Ferguson plumbing near me

Just a nice hang

2023.06.10 18:54 ToshPott Just a nice hang

Just a nice hang
This house near me always have these flags up. Well today on my casual walk with my lovely little dog, this is what I see hanging from the bannister on their staircase by the front door which is wide open.
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2023.06.10 18:54 Immediate_Cellist_47 New to horror lit!

Hi guys! Been lurking here for a couple weeks and am floored by what a kind and open community this seems to be, compared to other book communities on Reddit! I'm a voracious reader but have always avoided horror lit for some reason. I recently read Tender is the Flesh and loved it. Now, I want to dive into this genre but have no idea where to start. Was hoping y'all could give me some recommendations? Here's what I'm looking for...
- I love a good story. Nothing too formally weird. I don't tend to connect with "out there" or experimental writing styles. I just want to get my story on!
- Psychological and body horror are what interest me most. I want to be shocked by some truly psychologically deranged characters. I want to see what happens when people are pushed to their limits. I can definitely handle grotesque. I want to be devastated, like I was at the end of Tender is the Flesh! I can't see myself being super scared by zombies, vampires, the paranormal, anything too unrealistic. I liked Tender is the Flesh because I felt the world was very believable.
- Nothing too "masculine"- i.e. stories about soldiers, etc. I think I'd also prefer to stay in the present or near past. I have trouble connecting with period pieces. Prefer to read something that wasn't written too long ago. I can do futuristic as long as it's not too sci fi.
Anyway, would love to hear what you've got! Thanks all :)
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2023.06.10 18:54 Toxicbutnotreally Is clarifier my best bet for clarity

First time CPO for a private pool. I flocced the cloudy pool and had to vacuum it out with a sump pump rig because the pool doesn’t have the ability for vacuum to waste due to an air gap in the plumbing setup. I was able to get 95% of the flocculant out via the vacuum sump pump to waste in a field. My pool is pretty clear but I had some swimmers today that stirred around the small amount of flocculant. I’m going to keep vacuuming to get the rest of the tiny amount I see out after the pool closes. From here on out should I add clarifier to keep my pool clear? Or should keeping my pool in adequate water balance do everything for me?
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2023.06.10 18:53 fatefuldawn I Finished a No Somniel Ironman Run on Maddening!

I can't believe it.
So a No Somniel run pretty much means that during the run, all activities that are done in the Somniel are banned. There are several combat-related implications of this - no refining weapons (no early strong weapons like a Levin Sword until Ch. 11 for example and can only use base weapons), no engravings, no Bond Rings, no cooking, no activities, no Well, and no Arena. The early Steel weapons that you get upon going to the Somniel from an update are banned as well as the Heroes rewards (the Bond Rings and the weapons, Folkvangr, Fensalir, and Noatun). No Arena means that leveling up the bond rank of Emblems on each character will have to be done in the maps themselves and skill inherits are impossible. Reclassing is still possible, but more difficult now that you have to level up bond ranks in maps and because weapon proficiencies past bond rank 5 will need at least two maps with the Emblem Ring. No DLC either, but that doesn't impact me since I don't have it anyway. And while it's not a Somniel activity, I didn't have Network Connection enabled for the weapon drops, EXP, and other small benefits scattered on a map. I had finished a normal Ironman run with no big issues (one death, RIP Louis), but I went into this run fully expecting to lose it. An Ironman means no using the Draconic Time Crystal, so no rewinding my mistakes and every input I make is final. If a character dies because of my poor decisions or they get crit by the enemy, they remain dead.
Run casualties:
RIP Chloe, Yunaka, Framme, Celine, and Diamant.
The Final Team:
Some quick notes - the screenshot on the top has HP tonics already applied to everyone so subtract 5 if you want to see their true HP. That was the first thing I did when I went into the final map and then thought maybe I should screenshot everyone. The screenshot on the bottom has everyone with their Emblem Rings and full tonics applied to them.
Stat Boosters: One Boots, one Seraph Robe, one Speedwing, three Dracoshields, three Talismans, two Goddess Icons
Stat Boosters: One Energy Drop, three Secret Books, one Speedwing
Stat Boosters: One Boots, one Seraph Robe, two Energy Drops
Stat Boosters: Three Spirit Dusts
Stat Boosters: One Speedwing
Stat Boosters: One Seraph Robe, one Speedwing
In comments below, I detail my thoughts on the individual chapters if anyone's interested (starting from Ch. 6 since that's the first chapter where something actually happened and where I also had a clear goal in mind for the map). I never thought I would successfully complete this run so I don't have any screenshots to chronicle events from before Ch. 24-ish (also, I forgot to screenshot too many things). I unfortunately don't remember the exact details of the early/midgame chapters that well anymore, but I tried my best to recall whatever information I could. This is listed by the order I tackled the maps. A full turn count, playtime, and MVP list is here.
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2023.06.10 18:53 Prize-Treat-9820 19m for 30 or older men

