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Two wheels, or three, sometimes one, but never more than twenty. Interested in riding a bicycle? We welcome bicyclists of all skill levels including those who don't yet own a bike. Ask us your questions or meetup with other redditors in your area for local rides. Happy cycling!

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Discussion of everything bicycle related. bikeit! bike bikes bicycle bicycles bicycling cycling

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The subreddit for welders, machinists and all other enthusiasts of joining two things together.

2023.05.29 20:08 WingZombie My Grandfather. Working as a welder in the Chicago railyards in the 1940s.

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2023.05.29 18:09 KillerQ97 This is a tinkerer’s dream - great value if that’s what you’re into. On sale with coupon today.

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2023.05.29 12:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Mary Tyler: Illinois needs to ensure rise of electric vehicles won’t hamper infrastructure funding Chicago Tribune

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2023.05.29 02:05 Xyspade ILG IlgWindowAire 18" box fan, model WA204 (before restoration). My personal holy grail, thrilled to finally have one. That is one mean blade, you don't mess with this fan!

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2023.05.28 21:27 diamondeyes7 I've narrowed it down and need to pick 2 locations to visit this summer. (1) Reno, NV and (2) Henderson/Summerlin, NV (aka Las Vegas) or Phoenix, AZ. How to choose between the Las Vegas area or Phoenix? I've been to both areas before.

Moi again lol.
Previous post: Update to 35F looking to settle down and start a family: Phoenix, AZ or Sacramento, CA? Or any recommendations? - California is now off the table for me.
edit: It just occurred to me that I could write off the trip to Vegas this summer, because technically I was already there last summer and was okay with the heat (even if it was slightly less than normal). Maybe I should go to Phoenix in Aug just to see if I should rule it out or keep it in the pile.
Background: I'm a 35F in Austin, TX and would be moving March 2024. I'm very happy to report I've just accept a new job offer ✨✨ where you can work remote from pretty much anywhere, except California, New York, Hawaii and Alaska. Ideally I want to met a man and start a family in one of these places. One of the main reasons I'm leaving Texas is due to the abortion laws, as well as all the hate laws they are producing towards minorities. It would also be a nice change not worrying about the electricity failing every time it gets cold too 🙃
(1) Reno, NV
(2) Summerlin/Henderson, NV
-OR- Phoenix, AZ
Of course, I could check out both Vegas and Phoenix this summer, but the more I think about it, I do want to check out Reno. I keep coming back to Las Vegas, but I feel like Phoenix offers more (dating to settle down, better schools, better healthcare).
I could also do Vegas and Phoenix this summer, and then go out to Reno later in the year around November and December. But then I would have to schedule vacation to the place I finally chose around Jan 2024 (to find an apartment) and March to move out there.
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2023.05.28 20:47 spartachilles Midterms of 1938 A House Divided Alternate Elections

