bondage, choking, cock worship, consensual non-consent, creampies, crying (the good kind), cumplay, deepthroating, degradation, desperation, dirty talking, face fucking, facials, free use, hair pulling, hole stretching (basically pushing my partner to her limits), humiliation, hypnosis, name calling, objectification, orgasm control (which includes edging, forced orgasms, orgasm denial and ruined orgasms), public play (in a discreet manner), slapping, spanking, spitting and teasing.
One thing I feel I should mention is that the acts of degradation and humilation are limited to play time and only sexual in nature, never attacking my partner in any way.
I also believe very strongly in aftercare and safe words as the mental and emotional well being of my partner is very important.
I realize there's no one way to live this lifestyle, but I feel like a lot of what I said should be obvious and general knowledge in regards to this; however from my experience it doesn't seem to be that way too often (not referring to the that are inexperienced in this, more those that do this for the wrong reason), which is why I wanted to share my views in such detail.
I feel like I've rambled on enough already and am dangerously close to having a TL;DR (yeah, I hit that ages ago), so I'll just say that if you're interested in learning more about me and getting to know me, you can give me a message and we'll see where things go. I like to get to know people naturally, just talk with them and see where things lead, whether that be a short chat, a simple friendship or something more. It seems silly to have expectations when you don't even know the person or how you'll get along.
Even if you're nervous or anxious, you think you might not be good enough, doubt my intentions or anything along those lines, still give me a message. After all, what do you have to lose?
Thanks for taking the time to read my little novella, I hope to hear from you soon. So long, and thanks for reading!
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2023.05.29 17:48 Raz0rBack135 Need a recommendation.

So I'm pretty new to skyrim modding and I'd like to keep things simple till I've learned more so I'vecome to ask your personal recommendations on the matter. There is a ton of texture mods and they all seem fairly complex, would anyone happen to know of any graphic mods that keep it simple and don't require to many patches, add-ons, etc. I'm looking for one to cover most bases (land, water, npcs, trees and maybe snow.) and it doesn't need to be 4k or anything, just better than vanilla. I'm playing on a series x if that helps.
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2023.05.29 17:42 soosis Is this still worth getting into in 2023?

The coming release of Diablo 4 made me want to get back into arpg-s. The only problem is, that I don't trust Blizzard anymore and I'll wait at least a few months to see if they will fuck it up somehow (which they probably will, so it saves me 70 usd).
In the meantime I got into POE, but after the campaign I opened the atlas and said "hell nah".
I played Grim Dawn a bit like 10 years back, didn't even finish the campaign. It was a long time ago, so I'd like to give it another chance. Plus the modding scene of this game seems in a really good position, and I absolutely love modding the living hell out of my games.
The Dawn of Masteries mod caught my attention. I love to have a lot of variety in games, and this seems to give almost infinite replay value just from creating fun builds. Is there any other mods that plays well with Dawn of Massteries? Like new content additions (I think Dawn of Masteries is "only" a class mod pack), overhauls to the campaign, anything like that. Also are there any good written build guides for it? Or how easy would it be to create a build from scratch for a newbie?
And a last question: Do I have to do the campaign every time I make a new character? I remember there were those shrines in the campaign that give passive points to a Skyrim like passive skill tree. I hate campaigns in arpg-s, I mostly play for the endgame, so the option (or mod) for skipping it or revamping it to something more engaging would be a huge plus for me.
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2023.05.29 16:53 jollyspiffing Weekly Wildcard League Report - GW38

