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2014.06.29 06:01 Christmas Decorating: A place to discuss and show off your Christmas Decorations and lights

Welcome to /ChristmasDecorating! This is a subreddit to share the decorations you have put up as well as ones you have seen either on the internet or in person!

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Everything to do with ChristmasLights :)

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This is the subreddit is for pics of YOUR Christmas tree! :)

2023.04.02 07:12 Safe_Sprinkles4632 What is that music video????

I'm new here so I don't really know how to post. But there is a music song/video from the 90's (I think). I don't remember the words to the song but I do sort of remember the video. Its a female singer. I think the video begins with an evil witch/queen? asking her magic mirror in a weird sort of voice who the fairest of them all is. The video has a sleeping beauty fairy tale vibe. The singer is in a forest playing a guitar. I thiiiink that she's dressed in a costume dress. I remember frogs jumping across the forest scene. At one point in the video she picks up a frog to kiss it. Not sure if its a pop song or country. Really cute video. I want to say the woman is a red head but not sure. or maybe dark hair. . I'm going crazy searching. I hope someone can help me out with this
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2023.04.02 07:11 wakeupci4ra hey guys can someone help me with my English creative writing (sorry its long) i don't know how to end it.

Walk with pride
‘ding ding ding’ goes the bell, signifying the end of first period. I walk through the crowded halls, head held high smiling at everyone who glances at me. School isn’t for everyone, but im different. I love school. I love going to class, working hard, and socializing with the strange mixes of people surrounding me. But most importantly I love seeing this one girl, Isla. I don’t think she even knows I exist. Every day I admire her beautiful blonde hair that lit up every room that was lucky enough to have her in it. Her eyes as blue as the ocean on a hot summer’s day. But when you really look into her eyes, they told of a lifetime of struggle that had never been put into words. This intrigued me. I had to find out more about her, but how?
As the day continues I keep an eye out for Isla. She is nowhere to be seen. “sir can I please use the bathroom?” I say to my biology teacher. He nods in reply. I walk to the toilet, as I get closer I can hear a distant cry. I wonder what’s going on? As I get closer I realise its coming from the bathroom. I stand at the door for a minute and prepare myself. I wonder who it is? I wonder what to say? I wonder what to do? I build up the confidence and walk in. The crying stops. “hello, anyone in here” I say. No reply. How strange I think to myself. “I hope your ok” I (add word that means say nicely).
“im ok” someone replys, I can hear them sniffle. The cubicle door creaks as someone opens it. To my surprise its isla. Butterflies instantly fill my stomach. Ive never felt like this before. I don’t know what to say or what to do. Weve never been this close together. “you just gonna sit there and stare” Isla snaps at me. Im paralised with nerves.
“no” I say shakily “what happened?”
“its nothing” isla replies as she pulls out a baggie from her pocked. She places one on her tounge
“you got any water”
“nah I don’t sorry”
Isla walks to the tap and takes a sip. “ I forgot to as, do you want one?’
“nah, that’s not really my thing” I reply.
“that’s cute, you’re a chicken” Isla replies laughing at me
My facial expression drops. She notices and says “theyre really not that bad. Are you sure you don’t want one?”
Everyone says don’t give into peer pressure. Ive never felt the need to do drugs before. But something inside of me is screaming at me to say yes. “I think ill be ok, what are they?” I say curiously,
“there some xans, they calm you down” she replies.
“I gotta go to class, bye” I say as I walk towards the door.
“bye tayla”
Im gobsmacked the biggest grin appears on my face, she knows my name
I place my headphones on and press play on my music. Change by Deftones starts playing. I basically skipped through the hallways back to my classroom. I cant believe she knows my name. I immediately open my laptop and start searching what are the effects of xans? What do xans do to you? What are the side effects of xans? All of this information is filling my brain like bees flying to a hive. Part of me couldn’t believe that I was actually considering doing drugs and the other half wants change. Of course it would only be once, and its for the experience. Ding ding ding.
The bell goes and I start packing up my stuff. “you look like your in a good mood today” says a voice behind me. I turn around its ethan one of my classmates.
“yeah, im always in a good mood” I chuckle, I continue to pack up my stuff and leave for lunch. I strut through the crowded hallway, head held high and a smile gleaming from my face. I was on a mission. A mission to find Isla. I walk around the school headphones on blast. Where would she be? I think to myself. I march towards the bathroom. The door creaks open.
“whats up tayla!”
“hey isla”
“did you come back for a xan?” she says scarcastically.
“yeah I did actually” I reply
“yeah ill try it once, just for the experience”.
Isla passes me a pill. I place it in my mouth. It is sour. I walk to the tap, grab some water and swallowed the pill. “did you want to skip the rest of the day with me” says isla
“ive never skipped school before” I reply, I feel so small and innocent when im with her.
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2023.04.02 07:11 Loganberry24 Ahhh Wikipedia. Only the most reliable of sources.