Midterms of 1938 A House Divided Alternate Elections
Rising to the presidency under hotly contested circumstances by rallying the government to legally depose President Howard P. Lovecraft due to his infirmity, the first days of the Hayes presidency were far from smooth. Despite having held office for just 28 days, President Lovecraft and his inner group of supporters had spread their tendrils widely throughout the government, rushing quickly to appoint as many like-minded individuals as possible to positions of power within the government. Even after forcing the resignation of the whole Lilienthal clique the day before swearing his oath of office, President Hayes found himself preoccupied for weeks with comprehensively rooting out the Formicist movement from the federal government and finding enough of his own allies to fill in the many gaps left behind after the Formicist anthill had been scoured. Especially as the vast majority of the Formicists given positions of power in government had been white men, Hayes was particularly lauded for his appointment of substantially more women and people of color than any of his other predecessors. Perhaps nothing else more symbolized his commitment to equal rights than his choice to fill in the vacant office of Vice President, the widely celebrated union leader and Florida Senator Asa Philip Randolph.
Sensing more enemies lurking in the dark than just those in the Formicist movement, President Hayes was also quick to meet with Representative Samuel Dickstein, the longtime chair of the House Un-American Activities Committee. Feeling that their work had been neglected by the Dewey administration, Hayes worked with allies in Congress to ensure an appropriation of more resources to the Committee. The result was a reinvigoration of the White Scare that had followed the Cape Cod Invasion in the earlier decade, with high-profile hearings once again delving into the unsavory history of the DuPont chemical company and making new inroads into areas such as the film industry. Perhaps even more incendiary was Attorney General O. John Rogge’s string of prosecutions of figures implicated in Smedley D. Butler’s Business Plot allegations such as business executive Grayson M.P. Murphy and even former General James G. Harbord. Completing the circle was Secretary of Education George S. Counts, returned to his office after a brief interruption during the Lovecraft presidency, who initiated a nationwide endeavor for a standardized curriculum surrounding the history of Grantism designed to achieve a “social reconstruction” underscoring the “moral equality of man” and critical of societal institutions “inimical to the underlying principles of democracy.”
Once his position had been secured, Hayes hoped to spend the next years of his presidency agitating for the final realization of President Dewey’s Great Community and perhaps even to drive it into further adoption across all facets of American life and the economy. However, another issue would instead come to consume his presidency. Starting as all things do in the Balkans, the disintegration of the Triple Monarchy of Austria-Hungary-Croatia led to a European crisis after the Kingdom of Italy occupied territory claimed by the German Empire. With the pleas of the International Court of Justice falling on deaf ears, the conflict rapidly spiraled into continent-spanning war after successive escalations by the powers of Europe. Even the socialist Republic of Spain, which had professed neutrality as the war broke out was near-simultaneously consumed by a civil war mimicking the patterns of the wider European war. But it was not only Europe that was thrust into the flames of war, Asia too exploded into open conflict in the summer of 1938. After long-rising tensions finally reached a climax, the Japanese Empire launched an unsteady attack that rapidly transformed into a full-scale invasion of China replete with horrific war crimes and massacres of civilians.
Hayes’ position on foreign affairs was nothing if not clear, furiously denouncing the “military madness and tyranny” of the French-Italian Pact of Steel and particularly attacking their sponsorship of the Nationalist rebels in Spain as an assault on global socialism. Likewise, Hayes echoed the sentiments of the late President Bliss in denouncing Japan for “sowing the dragon’s teeth of militarism”. Yet President Hayes did not solely content himself with words, and made several bold moves to counter the threat he saw in international Integralism. After the sinking of two passenger liners carrying American civilians by French naval forces, Hayes successfully extracted an indemnity from the French government to compensate the victims and threatened to impose an embargo of ever-valuable coal and iron if further transgressions were made. Holding a strong affinity for the socialist government of Spain that was under siege by the Nationalist revolt, Hayes also openly fostered the formation of American volunteer units to fight on behalf of the Spanish government, though his efforts to send material aid failed at the hands of Solidarists and Federalist Reformists reluctant to provide such aid to a radically socialist government. However, such skepticism did not extend to the longtime American ally of China (perhaps in part thanks to deeply established commercial ties), prompting the authorization of arms and supply shipments to China through the British port of Guangzhou as well as substantial embargoes on the flow of the same going to Japan. In order to disarm the threat of large-scale strikes posed by longshoremen leader Harry Bridges and mine workers leader John L. Lewis, Hayes met with both and, using the panache of a former union man still extraordinarily popular with the rank and file, credibly threatened to get both of them voted out of their union presidencies if they did not cooperate and thus secured the free flow of goods out of Pacific harbors.
Of course, these issues of foreign affairs did not totally consume the domestic politics of the nation. In August of 1937, the Council of Censors published its first annual report on the operations of the government, producing a document harshly detailing millions of dollars that had been misspent or unaccounted for in federal appropriations and noted dozens upon dozens of instances of incompetent management among the civil service in the administration of the Great Community. Hoping to forge his own identity as the Speaker of the House even after his Formicist allies had been overthrown in the executive branch, Walter Rautenstrauch thus pushed the first substantial civil service reform bill in 50 years through the House of Representatives, designed to enact stringent requirements on newly created positions across the Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, and the Interior. Although the bill passed through the Senate thanks in part to public pressure from the Council of Censors, it earned a controversial veto as President Hayes attacked it as an antidemocratic measure designed to lessen control of the people over the government. Economically, the country showed signs of recovery from the depths of unemployment seen earlier in the Depression, but this coincided with increasingly rampant inflation as prices began to skyrocket across a wide variety of goods in the market as well as an increasingly staggering national debt. Yet with the House of Representatives largely deadlocked and the Senate determined to preserve the Great Community, little change was made to the economic policies of the nation aside from the nationalization of the merchant marine after several Federalist Reformist Representatives under the leadership of Royal C. Johnson crossed the aisle on the basis of preventing war profiteering and ensuring national defense. Also notable was the long-awaited referendum on the future of the Congo, in which independence won by a large margin, though Hayes moved to push the future independence of the territory back by another ten years in light of the dangerous international situation.
But as Americans once again head to the polls, several new incidents have brought foreign affairs to the fore of the national election. Following the brutal Battle of Nanjing, the USS Asheville was sunk by Japanese aircraft during an evacuation mission of American nationals and many of the remaining survivors were strafed by gunfire in the open water, among a litany of other acts of violence and brutality perpetrated on American civilians. Furthermore, reports streaming into the country from China detailed crimes against humanity perpetrated on an unimaginable scale by the invading Japanese army. Meanwhile, the House Un-American Activities Committee shocked the nation by reopening the previously cold investigation into the Cape Cod Invasion, announcing that the State Department turned over new documents suggesting that Ulysses Grant III and other ringleaders of the attempted overthrow of the democratic government had had extended communications with the Italian foreign ministry, leading many tabloids to conclude that Mussolini had himself sponsored the effort to return the Grant dictatorship to America. Thus, while weighing these new developments against the myriad other considerations surrounding the ongoing wars abroad, the American people now must decide how to react. As President Hayes has put it while stumping for the Social Democratic Party, “shall we ignore the call of our homeland, of liberty-loving Spain, of outraged and devastated Belgium, of heroic Britain and China, of starving Croatia?”
Social Democrats
On domestic issues, the Social Democratic Party is remarkable for the unity fostered by President Dewey and his Great Community. While there remains much debate on the extent of government control over the economy and the mechanics of how they should be transferred out of private control, virtually the whole of the Social Democratic Party agrees that the nationalization of monopolistic industries such as the electric power, natural gas, and utilities industries are the most immediate priorities for extending worker control over the economy and putting an end to exploitative practices by business. Although largely content with the current regime of large deficit spending, dovish monetary policy, and a hefty taxation scheme, Social Democrats have continued to press for expansions to the land value tax in particular as a means to raise additional revenue to address the national debt while combating the pernicious effects of land ownership. Additionally, thanks to the advocacy of President Frank J. Hayes following many other predecessors, the Social Democrats have mobilized in favor of a system of universal sickness insurance to continue the extension of the expansive social safety net implemented with President Dewey’s Great Community. Blaming the greed of private businesses for the recent uptick in inflation and claiming that they have used the economic recovery as an excuse to extort average workers, President Hayes and the Social Democratic Party have called for the implementation of price controls on basic necessities and essentials of life if the inflation continues. However, while broadly unified on the matter of domestic matters, the same cannot be said of foreign affairs, where there remains an acrimonious split in the party.