Weekly Wildcard League Report - GW38 Entries remain open, join code: 62bcum
The weekly wildcard league is a league with unlimited free-transfers trying to nail the dream team each week - see the joining details below.
This week in the fantasypl Weekly Wildcard League the Team Of The Week was 'Mansplaining FPL' managed by 'u/drearyDusk ⠀' with a GW score of '78'
Top scouts this GW
rank id team_name manager GW_points GW_transfers
1 3310022 Mansplaining FPL u/drearyDusk 78 7
2 7592633 Weekly Wanderers Mike Laskey 78 16
3 5010893 YOLO Sindre Haugen 77 14
4 456494 BEST ELEVEN James D Soh 76 7
5 16985 Catch me if you Kane SlipperySimplicity / 72 10
6 1274664 Areola’s Areolas Max Basta 71 3
7 4698648 Hits n Giggs Jimmy B 70 7
8 5069626 Born 2 be Wildcard Wildcard Sam 70 13
9 5705467 Vancouver Titans CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM 67 3
10 3091427 Liverpoops Alex Chen 67 21
11 1416472 Boly magas Parikshit CH 65 15
12 7596049 Savage vs Scout u/ Savage9645 65 9
13 1968231 Dream Team Tiago Costa 62 7
14 439319 Scouting for goals Scout Master 62 12
15 3273078 Harvardsportsblog Harvardsports. 61 10
16 1795393 PG Tips FC Steve Webb 60 6
17 8786569 Eberechi's Ebonies FMDK00 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 59 7
18 5796 WILDCARD BOYZ u/ Rembata37 58 14
19 7551062 YOLO Sindre Haugen 58 11
20 7022949 Official scout Official Scout 56 9
21 4199657 Sterling Effort Faust R. Peggi 56 8
22 9329092 La Casa Del Rey Don Oussama 51 6
23 8108322 The Misanthrope Victor Shawn Awatt 50 3
24 1110323 Flat Balls Thomas Illescas 49 11
25 406656 lacroix Charbel Bou Khalil 48 3
26 10118082 Borussia Teeth Idrees Awais 47 3
27 708428 Wildcard FC u/ chibibabymoon 42 4
28 259370 HaaLund ke Baal Jaggu WC 40 13
29 6304618 BaduRanciu George Bebeselea 36 3
30 4238920 AGP Max u/ Esseth 33 7
31 154428 Lollypop FC Olga Silbery 28 10
32 529864 stillTrashAtFPL Mwai Chatha 26 4
Favourite picks this GW
name selected captained gw_pts
Alexander-Arnold 28 0 4
Salah 24 11 5
Kane 22 6 16
Fernandes 15 2 10
Álvarez 14 1 2
Rashford 13 3 2
Eze 12 1 2
Ødegaard 11 1 3
Trippier 11 0 0
De Gea 10 0 7
Son 10 1 5
Wilson 9 1 1
Watkins 9 0 9
Tarkowski 9 0 8
Mahrez 7 0 2
Mitoma 6 0 1
Estupiñán 5 0 1
Gabriel 5 0 6
Maddison 5 1 2
Rodrigo 5 0 2
White 5 0 6
Guéhi 4 0 2
Ederson 4 0 3
McNeil 4 1 3
Ramsdale 4 0 6
Isak 3 0 2
Jesus 3 0 12
Pickford 3 0 5
Schär 3 0 2
Firmino 3 1 5
Castagne 3 0 2
Ramsey 3 0 9
Iheanacho 3 0 5
Johnstone 2 0 3
Saka 2 0 6
Garnacho 2 0 2
Alisson 2 0 0
Mbeumo 2 0 5
Dalot 2 0 2
Groß 2 0 5
Barnes 2 0 7
Andersen 2 0 2
Tsimikas 2 0 -1
Lewis 2 0 2
Mitrović 2 0 -1
Steele 1 0 2
Pinnock 1 0 15
Botman 1 0 3
Mac Allister 1 0 2
Foden 1 0 2
Mina 1 0 8
Aké 1 0 8
Casemiro 1 0 2
Arrizabalaga 1 0 3
Van Dijk 1 0 0
Wissa 1 0 2
Havertz 1 0 1
Henry 1 0 7
Enciso 1 0 2
Lindelöf 1 0 2
Douglas Luiz 1 0 7
Willian 1 0 5
Almirón 1 0 2
Ayling 1 0 0
Iversen 1 0 2
Keane 1 0 0
Bowen 1 0 1
Jones 1 0 1
Dubravka 1 0 3
Diogo Jota 1 0 13
Kelleher 1 0 2
Kiwior 1 0 13
Sergio Gómez 1 0 2
Martínez 1 0 3
Trossard 1 0 9
Palmer 1 0 2
Cash 1 0 1
Emerson Royal 1 0 2
Gibbs-White 1 0 4
Sancho 1 1 9
A.Doucouré 1 0 11
Overall weekly wildcard League:
rank id team_name manager total_score total_transfers
1 3310022 Mansplaining FPL u/drearyDusk 2605 234
2 8786569 Eberechi's Ebonies FMDK00 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 2571 374
3 7592633 Weekly Wanderers Mike Laskey 2563 329
4 456494 BEST ELEVEN James D Soh 2544 257
5 5705467 Vancouver Titans CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM 2534 98
6 7596049 Savage vs Scout u/ Savage9645 2506 302
7 16985 Catch me if you Kane SlipperySimplicity / 2486 224
8 8108322 The Misanthrope Victor Shawn Awatt 2476 86
9 406656 lacroix Charbel Bou Khalil 2469 130
10 4199657 Sterling Effort Faust R. Peggi 2443 317
11 3273078 Harvardsportsblog Harvardsports. 2440 193
12 439319 Scouting for goals Scout Master 2434 359
13 5069626 Born 2 be Wildcard Wildcard Sam 2428 283
14 708428 Wildcard FC u/ chibibabymoon 2426 211
15 1968231 Dream Team Tiago Costa 2425 167
16 5796 WILDCARD BOYZ u/ Rembata37 2419 261
17 4698648 Hits n Giggs Jimmy B 2417 276
18 7022949 Official scout Official Scout 2408 254
19 3091427 Liverpoops Alex Chen 2407 96
20 1416472 Boly magas Parikshit CH 2401 97
21 1274664 Areola’s Areolas Max Basta 2387 95
22 529864 stillTrashAtFPL Mwai Chatha 2365 154
23 1110323 Flat Balls Thomas Illescas 2348 238
24 4238920 AGP Max u/ Esseth 2295 172
25 1795393 PG Tips FC Steve Webb 2245 143
26 259370 HaaLund ke Baal Jaggu WC 2225 180
27 7551062 YOLO Sindre Haugen 2134 318
28 5010893 YOLO Sindre Haugen 2133 326
29 10118082 Borussia Teeth Idrees Awais 2114 83
30 6304618 BaduRanciu George Bebeselea 2061 159
31 154428 Lollypop FC Olga Silbery 2006 223
32 9329092 La Casa Del Rey Don Oussama 1969 89
Join the scout league:
The aim is to make a secondary FPL team to try and get the most points from your 1st XI each week, with no restrictions on transfers: - Transfers will not count against your "scout league" score (they will still be counted on the official site) - Points are only scored for the first XI each week, subs don't count. - Captain only, Vice-Captain will not be counted - Auto-subs will not be counted. - Chips will not be counted (you can play them if you want, but they won't affect your score)
I'm still confused how does this work? People in this league create a secondary team and try and pick the best XI each week without caring about transfer costs/hits. Scoring is done manually to exclude any transfers costs and also excludes bench players. The score/rank on the official site will usually be terrible because of the many transfers, but that's not what counts for this ML, it's what gets posted in the table above that counts.
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2023.05.29 16:41 GhostcatcherN64 Skyrim SE : vortex mods cycle ?

Hi everyone,
I'm helping a friend installing mods on Skyrim SE, we found a video of ESO : About a modpack, we took the micro one and after manually downloading each file (as it's out of question to pay for nexus mod premium) we have issues with mod cycles
Seems like a few mods are in a sort of loop, like smoking torches depends on inferno which depends on embers etc.. and it comes back to the first one. We checked videos but it was quite complicated, any idea on the mod start order ? Mods are :
Smoking torches and candles NAT.ENB III natural and atmos. Tamriel Inferno - fire effects embers HD
If you have a tutorial/troubleshooting guide i'd love that, thanks ! :)
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2023.05.29 15:50 Ethereal_Stars_7 Flight of the War Witch: Part 023: Patron of the Arts