Any older pervy men into forced/rape to use me multiple times a day or let a group do the same to me. In or near warren Pennsylvania
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2023.06.10 18:53 No_Grapefruit_6014 Looking to buy a tent camping pass or lake view

Please let me know I’m interested if located near la even better prefer to meet up and exchange money for passes
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2023.06.10 18:51 Odesio Mission Models Paints (Anyone with experience with this brand?)

Mission Models Paints (Anyone with experience with this brand?)
I purchased some Mission Models paints to use with my airbrush. I like the color selection and I've never had a problem with clogging or other issues while airbrushing. But, boy, did I start having a hard time when using masking tape or applying decals. Even after allowing the paint to dry for 24 hours, when I apply masking tape it's nearly impossible for me to pull it off without taking a good amount of paint with it. The same is true when I apply decals. Using MicroSol, MicroSet, or even plain water, I end up taking paint off when I don't want to. I made this work in my favor with the Protectron robot picture on the left below, but otherwise I find this really annoying.
This isn't a problem I have with other acrylic paints from Citadel, Army Painter, ProAryl, or Reaper. This is oddly specific to Mission Models. I've tried the suggestions they provide on their website for troubleshooting, but no luck. Anyone have better luck using these paints?

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2023.06.10 18:51 Destiny1980 Using 105 solo Trials games as a sample, contender pool matchmaking does not appear to be purely random as implied by CBMM

Hi all, first post here. I am OK at PVP, above average compared to the overall population but not by much. I can usually go flawless every weekend (with clanmates for normal Trials and solo for freelance) and have a 55-60% win rate. That first week of Trials however was really rough. So rough, I actually went back and analyzed my games.
My understanding of the new Trials matchmaking is the following:
I played 105 games in that first weekend of Trials as a solo, and always in the contender pool. My randomly assigned teammates had an average seasonal KDA of 1.46 while my opponents had an average seasonal KDA of 1.57. (For reference, my own seasonal KDA is 1.47.)
Going by only KDA, and with the assumption that the team with the higher KDA wins, my team should have won only 38% of the 105 games. I was able to do better with a 42% win rate, but this is still far below my historical Trials win rate.
A difference of 0.1 KDA seems significant to me. If you know statistics and assume a normal distribution, going with the null hypothesis that average KDAs between teams should be equal, there is only a 0.86% chance that is true based on my 105 games.
Meaning, across 105 games, it is highly unlikely that my teammates are worse than my opponents due purely to random chance. Something else is going on.
One possible explanation, and which I didn't explicitly account for in the calculations, is that FBMM did not always work and sometimes I played against stacks while partnered with solos. This could skew the results. While this did happen it was rare, so I doubt that would meaningfully change the result.
Another way of breaking down the results is defining "big advantage" as when my team had a greater than +0.1 KDA difference vs opponents, and "big disadvantage" as when my team had lower than -0.1 KDA difference. The results:
In other words, in nearly half my games, my team was very likely to lose because the teams were so unbalanced! That's a lot.
What have your experiences been like so far? Typically, I've endured bad luck runs before, and usually there's a reversal to the mean and I get good luck runs after. However, I've never had anything like that first weekend of Trials where there was so much continuous bad luck. I wonder whether there was something wrong with Bungie's code.
I can share the Excel file if any one's interested to look at the per game breakdown of KDAs.
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2023.06.10 18:51 SamakSalmon A bit of an unrelated post (it ties into the fanfic that I'm helping write (Insertion, although we are retitling to "Nature of Outcasts: Into the Unknown"), but is closer in focus to the production and not the story itself) but... I'm kind of worried.