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2023.04.02 07:11 peppyputter 21f want to talk about music with someone!!

Pretty much the title. I’m listening to Alex G rn, dm me ur fave song/artist/band!!
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2023.04.02 07:10 After_Bumblebee9013 Band music is too hard/what level should I be?

Band music is too hard/what level should I be?
As the title suggests, Im in a highschool band and I'm having a really hard time with some of the music. In particular, "The Inferno (a divine comedy)" by Robert W smith is pretty tough because it's basically never ending runs/scales, and you can't take breaths because you'll be late for the next run.
This is essentially my second (school) year playing the flute and I have had no professional training. I can pretty comfortably play songs at the grade 4-5 ish level (last semester we did Fantasy on a Japanese folk song, for example).
Generally my problems start when things get faster. For example we are playing Utopia and many of the passages require pretty fast tongueing and finger movement, and when I play them it's just clumsy and not clear at all, and if I take a breathe I put myself behind. When I google it, it seems that the new peices I'm struggling with (Utopia, Inferno, Emperata ouverture) are also around level 4-5. The only difference being that they are a lot faster.
Because I have no professional training I'm not sure if I'm getting assigned peices that are too hard, or if I've somehow reached my limit in how fast I can play while sounding clean. I will add screenshots of "the inferno"
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2023.04.02 07:10 Throwaway28485004 I’m scared to reach out for help but I’m very tired and I don’t have the supports at home for an eating disorder

Hey, I’m a first year uni student and I’m not diagnosed for an eating disorder but I think I have one and it’s slowly getting worse and worse. It started with normal calorie counting because I was overweight, then avoiding certain foods, then exercising in excess, then spit and chew, then binging and now purging + constant body checking and pictures and a whole bunch of small things.
It’s very much exhausting, it’s only gotten bad in the last month causing me to fall behind in uni. I will start studying for 30 minutes then my mind thinks about food and I binge. Then I exercise to get rid of the food. I have binged for the last 14 days and I’m scared of stepping the scale. My stomach has bloated so much.
I’m just scared of reaching out for help because for one I don’t want my parents to find out because they’ll probably berate me or force me to eat more 💀 I really only the resources at my uni but they’re overwhelmed and underfunded. I’m also scared that they’ll turn me away because I’m not sick enough because I’m technically at a healthy weight but my hair is falling out and my period hasn’t been normal for a year. It only came back during Christmas when I relaxed.
Now I’m worried because summer is coming and more of my body is gonna show. So it’s been a cyclical binge and restrict cycle. I’ve bought so much junk food this past month just to binge, spit and chew or purge it. So far, I’ve just left my credit card and debit card at home and that’s worked so far but eating junk food is still in the back of my mind.
The guilt consumes me and I’m exhausted.
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2023.04.02 07:10 theMothman1966 The Silver Bridge disaster and its connections to the mothman