Part 1 of the Evil That Lies Within arc begins.
[Previous] Part 022 [Next]
/- - Flight of the War Witch - - \
\ =>>>>><0> 023 <0><<<<<= /
\ - - - Patron of the Arts - - - /
Voice Log Entry number: 81-3, Timestamp: 02-15 (estimated (guesstimated)(aintgotacluestimated))
Bit into the -second- year here. Yeah. Still getting used to that. Think I am going to just start counting days as they pass here rather than doing the mental gymnastics needed to convert fifty hour days and two-hundred day seasons into Earth days and years. A 'season' here being about four-hundred and sixteen days long. Give or take a few days. Considering everything else on this world is artificial - I have a feeling the variance in the season timing is intentional and probably oscillates. Not enough pattern data yet to know for sure.
Still no handle on why time feels... compressed here? I have settled into a sleep schedule of about sixteen of the twenty-five hour night - and it feels like a restful eight hours. The dragon folk tend to sleep twenty hours. I use the extra time to practice with my magic sword. My MAGIC SWORD! yeaaaaaah!
This Grand Bazaar is so fun! It is like an enormous ren-fair if ren-fairs were into greeco-roman fashions. Speaking of. Baroness Clade was all ga-ga over some new dresses from the outer ring of the gathering. These were pretty interesting as the floor length skirts billowed out. This was pulled off by weaving the whole thing from wire mesh instead of chain-mail. Or used metal struts connected to a belt to give the garment shape. Just more example of how their textiles diverged from ours due to the radically different materials on hand. No mammals, no wool, a ridiculous abundance of metals. Oh yeah. And freaking magic.
I have to keep reminding myself that this is all on an enormous scale. It takes me about three hours to walk the outer ring. (oh-so much longer because we are window-shopping...) My walk speed is forty-eight kph. So yeah. Its big. And this thing lasts a ten-day. Though the tenth day is when alot of folk start packing up. Some far earlier if they sold out their wares quicker.
Found out what the wigs are made from. Dragon hair. Found a stall selling wigs and turns out dragons with nice hair use a hair growth spell to grow it out and harvest it regularly. Can not do it frequently. Something about needing time to replenish. But it is a business here for dragons who like other hair colors.
If you are willing to hang around a few days there are crafters and brewers who can whip up during the event some basic magic items. Mostly little widgets that do not do a whole lot. Or quick-craft stuff like arrows with basic targeting enhancement enchantments. Potions can be gotten in a day. I nabbed a few "Healing Potions" because they should work on my nominally organic parts. Least that was what I expected. Guess what? That's right. I'm WRONG! Kinda-sorta... Its Complex!!!
We swung around the Druid section of the magic ring at Ghinda's request and got the lowdown on the problems of fixing me up as it had apparently unbeknownst to me, been prying on her mind ever since we met. She would prod me now and then at the keep to do some 'tests', but never said what for?
This for...
She had been talking at length with one of the higher ups in the rankings of nature lovers. This guy looked ancient! Yet strong at the same time. My chest and veins felt a little tingly near him. Guessing that was the more plant based parts of me responding? In any case he was blood red and had these curly corkscrew horns like a ram. Rings everywhere! Fingers, horns, tail. Don't wanna know where else! And holding this staff that was like twenty meters tall! Wood. Like a whole tree. Topped with a turquoise orb and an, ahem, orbiting ring of, er, rings with different elements in the rings where a finger would go. Standard Earth, Air, Fire, Water. But between those were Magma, Smoke, Ice (how'd he get that even???), and Mud. Really impressive looking. The length of the staff was carved with arcane runes and banded in gold. Guy really liked his ring motif huh?
So first glance at me is that dismissive "Fuck off technology." attitude and I'm like "ooooh Imma gonna -show- him somethin!"
But then he does a double-take and starts to look at me funny. Like he is looking -through- me, inside me?
Then he starts to get excited.
Then really excited.
Then -oh fuck! What did I do this time?- excited.
Turns out he could clearly sense all the plant-life inside me comprising my life support systems. A fifteen meter tall enclosed micro-ecology. He was just ooohing and ahhing at the near perfect balance of my internal workins. And so an hour or more passed while I tried to explain in fantasy terms the incredible effort that went into the CyberDyne project and the botanist who made the breakthrough in sealed life support systems. They read it all as a neo-Druid creating a self sustaining eco-system. Something Druids of this world consider a work of art or a religious experience in a way. Due to how the whole world is in a way just that. Self contained and perpetual.
He was really interested in the mini forest that makes up my lungs. Probably because they are not of this world and at a guess are pinging his nature sense. He asked me if he could get a clipping. And I said "Not on the first date."
He got all purple in the face and then laughed and laughed.
So he confirmed that basic healing incantations like [Balm of Life] will kinda-sorta work on me. But due to my, ahem, Golem nature and my botanic parts, I'd get more oomph from a simple [Repair] incantation for my cybernetics and [Botanica's Blessing] for my plant based systems. A healing potion was going to do me little good then - and would be only a -third- as effective. argh! ah well. I can use it in the others in an emergency. Stuff makes triage look like leeches and poultices. hmph. Magic.
From all this I did though get some advice. Mainly to look up a Master of Alchemy to whip up some specialized healing draughts. Cost a bit more. But better than needing the magic equivalent of a Pit Crew to heal me up. Not like I intend to get perforated again. But with these Coalition jokers out there. I have a bad feeling I am going to be in the eye of the storm. Least they pointed me at someone here to talk to about that.
Noon will be dinner with the local nobility. The Baroness suggested I dress well so I guess I will be stowing the Regalia and going formal. Good thing packed the clothes for this. Kinda nervous. Aside from meeting the mayor of Dynamiton City, I have never really had to deal with the higher ups.
Forescout Valkyria signing out.
Valkyria, with much assistance from Roscida, disengaged her Regalia and a few plates to slim down to a less aggressive profile. Then her ward helped her to get dressed and don her wig. Together they met up with Dasos and she resupplied more goggles to sell and for the morning the Gorgon swapped out with the Ki-rin girl so Dasos could do a little shopping herself.
Wandering the stalls and merchants she was updated on the sales of the goodies and stoning potions. "huh, more sold than I expected?"
Dasos nodded while munching on a glazed tyra leg as she walked beside the War Witch. "The Grand Bazaar is an opportune time to sell and spread word. And word is spreading."
She glanced sidelong at the Gorgon. "Feels good to be making a difference?"
This got an emphatic nodding. "Very much so. The look on peoples faces. Especially the expressions when learning the low cost. After thousands upon thousands of days we are not shunned and driven off."
"In time the cure will be found and you all can go back to living normal lives."
Dasos was keen to buy a new dress for herself after a lifetime of living in rags and whatever they could scrounge or steal. Well the metal equivalent of rags. Dragon clothing was very durable overall.
As noon rolled around they saw the Gorgon back to her stall and Roscida joined Valkyria in meeting Baroness Clade at the castle gates. The structure was tremendous and some of the taller minarets reached high into the sky perhaps a quarter of a kilometer. The gate guards were armored and looked alot like silver versions of Valkyria. Though without the stiff wing covers. Each was armed with a huge halberd, a pole arm some twenty meters long with a spike pointing upwards, an axe head facing forward and a hook facing back.
Baroness Clade did the introductions and then they were escorted inside by an attendant and Valkyria got to gawk at the decorations, all on a cyclopean scale. Fifteen meter tall statuary adorned some halls. tapestries and stained glass windows were common and there were quite a few paintings. The elder Clade encouraged the guide to elaborate on some of the depictions.
"Here is show the mounted battle of the Phantom Swamps some two-hundred thousand days past."
The white and gold cyborg ran a quick calculation and figured that to be over a thousand years ago by Earth time. "So you even domesticated a thunder lizard?" She was looking at the huge diplodocus that was being ridden like an elephant and was about as large.
"The diplo in the center? Yes. They are native to the great swamps of the lowlands. A few daring souls have trained them for war. But they are difficult to manage. Bron are even harder to tame and for reasons unknown once every few seasons a bull will ascend the plateaus and go on a rampage until either driven off or put down." So explained the attendant.
Valkyria studied this for a time, taking into account the gigantic scale of this battle depicted. Spells were flying, knights with glowing weapons were cleaving into each-other, and a pair of trebuchets mounted on the diplodocus were lobbing stones at some sort wall of earth some mage had called up. The painting had tiny little details in it down to links in armor and little fine inscriptions on weapons and standards. "Who are they fighting? Looks formidable? Are those a pair of Golems? I see hinged joints?" she questioned.
"Indeed m'lady. Ta Matia tis Mageías, The Eyes of Vraja, were a mageocrocy that formed formed around a renowned vraja college of Solomonari to the west between here and the Ki-rin lands. They grew in power and then began expanding. They employed Golems and Elementals in large numbers and were a force to be reckoned with. The painting depicts the final battle on the borders of what would become the Principalities." pointed out the attendant.
"So what became of them?"
Baroness Clade answered that. "Everyone turning against them and internal fraction caused the eventual collapse as they suffered a series of defeats after some initial victories. A faction within the Eye was against violence and secretly aided the unified people opposing the expansion and so inside and out the cracks formed. Finally they could take no more and sued for peace when they realized the horrible loss of knowledge that was happening as one after another fell. They reorganized and police themselves rigorously now as a true college of study and wisdom. That was all some half a million days ago."
The War Witch gawked as she did some calculations. Over two-thousand eight-hundred Earth years ago. "And it is still going today?"
A nod from the elder dragoness. "Indeed. I myself studied there for six-thousand days and graduated well in my class."
Valkyria did not comment on needing to go to magic school for thirty-five years before getting out was a bit mind blowing. "Seems all that study payed off!"
"Twas not that long. Curricula has advanced since those early days. Back then one was expected to study for a full ten-thousand says!" the Solomanari waved it off as if decades meant little in the greater scheme.
This got the cybernetic human in a draconic looking variable frame to wondering just how long these people lived. Something she would have to ask later. She had some clues already based on the ages of Roscida and the younger Clade, which reminded her. "So will Clade and the Baron be arriving in two days?"
"Correct. My husband and daughter wish to do some shopping while the event is close."
After that they met up with Princess Lykofos. This woman was tall and a rich royal purple with blue scale trim. She was dressed in an ebony gown set with hundreds of diamonds so it looked like a starry night twinkling as she moved. Her long hair was a night blue with a streak of lighter blue like a comet trailing down one side. "Ahh. So this is the mysterious stranger I have heard so much about in so short a span?" she addressed the War Witch with a pleasant rumbly voice.
"That is probably me if it is something weird yea, M'lady." she replied.
The Princess' smile grew. "I would not call selflessly aiding the people of the land weird Lady Valkyria. You have performed a deed long thought impossible in bringing back to us our brethren thought forever lost. That alone is worthy of high praise. I also hear you were instrumental in completing my cousin's elemental collection, yes?"
Valkyria looked from one to the other questioningly. "Cousin? So you two are related?"
Baroness and Princess shared a laugh. "Oh indeed. Though Procidens here takes more after her seaside blood while I take more after our inland kin." she then walked along with the group and plied the cybernetic visitor with questions. "I observed you on the streets yesterday. But you were much bulkier and not dressed?"
"Yes. I removed my Regalia as it is cumbersome for formal affairs."
That got a smile from the Princess. "We have lost a few chairs to knights insisting on attending in full dress armor. So your mercy upon my furniture is appreciated!" Glancing at the figure of the strange being she asked. "I understand that you are lost and far from home, with no hope of ever returning. Let me assure you on behalf of the Principalities of the Comet as a Princess of my realm that you are more than welcome in our lands. I wish only that you might have seen us in less troubling times..."
"I would like to think the same if one of you ever ended up in my world. And sadly I am no stranger to troubling times back home. It is how I became as you see me now." So replied the War Witch in thanks to her gracious benefactors. Then she was treated to a lavish dinner and various deserts afterwards. The main course were various soups, some meat stock and some vegetable, all with tyra egg mixed in like a sort of egg-drop soup. Then there were roast uta in some sort of glaze and seasoning with no Earth equivalent. It was faintly sweet. A rarity for dragon cuisine she had learned over the course of her stay. Sugar producing plants were rare in the qualities needed to make it even remotely viable. So she guessed what she was tasting was probably honey.
This got her musing as to what sorts of bugs were in the environment. But she had thus far held off on that question. She certainly had not seen any other than a little flitting thing she guessed was a dragonfly the size of an Earth eagle. A speck at her scale; and butterflies, or the prehistoric equivalents of, with bright single colors in stripes rather than patterns. The wing edges were flat rather than rounded.
As usual she got some amusement from the reactions to her eating. "So how bad has the Coalition been in the last season? I hear the realms bordering on the Coalition have had a few incursions. But nothing big since that ambush on Clade?"
Princess Lykofos nodded contemplatively. "Not officially no. But there have been two attacks deeper into the Principalities that were not made public."
"To keep the enemy guessing what happened to the squads?"
"Correct. Your case was impossible to keep quiet on. That and it was agreed that the nature of your advent would perplex and confound the Coalition well and good. The various Princes and Princesses have been quietly deflecting inquiries about you ever since. And keeping abreast of who is asking these questions. We have designated you a War Witch, though it is rather obvious your nature and incantations function outside the norm. Obvious to those of us with a broader knowledge of the mystic arts."
Valkyria nodded between tossing trees dipped in some manner of broccoli-esque sauce into her maw and munching. "Figured that would be the case really. Trying to mesh what I can do with what you people can had been a challenge to put it mildly." she admitted.
"We appreciate the effort on out behalf. Were I pressed to classify you, based on the information thus far gathered, I would probably lean to that of the Fusillade. An as yet rare outgrowth of Artifice focused on long range strikes. Alchemists are another calling that is much better known due to it's utility." so described the Princess.
"I will stick to War Witch for now to keep the enemy guessing" so smiled slyly said War Witch while taking a bite from a uta drumstick. After that she tried some pie which was remotely similar in flavor to a lemon meringue pie. Made from a thick rinded fruit called a citron. They were about the size of grapes to her and looked like yellow fragment grenades. The actual usable part was the size of a pea inside. "Somewhere on Earth an agriculturist is having fits over the quantities needed to eat round here." she chuckled. Apparently the rinds were fed to styra as they loved it.
After dinner the party retreated to sealed chambers with guards posted round. The Princess sat down in a comfy looking chair and her demeanor got notably more serious. "Now for the more pressing matter we invited you to visit today. There has been a death at the Grand Bazaar."
Baroness Clade looked concerned. "Another?"
Princess Lykofos nodded solemnly. "Another inventor of enchanted items."
This seemed to be an ongoing thing so the white and gold dragoness asked. "I take it that this is one of several? How many?"
"Six thus far. All crafters working on some new wonder. All found dead of what appear to be natural causes. But their inventions missing and soon to show up in Coalition hands. This can not be coincidence. We have tried communing with the spirits of the dead. But to date none have ever seen their slayer and thusly can not place name to this mysterious spy in our midst. We would like to ask if you can assist us in any way with this mystery. Perhaps someone outside the problem can uncover a clue we are missing?" The Princess then laid out the six assumed murders so far.
"The first was several seasons ago. About one-thousand days. An inventor working on a repeating ballistia was found dead in his home and the prototype missing. less than a season later the Coalition is being armed with a new repeating ballistia. The shape is different. But the function and timing are suspect." she sighed and then continued. "Next was a craftsman who was working to produce a more refined healing draught. Found dead and the formula gone. We suspect the Coalition is now issuing it to their soldiers. Third was a friend of mine that I had patroned for years. She was working on a new armor enchantment for the Lightning Knights. Found hanged in her bedroom. Apparent suicide. I -know- better. Tellingly. We questioned her spirit and she remembered nothing of that and was as perplexed as we were. This invention has not yet surfaced in the Coalition to our knowledge. The next three have each coincided with a Grand Bazaar and yesterday we found another crafter dead. No vraja residue and incantations to detect poisons showed nothing. His creation is missing."
"Is the body still on hand?" asked the War Witch.
"Yes. Though we checked thoroughly." replied the Princess. "Also the Ruling Prince sent us an investigator who has been following the case since the second occurrence. He is here now. We wished to speak to you alone before bringing them in."
"If vraja showed no traces then we have to think outside the box. And working with a professional would be a boon I bet. They know vraja?"
The purple and blue dragoness bowed her head and so they retreated to the castles equivalent of a morgue. "Yes they are a practitioner of the arts. "We checked for signs of covert violence. Assassination is rare, but not unheard uf in some less reputable kingdoms."
Here she was introduced to a male red dragon with black scale trim. He looked curiously at Valkyria as she looked over the body laid out on a stone slab pending last rites or other arrangements. "M'lady. I was not expecting you to come down so late." he deferred to the Princess.
Valkyria took some samples and ran some basic tests with her onboard analysis systems. These were not medical grade. But she took some readings anyhow just in case something showed up. "No foreign elements in the blood. But there is an elevated carbon trade in the lungs. hmmmmm." She redid her tests and focused them as an idea began to percolate to the fore. "Has anyone tried contacting the spirit since you have that option?"
"Not yet. It is a taxing incantation and requires five special candles to perform. We have some in stock but supply is limited and the dead tend not to answer exactly coherently. And you can not use the incantation on a spirit again till many days have passed." so explained the red dragon.
"Got it. Makes sense then. Lets see. Here's the results on the test and... ah-hah. Well I can save you some candles."
"Oh?" Both the Princess and the Baroness asked as one.
"Exotic tallow fume traces in the lungs. Someone used that communicate with the dead incantation ahead of you. Maybe to prevent you from finding out something? Or just waste limited resources?" explained the mechanical visitor.
The investigator nodded thoughtfully. "Though that does not explain the lack of clues as to cause of death?"
"Right. But we know from this that the spy is versed in the arts and is using it to cover their tracks. huh. Question. Would an incantation to cure poison work on a corpse? And would it leave any traces of vraja?" she asked thoughtfully.
"A [Counter Poison] incantation would leave faint traces of vraja in the system."
"Ok. Are there any incantations that mask vraja presence?" she followed up.
This surprised the gathered practitioners of the art. "Why no? How would that even work? To use vraja to conceal vraja. That would leave traces itself."
"Would it though?" mused the cyborg. Then she waved it off. "Just a thought. Was there any vraja trace found on the one that hung herself?"
"Why... no there was not?" and a dawning horror of realization shone in the Princess' eyes. "You mean..."
The War Witch looked down at the cadaver and then to those gathered.
"Yeah. Your spy is an inventor too."
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2023.05.29 15:26 Adamgaffney96 Managing Items Required for Inventory (and General Factory Layout)