(NOTE: much like my Defense of Fan-made Species post, my apologies for the excessively long title. I figured that I might as well start the ball rolling on that retitle a week ahead of schedule and should note exactly how this post deviates from the normal for meta/author notes posts.)

Now, I have no idea if this breaks rule 4 against non-contributing posts. it might due to not being fun not being about NoP, and only just connected to a fanfic, but at the same time it's also kind of like an update post so I'm feeling just confident and determined enough to put it up anyway.
So, I had no idea that my cowriter was having this much stuff going on, and I just kind of want to talk about it. I'm not going to mention the username of my cowriter in the usual u / AlanharTheRiver thing like I usually do when referring to them and that they do the mirror when referring to me, because the most recent note in the shared writing document that we have said that they're going to be focusing on finals for most of this week and as they also recently expressed not wanting to feel like they're intruding on us all with their own personal issues it is my hope that the typical chapter memes will bury this so that there isn't risk of them feeling like a burden.
Um, for context (I should have really added context back at the very start) they posted this back on June 8th: https://www.reddit.com/lgbt/comments/144j3r1/my_formerly_supportive_brothers_descent_into/, and this is the first that I've heard about this from them, even if they are constantly letting things slip and I have a pretty good grasp of their thought process and can infer stuff from what they are focusing on writing, so I'm feeling a bit shameful that I only just caught this after having a break from school work. Even with some other events that I had told them that they could talk to me about anything after that, but they just... aren't. I think that they could use some support from us, but I can't figure out how.
In fact, I'd say that they need support. Earlier in our team-up they shared a fantasy story that they had been writing which started out in a, to quote how they described it:
"an RP group connected to a division of the fanbase for the Songs of War animated series, a division that decided to take the script and try to make seasons 2 and 3 themselves when the series was cancelled, and a large number of us couldn't really do much so we just started expanding lore and creating a giant interconnected RP"
Anyhow, during the time that they were writing a story in that their grandpa kicked the bucket, and there was a decidedly sharp turn around that same time point (it was originally written in discord, so they had annotations of the times that they wrote each scene) where they quickly killed off three characters, had two of the most cheerful ones leave the main plot that they were doing, and then just started writing angst with their main protagonists. With that in mind and given some of the outlines that I've got for Jade and Zeleveya, I'm worried that they're going down a similar path, just more varied torment than the attritional beatdown of cumulative events that they wrote; and while they did manage to eventually turn that into a poignant bit about the horrors of war, I don't think that there'll be as much of a good ending that can be gained here and there's supposed to still be some comedy with Aegis, Jason, Kalne, and all of the brighter characters that my cowriter is just kind of ignoring.
It's frankly self-destructive and I think that they need to be heard but at the same time they can't speak and are bottling up emotions to the point that the only way to release them is writing characters that share the same pain (like, seriously, right at the start of us beginning to prologue arc we came to the decision that there was no way that Jade's family would appear, and now they are quite literally saying "there's potential angst that we can get from this. we have plans of jade working alongside Jacob briefly, so they would have to move to meet him and then they could bump into family members.").
so yeah, I'm quite a bit worried and I feel that maybe we should try and look out for them.
we have a few plans involving potential crossovers with characters from other stories set before they appear in their stories, such as Tova from u/SepticSauces' Trouble Maker story, Jacob from The Nature of a Giant by u/Acceptable_Egg5560, probably a bit with Maeve from Foundations of Humanity u/cruisingNW as we near the in-person exchange program time point, and a bunch of others, so hopefully a few other writers can join me in trying to gently push them on the "love your characters is a very important part of writing, and a part of that is that you should take care of them" path. Hopefully if they start treating Jade and Zeleveya better and we can get them to actually talk to others when things go wrong then they'll start feeling better.
hopefully this post is allowed, but if not at the very least it'll be seen for a brief time and then maybe a few of us will be able to keep an eye on them.
(anyway, i'm not entirely satisfied, but i've got to post this before the chapter memes can entirely peter out if it's going to be hidden from them, so here we go.)
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2023.06.10 18:50 Ceanatis How I lost my virginity 3 days ago at age 22 after years of battling PIED/fetishes