The Silver Bridge of Point Pleasant West Virginia and Galloipis, Ohio Collapsed on December 15th 10 days till Christmas, killing 46, many of the people on the bridge were coming back from late Christmas shopping when the bridge jolted and fell in the cold Ohio river. Christmas presents could be seen floating in the river and headlights were still seen in the darkness of the bottom of the Ohio
The cause of the bridge Collapse was to be cleavage fracture in the lower limb of the eye of eye-bar 330 at joint C13N of the north eye-bar suspension chain in the Ohio side span.
The mothman a 6 to 7 feet gray black flying humanoid with hypnotizing large red eyes who stalked the Appalachian town primary from 1966 to 67 was reportedly seen by some witnesses before and during the tragedy on or near the bridge. many believe that the mothman was a harbinger of doom trying to warn point pleasant, others believe that it cause the disaster itself
Marcella Bennett who saw the mothman in mid November 1966 when visting a friends house with her family told Jeff Wamsey author and curator of the mothman museum that her uncle Robert who lived in an apartment in downtown point pleasant overlooking the Ohio river saw what she saw a flying man that looked like a bird that flew under the bridge before the bridge fell
in mothman facts behind the legend by donnie Sergent and jeff wamsley, when talking to one of the first mothman witnesses Linda Scarberry sergent says he received a email from the last tractor trailer driver across the bridge before it fell who said he saw the mothman fly around the his truck before it vanished in to the sky
mary hyre was a well respected reporter in point pleasent who wrote articles about the Mothman and was a close friend of John Keel Writer of the Mothman Prophecies, they teamed up to interview witnesses of The Mothman. On November 19th 1967, she told Keel: "I had a terrible nightmare. There were a lot of people drowning in the river and Christmas packages were floating everywhere in the water. Its like something awful is going to happen." When Keel returned to Point Pleasant around Thanksgiving 1967, people in the area were having dreams and nightmares about a coming disaster. Virginia Thomas another mothman witness had them about people dying in the water of the nearby Ohio River.
Despite popular belief the mothman is still reported in point pleasant area to this day, one recent encounter was from a postal driver in 2018 near point pleasent
the mothman remains an ingrained part of point pleasents history thousand of people each year flood the streets of Pt. Pleasant to indulge and celebrate all things Mothman
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2023.04.02 07:09 oddnded 26 [M4F] US / Anywhere - Finding actual compatibility in the midst of watching F1

TL;DR: Oh well, suffer through the post, my dude. I'm trying to find a half decent connection at best. If you have a disdain for games, movies, banter, cars, or humor as a whole just pass me up. Also, if you're keen on one sided conversations too
I'm attempting to find an actual relationship, if it happens. The people I have spoke to over the last several years of my life are either too busy or are different people now. I miss having someone to talk and complain to everyday about whatever + that seemingly care, y'know? The idea of having a partner that fills that role sounds ideal
I will say it would probably be ideal if you could relate to like the older online era. I mean, we're talking like peak CoD lobbies, Habbo, and similar shit. Idk, it seemed like back then people were more fun. Lol I've found they're usually less sensitive too
Honestly, I could care less if it's SFW, NSFW, or a mix when it comes to conversations. I'm relatively open minded in general and don't take to getting offended easily for the most part. The only things I ask are for you to be somewhat close to my age, honest, and relatively blunt. I mean, bonus if you can relate to the tired feeling. Well, that or if you can tolerate it at the very least. I don't want to list an absurd amount about myself, because I feel that ruins actual back and forth to a degree, personally
About You: • Non-sensitive and can handle banter, jokes, and memes while also returning
• Somewhat available and able to reply in a decent amount of time
• Has an ability to express interest or converse about hobbies that aren't your own (on average used to people just passing by half of what I say)
• You can be equally boring as myself or worse tbh, as long as there's back and forth. If you're some mass extrovert then I can live vicariously through you in contrast lmao
• It would be cool if you enjoyed sharing music. I'm always looking for new stuff for my playlist
• You enjoy movies
I will say none of these are requirements. They're extremely preferred though tbh
About Me: • I turned twenty-six recently, and feel awful. Regardless, quarter life crisis is still persisting lol
• I have relatively awful internet. So, games take forever to update, think a day or two depending
• Tends to enjoy most forms of comedy, wether dark / offensive / dry etc + I agree with the stance of jokes being jokes
• Meme Archivarius and Aficionado
• I've been learning Norwegian for a few months now
• Cold weather / temps wins over hot weather / temps every time
• I have an absurd amount of hobbies; but, obviously frequent some more than others. So, the likelihood we at least share one in common is very high
• May as wells be a bottle of mental health issues, namely severe depression and general anxiety. So, if you struggle with mental health it's no issue. Honestly, would probably be nice if you can either relate or understand
• Sleeping is a struggle + my general sleep schedule is subpar
• Believes Elon Musk will end up creating catgirls, sooner or later
Replies as quick as I nut
So, aside from all of that, feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about me. I'm a relatively open book. If you're out to try and steal my identity you'll probably just end up disappointed lmao. Hopefully this finds you well, my dudes. Feel free to send me a chat (´• `")ゝ
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2023.04.02 07:09 UnstoppableChicken I want to break up