Hey all, so in my current save I'm in the process of setting up my remote factories to feed things around to each other and produce the more complex parts, however I'm struggling to think of the best way to handle this. Of course to build things like conveyors, constructors, manufacturers etc you need to have certain items in your inventory.
My initial plan was to have different things being produced at different resource nodes around the world and transported using trains, rather than just having one giant factory making everything. However this means that if I need say, Iron Plates, I'd need to either run to the Plates factory to pick some up, or run an excess supply back to a main warehouse of some sort where I can collect whatever I need. This latter warehouse was my thinking however that runs into the issue again of how many things you actually need to carry to ensure you've got everything you need for specific builds. And constructing a warehouse like this either using trains or belts seems really ridiculous for what it'll actually be (a light buffer of some things I need to carry).
Every solution I come up with feels like overkill (trains, tractors, spaghetti belts etc) for transport, and it's making me rethink that perhaps my silo factory idea isn't actually so good. I've seen a few suggestions of just having factories at the nodes that produce ingots, and those ingots are what is sent back for processing, and that does sound reasonable. But then I feel I run into the issue that made my want to have silo factories in the first place: collecting all your production in one area is pretty challenging.
So what are the things you do to make this work? Would you recommend just having a couple central processing facilities for complex items, or having silo's that each produce a single item, or some combination of both? Would love thoughts on this as I haven't been able to find anything that quite answers this problem for me.
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2023.05.29 13:07 Mattee_365 Skyrim AE Riften Object Flickering, please help!