I thought I was a lost cause after I had complete erectile dysfunction/PIED with around 10 girls (with on average 3 tries per girl, that's around 30 episodes of erectile dysfunction in a row, which is enough to mentally destroy any young virgin man). This started in 2020 so I've been suffering for years. I am/was not an example for recovery : I had constant degenerate periods where I would indulge in my fetish (which pretty much replaced my natural sexuality, or so I thought) for days/months at a time, and my biggest streak in 3 years is like 50 days. Still though, I had lots of little streaks and all in all, even though I messed up a lot, I knew I had a problem and I fought back the best I could. Naturally, since I couldn't get it up at all with approx 10 girls, in a row, I thought what I was doing wasn't nearly enough.
I'm here to bring a message of hope to all these guys who think they're a lost cause or have a permanent problem, because I was there mentally just last week.
My message to you is : you may think you can't have sex, but you actually can (but it will suck at first).
Again, I was an extreme case, complete ED with 10 girls in a row and hooked to a nasty fetish with no interest for real girls. So what worked for me?
I found someone I had a real connexion with and who wouldn't leave me for having no dick for a few months (a shy and virgin girl is great for this) and I tried again and again and again.
Of course at first there was nothing and I felt emasculated as always but I tried again and again and eventually there was a shy little tiny chub and now months later we had sex (it sucked, I was barely hard and I stopped after a few minutes because it was uncomfortable.) Now we keep having sex and I'm harder and harder and it feels better and better. There's hope for everyone, just stop porn and avoid masturbation and most importantly, find someone you have a real connexion with (intimacy is the secret ingredient that keeps me, and a lot of us who haven't realized it, off porn)
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2023.06.10 18:50 TheBeardedRonin A little parting gift from the Emperor

I have a massive empire, pushing 500 counties at this point, encompassing 80% of Africa and all of Iberia and the Mediterranean Isles. I initially reformed with Islamic syncretism to stay in decent graces with the numerous Muslim faiths that surrounded me. Now that I no longer need the security from them, I reformed again to get communion for my heirs (they hold the head of faith title).
Now, what happened next was one of the most grueling exercises I’ve ever done in a game: I demanded conversion of every vassal, their vassals, and their vassals vassals. Going through that drop down menu nearly 500 times.
So after I’ve demanded everyone and resumed play, I have to give out around 300 favors. The rest willingly saw the light, around ten asked for money, and only about 10 or 15 declined and stayed off Biadaic.
About a week after the mass conversion the emperor dies, shafting hundreds of dukes and counts as he broke the mortal coil. Youre welcome, son!
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2023.06.10 18:50 supersede Current Events

🎵 Is it just Me, or are things gettin’ out of hand?
Around here. The more I see, the more one thing seems absolutely clear.
We won’t all be around, to see how this thing turns out
So we might as well sing out loud while the end comes crashing near
and it’s a simple truth. It’s hard to deny. It’s gettin’ simpler, every day that’s goin’ by 🎵
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2023.06.10 18:48 ScarOfVelvet Inveigle