TL;DR at the bottom.
This is going to be long because I'm one of those people that will send a novel when you ask me about my day.
For context, I'm a single mom, I live with my disabled mother who needs four surgeries to get her back to normal. She's been out on comp\disability for the past three years because anyone who has had to have workers comp pay for anything knows they will fight you every step of the way. She's at surgery weight, she's just had a QME and the Dr said 'Yeah you need fucking surgery' and now she's waiting for a response for comp.
Anyway...I had to quit my (albeit horrible) job as a janitor for the one and only hospital in this rural town, because last year I stole some stuff while work night shift at a grocery store. It was stupid, and I was mad at the people for not taking into consideration my mental illness or triggers and a whole plethora of other problems. I fucked up, I know, I've already paid for the damages and moved on. I have my CNA and already reported everything to the state board of nursing I still have my license but there are literally no jobs in this town.
I quit because I didn't want 8 months of employment going down the drain. So I put in my two weeks before sentencing and just hoped for the best. But now I can't find a job. The place I used to work at doesn't hire people with a fresh criminal record. Misdemeanor or felony if it happened in the past year they won't even look at you.
There's the prison where it takes almost 9 months to get in and because now I have criminal record I can't work for the state. I want to go back school but I have 35 days left on house arrest, I've already applied for unemployment and haven't heard anything back after my interview. I've been applying for what I remotely qualify for, but there's been nothing.
My car is broken and I can't afford to fix it, let alone the gas to drive all over the place. We can barely afford the bills we have on my mom's salary which is going to end this month so we have no idea what we're going to do. Two years ago I bought a shed to convert into my bedroom so my kids could have their own rooms, it's small but I love it. Because we have a two bedroom rental with an attached garage converted into a bedroom.
Here's where my relationship ties in. I love them, I have had dreams and fantasies about us getting married getting a house having another baby.
But doubt has begun to set in and I want to believe it's because of the stress and all the circumstances right now but, I don't know. They're amazing and loving and we vibe but, I feel like these feelings are more because of me than anything else. I'm on the spectrum, and have that good ole childhood trauma. I can't afford therapy or counseling, I'm lucky I have state insurance that barely covers anything.
I've started to get annoyed at the 'little things'. In my room they'll just change the Bluetooth on my soundbar to their music without even asking. They leave cigarette butts everywhere and I'm allergic to nicotone. I don't mind they smoke but that's gross, like...I don't want to walk out of my room and see that. When I was working and they were unemploymed I spent thousand's on them because I felt that if the roles were reversed they'd do the same for me. Nope. Now that they're working they offered to repay me for taking care of them for so long so I was like "20 bucks a month to pay my credit card 😀" 20 bucks a month. That's all I asked for. Haven't seen a dime.
They 'mess with me' a lot. I have afro hair from my dad's side, so it gets frizzy alot. They made fun of my hair (I'm already super self conc about it) and when I went 'okay 😐' they were like "baaaaabe tease me baaack!" I'm just not that kind of person and their 'teasing' is just starting to get annoying. They have this 'always have to be right' in a conversation argumentative thing they do where I eventually just shut down because I don't feel like having a debate about everything.
An example is when they were talking about how women don't usually watch porn. He said 'they read it'. I said 'No I don't really-' and he interrupts me accusing me of reading fanfic. When I started to say 'yeah like maybe three and they weren't that interesting to me' they interrupted me saying "GOT YOU. GOT YOU." Cause they always have to be right.
It's a million little things that are adding up to me just getting annoyed at everything I feel like it's because of my 'tism and stress and I just don't know how to talk to them about it because I feel like I would just come off as a nitpicky bitch.
They quit their past job because they were injured and they withheld funds on his check after they returned, so they quit. Now, they have another job and this is like their third week and they're already having problems. I just worry about a future and their past opioid addiction and their disregard to the 'samll things' kids love them. But I just hate these doubts that have crept into my heart.
I don't know. Maybe my fixation over them is gone because I don't know how to be loved or give love to another human being I've just been wanting to be alone more and more often these days.
TL;DR I'm having impulses to break up with someone I thought I was going to get married to and have another baby with because my life has town into a shit pile and I can't communicate without having a mental breakdown.
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2023.04.02 07:08 chillwithme_77 27 [F4M] EXCLUSIVE FWB