The Interventionists are those who broadly support the struggle of the Spanish Republic, the Chinese Republic, and the Anglo-German Grand Alliance against the Integralist powers of France, Italy, and Japan. Framing the ongoing world war as a struggle of the forces of liberty and labor against the military tyranny of the Integralist ideology, the interventionist Social Democrats believe that action must be taken against France, Italy, and Japan lest Integralism once again threaten the United States. To this end, the interventionists have wholeheartedly backed the theory that Mussolini’s Italy were the backers of the Cape Cod Invasion that sought to restore Grantist rule to America, and point to the little-disputed French and Italian support for Nationalist Spain as evidence. Thus, under the leadership of notables such as New Jersey Senator Upton Sinclair, Montana Senator Jerry J. O’Connell, and Minnesota Representative John Bernard, the interventionists have come to support the rearmament of the United States, the sending of arms and material aid to Spain and China in particular, and even the entry of the United States into the war if it proves necessary. Some interventionists, such as Californian Robert A. Heinlein, have even gone so far as to claim universal military training as a fundamentally socialist concept that could be incorporated into a wider scheme of national service. However, many of the Social Democratic interventionists remain uncomfortable with the idea of allying the nation with the authoritarian monarchy of the German Empire, especially due to its repression of left-wing elements, but see it a necessary and lesser evil due to the less expansionist and ideological tendencies of the Kaiser. Broadly speaking, the interventionists tend to be more moderate than their isolationist counterparts, supporting a more limited vision of worker control of the economy and social spending, though there remain some radicals deeply committed to the international preservation and spread of socialism.
The Isolationists meanwhile have harshly denounced international conflict as the “fruit of the perpetual economic warfare of capitalism” and insisted on the strict neutrality of the United States through the enforcement of an embargo on all belligerent powers with no further distinction to avoid sponsoring any type of warfare. Under the leadership of Connecticut Senator Devere Allen, New York Governor Norman Thomas, and Wisconsin Governor Daniel Hoan, the isolationists have attacked any efforts at the militarization of American society, believing that it will inherently lead to the oppression of the working class and return of dictatorship to the country. More than anything else, the isolationists have harshly denounced the thought of entering the war by alleging modern war to be inherently suicidal and causing an incalculable strain on the working class. Moreover, those within the isolationist camp have strongly questioned the underpinnings of the interventionist argument, arguing that Germany is as much of an enemy to the working class as the Integralists and questioning the commitment of Chiang Kai-Shek to any socialist ideals. Perhaps the most controversial position has come from civil rights activist W.E.B. DuBois, who has argued that an intervention against Japan would merely foster a return of European colonialism in Asia. However, with most of the Social Democratic isolationists having an affinity for pacifism, few are content with simply letting the world war play its course. Instead, the isolationists concur that the American government and the wider socialist movement must agitate for a general strike by workers of all the belligerent powers to bring an end to the war, and perhaps realize worldwide socialist revolution. In general, the isolationists skew more radical than the interventionists, often favoring the inflammatory Declaration of Principles authored by Devere Allen that supports wide-reaching nationalizations of much of the economy.
While Solidarity has long held members of both conservative and progressive stripes, the differences between them has become largely diminutive in the face of the sweeping leftward march of President Dewey’s Great Community. Attacking the fiscal policies of the Social Democratic Party as reckless and irresponsible, Solidarity is unified in the demand for federal spending to be drastically cut as a countermeasure against explosive inflation of prices and to avert the looming possibility of a sovereign debt crisis. Moreover, Solidarity argues that the overly expansive size of the federal government under the Social Democratic administrations has lent itself to the rise of governmental corruption and labor racketeering, and thus has come to largely favor civil service reform. Still cognizant of the risk of a return to economic crisis, Solidarity remains supportive of a dovish monetary policy designed to expand the money supply and thereby avoid a slip back into the deflation of the Great Depression, and many of its progressive members favor reasonable antitrust measures and other regulations to prevent the exploitative industry practices. Although the distinction has been encroached upon the Social Democratic Party under Presidents Dewey and Hayes, Solidarity also has a reputation as the strongest defender of civil rights in American politics, with many of its populations favoring greater action to end discrimination in private business and ensure the equality of African Americans and women in American life. Much like their Social Democratic peers, Solidarity has also been beset by a growing rift between two camps of thought on foreign affairs ever since the dream of international arbitration died alongside its champion former President George Foster Peabody in the midst of a world war.
The Interventionists are those that support the struggle of China against the invasion by the Japanese Empire and the Anglo-German Grand Alliance against the invasions by France and Italy. Believing the Integralist powers to be aggressors impossible to reason with who have destroyed the world peace so painfully architected by their party two decades ago, figures such as Connecticut Governor Raymond E. Baldwin, House Leader Charles Phelps Taft II, and former presidential nominee Wendell Willkie see little alternative but to take drastic action to preserve the world order. The interventionists, feeling an affinity towards the democracy of the United Kingdom, have also been quick to frame the conflict as one between the democratic way of life and the aggressive authoritarianism of the Integralist ideology. Thus, they favor a measured rearmament plan to prepare the United States for an eventual conflict, as well as policies designed to contain the war-making abilities of France, Italy, and Japan. Although some hold a distant hope for being able to arbitrate this world war in much the same way as the last, most of the interventionists have become convinced that an American intervention into the war, particularly in Europe, will be necessary to avoid world domination by aggressive Integralist powers antithetical the civil liberties and democratic values which Solidarity has cherished since its foundation. While expressing some hesitancy to the idea of intervening on behalf of the German Empire after its recent dissolution of the Reichstag, the interventionists have a greater faith in the German commitment to the restoration of the Hague system of international affairs and believe that they may be able to pressure for the reintroduction of democratic government in the country. Unlike the Social Democrats, the Solidarist interventionists are skeptical of the socialist Spanish Republic and largely reluctant to commit to supporting it. On the whole, the interventionists tend to be more progressive than their isolationist colleagues, favoring a greater degree of regulation in the economy and more willing to compromise with the Social Democrats to preserve the Great Community.
The Isolationists instead believe that the collapse of the Hague system is the ultimate proof that the United States should turn inwards and avoid foreign entanglements. Rejecting the idea that America is responsible for the preservation of democracy abroad, the isolationists believe that the interventionists are merely intent on drawing the country into a bloody and expensive war that may well invite the very tyranny they claim to be opposing. Instead, as typified by leaders such as Michigan Representative Arthur H. Vandenberg, Ohio Representative Robert A. Taft, and Florida Representative Zora Neale Hurston, isolationists instead support a strict program of embargo on all belligerent powers designed to show no favoritism to either party and ensure that further incidents such as the sinkings of the USS Asheville or the SS Scharnhorst are avoided. Thus, they argue, the country would be able to avoid being drawn into the war and focus on maintaining its prosperity and addressing its many domestic issues. Moreover, they believe that if the United States is able to steer clear of the raging international conflict, it might naturally emerge in a dominant international position after the war has run its course. The isolationists also distrust broad rearmament programs, believing that wantonly strengthening the peacetime military could result in a return of Grantism and military dictatorship in the country. The isolationists tend to be largely conservative, taking a harder line against government spending and believing in a restrained role of government in regulating the economy.
Federalist Reform
Broadly dominated by its New Nationalist wing, the domestic platform of the Federalist Reform Party remains largely centered around the ideas pioneered by its thought leader Charles Edward Merriam though there remain some more conservative skeptics. Although much like Solidarity the party sees the deficit spending of the Social Democratic Party as fiscally irresponsible and philosophically disagree with the nationalization of industry, the Federalist Reform Party holds a markedly different view on the relationship between the government and the economy. United around a belief in the need for a strong executive to successfully regulate the economy and push forward their governmental initiatives, the Federalist Reform Party supports cooperation between government planning experts and the private sector to avert cutthroat competition, direct the economy towards more profitable investments, and regulate the excesses and failures of the market economy. They also support a more limited program of public works spending to help stimulate the economy under the framework of a balanced budget. Blaming President Dewey’s removal of the country from the gold standard for the recent inflation, the Federalist Reform Party has called for more hawkish monetary policies if not an outright return to the gold standard to help control inflation in conjunction with a balanced budget. Hoping to strike a middle ground between a respect for labor and controls against radical leftism, the Federalist Reform Party generally favors the maintenance of many current union protections while also calling for a criminal syndicalism law that would outlaw the advocacy of the use of violence to effect political or economic change. Yet perhaps one of the party’s most defining traits is its stringent denunciation of corruption in government, calling for it to be comprehensively rooted out through civil service reform and anti-corruption efforts while blaming the Social Democrats for fostering the growth of graft and crime from within the government. Unsurprisingly, the Federalist Reform Party has also become bifurcated along the lines of interventionism and isolationism in the face of the global war.
The Interventionists of the party see it as in the nation’s best interests to intervene in the world war on behalf of the Anglo-German Grand Alliance and the Chinese Republic. Displaying a more coldly practical perspective, the interventionists, led by figures such as House Leader Harry Hopkins, former Senator Harold L. Ickes, and newer faces such as W. Averell Harriman have noted that the deep commercial and financial ties between the United States and the United Kingdom, Germany, and China leave it little choice but to intervene in the conflict. Moreover, they argue that if France, Italy, and especially Japan are left to succeed in the world war, they will surely pose a direct military threat that America will sooner or later be compelled to confront. Instead, they believe that the United States should intervene sooner rather than later to ensure that it can better project its influence in whatever new order may result after the end of the war, and have particularly taken aim at the threat posed by Imperial Japan with its formidable navy. Although holding few of the reservations that the other parties do about committing to open war, the interventionists agree that the country is woefully underprepared for an international war after years of military neglect by the previous presidential administrations. Thus, they have pragmatically suggested that the country rely on providing material aid to its future allies while embargoing its anticipated enemies and embarking on an ambitious rearmament program. The cornerstone of such a rearmament program would be the implementation of universal military training compelling all young men into a period of military service in preparation for an eventual war, a program which they hope to maintain in the long term due to other claimed benefits such as the installation of a spirit of discipline and nationalism. Having a certain affinity for more authoritarian government, the Federalist Reformist interventionists have not shied away from aligning with the German Empire, but have been rather critical of the alleged corruption of Chiang Kai-Shek’s China and have ruled out entirely the idea of intervening on behalf of radical socialism in Spain.
