Mid fade haircut

“Dude I forgot to get a haircut! Can you give me a quick fade?”

2018.06.27 18:25 naytttt “Dude I forgot to get a haircut! Can you give me a quick fade?”

Is it Monday morning 0400 before PT with SSgt? Did LCpl Schmuckatelli give you a disgusting excuse for a haircut? The picture of your hair belongs here with the other fucked up barracks haircuts.

2010.08.18 23:14 dareao malehairadvice

Male hair advice

2023.05.30 00:46 Initial-Instruction9 Peace Out micro needling patches?

So I have experienced acne for my first time. I’m in my mid twenties with terrible and painful hormonal acne from the side of my mouth to my chin. It is improving from being very committed to healing it but I have a lot of redness and some scarring. I have a mini of the Topicals Faded serum coming and the Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Essence en route. I also love the Dr. Jart Cicapair masks I got at TJ Maxx. But now these patches are catching my eye! All the reviews were incentivized/gifted. I also ❤️ drug store products if there’s a comparable patch. I thought these sounded unique and wanted to know if any of you have tried them!
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2023.05.30 00:44 Avalanche3124 Bryce Miller 1st Refractor FS

Bryce Miller 1st Refractor FS
Good evening,
Asking $15 shipped PWE for this Bryce Miller refractor.
Thanks for checking out the post!
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2023.05.30 00:40 WolfBoii313 Yo! I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, %99 sure i’m getting a buzz cut. Should i have it faded? I’ve been getting fades and they look pretty good but I want to not deal with my hair.

Yo! I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, %99 sure i’m getting a buzz cut. Should i have it faded? I’ve been getting fades and they look pretty good but I want to not deal with my hair. submitted by WolfBoii313 to malehairadvice [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:01 Dracyl Natural grey hairs turning gold in between semi-permanent color applications, would purple shampoo help?

Hello!I've been using Wella Soft Color in Blue Black for years. I only dye my hair like 4 times a year (February, June, October and December) and since the dye is semi-permanent, I just let it wash out to my natural brunette/chestnut hair until is time for me to dye again. I keep my hair below shoulder length, sometimes like 4 inches below shoulders, sometimes I let it grow mid back until the bra line, but right now is 4 inches below shoulders.I come from a long line of women with salt/pepper hair, so in recent years, I started getting grey hairs, and I notice I get awesome blue highlights on them when I use the dye, but once the dye starts fading, the grey hairs that were bluish start fading into what ends up looking like a blonde highlight, and obviously the new growth comes silver, so when I have like 2-3 inches roots of new growth I'll have chestnut/grey in my roots but the rest is chestnut/gold. I also notice my hair from mid shaft to ends tends to catch a tiny bit of reddish hue, I'm assuming because of the dye itself fading.
Since Soft Color fades gradually, my roots and ends don't have a shocking contrast, and I usually style my hair with wavy layers; and my grey hairs aren't coarse, so people usually tell me they look like highlights, but I was wondering if using a purple or blue shampoo in between dyes would help me keep the "gold" at bay. I don't want to cover the greys, I just want them to not be yellow until the time comes for them to be gloriously blue again for a few weeks, and then let them be grey.
I'm currently "on break" after coloring in the first week of February, and I'll be putting on dye again the last week of June for my birthday. The reason under the "4 times a year" is because I prefer giving my hair a rest, and only dye it on those specific dates because of specific social gatherings where I want my hair to look fresh and blue :)
Right now I'm using a OUAI detox shampoo + mask once a week (I know that fades my dye faster, but I get super hard water where I live and that shampoo really helps with it and my hair is healthier than ever), Christophe Robin detox scrub +mask also once a week and a regular shampoo+ conditioner once a week, so I was thinking about subbing the regular one for purple/blue one if necessary. I also read about "toning", but I'm not clear if that would work on natural grey hair.
Thanks in advance, an throw in any advice you see fit!
TL,DR: My grey hairs turn a lovely blue when I use my usual semi-permanent dye, but as it fades they become blonde while my new growth is also silver. Not a fan of the blonde "highlights" even though everybody compliments me on those, will purple or blue shampoo help? 😅
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2023.05.29 22:58 lanonimoose My decade-long experience with POIS-like symptoms, to be used as a reference

Hey guys. I’m glad a community for this exists. My experience has been so traumatizing that I'm becoming abstinent. I will climax only once every 3 months or greater. I have experienced these symptoms both alone and with a partner I was dating. I have found that these symptoms are eased if I eat lots of protein and exercise heavily throughout the entire duration. For those who may be going through the same experience, I’d like to share some more information to see if there’s any overlaps.
I’m male, ~26 years old, 160lbs, diagnosed ADD/ADHD, diagnosed mild OCD, and have struggled with depression. I have noticed the POIS-like symptoms since I was 15, though could have unknowingly been experiencing them from an earlier age.
My Timeline of POIS-like symptoms:
Day of event/climax
Day 1 afterward
Day 2 afterward
Day 3 afterward
The cycle is notably worse if I climax more than once in a day. The cycle restarts from Day 1 if I climax again during any point in the cycle.
I feel it necessary to make this point clear: I structure my entire life around my observed three-day cycle. It is an unending hell, and I am open to any neuroscience researcher using me or my experience as a case study. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 22:33 isekaigametest [5e][LGBTQIA+ friendly][Asynch] ....Your character feels their life fade and wakes up in a new body, in an unfamiliar world... [3-5 players] [Isekai] [Mid-High Fantasy] [PST-ish]