No to Fubu or ONS Only for fwb.. Not a fan of just F**k and good bye. Much prefer something with connection.. Or more like bestie .. Fun to be with. Into music. Into travel occasionally.
About me.. IM NOT BEAUTIFUL, NOT EVEN SEXY. 27, travel everyday Qc for work. Live in Bulacan.... Live in Bulacan... Just hit me up... [email protected]_cat
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2023.04.02 07:06 jackspicer1 Looking to build the perfect desktop computer

I have and still am waiting for Intel to release their 14th gen processors and I am about fed up with waiting any more. I am wanting to build a desktop computer that will be perfect for what I am wanting to do with it.
I will be watching DVD's, Blu-ray Discs, and 4K UHD Blu-ray Discs. Watching movies and tv shows whether streaming or purchased digitally. Listening to musIc and live radio. Transcoding video using HandBrake.
My computer case is the Fractal Design Define R4.
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2023.04.02 07:06 sauchatts Volume keeps lowering by itself when listening to music in the 14 pro max. How can I fix this?

I listen to music on Spotify with the my air pods max. But every once in a while, the music becomes significantly softer for a good 15 seconds till it comes back on to original volumes. I’ve turned off attention aware, but this still keeps happening. Am I doing something wrong?
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2023.04.02 07:06 caters1 So happy that it saves umlauts by default in MS4

You probably have no idea how much of a frustration it was for me to save a file where the piece title was in German in MS3. As someone who transcribes classical music, I run into German titles a lot, much more so than French or Italian titles, though I run into those too. In MS3, the German characters of the umlauts and eszett saved as ae, oe, ue, and ss. I don't know if the eszett still saves as ss or not in MS4, but given my experience with the umlauts, I suspect not.
In MS3, I had to copy and paste umlauts in 2 places, the score title when I make the score and the file name when I save the file. I have to copy and paste because I don't have a number pad on my keyboard cause I have like a 15 inch laptop and that's apparently below the size limit for having a number pad to make ALT codes possible. Which means that to type out foreign language characters, I rely on which has things like Alt + A for ä that I can then copy and paste wherever needed.
But that obviously makes things more time consuming than simply using the alt + 4 number codes would be. Back when I had a larger computer, I used those codes all the time, now I can't use them at all cause it only works with number pad numbers. So I'm glad that I don't have to do a second copy and paste when I save the score now, just the initial copy and paste upon making the score.
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2023.04.02 07:06 eymtv Rodecaster Pro II : Routing Extra Channel Output For Streamer

Rodecaster Pro II : Routing Extra Channel Output For Streamer
The Problem: i want my friend on discord to hear my Streamdeck sound, BUT they also can hear Audio game and System. Because Streamdeck audio and game audio in the same channel, so i hope, i can have extra vitual channel. to solve this problem.
The Solution: I create physical Channel by using Trs cable (Duo 1/4" to 3.5mm) , I use cable Trs from PC to Mixer for Streamdeck Music/Sound.Connect the cable thru Speaker(Realtek USB Audio).on App Volume, i choose streamdeck output change from default to Speaker(Realtek USB Audio).
so total channel i have:
  1. RodeCaster Pro II - Main
  2. RodeCaster Pro II - Chat
  3. Speaker(Realtek USB Audio).
with extra routing, you can put game audio if you want. you just change in App Volume
hope this helpful :)
Extra Channel Routing Diagram
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2023.04.02 07:05 Super_Difficulty 39 [M4F] California - Looking for new friends

39m from Southern California, LA area to be exact. I am looking for new friends to talk with, get to know and eventually hang out with. Local would be great because I would like to hang out some day but I open to long distance friends. I am single, never married, no kids so I have free time and availability.
I enjoy music, movies, comedies and adventures. I can watch scary or thriller movies, but to be perfectly honest, sometimes I'll read the Wiki before the movie so I know what I am in for haha. I still prefer music from the late 90s to early 00s.
If you're local, hopefully we can meet up and hang out some day. If you're a foodie, we should definitely talk. I love anything BBQ!
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2023.04.02 07:04 peppyputter 21 want to talk about music with someone