Okay so I recently made a thread on here talking about an problem I am having where the shadows in my game are disappearing in Riften which cause a flickering effect. I've now come to realise it's not every shadow, and I think it's only various objects like barrels, leaves, flowers, etc. that are doing it.
What is happening is these objects in the image highlight and seem to lose their shadow detail. I recorded a small clip of this happening in my game below:
As you can see it's like the ambient occlusion or something is disappearing completely off of some objects depending on the angle I am looking at. It seems to be related to a very very specific camera angle at a very specific moment where the sun is in the sky. It's very hard to capture it because the angle is so small but this is highly irritating and I'd really like to know why it's happening...
In this video I am loading the game without my mods, but it it did happen with my mods installed as well. My mod list is as follows:
Unofficial Patch
Address Library
SSE Engine Fixes
Papyrus Util
Ultrawide Skyrim SE
I want a relatively vanilla experience so my game is modded very very lightly. I am also using SKSE64 and Achievement Enabler but I have since learned engine fixes does the same thing achievement enabler does.
Can anyone help or offer a suggestion? I have tried deleting the ini settings and generating new ones, clean reinstalling my GPU drivers, loading game with and without mods. I was really enjoying this playthrough and this has kinda taken the wind out of my sails... I really would like to keep my save if I can. But at the end of it all I just want to fix this problem, it's annoying.
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2023.05.29 08:28 HosephJoseph Tab, ctrl, and alt Key problems on both Steam and Epic.