The Isolationists of the party, largely ruled by Chicago Tribune publisher Robert R. McCormick but also supported by Congressional figures such as Hamilton Fish III, have argued that America has nothing to fear from the global war should it pursue a prudent policy of national defense. Much like the isolationists in the other parties, they have largely called for an embargo on all belligerent powers to avoid offending any particular side or otherwise drawing the country into the war. Yet much unlike the other isolationists, they have nonetheless strongly supported a national program of rearmament and universal military training under a policy of armed neutrality to guarantee the nation’s security and safety from foreign threats. This, they argue, is the best course to ensure that the country is not attacked or otherwise forced into the war. Disagreeing with the assessment of their other Federalist Reformist peers, the isolationists argue that the United States has nothing to fear from any foreign power due to its naturally defensible position with oceans separating it from any dangers. Likewise, they argue that commercial bonds can easily be reforged either with fellow neutral nations or with the victorious powers. On the whole, many of the isolationists are also conservative skeptics of the New Nationalist movement who favor less government intervention in the economy and blame overly powerful unions for the nation’s economic woes. While the political scene has become rife with fiery condemnations for opposing opinions on foreign affairs, the Federalist Reformist isolationists have acquired a more unsavory reputation than their counterparts in other parties. Still lurking within the party are those remaining hardliners and outright Grantists who openly sympathize with the Integralists and have pragmatically backed the isolationist position in the hopes that France, Italy, and Japan can continue to press their advantageous position to victory. With figures ranging from radio priest Charles Coughlin to former Georgia Senator Eugene Talmadge, their political views range from populism bordering on the Social Democratic platform to archconservatism, but they remain united by their admiration for Integralists such as Mussolini and their stringent isolationism.
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2023.05.28 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Sun, May 28 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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President of Belarus hospitalised after meeting with Putin
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More than half of voters now want Britain to forge closer ties with the EU, poll reveals
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Iran, Taliban exchange heavy gunfire in conflict over water rights on Afghan border
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Texas House launches historic impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton
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As cancer drug shortages grow, some doctors are forced to ration doses or delay care
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State Farm to stop accepting homeowners insurance applications in California due to wildfires, construction costs
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Regular walks strengthen connections in and between brain networks, according to new research, adding to growing evidence linking exercise with slowing the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
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Research has recently shown that nearly any material can be turned into a device that continuously harvests electricity from humidity in the air by applying nanopores with less than 100 nanometers in diameter
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Psychedelic substance 5-MeO-DMT induces long-lasting neural plasticity in mice
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One of the most difficult shots I've ever attempted, this is the moment the ISS transited the waxing crescent moon in broad daylight. Uncropped photo and video of the event linked in the comments.
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A supernova the size of 9.461e+15 manatees appeared this week in the M101 galaxy. I was lucky enough to photograph it from my backyard.
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Barnard 68 (B68) is a dark globule within the Milky Way. These molecular clouds, known to be some of the coldest objects in the Universe (around 10 K or -263 °C), play a crucial role as the birthplaces of stars and planets. Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO.
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New IEA data shows the oil industry knows its days are numbered. Instead of investing in future production, it's distributing record profits to shareholders. Renewables are now the world's largest energy source as measured by future investment - almost double the size of fossil fuels
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Japan to try beaming solar power from space in mid-decade
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Study: anti-soil coating developed for solar panels. It boosted electricity production by 3% over a 9 month period
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What is the male equivalent of a woman wearing a sexy mini dress?
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What do you think is the biggest mistake people make in relationships?
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What is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?
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TIL that at the company Hormel Foods, which makes canned SPAM, employees are supposed to refer to spam emails as unwanted emails.
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TIL that Carlo Urbani, an Italian Microbiologist, was the first to identify SARS-COV-1 in Vietnam and report it to the WHO as a dangerous new pathogen. Urbani himself died of SARS himself shortly after, having triggered a rapid response to a potential pandemic, and saving many lives.
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TIL Burritos are popular food for astronauts in space because it's easy to eat and doesn't produce crumbs that could float around and damage equipment
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[OC] Maximal Entropy Random Walk (MERW) - often more optimal than naive RW, lots of applications, e.g. shown my conductance model in semiconductor
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[OC] Visualizing Financial Market Returns Across Many Asset Classes via Heatmaps
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Years of occupation needed to adversely possess land, by US state
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Why is the older generation so fearful of MSG?
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What do you make for your partner when they are sick?
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What's a flavor combination you were skeptical about, but was surprisingly delicious?
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[Homemade] Chicago Style & Chili Cheese beef hotdogs.
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[Homemade] Beignets with homemade jams
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[homemade] 3 layer meat lasagna.
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Directors Lord & Miller On Spider-Man Noir and Project Hail Mary
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Ford v Ferrari (2019) Is the Best Car Movie I've Ever Seen
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2023 Cannes Film Festival: 'Anatomy of a Fall' wins the Palme d'Or; Jonathan Glazer's 'The Zone of Interest' wins the Grand Prix; Tran Anh Hung wins Best Director, Kōji Yakusho wins Best Actor; and Merve Dizdar wins Best Actress
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Seagull Man, Pink Blanket (me), Digital, 2023
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"Armored Vanity", Chalky Nan (me), Digital, 2023
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LEGO Moon Palace, legotruman (me), lego bricks, 2023
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"Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets" The four-part docuseries (premiering June 2nd) interrogates disturbing abuse within the family and their insidious organization the IBLP
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Marvel's Runaways Removed From Disney+ And Hulu Without Warning
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Will ‘Better Call Saul’ Finally Win an Emmy?
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Amazing performance at Cannes by Alina Baikova from Ukraine.
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Hand embroidered chameleon bag made by me.
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Reddit, thank you for putting a huge smile on my tractor hauling Dad this week.
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Golden Retrievers Playing In The Water
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The World’s Largest Open Pit Iron Mine In Hibbing, Minnesota. A Manmade Grand Canyon
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M101 Supernova - SN2023ixf
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Geological evolution of North America in the last 550 millon years
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This restaurant named "Thai food near me"
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My local coffee shop offers a single gummy worm as a food option
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my local nordstrom is closing down and is selling a jetplane ejector seat as a part of their liquidation .-.
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Huge colony of bats emerging from a cave in Mexico
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.50 BMG pistol
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Breaking this huge granite
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*Dog rings the bell, gets confused and barks coz "Someone is at the door" *
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This pumpkin is concerned about his future
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144p cake
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An elderly man feeds 25 super hungry raccoons.
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*Taking my kitty for a scooter ride to his favorite spot. *
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That is a seVEREly happy dog.
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23 4 comments [1978] Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Pump It Up
22 1 comments [1975] America - Sister Golden Hair (1975)
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2023.05.28 04:12 Theythemyoume Any tips on how to use this?