(BTW, the following is just an example of how the isekai genre can begin, not necessarily how your character would enter the world. :) Just to set the mood!)
Your character rubs their eyes. It's been a tough week. They're tired, mentally and physically, after everything that went on. They couldn't sleep well on top of everything else. Their head is pulsing in annoyingly consistent waves of pain. They just want to get home.
They pause and rub their eyes for a moment, as they approach a corner on the sidewalk. They remove their hand from their face just in time to be met with a pair of truck headlights staring right back at them. There is a loud screech that shakes their entire body as the world seems to fade in an instant. Everything goes black...
In the darkness, they hear voices, see visions. It's so strange. This isn't what they thought death would feel like. It's like a dream, but everything feels so much more real and connected. Clearer than ever, and yet confusing and muddled at the same time.
Then they open their eyes.
It's blurry at first, but they can make out wooden rafters above their head. A thick, musty smell they don't really recognize. Strange. Their vision is so much sharper than it had ever been in their life. They lift their hand towards their face to rub their eyes...Wait. Is their skin...green?
Oh boy.
I've been setting up a world for some time now and would like some players to test it out and force me to expand on it, hopefully, for a full, world-exploration campaign with an overarching plot seeking to find them all.
The idea would be that the characters are all from normal-ish earth, where they perished in one way or another, but rather than fade away fully into blackness and beyond -- they awaken into a strange new world in new bodies. For those who know anime-adjacent terminology, an isekai. (I should note, while I do enjoy some anime, this will be a lot more classic D&D type world than really anything anime-themed. I just feel the term encapsulates the idea succinctly.)
This game is meant to be what the players make of it. A sandbox of sorts, but with the plot slowly trying to find the bodies the players will be in. The world will be a medieval fantasy world, sort of similar to Faerun, in the amount of magic and technology available.
The bodies they will have in the new world will be made with D&D 5e rules, classes, and races. The bodies will not have any connection to the world they enter into -- they will have been made from seemingly nothing, but the races you choose will have roleplay consequences for your characters (though nothing that would be in RPGHorrorStories. Nothing like being discriminated against in literally every location.) The world is quite big and every region will essentially be different from the next. Nothing is homogenous.
That said, there will be in-game fantasy racism and other very unlikable things in certain regions, and none of that in other regions. But the goal is to find players whose powergame fantasy is where they face and try and change those things about the world and get to punch bigots in the face, and not to avoid those topics altogether. (Which, if that is your gaming goal, absolutely nothing wrong with that! That's just not what this campaign or world are set up for.)
As such, this will be a much more good-aligned, heroic-intended campaign. Neutral-ish characters you hope to have character development for will be considered as well, but no one who is going to try to get around it under the guise of "that's what my character would do". If they would, you and your character aren't welcome in this campaign, and I'm sure there's some great evil campaigns out there that'll suit you perfectly. But I don't want to run them.
There will be adult themes in this roleplay, so all players and characters must be adults. Chances for PC romance will be discussed with players and as a table to decide if it's a maybe/no. There will also be no unnecessary details, regardless -- should anything get that far, it will fade to black, period.
There will be a lot of homebrew spells, items, feats, races, and other things in the game. Despite this, I like to play close to RAW for rules and abilities for PCs. I will generally go outside of RAW in favor of the players and their creativity, usually offering check to do things they normally wouldn't be able to do with the RAW wording of their spells or abilities. I want my players to feel their characters get to be heroic/cool but also struggle with limitations.
I am aiming for a group of people who enjoy roleplay, exploration, puzzles, mysteries, NPC drama (or their own?) and some combat. I would say the goal is for a game to be 40-40-20 for roleplay-exploration-combat/circumventing combat.
Avrae Bot will be available for general rolls, but not for combat, due to the amount of homebrew things that will be available and used, and because I find the system not great for Reactions. Combat will be run much closer to how an in-person game would go.
I am hoping for players who will want to post 1-2 times a day and like to keep the game moving on their own or take time to roleplay with one another. I will try and be as responsive as possible, but you should feel comfortable rolling Perception, History, Religion, Arcana, or any other mental-based checks without having to ask me for permission beforehand (and you'll be able to do so in private channels with me if you don't want others to know your character's line of thought yet). Outside of an emergency, I'll be posting a minimum of once a day, and try to inform of emergencies quickly. The more people post and ask, the more I'll likely reply.
I'm also looking for players who are quite comfortable with the rules and how the mechanics work. Due to the amount of homebrew, extra abilities, and modifications the game will have, DnDBeyond will not really be a perfect option, and building a character sheet from scratch/with Gsheets will be better. If you struggle to understand where modifiers come from, this game may be a bad match for you.
As I'm building this world out, I may sometimes need a day or two, or even a week, to prepare a new section for everyone in the game, if the players really take to it. I will make sure to say out of character that I am pausing the game to do this (at least on my end; players won't be stopped from doing general roleplay with one another), and will continue the game on X day, rather than keeping everyone wondering. I will be keeping a Google Site for this game, where I will build and reveal sections as people explore, learn lore, and speak to NPCs, etc, and I will be drawing world maps, regional maps, and combat maps for it all, which can sometimes take time.
If you're still interested at all, please feel free to apply! Please note, this application is LONG and I will be asking for you to have a character concept in mind during it! Both for your body and your "soul". I will also have more info about me and my intent for the game in the application! I am really looking for people excited by the idea or exploring a new world and who hope for a long term campaign, so people who don't like reading about all this and getting on the same page probably shouldn't bother applying, as it's probably not your cup of tea.
As such, this application will remain open for at least three full days, to give people a day or two to think a bit first. You will want to at least open and read through it to think a bit if it's worth the trouble -- a lot of information will be in the application!
I don't expect very many applicants, as this probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for those of you it is, I hope to set up a long-term, interactive, fun game!
If you still have questions after reading the application, please feel free to PM me on reddit!
Start date: 5/29/2023
Applications closing: 5/31/2023
Those chosen will be contacted: 06/01/2023-06/02/2023
If not enough players are found, these dates are subject to change until enough are lol
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2023.05.29 20:39 gabxangeli How to apply color on a previously colored hair?

I bleached and colored my hair 2 months ago with blue, violet, and pink. To this day, my hair color faded to a level 8 blonde and my roots are now black.
Now, I'm planning to dye my hair with pink (roots to middle) and green (on the ends). My problem is that I don't know how to apply those colors on a faded blue-violet hair (mid to ends).
My questions are:
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2023.05.29 20:18 MatoroTBS Kaiserreich Beta 0.25 - ‘On the Wide Steppe’

After several years, the Eastern Europe Rework is complete, as the release of the Ukraine rework signals the end of an era for Kaiserreich. We learned a lot from the development process, with the Eastern Europe Rework being released incrementally, unlike the single large update that gave much of the China rework. With each successive release, we try our best to reach new heights with the mod, and to build on the work that was done beforehand, and both of these aims particularly apply to the Eastern Europe Rework. Our efforts remain ongoing on the reworks of all European majors, and the team members who worked on Ukraine have already moved on to work on Russia, Spain and Austria-Hungary. But for now, we are pleased to bring you our latest release, and we hope you enjoy it!
Notable Additions
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
Tweaked Focus Trees
New Events
New Decisions
New Custom Country Paths
Music Mod
Other Changes
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: 84F8D8, Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, Carmain, Chazem, Chiang Kai-shrek, Chiron29, Cody, Conchobhar, DuoDex, El Daddy, Fedex, Flamefang, Gaboemi, Gideones, Hamfast, hildagrim, Ido, Igor050301, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonny BL, Juliet Wehrwolf, Kano, katieluka, Kennedy, kergely, KFateweaver, Klyntar King, Krčo, Luwofe, Matoro, McOmghall, ~mw~ // miwaco, NukeGaming, Owenomaly, PPsyrius, Pelmen, RagnoStrangeros, Rnk, Shiroe, Sonny O’Cad, SuperGreenBeans, suzuha, The Alpha Dog, The Irredentista, The Italian Jojo, Vidyaország, and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
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2023.05.29 19:57 buurnerredditor Does HBO know how to end a major series satisfyingly?

Game of Thrones had a weird last show but satisfying ending, wrapped up all nice and neat. The kid is the king. Done.
So they got one right.
Oz? Meh
Sex and the city? Meh. Didn't bother watching the movies as a result.
Sopranos? Super meh. Well executed on the last show and ending but totally not satisfying. Like, how can you recommend somebody sit through the whole show and watch all the seasons when you know they're going to come to that ending and be "wtf dude why did you tell me to watch all that?"
All interesting, but all disappointing endings.
Band of brothers? even that, even though it was based on a great book, even though as a whole it is an American institution of a show, Even though all it had to do was tell a story, a proven story... It ended soft in terms of content. I think it should have gone into much more of what happened after the war with each of them (even though at the time we had a lot of incomplete information.).
So Succession... What is the freaking ending? She chose the possibility of love and the chance at being involved in the company over her brother(s)? That's it? I liked it better when Roman was playing attention whore mid episode making everyone chase him physically and emotionally. (Ironic that in the end, he is center stage as the signer, reluctantly and confidently.). Of all the ways it could have gone, as Kendall says, going so "illogical" just didnt make sense to me as a viewer or for her as an operator. And then to fade the show out with a weird hand-holding and Ken sitting on a bench? What a waste of the last five minutes.
Someone please explain the ending to me in a way that I could use to convince somebody else to watch the show from the start..... I can't.
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2023.05.29 19:42 Machine-Ready Am I saving efficiently enough? (mid-30's and living in HCOL)

Hello everyone. I am a single mid-30's male living in a HCOL US city. I recently started becoming interested in the FIRE movement, although I'm certain I'm way behind. Finances weren't discussed in my household at all growing up. I've been trying to get aggressive with my savings. I wanted to know if my current spending/ saving is a step in the right direction.
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2023.05.29 19:06 Frostdraken The First True Voyagers: Chapter 26 (part 1)