(This story is made up, and is fictional) Hello, I'm Bella. I live in Los Angeles, California. Head start, I always have to drink medicine to control my hallucinations. But, let's go back to what I have to what I have to say. Living in this city was always scary for me. Because I live right next to a famous hotel famous for wrong reasons, the Cecil Hotel. I was always creeped out for obvious reasons, and because I live near Cecil Hotel. I live in a small apartment room, but my bathroom door, somehow always finds a way to get stuck. Or thud randomly, make random noises, things like that. I always ignored it though. But, I was still really scared about it because I already heard rumors that the "Ghost" of Cecil Hotel can affect people who don't book there, Obviously, I took it lightly and didn't think anything about it, But I do keep a pocket knife around me wherever I'm at. But I still didn't think about any of it, Until one night. This story still haunts me to this day. I'm living normally now, but I still can't stop thinking about what happened to me. So, you already know about my bathroom door right? I found a way to keep it to stay in it's place, By folding a paper, and putting it between the door frame, and the door. In order to keep it from making random sounds, or thuds. But one night, when I was sleeping, A random thud came from my bathroom door. I immediately thought this was weird, because I already had a solution that worked before, so why is it thudding now? I tried to ignore it, But it just keeps thudding and thudding, so, I didn't take my medicine to control hallucinations just so i could check what's happening there. So I checked it my bathroom door. And to my horror, I saw two papers between the bathroom door, instead of one. So I immediately removed the two papers, and my bathroom door made a VERY loud thud. It almost woke all my neighbors up, thankfully, it didn't. I opened both the papers up, to find a mouth staring right into me, I was shocked unable to comprehend why the HELL that was in there! I was really scared, so I went straight outside. But, before I could turn the knob on the door leading outside, I was stopped when I heard that mouth inside that paper spoke. I was immediately jolted in fear when it did. It said, "The three people who come inside you room are murderers, looking for someone to take to Cecil Hotel, to slaughter them. They are reckless abominations with no mercy on people, whatever you do, DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU" suddenly, my vision began to blur, when I saw three of the police officers from Cecil Hotel barged inside my room. I immediately reached for my pocket knife, I stabbed all of them, gashing all their throats stabbing all of them, again, and again, and again, and again. I made sure my entire room was covered in blood when I was done. But then, I just realized what I had done, I was so scared and panicked, I started gagging at my victim's blood because I just didn't know what to do, but when I looked back, the other paper with the mouth inside it, was gone. I didn't know why, but it was my thought of getting answers on what I should do, but, one of my neighbors saw my apartment covered in blood, they called the police, and I was arrested. I was let out of prison though. But, till this day. I'm still thinking about what I did.. and.... how it's crazy what hallucinations do to people, huh? -Bella Everglow
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2023.06.10 18:47 Blackwhite35-73 The Nature of Vigilantes (Part 2)

So it looks like I'm going to be continuing with this after all.
Memory Transcription Subject: Kalva, Kratotl Retired Predator Disease expert
Date [Standardized Human Time] : 27th September 2136
My wings ache.
A lot of my body has been aching ever since some years ago.
But I suppose thats what {Corrupted Data} a scholar for much of your life.
I was not a particularly active person. Sure I did fly but flying anywhere in Venlil Prime was incredibly hard even for the strongest of all Kratotl living. Not that I would be flying here any time soon.
The slightly elevated slopes of Riverford would have been promising to me but I had been of course too busy studying on Predator Disease to do much about flying.
I've been an expert on the subject for many decades now. Helping identify patterns of non-sapient predators whenever they popped, providing advice for new Exterminator pods and assisting in trials of predator-diseased peoples across the belt. I've kept a impressive track record ove{Corrupted Data}.
I yawned and stretched my wings as I stepped out from my favourite cafe onto the nearly empty street. It was a fairly isolated place that has seen plenty of Riverfords elderly visitors and scholars throughout its long life, myself included. And personally I would rather keep its isolated nature like that.
I walked over to where my car was and opened its door. Some would say tha{Corrupted Data} but I liked this model and I would be rather be long in Inatala's embrace before I even change cars now.
As I entered the car, I heard something drop onto the floor of the car, and quite close to me too. I craned my aching neck over to the right car seat to see a weird cylindrical object of some kind. Curiously, I picked it up. From visual observation, this was a cylinder with some metal bits on one end with a hole and a rough exterior, presumably for grabbing-