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2023.05.28 01:03 NecroFlex Help with getting a battery charger and welder

I'm sorta new to this, i do have experience working with li-ion batteries, but mostly flat ones, 18650 are semi-new in terms of doing things with them.
I am looking for an 18650 charger and a spot welder, both in a budget range, sort of a middle option between cheap and expensive. I started working for a shop at the service department, we sell lots of different things, one of them being electric scooters.
I brought up an idea to refurbish old cells, we have a lot of "dead" battery packs lying around and just throwing them out would be a waste, since not all of the cells are dead (pack should be around 36V, shows 18V fx, or loses capacity quickly etc.).
Would be both great for the environment, the company and the buyer, since we'd be able to offer both new and refurbished packs for the scooters.
I checked around and saw some battery chargers that show capacity and resistance, to see how good the battery is (Xstar VC8 and EverActive UC800) but idk if they are any good or if there are any better ones since they'd be used quite a bit.
As for the welder, i have no idea since it's completely out of my expertise, any advice would be great!
I'm from the EU, so if it's possible to get it from here, that'd be great.
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2023.05.27 20:54 Bathroom-Salt Here it is. In full. Grammar errors and everything.

Reading dbrand's fine print is kind of like joining a secret club - one that entitles you to learn all of the most legally questionable aspects of our business. Creative accounting Tricks? Plans to destroy the sun? Horrific industrial "accidents" that have claimed the lives of countless scientists? It's all in here - this fine print sheds light on things that probably should have stayed in the dark. On that note- remember how we called it a "secret club"? Well, it's your responsibility to make sure it stays that way. If you fail to do so, just remember: we know where you live.
For some, it expresses a preference that all consumer goods should offer a Matte Black colorway. For us, it means we won’t rest until the entire world is coated Matte Black. How do we accomplish this? Simple, we destroy the sun. For the past five years, all of our money – or rather, your money – has funded the production of a cartoonishly large laser beam. We’ll cut to the chase: star-destroying lasers aren’t cheap. Neither are our products – you can blame the sun for that. Our accounting Robots just sent out an internal email. The message was clear: we’ve officially made too much money. As a result, our corporate bank accounts have been frozen. Turns out bribing the bank to unfreeze your assets is a lot easier when your assets aren’t frozen. Lucky for us, kidnapping the CEO’s son is free. With our exorbitant profits safely returned and a newfound distrust for financial institutions, we turned to the time-honored storage solution of simply stashing cash under the mattress. Here’s the deal: we need to buy a hundred thousand mattresses. Your order is bankrolling that purchase. Here’s hoping Casper ships in bulk.
Pastel skin development was a bit of a bumpy road. It began with us rounding up hundreds of test subjects and strapping them into chairs. Then, we blasted about sixteen million different colors directly into their eyeballs over the course of... thirty days? To be honest, we weren't really keeping track. Afterwards, as the lights came back up, we asked them to list their favorites. Their response, sadly, was not the perfectly recited list of CMYK values we had hoped for. Instead, a few of them said something about violating the Geneva Convention. We gently reminded them that they were a focus group, not prisoners of war. That seemed to shut them up. The remaining 99% of test subjects seemed completely incapable of speech for some reason. In the end, we got little usable data from the exercise. Instead, we picked eight colors at random. Don't let our test subjects' sacrifice be in vain.
The bees are dying. It starts with their exposure to pesticides. Over time, an acute poisoning sets in. Immune system? Ravaged. Their cognitive abilities fade to nothingness. Death ensues. They're dropping like flies out there. Soon, we'll be saying "they're dropping like bees out there." As a hive's worker bee population gets decimated, the queen runs out of servants. Much like yourself, the queen can’t do anything on her own. She dies too. The hive follows suit. This is a phenomenon known as “Colony Collapse Disorder,” and it’s contributing to bee shortages all over the globe.
You may be wondering: what does any of this have to with our products? Absolutely nothing. Don't let that stop you from buying some. Where were you when dbrand succeeded in their planetary conquest? Don't answer that - we know where you were. You were buying stuff off our website. Well, we've got good news. Once we've assumed control, we'll be instating a representative for the human race - mostly as a figurehead, so that you'll all keep giving us your money. How will we select this representative? First, we'll stage a cruel, bizarre decathlon. Events will include running an obstacle course constructed entirely of flamethrowers and holding your breath while submerged in a tub of hot sauce. The winner of the decathlon will get absolutely nothing – we’ll just stage it for kicks. Then, we’ll select the representative for all humankind based on how many dbrand orders they’ve placed.
We were halfway through building a fort out of your money when we realized… we need a fireplace that we can use to burn money. For warmth. There’s one problem: if we use cash to build the fireplace, we have less to burn. You see the issue, yes? Excellent. That’s why we’re having a sale. Did you know that was the origin of the term "fire-sale"? To describe a promotion that would generate revenue to use as kindling? Look it up. In a book. Then, give the book to us. We won't burn the book - we're not monsters. We'll just pawn the book off and burn the sweet, flammable proceeds. Once we've completed our money fireplace, we'll need to hang something over the mantlepiece. We were thinking of hiring an interior designer for that. Have you ever hired and interior designer? Of course not. Anyway, their rates are ridiculous.
We get a lot of questions about where our money comes from. To be fair, most of them come from the IRS. It's apparently a "red-flag" that a phone case manufacturer has accumulated enough wealth to construct an island fortress in shark-infested waters. We tried explaining that the sharks came with the property. They didn't care. Anyways, we extended an invitation for their auditors to come out and meet the Sharks for themselves. Upon arrival, we gave them a “carefully guided tour” through our compound, fed them a lunch that contained absolutely no arsenic, then brought them down to the pier to observe the sharks from a safe distance. You're probably wondering: why didn't we give the sharks an auditor-flavored lunch? Simple: Since their safe return to Washington, the IRS is now turning a blind eye to our “enterprise.” While the auditors may be off our backs, those sharks aren't going to feed themselves. Maybe we'll bring the Supreme Court down for a visit.
In 2020, Apple decided to enter the Magnet game. This was a mistake for everyone. You see, our magnet division have been preparing for this inevitability. Shortly after Tim got off stage, our magnet scientist unveiled what can only be described as the most powerful magnet on Earth. Once removed from containment, the magnet barreled into the nearest robot with so much force, the entire population of French Polynesia heard the impact. Naturally, a single robot was not enough to stop the magnetic rampage. To make a long story short, a gigantic ball of assorted metals has been wreaking havoc along the Guatemalan coast for the past few years. Needless to say, we went with a slightly less powerful magnet for the grip case. Our only advice is to keep it far, far away from Guatemala. Imagine, if you will, a vaguely criminal business enterprise. This “business,” which shall remain nameless, can only attribute about 11% of its annual revenues to activities that the police might describe as, “legal”. The accountants for this “business” advised that, in order to avoid a catastrophic financial investigation, they'd need to “cook the books”. Strange advice, right? How would a warehouse of oven roasted books help to satisfy a Government Audit? Turns out, “cooking the books” is actually slang for “fraudulent accounting tactics”. Why did the accountants wait until the entire building was on fire to mention that? Doesn't matter. Point is, we need some new books to cook, and your wallet is on the menu.
Here's a fun fact: every month, at least three psychopaths request that we make skins out of real human flesh. Ten times out of ten, the “should we call the cops?” conversation is preempted by a different, more important question: “is this an opportunity to make money?” Needless to say, we bought a van. After driving around and “collecting” a bunch of hitchhikers, we returned to HQ only to find we had been charged with kidnapping. Since it's apparently illegal to monetize humans in the way we had planned, we decided to pivot to Cow Hides instead. If you've ever wondered whether or not we can launch a product line from within the walls of a maximum-security prison, Leather is your answer.
While we're on the subject of maximum-security, prisons, have you ever broken out of one? Turns out, it's far more challenging than one might think. Our first thought was to bribe all of the guards. Apparently. The banks saw this coming and froze our assets. With the easy route closed, we had no choice but to rely on our business acumen. After a few months of deal making and strong arming, we had amassed a commercial empire within the walls of the prison. In other words, we add enough cigarettes to recreate the Great Chicago Fire. This is, in fact, precisely what we did- Just replace Chicago with Toronto East Detention Center, then burn it to the ground. Speaking of which, did you know that the Great Chicago Fire was started by a cow? Google it, then rest easy: with the launch of. With the launch of Leather, Justice was finally served. Henry Ford once said that a customer can have a car in any color, so long as it's black. Apparently, Sony missed the memo with their white PS5 Henry Ford? Spinning in his grave. We exhumed his corpse and saw it for ourselves, having unearthed A perpetual motion machine. That defies all known laws, the laws of physics we set to work: How could we utilize this self-powered skeletal term vine to power the production of dark plates?
As it turns out, Henry Ford generates less energy than it took to dig him up. Without sufficient electricity to power our Darkplates production lines, we instead applied for a Nobel Prize in Physics. The plan was to spend the prize money on a nuclear reactor. Turns out, the Nobel foundation has some “ethical code” which “prohibits” participants from “needlessly” exhuming corpses based on a “hunch” that the deceased has begun to spin. We’ll see how they feel when we’re digging up their graves. When we decided to redesign the Darkplates, we quickly realized that it was going to be a monumental task. This led to the formation of dbrand’s Plate Science division… or at least, that was the plan. See, we quickly realized that the term “Plate Scientist” means many things to different people. To geologists, it might mean “someone who studies Plate Tectonics,” which would explain why 100% of our applicants were geologists. With our newly assembled team of people who think a PlayStation is a Nintendo, we got to work. Normally, this story would end with the successful development of Darkplates 2.0. Instead, these so-called Plate Scientists gave us a bag of rocks. After both the Plate Science division and the geologists who staffed it had been dissolved, we went back to the drawing board. Turns out, our Industrial Design Robots had already designed Darkplates 2.0. A portion of the proceeds went towards replenishing our supply of sulfuric acid.
On Canada Day, we waived all shipping fees. Why, you ask? Simple – as Canadians we know that saving money on shipping means more opportunity to buy life-saving snowshoes. As the great Wayne Gretzky once said, “snowshoes – they’re the only sure-fire way to escape a polar bear attack.” Not Canadian? No clue why a polar bear would be attacking to begin with? Allow us to paint you a picture.
You just finished tapping the sap out of a faithful Maple Tree. A few unassuming drops spill on your parka. The polar bears don’t necessarily care for the sap – it’s the smell of fear and flesh they crave. Within moments, you’ve become prey. As your snowshoe-less boots dash gracelessly toward your igloo, narrowly escaping the third hyper-carnivorous near-death experience of the week, you pause to reflect: “Why the hell do I live in an igloo? It’s July.” Your sense quickly returns to remind you of the truth: you spent most of your money on dbrand and ice is cheaper than bricks. As your makeshift home melts around you and the grumbling stomachs of a polar bear family close in, your frostbite-ridden lips manage one final sentence: “I’m sorry I didn’t spend more on dbrand.”
When Linus “Tech Tips” Sebastian rang us up to propose a limited edition dbrand collaboration, we couldn’t hang up fast enough. Seventy-two “missed” calls later, Anthony Young’s name popped up on our caller ID. One phone conversation later, the Linus Face Tips drop was born. Our elevator pitch? It’s like if the LTT Store was good. Well, half-good.
See, here at dbrand we believe in offering choices. Specifically, a right choice and a wrong choice. Do we trust you to choose correctly? Never. That’s why we’ve designed our business model around your terrible decisions – we get paid either way. Great thinking, dbrand. Every time an iPhone screen shatters, Tim Apple feels a pleasant chill run down his spine. It can happen at any time: while he’s exercising, doing his taxes, eating an apple… even while he’s getting some shut-eye. Good ol’ Timmy hasn’t had a solid night’s sleep in over a decade. Why does this strange convulsion happen, you ask? Easy: from anywhere in the world, he can sense the repair fees he’s about to rack up. He’s like a shark, sensing the blood money in the waters. Unlike most sharks, this one can breathe oxygen and chairs one of the largest mega corps in the world. Scared? You should be. You’re already frantically Googling “Shark Repellent,” aren’t you? Stop that right now. He can sense your fear. Instead, get a screen protector. If we can prevent an iPhone screen from ever shattering again, it’ll cut off Tim’s main food supply and send him back to the ocean, where he belongs.
Are you sitting down? Good. We want you to remain calm. See, the truth is… the cows have escaped. It all started when one of our “interns” forgot to lock a gate at our Leather Production Facility. The rest is history – just like the intern. Is it accurate to say that we fired him? Debatable, really. On one hand: “firing him” implies that he worked for us by choice. On the other hand, his ashes are currently in the care of his family. None of this changes the fact that a legion of angry cows is currently on the loose. There’s no telling what they’ll do. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and buy some Leather while you still can. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some herding to do.
Every Valentine’s Day, you ask yourself the same question. “Why am I still single?” We’ll answer your question with one of our own: do you have any idea how strict our character limit is? If we could fit our best-selling book “Why Nobody Loves You” into this space, we would. We can’t… so instead, here’s Chapter 11: you’re broke. Did we have something to do with that? Probably. Is that going to stop us from bleeding you further? Absolutely not. There’s only one solution: buy enough vinyl to fill the colossal hole in your heart. Look on the bright side: it’s cheaper than dating.
Despite our best efforts to detain Zack at our Teardown facility, he somehow keeps finding ways to escape. To overcome this hurdle, we held auditions for “volunteer Zacks.” Average, untalented Americans looking for a shortcut to YouTube superstardom. It was a disaster. Putting aside the fact that their baldness required constant maintenance, it turns out they were utterly incapable of jerry rigging anything. Normally, we’d just incinerate them and move on. Unfortunately, Zack is a bit of an environmentalist. As a result, our “Recycling Department” reluctantly devised a zero-emissions way to repurpose the volunteers. After replacing some unnecessary organs with mechanical upgrades, we soon had assembly lines of bald cyborgs tearing down devices around the clock. To make a long story short, we’re now offering consulting services to other corporations looking to shift away from human labor. If they’re going to collapse the job market, we may as well bankrupt them in the process.
Every time you get a package from dbrand, you can hardly contain your excitement. It’s not because you’re excited to give us your money – though you should be. It’s because you’re excited to read the bizarre text on the packaging. Think of it as a reward for making the effort to read – certainly, a lot more work than you’re used to. Now, You’re here. The disappointment has begun to set in. You’re realizing that you’ve been bamboozled. You’re reading a metacommentary on our packaging copy. What is this, school? The last time you took one of those fancy-pants book-learning classes, they had to invent a grade lower than F. You don’t even know what commentary means, let alone “metacommentary.” To be perfectly honest, we’re surprised you made it this far. Spoiler alert: there is absolutely nothing you can do to get this time back. Signed, a Robot.
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2023.05.27 20:29 cabej23 Not sure how to approach this