Amid a galaxy of brutal chaos there are stories to be told, tales of valor and justice, of fear and despair. But amid these stories are the guttering flames of adventures untold, the potential for a universe of entertainment and savage joyous fun. The Oblivion Cycle embodies just this kind of crafted chaos, creating the potential for creative exploits and raucous tales. If you are new to the TOC setting feel free to join the community at TheOblivionCycle to check out some of the background lore or to discuss themes with other readers. I thank you all for your support and continued willingness to read, as always, Please Enjoy!
+ Chapter 1 + Previous + Part 2 of Chapter 26 +
Chapter 26
One Small Step for a Man
The atmosphere in the hangar bay was tense. Leon looked around and observed the other members of the ground crew. Samuel and Chad were wearing standard void suits, the white strengthened polymers matching the rest of the hangar's clean look. The two men looked ready, if a little nervous. This would be the first time the SSV would be used for its intended role of space to surface and back transportation.
Despite the fact that the entire operation was relatively untested, Samuel and Chad had thousands of hours of practice flights in the simms to bolster their flagging confidence. Leon shrugged his shoulders, the heavy armoured environmental suit he was wearing weightless in the microgravity of the ship’s core. But that would change dramatically when they reached the planet’s surface. The suits had internal servo muscles to aid in movement, but despite the assistance they were still heavy cumbersome things. They were more designed for deep sea diving than exploring the surface of an alien planet, but Leon wasn’t complaining. He would suffer the discomfort for the protection they offered.
Casting his eyes on the others he saw that Oliver, Dr. Kimathi, Joice and Myung were also ready with their heavy suits on. Oliver and Dr. Kimathi were close together, the two of them holding a private conversion of some importance it looked like from the expressions on their faces.
Myung and Joice were also talking, but not to each other. Joice was deep in conversation with Terry and Taylor, probably giving the two last minute instructions on the ship’s operation as they would be in charge of the bridge while she was groundside. Myung was talking to Sabine, the young woman had been a bit upset when he had informed her she was going to be staying on the ship.
“But I want to go, it’s not fair.” she had pouted when he had told her privately. He had done his best to assure her that she would get a chance to visit the planet’s surface once they deemed it safe. If it was safe that was. But he was not going to risk her safety for a glorified walk in the park. As one of the ship's two engineers, she had the honor of keeping the ship’s systems in check while Chad was gone.
She had taken some convincing, but eventually he had managed to talk her down to a more rational state of mind. She was an emotional one to be fair, but he wouldn't let that get in the way of her safety, not under his watch.
Leon blinked, his mind once more on the present. He turned and looked at the two SSVs that were docked in the ship’s main hangar bay. One was chunky, its frame bloated like a grub or some deep sea predator. That was the cargo shuttle, the heavy lift SSV. He then looked at the
other, it was sleek like a shark. Covered in rounded protrusions engineered to break up shockwaves as it fell through a planet’s atmosphere at incredible speeds. Once they had slowed down enough, the SSV was designed to glide till it found a suitable landing spot at which time it could switch to VTOL mode and make a neat landing. That was the plan anyways.
As long as nothing went wrong then they should be down and back in under six hours.
He turned his head as something landed on his shoulder. It was a hand, looking over to see who it was attached to he smiled. Natalia stood beside him, her smiling face reassuring his mind that everything would be alright.
“So, my big strong captain finally gets to become a true space explorer today?” she teased.
Leon nodded and replied cheerfully “Yeah. But don’t worry. I know where my true home is.”
She drew closer and planted a kiss on his cheek before asking “Oh yeah? And where is that?”
Leon blinked, feigning shock as he said in his best fake surprised voice “Why, with you of course my love.”
She giggled and hugged him as best she could, her arms barely even managed to wrap around the front of the environmental suit and she sighed as she pushed back slightly. She was wearing a light duty uniform with velcro slippers for the hangar floor. He had no need of the slippers as he had magboots on.
Most of the crew had turned up to see them off. He pulled Natalia close again as he looked around the room, the only two missing were Aden and Chris. Chris had elected to watch their departure from the observation deck alone. Something about the need for solitude he had said, and Leon wasn't going to antagonize the old man over it. If he wanted to miss out on the shindig then that was all up to him.
Samuel slowly walked toward the passenger SSV’s open side door and stopped by the bottom of the ramp, Chad scurried by him into the ship after managing to tear himself from Sabine’s grasp. Smiling, he looked at Natalia from the top of the ramp and asked “Are you sure you are going to be okay without me here?”
She shook her head and smiled “Of course, my whole universe doesn't revolve around you, you know that.” she blushed a little as he raised an eyebrow and she said “Well, not all the time it doesn't.” he just chuckled and leaned in for a kiss.
She smiled prettily and obliged, their lips meeting in a sweet and somewhat delicate kiss. After what seemed like minutes, but was likely far shorter than that, they parted and she batted her lashes at him.
“You had better come back to me, or I will have to get very angry.” she whispered.
He placed his heavy covered hands on her shoulders and reassured her as best he could. “Natalia. It’s just a routine surface visit. Nothing can go wrong, I promise you.”
She nodded and said something under her breath that he didn't quite catch. He was about to ask her about it when Joice called to him from the shuttle’s boarding ramp.
“Come on Leon, we gotta go before the orbiter loses contact on the far side of the planet. Otherwise we will land and they wont know if we made it safely for half an hour or so. And I don’t think you want that.” she said.
Leon nodded to her and turned to Natalia once more. “I have to go Nat, I love you. And I will contact you as soon as we make it safely to the surface.”
She nodded silently, her eyes glistening as she held in tears. “I know you will, I promise I wont worry too much about you.” He smiled at her comment and started to walk away. He paused as he heard her say “I love you too Leon Muikman. He turned slightly and gave her one more smile before climbing the ramp into the SSV.
He walked carefully in the microgravity to an open seat and sat next to Oliver. Oliver smiled and slapped him on the shoulder before saying “Good to see you. We were worried you would miss the launch.” he laughed heartily.
Some additional chuckles sounded from the others when Samuel spoke over the ship’s internal comms. “Okay, listen up people. This is far from the first time I have flown this can, but this is a first for planetary reentry. What to expect? Turbulence, lots of it, so strap yourselves in and hold onto something. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”
Leon nodded to himself and quickly did his restraint straps. The ships had been designed with the bulky environmental suits in mind and so an alternate set of much heavier duty straps were readily available to wrap up in. Leon glanced around, Oliver and Dr. Kimathi were strapped in, the couple checking on each other.
He looked across the small crew bay and saw that Myung and Joice were also fully secured and ready to go. Joice gave him a thumbs up which he reciprocated as he felt the ship move slightly. The magnetic landing clamps would be releasing them and a small jet of cold gas would propel them towards the main hangar doors.
The crew had already exited the hangar by now and the ships mighty atmosphere pumps would be dragging the hangar down to a near vacuum as they drifted towards the sealed steel doors.
He felt a slight shudder roll through the ship as its cold gas jets fired off. The doors must be open already, the yawning pit of cold dark oblivion being all that awaited them beyond. With a slight tug of acceleration they were free, the shuttle flying out of the hangar like a missile from a tube. Albeit a very large and populated missile.
Leon had only been in the SSVs a few times during the entire voyage, it hadn't really sat well with him. As a retired Navy man he was no stranger to the rolling and jostling motions that caused so many to become ill. But there was something entirely different about the experience of zero gravity flight that made his insides churn and his heart quicken.
He closed his eyes, several of the others were speaking but he tuned it all out. His mind flashed with half remembered horrors from his peacekeeping years. The South African revolutions and the hundred year Chaddian supremacy war had left their marks on his body and soul. He clenched his teeth as the all too familiar pain shot through him. The sounds of gunfire and the roaring of unchecked flames filled his mind and he felt like screaming, but then another sound reached his inner mind.
It was soft, almost sensual. The memory of his love with Natalia surfaced, the memory of the times they had spent impassioned nights in each other's arms driving away the pain and fear. He smiled, his eyes still closed as he found the pain waning. Peace filled him and he opened his eyes.
The shuttle was shaking quite alarmingly but he was unafraid. Instead he found himself smiling against all the odds and shouted to Oliver over the screaming din of reentry “Wow, this is certainly a rush isn't it?”
Oliver shouted back, the man’s face split by a grin at least as wide as his own. “Yeah it sure is, nothing like it!”
Leon looked across the small passenger bay and gave Joice a smile. The woman was tough as nails and seemed to be generally unaffected by the rough flight, Myung on the other hand seemed to be having a more stressful time of it. He gestured at her and Joice glanced at the woman seated next to her. Joice said something that Leon couldn't make out but it seemed to do the trick as Myung relaxed slightly. She was still uncomfortable looking but now no longer looked terrified.
A few more moments passed by and the shuddering eased. The roaring of wind and fire eased as well as the ship slowed, its steep descent leveling off as they entered glide mode.
Samuel’s voice rang over the internal speakers again “Thank you for flying air Samuel, we will be making our final descent momentarily as soon as Chad finds us a dry spot to put down. The ground looks real swampy here. Not too many places I can see are stable enough for me to land.” Samuel’s voice cut off.
Leon looked around the ship again but was reassured by the SSV making a sharp turn.
Chad’s voice spoke over the internal speakers this time as he gave them an update. “Okay, looks like we found a spot, hold on we are preparing for a landing.”
Leon grabbed onto the safety rails next to his seat as the ship made another sharper turn and then lurched to a halt as the VTOL system brought them to a halt mid air. He would have loved to see the landing process but there were no windows for him to look through in the passenger area. He settled himself by imagining how it would look based on his previous experience with similar aircraft of Earth.
The hot jets of exhaust would be scorching a twenty meter clearing under the ship as it touched down. Any loose debris or animals either blasted away or cooked. Stepping off the ship should be a relatively safe affair.
With a final thud the ship landed and the whine of the engines faded as they powered down. He set about unstrapping himself as the airlock to the cockpit opened. Chad strolled out and gave them a big smile asking “So, how was everybody's flight?”
Myung shot the man a poisonous glare and grabbed her suit’s helmet. Joice smiled and said “It was bumpy.”
Chad rubbed his neck and apologized “Yeah sorry about that. This planet has some pretty serious high altitude winds. Samuel is setting up the micro atmo-observatory to help us avoid the jetstreams on the way up.
Leon motioned to Chad to come closer and as the man approached he finished unstrapping and stood up. Chad asked him “Yeah, what’s up?”
Leon glanced around and said “I want you and Samuel to pull some weapons from the armory. This planet is potentially hostile and I have no Idea what we may encounter. Once we leave you will need to stay in the cockpit. There is the potential for contamination when we exit.” he told the man seriously.
Chad nodded and asked “But if we are going to be stuck in the cockpit anyways then why would we need rifles?”
Leon shook his head. “You won't, the rifles are for us.”
Chad’s eyes widened and he nodded “Oh, yeah. I see, that makes sense. I'll go get them right now.”
Joice walked over as Chad rushed off and asked “What was that about?”
Leon shrugged and said “I told him to grab us some rifles. Can’t be too cautious.”
Joice frowned and said a little cautiously “Leon…” but he cut her off.
“I know what you are going to say Joice, and part of me agrees. But be practical. We have no idea what’s out there. I will not risk the lives of others on the grounds of peaceful exploration. The universe doesn't give two shits about that kind of thing, if something wants to eat us I'm not going to let it. We have likely already contaminated the planet’s biosphere with Earth bacteria anyways. The reentry would have sterilized the hull, but no amount of fire could kill one hundred percent of them.” he said.
Joice frowned and said “Well we knew the risks of exploring any planet. Cross contamination was always going to be an issue. But the guns Leon? What if they cause hostility towards us instead of the other way around?” she asked him.
He just shook his head. “Not negotiable Joice. We are taking them. I will have one as will you”
“Me? I don't want one.” she tried to say but he waved a hand.
“You will take it, that's an order. You are going to be armed because I trust you completely not to do the wrong thing. Understood?” Leon said to the blond haired woman. She bowed her head for a moment before nodding.
“Yes. But I want to go on record as having protested this.” She told him.
Leon just cracked a small grin and said “Noted Joice. Now, let's get everyone ready, we have some exploring to do.”
Leon and Joice walked to the small huddle that had formed by the exit ramp’s door. The airlock was now closed and ready for them to depart. In their armoured suits only one of them could exit through the small airlock at a time. Leon was determined to be the first.
Chad exited the cockpit area carrying two G402-K service rifles. The general conversation quieted as Chad walked up to him and handed him one of the German manufactured rifles.
“Thank’s Chad, give the other one to Joice, you brought some spare mags? Thanks, here clip them to my toolbelt.” he told the man who complied.
“Here, careful.” was all the young man said as he did as instructed.
Leon shook his head a little sadly as the man walked to Joice to repeat the process. Safe or not, the planet would not take him without a fight. If the need for the weapons arose, the others would be glad he had brought them. He slung the weapon over his shoulder via its strap and grabbed his helmet. He placed it on his head and locked it into place.
Checking his seals were all good he activated the helmet’s eye tracking helmet-mounted-display. With a few glances he had it calibrated and then activated his comms link. He spoke through the ship’s antenna to the Leif Erikson in high orbit above the planet.
“Leon to Leif Erikson, come in please.” he said.
After a moment the slightly fuzzy voice of Taylor answered him “Oh it’s good to hear your voice captain. I assume that everything went smoothly?” he asked in a curious tone.
Leon nodded even though the action would not be visible to the man, force of habit was hard to break after all. “Yes, the ride was exceptionally bumpy, but we made it in one piece. I am just getting ready to advance onto the planet’s surface. Can you see my helmet feed?” he asked Taylor over the relay communication.
The delay from their incredible distance was slight but noticeable. Taylor responded “Yes we can, it's obviously a touch delayed and a mite fuzzy, but it's clear enough to follow along with. Leon, there is someone here that wants to say something.” the man told him.
Leon waited patiently as a few bumps and a quiet curse reached him. After another moment a familiar voice reached his ears making him smile. “Hello Leon, I am happy you made it safely.” Natalia spoke to him from thousands of kilometers overhead.
Leon replied quickly “Yes. I told you we would be fine. I love you Nat, you can watch our progress on the live feed if you want. We will be deploying signal boosters to help keep us in touch throughout the whole mission.”
Natalia’s voice spoke again “I love you too Leon, I’ll be watching from in here.”
There was some more rustling static and then Taylor’s voice returned. “Okay, now before you head out onto the planet’s surface are you sure you are ready for this Leon? There are an awful lot of things that can go wrong. Gas leaks, contaminated feeds, sharp rocks…” the man started to say worriedly but Leon cut him off.
“It’s going to be okay Taylor. I have been in dangerous situations before you know. And I’m still here.” Leon reassured the younger man. In reality he was a bit worried about it as well, especially for Myung, she seemed a little stressed. And stress lead to mistakes. He decided to go and give her a reassuring word before they got underway.
Continued in Chapter 26 Part 2
==End of Transmission==
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2023.05.29 18:59 plantznfud Had anyone had success getting rid of a sunspot like this?