Quick Version: I've been playing Fallout 4 and Skyrim on steam, and Fallout 3 on Epic. In all of them I've had issues with Tabbing to Pipboy/Inventory, and crouching/slow walk (CTRL key and Alt Key) not resoponding.
Full Version: So I've been playing Skyrim for the 10th or so time and have had issues with Tab not working, rebound it to something else and its fine, but If I open the console it wont let me type until I hit Shift + Tab or Alt+Tab. I worked around it and its fine. Pretty much the same issue when I play Fallout 4. Well now I decided I want to play Fallout 3 but Didnt wanna seal with Steam incase that was the problem. I booted it up in the from the Epic Store (unmodded) and I have the same issues, which ok I can probably deal with cause I have been, but now I have a glitch or bug (or feature) that whenever I open my Pipboy and then close it the game makes me crouch. This has actually cause issue and its really frustrating when you are trying to run from something and quick wanna use a stimpack or whatever and you come out of the Pipboy crouched and then since the crouch button is finicky you cant get up to run and get got. Sorry for the run ons and rambling. I just wanna play these games with normal working controls. I watch streamers and youtube vids and they never have these issues with controls. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.
Quickest Version: How make buttons work in Bethesda games?
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2023.05.29 03:24 SpaceGhostBurp Anthony Fantano x Playboi Carti fanfiction (r/hiphopcirclejerk)

"Hey guys, Anthony Fantano here, internet's...." no. Something was wrong this time. I just couldn't put this review together. Not after what happened.
Let me take you back. It was spring a few years ago, when I had just started becoming vegan, and there was this cute guy I saw at the salad restaurant. The place is pretty shit to be honest, I'd give it a DAMN/10. Anyways he walks up to the guy at the counter and is paying for his salad.
"I got a arugula with water chestnuts" he said, meanacingly. DAMN, even his salad order was cute. I had to see what was up, so I went to say hi. I was so shy XD but his beautiful ebony skin gave me courage.
"You know, they say I'm the internets busiest music nerd, but I am also the internet's horniest music nerd". Not the smoothest line, I know, but it seemed to have worked
"My names Boi. Playboi. I am a rapper." Ughh. Another rapper who's out trying to fuck bitches and doesn't have feelings. Why can't I find myself a Frank Ocean. Obviously he wasn't gay, and I was about to walk away defeated.
"where are you taking that cute yellow flannel?" He says. Could it be? "Want to go back to my mansion, for dessert" he said and winked at the same time.
"uM... uhh.. uhh yea sure" was all I could whimper out. We go back to his mansion, it was fucking huge. "Damn, that's a thick ass boy" was all I could think as I followed him and watched his ass sway back and forth. We reach his bedroom, where he says to me "Let me get ready." as he walks into the bathroom. I wait, curious for a few minutes when he comes out again. And yea, he was ready. Throbbing hard on and completely naked, he walked towards me and said "Let's fuck for a Long Time". For hours and hours, he pounds my asshole until it slowly started to look like a 12 inch subwoofer speaker. We took turns 69ing and trying things my wife had never done before.
After we were tired and done, cum coverering every inch of the bed, he rolls over and stops cuddling me, and reaches into a drawer. I thought he was grabbing condoms, which seemed weird as he was perfectly fine rawdogging all this time.
It was the cock back of a pistol. He pointed it at the back of my freshly shaved head and said "I'm about to make you a broke boy, give me everything you brought"
I was scared shitless. My wife was already probably wondering what I was doing out so late, and if I came home with no money she would think I was out cutting holes in melons and fucking them again. Despite my fear, I reach towards my Ridge Minimalistic Wallet and pull out the cash and cards I had. I was planning on hitting the club after lunch so I was carrying a few hundred dollars, all of which I surrendered to him.
To make a long story short, he robbed me and then kicked me out with nothing but my Cal Chuchesta graphic shirt, leaving me to find my way home by any means possible. I didn't have cash, so I had to suck and fuck my way across town until I could finally open the door. My wife divoreced me after telling me she was pregnant with another man's child, and I have been slowly falling into a pit of depression ever since.
Back to modern times...
I try again for another take "Hey everybody Screamthony Shriektano here, the internets busiest music nerd." I had to go through the effort of putting the review out for the fans. I muster my way through the magnum opus that was Die Lit, and slowly I come to a close. I thought this album was perfect, a masterpiece of modern trap. But I knew now it was my chance for revenge. I couldn't give too low of a score or something would seem wrong.
"7/10" I end the video, the last video I will ever make. For the last time, I play with the shotgun and slowly build up the courage to place it in my mouth. I sit there for what seems like hours before finally pulling the trigger.
It's been 5 years since my suicide attempt. The doctors managed to scrape together the bits and pieces of my brain, but it has left me severely handicapped, as some of my viewers seem to notice. I must keep pushing forward though. For the fans. It's always been for the fans.
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2023.05.29 03:22 Tnynfox The Zombie Artificer, a rare Zombified Piglin that can drop the Netherite upgrade template

Spawn: Only in Nether Fortresses
Behavior: Neutral, identical to regular ZP
Combat: Has roughly Piglin Brute stats. Uses a unique uncraftable hammer that deals a large amount of knockback, very deadly on bridges over lava seas.
Balance proposals:
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2023.05.29 02:51 AlphaArmadillo (EST) 22 M looking to form close, long-term friendships.