Not sure how to approach this post. Trying to edit this to make it easy to read but my brain is scrambled. Appreciate your patience as I have a baby im taking care of. Note: I do not know how asbestos is used, where its placed in the walls/ceilings/floors or how close it is to our proximity. Note 2: Our downstairs neighbors are heavy smokers. You can smell it though the floor! Sometimes I want to say it can come from a specific area such a floor moulding. Not sure if that’s useful info. But maybe that would let an architect know how this building was built.
This building was built in 1951. Chicago. Baseboard heaters. We live on the 3rd/top floor.
The roof was damaged (2-3 years ago) from bad weather. To my understanding, it was repaired (poorly) and another bad storm tore it up again. Insurance claim issues. They’ve switched property managers over the years. My knowledge is incomplete as I was never involved with HOA meetings. There are currently 2 board members, one who has been on there for 6+ years. Planning on being the 3rd.
Our HOA had their quarterly meeting, stated they received their $48k roof repair check, and they stated they were waiting/fighting for another check to get the asbestos taken care off. My heart stopped right there.
Over those 3 years, our 2 kitchen light fixture had leaked water during a storm. Not once, but twice. 2nd time the ceiling light electrical got screwed up and the HOA is denying the repair as it’s inside our unit and we should get home insurance to fix it. They did repaint partial of the ceiling. A blue tarp was placed on the roof. I replaced the primary kitchen light, but not the light that leaked over the counter tops. Primary light is bright enough to light up the kitchen well. While replacing, I did notice (brown/gray dirty?!) fiber like in the ceiling. Over the months, more insects have died in that dome light. The reason I bring this up, is that another dome light, I have felt a breeze coming from it during a windy day while I was changing a light bulb on it. IS IT POSSIBLE, that asbestos could be entering my home through the ceiling fixtures (such as lights and ceiling fans)?
Dec 2020: We had our bathroom remodeled/renovated. It involved them tearing out the bathtub and bathtub walls. Contractor was not very knowledgable about asbestos.
oct 2021: second bedroom had water damage (brown spots/ceiling paint crack) and it took them 8 months to get our ceiling repaired. Another blue tape was on the roof.
After inclement weather, roof shingles and torn tarp would be found on the grounds. Was told that weather could blow asbestos around the area and that contact with asbestos can cause cancer.
Nov 2022: The building experienced a mice problem (infestation for lack of better words). Multiple units saw mice in their homes. Can mice spread the asbestos?
what do I do?
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2023.05.27 16:49 bgravato Seeking double bass players recommendations (similar to Charlie Haden, Arild Andersen, NHØP, etc)

I'm a big double bass fan when it comes to jazz and Charlie Haden is probably my all time favorite bass player. It was through one of his records that I got into jazz nearly 30 years ago...
Other bass players I quite enjoy are Arild Andersen, NHØP and Gary Peacock.
Lately I've been listening a lot to Avishai Cohen too.
Other bass players who I (partially) like (some of their work, but not the majority) include Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci, Dave Holland, etc...
For some odd reason I was never that much of fan of Charles Mingus. Maybe because the recordings I listened to from him where either too old (I'm not a big fan of that vintage "lo-fi" sound) or with bigger ensembles (I prefer the intimate sound of duos and trios).
Although I can listen to some free jazz (some of Haden's early stuff with the Liberation Music Orchestra and even some of Art Ensemble of Chicago stuff), I prefer slow melodic play over fast paced atonal style...
So... Who else am I missing here in terms of double bass players that I should be listening to?
(and please, no electric bass recommendations...)
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2023.05.27 15:12 Comment105 A question about guide-rods/rails for straight welds.