Memory Transcription Subject: Tavr, Venlil Exterminator
Date [Standardised Human Time]: 10th November 2136
I removed the helmet and placed it on the public bathroom's counter, checking the fur on top of my head. It was a soft pastel white with rather nice curls which I've been trying to keep on whenever I was on duty. As usual, it got ruffled by the helmet so I decided to put some water on my wool to see whether it would retain the shape.
Letting my fingers plap and flatten the wool into the shape I wanted it to be, I was reminded of my pod-on-duty eating Second Meal. None of us had our breakfast and Valim had bought us all hefty meals as a treat to make up for our dour moods.
Ah well, I suppose I can take my time with this and surprise them all with my new wool-style.
A toilet behind me flushed as whoever it was began to clean themselves up. I paid not much mind to the person in the cubicle as I bent down and applied more water to my wool.
When I looked up back into the mirror, I saw the following things:
A Yotul in all black.
A set of white, sharp, predatory teeth in the center of their chest.
And a wire tied in a circle in one of their hands.
I turned around, feeling the grip of the Yotul on my fire-proof suit and the circular wire go around my neck as he violently threw me into the cubicle that he was hiding.
My jaw collided with the toilet, sending a shock of pain through my jaw. I did not have time to recover from this as the Yotul pulled the circular wire and my throat and began to strangle me.
I tried to get up, but the Yotul placed his weight against me to the point where I couldn't leverage my body to get an angle to push him off, neither could I call for anyone to help me from this predator-diseased primitive as his wire continued to tighten against my throat.
I squirmed around, flailing my limbs as I tried to grab at the Yotul to no avail, my vision starting to blur as I kept flailing. I barely even registered the cubicle door closing when the Yotul lifted me up and pulled me towards him.
I was getting desperate now. I was gonna blackout now and die to this Yotul here and now in this cubicle. I was hoping for anything, for my pod-members to come in and here the struggle, for anything!!
Then I remembered the knife I had in my boot. I had used it only once during my entire service to the Guild but it had saved before. It can save me again now!!
Desperately, I forced myself against the wire noose, constricting me even further than it already had and I swore I felt my eyes bulge out. But it did give me the angle needed to get to the concealed sheath in the boot and-
There was a firm hand on my wrist.
"Not today, you fuck!" said a grizzled, phlegmy voice.
And with that sentence, the angle that I was in was kept fixed as the Yotul pushed his foot against my back, now sealing my fate.
"I already faced that trick once before. Fool me once, but I'll make sure you'll never fool me twice!" he snarled at me as my vision went black.
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2023.06.10 18:47 moonlit_melody00 26 [F4M] Philippines/Anywhere - I'm so girlfriend shaped if you were at all curious

I'm in my room and Enfantillages pittoresques: II. Berceuse is playing for the fourth time... honestly, I'm not sure where I'm going with this. All I know is that I feel ridiculously lonely — and that loneliness usually brings me back here for the 400th time, hoping to meet someone who might actually mean something to me in the near future. I'd very much like to know what that's like. To have someone you want to protect, and love, and dream about when he's not around. I'm not particularly fond of expressing my vulnerability so out in the open but my heart feels so heavy that I'm anxious to say it out loud.
Please, let it be you. Whoever you are. Please, just show up because I don't think I'm meant to this alone *sobs*.
I'm okay. Might delete the post later when I get back to my senses tomorrow
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2023.06.10 18:47 Unhappy_Block6000 Lost Job at Abilityone program

Hi, I recently lost my job at an abilityone program. Kinda lost, I’ve been applying but I’m not that smart so my jobs are a bit limited. I’ve only tried for data entry and food jobs near me but none have accepted me after interviews. Not sure what other jobs to apply to. I don’t have the ability to go to school or finish it. I’m not that smart so jobs that have low entry and intelligence requirements are ideal for me.
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2023.06.10 18:46 Salty-Fisherman9316 Every single night I got so sleep holding my own hand, pretending it's someone elses