Hello all, I've made a post to see if I can find the right kind of people for me with similar values when it comes to forming a close and supportive friendship. I have often found it draining to have to keep messaging so many people online that I'd like to limit any potential pitfalls as much as possible when it comes to making friends online. From my experience, a lot of friendships don't seem to work out when there is not as much initiation from both sides which is something that I really value. I really appreciate direct and honest communication along with a willingness to work through things. I expect a certain amount of effort when it comes to responses. Although I tend to have higher standards when it comes to friends, I do not want that to deter others from wanting to reach out as I am quite open and understanding. I'm a 22-year-old and in my final year of college. I'm majoring in psychology as I want to be able to become a therapist/counselor and help others out where possible. Once I graduate, I am planning to pursue a master's degree in counseling. I live on the east coast side of the US and my MBTI personality type is INFJ as well. It's usually easier to mention this ahead of time but I have a physical disability that requires me to use a wheelchair.
Some of my interests and activities that I enjoy doing include playing games on pc, ps5, and switch, learning about other people and their experiences, watching videos or shows online, and voice chatting. Basically, anything where we can spend time together online in some way. A few of my favorite games are Final Fantasy 14, Xenoblade Chronicles 1-3, Persona 5, Pokemon, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3. I am also open to talking about and trying out other games. As for shows and watching videos, I do enjoy watching anime from time to time and wouldn't mind watching them with others. Additionally, if you have any suggestions or things you like to watch I would be happy to watch those as well. We could even just watch stuff on youtube which is where I usually go lol.
I'm looking for the kind of one-on-one friendship where we can message/talk about whatever is on our minds throughout the day and be able to share everyday and deeper, more meaningful conversations. I enjoy having conversations on philosophical topics, anything science or education related, asking random questions, and psychology (of course) or mental health in general. It would be great to have long-term friends who prioritize a consistent, genuinely caring friendship and who are willing to put in the same amount of effort. I want to have friendships where we can open up to each other as much as we are comfortable with and be able to check in on each other.
I'm not expecting to become great friends with everyone but I am willing to give others a fair chance. Realistically, I want to invest in just a few quality friendships. Building a good friendship takes time and I only want to have friends who are specifically looking for something long-term. As long as you are willing to show that you value building the kind of friendship that I do, that is what I care about most.
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2023.05.29 02:14 Sword_of_Dusk Is this good enough for my purposes?
I came across this deal by chance, though I didn't originally set out to really buy a gaming laptop at all. I don't have much of a budget (want to stay under $600), so I figured I'd have to settle for an integrated graphics card. The only things I really would play are Fallouts 3, NV, and 4, and maybe Skyrim, just to try out mods. Is this decent enough for those games?
I'm well aware it's crap for anything modern, and if the CPU just really sucks, I'll probably go back to looking for a non-gaming laptop for now.
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2023.05.29 01:23 WoodworkingLikeWard A Scholarly Summary of Skyrim - Road Work

A Scholarly Summary of Skyrim - Road Work
As we left Winterhold, I am thankful that our journey was fraught with far fewer perils than the day before, as my mind was still reeling with the possibilities of joining Curator Morellus. Before I knew it, we were coming up on Fort Kastav again. I saw movement on the battlements and prepared for another fight. Imagine my surprise, and then disappointment, when I saw the uniforms of the Stormcloaks.
I think I was able to hide my emotions, but it frankly turned my stomach to see these ignorant traitors claiming the benefits for work I had done. I can only be but so surprised. They have already decided that they owe the Empire nothing for their freedom and defense. It would be out of character for them to consider the sacrifices and efforts of others.
We continued beyond the fort, past the former encampment of the Seducers, and eventually made it to the crossroads. I was temporarily tempted to turn east and spend the night in Windhelm, but Brelyna reminded me that this is the seat of the turncoat Ulfric Stormcloak and would be decidedly unfriendly to her as a Dunmer. We resolved to continue west, following the road to that promised to lead us to Whiterun.
Unfortunately, this is where our ease of travel came to an abrupt end.
To the left of the road, I could make out an artificial barricade of some sort next to the destroyed remnant of a merchant's caravan. I could see figures moving around, but I thought it unlikely that these were the merchants. Given the encounter I'd had with the Seducers the previous day, I knew it likely that this was one of their raiding parties. As I crept closer, my hypothesis was confirmed: I could see the leader wearing their distinctive armor.
Brelyna and I crept up and sprung upon them. It was a pitched battle [Editor's note: she died twice], but we were able to overcome them. The more concerning thing I discovered, however, was a necromancer's alter in the center of the encampment! I must remain vigilant to any more signs of these bandits. They are more dangerous than the typical highwaymen and brigands that harry travelers.
As night fell, we passed a sign for the Nightgate Inn. What a pleasant surprise!
The accommodations were sufficient, but I will say the conversation was severely lacking. The innkeeper was welcoming and professional, but the other patrons were...unimpressive. The orc refused to engage, and I wish the drunk would have followed suit. Nothing but vile racism. I did find some interesting notes about an investigation being conducted around the premises. Perhaps it relates to the Seducers?
The following morning dawned clear and bright. We left early, continuing west, but soon came across more bandits. Brelyna and I attacked aggressively, assuming to have again discovered Seducers, but it was over almost before it began. If I can be honest, I nearly felt guilty. We decided not to delve deeper into their lair and simply carried on with our journey.
We encountered a few wild animals (wolves, spiders, and bears, to name a few), but the rest of the morning was rather uneventful. As we turned south and descended from the mountains, I found a south-easterly path which seemed it may lead toward Fellglow Keep. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I found some ancient Nordic ruins and a grove of some kind, but it was ultimately a waste of our time. We turned back to the main road and hurried along.
In the mid-afternoon, we were solidly into the warmer farmlands of Whiterun. We even began to find the roads patrolled by armored guards of the hold! On the side of the road, I again saw a broken-down wagon. Fearing another incursion by the Seducers, I hurried forward to speak with the jester who seemed to be responsible for the situation.