Pretty much the title. I’m listen to Alex G rn, dm me ur fave song/artist/band!!
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2023.04.02 07:03 Curious_Butterfly7 21F [Chat] Texas/USA - coffee, tattoos, nintendo, punk rock, metal, pokemon, traveling, let’s b friends <3

Looking for cool people to talk with and eventually move to discord! Been playing too much Pokémon scarlet and online Mario Kart Wii lately, hoping to talk to some cool people instead to (only slightly) curb my addiction lmao. I could talk endlessly about talk music, especially pop punk, hardcore, metalcore (recently been addicted to knocked loose, counterparts, loathe, knuckle puck, foreign hands, title fight, Microwave, etc). Also an avid coffee fan, I’m a barista! I love tattoos/piercings (7 tattoos, 9 piercings all on my ears and a nose hoop), anime, Nintendo, Pokémon, lotr, traveling, books, science, I like a lot of topics :p we can move to discord if we click! Lmk how old you are and where you’re from! We can trade selfies too :D Won’t reply to just hey! 21-35 only please
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2023.04.02 07:03 Low_Sleep332 18M - Envisioning a close group of nerd friends who can obsess over any topic :) - [Group]

Imagine a friend group that all met online, Reddit of all places. They have a lot in common. They're infinitely curious, wildly creative, ambitious with no shortage of self initiative. As friends do, they learn about each other. About their current lives, dreams, morals, favourite childhood memories. So too can they share their love of music, literature, film, hobbies. But, distinguishing themselves, they love to work on things together. First it starts with stumbling upon a niche topic, anything in STEM or any of the arts, "I wonder" questions are asked, ideas are found, they come up with commercial and social applications, realistic or fantasy, practical or purely theoretical. They have a collaborative online notebook full of diagrams and scribbles. Beautiful minds together.
Send me a message if I've piqued your interest :) (Apologies for the copy and paste, sending this out at different times to get all audiences)
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2023.04.02 07:03 arrrrrro Air Pod Pro Gen 1 - V4.6 1562AE HR (Jenny)

Air Pod Pro Gen 1 - V4.6 1562AE HR (Jenny)
Received these after research/advice on the discord so figured would post a review for others. My son has an authentic Apple Gen 1 so I compared them directly. This review was completed after 2wks usage.
SHIPPING:Took 16 days from time I ordered to having it my hands -- placed order March 7th thru Jenny's Alibaba store and they arrived March 23rd (Perth, Australia).
PACKAGING:The sealed box was wrapped in foam and shipped in a bubble wrapped bag.
UNBOXING:The box was sealed and was exactly same size as the authentic box, but with no branding. The box contained instructions (again w/ no branding), spare ear tips & USB-C to Lighting cable -- all packaged nicely.
CASE & PODS:Case is identical to the authentic. The only reference to original brand was on the back of case although these say Assembled in Vietnam whereas my son'd authentic's say Assembled in China. I weighed both with the AirPods in them.. total weight of Jenny's is 5gm heavier than the authentic's. The Pods seem identical too also but the authentic pair weighs 2gm more.

CONNECTING:Simple, quick & efficient. Opened them up and followed the prompts as I did when connecting my sons authentic pair, and was done in seconds. Also of note, the case came 100% charged.. AirPods 98% which was nice.[After 2weeks]Connection is still fine. I've noticed when I also connect to my Macbook, it forgets the iPhone so have to restart process - and vice versa - When I go back to trying to use on Macbook, need to delete and restart connection. A little annoying, but for the price not a deal breaker.
SOUND:When I initially tried them, first thing I noticed was the sound was 'full'... then I noticed things distorting & sounding absolutely kinda crap tbh. Came across a post by u/xwtk in the discord #Fixes channel regarding 'Bad Sound' and the resolution there was perfect -- needed to turn OFF Headphone Accomodations. Once done, sound was great.
ANC:It's ok... not comparable to my sons authentic's tbh bc with those, with ANC on, can't really hear much.With these, I can hear a bit still. It't ok when music turned up louder.