Had anyone had success getting rid of a sunspot like this?
For reference, 32F, trying to repair damage I did in my teens and early to mid-20’s. I was an avid sun bather who took advantage of just how tan I could get. Changed my ways around 25, started wearing sunscreen religiously as well as retinol and Vit c. Some odd years ago (I really can’t remember when) this spot appeared, and nothing I’ve tried has faded it. Including hydroquinone (product: faded). Should note I also appear to have melasma, but after stopping the BC pill last year it’s almost completely faded. My bioderma photo derm sunscreen seems to have helped too)
Considered getting it “cut” out with a derm, but worried how bad the scar will be. I know this is a common location for a spot like this (know a few women my age with something similar), and would love to hear any success stories of getting rid of this little guy.
Current routine:
splash with cold water
Belief aqua bomb Cica cream
Timeless vit c
TO hemi-squalane
LRP cicaplast baume
Bioderma photo derm milk 50+ (obsessed with this sunscreen. Only sunscreen to make a noticeable difference in my melasma)
LRP Toleraine caring wash
Belief, TO squalane, NMF, Tret 0.05, NMF, cicaplast baume. *Vaseline around eyes right before tret.
**I currently only use tret once a week as I’m easing back into it after a 5 month break.
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2023.05.29 18:16 SoCuteBear [SELL][CANADA to USA & Canada][PERFUME] tons of goodies to be found!