It seems a significant part of being a skilled welder is simply learning to act as a stable and straight guide.
As far as I've experienced, guide-rods/rails are practically never seen in use to help us weld straight. There are some large and expensive track welding machines that take a lot of time to set up, but I do not really understand why man-portable supports the approximate size of camera-tripods aren't really used. (Approximate size, but not the shape of a tripod. More like the shape of a 500-1000mm long rod with a bipod on each end.)
I am familiar with a few variations of TIG-welding armrests, but they're always table-mounted. My conception of what would be a good guide-rod is a bit different from that.
The rod would perhaps ideally be supported by 2 telescoping legs on each end, attached by lockable ball-joints with a good range of motion, standing on or hanging off clamping feet with the option to use magnets and perhaps suction cups. Or possibly even with sacrificial bolt-on plates to spot weld onto the work when allowable. I'll note that perhaps one or more additional supports may be needed along the length.
If a rail, not a rod, I'd think it would need a rolling platform with a quick-detach mount for the gun, and angle adjustments. Possibly even with the option to attach a string to pull it automatically at a set speed with a small electric motor. All this is undeveloped thinking, but the first few requirements seem to pass at least my own sniff-test as something that could out-do the consistency of at least a novice, without being ridiculously expensive.
So I'm wondering, as it seems to me like an obvious solution that already would be implemented if it was wanted and worked, that the more likely conclusion is that my intuition is wrong. So why is my sniff-test telling me wrong? What am I not taking properly into account?
Would they be useless? Cumbersome? Unnecessary? A bad new solution to an already solved problem?
Is it not possible to achieve the necessary rigidity for the full length of an average weld without excess weight/cost? Perhaps any decent length of guide rod made of steel would need to be supported several places, or need to be too thick and therefore too heavy? While a carbon fiber rod of high enough quality would be too expensive?
Would spatter messing up the surfaces of the rod/rail be a problem that a little shield/cover can't solve?
Is straightness of weld not really ever a big issue after becoming sufficiently proficient?
(When fillet welding I usually have welded with the nozzle in full contact with the piece, but when doing flat welds, or thick 4-layer welds I tended to resort to a lot more hovering to make it work. Is hovering just something inexperienced welders like myself struggle with?)
Could guide rods/rails be of help to hobby-welders?
Could they make you more consistent on a bad/unstable day/hour?
Is it a matter of pride? Wanting to demonstrate the ability to "almost always draw a pretty straight line"?
Or, more optimistically, could a guide rod perhaps be useful if setup could be made simple? If the adjustment and locking of joints, legs and feet could successfully be made to work smoothly, operated with one hand, and stand up to the work environment?
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2023.05.27 07:08 PapiGrande7 Half of Chicago neighborhoods lack electric vehicle chargers for public use

Half of Chicago neighborhoods lack electric vehicle chargers for public use
Who gives a fuck? Who gives a shit?
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2023.05.27 05:42 tess_philly A/C Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split Popularity

I saw an earlier post by someone moving to Chicago, curious about central air rentals. I lived in East Lakeview for over a decade. I mainly lived in a condo building that required window units. They were expensive (~$1200) and only a couple of places such as ABT sold them.
I moved to New York, and I live in a building with Mitsubishi Mr. Slim. These are pumps that are put on the roofs, or sides of buildings with the units inside each room. It's amazing - I think it's even better, and more efficient, than central as each room has its own remote. On top of that, they do both heating, and cooling. Very powerful systems with low electric bills. It's common to see old buildings with these units.
But it begs the question: why aren't these common in Chicago?
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2023.05.27 04:08 buckeyes745 Is a 50 amp breaker and 6 gauge wire sufficient for my outlet? Totally new to this. Thanks!

Is a 50 amp breaker and 6 gauge wire sufficient for my outlet? Totally new to this. Thanks! submitted by buckeyes745 to Welding [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 03:23 Fiddlover-Violin The most comprehensive guide to violin mute in 2023

The most comprehensive guide to violin mute in 2023
David Brown is an adult beginner violinist who started learning the violin at the age of 26. He once told me, "When I first played the violin, I never imagined that it could produce such a loud sound right by my ear, and it sounded so unpleasant that I almost gave up learning the violin. With the guidance of my teacher, I installed a mute and found the right pitch, finally hearing the beautiful sound of the violin."
Like many beginner violinists, David Brown faced significant challenges when he first started learning the violin. It not only requires the guidance of a teacher but also the assistance of accessories. Besides a high-quality violin, accessories such as a violin mute are essential.

What is the violin mute?

The violin mute is an accessory used for the violin to alter its tone and volume. It is typically a small device made of wood, rubber, or metal that can be attached to the violin bridge or strings.
The primary function of a violin mute is to reduce the resonance of the instrument, thereby decreasing the volume and brightness of the sound. It achieves this by suppressing the vibrations between the bow and the strings, resulting in a quieter output. This is particularly useful for playing in low-volume settings or when aiming for a soft, mellow, or muted sound quality.
Whether for professional musicians or beginners, a violin mute is a common accessory that offers players more options in terms of tone and adapts to different performance environments.

The material of the violin mute

Generally, violin mutes are commonly made of metal, rubber, wood, and plastic, each with its characteristics.
1、Metal mutes: Metal mutes typically produce a bright, clear tone and offer good volume control. They provide excellent tone projection and penetration, suitable for situations that require a brighter and clearer tone. Different types of metal mutes may yield subtle differences. For example, an aluminum mute may produce a brighter tone compared to an iron mute. Additionally, metal mutes are often durable and stable.
2、Rubber mutes: Rubber mutes usually produce a soft, warm tone. They are effective in reducing volume, minimizing resonance, and creating a softer tone. Rubber mutes are commonly used in situations where volume reduction or a serene atmosphere is desired. Different rubber materials used in mutes can also yield subtle differences. For instance, a hard rubber mute may produce a brighter tone, while a soft rubber mute may produce a softer tone. Rubber mutes often have good damping properties.
3、Wooden mutes: Wooden mutes typically produce rich, warm resonance. They cause relatively minor changes in tone but can enhance the violin's resonance and depth, resulting in a fuller tone. The wood used in wooden mutes can vary, such as oak, maple, and others. Different types of wood used in mutes may have subtle effects on the tone, although the variations are relatively small. Wooden mutes often have good resonance and depth.
4、Plastic mutes: Plastic mutes are commonly found in the market and generally fall between rubber and wooden mutes in terms of effect. The tone and volume influence of plastic mutes can vary depending on their specific material composition.
In terms of mute effectiveness, generally speaking, metal mutes are considered better than rubber mutes and rubber mutes are considered better than wooden and plastic mutes. However, this is not an absolute rule, and the best choice is determined by the actual trial of different mute materials and listening to the resulting tone and volume effects.