The words touch starved are not nearly enough to describe the levels of pure loneliness and isolation I feel. It's always been like this. I could never even get myself to ask my parents for hugs or a affection, so they never gave it. Even now my parents compare me to my little brother saying that he's so affectionate and I just hate to be touched. And to some extent it do. It's unfamiliar, it's strange, to me, it's alien. On the rare occasion where I see a family member I haven't in a while so they hug me or where I shake hands with another a feeling of uncomfortableness fills me. It is something I crave yet feel so repulsed about. There's a certain vulnerability to it, something so personal about feeling a warmth that isn't your own, and that scares me. It's something I so desperately want but I don't want to break myself down and reveal the weak, scared man thats hiding inside. It's not sexual, it's not romantic, although I would love to hold a man's hand in that way, it's wanting to simply exist with someone. To feel safe and comfortable with someone, let down the mask and show someone what you really are without fear.
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2023.06.10 18:45 4drianna Dragon cry movie [anime]

Hi me and my partner have been watching ft (it's his first time) and it's been a few years since I rewatched. I'm just wondering when I can start watching the movie Dragoncry? We are near the end of the GMG/Eclipse gate arc.
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2023.06.10 18:45 StoneN0 heres a boring and probably very VERY confusing post about the scavenger hunt giant held!

so it started with giant saying something about a secretshop, since no one could find it: giant gave us the first hint
Hint 1: The sun is showing in a dark place, covered by _ _ _ _ _
it took people about 30 minutes to find it still. under the wither overlord island. (btw the answer to the 5 letter word was "rocks" somehow ;-;) in the secret shop there were 10 trades 1: 32 Wither Roses > Spruce Sapling (named "The last chance") 2-9: 2 frogspawns for another frogspawn all named Essence 10: 64 barriers for a smooth sandstone block
after we got the spruce sapling, we finished the first stage and got the next hint
Hint 2: To complete the next step you'll have to send me a screenshot,
a very specific onethe first thing people with the hint thought of was taking a picture of the 2 spruce trees in the overworld, one at the snow island, one at spawn. when people took a picture of the one at spawn, we were told
"The location is correct, but something is missing."
because of the smooth sandstone, people (or atleast i did) looked near the husk king island but nothing was found due to the fact that literally everything there WASNT SMOOTH SANDSTONE...after about 10-30 minutes of confusion. Giant gave us another mini-hint
"Far off, a new island will be found"
after that, about 5 minutes later someone found a island at the west border near the wither overlord island. the island had a item frame with a paper that said 19... we were then told that there was a 4 digit code that we needed. we had 2, we needed 2 more. using the "Essence" trades from the first villager, we got the last 2 numbers, the full code being: "2419" taking a picture at the spawn spruce tree with the code "2419" completed the second stage...
before we even figured out this code, 3 started popping up alot and kinda became a meme in the scavenger hunt. some of the staff saying "brb for 3 minutes", there being 3 leather pants in the donation chest (although staff had no idea who put them there, it wasnt even intentional lmao) so 90% of the players participating in the scavenger hunt kept trying to add 3 to the code.
there was eventually a cat at spawn named
it was a shop with over 10 trades of 2 green terracotta for 1 terracotta. most of the people gave up on the hunt because they thought they had to wait an hour and 6 minutes... (this was, well... very wrong) after this we got another hint.
Hint 3: Wish we could turn back time
now, in the discord giant had created near the start of this, one of the channel groups was called
which was green terracotta, upon giving him the block, we got another mini-hint:
"Thanks for bringing me my favorite block, make sure to stay healthy and eat a banana"
upon checking the cat again, the second green terracotta block in every trade was changed to
AD: Visit ImDzxk's Plot Eat a banana
eventually this was proven to be outright useless, (apart from the banana part somewhat) the cat at spawn was eventually changed to a bee with the name"devidedby3"upon looking at the old "secret shop location" we found a sign:
at this point we were told of a 8 digit code that would be coordinates and couldnt be negative,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _because the border in the overworld was 500x500 (from x=+-250 to z=+-250) people started flying around looking for an island or barrier block since at this point, this scavenger hunt had been going on for about 2-3 hours and people were tired.
after maybe 30 minutes of people not finding anything close to a code. we were told the first 2 numbers. 66 (which is the number that you get from adding up 1 hour and 6 minutes)at this point, this is where the hunt logic completely fell apart.
most people were trying different names to numbers using the sign at the old shop location, and tried "banana" which was... the right code, 66112121.
people had already answered the code 66112121 and its devided form 22037373 (remember "devidedby3"?) and tried to go to those coordinates but they were always outside the border, so they just threw that answer out the window. eventually LinkanSkinkan found a barrier block. and would have won, if it wasnt for the fact that, the original way you're supposed to solve the 66112121 code. didnt even give the right coords. ;-;
basically the right way to solve 66112121 was to divide the coords individually, "661 12 121" which gives us "220 4 30" and the actual coords wasnt the same. it was off by like 20 blocks (i cant remember the actual coords since my recording software stopped halfway through the damn hunt. and also y=0 teleports you back to spawn so it made it really hard to find the barrier block.)
soooo the entire scavenger hunt was fun but... a pain in the god dam- [REDACTED] -at points. half the players who actually played in the hunt gave up. or just didnt want to do the last stage. so the only people who actually won was, Me (StonePlayz) ImDzxk, and LinkanSkinkan...
anyway how was your week... probably worse after reading this entire post
also heres a TL;DR. giant held a scavenger hunt. stage 1-2 were fine. stage 3 was scuffed where how we ended up finding the location was by just. not doing math, at all. more than half the people in the hunt quit... anyway
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2023.06.10 18:45 464huskies I (26F) want to write a letter to my estranged biological father (50M) but I know I have to mention I've been legally adopted by my stepfather. How do I go about this?