$15 Minimum Please!
TAT 3 calendar days or less
SHIPPING TO USA:$11 without tracking and $15.75 with tracking. I'm shipping from Canada.
SHIPPING TO CANADA:For samples only, $4. With tracking, it starts at $15. Tracked shipping price in Canada varies by region.
All samples or decants, unless marked as FS.
All purchased new, unless marked as RIS.
ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BPAL (all purchased new)
DECONSTRUCTING EDEN (all purchased brand new)
FANTOME (all purchased new) $5.5 each
NUI COBALT DESIGNS (all purchased new)
POSSETS (ALL PURCHASED NEW; unless marked as FS, all are samples from direct or decant from Ajevie that are $2.5 each)
SIXTEEN92 (all purchased new unless marked as RIS)
SORCELLERIE all Sorcellerie are RIS (some cheaper than others to account for fill level differences)
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2023.05.29 17:20 TheGreyworks [SLEEPWALK] 1 - Prologue to a Nightmare

The Nature of Predators was created by u/SpacePaladin15.
Special thanks to u/Saint-Andros for giving feedback on this first chapter's draft!
This is my first time writing a fanfic, or any multi-chapter story for that matter. Updates are likely to be slow and inconsistent. Your feedback is definitely appreciated, so if you have anything to say please leave a comment!
I hope you enjoy.
1 - Prologue to a Nightmare
JULY 8, 2136
Walk in, be polite, do your job, walk out, and no more.
It was the five-step mantra my feathered friend had given me to get me through the working days, and it’s served me quite well for the past couple of years. His voice was always a soothing guide, repeatedly ringing in the back of my head like a well-meaning wake-up call.
I was getting on in my years a little, at least it felt like it, so I still gladly accepted his help even after all this time. He was a polite fellow, almost as old as I was but far more able and proficient. Maybe he cared about me a little too much as he did many things for my convenience—he even got me my janitorial job in the first place—but who was I to turn away such a good friend?
I gave a satisfied tail swish as I said goodbye to Fevri, the receptionist’s lovely tone a soft farewell. The end of every shift always came with a calming walk back to my apartment building, like an extra treat for all the helpful work I’ve done. It was far enough from the office for the time to last but close enough to not be tiring, giving me a moment to appreciate the ambiance of the Capital and ‘mull things over’ as my friend would always encourage.
Well, mulling things over, almost everything was in its place. My job was still good; I was doing good. I was good!
My friend just hasn’t been visiting lately, which is fine. It’s happened a few times before, and he’s told me what to do to get through the day so many times that I know his instructions like the back of my paw.
I just hope he’s doing well too, and that he’ll be back soon to give me some medicine again to stop my recent headaches.
I didn’t know why, but recently I’ve been expecting something to happen to me. Something bad or good, I didn’t know. But this sort of feeling and the headaches always came up when I didn’t take my medicine.
My friend’s voice softly chided me, his advice echoing from the past. “Remember, Havan: you can’t get the medicine from any other doctor. You’ll get hurt and taken away from your home.”
The air was colder today. Strangely, I knew that for whatever reason it wasn’t why I felt a shiver go through me. I had no reason to be afraid, I was good! Always good!
I walked through the apartment building’s front door and swiftly made my way to my own unit. Before, it was much easier to push that feeling of—fear?—aside. Maybe something bad is coming this way.
Right to my doorstep.
I hurriedly locked the door behind me.
I shed my jumpsuit and tool belt, setting them aside on a rack. The jumpsuit wasn’t particularly dirty—for now, at least—so I could just have it washed some other time. My friend would understand. He always did. I just hope he’ll be back soon with more of my medicine. I don’t want to be bad.
After a small meal, it was time for bed. I couldn’t eat more as the headache was getting worse by the minute, ending my appetite.
My paws placed themselves over my forehead like useless cushions. The worst was yet to come; the bad dreams would arrive the moment I fell asleep. Sometimes, even the medicine wasn’t enough to stop them from invading my head like a predator on the hunt.
They were mostly the same. A woman and her child: a dream repeated forever like the infinity of space.\
For some reason, I felt like I should know them.
Whenever I tried to look at their faces, I could feel something rip my gaze away with claw and fanged force—when I could see them at the edges of my eyes, their empty faces were nothing but smudged paint on a watery canvas. Just out of reach, an orange-eyed predator snarled behind them.
It always scared me.
I’ve tried talking to my friend about it many times, but he never wanted to hear it. He’d look away and tell me to let it go, just take the medicine and forget the nightmares.
He was like me in the dream.
I hope he’ll be back soon.
Sometimes, he’d look ready to tell me something—staring straight at me mid-conversation. Then, he’d just look away all tired and heavy, deflating like someone had given him a weight to carry. He’d usually take his leave whenever those moments happened: “Farewell, Havan. See you next time.”
Now that I think about it, he also looked like that whenever I told him about the dream. Maybe he wished he could know them too.

JULY 11, 2136
I’m losing track, I think. I’m not sure. I’ve got a slow-burning headache that just won’t leave, simmering every part of my mind it could get its claws on. I can barely keep myself upright most of the time; I had to call in sick yesterday. My friend’s still not back with more medicine.
Medicine for what; I didn’t even know anymore.
Wake up.
Shit… d-dammit,” I managed to croak out before hurling the rest of my lunch into the toilet. The act of cursing was paradoxically unknown yet familiar to my tongue—like an old routine left untouched for years.
All my dreams were relentless and mocking—I was rendered helpless to their onslaught. I couldn’t tell what was real and what was cruel imagination. In fact, the only things that felt real were the solid and smooth toilet and the force of my vomiting. I held on for dear life to save myself from the vortex churning around me.
A singular thought beckoned me again, a glaring beacon in a foggy sea of pain: ‘Wake up.’
There was nothing else to wake up to.
“DAMMIT!” I repeated before unceremoniously slumping back onto the floor. Something within me was changing—rapidly and viscerally. I was a stranger in my own body, adrift in a world far removed from the one I knew. I couldn’t breathe.
Someone was knocking on my door, calling my name.
I dragged myself out of the bathroom, feverish and frail, ignoring that weak voice in my head that asked: ‘What if it wasn’t your friend?’
I needed anything. Anything at all.
My body moved on its own, paws desperately reaching the doorknob. Somehow, I managed to unlock the door. It wasn’t my friend.
I would’ve screamed if I had the strength left for it. Instead, my legs gave way; my back eagerly greeted its old friend: the floor. Dragging myself backward with my vision blurred and hearing muted, the stranger came inside—crossing the threshold that marked my safety from the things my friend warned me about.
“Please… don’t hurt me…”
But the stranger marched on, grabbing ahold of me.
I curled into a pathetic shield, attempting to cover as much of myself as possible. Somehow, it all still felt like I was falling.
Through the blur, I heard the stranger’s voice. “Havan! It’s just me!”
The realization was a bullet through the skull, rattling my brain into something like focus. There it was: the receptionist’s young and frightened face. Lying in the hallway beyond the open door was a basket full of goods that were probably meant for me.
“Let’s get you lying down somewhere comfortable, okay? You need to rest. I’ll call a doctor—”
My head snapped back up. “No! Y-you shouldn’t! You can’t!”
“O-okay! Okay. No doctors. I’m sorry,” she reassuringly patted my shoulders after having dragged me to the side of my couch. “Look, forget that I ever mentioned it. Now, I need to pull you up onto the couch; is that fine with you?”
I limply nodded. I probably didn’t have the strength to do something as simple as that by myself.
Fevri pulled me up while that all too familiar voice in the back of my head spoke again: ‘She better keep her word, or I’ll…’

I didn’t finish that thought. What the hell was that all about? I wasn’t a violent man.
Was I? I can’t even recall who I am anymore. The vortex of dreams overtook me again, Fevri’s voice fading away as she momentarily left my side to grab the basket outside.
I was alone once again.
A predator’s face revealed itself in the blood-orange veil of my brain, sneering as it revealed itself to be the beckoning voice echoing through my skull.
I fell.
I don’t know what it would mean if I’ll ‘wake up.’ Powerless, I lost myself to a seemingly infinite and dark slumber.