In conclusion, rate these a 9/10. super happy with them as only issues I face are ANC not being the best and switching between devices a little flakey. With all said, would still definitely recommend the 4.6HR and copping from Jenny also as she was great to deal with and communicative throughout.
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2023.04.02 07:03 thisistheshay Got a shoutout from Angela & Jenna on The Office Ladies!!

Got a shoutout from Angela & Jenna on The Office Ladies!!
Being a HUGE Office fan and an even BIGGER FAN of The Office Ladies Podcast, I didn’t realize this Reddit existed until recently. Decided to post a personal interaction I had with Angela Kinsey & Jenna Fisher back before the pandemic at the start of 2020.
When The Mandalorian was first released November 2019 I started to crochet baby yodas. After listening to the podcast, I knew how much Angela loved Star Wars. From following her on IG I knew that her and her family loved The Mandalorian and baby Yoda (not yet named Grogu). I sent her a DM offering to send her one of my crocheted baby Yodas but never in my wildest force dreams did I expect her to respond, but she did!! She told me how much she loved it and sent me her address. A few weeks later she ended up posting a selfie with my baby Yoda on her Instagram!! I was gobsmacked. Not only did she express her LOVE and appreciation for my tiny baby, she tagged me and I gained over 700 followers on IG and over 500 baby Yoda sales on my Etsy.
Weeks went by and I noticed Jenna commented on the post that she wanted one. As you can imagine, I didn’t hesitate to ship another baby Yoda to Angela. I included a card thanking her for her generous shoutout and love for my craft, while asking if she could give the enclosed crocheted Child to Jenna. Well Angela surprised both ME and Jenna by gifting my baby Yoda to Jenna during a live recording of “The Carpet” episode on The Office Ladies Podcast. I was over the small moon of Endor!! Jenna absolutely loved the tiny baby and both her and Angela expressed their love and thanked me. That was definitely the highlight of the pandemic for me. Angela and I remain close pals on IG and constantly message one another back and forth. Hoping for more opportunities with her and Jenna in the future 🤞🏼. They really are one of a kind and two of the most genuine people you could ever have the pleasure of interacting with. 🙏🏼❤️
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2023.04.02 07:02 DaKardii FIRST REVIEWS for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"

Erik Davis (Fandango)- POSITIVE
"Wahoo! 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' is the ultimate love letter to every era of Mario. Loved the humor & especially Jack Black’s Bowser. I felt the same way watching the movie as I do playing the games. It’s just joyful. Also, stay for the credits!"

Germain Lussier (Gizmodo)- NEGATIVE
"I really wanted to like it but I did not. A few solid scenes capture the spirit of the game but mostly it's an overly goofy, bare-bones plot, filled w/ bad jokes & worse song choices. It looks great but I was more bored & annoyed than entertained."

Tim Gettys (Kinda Funny)- POSITIVE
"'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' was awesome. Teared up from hype more than once. The music is the star of the show. Nintendo fans are gonna be obsessed. I'm not sure ANY movie in history has ever had THIS MANY easter eggs. AND GOOD ONES!"

Isla Hinck (Easy Allies)- POSITIVE
"Yo. 'The Super Mario Bros Movie' is awesome! So fun and so many nods! I loved it! And it's gorgeous! And Peach is so cool in it!"

Andre Segers (GameXplain)- POSITIVE
"'The Super Mario Bros 'movie is an utterly delightful thrill ride that is as joyful as it is magical. It's a movie that is for Mario fans first, and despite a somewhat shallow narrative, is a blast. Nearly moved me to tears seeing Mario realized so beautifully."

Rendy Jones (Rendy Reviews)- NEGATIVE
"The Mario worlds are brought to life with top-notch animation and energetic action that will delight kids and fans. Full of loving Easter eggs and cameos. That said, it’s a Mario movie made by illumination and I’ll leave it at that."
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2023.04.02 07:01 AutoModerator Self-Promotion Sunday!

Are you a creator of Non-English music and want to share your song with the rest of us?
Then today you are able to do so!
Feel free to post your music throughout the day
(Note: You don't only have to post Self-Promotions on a Sunday, it is just Sundays are when it's permitted to do so)
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