My stepfather came into my life after my biological parents divorced, and I asked him to adopt me a few years ago. He's now legally my father, and raised me from age 7 up until now.
I think visitation with my biological father stopped when I was around 12/13, and I only saw him a few times after that. Over the years, he would sometimes reach out, sometimes not. Most of the time, it was his partner (my stepmother) doing so on his behalf. He probably wanted to, but after becoming an adult myself, I see a lot of similarities between us and assume it's just hard for him to initiate things like that.
I didn't intentionally estrange myself from my bio father, but obviously over the years we became entirely distant, and I went to college. Soon after graduating, I ended up moving somewhere else. When his father passed, he texted me to tell me, but I wasn't formally invited to the services, so I didn't go. I think I really messed up by not going, and I will regret it for the rest of my life. It really eats away at me.
Because of that and because he's no longer legally my father, I have no idea if he would want anything to do with me. I don't have a good gauge on the situation. I wanted to send a letter explaining that my adoption was never meant as formal severance — just a gesture for a man who raised me. I still think of him as a father to me and would not mind reconnecting, but I don't know how he would feel. It wasn't about removing him from my birth certificate, just about recognizing and showing appreciation for someone else's role in my life.
And I want to tell him that I regret not going to my grandfather's services and never meant anything by that either. Every few weeks this guilt just overwhelms me and I can't stop crying about it. I don't harbor ill will towards him, but I feel like it probably comes across that way because of my adoption and complete inaction elsewhere.
He has a 10-year-old and if I send my father mail, I'm not sure if I should try to obfuscate who it's from.
Has anyone else reconnected with estranged family in this way? I don't know if it would be appropriate to send a letter, especially near father's day, that mentions he's not legally my father anymore. It's probably a really tough day for him because he lost his own father. And I'd be mentioning that, too. to apologize for failing to be there. Am I just overthinking completely, or should I just not reach out at all?
TL;DR. Estranged from bio father, and have since been legally adopted by stepdad. Didn't go to bio grandfather's services. I want to reach out and try to reconnect with my bio father, while making it clear I don't have negative feelings about him, but don't know how to do so appropriately.
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2023.06.10 18:44 jalo8899 In a crowded bus

In a crowded bus during rust hour a guy got the last seat available near the door, than an attractive young lady got in the bus and look tired. Instead of giving up his seat he offered the lady to sit on his lap, feeling very tired and looks like the guy is a nice guy, the lady accepted the offer and sat on his lap. After a while the guy tried to make conversation, excuse me miss, let me guest, you must be a pharmacist, how do you know, reply the lady, I can smell the medicine smell from your shirt. After silence for a while, the lady said, let me guest, you must be a mechanic, how do you know, reply the guy, I can feel the jack up and down, down there...
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