JULY 12, 2136
I arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel, the bottom of the bottomless pit.
My eyes opened, and a strange sense of peace washed over me. Coming from the television were alarm clock tones, an emergency broadcast stuck on the screen. ‘Predator arrival,’ ‘evacuate,’ and ‘await further instructions’ were the only phrases I took note of before rising from the couch.
This wasn’t my home.
The window blinds were closed throughout my apartment. Outside, the city was deathly silent. I didn’t need to look to know that there were likely a few bodies lying face-down on the street, casualties of panicked stampedes to the bunkers.
What happened to me?
Decades of half-remembered memories flooded outward, smashing through the dam of my mind. To my horror, I realized this was the first time I’d felt my heartbeat in a long, long while.
My Krakotl ‘friend’ was an exterminator; he always wore his uniform whenever he visited me. The medication was for predator disease.
I’m not ‘Havan.’ I didn’t use to be, and I couldn’t remember my real name.
The woman and child in my dreams were my wife and son—
With no other outlet for my frightened rage, I resorted to slamming my foot into the side of an empty trash can.
I gritted my teeth as pain shot up through my leg. For the first time, I felt the stiffness and aching that came with being middle-aged and taking those damn predator disease pills for years. Twenty years. I’d been out of it for twenty fucking miserable years.
A small part of me wished I stayed ‘asleep.’ I cast the thought aside almost immediately.
The exterminator had never given his name. How convenient. I had nowhere to go.
I should be weeping.
My head turned towards the bedroom door as Fevri walked out, clearly having just woken up. “W-what’s going on? What was that noise? Oh, Havan, you’re awake!”
“Nothing,” I winced, forcing the scowl off my face. “I just… accidentally knocked a trash can over. I should be the one asking you what’s going on.”
Fevri shook her head, trying to focus through her drowsiness. “Uhm, alarms started ringing out through the city, and that emergency broadcast said it was predators. N-nothing’s happened, though. It’s been about an hour and a half since it started, but it’s been so quiet.”
“You stayed.”
That seemed to wake her up. “I couldn’t leave you—you could’ve gotten hurt if something did happen! I… I couldn’t ask for help bringing you to the nearest shelter—everyone else was too busy trying to get themselves into safety.”
“Thank you.” I didn’t know what else to say to that. I sat back down on the couch, rubbing my paws across my face as I mulled over everything.
I bet my past self had never felt as lost as I did at this moment. All I could feel was the weight of my newfound clarity and my current confusion—a balancing act of anguish and pain.
“Is something wrong, Havan? Don’t worry about the predator raid; if nothing’s happened so far then we’re probably safe and sound.”
“No, it’s…”
I paused myself. Did I actually want to tell Fevri everything? She was only an acquaintance from work.
But she did stick around and help me. That said a lot about the kind of person she is.
Call it foolishness, call it loneliness—I told the truth, recounting everything I could to her. Right now, she was the only friend I had. She was horrified, of course, but surprisingly it was directed to my circumstances rather than myself.
Fevri sat down beside me, placing a sympathetic paw on my shoulder. “I know it isn’t much, but… I’m really sorry. I thought—we all thought…”
“Thought what?”
“Well, we always had a feeling that you had some form of predator disease. You were amicable, sure, but you were always… distant? Plus, you never talked about your family and always dodged questions about them. We all thought you lost them to a raid and it just made sense to us.”
She nervously flicked her tail. “Guess we weren’t entirely wrong, in a messed up way. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
I sighed, flicking my ears dismissively to show I wasn’t offended. Everything else about me would always be worse by comparison, a pillar of distress as strong as an Arxur’s jaw and equally as biting.
What else can I do now? I have no leads. All I had were blurry faces and names I didn’t know.

Why’d he stop?
It made no sense for my ‘friend’ to suddenly stop medicating me for weeks. The fact that he had consistent access to medication to give me made me suspect that he was an exterminator-specialist, which would also make him a doctor specializing in treating predator-diseased individuals like me.
In fact, none of what he did made any sense at all. Why go through the effort of giving me a false name—to give me instructions on how to live by myself and dodge questions?
He had been trying to protect me. Was it a fucked up way of doing it? Absolutely, but it didn’t change the fact that he actually helped. For all I knew, he was the one thing stopping me from finding a new home in a correctional facility.
My tail twitched with irritation. Fevri looked expectantly at me. “What now?”
“I don’t know. I guess looking for the exterminator to get some answers would be my safest bet, but I’m not walking to the nearest guild office or the damn headquarters to ask for him.”
“Maybe I can? After the lockdown, anyway.”
“I don’t know. Honestly, this sounds like a stupid idea,” I shook my head, another sigh escaping from my lips. “Hell, I’m lucky you still want to help me for some damn reason I can’t think of.”
To my surprise, she let out an amused snort. “It’s the right thing to do?”
“I’m predator-diseased. Probably dangerous in some way.”
“Well, you won’t hurt me, will you? Besides, you look like you really need the help.”
She didn’t get my point, but fine. I guess that answer was enough for now.
Fevri must’ve noticed my reluctance, making her continue. “Look, you don’t seem to be a bad man. Just… someone caught up in something really horrible. Everyone back in the office—myself included—liked you and felt sorry for you, you know? That hasn’t changed with me, at least.”
“Alright, alright,” I stood up from the couch, giving in to the receptionist’s offer. There was something else that made her want to stick around; I wasn’t an idiot.
For now? I couldn’t doubt her. She’s my only real friend; anything is better than being alone.
“I’m gonna clean up.”
She gave a nod of acknowledgment as I entered the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I stared at the unfamiliar visage in the mirror, examining every little line and nick that marked my face. The graying Venlil in front of me was someone else entirely.
I was old. I was exhausted. I was likely insane—but I was awake.
My true trial is just beyond the walls of my apartment building once the lockdown ends. The past twenty years of being lost and asleep had only served as a prologue to a nightmare.
The worst was yet to come.
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2023.05.29 17:19 LowShape1256 3 months on 1 mg of finasteride

3 months on 1 mg of finasteride
Hey! So this is my 3 months update on 1 mg of finasteride taking it daily. I got the prescription from my dermatologist who I am grateful for. I tried to take pictures in the same lighting I mean I got a lot of heat last time because apparently my lighting was off well I guess I just have terrible lighting in this apartment but I took the pictures in the same general area which was the hallway between the bathroom and bedroom. I go to the barbershop every two weeks and get a fade haircut with VERY MINIMAL If almost no trimming to the top of my head the sides get taken care of as any fade haircut.
So now that I’m getting into month three I am noticing side effects well generally one and that is an increase in appetite, despite going to the gym 6 days a week losing weight has become very difficult for me…. I wake up in the middle of the night craving sweets and I usually can’t go to bed without eating something. That’s the only negative side effect I can honestly notice… I microneedle maybe once every two weeks and I do use topical minoxidil as well I started the topical minoxidil in April the finasteride I began in March… I also use the mielle rosemary mint scalp and hair strengthening oil I apply that after I apply my minoxidil and I do enjoy that because it counteracts the drying effects of the minoxidil and my heat feels super soft and looks shiny in the morning. I ONLY USE MINOXIDIL ONCE A DAY AND THAT IS AT NIGHT BEFORE BED! Well here’s the pics the first court pictures are the start of my journey the last four are the update AGAIN I TRIED MY BEST TO ADD A VARIETY OF PHOTOS IN THE SAME LIGHTING AND TAKE PICTURES IN THE SAME PLACE I TOOK OTHER PICTURES…… the last photos is my current body weight so you guys can kind of see how it affects body weight
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2023.05.29 16:41 AlastairC Is anyone else tired of hard parts?