Delayed Burial
Thankfully, this was just a simply thrown wheel. The jester, Cicero by name, was apparently trying to take his mother to her final resting place, but had run into mechanical difficulty. I was shocked to learn that the farmer at whose doorstep he found himself had refused to aid him!
I marched up to the hill to the proprietor, Vantus Loreius, and gave him a piece of my mind. He gave some jingoistic claptrap about strangers during war times, but I would have none of it. With a little determination, I was able to make him see the light and take responsibility for aiding someone in need. It hurts nothing help an innocent traveler!
With this matter resolved, Brelyna and I hurried to continue our journey. Just a few hours later, I found what I believe to be the path that would take us towards Fellglow Keep. I chaffed, however, as the sun was already beginning to set behind the walls of Whiterun. I forced to make a decision: would we press on along this path, climbing into the mountains once again as night descended upon us, or would we turn towards the city?
Frustrating as it was, I could not justify forcing Brelyna up that path. It was my choices that brought us here so late, and I had no certainty that this was even the correct path. If this turned out to be yet another false lead, I could doom us to either a sleepless night or one exposed to the elements. We marked this point on our map and set our sights on Whiterun's main gates. I am so thankful that we did!
A giant was attacking one of the farmsteads! Brelyna and I caught site of it from the road and joined battle immediately. It seemed there were others already assaulting the beast and our combined efforts were able to fell the monster. I spoke with one of them (she called herself "Aela the Huntress"), and she invited me to join their order of adventurers. The "Companions". I was as polite as I could be, but my intellect will be of far more use to the Empire than working as a glorified mercenary.
Finally, we made it inside the walls. The moons were already high in the sky, so we simply found our way to The Bannered Mare and bought a room for the evening. After a good night's sleep, we will finally address the thieves and traitors of Fellglow Keep!
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2023.05.28 23:22 SignificantPackage50 Skyrim Anniversary Edition infinite loading screen on startup

As stated in the title I have a problem with the dreaded infinite loading screen when I try to start my modded Skyrim. I get the Betheshda logo and the dun-dun sound, then the Skyrim logo with the loading symbol in the corner, and then nothing, no main menu.
I have tried every solution I could find on my own, but to no avail. In the hopes that I can avoid having to disable and enable all 146 mods one by one, I now come to You, the wise masters of Reddit.
Please help me, You're my only hope.
Load order (as generated by Vortex):
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm
RealisticWaterTwo - Resources.esm
FlowerGirls SE.esm
WARZONES - SSE - Civil Unrest.esp
Immersive Movement.esp
Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
Distinct Interiors.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
Civil War Aftermath.esp
Man Those Borders!.esp
Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul.esp
Ranger Cabins.esp
WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
Sjel Blad Castle_SE.esp
Immersive Weapons.esp
Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
Lit Road Signs.esp
Run For Your Lives.esp
Better Hunters.esp
CivilWarCheckpoints - All.esp
Dawnguard Sentries SE.esp
Brynjolf has Time.esp
Opulent Thieves Guild - Brynjolf has Time Patch.esp
Bells of Skyrim.esp
DG Alternate Route.esp
Immersive Patrols II.esp
Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
MOD - Simply Better Horses (SSE).esp
Open Civil War Tweaks.esp
Dragon Combat Overhaul.esp
dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim.esp
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
dD-Larger Drips.esp
dD-Reduced Wound Size.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
Armor Variants Expansion - WACCF Patch.esp
Armor Variants Expansion - ACE Patch.esp
Armor Variants Expansion - CRF Patch.esp
Armor Variants Expansion - IA_CoS Patch.esp
Armor Variants Expansion - USSEP Patch.esp
Aventus Aretino Voiced.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
Opulent Thieves Guild - ESO Imports patch.esp
Dragon Stalking Fix.esp
FlowerGirls SE - Wintersun.esp
Immersive Movement - Wildcat Patch.esp
Volkihar Knight.esp
Wildcat - Immersive Movement Patch.esp
Wynters Ranger Armor.esp
Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp
Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remastered.esp
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch.esp
RDO - USSEP Patch.esp
Castle Volkihar Rebuilt.esp
Fort(ified) Dawnguard.esp
Hunters Not Bandits.esp
Bells of Skyrim - ICAIO Patch.esp
RealisticWaterTwo - Myrwatch Patch.esp
Skyland Watercolor - Slow Green-RW2.esp
Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp
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2023.05.28 23:21 BelzeTwitch How can you import another game model into a face preset for Fo4?

THESE are some examples. I paid for these mods but I'd like to make something on my own (even for other games such as Skyrim or FNV or Fo3)
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2023.05.28 23:07 KatonRyu PC occasionally hard freezes while gaming, possible CPU issue?

Since earlier this year, my PC has begun to occasionally freeze up entirely during gaming. At first I thought it was a game issue, as the game was new (Hogwarts Legacy) and might have some issues in it causing occasional weird interactions with the CPU, but it's now also begun happening while playing Skyrim. Obviously, Skyrim isn't always the most stable game to begin with, but generally when it crashes it's just a CTD, not a hard freeze like what's happening now. These crashes seem to occur when there's a lot of scripts firing at the same time and CPU load spikes. FPS remains stable at 60 throughout for the most part, so I doubt my GPU is to blame.
I've run some load tests on my CPU, but they don't seem to cause any real issues. The PC is a bit slower while the load tests are running, which I feel is understandable, and the temperatures don't exceed 66C, dropping to around 40 within a few seconds of turning off the test. The load test in question was done here with 50% power and 64 threads, which according to Core Temp was enough to put the load of all eight cores to 100%.
Now, when I built this PC back in 2019 I had hard freezing issues just after booting, for which I sent it back to the supplier, thinking there might be problems with either the motherboard or the CPU, but according to them everything was fine and they found no issues, and after I'd rebuilt the system after getting the parts back, I never really had any problems anymore, so I figured the problem was fixed.
I think, however, that I might have initially installed the CPU wrong (perhaps the wrong orientation, or simply not properly aligned), which might have damaged some pins and connectors, leading to my earlier problems, but then assembled it correctly later to seemingly resolve them, with the damaged pins and connectors now only failing under very specific circumstances that get triggered during gaming, but not a load test. Is this possible at all, or could there be some other problem? I'd rather not replace the CPU, but if there's hardware damage I don't think I have much of a choice.
I have an i7-9700K running at 3.60GHz, 64GB of DDR4 RAM, and my GPU is an RTX 2070. All of it, as stated before, comes from 2019.
OS is Windows 10 Pro and is installed on a 480GB ONY CS900 SSD, other drives are two Toshiba DT01ACA300 (3TB) and one WDC WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 (3TB). All my games and applications are on one of the Toshibas, the others are just for media storage.
The PC is used daily and functions normally most of the time, except for the freezes during gaming. Possibly also relevant is that it's hardly ever fully switched off, instead being put into sleep mode unless I'll be absent for multiple days. Reboots for updates and the like do not take especially long and wmic checks indicate that all disk drives are in working order, which I believe to be correct as they all respond quickly when accessed.
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