Common violin mutes on the market

Next, I will list some commonly found mutes on the market and their advantages and disadvantages, which can be helpful when making a purchase decision.
Round Tourte Mute
The Round Tourte Mute is a common violin mute known for its simple and practical design. It features a round shape, making it easy to install and adjust. It can be placed between the A and D strings and pushed towards the bridge when needed, securing it on top of the bridge.
Round Tourte Mute-1
  1. Affordable, typically available for around $2-3.
  2. Less prone to being lost as it can be hung on the strings when not in use.
  3. Only affects the volume while having minimal impact on the tone. It is a popular choice among many orchestra violinists.
  1. Provides minimal dampening of sound, resulting in a less noticeable mute effect.
  2. Does not significantly alter the tone.
  3. When not in use, it may create unwanted noise if placed on the strings.
Suitable for: Orchestra or concert violinists, as well as violin teachers.
Shaped Tourte Violin Mute
The mute effect of this mute is relatively smaller compared to the Round Tourte Mute. However, if the price is a consideration, the shaped mute is the most inexpensive option. It is installed by hanging it on one of the violin strings, typically the A or D string, and pushing it toward the bridge to secure it in place.
Shaped Tourte Violin Mute-2
  1. Very affordable, some can be purchased for less than $1.
  2. Less prone to being lost as it can be hung on the strings when not in use.
  3. Highly flexible, allowing for placement on either the A or D string.
  4. Only affects the volume with minimal impact on the tone.
  1. Provides less muting effect compared to the Round Tourte Mute.
  2. When not in use, it may create unwanted noise if placed on the strings.
  3. Does not significantly alter the tone.
  4. May affect the resonance of the violin.
Suitable for: Orchestra or concert violinists, as well as violin teachers.
Spector Violin Mute
The Spector Violin Mute, created by Fred Spector, a violinist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, is designed to be easily attached between the A and D strings by pushing them toward the bridge. It is typically priced around $7.
D'Addario Spector Violin Mute-3
  1. Very convenient to use, as it can be hung between the A and D strings and easily pushed towards the bridge when needed.
  2. Exquisitely small and discreet, available in colors that can match the instrument, making it less noticeable.
  3. Only affects the volume with minimal impact on the tone.
  4. Even when not in use, it does not create unwanted noise and can be left on the strings without the risk of losing it.
  1. Provides a relatively small mute effect.
  2. Not suitable for children due to its small size, as they may put it in their mouths.
  3. Does not significantly alter the tone.
Suitable for: Solo violinists who require a mute.
Bech Magnetic Mute
The Bech Magnetic Mute is equipped with a magnet and comes with a small accessory that can be attached to the tailpiece, allowing the mute to be magnetically secured to it when not in use. The installation method is the same as the Round Tourte Mute.
Bech Magnetic Mute-4
  1. Provides a better muting effect compared to the Spector Violin Mute.
  2. Even when not in use, it does not create unwanted noise and can be left on the strings without the risk of losing it.
  3. Only affects the volume with minimal impact on the tone.
  1. Can be quite expensive, typically costing over $20.
  2. Does not significantly alter the tone.
  3. The muting effect is average.
Suitable for: Orchestra or concert violinists, as well as violin teachers.
Rubber Claw Style Violin Mute
This is a very common violin mute. When daily life and practice time cannot be balanced or when you come home tired from work and want to play the violin to relax but are afraid of disturbing the neighbors, this mute is your good companion. It effectively suppresses the vibration of the entire bridge, thereby reducing the overall resonance of the violin. It can be directly installed on the bridge.
Rubber Claw Style Violin Mute-5
  1. Affordable, typically costing around $5.
  2. Various styles are available, allowing for different numbers of claws.
  3. Provides a good muting effect by effectively reducing vibrations.
  4. Has an impact on the tone, making it softer.
  1. Easy to lose, requires proper storage when not in use.
  2. Alters the tone.
  3. Not suitable for solo or performance use.
Suitable for: Violin beginners, children, or violinists who need to practice frequently.
Metal Claw Style Violin Mute
This type of mute is made of metal, and different metal compositions will produce different muting effects, with noticeable changes to the tone.
Metal Claw Style Violin Mute-6
  1. Provides an excellent muting effect by effectively reducing vibrations.
  2. Various styles are available, allowing for different numbers of claws.
  3. Influences the tone, making the sound bright and clear.
  1. Relatively heavy, which may affect the playing experience.
  2. There is a possibility of damaging the violin. If the metal mute falls onto the violin's top plate, it may cause damage.
  3. Not suitable for all types of bridges. Improper installation of a metal mute on an incompatible bridge may damage the bridge.
  4. Relatively expensive, usually costing around $10 or more.
  5. Not suitable for solo or performance use.
Suitable for: Adult violin beginners.

How to choose a suitable mute for yourself?

  1. Choose based on your playing needs, which can be categorized into practice or performance. For practice, it is recommended to select the Claw Style Violin Mute. For performance, options like the Round Tourte Mute, Shaped Tourte Violin Mute, Spector Violin Mute, and Bech Magnetic Mute can be considered.
  2. Consider the desired level of muting effect. If you primarily use the mute at home, it is advisable to choose a mute with a stronger muting effect.
  3. Take age into account. Some mutes, such as the Spector Violin Mute, may not be suitable for children due to their small size, which could be a choking hazard. Similarly, the Metal Claw Style Violin Mute might be too heavy for young children.
  4. Consult with vendors or seek assistance from a teacher. Their professional advice can provide valuable insights.
  5. If you are a professional violinist, it is best to select a mute based on your personal preference or even consider making one yourself.

Apart from mutes, you can choose an electric violin

If you frequently practice at home and want to avoid producing sound even with a highly effective mute, you can consider using an electric violin. This way, you can play with headphones on, ensuring no disturbance to your neighbors.
44 Purple Lacquer Electric Violin EX2-7
Fiddlover Violin Online Shop offers a classic electric violin model called EX2, priced at $389. It features a beautiful purple color and comes as a package with a bow, pickup, headphones, case, and battery.
However, it is generally recommended to use a traditional violin for practice purposes.
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2023.05.26 19:36 barelyfunctional32 3bd/1ba apartment near United Center (6/1) $1650/month

Hi all! My roommate and I are looking for someone to take over our lease starting June 1. This isn't a sublease - we're looking for someone to take over the last month of our lease, in addition to signing on for the year.
The apartment is in the west side of Chicago at the intersection of Jackson Blvd and Leavitt St. The rent is $1650 per month for the full apartment. It has 3bd/1ba - the largest bedroom has a walk-in closet and can easily fit a queen sized bed and faces the street; the second bedroom can fit a full-sized bed easily and has a closet space; and the third one, being the smallest, can be used as a small office space/storage room. The apartment comes with a full range gas/oven, microwave, dishwasher, and washedryer in unit. It has a small living room/dining area and a large kitchen, as well as a porch in the back. Tenant pays for gas, electric, and wifi (which comes to ~ $75-120, depending on the number of people splitting it), and the apartment has central air.
There's several public transit options in the area. It is a 5-min walk from both the #7 Harrison, #20 Madison, and Western Blue Line stop (with service to Westloop, UIC, Rush/Medical District, and downtown). The #126 Jackson bus stop is right in front of the apartment too. It's a quiet neighborhood, with two schools in the vicinity. For your grocery needs, it is also a <10 min walk from Pete's Fresh Market and ~15 min bus ride from Mariano's, Whole Foods, Metro Spice Mart, and HMart.
DM me if you're interested, and I can answer any questions you have, send pictures, or connect you with the landlord!
Again, this isn't a sublease. We're looking for someone to take over the last month of our lease and then sign on for the next year.
Edit: As some kind redittors pointed out, the apartment is not in the Westloop. I apologize about the error - I always described it to my friends as the end of West Loop as I am still familiarzing myself with Chicago neighborhood boundaries even after a year of being here.
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2023.05.26 16:08 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Doherty Staffing Janitorial Agent Alexandria
Doherty Staffing Conveyor Operator Alexandria
Marsden Building Maintenance Leaf Raker Baxter
Shipt Be a Shipt Shopper, AKA paid grocery pro Bayport
Shipt Delivery Person Bayport
Shipt Carryout Bayport
Doherty Staffing General Laborer Benson
Sevita Carer Brainerd
Doherty Staffing Material Handler Cedar
Sevita Carer Cottage Grove
Doherty Staffing Electrical Mechanic Crookston
Doherty Staffing Ethanol Operator Detroit Lakes
Doherty Staffing MIG Welder Detroit Lakes
Sevita Direct Support Person Duluth
Doherty Staffing Miller East Grand Forks
Eden Prairie Athletic Show Manager Eden Prairie
Jobot Mechanical Engineer Fergus Falls
Sevita Carer Fosston
Sevita Carer Granite Falls
Globe Life Family Heritage Division Insurance Sales Agent Hanover
Sevita Direct Support Person Hutchinson
Sevita Project Risk Manager Inver Grove Heights
O'Reilly Auto Parts Assistant Store Manager Isanti
Doherty Staffing Laser Cutter Jackson
Doherty Staffing Ethanol Operator Litchfield
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mn. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.26 15:05 FoxDeltaCharlie Okay Drag Racing Fans - Let's see how our Hemi's and Cummins compare!

Some fun facts and comparisons about top fuel drag racing cars to our Hemi’s and Cummins turbo diesel engines.
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2023.05.26 09:57 cloudtrip-us Chicago: The City of Blues and Skyscrapers. Fly with Us and Experience the Electric Energy of the Windy City.

Chicago: The City of Blues and Skyscrapers. Fly with Us and Experience the Electric Energy of the Windy City.
📷 Go to:
📷 Call us: +18337031003
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