Especially if someone over the age of 30 gets one..I feel like it gives a mid haircut a certain "edge" maybe..idk..I was just laying here thinking about it and if anyone else had an opinion I would love to hear.
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2023.05.29 15:12 Tiger_tails-7 Creed IV - Plot Points

I am glad Creed III went over as well as it did, but if they were to leave it here, I would find it to be an unsatisfactory conclusion to the trilogy. It tried to offer a resolution, but I think it left a lot more elephants in the room and dangling threads of plot that should be addressed in Creed IV. The most obvious one is of course the question of where is Rocky and in my opinion, his presence is still needed in the story for a true final outing to happen. But there’s also the matter of Adonis Creed’s siblings and why they disowned him as well as Bianca’s hearing and when she will finally go deaf.
I would love to hear what suggestions this community has for the synopsis of Creed IV with these plot points in mind. I personally think Creed IV should be a story about Adonis Creed’s struggle with becoming an aging fighter like Rocky IV touched on. Creed III established that Adonis may have retired prematurely to preserve his health and possibly out of respect for his wife with his child in the picture, but it hints that he was never fully satisfied with this decision and the ending even suggests that he longs to reclaim his place in the ring. I think a logical stepping stool would be for Adonis to enter his mid-life crisis Apollo in Rocky IV phase where he is afraid of fading into obscurity or irrelevance and he wonders if he did enough to cement his legacy as a fighter.
With the plot point about Adonis’ beef with his siblings in mind, I think an interesting dynamic would be for Adonis to be on horrible terms with them growing up because in their mind, he ruins the good name of their father since he is the product of his infidelity and subsequently became all Mary Anne could focus on, which would lead to bitterness and resentment on their behalf. So I was thinking what if Adonis Creed’s half brother has a child in his 20s who is inspired to be a heavyweight champion like his grandfather, but he’s poisoned against Adonis Creed by his father because he always hated him in adulthood for stealing their mother away from them and in their minds, soiling Apollo’s legacy by being an illegitimate Creed who capitalized on the namesake. This would all tie back into Adonis Creed’s issue in the first Creed of inheriting the name.
I would write it to where Adonis Creed’s half brother blew his whole inheritance and has an alcohol addiction because when his father died, he grew up into a irresponsible adult who fell behind in life and started to make bad decisions, which would explain his absence in the trilogy. His son, of course, inherits all of this trauma and is mad as hell at the world, which means he also has a huge chip on his shoulder at Adonis for being the successful Creed son and feeling like he hasn’t earned it.
I would want Adonis to patch things up with his half sister in adulthood who will explain how her brother never had the heart he did to achieve something greater in life and now he’s given his burdens to his son.
At first, Adonis wouldn’t want to take the fight because he doesn’t want to fight his nephew, but his nephew wants to restore honor to the Creed name by beating him and becoming the “true” successor to Apollo’s legacy.
In the midst of this, I would want Bianca to get a prognosis from a doctor that she may have a form of cancer in her ears and I want this to take a heavy toll on Adonis’ emotional state that makes him reflect on his time taking care of Rocky when he was sick, which leads to them finally reconnecting after years of not seeing each other. Adonis will finally have the opportunity to empathize more fully with Rocky about the passing of his wife. Rocky will agree to train Adonis for one last fight against his nephew. I think a scene where Logan and Amara meet and become friends would sweet, too.
I want the fight to be hostile and intense with the resentment towards Adonis on full display. Apollo’s grandson should be unapologetic about his disdain for him to show the influence his father had over him. In the middle of the fight, I want Adonis to hear the words of his mother as she was dying in his head. “You don’t have to fight, you can find another way..” and I want a flashback to him as a kid in the first movie beating up the other kid at the start while he’s fighting his nephew. In the end, I want Adonis to lose in a split decision, realizing he has nothing more to prove and I want him to congratulate his nephew and say “your grandfather would be proud of how you fight. Carry on his legacy, champ” which leads his nephew being stunned and thinking more sympathetically of Adonis.
In essence, I want the story to be a combination of all three Creed movies into one pot. The legacy theme of the first with an antagonist who is basically a combination of Viktor Drago and Damian Anderson.
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2023.05.29 14:54 CoderBoredToDeath Looking for a good — and not too $$$$ — barbershop in or around Downtown. Not looking for anything fancy — a nice tight fade is all I’m looking for, and I’m feeling too great paying $40-$50 for a 7-minute haircut 🫤

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2023.05.29 14:28 Toadstool_Lilium293 Anyone here Clairaudient?

I've been Clairaudient since childhood, and in my mid twenties I also developed a case of tinnitus. The tinnitus isn't exactly a ringing for me so much as a frequency(s), and it is there 24/7. Yesterday while cleaning around the house I started to hear a strange noise. I was vacuuming at the time so I turned the machine off thinking it was broken but the noise continued. The closest I can come to describing it is the sound of propellers spinning, and though it was muffled, the sound was steadily growing louder. Suddenly another sound rang; like someone using a triangle instrument. It was super clear and crisp, and resonated for a minute within my head before fading. That's when I noticed my tinnitus was gone also. I felt relieved. I haven't had quiet within my head for a very long time. Apparently it was just a fleeting thing though bc it came back a few moments later. 😮‍💨
Anyways, the sound that I heard is driving me crazy. I'm trying to place it to understand what its meaning could be, but I can't figure it out. I feel like it has to be a machine of some kind because I can't imagine anything else having such a unique sound pattern. Unless the sounds don't actually correlate & are their own separate phenomenon.
Does anyone have any idea what the sound could be connected to?
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2023.05.29 13:34 Utopiiia_1115 Family relations advice

I 19(f) currently living with my mom's family because of family problems. My parents had an on and off relationship since beginning my father is an alcohol addict and multiple abuse were done through all those past year towards my mother when ever he is drunk. We left that house multiple time and my father family used to keep coming and asking us to come back because he is good and now earning and all but within few months the old cycle used to repeat. My parents are not divorced but seperated when I was in 6th but 2 years later he came during vacation to take me to his family few days I went with him because I somewhere still fear and have a lot anxiety towards such family fights and never once he was sober to any time he visited he is always drunk and always ends up abusing my mother's family which I feel bad about. Whenever I used to go with him my mom used to not talk with me for days after coming back which also hurted and when I was at my father's house everyone was nice but when I was leaving my father asked me stay for few more days on bus stop and i agreed but when I went back my grandmother was like why you came back with a slight tone which was not good at all. And when I was there with him he used to take me outside to like show things around but those visit also ended up with me standing outside of a bar waiting for him to come out he also told me that when me or my mom are there with him he feels like we are shield for him that's why he drinks and every time he drinks he loses job and even curse at his boss to whom I used to apologise when I was just 12 or something. My father's visit started to became frequent same with abuse he also used to accuse my mother of cheating and all bullshit so my mom finally filed complaint and those visit stopped. When I grew up 2 years ago my cousins made visit and got my Instagram and phone and all and now they keep calling me one time my father called me I never picked up calls from them to avoid any tough situation and he kept calling when I finally picked up he started asking about divorce papers and all and I got fade up and blocked him but few days later he showed up and when I refused to go with him he started cursing me also and said things to our neighbours like I am like my mom and he needs to get dna test and all bullshit which actually was hurtfull. Now my family is again trying to get in contact with me as next month there are birthday's in families and my birthday also my grandmother (from mother's side) told me pick it as they were calling constantly just if it was any health related or something and they keep calling i don't know what to do I feel pressure from both the families. Our neighbours also told me to not give in with father's family and at the same time laugh at it as if it is a joke or something. My mom also most of the time never interfere she tells me to tell my father or he won't listen so she stays out of our talks most of the time. My father's family is been neglectful towards me since start which I realised after growing up they preferred my cousins more but now they just show sympathy and try to make me feel bad about not contacting with them or missing then mostly my grandmother keeps asking like how can I not miss them and all. I remember when I was kid my grandfather took me to doctor and while we were standing in queue he asked me if my mother give me money for doctor I was actually a little taken aback when he asked me now how we should visit doctor he doesn't have money when I clearly know he had he keep asking me why I didn't ask money from my mom. When we were kids my grandmother used to get my cousin brother and sister out with leaving me behind and when I used to follow she used to scold me and one time my friends lied me about our class starting early and took me out and mid road told me that my father was laying on road near our class drunk i bought him home myself when I was just in 5th std even then my grandmother was like why you bought him home like this i didn't know what to do For my father I don't know when he is not drinking he not much interactive or something just normal but when he is drunk it is worse i still remember when I was kid i used to live with my mom just like now but then grandparents took us back and I saw my father I didn't even recognised him when he gave me chocolate I asked my cousin who this uncle is he told me he is my father. My father has abused my mother and her family alot since beginning he even stole the money for my grandfather's (mom's dad) injection and even from my piggy bank just to drink. Now my family is trying to get in contact they live with my uncle now it makes me think most probably because now if me and my mother can take care of my father so they can live freely just like they used to tell us. I will be graduating next year working on my own maybe so they could just join again i don't know what to do. My most of education were done by my mother and her family and by family my mother's mom and sister no one else we are not even from some rich family or something but they still have me everything i wanted so it's so shameful seeing them getting abused because of me. I'll not lie my mom has seen worse but she endured it for me. I am not good with emotions i still feel anxious whenever I get any message from them or my father it's just to traumatizing for me. I trusted my cousins even told them not to involve elders but they gave my number to them now I feel they keep emotionally blackmailing me. I am crying even while writing this i don't know what to say or do If I talk or be in touch with my father's family my other family make me feel bad and when I avoid father's family they make me feel guilty for being bad child or something even my grandmother keep telling on phone how old she and grandfather is and are getting tired and even my father is sick and all which somewhere i don't know if I should believe. I just feel like no one understands or care about my feelings and it's getting tougher slowly i have exams in next month but all these things keeps me stressing I hope i won't burden anyone here...
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2023.05.29 08:33 Holiday-Possible29 The Armored Terran 4

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing pretty well. I got a bit of writer’s block for this one, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit lower quality than usual. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy!
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Speak of the devil, and he shall appear,” I said as I pressed accept on the call from the ambassador of Terra. “Ambassador Tobias, what can I do for you?” I immediately got a request for a holo-call, and only hesitated for a moment before clicking accept on my phone and putting it on the surface of the desk.
With that I saw the stern visage of the Ambassador projected into the air in front of me. In his earlier days, he would have been considered handsome. His graying hair was slicked back into a tight yet professional looking haircut that was popular among businessmen well over three centuries ago. I had thought that the haircut was completely extinct until I had the opportunity to meet him over a month ago when I decided to take this job. He looked at me sternly, wrinkles creasing even more to make him look older than he already was. “We both know that I don’t have time for pleasantries, so how about we skip those and get to why I called.” I nodded. “Alright, please state your full name and identification number for the record.”
I sighed. No getting out of this now. “Alex Davis, ID number 7992255.”
“Your mech’s quantum communicator shows that your mech is out of action. Care to explain how that happened?”
“Yes sir, I would love to.” And so, I started my story, from the conversation with Aeva to repelling the boarders to the explosive that ultimately caused this whole mess to begin with.
The ambassador nodded along and asked a few clarifying questions. “And where are you right now? Clearly this ‘Aeva’ person knows, but how many others know? And don’t give me a lowball number either, give me your worst-case guess.”
“Well, right now I’m in the captain’s ready room, with the Captain and Aeva.” I lowered my voice for the next bit, “and for how many people saw me, I would have to say the entire bridge crew, and anyone that we might have stumbled across while on transit to the bridge. They were taking pictures as well, so God knows where those were going. But for those that saw me firsthand, I would have to say at least fifty people.”
The ambassador buried his hands in his face and sighed. “Dammit, do you know how much shit this is going to put humanity into? We were just normalizing relations with the various members of the galactic community, and now everything that humanity has built over the last two and a half years is going to topple like a house of cards, as soon as the galactic news cycle restarts in about an hour, but I give it ten minutes before your image floods the galactic net. If you had just followed protocol like you were supposed to, then none of this would have happened!” I couldn't help but feel offended. He was right, though. If I had just made my way to the “panic room” inside the mech I probably would have been fine, and the cat would have stayed in the bag for at least a couple more hours.
“Hey!” I heard as Aeva loomed over my left shoulder. “Alex couldn’t have predicted any of this! It’s not his fault that he was following procedure of the galactic community when he charged into that airlock! By doing that, he saved the lives of whoever would have gone into that airlock instead of him!”
The ambassador moved his cold, stern stare to the alien looming over me. “And who the hell are you to butt into a conversation that you have no business participating in?” I saw Aeva visibly flinch at the intensity of the ambassador, the fight in their eyes slowly fading away as they slowly leaned back into a neutral sitting position.
“Hey, don’t talk to Aeva like that! When the mech was damaged beyond repair, they were the only one that rushed to my aid and tried to help me despite not knowing what was going on!” I said defensively.
He then looked back at me. The river of sweat that I had running down my back started back up again from the pure venom that I could see in his eyes. “I will be having a conversation with the United Terran Security Council about this. Expect me to get back to you within ten minutes. Until then, I suggest that you go back to your cabin or somewhere equally safe and hole up there.” He turned to the captain, his face softening slightly. “Could I get your contact information? I feel like what I have been told today will probably require you to change course to Terran space, so when that decision is reached, I would rather not have to go through Mr. Davis here to get that information to you.”
The captain flexed her tentacles in a fashion that I recognized as acknowledgment. “It would be pretty difficult to just change our entire route based purely on the overreactions of politicians, but I’ll see what I can do.”
The ambassador nodded his head. “Rest assured, whatever the security council decides to do, you will be fairly compensated for your time and efforts.” He turned back to me. “I will get back to you as soon as the security council makes their decision. Until then, keep yourself safe.”
I nodded my head. “Thank you, ambassador, I’ll try to do that. Oh, and tell the boys over in R&D that their mech couldn’t even stand up to that explosion, and that I’m more pissed about that than anything else today.”
For the first time this whole conversation, he cracked a smile. “I’ll have to let them know. I don’t know how long it’ll be before the next iteration comes out, but I’m sure that your feedback is appreciated.” And with that, the call was terminated.
The captain gave a heavy sigh and started massaging her head with renewed vigor. “That was one intense conversation, thank the Tribunal that it’s over.” She then looked at me. “You should probably get to your cabin, it’s probably the safest for you there.”
“You’re probably right ma’am. I’m sorry things ended up this way.” I said with genuine regret.
She waved her tentacles dismissively. “Don’t apologize for the asteroid that happened to hit you.” That must have been a saying in the captain's culture. “Aeva, would you be so kind to take Alex here to his quarters?”
The giant raptor nodded at the captain and placed their hand back on the desk for me to climb onto. “Thanks,” I said as I clambered onto their shoulder for the second time today.
We stood in silence as we took the elevator back down to the floor that we both lived on, and we happened to pass by the ruined mech, still lying where we left it. “Hang on,” I said.
Aeva stopped and looked down at me. “What? Why?”
“Just set me down on the face of the mech, I just want to check a few things. They complied and set me down near the opening that was my escape from it not even ten minutes ago. I clambered into the pilot’s chair and connected my phone to the central computer through a cord in the seat. With all of that done, I ran the diagnostics program one more time. The list of things wrong with the mech looked more like a barcode than an actual list, and from the looks of it, there was only a small chance that I could get this hunk of junk in working order again.
“What are you doing?” came Aeva’s voice as they looked curiously into the cockpit of the mech.
I sighed as I looked at my potential to do list. “Well, I’m assessing if it would be worth it to try and get this thing operating again. At least then I won’t be at risk of being crushed to death whenever I want to get food from the cafeteria.” I looked back at the phone. It would take some doing, but fortunately I have most of the materials I need, I would just have to get ahold of the fabricator on the ship to make what I don’t already have. I looked back up to Aeva. “I think I can get it working again, but I think I’ll need some help getting this to my cabin, among other things.”
They nodded their head. “Alright, I’ll be happy to help.”
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2023.05.29 07:39 TheFruityLoops1278 Sports clips experience

This is a couple years ago. I was starting my first year of high school and it started in a couple days and I needed a haircut. The nearest barber which was an hour away, was closed. So I though screw it I need a cut so I will go to sports clips. Probably the worst decision I ever made. I get there and this lady gets me. I sit down and I said I want a mid fade with a trim on top. She faced me away from the mirror and turn on her clippers. As I soon as I felt the clippers go from the side of my head to the top of my head I nearly had a stroke. This lady went straight up with the goddamn clippers no fade at all. I started to get nervous and she said "are you all right your shaking like a leaf" I was thinking no I’m not Alright your butchering me. She then proceeds to basically trim the top to like 2 inches left. I got clowned at school for the next few months.
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